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#rockbox log for 2003-02-26

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00:46:03Jet8810rockbox can manage 400 max songs per dir right?
00:46:07Jet8810I have 410 in one now...heh
00:46:53PsycoXulwhy do you
00:46:59tracktheripperHi Jet
00:47:15PsycoXuli would imagine dealing with 400 songs in a dir would be more frustrating than being limited to it heh
00:47:30Jet8810heh Psyco
00:47:32Jet8810I dont know
00:47:35Jet8810I am playing with it now
00:47:46Jet8810originally I had like, B-1, b-2, b-3
00:47:46Snorlaxyou are welcome to the #ipodlinux channel right now! =)
00:47:49Jet8810but thats fucking annoying
00:48:05tracktheripperi dont have an ipod
00:48:06PsycoXuli've got all mine Artist/Album/#-track.mp3
00:48:12Snorlaxme neither!
00:48:16Jet8810I have that for like 40 dirs
00:48:20Jet8810then rest is random in one big directory
00:48:24PsycoXuland then Misc/books Misc/radio Misc/misc/ Misc/misc/irc etc
00:49:15Jet8810I really should organize it
00:49:18tracktheripperSnorlax why was u so excited to see me here? :-)
00:49:21Jet8810but I dont know the albums of those songs anyway
00:49:36tracktheripperwell Jet the Archos firmware enables u to have 999 songs in a directory
00:52:03Jet8810Archos firmware sucks :)
00:52:41tracktheripperwell at least u can input ID3 tags when recording on the ARchos firmware
00:52:47tracktheripperyou cannot do ID3 Tags wiv Rockbox
00:53:08Jet8810tracktheripper, want me to name things rockbox can do that archos cant?
00:53:08PsycoXulprobably wouldn't be too hard to add though
00:53:12PsycoXulgot the keyboard and everything
00:53:29tracktheripperive already seen the list jet
00:55:13tracktheripperand the Archos has sliders :-P
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01:02:33REBELinBLUEhey all I have a question...
01:02:48tracktheripperWhy do MP3 files have ID3 tags and WAV files don't?!
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01:03:31REBELinBLUEcause the wav format was invented before embedded tags?
01:03:35REBELinBLUEjust guessing :D
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01:04:24REBELinBLUEis it possible to make & delete directories in rockbox?
01:04:51REBELinBLUEif I press On+Play on a directory I only have the option to rename, not delete
01:05:10tracktheripperFile management is not implemented
01:06:04REBELinBLUEah right just wondered cause I know it's possible to rename folders/file and delete files
01:06:48tracktheripperyou may rename but you may not delete folders
01:07:17REBELinBLUEany ideas if there are plans to add this?
01:07:33tracktheripperyou better ask adi or Bjorn
01:07:39tracktheripperim not a developer
01:08:10adi|homeREBELinBLUE: i don' tknow off hand.. but hang out... and ask again in a while...
01:08:20adi|homeif not.. just chill.. and ill get you an answer when i can
01:08:47REBELinBLUEThats OK, I'll come back tomorrow. got to get off the net now :(
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01:12:14tracktheripper<−−- wonderes if there will be more games
01:12:20tracktheripperA Spaceinvaders game would be good
01:12:37adi|homeasteroids is in the works if i remember correctly
01:12:41adi|homewrite one :)
01:13:00tracktheripperfor the umpteenth time I cannot write in C++
01:13:08adi|homethis isn't c++ ;)
01:13:24tracktheripperso what language is used? BASIC?
01:13:27tracktheripperheehee :)
01:13:54adi|homec :)
01:13:57*adi|home is away: ems
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02:08:34Jet8810anybody know a good psych up song?
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02:29:32MeRWiNhey linus
02:30:23MeRWiNSo i experienced the lockup problem when in pause also (i think i remember hearing that someone had that). I left it in pause for about 10 minutes and it was locked up when i got back
02:30:41LinusNwhat lockup problem?
02:31:07LinusNwhat device type?
02:31:12MeRWiNLinusN: fm
02:31:22LinusNwhich build?
02:31:50MeRWiNLinusN: from 1 week ago. I've been on vacation since
02:32:00LinusNi fixed that bug a few days ago
02:32:16MeRWiNah, k
02:32:42LinusNthe fm recorder is a little different when it comes to power management
02:32:54MeRWiNi still can't believe they went back to hardware charging. that sucks
02:33:53MeRWiNI also noticed that you could have rockbox power the device down instead of doing a hard power off. With the rockbox firmware, it takes about 5-7 seconds of holding down OFF to turn it off. Under the archos firmware it's about 3-4 seconds and it says "Shutting down..." before it turns off
02:35:22LinusNwhen it comes to LiIon batteries, hardware charging doesn't suck at all imho
02:35:48LinusNrockbox does power off the device on the fm
02:36:03LinusNwe just don't say "shutting down"
02:36:33MeRWiNI also noticed a damn annoying bug with the fm... it turns on a the device after just tapping the on button
02:36:39MeRWiNi dont' like that at all :)
02:36:50LinusNmy ordinary recorder is like that too
03:02:05LinusNMeRWiN: why did you buy an fmrec? i thought you had an archos already?
04:18:52MeRWiNLinusN: i didn't buy it. I traded up for it. Best Buy (american electronics store) carries it and has a $40 product replacement plan where they replace it with an item of equal value if it "breaks". And they only carry the latest archos model. so i've been trading up as i go
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04:23:00LinusNtime to sleep
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05:20:11[]morpheus[]this is probably a stupid question, but does anyone else have a problem stopping songs during play on the 2003-02-25 build? The only thing I changed was the file limit from 400 to 600 (and a new .wps)...
05:21:21adi|homeyou do realize by changing the file size limit, your reduce how much of each song can be buffered right?
05:21:53[]morpheus[]would that prevent stopping? (sorry, a bit new to rockbox..)
05:22:07[]morpheus[]but yes I realize that
05:22:34adi|homedunno.. i havent had any prob with it..
05:22:45adi|homewhat kinda player is it?
05:22:50[]morpheus[]studio 20
05:24:05[]morpheus[]heh, it created a bit of a problem not being able to stop the song when class started today...
05:26:46[]morpheus[]also, another question. in the info menu, where it says "Buffer: ___ mb", is that mb currently used or free?
05:28:25PsycoXuultotal i think
05:28:38PsycoXuuli could be wrong though, i don't tend to look at it
05:29:44[]morpheus[]it says 1.741 now, lemme try playigna song or something and see what happens...guess we'll know then.
05:30:41[]morpheus[]didn't change, must be total
05:33:42[]morpheus[]thanks adi and psyco for the help, damn rockbox is sexy :)
05:34:25PsycoXuulyes it is
05:37:05*[]morpheus[] goes to play with more code to make it either a)more sexy b)crash completely, then cause player to explode
05:40:25[]morpheus[]trouble is, I can't find anything to improve on! :)
05:40:47PsycoXuuloh there's plenty there
05:40:49PsycoXuuljust keep looking
05:41:18PsycoXuulsee for some examples
05:42:18[]morpheus[]I'm also not exactly an expert in C...
05:42:37PsycoXuulyeah me either
05:43:09[]morpheus[]so yeah, this is all kind of a learning experience for me...
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09:08:15dwihnoWelcome back, Bagder! :D
09:09:07Bagderthank you kind sir!
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09:09:45dwihnoHellojs Zagor! :)
09:10:05*dwihno got 1800mAh batts yesterday
09:10:44Bagderhey watch:
09:11:27Bagderwhy do we have two separate ones?
09:11:52Zagori'm pretty sure they have been different at one point
09:12:11adi|homezagor.. the rest of the lads have an opinion on the tld?
09:12:36adi| and
09:12:39adi|homewhats an lds?
09:12:51Bagderadi|home: I'm in on the .org one if we can get it for not-a-lot money
09:13:06Bagderadi|home: link file that controls what ends up where in memory
09:13:12adi|homeahh .. got ya..
09:13:22ZagorBagder: the player file previously had padding
09:13:31Bagderah, right
09:13:47BagderI was gonna "unite" them today, I thought
09:13:53Zagordo so
09:14:22Bagderdo you know what changes the 8mb people need in there?
09:14:49adi|homeokay.. so my plan of attack for the tld was this
09:14:57Zagorexcept for DRAM LENGTH, nothing afaik
09:15:13adi|home1. ask him nicely if he would be willing to transfer it for a link on the home page to his company and credit him in the list
09:15:57adi|home2. if no, offer 1 + reimburse for paid cost of domain purchase... (figure max of 50 a year, for 100 ..)
09:16:20adi|homeanything beyond that i'd talk with you guys about again obviously..
09:16:22adi|homethat sound fair?
09:16:54adi|homek.. ill email tomorrow then..
09:16:56adi|homeoff to bed now
09:21:36dwihnoI noticed something while biking to work today
09:21:42dwihnoThat disk problem arised
09:22:30dwihnoThe LED still lit, the entire software acting like it has crashed. However, after seeking in the stream, it worked again.
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09:24:25Bagderhi q
09:24:34quelsarukdwihno: i repaired the jukebox and nearly the 30GB hd
09:24:55quelsaruki made a lot of prayers to the metal gods.. and worked :)
09:25:21dwihnoquelsaruk: Ah, that's great news indeed! :)
09:25:37dwihnoPerhaps I won't have to revoke your technopriest license after all ;)
09:25:58*quelsaruk can breathe now
09:28:06quelsaruki'm back in a few minutes
09:45:06quelsaruki'm back
09:46:06Bagderanyone: if I use gcc -E, can I supress the #line output somehow?
09:46:20Bagderuh yes
09:47:57dwihnoThe disk issues I'm experiencing while biking, what should I do to prevent that?
09:47:58*Bagder has a neat fix coming up soonish
09:48:01dwihnoIncrease anti-skip buffer?
09:48:08dwihnoDisable power saving?
09:48:11dwihnoDisable disk power off?
09:48:23quelsaruksacrifice a goat?
09:48:32Bagdertry the Mike Holden patch!
09:49:04Zagori think mike's patch is a red herring. i'm posting another patch to try.
09:49:37BagderZagor: I'll introduce a .lds format with #ifdef support
09:49:44Zagorooh, nice!
09:49:47Bagderit'll make it nicer to do 8mb or specific stuff
09:50:07BagderI'm also adding memory size to the configure script
10:05:46Bagderwatch this:
10:05:57Bagder#define DRAMSIZE (MEMORYSIZE * 0x100000)
10:06:02Bagder DRAM : ORIGIN = 0x09000000, LENGTH = DRAMSIZE
10:06:14Bagderand the memorysize is passed in from the main makefile
10:06:19Bagderseems to work
10:11:24dwihnoBagder: Hike Holden?
10:11:31dwihnoWhat patch?
10:11:42Bagderread Zagor's response to his post on the list
10:12:46Bagderjust minutes ago
10:12:51*dwihno is impressed
10:12:58dwihnoMuch like Mike Levy, from amazing discoveries
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10:21:32*dwihno has read Mike's mail
10:22:02Bagderin fact, now we can make the do the stuff too, conditionally
10:23:19Bagderhm I bet .mp3end needs a change as well for the 8mb
10:23:30dwihnoZagor: could you prepare a ajz with that patch you offered in the mailing list? I'd like to test it during lunch, I'm going to take a healthy walk home and might be an excellent opportunity to test it :)
10:31:29dwihnothe firmware is approaching the 200k limit, but I guess you already noticed that ;)
10:31:50Bagderwe'll get some breathing space when the sokoban levels go loadable
10:32:02dwihnoI never had the skipping problem with my IBM disk
10:36:09 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:40:59quelsarukdwihno: i fried yesterday my ibm hd ;)
10:43:35dwihnoquelsaruk: didn't you sacrifice some goats and resurrected it?
10:43:45dwihnoTotMacher: Do you know the english word for sauermilch?
10:43:47quelsaruki resurrected the 30Gb
10:43:52quelsaruknot the 6 GB :)
10:43:57TotMachersauermilch ????!?
10:44:00quelsaruki had to make a choice...
10:44:07TotMacheruse leo :)
10:44:23TotMachercurdled milk
10:44:31TotMacheror clabber
10:44:41dwihnocurdled milk? :D
11:04:00Bagder"everybody is a loser, you will get nothing in return"
11:04:08*Bagder sings along
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11:11:28tracktheripperhi Badger
11:12:52tracktheripperwots the latest?
11:13:16Bagderhey I'm on 5 commits today! ;-)
11:13:38dwihnoYAY FOR CVS COMMITS! :D
11:14:01tracktheripperBager it seems like Sokoban has a lot of "fixes" in the daily builds :-)
11:14:20Bagderright, that's adi's added undo stuff
11:15:06tracktheripperI had a game like that on my very old Amstrad PC 15 years ago
11:15:12tracktheripperpushing rocks onto designated spaces
11:16:36tracktheripperBadger I saw in the feature requests someone wants RDS support for the FMRec
11:16:54Bagderand some want it to make coffee
11:16:55tracktheripperis that possible?
11:17:02BagderI doubt that very much
11:17:42tracktheripperwell I added that comment to it. Thats why wiv the FMRec you have to manually enter station names yourself to disguise the fact the FMRec cannot do it itself!
11:21:12tracktheripperand someone else wants to make the Archos "talk?!"
11:23:01tracktheripperDwhno RDS is a system on most car and home radios that does things like automatically show the station name, hunt for a stronger signal, automatically interupts your listening with news bulletins etc
11:24:11tracktherippermy home hifi and car radio both have RDS
11:25:01Bagderrds is pretty cool
11:25:22Bagderbut I have no knowledge at all about how it works really
11:26:19tracktheripperwell Badger as far as I know after taking apart a very old Sony car radio I can see that RDS is handled by a seperate chip
11:26:22BagderZagor: you have any objections about being merged into
11:26:27dwihnotracktheripper: cool stuff :-)
11:26:38ZagorBagder: nope
11:26:57Bagdergood, I'll wait for Linus to have a chance to comment first though
11:26:58tracktheripperyea Dwihno but you will notice that with the Archos FMRec you have to type station names yourself
11:27:15tracktheripperbit cheeky of Archos don't you think?!
11:28:19tracktheripperBagder and Zagor Ive read the FAQ many times but Im still keen to know if the playlist limit will increase above 10,000 songs
11:28:25tracktheripperif ever
11:28:26Bagderthe FM support is most likely just a circuit Archos has bought, and they probably wanted a cheap one and cheap ones probably don't offer RDS
11:28:38tracktheripperyea true
11:28:39Zagortracktheripper: have you hit the limit?
11:28:51tracktheripperNot quite but almost
11:29:11tracktheripperIts no big deal I was just curious
11:29:21dwihnoI thought about something last night. We asked Archos for some FM rec data specs, and they refused. They are aware of the fact that the team was able to fix schematics (Linus, yay!) without their help on the previous models. I wonder why...
11:29:42tracktheripperif its not possible ill just spring-clean my "Entire Hard Drive" playlist :-)
11:30:00tracktheripperOMG I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!
11:30:27Zagortracktheripper: it's possible. it's just a balance between usefulness and wasting memory
11:30:34tracktheripperIve just visited Sourceforge and someone wants LW, SW and MW for the FMRec!!
11:30:41tracktheripperok cheers Zagor :-)
11:30:56tracktheripperthere are some songs I need to remove anyway, some cheesy 80's stuff
11:31:36Bagdertracktheripper: we get all the requests by mail, no need to tell us ;-)
11:31:48tracktheripperjust made me laugh my socks off :-)
11:31:50tracktheripperwhen I saw it
11:32:02Bagdermy guess is they call it FM for a reason
11:32:21tracktheripperI expect the next request is "Make the FMRec pick up MTV!"
11:33:14tracktheripperDoes the 8Mb mod bring real benifits?
11:33:31Bagderit gives you longer runtime
11:33:43Bagder15-30% something
11:33:51tracktheripperoh right. Where do you source the 8Mb chip from?
11:34:25Bagderno clue
11:34:44tracktheripperI suppose the 8Mb chip helps if you encode at 320Kbs
11:35:04tracktherippersince wiv only 2Mb RAM the harddrive spins every 30 seconds to reflash the buffer
11:35:58tracktheripperTo me it sounds like the FM section of the Archos was an afterthough
11:36:06tracktherippersince no-one says reception is good
11:38:55tracktheripperZagor will the much-requested Screen Inverter arrive in the future?
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11:48:18tracktherippernice House of Card's (or should that be House of Jukeboxes) Bjorn!
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13:16:33sarukthat was a big crash
13:20:34 Quit quelsaruk (
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14:55:32*Bagder runs off
14:55:35 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
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15:08:34ironihi all =)
15:09:17dwihnoZagor: I tested the build... It might be a teensy bit more stable, but not that much.
15:10:15ironimy jb6000 has gone nuts
15:10:21ironiit wont charge the batteries anymore
15:10:37langhaarrockerunplug it from usb first :)
15:11:39ironii meran it wont at all
15:11:47ironii have bought a standard charger to charge
15:12:12langhaarrockerBut the thing displays that it is connected with the power adapter?
15:13:27ironiit even says charging
15:14:50langhaarrockerOh, I see it's a player and not a recorder.
15:16:12langhaarrockerDon't know much about the player but the charging is controlled by hardware afaik.
15:17:25langhaarrockerBut I know that you can break the recorder in a way that it displays it was connected to the power adapter and still doesn't use it.
15:20:30ironiit powers donw all the time to
15:20:34ironiand goes back in the menus
15:20:42ironiseems like the stop button is funny
15:21:00ironiim so disappointed i bought this crappy product
15:21:19ironii should have seen form the beginning that it was a pice of plastic that would break soon
15:21:34langhaarrockerdoes your off button still click?
15:21:39ironino it doesnt
15:21:44ironiits sensitive as hell
15:22:28langhaarrockerI had the same problem. But I managed to unsolder the thing, open the button and bend the metal sheet inside it. Now the button still doesn't click but it isn't as sensitive any more.
15:22:43ironiim not very good at that
15:23:10langhaarrockerThen do not try it. It was quite difficult because of the size.
15:23:31ironiill try to sell it as a 6gb hdd for laptops with a "sometimes-working" mp3-player function
15:23:37ironifor like $75
15:24:00langhaarrockerah, come on. lets say $50. :)
15:24:46ironiwell without the charger and witht he original batteries maybe
15:24:54ironii have a set of 2000Mah in it
15:25:12ironiand an universal charger, cause the original one is us version
15:25:58langhaarrockerI have servaral chargers around @ home, @office, @practice room ...
15:27:39langhaarrockerSo you pay in $ and cannot use a us power adapter? Where are you from?
15:28:16ironii lived in the states when i bought it
15:28:54langhaarrockerWas it one of those units that became very hot while charging?
15:29:09ironinot at all.
15:30:31langhaarrockerI remember having read something about a jb that melt...
15:47:16 Join saruk [0] (
15:47:35 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:47:55langhaarrockerI smell goats.
15:49:21 Quit ironi (" <k!15b8>")
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16:22:50Zagorgotta go
16:22:50 Part Zagor
16:34:52sarukback to life
16:35:02saruklanghaarrocker: i repaired part of my disaster :)
16:37:26 Nick saruk is now known as quelsaruk (
16:51:14dwihnoquel, muy bien! :D
16:52:57langhaarrockersaruk: which disaster? Burned usb disk cases?
16:57:04quelsaruknot that
16:57:09quelsarukthe jukebox disaster
16:57:15quelsaruknow it works..
16:57:21langhaarrockerno more goats necessary?
16:57:43quelsarukthe hard disk now has a "clonk.. clonk" noise....
16:58:11quelsaruki must use another goat's blood to repair it
16:58:15langhaarrockerDoes that mean you don't need mp3s for cool sounds any more?
16:58:49quelsarukyups :)
16:59:52langhaarrockermine occasionally clonks, too. But that is said to be normal with ibm notebook drives.
17:00:51Schnueffah good :)
17:02:31langhaarrockerSchnueff: does that mean yours clonks as well?
17:02:53Schnueffyes, the one in my thinkpad
17:03:12Schnueffalthought it only happens at times
17:03:33langhaarrockerquelsaruk: is the blood of one goat sufficiant to muffle three hds?
17:06:40quelsaruki used 5 goats to repair a jukebox and 1/2 of a hd
17:06:45quelsarukso i don't think so
17:07:51dwihnomore juke-problems and no goats makes quel a dull boy
17:08:00quelsaruksee you in a minute
17:08:03quelsaruka dull boy??
17:08:07quelsarukwhat's that??
17:08:40dwihnojust a quote from a cool movie :)
17:08:48langhaarrockerI assume that Archos has lots of shares in the spanish goat buisiness.
17:09:01quelsaruknot just archos....
17:09:17quelsarukme too
17:09:34 Part quelsaruk ("rebooting")
17:11:28 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:15:20 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:16:14quelsaruki'm here
17:20:15 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:20:28 Join Bagder [241] (
17:21:26quelsarukhi Bagder
17:27:03elinenbeBagder: make some nice commits.
17:27:36Bagderjust did! ;-)
17:27:42Bagderminor ones though
17:27:58 Quit Domonoky (Remote closed the connection)
17:31:59 Quit TotMacher ()
17:34:44quelsarukBagder: rockbox icons are somewhere? i mean, not in the source code, but as bitmaps or any graphic file?
17:35:31Bagdernope, only source code
17:35:53quelsarukso i cant get the fast forward icon fron nowhere ?
17:36:14Schnuefffrom source :)
17:36:25langhaarrockerrun the emulator and do screenshots
17:36:44quelsarukand if i have to sacrifice a goat to get the emulator running?
17:37:03langhaarrockeran emulated goat will do then
17:37:38quelsarukcan anyone make a Quick screen screenshot so i have Fastforward, fastbackward and down icons??
17:37:55langhaarrockernot @ work, as I am now.
17:38:34Bagderwant the f3 screen?
17:38:39quelsarukor F2
17:38:44quelsarukdoesn't matter :)
17:38:44 Quit Snorlax ()
17:38:50quelsarukF2 has 3 icons
17:38:53quelsarukF3 just 2
17:38:58quelsarukso i'd prefer F2 :)
17:39:09langhaarrockerwe need a screen shot utility for rockbox.
17:39:27Bagderwe have code for it actually
17:39:39quelsarukand to make pictures?
17:39:43elinenbelanghaarrocker: we need a track splitter for rockbox :)
17:40:03Schnueffand key binding
17:41:27quelsarukthx Bagder
17:42:12quelsaruklooks good
17:48:29langhaarrockerI'll be working on key binding this weekend.
17:48:58langhaarrockerBesides the weather allows me to go paragliding... :)
17:49:38 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:50:36 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|Norway (
17:53:09 Nick Snorlax|Norway is now known as Snorlax (
17:54:21elinenbeprogramming is like mental masturbation
17:54:28 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|Norway (
17:59:31[Del]It's tedious, strenuous work, but it's definitely fun, and once you finish it off, you let out a huge sigh?
18:00:37Schnueffso the open-source community is a big mental swinger club
18:01:39 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:16[Del]You know it.
18:07:07langhaarrockerIf it's like that I'll go paragliding.
18:09:07langhaarrockermust go home now
18:09:39 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:11:21 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:17:23 Quit gissehel_ (
18:18:01NJoingissehel_ [0] (
18:19:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:19:52 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
18:24:54 Join saruk [0] (
18:24:54 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:28:24 Quit Snorlax|Norway (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:28:33 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
18:44:55 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
18:58:57sarukBagder: are you going to see dwihno tonight?
19:04:33 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:04:56Bagderuh? no
19:05:11Schnueffbecause u live in the same country
19:05:36Bagderah ;-)
19:16:21sarukbecause i wanted to tell him 1 thing :)
19:16:28saruki'll tell him tomorrow then
19:18:42 Join ken0_ [0] (~marklar2@
19:19:42 Nick saruk is now known as quelsaruk (
19:22:17SeeSchlossOur search servers are currently experiencing high load. Please try your search again later.
19:22:40SeeSchlosshmm they are ALWAYS experiencing hih load...
19:34:18ken0_it's bugtime guys
19:34:24ken0_found a couple yesterday
19:34:27quelsarukBagder: i'm doing a paranoic quick menu screen.... fear me ;)
19:34:43*Bagder fears quelsaruk
19:41:13ken0_first thing, I managed to screw up the interface (hang). I was changing pitch and then the song was over. When it moved to the next song, no control would work, other than ofcourse the hardware OFF eventually..
19:42:00quelsarukBagder: tell me if you like this ...... :)
19:42:25quelsarukmuhahahahahaha (jar är galen)
19:42:38Schnuefflooks weird
19:43:27Schnueffwhat about << Modo Aleatorio
19:43:33Schnueff Modo repeticion >>
19:44:54Schnueffuh it changes
19:46:46quelsarukof course it changes
19:47:06quelsarukas zagor want to keep the "intiutive" display
19:47:17quelsarukand spanish is looonger than english
19:47:26quelsaruki had this weird idea :)
19:48:11quelsarukBagder had a heart atack or something similar
19:48:22quelsaruk'cause he's quiet
19:48:36*Bagder walks away to fetch his laundry
19:49:40quelsarukthat can also be
19:51:00quelsarukSchnueff: do you prefer modo aleatorio and << in another line or.. <<modo aleatorio
19:51:04quelsarukin one line
19:51:59Schnueffi would think one line
19:52:50Schnueffhave to go too
19:52:53*Schnueff .. away
19:56:28 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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20:23:26quelsarukno more opinions?
20:23:51 Join Kamayaka [0] (
20:30:07Kamayakawill 2.0 support 8mb mod by default ?
20:32:57quelsarukat least as i understood
20:33:14Kamayakacool :)
20:33:32[Del]What's the point of the 8mb mod again?
20:33:43[Del]aside from a larger no-skip buffer?
20:33:46Kamayakawill it take longer then 1 week for 2.0 to become finished ? (wanted to test the mod with the actual cvs release)
20:33:56Kamayakalonger battery lifetime ?
20:34:07[Del]Aye, that too.
20:34:16[Del]I forgot about that one.
20:34:23Kamayakanothin else...
20:34:34Kamayakahd lifetime ? ;)
20:42:23quelsarukbetter mic recording?
20:42:42Kamayakathought this is true hardware problem ?
20:42:52quelsaruki mean..
20:43:05quelsarukyou dont hear that hd noise every minute
20:43:09quelsarukjust once in 7 minutes
20:44:38 Join Mine78 [0] (
20:44:44Mine78hi guy
20:44:48Mine78what that means ?
20:44:54Mine78In combination with the recent configure fix, this should allow us to build 8MB versions "out of the box".
20:45:49Kamayaka(!) ;)
20:46:07Mine78It's a new in the daily builds
20:53:34 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
20:53:58 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
21:03:11Kamayakahey if its only a define :) can anybody set it to 8388608 for me and compile the actual cvs ?
21:06:19 Quit SeeSchloss ("leaving")
21:10:28 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
21:12:23quelsarukBagder: are you here?
21:12:56quelsaruki must go..
21:13:01quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:13:04 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:17:02 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:26:46BagderKamayaka: it's not only a define, we need to tweak some thresholds as well
21:29:51Bagdertime to do real world things
21:29:53 Quit Bagder ("")
21:31:28 Quit gissehel_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:31:56 Join gissehel_ [0] (
21:39:21tracktheripperHi Del!
21:39:24tracktheripperhow r ya?
21:45:25 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:06:00 Quit Kamayaka ()
22:19:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:25:53 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:40:34 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:47:58 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
22:48:59 Quit [Del] ("Trillian (")
22:49:05tracktheripperhi SeeSchloss
23:30:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")

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