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#rockbox log for 2003-02-27

00:05:52 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:07:12 Join FlexH [0] (
00:09:23FlexHis there anybody who can help me ?
00:09:34adi|worknot if you don't ask a question
00:10:36FlexHi am trying to launch the uiemulator
00:10:58FlexHand i've got this erreor : No filesystem found. Have you forgotten to create it?
00:11:06FlexHbut i don't understand*
00:12:46adi|workare you in windows or linux?
00:13:02adi|workone sec
00:13:08FlexHok thnx
00:14:31adi|workahh.. right..
00:14:45adi|workyou did a build on your system?
00:14:50adi|workor you just downloaded?
00:14:55Jet8810archos is amazing btw :)
00:15:10FlexHi just downloaded the rockoxui
00:15:14adi|workthats why
00:15:24adi|workthe dir you are running it in.. you need a "archos" directory
00:15:27Jet8810whats with this new experimental UI? can I try it?
00:15:30adi|workwith a ".rockbox" directory in it
00:15:32SeeSchlosshmm you have to create a "archos" directory in the dir where there is your simulator
00:15:39adi|workits not new or experimental
00:15:47adi|workits part of rockbox.. download the source an dcompile it
00:15:47Jet8810isnt there a new one?
00:15:47FlexHhum ok
00:15:52FlexHi am going to test
00:15:53Jet8810saw it in mailing list
00:15:55SeeSchlosswell you don't need a ".rockbox" dir I think
00:15:58adi|workJet.. no
00:16:32FlexHdont work
00:16:47FlexHi have maked an "archos" directory
00:17:02FlexHthe "rockui" is inside
00:17:10FlexHand the ".rockbox" too
00:17:22SeeSchlossthe simulator should be in the parent directory
00:18:44FlexHwhat do you want to say with "in the parent directory" sorry i am french and i don't understand all
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00:19:44SeeSchlossmdr tu mets ton rockui dans un dossier et tu mets le dossier "archos" dans le meme dossier que le simulateur
00:20:02FlexHlol ok
00:20:06FlexHt'es francais ?
00:20:11SeeSchlosseh ouais
00:20:22FlexHca va etre plus pratique :p
00:20:32SeeSchlosssûrement :)
00:21:06FlexHha oui ca marche tout de suite mieux
00:24:06 Quit edx ()
00:25:44FlexHSeeSchloss: j'ai aussi un probleme de compile pour l'emulateur
00:26:20FlexHpour le firmware pas de probleme ca compile parfaitement
00:26:32FlexHmais pour l'emulateur j'ai cette erreur :
00:26:39FlexHgcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations
00:26:39FlexHmake: *** [lang.o] Erreur 1
00:28:40SeeSchlossmoi aussi j'ai un probleme
00:28:47SeeSchlossmais pas le même je crois
00:28:53FlexHha ?
00:29:26FlexHje suis sur les sources d'aujourd'hui
00:29:45SeeSchlossmoi aussi
00:30:24SeeSchlossno rule to make target panic.c ou qqvhose comme ça
00:30:42FlexHha j'ai pas eu ca moi
00:32:18SeeSchloss*** No rule to make target `panic.c', needed by `/home/nim/rockbox/build/.deps/panic.d'. Stop.
00:32:40FlexHt'a ca en faisant quoi ?
00:33:06SeeSchlossbah en essayant de compiler l emulateur FM Recorder
00:33:25FlexHha ok FM Recorder
00:33:30FlexHje suis sur le Recodrer moi
00:33:40SeeSchlossj'essaye le recorder
00:34:05SeeSchlossça me fait exactement pareil
00:34:19FlexHha bizar ca
00:34:21 Join Zagor [0] (
00:34:35SeeSchlosset pareil pour le studio
00:35:12Zagorstill checking out some daft requests in Sourceforge
00:36:09SeeSchlosshmm... "daft" ?
00:36:30Zagorlike the very nice man who wants MW, LW support for his FM Recorder
00:36:42SeeSchlosser I dont know what it means
00:36:45SeeSchlosswell I see
00:37:19MTwell its a complement really
00:37:24ZagorSoon we will be getting requests like "Make my Jukebox 6000 massage my back"
00:37:36MTthey look at the changes rockbox has made over the default
00:37:43MTand they think you really can do the impossible :)
00:37:44SeeSchlossI must agree that this would be a great option
00:38:00Zagorwe are not magicians
00:38:20MTit is pretty magic tho
00:38:50FlexHSeeSchloss: tu chois quelle version du archos tu veux compiler par le "configure" ?
00:39:01ZagorPerhaps we should have a "Submit the most wacky request" competition
00:39:08SeeSchlosshein ? quelle version ?
00:39:22FlexHje me suis mal exprimé
00:39:50FlexHtu choisis si tu veux compiler le FM ou le Recodrer par le biais du script "configure" ?
00:40:05ZagorI reckon tracktheripper would win first prize :-)
00:40:14SeeSchlosspkoi ?
00:40:28FlexHnon c'etait pour savoir si je m'y prenais bien :)
00:40:46Zagorhe has sent some wierd requests :-)
00:40:50FlexHj'ai jamais touché aux sources du firmware avant ce soir
00:41:27SeeSchlosseuh moi ça fait quelques semaines mais bon chuis pas non plus très avancé
00:42:20 Quit Zagor ("Leaving")
00:42:21FlexHha :)
00:43:20 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:44:40tracktheripperHi flexh
00:44:42tracktheripperjust thought I'd drop by
00:44:48SeeSchlosshello :-)
00:44:54tracktheripperhi See
00:45:32SeeSchlosshmm someone knows why I have this message when I compile the simulator ?
00:45:33SeeSchloss*** No rule to make target `panic.c', needed by `/home/nim/rockbox/build/.deps/panic.d'. Stop.
00:45:45tracktheripperdunno as im not a programmer
00:46:59SeeSchlossI'm not a programmer either...
00:47:55tracktheripperif i could program id be doing the Screen Invert option
00:48:19FlexHha attends
00:48:27FlexHg reussi a le compiler
00:49:11tracktheripperi'e reverse the colours on the interface
00:49:28SeeSchlossisn't there already a patch for that tracktheripper ?
00:49:39tracktheripperyes but doesn't work
00:49:41SeeSchlossFlexH: qu'est-ce que t'as fait ?
00:49:48FlexHSeeSchloss: en fait j'ai redecompater le fichier sources !
00:50:05FlexHalors je sais pas ce qui s'est passé il a pas bronché cette fois
00:50:11SeeSchlossha, une erreur au detarage ?
00:50:34FlexHpeut etre
00:50:43FlexHau pire re telecharge le source
00:52:21tracktherippersomeone who was supposed to apply it for me managed to fry his Archos!
00:54:06 Join Schee [0] (
00:54:29Scheebon c tjs pareil je vais re telecharger
00:54:52FlexHFloating point exception (core dumped)
01:00:01tracktheripperenglish please Flex
01:00:47Scheeet moi je peux continuer à parler français ? ;-)
01:00:53 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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01:20:24SeeSchlosshmm j'ai l'impression que ça marche
01:21:31FlexHha :)
01:22:03SeeSchlosseh eh je joue à wormlet
01:22:50SeeSchlossmais l'émulateur est encore plus lent que larchos
01:22:55FlexHtient c bizar
01:23:06FlexHla version debug du firmware ne passe pas sur mon archos
01:23:21SeeSchlossles vers avancent 2 fois pas seconde...
01:23:29SeeSchlosspour la debug c pareil pour moi
01:23:40FlexHelle est sensé faire quoi sur l'achos ?
01:23:41SeeSchlossmais c pour ceux qui ont un archos modifié je crois
01:23:49FlexHha ok
01:24:47 Join elinenbe__ [0] (
01:24:53FlexHdis moi
01:25:04FlexHtu sais a quel fichier correspond l'image de demarage ?
01:25:09FlexHet celle de la prise usb
01:25:44SeeSchlossla prise usb est définie dans screens.c je crois
01:26:22SeeSchlossmais c pas une image c tous les points qui sont définis
01:26:47FlexHya un outils pour convertir a partit d'un bmp
01:26:58SeeSchlossaucune idée
01:27:09FlexHdans le rep apps
01:28:52FlexHje trouves pas de screens.c
01:30:07SeeSchlosschez moi il y est
01:30:42FlexHha ok merci
01:30:48FlexH*je cherchais dans firmware
01:41:31SeeSchlossdodo time
01:41:55FlexHbonne nuit
01:42:15SeeSchloss'bye, 'night, 'nuit, 'nacht, or whatever else
01:42:19SeeSchlossbonne nuit FlexH
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06:50:58Guesti have a question....i have a studio jukebox 10 and when i download mp3's to it and play them back they all skip any solutions....this is the second jukebox that i have had with the same problem
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06:54:18Guestis anyone here
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08:58:51*dwihno has a fishy thing to mention
08:59:23dwihnoWhen using the "follow playlist", would it be stupid to store the current directory on file access?
09:13:21 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:13:29bobTHCgood morning!
09:17:13 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:17:20bobTHChi zagor!
09:17:33dwihnoWelcome back, Zagor
09:18:28dwihnoZagor: I'd like your opinion on an idea... When using the "follow playlist"-mode, would it be stupid to store the current working dir on the first play in each dir, thus removing the need to access when switching from WPS?
09:20:09Zagornot terribly stupid, but a bit unnecessary for all those tracks you *don't* press ON...
09:21:15dwihnoZagor: Yeah, that's what I thought too...
09:22:05dwihnoZagor: btw, after switching to 1800mAh batteries, is there anything I need to know etc. ?
09:22:17dwihnoI won't have to charge them externally, for instance?
09:22:41Zagornope, nothing special. change your battery capacity setting to get correct time estimate, that's all.
09:22:58dwihnoI did that ;D
09:23:10dwihnoIt looks better with GP batts compared to the stock ones
09:23:24dwihnoThe stickers on the batts' are much prettier :)
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10:15:09 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:15:32quelsarukdwihno: i've got a new and cooler portable case for the hd :)
10:15:39quelsarukand it's nearly for free
10:16:01quelsarukZagor: are you here?
10:16:57dwihnoquelsaruk: you got it?
10:16:59dwihnoquelsaruk: how come?
10:17:25quelsarukwell.. i phoned the company and talked to them...
10:17:26Zagorquelsaruk: yup
10:17:35quelsarukand they're going to send me a new model :)
10:17:53dwihnoquelsaruk: even if you're responsible for breaking it? ;)
10:18:29quelsarukZagor: could you look at and
10:18:58quelsarukdwihno: me responsible??? how *can* you say this??
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10:21:12quelsarukdwihno: have a look to that gifs
10:24:16dwihnowhoa animations! :O
10:24:30dwihnoScary stuff! :O
10:24:55Zagori don't like blinking things...
10:24:59*Zagor is a grumpy old man
10:25:09dwihnoZagor: how do you make mutt show 8 bit stuff? I just get a bunch of question marks instead of åäö
10:25:33Zagorset allow_8bit=yes
10:25:33Zagorset charset=iso-8859-1
10:25:39quelsarukzagor... read the name.. paranoic...
10:25:52dwihnoZagor: you are like a book, full of answers :)
10:26:05dwihnoYou're like Fröken Ur, but with more than one field of expertise :)
10:33:25dwihnoUSB2 is ohci?
10:33:36*dwihno is checking whether OpenBSD has support for my hardware
10:33:40Zagordwihno: ehci
10:33:46dwihnoehci?! :-)
10:33:51dwihnoTO MANY *HCI*S!
10:34:03*dwihno goes insane for a while, please hold.
10:35:29dwihnoLooks like it lacks ehci
10:35:46dwihnoEquipped with u/ohci, but that won't do the trick
10:37:08quelsarukZagor: so you don't like my new idea?
10:37:29quelsarukwhat about a scrolling line instead of a blinking one?
10:38:05Zagori don't know. i still think you should try just skipping the word "modo"
10:39:25dwihnoMODO HOCKEY FA LA LA LA LA!
10:39:36*dwihno watched them kick some Frölunda ass the other week :D
10:39:42dwihnoThat was such a great game indeed! :-)
10:40:49dwihnoWhat the heck. Is Linux the only OS with USB2 support?!
10:41:19Zagorthere are patches for windows too
10:41:51Zagorbut linux was first of all
10:42:33quelsarukzagor... but what do i do with the word "bar" ? and how do i shorten "desplazamiento" ?
10:42:40quelsaruk(i want fight)
10:43:01Zagorhehe. i have no ready answers. it's a difficult problem.
10:43:07dwihnoZagor: I want some patches for Win 3.11, do you think that's available ? :)
10:43:17dwihnoI wonder how fast a 2GHz box would run 3.11
10:43:38Zagordwihno: I think win95 is probably faster than 3.11 for many things
10:48:25dwihnoI loved 95
10:48:35dwihnoFast and furious
10:48:43dwihno(well, kind of, until I installed Linux)
10:49:01dwihnoOur school network was not switched :-)
10:49:05PsycoXuli never installed win95
10:49:08dwihno<censor censor censor>
10:49:22quelsaruki never installed win 3..1
10:49:29PsycoXuli was using DOS6.22/win3.11 up till i installed linux in 98 heh
10:49:37quelsaruki used ms-dos till i had to use win32 programs :(
10:49:49PsycoXulwin95 offered very little but slowness and more bugs, for me
10:50:01quelsaruki had an 8086 when people had a 486 :)
10:50:27dwihnoPsycoXul: haha, you crazy man :D
10:50:38PsycoXulwhen i was able to change the screensaver password without knowing the old one and fuck with the guys at sears on their display
10:50:46PsycoXuli knew i didn't want win95
10:51:41PsycoXuli used DOS more anyway
10:51:43PsycoXulmad batch files
10:51:53PsycoXuli only used windows for browsing the web, pretty much
10:52:14PsycoXulall my games ran better in DOS, most of the stuff i did was with batch files and etc
11:36:18 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
11:36:33SeeSchloss'lo everybody
11:39:58SeeSchlosshmm well I'd like to know how to compile a .lang file
11:40:10Bagderbinlang is the tool
11:40:14Bagderin tools/
11:40:17Bagderrequires perl
11:40:24SeeSchloss"binlang english.lang francais.lang francais.lng" for example ?
11:40:41Bagderseems right, yes
11:40:59SeeSchlossI does not work :(
11:41:04Bagderwhat happens?
11:41:32SeeSchlossthe binlang seems to compile the file correctly but
11:42:24SeeSchlosswhen I load it, rockbox does not display "new language loaded" and the strings are all messed up
11:43:35SeeSchlossand the .lang file seems to be correct
11:47:01Bagderwhat english lang file are you using and what version do you load the new lang with?
11:47:35SeeSchlossthe latest versions from cvs
11:52:17Bagderthen it seems there's a bug somewhere
11:56:28SeeSchlossI'll download the files again maybe they are corrupted
12:13:34SeeSchlosshmm always the same thing
12:19:42***No seen item changed, no save performed.
12:38:36 Join Mine78 [0] (
12:38:56Mine78Goodday everybody !
12:39:00Mine78to all: In combination with the recent configure fix, this should allow us to build 8MB versions "out of the box".
12:39:03Mine78what that means ?
12:39:51PsycoXulthat means that people who've modded their units to have 8mb will be able to build a version that supports it without hax0ring the source
12:40:40dwihnoA nice lunch of pea soup!
12:40:53dwihnoZagor and Bagder, what did ya' eat? :)
12:42:49 Quit Mine78 (Client Quit)
12:53:35dwihnoI ate
12:53:47dwihnoDidn't sacrifice any goats, I'm not in the mood today
12:59:29 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:06:49langhaarrockerWith the new fade feature - does anyone experience that ocasionally the volume fades, then rises agen before pausing?
13:08:41Zagorlanghaarrocker: only before we fixed that :-)
13:09:53langhaarrockerI use a build that is less than a week old. Was it fixed very recently?
13:10:19dwihnoZagor: the test you gave me last night has not bugged, except when I do the "shake disk" test
13:10:26dwihnoZagor: just thought you might want to know.
13:10:50dwihnoWhen I say "not bugged", I mean, the build has not given any skips while biking :)
13:10:53*dwihno is master biker
13:13:45langhaarrockerIsn't it illegal to use headphones while biking? :)
13:15:40 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:19:09Zagordwihno: have you tried stretching your battery springs? maybe "the shake test" simply shakes the batteries around so much they are not connected at all times?
13:19:27Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes, it was fixed the last few days
13:19:52Zagordwihno: but you feel the patch improved things when biking?
13:24:35 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:17dwihnoZagor: they are cool
13:25:34dwihnoZagor: No hickups yet.
13:25:41dwihnoZagor: I'll run your test build for a couple of days
13:28:14Zagorwell if it improves things, we should have more people testing it
13:29:15dwihnoI'll test it during the weekend
13:29:22dwihnoHow about I give you feedback on monday?
13:35:50 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
13:37:18Bagder"6 / Way cool playlist ... seems to be remembering the last hundred or so songs played, so easy to go back!! "
13:37:29Bagder(on funmp3players about the Creative Zen)
13:38:37langhaarrockeris that a feature request?
13:38:57Bagderwe remember all songs already
13:39:11langhaarrockerbut only while playing a playlist
13:39:35Bagderbut this doesn't say anything else either
13:40:10Zagorwe just need to be able to browse the list without starting each trac
13:41:04dwihnotrue, true
13:41:37langhaarrockerWasn't there someone designing a database concept for rockbox? I'm very curious what a bunch of features that might add.
13:42:49dwihnothe 8 meg mod would be a major benefit for this kind of stuff
13:42:56dwihnokeeping big lists in memory etc.
13:43:08dwihnohow much memory is the zen equipped with?
13:43:22dwihnoWe'll all bribe Linus to mod our boxes! :D
13:44:36dwihno8 megs should be enough for everyone ;)
13:45:33langhaarrockerI'd prefer a 60 GB solid state disk
13:46:36dwihnoso what's the mojo with zen?
13:47:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:47:45 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:48:17dwihnohowdy ho!
13:53:48quelsarukBagder: just a stupid question
13:54:25quelsarukwhen will you have enough money via paypal to buy a MMjukebox and start supporting it ? ;)
13:57:54Bagderforget about the mm
13:58:00Bagderit doesn't exist
13:58:02quelsarukit was not for me
13:58:12quelsaruka friend asked me
13:58:26quelsarukplizzz don't hurt me...
13:58:29Bagderbelieve me, you will never see rockbox on mm
13:58:42quelsaruki believe you
13:59:01Bagderunless Archos makes a switch and decides to tell us their secrets
14:03:29quelsarukhow many goats for a secret??
14:04:21Bagder4 per secret
14:04:28quelsaruki wont go
14:04:30langhaarrockerquelsaruk: have you mucked out the stable yet?
14:05:58quelsaruknot yet... but soon, really soon ;)
14:19:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:20:42 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
14:31:50ZagorBagder: did you make the bookmark patch work on players?
14:31:51 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:36:39BagderI made it build on players
14:37:02Zagori don't understand why he insists on using * for separators :-(
14:37:14Bagderme neither, that's not good
14:37:21BagderI prefer newlines
14:37:36Zagorwell I can understand wanting to keep one bookmark per line
14:37:49Bagderpossibly, yes
14:38:25dwihnoIs there a way to make a smart visual playlist without eating all ram?
14:38:35dwihno ^ smart
14:38:41Zagordwihno: yes, you read a lot from disk
14:39:51langhaarrockeryou could use the MAS to compress / decompres the data and thus store more data in little ram. :)
14:40:16Bagderyeah, lossy, so you get to see almost the correct file names ;-)
14:41:29Schnueffif lists are sorted, prefix compression would save a lot of bytes
14:41:56Schnueffbut for mixed music folders that wouldnt work so good
14:43:20dwihnolossy compression would be the thing to use!
14:50:31Zagoroh my god! the "full-line progressbar" patch is really wicked!
14:51:20Zagori'll take a screenshot
14:51:28dwihnocool :)
14:53:18dwihnothat stuff is HGUE
14:53:20Zagorit's as close to graphic display anyone has ever gotten on the player
14:54:03dwihnothat's player stuff?
14:54:20dwihnomerge merge merge! :D
14:54:27langhaarrockerDo I see that right: user defined chars display a character and a bar simultaniously?
14:54:29dwihnoLet's go nuts and commit!
14:54:42Zagorlanghaarrocker: yup. cool eh?
14:54:56dwihnoZagor: What R U waiting 4? :)
14:55:11Zagorpatience, grasshopper! ;)
14:55:42Schnueffmaybe using a raster-IRQ? :)
14:56:08Schnueffit's a pity there aren't any :)
14:56:08Bagderraster irq!
14:56:17*Bagder goes nostalgic
14:56:25Schnueffraster split!
14:57:03Bagderlda #00, sta $d020
14:57:06*langhaarrocker thinks bagder went asm
14:57:14*dwihno sends some valiums to Bagder
14:57:35*Bagder calms down again
14:57:51langhaarrockeruff, that was close
14:59:20Bagderour C64 days documented
15:01:38*langhaarrocker senses nurds
15:02:00*dwihno senses nurbs
15:02:04BagderZagor: Christian Schönberger
15:02:14Zagoroh, ok :-)
15:02:17Bagderhe used his name in his comment in there
15:02:45Zagoroops hehe
15:04:00 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:04:28Bagderhi elinenbe
15:04:32langhaarrockerMorning? that was about 7 hours ago.
15:04:53dwihnoAs in the legend?
15:05:43elinenbedoes the latest play patch allow for two numbers per one standard LCD block?
15:07:44elinenbes/play/player s/patch/committ
15:07:51elinenbeit is too early for me here!
15:09:43Zagorit does that by redefining characters, and using a little 4-pixel font for the numbers
15:10:01elinenbeZagor: that is a cool WORTHY Rockbox hack!
15:10:22*dwihno gives the fizz and stork seals of approval
15:10:42Bagderhe should OR a bouncing ball onto it as well ;-)
15:12:42langhaarrockerI have a recorder. -> The patch is crap.
15:14:51Bagderany fm owners around?
15:14:57BagderI talked to Linus yday
15:15:08Bagderhe had serious problems recording digital-in on the fm
15:15:58Bagderhe may have mentioned registering his FM unit using a false name and asking Archos about it ;-)
15:18:09elinenbeIs that a problem consistent with all the FMs?
15:18:20Bagderwe don't know
15:19:30langhaarrockerWill he ever return from his exile?
15:20:05Bagderhe's coming back to this side of Sweden this upcoming weekend
15:20:54BagderI don't think we should count on him being around much more because of that though, he's having his fair share of real-world problems to deal with
15:24:03elinenbeZagor: does the reverse patch you just committed work in the games?
15:24:14Zagori don't know :-)
15:24:19Schnueffoh kewl
15:24:20elinenbeZagor: I was getting some retarted behavior with it in the games earlier
15:24:25Zagori'll test
15:24:43Schnueffelinenbe: i think it should, the lcd controller inverts the screen
15:24:48elinenbeZagor: try sokoban
15:24:56Zagoryeah, works
15:25:05elinenbenice... then forget it.
15:25:11elinenbeI'll check it on mine.
15:25:11Zagoruh, no not in sokoban!
15:25:29elinenbeokay... that is the behavior I was getting
15:25:34elinenbeI don't know why!
15:25:51Zagoractually I think it does work, but sokoban fills the screen so it looks a bit strange
15:26:17Zagoryes, exactly
15:27:14Schnueffthe lcd_invertrect() call?
15:27:43Schnueffah nm, thats only for end of game
15:27:48Bagderthat progress bar thing doesn't work on the old player correctly
15:28:25*Bagder puts kjer on the case
15:29:06Zagori can imagine. i think it uses too many custom chars.
15:29:12Bagderyes 7
15:29:36Zagorpretty tough to squeeze down to 4, i'd say...
15:34:26langhaarrockerwhat reverse patch?
15:35:13langhaarrockerI neither see anything about that in nor on the patch tracker.
15:35:33Schnueff'invert display'
15:35:34elinenbelanghaarrocker: grab the latest CVS
15:36:25langhaarrockerOh, then I assume it's to fresh to appear in the 'recent CVS activity' page.
15:37:25Bagdershould pop up there within minutes
15:37:32Bagderif the cvs is ok
15:41:47 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:46:34elinenbeThis is a good day for the Rockbox project.
15:47:21*Bagder works out a new system to filter his email better
15:47:37 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
15:47:51Zagorthe karaoke mode is just too cool
15:48:08dwihnoZagor: karaoke mode?
15:48:13dwihnoZagor: patch reviews?
15:48:17Zagorcoming up soon
15:48:33*Bagder wants to sing along!
15:48:56Bagdercan we hook up mics and sing all together? ;-O
15:48:59elinenbeI love that patch.
15:49:03elinenbecommit it :)
15:49:04dwihnoRockaoke! :D
15:49:10elinenbeit is REALLY cool
15:49:13Zagorelinenbe: yup, coming soon
15:49:20elinenbethat is another Rockbox worthy patch :)
15:49:22dwihnoI sense a disturbance in the force. I sense.. B LOAT! ;)
15:49:28 Join [Del] [0] (
15:49:36dwihno[Del]: you like karaoke?
15:49:41*elinenbe slaps dwihno with a large fish
15:49:47[Del]Not so much.
15:49:51elinenbefeatures are not bloat.
15:49:56[Del]The karaoke patch isn't very important to me.
15:49:59elinenbebloat is demos/games/etc.
15:50:00[Del]Exactly, imho, its bloat.
15:50:08[Del]It's an mp3 player, not a karaoke machine.
15:50:19Bagderits not just an mp3 player
15:50:20[Del]If you wanted a karaoke machine, you should have bought one. ;-)
15:50:20dwihnoI want to hook it up to my cell phone
15:50:21elinenbeand some day those will be plugins
15:50:23Bagderits a lifestyle!
15:50:29dwihnoSo I can play music for my friends :D
15:50:33langhaarrockerI don't mind as long as I don't have to _listen_ to all those karaoking rockbox users
15:50:36elinenbeBagder: I agree with you.
15:50:50[Del]I agree too, Bagder.
15:51:06[Del]I just have to get my old stereo put into my new car so I can start listening to it on the drive to work again.
15:51:10elinenbeoh... I have a good bug. I will post something to the bug tracker/mailing list about it.
15:51:53langhaarrockerI have many good bugs - in my kitchen.
15:56:29 Nick [Del] is now known as sdbarker (
15:58:13sdbarkerI really like the icons from the 'fred' build.
15:58:14 Join Kamayaka [0] (
15:58:27sdbarkerheya Kamayaka.
15:58:36Zagorsdbarker: which icons are that?
15:59:01sdbarkerthe play list icons, the volume i con, the charging icon, the play/pause/random icons
15:59:12Zagoryes, but which patch adds them?
15:59:48sdbarkerThey were in the build that adds the bars for adjusting volume, bass, treble, etc, to the F1 screen.
16:00:23Zagorwasn't that joaquims build?
16:00:57sdbarkerPerhaps it was. I could have swore it said 'Fred' in it somewhere.
16:01:29sdbarkerLemme see if I can find it in the mailing list.
16:02:59 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:03:19elinenbe_personally though −− that build confused the hell out of me
16:03:36elinenbe_it was hard for me to figure out how things worked. I am WAY too used to Rockbox.
16:05:21Zagorpersonally i'm a bit annoyed at people posting modified builds without source
16:05:33 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:05:42sdbarkerYeah, so am I.
16:06:02sdbarkerI think it might have been Joaquims build, if that's the one w/ the icons. i don't have my player here right now to look.
16:06:12elinenbe_so am I too. Maybe something should be mentioned that this is GPL'd software!
16:07:31langhaarrockerEspecially for something like the ui I think it's completely valid to offer a intermediate state to the public before a patch gets merged into cvs.
16:09:28sdbarkerIt's not really like they're witholding the source, though, I guess. I'm sure they'd provide it if asked. It's just a matter of hosting / attatching to emails, I'm sure.
16:09:42Zagoryes, it's not a gpl issue
16:09:58Zagori just prefer to see source to all changes rather than bin files
16:10:34sdbarkerBecause with a lot of the oss that i've worked on, it's way easier for me to just throw up a binary and say, "check this out", and then work on cleaning up the code and commenting it and such, for when somebody wants it, than it is to prepare a release.
16:10:40elinenbe_Zagor: but the source is GPL though and if you make a patch/diff/bin then you have to include the source...
16:10:59sdbarkerAll of my StrokeIt plugins are open source, but the source isn't on the page, because I haven't cleaned it up yet.
16:11:01langhaarrockerbut there are many users who are willing to test an experimental software they can't build themselves form patches.
16:11:51Bagderyou think I should make an automated 8mb build?
16:11:51Zagoryes. binaries are good for testing, but not as good for technical discussion
16:11:55ZagorBagder: nah
16:12:25Bagderbtw, Linus told be the gdb version doesn't work ;-)
16:12:28Bagdertold me
16:12:43Zagoryeah I know. but his fm has a busted serial port anyway :-)
16:13:06Bagderwell, no gdb version works
16:13:24Bagdernon-green stuff
16:13:37elinenbe_RED! WOO! WOO! WOO!
16:13:50Bagdercode red code red, full alert
16:13:52elinenbe_haha... remember the T-Shirt Contest!! :)
16:14:07langhaarrockercode police: persue yourself?
16:14:36Zagorme fix
16:16:42Bagderwe should make a rating system, giving scores for how much you bust the builds
16:16:50Bagderthen we could compete!
16:17:30langhaarrockerok - that's it. I won't code for rockbox if it's always me who looses.
16:17:55Bagderthen we could trick each other to do even worse! ;-O
16:18:15Bagdervery productive
16:18:38elinenbe_I see you have ignored my T-Shirt Contest comment :)
16:18:53*Bagder points in adi|home's general direction
16:18:54langhaarrockerThere was none.
16:19:19langhaarrockerOtherwise there were T-Shirts. qed
16:19:35ZagorBagder: is uisim/lcd-common.[ch] used anywhere at all?
16:19:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:20:12Bagderin the msvc makefile
16:20:33Zagormaybe it should be used in x11 too if it's called 'common' :-)
16:21:45BagderI think there are a few more things in the sims that could be more common
16:22:16Bagderbut since the windows dudes are so behind there, I really haven't bothered
16:23:14BagderZagor: btw, I added Rockbox info to my "konsultprofil" yesterday. A large bragging blob.
16:24:08 Join [SoT-HC]Lord|of| [0] (
16:24:35Bagdersot-hc, it seems a lot of junk letters have stuck on your nick!
16:24:38sdbarkerLord of What? Lord of My Name Is Too Long?
16:24:52[SoT-HC]Lord|of|yea my name seems 2 long ;)
16:25:03sdbarkerAnd by '2', you mean, 'too'?
16:25:04*Bagder neverminds
16:25:12[SoT-HC]Lord|of|of course
16:25:15sdbarkerJust checking.
16:25:15langhaarrockerIf you want to evolve a patch interactively with the users - do we prefer to update the patchtracker frequently over sending some bins and then providing alpha code?
16:25:15ZagorBagder: nice
16:27:02[SoT-HC]Lord|of|i got one question guys...
16:27:20[SoT-HC]Lord|of|what 2 do against file system error
16:27:27Bagderlanghaarrocker: I like getting both patch and seeing binary test-versions
16:27:40Bagdersot: scandisk/fsck
16:28:14[SoT-HC]Lord|of|but how if it doesn't get plugged in my usb?
16:28:42[SoT-HC]Lord|of|or MUST i get it plugged?
16:28:46Bagderyes you must
16:28:54Bagderthen fix it using your pc
16:29:16[SoT-HC]Lord|of|alright i'll try
16:29:36langhaarrockerBagder: even if it ends up with dozens of updates in the patch tracker?
16:29:52[SoT-HC]Lord|of|if it doesn't work i'll come back again;)
16:30:11 Quit [SoT-HC]Lord|of| ()
16:30:29Bagderlanghaarrocker: well, if the patch dude wants to repeatedly post it, then sure, but I'm fine with coming back more irregularly too
16:32:45langhaarrockerI assume that posting patches that patch patches on the patchtracker is bad habit?
16:32:59sdbarker... that was way too many 'patch's.
16:33:03Zagoryes. patches should generally be against cvs.
16:34:34Bagderever heard of O'Caml?
16:34:43dwihnoZagor: is your red led disk fisk (fix, heh) in CVS?
16:34:59sdbarkerBagder: yeah
16:35:11BagderI had no clue
16:35:21Zagordwihno: yes
16:35:25Bagderuntil somone mailed me saying he wrote a libcurl binding for it
16:35:40sdbarkerthat's neat.
16:35:44sdbarkerI've never used it.
16:35:52Bagderthat is one weird name on a programming language
16:36:48sdbarkerkinda like Brainfuck?
16:36:52*langhaarrocker still sees some red build
16:37:01dwihnoZagor: ah, okay. Then I can test the karaoke mode without thinking about disk reading stuff :)
16:37:31Zagorbah, win32
16:37:32sdbarkeroh yeah, i submitted a feature request yesterday for an option to automagically hiding file extensions. what are the odds of that happening?
16:37:48Zagorsdbarker: well we do hide them in music mode...
16:37:56*Bagder starts his odd-evaluation engine
16:38:00Bagderodds even
16:38:31sdbarkerAye. I meant in the playlist.
16:38:33BagderZagor: you can build win32 version on 'labb' to verify the build
16:38:40sdbarkerSince all the different filetypes already have their own icons.
16:39:10Zagorsdbarker: yes, that's what I mean too. when you set "show files: music" the file extensions are hidden
16:39:27Zagori suppose we could hide them for "supported" too, since all supported files have their own icons
16:40:30sdbarkerYeah yeah. I'm being unclear. I apologize.
16:56:39dwihnowhere's the karaoke stuff in the settings? :)
16:56:58langhaarrockersound -> channels
16:59:21langhaarrockermust go sound engeneering.
16:59:32dwihnoStereo wide should be wide stereo
16:59:36 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:00:13dwihnofunny gizmo
17:00:30 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:01:27 Join edx [0] (
17:01:53SeeSchlosshmm there is a problem with binlang I think...
17:02:17sdbarkeryeah, he's a terrorist.
17:02:23sdbarker... oh, binlang..
17:04:13SeeSchlosswhen I add something after the line 1361, the lang file seems to compile well but it is unloadable... when I remove something it works again
17:04:48 Nick sdbarker is now known as barker`coding (
17:04:54Bagderhow big is the output file?
17:06:12SeeSchloss4089 bytes
17:06:27Bagderthen that's it
17:06:48Bagder#define MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE 4096
17:07:02SeeSchlosshmm ok
17:07:37Bagdertime to extend perhaps
17:07:40Zagorseems so
17:07:59Bagderme fix
17:08:13Bagdernew limit: 5000
17:09:34SeeSchlosshmm... why is there a limit ?
17:09:54Bagderbecause we don't have any dynamic memory allocation
17:12:45Bagderand don't ask why ;-)
17:15:57Bagdersee ya
17:16:01 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:21:51Zagori'm off too
17:21:52 Part Zagor
17:24:29 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:26:59 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
17:27:36elinenbe_me too!
17:27:37 Quit elinenbe_ ("Heading to the pub")
17:34:52SeeSchlosswell now that it works I'll submit my new francais.lang to the patch tracker
17:46:38 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
18:19:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:45:56 Join jzoss [0] (
18:46:33 Quit pyvasene ("I'm going away")
18:53:01 Quit jzoss ("Leaving")
19:10:22 Join PsycoXul [0] (
19:29:27 Quit SeeSchloss ("Fermeture du client")
19:54:58 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:19:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:36:37 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
20:36:38 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36:43 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
20:37:29 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:48:19 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
20:49:49 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:47:12 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:59:03 Join Schee [0] (
21:59:30 Quit SeeSchloss (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: Schee!
22:02:15 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:11:24Kamayakaping ?
22:19:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:22:05 Nick Schee is now known as SeeSchloss (
22:38:22SeeSchlosshigh load, high load, high load...
22:44:17 Join probonic [0] (
22:48:17SeeSchlosshi probonic
22:54:23 Join smeagol [0] (
22:54:49 Quit smeagol (Client Quit)
23:11:14 Join Mine78 [0] (
23:11:24Mine78Guys a question (good evening)
23:11:50Mine78I plugged the adapter to the rocbox WITHOUT connecting it to the electricity... it made sparkles !
23:11:54Mine78is it normal ?
23:12:16adi|workleast, it hasn't happened to me
23:12:24Mine78not always but today a 0,7 cm spark came out !
23:13:41Mine78and a thing: in my CHANNEL option using the latest firmware archos20030227.ajz i cannot see the new options
23:13:52Mine78I am using italian lng
23:14:57Mine78that's all for today ! hope to not have sparkles anymore !
23:15:02Mine78au revoir !
23:15:07 Quit Mine78 (Client Quit)
23:16:01 Join dvr-505 [0] (
23:16:32Kamayakawhat is a sparkle ?
23:18:40dvr-505can i make a question?
23:19:41dvr-505could you please tell me if the rockbox firmware is able to delete/make dirs/or rename files.......
23:20:30dvr-505i bought a jukebox recorder 20 last week
23:21:08dvr-505i am going to use it almost only for recording
23:21:30dvr-505and i have already lost 4 of the 10 recordings i did
23:21:51dvr-505this thing just hangs when i press stop
23:22:15dvr-505and after i power it off the file isn't there anymore
23:22:28Kamayakawith the rockbox software ?
23:22:38dvr-505no with the 1.28 firmware
23:22:46dvr-505archos firmaware
23:22:47adi|workthats not our problem
23:22:50dvr-505ok ok
23:22:53dvr-505i know
23:22:53adi|workto be impolite :)
23:23:22adi|workas for delete/rename etc...
23:23:28adi|workits works in progress...
23:23:49dvr-505is this problem (recording problem) solved in your firmware?
23:23:49Kamayakaalways thought it´s inbuild (just searched it and couldn´t find it :))
23:24:33dvr-505is this problem (recording problem) solved in your firmware?<Kamayaka> always thought it´s inbuild (just searched it and couldn´t find it :)) ????????????
23:24:44dvr-505<Kamayaka> always thought it´s inbuild (just searched it and couldn´t find it :)) ?????????????
23:24:54Kamayakadelete rename and so on
23:25:57dvr-505oh and other thing........
23:26:11Kamayakarockbox creates new file name out of date and time every recording start
23:26:19dvr-505i have just updated my firmware to your latest
23:26:26Kamayakause rockbox
23:26:30dvr-505i have just updated my firmware to your latest
23:27:08dvr-505and it seems i can't record inside a folder it only records in the root
23:27:40dvr-505are you going to fix it?
23:29:09dvr-505and can you tell me if the (delete/rename etc...) is comming soon?
23:29:32Kamayakadunno i´m not in the dev team... look at the feature request to get more info
23:30:16dvr-505is the recording problem fixed???????
23:30:51Kamayakawhich problem ?
23:31:35 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:31:46dvr-505with the original firmware this thing hangs sometimes when i stop recording and i loose the file
23:31:59 Part barker`coding
23:32:05dvr-505is this bug present in rockbox firmware?
23:32:18dvr-505or is it already fixed?
23:32:20Kamayakanever got an error recording with teh rockbox
23:32:39dvr-505witch firmware do you use???????
23:32:49adi|workstop with the ????????
23:32:51Kamayakarockbox is completly different, firmware problems in the original firmware won´t persist in rockbox
23:32:53adi|workone suffices
23:33:14 Quit Jet8810 (Client Quit)
23:33:17 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:33:32dvr-505<adi|work> ok sorry
23:33:41Kamayakai´m using a modified cvs release from 1.2.03 (8mb mod) btw could anybody build me a actual cvs release for the 8mb mod ?
23:33:43 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:33:56*Kamayaka slaps tracktheripper around a bit with a large trout
23:33:58*Kamayaka hides
23:34:21tracktheripper<−−−− slaps Kamayaka with a wet Ipod :-)
23:34:31Kamayakahrhr ipod sucks...
23:34:41dvr-505one more thing and i am leaving
23:34:44tracktheripperhow are you Kamayaka?
23:35:03adi|workKama .. sure.. one min
23:35:09Kamayakafine so far... fucking hot in my room just did some cnc cutting in steel iron and hover is producing lot of heat
23:35:27tracktheripperoh righttt
23:35:35tracktheripperu did the 8mb mod??
23:35:39adi|workKamayaka: rec or studio?
23:36:01dvr-505the daily builds include all the fixes made since the lattest realease (1.4)?
23:36:12adi|workdvr.. read the faq :)
23:36:24Kamayakadvr yes it´s the latest actual file... but can contain errors
23:36:25adi|workKama.. demos? Game? language?
23:36:31adi|worknp dvr :)
23:36:45Kamayakaeverything :) hey i´ve got 8mb *g*
23:36:51tracktheripperJust got the daily build wiv the Invert option
23:37:01tracktheripperIm think of 8mb'ing mind if I can source the chip
23:37:10Kamayakano matter (i´ll use the german lang file but can be english too)
23:37:25adi|workyou want german? you get german :)
23:37:43Kamayakaokay ... usb connection is just about to wait for the new firmware :)
23:37:52tracktheripperhow does stereo normal/wide work? i thought this wasnt possible
23:38:27Kamayakatrack i searched the ram everywhere the only one beeing able to deliver was (nice price and good service)
23:38:48adi|workall yours kama
23:38:52tracktherippercheers :) do they do bigger tham 8j, chips?
23:39:26tracktherippersorry bigger than 8Mb chips?
23:39:35Kamayaka8mb is max 16bit... (or the freaky dev team does a workaround with an extra multiplexer)
23:39:56tracktheripperohh right
23:39:58Kamayakabut i don´t think there is any use for it
23:40:01 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
23:40:10tracktheripperI know the Ipod has a 16mb cache
23:40:36Kamayakaipod... lol. nice design but no features...
23:40:45tracktheripperthe design of the Ipod sucks
23:40:49tracktheripperit scratches way to easily
23:41:18Kamayakathe only disadvantage... (apart from the special hd (in case of a breakdown) and the hidden batteries)
23:41:26*Kamayaka hugs adi
23:41:38adi|workit works?
23:41:38tracktheripper<−−- hugs Kamayaka
23:42:15Kamayakajupp works perfectly
23:42:46tracktheripperThe display looks snazzy with the Inverter on since ive blacked out the frame around it
23:43:39adi|workblacked out what frame?
23:44:05tracktheripperwhen Invert is on and the backlight is on you can see a green frame where there are no pixels
23:44:16adi|workahhh.. got ya...
23:44:19*Kamayaka thinks inverting the screen is too gamey (dunno if that word exists in english)
23:44:24adi|workhow did you black it out?
23:44:59tracktheripperjust removed the front facia and put small strips of black electrical tape on the frame
23:45:05adi|workgot ya
23:45:26tracktheripperbut Invert does look better for night use when the backlight is on
23:45:36Kamayakahm what is power saving ? (just noticed that point)
23:45:59tracktheripperKamayaka probably reduces disk spin time
23:46:33Kamayakabut there is the extra entry hdd motor doentime
23:46:45Kamayaka-entime + wntime = downtime
23:47:13tracktheripperAdimas how does Stereo Wide/Narrow Karaoke work? I thought u couldn't mess around wiv the MAD
23:47:15tracktherippersorry MAS
23:48:50dvr-505adi|work does this lattest firmware work with jukebox recorder 20 out-of-the-box?
23:48:54tracktheripperAdimas I viewed the Feature Requests and noticed that Screen Invert and Stereo Wide/Narrow havent been marked as "fixed" even though they are now implemented
23:48:56adi|workno idea tracktheripper
23:49:03tracktheripperoh ok
23:49:04adi|workdvr-505: yup...
23:49:08adi|workhas since 1.1
23:49:39*adi|work is away: coding
23:49:41dvr-505... i am talking about the one that you sent the link to......
23:49:56adi|workahh.. that link wasn't for you.. it was for Kamayaka
23:50:26adi|work" adi|work does this lattest firmware work with jukebox recorder 20 out-of-the-box?"
23:50:29adi|workthe answer is yes
23:50:47adi|workthe bleeding edge/daily/release all work with the rec 20
23:51:06Kamayakafolks needa go to bed, need to get up 5:00 tomorrow (its 00:00 here)
23:51:16dvr-505is the link the same of 16:20 gmt?
23:51:24Kamayakaonce more thanks for the actual cvs mod adi :)
23:51:35adi|workno prob Kamayaka
23:51:42tracktheripperdvr do u have a Jukebox Rec 20?
23:51:54dvr-505last week
23:52:00tracktheripperlol i have a JBRec10
23:52:02 Quit Kamayaka ()
23:52:13tracktheripper10 Gb version
23:52:18dvr-505i know
23:52:29tracktheripperI love it to pieces
23:52:35tracktheripperwould never swop it for anything else
23:52:43dvr-505can you tell me
23:52:46adi|workwell. you would for a 20 gig version ;)
23:53:12tracktherippermy beloved 10 has a scar where I dropped it :-)
23:53:50dvr-505can you tell me if you ever lost a recording file because the jukebox stopped answering when you pressed stop?
23:54:05dvr-505mine does it
23:54:07tracktheripperI dunno DVR because I don't use Rockbox to record
23:54:13tracktheripperI boot into the Archos firmware to record
23:54:26dvr-505(at least did with the archos soft)
23:54:30adi|workdvr you are using the archos firmware
23:54:38adi|workjust load rockbox and test for yourself
23:54:49tracktheripperI don;t like Rockbox for recording because u cannot enter filenames or ID3 tags
23:55:05dvr-505i was going to as you that
23:55:06tracktheripperand it doesn't show the VBR applied during recording like the Archos firmware
23:55:09adi|workyou have to be a masocist to enter id3 takes on any mp3 player
23:55:33tracktheripperwell to be honest Adimas I am a masochist :-)
23:55:46dvr-505tracktheripper anyway has it ever stopped responding??????????????
23:55:53tracktheripperNot that I know off
23:56:04tracktheripperworks okay for me
23:56:19dvr-505do you record minutes or hours?
23:56:20tracktheripperjust don't like the alphanumeric filenames Rockbox provides for your recordings
23:56:43tracktheripperI record in minutes
23:57:06tracktheripperthe files are too big for my liking when recording in hours
23:57:45tracktheripperToo be honest Rockbox is the business for playback but not for recording
23:57:48dvr-505but the thing is that i really need to record about 45-60 minutes in one recording
23:58:04dvr-505and sometimes i loose the recorded file
23:58:13tracktheripperwell the Archos firmware doesnt doo that
23:58:23dvr-505mine does
23:58:35tracktheripperits prob a hardware fault
23:58:39tracktherippercontact Archos
23:58:45dvr-505try to power off the unit when you are recording

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