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#rockbox log for 2003-02-28

00:00:41tracktheripperA lot of bad Archoses used the Toshiba drive
00:00:52dvr-505do you want the specs
00:00:52tracktheripperyea mine has the hitachi drive
00:01:06tracktheripperNo thanks, not necessary
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00:01:40tracktheripperbut to be honest mine has given me no trouble for recording
00:01:46tracktheripperare u recording digital or analoge
00:03:15tracktheripperoh right
00:03:32tracktheripperare u recording in Archos or Rockbox firmwares
00:04:07dvr-505i lost the files with archos firmware 1.28
00:04:31tracktheripperim using 1.27d
00:05:02tracktheripperGo to the Archos website, download version 1.27d and see if that helps
00:05:02dvr-505is the same as mine (at least says so in archos support page)
00:05:07dvr-505is the same as mine (at least says so in archos support page)
00:06:07tracktheripperwell you better contact Archos
00:06:11tracktheripperit may be a hardware problem
00:06:31dvr-505i tried with the rockbox firm
00:06:41tracktherippertry running defrag and scandisk and see if that helps
00:06:55dvr-505and the file is not being lost even if i turn the unit off when it is recording
00:06:58 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:07:50dvr-505i beliave the archos firmware was the problem
00:08:22dvr-505and another question why does the unit allways show 1.28 firmware when is booting even with the rockbox firmware
00:08:43tracktheripperdvr 1.28 is the version hard-burnt into the unit
00:09:00tracktheripperAll Archoses have one version of the firmware burnt into them
00:09:01 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
00:09:25tracktheripperthe ajbrec.ajz file over-rides the hard-burn bersion
00:10:11tracktherippermine has version 1.27b burnt into it
00:15:20dvr-505tracktheripper is the adi|work firmware in english????????
00:15:38tracktheripperdo u mean the ajbrec.ajz file?
00:15:39dvr-505the link he sent here was in german
00:15:56tracktheripperno the link was German
00:16:37dvr-505i believe the file has something new.......
00:17:10tracktheripperdunno, seemed much the same to me
00:17:22tracktheripperunless u download it and open an Engliish file in it
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00:40:50adi| i said.. the link i posted was _NOT FOR YOU_
00:41:15adi|workdamnit.. stupid ppl..piss me off then log off..
00:41:20*adi|work sighs
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00:43:08BoD[]helllo !
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03:27:06BoD[]it is late
03:28:58LinusNit sure is
03:31:33LinusNor early, depends on how you see it
03:32:07BoD[]well i have not sleep it's "late" ;)
03:32:24LinusNsam ehere
03:33:01BoD[]are you coding right now ?
03:33:21LinusNyeah, chasing the recording bug reported by Paul
03:33:40BoD[]you just never stop :)
03:33:55LinusNcall it therapy if you wish
03:34:12BoD[]well i'd like to do the same
03:34:24BoD[]but i always have a good excuse to do other nonproductive things
03:34:37BoD[]like reading slasdhot or usenet ...
03:34:59BoD[]or chatting ..................
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03:36:44MTLinusN: I was thinking of something for me to do
03:36:47LinusNi hoped that paul's problem was a filesize thing
03:37:02BoD[]i bet it's not
03:37:04MTand the thing i miss most from my desktop player is a "jump to file" function
03:37:13LinusNjump to file?
03:37:36MTpress a button, enter a word, it shows a listof files in the current playlist that match
03:38:06MTobviously it would have to be very short words :)
03:38:22MTand i'd have to mock up a little keyboard screen for entering it
03:38:29backlifewill the rockbox firmware work on the studio10?
03:38:52MTwould it be something that would be interesting for you guys?
03:39:08backlifelike a hot button?
03:39:13backlifeor a preset
03:39:13BoD[]MT : this would need some kind of a database to work
03:39:43MTsurely not
03:39:58BoD[]i mean .. to work fast enough
03:40:03MTi wonder how long it would take to parse a 4000 line text file on a 12MHz processor anyways :)
03:40:33LinusNMT: not long
03:40:38BoD[]oh right jump in the playlist !
03:40:46MTwell theres your answer then bod :)
03:40:51BoD[]in that case it's ok :)
03:41:07BoD[](i guess)
03:41:12LinusNbacklife: yes it will work
03:41:19MTand if theres no playlist, it would just do it on the current pseudo playlist (ie, the current directory)
03:41:42backlifethank you linus
03:41:49MTsee, i dont know why they dont use university students for this
03:42:01MTmy current assignment is boring boring boring, same old same old
03:42:05backlifei just bought a new one i had the 6000 but i was a little to INTO it
03:42:26MT10 universities, you could have another 6000 developers working half time on open source projects
03:43:28BoD[]what is your current assignment ?
03:44:01MTa (book) library system, in java ..
03:44:12BoD[]kewl ;)
03:44:16MTits a joke, i started java > 7 years ago :/
03:44:46BoD[]you can't choose the assignment ?
03:44:56MTunfortunately not :/
03:45:38backlifewould it be possible to work a recording function into a studio?
03:45:55LinusNno, the studio has an older MP3 chip
03:49:27backlifehow hard is it to program this thing?
03:51:14LinusNdefine hard
03:51:19LinusNit't plain C
03:52:01LinusNthe hard part is finding out how the damn thing works, since we have no docs on the hardware
03:52:27LinusNif you are used to embedded systems programming, it is pretty easy to program it
03:52:49MThow is your FM coming along LinusN?
03:53:33MT(not code, jsut asking how you like the unit/how the schematics are coming along)
03:54:03LinusNi like it, but i'm not too happy about some things
03:54:09backliferight, i havent really gotten into programing (other than basic which is a joke) but i catch on really quick if i have a sample or somthing
03:54:15LinusNfirst, they removed support for the remote control
03:54:39MTi couldnt understand that either
03:54:39LinusNsecondly, i can't make digital i/o work
03:54:50LinusNit seems that they removed that too
03:54:51MTnot tried that .
03:55:09MTmy biggest bug bear with mine is the battery 'flap' seems to be very insecure
03:55:31backlifesame here
03:55:36backlifeon my 6000
03:55:43MTim going to try reassembling it again, i think i may not have everything together right
03:55:48LinusNthe manual claims that the digital i/o should work, but i can't see the connections on the PCB
03:56:40MTsounds like my ati gfx card manual, that swears blind its possible to have two crt outs, yet is in fact impossible to do :)
03:57:46 Join jzoss [0] (
03:59:19LinusNi wonder if anyone has tried to use s/pdif on the FM...
04:07:50 Quit jzoss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:12:36BoD[]well I go to bed :) see you all bye
04:12:42 Quit BoD[] ("argrmbleleop")
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04:42:25LinusNtime to sleep
04:42:27LinusNnite all
04:42:29 Part LinusN
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08:21:30adi|homebah ha.. just one of the men i wanted to see
08:21:42adi|homethink there is much want for a quick key to invert?
08:21:56adi|homei just fixed f3 down to do it.. cause i wanted it
08:22:05adi|homebut i don't want to commit unless bjorn thinks its okay
08:23:07Bagderyeah, let's ask him
08:23:15adi|homehe around?
08:23:26Bagdertoo early for Björn ;-)
08:23:28adi|home"no.. hes more oblong"
08:23:31*adi|home laughs heavily
08:23:37 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:23:53adi|homeman .. i wish i could make cool umlauts
08:25:41Bagdermorning dwihno
08:26:00adi|homesee.. _thats_ my kinda humor
08:27:51adi|home"my teachers used to say I had a short attention span. I can't say that I... ohhhh whats that shiny thing..."
08:29:25*dwihno älskar fredagar :D
08:29:46dwihnoBagder: don't miss Nikita (the series) tonight on TV3
08:30:12BagderI don't watch things like that
08:31:45dwihnoWhat's your favorite show?
08:32:28BagderI'd guess it would be Friends or Simpsons
08:33:50adi|home3rd Watch
08:34:08adi|homeand anything on 'smart ppl' channels
08:34:27dwihnoE.R is quite good too
08:34:40adi|homeyeah.. i was hooked on that while i was unemployed
08:34:49adi|homei pay 600$ to my credit card company
08:34:51dwihnoOr, the swedish translation "sitt i akuten" ;-)
08:34:56adi|homeand its like my card just laughs at me...
08:35:07adi|homewhats the i?
08:35:14dwihnoi = in
08:35:26adi|homeokay.. whats the english translation?
08:35:34adi|home"ripped-off in public"?
08:35:39dwihnothe swedish translation is "city akuten", but it sounds like "sitt i akuten" :-)
08:35:40Bagderthat's a kind of dwihno humor in swedish ;-)
08:35:50adi|homehehehe got ya...
08:36:20adi|homeits a toss up for me .. i either want to learn welsh, swedish or russian some day
08:36:35adi|homeim all for languages that will serve me absolutly no purpose in the states
08:39:46dwihnoBagder: I actually thought the name was "sitt i akuten" when I first heard of the series (before they actually aired it).
08:41:37dwihnoSounds like something Cleese'ish
08:42:42Bagderwhat's the ' letter called in HTML lingo? not &quut; but... ?
08:43:17dwihnohmm, squot?
08:43:28dwihnowhy not use ' ? :)
08:43:57Bagderno can do
08:44:00adi|homeback tick or forward tick?
08:44:07Bagderforward one
08:44:32dwihnoHTML gee-whiz :)
08:58:30adi|homeif anyone sees paulheu could you let him know that he can update his dutch language entry instead of creating a new entry each time int he patch tracker?
08:58:35adi|homethere are now 5 of them for him
08:59:26adi|homeany problem if i close the old patches?
08:59:33adi|homehe has a new upto date one
09:00:22Bagderno, do that
09:02:53 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:02:54adi|homeokay.. now.. we have polish, french and dutch translations waiting
09:02:58adi|homeshould i commit them?
09:03:01adi|homezagor.. morning
09:03:10 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:03:25Bagdersure, proceed with the languages
09:03:31adi|homequestion for you ...
09:03:48adi|homezagor.. the invert screen.. what do you think about that being on the f3 quickscreen>
09:05:49Zagorwhy not
09:06:16adi|homethen cool if i commit the change?
09:06:44BagderI have a "why not" but it isn't that strong
09:07:14Bagderin my opinion, the currently present option in the f3 screen don't need to be on a quick screen
09:08:07adi|homei'd have to agree with you :)
09:08:16adi|homebut i tend to see them as filler till we need the space
09:08:40Bagderyeah, that's why I said it isn't that strong
09:09:00adi|homeokay.. these languages patches.. do i mark them as closed once i commit them?
09:10:27Bagdercommitted patches should be closed
09:11:09Zagorman.. it feels kind of futile spam-reporting nigeria mails that actually origins from nigeria...
09:11:57ZagorLinkserve Nigeria Limited
09:12:14Zagor5 nigeria mails so far this morning...
09:12:54Bagdermy filter tend to catch them these days
09:14:22BagderI've just introduced another level of mail filtering too now
09:14:54Bagdermails from people who are not previously known as friends or from a known mailinglist are stored in a secondary inbox
09:15:23Bagderkeep the primary one nice and clean from crap
09:16:26adi|homeokay.. off to bed i go..
09:16:28adi|homenight lads
09:16:31Bagdernight adi
09:41:36 Quit Bagder ("")
09:42:07bobTHCadi u speak french?
10:01:33ZagorbobTHC: no, he simply merged the supplied patches. I said it was OK, as I thought the patches only added the new strings. feel free to correct it.
10:05:10bobTHCno the translation is ok ,im just curious ;)..
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10:48:06SeeSchlosseuh... Salut !
10:48:19SeeSchloss(un peu de retard, je sais)
11:48:57 Part Zagor
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12:41:07 Part bobTHC
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12:44:42 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagore (
12:44:43 Nick Zagore is now known as Zagor (
12:46:02AndyRileyJust installed the software on my FM rec. Tis excellent!
12:48:28 Join Mine78 [0] (
12:48:37Mine78Hi guys
12:48:51Mine78I am the question-man I know... but: ANOTHER QUESTION ^_^
12:49:04Mine78Yesterday I plugged the adapter to the archos without connecting it to the plug
12:49:12Mine78It made sparkles (0,7 cm !)
12:49:22Mine78What the reason could be ?
12:49:52AndyRileyAny plans to implement the radio function?
12:50:44Mine78Zagor do you have any idea ?
12:52:02Mine78And another thing
12:52:21ZagorAndyRiley: yes, but that will be post-2.0
12:52:25Mine78If I fully recharge the battery and then swithch to the original firmware the battery appears ampty !
12:52:52AndyRileyZagor, thanks.
12:53:03ZagorMine78: strange
12:53:11Mine78ampty = empty
12:53:25Mine78but I am afraid about the spark !
12:53:33PsycoXuldoesn't the originaly firmware take a minute before it shows battery level properly? or is that just on players?
12:53:37Mine78what could it be ? The adapter wasn't connecto to electricity
12:53:55PsycoXulMine78: thats pretty odd... i didn't know it even had the voltage to make a spark
12:54:21Mine78I ensure u that the spark was big
12:54:35PsycoXulyou know you can calculate the voltage by the spark length
12:54:47PsycoXuli dunno the formula but you can probably find it on google or something
12:55:05Mine78It was big and I felt something even over my finger...
12:55:10Mine78Really dunno
12:55:28Mine78But to make a spark there must be a potential difference...
12:55:33Mine78The batteries were ampty
12:55:48Mine78The charger ? could it be the problem ?
12:55:56PsycoXulno clue
13:00:34Mine78Ok thank you everybody !
13:00:42 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
13:01:29 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
13:08:00Zagorhi Bagder
13:12:29 Quit AndyRiley ()
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14:18:47BagderI tried a cool video-on-demand thing yday
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14:21:21Bagder1300+ rockbox mails this month
14:22:40dwihnoThat's good!
14:22:43dwihnoMail is good! :D
14:23:21BagderI'm on 8000+ totally this month
14:26:23dwihno99% > /dev/null
14:27:22dwihnoHow much spam do you get?
14:27:28dwihnoAnd is your spam killer a good solution?
14:28:12Bagderabout 5% is spam
14:28:29dwihnonot more?
14:28:33Bagderand I catch about 80-90% of all spam
14:29:33Bagder5% equals around 16-17 mails a day
14:30:02BagderI don't suffer that much
14:30:31dwihnoI hate spam!
14:30:41dwihnoIt has totally ruined my life! :(
14:53:18 Quit Bagder ("")
15:00:27 Join Snorlax|Norway [0] (
15:34:59Zagorgotta go
15:34:59 Part Zagor
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16:31:02 Join xam [0] (
16:31:25 Join edx [0] (
16:45:35 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
16:47:56 Join Kuji [0] (
16:48:53Kujisee people been busy !!
16:50:41Kujistill cant copy blood files off the box
16:50:44Kujibloody !
16:50:57Bagderyou can also say that people haven't been busy (with other things), as that's when things happen in this project ;-)
16:51:16dwihnoblood files? don't tell me you sacrificed a goat like quelsaruk does! :O
16:51:27Kujidw: only on tuesdays
16:51:37dwihnoah, okay :-)
16:51:40dwihnotuesdays are OK
16:51:41BagderKuji: I suspect that's some problem with your operating system and its drivers
16:51:56dwihnoBagder: don't miss the flummy sports show on tv4 tonight 20:00
16:51:58Kujisame under Xp and me and 2000
16:52:18Bagderdwihno: I don't watch sport shows ;-)
16:52:26dwihnoBagder: it's not like the other shows!
16:52:42Kujilike we said before, a bit worrying that chkdsk finds the file errors and nuthin else does
16:53:53Kujilookin to see if archos have any supplemental drivers that may help
16:54:07Bagderdid it ever work?
16:54:11Kujidid you see the new archos that is coming out.. the one with the 5" lcd screen
16:54:12Kujilooks cool
16:54:28 Join Joe113 [0] (
16:54:34Kujibadger... yes always works under archos os
16:54:48Kujiis there a way to boot to the rom os from rb ?
16:54:56Kujithat might be handy..
16:55:12Bagderits not possible, get an archos fw and PLAY that to run it
16:55:44Kujiahh ok.. thats handy to know
16:55:46Joe113can anyone explain queueing / playlist creation on the recorder for me?
16:56:44BagderI've never used any of them ;-)
16:56:56dwihnoA new archos? :O
16:56:57BagderJoe113: you have a problem with either of them?
16:57:40Joe113I don't understand how to add songs - whenever I try, the song just plays
16:57:56Bagderwhen you press... ?
16:57:57Kujidw lookin for link
16:58:14Joe113when I hold play, or forward
16:58:22BagderJoe113: what rockbox version?
16:58:36Bagderuse on+play
16:58:51Bagderholding play is not the right way
16:58:53dwihnoKuji: ah, thanks
16:59:02Joe113version 030205-2022
16:59:15Joe113this adds to the current playlist, or to the queue?
16:59:34Bagderit brings up a quick-screen, then press UP I think to add to the queue
17:00:25Joe113when I press on-play, I only get options to rename or delete
17:01:27Kujifound it
17:01:36Kujiwrong one
17:01:57 Quit Bagder ("")
17:02:36 Join Bagder [241] (
17:03:05BagderJoe113: works for me
17:03:33Bagderyou need to have a song playing
17:03:54Joe113then how to I add to a blank playlist?
17:04:09Bagderqueuing doesn't add to playlists at all
17:04:21Bagderit simply queues
17:05:25Joe113ok, queueing does work when I'm playing a song
17:06:18Joe113any ideas about adding songs to a playlist, or is that not implemented yet?
17:06:19 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:06:36Bagderno, but you can make it generate a playlist
17:07:07 Quit Kuji (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:07:10Joe113how can I do that?
17:07:39BagderI don't know ;-)
17:07:50Bagderlemme check
17:08:54Bagderits in the menu
17:09:41Joe113I see "Create Playlist", but it just creates a blank playlist
17:10:16Bagderthat's the one
17:10:46Joe113any ideas about getting songs into the playlist?
17:10:47 Join Kuji [0] (
17:10:55Kujifound it.. phew !
17:11:02BagderJoe113: well if it doesn't, it bugs
17:11:17BagderKuji: thanks
17:12:24BagderI like the mouse with a built-in radio
17:12:30Bagdercompletely nuts
17:12:33Joe113the "create playlist" feature makes blank playlists
17:12:49Bagderthat's what I call a bug
17:13:06Joe113what would be in the playlist?
17:13:17Bagdersong names
17:13:26Joe113from the current directory?
17:14:47Kujiright I booted into archos rom and recorded mp3.. booted back.. all copies ok
17:14:58Kujicannot copy files made with RB under any OS I have hear
17:14:59Kujior rom
17:15:08Bagdersounds like a FAT bug
17:15:31KujiI hate having unusual problems !
17:15:40Kujiguess I'm special !
17:15:54Joe113thanks for the help, Badger
17:16:23 Quit Joe113 ("IceChat IRC -")
17:17:51 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:18:02 Quit edx ()
17:19:06Bagdergotta run
17:19:09 Quit Bagder ("")
17:28:28 Part Kuji
17:41:50 Part elinenbe_
17:48:19 Quit TotMacher ()
18:17:47 Join windchill [0] (~windchill@
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18:50:00 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:33:33 Join sander_ [0] (
19:34:22sander_Does anyone know how to stop the archos once it's mounted so you can umount it?
19:35:01sander_I get the drive is busy message, I was wondering if there was someway to stop it.
19:41:11Jet8810I get that sometimes
19:41:19Jet8810I just unplug it damage done here AFAIK
19:44:07sander_thanks Jet8810 I had a similar problem under WinXP and it was becase I wasn't emptying the recycle bin, I was wondering if there was something similar I was overlooking.
19:44:39sander_I love rockbox and archos. Thank you so much to everyone who has worked on Rockbox. It does indeed rock!
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20:39:17 Join B-BuRdO-B [0] (
20:40:22B-BuRdO-Banyone here
20:44:20B-BuRdO-Bhey sup
20:45:02B-BuRdO-Bi wanted to see if anyone had the archos multimedia 20 yet
20:48:57B-BuRdO-Bman rockbox looked cool too
20:49:06adi|workit is :)
20:50:58B-BuRdO-Banyone know of any such goings on for the multimedia
20:51:34adi|worknot off hand
20:52:07adi|workbut you are more then welcome to try and port rockbox to the mm
20:55:13B-BuRdO-Bi wouldnt even know where to start heh
21:01:47 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
21:01:48 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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