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#rockbox log for 2003-03-01

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06:03:10henrysunscan you pardon my retardation
06:06:54adi|homeyour pardoned
06:10:59henrysunshow the heck do i get the rockbox to load a newer build
06:11:12henrysunsdont the current builds say somethgin besides 1.4 on the version screen?
06:11:25adi|homeyou download a daily build
06:11:28adi|homeinstall it on the player
06:11:30henrysunsisnt callign it ajbrec.ajz it
06:11:32adi|homeand then either reboot
06:11:42henrysunsreboot not equal off then on
06:11:44adi|homeor 'play' the firmware
06:11:49jzosshey, know if anyone's working on ID3-for-recording support?
06:11:57adi|homedunno to be honest
06:12:04jzosswell, I'm most of the way there
06:12:14jzossJust wanted to make sure I'm not overlapping w/ someone else. =)
06:12:18adi|homesubmit it when your done...
06:12:22adi|homenah.. don't worry..
06:12:27jzossyup. this weekend, probably
06:12:37adi|homebjorn is very good with taking either the best work, or parts of the best stuff...
06:13:14jzossI'm glad *I'm* not the one who has to do the integration. ;)
06:13:33adi|homeits not too tough once you get used to it
06:20:38henrysunsi hope the ui gets a rework once the 2.0 release gets done
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06:22:04adi|homedefine rework
06:22:52henrysunsits been bounced around the forum
06:22:58henrysunsthat and a few other approaches
06:23:13henrysunsmake things a little more intuitive, learnable, and easier to use blind
06:24:08adi|homewell.. the problem is that everyone has an opinion...
06:24:25henrysunssoneone will have to buckle down and do somethign and then see how it works
06:24:36henrysunstats why i documented my idea and got out of the way
06:24:38adi|homeand we haven't seen any real ground swell of ppl towards one interface
06:24:53henrysunsi'd code it if i could
06:24:58henrysunsbut oh well
06:26:19jzosseventually, we'll have configurable buttons, so the "opinion issue" will be less problematic =)
06:27:47henrysunswell; configurable isnt as good as good design and defaults
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07:15:33forceflow22would anyone happen to know if any of the builds has an inverted LCD function built in it?
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18:33:32jzosszagor - I'm gonna finish up ID3-tags w/ recording this weekend.
18:34:00jzossPart of that is a custom-recording-name selection
18:34:11jzossDo you want those as separate patches, or merged together?
18:34:28Zagorjzoss: it depends. describe the changes to me.
18:35:11jzossID3+recording: edit_id3_tags UI, write_id3_tags file-write code
18:35:37jzosscustom-recording-name: I'm thinking of using an interface similar to snprintf or wps
18:35:51jzossWhere user can insert timestamp and/or ID3 tag fields using %xx defines
18:36:15Zagorjzoss: how are you handling the case where the modified tag doesn't fit the file?
18:36:28jzossThat way we avoid people being upset about centralized vs decentralized recordings, too long filenames, etc
18:36:46jzossid3v2 tag is set to a default_padding size before recording
18:37:09jzossIf tag during write_id3_tags is longer than existing,
18:37:34jzosstag is expanded by default_padding_size and mp3 data is shifted to accomodate new tag size
18:38:22Zagorok, so this is only for new recording. not for existing files?
18:38:40jzossEventually we can use the same code for existing files, but I wanted to start smaller-scope
18:39:03jzossThe current write_id3_tags clears all existing id3 tags when it writes out the new ones
18:39:22Zagori'd say this is best submitted in two patches: id3-for-recording and custom-rec-name
18:39:29jzossI wrote out the pseudocode to preserve the old unknown/unsupported tags and only overwrite new ones, but was too lazy to implement. =)
18:40:01jzossAnd I didn't implement id3-editing of existing files, because it affects tags that are loaded in the playlist, or are currently playing, etc.
18:40:21jzossSomeone who's more familiar with the playlist code than I would be better equipped to do that integration
18:40:49jzossRe: 2-independent-patches. Will do! Thx
18:41:15Zagorwe don't really need to care about that IMHO. we display the tags that are present when loaded. if you change the tag while playing, restart the file to see the new tags. no biggie.
18:42:08jzossDoes playlist code use the cached ID3 data to determine things like tagSize, start-of-MP3 data, etc? 'Cause those would also change w/ an edited file.
18:42:23jzossOr does it read those from scratch when it's time to play the next file?
18:43:19Zagorjzoss: they are read from scratch. the info is used when *loading* the file, at which point the tag will be correct. when the file starts playing, it's already in memory so it's not an issue.
18:44:11jzossfair enough. I'll make a 3rd patch for editing existing tags, then, since it's (mostly) trivial.
18:44:37jzoss3rd patch, since there's more risk of mucking-up existing mp3 files with experimental id3 code
18:45:32jzossI'll hang it as a new quickMenu entry with rename/delete. And on the existing menu (of course)
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18:48:31Zagorsounds good
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18:54:21jzosshello =)
18:54:28tracktheripperhello Jzoss
18:55:39tracktheripperHi Zagor
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19:03:39Zagorgotta go
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21:07:52forceflow2anyone know if the screen of the Jukebox Studio 20 player's screen can be inverted?
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21:16:25koverthey all, this may seem like a really stupid question... but I have the 20 Gig Recorder, and I was curious as if I can just use a regular 12 volt car adapter and a normal tape CD player adapter to use my archos in the car... or do I have to buy it off the website?
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23:58:00forceflow2are there features implemented in CVS that are not implemented in daily builds? I see a lot of things (such as a clock) which according to the forums which say the feature is in CVS but when I downloaded the latest daily build it isn't there. Any thoughts?

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