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#rockbox log for 2003-03-02

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00:16:35adi|emsgrrr.. guys i need to talk too aren't around
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00:19:21adi|emsanyone around?
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01:08:03jzosshello =)
01:09:31LinusNany fm recorder owners here?
01:09:55jzossnot me, and I don't know if anyone else's active...
01:10:36LinusNfeeling lonely? :-)
01:10:51jzossnah. I just hate it when I ask a question and noone responds. =)
01:13:31LinusNhow is your id3 code going?
01:13:38jzossmostly done
01:13:47jzossjust cleaning up a few UI things
01:14:08jzossand then I gotta patch it against recent CVS. My version is a week or so old
01:14:35LinusNwill there be functions to call to insert/create tags programmatically?
01:15:11jzossthere's a write_id3_tags function (and separate id3v1, idev2 funcs)
01:15:27jzossBut the current implementation always overwrites all the old tags
01:15:28LinusNok, prototype?
01:16:05jzossI wrote the pseudocode for one that would non-destructively only overwrite *known* tags (and leave the unknown/unsupported intact), but was too lazy to implement
01:16:32LinusNok, so how does it know how much space there is for the v2 tag?
01:16:32jzosswrite_id3_tags(fd, mp3entry)
01:17:09jzossReads id3v2 header for existing size. Will write in that size if it fits, or will dynamically resize (and shift mp3 data) if it needs more room
01:17:36LinusNand if there is no existing tag?
01:17:43Jet8810whoa, latest daily build is nice :)
01:18:07Jet8810any change that this create playlist thing for the entire hard drive can (eventually) be tweaked to allow saving of queue lists?
01:18:34jzossif no existing tag, will create space using the same dynamic resizing as mentioned above. Resizing always done in some nominal (currently 500 bytes) increment, so there's as little data shuffling as necessary
01:19:00LinusNok, so if no tag is found, it will create space for it?
01:19:42jzossFor new recordings, it allocates a nominal size before recording starts, so when tags are written afterwords, there's probably no data shuffling needed
01:26:08LinusNforceflow2: what clock are you talking about?
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02:02:52JorisHi, I posted earlier on the mailing list. I'd like to know what the AJBR20 sells for nowadays, and if anyone knows a cheap european source for it......
02:03:09LinusNi have no idea
02:03:38JorisWhat did you pay for it?
02:05:01Jorisare you still thinking or you don't remember
02:05:44forceflow2holy cow people are actually here now
02:05:59LinusNcan't really rememember, but i think it was like 300-350 euro
02:06:11LinusNa year ago
02:06:21Jorisah, i see, the lowest I've seen is 302 euro
02:06:56LinusNforceflow2: what clock are you talking about?
02:07:10forceflow2oh yeah
02:07:15forceflow2um, one second
02:07:38Jorisit's 2:07 at my place
02:07:56LinusNJoris: same here
02:08:07Jorisyou're in finland?
02:08:11forceflow2there is a feature request for 12 and 24 hour clock functions
02:08:21LinusNforceflow2: you have a recorder?
02:08:29forceflow2oh, is it only for the recorder?
02:08:41Jorishehe, my girlfriend and I a spending our summer in Norway this summer
02:08:43LinusNyes, only the recorder has a real-time clock chip
02:08:46forceflow2ah, ok then
02:09:12forceflow2and I will assume that only the recorder can do an inverted LCD display?
02:09:33LinusNi guess so, the Player/studio LCD is of a different type
02:09:43Joristhe recorder is "somewhat" more advanced
02:09:48forceflow2should've spent the extra money....
02:09:54LinusNforceflow2: indeed
02:09:55forceflow2oh well
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02:11:27jzossfor you, maybe. ;)
02:11:33jzoss(morning, that is)
02:11:47tracktheripperits 1:11am UK time here
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02:12:06jzoss7PM CST in USA
02:12:09JorisNL time is 2:12 am
02:12:33tracktheripperjust checking out Feature Requests
02:13:00forceflow2hmmm...probably not gonna bother with trying and returning it, and getting the recorder, since I have already used it....
02:13:13JorisDid Mr. Dragan Samardzija ever return an email, BTW (different subject)
02:13:15tracktherippera Player owner wants Screen Invert as well
02:13:34tracktheripperForce do u own a Player?
02:13:43forceflow2um, yeah
02:14:11jzossforceflow2: Plenty o' peoples' AJBs have had other people's music on them. So you wouldn't be the first to return it used. =)
02:14:13tracktheripperIf you can you should try exchanging it for a Recorder
02:14:49tracktheripperI returned my old Creative Labs Nomad used :-)
02:15:16forceflow2hmmm....maybe I will try, the only problem is the company has outrageous shipping prices....
02:15:48tracktheripperThe Recorder is a much better machine than the Player
02:16:21LinusNjzoss: different music on each player, or just the factory installed ones?
02:17:00tracktheripperWhy the hell does the Player have a line-in when it does nothing whatsoever?
02:17:10tracktheripperIs tthe line-in just for show or something?
02:17:18LinusNtracktheripper: you can use it to mix the line in with the music
02:17:29DBUGEnqueued KICK Joris
02:17:29Joriscan you say karaoke?
02:17:36jzossLinusN: different music. Mine had a few songs and someone's email addr.
02:17:45LinusNjzoss: woo
02:17:46jzossBut only 3 songs, so I figure it wasn't heavily used.
02:18:22forceflow2well, I don't even have the original firmware, guess I could get that from archos though....hmmm...maybe I will try
02:18:23tracktheripperLinus why wouldn't invert work on the Players?
02:18:30forceflow2after my trip tomorrow though
02:18:33jzossLinusN: we don't have access to audio out stream except for through MAS, right?
02:18:38LinusNtracktheripper: some use it to feed the computer sound output through the player, to be able to have both the computer and the archos connected to the stereo at the same time
02:19:03jzossI was thinking of feature request for "beep" config setting (keypress, invalid func, etc)... to help guide blind navigation
02:19:09jzossBut I'm thinking it's not possible
02:19:16Jorisno , no beep
02:19:17LinusNwe can't play anything but mp3 music
02:19:39Joristhat is not without hardware mods
02:19:40LinusNbut we could try to insert sound into the mp3 stream, but i guess it will sound real bad
02:19:46tracktheripperLinus but Im sure someone has hacked the MAS for the Karaoke mode inplemented in the Daily Build
02:19:54jzossright. My thoughts too. Just figured I'd ask. =) thx
02:20:01LinusNtracktheripper: no mas hacking there
02:20:14tracktheripperso how does the Karaoke mode work then?
02:20:17LinusNjust clever usage of the channel mixer
02:20:18jzossyah, simple-karaoke is pretty striaghtforward
02:20:30JorisBTW, did Mr. Dragan Samardzija ever return an email?
02:20:40tracktheripperI take it this does not work on the poor old Player!!
02:20:50JorisThe dude that did some work on the MASC3500 DSP
02:20:54LinusNtracktheripper: it should, i think
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02:21:15LinusNJoris: i don't know anything about him
02:21:37forceflow2I have karaoke on my Player
02:21:42JorisThe name popped up in the IRC logs
02:21:44forceflow2it "sorta" works
02:21:58tracktheripperLinus Im not sure if this has been mentioned before but can you add individual songs to playlist like the Archos firmware soon?
02:22:05JorisHere's a link:
02:22:17LinusNtracktheripper: nobody is working on it as far as i know
02:23:08tracktheripperwell, the only way round it is to rename the QUEUE_FILE to myplaylist.m3u
02:23:11tracktheripperor something like that
02:24:15tracktheripperwell if its not implemented I'll just keep the Archos firmware alongside Rockbox solely for playlist making and recording
02:24:32LinusNtracktheripper: what's wrong with rockbox recording?
02:25:54tracktheripperwell you can only record to the root directory in Rockbox, you can't choose the filename for Recording, you can't input ID3 tags, all you get is a long alphanumeric filename created when you record, you can't see the VBR during recording.....
02:26:02forceflow2Hmm...I could get the recorder for $242 (USD) with shipping....I paid about $220 for the player....Yeah, I think I will go ahead and do that when I get back from my trip
02:26:17LinusNtracktheripper: why is bit rate important when recording?
02:26:27jzosstracktheripper: check back later this weekend. I'm uploading a patch for all those except VBR during recording
02:27:00tracktherippererm, just something asthetic ((blushes))
02:27:17Jorisforceflow2: send me a recorder, they're much cheaper in the US!
02:27:30Joris:D of course
02:28:41forceflow2Hmmm...I can't seem to find that little plastic piece that went over the LCD, think they will care? their site says all original packaging....
02:28:56Jorisor aren't you a US citizen?
02:29:06forceflow2I am one
02:29:22JorisI assumed so
02:29:31tracktheripperLinus wheres your kid bro Zagor??
02:30:04Jorisabout that plastic thingy: put some house hold PE foil on it
02:31:50forceflow2hmm....the plastic packaging is ripped, think they might care? Doesn't some that it has to be unopened
02:32:24forceflow2*some = say
02:32:43LinusNtracktheripper: i don't have a kid bro
02:33:02LinusNyou confuse me with bagder
02:33:08Jorisforce: makes no sense to have to send it unopened
02:33:12tracktheripperoh sorry Linus I got you mixed up with Adimas
02:33:19tracktherippermy mistake
02:33:40forceflow2yeah, alrighty, if they get mad that is their problem, I satisfy all the requirements on their site
02:34:41forceflow2ok, by this time in two weeks I will have my recorder
02:35:00LinusNforceflow2: good 4 you
02:35:07tracktheripperDoes anyone have an FM Recorder they no longer require?
02:35:28LinusNhehe, i have only had it for a few weeks
02:35:37LinusNand i still need it
02:35:44tracktheripperhow are u finding it Linus compaared to the normal Recorder?
02:35:53LinusNbetter and worse
02:36:07LinusNno remote control support
02:36:07tracktheripperwhat u mean? Whats "worse"?
02:36:17LinusNi have yet to get the digital i/o working
02:36:35forceflow2doesn't the recorder have USB 2.0 also?
02:36:43LinusNyes it has
02:36:44forceflow2holy cow that would be useful...
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02:37:09tracktheripperYea Linus but don't forget that the FM Recorder has the fantastic FM wireless built in!
02:37:25LinusNno rds :-(
02:37:41JorisSo what I really came looking for today is: did anyone ever get any info on the MAS' internal dsp?
02:37:48LinusNJoris: no
02:37:49tracktheripperLinus but you can manually key-in station names yourself!
02:37:49tracktheripperso therefore u don't need RDS!
02:38:00Jorisbummer :(
02:38:19LinusNi want alternate frequency support
02:38:32LinusNand COMMERCIALS!!! :-)
02:38:39tracktheripperJust think Linus, you can record the Top 40 in super quality digital MP3 format!
02:38:40forceflow2alrighty, well thanks for the chat and info. I need to go pack for my trip, so long
02:38:41 Quit forceflow2 ("I'm using «54-2K» 1.0 Website:")
02:39:11tracktheripperoh yea I want DAB support for the FMrec as well :-)
02:40:26jzosstracktheripper: sorry for the long-time / no-response. My connection is kinda wacky
02:40:27tracktheripperIsn't the analogue/digital input combined on one socket on the FMRec?
02:40:38tracktheripperits alright Jzoss :-)
02:40:40JorisCan't we make a patch so all our AJBs go out at night and destroy all Creative Labs jukeboxes?
02:40:52jzosspatch will allow ID3 tag editing (of existing & recording) files.
02:40:59tracktheripperoh cool!
02:41:02tracktherippercan't wait!
02:41:03jzossAnother patch will allow custom recording filenames
02:41:33jzossIf you use absolute pathnames ("/myrecord.mp3"), you get centralized recordings (like now)
02:41:35tracktheripperJoris Ive done a patch so the Archos will give u a back massage at night :-)
02:41:51jzossIf you use relative pathnames ("myrecord.mp3"), you get decentralized recordings (in current dir)
02:42:01JorisNo thanks, I've got a girlfriend capable of that ;-)
02:42:43tracktheripperwots wrong wiv the Creatives Joris/
02:42:58JorisThey're so........ big!
02:42:58jzossYou can use wps/sprintf-like vars ("%ti, %au, %yr, %dy, etc) to insert ID3-tag and timestamp elements into recording filename
02:43:16tracktheripperwell have u seen the C.L. Zen?
02:43:27Jorisyes, it doesn't record
02:43:32JorisI need record
02:43:48tracktheripperwell get a C.L Nomad 3
02:44:02tracktherippercan record analoge or digital, plus it can record in WAV as well as MP3
02:44:08JorisNo, there's no open source firmware for it
02:44:21Joristhat's no fun at all
02:44:23tracktheripperyou are so easy to please Joris :-)
02:44:51tracktheripperjust a joke :-)
02:45:08Jorisseriously, the CL is too big
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02:45:19tracktheripperwell Joris at least the CL can play WAV and WMA
02:45:40Jorisdon't need wma, the wav recording capability would be nice.
02:46:00tracktheripperwell to be honest WMA sounds downright crap compared to MP3
02:46:15JorisI agree 100%
02:46:15tracktheripperI dunno why everyone says WMA sounds better
02:46:25Joristhey son't know squat
02:46:42Jorisson't = don't
02:47:30tracktheripperIve compared a WMA and MP3 at 64kbs, The MP3 sounds slightly smooth, the WMA at 64kbs sounds very rough and abrasive in the treble
02:48:16Jorisyes it's like having dolby turned on at a tape deck with a non-dolby recorded cassette tape
02:48:50Joristhe high freqs fade in and out all the time
02:48:51tracktheripperWMA files hurt my ears
02:48:59tracktheripperyea know what u mean
02:49:08Jorisand my sense for justice (wma=bill gates)
02:49:18tracktheripperMP3Pro would be good
02:49:25tracktheripperI like the sound quality of MP3Pro files
02:49:29Jorisyes, mp3pro good!
02:49:50tracktheripperMP3Pro works by seperatly compressing the bass and treble sounds
02:50:03Jorisbut I'd still use 128 kbps for mp3pro
02:50:19tracktheripperI use 192kbs for my MP3s, Identical CD quality
02:50:37JorisI should have
02:50:55tracktheripperYou can hear some compression artefacts at 128kbs
02:51:17tracktheripperat 192Kbs the sound is perfect quality. Its pointeless going above 192kbs as you hear no further improvement in sound
02:51:45Jorisyup, but I spotted it after compressing about 75 CDs, and I'm not starting over
02:52:15tracktheripperWhat ripping codec do u use? Blade, Fraunhofer?
02:52:44JorisEasy cd-extractor. I've been using a Soulplayer DMP-01 so far.
02:52:56Jorisand I think it uses blade
02:53:08tracktheripperoh right, I use Musicmatch since it has the Fraunhofer codec
02:53:16tracktheripperthe Blade codec isnt good at low bitrates
02:53:24Jorisbut it's free
02:53:45tracktheripperwell I use the Musicmatch software provided by Archos
02:53:59Jorisand it has the Fraunhofer codec?
02:54:28JorisOh then I'll be using that from now on (as soon as I get my AJBR20)
02:54:29tracktheripperthe Fraunhofer codec is good at 128kbs but I still prefer coding at 192kbs as the sound is even better
02:54:42tracktheripperJust make sure u download the update after installing it
02:54:54Joristhanx for the top
02:55:04tracktheripperno problemo
02:55:33tracktheripperyea Im a diehard MP3 fan, Ive owned lots of different players and tried lots of different MP3 softwares
02:55:54Joriswhich players did you own?
02:56:43Jorislike I said, I got a Soulplayer DMP-01 cd/mp3/wma player
02:56:46tracktheripperMy first was a Riovolt MP3-CD portable, my second was a Creative Labs Nomad, my third was an Ipod, my fourth is my current Archos
02:56:59Jorisdidn't like the Ipod
02:57:26tracktheripperu can see the various machines Ive owned
02:57:58JorisI meant: "you didn't like the Ipod?"
02:58:10tracktheripperIpod scratches too easily
02:58:35Jorislike, it skips?
02:58:41tracktheripperthe sound from the Ipod is rather tinny
02:58:54tracktheripperIt doesn't skip, just dont like its sound quality
02:59:21JorisI've heard that before, but the archos doesn't provide much bass with headphone I've heard
02:59:46tracktheripperwell I use a pair of Sony Fontopias and the bass is thunderous on the Rockbox firmware
03:00:10Jorisso rockbox improved the bass response?
03:00:39tracktheripperMy next player may be an Archos Multimedia
03:00:45Jorishmm, I saw some ppl do hardware mods to get the same results
03:00:54tracktheripperyea I saw that as well
03:01:05tracktheripperat least the Archos isn't SDMI compliant
03:01:36Jorisyea, score for archos. The multimedia doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Come on, a 1.5 inch TFT?
03:02:17tracktheripperwell I held one and it feels quite nice in the hands
03:02:17tracktherippervery slim
03:02:39Jorisbut you'd need a second, larger, screen I guess
03:03:06tracktheripperI think the screen in the Multimedia is the older STN type, not TFT
03:03:16Joriseven worse!!!!
03:03:44tracktheripperHave you compared an STN screen to a TFT?
03:04:25Jorisyes, I have used different note books, and TFT has a much much wider viewing angle an higher contrast
03:04:34tracktheripperwell at least wiv an STN screen you don't risk getting dead pixels like you do on a TFT
03:05:06Joristrue, but modern TFTs hardly ever get bad pixels
03:05:51tracktheripperMy mates laptop has a stuck on red and blue pixel and they are so aggravating to look at!
03:06:24Joriswell, how has he handled the laptop?
03:07:08tracktheripperHe's never mistreated it, and it does say in the instruction manual "Dead pixels are a natural defect inherent in TFT technology and are not covered by warrenty"
03:07:32JorisI mean, if you often put pressure on the screen, it will die more easily
03:07:47tracktheripperwell he's never mistreated the screen
03:08:03JorisI see, forget what I said
03:08:34tracktherippermy dad's laptop has a missing blue pixel but you can only see it on a plain blue background, otherwise its not noticeable
03:09:09LinusNtracktheripper: how long do the batteries last on your recorder?
03:09:27tracktherippermine last around 10-12 hours, why?
03:09:40JorisAt work i got a tft. No bad pixels yet. But I used to have a CRT with a bad spot.
03:09:40LinusNi am curious about your bug report
03:10:35tracktheripperwell its just that when I boot into the Archos firmware via Rolo I can use the JB for an extra hour when the battery meter in Rockbox says 9%
03:10:54LinusNsounds fair, 9% should be about an hour
03:11:19tracktheripperyea but my Archos refuses to play in Rockbox when the battery meter is 9%
03:11:35LinusNyeah you say so in your report
03:11:36tracktheripperJoris have you seen the Trinitron CRTs?
03:12:09tracktheripperwell I thought it was a bug, I wasn't trying to be funny or anything
03:12:22Joristrack: nope, right now I have a samsung syncmaster 19"
03:13:03LinusNtracktheripper: how is your Disk Poweroff setting?
03:13:52tracktheripperoh right, The Trinitron CRTs have 2 horizontal lines visible on the screen, these 2 lines are wires that hold the shadow mask in place
03:14:09tracktheripperLinus I think the Disk Poweroff is set on "Off"
03:14:09LinusNi hate those trinitron lines
03:14:26JorisOne of the crts at work has this. I don't like it either
03:14:40jzossthey don't bother me. {shrug}
03:14:50tracktheripperyea I saw a triniton CRT in the shop, and I could never live with those lines caused by the shadow mask wires
03:15:39tracktheripperJzoss so the lines in a Trinitron CRT never bother you?
03:15:51jzossnope. I've got a trinitron on my desk right now
03:16:08tracktheripperoh right. How noticable are the shadowmask lines?
03:16:09jzossI never notice them except on whiteBG. And even then, I have to explicitly look for them
03:16:18tracktheripperoh right
03:16:30jzossI have a 17". They may be more noticeable on larger monitors, but the ones at work haven't bugged me either
03:16:36Jorisare those lines adjustable?
03:16:42jzossNope. Hardware
03:17:13tracktheripperthey are caused by wires that hold the shadow mask in place. The wires cast shadows on the screen
03:17:13Joristhey are actually metal wires
03:17:45Joristhat was a question
03:18:22tracktheripperSome of the very large Trinitrons have THREE shadowmask lines!
03:18:32Jorisi couldn't live with that
03:19:10tracktheripperI simulated the effect by loading a wallpaper into Paint, drawing 2 lines and setting it as a desktop wallpaper, I couldn't ignore the lines
03:20:44jzossLines are *much* smaller than 1 pixel high on my monitor
03:20:57jzoss0.5 - 0.25 pixel (guessing)
03:21:19jzossIf I had a digital cam, I'd snap a pic. Oh well
03:21:28tracktheripperlol don't worry
03:21:39tracktheripperLinus what did u do with my bug report?
03:22:36JorisWell it's getting late. I'm off to bed. Take care! Been nice talking to you.
03:22:37LinusNnothing, i just go through the reports to see what bugs need to be fixed
03:22:56LinusNJoris: nite
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03:23:18tracktheripperoh right. Just thought the status was changed to "Works For Me"
03:25:31tracktheripperit must make the sender pull their hair out that it works for you but not for them!!!
03:26:24LinusNhappens all the time
03:27:06tracktheripperanyway Linus I have to go, nice talking to you
03:27:51tracktherippersend my regards to Zagor next time u see him :-)
03:28:29LinusNi will
03:29:01tracktheripperkeep up the good work! Maybe one day all future Archos's will come wiv Rockbox as standard!
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06:42:33jzossadi −− you there?
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16:49:56 Nick mxe`ut is now known as mxe (
16:50:09 Quit mxe ()
17:06:19 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
17:47:56 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:03:26 Join juz [0] (
18:12:12juzhello i m french, can you tell me how i can do to make the .lng file with the .lang please
18:20:44 Join edx [0] (
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18:23:50juzhow can i update my language file???
18:29:51 Nick edx is now known as mxe (
18:35:56 Nick mxe is now known as edx (
18:38:04 Quit juz ()
18:39:03 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
18:43:51 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
18:43:58PhantomDJPhi !
18:44:25 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:53:43 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
18:54:29tracktheripperIs it true the FMrec now has hardware charging?
19:15:12 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
19:19:44dwihnotracktheripper: Think so.
19:19:48 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
19:23:11tracktheripperwell I just saw a brief mention in one of the daily logs
19:24:01tracktheripperdoubt if I should buy an FM rec after all
19:25:00dw|goneHow come?
19:25:11dw|goneThe only bad thing seems to be the fishy batteries.
19:25:31tracktheripperproprietory batteries?
19:25:41tracktheripperwell they are Li-Ion I believe
19:25:43dw|goneLinus also mentioned something about the device being hard to pull apart
19:25:52tracktheripperwhich don't lose their charge like Ni-Mh
19:27:19tracktheripperand I think the FMRec does have a sleeker chassis than the normal Recorder
19:38:00 Join CGI163 [0] (
19:39:01 Quit CGI163 (Client Quit)
19:39:02 Join CGI163 [0] (
19:41:13tracktheripperhi CGI
19:43:56CGI163just testing cgi-based irc client.
19:44:04 Nick CGI163 is now known as devZer0 (
19:44:49 Join Guest [0] (
19:45:06 Part devZer0
19:45:13 Join CGI163 [0] (
19:45:57 Part CGI163
19:46:42 Join CGI884 [0] (
19:47:04 Part CGI884
19:47:24 Join CGI535 [0] (
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19:49:59 Join CGI535 [0] (
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19:50:34 Join CGI535 [0] (
19:51:32 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
20:02:29CGI535someone there who want`s to try cgi-based irc client ? bjorn pointed me to that, and today I had some time to set it up for testing.
20:05:10 Join CGI744 [0] (
20:05:43 Join CGI755 [0] (
20:05:43 Quit CGI744 (Client Quit)
20:06:56 Quit CGI755 (Client Quit)
20:17:40 Join CGI188 [0] (
20:17:44CGI188testing testing
20:18:00 Join Zagor [242] (
20:18:37Zagorseems to work
20:18:46 Quit CGI188 (Client Quit)
20:19:12 Join CGI188 [0] (
20:19:19 Quit CGI188 (Client Quit)
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20:21:48tracktheripperhi Zagot
20:21:50tracktherippersorry Zagor
20:22:31tracktheripperhows things?
20:22:53CGI535haha. i got shocked a little bit. I wondered why someone knew the url of the irc chat. I didn`t realize that Zagor == Björn :)
20:23:10tracktheripperlol CGI
20:23:26tracktheripperwell tracktheripper == Jason :)
20:24:35tracktheripperim from London
20:26:11tracktheripperIs version 2.0 on its way soon?
20:26:12CGI535they will GET you ! :)
20:26:47CGI535if Scotland Yard won`t get you - maybe the RIAA :))
20:26:58tracktheripperCGI what u on about?
20:27:22CGI535making some fun about your nick ;)
20:27:32tracktheripperwell CGI I look forward for the RIAA to emerge from my PC's USB port :)
20:27:39tracktheripperhahahaha! i know what u mean CGI
20:28:37tracktheripperall you need is a magic marker and a copy of Soundforge and you are in business :)
20:30:43CGI535bad times for big music industries business. a computer is a machine for copying bits. PERIOD.
20:31:20tracktheripperdo you own a copy of Soundforge?
20:31:50CGI535no - I don`t do much things with music (besides listening)
20:32:30tracktheripperat least the Archos is NOT SDMI compliant
20:32:36 Join faust1 [0] (
20:32:55 Quit faust1 (Client Quit)
20:33:46tracktherippertime-stretch doesnt half sound weird comparing to changing the pitch
20:33:59tracktheripper<−−−− was playing wiv Timestretch in Soundforge
20:34:13CGI535all that SDMI, TCPA and sort of crazy stuff like that is getting on my nerves
20:34:44tracktheripperI read that diehard pirates will copy music even it means "holding a microphone to the speakers"
20:34:46CGI535I use atomixmp3 from time to time
20:34:59CGI535nice tool
20:35:03tracktheripperlol prefer Soundforge myself
20:36:10CGI535jason, unfortunately i have to leave for now. I`m late, anyway.
20:36:18CGI535greetings to london :)
20:36:27tracktherippernice to meet u CGI
20:36:56MTdoesnt cgi:irc use ~ 3MB per instance?
20:37:03CGI535CU. CGI ist just a default-nick of the irc-client i`m testing :)
20:37:13tracktheripperoh right
20:37:27CGI535MT: don`t know yet.
20:37:32CGI535I will check that
20:37:58CGI535that wouldn`t be very good, because my vserver i`m running it on has very limited ressources
20:38:41CGI535ok - have a nice evenig. happy rockboxing :)
20:38:46 Part CGI535
20:53:08tracktheripper<−− hopes Zagor can visit London soon :)
20:54:36 Join jzoss [0] (
20:55:43tracktheripperHi Jzoss!
20:55:50jzosshiya, track
20:56:03tracktheripperhow ya doing?
20:56:09jzossanyone here know anything about Rockbox's stack size limits and so forth? =)
20:56:25jzossDoin alright. Just workin on that patch stuff from yesterday
20:56:32tracktheripperoh right
20:56:39tracktheripperU said u was submintting a partch of some sort
20:57:10jzossGotta find a better way to copy file data, though...
20:57:39jzossRight now, when I need to shift data around in the mp3 file (to make more room for ID3 tag), it only shuffles data at ~10k / sec.
20:57:47tracktheripperohh ok
20:57:49 Join Snorlax|Norway [0] (
20:57:59jzossFor a normal 5-meg MP3 file, that's like 10 minutes. :(
20:58:00 Nick Snorlax|Norway is now known as Snorlax (
20:58:06tracktheripperoh god Mr Ipod fan is here :)
20:58:47tracktheripperArchos much better than Ipod :-)
20:58:49Zagorjzoss: how are you shifting the data?
20:59:08jzossRight now, I have a 500-byte copy buffer
20:59:24tracktheripper<−− is gonna have shower
20:59:24jzossI do seek-to-src, read 500 bytes, seek-to-dest, write 500 bytes, etc.
20:59:42Zagorjzoss: and you are surprised it's slow? :-)
21:00:12jzossI thought increasing copy buffer size might help speed up transfers, but when I do, I get all sorts of weird behavior (blank screens & flashing red light, CpuAddrErr, etc). So I'm guessing there's a stack size limit I'm running into
21:00:22Zagoryou should use as large a buffer as you can. use the mp3 buffer.
21:00:33Zagoryes, you can't use the stack
21:00:47jzossYou don't mind us mucking with the mp3 buffer for other purposes?
21:01:29ZagorI do, normally. But I got the impression this operation is only performed when not playing music?
21:01:43jzossIt's certainly a reasonable limitation, yes.
21:01:54Zagorthen it's ok to use the id3 buffer
21:02:21jzossI'll look into that, then. Any pointers on where to hunt in the code for good examples? (mpeg.c, obviously).
21:02:54jzossAlso, is it sufficient to check for !playing before I start abusing the buffer, or do I need a lower-level lockout?
21:03:20Zagorhang on a minute...
21:04:12MTZagor: i was thinking of things I can code to contribute, and I came up with an idea :)
21:04:18Zagorlook in firmware/rolo.c for example. it uses the mp3 buffer.
21:04:30ZagorMT: ok, what?
21:04:42MTthe thing i miss most from a desktop player is searching a playlist
21:04:51jzossthx, Zagor
21:04:54Zagorjzoss: you should call mpeg_stop() explicitly to make sure the buffer is not used.
21:05:09MTso i thought a little screen, with a 'keyboard' to enter a short string
21:05:25ZagorMT: like app/recorder/keyboard.c ? ;-)
21:05:35MTyou guys think of everything
21:05:58MTand then search through the playlist, returning the first x results
21:06:22Zagora playlist search would probably be welcomed.
21:06:42MTokays, i'll give it a crack :)
21:08:25 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10:47jzossZagor: do I need to clear mp3buf after use, or just leave as is?
21:11:01tracktherippercould u add individual songs to playlist soon?
21:17:25Zagorjzoss: just leave it
21:18:28jzosssorry for pestering. I just figured I'd pelt you with questions while I caught you. (pesky timezones....)
21:18:50Zagorno problem
21:19:05Zagori'd rather you ask first than post a soddy implementation :-)
21:19:18jzossno guarantees that it won't still be shoddy. =)
21:19:46jzosstrack? What makes you sad?
21:20:25tracktherippermy Archos has a dent in it where I dropped it
21:21:00jzosssome people go out and ceremonially ding their cars when they first buy them, so they won't feel bad when the inevitable "real" first-ding comes
21:21:08jzossYou could pretend you intended to ding it. ;)
21:21:31tracktheripperlol. Im not worried about the dent, im worried about causing the Archos pain :-(
21:27:25 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:32:57 Join matsl [0] (
21:38:18 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:43:12 Quit []morpheus[] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:27 Quit Snorlax ()
22:01:28 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:21:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:19:33 Join Blade [0] (
23:26:39matslZagor: A language capitalization question?
23:29:47matslZagor: There has been a major overhaul in english.lang with big leading chars on all words. I'm not native english speaking (as you know ;-) but it seems strange to me. Is this particular thing for english or should we go for this style in all translations?
23:30:03 Quit Blade ("Leaving")
23:30:14Zagorit's special for english
23:30:47matslyou have some reference to support this? Please enlighten me.
23:33:11ZagorI don't think it's formal. just yanks tend to capitalize the first character of many things, song titles etc.
23:33:25Zagori haven't looked at the latest english changes though
23:34:37matslwell it seems to very consequent capitalize all words which might be good (to be consequent.)
23:36:40jzossZagor: I'm getting a CPUAdrEr (I09 at 0900FCF8) when I try to write out the copyBuf contents to the file. It's always at the same address. I've traced it down to the "write whole sectors" section of readwrite. Still working from there. Any ideas? =)
23:37:39Zagorjzoss: make sure the address is even
23:37:50jzossaddress of what?
23:38:51Zagorthe buffer you write
23:39:25Zagorwe can read to odd addresses, but writes have to be even
23:40:20jzossAhhhh.... so I'm doing read-a-stripe, write-a-stripe. And I need to set up the stripe size (and offsets) so the stripe writes always happen on even boundaries? Gotchya.
23:42:19Zagoryou want to make sure to always read/write even 512 byte chunks, since that's how large a sector is
23:42:32Zagorif you write smaller parts, it will be slower
23:42:45jzossright, but still works (ther than the even-write restriction).
23:43:27jzossIt's sufficient to make sure that all writes happen at an even SEEK offset, right? Don't need to check whether the file itself is aligned on an even/odd boundary. Right?
23:44:39Zagorno, the important thing is the buffer pointer in memory. the file position is irrelevant.
23:44:47jzosscool. thx
23:57:13 Join LinusN [0] (
23:57:39LinusNi have found a problem with the fat code
23:57:58LinusNclose() returns -113 when recording
23:58:13LinusNwhich means that fat_seek() returns -1

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