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#rockbox log for 2003-03-04

00:03:19 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:03:36 Part barker`coding
00:14:11Jet8810technically is it illegal to rip a CD that your spouse (brother, roomate, ect) bought?
00:14:39Bagderit depends on your country's laws
00:15:01Jet8810do you know laws for it?
00:15:19Bagdernot good enough to tell for sure, no
00:15:32Jet8810IMHO it is moral though...stealing music, software, TV episodes, movies ect from Kazaa is totally immoral, but I dont think that is
00:15:52Jet8810even if I just used a CD that belonged to my brother...same idea only two people could use it at the same time
00:16:30 Join elinenbe__ [0] (
00:17:12PsycoXulJet8810: who knows
00:17:17elinenbe__hello there.
00:17:25tracktheripperhi elinen
00:17:28 Nick elinenbe__ is now known as elinenbe (
00:17:34elinenbetracktheripper: hello
00:17:34Bagderhi Eric
00:17:38PsycoXulJet8810: afaik, the RIAA'd like it to be illegal for you to rip a CD you yourself own
00:17:44Jet8810heh true
00:17:46PsycoXulJet8810: and it could be under the DMCA and friends
00:17:51elinenbehi Daniel
00:18:03Jet8810too many people use that as an excuse to steal music though (not implying that you do of course)
00:18:23PsycoXuli only steel music from the theifs (record companies)
00:18:33Jet8810you are stealing from artists too
00:18:35PsycoXulif the artists were getting my $15 i'd be much more inclined to buy it
00:18:37elinenbeI've been wondering... what needs to be done before the 2.0 release?
00:18:50Jet8810Psycho, regardless you are stealing then though and thou shalt not steal :)
00:19:00Jet8810I am not gonna argue, but that is my POV
00:19:02Bagderelinenbe: I think we're mainly waiting for Linus' somewhat large mpeg rewrite
00:19:17elinenbeBagder: nice.
00:19:29elinenbeeverything seems to work pretty well.
00:19:43elinenbethere are only a few bugs I can think of.
00:20:02elinenbeplaylist position not updating on the wps.
00:20:03Bagder46 open ones
00:20:08PsycoXulJet8810: yeah i understand your point of view
00:20:11 Join Pete [0] (
00:20:12PsycoXulJet8810: except on TV shows...
00:20:18elinenbedirectory not refresing after a rename or delete.
00:20:32elinenbeBagder: are you going to try and get them closed before 2.0?
00:20:36Jet8810on TV shows its a bit of a more strict moral thing, I admit, but if they have a DVD collection then you should buy it before downloading episodes
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00:22:17PsycoXulhonestly i think the big corporations are much worse than i am :p
00:22:24PsycoXuli'm happy to steal from them
00:22:31PsycoXuli feel like i'm doing my part to help make the world a better place :p
00:23:17tracktheripperwho the hell sent that "Make the Jukebox Recorder 20 make tea" request before it was removed from Sourceforge?
00:23:39PsycoXultracktheripper: hey thats a good idea
00:23:59tracktherippersomeone sent it to Sourceforge but now its been removed
00:26:20Bagderit was rejected ;-)
00:26:25PsycoXulJet8810: i also don't think it's as cut and dried as "stealing" something that costs nothing to reproduce, especialy if it's something i wouldn't have bought anyway.. they didn't lose anything :p
00:26:41adi|worki rejected it..
00:26:44adi|worki mean.. come on..
00:26:48adi|workcoffee is sooo much better
00:26:52*adi|work pasha's
00:26:54PsycoXulpff coffee sucks
00:27:02Jet8810heh Psyco
00:27:07Jet8810my POV stands firm :)
00:27:20tracktheripperdo you mean removed Adi?
00:27:21PsycoXuloh i'm not trying to change your mind
00:27:25PsycoXuljust presenting my POV :p
00:27:28tracktheripperbecause its no longer in Sourceforge
00:27:33adi|workno.. i rejected it..
00:27:38adi|workno.. its there ;)
00:27:41Bagdertracktheripper: its still there, only rejected
00:27:41adi|workits just closed :)
00:28:00tracktheripperoh right so it will be in the "Feature Requests" on this site
00:28:09Bagderits closed
00:28:29adi|workand that'd be why i closed it ;)
00:28:47adi|workbtw.. no response on the tld guy
00:28:48tracktheripperi was expecting it to be in Feature Request with the de rigeour "This is not possible due to hardware limitations"
00:29:09Bagderthat's pointless
00:29:14Jet8810yea Psyco, my consciouss tells me that its wrong, and my logic as well so I refuse to ignore that
00:29:16Bagderwe have ~250 closed requests
00:29:22Bagderwe can't leave them all open
00:29:52Jet8810how about allowing saving of queue lists as playlists?
00:30:03*adi|work whistles innocnetly as he realizes he broke the irc loggin script
00:30:46adi|workbagder do you have the ability to update the irc page on the website?
00:30:54tracktheripper<−−- gonna have a shower
00:30:57Bagdernot easily
00:30:58adi|workif not.. we won't have irclogs available till all the scripts run
00:31:03adi|workahh.. okay.. then we wait
00:31:11tracktheripperI remember the time u rejected my "Auto Voice Transcriber " request Adimas
00:31:15adi|worki mistakenly left a line commented out when i was testing, and commited it...
00:31:18tracktheripperwas soooooooo funny
00:31:29Bagderam about to leave you know
00:31:36Bagdersee ya
00:31:41 Quit Bagder ("")
00:31:55tracktheripper"im not even gonna dignify this with consideration since u have not read the FAQ"
00:32:21adi|worki try :)
00:32:29adi|workat least im consisten
00:32:34tracktheripperlol I was kinda drunk when I said that :-)
00:32:42tracktheripper((gives Adimas a big hug))
00:33:07tracktherippergonna have shower brb
00:33:38tracktherippermind you, it would be good for extracting song lyrics!!!
00:40:00PsycoXul6 minute shower?
00:40:07tracktheripperjust a quick one
00:40:10tracktheripperwas kinda hot
00:40:29PsycoXulwhat'd you do, get wet then dry off?
00:40:47tracktheripperno used shower gel
00:40:55tracktheripperI have a high-power electric shower
00:42:08tracktheripperIf Rockbox could just include a few more things then it would be sorted
00:44:10elinenbetracktheripper: what are you looking for?
00:45:07tracktheripper1) Change the arrowcurser to the line on the "redesigned interface", 2) Add filename and ID3 tag entering for recording, 3) Add individual songs to a playlist
00:46:04tracktheripperthats all I like to see added, nothing else
00:46:10PsycoXul4) add non-recursive playlist building, 5) playlist track removal,
00:47:06PsycoXul6) track-group addition/removal
00:47:17PsycoXuland uh probably some other things :p
00:47:18PsycoXulfor me
00:47:25tracktheripperWhat about Diagnose like on the Archos firmware
00:47:32elinenbeso, what you really want is a full featured playlist editor?
00:47:38PsycoXulelinenbe: yeah
00:47:39elinenbeDiagnose is shit.
00:47:44PsycoXulwhats diagnose?
00:48:14tracktherippersomething in the Archos firmware that checks the condition of the hard drive
00:48:29PsycoXulhah i think i remember that or something
00:48:36PsycoXuldidn't seem to really do anything
00:48:53PeteHi there,
00:49:29tracktheripperwell it always said "OK"
00:49:30PeteI think Debug -> Runtime soes not work.
00:51:21PeteI play music for hours but Debug -> Runtime, Current Time shows only minutes. Am I doing something wrong?
00:52:44 Quit _seb_ ("Who knows what tomorrow will bring... maybe sunshine, maybe rain. But as for me I'll wait and see.")
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00:53:38 Quit edx ()
00:55:01adi|workand the feature police strike again.
00:55:54 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:56:10PeteAny help is welcome
00:59:45PsycoXulone time i turned it on and went to that runtime thing
00:59:48PsycoXuland it said 11 minutes
01:00:13PsycoXulso uh i think it's just got issues :p
01:00:54adi|workwhat are we talking about here?
01:01:18PsycoXulDebug->View Runtime
01:01:24adi|workhmm havn't used it
01:07:28 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021212]")
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02:35:00 Join fencehouse [0] (
02:36:04fencehousehey I have a question about building the rockbox firmware
02:36:19jzossI'll help if I can. =)
02:36:27fencehousei got the cygwin thing working allright
02:36:48fencehousebut how do I direct the configure or the make to the source code I want to build?
02:37:04fencehouseits building a firmware, but I don't know from where?
02:37:24jzoss"configure" is not a system function. It's a local script provided with the source you download
02:37:45jzossSo if you run configure, it'll run whatever "configure" script is in your current directory
02:37:46fencehouseso each source I download has its own configure?
02:38:38jzossMake works similarly. There *is* a system "make" program, but it doesn't usually do much on its own. Instead, each source comes with one (or more) "Makefiles". If you run "make", it reads commands from these makefiles to determine how to build the source
02:38:56jzossSo typing "make" reads commands from the Makefile in whatever directory you're in.
02:39:14fencehousealright - thanks
02:39:26fencehousei'm going to do some more playing around now
02:39:30 Quit fencehouse ()
02:46:46 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
02:48:50 Join Guest [0] (
02:49:13DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
02:49:13Guesthello ?!
02:50:05Guestsorry but i'm a beginner and i want to compile uisim
02:50:20jzossokay...what's your question? =)
02:51:12Guesterror response 02 in cygwin or with msvc nmake
02:51:20Guestwhat can i do
02:51:25jzosswhat's the error message?
02:53:24Guestnmake return code 0x02
02:53:46jzossyah, but above the error code, it should have a text message explaining why the compile failed...
02:57:23Guest../../firmware/drivers/lcd.c(89) : error C2143: Syntaxfehler : Fehlendes ')' vor
02:57:47Guesttranslation >> syntax error missing
02:58:04jzossmissing ")", eh? In lcd.c line 89...
02:59:37Guesthave ms visual c++6 (service pack 5) installed
03:00:29jzossso, take a look at lcd.c, line 89 and see if it looks like there's a missing ")" somewhere. Do you know any C?
03:01:48Guesti think the code is correce because i've compied the fimware incygwin earlier
03:02:13jzossHmmm.... well, then, I don't really know what the problem would be. Sorry. :S
03:02:59Guesti work with the original files downloaded
03:04:02jzossI'm probably not going to be much help... I tried with cygwin and couldn't get it to work, so I'm compiling rockbox in Linux now
03:04:03Guestcan you describe how do you comple the uisim
03:04:40jzoss1) create a rockbox directory ("mkdir ~/rockbox")
03:04:48jzoss2) cd ~/rockbox
03:05:10jzoss3) Download latest version from CVS (or from web)
03:05:38jzoss4) Create a directory for your build results ("mkdir build-sim"
03:06:04jzoss5) Create a makefile for what you want ot build ("../tools/configure")
03:06:13jzoss6) build the code ("make")
03:06:28jzossAll this assumes you've got cygwin setup correctly, with sh1 cross-compiler and all
03:07:08Guestsame i do ( use source from download area)
03:07:23Guestfor compiling the firmware
03:07:49jzossyah, I really don't know what would cause the code to stop compiling if you're using the same code that has worked in the past...
03:07:50 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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03:08:12 Join elinenbe [0] (
03:08:51Guesthello jzoss still there i had an error occured
03:08:56jzossI'm here
03:09:12jzossAre you trying to use a patch? If not, why not just use your rockbox code that compiled okay before?
03:10:48Guesti tried to use the makecyg.patch (in februar mailing list )
03:11:07Guest+ mingw-runtime
03:11:24jzosshmm.. Sometimes patches screw things up if you apply them against different code than they were originally intended for
03:12:09Guesti tried both versions ( with and without patch)
03:12:27jzoss{shrug} sorry. I'm all out of ideas
03:12:41Guestlast question
03:12:57jzossI'm not sick of questions. Just out of answers. =)
03:13:23 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:13:37Guestin the patch ther was a patch for /win32/font.c
03:13:47Guestbut there is no file ???
03:14:32jzossthat's a little odd. Does it create the file? My win32 directory doesn't have any font.c either
03:15:10Guestok thats i want to hear thanks
03:17:42 Quit elinenbe ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3a; MultiZilla v1.1.32 final) Gecko/20021212]")
03:18:55Guestsorry i was wrong >> in the patchfile was a missing sprintf.h mentioned not font.c
03:19:16jzossI do have an sprintf.h file in /uisimulator/win32
03:23:53Guestdoes this file only comes with cvs ? (it's not in the "offical" rockbox1.4.tar.gz
03:24:14jzossI was checking a just-updated CVS install.
03:24:58jzossYour patch is probably for a version more recent than the 1.4 download. That's (1.4) been around for quite a while
03:33:30Guestok i log of, thanks for answering (have a good recollect of answers ... ;-) ) bye
03:33:40jzossno prob
03:33:43jzossgood luck!
03:33:58 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
03:53:46 Join Guest [0] (
03:53:56jzossany luck?
03:54:12jzosswoohoo! congrats
03:54:20Guesti just wann say it
03:54:38Guestare you interested in
03:55:07Guest the descripion ?
03:55:36Guestdo you have msvc
03:55:45jzossat work, not home
03:57:27Guesti have cygwin installed as described
03:57:40jzossyah? And you're using msvc? Hmmm...
03:58:04Guesti have msvc version 6 + servicepack 5
03:58:41Guestthen i run E:\Microsoft visual studio\VC98\Bin\VCVARS32.BAT
03:58:51Guestto use nmake
03:59:00jzossokay... I'm with ya so far
03:59:51Guestthen i simply run nmake -f makefile.vc6 in cygwin shell
04:00:40jzossthat's not too difficult
04:00:49jzossGlad it works for you
04:01:13Guesti think i will post a description to the mailinglist soon
04:01:31Gueststep by step
04:01:42jzossthat'd probably help people. Check 1st to make sure it's not in the docs or FAQ anywhere.
04:02:11Guestthat thing with E:\Micros-1\VC98\Bin\VCVARS32.BAT is nowhere to read
04:02:40Guestthis is neccesary for correct use
04:03:03Guestit is not enough to simple put nmake in PATH
04:03:12jzossgood job tracking that down
04:04:29Guestmy problem all the time was >> using rockbox-1.4.tar.gz instead of cvs
04:05:37Guesti thought there is a correct version for uisimulator inside, but that version did not work
04:06:33Guestso thanks to you >> so i found out that i had to use cvs
04:09:52Guestok bye then good night
04:10:02 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
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05:03:19 Join Freddyfry [0] (
05:04:01FreddyfryCan you stand a newbie question?
05:04:16jzosssure...what's up?
05:04:53FreddyfryI just bought a jukebox fm recorder... I am a bit confused about the "no FM" limitation
05:05:19FreddyfryCan i load the firmware and just not have fm capabilities?
05:05:23jzossRockbox was originally developed for players & recorders (which don't have FM).
05:05:26jzossThe FM support requires extra coad, which just hasn't been implemented yet
05:05:32jzossBut will (hopefully) eventually
05:05:44jzossSo you can run the Rockbox firmware and just not have FM.
05:05:59FreddyfryGreat! I'll load it up... Thanks for your time.
05:06:11jzossAnd you can revert to the archos firmware if you need FM support
05:06:18jzossNo prob
05:06:28MTyou can get the archos firmware from their website
05:06:40MTits the same version as 'hard coded' in the fm
05:06:57Freddyfryrevert by deleting the rockbox files?
05:07:26MTtheres no fm functionality at all with the rockbox, i'm just happy it works :) fm will come later (after 2.0)
05:07:45MTor by 'playing' the archos firmware ajbrec.ajz in rockbox
05:07:54MTwill boot the original firmware
05:08:15FreddyfryThanks again, Good night.
05:08:43 Quit Freddyfry ()
05:09:28jzossIf you rename the rockbox "ajbrec.ajz" to something different, it won't load at startup.
05:09:28jzossWhich is probably easier
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08:09:46elinenbe|sleepBagder: hello
08:11:26adi|homeahh.. much better.. im happy with the way the irc logs look now :)
08:11:28elinenbe|sleepor moring in your case
08:11:42Bagderadi|home: yes, looks nice
08:12:00Bagderwe could probably reverse the order of all lines though
08:12:00adi|homehehe i screwed it up last night :)
08:12:10adi|homeyou mean newest first?
08:12:47adi|homei dunno if i agree with you...
08:13:08BagderI'm not sure eithe
08:13:46Bagderpossibly we could put 2003 before 2002
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09:51:27quelsarukBagder: i'm now in t-shirt... the winter has ended :) (can you say so in Sweden?)
09:51:46Bagderyeah, only -3 C this morning :-P
09:52:02quelsarukcool! ;)
09:52:13Bagderheheh, yeah that's cool indeed
09:52:41quelsarukin april weather is a bit hotter??
09:52:53Bagderbut not really warm until may
09:54:12quelsaruki fear what you call warm...
09:54:22quelsarukfor me warm is nearly 25ºC
09:54:41Bagderdon't make me hit you ;-)
09:55:18quelsarukyou can't, now i'm the mascot and the techno-priest... laws protect me ;)
09:57:02quelsaruki was wondering... do you remember that paranoic f2 screen?
09:57:33quelsarukwhat about a scrolling screen?
09:57:57Bagdercould work, more to code though
09:58:17quelsaruki can try it
09:58:37quelsarukthe problem is not if it can or cannot work..
09:58:50quelsarukthe problem is... will your brother like it? ;)
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10:30:12dwihnoWhat do you guys think about using additional memory for dir caching?
10:30:24dwihnoImagine having the entire dir structure in memory :D
10:30:34Bagderhonestly, I don't care
10:31:36Zagordwihno: you
10:31:36Zagor'd have to rewrite some major portions for that
10:32:41Bagderwould make the fat code do the caching if I
10:32:46Bagderwould add that feature
10:33:18dwihnoWould it be a waste of memory?
10:33:35dwihnoI don't even know how much memory it would consume :)
10:36:17Bagdercd /mnt/archos && find . -print >dump; wc -l dump
10:36:26Bagderor rather wc dump
10:41:36Schnueffi thought a bit about that
10:41:56Schnueffwhat about using name_buffer and dircache in tree.c for as many dirs, as there is room for?
10:42:40ZagorSchnueff: you still need to rewrite it to be aware of multiple dirs
10:42:53Schnueffi know, it's some rewriting
10:43:15Zagorbut the idea is sound, imho
10:44:20SchnueffBagder: in the fat code, u would hook in dir caching in the opendir() function?
10:44:38Bagderthen the rest of the system wouldn't need to know
10:44:48Schnueffand then, name_buffer / dircache in tree.c can be dropped?
10:44:51Schnueffor parts of them?
10:45:04Schnueffok, that sounds good too
10:45:30Schnueffmore generic
10:45:31Zagoruh, we still need the dircache in tree.c
10:45:43Schnueffto sort?
10:45:44Bagderfor what?
10:45:50Bagdersort, yes
10:45:52Zagorit's used by the browser. the browser can't muck about in dir.c's buffer
10:46:09Zagorsorting, filtering, traversing
10:46:36Schnueffok, maybe some code then between fat and tree
10:46:42Schnueffwhich could expose the data to tree.c
10:49:14Schnueffor trying something similar to scandir(3)
10:49:55Schnueff(without malloc'ing)
10:59:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
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11:27:42 Join edx [0] (
11:39:46 Join TBoy [0] (~jirc@
11:40:22TBoyhow big is the mem on the rec fm
11:41:54TBoydoes anybody know
11:42:21TBoyare you shure
11:42:31TBoybecause it doesnt say that on the archos site
11:42:58Bagderrip it apart and check out the chips
11:43:08Bagderbut yes, I'm pretty sure
11:43:41TBoyhey why does the java irc always diplasy
11:43:52TBoyunregistered copy evaluation only
11:44:00TBoyask webmaster to register it
11:44:20Bagderand you can't figure out why it says that?
11:44:50Bagderit *might* be that it is an unregistered copy
11:45:02TBoyyeah i just thought about it now
11:45:10TBoywhat a stupid question
11:45:22TBoyplees excuse myself
11:51:46 Quit TBoy ("Leaving")
11:52:08 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
11:52:30TBoyok I now changed to mirc
11:54:24TBoyI'm new to Rockbox and Archos
11:54:36TBoymy fm should arrive today
11:55:00TBoyand if I use a smaller font I can fit more on the display, am I right
12:02:03TBoyok thx
12:12:58 Join Kuji [0] (
12:15:14Kujianything exciting happening..
12:15:37KujiIm in search of a tool to sort out this frigging box
12:15:51Kujisomething to convert to a standard fat32 not XP
12:16:12Kujianyone know of a formatter that doesn't use the OS to do it..
12:16:28Kujiwill partition magic format independently of os ?
12:21:05 Join Kuji_ [0] (
12:21:05 Quit Kuji (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:22:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:25:21dwihnoKuji: Think so. That paragon partition manager will also do (along with a heap of tools)
12:25:21 Quit Kuji_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:31:36 Join Kuji [0] (~kuji@
12:32:05ZagorKuji: do you have any links to information about this "xp fat32" ?
12:32:28Kujizagor... hello
12:32:36quelsarukKuji: partition magic will do that
12:32:42Kujiwell, Im formatting it with PM 7 now to see if it makes a dfference
12:33:01Kujiit picked up some errors that nothin else did
12:33:16KujiI think the filesystem must have knackered in a weird way
12:33:20Kujichkdsk found file errors
12:33:23Kujiscandisk passed
12:33:24quelsarukimaybe :)
12:33:26Kujinorton passed
12:33:40KujiPM7 found cross linked file and incorrect partition size
12:33:54Kujihalfway formatting see if this sorts the bitch
12:34:54Kujioh some guy did a review of archos vs creative zen and said the zen won.. I wrote to him and suggested RB and do a re review.. heh
12:36:04KujiHoping this works.. I want to do some proper long recording of some techno and psytrance nights (about 8 hours+) and the archos firmware usually cacks out....
12:38:37Zagorwell we're having recording problems too at the moment
12:39:11Kujiwell at least I can test !! if the bloody box allows me to copy files off it
12:45:41dwihnoZagor: I had a funky experience while biking last night. First, the unit hung while playing "Every sperm is sacred", by Monty Python... After a minute of silence (approx) it skipped into a new track (not from the beginning though).
12:47:02Kujihere we go
12:47:16Kujistill file or dir corrupted
12:49:23quelsarukdo you need a technopriest?
12:49:41quelsaruki'm not too expensive ;)
12:53:45 Join Kuji_ [0] (
12:53:55Zagordwihno: did it really hang then? solid red light?
12:53:55Kuji_bahh bloody crashed machine
12:55:07dwihnoZagor: Didn't see, I had it in my pocket and was biking quite fast. Didn't really look close...
12:55:33Kuji_zagor, what cluster size should it be ... its set to 16k, but there must be something wrong..anything RB creates is not transferrable
12:57:54 Quit Kuji (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:59:32 Quit Kuji_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:06:08 Join Kuji [0] (
13:06:38KujiYay fixed it
13:07:09Kujireformatted AGAIN using win ME and it works... seems XP fat32 structure is not quite standard .. weird !!!
13:07:14Kujifuck it . it works now..
13:45:04Bagderok amp let me out
13:58:15quelsaruklunch time!
13:58:19quelsarukcu later!
14:04:41 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:34dwihnoZagor: I got more testing coming up from my latest bike ride ;D
14:12:38dwihnoZagor: The music went silent, still updating the progress... Went into the mpeg meter thing and noticed the music coming back before disk spin up
14:13:18Zagordwihno: but no red led?
14:13:24dwihnoNot this time
14:13:33Zagorgood. then I can blame Linus :)
14:13:34dwihnoI guess this is what happened on sunday
14:15:11 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
14:22:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:22:23 Join NibbIer [0] (
14:28:29 Join wir|hagge [0] (
14:28:36 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:33:55 Part Kuji
14:50:19 Quit dwihno (
14:50:19 Quit webmind (
14:50:19 Quit PsycoXul (
14:50:19 Quit Hadaka (
14:50:19 Quit Bagder (
14:50:19 Quit Snorlax (
14:50:29NJoinBagder [0] (
14:50:29NJoinHadaka [0] (
14:50:29NJoinSnorlax [0] (
14:50:29NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
14:50:29NJoinwebmind [0] (
14:50:29NJoindwihno [0] (
14:56:54 Join Kuji [0] (
14:57:13Bagderinteresting fat fix from linus
14:57:22dwihnoFat fix (tm) `
14:58:22Kujithe recording.. just had first experience..
14:58:29Kujidid 1 hour, only recorded 30mins..
14:58:42Kujiwhere are the bugs listed
14:59:16ZagorKuji: grab the bleeding edge build that appears in a few minutes
15:04:04 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
15:04:07Kujiwhat does the latest fix
15:04:36Zagora file system bug
15:04:36 Quit Kuji (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:04:48dwihnoMajor bug?
15:04:55dwihnoRed LED dead fix?
15:05:07dwihno(sorry, had to come up with a catchy name) :)
15:05:09Zagornono, major
15:05:14Zagorthe recording bug
15:05:32 Join Kuji [0] (
15:06:15dwihnoThe 13:50 commit?
15:06:36Zagoravailable now
15:07:17dwihno(though I only used recording once, during this summer when I appeared on a radio show) :)
15:07:35KujiI will give it a try see if recording any better !!
15:07:43ZagorKuji: good
15:14:33dwihnominor bug, major crash :-)
15:14:57Kujirecording no
15:15:05Kujiback in a hour or so
15:49:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:49:05*Bagder detects every single linux distro mailing their advisories about sendmail
15:49:18Bagderthe joy of plularism
15:49:29*Bagder can't type and should stop trying
15:49:38dwihnoYet another root exploit huh?
15:49:55dwihnoI'm not surprised
15:49:59Bagderme neither
15:50:06dwihnoI should alert the admins
15:50:17*PsycoXul uses qmail
15:50:28dwihnoI used postfix when I did mail stuff ages ago
15:54:23BagderI just find it annoying that every single distro need to send out their own adviosory
16:07:17Kujijust stopped recording...
16:07:51Kujiwell time recorded is wrong to start... -14 mins..
16:07:52*Bagder watches
16:08:03Kujigoes beyond end point
16:08:08Kujiwill reencode
16:09:25*dwihno enters SLEEP mode to preserve the power.
16:09:48*Bagder downloads the ui mod patch
16:09:54 Join sdbarker [0] (
16:10:10*dwihno sends a valium to Bagder to prevent shock
16:10:12Bagderan 84KB monster
16:10:25Kujiis there a quicker way to get a correct header than reencoding ?
16:10:42dwihnoKuji: Linus is working on Xing header stuff, afaik
16:10:54dwihnoand VBRI (I think)
16:10:59Bagdera program that fixes the xing header wouldn't need to re-encode
16:11:09Kujiany suggestions.
16:11:14Bagdersorry, no
16:11:21BagderI'm just speaking theoreticly
16:12:55Kujidum dee dum...
16:13:36*Bagder ehums
16:13:41dwihnoMelodie MC - Dum da dum
16:13:57Bagderthat'll not be nice with non-8 pixels fonts
16:14:13dwihnoBagder: please add a cursor invert patch :D
16:14:34Kujirecorded length @ 52mins ... mp3 length 38 mins
16:14:36Bagdermy plan is to see what we can use from this package
16:14:59dwihnoBagder: is the plan top secret? Do I have to call Mr. Phelps?
16:15:13ZagorKuji: but at least the file system works :-)
16:15:24Kujiweird−− is also refusing to charge battery with bleeding edge
16:15:26Bagderit is not top secret that I have doubts on this huge kind of bloat-patch in one single go
16:15:57dwihnoThe bigger, the better? :)
16:16:05Bagderafter ~200 lines, I already know we can't use it as-is
16:16:20Bagderit is very naive
16:16:53Kujihmm I think it IS charging, but the charge graphic isnt updating.. its stuck on the last booted power numeric
16:17:16Kujiwhen I rebooted the number had gone up... but it aint moving now again..
16:22:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:26:56ZagorKuji: you don't have "deep discharge" on, do you?
16:28:28 Quit TBoy ()
16:31:56BagderI think the ui mod patch has three good parts
16:32:08dwihno1) inverted cursor
16:32:21dwihno2) One screen for all audio stuff
16:32:33dwihno3) tighter display
16:32:39dwihnoWhich are your three? :)
16:32:43Bagder3 is due to 1
16:33:07BagderI'm also giving the tetris mod a chance
16:33:20Bagdernot that I've seen it in use
16:34:26BagderZagor: you checked out the bookmark patch lately?
16:35:36 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
16:35:42ZagorBagder: no
16:36:04Zagorshould I?
16:36:11Bagderno, just asking
16:36:16BagderI'm getting it now
16:37:02quelsarukZagor: i told Bagder tyhis morning that i was thinking in a scrolling quick screen display :)
16:37:13quelsaruk*this morning
16:37:37dwihnoBagder: didn't he also remove some additional pixels?
16:37:48Bagderpossibly, yes
16:38:01BagderI couldn't tell
16:38:41dwihnoand my fav:
16:39:29sdbarkeroooh... i like those.
16:40:50dwihnoYeah, it's really ögongodis
16:41:00dwihnoBut hey, that's just me :)
16:41:02BagderZagor: he's using comma as separator now
16:41:11sdbarker... ogongodis?
16:41:15dwihnoeyecandy :)
16:41:41sdbarkerEye candy is what helps make things useable though. I really like the icons from Joaquim's builds.
16:41:52Kujiyeah them's nice
16:42:00dwihnoZag, Bag, what do you guys think about those screens?
16:42:16sdbarkerIt'd be great if /they/ could get pulled into the main trunk, too.
16:42:25Zagorthey look good. I wish we had code that implemented them.
16:42:37Bagderwe should add them if we got them
16:42:45Bagderwe would even
16:42:54Schnueffzag & bag heh
16:43:15Schnueffthat sounds funny
16:43:28dwihnoWho has the thingy btw?
16:43:37dwihnoPerhaps he could be persuaded into coding :)
16:44:01sdbarkerha anybody tried getting ahold of joaquim to add them?
16:44:17sdbarker... wow... i forgot how to type for a minute.
16:44:39BagderI would be happy if Joaquim first made his patches work for all of us
16:44:54quelsarukZagor: have you read my last line?
16:45:32*dwihno fetches some tortilla stuff for quelsaruk
16:45:41 Part Kuji
16:45:55wir|haggethe inversed line looks gr8...
16:46:00quelsaruktortilla de patatas?? ;)
16:46:07Zagorquelsaruk: you may think of whatever you like :-)
16:46:08dwihnoinverted line is a space saver
16:46:12dwihnoI like to save space
16:46:32Zagorthose screens are by someone else. you probably shouldn't be annoying joaquim about those...
16:46:44*dwihno agrees to Zagor
16:47:12Bagderanyone heard/know anyone who used libmad in the uisim?
16:47:12sdbarker... not those screens, i mean the ones that are from the specific build that he releases to the mailing list, with the sliders.
16:47:17Bagderwe should consider removing it
16:47:20quelsarukZagor: i know i can think whatever i like... but i'd like to know if there's a chance that you would like a scrolling screen....
16:48:54ZagorBagder: I agree
16:49:07BagderI'll do it
16:49:17Zagorsdbarker: I much prefer the horizontal sliders with proper labels
16:49:28sdbarkerI do as well.
16:49:43sdbarkerI was referring to my higher preference to the icons that he uses throughout the build though.
16:49:45Bagderaren't Joaquim's horizontal?
16:49:46Zagorquelsaruk: hard to say. possibly, if you make it nice :-)
16:49:48sdbarkerFor charging, the playlist, etc.
16:49:59sdbarker.. and i meant prefererred teh vertical ones.
16:50:03sdbarkeryou're right Bagder.
16:50:04ZagorBagder: joaquim's are vertical, since he wants UP/DOWN to always be the same for volume
16:50:42Zagori have to run. see you later guys!
16:50:44quelsarukZagor: then i'll consider doing it :)
16:50:51 Part Zagor
16:54:06Bagderno more libmad
16:55:04quelsarukdwihno: you read that? zagor is going to accept my weird idea!!
16:55:08quelsarukincredible ;)
16:55:20Bagderhe might
16:55:40quelsarukBagder: you know how to break all hopes
16:55:47dwihnoquelsaruk: He is?! What idea?
16:55:57dwihnoquelsaruk: making the rockbox a tortilla remote?
16:56:02quelsaruka scrolling quick screen display
16:56:13dwihnowhich means... ?
16:56:37quelsarukdwihno: i dunno what does that mean.. but if he accepts.. it may be a good idea then ;)
16:56:50dwihnoquelsaruk: haha :)
16:56:53dwihnoyou are so crazy
17:00:02 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:10:42quelsarukwell.. i must be crazy to stay here ;)
17:11:10 Join xam [0] (
17:11:49quelsarukhi xam
17:12:02xamjust got the 8mb chip ... scared to do the mod ;)
17:12:16xamit's so small!
17:12:52quelsaruktry to use a hammer instead of soldering it :)
17:13:05quelsaruki can lend you a big and heavy one
17:13:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:13:39xammhh, I don't think that's good for the hs
17:13:53quelsarukwho cares about that things?
17:14:42xamhow many people have done the 8mb mod so far?
17:15:26xam3 at least
17:17:19xamanother question: I didn't follow the recent CVS logs, but I've heard that the CPU suspend stuff is now in CVS, is that true?
17:22:35Bagderthat's true
17:22:40Bagdercpu sleep that is
17:24:46quelsaruki'm thinking that i know a company that upgrades the ram chip in the Hp-48G calculator. I could ask the spanish distributor if they could be able to upgrade archos ram. I think it was the same kind of ram
17:30:22*Bagder overtook the CVS activity table
17:31:52Bagdersee ya
17:31:54 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
18:04:14 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:04:15 Quit wir|hagge (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:04:20quelsarukhi elinenbe
18:05:21elinenbehello there.
18:17:55xamwhat's the homepage for the 8mb RECORDER hardware mod
18:22:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:22:49xamfinally found it
18:36:22 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:18 Join jzoss [0] (
18:42:30jzossHi, all! =)
18:43:02jzossUploaded my id3-edit patch last night (woohoo!)
18:43:14jzossBut it looks like the files have disappeared from the patch :-(
18:43:25jzossI guess I'll re-upload tonight when I get home...
18:45:21 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:46:51 Join Snorlax [0] (
18:49:20 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
18:49:51 Quit jzoss ("dIRC IRC Client -")
19:10:32 Join Rens[afk] [0] (
19:21:12MTive deep discharged my fm recorder
19:21:17MT(by accident)
19:21:30xamMT what's the problem?
19:21:37MTwell ive never done it before
19:21:49MTit just has the charge led lit
19:21:55MTno charging screen has come up
19:21:59MTis that normal?
19:22:37xamMhhh, I don't know about the FM ... the Recorders would have a charging screen anyway
19:23:50MTgot it back to "charging"
19:24:11xammhh. copying 5 GB to the archos (already copied about 3.5GB) and the batteries are still full
19:24:44xamI like my 2100mAh AA batteries ;)
19:29:24MTtoday i had full charge in the morning
19:29:34MTlistened to mp3s for 3 hours
19:29:47MTcopied 8 gb of red dwarf onto it
19:29:54MTcopied 2 gig of mp3 off it
19:30:03MTand for good measure, a 1.2gb divx
19:30:15MTlistened to mp3 for another hour and a half on the drive home
19:30:26quelsarukone semi-stupid question....
19:30:48MTand its crapped out after copying off 6 gb of the red dwarf :)
19:30:54quelsarukusb2.0 needs more batteries than usb1.1 or the same or less??
19:31:17MTnot sure
19:31:28MTespecially as fm recorder trickle charges whilst plugged into usb
19:31:52MTits not enough to sustain constant hd tho
19:31:54quelsaruki'll use usb2.0
19:33:40 Join edx [0] (
19:33:53quelsarukat least it's faster
19:36:07xamno usb2 in my laptop nor pc
19:37:53quelsaruki have usb2 on my pc (since friday)
19:40:15xamI doubt that usb2 itself need significant more power. And IMHO I think there is no much more power consumption by the harddisk if you use usb2, though it has to transfer more data
19:41:11xamI would say there is no significant increase in overall power consumption when using usb2
19:41:31quelsaruki think it's compsumes less power... i mean, you have to transfer the same amount of data, but in less time, and as the disk has to be spined all time...
19:41:42quelsarukbut i'm just thinking loudly..
19:41:47quelsaruki'm not sure
19:42:16xamquelsaruk if you compare Watt/kb, then you are right, but you usually measure in Watt/h
19:42:46xamor better Energy/kb and Energy/h
19:45:55quelsarukof course...
19:46:28quelsarukbut i want to know if copying 1.6 GB via usb2.0 compumes less power
19:46:41xamdefinitely ;)
19:46:58quelsarukthat was what i wanted to know
19:47:16quelsarukor to confirm
19:48:56quelsaruk27 minutes for 1.6 GB is a lot?
19:49:04quelsarukis that reallyusb2.0??
19:49:09quelsarukis that really usb2.0??
19:49:27xamnope, thats usb1
19:49:41quelsaruki thought so
19:50:16quelsarukthis is weird
19:50:24xam27mins * 60s/min * 1.2mb/s = 1.89 (ideally)
19:50:44quelsarukthats usb 1.1
19:50:49xamsorry, wrongh
19:51:40xam27mins * 60s/min * 12mbit/s / 8bit/byte = 2.37 (ideally)
19:52:16 Quit Rens[afk] ()
19:52:16 Join Rens[afk] [0] (
19:52:48xamusb2: 27mins * 60s/min * 480mbit/s / 8bit/byte = 94.92 MB (ideally)
19:52:52quelsaruki hope that stupid bastard conected the usb2.0 jumper as enabled.....
19:53:06xamusb2: 27mins * 60s/min * 480mbit/s / 8bit/byte = 94.92 GB (ideally)
19:53:28quelsarukwait a minute
19:54:52xamquelsaruk: on the package of my recorder it says however: 'max. 12mbyte/s when using usb2'. Probably not the usb2 chip but more likely the harddisk are the limiting factors
19:56:06quelsaruk1 minute
19:57:08xamif that's true 1.6GB would still just take 2.5 mins
19:59:08quelsarukthe mainboard has a jumper to enable or dissable the usb2.0
19:59:18xamquelsaruk enable it then ;)
19:59:28quelsarukand the person that assembled the computer had disabled it
19:59:33quelsaruka really weird man
19:59:47xamquelsaruk what OS are you running?
20:01:12xamI suppose you have installed the drivers that came with your usb2 card
20:01:42 Quit Rens[afk] ()
20:01:52xamI don't know whether win2k supports usb2 out of the box
20:02:12quelsarukof course :)
20:02:23quelsaruki've done all that stuff
20:02:32quelsaruki'm back in a minute
20:07:51quelsaruka university teacher called me to say that his p4 laptop hadn't rgb output
20:08:21quelsarukhow can anyone say that nonsense??
20:14:51quelsaruknow it says 4 mintes
20:14:57quelsarukthats more logical
20:17:04 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:18:46xamtrue ;)
20:19:30xamquelsaruk your teacher is right. your laptop has not a RGB, but a RBG+vsync+hsync ;)
20:19:46quelsarukit's not my teacher...
20:20:02quelsarukwas my teacher ;)
20:20:10quelsarukyou know what i wanted to say
20:20:32xami didn't mean your teacher like in 'a teacher that teaches you', but like in 'the teacher you were talking about'
20:21:05quelsarukwell.. he teached me last year ;)
20:22:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:35:38xamquelsaruk did he really teach you or did he just tried to teach you something?
20:36:05quelsarukhe tried to teach me electricity
20:36:19quelsaruktri-phasic stuff and machines...
20:36:34quelsarukbut.. just tried :)
20:53:16 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
20:54:24 Join random1 [0] (
20:54:40 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:15:06random1anybody here have an fm recorder?
21:15:50random1have you had trouble with freeze-ups either w/ archos firmware or rockbox?
21:16:11MTmore with archos
21:16:19MTand especially when the unit is very cold
21:16:59random1sounds like a hw problem then eh
21:18:26MTtheres a thread about it in the mailing list
21:18:43quelsarukwell, time to go home
21:18:46quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:18:47 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:20:02random1i will look into that, ty for the pointer
21:35:09 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:39:06tracktheripperhi Tboy
21:47:18tracktheripperWhat is this libmad removed?
21:51:05 Join bubba1 [0] (
21:51:44tracktheripperhi Bubba
21:52:29bubba1hey .. just visiting unless you can help me with diff and patch probs
21:52:55tracktheripperwell for those u better ask Zagor, Badger or other coders
21:53:08tracktheripperi help on non-code side of things
21:53:20bubba1Ok thanks anyway.
21:53:38tracktheripperno probs
21:53:43bubba1Do you have any perview over the list
21:54:12bubba1My account used to double post for some unk reason
21:55:37bubba1Ping Zagor
21:56:20bubba1Just thought I'd try. (time diff)..
21:56:38tracktheripperno worries.
21:56:42tracktheripperWhat Archos do u have?
21:56:58bubba1Old 6 GB recorder
21:57:06tracktherippermine is a 10Gb recorder
21:57:16tracktheripperwell its still better than a Player what u have
21:57:25bubba1about 1.5 yrs old and still going strong.
21:57:48tracktheripperlol mine is younger but it gets 10 hours solid use every day and never gives me problems
21:58:16bubba1getting ready to up it to 20GB I think 40Gb might be overkill for mp3 use
21:58:39tracktheripperwell unless u encode at 320kbs and insist on having every song under the sun on ur Jukebox
21:59:04bubba1My ears can't tell the diff.
21:59:16tracktheripperwhat rate do u encode at?
21:59:20tracktheripperI encode at 192kbs
22:00:06bubba1same here eac w/external lame 3.93
22:00:27tracktheripperI use Musicmatch with Fraunhofer codec
22:00:33TBoyI think VBR is better
22:00:40tracktheripperI don't like 128kbs as I can hear the compression artefacts
22:00:48tracktheripper192kb/s suits me perfectly
22:00:54TBoyor do you guys use vbr
22:01:02tracktheripperi hate VBR
22:01:09tracktheripperVBR gives me nothing but trouble
22:01:23bubba1I use VBR exclusively
22:01:42PsycoXulbubba1: me too
22:01:42bubba1Like I said NO ears left
22:02:11TBoywhat don't you like about vbr
22:02:12tracktheripperbut I feel VBR is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut
22:02:25tracktheripperAfter all theres no difference with CBR at 192kbs
22:02:30PsycoXulsure there is
22:02:44PsycoXulVBR gives best size to quality ratio
22:02:55 Join b0mBadIEr337 [0] (
22:02:59tracktheripperwell I like having constant file sizes with CBR
22:02:59b0mBadIEr337whats libmad?
22:03:01TBoyyep I do it because of the of the size : quality ratio
22:03:01xamI use lame −−alt-extreme ;)
22:03:11tracktheripperIve tried VBR and there is no difference to CBR
22:03:17PsycoXul192kbps isn't always enough
22:03:21xamgives you 220-280kb/s
22:03:24PsycoXulof course it depends on the kind of music you listen to
22:03:35PsycoXulsome stuff 128kbps CBR is enough
22:03:44tracktheripperIve compared 192kbs with WAV files and couldn't tell the difference
22:03:53xamPsycoXul if you are half-deaf, then yes
22:04:08PsycoXulb0mBadIEr337: mpeg audio player library, was only used for the simulator
22:04:18bubba1libmad I believe is an old library not used
22:04:42xamI can hear the difference between 160kb/s and 192kb/s - if I compare both and listen closely
22:05:00tracktheripperwell Ive compared 192kbs to WAV and couldn't tell the difference
22:05:05tracktheripperwhat can u say about that? ;)
22:05:09bubba1Will be talking , burning with a few audiophiles this eve I'll ask them
22:05:11PsycoXullike i said
22:05:15xambut I can't hear any differences above 192kb/s, and also not between 192kb/s and raw
22:05:17PsycoXulit depends on the content
22:05:21PsycoXuland also on your ears
22:05:21tracktheripperand im a die-hard super MP3 connesiour :-)
22:05:25PsycoXuland the device you're playing through
22:05:36PsycoXulhonestly i think my computer plays better than the archos
22:05:49PsycoXuldunno why
22:05:51b0mBadIEr337i can tell a diff tween wav and 192kbs
22:05:51PsycoXuljust sounds clearer
22:05:57PsycoXulbut like
22:06:02PsycoXulmetal or old rock
22:06:04b0mBadIEr337its pretty big
22:06:05tracktheripperwell im sure ur PC has a better sound card than the ARchos
22:06:08PsycoXul128kbps is probably fine
22:06:12b0mBadIEr337im out
22:06:16 Quit b0mBadIEr337 (Client Quit)
22:06:16PsycoXulodd complex stuff like NIN and Bjork
22:06:22PsycoXul192kbps can still give artifacts sometimes
22:06:35bubba1artifacts ????
22:06:46tracktheripperwell use Realizer and get WAV quality out of a 32kb/s mp3 file :-) heehee
22:06:48TBoyhey im from Iceland, just wanted to mention that since you mentioned Björk
22:06:58PsycoXuland tori amos...
22:07:05PsycoXuland Björk both
22:07:09PsycoXultheir vocals
22:07:16PsycoXulcan cut off certain ranges in 160 or 192
22:07:26xamPsycoXul it happened to me just twice that could make out a difference between 192kb and 256kb ... I've tested about 50 songs.
22:07:27PsycoXuland S-sounds get funky too
22:07:45bubba1160 or 192 Hz??
22:07:52PsycoXulno 160 or 192kbps
22:07:58xambut usually I really can't tell the difference
22:07:59TBoyhz?? why hz
22:08:08TBoydon't you mean kbit
22:09:18PsycoXuli've still got a couple things from Björk that're 160 and 192kbps and i can hear nastyness in S-sounds and some other misc sounds
22:10:01bubba1What does 160 - 192 kbps relate to in sound spectrum highs/lows ??
22:10:12xamPsycoXul 192kbs CBR, or VBR with average 192kbs ?
22:10:15bubba1Sorry I'm new to all this
22:10:17PsycoXulxam: CBR
22:10:28PsycoXulbubba1: if there is a direct relationship, i don't know what it is heh
22:10:37xamPsycoXul I can believe that
22:11:00PsycoXulyeah i personally use lame −−alt-preset standard for things i encode
22:11:18bubba1Is there a relationship between xxxkbps and a certain freq range Hx kHz
22:11:51xamPsycoXul I used lame −−alt-standart, which is about 180-220kbs, now I'm using lame −−alt-extreme, which is 220kbps- 280 kpbs
22:12:06PsycoXulyeah one of my friends likes to use extreme
22:12:29tracktheripperwell at the end u use what suits u best :-)
22:12:44PsycoXuli can't even fit all the stuff i've got on my 20G drive as it is
22:13:17xamPsycoXul well, nor can I. But I found a solution to fill the 20GB: mirror debian!
22:13:58tracktheripperIs 40Gb really necessary?
22:14:04tracktheripperif u are not gonna store data
22:14:08PsycoXulxam: no i mean i've got >20G
22:14:20PsycoXuli keep having to delete stuff to put new stuff on
22:14:25 Join Guest [0] (
22:14:41MTsame here
22:14:46tracktheripperPsyco just "downstep" your large MP3s into something smaller like 128kbs
22:14:46PsycoXuli've been looking at 40G's lately
22:14:52tracktheripperif u keep running out off room
22:15:02PsycoXultracktheripper: i'd rather delete them and copy them back on later
22:15:03MTwhere you form PsycoXul?
22:15:13PsycoXulMT: california
22:15:16MTah :)
22:15:22tracktheripperim from London
22:15:29MTno good me telling you cheap places in the uk to buy 60gb hds :)
22:15:37bubba1Ithaca New York
22:15:47Guesthello can anybody tell me how can i obtain a workig uisimulator source for jb player
22:15:50tracktheripperive put a 180Gb drive in mine :-)
22:15:51PsycoXulnot unless they have cheap international shipping :p
22:16:08MTtracktheripper: and there si no such thing as a 180Gb notebook hd
22:16:11PsycoXulbiggest 9.5mm drive i've seen is 60G
22:16:17tracktheripperlol i was joking :-)
22:16:18bubba1180Gb −− maker??
22:17:14tracktheripperMind you, it would be cool if there was one
22:17:48bubba1Maybe if they use just a little more "pixie dust"
22:18:11tracktheripperor squeeze in another platter
22:18:50 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
22:18:54tracktheripperThey could reduce the thickness of the platters to squeeze another one in
22:21:22bubba1ACK.. ACK... 4:20 gotta go
22:22:11 Quit bubba1 ("Leaving")
22:22:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:22:53xamtracktheripper use a hammer!
22:23:08tracktheripperwell look at the holographic drives!
22:23:24tracktheripper50Tb in something the size of a sugar cube!
22:24:18tracktheripper50Tb = 5,000 Gb
22:30:33PsycoXulwouldn't it actualy be 51200GB?
22:30:59PsycoXulor wait... those are probably hardware vendor numbers so it's probably units of 1000
22:32:00PsycoXulspeaking of contributing ideas...
22:32:07PsycoXulthe full-line player progressbar is neat
22:32:14PsycoXuli dunno if that's been incorporated into the CVS yet
22:32:38PsycoXulbut i think it'd be neater if you could customize it's mini-numeric display that it has in there too
22:32:55PsycoXulno reason it couldn't display track numbers, time elasped, time remaining, or whatever else you wanted and multiple ones at that
22:33:13PsycoXultracktheripper: somebody just said earlier today that they uploaded a patch for that
22:33:16PsycoXuli think
22:34:23PsycoXulit could also put the line at the top of the line or the bottom of the line depending on what you like and put the numeric displays on the opposite
22:42:18 Part sdbarker
22:43:06tracktheripperunloaded a patch for what?
22:44:40tracktheripperI can;t program so how can I upload patches?
22:45:30PsycoXulno they uploaded a patch not unloaded one :p
22:46:14PsycoXulthe person programmed the ability in, then made a patch that contains the difference between the normal source and their copy of the source with the new code
22:46:17PsycoXuland then uploaded that patch
22:46:24PsycoXuland to use it, you patch your source with it and recompile
22:47:05PsycoXuloften times people who submit patches also provide compiled versions with their changes
22:47:09PsycoXulas well
22:47:20PsycoXulso you should check the patch tracker and look at the entry for that patch and see if they did
22:47:24PsycoXulunless you do compile your own
22:47:30PsycoXuland have the patch utility
22:54:36 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:55:34 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:55:48tracktheripperI hate 56k modems
22:56:03PsycoXulbetter than 1400 baud modems
23:01:16 Quit xam ()
23:12:19 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
23:12:19 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12:24 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
23:12:36 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:12:41tracktheripperdam this modem
23:26:32 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|ZzZ (
23:26:50 Quit edx ()
23:32:56 Quit random1 ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.1.33 (b)) Gecko/20030210]")
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