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#rockbox log for 2003-03-05

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01:47:49NorrinHas anyone had a chance to look over the RSTATION.BIN file on the FM Recorders? Curious if it's possible to edit the file on the computer versus adding each station manually.
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02:07:18dvr-505anyone knows if the recording problem is solved????????
02:07:45dvr-505stops recordind at abou 63mb or 1h long........????????
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02:28:38LinusNdvr-505: yes, it seems to be solved
02:29:06LinusNtry the next daily build, or the bleeding edge
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03:03:36LuiThmm, well, I was just wondering whether anybody knows if there is gonna be some opensource firmware development for the Archos Multimedia
03:08:08elinenbeLuiT: probably not.
03:15:22LuiTdamn, that sux
03:15:32LuiTI just saw the requests being rejected on the webpage
03:15:58LuiTthe options on that thing will just be so much more! one could make it really incredible I think
03:16:24elinenbeyeah, well, Archos have made it much more difficult to hack.
03:16:46LuiThmmm, I will just have to start bugging the developers a bit with a few kickass ideas, maybe they will listen
03:16:56LuiTwhy would they do such a thing!
03:16:59elinenbebug Archos, not Rockbox.
03:17:04elinenbewe are quite busy.
03:17:07LuiTI think I might
03:17:15LuiThehe, I can imagine
03:17:17elinenbeIf Archos were to release more of the specs then things would happen
03:17:18LuiTwell, thanx anyway
03:17:28LuiTI might just bug them
03:17:48LuiTcause really, the fact that the other ones are so tweakable was one of the main reasons for me buying it
03:18:47LuiTwell, off to work with me, cheers
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03:23:22GuestI just downloaded and installed rockbox on my JukeBox 20 gig player. Before I put Rockbox, my tape adapter only played from 1 speaker (the right). After Rockbox it seems to work much better (both speakers and almost no background noise) Did you do somethng that would have this effect or am I dreaming?
03:30:12elinenbeGuest: this is true.
03:30:45elinenbeGuest: I used to use the jukebox in my car and there was an awful high pitched whine. With rockbox it is completly gone.
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04:46:00elinenbe_jzoss: hi there.
04:46:21elinenbe_jzoss: you did the ID3 patch −− right?
04:49:20jzossThanks for catching the missing patch file. It should be back up again. =)
04:50:30elinenbe_jzoss: I was wondering if you could add a nice feature to the patch :)
04:50:43jzossWhatcya lookin for?
04:50:46elinenbe_there are two things I think could improve it considerably.
04:52:29elinenbe_the option to choose between writing ID3 1 and ID3 2 tags.
04:52:49elinenbe_please do not erase already written tags
04:52:53jzossWhy would you only want one or the other?
04:53:25jzossYah, I wrote out the pseudocode to preserve already written tags, but it's kind of a pain to implement, so I didn't (yet)
04:53:46elinenbe_and last but not least... some sort of already implemented tags.
04:53:53elinenbe_like for artists save the last 5
04:54:11jzossYah, that last request was on my "limitations" list (I think)
04:54:56jzossBut why would you want to choose between id3v1 and id3v2 tags? I'm confused on that one....
04:55:16elinenbe_and you can either choose one of those or enter another...
04:55:22elinenbe_I like ID3 v2 tags.
04:55:36jzossCurrently, it always writes *both* id3v2 and id3v1 tags.
04:55:38elinenbe_I like the unlimited size of them.
04:55:41elinenbe_yeah I know.
04:56:04jzossYah, me too. So why would you not want the id3v1 tags? It's only 128 bytes, and helps compatability with old stuff and all...
04:57:18elinenbe_I guess. I have been removing htem from all my files.
04:57:29elinenbe_the recorder supports them, so why do I need to worry.
04:58:56jzossWell, I don't really know if it's worth it to remove id3v1 support. But I'm with you on the other 2 items. They're both on my todo list... it's just how long it takes to put those in place
04:59:20jzossBefore I do those, I'm making a new (quick) patch for customizable recording filenames
05:01:41elinenbe_no −− not remover ID3v1 support but make it an option in the options menu
05:01:58elinenbe_tag editing /id3v1/id3v2/id3v1&2
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05:02:42elinenbethat is odd, I downloaded the patch yesterday and compiled, and then it was gone today!
05:03:00jzossYou don't think that's overly excessive on the options? I mean, it doesn't *hurt* anything to have the extra tags around. {shrug}
05:03:10jzossYes, the disappearing patch thing was quite odd.
05:03:14elinenbewell, personally I am all for the options.
05:03:41jzossLesse what Zagor & Co think. They might just reject the patch flat-out. =)
05:03:41elinenbeI would rather have feature bloat through options and then the player becomes "your" player
05:04:06elinenbeI hate the wahy my friend has his recorder set up and he hates the way I have mine set up, but with rockbox, we are both happy!
05:04:22elinenbejzoss: usually well thought out patches are accepted.
05:04:36elinenbeI would give this one a good chance of being kept
05:06:27elinenbeI like it −− that is all that matters =)
05:06:30jzosswould you mind logging those requests as a comment under the patch to help me keep track? I'm always losing/forgetting stuff otherwise. =)
05:06:38elinenbeno problem.
05:12:52elinenbejzoss: updated the patch form.
05:13:41jzossthx again
05:15:31elinenbejzoss: is there anything else you are thinking about implementing?
05:16:12jzossother than the custom-recording-naming? Nothing right now. =) I gotta finish this work up, and then I'll be down for a little while; I'm upgrading my computer. =)
05:16:40elinenbegood luck with that. Last time I upgraded my laptop with a new processor and graphics card it was a pain in the ass.
05:16:57jzossheh. Desktop should be a bit easier than a laptop (hopefully)
05:17:08elinenbeyeah ;)
05:18:00elinenbeis custom recording name an option in the recording menu?
05:18:18jzossit will be
05:18:25elinenbethat's a GREAT idea.
05:18:49elinenbein my case I would always have it set to "Pimp Recording %date %time"
05:19:20jzossI'm thinking custom like sprintf or wps... where you specify %ti/%ar/%al for title/artist/album and %yr/%mo/%dy/%mn/%sc for timestamp stuff
05:19:33elinenbeoh −− that is such a nice idea
05:19:49elinenbeand you will be able to edit it on the rockbox?
05:20:04elinenbeI wish I could edit .wps (or text files for that matter) on the fly.
05:20:27jzossAnd you can use absolute paths (/recordings/%mn%sc.mp3) for centralized recordings or relative paths (%mn%sc.mp3) for local-directory recordings
05:20:43jzossYah, the plan is to just use the same keyboard entry as for id3-editing and file-renaming
05:20:43elinenbeand are you near completion on this −− it sounds awesome!
05:20:50jzossNah, just getting started.
05:21:03jzossBut it's not so tricky (in concept; we'll see about the details)
05:21:21elinenbenothing is too tricky (in concept)
05:21:28elinenbeI can write pseudocode all day long.
05:21:36elinenbebut actually programming is another issue!
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05:22:38jzossYah, but this stuff is pretty high-level. All (most?) of the tricky low-level stuff has already been done by Bjorn, Badger, Linus, & company
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05:25:41jzosswelcome back
05:25:46elinenbe_hi there.
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05:38:38elinenbe_hi Josh_
05:44:20elinenbe_rockbox: do you have a rock in your pocket?
05:45:11elinenbe_rockbox: it's better than breakfast
05:45:29jzosstell me you don't work for marketing. ;) j/k
05:45:35elinenbe_rockbox: what parents don't let kids try
05:45:55elinenbe_rockbox: you must be older than 15 or have parents consent
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05:46:16elinenbe_rockbox one: can be ejoyed by both men and women
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05:46:41elinenbe__seb_: you here?
05:48:12elinenbe_rockbox: America's biggest inner city problem in the past 10 years.
05:48:31 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:49:14elinenbe_Rockbox: Man's new best friend. Little, Blue, Powerful.
05:49:52elinenbe_Rockbox: Viagra can't touch this: Little. Blue. Powerful. Loud.
05:50:08Woody1Hi there, can anyone advise on how to get back to the archos firmware after installing rockbox? I read the FAQ about Rolo, but it wasn't clear.
05:50:34elinenbe_Woody1: delete the ajbrec.ajz (if you have a recorder)
05:50:45elinenbe_Woody1: or delete archos.mod (on a player)
05:50:47jzoss1) download archos firmware from website to archos (name something other than ajbrec.ajz) and "PLAY" from within rockbox
05:51:03jzoss2) or do like elinebe says and delete/rename ajbrec.ajz (and reboot)
05:51:18Woody1That seems kinda permanent. Is there a way to easily go back and forth so I can record when I need to?
05:51:38jzossOption 1) is easier for switching back and forth
05:52:00elinenbe_Woody1: get the latest daily build for the recorder (recording works)
05:52:01jzossIf you reboot, and your ajbrec.ajz is rockbox firmware, you'll always reboot into Rockbox
05:52:23jzossand, from rockbox, you can "play" archos firmware to revert for whatever you need it
05:53:04elinenbe_Woody1: jzoss and I are both correct, just choose whichever method you like best
05:53:04Woody1So I've actually replaced the archos firmware with Rockbox then?
05:53:25elinenbe_Woody1: yes, but the archos firmware is also built into the chip
05:53:54elinenbe_the archos firmware boots off the chip and then check to drive to see if there is another firmware that should be booted.
05:53:55jzossarchos firmware always resides in ROM and boots first. But, if you have an "ajbrec.ajz" (for recorder) file in the root directory, it'll boot into that firmware immediately on reboot (whether it's rockbox or archos)
05:54:17jzossheh. enlinenbe...I should just let you talk. =) You're doin a fine job. hehe
05:54:21elinenbe_you can never truly delete the archos firmware.
05:54:29elinenbe_jzoss: go program =)
05:54:48jzosspbbbt. :P That's what I'm doin! Stop crackin the whip. ;)
05:55:16jzosselinenbe_: whatdya think for custom rec format keys (%??):
05:55:39Woody1So when jzoss says "download the firmware from website to archose and rename" I am actually just downloading a reference of some sort
05:56:00jzossI could keep it like wps (%it, %ia, %id, etc) for consistency or use a new set (%ti, %ar, %al) for easier-to-remember.
05:56:25Woody1jzoss did not mispell "archos"
05:56:26jzossI'm voting for consistency, personally, to keep it less confusing. Besides, the "easy-to-remember" probably still aren't that easy. ;)
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05:57:14jzossWoody1: archos releases their own firmware updates (which you can download from their website).
05:57:52jzossIf you put these as /ajbrec.ajz, the default (hardcoded, undeleteable, always loads first) ROM firmware will load the new/improved/downloaded firmware when you reboot.
05:57:56elinenbe_Woody1: archos releases about 3-4 firmware updates per product
05:58:13elinenbe_Woody1: the last one the released for the recorder was maybe 18 months ago.
05:58:27Woody1I'm entering the Peace Corps soon; do y'all think the latest build that includes recording is reliable enough to be 'the one"
05:58:37jzossRockbox uses this same mechanism, but puts its own firmware in ajbrec.ajz, instead of an updated archos firmware. So the default/builtin/ROM archos firmware thinks its an "update" and loads it.
05:58:41elinenbe_well, when are you heading out?
05:58:56Woody1May 4th
05:59:00jzossI would download an archos firmware so you can easily switch back if needed.
05:59:14elinenbe_oh −− so much will happen between now and then with rockbox
05:59:30elinenbe_I would probably grab a daily build.
05:59:40elinenbe_if it is not to you rliking you can delete it from within rockbox.
05:59:45Woody1Will do. Thanks for the advice
06:00:06Woody1I don't like the Archos recording function anyway. I seem to lose files that I swear I was recording
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06:41:47elinenbe__jzoss: you still here?
06:41:57elinenbe__I have some comments about the patch.
06:41:58jzossbut (hopefully) not for long. =)
06:42:02jzossyah? what's up?
06:42:05elinenbe__well, this will be quick
06:42:20elinenbe__forget this ON+PLAY bullshit...
06:42:30elinenbe__if you are on a song in the browser then you hit menu
06:42:47elinenbe__the show ID3 info should be "show/edit ID3 info"
06:43:05jzossyah, that would work
06:43:11elinenbe__that would be more intuitive
06:43:15elinenbe__way more intuitive.
06:43:21jzossI just wanted to gropu it with the other file-level operations (rename & delete)
06:43:28elinenbe__I understand.
06:43:41elinenbe__those should work the same way too (at least I think)
06:43:50elinenbe__but the ID3 operation is already in the "main" menu
06:43:53jzossBut, yeah, since the "Edit ID3 Tag" is floating around in that menu anyway..
06:44:13jzossIt also doesn't do anything (currently) when not playing, so that'd fit nicely.
06:44:33jzossWhen stopped, menu entry does edit of currently-selected file.
06:44:37elinenbe__I also keep trying to hit play to edit the files.
06:44:43jzossWhen playing, menu entry does display of currently-playing file
06:44:56jzossI like that. I'll change that sometime soon. =)
06:44:57elinenbe__jzoss: yeah −− that sounds awesome.
06:45:12elinenbe__I mean I keep hitting play to edit the tag.
06:45:23jzossRight. I understood
06:45:24elinenbe__I think it would be nicer to hit PLAY insted of RIGHT.
06:45:30elinenbe__that is just my preference though.
06:45:44jzossYah, but play is already the queue-ing function while playing
06:45:47elinenbe__year should start at current year −− not 1900!
06:45:53jzossSo that's why I didn't wanna pick that.
06:46:00elinenbe__jzoss: yeah.
06:46:22elinenbe__I really do like the new ID3 browser though −− much nicer :)
06:46:24jzossAnd it defaults to 1900, 'cause it actually defaults to zero; which is out of range in the integer-UI, which auto-sets out-of-range values to min/max
06:46:41jzossI didn't much like the default unentered-to-1900 either. ;)
06:46:53elinenbe__maybe implement other tags (lyrics, picture viewer, comment) :)
06:47:04elinenbe__actually comment I think would be nice.
06:47:08jzossdork. 'Cause a picture-viewer is trivial and all. ;)
06:47:25elinenbe__comment is standard ID3v1 and ID3v2
06:47:26jzossMaybe I'll do synchronized karaoke lyrics while I'm at it.
06:47:45elinenbe__many of my tags have pictures embedded.
06:47:47jzossYah, I know. I haven't looked at the text editor much, so I don't know how tricky it'd be to shoehorn into that
06:47:48elinenbe__howeve rthey are jpegs
06:48:02elinenbe__now, there is already code in rockbox for bmps.
06:48:11elinenbe__that would not be too hard.
06:48:18elinenbe__any value over 128 goes black
06:48:21jzossHeh. So you say....
06:48:28elinenbe__any value under goes white.
06:48:34elinenbe__well, easy on paper. :)
06:48:35jzossParsing the bmp data from ID3v2 is non-trivial
06:49:15elinenbe__the problem is a picutre embedded in a ID3v2 tag can be a bmp, jpg, gif (maybe?)
06:49:31jzossyah, I forget what the spec says
06:49:31elinenbe__displaying a jpg would be a hell of a lot harder.
06:49:44elinenbe__the specs go on for years for ID3v2.3
06:49:52elinenbe__you can include channel aplification.
06:50:43elinenbe__I am looking at and ID3v2 4.0 was just released
06:51:04jzossyah. The specs are @
06:51:16elinenbe__the specs go on for years
06:51:21jzossI write id3v2.3, because the year-tag is more sensable.
06:51:26elinenbe__ 4.3.1 WOAF Official audio file webpage
06:51:26elinenbe__ 4.3.1 WOAR Official artist/performer webpage
06:51:26elinenbe__ 4.3.1 WOAS Official audio source webpage
06:51:26DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe__
06:51:26elinenbe__ 4.3.1 WORS Official Internet radio station homepage
06:51:40jzossid3v2.4 uses full timestamp. id3v2.3 uses plain-ol-year.
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.2 TOPE Original artist(s)/performer(s)
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.4 TOWN File owner/licensee
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.2 TPE1 Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.2 TPE2 Band/orchestra/accompaniment
06:51:48***Alert Mode level 1
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.2 TPE3 Conductor/performer refinement
06:51:48***Alert Mode level 2
06:51:48elinenbe__ 4.2.2 TPE4 Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by
06:52:03elinenbe__too much −− it is complete, but 99.99% of the stuff will NEVER be used.
06:52:04jzossYup. But we use TPE1: artist. =)
06:52:23elinenbe__that was not meant to be copy pasted!
06:52:46jzosswhat's up with the suffixed "_"s on your name? They're growing. lol
06:53:05elinenbe__it keeps saying elinenbe is in use?
06:53:08elinenbe__who knows.
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06:53:11jzosshmmm.. odd
06:53:20jzossone down, one to go. ;)
06:53:26elinenbe_I can't use elinenbe though? I don't know why.
06:53:53elinenbe_my internet has been shady the past few days −− it goes down for about 1 minute every 1:45 −− it is quite a pain in the ass.
06:54:08elinenbe_I don't know if it is the router or the cable modem, but it is annyoning.
06:54:19elinenbe_well, the patch is looking very nice.
06:54:33jzossyuck. I upgraded my dhcp-client under linux (accidently...dang dselect) and broke my internet for a while. It'd go down every minute. =)
06:54:35elinenbe_I can't wait to see what else you come up with. =)
06:54:47jzossI reverted to the old version and now it's doin a little better. heh
06:54:53elinenbe_I'm on windows here.
06:55:02elinenbe_my laptop is windows.
06:55:08elinenbe_my desktop is linux.
06:55:13jzossYah, I couldn't get cygwin's sh1 compiler to work, so I'm doin this development under linux
06:55:18jzossI usually run windows
06:55:34elinenbe_okay −− I am heading to bed. It is 5:56 am here.
06:55:44elinenbe_I mean 12:57 −− I'm in NYC
06:55:48elinenbe_! =)
06:55:56jzossI'm in TX.
06:56:00jzossSo I'm sleeping soon, too.
06:56:07elinenbe_hopefully not San Antonio!
06:56:22jzosswhy not San Antonio?
06:56:50elinenbe_I am just kidding. I knew that −− I saw the log from Lyeasterday on the site.
06:56:56jzossheh. dork.
06:57:09jzossTalk to ya tomorrow. Good ideas on the patch. Thanks for your help
06:57:17elinenbe_well, remember to attach the pach again.
06:57:22elinenbe_and tell sourceforge not to lose it.
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06:57:30***Alert Mode level 4
07:07:31***Alert Mode OFF
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08:31:33 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:12:29 Part Zagor
09:12:51 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:22:45 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
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09:40:28dwihno - the world has gone extra mongo today ;)
10:00:13TBoyalittle bit more mongo has never hurt any1 :D
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10:25:18Bagderrockbox on Neo would rock
10:25:28Bagdereven more
10:27:34 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:27:38quelsarukmorning to all
10:27:48Bagderhi quelsaruk
10:29:58Zagoryeah, it would be cool to have rockbox on a non-archos
10:31:17Bagderit would be a major step in the project
10:32:13quelsarukwhat kind of non-archos?
10:33:20Bagder"I'm trying to port Rockbox to another very similar player, the NEO Jukebox"
10:33:29BagderJosh Nisly posted on the list
10:34:11quelsaruki haven't read mails today :)
10:43:40TBoyyep that would be kwl
11:03:37 Quit TBoy ()
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11:21:57tracktheripperHi Badger
11:21:59tracktheripperhow r u?
11:23:00Bagdersufficiently loaded with things to do
11:23:25tracktheripperBadger can the Archos write .txt files as well as read them?
11:23:34Bagderthe Archos?
11:23:35tracktheripperive seen a couple of requests with reference to that
11:23:52BagderI don't understand your question
11:23:56quelsarukhe want to say "rockbox"
11:24:09quelsarukcan rockbox write text files?
11:24:12tracktheripperyou know .txt files written in Notepad? The Archos can read them
11:24:13Bagderyes, we have support for writing files
11:24:29CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 6 minutes and 4 seconds at the last flood
11:24:29*quelsaruk using tracktheripper−−> english translator
11:24:42quelsaruki'm using a "tracktheripper−−> english" translator ;)
11:24:54quelsarukmade by miself
11:24:57tracktheripperQuelsaruk, shut up :-)
11:25:52tracktheripperI mean Badger, just wondered if something basic like a shopping list or address be typed on the Archos and saved as .txt file
11:25:59tracktherippersaves running Notepad
11:26:26Bagderwe have no notepad app, no
11:26:33Bagderfeel free to write one
11:26:46tracktheripperif I could program I would, but I only learnt BASIC
11:27:04Bagderah, that's close enough to C ;-)
11:27:27tracktheripperI could program my old Amstrad to draw a circle and colour it red :-)
11:28:41tracktheripperIm off to make a cup of tea who would like one? Badger, Quelsaruk, Zagor?
11:28:57Bagderno thanks, soon time for lunch here
11:29:04tracktheripperok ;-)
11:29:08quelsarukwell it's coffee time here
11:29:13quelsaruki want one...
11:29:18tracktheripperwell I'll make u a coffee then
11:29:23tracktheripperbe right back :-)
11:29:31quelsaruki'm not one of *those* strange swedish people
11:29:35tracktheripper<−−- Stepped out to the coffee machine
11:32:24tracktheripperthere u go Quel
11:32:46quelsarukthx :)
11:33:16tracktheripperWhat do u think of Screen Invert now its implemented?
11:36:35 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
11:36:58tracktheripper((gives quel|coffee a slap :-) ))
11:42:04tracktheripperAny possible future additions to Rockbox?
11:44:31Bagderany possible?
11:44:50Bagderabout one bazillion features are possible
11:45:17tracktheripperok ok calm down Bagder! was only a civil question!
11:45:35*Bagder is calm as a cold fish
12:03:33 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:09:37 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
12:09:39quelsaruki'm back
12:16:52 Join hoemma [0] (
12:22:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:23:35 Quit quelsaruk ("rebooting")
12:31:09 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:38:41 Quit hoemma (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:37:28 Join hoemma [0] (
13:39:02hoemmawhat is there left that linus wants to rewrite before V2.0?
13:39:59 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
13:40:36Bagderhe has a mpeg thread rewrite pending
13:41:16hoemmawhat for? Clean up?
13:41:31Bagderfor functionality
13:42:07Bagdervbri support, better recorder and proper dynamic watermark stuff
13:42:45*hoemma searches for webmaster
13:42:50hoemma(webmaster, could you pleas register this unregistered jIRC applet?) :)
13:43:31Bagderyou're using a java applet on a web site
13:43:46hoemmaI know. Just kidding.
13:44:11*Bagder can't recognize jokes
13:44:14hoemmaWith each line I send I'm told to ask webmaster.
13:44:34Bagderso get a proper client instead
13:44:50hoemmaYes, that's the way to go
13:48:49 Quit hoemma ("Leaving")
13:49:05 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:22:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:25:21 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
14:33:52 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
14:43:31dwihnoZagor: To quote you:
14:43:32dwihnoHey, we could even stop saving config data in the hidden sector and only save
14:43:32dwihnoin nicely written and readable .cfg files...
14:43:42dwihnoI agree fully
14:43:46dwihnoIt's a nicer idea
14:43:54Zagoractually, that was bagder :-)
14:43:57*dwihno thinks about the brightness issue, for instance
14:44:00dwihnoWas it?
14:44:11Zagorhow will that affect brightness?
14:44:16dwihnoZag, Bag, shit same, different (first) name ;)
14:44:27dwihnoLet's say you get pitch black
14:44:27langhaarrockerdoesn't make the idea less nice.
14:44:30dwihnoYou connect it to your computer
14:44:42dwihnoYou change the brightness to 30
14:44:44dwihnoyou disconnect
14:45:06dwihnoPerhaps easier than remembering the "up-down-left-up-up-down-bounce" button combination
14:45:20dwihnoWell, you catch my drift
14:45:31dwihnoI think keeping the settings in a .cfg is much better
14:46:02Bagdersurprise surprise, so do I ;-)
14:46:16dwihnoHey, we actually agree on something! ;D
14:46:21BagderI've been meaning to write that code for a month or so
14:46:32dwihnoHow about that inverted cursor now? ;)
14:46:46Zagordwihno: do you have the patch ready?
14:53:15dwihnoZagor: Hehu! ;D
14:57:49 Nick elinenbe|zzzz is now known as elinenbe (
14:57:49DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
14:59:10 Nick TBoy is now known as TBoy|zzz (~xxx@
15:02:29 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:10:03TBoy|zzzis it possible to recieve am with the fm recorder
15:10:16ZagorTBoy|zzz: maybe
15:10:51TBoy|zzzok just wanted to ask
15:11:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:11:11*TBoy|zzz slaps TBoy|zzz around a bit with a large trout
15:11:50 Nick TBoy|zzz is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
15:16:44 Quit Snorlax|ZzZ ()
15:21:05dwihnoIs it possible to receive space alien signals?
15:21:14dwihnoAnd use the SH-1 to decode SETI stuff? :)
15:21:34Zagorsure it is!
15:21:59TBoyyeah we have to implement that
15:22:22TBoycan we also make it make donuts and coffee
15:22:48TBoythan I would use it as a portable breakfast mashine
15:23:32langhaarrockerI think we should patch the fm recorder into an fm transmitter. There should be _good_ music everywhere.
15:24:40TBoyyep that would be cool but would require hardware mod if I'm right
15:26:04langhaarrockerMaybe the MAS specs would be sufficiant. I was so surprized about this all-in-one chip when I read the specs that it wouldn't surprise me if it could transmit fm, too.
15:26:43Zagorlanghaarrocker: the MAS? what was surprising?
15:26:59TBoyhey langhaarrocker ich geh' mal davon aus das du deutsch kannst
15:27:00dwihnoDal-MAS (probably the GUNDE instruction set) ;)
15:28:10langhaarrockerZagor: All the things it can do. With dc/dc converters, and headphone amplifier, eq filters, da/ad. We use it now every day and still I think it is a technical miracle.
15:28:10langhaarrockerTBoy: jau
15:28:33*TBoy gefällt das
15:29:15dwihnoSie mussen niemals vergessen, das diesen channel englisch ist ;D
15:29:37*TBoy denkt aber das wir eine für alle verständliche sprache benutzen mussen
15:29:59langhaarrockerdoesn't seem to be that important when I see you type german.
15:30:12TBoyjust fun
15:30:19TBoyI'M an american myself
15:31:43langhaarrockerHere in germany we tend to think: "Amerikaner sind köstlich!"
15:32:32TBoyyep I think they are köstlich, especially me
15:33:44langhaarrocker?! Does that mean you're made from pastry and iced with sugar? :)
15:34:02TBoyyep thats me,
15:35:07*TBoy takes a bit of himself and serves his family and friends
15:35:13langhaarrockerHow old are you? Are you still fresh? :)
15:37:29TBoyyep a fresh prince, but has let some female germans test
15:37:48TBoyok this is getting out of hands so lets start talkin about rockbox
15:40:25TBoyhey zag, bag would you guys say somthing in swedish to see if I would understand it since I can talk Icelandic
15:40:41TBoyjust for fun since nothin' is happening here anyway
15:42:19Zagorjag tror inte du förstår vad jag säger
15:42:46TBoyi dont believe that you can understand what I am saying
15:42:50TBoyis that right
15:42:51Zagorwooo, nice
15:43:08Zagorhow come you understand icelandic? are you from there?
15:43:27TBoywell yep half ice, half can
15:43:46langhaarrockerice-can? can of ice?
15:43:47TBoyI lived there for 12 years
15:43:57TBoyno icelandic - american
15:44:42TBoyit was just a joke
15:44:46 Join Snorlax|ZzZ [0] (
15:44:55TBoyice landic - ameri can
15:44:56 Nick Snorlax|ZzZ is now known as Snorlax (
15:44:57TBoyget it
15:44:59Zagori've been there for like 24hrs once. :-)
15:45:20langhaarrocker24 hours day or 24 hours night? :)
15:45:24TBoywere you flying to or from america
15:45:38TBoybut only in the summer
15:45:51TBoyor why did you stay there
15:46:17ZagorTBoy: yeah. i think it was on the way home. i extended the layover a bit and did a tour around the place.
15:46:49TBoyohh yep I wish I would still be there, since I moved to germany 1998
15:48:25TBoywell what do you think or what is the Mas capable to do
15:49:04langhaarrockerwouldn't surprise me if it transmitted fm, too. :)
15:49:26 Join bubba1 [0] (
15:54:24 Quit bubba1 ("Leaving")
15:55:03langhaarrockerNär jag inte lika käx få, då bita jag inne om matta!
15:55:03langhaarrockerDoes that make any sense?
15:55:23Zagorlanghaarrocker: only very little :-)
15:58:31 Join bu88a1 [0] (
16:00:09bu88a1Will have a spare 6GB drive after thur. upgrading to 40GB..... donate to rockbox? who?
16:04:30langhaarrockernah, keep the 6GB and donate the 40GB :)
16:05:43Zagorbu88a1: thanks for the thought, but we've got disks enough
16:09:34 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:09:42dwihnoquelsaruk! muy hombre ;D
16:10:03quelsarukthat doesn't sound too good ;)
16:10:28dwihnoI just thought it might sound a bit funky ;)
16:11:17quelsaruki think it has a meaning that differs from what you wanted to say :)
16:11:53*langhaarrocker smells goats
16:12:01quelsaruki cleaned the stable!!
16:14:41 Part Zagor
16:14:55 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:15:19 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:22:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:31:21Zagoranyone a css guru here?
16:31:57*langhaarrocker is no guru but wants to know where to buy a sitar
16:33:16dwihnoZagor: what you wanna' do?
16:34:19Zagordwihno: find out why the heck the two column <div>s don't work ok on this page:
16:35:03Zagorin opera6, the page gets wider than the screen. in msie5, they're displayed on top of each other!
16:35:54Zagoropera7 gets them on top of each other too, so I'm doing something wrong
16:36:53quelsarukZagor: in ie6 it looks good
16:37:05quelsarukif that helps you :)
16:37:20Zagorare "idén" and "vanliga frågor" two columns beside each other?
16:38:13quelsarukno, iden is up and vanliga is below iden
16:38:19quelsarukshould it be the other way?
16:38:30Zagorthey should be in a left and a right column
16:38:41quelsarukimho it looks good as it is now
16:38:51Zagorwrong answer :-)
16:40:01quelsarukanyway.. it looks better than in opera7
16:42:23 Quit bu88a1 ("Leaving")
16:42:40 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:43:54 Quit TBoy ()
16:44:40langhaarrockerZagor: have you tried to set the widths to 50% instead of auto?
16:44:59Zagorlanghaarrocker: the auto was just a test. I don't want enforced width at all.
16:45:45quelsarukwell.. trying 50% will give you another point of reference
16:46:22quelsarukwhen everything seems to be ok and it doesn't work, you must try weird or nonsense things
16:46:56langhaarrockerFor me it usually is try - error -try -error -give up
16:46:57 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
16:47:20dwihnoZagor: you are young grasshopper
16:47:32quelsaruklanghaarrocker: me too ;)
16:47:47quelsarukbut i try again 2 days later
16:48:03langhaarrockerI'd have thought you sacrifice some goats in between.
16:48:21quelsarukof course
16:48:27quelsarukbut that's my secret
16:48:30quelsarukor was..
16:49:21langhaarrockerZagor: Why do you avoid tables to get 2-column text?
16:50:05Zagorto get a better display with non-css browser
16:50:28dwihnoare there such stuff nowadays? ;)
16:51:37langhaarrockerZagor: like if it doesn't css you have things vertically instead of horizontally?
16:52:04Zagorthink pda browsers etc.
16:52:33dwihnoZagor: how many % of your visitors are using such browsers? 0.003%? :)
16:52:35langhaarrockerquelsaruk: how does zagors page look on the s55?
16:52:57Zagordwihno: that's not the point. i want to do it right.
16:53:49quelsaruklanghaarrocker: really good ;) but still one above the other
16:54:19quelsarukZagor is being as "cabezon" as always ;)
16:54:47dwihnolike calzone, but with tortillas ;)
16:55:37quelsaruka cabezon is a person that has a point of view and never says: "ok, you were right... "
16:57:56langhaarrockerZagor: if you want to do the html really right I think you should use &auml; instead of ä... :)
16:58:56Zagorlanghaarrocker: not necessary, since I send content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
16:59:23*langhaarrocker learned something new
16:59:24Zagorquelsaruk: actually I take pride in admitting mistakes. I just don't want to settle for a non-optimal solution without good reason
17:01:27 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:05:36 Join edx [0] (
17:06:18 Join bu88a1 [0] (
17:06:29quelsarukZagor: i was just kidding, i'm a really cabezota man :)
17:06:51bu88a1Help CVS anonymous login password = ??
17:07:00Zagorbu88a1: nothing. just press return
17:07:42bu88a1I get "cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Connect"
17:08:09langhaarrockercvs is flaky sometimes. retry.
17:08:20bu88a1ok thanks
17:10:01 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
17:31:16Zagorseems I have to use a fixed % width. oh well.
17:31:23Zagorgotta go. see you guys!
17:31:26 Part Zagor
17:36:17 Join bu88a1 [0] (
17:37:05bu88a1Help !! w/cvs checkout - 2401 failed: Connection refused
17:39:14quelsarukcvs server seems to be on-line (at least for me)
17:39:25quelsarukare you sure you have logged in correctly?
17:39:45bu88a1anonymous- password <blank>
17:40:13langhaarrockerI don't have cvs connection right now
17:40:44quelsarukthat should work
17:41:39bu88a1any firewall issues maybe??
17:41:39langhaarrockernow it works again for me. -> shaky
17:42:27quelsaruki dunno
17:42:55bu88a1Connection refused net 2401: 2401 = port # ???
17:44:14 Quit bu88a1 ("Leaving")
17:46:17DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
17:46:17langhaarrocker,992401 is the standard cvs port. It may be that your firewall blocks it.,99
17:46:26langhaarrockeroh, he's offline.
17:49:03 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:22:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:27:47 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:27:48 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:23 Quit TotMacher ()
18:59:34 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:59:40 Part TBoy
19:00:34 Join edx [0] (
19:53:21 Join bu88a1 [0] (
19:58:12 Join Kamayaka [0] (
19:59:43quelsaruklanghaarrocker: dou you want a goat to play with, this way you will not get asleep ;)
20:00:30langhaarrockerI'd prefer to play with something that gets angry if I called her goat ....
20:01:20quelsaruka S55?
20:01:51CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:01:51*langhaarrocker shouts "goat" at my mobile phone
20:02:01langhaarrockerNope. Doesn't get angry.
20:03:59quelsarukmine does
20:04:35langhaarrockermaybe you shouldn't use that word for voice-dialling your girlfriend. :)
20:05:40 Quit bu88a1 ("Leaving")
20:09:07quelsaruki'm getting crazy today
20:09:40quelsaruklinux is meant to be free, at least that was the original idea, why can't you get suse distro for free??
20:10:57langhaarrockerI need a professional multitrack program as motivation to look at linux again.
20:11:09PsycoXullanghaarrocker: ardour
20:11:22adi|workquelsaruk: its simple...
20:11:25langhaarrockerlooks promising but not ripe yet
20:11:31adi|workyou are paying for the media it is getting sent to you on.
20:11:34PsycoXullanghaarrocker: yeah i think you're probably right
20:11:41adi|workim fairly sure you can still download iso's for free
20:11:46PsycoXullast time i tried it it crashed a lot
20:11:57PsycoXulbutt it wasn't a big problem since it didn't lose much/anything when it crashed
20:12:33langhaarrockerI want something that challenges Logic Audio or Pro Tools :)
20:17:33langhaarrockerOh: I'm mixing things up. I looked at audacity (
20:17:33langhaarrockerArdour is the next proggie to try.
20:22:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:25:22PsycoXuli don't think i've tried audacity at least for a while
20:28:01langhaarrockerPsycoXul: Which multitrack software do you use?
20:31:26PsycoXuli haven't used much
20:31:31PsycoXuli've done like 1 thing
20:31:38PsycoXuland i used ecasound and tkeca for that
20:31:46PsycoXultkeca doesn't do envelopes though
20:31:56PsycoXulbut i couldn't figure out how to make ardour do envelopes either, though i know it can
20:33:32langhaarrockeraudacity can - but I found only volume curves. I want to have curves for pan, fx-parameters - everything.
20:33:51PsycoXulif you wanna hear the 1 thing i did
20:33:59PsycoXullanghaarrocker: yeah i mainly want panning envelopes
20:34:10PsycoXulfx parameters would be nice too
20:34:20*langhaarrocker is downloading
20:34:31PsycoXulbe warned, it's odd :p
20:35:29langhaarrockerhave a look at if you're interested at our stuff...
20:36:01PsycoXulgoddamnit... i think my soundcard's dying or something
20:36:14PsycoXulit keeps having problems not playing through the right channel
20:36:21PsycoXulfirst with mono now it's doing it with stereo stuff too
20:36:22langhaarrockerBut not from our music I hope :)
20:36:44Kamayakapsyo... check the plug if it really fits in tight
20:37:24langhaarrockerPsycoXul: do I have to reverse the song manually? :)
20:37:45PsycoXulit's not the plug heh
20:37:56PsycoXulif i mess around with the mixer it sorta fixes it
20:38:16PsycoXullanghaarrocker: heh
20:38:17 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
20:38:23PsycoXullanghaarrocker: i made it to be the reversed of what that is
20:38:28PsycoXullanghaarrocker: but it ended up sounding better backwards
20:38:31PsycoXullanghaarrocker: heh
20:38:42PsycoXullanghaarrocker: so what that is sounds better i think
20:38:59 Join bu88a1 [0] (
20:39:49bu88a1earlier problem w/connection refused 2401 was our firewall...
20:39:51langhaarrockerour vocalist always makes me play her voice backwards for inspiration purposes
20:40:31langhaarrockerbu88a1: are you getting through now?
20:41:14PsycoXulgrr i was gonna try to see if the kernel drivers instead of alsa worked any better
20:41:20PsycoXuland it won't even load at all any more
20:41:34PsycoXulit makes a clicking sound when i try to modprobe it
20:41:36PsycoXulbut says
20:41:37PsycoXul/lib/modules/2.4.18-xfs/kernel/drivers/sound/emu10k1/emu10k1.o: init_module: No such device
20:41:40PsycoXulHint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters
20:42:09bu88a1I'm still waiting on IT to turn on the switch
20:45:00PsycoXulgod i wish aureal vortex would somehow get supported
20:45:07PsycoXulthen i'd just throw that unused turtle beach montego in here
20:45:38langhaarrockerI still have an ancient turtle beach tropez around somewhere :)
20:59:34 Quit bu88a1 ("Leaving")
21:15:32Kamayakamy last 8mb cvs release was broken (i noticed after listening to it, first i only looked if it worked itself) music stops after 2-3 seconds. recorder goes on as if nothing has happend...
21:15:56Kamayakaanybody having a actual working cvs release for the 8mb mod, my last working is from beginning of februar
21:16:26quelsaruki can build one for you if you want
21:16:43quelsarukbut i dunno if it works or not
21:16:53quelsaruki don't have the 8mb mod
21:18:47quelsaruktime to go home!
21:18:50quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:19:49Kamayakahaning on the phone :\
21:20:09Kamayakacan you build me one right now ? :)
21:20:25*Kamayaka hugs quelsaruk
21:21:08quelsarukwith or without games and demos?
21:21:09Kamayakanot the fm one
21:21:15Kamayakaeverything (8mb:))
21:21:24quelsarukenglish language?
21:21:46quelsaruki hope german is updated
21:22:01 Join random1 [0] (
21:22:18 Part langhaarrocker
21:22:26Kamayakadcc ?
21:23:27Kamayakaquelsaruk from the actual cvs ?
21:25:14Kamayakacool :) im going to check that and report tomorrow
21:25:20random1Hello.. has anyone noticed distortion at high volumes on the recent daily builds? My previous daily (~3 wks old) sounded great but I'm hearing distortion on yesterday's build on my FM rec.
21:25:42quelsarukget the dcc pliz
21:25:53 Join matsl [0] (
21:26:04Kamayakago on
21:26:19Kamayakamirc reenabled file rejection
21:26:59Kamayakathanx (needa go drinking some beer :))
21:27:18quelsaruki'm going to have one right now ;)
21:27:26quelsarukthat's why i'm leaving :P
21:27:57quelsarukcu another day!
21:28:07 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:56:57 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:00:21 Join Triple-z [0] (~Mp3@
22:09:54 Join Zagor [242] (
22:17:15adi|workhey zagor
22:17:49random1anyone noticing audio distortion at high volumes on recent nightlies?
22:18:44Zagorrandom1: can't say I have
22:21:22 Join bronson [0] (
22:21:32adi|workwhat is the deal with replicating messages?
22:21:57adi|workor is it just that im on the sourceforge mailing list
22:22:05adi|workand is the rockbox mirror?
22:22:13adi|workyup.. nm.. thats it
22:22:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:27:21adi|workokay.. how the hell do i turn off sourceforge sending me this damn mail...
22:30:51 Join Bagder [241] (
22:31:13Zagoradi|work: unsubscribe from the rockbox-sf list
22:34:10 Join Triple-X [0] (~Mp3@
22:34:10 Quit Triple-z (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:35:28Bagderall those Qs for where the FM option is are amusing
22:37:33bronsonHi, guys. I'm running the daily build from a few days ago on my Recorder.
22:37:36bronsonIt's beautiful!!!!
22:37:42bronsonHowever, there's one feature I miss...
22:37:47bronsonHow do I delete files?
22:38:07bronsonI tried that.
22:38:11bronsonIt's not working for me...?
22:38:25Bagderwhat happened?
22:39:24bronsonNothing. It just ignores me
22:39:35bronsonActually, I think I know what's happening...
22:39:35Bagderwhen in the dir browser?
22:40:01bronsonI'm running that other guy's build right now... Whasshizname...
22:40:21bronsonSo, it's the daily build plus all his patches.
22:40:29bronsonHe might have somehow disabled delete.
22:40:43Bagderyou should try a "clean" daily-build first
22:42:41bronsonAgreed. I'll give that a whirl.
22:43:24Bagderno problems
22:46:27bronsonJoaquim Carvalho is the guy's name. :)
22:46:49Bagderwell, he likes to move around the keys so it doesn't surprise me
23:13:01bronsonOK, I downloaded the latest daily build and it works.
23:13:11bronsonSo, yep, that was it.
23:13:20bronsonI forgot that I was running his software. :)
23:16:06 Quit random1 ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.1.33 (b)) Gecko/20030210]")
23:16:46BagderZagor: imho, we should reconsider the 2.0 release plans again
23:17:30Zagorin what aspect?
23:17:44Bagderto push harder to get it out the door
23:18:03Zagoryeah. well recording is useless until Linus' code is ready.
23:18:28Zagorok, not exactly useless but embarassinly poor
23:18:43BagderI wasn't aware it was that bad
23:19:10Zagorwe can't handle our own recordings properly. it's not very nice.
23:19:18Zagortime display is all wrogs
23:21:14bronsonQuick question... Does the .rockbox directory contain anything that an English-speaking, default-font-and-WPS-using Rockbox listener would need?
23:21:27Zagorbronson: no
23:21:33bronsonThanks. ;)
23:21:47Bagderit might if you use the queuing
23:21:52Zagorah, right
23:21:57Bagderor rather, queueing might fail otherwise
23:23:05 Join JorisH [0] (
23:24:08JorisHanyone here?
23:24:22JorisHoh, just playing dead
23:24:53Bagderdevelopment actually suffers from being active on IRC ;-)
23:25:17JorisHAh, but my question is: what's a good to guide to C programming
23:26:09JorisHI speak several languages, including different assemblers, but never had to start with C
23:26:41BagderI personally can't mention any specific
23:27:34JorisHby the looks of it, it's a good place to start. Thanks.
23:27:59Bagdergood luck!
23:28:29Bagder"Thou shalt not follow the NULL pointer, for chaos and madness await thee at its end."
23:28:52JorisHI've come across those, yeah. LOL!
23:29:41JorisHBTW, don't be surprised if I will actually start contributing to Rockbox
23:29:56Bagderyou'll be very welcome
23:30:07JorisHI no one picks it up, I'll be looking into the MDB feature
23:30:14JorisHI = If
23:30:26 Quit edx ()
23:30:35Bagderthat idea has been idling for quite a while
23:31:11JorisHno sh*t! I couldn't find anything about it
23:32:09 Part Triple-X
23:35:30 Quit Kamayaka ()
23:35:47Bagder41 pages!!
23:35:57Bagder(Alexandre's docs)
23:36:20JorisHObviously I didn't look hard enough
23:36:21 Join Norrin [0] (
23:38:17NorrinIs there a way to edit the RSTATION.BIN on the computer versus manually adding each station via the FM Recorder? Thanks in advance.
23:38:35BagderJorisH: there was a guy months about that started working on it and we discussed it on IRC etc
23:38:52BagderNorrin: that's not rockbox ;-)
23:39:01ZagorNorrin: that's an archos issue. we don't support the radio yet (and know very little about the archos firmware functions)
23:39:58Bagderand no, we would never use such a hideous format
23:40:13Zagor"I'm still writing the documentation (41 pages right now :) )"
23:40:32ZagorI hope it's good :-)
23:40:43NorrinOkay, thanks. I use the Rockbox firmware on it, easier to read and manipulate. You would of though a simple txt file would have worked.
23:40:44Bagderit'll get quite a number of eyes
23:40:55JorisHBagder: where can I find Alexandre's docs?
23:41:04ZagorJorisH: he hasn't published it yet
23:41:15Bagder"I will soon have something I could show without being ashamed :)"
23:41:19Bagderhe said
23:41:33JorisHI see. Not really "open source" is it? ;-)
23:41:49Bagderit'll be
23:41:59Bagdereverything is hidden until shown the first time
23:42:17JorisHReally ;-)
23:42:40*Bagder likes stating the obvious
23:42:59JorisHThen we have something in common!
23:43:10JorisHHacker humor...
23:48:34*Bagder commits
23:49:23*JorisH can't follow
23:49:32Bagderto CVS

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