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#rockbox log for 2003-03-07

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01:20:54jzosshiya, track
01:24:20tracktheripperhow u doing Jzoss?
01:24:22tracktheripperdidnt see u here :)
01:24:34jzossI wasn't there (here?) for a while. =)
01:25:03tracktheripperSomeone sent a dupe of my request "Reshuffle when playlist repeats"
01:25:29jzosswhoops! There's a lot of requests, so sometimes it's easy to overlook something. =)
01:26:59tracktheripperwheres your ID3 tag editor jzoss?
01:27:09jzossIt's in the patch section
01:27:25tracktheripperwhen is it gonna be inplementied?
01:27:36jzossThe one that's up there is buggy, though. If you run that version, there is near constant disk-access in WPS (batteries die FAST)
01:27:50jzossI'll post a debugged-updated patch of that tonight
01:28:01jzossAlong with a custom-recording-filename patch
01:28:25jzossI have no control over when patches get accepted. And the powers-that-be are quite busy lately. (It's a pretty hefty patch, too)
01:29:00tracktheripperi must have an ID3 tag editor soon, pretty please?
01:29:14jzossWhy don't you patch in the version yourself?
01:29:35tracktheripperbecause I don't have a clue how to use Gnush or Cygwin
01:29:39tracktheripperive given up on those
01:30:02jzossoh, well, if you want, I can email you a patched version for whatever you're running (Player/Recorder)
01:30:21tracktheripperi have a Recorder
01:30:33tracktheripperill give u my email address in private
01:31:33jzossgames+demos, I assume, right?
01:31:50tracktheripperyea I have a Jukebox Recorder 10
01:32:43tracktheripperdid u get my email addy?
01:32:48jzossyah, thx
01:32:59tracktherippercool ;-)
01:34:42random1can anyone answer a rolo question?: i've read the faq but am not clear how to boot to archos firmware when running under rockbox..
01:34:56jzoss2 ways:
01:35:10jzossrename your rockbox firmware (to something other than ajbrec.ajz) and reboot
01:36:11tracktheripperJzoss what he could is rename the Archos ajbrec.ajz to something like Archos.ajz and boot that under Rockbox
01:36:12jzossdownload (from archos' website) some version of the archos firmware. Copy that to your rockbox drive as something other than ajbrec.ajz (like: archosFW.ajz). When you reboot, it'll boot rockbox. From there, you can "PLAY" the archos firmware to get into archos-land.
01:36:55jzossFollow that, random1?
01:36:58random1thank you #2 option sounds good
01:37:06jzossyes, it is by far preferrable
01:37:41tracktheripperwhats that? My methodn?
01:43:05tracktherippertracktheripper is bore
01:43:13jzossboring? ;) j/k
01:43:46tracktheripperwheres that Mr Zagor when you need him?
01:45:29jzossWhy? You're bored, so you wanna pester Zagor? That's not very nice...
01:46:12jzosslol. I'm just teasin you, track. Don't be mad! ;)
01:46:42random1jzoss, can you warmstart from archosfw->rockbox or do you have to power cycle?
01:46:53tracktheripperim never mad!!
01:47:04tracktheripperI never pester Zagor or anyone!
01:47:25jzossArchos doesn't have the "rolo" feature; they only check at bootup for ajbrec.ajz and load that.
01:47:59tracktheripperJzoss thanks for ur email
01:48:02jzosstracktheripper: maybe that's why you're bored!? You should try being mad or pestering people. ;) just don't tell them I said that.
01:48:03tracktheripperjust about to load........
01:48:14jzossNo prob, track. Hope it doesn't erase your jukebox. lol
01:48:45tracktheripperi have the entire Jukebox backed up so no worries
01:49:13jzossme too. rsync (and the like) are my friends
01:50:36tracktheripperJzoss I have the entire JB structure backed up on my PC so its no problem
01:51:30tracktheripperJZOSS you are my mate for life :)
01:51:57jzosshehe. thx, but wait till you get your first crash before being too complimentary. ;)
01:52:21tracktheripperstill testing :)
01:52:49tracktheripperSeems to work great :)
01:53:53tracktheripperIt works great Jzoss
01:54:02tracktheripperyou have made me unbelievably happy :)
01:54:11jzossgood deal. I appreciate you volunteering to test.
01:54:30tracktheripperIve tested the MP3 in Windows Media Player and it read it fine :)
01:56:59tracktheripperthe tags work when recording as well :-)
01:57:53tracktheripperAll you have to implement is a way to record to a directory other than the root, and to create and rename and delete folders
01:58:17jzossYou already can record to non-root directories (with the patch I sent you)
01:58:38jzossThe folder rename/create/delete I haven't done, though.
01:58:52tracktheripperoh right so i navagate to the dircetory first before recording?
01:59:29jzossfileFmt: "/recordings/%ty_%tm_%td_(%mi)" will put all recordings in the /recordings directory
01:59:58jzossOr you can do non-absolute path "testRec.mp3" (note no leading slash at front) to record in your current dir
01:59:59tracktheripperoh right
02:00:35tracktheripperthe ID3 tag is what I really wanted
02:00:39tracktheripperyour work is superb Jzoss
02:00:42tracktheripperI mean it :-)
02:00:58jzossheh. We'll see what Zagor says. I just used bits & pieces they've already put together
02:01:12tracktheripperjust twist his arm
02:01:50jzossI'm not much of a pester-er. I'm still running a P200MHz @ work, because I won't pester anyone to upgrade me. =)
02:03:44tracktheripperyea Jzoss with reference to folder management, ill just create a folder in Windows called Recordings and do all my recordings there
02:03:56jzossthat's what I plan on doing
02:04:20tracktheripperthe ID3 tag is really handy Jzoss
02:04:55jzossYah, I always find broken ones when I'm playing things and then forget which ones when I get back to my PC.
02:05:18tracktheripperits much easier to do it on the fly than having to go into Musicmatch or whatever
02:06:14tracktheripperive just named a duff ID3 tag to perfection thanks to you Jzoss
02:10:41tracktheripperyea Jzoss ive named a number of ID3's and ive had No problems
02:11:05jzossgood deal. Make sure and lemme know if you find anything. Sometimes the intermittent things are hardest to track down.
02:11:18tracktheripperwell ive had no problems
02:11:31tracktheripperits actually better than the poor ID3 tag editor in Musicmatch
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04:02:26elinenbe_jzoss: hello!
04:02:29 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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04:28:21jzossfound the bug (Zagor helped). =) I'm making new patches now.
04:28:24elinenbeI was looking at your code today and I can't seem to figure out where the bug is...
04:28:39elinenbeI am excited to try out the new patches! =)
04:28:40jzossCustom rec format done, too. That patch is also in the works as we speak
04:29:01elinenbeyou can be sure I will tell you where your errors are =)
04:30:03jzosstracktheripper wanted to test (and can't compile), so I emailed him a patched .ajz. So hopefully he'll help ferret stuff out too.
04:30:13elinenbejust tell me when the patches are up on sourceforge.
04:30:23jzossin 30 min or so
04:30:27elinenbehe can't compile becasue he is lazy!
04:30:45elinenbeeverything for rockbox is free and easy to set up.
04:30:49jzossokay, so s/can't/won't =)
04:31:08elinenbe(of course I have yet to set up compiling the simulator on windows!)
04:31:15jzossI couldn't make it (ui-sim) work under cygwin, so I'm doing linux
04:31:18jzosshehe... lol
04:31:43elinenbeyeah −− I have never gotten the sim to work under windows −− I think you need MSVC.
04:31:56elinenbeif you want to compile the windows version.
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04:37:21elinenbeadi|home: you get home late tonight
04:37:37elinenbeadi|home: what did you end up doing with those RENT tickets?
04:40:29adi|homeused them :)
04:40:40adi|homegood show... managed to get back just before the blizzard basically
04:40:45adi|homethe gf decided to come up :)
04:40:56adi|homeive been home all day.. my machine has been on the fritz
04:43:23elinenbethat sucks.
04:43:29elinenbe I liked RENT too.
04:48:15MTa have a simulator to play with ;)
04:48:59elinenbeMT: nice.
04:49:07elinenbeMT: what did you compile it under?
04:49:31MTi had to start X, my router box didnt like that :)
04:49:33elinenbeMT: blah... I am looking for someone who has compiled the simulator under cygwin.
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05:23:20elinenbejzoss: you still around?
05:23:24 Nick secretagentseb is now known as seb-sleep (
05:23:44elinenbehow is the patch coming?
05:23:50jzossthey're both done
05:24:02jzossI'm trying to figure out how to apply them both sequentially
05:24:06elinenbeoohhh.. are you putting them up now?
05:24:12jzossThey work independently, but not together (too much coupling)
05:24:21jzossSo I may also post a combined patch....
05:24:29elinenbewhat do you mean by that? do you have two source trees?
05:24:53jzossnope. one source tree, but zagor wanted the two features posted as separate patches
05:25:10jzossSo I (temporarily) broke out to 2 source trees and created a patch for each
05:27:37elinenbejzoss: oh.. that is quite a pain.
05:27:59elinenbejzoss: what did zagor say about the change that they will make the official tree?
05:28:12elinenbejzoss: i think they will −− they add some great functionality
05:28:16jzossnah. They've been too busy to look at the patches, far as I know...
05:29:23elinenbeapple just patented the trash! :,860.WKU.%2526OS%3DPN%2FD470,860%2526RS%3DPN%2FD470,860&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=908BC612624B
05:29:42jzossyah, I saw that on Slashdot a while ago
05:30:00elinenbethat is incredible.
05:30:25jzosswell, windows did it for the Recycle Bin... {shrug} Software patents are so screwed up.
05:30:33elinenbeno kidding.
05:30:55elinenbeI am going to pattent rand();
05:31:13jzossoooh, ooh... I get to patent 1+1!!!! ;)
05:31:49elinenbedamnit, then I am patenting i=1; (the process of setting a variable to 1)
05:32:14jzossArrr. I can't get very far with 1+1 if I can't store it somewhere.
05:33:14jzossreminds me of the old one-upmanship games as a kid: "I have 10", "but I have 20", "oh yeah? i have infinity", "I have infinity plus ONE!"
05:35:06elinenbewell, I have "infinity + infinity" =)
05:35:19elinenbedid you implement any of my ideas?
05:35:34elinenbewhat _was_ the bug with the code?
05:35:37jzossI always thought the biggest number was a "google". It's like writing a one followed by a million zeros
05:35:56elinenbeit's googol :)
05:36:06elinenbeand then there is always googol^googol
05:36:38jzosswoah. That blows my mind. ;)
05:38:52jzosscheck the EditID3 patch −− updates there.
05:39:04jzosscustom Rec Fmt going up in a sec
05:39:07elinenbeokay −− sounds good.
05:39:13elinenbeI should get an email in a second.
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05:47:01NikkelitousHow goes it?
05:47:34jzossI'm sick. :( My nose is running like a faucet. Bleh.
05:47:59elinenbejzoss: sorry to hear that.
05:48:26jzosss'all good. I took today off from work. Slept alot, sniffled alot, drank alot of soup. =)
05:48:33jzossIt only helped a little, though. ;)
05:55:19elinenbeI say you should take off another day! program rockbox some =)
05:55:38jzossunfortunately, there's (real) work to be done. =)
06:00:39elinenbereal work... schmeal work
06:02:54elinenbejzoss: did you implement anything new in the ID3 patch?
06:03:09elinenbe(edit ID3 tags)
06:05:00jzossyah, I added the additional menu functionality you talked about
06:05:11elinenbeoh, sounds great!
06:05:16jzossAnd also default empty year tags to current year when editing
06:05:35elinenbeawesome! I am waiting to patch my code with the "dual patch"
06:05:53jzossThe only problem is, there's no easy way to undo that set-to-current-year. So if you start to edit, and change your mind, the year tag will be left as current year (rather than empty)
06:06:36 Join adi|home [0] (
06:06:42elinenbeoh −− I see. yeah.
06:06:53elinenbehow couldyou go about clearing the year?
06:07:04elinenbeI don't think that is that big of an issue.
06:07:40jzossanyway... I'm just feeling worser by the minute, so I'm gonna go try to sleep it off.
06:07:45jzossTalk to ya tomorrow
06:07:50elinenbesee ya.
06:07:53elinenbehope you feel better
06:08:00 Quit jzoss ("[BX] Bob Barker uses BitchX. Have your BitchX spayed or neutered.")
06:10:24NikkelitousI know that Rockbox isn't going to be ported to the Multimedia Jukebox but I wonder how difficult it would actually be to port.
06:10:36NikkelitousDoes anyone know how difficult it would be to port.
06:10:43elinenbeNikkelitous: not much is known about the MM jukebox
06:10:57elinenbeNikkelitous: also, the system of lading the firmware is much different in the MM
06:11:41elinenbeNikkelitous: if archos were to give out the specs of the MM, then it could be proted in ti's current state rather easily. but to take care of all the new hardware would take quite a while
06:11:55NikkelitousYeah. I could understand that could be difficult. I'm wondering if it would be better to take rockbox and port it or if it would be better to start from scratch.
06:11:57elinenbeNikkelitous: currently work is being done on the FM recorder.
06:13:05NikkelitousIs that a field that hasn't been researched yet?
06:13:24NikkelitousOr has someone actually looked into the possibility of porting?
06:14:46elinenbeNikkelitous: it has been researched a litle, and it was determined that there are some "walls" that would first need to be gotten over.
06:15:48NikkelitousAre there any website or white papers that list those walls?
06:15:55elinenbeNikkelitous: nope.
06:16:14elinenbeNikkelitous: the firwares of the recorder/player/fm and mm are all scrabled (encoded a littl)
06:16:32elinenbeand so far the mm encryption has not been figured out.
06:16:52NikkelitousThat is a problem.
06:17:52NikkelitousIs there any unified effort behind figuring out the MM?
06:18:20NikkelitousI haven't been able to find any and thought it might be best to ask the experts.
06:18:41elinenbeNikkelitous: not currently
06:19:33elinenbeokay −− I am heading to sleep. g'night
06:19:38 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleep (
06:20:06NikkelitousI need to go to sleep too. Thanks for your help.
06:20:06 Quit Nikkelitous ("Leaving")
06:20:42adi|homeits offical.. i hate usb
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08:46:10dwihnoHowdy ho!
08:50:13*Bagder sighs
08:50:44Bagdervicious spams sent to all the curl-* mailing lists
08:50:47Bagderheld by mailman
08:50:56Bagderso I need to go over and kill them one by one
08:52:11BagderX-Spam-Because: line in the body matched regex "charset= *"(big5|euc-kr)""
08:53:38 Join adi|home [0] (
08:56:30dwihnoIsn't that evil? :)
08:56:57BagderEvil is Goodness(tm)
09:00:33 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:01:21Bagdermorning Z
09:02:16 Quit matsl ()
09:02:59 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:03:07 Join matsl [0] (
09:07:18dwihnoZ! :D
09:07:31*Bagder goes patch-applying
09:09:59*dwihno loves patches
09:18:56 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:24:14ZagorBagder: the tree.c fix for deleting is not very good. he said he would post a better version.
09:24:51Bagderwell, imho it is better than without it
09:24:56 Join adi|home [0] (
09:25:50Zagori disagree. today we only have a problem when deleting the last file in a dir. with that patch the cursor moves to the top *every* time you delete a file
09:25:51BagderZagor: this was an updated version
09:25:59Zagorah, ok then
09:25:59Bagderit does not
09:26:43Bagdercheck this:
09:28:52Zagorthat's the old fix
09:29:09Bagderno, see the condition on the cursor move
09:29:15Zagorah, ok. goodie
09:43:16 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:43:21bobTHChi all!!!
09:44:00Bagderhey bob
09:45:17bobTHCa lot of UI improvement this days ?
09:46:02bobTHCvertical bar... invert font to replace tiny arrow
09:46:12bobTHCu thing can be used in 2.0 ?
09:47:07Zagorthe problem with all these changes are that we don't receive proper patches for them
09:47:38 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:47:57bobTHCteam developement is not completly know by everybody
09:48:03bobTHChi amigo!
09:48:09quelsarukhi bobTHC!
09:48:16quelsarukdevelopment team??
09:48:19quelsarukwhat's that?
09:51:35bobTHCZagor : have u have a discution with Joaquim Carvalho?
09:53:47Zagoronly in the mailing list
09:53:48BagderI've added a comment to his patch submission
10:05:00bobTHCa good discution with him can be the solution
10:05:19Bagdersolution for what?
10:05:19 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:06:03bobTHCfor a clean and good separate patch submission
10:06:24Bagderwe've asked for that several times
10:07:51bobTHCit's acomputing teacher, he can understand ....
10:08:33quel|outhe's portuguese.. i can reach his house and "make him understand" ;)
10:08:39quel|outlike italian mafia
10:09:18quel|outLa comunidad es lo primero.....
10:11:54Zagorheh, I just sped up playlist loading about 3x
10:12:05Zagorhow silly of us
10:12:21Zagorsimply load the list into the mp3 buffer instead of a small dedicated buffer
10:12:39Zagornothing is playing anyway
10:12:45Schnueffeven saves memory :)
10:12:50ZagorSchnueff: yup
10:13:04Bagderso what if I play a playlist while listening, do we stop it first now?
10:13:34Bagderwith that fix, we must stop it, but do we now?
10:13:51ZagorI think now it only stops when the first file starts playing.
10:14:03Bagderright, that's what I thought too
10:14:08Zagorso the fix stops it half a second earlier or something :-)
10:14:25Bagderquite ok anyway, imho
10:15:18ZagorI think we can skip the load/parse loop now :-)
10:15:26Zagorfew playlists are >1.5 MB
10:15:50BagderI think we should still keep it
10:15:57Bagdersince it is there and works
10:16:17Zagoryeah, no big deal
10:16:29Bagdervery long file and dir names and 100GB disks might reach 1.5MB ;-)
10:17:16Bagder~157 characters in average and 10000 entries
10:17:48Zagornot that far off, then
10:18:56Zagorhow about we spend 10 of the saved 16 KB on bumping max playlist size to 15000 entries?
10:19:13Zagoruh that's only 12500 but anyway :-)
10:19:57BagderI think 10000 is fine still
10:20:15Zagorwith more people adding 60 gig disks, we will hit that limit soon
10:20:33Bagderhm, true
10:20:46Bagderok, I'm for a raise
10:21:22Bagderyou timed the new playlist loading?
10:22:35Zagornot really
10:23:03Schnueffheh, so where's factor 3 coming from? :)
10:23:20Zagori counted the seconds in my head.
10:23:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:23:33Bagderyou can count? B)
10:23:54ZagorI did say "about 3x" :-)
10:29:05Bagder"We are alleging they have contaminated their Linux work with inappropriate knowledge from Unix,"
10:29:23BagderSCO sues IBM
10:29:31Bagderonly 1 billion dollar
10:29:32Zagorgood luck
10:30:07Bagder"inappropriate knowledge" is truly a nice term ;-)
10:30:19Zagoryeah. knowledge contamination is a big problem these days...
10:30:55Zagorthey sure know how to make friends. the rambus of operating systems. :-)
10:31:18adi|homezagor.. regarding your playlist change...
10:31:30adi|homedo we ever see wanting to read the playlist w/o playing it?
10:31:45Zagorpossibly, but not with this code
10:31:47Bagdersure, but that would be a different function
10:31:59Bagderwe want a playlist browser
10:32:00adi|homeokay... just the first thing that came to mind...
10:32:25Bagder "IBM is affirmatively taking steps to destroy all value of Unix by improperly extracting and using the confidential and proprietary information it acquired from Unix and dumping that information into the open source community,"
10:32:35adi|homeregarding Joaquim.. id love to see his invert cursor patch...
10:32:44adi|homebut god forbid he should break his stuff out..
10:32:46*adi|home sighs
10:32:57adi|homeany opinons on if we 1. like the idea of sliders?
10:33:03Bagderits not that quickly done for outsiders
10:33:08adi|homeand 2. if we prefer vertical or horizontal?
10:33:27BagderI'd like to see screenshots next to each other and compare
10:33:51Zagoradi|home: I like sliders, but I think I prefer the horizontal test screens that have been published.
10:34:39adi|homei _really_ like that one
10:34:46adi|homeseems better 1. for text
10:34:54adi|homeand 2. easier to scroll through...
10:35:52dwihnoI like that
10:36:05Bagderme too
10:36:09Zagorme too
10:36:40adi|homehehe i was about to post that one
10:36:40 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:36:44dwihnoUnfortunately, I can't show you the code :)
10:36:45adi|homeso thats 4 votes for that :)
10:37:05 Join MT [0] (
10:37:24adi|homealthough.. having a half filed rectangle makes no sense to me..
10:37:31adi|homeit should either be empty or full
10:37:33Schnueffyes, was thinking the same
10:38:09adi|homeokay.. i need sleep..
10:38:11adi|homenite lads
10:38:14*adi|home is away: zzzzzz
10:43:46ZagorBagder: great minds think alike :)
10:50:23 Quit Bagder ("")
11:14:33 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:34:13dwihnoquel, just thought you should know, my case is still up and rocking! :D
11:38:27 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:41:22dwihnoHello! :D
11:41:26dwihnoAre you happy today?
11:41:35tracktheripperIm over the moon at the moment
11:42:17dwihnoyou are?
11:42:29*dwihno does not believe in the lunar landing
11:42:35dwihnoit's all a major hoax
11:42:47tracktheripperits a figure of speech you twat :)
11:44:00tracktheripperim very pleased because I have Jzoss's ID3 tag editor working
11:54:42dwihnowhat id3 tag editor?
11:55:22tracktherippera patch Jzoss applied for me and emailed me the appropriate ajbrec.ajz file
11:58:15tracktherippernext time you see Jzoss if you ask him very nicely he may send u the file
11:59:38dwihnonah, I need no id3 editor :)
12:00:04tracktheripperhey, once youve tried it its invaluable
12:00:16tracktheripperits actually better than one u find in Musicmatch or something likethat
12:02:19tracktheripperIf you download MP3s directly to your Archos and they have bad ID3 tags its easier to edit them on-the-fly than having to plug in the USB cable, load up Musicmatch or the like and correct them there
12:08:33 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:23:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:30:36 Part bobTHC
12:30:36 Quit elinenbe|sleep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:57:13Zagorhow lovely. old versions of IE don't understand the @media css tag. fine. but they interpret everything inside it anyway!
12:57:35*Zagor hates MS programmers
13:13:19 Join _MT [0] (
13:24:37 Quit MT (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:24:37 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
13:34:43 Quit matsl ()
13:36:20 Join matsl [0] (
14:23:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:36:01 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:36:37 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
14:45:06 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
14:51:10 Quit quel|out (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:51:11 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:54:02 Part Zagor
14:54:41 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:54:45 Join TBoy [0] (
14:55:52TBoyI just recieved my FM
14:56:13TBoyand I don't know how to get it to run with Rockbox
14:56:35*TBoy thinks he's a n00b
15:04:44Zagor_hang on...
15:05:06dwihnoMail on the list
15:05:11dwihnoRegarding writing to CFG
15:05:13dwihnoYay! :D
15:05:34TBoyso can some1 tell me how to install it on my FM
15:05:41 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:06:33dwihnoconnect the FM, get a build, install it in the root of the device
15:06:42TBoyyeah I did that
15:06:55TBoyand when it boots nothing happens
15:07:24TBoyI mean its starts up the old archos firmware
15:07:32ZagorTBoy: how did you install rockbox?`
15:07:35Schnueffdid u get a daily build?
15:07:59Schnuefffrom ?
15:08:07TBoyI first downloaded v1.4
15:08:14TBoyand then got a daily build
15:08:15dwihno1.4 is a no-do
15:08:19dwihnodaily build = yay
15:08:28Schnuefflike ?
15:08:39Zagor1.4 doesn't work with fm
15:08:50Zagorfm was hardly even released when 1.4 was released :-)
15:10:09TBoyok its working
15:10:13TBoythx guys
15:12:13dwihnoYay for FM!
15:21:54TBoyyay for dwihno
15:22:11 Part Zagor
15:22:26 Part TBoy
15:28:36 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:29:01tracktheripperhey you :)
15:30:43tracktheripperwhats the latest?
15:31:01tracktheripperoh ok :(
15:31:18tracktheripperwhat the hell u on about?!
15:31:21elinenbe_Zagor: jzoss has completed some wonderful patches.
15:31:36tracktheripperZagor isnt here right now
15:32:21*dwihno wants inverted text cursor! :D :D :D
15:32:23elinenbe_WHAT!! Where did Zagor go?
15:32:45tracktheripperwell Zagor should realise IRC is not the same without him :)
15:34:39 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:34:42 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:34:51tracktheripperhere he is Elinenbe!!
15:35:16tracktheripperhello Zagor :)
15:35:37tracktheripperwe were missing you whilst you were away
15:36:02elinenbe_Zagor: did you check out jzoss' patches? They are very nice.
15:36:06Zagortracktheripper: please don't /msg me. keep all conversation in the channel.
15:36:09Zagorelinenbe_: not yet
15:36:20elinenbe_Zagor: he said you helped him with one of them.
15:36:27tracktheripperZagor I only messaged you once :-)
15:36:31Zagorelinenbe_: yeah, we discussed it here yesterday
15:36:37Zagortracktheripper: yeah, but i'm being preemtive :-)
15:36:49Schnueffdon't massage Zagor :)
15:36:58tracktheripperoh ok, I was really worried in case you began to hate me Zagor :-)
15:37:10 Join TBoy [0] (
15:37:17dwihnoZagor rules!
15:37:22dwihnoZagor for president!
15:37:33TBoyhow can I change the pitch
15:37:49Schnueffon+play while playing iirc
15:39:02tracktheripperWill we ever see the "invert video line" present in the new interface in Rockbox soon?
15:39:21Zagorno, ON+UP/DOWN
15:39:39Schnueffbut on+play gets you the menu then?
15:39:44Schnueffnever mind
15:40:24Zagortracktheripper: there is no patch for it
15:40:54tracktheripperwell someone implemented it in a redesigned interface somewhere on your site
15:41:45tracktheripperjust curious
15:42:01ZagorI repeat: there is no patch for it
15:42:12tracktheripperi know that you told me once :-)
15:42:43Schnueffoh, Zagor is in repeat mode :)
15:43:02tracktheripperwonder what he is like in Shuffle mode! :-)
15:44:27tracktheripperwheres quelsaruk?
15:48:54TBoyis there a faster way to skip the pitch level
15:49:01TBoyor some sort of reset
15:49:20Zagorthere is a patch that accelerates it
15:50:04tracktheripperwhat would be good in addition to pitch is preset pitch levels
15:50:12tracktherippersay "slow" "normal" "fast"
15:51:33Zagorthe pitch is designed for DJs. they don't change pitch very much, but want it very exact
15:51:46TBoyis there some sort of word wrap in the txt reader
15:51:55Schnueffnot yet
15:52:14tracktheripperyea Zagor, but I thought that just could supplement the normal pitch adjuster
15:52:18PsycoXulthere's a text reader patch
15:52:20PsycoXulfor a different one
15:52:25TBoyyeah well there should be a faster way to
15:52:39PsycoXuli'd like to see both styles of text reader switchable while reading
15:52:41TBoythat wouldn't hurt no1 except ripper
15:52:51TBoyPees ripper
15:53:29TBoyI didn't mean you
15:53:46TBoyzagor wouldn't that be possibility
15:53:53tracktheripperoh ok you had me worried for a moment. I didn;t mean to upset u
15:54:04 Quit Snorlax ()
15:54:17ZagorTBoy: many things are possible. few are implemented... :-)
15:54:53tracktheripperyea but every daily build the file size seems to increase and I thought files over 200k won;t load
15:55:04Schnuefftoday Zagor decreased it
15:55:10tracktheripperoh right
15:55:24tracktheripperI was just concered what happens when the 200k limit is reached
15:57:31 Join Bagder [241] (
15:57:48tracktheripperZagor I know the Archos can read .txt files. could u type .txt files with the letter input screen?
15:58:38Schnueffif someone implements it :)
15:58:53tracktheripperyes but is the Archos physically capable of doing it?
15:59:02ZagorSchnueff: actually I only decreased the ram usage, not the file size.
15:59:09SchnueffZagor: oh right
15:59:17Zagorplus I had to take the ram back again :-)
15:59:50tracktheripperHi Badger!
15:59:54Bagdernow fix them sim builds you made red ;-)
15:59:58Bagderhi track
16:00:51tracktheripperBadger don't laugh but I tried to make my Jukebox play WMA by renaming the extension from .wma to .mp3 :-)
16:01:07dwihnoDid it work? :)
16:01:22*Bagder tries not to laugh out loud
16:01:35*TBoy giggles
16:01:35tracktheripperno, it crashed my Jukebox through and through :(
16:01:45Schnueffwell, i could try renaming .txt to .mp3 to make the jukebox read it out then perhaps :)
16:02:32dwihnovery interesting concept though :)
16:02:36TBoyyou know what codec would rule midi LMAO
16:02:57tracktheripperor I tried renaming the extension to .zagor so I could see his face on my Jukebox's LCD
16:02:58TBoyno seriously I mean MP4/AAC that one's good
16:03:30Bagdertracktheripper: wow, that would've been scary! ;-)
16:05:47tracktheripperBadger how old are u?
16:06:01Bagderguess! ;-)
16:06:06tracktherippererm, 35?
16:06:16Bagderclose enough, 32
16:06:26tracktheripper:) How old is your bro Zagor?
16:06:34Bagderhe's a kiddo
16:06:37Bagderonly 30
16:06:46tracktheripperwell im a baby at 24
16:06:56Bagderyoungster ;-)
16:07:13 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:07:14TBoyI'm still an embrio 17
16:07:43tracktheripperBagder why don't you and Zagor pay me a visit in London?
16:08:01 Part Zagor
16:08:07Schnueffpay? that could be expensive :)
16:08:16 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:08:32tracktherippernow look what you have done! You made him go away! :-(
16:08:32Bagderyou come here instead, we outnumber you ;-)
16:08:54tracktherippermaybe you can show me how to write firmware and make the ajbrec.ajz file
16:08:56 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:09:10tracktheripperwelcome back Sir Zagor :-)
16:10:12tracktheripperTboy where do u come from?
16:10:36TBoycome or live
16:10:47tracktheripperWhere do u live then?
16:11:09tracktheripperim in London
16:11:19tracktheripperthe land of congestion charging :(
16:13:39Zagordoes anyone know if 'quotes' are accepted the same as "quotes" in XML?
16:13:50Schnueffhm yes
16:14:03TBoyand germany the of continues sausage eating land
16:14:08Zagorso XHTML should too?
16:14:13Schnueffi'd think so
16:14:31tracktheripperlol frankfurters
16:14:38Zagorthen again I bet MSIE barfs on it anyway, so I'd better not push my luck...
16:15:58tracktheripper<−− is lost
16:16:18*Bagder shows tracktheripper a map ;-)
16:16:30tracktheripperI mean Im lost over what Zagor is on about
16:16:36BagderI know
16:16:41quelsarukZagor: you need a looong weekend, or you'll get burst ;)
16:17:17tracktheripperZagor, you need a holiday :-)
16:18:01tracktheripperany plans on where u going this summer?
16:19:52quelsarukZagor: what about north pole, it's just a bit colder than Sweden
16:20:36elinenbe_anyone here in France?
16:20:39 Join n00beater [0] (
16:20:42elinenbe_I am leaving fro France tonight.
16:21:13BagderbobTHC is french I believe
16:21:13n00beatershut the fuck up all you n00bie frenchmen
16:21:18quelsarukhe is
16:21:22n00beateryou fuck faces
16:21:32TBoywow whats wrong with him
16:21:42quelsarukn00beater: ??????
16:21:42tracktherippercalm down n00beater
16:21:47Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
16:21:59*TBoy somebody is mad
16:22:08n00beatertboy shut the fuck up
16:22:13*quelsaruk fears Bagder the executor
16:22:27 Part n00beater
16:22:39tracktheripperwow who rattled his cage?
16:22:49Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by Bagder (
16:23:08Mode"#rockbox +o logbot " by Zagor (
16:23:13Topic"Matthew P. OReilly: The newest Rockbox hero!" by Bagder (
16:23:20Zagorthe rattling of guns :-)
16:23:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:23:48tracktheripperI thought u would boot him out Zagor
16:23:55TBoyyeah me too
16:24:05*TBoy was scared
16:24:07Bagderhe was harmless
16:24:26tracktheripperZagor i still chuckle at that comment u added to one request u rejected from me (again)
16:24:31*Bagder remembers the good old clonebot attacks of efnet...
16:25:06ZagorAOTC even
16:25:31TBoybuddys I off to efnet to get some games
16:26:03 Part TBoy
16:26:41ZagorXHTML is pretty scary stuff. *all* tags need to be closed, even <img> and friends
16:26:54Schnueffthats xml for ya
16:27:03quelsaruksomeone has stolen my new patch :(
16:27:10Bagderwell, "closed" means ending with a slash, right?
16:27:23ZagorBagder: yes
16:27:24quelsarukthe sonyericsson charging animation
16:27:54ZagorBagder: but it still means a lot of modifications :-)
16:28:03Bagderyes :-)
16:28:27tracktheripperWho wants a cup of tea?
16:28:29ZagorBagder: btw, beware of @media print. old MSIE uses those tags for the computer display too!
16:28:33webmindtracktheripper, please
16:28:34tracktheripperQuel, Badger, Zagor?
16:28:49quelsarukno thx
16:28:52tracktheripperwould u like one webmind?]
16:29:03BagderZagor: hihihi, ooops ;-)
16:29:17Zagortook me a while to understand why the heck some people didn't see half of my pages...
16:29:20*Bagder just had a cup
16:29:21 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:29:32tracktheripperhi Snorlax
16:29:46 Part quelsaruk ("rebooting")
16:31:05 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:35:23elinenbe_I see that we have OPS now!
16:35:29 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:35:44 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
16:36:23elinenbechange to topic to "Rockbox: The poor mans Ferrari"
16:37:26 Join barker`coding [0] (
16:37:58elinenbeor "Rocbox: don't leave home without it" (taken from American Express comercials in the USA)
16:38:15barker`codingi leave home w/o mine.
16:38:30barker`codingthough, that's only because it won't play in my car anymore, and i used it to mirror my mp3 collection at work.
16:39:20SchnueffZagor: u could try using 'tidy' to modify the pages for you
16:39:44ZagorSchnueff: doesn't really help for dynamically generated stuff. 'tidy' isn't good at perl :-)
16:40:13Bagderso write a perl script that cleans them up ! :-]
16:41:59Zagorugh. xhtml isn't backwards compatible with html4. i'm definitely sticking with html.
16:43:30elinenbewhile you are wasting time at work on Friday go check out
16:43:42elinenbeturn on the volume :)
16:44:23ZagorI bet you intended that page to actually have a background color :-)
16:46:17elinenbeZagor: nothing but white.
16:46:33Zagorit's gray for me
16:46:54Zagornever trust defaults :-)
16:46:55elinenbewell, I coudn't really care too much. I just threw it together.
16:47:00elinenbeZagor: no kidding.
16:48:32 Join _MT [0] (
16:48:32 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:32 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
16:51:38 Join GreyShadow [0] (
16:53:38 Part Zagor
16:54:11 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:55:07quelsarukwhy on hell 3d studio messes my computer this way?
16:55:44elinenbehave a good weekend (week) I am off for a skiing holiday
16:55:45quelsaruktime to have acoffee with a spanish girl
16:55:54quelsaruki'll find out later!
16:55:55elinenbequelsaruk: do you like cycling?
16:56:54 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
17:01:56 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
17:03:24elinenbebye all
17:03:26 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
17:03:48 Quit Bagder ("")
17:05:36 Quit matsl ()
17:34:17 Join bu88a1 [0] (
17:38:32 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
17:41:17 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:28 Join MT [0] (
17:56:06 Join bu88a1 [0] (
17:59:35 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
18:08:24 Quit TotMacher ()
18:12:25 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
18:12:34quelsarukZagor: how's that web going?
18:15:28 Join MicroChip [0] (
18:17:31 Quit MicroChip (Client Quit)
18:23:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:04:47 Part Zagor
19:05:20 Join Zagor_ [242] (
19:35:11 Join edx [0] (
19:38:56 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43:01 Join PsycoXul [0] (
19:57:17 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:09:12 Nick barker`coding is now known as barker`meeting (
20:09:30 Join quelsaruk [0] (
20:09:36 Join CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] [0] (~FullT@
20:09:49quelsarukola capetao
20:10:15DBUGSent KICK CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] to server
20:10:15Kick(#rockbox CaPeTaO_HC[Gtr] :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
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20:11:58 Part Zagor_
20:20:28***Alert Mode OFF
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20:46:35 Nick barker`meeting is now known as barker (
20:55:16 Join PsycoXuul [0] (
21:01:40quelsaruktime to go home
21:01:48quelsarukit's friday night!
21:02:58 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:03:48 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:03:54 Nick PsycoXuul is now known as PsycoXul (
21:08:33 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:16 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
21:15:36 Join seb-sleep [0] (
21:15:50 Join BrotherThad [0] (
21:17:05BrotherThadIn the immortal words of Pink Floyd - 'Is there anybody out there?'
21:17:28barkerIn the immortal words of a counter-strike newb - 'neg.'
21:17:33MTdoes anybody here remember vera lynne?
21:18:44BrotherThadhello barker, random, MT - do any of you use the recorder
21:19:04MT<<−− fm recorder
21:19:09barker<<<<−− recorder
21:19:22barkeri used to have an fmrec, but returned it
21:19:27barkerit wouldn't play a bunch of my songs.
21:19:46BrotherThadthat sux barker... which one do you use now?
21:19:47MTheh, never had that problem :)
21:20:10barkerfrom the fmrec20
21:20:28barkerand its not that big of a deal, since i never wanted to fmrec anything in the past, and can't envision wanting to in the future.
21:20:41BrotherThadok, I've got the rec6... jumped at it as soon as they released it, because I was specifically looking for a recorder not a player
21:21:40BrotherThadRather than assume (since you're here) - do you use rockbox?
21:21:56barkerbleeding, usually.
21:23:13 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:23:15 Join seb-sleep [0] (
21:23:18BrotherThaddo you know if the standard ver has implemented recording? The FAQ still says it doesn't (except in daily's), but the current news says it does as of November'02
21:23:57barkerThe 1.4 release, hasn't.
21:24:06barkerThe daily builds might, I'm not sure.
21:24:08barkerJust get one and try it.
21:25:34BrotherThadI was going to, but figured, Why mess with something that works... I'm not techie enough to clean up after myself if I make a mess, and I use the recorder as a part of my business
21:26:44 Quit Snorlax ()
21:29:29MTits really easy - even if it wont then boot up (it will, but bear with me :), you just connect it to usb and delete the offending ajbrec.ajz
21:29:58MTyou have MT's lifetime gaurentee (this is not a gaurentee) that you wont damage your hardware by loading a daily build
21:31:11 Join Snorlax [0] (
21:31:24SeeSchlosshmm moreover the daily builds don't have more bugs than the 1.4
21:31:41barkervery true.
21:31:49MTgod i hate 56k :/
21:31:51barkerI used 1.4 for about 30 seconds, and then went... "hmmm..."
21:31:56MTi miss my dsl
21:31:57barkerthat's why i write tiny software, MT.
21:32:01barkerbecause i used to be on dialup.
21:32:03MTwhat was the last thing i said?
21:32:05barkerand i hated long d/l times.
21:32:18MT(before "god I hate 56k")
21:32:41barker[15:30:04] <<MT> you have MT's lifetime gaurentee (this is not a gaurentee) that you wont damage your hardware by loading a daily build
21:33:03MTah well, didnt lose too much of the convo :)
21:33:33MTSeeSchloss: you know much about playlist.c ?
21:34:16SeeSchlosshmm... well... not much
21:34:30SeeSchlosswhy ?
21:34:44MThmm :/ I'll wait for Linus or Zagor to come online
21:34:46 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:34:57tracktheripperHello Rockboxers
21:34:58MTim writing a patch that will allow you to jump to a file in a playlist
21:35:12MT(like pressing J in xmms or winamp)
21:35:42SeeSchlossand how would it work ?
21:35:47MTand im debating wether to use playlist_peek or just to parse the playlist m3u file
21:36:21tracktheripperMT I have a good suggestion for you
21:36:32MTit pops up a keyboard, you enter "fleetwood" it shows you first ten tracks in the playlist that have fleetwood in their path
21:36:49MTyou choose one in the list, it jumps to that point in the playlist
21:37:21tracktheripperWhy don;t you include a feature like the Rio Riot, it makes playlists according to how often you play certain tracks
21:37:32MTbecause someone has already done that
21:37:45MTi dont want that :)
21:37:46tracktheripperreally? I can't find it yet
21:37:57MTopensource is all about scratching your own itches :)
21:38:17tracktheripperwell i cannot program so someone has to do the programming for me :-)
21:38:48MTcheck the mailing list archives, i'm sure its been done
21:39:10MTneither can fred, doesnt stop him rolling out umpteen variant versions of rockbox ;)
21:39:47tracktheripperI have a good suggestion MT
21:40:18tracktheripperA sort of "standby" mode so when you turn the Jukebox off then back on, it doesn't go through the Archos Jukebox Recorder boot-screen
21:40:32tracktheripperthereby saving battery power and booting faster
21:40:48barkerThat'd really cool. A quick-power-on.
21:40:52barkerLike xp's suspend-to-ram
21:40:59tracktheripperexactly Barket
21:41:08tracktheripperYou will find it in Feature Requests
21:41:11tracktheripperI sent that request
21:41:23barkernomad zen has that feature.
21:41:38barkeryou hit power, you get music.
21:41:39tracktheripperdon't you swear at me Barker!!!
21:41:58tracktheripperIs it hardware or firmware controlled though?
21:42:06tracktheripperthis "standby" mode?
21:42:23barkerI don't know,
21:42:32tracktheripperjust wondered
21:42:39tracktheripperbut it would be really handy to have
21:43:09tracktheripperI had a Creative Labs once and it was a POS
21:44:27tracktheripperonly 4 hour battery life? You gotta be kidding!
21:44:52 Quit BrotherThad (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:44:56MTwhile that would be a good feature, it would be impossible to do
21:45:46MTbecause the first bit of code we can execute is AFTER the original archos firmware has loaded off ROM, descrambled our firmware, and started to execute it
21:46:02MTprior to that we have no control over anything
21:46:06tracktheripperso a "standby" mode isnt possible?
21:46:27barkerwould it be possible to turn off the lcd
21:46:30barkerand spindown the disk
21:46:31MTthats possible
21:46:34barkerbut still be ON
21:46:38MTpossibly :)
21:46:49barkerso you've got very minimal battery usage.
21:47:23MTyou would need to talk to Linus or one of the other gurus about that tho, I'm very new at this embedded systems programming
21:48:12barkerand, i'm out.
21:48:13barkercya guys.
21:48:13 Part barker
21:49:20SeeSchlosswow ! current runtime : 21h 24min !
21:49:40tracktheripperwhat batteries are u using SeeSchloss?
21:49:43tracktheripper2000 Mah?
21:49:52SeeSchlosshmm I got an FM Recorder
21:50:42tracktheripperoh right
21:50:50tracktheripperthat uses non-stantard batteries
21:51:08 Quit random1 ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla rv:1.3b/20030210]")
21:51:25SeeSchlossLiIon 2200mAh iirc ?
21:52:15tracktherippermy Archos has 1500 Mah NiMhs
21:52:36 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:52:46SeeSchlossand what is your max runtime ?
21:53:28tracktheripperI get 10 hours out of mine
21:55:10tracktheripperstill much better than my old Creative Labs Nomad
21:56:59SeeSchlossah ? the nomad doesn't have a good autonomy ?
21:57:17tracktheripperthe Nomad has one hell of a crass battery life
21:57:21tracktheripperonly 4 hours
21:57:55tracktheripperplus you can't drag and drop you have to use the ridicilous Playcenter software to send files to the Jukebopx
21:58:47SeeSchlossah ok... well I think the Archos system is very good (recognized like an external disk)
21:59:14tracktheripperthe Nomad is NOT recognised in My Computer
21:59:36tracktheripperI like the "feel" of the Archos compared to the Nomad
22:01:21tracktheripperthe Archos fits snugly in your hand
22:01:24tracktheripperunlike the Nomad
22:03:49SeeSchlosshmm the Archos could be smaller and lighter... but it's always better than a cd player
22:04:25tracktheripperwell the FM recorder is smaller and lighter
22:04:51tracktheripperbut I feel the design of the FM recorder lacks the character of the normal Recorder
22:05:35SeeSchlossyes, but I prefer the fm design...
22:05:57tracktheripperI prefer the industrial design of the normal Recorder to the "melted Ipod" design of the FM recorder
22:06:29SeeSchlossI had a player before my fm and I think that the blue <don't know the english word>s were too big...
22:06:47tracktheripperthey are NOT big :-)
22:06:54tracktheripperthey are there for a few reasons
22:07:26tracktheripperthose "blue" thingies you mention
22:07:34PsycoXuli think those bumpers are one of the more ingenious aspects of the archos design
22:07:43PsycoXulmakes it much more rugged than any other mp3 player out there
22:08:06PsycoXulwhen i drop it, i'm not afraid it's gonna destroy the disk or shatter into a million pieces
22:08:19tracktheripperthey a) add to the ruggedness of the Archos, they protect the hard drive and they give the Archos its distinctive look
22:08:52tracktheripperand b) blue suits the silver very well
22:09:04PsycoXuli'd rather they were black
22:09:05PsycoXulbut oh well hehe
22:09:15tracktheripperblue looks better
22:09:16PsycoXulblack goes with everything
22:09:33tracktheripperblack and silver? you gotta be kidding!
22:09:36PsycoXuli'd also rather the whole casing was made of the brushed aluminum that the back piece is made of
22:09:46tracktheripperyea that would be cool
22:09:49PsycoXuland that it was unpainted
22:09:57tracktheripperbut then again it would make it more prone to scratches
22:10:03PsycoXulthat silver paint just looks silly, the brushed aluminum underneath looks better
22:10:08tracktheripperaluminium scratches easily
22:10:19PsycoXulok so painted with a strong clear overcoat :p
22:10:41tracktheripperBut do u another MP3 player that has "drag and drop" ease?
22:10:52PsycoXuli hate drag and drop
22:10:58PsycoXuli much prefer pattern matching
22:11:05PsycoXulbut same difference :p
22:11:15tracktheripperDrag And Drop is soooo much easier
22:11:29PsycoXulthere's a few others that do act like a generic disk
22:11:33SeeSchlosshmm packard bell made a mp3 player-usb key ;-)
22:11:47tracktheripperyou try using Creative Labs Playcenter software
22:11:52tracktheripperyou will be swearing in seconds :-)
22:11:56SeeSchlossit can not be compared to an Archos, but it has drag-and-drop
22:12:26PsycoXulpersonaly i prefer cp -R blah /mnt/jb
22:12:32tracktheripperbut no other MP3 player has the thunderous sound quality like the Archos
22:12:46PsycoXulto having to scroll around and click a bunch of stuff and make wild mouse movements
22:12:53tracktheripperthe Archos is for serious MP3 users (like me)
22:12:57PsycoXulbut you can do either with the archos heh
22:13:31PsycoXuland they're both better than some vendor-specific proprietary sync software
22:13:49tracktheripper192kbs is the best setting for CD sound quality
22:13:56SeeSchlossPsycoXul > with a MP3 player that don't support drag and drop, you can't cp either
22:14:07PsycoXulSeeSchloss: right... well usualy anyway
22:14:22tracktheripperanything lower than 192kbs sounds shit, anything higher is pointless :-)
22:14:33PsycoXulyou're more likely to be able to cp than drag&drop on one that doesn't do drag&drop in windows though heh
22:14:48SeeSchlossI don't think so...
22:15:00PsycoXulsure you are
22:15:05tracktheripperwell I do SeeSchloss :-)
22:15:05PsycoXulif it's at all possible
22:15:13SeeSchlossthose that don't drag and drop are not recognized as external disks, so you can't cp
22:15:23PsycoXuland the linux hax0rs can figure out how to do it
22:15:24tracktheripper192kbs rules :-)
22:15:26PsycoXulthen it'll be done
22:15:40PsycoXulfat chance that any windows "hax0rs"'ll ever make it drag&drop though
22:16:06PsycoXultracktheripper: optimal bitrate really does depend on content
22:16:11SeeSchlossno ! 56kbps encoded with wmp is the best !!! ;-)
22:16:12PsycoXulalso on the encoder
22:16:20tracktheripperwell Psycoxul 192kbs suits me for everything
22:16:26SeeSchlossthey say "56kbps : CD quality"
22:16:31tracktheripperand im using the Franhofer codek
22:16:49PsycoXulyou realize that's optimized for 128kbps don't you?
22:17:02tracktheripperive compared 192kbs compared to WAV files and I cannot tell the difference
22:17:09SeeSchlosshmm lame is the best, isn't it ?
22:17:13PsycoXuland that it won't be as good as lame 192kbps
22:17:18tracktheripperno Fraunhofer is better
22:17:32PsycoXuland that it'll also take a lot longer to encode :p
22:17:37tracktheripperdo u know what Lame means? Lame Is Not An MP3 Encoder
22:17:38PsycoXulnah lame is best
22:17:47PsycoXulyeah, and do you know why it means that?
22:17:48tracktheripperwrong, Fraunhofer is better
22:17:57PsycoXulcause it was originaly just a patch to the original iso encoder dist
22:18:11PsycoXuland it really wasn't an mp3 encoder; just a patch to one heh
22:18:28tracktheripper<−−- thinks Fraunhofer is best :-)
22:18:41PsycoXuli've been using it since those days when you had to seperately download the iso dist and the lame patch and build it yourself
22:18:59tracktheripper<−−- thinks Blade sounds dreadful
22:19:11PsycoXulyeah i used blade for a short while
22:19:15PsycoXuland gogo for a short while
22:19:22tracktheripperBlade is the worst MP3 encoder
22:19:28PsycoXulbut i've always come back to lame
22:19:33PsycoXullame is the king :p
22:19:36tracktheripperI used Blade once and wish I hadnt
22:19:45tracktheripperWrong Fraunhofer is king :O
22:20:10tracktheripperyea Lame in both senses of the word :P
22:20:26PsycoXullame −−alt-preset standard 0wns j00 and j3r m0th3rs 4nus
22:20:47tracktheripper<−−- has used MP3s since they first started and still thinks Fraunhofer sounds better
22:20:57PsycoXulCBR is for people who don't know any better
22:21:17tracktheripperVBR is those who are picky about a lot of things
22:21:37PsycoXulif you wanna get down to it
22:21:45tracktheripperVBR is best left unmentioned
22:21:49PsycoXulmp3 isn't for people who care about quality so much as much music
22:22:14tracktheripperPsycoXul we will never ever agree :-)
22:22:18PsycoXuland even for us...
22:22:21PsycoXulogg is better :p
22:22:21tracktheripperso lets talk about something else :-)
22:22:36tracktheripperwrong, 192kbs MP3 is better :P
22:22:47PsycoXulno, ogg really is better
22:22:59tracktheripperive heard 0gg and it is no better to MP3
22:23:09PsycoXulyou can't really argue, tests show conclusively that ogg is better quality:size
22:23:23PsycoXulor vorbis is rather
22:23:24tracktheripperwell NOTHING will make me divorce from 192kbs MP3
22:23:28PsycoXulogg's just a container file format
22:23:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:47tracktheripperwell the Archos CANNOT play Ogg so there ;-)
22:23:56PsycoXulmy pda can...
22:24:04PsycoXulbut it can't have 20G of storage
22:24:12tracktheripperwell I have Soundforge that plays Ogg :-)
22:25:05PsycoXuland ogg wasn't at it's best till 1.0
22:25:11PsycoXuland it'll probably still get better as it goes
22:25:14tracktheripperwell Psycho lets end this argument and lets listen to WMA instead :-)
22:25:18tracktheripperheehee :-)
22:25:50PsycoXuli'm running around egypt looking for a sheep
22:25:53tracktheripperdo u wanna know what WMA stands for?
22:26:18tracktheripperWindows Messed-up Audio
22:26:56tracktheripperyou can always get Realizer if you think your compressed files sound shit
22:27:17SeeSchlossit's a ood thin that the Archos are not able to play wma...
22:27:21SeeSchlossRealizer ?
22:27:35SeeSchlossood thin = good thing
22:27:44tracktheripperRealizer is a program that claims to "improve sound quality by restoring the frequencies lost by the MP3 compression"
22:28:14SeeSchlosshmm... and is it good ?
22:28:27SeeSchlossok lol
22:28:32PsycoXulof course in reality, nothing's gonna be able to magically put back things that aren't there
22:28:37tracktheripperRealizer = "Loudness On Ecstacy"
22:29:23tracktheripperI sent that as a feature request once
22:29:26PsycoXulit makes a lot of noise and wants to hump your couch?
22:29:59 Join bu88a1 [0] (
22:30:11tracktheripperwell I agree with Zagor that Realizer is just snake oil
22:31:22 Part bu88a1
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22:45:16bu88a1checking out mIRC working??
22:46:15bu88a1thanks works ok.
22:46:46 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
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23:39:24 Join Guest [0] (
23:39:30Guesthi all
23:40:43Guestcould someone say me where I could dowload the latest compiled firmware for the recorder with the bookmark applied, I know that there was a link to page banzaipanda ??
23:56:25 Quit Guest ("Leaving")

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