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#rockbox log for 2003-03-08

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00:21:37MTanyone know what the policy would be for introducing another buffer?
00:22:08MTatm ive just added one in, but just realised probably need slightly more strict mem management on a machine this small :)
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00:47:53tracktheripperWhy do so many rejected requests contain the line "This is not possible to implement, due to hardware limitations"?
00:48:21PsycoXulbecause so many people request stuff that is not possible to impliment, due to hardware limitations
00:48:34tracktheripperyes but its always that same sentence :-)
00:49:11PsycoXulah, well, who knows
00:49:46PsycoXulall rejected by the same person? everybody doing the rejecting likes that sentence? maybe there's a form for rejections with a drop-down box of previously used reasons you can select from instead of typing a new one...
00:49:52tracktheripperyea was just checking out Feature Requests and noticed that 95% of the rejected ones contain that same exact sentence
00:50:54tracktheripperjust being curious
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01:05:28tracktheripperhey Linus :)
01:05:56tracktheripperwhats up mate>
01:06:08LinusNnot much
01:06:37tracktheripperhave you tried Jzoss's ID3 tag editor?
01:07:36tracktheripperi have the ajbrec.ajz file he did for me and the ID3 tag editor is superb
01:07:43tracktheripperworks flawlessly
01:08:31tracktheripper:-) if you give me your email address ill forward it onto you
01:09:52LinusNthere is no patch available?
01:10:12tracktheripperwell he applied the patch for me
01:10:19tracktheripperhe just emailed me the ajbrec.ajz file
01:10:35tracktheripperso if u wanna see it in action I can forward it to you if u give me ur addy
01:11:08LinusNi don't have time for it right now, i'll apply the patch myself when i'm ready
01:11:11LinusNbut thanks
01:11:42tracktheripperno problemo
01:12:06tracktheripperLinus is there a pre-defined sentence for rejected requests?
01:13:26LinusNperhaps, why?
01:14:28tracktheripperA great deal of rejected requests have "This is not possible to implement due to hardware limitations" That always appears when Zagor rejects a request
01:15:22LinusNi guess that is predefined, yes
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01:24:33PHI have a question about Rockbox
01:24:51PHCan I use a peakmeter on the player?
01:26:09PHhello, someone here??
01:29:33LinusNno, you can't have a peak meter on player models
01:30:22PHDarn, well thanks for the awnser anyway
01:30:46PHI leave, bye
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01:34:29MTLinusN: I'm having some problems programming :)
01:35:01MTi'm trying to access the playlist struct from playlist.c outside of playlist.c
01:35:22MTand i cant quite find the right way to do it, and some people I aksed told me I couldnt do it :/
01:51:35LinusNjust #include "playlist.h"
01:53:53MThmm - i mean the actual static instance of the paylist_info struct
01:54:13LinusNit is called 'playlist'
01:54:31MTi get a linker error when i do that :/
01:54:39LinusNplaylist.index = 1;
01:55:09LinusNshould work
01:55:10MTi get undefiend reference to playlist
01:55:48MT/home/tom/rockbox/rockbox-devel/builds/jumpf.o(.text+0x2f): In function `jumpf_screen':
01:55:56MT/home/tom/rockbox/rockbox-devel/uisimulator/x11/../../apps/jumpf.c:20: undefined reference to `playlist'
01:56:03MTcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
02:00:51LinusNah now i see
02:00:57LinusNit is static
02:01:03LinusNi wonder why
02:01:59MTi shall have to put some of my code inside playlist.c then
02:02:12LinusNprobably, yes
02:02:35LinusNi guess there is a reason for declaring 'playlist' static...
02:02:52MTprobably :)
02:06:12MTalso - i'm playing with iterating through the current playlist, filtering it - do you think using playlist_peek() or manually parseing the playlist would be best?
02:08:00LinusNit depends, i guess
02:08:16MTi'll try it both ways
02:08:17LinusNwhat is the filter function doing?
02:08:32MTim doing a "jump to .." function
02:08:43MTlike the jump to on winamp or xmms
02:08:45LinusNdo whatever you feel is best
02:09:00LinusNwhich ever gives the cleanest code
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07:44:38RyonoHey... does anyone else have a problem with their archos's hard drive not spinning up?
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07:46:52RyonoCan anyone see this?
07:50:24RyonoI hate to be obnoxious but, Hello??
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12:00:38quelsaruki need to make a low level format to a toshiba hdd
12:00:51quelsarukanyone has an utility that can help me?
12:13:32adi|homewhat os?
12:16:14quelsarukwindows 2k
12:16:42quelsaruktoshiba website is horrible
12:17:08quelsaruki've found seaget utility.. ibm utility, but i can't fing toshiba utiliy
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12:25:57quelsaruknow it works...
12:28:02quelsarukhi Schnueff
12:55:13quelsaruki don't understand windows
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13:15:31quelsarukwell.. time to go home
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16:23:15Dracoonydum di dum....
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19:40:33jzosshiya, track
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19:50:53tracktheripperHi Jzoss, Linus and Zagor
19:53:14tracktheripperany news?
19:53:32LinusNi and zagor met today and discussed 2.0
19:54:06tracktheripperwish I could meet Zagor
19:54:21LinusNlooks like 2.0 is coming pretty soon
19:54:44tracktheripperwill it include the "inverted video line" and the ID3 tag editors?
19:54:50LinusNtracktheripper: why are you drooling so much over 2.0?
19:55:08tracktheripperbecause im a techno-freak thats why :-)
19:55:10LinusNthe daily builds have all 2.0 features
19:55:34tracktheripperand Im a mega die-hard obsessed MP3 fanatic :-)
19:55:52LinusNstill, what's wrong with using a daily build?
19:56:16tracktheripperbecause according to the website "the daily builds are guaranteed to have bugs"
19:56:42LinusNyeah, it says so
19:57:06tracktheripperI just dislike the way Zagor comments on some of my feature requests
19:57:15tracktheripperhe keeps thinking im trying to be funny when Im not
19:57:56tracktheripperlike the "drive partitioning" one. He replied, "Do you use Winamp to partition your deskstop PC?"
19:59:30LinusNhe misunderstood your request
19:59:49LinusNhe thought you wanted a partitioning menu option in rockbox
20:00:36tracktheripperwell it was just a thought. he didn't have to be rude
20:01:12LinusNstill, why not use a dedicated partitioning tool?
20:01:39LinusNi though xp had a hadr disk manager
20:01:45tracktheripperyea It does
20:01:48tracktheripperjust figured it out
20:01:59tracktheripperi have a 2nd partition formatted as NTFS
20:02:04tracktheripperfor my data files
20:02:37LinusNyou have to understand that zagor and the rest of the crew get a lot of very silly requests
20:02:54tracktheripperyea I can see them
20:03:12tracktheripperlike "Show JPEG pictures on a TV with a video RF cord2
20:03:26LinusNwe sometimes have a hard time explaining to people why things can't be done, and why they should read the FAQ before submitting stupid requests
20:03:50jzosstoo bad there's not a bugzilla-style rating system where the rest of us could moderate out all the silli-est requests for you. =)
20:03:59LinusNdo the two partitions show up as two drives?
20:04:12tracktheripperwell to be honest it took me a long time to figure out why pitchshift is possible and timestretching isnt
20:04:57tracktheripperyea Linus both partitions show in My Computer
20:05:10tracktheripperthe NTFS partition does NOT show in Rockbox or Archos firmwares
20:05:21LinusNno, only the first partition
20:05:28LinusNwhy ntfs?
20:05:41tracktheripperbecause NTFS supports native compression
20:05:51tracktherippersqueeze more files onto the partiton
20:05:58jzosstrack clearly does not run linux. It makes me sad that NTFS support is not quite there in linux yet. =)
20:06:14tracktheripperJZOSS I use Windows XP you fool :-)
20:06:24LinusNjzoss: ntfs is evil anyway
20:06:30jzossI dual-boot, so I still format my data drive as Fat32.
20:06:35tracktheripperthere is nothing wrong with NTFS
20:06:42LinusNtracktheripper: yes there is
20:06:43jzossWell, when you dual-boot, you gotta live with what MS supports. :S
20:06:51LinusNit's proprietary
20:07:13jzossHeh. Even getting simple NFS/NIS to work under MS is a royal pain.
20:07:15tracktheripperLinus does Zagor really have something against me?
20:07:26LinusNi dunno
20:07:46tracktheripperdunno what I have done to upset him
20:09:06tracktheripper<−−- bursts into tears
20:10:19tracktheripperok ok I do admit I sent a duff request once
20:10:26tracktheripperim not denying it
20:15:33tracktheripperwhere is everyone?
20:16:14*LinusN phones home
20:17:40tracktheripperahhh there u are Linus
20:17:44jzossI'm runnin around making lunch =)
20:17:56tracktheripper<−−−− is very very very upset
20:18:21*jzoss thinks track is being a *little* bit melodramatic =)
20:18:30*jzoss gives track a hug
20:19:17tracktheripperIm upset that no-one has fixed my "Auto Voice Transcriber" request
20:20:20tracktheripperand im upset that Zagor isnt here :-)
20:20:23jzosswell, it *is* technically feasible with the hardware... so the standard response doesn't quite work ;)
20:21:03tracktheripperand my stupid attempt to play WMA files on my JB was hilarious
20:21:12tracktheripperwhat I did was rename the .wma extension to .mp3
20:21:57jzossand you wonder why people think you're a goofball, track? lol
20:22:30tracktheripper(((gives Jzoss a damn good hiding)))
20:22:44jzossheh. i'm just kidding, dude
20:22:50tracktheripperi know u are :-)
20:22:52tracktheripperso am I
20:23:07tracktheripperI feel I have more spirit than anyone else in IRC
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20:28:54tracktheripperwell at least I didn't submit the "Make Plain recorder receive FM like the FM recorder request"
20:30:02tracktheripperor "Make the Recorder 20 make the tea" request!
20:32:35tracktheripperLinus I can tell u why im sooooo excited about version 2.0
20:39:14tracktheripperbecause ever since I got my Archos after ditching the Creative Labs Nomad, Ive been using it non-stop Every day with no trouble. Rockbox brought mega improvements to the Archos firmware, and the sheer appeal of the Archos body design makes it impossible for me to leave the Archos and Rockbox alone
20:41:24LinusNit's funny how things have developed
20:41:51LinusNwhen we started the rockbox project, all we had in mind was hacking the jukebox for fun
20:44:38tracktheripperLinus Im practically married to my Archos Recorder 10
20:44:43tracktheripperwould never swop it for anything else
20:45:06LinusNit's a cool toy
20:45:28tracktheripperyea but if somene offered to swop my 10 for an FM recorder, i'd say "no"
20:46:16tracktherippermine even has a "beauty scar" where I dropped it once
20:47:35tracktheripperLinus can u settle something for me once and for all please?
20:48:10tracktheripperTell me EXACTLY why Pitch shift works and why timestretch will not
20:48:56tracktheripperafter all both timestretch speed up and slow down music
20:49:01tracktheripperand pitch shift
20:49:41LinusNdigital sound consists of a number of sampled voltage levels, right?
20:50:10tracktheripperi know that bit
20:50:27LinusNso when you sample a waveform at 1000hz you need to play it back at 1000hz to reproduce it
20:50:40tracktheripperyes i understand that too
20:51:04LinusNif you play it back at 2000hz you produce a waveform with all frequencies doubled
20:51:45LinusN1 second of 1000hz sampled data gives 1/2 second data at 2000hz
20:51:59tracktheripperoh right which produces a higher pitch?
20:52:17tracktheripperok what about timestretch?
20:52:24LinusNall we do is to play the digital data at a higher sample rate than it is recorded with
20:52:34tracktheripperi see
20:52:56LinusNtimestretch is a lot more difficult
20:53:11LinusN1 second of 1000hz sampled data gives 1/2 second data at 2000hz, agreed?
20:53:29tracktherippersounds straightforward
20:53:42LinusNso what timestretch does is to recalculate the data so the number of samples is constant
20:54:03tracktheripperlike interpolation?
20:54:06LinusNsort of
20:54:44LinusNso it analyzes the frequency information and recalculates the waveform
20:54:58tracktheripperso tell me if im right or not, to make a 1000Hz signal twice as long with altering the pitch would involve making interpolations to make the waveform physically "longer" thereby keeping the pitch the same?
20:55:53tracktheripperand the tiny processor in the Archos isnt powerful enough to timestretch?
20:56:14LinusNthe toughest part is to retain the "attack" portions in drums, for example
20:56:28tracktheripperoh right like the crack and snap of snare drums?
20:56:32LinusNsimple timestretch will kind of smear it out
20:56:52LinusNthe processor is not powerful enough, no
20:57:00tracktheripperok fair enough
20:57:01LinusNand the MAS can only play MP3
20:57:20tracktheripperIts just that i am fortunate to own a copy of Soundforge and that timestretches effortlessly
20:57:34LinusNmakes it
20:57:45LinusNappear simple, yes
20:58:28tracktherippermind you, the only think I dislike about timestretch is that when you increase the speed, some parts of the sound appear missing (like the snap of a snare drum) and if you make a song too slow you get a lot of echo and distortion
20:58:50LinusNthere are algorithms that combat those artifacts
20:59:05Hadakado you have to do FFT for timestretching?
20:59:06LinusNbut they are proprietary
20:59:12tracktheripperyea but even in Soundforge if you overdo it you get those said distortions
20:59:16LinusNHadaka: i supppose so
20:59:51LinusNand you have to keep track of phase information
21:00:14LinusNtricky stuff indeed
21:00:16tracktheripperso pitch shift is really easy?
21:00:28LinusNyes it is, just change the sample rate
21:00:45tracktheripperok ill shut up about timestretch now I know the ins and outs
21:00:45LinusNor resample the waveform (interpolate)
21:01:07LinusNactually, the MAS can do timestretch
21:01:37tracktheripperyou are contradicting yourself now!
21:01:46LinusNnot really
21:01:50LinusNhang on...
21:01:58tracktheripperu said just now the MAS CAN timestretch!
21:03:03tracktheripper((is confused))
21:04:58LinusNyes it can, it is a DSP
21:05:27LinusNand timestretch has been implemented in the MAS3507D (the player model)
21:05:54LinusNas a custom DSP code downloaded into the MAS RAM memory
21:06:02tracktheripperso why can't you implement it?
21:06:13Hadakaheh, my archos just ran out of battery, so it couldn't spin up the HD - and rockbox faded the MP3 playing to stop :)
21:06:20LinusNbecause it is proprietary and secret
21:06:38LinusNHadaka: nice
21:06:56LinusN"Variable playback speed possible without affecting pitch"
21:07:47tracktheripperso couldn't u ask Micronas very nicely to disclose the details?
21:07:52LinusNnot micronas
21:08:16tracktheripperI thought Micronas make the chip in the Archos
21:08:31LinusNyes, but i assume that terratec made the dsp code for the timestretch
21:08:52LinusNand those things are called "trade secrets" in their world
21:09:13LinusNMicronas are very not-helpful if there is no money involved
21:09:31LinusNi have tried getting help from them before
21:09:35tracktheripperis there an EEPROM part in the Micronas chip for DSP codecs?
21:09:52Hadakadoing timestretch code with a decent DSP isn't too difficult - if only the specs were out
21:09:54LinusNthe first question they asked was what chip i needed hehlp with
21:10:34LinusNthe second was how many chips i wanted to buy
21:12:57tracktheripperso it looks like we can only dream about timestretch :D
21:13:07LinusNyes, or pay for it :-)
21:13:29tracktheripperill stick to Soundforge if i wanna timestretch songs then
21:14:31 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:14:56tracktheripper<−−- is timestretching a song right now
21:15:14LinusNhave you tried MixMeister?
21:15:43tracktherippernah I prefer Soundforge
21:15:49LinusNhave you tried MixMeister?
21:16:20tracktheripperLinus Could pitch be altered without affecting song duration?
21:16:38LinusNreal cool mp3 music mixing program, with timestretch
21:16:52tracktheripperwell Soundforge offers that as well
21:17:06LinusNtracktheripper: altering pitch without affecting duration is technically the same thing as timestretch
21:17:16LinusNtracktheripper: not with automatic beat mixing
21:17:21tracktheripperoh ok fair enough
21:20:26tracktheripperlol pitch shift has the same effect as slowing a record down with your fingertips
21:20:45tracktherippertry doing timestretch on a record turntable!! (laughs))
21:30:47 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:12:07 Quit Snorlax ()
22:14:36 Join juz [0] (
22:14:59juzIs there anybody???
22:15:05LinusNi'm here
22:15:08jzossyah, I'm here...
22:16:12 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:16:26juzcan you help me about rockbox??
22:18:22juzi want to update my language, i think i have to make the .lng file with the .lang but i don t know how i do
22:19:16LinusNyou use the 'binlang' tool
22:21:39LinusNbinlang is a tool for converting .lang files to .lng files
22:22:09LinusNyou use the latest daily or what?
22:22:13juzok it is wath i want
22:22:37juzyes i use the latest daily
22:22:50juzwhere i can download it??
22:23:01LinusNand you want the latest language file for it?
22:23:28juzno i have it thank you
22:24:05LinusNthen what is your problem?
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22:24:32LinusNyou made a translation?
22:24:36juzi don t have binlang but i have my .lang file
22:25:50LinusNwindows or linux?
22:26:33 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:26:40juzyes i know.....
22:27:01LinusNyou need perl
22:28:08juzok i download it on rockbox site
22:30:15juzneed i "Setting up a minimal Win32 SDK"??
22:30:42LinusNjust install Perl and download the binlang tool
22:31:35juzit is on Rockbox web site???
22:34:57juzIs it ActivePerl??
22:36:02LinusNyes, that's one Perl distribution, there are many
22:37:52 Join nikkelitous [0] (~a@
22:38:46 Quit jzoss (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:39:32nikkelitousHow is everyone?
22:40:15LinusNfine i guess
22:41:03 Join archtelamon [0] (
22:41:07archtelamonhey guys
22:41:31archtelamonhow do i get a m3u playlist to startup automatically when i turn my Archos on?
22:41:33juzi m downloading ActivePerl where can i find Binlang please??
22:41:33archtelamonne clue
22:41:40archtelamonwhen i start it up
22:41:42LinusNarchtelamon: you don't
22:41:49archtelamonu kiddin me
22:41:52archtelamonthat would be a good idea
22:42:02archtelamonauto-start up playlist
22:42:12LinusNuse the resume function
22:42:30archtelamonim technically inept
22:43:25LinusNgo to general settings->playback->resume, set it to Yes
22:45:02juzwhere can i find Binlang please??
22:46:01juzok yhank you very much
22:48:03LinusNarchtelamon: was that what you wanted?
22:48:06juzok i m understanding it is the source of a prgr which make the .lng fil with the .lang
22:48:15LinusNperl code
22:48:26LinusNuse it in a DOS window
22:48:29 Quit archtelamon ("Leaving")
22:48:36juzok with Perl
22:48:37LinusNperl binlang <arguments>
22:49:00juzbut why do perl take 10mo??
22:49:06LinusNcall it without arguments for a usage description
22:49:17LinusNbecause perl is a large language
22:50:20Hadakaperl is an entire programming language - it's actually rather small for what it does
22:51:30juzok it is the best and we can programming an archos fireware in this language
22:51:59juzand does the official fireware is in Perl??
22:52:12Hadakait's only for the language files
22:52:19 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
22:52:31Hadakaeverything else is just plain C
22:52:41juzand wath is the language of fireware?
22:52:59Hadakarockbox is coded in C
22:53:18Hadakaexcept for small bits in native assembler for the processor
22:53:20juzso you work in C and Perl??
22:53:31nikkelitousHey. I just thought of a question. Where can I see the info on the firmware scramble algorithm?
22:53:44LinusNjuz: and bash shell scripts
22:53:47Hadakathe original firmware is most probably coded in C as well, but there's no way to tell
22:55:10 Quit Snorlax ()
22:59:42juzso Thank you for information ,i go, Rockbox is exelent
22:59:44 Part juz
23:00:25nikkelitousLinusM: Thanks
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23:35:28rambockany from germany ?
23:36:52 Join Stefan98777 [0] (
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23:37:30 Join guest [0] (
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23:49:28Stefan98777hi all!
23:49:43nikkelitousI have another question. Is there any unified effort into figuring out the Multimedia Jukebox? I know that Rockbox doesn't support it but I wonder if there is already a group of people working on it.
23:50:07LinusNnot that i know of
23:50:11nikkelitousIf there isn't it might be a good idea to create something to bring the users together.
23:50:28nikkelitousThey shouldn't all be going about it on their own.
23:50:33LinusNthere is some discussion in a yahoo group, but nothing more than talk
23:50:37nikkelitousThat is very counter-productive.
23:51:44LinusNlet the JBMM users hack their devices
23:52:20LinusNthe jbmm is a completely different beast
23:52:24nikkelitousYeah. The MMJB users should do it themselves but I wonder if they are trying to do it without all on their own.
23:52:42Stefan98777i've just d/l the latest bookmark.diff; does anybody know how to apply such a *diff ??
23:53:11LinusNStefan98777: do you have the c compiler and stuff installed?
23:53:20nikkelitousI read the FAQ. I realize that it is a very different device but is the biggest problem with the MMJB the different scramble algorithm?
23:53:50LinusNscrambling algorithm is the least problem
23:53:50Stefan98777yes, i did. cygwin. i can compile a "normal" *ajz
23:54:07LinusNStefan98777: patch < patchfile.diff
23:54:28adi|homenikkel.. its diff hardware
23:54:28Stefan98777now i wanna add the bookmarking feature to it with the *.diff
23:54:34nikkelitousHow sould one go about figuring out the scramble?
23:54:35adi|homeit loads the firmware diff
23:54:43Stefan98777tnx, i'll try that :)
23:54:48adi|homenikkel.. the scramble is the least of the prob
23:54:54adi|homerockbox is not going to work on the MM
23:55:17nikkelitousI understand the differences in hardware but hardware is a fairly straight-forward setup.
23:55:34LinusNnikkelitous: ???
23:55:37adi|homeyou are asking in the wrong place
23:55:42 Quit Snorlax ()
23:55:45nikkelitousI'm sorry. Bad grammar.
23:55:59adi|homeif we a. wanted to, b. had the time to c. felt the need to.. rockbox would already be ported to it
23:56:06Stefan98777LinusN: i am getting an error msg.: 'can't find file to patch at input line 1224'
23:56:35nikkelitousI know I was in the wrong place but this place is the closest thing to what I'm looking for. I don't know anywhere else to go.
23:56:47nikkelitousIf I had any other leads I would head out to those.
23:57:02LinusNpatch -pX (read the url i gave you)
23:57:27nikkelitousHow would a person figure out the scramble algorithm?
23:57:41LinusNnikkelitous: is there one?
23:58:01nikkelitousIs there one what? A scramble algorithm?
23:58:30nikkelitousI have been told there is a scramble on the MMJB's firmware. I don't know how to verify it myself.
23:58:38LinusNfirst, think about how an unscrambled file would look like

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