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#rockbox log for 2003-03-09

00:00:16nikkelitousSo I need to try and figure out how the file would look without scramblin?
00:00:53LinusNthe jbmm has an ARM CPU for what I know
00:01:20LinusNi guess the ARM CPU has an interrupt vector table at a fixed location
00:01:33LinusNso the file probably begins with a vector table
00:01:53LinusNsuch a table often has a caracteristic look
00:01:54nikkelitousvector table?
00:02:07LinusNinterrupt vectors
00:02:19nikkelitousSo the vector table would have to be unscrambled to work right?
00:02:32LinusNeverything needs to be unscrambled
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00:02:57LinusNto crack the algorithm you need both cryptographic and hardware skills
00:03:10nikkelitousI guess that I'm not one to break it then.
00:03:17LinusNmaybe not
00:03:21nikkelitousHeh. I'm not too good at that stuff.
00:03:22tracktheripperhey Linus
00:03:28nikkelitousAh well.
00:03:55nikkelitousWho cracked the Jukebox20's scramble?
00:04:00LinusNtracktheripper: a new silly feature request?
00:04:07LinusNnikkelitous: i and zagor
00:04:22nikkelitousAhh. Ok.
00:04:36LinusNtracktheripper: i just received an update from sourceforge
00:04:47tracktherippernothing silly
00:04:53LinusN[ rockbox-Feature Requests-700127 ] Support for .doc files as well as .txt files.
00:05:09tracktherippererm, thats another tracktheripper :-|
00:05:13nikkelitousheh. Now thats a silly feature request.
00:05:25LinusNtracktheripper: do you know how .DOC files look like?
00:05:34tracktheripperyes, MS Word
00:05:44LinusNi mean the file format
00:06:11LinusNmsword files are not easily parsed
00:06:40LinusNthe format is proprietary (thus evil), binary, and complicated
00:06:46tracktheripperwell Notepad is part of Windows!!! (Microsoft!!)
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00:07:03LinusNnotepad is a tool, not a file format
00:07:24nikkelitousNotepad only uses plaintext which is easily read by anything.
00:07:38tracktheripperwell Im ever so sorry I didn't realise
00:07:40Hadakaparsing .doc is so complicated it's rather hard to even fit in the 2 megabytes of space available :)
00:07:42nikkelitousand is almost cross-platform.
00:07:48LinusNtracktheripper: don't worry
00:07:59LinusNwhy do you want to read .doc files?
00:08:12nikkelitousIt's easy to convert them to text.
00:08:19tracktheripperwell in case u need to read a letter or the like on -the -fly
00:08:42nikkelitousAre they palm .doc or pc .doc?
00:08:50tracktheripperMS Word .doc
00:08:56tracktheripperpc .doc
00:09:07nikkelitousI would suggest just converting it to plaintext.
00:09:09Hadakatracktheripper: your friends or workmakes are broken if you receive anything as .doc
00:09:41nikkelitousJust copy and paste it into notepad.
00:09:52tracktheripperWell Linus who was the dickhead who subbmitted "Plug an ADSL modem into the Archos to make files transfer faster?"
00:09:58nikkelitousYou'll lose the formatting but it will have all the text.
00:10:11LinusNtracktheripper: seriously, i understand that you haven't given much thought about the whole microsoft/closed source thing
00:10:17tracktheripperok ok i must be punished by Linus and Zagor
00:10:37LinusNthe ADSL modem request is hilarious
00:10:51tracktherippersurprised it hasnt beeen rejected
00:10:54nikkelitousThat is funny.
00:11:02LinusNhaven't had the time to rehect it
00:11:12tracktheripperIf I had sent that I would put my name on id
00:12:08tracktheripperSeriously Linus I didnt know .doc was closed-source
00:12:29tracktheripperafter all Star Office, WordPerfect are non-microsoft proggies that can read doc files
00:13:00Hadakabarely - neither does a very good job at it
00:13:13Hadakaare also a number of word-viewers - which are not much better either
00:13:16LinusNyes, they can read and write doc files thanks to great reverse engineering efforts
00:13:31nikkelitousHey I have another question. With the Jukebox and everything I understand that there is a 2MB limit. Is that ram or the limit for firmware size?
00:13:34tracktheripper<−− is sorry for upsetting Linus
00:13:53LinusNthe total RAM size is 2mb
00:13:54Hadakayou know, at one point in time, there was talk about Word something using a purely XML based save-format :)
00:14:02LinusNand the firmware resides in RAM
00:14:23LinusNthe 200mb limit applies to the firmware file size
00:14:38nikkelitousAhh ok. That makes sense.
00:14:56nikkelitousSo can you swap-out features from a file on disk?
00:15:02LinusNHadaka: the ROM firmware refuses to load firmware files larger than about 200k
00:15:09nikkelitouslike modules?
00:15:14HadakaLinusN: I just commented that you said 200mb :)
00:15:15LinusNnikkelitous: we are working on plugins
00:15:22nikkelitousAhh cool :)
00:15:24LinusNHadaka: aha, silly me
00:16:04tracktheripperwell Linus couldn't u do a "daisychain system" where you have a Rockbox ajz file that looks for ,say ajbrec2.ajz file for larger firnware sizes?
00:16:14tracktheripperif u wanted 400kb allocated to firmware
00:16:14LinusNtracktheripper: sure
00:16:45LinusNwhen we reach 200k, i guess we could call it bloated
00:16:46tracktheripperso the first ajz file is loaded then it looks for the second ajz file thereby enabling firmwares greater than 200kb
00:17:20nikkelitousRight nnow it's around 76k I doubt it will need to daisy chain.
00:17:53tracktheripperso Linus ill expect to see my request "Fixed" tommorow morning :-)
00:17:58Hadakawell, if plugin support ever gets in, that'll be the better solution
00:18:09LinusNnikkelitous: mine is about 190k
00:18:51tracktheripperyea but the bigger the firmware the less space there is to buffer Mp3s when playingh
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00:32:48adi|homewell.. consider that dynamically loading sokoban levels cuts the firmware ~30k
00:33:00*adi|home is working ont hat
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01:45:04dvr-505what does the TOTAL mean when playing mp3?????
01:45:36dvr-505and also.. is there anyway not to see id3d when playing mp3??
01:47:06LinusNwhich build?
01:47:25dvr-5051702 ???
01:47:33dvr-505the one that solved recording
01:47:58LinusNand you use the default wps?
01:48:38LinusNdo you use a custom .wps file?
01:49:12dvr-505i don't even know what you mean by (wps)
01:49:25dvr-505explain it to me please
01:49:29LinusNok then, where on the display is that "TOTAL" text?
01:50:13dvr-505when playing i can see TOTAL in the right side of the screen just by the end of the screen
01:50:27dvr-505the third character line
01:51:09dvr-505i sent a bug report about it
01:51:18dvr-505about 3 days ago
01:51:23dvr-505ok 2
01:52:17LinusNstrange, i don't see that on my version
01:53:38LinusNhave you tried the latest build?
01:53:41dvr-505i will try a later version
01:54:01dvr-505no one reported a fix on that
01:54:03LinusNdvr-505: it is easier for us developers if you try the latest version before asking questions
01:54:21dvr-505ok sorry
01:54:28dvr-505and about id3d?
01:54:58LinusNproblems often get fixed when fixing other (seemingly unrelated) bugs
01:55:32dvr-505i allways see id3d info when playing mp3
01:55:53LinusNwhat is id3d?
01:55:56dvr-505in the menu there is an option to show id3d
01:56:37dvr-505information in the mp3 song about the album and music
01:56:38LinusNi know what id3 is but not id3d
01:57:02dvr-505(3d) work work work
01:57:29dvr-505there is a menu option to show id3 but there isn't one no to show :)
01:57:40LinusNthe default behaviour is to show ID3 info if it is present
01:57:42dvr-505there is a menu option to show id3 but there isn't one NOT to show :)
01:58:06LinusNthe show id3 menu item is something different
01:58:26LinusNif you want something else displayed, create a custom WPS file
02:02:53dvr-505could you sent me a wps file just for me to see one already done ???
02:04:08dvr-505thanks sorry
02:04:41 Quit dvr-505 ("Keep Hunting")
02:04:55nikkelitousHey. The WPS files that you have by default aren't very good. My dad made one that is better. How should I submit it.
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02:05:48LinusNnikkelitous: mail it to the mailing list
02:16:07LinusNtime to sleep
02:16:08LinusNnite all
02:16:26 Part LinusN
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02:23:22nikkelitousAnother question: I've noticed that there is a 10000 file limit on playlists would it be possible to extend that limit by having rockbox automatically move to another playlist?
02:23:39nikkelitousI know that almost no one will have any problem with 10000 files though.
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02:47:59Hadakanikkelitous: the 10000 limit is just a constant in the code - if someone wants longer playlists, he can increase the constant - then he will get less memory for other things
03:25:19nikkelitousThats a good solution.
03:25:31 Quit jzoss ("No Reason")
03:26:30nikkelitousI personally can't see a reason to have more than 10000 files on the Archos unless you put a MUCH bigger drive.
03:27:53nikkelitousAnd if you have the technical know-how to upgrade the drive then you should be able to alter the code.
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04:51:41adi|homenikk.. for your 10000 limit question.. check the FAQ
04:52:43 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
04:57:08nikkelitousI read the FAQ but my question wasn't answered.
04:59:25nikkelitousMy question was a question on having one of the entries in the playlist being another playlist that gets opened.
04:59:54nikkelitousBy allowing a playlist to list other playlists. That would allow very flexible setups.
05:02:07nikkelitousBecause a person could create a playlist listing other playlists with certain artists.
05:14:55adi|homeno.. it wouldnt
05:15:01adi|homehow do you know a file is a playlist
05:15:20adi|homethe reason our playlists work is because they follow the accepted formate of an .m3u
05:19:09nikkelitousI know that. The .m3u lists a file. If the file that it lists is another .m3u I think it should be able to load it.
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11:43:50juzhello linusM do you remember me?
11:46:42juzi type Perl c:\temp\ binlang c:\temp\english.lang c:\temp\deutch.lang c:\temp\deutch.lng it does not work
11:47:09juzis it the syntaxe??
11:47:57LinusNwhat happens
11:48:25LinusNremove the single "binlang"
11:48:47juzok i ll try
11:48:50LinusNit should be Perl c:\temp\ binlang c:\temp\english.lang c:\temp\deutch.lang c:\temp\deutch.lng
11:49:00LinusNPerl c:\temp\ c:\temp\english.lang c:\temp\deutch.lang c:\temp\deutch.lng
11:49:58Schnueffwow someone alive
11:50:16LinusNwell, i'm only 34, i'm not dead yet :-)
11:50:48juzit apperead to work i m going to try it on my archos thanks you
11:51:19LinusNjuz: great
11:52:29*Schnueff .. laterz
11:54:11juzno it does not work the file contain only a E
11:55:20juzit write missing id .......
11:55:56juzmissing id in the deutch.lang file
11:56:50LinusNjuz: remember that the texts must be in the same order in both the english and the german files
11:57:03LinusNand you must have all texts defined
11:57:44juzok but t took the file on the "rockbox-daily-20030308.tar.gz"
11:57:57LinusNand the english file?
11:58:14juztoo "english.lang"
11:59:22LinusNdid you change the deutsch.lang file?
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13:41:25juzno i have copy it in c:\temp from the rockbox-daily-20030308.tar.gz
13:42:52juzis there any syntaxe??
13:51:04 Quit edx ()
13:54:03LinusNi have no problem with it
13:55:05LinusNtry this:
13:55:10LinusNcd c:\temp
13:55:34LinusNperl english.lang deutsch.lang deutsch.lng
13:56:21 Join Snorlax [0] (
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14:29:57juzit doesnt find
14:30:08juzin c:\temp
14:30:16juzdo i copy only perl.exe???
14:30:38LinusNmake sure that the perl binary is in the PATH
14:32:04juzdoes the perl binary is the \bin path of ActivePerl??
14:34:18 Join Guest [0] (
14:35:19LinusNjuz: you can of course type the full path to the perl executable
14:38:13 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
14:38:37LinusNi wonder what "Guest" is looking for...
14:38:41juz"Missing id in deutch.lang" i don't understand why
14:39:14LinusNfirst of all, is it really called deutch.lang and not deutsch.lang?
14:40:07LinusNdid you rename it? why?
14:41:37juzno i did not rename it, wait one minute i think it will work
14:42:49 Join manu_numa [0] (
14:44:05juzmy deutsch.lang file was corrupt i don t know why but now it works perfectly t tried on my jukebox
14:44:24juzthank you very much linusN
14:44:43LinusNi have added better error checking in the binlang script
14:44:54 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:45:16LinusNnow it tells you if the files can't be opened
14:45:23LinusNyes, i added that 30 seconds ago
14:45:49LinusNwhen i figured out what you had done
14:46:41tracktheripperhi linus
14:59:17 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
14:59:47 Quit manu_numa ("Leaving")
15:38:40 Part LinusN
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15:55:29 Join SrScx [0] (
15:55:32SrScxhi there
15:56:28SrScxis the song queue option already included now? (i've the daily build from yesterday now)
15:56:43Schnueffyes, should be in the daily builds
15:57:07Schnueffin the dir browser press on+play (then play) to queue in the song the cursor is on
16:12:46 Join _seb_ [0] (
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17:58:55 Part LinusN
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20:06:19 Join Norrin [0] (
20:09:23jzossLinus.. quick (random) question for you. Ignore if you're busy...
20:09:37*LinusN looks the other way
20:09:58jzossokay. =) Good luck finishing whatever you're working on
20:10:45LinusNask your question, i am listening
20:11:39jzossI'm upgrading my computer soon, and will reformat/reinstall to do a little "housecleaning". Anyway, I'm currently running Debian, but was thinking of moving to gentoo Linux. Have you heard anything about it, or know anyone running it?
20:12:12LinusNi use redhat, an old habit
20:13:02jzossheh. Thx for your response. =) Gentoo is debian (or BSD)-style package management, but everything compiled from source locally on your machine.
20:13:18jzossIt's an interesting concept. I'll probably try it and see how annoying the compile-times are
20:13:41 Part Norrin
20:14:23PsycoXuljzoss: i knew a lot of people who fell into the gentoo fad
20:14:33PsycoXuljzoss: most of them like it, a few said bad things about it
20:14:39PsycoXuljzoss: i decided to go with LFS myself
20:14:48PsycoXuland a custom system for managing installed software
20:14:55jzossYah, that was the other option I was tossing around
20:15:08jzossAlthough i wasn't gonna roll my own package manager. =)
20:15:16jzossThat's pretty hardcore. =)
20:15:35PsycoXulthe only 3 things that don't like to cooperate with my custom "package" system
20:15:41PsycoXulare perl, djbdns, and qmail
20:15:48PsycoXulperl can be forced into it
20:15:50jzossI thought gentoo might be a good compromise between full LFS and a binary-based distro
20:15:58PsycoXulbut djbdns and qmail i let be as they want to be
20:16:07PsycoXulsince they don't infect /usr with real files or anything like that anyway
20:16:19jzossThat's an unusual grouping of "bad" progs. At first glance they don't have much in common, but I'm sure there's something...
20:16:34PsycoXulwell djbdns and qmail are by the same guy
20:16:42PsycoXuland use the same system to keep themselves running
20:17:21PsycoXulperl just loves to not respect any form of telling it to GO "here" but THINK you're "there"
20:17:38PsycoXuli dunno how any package mantainers deal with it heh
20:18:10jzossThat (pkg management)'s a thankless job I'm glad I didn't volunteer for. =)
20:19:03PsycoXuli was gonna setup a chroot system for problematic things like perl and anything that doesn't support ROOT= or DESTDIR= in make install
20:19:26PsycoXulbut i haven't had so much of a problem with such things to warrant the effort heh
20:19:42jzossyah.. alot of work for 3 progs
20:20:16PsycoXulyeah there's a few other programs that don't wanna play so nice, but they're not as difficult to bend to your will
20:20:53PsycoXulperl you pretty much just gotta mv it's files to where you want them after it installs them into the standard tree
20:21:24PsycoXulwhich isn't so bad when everything *BUT* perl in /usr is all symlinks so running a find /usr -type f finds perl's files and pretty much nothing else hehe
20:21:30jzosslol. now *that's* a brute-force approach.
20:22:47PsycoXulthough updatedb likes to replace the /usr/var/locatedb symlink with a real file
20:23:14PsycoXuland things like maya and houdini like to put their license file stuffs in real files under /usr
20:23:25PsycoXuli could probably fix both if i bothered to though heh
20:24:06PsycoXullike if i actualy cron'd updatedb, then i'd just add a mv and resymlink in to the cron job
20:24:43PsycoXuland i doubt the license files really need to be real files, i just never bothered to do anything about them heh
20:24:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:31:47HadakaPsycoXul: that's a very weird approach to symlinking
20:32:03PsycoXulHadaka: huh?
20:32:18PsycoXuleverything in my system is a symlink except for /bin/sash heh
20:32:34PsycoXuljust in case :p
20:32:51PsycoXulall the real files reside in /z/
20:32:53HadakaPsycoXul: well, isn't the normal system to install perl "there" and make it think it's "there" so it uses the files there - and only populate /usr with symlinks to refer to there?
20:33:16 Join Norrin [0] (
20:33:46PsycoXulunder directories 0 1 and 2, for if it's a basic system thing, a normal thing, or something dirty or extra etc heh
20:33:53PsycoXulHadaka: well i dunno
20:34:10PsycoXuli just wanna make sure everything behaves as if it were installed like normal under /usr
20:34:14NorrinIf someone could spare a moment, do you happen to know the battery capacity for the li-ion battery in FM Recorder?
20:34:15Hadakathat way you can even have multiple installed versions of the same software - and you can use whichever you want of them
20:34:16PsycoXulsince thats how it's all accessed
20:34:45PsycoXulHadaka: yeah but it takes a little extra work to do that that way
20:34:47Hadakaerr, but then the programs end up accessing the symlinks, do not keep their separate data areas for /var like stuff and so on - it seems awfully messy
20:35:09Hadakathat's why we have tools like 'stow' and 'xstow' to manage the symlink farms for us
20:35:11PsycoXulwith my way all i gotta do is run 2 commands to switch between versions and then the new one becomes the standard "system" version for as long as i want it
20:35:28PsycoXuli wrote a couple shell scripts to manage my symlinks
20:35:36Hadakastow -D gnus-old-version;stow gnus-new-version
20:35:52PsycoXuland files that belong to a version of a program will be stashed in it's directory with it, if they'll cause problems with other versions
20:35:52Hadakaanyway, nevermind, I just thought it was weird :) gnus-old-version; gnus-new-version
20:37:02PsycoXuli used to use stow for /usr/local stuff in debian
20:37:17PsycoXuli designed my setup to be a little simpler i think
20:37:31PsycoXulsimpler is better hehe
20:38:52PsycoXulbut yes it is weird
20:38:56PsycoXulbut it's worked well for me hehe
20:40:08PsycoXul 19 /root/bin/
20:40:09PsycoXul 18 /root/bin/
20:40:41PsycoXulespecialy considering the "package management" system basically consists of 37 lines of shell script
20:42:06 Part Norrin
20:42:39PsycoXuland that includes the help and the only useful options i've found were needed
20:42:41PsycoXulUsage: [options] <package>
20:42:41PsycoXul Options:
20:42:41PsycoXul -f Overwrite links that aren't ours
20:42:41DBUGSent KICK PsycoXul to server
20:42:41PsycoXul -n Don't really do anything, just echo it
20:42:41Kick(#rockbox PsycoXul :No flooding!) by logbot!
20:42:48 Join PsycoXul [0] (
20:42:51PsycoXulbleh :p
20:43:16Hadakawell, whatever floats yer boat I guess
20:43:30PsycoXulso... know any free high-quality acoustic drum samples?
20:44:01Hadakano :)
20:46:13PsycoXulhey i wonder if somebody who's donated their body to science or whatever
20:46:52PsycoXulif somebody'd let you cast their ears while they're still intact and then let you have the skull later
20:47:30PsycoXulso that you can fill it with water and mold their ears back on and put little microphones where their eardrums were so you'd have an excellent binaural mic :p
20:59:51 Join Norrin [0] (
21:03:28 Part Norrin
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21:15:09 Part LinusN
21:15:22jzossgood afternoon. =)
21:50:22 Quit jzoss ("No Reason")
21:56:26 Quit Snorlax ()
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22:14:30 Part ScottE
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23:06:54 Join Norrin [0] (
23:09:05NorrinI've surfed the Rockbox website. Is there a way to save the current settings into a CFG file?
23:17:19LinusNnot yet
23:22:01NorrinLinusN - Any clue what the capacity of the FM Recorder Li-Ion battery is?
23:22:33 Join QInter [0] (
23:23:37LinusNNorrin: i think 4200mAh
23:24:56QInterNorrin: There's a patch that saves the settings to a
23:26:06QInterNorrin: There's a patch that saves the settings into a .cfg file.
23:27:06NorrinI probably couldn't figure out how to patch the current firmware. Website for reference?
23:28:28QInterNorrin: You may have a look into the mailing list. There are links to download compiled versions.
23:28:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:28:51NorrinExcellent, I'm gone.
23:30:02QInterNorrin: You've found it?
23:31:44NorrinNope, searching.
23:32:20QInterNorrin: Which model you are using? I could give you the link.
23:32:36NorrinArchos FM Recorder
23:32:44NorrinAppreciate it.
23:33:15QInterNorrin: Ok. Get this:
23:33:41QInterNorrin: But's not tested, I have a recorder 20.
23:33:50NorrinExcellent, we'll try it.
23:34:40ScottEI'm a newbie rockbox hacker trying to play with adding a few features and still not very familiar with how everything works.
23:35:06NorrinQInter: What build was this based on before it was patched?
23:35:27ScottEMy Q: I'm trying to add a new WPS tag to print the volume (recorder 20), but it doesn't get properly updated.
23:36:13ScottEJust trying to understand if there is a callback used for tags to get updated, or?
23:37:16 Join Guest [0] (
23:37:34QInterNorrin: I'm not sure, but it's based on the build one or two days ago.
23:41:17NorrinQInter: Are the settings saved automatically, menu option, key sequence?
23:42:07QInterNorrin: There's an option _save settings_ in the _general options/system_ menu.
23:42:57QInterNorrin: I mean _general settings_;)
23:43:32LinusNNorrin: I just checked my FM recorder battery
23:43:38LinusNit's 2200mAh
23:43:49LinusNb ut
23:43:57LinusNbut it's not entirely clear
23:44:24LinusNit says "2 Lithiom-ion
23:44:25NorrinQInter: Found it. Thanks. At least I can get the recorder setup the way I like then save the files off as different CFG's for different purposes.
23:44:40LinusNit says "2 Lithium-Ion batteries, 2.4V 2200mAh"
23:45:15NorrinLinusN: Interesting, if I remember when I was inside my recorder upgrading the HD, it was two batteries laying side-by-side.
23:47:02LinusN2 batteries packaged as one
23:47:02NorrinLinusN: Thanks, wanted the mAh to input into the menu for battery capacity.
23:47:26LinusNthe battery is easily accessible
23:47:35LinusNwithout tools
23:48:02NorrinQInter: The CFG file the patch saves, can it be loaded as a CFG or does it need modified? I noticed a lack of colons vs what the website says.
23:48:08 Join nikkelitous [0] (
23:48:21LinusNNorrin: the whole point is to be able to load it again
23:48:25LinusNnikkelitous: yo
23:48:54 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:49:01nikkelitousA question on rockbox's playlist support: Does Rockbox support Winamps new .B4S playlists?
23:49:23LinusNnikkelitous: no, what is a .B4S playlist
23:49:39LinusNonly m3u format is supported
23:49:39NorrinLinusN: So I assume the : really doesn't matter?
23:49:41nikkelitous.B4S is a XML based playlist designed by nullsoft.
23:49:49LinusNNorrin: not sure
23:50:00LinusNnikkelitous: then we don't support it
23:50:07LinusNXML, how silly
23:50:18QInterNorrin: You can load the saved .cfg file. There's no need for modifications.
23:50:21nikkelitousI think it is a good idea.
23:50:56NorrinQinter: Excellent. Any settings not working correctly yet? Anything I need to be aware of?
23:50:56QInterNorrin: But, of course, you can edit the file... What are you missing?
23:51:07LinusNan xml parser to load a list of songs, talk about overkill
23:51:30nikkelitousHeh. It wouldn't need a full XML set. Just a few fields.
23:51:51LinusNstill, it needs to parse the basic format, with tags and stuff
23:52:01NorrinQInter: Nothing that I can see as of yet, just from the mail list readings I guess some settings didn't stick.
23:52:12QInterNorrin: It should work.
23:53:07QInterNorrin: Notice that _invert setting_ and some channels modes currently not handeled by the cfg loader.
23:53:53nikkelitousWill rockbox support the format though? It seems to be becoming more popular.
23:53:55NorrinQInter: Great, I have to go play now. Thanks. I tried looking over your website, couldn't do anything besides downloading the file.
23:54:10 Quit _seb_ ("")
23:55:15LinusNnikkelitous: i think it is overkill, what's wrong with m3u?
23:55:34QInterNorrin: At the moment there is no website available. I use it only for distributing files at the moment.
23:55:49ScottE(Not that anyone was going to answer, but I figured out how WPS flags work and resolved my issue.)
23:56:15nikkelitousWell the fact that .m3u is getting phased out of winamp is a big one. They intend to get .B4s to become the standard.
23:56:29nikkelitousWinamp already makes .b4s the default.
23:56:36NorrinQInter: Thanks, chat with ya later. Have work to do (not really, just want to go play with the save settings.)
23:58:56QInterNorrin: ;)

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