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#rockbox log for 2003-03-10

00:00:25NorrinLinusN: Sounds like something you and QInter should work out in private. Kidding. As long as it works, I'm not choosie.
00:01:33QInterLinusN: What a silly mistake. I'll will fix this.
00:01:39LinusNnikkelitous: i think winamp can use any format it wants, why should rockbox care?
00:02:29LinusNstill, if someone writes a small bs4 parser, we can always add it to rockbox
00:02:39NorrinDoes anyone know of any other fonts available for use with the Rockbox firmware besides what's on the Rockbox website?
00:02:55LinusNNorrin: any BDF font will do
00:03:10LinusNas long as it is smaller then 16 pixels
00:04:14LinusNread the text below the list of fonts on
00:06:37nikkelitousI think that Rockbox should accept new technology to improve itself.
00:09:56nikkelitous.B4S is a powerful new format. Easily parsed. I think it would be worth it to use it.
00:10:31LinusNwhat can be more easy to parse than m3u?
00:12:02QInterLinusN: I'm confused. The colon (−−> : ) is written by the cfg saver.
00:12:15nikkelitousNot much but it's easy enough to add .b4s support.
00:15:56LinusNdo you know where i can find a b4s specification?
00:20:27nikkelitousRight now Nullsoft hasn't released one.
00:20:28 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:20:52nikkelitousI can write one up or I can give you a M3U and B4S that have the same files.
00:20:52LinusNnikkelitous: so much for easily parsed, standard, open formats
00:21:30nikkelitousIt's easy enough.
00:21:34LinusN95% of the Winamp documentation is about skinning, talk about silly
00:21:57Hadakaheh, a fileformat without a specification? is that a joke? :)
00:22:00LinusNdo you notice that i'm not a winamp fan? :-)
00:22:32nikkelitousYeah. I figured.
00:22:33nikkelitous <entry Playstring="file:C:\Documents and Settings\Bryan\My Documents\My Music\12 Stones\12 Stones\03 - The Way I Feel.mp3">
00:22:33nikkelitous <Name>12 Stones - The Way I Feel</Name>
00:22:33DBUGSent KICK nikkelitous to server
00:22:33nikkelitous <Length>227325</Length>
00:22:33nikkelitous </entry>
00:22:33Kick(#rockbox nikkelitous :No flooding!) by logbot!
00:22:36NorrinQInter/LinusN: I could have sworn the : wasn't there the first time. Sorry. Quick question, from the filename screen for saving the CFG file, what button do you push to save?
00:22:46HadakaXML parser in rockbox :)
00:23:16QInterNorrin: Try the ON button...
00:23:19Hadakawell I guess it was coming :)
00:23:27 Join nikkelitous [0] (
00:23:36nikkelitousDidn't mean to send that.
00:23:43nikkelitousJust wanted to put it in my bar.
00:23:53LinusNso the playlist contains information that should be in the ID3 tags
00:24:10QInterNorrin: The second keyboard screen is used to enter a comment line.
00:24:35HadakaLinusN: well, you can have different names for the same song in different playlists ;)
00:24:37NorrinQInter: Was wondering what that was. Cool.
00:24:39nikkelitousAll playlists do that.
00:24:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:24:55Hadakaerr - m3u is just a list of files - it carries no extra information
00:25:07nikkelitousthe .M3U spec allows for the info in a comment.
00:25:10NorrinHave a good night everyone, keep up the great work. Cheers.
00:25:24 Quit Norrin ()
00:25:26LinusNHadaka: well, the winamp perverted it to contain silly comments with all kinds of meta information
00:25:44nikkelitousIt always had that meta information.
00:26:12nikkelitousBut it was designed so that you don't have to read the ID3 tags.
00:26:30nikkelitousIt was made so that you read 1 file and knew what you were playing.
00:26:39nikkelitousIf you want to ignore that part you could.
00:26:42LinusNin my opinion, that info belongs in the mp3 file
00:26:57Hadakaanyway, this all touches a bit on a subject that's not solved by ID3 or ID3v2 tags alone
00:27:16Hadakawhat people wish to play is not merely a list of files
00:27:20LinusNis there an .M3U specification?
00:27:27nikkelitousYou could just have it find the song after the <entry Playstring=".
00:27:36nikkelitousThats all thats needed.
00:27:42LinusNnikkelitous: true
00:28:06Hadakanikkelitous: err, that's not too compatible - if someone formats it different, it will break
00:28:22Hadakanikkelitous: if you want compatible reading of that format, you need to do XML parsing, and need to handle XML character escaping
00:28:26nikkelitousBut the tags aren't formated.
00:28:38LinusNHadaka: i doubt any tool but winamp will generate those playlists anyway
00:28:55nikkelitousWinamp is the only major supporter of it right now.
00:28:57LinusNnot without a file format specification
00:29:26Hadakathe tag casing of that file is ludicrous :)
00:29:31nikkelitousThe file spec is considered to be identical to XML. It just has a few tags.
00:29:49Hadakathe file format is XML
00:30:04nikkelitousThats what I meant.
00:30:05Hadakanow what's missing is the XML-Schema or DTD for it
00:30:12nikkelitousI'm a man of many words.
00:30:54Hadakaanyway, parsing that would need an XML parser in rockbox - people have made rather small ones, so one could go look for it
00:32:28nikkelitoussourceforge has the worst search engine in existence.
00:33:06LinusNwe won't find a generic xml parser that fits our needs
00:33:18HadakaLinusN: err, why not?
00:33:53HadakaI've heard one's that respect well-formedness and fit on 2-kilobyte rom-chips
00:34:03Hadakabrb, quick shower
00:34:26LinusNany generic xml parser will probably be feature packed, and use up all our RAM
00:34:33nikkelitousThe smallest I have found is 10k. I'm still looking for more.
00:35:22nikkelitousI think that the goal should be under 5k.
00:36:00LinusNcode size is not the issue
00:36:14LinusNit's how it uses the memory when parsing
00:37:28nikkelitousBut that isn't easy to figure out unless you compile and run it.
00:38:06LinusNor read the source
00:38:27LinusNfor example, dynamic memory is out of the question
00:38:44nikkelitousReading the source takes a long time.
00:39:23HadakaLinusN: there are memory concervative ones as well
00:39:29Hadakaand feature-packedness is neither an issue
00:39:53Hadakaa suitable XML parser would be something that cannot crash, respects the well-formedness requirement, and gives out simple character entities
00:40:19Hadakaall the DTD support, named entity support, external entity support, default argument support and charset support can go
00:40:35MTid prefer not to have any of my 12 MHz being used to parse xml ta
00:40:56HadakaMT: oh yes, parsing text is so much better
00:41:11nikkelitousIf you don't use the .B4S files then it wont be parsed.
00:41:34MTi fail to see the benefit over m3u tbh
00:41:48 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
00:42:01LinusNMT: me too
00:42:01nikkelitousIt is supposed to be more flexible.
00:42:16nikkelitousI don't know about that though.
00:42:26MTwhats more flexible than a newline seperated list of file?
00:42:27Hadakaright now, there's no reason to implement b4s support
00:42:33LinusNi think it's more like XML masturbation
00:42:38HadakaMT: something that can have a variable amount of metadata
00:42:47LinusNit's a hype thing imho
00:43:09MTalong with 90% of xml
00:43:10LinusNxml is a quite flexible format
00:43:31Hadakaanyway, it might be considered if there starts to be a reasonable amount of b4s files around and that users are really bothered by having to convert them
00:43:43LinusNHadaka: agreed
00:43:44Hadakawhat rockbox would want out of b4s is just the filenames anyway
00:44:11Hadakaatleast until rockbox grows some real jukebox capabilities
00:44:23MTit would almost certainly be easier to supply a tool to convert to m3u
00:44:32LinusNnot for the user
00:44:50nikkelitousI think that making the tool might be the easiest step.
00:45:03nikkelitousI'll see if there are any out there.
00:45:20Hadakaheh, writing one takes less than 5 minutes :)
00:45:46Hadakaperl, python, xslt - take your pick :)
00:46:08LinusNi choose perl
00:46:16nikkelitousIf only I knew any of those scripting languages.
00:46:20LinusNregex rox
00:46:37Hadakaerr, you don't want to use regexps here, you want to use XML parsing :)
00:47:05nikkelitousI only have intermediate C/C++ knowledge.
00:47:09LinusNi only want the filename tag, easily extracted with a regexp
00:47:19nikkelitousor grep
00:47:36LinusNgrep | sed
00:47:42HadakaLinusN: nope - take into account character entities, attribute escaping, odd places for newlines and other bogosities that may be in the file
00:48:36LinusNHadaka: yes, that is possible, but i don't think winamp will generate the files like that
00:49:05LinusNbut sure, i guess there is an xml parser at CPAN
00:49:17nikkelitousThere are a few other programs that are beginning to use .B4S
00:50:24LinusNi think B4S should be avoided until there is a specification
00:50:47LinusNi hate de facto file formats, like m3u for i nstance
00:54:02nikkelitousWell... I'll toss a message off to Nullsoft asking for a finished spec.
00:54:23LinusNdo that
00:54:26Hadakaa DTD is enough
00:54:39LinusNyeah, it should be enough
00:56:57QInterTime to sleep, have a good night everyone.
00:57:07 Quit QInter ("Leaving")
00:57:34nikkelitousHey. Can I get an estimate on the number of people that use RockBox?
00:58:20LinusNi have no clue
00:58:55nikkelitousAhh. Ok.
00:59:09nikkelitousAre there any usage statistics that you have?
01:02:50LinusNonly download stats
01:03:18nikkelitousCan I see them?
01:03:56LinusNi don't have them, bagder has them
01:04:03nikkelitousOh ok.
01:04:53nikkelitousAnd one question that has been annoying me. In the features list it says that, while the Archos firmware supports VBRI header, Rockbox doesn't. What is a VBRI header?
01:06:37Hadaka$ wc
01:06:37Hadaka 8 33 210
01:07:28Hadakahmh, I think I could fit this within 75 characters if I tried ;)
01:07:32LinusNnikkelitous: a vbri header is a header in VBR files encoded by the Fraunhofer encoder
01:07:35nikkelitousIn C++ it would be at least 120 lines.
01:07:44nikkelitousAhh. So what does it do?
01:07:59Hadakaconverts m4s to m3u?
01:08:43nikkelitousb4s but yeah.
01:08:46nikkelitousAt least.
01:08:47LinusNit contains the number of frames in the file, and a table that tells where in the file to seek for specific points in time
01:09:04Hadakaoh, the header, right :)
01:09:09Hadakasorry :)
01:09:28LinusNXing headers do the same thing, but different, and more important WITH A PUBLIC SPECIFICATION
01:09:29nikkelitousNo I meant that the converter would be at least 120 lines in C++
01:09:39nikkelitousThats a good thing.
01:09:56LinusNi have written code that parses vbri headers
01:10:09LinusNi just haven't integrated it into Rockbox
01:10:10nikkelitousSo rockbox supports the Xing but not the VBRI?
01:10:32LinusNsoon vbri too, without the Table Of Contents
01:10:40nikkelitousSo people who use the VBRI can't FF a file?
01:10:49nikkelitousUntil your code gets in.
01:10:56LinusNthey can, it will not be 100% accurate
01:14:47HadakaI must say that XML parsing with perl is trivial as hell :)
01:15:14LinusNyou needed an extra package?
01:15:23Hadakause XML::Parser; my $p = new XML::Parser(Style => 'Subs'); $p->parse(STDIN); sub entry { my (undef,undef,@a) = @_; lc shift @a eq "playstring" ? print "".(shift @a)."\n" : shift @a; }
01:15:24LinusNor was it part of the distro?
01:15:33HadakaXML::Parser should be part of the base nowadays, I think
01:15:38LinusNnice indeed
01:16:03LinusNHadaka: tidy it up a little, and submit it
01:16:33Hadakaoh come on, it's a 5 minute hack, let it rest in peace :)
01:17:17LinusNmy clock stopped at 6:34
01:17:38LinusNa 6:34-minute hack
01:18:29Hadakaheh :)
01:27:52ScottEThe rockbock source is well written and very hackable. Thank you!
01:28:45LinusNScottE: thank you, we really try to KISS it
01:28:50ScottEs/ock/ox of course... eep
01:28:55LinusNKeep It Simple Stupid
01:29:16ScottEWell, I see some really bad code in my day job. I wish this is the sort of stuff I got to see more often :)
01:30:34LinusNwe see rockbox as a kind of therapy in that respect :-)
01:30:48LinusNit's nice to be able to do it right for once
01:30:58ScottEI can understand that!
02:07:44 Join mecraw [0] (
02:12:29 Part LinusN
02:20:43 Join Zakk1 [0] (
02:22:05Zakk1I have a question about rockbox
02:22:39PsycoXulhi. i have a statement about questions regarding rockbox.
02:23:00Zakk1It's just a simple one
02:23:14PsycoXulso is this
02:23:34PsycoXulask your questions instead of announcing them.
02:23:53Zakk1Sorry, I though it wasn't working correctly
02:24:06PsycoXulthats ok, i'm just being silly
02:24:18PsycoXullots of people come on and announce the fact that they have questions
02:24:39Zakk1Okay, well my question was this: Does the accidental 'harddrive password error' happen often, or just sometimes, or not at all often?
02:24:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:24:56Zakk1It's sort of keeping me from upgrading my Jukebox Recorder
02:25:03PsycoXulafaik, that was something that happened durring a particular stage of development
02:25:11PsycoXuli don't think i've heard of it happening any time recently
02:25:22PsycoXuland it's not hard to fix when it does, the instructions are there somewhere
02:25:22Zakk1So it's basically a fixed bug?
02:25:29Zakk1Yes yes.
02:25:37PsycoXulit's never happened to me
02:25:53Zakk1Just the thought of disassembling my Archos, buying an adapter, all that he-haw
02:26:17Zakk1And it's reversible and all, right? So I could remove it without a trace?
02:26:18PsycoXuloh you don't even need to do all that i don't think
02:26:31PsycoXulthere's a patch to the linux driver that'll do it automatically when you hook it up to USB
02:26:34Zakk1That's all I thought you could do.
02:26:44Zakk1Even if you're not on Linux?
02:26:54PsycoXuli imagine there's something that's similarly easy for windows
02:27:20Zakk1I'm not thinking much of it anymore
02:27:30PsycoXuland if all else fails, you could always make a little linux installation to fix it with before going out and buying stuff and taking things appart etc
02:27:36Zakk1Seems there's just more and more people talking about how excellent it is ;)
02:27:56PsycoXuland yeah very few people ever experienced it, and like i said, i haven't heard of anybody recently having it
02:28:23PsycoXuli wouldn't worry about it
02:28:32PsycoXuland yes, rockbox is excellent
02:28:34*PsycoXul loves it
02:28:52Zakk1Yeah it looks awesomely excellent
02:29:15Zakk1And so if by any chance my Archos died at anytime, even after installation and uninstallation of RockBox, if Best Buy interrogated the thing, would they know that Rockbox was installed?
02:29:31Zakk1Y'know, still have that 4-year warranty!
02:29:43PsycoXulall i've heard about bestbuy servicing the archos'
02:29:55PsycoXulis that somebody took a player to them
02:29:58PsycoXuland they gave them back a recorder
02:30:02PsycoXuland then they took the recorder in
02:30:02Zakk1They don't even take it out of the box you return it in
02:30:05PsycoXuland got an FM recorder back
02:30:16Zakk1Yeah that was the guarantee
02:30:38Zakk1"If it gets outdated and dies within the 4-year service plan, we'll replace it with the latest model!"
02:30:44PsycoXuli don't think they'll even know how to see that rockbox is on there or is anything other than what should be on there
02:30:56PsycoXuli need to take mine in
02:31:01PsycoXulit's not charging the batteries anymore
02:31:08Zakk1What do you have?
02:31:12PsycoXuli've got a studio20
02:31:13Zakk1Recorder 20gb?
02:31:16PsycoXulbasically just a 20g player
02:31:17Zakk1studio eh?
02:31:22PsycoXulso maybe i'll get a 20g FM recorder back
02:31:27PsycoXulbe a nice upgrade
02:31:31ScottEZakk1: To downgrade from rockbox, all you have to do is delete the .rockbox directory and ajbrec.ajz file. That's it... no traces left, and it will boot factory firmware like before.
02:31:41ScottEBut, you won't want to... :)
02:31:46Zakk1I know I wont
02:31:54Zakk1BUt I will use rolo occasionally
02:32:04Zakk1For recording purposes only.
02:32:37Zakk1Oh, and to make sure you get the FM Recorder upgrade.... ;) there's a way to do so
02:32:49Zakk1Remeber this
02:33:11PsycoXulbbl dinner
02:33:15Zakk1Beforehand go into the aisle, pick out all the Studio models and stuff 'em behind a rack
02:33:25Zakk1They won't know about it
02:33:38Zakk1What they gotta do ;)
02:33:49PsycoXuli sorta doubt they even have them anymore
02:33:54PsycoXulbut i'll be sure to check when i bring it in hehe
02:34:00Zakk1I know I didn't see em recently
02:34:07Zakk1TRy and stuff the Recorders too
02:34:20Zakk1Even try to get a Multimedia lol
02:35:01PsycoXulyeah but the multimedia doesn't support rockbox
02:35:10Zakk1Forget it!
02:35:12PsycoXuland probably won't, since it's an entirely different machine
02:35:25PsycoXulanyway, my salad's waiting for me
02:35:27Zakk1They have to exchange it for whatever they have that's the cheapest and lowest model
02:35:54Zakk1If the FM Recorder is that, then may it be.
02:39:50 Part ScottE
02:40:16Zakk1Oh and by the way, anyone, do you plan to add a record feature to the Rockbox?
02:42:20MTits there already?
02:44:33Zakk1Not that I know of
02:44:40Zakk1From what you said anyhows
02:44:58Zakk1By 'you' I mean the website,
02:47:43Zakk1Looks like you guys've come a long way.
02:48:26Zakk1From disassembling the code, to playing 4 seconds of audio, to scrolling some text, to having the entire thing 5x better than the Archos firmware.
03:00:08MTer, main menu, recording :)
03:00:21Zakk1In RockBox?
03:00:28MTyes indeed
03:00:34 Quit Zakk1 ("Leaving")
03:00:46 Join Zakk1 [0] (
03:00:59Zakk1In v1.4?
03:01:33Zakk1Or the not-yet released 1.5?
03:02:12MToh, 1.4 is ancient :)
03:02:19MTits the not yet released 2.0
03:02:24MTthat is fully released
03:02:27Zakk1Oh heh can't wait
03:02:33Zakk1It's release?
03:02:35MTwell download a daily build
03:02:59Zakk1Is it buggy?
03:03:56Zakk1And how do I? Is it that .tar.gz file or whatever, or the plain .ajbrec?
03:04:10MTwhat model do you have?
03:04:16Zakk1Recorder 20GB
03:04:51Zakk1Let me see for myself
03:05:02Zakk1What new features?
03:05:49Zakk1So if one wanted, could I put in a firmware folder, running 2.0 and be able to have 1.4 in there as well as Archos Original?
03:06:07MTits not 'officially' 2.0
03:06:18MTbut theres not much missing over it
03:06:19Zakk1Well, the next step up ;)
03:06:29MTand the stuff that is in there works a lot better than 1.4
03:06:40Zakk1Still a screensaver?
03:06:49MTall the bugs that have been fixed since 1.4 are in there
03:06:52MTand thats a lot
03:06:56Zakk1Heh I like that... a SCREENSAVER... wow
03:07:30 Quit nikkelitous ()
03:08:01Zakk1So there's all the same features, if not new ones, and mainly bugs fixed, including the non-record one?
03:11:17 Join nikkelitous [0] (
03:11:34nikkelitousI HATE Windows
03:13:18Zakk1Oh oh oh you wanna switch to Mac?
03:13:51PsycoXulOSX seems pretty nice
03:14:04Zakk1Got a pretty hilario video
03:14:11PsycoXuli liked that i could pop up a term and run bash
03:14:20Zakk1watch it lol
03:16:52Zakk1Gets me every time
03:17:00PsycoXuli like that one better
03:17:15PsycoXulhere's another paradoy specific to mac
03:18:38Zakk1Oh yeah seen them too
03:19:13Zakk1If you wanted to see a downright corny something, hang on a sec...
03:19:15PsycoXul"my dad used to beat me... with his.. PC"
03:19:49Zakk1I just don't see why everybody doesn't run Linux
03:20:08Zakk1He he, I guess then they'd all be supervillians
03:20:18Zakk1I'm steve, and I'm a supervillian.
03:20:26Zakk1Is that right? Steve?
03:22:34Zakk1go to, on the side there's a Switch thing, click the '1' and watch em and then the '2' and watch em
03:22:43Zakk1A bit off the 'Switch' point, but...
03:23:13nikkelitousI like Macs.
03:23:16nikkelitousOSX is cool.
03:24:19Zakk1Not bad, I actually might like it if I had it
03:24:32nikkelitousI especially like how it's unix based.
03:24:50Zakk1Seems near creash-proof
03:25:08Zakk1Just Like XP (JLXP)
03:25:19PsycoXulXP sucks
03:25:19Zakk1XP seems less crash proof than OSX though
03:25:29Zakk1What are you running
03:25:33PsycoXulXP still crashes and does dumb shit a lot
03:25:35PsycoXuli use linux
03:25:40PsycoXulmy mom and stepdad both have XP boxes though
03:25:50PsycoXulit's better than win98, which is what they had before
03:25:59PsycoXulbut not so much better as to call it near crash-proof
03:26:02nikkelitousI use XP but only cause it plays my games.
03:26:13PsycoXullinux plays my games
03:26:16PsycoXuland better than windows at that
03:26:31PsycoXulbut i only play a few games
03:26:35PsycoXulactualy only atitd lately
03:26:38Zakk1fun fun fun
03:26:45PsycoXuli used to play q3 and q3ut2 a lot
03:26:49PsycoXulbut got sick of it
03:26:54nikkelitousMove to Iceland
03:27:17Zakk1Do you 'like' Linux, Psyco?
03:28:09nikkelitousI have to run again.
03:28:10PsycoXuli love linux
03:28:13 Quit nikkelitous ()
03:28:23PsycoXuli started with redhad in march of 98
03:28:26PsycoXulredhat even
03:28:31PsycoXuland currently am running LFS
03:28:34Zakk1Stuck with it all this time?
03:28:37PsycoXul(linux-from-scratch, if you don't know)
03:28:51PsycoXulin other words, i've built my own linux system from scratch heh
03:28:57PsycoXulcompiling every piece of software myself
03:29:08PsycoXulindeed, i'd say i love it profusely :p
03:29:21PsycoXulnow i'm more frustrated with the primitive state of computers in general than my OS
03:29:27Zakk1That's completely respectable
03:29:34PsycoXulnothing i can do about that though
03:29:44Zakk1I like... the erm, screensavers, yeah....
03:29:55PsycoXuli don't
03:29:56Zakk1Uh huh they are 'in tha howse'
03:29:59PsycoXuli just use a blank screen
03:30:06Zakk1They're different!
03:30:18PsycoXultoo much CPU to use for something that only runs when nobody's looking
03:30:29Zakk1Oh wow
03:30:38Zakk1And when no one's looking, the computer's doing nothing.
03:30:45PsycoXulnot necessarily
03:30:48Zakk1So what's the biggie dealie?
03:30:55Zakk1Like burning my backup archos at 6X
03:31:48Zakk1So what do you do for the Rockbox team, Psyco?
03:32:11Zakk1I like the look of your double-line-test thingy
03:32:20PsycoXuli sent a couple little patches some time ago
03:32:33Zakk1Thus you're a member?
03:32:37PsycoXuli wrote some code for other crap on my own that they looked at and gave me credit for, and probably didn't do anything...
03:32:44PsycoXuler probably didn't do anything with
03:32:54PsycoXuland uh contributed ideas and encouragement
03:32:54Zakk1Hey could I do that lol
03:33:08PsycoXuland yeah i've done testing of things like that and stuff
03:33:18PsycoXuland testing in general :p
03:33:23DBUGSent KICK Zakk1 to server
03:33:23Zakk1I would love to test.
03:33:23Kick(#rockbox Zakk1 :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
03:33:37 Join Zakk1 [0] (
03:33:38PsycoXulheh :p
03:33:52Zakk1Sorry logbot, heh
03:34:33Zakk1be RIGHT back
03:35:57PsycoXulThe "suspicious figure" video was borderline retarded. Eat a bowl of dicks. Thanks.
03:36:01PsycoXulanonymous 12/10
03:37:17PsycoXuli'm downloading that one right now
03:40:55PsycoXulit was pretty dumb :p
03:40:56Zakk1It's okay
03:41:06Zakk1Last one's funny
03:41:09Zakk1Did you see it?
03:41:14PsycoXulalmost done
03:41:27Zakk1or playing?
03:41:42Zakk1Not that funny but oh well
03:41:46Zakk1Off the topic too
03:42:28PsycoXulreminds me of a guy i know in spain
03:42:35PsycoXulhe's "gay"
03:42:54PsycoXulbut doesn't like getting it up the butt
03:43:01PsycoXuland has never done it
03:43:04PsycoXulnor has he done it to anybody else
03:43:13PsycoXulor afaik had any sexual experience with another guy
03:43:35Zakk1My name is ____, and,.... I'm gay.
03:44:41Zakk1Running man's pertty good
03:44:47Zakk1"FIDDLE STICKS!!!"
03:45:18Zakk1Where do they get the Mac Switch music anyways?
03:45:24Zakk1I like it, it's catch
03:45:35PsycoXuli never seen any of the real commercials that i recall
03:45:44Zakk1Like, du dum da dum dum, da dada da da da da la dada da
03:45:55Zakk1da dada tada
03:46:31Zakk1So you say the HD Password has been last seen near a year ago?
03:46:47PsycoXulafaik, something like that yeah
03:47:06PsycoXulmaybe you wanna search the mailing list...
03:47:09Zakk1And recording's implemented into the Daily Build's version?
03:47:34PsycoXulit's still not full-featured, but it's there and works, and works better than the archos firmware according to what i've heard lately
03:47:53Zakk1So it's NOT the same as the 1.4 version of Rockbox!
03:48:04PsycoXuloh definately not
03:48:06Zakk1With a few added features, is it?
03:48:10PsycoXula lot's changed since 1.4
03:48:10Zakk1It's way different?
03:48:14PsycoXulwell i mean
03:48:16Zakk1And a lot's missing?
03:48:17PsycoXulit's not like totally new
03:48:24PsycoXuljust a lot of new stuff
03:48:27Zakk1But are the old things there?
03:48:30PsycoXuland bugfixes and stuff
03:48:40Zakk1So is it OLD with BUGFIXES and new FEATURES?
03:48:47Zakk1Or NEW with NOTHING OLD
03:48:49PsycoXuli think they're planning on releasing 2.0 here in the near future
03:48:57PsycoXulit's not a rewrite, if thats what you're asking
03:49:05PsycoXulit's still the same firmware, just with new stuff and bugfixes
03:49:06Zakk1Just anything added to it?
03:49:12Zakk1SAme games?
03:49:22PsycoXulthe player doesn't have games so heh
03:49:34Zakk1Snake, tetris and sokoban
03:52:11Zakk1Thanks a bunch for all the answers to my questions and for occupying me while I was bored
03:52:23Zakk1I have to go for a bit now, but I might pop in a bit later
03:54:14PsycoXulhehe ok
03:54:25 Quit Zakk1 ("Leaving")
04:24:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:28:08 Join Zakk1 [0] (
04:29:05Zakk1Just so you know, I'm here.
04:29:52Zakk1Hi again
04:35:31Zakk1Did you say that you have a studio model, Psyco?
04:36:46Zakk1So that differs greatly Rockboxwise from the Recorder
04:37:02Zakk1With the bigger dots, and different interface right?
04:37:05PsycoXulthe studio's just a player
04:37:22PsycoXuljust like the original archos jukebox 6000
04:37:30Zakk1You're right. Get it exchanged hehe
04:37:50PsycoXulnot just bigger dots
04:37:54PsycoXulit's charcell
04:38:00PsycoXul2 lines of 11 chars
04:38:02Zakk1Yeah that SUCKS
04:38:20Zakk1The recorder, though, has like 7 lines and stuff
04:38:48PsycoXulthe recorder has a bitmap screen
04:38:57PsycoXulso the number of lines depends on the font you're using hehe
04:39:11Zakk1Remeber the tip I gave you - hide all Studios and Recorders if the FM recorder is available. And if it's not hide anything inferior to the top-of-the-liniest model you can get ;)
04:39:46PsycoXulactualy i think the bestbuy here keeps them all locked up
04:39:54PsycoXulbut i'm not sure, they've changed stuff a few times
04:39:56Zakk1Not at mine!
04:40:29PsycoXulman i came up with this thing on my guitar
04:40:32Zakk1That's unfair.
04:40:38PsycoXuland then i used a software drum machine to make up a drum track for it...
04:40:43PsycoXuland when i try to play along with it
04:40:46PsycoXulit really doesn't go at all
04:40:53Zakk1What doesnt?
04:41:00Zakk1On the Studio you mean?
04:41:10PsycoXulnothing to do with the studio
04:41:19Zakk1What are you talking about?
04:41:22PsycoXulstudio's just a dumb name they gave that, it's really just a player with a 20G harddrive
04:41:54PsycoXuli'm talking a thing i came up with on my guitar, and a drum track i made in a software drum machine to play it along with, and the 2 just don't mesh when i finaly tried to play along with the drum track heh
04:42:17Zakk1Not fitting together eh?
04:42:57Zakk1You must've heard it beforehand that it shouldn't fit...
04:43:34PsycoXulnah i came up with a beat while playing it that seemed like it'd go
04:43:40PsycoXuland so then i sat down and did the beat
04:43:51PsycoXulthough i doubt the implimentation was the same as i had in my head exactly
04:43:51Zakk1And it didn't go?
04:44:05PsycoXuland getting the bpm right i dunno heh
04:44:07 Join CW-EGM92 [0] (
04:44:31Zakk1Tough stuff
04:44:35CW-EGM92Hey guys
04:44:59CW-EGM92umm do u guys do firmware for multimedia players also?
04:45:06Zakk1No they don't sorry
04:46:07CW-EGM92damn, I just sold my JB and I was wondering if you guys still did, you guys really should!!, ARCHOS FIRMWARE LICKS SACK!
04:46:18Zakk1I'll second that
04:46:25Zakk1I have the Recorder
04:46:27PsycoXulthe jbmm is a totally different machine
04:46:32PsycoXulit needs whole new firmware
04:46:36Zakk1Not a SINGLE UPDATE since June 8th, the release date
04:46:58Zakk1Are you gonna be working on that, Psyco?
04:47:01PsycoXulZakk1: some people get newer firmware on the units they buy than what archos has on their website :p
04:47:20Zakk1Or does Rockbox have enough on it's hand trying to squash bugs on Jukebox Players and Recorders?
04:47:29Zakk11.28 it ships with
04:47:35Zakk11.27d is the lastest
04:47:45PsycoXuli'm not doing anything :p
04:47:50Zakk1They sayt hat 1.27d is the same as the 1.28
04:47:54PsycoXuli'm working on music and odd technology from dreams :p
04:47:59Zakk1I meant, like the Rockbox team
04:48:06CW-EGM92Psyco get busy on my firmware!!
04:48:21Zakk1He don't so that stuff
04:48:23PsycoXulthe rockbox team has no plans to support the jbmm
04:48:30PsycoXulthey don't even have one, afaik
04:48:47CW-EGM92poor sobs....
04:48:56Zakk1One meaning a JBMM or one meaning a plan?
04:49:08PsycoXulone meaning a jbmm
04:49:18Zakk1i meaning that's dumb
04:49:22Zakk1I know why though
04:49:35Zakk1'Cause they can't use Rockbox firmware on it!
04:49:50Zakk1What's the point in getting something not even your own software runs on?
04:49:59PsycoXuli wouldn't get one till like the 2nd or 3rd generation of such devices
04:50:07Zakk1One guy got it
04:50:10PsycoXulthat screen is just too small
04:50:10Zakk1Hated it
04:50:36PsycoXuland whats up with it's only supported resolution
04:50:42PsycoXuland only supported format
04:50:43Zakk1But outputted to a TV, excellente
04:50:45PsycoXulits kinda lame
04:50:47PsycoXulmy pda can play more
04:50:53PsycoXuland has a bigger screen
04:50:58PsycoXulthough no TV out
04:51:04CW-EGM92acutally ur pba cant play more
04:51:09PsycoXulbut it only cost $114
04:51:25Zakk1What is it?
04:51:25CW-EGM92tell me when was the last time you wtched a full anime series 2.9gb on your pda?
04:51:34PsycoXulCW-EGM92: my pda can play divx AND mpeg
04:51:40PsycoXuland mp3 and ogg and wav...
04:51:45Zakk1What PDS?
04:51:46PsycoXulCW-EGM92: as soon as i get it back...
04:51:54CW-EGM92yes, same here, I can also play .APE audio files
04:51:54PsycoXulCW-EGM92: i've got a network card for it :p
04:52:10PsycoXulit's being rma'd right now
04:52:15CW-EGM92networks only reach soo far
04:52:31PsycoXulbrowsing the web while streaming oggs, it locked up, and it's never booted again
04:52:41Zakk1What brand/model PEE DEE AYE?
04:52:59PsycoXulcasio cassiopeia be-300
04:53:15Zakk1You liar
04:53:22PsycoXulthe cheapest wannabe pocketpc that's not a one
04:53:26PsycoXulbut almost is
04:53:35PsycoXuli was running expod on it
04:53:37PsycoXulusing pocketie
04:53:40PsycoXuland gsplayer
04:53:54PsycoXulcassiopeia is a line
04:53:59Zakk1I can't even spell that and it's a PDA?
04:54:07PsycoXulincluding the cheap be-300 "pocket manager" and a few pocketpc's i think
04:54:29CW-EGM92I have a Compaq Jordan 5650 big screen but no fuckign blue tooth for it too expensive
04:54:29PsycoXulit's the name of a constellation
04:54:35Zakk1You can fit a DivX movie on a 16MB PDA?
04:54:47PsycoXulit's got a compactflash slot :p
04:54:48CW-EGM92nope lol
04:54:54PsycoXuland i got a network card for it
04:54:58PsycoXullike i said
04:55:01Zakk1oh on a 32MB CF card I see
04:55:15Zakk1Lol more like a Microdrive
04:55:18PsycoXula WIRED network card since i never leave the house and don't have a WAP
04:55:28PsycoXulnah i just play it from an SMB share
04:55:40PsycoXulactualy i couldn't quite get it to work before it died on me
04:55:42Zakk1SMB share?
04:55:44PsycoXulbut others have heh
04:55:48Zakk1I gotta catch up with the times
04:55:57PsycoXulyes, SMB you know the protocol windows uses for sharing files...
04:56:02Zakk1NOT REALLY
04:56:09PsycoXul"windows shares"
04:56:14 Join _seb_ [0] (
04:56:15PsycoXulis what most people call it
04:56:21PsycoXulsince most windows users don't know it's called SMB
04:56:28Zakk1You think I care about SMB when Archos firmware licks sacs?
04:56:43PsycoXulhey honestly SMB sucks
04:56:55Zakk1Even HE seconds that
04:56:55PsycoXulmy linux kernel and glibc support >2G files...
04:57:03PsycoXulmy samba supports >2G files
04:57:08PsycoXulwinxp witnh NTFS supports >2G files
04:57:11PsycoXulbut SMB doesn't
04:57:28PsycoXulso i have to use ftp or some other lame work-around to copy >2G files between my linux box and the windows boxes
04:57:31PsycoXulit's lame
04:58:14PsycoXuli dunno why samba even support >2G files if the protocol it's the linux implimentation for doesn't... heh
04:58:53Zakk1Okay listen here
04:59:09Zakk1I am computer smart so stop making me sound dumb
04:59:21CW-EGM92i second that!!
04:59:27Zakk1NO you don't
04:59:34Zakk1Yes you do
04:59:35PsycoXulnew simpsons bbl
04:59:47Zakk1Wher are you Psyco?
05:00:04CW-EGM92it sucks
05:00:07Zakk1what happens?
05:00:15CW-EGM92krust wins the vote
05:00:21CW-EGM92by getting the southern guy drunk
05:00:35Zakk1I think I'll watch it
05:00:38Zakk1lol bbl
05:00:44Zakk1see if you're right
05:00:45CW-EGM92and lisa uses a "paper clip" which is a holy tool in the congress to make the planes stop from gonig over their house
05:00:48Zakk1Stay here eh
05:00:54CW-EGM92ok i will
05:01:03Zakk1I wanta see you afterwards
05:01:08Zakk1But I need to watch it now
05:01:20CW-EGM92there's a plane that crashs through the house and krusty get's a bill passed in 3 hours with the help of a janitor
05:01:30Zakk1That's enuff
05:01:34Zakk1I'll remember that
05:01:39Zakk1lol ;) see you in a bit
05:01:50CW-EGM92BUT HOLD ON!!
05:12:17Zakk1So the planes fly over the house righ
05:12:36Zakk1and they wanna sell it, then homer puts up the "krusty for Kongress' sign
05:12:42Zakk1And then commercial
05:12:45Zakk1What next?
05:13:09Zakk1Hurry hurry
05:13:37Zakk1Commercial breaks almost over
05:14:09Zakk1finish up if your typing
05:14:18Zakk1I'm leaving in ten seconds
05:14:45CW-EGM92umm next
05:14:49CW-EGM92is he talksto the people
05:14:56CW-EGM92krusty talks to the public
05:15:00Zakk1Not yet
05:15:04CW-EGM92watch at the end
05:15:10Zakk1At the end?
05:15:16CW-EGM92homer is gonig to drink the sounthern guy under the table
05:15:25CW-EGM92and bart isgoing to black ale some guy with a tape
05:15:35Zakk1got to go
05:15:43Zakk1commercials over
05:22:00Zakk1next commercial break
05:22:21 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:24:40 Quit Zakk1 ("Leaving")
05:31:59 Join Zakk1 [0] (
05:32:13Zakk1That wasn't very good episode
05:34:32Zakk1Pretty dumb if you ask me
05:34:38Zakk1But there were funny parts
05:35:36Zakk1Thanks for giving it away CW lol
05:43:13CW-EGM92i know
05:43:14CW-EGM92im goof
05:43:51Zakk1Where do you live?
05:44:26Zakk1So you are 'ahead of the times' literally
05:45:27 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
05:46:12Zakk1You saw it before me
05:46:20Zakk1Thus, ahead of the time(s)
05:48:30PsycoXuli liked it
05:48:53Zakk1It was funny the part when he talked to them all
05:48:56PsycoXuland plot holes... in the simpsons? thats just silly :p
05:49:13PsycoXulthats almost as bad as complaining about something happening thats unrealistic
05:49:22Zakk1Then marge came up with a finger and ointed out something
05:52:18 Quit Zakk1 ("Leaving")
05:58:48 Join Zakk1 [0] (
05:59:02Zakk1Need a bit o help
05:59:09Zakk1Going to upgrade rightnow
05:59:26Zakk1So the .ajz file goes in root directory right?
06:00:06Zakk1Unzip the thing to the directory of archos?
06:00:35Zakk1here goes
06:00:39PsycoXulrename the original .ajz file to something else .ajz
06:00:47PsycoXuland name the rockbox one to the same name as the original
06:01:06Zakk1There was no original
06:01:07PsycoXulajbrec.ajz is it?
06:01:22Zakk1Unless it's hidden
06:01:37Zakk1not there
06:01:38PsycoXulyou've got 1.28 in rom?
06:01:56Zakk1I unzipped 1.4 to try it
06:02:00PsycoXulweird, i thought it was a file that came on it heh
06:02:06PsycoXulheh why?
06:02:07Zakk1Im putting in 2.0 in a sec
06:02:19Zakk1oh man here goes
06:02:22Zakk1im skeptical
06:05:01Zakk1it works!
06:09:37PsycoXul[Lag: 6.66]
06:09:40 Part mecraw
06:10:06Zakk1I like it
06:10:14Zakk1But does 2.0 add in the key lables?
06:14:07PsycoXulkey lables?
06:14:33Zakk1Hang on
06:14:46Zakk1For the three function keys
06:16:42Zakk1this is awesome
06:22:20Zakk1seeya thanks again
06:24:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:25:11 Quit Zakk1 ("Leaving")
08:00:34 Quit CW-EGM92 ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
08:03:57 Join mecraw [0] (
08:17:05 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:24:11 Join Zagor- [242] (
08:24:31 Nick Zagor- is now known as Zagor (
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08:40:35 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
08:41:34 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
08:43:17 Join matsl [0] (
08:48:53 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
08:58:40 Join adi|home [0] (
10:02:43dwihnoMoinsens! :D
10:17:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:17:59quelsarukmorning to all
10:25:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:34:28 Join LinusN [0] (
10:34:48Zagoryo LinusN
10:34:54LinusNi want to report a bug
10:35:00Zagorgo away :-)
10:35:15LinusNthe recording does not work in 1.4
10:35:26LinusNi tried several times
10:35:39#>>"kick linusn" by Zagor (
10:36:03dwihnoLinus! :D
10:36:06dwihnoHello Linus!
10:36:10Zagornice way to start the week: two of those "bugs" within a few hours
10:36:13dwihnoI SALUTE THEE!
10:36:19*dwihno got a new font
10:36:25dwihnoWhich makes the term all spiffy
10:36:26LinusNhi dwihno!
10:36:42LinusNany starka såsen lately?
10:36:52dwihnoNot really, I'm waiting to buy you a kebab :)
10:37:26quelsarukhi LinusN!!
10:37:35dwihnoHola quel
10:38:18LinusNhi jose
10:38:19quelsarukwell.. until linus came. all of you were asleep...
10:38:29quelsarukhi dwihno
10:38:30LinusNi feel popular :-)
10:38:45quelsarukno LinusN, they all want your head
10:41:45*LinusN hides
10:42:01LinusNZagor: the slow xing vbrfixer was a bug
10:42:29ZagorLinusN: oh, nice. how fast is it now?
10:42:31LinusNnow it isn't *that* slow anymore
10:42:43LinusNbut it still takes a wile
10:44:05LinusN20 seconds for 5 megabytes
10:45:08LinusNwith nice % progress meter
10:45:25dwihnoLinus is the hero, never forget that quel...
10:45:34dwihnothe hero!
10:45:41*LinusN wants flush() and on-play menu
10:46:41quelsarukdwihno: even heros can get their head chopped off their body ;)
10:47:03LinusNi had a look at the ID3edit patch
10:47:16LinusNnot very beautiful
11:02:13 Part Zagor
11:04:07dwihnoLinusN: Getting a 250 gig disk to work in an external USB2 case will require some black magic?
11:07:02LinusNdwihno: black magic? why?
11:07:51LinusNit should work if the controller in the case supports those large disks
11:13:10dwihnoThat's black magic! :/
11:13:17dwihnoI don't think there's such cases.
11:14:53 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:17:25quelsarukdwihno: 250 GB???
11:17:30quelsarukfor what?
11:18:29dwihnoquelsaruk: I need somewhere to store my goats
11:20:59quelsarukdo you have goats? or Godzillas??
11:21:17dwihnoThe name is Gojira! ;D
11:21:45quelsaruki have my new case
11:21:48quelsarukit's cool
11:22:14quelsarukbut i dunno why my win XP at home says it has an error and can't install the case :(
11:22:16dwihnoVery cool?
11:22:23dwihnois the disk formatted?
11:22:36quelsarukof course
11:22:47quelsaruki can use it in the laptop
11:22:51quelsarukand at work
11:29:42 Join Bagder [0] (
11:31:40LinusNyo Bagder!
11:32:22dwihnoLinus: Have you seen ATA-133 capable USB2 boxes?
11:33:27Bagderhey ho Linus the man
11:33:55LinusNdwihno: i haven't looked
11:43:31 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:44:01 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
11:49:50 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:49:54 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:02:30 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:03:35tracktherippermorning Badg
12:03:37tracktheripperhow are you?
12:03:49BagderI'm just fine
12:04:00dwihnoHELLO! D:
12:04:00tracktherippervery well
12:04:07tracktheripperJust been snapping with my digital camera
12:04:18tracktheripperHi Dwihno
12:05:15tracktheripperI still like the concept of the Archos Multimedia :-)
12:05:18dwihnoHi track! :D
12:05:33dwihnoAll 200 gig disks are ATA-133 by law? :)
12:05:56LinusNdwihno: yes
12:06:20LinusNolder ata standards just can't handle that large disks
12:06:34dwihnoWhere's the boundaries?
12:06:43LinusN128gb i think
12:06:44Bagder128 GB
12:06:46tracktheripperim looking forward for the 2.5Tb drives to come out
12:06:51tracktheripperthe holographic ones
12:06:52Bagderbut they call that 138GB
12:06:58Bagdersince they count badly
12:07:15LinusNbadly == they use ISO prefixes
12:07:26LinusN1k == 1000
12:07:31Bagderyes, and that's bad
12:07:43Bagdersince megabytes and gigabytes aren't in all other occations
12:07:49tracktheripperWhy can't 1000Mb = 1Gb rather than 1024Mb = 1Gb
12:07:55dwihnoLinus: I found a fishy thing! HD Caviar SE/200GB UIDE100 7200rpm 8MB cache
12:08:03LinusNtracktheripper: because of how computers work
12:08:20tracktheripperyes but when you think about it, 1000Mhz = 1Ghz
12:08:36LinusNtracktheripper: yes, but that is a different thing
12:08:54tracktheripperbut its still using "megas" and "gigas"
12:09:01LinusNwhen it comes to memory size, it isn't practical to use 1000
12:09:18LinusNthing is, you use Kbytes, not kbytes
12:09:27LinusN1K == 1024
12:09:30LinusN1k == 1000
12:09:40tracktheripperthey reckon the 1Thz prosessor will be out in 10 years
12:10:32LinusNbut i agree that it may be confusing for "normal" people
12:11:06*Bagder learns that <thead> is nice
12:11:25 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:11:34LinusNBagder: tried to print a long table?
12:11:41tracktheripperi think he means Thread Zagor
12:11:49Bagderbut IE doesn't grok it, only mozilla ;-)
12:11:54Zagor<!ELEMENT THEAD
12:12:02Zagorwhy am I not surprised?
12:12:51tracktheripperI saw in Sourceforge something about a .B4S playlist file?
12:12:56 Join TotMacherr [0] (
12:13:00tracktheripperwots wrong with .M3U?
12:13:12Bagder.m3u is plain stupid
12:13:15Zagortracktheripper: XML is c0o0ol :-)
12:13:16Bagderfor anything but song names
12:13:35tracktheripperwell I look forward to see it implemented then :-)
12:13:37Bagderthey want to add various other info besides song names, and then .m3u is no good
12:14:01Bagderbut b4s is one stupid extension name ;-)
12:14:33tracktherippersupposed to look like "bass"
12:14:39Bagderit is?
12:14:40dwihnoLet's grok!
12:14:43dwihnoGROK GROK GROK!
12:14:44Bagdereven worse then ;-)
12:14:57tracktheripperin that case what does m3u stand for?
12:15:01Zagorsearching for "winamp" and "b4s" only returns vulnerability reports :-)
12:15:11tracktherippermanchester united score 3?
12:16:39LinusNi'm not too fond of needing an XML parser just to load a list of songs
12:17:02tracktheripperwell don't the ID3 tags carry song data not the playlist itself?
12:17:37BagderI'm also a bit scared of all the other info people will expect us to "understand" when we start to load .b4s files
12:17:57LinusNBagder: yes
12:18:10tracktheripperwell in that case stick with tried and tested m3u
12:18:12tracktheripperfor playlist
12:18:27LinusNand the basic B4S format contains fields for "song lenght" and "song name". silly as silly can be!
12:18:33BagderI'm convinced someone will write a .b4s patch soon
12:19:23tracktheripperLinus could you "tweak" the recording level adjuster so you don't have to keep clicking it to adjust rec level?
12:19:27tracktheripperi.e just hold it down?
12:21:03tracktheripperbecause when you click to adjust during mic recording a lot of clicks get recorded
12:21:42tracktheripperjust a suggestion Linus
12:24:08LinusNcheck out the next bleeding edge
12:24:19LinusNshould be there in about 15 minutes
12:24:40tracktheripperI sent that as a request in Sourceforge "One Click Level Adjust"
12:25:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:25:39 Part Zagor
12:39:02 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:40:15 Join Zagor_ [242] (
12:55:14LinusNBagder: do you have the time to deal with the apps/string.c issue?
12:57:21dwihnoLinus: I've found a cool thing, check it out:
12:57:43dwihnoATA/133 and all :D
12:57:54dwihno[~] whois
12:57:54dwihnoSegmentation fault
12:57:57dwihnovery good ;)
12:58:34Zagor_which chip is it using?
12:58:37 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:58:48dwihnodunno really
12:59:01dwihnoAll I can read is ATA/133 ;)
13:01:16LinusNit only mentions that it can *fit* an ata-133 drive, not that it supports large disks :-)
13:03:38dwihnoI want such a box
13:03:43dwihnoIt rould rox
13:05:49BagderLinusN: what app/string.c issue?
13:08:32 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:09:14LinusNno prototype for num2max5()
13:09:28LinusNshould be a string.h file for that, but....ooops! :-)
13:11:05Bagderhow silly
13:14:04LinusNcall it misc.c or whatever
13:15:44LinusNwould be nice with X.XGb in num2max5() too
13:16:21Bagderit would break the system
13:16:28LinusNi know
13:16:28Bagderit shows as many digits as possible
13:16:56LinusNnever mind
13:41:06 Part TotMacherr
13:57:28LinusNcan anyone think of a key combination for screen dumps, that will work in any screen?
14:07:07Schnueffcould do 'screenshot on next charger plugin' :)
14:07:21LinusNSchnueff: not bad
14:07:31Schnueffor smth like this
14:17:19dwihnoLinusN: MAXTOR Personal Storage 5000XT, 250GB extern hårddisk USB2.0 + FireWire (5400 rpm) - how about that? :)
14:17:31dwihno5400 RPM's but who gives a darn ;D
14:18:12Zagordouble disks
14:18:52ZagorLinusN: how about ON+UP+DOWN
14:19:34LinusNwill work if all present ON keypresses react on button-up only
14:19:54LinusNimagine wanting a screenshot of thewps
14:19:57LinusNthe wps
14:20:05Zagorwps is ON|UP
14:20:23Zagordue to the pitch screen
14:20:41dwihnoLinus: good or bad?
14:21:14LinusNZagor: so if i hold on and try to press UP+DOWN i will end up in the pitch screen?
14:21:26Zagorah, right
14:21:50Schnueffcharger would be okay, i think
14:22:14Schnueffmaybe to assist doing multiple screenshots, a setting that makes one whenever charger inserted changes
14:22:40ZagorON+F3 isn't used anywhere. or ON+F3+DOWN to make it a little less likely to press by accident
14:22:44LinusNdwihno: that's only a price list, do you have an url for the spec sheet?
14:23:02dwihnoLinus: I'm trying to find it...
14:25:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:27:32 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:29:37dwihnois there a major speed difference between 5200 and 7200 RPM disks?
14:35:18 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:36:25 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
14:37:40dwihnoA megabyte means 1,000,000 bytes. A gigabyte means 1,000,000,000 bytes.
14:37:46dwihnoAccording to Maxtor ;)
14:38:02LinusNaccording to all hard disk manufacturers
14:38:18dwihnoLinus: I read the spec sheet. It says nothing about the hardware being used.
14:38:19Zagorquantum started the trend
14:39:49dwihnohow about the 5200/7200 RPM issue?
14:40:18Zagoryes, how about it?
14:40:32dwihnoHow big is the difference? :)
14:40:38dwihno(and don't say 2000 RPM) ;)
14:40:46>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
14:41:00>>>"1+1" by Zagor (
14:41:04>>>"calc 1+1" by Zagor (
14:41:31Zagordwihno: about 25%
14:45:27 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:52:07ZagorLinusN: feel like testing a flush() patch?
14:52:07 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:44dwihnoIn theory, we can all fly! :D
14:53:16*dwihno passes on the kokosbollar to everyone
14:53:54LinusNZagor: sure
14:58:42 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:16:03Zagoryikes, who fixed combo keys in the X11 sim? it rocks!
15:19:35 Join Kuji_ [0] (
15:20:08 Nick Kuji_ is now known as kuji (
15:20:20kujihow ya doon
15:20:50LinusNfine i guess
15:20:58langhaarrockerSmoking the cpu I fear.
15:21:18kujithink I found a bug.. just getting latest bleed edge to recheck
15:21:31LinusNa bug? naaaaah!
15:21:57kujiahh .. fixed in this one
15:22:04LinusNwhat was it?
15:22:14kujithe last bleed edge build I had wouldnt continue to the next track
15:22:20kujieven if you selected next
15:22:21Zagorwe don't deal in bugs. move on.
15:22:41kujistill fixed..
15:22:57kujithanks for excellent stuff linus
15:22:58LinusNkuji: i don't think we have fixed such a bug
15:23:12LinusNhow old
15:23:14langhaarrockerwell there's this _feature_ that dynamic wps tags don't get updated in scrolling lines ... :)
15:23:15Schnueffthen, the better :)
15:23:20LinusNwas the version that had the bug?
15:23:21kujilinus... weird thing it was ok until the fat bug was fixed
15:23:45kujiit was the bleed edge build from the moment that fat bug applied..
15:23:52kujiI just overwrote the file.. oops
15:23:56 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:23:59kujistill it works.. glitches come n go
15:24:00Zagorlanghaarrocker: did we ever support that?
15:24:04bobTHChi all!
15:24:08LinusNZagor: no
15:24:16Bagderyes we do
15:24:26LinusNBagder: i stand corrected
15:24:48langhaarrockerBagder: it's documented to be unsuppported in the manual
15:24:57Bagderat least we've been fighting to make it work and it works at times but that bug seems to turn up all the time ;-)
15:25:20BagderI've seen it work ;-)
15:25:31kujihow is recording at moment... still chopping files ?
15:25:33langhaarrockerIt's a zombie bug. A special case for quelsaruk.
15:25:46dwihnojust toss some goats
15:25:59bobTHCa lot of patch and improvements have been made this days....
15:26:33bobTHCgood for futur rockbox release...
15:27:25LinusNkuji: chopping files?
15:27:58Zagorkuji: that was fixed with the fat bug
15:28:05LinusNit works perfectly now, i think
15:29:43langhaarrockerNow the disasters only happen on the other side of the microphone.
15:35:55kujiI tried after the fat bug and a 60min recording was just 38mins
15:36:05kujiI will set it recording for an hour see what I get
15:36:26LinusNkuji: did you use a stop watch?
15:36:41kujino a clock... good enough..
15:36:48LinusNod did you trust the (wrong) information in the WPS screen?
15:37:08kujiright starting now..
15:37:12kuji2:37 my time
15:37:21langhaarrockerSomeone should implement a fast forward while recording. For the ease of debugging.
15:37:24kujilets see... back in an hour
15:37:37LinusNkuji: i mean, when playing back the recorded file
15:37:46kujinono it chopped the end off
15:37:54kujimissed the last half of the mix I did
15:38:20kujiwill see where this gets to..
15:38:30kujiback in a bit.. let you knwo
15:38:32LinusNlanghaarrocker: :-)
15:39:54bobTHCsomeone know the status of the XING VBR header feature ?
15:40:39bobTHClinus the wizard perhaps :) ?
15:40:58LinusNi know
15:41:04LinusNit's working
15:41:14LinusNi am about to commit it
15:41:17bobTHCgood news!!!
15:42:00langhaarrockerSounds like V2.0 is about to be released?
15:42:07Zagorgetting closer
15:42:24bobTHCWith all news feature, the original firmware seems to be so far behind...
15:42:29*Bagder votes on Linus for president
15:42:31dwihnoNow let's all calm down! :) We don't want to stress this baby
15:42:38Zagorum, my outburst over x11 key combos was a bit early :-)
15:42:47LinusNwell, we still need to run the new code a little to look for bugs
15:43:36langhaarrockerZagor said bug are not available.
15:43:52Zagor"bugs are not an option"
15:44:30LinusNZagor: yellow build!
15:44:47Zagoryeah, noticed. silly warning.
15:45:08LinusNall warnings are silly, i know what i am doing :-)
15:46:17dwihnoIs it possible to make cross-tunes navigation faster?
15:46:29LinusNdwihno: huh?
15:46:44langhaarrockerquick skip? only at big effort.
15:46:47LinusNyou mean next/prev?
15:55:02ZagorAlexander Eickhoff's ON-LEFT/RIGHT idea for keyboard cursor movement is pretty good
15:55:18langhaarrockerdwihno: have a look at
15:55:37LinusNlanghaarrocker: how does it work for Players
15:56:10 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:56:14langhaarrocker? how works what for players?
15:57:37dwihnopre-buffer algorithm :)~~~
15:58:21LinusNlanghaarrocker: keyboard.c
15:58:32Zagorthat was me :-)
15:58:53Zagorit doesn't, of course. they don't have an ON button. but keyboard is wholly different for rec and player anyway
15:59:20langhaarrockerI haven't provided any bugs for a long time :(
15:59:44*Zagor is knocked by Linus' commit
16:00:06dwihnoLinus got some evil commits going on?! :DO
16:00:17LinusNit is one of those "nothing should have changed" commits
16:00:43LinusNlook for id3 and sound gap bugs
16:01:02LinusNthe id3 parser is a bit enhanced
16:01:46LinusNto cope with silly extra data in the id3 frames
16:02:00dwihnoLinus: Now behave! Silly is GOOD :)
16:02:20LinusNand skip compressed/encrypted frames and stuff
16:02:20kujistill need a next track button when recording imo.
16:02:33LinusNkuji: coming up
16:02:40kujithats handy
16:02:47kuji30mins to go..
16:02:48LinusNi wonder which key to use
16:03:12Zagorthere should be a mode switch. we can't hog the keys for gain adjustments all the time
16:03:34LinusNZagor: agreed, i am not happy with the ui as it is now
16:04:21Zagorsome combo key (ON+UP/DOWN is nice) could select mode. gain, record, keylock
16:04:42LinusNkeylock could be the same as WPS
16:04:56LinusNON+PLAY could be "next"
16:05:05LinusNjust Play would be "pause"
16:05:25ZagorON+NEXT is better imho
16:05:33kujimaybe set gain before recording
16:05:34Zagoror maybe not
16:05:40kujithen the keys change when recording
16:05:44LinusNi'm not sure that RIGHT is a good choice for Next
16:05:49kujiI wouldnt change gain in the middle of recording
16:05:57LinusNsince there is no Prev
16:06:09Zagorif we call it "start new file" rather than "next file", on+play is good
16:06:14LinusNkuji: people want to change gain while recording
16:06:17langhaarrockerkuji: I would. That's why I can't buy Sony MD recorders
16:07:05kujimaybe set an option in main settings
16:07:05LinusNZagor: ON+PLAY or PLAY|REPEAT would be good i guess
16:07:12langhaarrockerkuji: when recording a live performance and you notice clips then you don't have the options to rerecord from start.
16:07:17kujiye true
16:07:39LinusNPLAY|REPEAT for the one-handed guys
16:08:39kujiwhy not change the F functions in recording mode..
16:08:49kujino need to change things on f3 for instance
16:08:52kujiwhen recording
16:09:04LinusNit's difficult to switch files frame-accurately
16:09:38LinusNkuji: now when you bring it up, i want to ditch the F2 and F3 screens in the recording UI
16:10:02kujithat leaves more options
16:10:26kujimaybe use f2 + whatever to change gain .. leaving you to select next file normally
16:10:31kujior whatever
16:11:35Zagorlanghaarrocker: is patch #632667 still valid?
16:11:45dwihnoSome kind of quick navigation, such as ON+left or ON+right...
16:11:48*langhaarrocker looking
16:11:57dwihnoThat would use some kind of smart pre-buffering algo!
16:11:59dwihnoYes yes...
16:12:02dwihnoVery good
16:12:07dwihno<Zagor> I second that motion
16:12:13dwihno<Bagder> Me too!
16:12:28Zagordwihno: smart buffering has to be done *before* you press the key, so a dedicated key combo is pointless
16:12:54dwihnoZagor: the first key press could activate the buffer algo...
16:13:07Zagorno, it's too late then.
16:13:13langhaarrockerZagor: bugfix 632667 is obsolete
16:13:15Zagoryou need to have it enabled when loading the previous track
16:13:20dwihnoIt's never too late, Zagor!
16:13:20Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok, thanks
16:14:15quelsaruksomeone called me?
16:14:21quelsaruklanghaarrocker ?
16:14:50dwihnoquel, I bet your highlight goes off when the magic word appears
16:14:51langhaarrockermy cpu burned. I need some cold blooded technopriest for liquid cpu cooling with goat blood.
16:15:07quelsaruki had a lot of work today and forgot to put quel|out :)
16:15:58quelsarukdid you see the fire?
16:16:07quelsarukor just went off?
16:17:10langhaarrockerThe plastic nose where a clamp fixes the cooler on the cpu broke off -> heat death of cpu. cpu = piece of coal.
16:18:47langhaarrockerI assume that the little smoke signals to indicate it went for the eternal hunting grounds of electronics were sent unseen while I was at home over the weekend.
16:19:02quelsarukthis happened at work?
16:19:25quelsarukthe good thing is that you don't have to pay it :)
16:19:36quelsaruki hope...
16:19:57quelsarukhave you tried to drop some tears over the cpu?
16:19:59langhaarrockerThat's true, and my new cpu is faster, too
16:20:11quelsarukthat's how i revived my 30 GB HD
16:20:36quelsaruk(langhaarrocker then you don't need a technopriest.. you are lucky)
16:21:31Zagorvoid bookmark_write(bool autobookmark)
16:21:39Zagorchar new_bookmark[MAX_BOOKMARK_SIZE];
16:21:52Zagorchar bookmarks[MAX_BOOKMARKS][MAX_BOOKMARK_SIZE];
16:22:00Zagor#define MAX_BOOKMARKS 10
16:22:05Zagor#define MAX_BOOKMARK_SIZE 440
16:22:17Zagorthat's 5KB of stack, right there
16:23:31langhaarrockerIf you think that's problematic you'll kill me when you see the customizable key code...
16:23:39Zagor#define DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE 0x400 /* Bytes */
16:24:03Zagorlanghaarrocker: haha
16:25:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:25:21ZagorLinusN: tried flush() yet?
16:25:38LinusNnope, nut yet
16:27:34kuji10 mins left for record test
16:27:38kujiho hum
16:31:42langhaarrockerI can't do any record tests: my microphone has been claimed by the band and is installed somewhere on the drums now. :(
16:38:28kujiwhats the quickest way to check the real time length
16:38:37LinusNkuji: then you have another hour to listen and check the recording... :-)
16:38:55LinusNkuji: run VBRfix on it
16:39:20kujiits all there.. woot
16:39:24kujiwheres vbrfix
16:39:37kujigot it
16:39:50langhaarrockerIsn't there a phone number that keeps telling the time? Record that!
16:40:18LinusNlanghaarrocker: in Sweden, it hangs up after 1 minute
16:40:37kujiuseful prog
16:41:06kujidoes it record ok say about 8hours now /
16:41:16kujiIm gonna record a psytrance party
16:41:21langhaarrockerLinusN: then use another coutries time service :)
16:41:32LinusNlanghaarrocker: sounds cheap :-)
16:41:46kujiperfect recording
16:41:56LinusNkuji: very long recordings may screw up, depending on how your HD is formatted
16:42:00langhaarrockerLinusN: The paypal money must be used on something.
16:42:02quelsarukor you can buy a nuclear clock
16:42:12Schnueffhm anoncvs down?
16:42:19LinusNkuji: i am working on this as we speak
16:42:45kujilin.. ok cool
16:43:07Schnueffah worx again
16:45:33SchnueffLinusN: the vbrfixer is not yet committed, is it?
16:47:02LinusNno it isn't
16:47:27Schnueffi hope, once committed, i can make a stand-alone tool from it :)
16:48:57LinusNremember that it only adds a xing header and does not attempt to fix corrupt files
16:49:15ZagorLinusN: red sim builds soon
16:49:38Schnueffcorrupt in the sense of wrong information in the xing header?
16:50:03LinusNZagor: why?
16:50:18LinusNSchnueff: corrupt in the sense of bad MP3 data in the file
16:50:22Zagor/home/bjst/rockbox/uisimulator/x11/../../firmware/id3.c:467: undefined reference to `get_mp3file_info'
16:50:41Zagoruh, maybe I just haven't updated :-)
16:50:54LinusNtry that, it will help
16:50:54SchnueffLinusN: ok, yes, no reason it should fix mp3 data
16:55:21quelsarukLinusN: where is that tool?
16:55:33 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:56:30LinusNquelsaruk: VBRFix? use google
16:56:52 Join Bagder [241] (
16:57:05quelsarukahhh.. i thought it was a tool made by you
16:57:09LinusNcan you use sourceforge CVS?
16:57:17LinusNi can't
16:57:20Schnueffanoncvs worked a moment ago
16:57:22ZagorI can
16:57:25*Bagder tries
16:57:26Schnueffbut two moments ago it didnt
16:57:34Zagorjust committed %pv
16:57:35Bagderthe anon one goes up and down
16:57:45*Bagder updates fine just now
16:57:46quelsarukLinusN: it works for me
16:58:41LinusNConnection closed by
16:58:42LinusNcvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
16:58:45matslLinusN: anoncvs seems broken
16:58:58LinusNi don't use anon
16:59:05Bagderyou sure?
16:59:13 Quit kuji (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:59:47matslLinusN: :ext: works :pserver: seems broken.
17:00:11Bagdercheck your CVS_RSH variable
17:00:15LinusNCVS/Root contains
17:01:17matslLinusN: strange. Your getting the error I'm getting for :pserver:! :ext: works for me.
17:01:32LinusNi did add a certificate at SF a few hours ago
17:02:11Schnueffyou deposited a key?
17:02:16Schnueffthat takes some time iirc
17:02:32LinusNyes, but it shouldn't cause those errors
17:02:32Bagderbut the old approach should still work until the key works
17:02:45LinusNBagder: it worked untila few minutes ago
17:03:10BagderSF's cvs is very shaky
17:03:25 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:03:35Bagder(mentioned that publicly a few weeks ago and got mailed by an SF admin...)
17:03:58Schnueffwhat did the admin write?
17:04:07Bagderthey say they have a load problem with a very large amount of cvs accesses
17:04:28ZagorI can imagine
17:04:28LinusNwoo, works from my other machine (
17:04:53Bagderwith the key or with passwd?
17:04:59LinusNanother key
17:05:21LinusNmaybe my firewall needs some tweaking...
17:05:53 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
17:06:24matslHow is the relase going? Status?
17:06:48Zagorquick poll: should we write CRLF or LF to the generated .cfg files?
17:07:23Zagoryeah, that's what I though too. just wanted to check. :-)
17:07:36Bagderpoll result: 4 - 0
17:08:42matslStrange thing though. all windows lamers will have a problem with this while we linux freaks hardly will notice the difference ;-)
17:08:42langhaarrockerdamn. I was to late.
17:09:09DBUGSent KICK dwihno to server
17:09:09Kick(#rockbox dwihno :Stop repeating yourself) by logbot!
17:09:13BagderI don't think windows people will have a problem, only those that'll load it with notepad
17:09:14 Join dwihno [0] (
17:09:18dwihnocrlf !
17:09:22#>>"rocks" by Bagder (
17:09:31*dwihno rocks logbit
17:09:38dwihnoerhm, blah
17:09:46dwihnoMen åååh
17:09:48langhaarrockermatsl: no. windows users expect a gui. They won't bother with text files.
17:09:49dwihnoJag är hungrig!
17:09:59matslBagder: don't windows users just do that ;-)
17:10:00Zagordoes notepad require crlf?
17:10:08Bagdernotepad wants crlf, yes
17:10:25langhaarrockerUse write instead -> but don't save it in rtf :)
17:10:27Zagorthat's really weird, since windows normally uses LF. doesn't it?
17:10:32Bagdermatsl: no, since .cfg won't be associated with that app ;-)
17:10:41LinusNit's my certificate that f*cks it up
17:10:42Bagder.cfg is probably already used by some weird app
17:10:48Bagderand people will double-click on it ;-)
17:10:57 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
17:11:02matslBagder: right! So we can safely use lf then!
17:11:31langhaarrockerI'd prefer rotfl
17:11:32Schnueffbut .. imagine all the bug reports created ..
17:11:36Schnueff.. maybe crlf :)
17:12:37Zagoryeah, i'm thinking that too.
17:12:53Schnueff(because under linux there's some mount options to translates those automatically?)
17:12:55Bagderok then
17:13:29Schnueffhm but its not triggered for .cfg files
17:13:58Schnueffah no, the other way round
17:14:35Schnueffbut i wouldn't use auto-conversion anyway :)
17:15:19Zagormaybe we should add fprintf(). doing snprintf();write() gets a bit boring in the long run...
17:15:27 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:15:46Zagorstill, i'm not going to write vprintf :-)
17:16:23Bagderthe best way is to make a little macro/function for the core, and use that from all those functions
17:27:00Zagorbtw, Linus and I discovered that the FM recorders can wake up from RTC!
17:27:34 Join xam [0] (
17:28:22langhaarrockerOT: Is there accidently some tube-amp-electrician-guru around?
17:28:46Schnuefffirst you burn hi-tec processors, then u switch to tubes? :)
17:31:06Zagorgotta go
17:31:07 Part Zagor
17:35:51Bagderanyone ever used cmake?
17:36:28 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:37:04 Join ken0_ [0] (~marklar2@
17:43:20matslBagder: How things going with the relase?
17:43:35BagderI don't really know
17:44:02matslOk. zagor knows?
17:44:42LinusNmatsl: we are all waiting for me
17:44:43Bagderzagor knows everything! ;-)
17:45:23matslBagder: is that a healthy atitude between brothers?
17:45:45Bagderhey, he's not here then I can say nice things about him
17:45:45matslLinusN: Ok. So what are you up to then?
17:45:50Bagderjust don't tell him I did ;-)
17:46:01LinusNi am working with the recording
17:46:05matslhe might readthe logs.
17:46:15BagderI'll edit them ;-)
17:47:16matslLinusN: So if you take a really long time we will have lots of features in the next release.
17:48:02LinusNit's not about features
17:48:45matslno not your job. I was thinking of what the rest will do while you'r busy doing real stuff.
17:49:42matslAnyway. I was just trying to see if there were something I could do to help.
17:51:25LinusNthere are bugs and patches to work on
17:56:47matslLinusN: you mean. Just grab any nonsolved bug on the bug reports page and fix it.
17:58:28langhaarrockereg: dynamic tags in wps aren't updated when in a scrolling line :)
17:58:47LinusNmatsl: sort of
17:58:49 Part langhaarrocker
18:00:14matslLinusN: sort of means that there are bug reports that should simply be rejected?
18:00:22LinusNor wait until after 2.0
18:00:39LinusNi have a question for you recorder guys
18:00:55LinusNgenerating a xing header takes time, lots of time
18:01:27matslLinusN: So we are back to square one where I wanted some task assigned from one of the gurus! ;-)
18:02:02LinusNwhen finishing a recording, do we want to:
18:02:28 Quit pyvasene ("I'm going away")
18:02:33LinusNa) generate an empty xing header, so the playback will at least show that it is a vbr file
18:02:46LinusNb) save it without a header
18:03:05LinusNthe a) alternative will show the wrong bit rate and wrong time
18:03:15Bagderbut so will b
18:03:58LinusNthe a) alternative has one advantage
18:04:29Bagderyes, you can fill-in the info later without having to rewrite the whole file
18:04:30LinusNit will be nicer to the buffer threshold calculations
18:04:55LinusNif only the MAS could provide me with how many frames it has recorded, all would be fine
18:05:31 Join barker [0] (
18:06:26LinusNbut the MAS stops counting at 0xfffff and doesn't wrap
18:06:42LinusNthat happens after about 3hours
18:06:51Bagderthat is so stupid
18:07:04Bagderand I guess re-starting it makes a glitch
18:20:25 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:25:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:25:27 Join webmind_ [0] (
18:27:52Bagderrc5-72: " we'll
18:27:52Bagderhit 100% in 686,256 days at yesterday's rate.
18:28:15Bagderit could take a while... :-)
18:32:14*quelsaruk calculates....
18:32:31quelsarukmaybe i'm still young that day
18:35:19 Quit Bagder ("")
18:36:27 Join jzoss [0] (
18:36:59 Quit webmind (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:37:21jzossLinusN: I read your comments on my editID3 patch
18:37:33jzossI follow most of them, and I'll get on those tonight
18:37:56jzossLots o' cleanup to do. =) Sorry about the mixed-case variable/func names. Missed that part of docs/contributing
18:38:23jzossAnyway, can you explain further what you meant by "Would prefer resize_id3v2 to create a new file"?
18:38:24quelsarukLinusN: send inquisition to jzoss :)
18:38:42jzossSigh. I'm sitting through 3 other inquisitions as we speak. Not another one!
18:39:42 Quit xam (Remote closed the connection)
18:42:30jzossAre you saying change the func prototype to something more like resize_id3v2(filename, size)? So func can create new file, copy all data, delete the old file, rename new file to old filename?
18:43:41LinusNjzoss: sort of, yeah
18:43:59jzossThe advantage being less data shuffling, I assume.
18:43:59LinusNwould probably be a lot faster
18:44:18LinusNthe seek() operation is painful
18:44:31jzossOkay. Fair enough.
18:44:48jzossWhile I've caught you online, anything else that struck you as needing rework?
18:45:27jzossThe patch includes a quickie cfg loader/saver just for recording settings. 'Cause I didn't want to piggyback on the existing load/save that's just for cfg-block settings.
18:45:28 Quit TotMacher ()
18:45:46jzossBut with the new load/save .cfg-file code, it might be preferrable to call that code
18:46:20LinusNjzoss: what do you do when there is no ID3 tag at all in the file?
18:47:08jzossAnd take whatever default ID3 tags come out of the read-ID3 parser (probably NULL and empty values)
18:47:11LinusNyou should check out the ID3/MP3 parser code i committed today
18:47:28jzossOkay. I read the CVS commit notice
18:47:39LinusNit can find out if there is room even if there is no ID3 tag (all zeroes)
18:48:06LinusNthe recorded files reserve 4K data in the beginning of the file
18:48:39LinusNuse the mp3info() function to get the needed information
18:48:49jzossAhhh..I was pre-reserving an extra 500 bytes (or so) before recording, since I didn't know recording was doing that.
18:49:05LinusNthen you will get id3 size, plus the space from the tag to the first playable frame
18:49:06jzossYes, it does use mp3info now.
18:49:27jzossI just wasn't checking all that fun additional info
18:49:29LinusNjzoss: the recording didn't reserve space when you wrote your code, i added that today
18:49:53 Join randomnick [0] (
18:50:13LinusNjzoss: use the first_frame_offset and the xing_header_offset properties
18:50:29jzossXing_header comes before first_frame, right?
18:50:35LinusNyes, if it exists
18:54:49jzossQuestion on how to best handle "uninitialized" id3 info: Right now, I always write all supported tags, even if they're just empty strings.
18:55:02jzossShould probably only selectively write tags that have been set to something meaningful.
18:55:04LinusNdon't do that
18:55:16LinusNi mean only write tags that have info
18:55:40jzossSo "don't selectively write tags", or "don't always write all tags" =)
18:56:11LinusNi mean only write tags that have info
18:56:17jzossRight. I agree
18:56:40jzossIt works well for most, but we are currently initializing genre to 0. Which is a valid value ("Blues")
18:56:55LinusNwhere do we do that?
18:56:57jzossShould genre be int instead of uchar and initialize to -1 or some such?
18:57:08LinusNgood idea
18:57:27jzossIn setid3v2title, e.g.
18:58:07jzossMp3info inits to 0xff, but then calls setid3v2title
18:59:22 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
18:59:23 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:00:49jzossInit to 0xff is probably okay, since it looks like "known" tags only go up to 125.
19:01:37jzossAnyway, I'm off to lunch. Thanks for looking at the patch. I'll cleanup some and hopefully work closer to something reasonable. =)
19:02:29 Part jzoss
19:07:44 Join PsycoXuul [0] (
19:12:29 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13:05 Nick PsycoXuul is now known as PsycoXul (
19:28:03 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
19:28:03 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:41:31 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:41:41tracktheripperEvening friends
19:47:10tracktheripperI wouldn't mind writing a manual for Rockbox in .doc or .txt format for this site
19:47:25tracktheripperif one could submit me how everything works i'd convert that into a manual
19:47:28LinusNa tex/pdf manual is in the works
19:47:41tracktheripperyea but I wouldn't mind writing it Linus
19:50:08tracktherippererrr LINUS where are the file extensions in SUPPORTED mode?
19:50:09 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:14 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
19:50:36LinusNtracktheripper: known extensions are removed in supported mode
19:51:01tracktheripperI thought my Archos was faulty when I saw the missing extensions
20:17:58 Quit randomnick ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla rv:1.3b/20030210]")
20:25:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:51:23 Join Bagder [241] (
20:52:02quelsarukha det sa bra Bagder?
20:52:25Bagderthat's more of a good-bye thing to say
20:52:29tracktheripperHi Badger
20:53:41Bagderquelsaruk: yes, like "have a nice day" kind-of-saying
20:53:52quelsaruki thought it was a "how are you".. but seems i was in a great error ;)
20:54:20quelsarukso how is how are you?
20:54:38Bagder"hur mår du?"
20:55:00quelsarukthat sounds satanic or something like that
20:55:06Bagderit is
20:55:08quelsarukinkisition may punish you!
20:55:11Bagderwe are all satanists
20:55:21Bagderwe believe in the power of goats
20:55:28quelsarukgoats are not satanic
20:55:31quelsarukpoor goats
20:55:32Bagderthey're not?
20:55:42quelsarukthey love heavy metal
20:55:47quelsaruknot death metal
20:56:08LinusNBagder: scrolling information can't be updated in the current rockbox version as far as i can see
20:56:43LinusNi don't see a function that updates the scrolled information without resetting the scroll
20:56:45Bagderwell, that's a bug isn't it?
20:57:06BagderI've seen it scroll with updated info in the past
20:57:13LinusNin your dreams
20:57:18Bagderin the sim
20:57:25 Join Jet8810 [0] (
20:57:34LinusNi tried it today
20:57:37Bagderor was it a sim of my dreams?
20:58:03LinusNthe code doesn't update scrolled lines, and if it does, the scroll starts over
20:58:04Bagderwell, the bug reports says it doesn't work, so I'm not that surprised it doesn't work ;-)
20:58:32Bagderscrolling the same line on the same place shouldn't restart the scroll
20:58:43Bagderthat could be a solution perhaps
20:58:57tracktheripperyea Linus Ive just emailed you what I have done so far, Im gonna continue tommorow as I have to be up early for work and Im feeling a bit tired
20:58:58LinusNhow does lcd_puts_scroll() know if the line hasn't changed?
20:59:06LinusNtracktheripper: sure
20:59:08Bagdergood q
20:59:30tracktheripperI got your friend's email Linus, thanks
20:59:44LinusNgood, and join the mailing list
21:00:39tracktheripperIll sign up to the mailing list once everyone is happy wiv the layout so far
21:02:32tracktheripper<−−−−- is no longer gonna submit feature requests.
21:02:53tracktheripperim gonna concentrate on the manual instead
21:03:31quelsarukbut if you do so, you'll make bagder a happy man!
21:03:36quelsarukyou can't!
21:03:49tracktheripperwhats that Quel?
21:04:31quelsarukif you stop submiting features...
21:05:12*quelsaruk fears the day logbot kicks him
21:05:38>>>"kick quelsaruk" by LinusN (
21:06:34*Bagder faints
21:06:45*Bagder got a one-shot donation of 300 US$ for curl
21:08:17quelsarukfor whom or for what are those dollars? ;)
21:08:43Bagderdonation from a friendly chap as a thanks for my tool and library curl
21:09:21quelsarukahhh... i remember that program :)
21:12:04quelsaruki bet you he's not spanish
21:12:47tracktheripperQuel why u upset im no longer submitting requests?
21:13:27quelsaruknevermind tracktheripper, another spanish joke
21:14:04LinusNfunny guys, those spanish fellows... :-)
21:14:33tracktheripperLinus is it best if I write the manual when Notepad is fully maximised?
21:14:51LinusNtracktheripper: it shouldn't matter
21:15:13tracktheripperok :-)
21:15:24tracktheripperyea Im gonna continue tommorow afternoon
21:15:31tracktherippershould have far more information
21:15:33LinusNtracktheripper: maybe consider a better text editor
21:15:44tracktheripperall I have is Notepad
21:16:05LinusNthere are zillions of freeware text editors out there
21:16:26>>>"cmd" by Bagder (
21:16:31PsycoXulthere's even vim for windows
21:16:35PsycoXulbut i don't wanna traumatize you
21:17:03LinusNWindows - from the guys who brought you Edlin
21:17:05Bagder"its simple, just press :q! and nothing is damaged!" ;-)
21:17:20>>>"sview" by Bagder (
21:17:41>>>"cmd explain" by Bagder (
21:17:57>>>"explain *" by Bagder (
21:18:04tracktheripperLinus ive changed the font to Times New Roman in Notepad
21:18:07>>>"help expadd" by Bagder (
21:18:08tracktherippermakes it much easier to read
21:18:41>>>"expadd Rockbox = A firmware replacement for the Archos MP3 players," by Bagder (
21:18:47>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
21:18:53>>>"newpass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
21:18:54quelsarukspanish are not crazy
21:18:55quelsarukjust me
21:18:57>>>"expadd Rockbox = A firmware replacement for the Archos MP3 players," by Bagder (
21:18:57quelsarukremember that!!
21:19:02quelsaruki'm the one
21:19:59>>>"expadd quelsaruk=Crazy spanish person. Techno priest. Known to sacrifice goats at midnight to please the debugger gods." by Bagder (
21:20:13#>>"explain quelsaruk for us please?" by Bagder (
21:20:24Bagderthat explains it
21:21:44>>>"expadd Zagor=The dark overlord of the Rockbox cult." by Bagder (
21:24:25>>>"explain logbot=I am me" by Bagder (
21:24:32>>>"expadd logbot=I am me" by Bagder (
21:24:50>>>"explain *" by Bagder (
21:24:58#>>"explain zagor" by Bagder (
21:24:59tracktheripper<−−−−−−−−- is busy working on the Manuel
21:25:53PsycoXullogbot: explain bagder
21:26:04PsycoXullogbot: explain psycoxul
21:26:09LinusNlogbot explain linusn
21:26:21*LinusN is disappointed
21:26:32LinusNlogbot: explain linusn
21:26:39Bagderhe's picky who he talks to ;-)
21:27:22>>>"expadd LinusN=He Who Make The Sounds Go Beep" by Bagder (
21:27:29#>>"explain LinusN" by Bagder (
21:30:41>>>"op" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
21:30:41DBUGsent MODE #rockbox +o Bagder
21:30:41Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by logbot (
21:31:49>>>"help sview" by Bagder (
21:31:56>>>"sview linusn" by Bagder (
21:32:13>>>"help useradd" by Bagder (
21:32:32>>>"useradd linusn 200" by Bagder (
21:34:17quelsaruktime to go home!
21:34:23quelsarukcu tomorrow!
21:34:48Bagdernight quelsaruk
21:35:21quelsarukbye Bagder, LinusN, i hope we see you here more continously
21:35:54 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:37:55 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|ZzZ (
21:39:18 Nick Snorlax|ZzZ is now known as Snorlax (
21:39:19 Join bu88a1 [0] (
21:39:28 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
21:39:31 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|ZzZ (
21:52:34 Quit Snorlax|ZzZ ()
21:55:18 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:55:35 Join bu88a1 [0] (
21:56:13 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
21:59:13 Quit Bagder ("")
22:13:49 Join Snorlax|ZzZ [0] (
22:15:01 Join nikkelitous [0] (
22:20:42 Join MastaKeev [0] (
22:20:54MastaKeevhey... anybody awake?
22:22:01nikkelitousI can't help much but I'm awake
22:23:03nikkelitousSo is there anything I can do for ya?
22:23:17MastaKeev::shrug:: just a question... when you buy a new recorder, does it only use the rom firmware or does it have it on the hd already too
22:23:48MastaKeevdirectory snoop doesn't show anything that even resembles firmware
22:24:02nikkelitousHmm. I dunno.
22:24:19nikkelitousIt probably has a rom firmware but anything on the disk probably overrides it.
22:24:52MastaKeevyeah... i know thats how it works, im just lookin for the stupid firmware on the hd
22:24:55HadakaMastaKeev: usually has nothing on the HD
22:25:17HadakaMastaKeev: if you want the "original" firmware, you have to download it from the net
22:25:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:25:25nikkelitousYou probably have to put one on there.
22:25:25MastaKeevheheh archos is so cheap though, i hate that... they fix up archos'es that were returned and send em back out
22:25:41nikkelitousThats the way everyone does it.
22:25:43MastaKeevdon't even bother to delete the HD... lol
22:25:49nikkelitousOh ok.
22:26:01nikkelitousThats odd. Did it have some songs on it?
22:26:15Hadakathey don't fix FM recorders anymore I think
22:26:22Hadakathey replace them
22:26:40Hadakaatleast that's what Linus guessed when he opened one up
22:27:13LinusNthat's the feeling i got when i opened mine up, yes
22:27:19MastaKeev::shrug:: probably
22:27:32LinusNbut it might just have been me
22:27:44MastaKeevmine had like 1gb of music still on it from the previous owner when i opened it up
22:28:00LinusNMastaKeev: see it as a bonus :-)
22:28:08MastaKeevi cant wait for the day when someone opens up the multimedia archos and finds gigs of porn...
22:28:11nikkelitousThats what I'd say.
22:28:29MastaKeevLinusN: hah if i could understand any of it... it was in french
22:28:32nikkelitousI'll have to do a check on mine when it gets here.
22:28:49nikkelitousForeign music is funny.
22:29:04LinusNi like french pop
22:29:25MastaKeevnikkelitous: spanish death metal :-)
22:30:19LinusNHadaka: i have improved my Fmrec opening skills since then, btw
22:30:32MastaKeevLinusN: hehe did i ever say i deleted it? :-)
22:30:38Hesswedish metal is strange enough, we get some on the radio here 8-)
22:30:46LinusNhi hes!
22:30:53Heshi there.
22:31:12nikkelitousSwedish metal? What about Japanese metal.
22:31:19nikkelitousNow thats some weird music.
22:31:35HadakaLinusN: I never even heard the final results of that first dissection :)
22:31:41MastaKeevhah yeah... hey LinusN... i was gonna do some playing around with the firmware myself
22:31:45LinusNHadaka: i am working on it
22:32:05MastaKeevmind saving me a little trouble and telling me how it 'scrambles' it
22:32:11LinusNi have photos and schematics coming up
22:32:42LinusNbad news is that the remote control isn't supported anymore
22:32:55LinusNand i can't see how digital I/O could work
22:32:58Hadakacool! photos rock :)
22:33:07Hadakahmmh, well that's bad
22:33:17LinusNgood news is that fmrec can poweron with RTC alarm
22:33:45LinusNthe fm radio part has no RDS
22:34:19Hesdigital I/O ... no SPdif at all?
22:34:42LinusNthe manual says it should work, but nothing comes out of it
22:34:56LinusNit is supposed to share the LineIn jack
22:35:02nikkelitousI think I went and accidently mirrored the Rockbox website.
22:35:28Hesand it's not optical?
22:36:07LinusNthe internal mic is better isolated
22:36:15Hessome MD devices have a 3.5mm stereo jack with an optical SPdif input inside it too
22:36:15LinusNbut not good enough
22:36:25Hestogether with the analog input
22:36:45Hesbut coaxial SPdif with analog audio, that's... strangish 8-)
22:37:11nikkelitousI wish I could figure out WTH that meant.
22:38:08*Hes is playing with a quakeworld server... slightly retro
22:38:49nikkelitousHardware work is way beyond me. I can barely tell the difference between a resistor and a transistor.
22:40:09MastaKeev::shrug:: just smile and nod nikkelitous... thats what i do
22:42:04nikkelitousAhh ok. Smile and nod.
22:42:37MastaKeev::yawn:: hey LinusN... exactly how many lines of code is the disassembly
22:42:45nikkelitousI'm only an expert at one thing when it comes to tech: Operating systems. Almost any OS I can or am already a master of.
22:42:54LinusNMastaKeev: the disassembly?
22:44:05MastaKeevof the descrambled .ajz f
22:44:21LinusNi have no idea
22:44:54LinusNi only looked at it a few times, looking for specific h/w usage
22:45:32MastaKeevenough to bring my 2.7ghgz, 1gig ram to a crawl
22:46:00LinusNthe disassembled ajz was of quite little use when reverse engineering the jukebox
22:46:24MastaKeevi just need the first 1000 lines or so to
22:46:36MastaKeev see how it starts up
22:47:09LinusNwhy do you bother about the original firmware?
22:47:12nikkelitousI have a question: What is needed to compile the UISimulator for Win32?
22:47:30MastaKeevmake the most obfuscated "hello world" program ever :-)
22:47:33LinusNnikkelitous: a compiler
22:47:55 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:47:56MastaKeevnikkelitous: read /docs/UISI
22:48:06LinusNMastaKeev: i don't follow you
22:49:13MastaKeevLinusN: see if i can get it to boot up and say "hello world" or something... i know im re-inventing the wheel, but im bored and it sounds interesting
22:49:37nikkelitousHello World
22:50:18LinusNMastaKeev: then why disassemble the firmware? Use the source code instead
22:51:32MastaKeevgood question... but i'd probably understand the whole process a bit better if i looked at the firmware...
22:52:14MastaKeev::shrug:: i guess it would be a bit easier to look at the source... any specific files i should start with?
22:52:19LinusNMastaKeev: the source code *is* the firmware
22:52:39LinusNcrt0.S, main.c
22:53:09nikkelitousMastaKev: I read that but it only says 'No info yet.' for win32.
22:53:51MastaKeevthe source of your firmware... i was looking at the disassembly of theirs
23:01:44 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
23:02:29nikkelitousI get 3 errors when I try to compile the UISimulator. All three are where a variable is undeclared.
23:04:27nikkelitousHow big is the screen on the recorder? Pixelwise.
23:07:56LinusNnikkelitous: 112x64
23:08:05LinusNnikkelitous: what errors?
23:08:05nikkelitousOk. Thanks.
23:08:16nikkelitousLCD Height and Width.
23:08:31nikkelitousBoth are apparently supposed to be constants but are never declared.
23:08:44LinusNnikkelitous: how are you trying to compile?
23:08:49nikkelitousand BUTTON_MENU
23:09:06LinusNdid you use the configure script?
23:09:16nikkelitousI tried 33 different ways. Dev-C++, GCC, and Cygwin GCC.
23:09:47nikkelitousin Cygwin I just did a make.
23:09:54nikkelitous3 different ways. Not 33
23:10:20nikkelitousWhat is BUTTON_MENU supposed to do?
23:11:06nikkelitousI think it is supposed to be the menu button but why does it need to be declared?
23:11:09LinusNi have never compiled the win32 simulator, but i'm pretty sure that you are not supposed to compile in the source code directory
23:11:56nikkelitousWhat do you mean?
23:12:35 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:12:53LinusNwhen i build the x11 simulator, i create a dir in the rockbox dir, for example rockbox/mysim
23:13:15LinusNi go there and run ../tools/configure and answer the questions
23:13:20LinusNthen i get a makefile
23:13:35nikkelitousBut there is no config for win32.
23:13:36LinusNbut that's for x11
23:13:53nikkelitousI know I should just reboot to Linux but I've been doing things in Windows.
23:13:56LinusNwin32 may be special
23:14:16LinusNeverything is twice as difficult in Bill's world
23:14:25nikkelitousOf course Win32 is special. Anything made by Microsoft is retarded.
23:14:58nikkelitousOk. I found the define for BUTTON_MENU. Why doesn't it work?
23:15:22nikkelitousIt is defined and loaded. Why does the compiler say it isn't defined?
23:16:14nikkelitousWhats an #elif?
23:16:40PsycoXulelse, if
23:17:09LinusNnikkelitous: i am pretty sure that you need to configure your makefile
23:17:14 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
23:17:32LinusNjust typing "make" in the win32 dir is not going to work
23:18:33nikkelitousFound the problem. For some reason you use BUTTON_MENU but it only gets defined if you are emu'ing a player. It doesn't happen for recorder.
23:22:20nikkelitousWorking. I just made it so that the BUTTON_MENU gets declared no matter what. But it still only does anything using the player.
23:23:26LinusNnikkelitous: care to fix it and send a patch?
23:23:35 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:23:40nikkelitousIt's a bad hack.
23:23:52LinusNno, i said "fix it"
23:23:53nikkelitousI might submit a patch once I get the whole thing working.
23:24:34LinusNwhere in the code do we use BUTTON_MENU when simulating a recorder?
23:25:00LinusNare you using cygwin?
23:25:02nikkelitousYou don't.
23:25:16nikkelitousCygwin and Win.
23:25:27nikkelitousI was trying Cygwin to see if it worked there.
23:25:33nikkelitousAnd to run the makefile.
23:25:41nikkelitousI don't have make in winblows.
23:29:00nikkelitousWhy does file.h get loaded multiple times?
23:29:42nikkelitousNow I'm confused.
23:29:55nikkelitousThere seems to be 2 different file.hs.
23:31:43nikkelitousIt also seems like this was designed to be compiled using visual c.
23:31:48nikkelitousNow isn't that silly.
23:32:37LinusNnikkelitous: what rockbox version are you trying to build?
23:32:53nikkelitousI'm trying to build the UISimulator.
23:33:24LinusNversion, as in age
23:33:35nikkelitousBrand new.
23:33:59nikkelitousI know thats bad form but I couldn't find it anywhere else.
23:34:42nikkelitousOk... now all the errors I am getting are in ASM so I'm getting closer.
23:35:06nikkelitousThe CVS included a VisualC project file.
23:35:37nikkelitousToo bad I'm on a boycott of all Visuals.
23:36:06nikkelitousI think that a cross-platform language should be capable of going cross-platform.
23:36:24nikkelitousJ++? What is the advantage of that?
23:38:01nikkelitousMy brand-new Archos just arived.
23:38:27 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:39:08 Join PsycoXul [0] (
23:42:23 Part barker
23:43:53 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:44:04tracktheripperello :)
23:44:35PsycoXullots of jirc's on aol
23:44:55tracktheripperyes, AOL is my ISP
23:47:17PsycoXulcompanies that big are like those inflatable things that kids bounce around in
23:47:27PsycoXuland the customers are the air inside
23:47:31PsycoXulit's always leaking out, cause they blow
23:47:39PsycoXulbut marketting is the pump that keeps it full
23:49:08PsycoXulit's a screwed up system that makes the most successful companies me analogous to those inflatable things
23:49:45tracktherippertalk properly
23:50:26PsycoXuleye yam tawlkeen prawpoorley
23:50:48tracktheripper(((starts fuming)))
23:51:07*PsycoXul can smell the fumes
23:51:22nikkelitousBreath deep.
23:51:50nikkelitousI only have USB 1.1 :(. Need to buy a 2.0 PCMCIA card.
23:51:59tracktheripperbreathes deeply
23:52:15nikkelitousLaptops suck.
23:52:24nikkelitousThey are hard to upgrade.
23:52:29tracktheripperwell at least they are "moveable"
23:52:34tracktherippertry using your PC on the train :-)
23:52:39nikkelitousBut Laptops are the only systems that seem to use 'silent' technology.
23:52:54nikkelitousI don't move it. It stays right where it is.
23:52:56tracktheripperyea they don't whirr like a helicopter taking off :-)
23:53:11nikkelitousI have VERY sensitive ears so I refuse to use noisy fans.
23:53:23nikkelitousI might get a desktop with a passive water cooling though.
23:53:35tracktheripperI took the fans out and used a Flower heatsink :-)
23:53:43nikkelitousThat works too.
23:54:01nikkelitousBut it's hard to take the fan out of the power supply.
23:54:13tracktheripperjust rip the damn thing out :-)
23:54:33nikkelitousBut then the system seems to shoot sparks and send up a lot of smoke
23:54:46nikkelitousI was young and stupid. Ruined a perfectly good P90.
23:55:03nikkelitousCost over $1000 to get a new one.
23:55:09tracktheripperYou can even buy "processor refrigeration units"
23:55:18LinusNnikkelitous: i just built a win32 simulator for the very first time in my life
23:55:23nikkelitousI hate fridges.
23:55:41nikkelitousReally? You had more luck than I did.
23:56:07tracktheripperHow are they gonna cool the new 1Thz processors when they come out?
23:56:09nikkelitousI live in a 5 bedroom house. I am in the smallest room because it is the farthest from the noisy fridge.
23:56:11tracktheripperLiquid Nitrogen?
23:56:13LinusNi installed cygwin and compiled it like i use to compile the x11 simulator and the target firmware
23:56:33LinusNusing the configure script, like i told you
23:56:38nikkelitousheh. I'll just have it at the house next door.
23:56:50nikkelitousLinusN: I agree... I am an idiot.
23:58:07nikkelitousI really don't know too much about real-world programming. 4 years of school but around 4 days of experience.
23:58:11 Join Low009 [0] (
23:58:19LinusNread docs/README
23:58:31nikkelitousI read all the docs.
23:58:44LinusNwhat is the dir called where you have the rockbox source?
23:58:47nikkelitousI read everything on the site before I ever came to the IRC.

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