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#rockbox log for 2003-03-11

00:00:19nikkelitousI actually don't follow the rules. I usually just compile it where it is.
00:00:25nikkelitousI know I shouldn't.
00:00:26tracktheripperI can't even get Cygwin to work and Ive read the docs to death
00:00:35LinusNwhat is the dir called where you have the rockbox source?
00:00:47nikkelitousFirmware I think.
00:00:57nikkelitousOr rockbox.
00:01:08nikkelitousOne of the two.
00:01:19LinusNso you also have rockbox/firmware and rockbox/apps, right?
00:01:26nikkelitousand tools.
00:01:28nikkelitousand www.
00:01:36LinusNcreate a dir called rockbox/recsim
00:01:54LinusNcd rockbox
00:01:56LinusNmkdir recsim
00:02:35nikkelitousUSB 1.1 is way too slow.
00:03:24 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:04:40LinusNhave you created the dir?
00:08:37nikkelitousWhen I said 'K I had.
00:10:45 Part Low009
00:11:19 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:11:19LinusNcd recsim
00:12:22nikkelitous cygwin or cmd?
00:13:51nikkelitousnevermind... Done
00:16:35 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:16:44LinusNnikkelitous: after configure is done, run "make"
00:17:28LinusNi only managed to compile recorder,though
00:17:36LinusNyou need Perl
00:17:45nikkelitousI have perl
00:17:50LinusNwhat was the error?
00:18:04nikkelitousThere are no other files in the dir 'sides Makefile
00:18:18LinusNthat's how it should be
00:18:47nikkelitouscan't copy the error.
00:19:16nikkelitousSomething about the .dep directory doesn't exist.
00:20:41nikkelitousIts really funny when the least lag you get is from a server halfway to the other side of the planet.
00:21:16nikkelitoussh-elf-gcc: not found
00:21:20nikkelitousThats the first error
00:22:27LinusNnikkelitous: you should have answered Simulator instead of Normal
00:22:34nikkelitousOh oops
00:23:04nikkelitousfixed the config
00:23:12LinusNthe .dep errors are normal
00:24:01nikkelitousNow I KNOW why this new error happened.
00:24:08nikkelitousI'll have to move my dir.
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00:26:06nikkelitousThere we go.
00:26:16nikkelitousHad it in a directory with a space in the name.
00:26:48nikkelitousYour configure should probably insert a \ before all spaces.
00:27:33LinusNhehe, nobody have noticed that yet
00:27:49nikkelitousNew error. Only info is Error 255
00:28:07nikkelitousin sysfont.o
00:28:36LinusNcd ../tools
00:29:00nikkelitouswhat is Error 255?
00:29:04nikkelitousNot found?
00:29:11LinusNi don't know
00:29:27nikkelitousThen how did you know how to fix it?
00:29:33LinusNdid i?
00:29:38nikkelitousdoes ANYONE understand GCCs errors?
00:29:47nikkelitousYeah you did.
00:29:48PsycoXulgcc's errors are simple
00:29:53PsycoXuland straight forward
00:30:15nikkelitousIs it makes errors that are obfusicated?
00:30:20PsycoXuli've read pages about compiler errors
00:30:25LinusNafter you typed make in tools, did you go back and try again?
00:30:28PsycoXuland different ones from different compilers
00:30:33PsycoXuland gcc's are some of the nicest
00:30:42nikkelitousYeah. It worked perfect.
00:30:46nikkelitousRunning and everything.
00:30:49PsycoXulnikkelitous: most people seem to miss gcc's errors when looking at make's output
00:30:50nikkelitous0 problems.
00:31:17PsycoXuli dunno how many times somebody's asked what a compilation error meant, and only pasted the make error
00:31:23LinusNnikkelitous: typing 'make' in the tools/ dir is the first thing you should do according to docs/README
00:31:30nikkelitousYeah I know.
00:31:45nikkelitousI told you... I read them but I don't follow instructions well.
00:33:16nikkelitousI figured the tools were mainly 'tools' and not 'utilities'
00:33:37nikkelitousTools are uneccesary. Utilities are neccesary.
00:33:54nikkelitousGeeks are weird that way.
00:34:11nikkelitousFor most professions it is the other way around.
00:35:48nikkelitousSheesh. How do people fill these things up? 20 gigs is bigger than my whole hard-drive.
00:36:14LinusNi have 13 gigs on my jukebox
00:36:46LinusNand i have 400Gb drive space on my PC :-)
00:37:24LinusNvideo editing sure eats hard drive space :-)
00:38:17nikkelitousI have a laptop so I can't get a big drive. I can't stand the noise of desktops.
00:38:24nikkelitousI have seriously sensitive hearing.
00:38:36nikkelitousWhich is why I could justify buying an Archos.
00:41:19nikkelitousWell... I have to run.
00:41:22nikkelitousAu Revoir.
00:41:27LinusNau revoir
00:41:46 Quit nikkelitous ()
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02:10:34 Join archtelamon [0] (
02:10:39archtelamonguys i need help
02:10:49archtelamonmy rockbox stopped workin today
02:10:59archtelamonim back at the old operating system
02:11:02archtelamonand i dont want it
02:12:34LinusNwhat happened?
02:12:49archtelamonlets see
02:12:53archtelamonlast night it was workin
02:12:57archtelamonthen today at 4:30
02:13:00archtelamoni turned it on
02:13:07archtelamonand it was back at old operating system
02:13:10archtelamonso i went home
02:13:12archtelamonrecharged it
02:13:29archtelamonthen deleted ajbrec.abz(watever) and .rockbox
02:13:33archtelamonunmounted it
02:13:45archtelamonthen mounted it and reloaded it
02:13:51archtelamonand it didnt go on
02:14:08archtelamonso im back at operating system
02:14:21LinusNwindows or linux?
02:14:55LinusNok have you tried scandisk?
02:14:55archtelamonon the Archos im back at OS
02:14:58archtelamonno no no
02:15:01archtelamonon the Archos
02:15:07archtelamonnot computer
02:15:18archtelamon<- technically inept
02:15:26LinusNok have you tried scandisk?
02:15:58archtelamonon the archos? no
02:16:03LinusNyou should
02:16:54LinusNthen you should read the FAQ, question 66
02:17:06archtelamonmuchos gracias
02:17:35LinusNright click on the archos drive letter, select Properties, then tools (i think)
02:17:57LinusNthen you have "check for errors" or whatever
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02:32:36 Join G16aByT3 [0] (
02:32:36 Quit archtelamon (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:33:32G16aByT3you rockbox guys are the best.
02:34:07G16aByT3anyone here? awake ?
02:34:27LinusNi'm here
02:34:41LinusN2:30am :-)
02:35:11G16aByT3guess not.
02:35:11 Quit G16aByT3 (Client Quit)
02:48:51 Join archtelamon [0] (
02:48:57archtelamonLinus it didnt work
02:49:11archtelamonsays not enough memory
02:50:39archtelamonim screwed huh
02:50:41LinusNwhat did scandisk say?
02:50:57archtelamonit froze my computer up
02:51:17archtelamonim on ME
02:51:26archtelamonWindows ME
02:51:26archtelamoni hate Bill Gates
02:51:52LinusNsounds like you need to reformat the drive
02:52:13archtelamonthank god i have it backed up on comp
02:52:14LinusNdo you have any clue what could have made this?
02:52:18archtelamonill do that
02:52:45archtelamonhow do i do that?
02:53:10LinusNright-click on the drive letter in file explorer, select Format
02:54:13LinusNbe sure to select Quick format, or it will take ages
03:19:26LinusNgotta sleep
03:19:27 Quit archtelamon (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:19:34 Part LinusN
03:26:57 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:27:05midknight2k3It's me!
03:28:25midknight2k3Just wanted to say how excellent Rockbox is
03:36:34midknight2k3Do you remember me?
03:38:16PsycoXulheh hi
03:42:48midknight2k3Oh so you DO remember me
03:43:11PsycoXulno i don't, your name waz kaz2 or something? :p
03:47:40midknight2k3The skepticalism about it and the HD pass lock remmeber?
03:48:30PsycoXulyes of course i remember, i was kidding :p
03:48:36PsycoXuli can still see you saying
03:48:39PsycoXul18:30 < midknight2k3> Zakk1
03:48:41PsycoXulon the screen
03:48:59midknight2k3I meant do you remember me from last night
03:49:15PsycoXulyes, damnit :p
03:50:22midknight2k3Oh well sorry you don't have to get up and say the 'damn' word god, why are you being this way? No, don't!! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN NOW???
03:50:31PsycoXulhehe :p
03:50:47PsycoXulare you high?
03:50:55midknight2k3No, I'm 13
03:51:04PsycoXulare you really?
03:51:12midknight2k3Yes, wh?y
03:51:17PsycoXulah ok
03:51:30midknight2k3No relaly why?
03:51:31PsycoXuldidn't know
03:52:25PsycoXulanyway, why wouldn't i remember you from last night heh
03:52:31midknight2k3Ther's no law against a 13 year old illegally upgrading the Archos firmware and being in a chat room is there?
03:52:46PsycoXulthis is irc, not television.. our memories are a bit longer here :p
03:53:08PsycoXulillegally upgrading the archos firmware?
03:53:14MTtheres nothing 'illegal' about rockbox, or changing the firmware on a device you own
03:53:14midknight2k3You want to see something funny?
03:53:18midknight2k3You know what i mean ;)
03:53:23midknight2k3I'm kidding
03:53:30midknight2k3I mean, warranty-voidable-ing
03:53:30PsycoXularchos actualy plans on shipping recorders with rockbox last i heard...
03:53:32MTthe only way it could possibly be illegal is if it circumvented copy protection
03:53:35 Join ScottE [0] (
03:53:41MTit doesnt void warranty either
03:53:49PsycoXulor was that studios, i forget
03:54:04midknight2k3Anyways, cheer up want to see something funny?
03:54:24MTcracking it open and desoldering the boards to see how it works however, does
03:54:33midknight2k3 - first blog entry, click picture it's hilarious
03:55:48ScottEThat's cool...
03:56:09midknight2k3Looks tricked
03:56:24midknight2k3The clean new Camry or whatever, then the icy old thing
04:00:29PsycoXulbbl dinner
04:01:15midknight2k3OF COURSE
04:04:38 Join darkalfie [0] (~a@
04:05:02darkalfieheya, anyone around tat can help me out with my ajr20gb ?
04:05:20darkalfiehaving this problem of not being able to boot it up.
04:05:42darkalfiei switched it on, i get the archos logo, version 1.28 os, etc.. 2 black boxes (and a bunch of white ones)
04:05:47darkalfieand the unit auto-switches off :(
04:05:55darkalfiei took out the batteries, tested them all. 1.2v
04:05:56midknight2k3The batteries
04:05:59midknight2k3Try charging it
04:06:16darkalfiei plugged in charger, nothing came up. i tried to on it with charger plugged it, same thing
04:06:31darkalfieit felts like battery low (coz i can hear the hdd power up and the unit goes off)
04:06:51darkalfiebut the batteries were tested (with a voltmeter) at 1.2v each.. i had charged it full the nite b4
04:07:03midknight2k3Yes exactly
04:07:07midknight2k3That's what happened to me
04:07:13midknight2k3It charged overnite
04:07:19midknight2k3It was dead in the morning
04:07:28darkalfielol.. ok.. so its just dead batteries ?
04:07:28midknight2k3Charger worked for me tho
04:07:33ScottEdarkalfie: Hold the ON button down until the 2nd box appears.
04:07:44midknight2k3I guess 2.0 just has battery issues
04:08:28darkalfieScottE: same problem :(
04:08:44darkalfiewhen it switches on, i see OS Version 1.28, and then it goes off
04:09:26midknight2k3You using Rockbox 1.4 or dailybuild 2.0?
04:09:45midknight2k3Try 1.4
04:09:55midknight2k3Put in some plain AA batteries
04:09:59darkalfieproblem is how to get 1.4 in when i cant boot it
04:09:59midknight2k3USB plug
04:10:04midknight2k3Delete the .ajz file
04:10:09darkalfieit works with AA ? i tot AA was 1.5v ?
04:10:12midknight2k3Put in RB 1.4F
04:10:16midknight2k3Oh wait
04:10:23midknight2k3Umm it might
04:10:28midknight2k3Charger don't work?
04:10:45midknight2k3It must be dead
04:10:49darkalfiecharger or no charger, the thing refuses to go pass 2nd box
04:11:00darkalfieIt = ? unit ? battery ?
04:11:25midknight2k3ScottE - it safe to try AA's in the unit, temporarily?
04:11:34ScottEWhat about if you rename the ajz file and try to boot with factory firmware?
04:11:43midknight2k3I said just delete it
04:11:47darkalfieScottE: cant boot into it at all :(
04:11:49midknight2k3But it won't bottup so thats impossible
04:11:56ScottESorry midknight2k3 - didn't see that
04:12:03midknight2k3Tis ok
04:12:08ScottENot sure on trying normal AA batts....
04:12:17midknight2k3Even just for a minute??
04:13:01midknight2k3brb - darkalfie, stay here in chat ok
04:13:04ScottEIt won't even come up in USB mode?
04:13:07midknight2k3I will be in about 5 minutes
04:13:17darkalfiewill be her
04:13:36darkalfielet me try usb again
04:17:51darkalfienope. no luck
04:17:55darkalfieunit refuses to boot up
04:18:00darkalfie2black boxes and offs
04:18:11darkalfie(btw, wat stage is 2 black box at ? loading the updated firmware?)
04:18:29midknight2k3Turning on HDD to find firmware, if any
04:18:37midknight2k3HD Bootup to load player
04:19:04ScottEAh... good hint in there midknight2k3 - darkalfie, does the HD spin up at the 2nd box?
04:20:08darkalfiei hear it powerup
04:20:11darkalfiethen after it powersup
04:20:13darkalfieit goes off
04:20:23midknight2k3Best bet:
04:20:27darkalfie(this hard disk is soo much quieter then my laptop and i have to put to my ear. lol)
04:20:30midknight2k3Find a similar power supply
04:21:04PsycoXulnormal AA's won't work
04:21:04ScottEGood idea...
04:21:15PsycoXulthey don't have the current
04:22:14ScottEdarkalfie: Do you have another set of NiMH AA's to try? That would be another good test
04:22:20darkalfienope :(
04:22:24darkalfiei might get a set later
04:22:32darkalfiewas gonna replace these 1500mah ones to 2000mah
04:23:13ScottEThey are generally useful... We use them around here in everything electronic - GPS, CD players, the kids game boy, etc
04:23:38darkalfiei have 2 for my gameboy. lol.. but only 2
04:23:39ScottEA good feeling to not spend money on batteries that have to be thrown away :)
04:24:04ScottEonly 2... heh...
04:24:08darkalfienot worried bout batteries, more for my jukeboox :P
04:24:35ScottEYep, but at least if it's just the batteries (or charger) it's easy and cheap to fix.
04:25:01darkalfiemy charger is working fine i think, just tested it, its giving out a nice 10+v. maybe its my regulator in the jukebox
04:25:10ScottE(And I know you tested them, but still worth a try)
04:25:15darkalfieoh yar, if its my jukebox, i gotta send it back to USA ! i live in Singapore (asia)
04:25:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:25:33midknight2k3Before you send it back
04:25:39midknight2k3Do all you can to get the firmware off it
04:25:52midknight2k3They'll say "Oh you modified it we can't touch it now"
04:25:53ScottEHey! That's not fair! They are made closer to you than the US!
04:26:00darkalfielol. yeah true
04:26:10darkalfiebut its dumb and it goes to US, then taiwan/china/etc
04:26:22darkalfiereminds me of my jornada720...
04:26:28darkalfiei bought it from US, cheaper then wat i get locally
04:26:29midknight2k3Sticker on back reads: "MADE IN CHINA"
04:26:35darkalfieand when i opened it.. it said "MADE IN SINGAPORE"
04:26:49darkalfiei was like "!@#" its made locally but it costs more !
04:27:24darkalfiegonnna take a walk to the electronic store near my office.. thanks for the help guys :)
04:27:35darkalfiebrb.. the usb thingie kinda killed my usb port. lol need to reboot
04:27:41midknight2k3No problem
04:27:42ScottEGood luck!
04:27:47midknight2k3Come back soon
04:27:53darkalfiethanks :)
04:27:59ScottEI hope it's not a major failure
04:28:04 Quit darkalfie ("i love my mp3s !")
04:28:17midknight2k3The finger might be pointed at you Scott lol ;)
04:28:31midknight2k3Not you but rockbox
04:28:39midknight2k3just kidding
04:30:25ScottEI think I'm safe...
04:30:52ScottEI'm just a user too. :-)
04:34:21midknight2k3Oh really
04:35:27midknight2k3For some reason you seem like a Rockbox crew guy
04:35:45MTeveryone is a user brother!
04:35:58midknight2k3Scott lol seems like a 'rockbox guy' name
04:36:31ScottEI've actually only had my unit for 4 days... So I'm pretty far from being part of the crew, I think!
04:37:17ScottEAlthough I did already know about rockbox long before - IN fact I put rockbox on there before I even transferred a single mp3 file to it
04:37:42midknight2k3Recorder, Studio, FM recordeR?
04:37:55ScottEEven had a WPS file all ready to go... Guess I am a geek. :)
04:38:00ScottEA recorder 20GB...
04:38:18midknight2k3Made your own WPS?
04:38:49ScottEWPS template for while playing screen - the one you can customize
04:39:22midknight2k3I want to!
04:39:30ScottEWith some work, it's possible to pack a lot more info on there. Cool stuff.
04:40:24midknight2k3I feel like such a idiot, but
04:40:27midknight2k3How do you?
04:40:40midknight2k3general info, at rockbox,
04:40:44ScottEIt's actually pretty well documented under the document link on the rockbox site
04:41:02ScottEBut all you do is make a .wps file in a text editor, then save it to .rockbox.
04:41:21ScottEBoot the unit, and then 'play' your .wps file, and then that will become the default
04:41:40ScottEAnd you can look at some samples in your .rockbox dir (that came with 1.4)
04:42:04ScottEI think they should put up some more samples on the site though...
04:43:00midknight2k3Yeaj might be neat
04:50:41ScottEI have to go.... Bye
04:50:43 Part ScottE
05:01:36midknight2k3You all DEAD?
05:02:57 Join darkalfie [0] (~a@
05:03:07darkalfieheya :)
05:03:12darkalfiegood news, i got it working..
05:03:17darkalfieit was the charger (batteries are ok)
05:03:21darkalfiei got a new ac-dc adapter
05:03:29midknight2k3I expected
05:03:34midknight2k3Thats god
05:03:36darkalfiecoz the old one was a 110v (i had to use a transformer)
05:03:46darkalfieyup :) i can go back to playing around with rockbox..
05:03:53darkalfiebeen wanting to add a new personal feature in
05:03:55midknight2k3It's col
05:03:57darkalfiesymbolic links :)
05:04:03midknight2k3God Im tryping bad
05:04:30midknight2k3Is it on rightnow?
05:04:40MThow are you planning to do it darkalfie?
05:04:52darkalfieMT: either support window's .lnk files, or create my own
05:04:52midknight2k3Try 'wormbit'
05:05:10darkalfiei'll most prob use .lnk files if i can find the file format
05:05:11MTi ahd a look at windows .lnk format, its nasty
05:05:12midknight2k3I like that game
05:05:26darkalfiemidknight2k3: buttons on the ajr are a bit clunky, was testing out tetris the nite b4.
05:05:37midknight2k3wormbit's AWESOME
05:05:49MTdarkalfie: if you search through the mail archive, someone sent a link of the file format
05:05:51darkalfiewill play it more later :)
05:05:53midknight2k3I like it it's like snake on a cell phone but better
05:05:56darkalfieMT: cool, will dig thru it
05:06:02midknight2k3You know, simple but fun
05:06:08darkalfiesimple is good
05:06:13darkalfiesomeone should write pong.
05:06:14midknight2k3fun is fun
05:06:48midknight2k3A 'Snake 2' game would be ok
05:07:15midknight2k3lol Look at us squabbling over games when they'r working out bugs and making firmware
05:07:55midknight2k3Glad you got that problem worked out though
05:08:57darkalfienow to keep it away from my gf. lol
05:09:04midknight2k3Oh boy
05:09:30midknight2k3But under 'Demos' snows and cube are pretty cool
05:09:36darkalfiesnows is fun
05:09:42darkalfiethey should put snows + filename together
05:09:51darkalfiei.e. mini-screesaver while playing
05:10:01midknight2k3cool if it was configurable
05:10:08darkalfiematter of time :)
05:10:14darkalfiei'll wait for them to fix most of the bugs first..
05:10:14midknight2k3Oh oh!
05:10:17darkalfiei guess i should stick to 1.4
05:10:22darkalfierather then daily builds
05:11:30midknight2k3THEY should make it so it snows the filename letters
05:13:05darkalfiewoo. good idea !
05:13:09darkalfiewoops, brb. reboot again.
05:13:11 Quit darkalfie ("brb")
05:14:58 Join mecraw [0] (
05:20:24 Join darkalfie [0] (~a@
05:29:54midknight2k3ROCKBOX"S PRETTY COOL EH?
05:30:00midknight2k3what the?
05:30:14midknight2k3my caps lock key is messing up
05:30:24darkalfieso was ur typing
05:30:49PsycoXulthat looks like a stuck shift key
05:31:09PsycoXulcapslock doesn't do "
05:31:35darkalfiei'm looking for info on how to configure the screen info when mp3s are playing
05:31:43midknight2k3yeah some run in with stikcykeys
05:32:05darkalfieoh. found it..
05:32:54 Join nord [0] (
05:33:02 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:33:42 Quit nord (Client Quit)
05:44:18midknight2k3making a WPS?
05:48:47midknight2k3dark alfie?
05:54:19 Quit midknight2k3 ()
05:56:29 Nick darkalfie is now known as alfieAWAY (~a@
05:59:13 Join corpcow [0] (
05:59:19corpcowhello all :) anyone alive?
06:01:59 Join ScottE [0] (
06:06:34 Quit corpcow ()
06:18:53 Quit ScottE ()
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07:11:38 Join gronse3 [0] (
07:14:32gronse3which file allows for whole disk random play on the recorder
07:34:41 Quit gronse3 ()
07:58:34 Join Zagor_ [242] (
08:14:31 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
08:14:37Zagorany fm owner here?
08:18:58ZagorI'd like bug #701356 verified
08:25:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:37:10 Join matsl [0] (
08:39:32matslZagor: Good morning!
08:40:16matslHow's the release going. Linus said yesterday we were waiting for him.
08:42:10Zagoryeah. it's about time to refreeze soon
08:42:24Zagorwe need to test his code a bit more, but that's about it
08:42:59matslok. so the best I can do at the moment is to test then.
08:44:38Zagorpossibly think about how the player keyboard can get cursor movement, like we just added for recorder yesterday
08:45:31matslit already has, but i don't know how the recorder keyboard works
08:46:30Zagorcan it move, so you can add/del characters in the middle of the string?
08:46:40Zagorok, good
08:46:59Zagorwe need good docs for the keyboards
08:48:02matslwhat struck me as a problem is that the cursor initially is at the beginning of the string. Maybe it should be at the end when you start editing.
08:48:16Zagoryes. the recorder keyboard puts it at the end
08:48:36Zagori think that's better
08:49:18matslWell with the cfg-file writer it would be better since the beginning isn't interesting.
08:50:15Zagorexactly. I think rename is also more interesting in the end than the beginning
08:50:34alfieAWAYquick qn: how long does an empty AJR20gb take to charge to full ?
08:50:53matslMaybe each app should be able to select. But the end is a good default. I'll look into it.
08:51:26ZagoralfieAWAY: depends on your charger. stock charger, I'd say 8-12 hours
08:53:16adi|homezagor.. i ment to ask.. are we for or against the full line cursor approach...
08:53:45adi|homei remember you saying something about it being too slow.. im just not 100% sure if i remember correctly
08:53:59ZagorI'm for it if performance is acceptable
08:55:03Zagorjoaquim "cheated" a bit by assuming 8-bit high characters, so that's not a valid test case
08:55:24Zagorhowever I guess if the implementation is elegant enough, we could have it configurable. "fast" or "pretty" :-)
08:57:18Zagorit will be 2.1 though
09:01:29adi|homei agree :)
09:02:27 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
09:12:42 Join Bagder [0] (
09:13:07Bagder'ello all you good people
09:13:35Zagorhi bagder. i'll be needing that cvs change list again.
09:13:48>>>"expadd 2.0=The upcoming release. Don't ask when it comes, it'll come when its ready." by Bagder (
09:13:58>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
09:14:17BagderI'll dig around
09:14:30>>>"sview" by Bagder (
09:14:47BagderZagor: can you add this hostmask to my user on logbot?
09:15:26>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
09:15:31>>>"help" by Zagor (
09:15:35>>>"cmd" by Zagor (
09:15:54>>>"help usermod" by Zagor (
09:16:20>>>"usermod bagder -P -" by Zagor (
09:16:44>>>"sview bagder" by Zagor (
09:17:16>>>"usermod bagder -P Bagder!~dast@*" by Zagor (
09:17:23>>>"sview zagor" by Zagor (
09:17:23adi|homewhat i miss?
09:17:35adi|homeabout the change logs?
09:19:10>>>"usermod -P - bagder" by Zagor (
09:19:15>>>"sview bagder" by Zagor (
09:19:25>>>"sview" by Bagder (
09:19:38>>>"expadd 2.0=The upcoming release. Don't ask when it comes, it'll come when its ready." by Bagder (
09:19:42>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
09:20:03Zagori need the logs since 1.4 to put together 2.0 release notes
09:20:30>>>"expadd 2.0=The upcoming release. Don't ask when it comes, it'll come when its ready." by Bagder (
09:20:40#>>"explan 2.0 for us now please?" by Bagder (
09:20:45#>>"explain 2.0 for us now please?" by Bagder (
09:20:55Bagderah, thanks
09:21:09Zagormin Schnueff
09:21:14Zagormoin even :-)
09:21:20Schnuefflogbot explain min for us now please?
09:21:54dwihnologbot explain starka sĺsen for us now please?
09:22:41Schnuefflogbot explain 1.4 for us now please?
09:22:52Schnueffhm doesnt know much
09:23:55Bagderand he doesn't speak in public when mere mortals address him ;-)
09:24:03Schnueffgood idea :)
09:25:30 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:25:36quelsarukbuenos dia
09:26:52Bagdermy allcommits script is stupid
09:27:23Zagormatsl, or someone, can you merge the danish lang update?
09:27:30Zagoror wait, i'll do it
09:31:21quelsarukZagor: you'll get espanol.lang in 15 minutes..
09:31:22quelsaruki hope
09:34:32BagderZagor: cvs -Q log -d "2002-10-11<now" > dump
09:34:51Bagdermy script seems to bug quite a bit and I don't have time atm to fix it
09:37:24Bagderkjell and I are off to demo our webapp for sll this afternoon
09:38:55dwihnobaila, quel!
09:39:16Bagderstockholm läns landsting
09:39:40dwihnoYay! :D
09:39:43dwihnoWebapps for all!
09:40:40Zagorhow many days did it take?
09:40:57Bagder3.5 days to a fully working version, but now we're adjusting it slightly
09:41:05Bagderso we're on ~5 work days
09:43:16 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:43:17Zagorlazy bums! ;)
09:48:02adi|homedo we have a strtok at our disposal?
09:48:14adi|homecool. thanks
09:57:41quelsarukgreat.. spanish hasn't got a meaning for fade :(
10:02:37quelsarukwhy stereo narrow has 2 strings (one for player and one for recorder), while stereo wide has just one?
10:04:12quelsaruki suppose that the person that made it saw that "stereo wide" fitted in both player and recorder, but maybe the complete translation doesn't fit the player (and need a shorter translation, like stereo narrow)
10:15:15*quelsaruk is talking to the wall
10:15:25quelsarukhi wall! how are you today?
10:23:27 Join wall [0] (
10:23:42*wall can't answer. Wall is stoned.
10:23:56 Quit wall (Client Quit)
10:24:45quelsarukthen i will talk to my goats, my precious goats...
10:25:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:25:50#>>"explain quelsaruk" by Bagder (
10:26:29quelsaruki will have to copyright my life ;)
10:26:51quelsarukBagder: did you read what i said about stereo narrow and wide?
10:27:25quelsarukdon't you think there sould also be a LANG_STEREO_WIDE_PLAYER ?
10:27:29quelsaruki use recorder
10:27:38Bagderpossibly, I haven't given it any thoughts
10:28:14quelsarukof course, just an idea
10:29:00quelsarukone of my neurons activated while i was translating new strings, and told me "hey! this may be a little error"
10:29:44matslquelsaruk: You were talking about translations (Player, Recorder) I guess we need to go over this at times. Some have specific player translations but the text scrolls on the player so it isn't really needed. Others have only one but where the text doesn't scroll. etc. There is no info about this in the .lang-file thus it is hard to get right.
10:30:16Schnueffmaybe a function which heuristically abbreviates words in any language would be cool :)
10:31:01quelsarukmatsl: of course, i just had this thought as stereo narrow has a player and a recorder string
10:31:23quelsarukas i don't have a player i don't know if that string scrolls or not
10:31:30matslI know. I saw the same thing when doingsvenska.lang.
10:31:52matslI have a player and even I don't know until I have tested it. ;-)
10:32:42matslIf you are clever you might know by examining the code but do translator do that?
10:33:10quelsaruki could examine the code, but i just wanted to make a quick translation
10:34:34matslI do like this. Try to do the best of what is in the .lang file. Then I suggest someone goes over all translations and try to find spots where there might be a problem. Maybe even a script could do it.
10:36:24quelsarukas you may know there are some strings that are different lines of the same phrase, for example "Playlist" and "buffer is full". In spanish you have to swap tranlations to make it coherent. If you read the code, or if you see what happens in your jukebox you can translate that correctly, but if you just translate strings.. you get weird translations
10:36:25matslunrelated: I try to get automatic connect working with XChat 1.8.10 (RH8.0) but cab
10:36:50matsl... can't get it to work with multiple channels. Anyone know how to do it?
10:37:13quelsaruki use kvirc :)
10:37:33matslquelsaruk: interesting *sigh*
10:38:32quelsaruktime for a coffee, or two (really tired)
10:38:39quelsarukcu l8r
10:39:46 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
11:11:00 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
11:27:29 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:01:29 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:12:05BagderI love mozilla's context search ability
12:13:30BagderYELLOW BUILD!
12:13:47langhaarrockerfound in context search of mozilla?
12:14:08BagderI'm just rambling random things ;-)
12:14:16BagderI should go eat instead
12:14:44langhaarrockerme, too:
12:25:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:30:53 Part langhaarrocker
12:32:12Zagorthe build table is behaving oddly. it displays wrong cvs comments for each build.
12:34:39Zagordid 1.4 have the peak meter?
12:36:29Zagorit did
12:47:09Bagderthe build table gets a few empty change logs due to the cvs shakiness
12:55:11 Join Schnueff [0] (
12:58:20dwihnoOne of the things new in version 2 is the WPS code cleanup
12:58:24dwihno(scroll fixing!)
12:59:30Zagorany FM owner here?
13:02:37ZagorI'd like to test the RTC wakeup
13:08:52 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
13:38:05*quelsaruk needs a word that match fade and another for stereo narrow
13:38:34 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:38:58Zagorquelsaruk: what do you call lamps that fade?
13:40:17quelsarukZagor: we don't have such a technology ;)
13:40:37quelsarukwe use a club or a hammer to turn off lamps :)
13:40:41langhaarrockerwhat about dawn?
13:41:25Schnueffwhy bother .. close your eyes and the lamp itself vanishes
13:41:45quelsarukfor example, i have a maranzt cd, and has the "fade" option, in spanish manual, they call it fade
13:42:24quelsarukif a hi-fi company doesn't know how to translate that word....
13:42:40langhaarrockernah, that might be marketing.
13:42:55quelsarukof course...
13:43:17quelsarukalso, stereo narrow sounds weird in spanish says descolórese
13:43:52quelsarukthat's for clothes
13:44:17quelsarukwhen the colour starts to be clearer...
13:44:34quelsaruki don't know how to explain that... but i hope you understand me
13:44:35langhaarrockerlike jeans that never die?
13:44:42quelsarukyups :)
13:44:49quelsaruklike jeans ;)
13:45:02quelsarukbut sound is not a kind of jean
13:45:44quelsaruki'm really hungry, time for lunch
13:45:54quelsaruki'll think about this while eating
13:46:01 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
13:46:32langhaarrocker says: extracto
13:48:18quel|lunchwhen a lamp fades, the light "se desvanece"
13:48:46quel|lunchsound can "desvanecerse"
13:49:36*Bagder runs off
13:49:39 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
13:49:56langhaarrockerBagder can too, it seems
13:50:10quel|lunchgoing home
13:50:13quel|lunchcu l8r
13:54:44 Join Guest [0] (
13:55:51 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
13:56:32 Join Archo [0] (
13:57:04 Quit Archo (Client Quit)
13:57:07 Part Zagor
13:57:43 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:57:54 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:02:19langhaarrockerZagor: do you automatically relogin or is that process not automated yet?
14:02:54Zagorit's automated
14:03:36Zagorthe problem is my connection hangs for a few minutes every now and then. and then the irc server kicks me for not responding.
14:04:15langhaarrockerI see
14:13:47Zagortoday is 4 months since 1.4
14:14:11Zagoruh, 5 months...
14:14:49langhaarrockerDoes that mean we have to wait for another month so that the sub-release-number represents the months since the last release?
14:17:14 Join Guest423 [0] (
14:17:30 Part Guest423
14:25:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:32:26langhaarrockerI like the line "- Recording" best. It tastes like understatement.
14:33:54Zagoryeah, that was the idea
14:36:19langhaarrockerWill there be a feature bloat like this again?
14:36:33Zagorhow do you mean?
14:37:20Schnuefffine list :)
14:38:33langhaarrockerZagor: Now that there are about all basic features included the headroom for new features shrinks. I feel that future releases won't be able to add as much usability as this.
14:39:04Zagorlanghaarrocker: with plugins we'll be able to add lots of stuff
14:39:21Schnueffmaybe 3.0 contains all the nodo's ;)
14:39:25langhaarrockerAnd bindable keys. Maybe next weekend.
14:40:15langhaarrockerI'll need someones help for makefiles and then I think I can offer something functional as a serious discussion base.
14:40:27Zagorbtw, I'm thinking of making the ON+PLAY screen a proper menu. how do you feel about that?
14:40:28Schnueffbtw: plugins which are not meant to run permanently could also take memory from the mp3 buffer, couldnt they?
14:40:58ZagorSchnueff: yes, theoretically. but for starterts plugins will use dedicated ram.
14:43:14langhaarrockerZagor: concerning menus and quick-screens I think that all this will change with key bindings. The concepts of key bindings and menu bindings are the same.
14:46:22langhaarrocker(I assume that you are talking about the on+play in browser mode)
14:54:36langhaarrockerI like the idea of bundling file operations in a separate menu. It probably would include something like 'create XING header'?
15:05:53Zagoryes. and "view in hex editor", and a bunch of other things
15:06:11Schnueffheh, u need hex editor on rockbox?
15:06:30Zagoreveryone needs a hex editor!
15:06:50langhaarrockerok: lets start a vi vs emac vs notepad flame war!
15:07:42Schnueffa frame editor, of course, is needed :)
15:08:40Hes(slightly relevant to the topic)
15:09:34Schnueffmay fav strip on the topic :)
15:09:37langhaarrockerNever saw a "Quork" editor.
15:10:15dwihno - that's my fav' ;)
15:43:45 Join ScottE [0] (
15:43:47 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:44:10 Part Zagor
15:50:47 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
15:59:31 Join Nomad__ [0] (
16:00:24Nomad__just sticking my head in to say Rockbox is extremely nice
16:01:23Nomad__put it on my studio10 and loving it
16:02:22Nomad__not sure I want to try the Hardware mod to install more ram though
16:03:41langhaarrockerUsually I'm like geeking with hardware but in this case I don't see the point. I rarely use the jukebox on the road so long that I run out of power.
16:04:18Nomad__I use it when riding my motorcycle to work especially
16:04:33Nomad__at work sitting on my desk it's fine but on the bike I could use the bigger buffer
16:07:15Nomad__woulda been nice if I could jsut stick a 256Meg dimm in it :>
16:07:37langhaarrockerThere have been thoughts of replacing the hd with a flash module.
16:09:03ScottEMore buffer RAM would also help with bettery life, since it wouldn't have to spin the HD up so often...
16:09:54langhaarrockerI thought that battery life was the main motivation for the 8MB ram mod.
16:10:33ScottEI'm sure it was! Any idea what a difference it made?
16:11:10 Join |Melkor| [0] (MeLkOr@
16:11:24langhaarrockerI remember that something was in the mailing list - but I forgot the figures.
16:11:43Nomad__more ram would be good for both problems actually
16:11:48|Melkor|yesterday i've bought my archos jukebox recorder 20 :)
16:11:55Nomad__just wish my soldering skills didn't suck so much
16:12:08langhaarrockerMelkor: lucky you. I want USB 2, too
16:12:18Nomad__any idea how big of a harddrive you can put in a jukebox studio 10? (max size?)
16:12:20|Melkor|it's fucking fast :PP
16:12:33langhaarrockerNomad: as big as available
16:12:55ScottEI want USB2.0 too! I have a recorder 20, but only USB1. :-(
16:12:55Nomad__no limit via firmware/hardware for things like cyls, etc?
16:13:14Nomad__I've got a 40gig drive if I can find it from an old laptop
16:13:18Nomad__very nice
16:13:58langhaarrockerThen hope that it is 9.5 mm high and not 12 mm.
16:14:20Nomad__it's from a Vaio so it has a very small profile
16:18:49ScottEAh... There it is... the 8MB mod added about an hour to battery life.
16:19:39ScottEBut upped intervals between disk access to >7 minutes. That's nice
16:19:54ScottE(at 128kbps)
16:23:52 Part ScottE ("Time to go to work")
16:25:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:27:37 Join edx [0] (
16:31:26 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
16:32:11 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:32:25Schnueffwb quelsaruk
16:36:13quelsaruki think i found out a bug, or maybe another goat :)
16:36:37 Join barka`coding [0] (
16:37:03quelsarukif you have fade on, play a file, press pause (it fades) press stop (fades again???)
16:37:06 Join Guest [0] (jirc@
16:37:34 Quit |Melkor| ("Il biglietto per il futuro č sempre bianco...")
16:37:35quelsarukam i getting even more crazy??
16:37:54 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
16:37:57Schnueffso paused -> stop should not fade
16:38:03Schnueffsounds reasonable
16:38:05Nomad__I'm hoping this is a stupid question. Saturday I ordered a "remote" from archos that'll let me control it while it's in my pocket. That should work fine with my studio10 and rockbox right?
16:38:45Nomad__ok, cool
16:38:54Nomad__just thought about that
16:39:02quelsarukSchnueff: if you pause, it's logical that it fades, but if you're not listening to anything, why should music fade if you press stop?
16:40:10Nomad__wonder if I can find someone who'll buy my Sony Vaio or trade for another Archos
16:40:15quelsarukand second fade increment sound, i mean, if you pause, sound decrement till mute, and if you press stop it increses sound from mute till curent volume
16:40:46Schnueffyes, i mean, your 'complaint' sounds reasonable
16:41:26quelsaruki understood you
16:41:42quelsarukbut i wanted to explain myself better
16:42:21langhaarrockerQuelsaruk: I assume you use the current daily build? I think Zagor said this problem had been fixed somewhen.
16:42:27quelsaruknow i can't reproduce the bug
16:43:28quelsarukseems as my jukebox recogniced now the new build
16:43:35quelsarukor the demon said bye
16:43:56langhaarrockerlucky goat.
16:43:59Nomad__Can you increase the timeout on skips or such before giving up?
16:44:40Schnueffin the source maybe
16:44:51SchnueffNomad__: did u play around with the 'Anti-skip setting' ?
16:45:13Nomad__nope, not yet
16:45:16Nomad__didn't see them
16:45:23Schnueffthis makes the buffer fill earlier
16:45:25Nomad__is it in the menu or in the config files?
16:45:34Schnueffin the menu
16:45:38Nomad__my problem is vibration when riding my motorcycle
16:45:41Schnueff(config file should be too)
16:46:00Nomad__under general or sound? not-seeing anti-skip
16:46:24Nomad__I'm using the 1.4 from the web page
16:46:26Schnueffah ok
16:46:34Schnueffsorry, it's only in the daily builds
16:46:48Nomad__any eta before a new release?
16:47:16Schnueffyeah, something like this
16:47:37Nomad__langhaarrocker: heh, define soon. where I work soon is in the next 6 months :>
16:47:38langhaarrockerA feature freeze has been anounced and now it's some time for bug fixes
16:47:59Nomad__don't ask how we define "long term planning on production changes"....
16:48:03quelsarukjust a stupid question..
16:48:15Schnueffand its even the second feature freeze, so chances are really good ;)
16:48:19quelsarukhow can you listen to music while riding your motorcycle?
16:48:20langhaarrockerI'd assume it's rather a thing of weeks than months
16:48:40 Join Bagder [241] (
16:48:49quelsarukre hi Bagder
16:50:29Nomad__I may play with compiling my own just for the heck of it.
16:50:35Nomad__never done something like that before
16:50:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:50:55langhaarrockeryou can donwload daily builds if you want to avoid the hassle.
16:51:19Nomad__actually just saw that. very nice
16:51:52Nomad__I'm guessing for a "studio 10" I'd want the player mod. There's a "line in" but no way to record I know of
16:52:00 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|portuguese (
16:52:09quel|portuguesetime to learn another language :)
16:52:12quel|portuguesecu l8r
16:52:46langhaarrockerquel: how does fade translate to in portuguese?
16:53:09quel|portuguesefadinho ;)
16:53:21quel|portugueseit's like gallego
16:53:57Bagderfadinho, is dwihno fading?
16:54:15Bagder"is that" even
16:56:13Nomad__langhaarrocker: should I run the "Daily build" at the top of the page or the "target build" below that?
16:57:06Nomad__daily looks like source not compiled
16:57:09Nomad__so nevermind
16:57:13langhaarrockerwhy not use the "bleeding edge"
16:57:50Nomad__the big warning at the bottom :>
16:57:59Nomad__why not, I'll give it a try though
16:58:16langhaarrockerTo be honest: that applies to all daily builds as well.
17:03:14Nomad__ok, bleeding edge installed, I'll let you know how the anti-skip works on the bike
17:27:51 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:33:39 Nick Snorlax|ZzZ is now known as Snorlax (
17:38:11Nomad__ok, I need some Viking art
17:38:38Nomad__see if I can find something good to put on my Tank
18:07:55 Quit TotMacher ()
18:25:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:26:12 Quit Bagder ("")
18:27:56 Join randomnick [0] (
19:25:56 Quit Snorlax ()
19:27:37 Join Bagder [241] (
19:50:31 Join bu88a1 [0] (
19:51:02quel|portuguesea esposa do zagor e a cunhada do Bagder
19:51:18quel|portuguese(hey! i can speak portuguese, like in matrix ;)
19:51:41*quel|portuguese unplugs himself from the computer
19:52:19quel|portuguesewell.. that should be é a cunhada do...
19:52:31quel|portuguesee == and, é == is
19:53:46quel|portuguesehow bored must i be to say all these nonsense phrases :)
19:54:49Schnueffbetter translate el fader;)
19:57:18quel|portuguesei'll get that translation...
19:57:18 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58:21quel|portuguesedoes anyone have a suse distro ?
19:58:31Bagdernot me
19:58:41Schnueffnot me
19:59:05 Join MT [0] (
20:00:06quel|portuguesei can't get RH running with vmware and someone told me that he was able with suse, but i can't find iso images on the web
20:04:20 Join jzoss [0] (
20:04:38jzossHi all! =)
20:04:58jzossQuel: I've worked some with SuSE at work
20:05:18jzossYou can't find ISOs, 'cause they want you to buy their distro-package.
20:05:41jzossBut you can still get SuSE for free. You burn off just a base-install, and then FTP-install everything else.
20:05:46jzossIt's a pain, but functional.
20:06:59quel|portuguesebut all i can get from suse ftp is the strange "demo-cd"
20:07:08quel|portuguesethat one that runs from the cd
20:07:13jzossHmmm.. Lemme check.
20:07:22quel|portugueseof course :)
20:10:22jzossI think is what you want...
20:10:47jzossOr, for reference.
20:14:16quel|portuguesei love my i-net conection :)
20:17:48 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:20:43 Part langhaarrocker
20:22:09 Join ScottE [0] (~ScottE@
20:22:53 Join loftzon [0] (
20:23:39loftzonDo you know if there is a mailing list for Archos Multimedia player?
20:23:49loftzonAll i could find was Rockbox for the recorder and player
20:23:51Bagderthere's a yahoo group/list, yes ?
20:24:07loftzonespecially for Archos Multimedia?
20:24:13Bagderhang on
20:24:55quel|portuguesei think :)
20:24:57Bagderbut I figure its mainly the guys wanting to write a new firmware for it
20:25:00 Join Snorlax [0] (
20:25:54Bagderthere's also one on
20:25:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:26:16loftzonah k
20:26:27loftzonDo you know if USB 2.0 comes with AJMM ?
20:26:43BagderI don't know
20:26:46loftzoni just bought AJMM 20 and connected it to my USB port, but i don't know if it's 1.1 or 2.0 :/
20:27:06Bagdertransfer data to it
20:27:15Bagderfast => 2.0, slow => 1.1 :-)
20:27:34Bagder1.1 is painfully slow for much data
20:27:54quel|portugueseBagder: i have a strange case for an expert technopriest.. i'm not able to understand the problem
20:28:04loftzonhmm really?
20:28:04 Part ScottE (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
20:28:09loftzonthan mine must be 2.0..
20:28:14quel|portuguesei have an external case (similar to dwihno's one)
20:28:24loftzonwell i'm about 5 - 10 seconds with 100mb file
20:29:05 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:29:15quel|portugueseit's usb 2.0, but if i connect it to an usb 2.0 windows can't detect it. If i connect it to usb 1.1 it works great. :(
20:29:19tracktheripperHi Fellow Rockboxers
20:29:36quel|portugueseany idea Bagder?
20:29:38Bagderhi track
20:29:48tracktheripperhi Badger and Quel
20:30:00tracktheripperIm gonna postpone the manual until version 2.0 is finally released
20:30:01Bagderquel|portuguese: not really, I'm not the usb guru to talk to. Zagor might have an idea.
20:30:35quel|portugueseor linus
20:30:43quel|portuguesehi tracktheripper
20:31:00tracktheripperBadger did Linus show you my manual I started to work on?
20:31:15Bagderbeen busy
20:31:25Bagderdarn work ;-9
20:31:26quel|portuguesei have to plug it to my laptop to use the ireware connection so i get fast transfer rate :)
20:31:30tracktheripperwell Im going to postpone it until version 2.0 is released
20:31:48tracktheripperI don't like the idea of writing for daily builds since they can change from time to time
20:32:13quel|portuguesewhy don't yyou start writing it now for version 2.0?
20:32:36Bagder2.0 will be *very* similar to the daily builds of today
20:32:48Schnueffapart from bug fixes :)
20:32:55tracktheripperbecause with the Daily Builds they can vary as features are added or removed and they may end up contradicting what I type
20:33:06quel|portuguesei mean... AFAIK theres a rockbox freeze, so no new features are added
20:33:06Schnueffno, there's a feature freeze again
20:33:13tracktheripperso therefore If i wait till version 2.0 I know that its something firm to write for
20:33:16quel|portuguesei was faster Schnueff ;)
20:33:27quel|portuguese1 second
20:33:34quel|portuguesespanish guys are faster
20:33:35Schnueffbut u didn't change windows in between ;]
20:33:44loftzonIf i have USB 2.0 it goes in at the bottom of the AJMM?
20:34:00BagderI wouldn't know
20:34:00tracktheripperbut its not to say Ive forgotton im gonna carry on researching the features and wait for version 2, which enables me to write someting more consice
20:37:57tracktheripperyou think an FM recorder is bad with propriety batteries buy a Creative Labs Zen
20:40:57 Nick quel|portuguese is now known as quelsaruk (
20:41:40Bagdertime to go
20:41:43 Quit Bagder ("")
20:42:21 Quit bu88a1 ()
20:43:44 Quit randomnick ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.3.1 (a)) Gecko/20030210]")
20:45:32 Quit loftzon ("30mins 15secs wasted today")
20:45:37 Join edx [0] (
21:19:19tracktherippererm, who has written the software FM tuner for the plain Recorders?
21:20:15tracktheripperlol someone sent that as a Feature Request sometime ago
21:20:32 Join ScottE [0] (~ScottE@
21:20:42 Quit Snorlax ()
21:20:54tracktherippersurprised it hasnt been rejected
21:21:04tracktheripperso in that case it should be possible :-P
21:25:36quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:25:58 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:28:53 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:28:58 Join Snorlax [0] (
21:29:08 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:30:40 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:38 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
21:53:21 Join seb-sleep [0] (
21:56:47 Quit Nomad__ ("No windows for this server")
22:06:34 Quit ScottE ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
22:09:48 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
22:14:06 Quit jzoss ("dIRC IRC Client -")
22:14:47 Join nikkelitous [0] (
22:16:54nikkelitous2.0 feature freeze. Really exciting.
22:21:43 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
22:25:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:00:28 Join randomnick [0] (
23:01:02 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01:54 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:02:39randomnickhello folks..
23:02:41randomnicki've encountered an unusual error message:
23:02:44randomnickat 00000000"
23:02:45randomnickwhile playing a particular MP3 file on most recent daily.. anyone seen this?
23:03:11randomnickfmrec btw
23:07:09 Join larry_llama [0] (
23:08:45larry_llamai have a question.. is there anybody out there?
23:09:41randomnickhello ll
23:10:17 Part barka`coding
23:12:02nikkelitousthey are all here but none of them are paying much attention.
23:12:12nikkelitousRockbox is in a 2.0 feature freeze.
23:12:24nikkelitousEveryone is out testing Rockbox for bugs.
23:12:38nikkelitousSo that they can make 2.0 bug free.
23:14:12nikkelitousIf you wanna ask your questions I will try to help. I can't help with the bugs but I may be able to help with info.
23:14:13 Join Ryono [0] (
23:15:08randomnicknikkelitous, does that I04:IllInstr msg ring a bell?
23:15:14nikkelitousNot a clue
23:15:33nikkelitousSorry. I haven't done much in the code.
23:15:47larry_llamai am just curious about mp3 recording on the juke10 and 20
23:15:50nikkelitousAll the coders are busy debugging.
23:16:06RyonoHas anyone out there had any trouble with their archos's hard drive not spinning up?
23:16:11nikkelitousThe players aren't capable of recording because the recording is done in hardware.
23:16:38larry_llamai mean the jukebox recorder 10 and the jukebox recorder 20
23:16:46nikkelitousOh ok.
23:16:50randomnickryono: have not seen that
23:17:10nikkelitousIf your hard-drive isn't spinning up you might have a bad hard-drive. See if you can mount it on your computer. If it wont work I suggest you call Archos for repair.
23:17:22larry_llamathe FAQ says it's not implemented, but other places on the site say it has been.. just curious if it's working in rockbox, and what bitrates are supported?
23:17:51RyonoI should take it right out and directly hook it up to my pc?
23:17:55nikkelitousIt is working but it is in the daily builds. It is still buggy and is being tested right now.
23:18:15nikkelitousIt will be in the 2.0 release which should happen within a few days.
23:18:28nikkelitousRyono: Is it a new one?
23:18:51larry_llamai'm looking to replace my ageing minidisc recorder, and i do a lot of live recordings with electret mics with an external batterybox.. so i dont need a powered mic jack, just a line in. this seems like a good replcement
23:19:42nikkelitousThe Archos recorder supports recording in MP3. It is all done in hardware so Rockbox can support it. It is done in VBR. It can't support CBR.
23:20:25RyonoIt's under a year old. One day I tried to start it and the hard drive won't spin up. Yes the batteries are charged, and it makes this funny clicking noise.
23:21:03nikkelitousIt sounds like the drive is bad.
23:21:31nikkelitousI would suggest trying to hook it up to your PC and seeing if it works there.
23:22:32RyonoAny hints on how to do that without voiding my warranty? I'd love to be able to send it in if it really is busted.
23:22:42RyonoBut I'd also like the chance to back up everything first.
23:22:58larry_llamacool thanks nikk.. do you know offhand what the max bitrate is? I have read both 160 and 192.. Maybe though the Nomad juke 3 is better cause it does direct to WAV i think
23:23:13nikkelitousI dunno.
23:23:26nikkelitousI think that it averages at 160 but I don
23:23:35larry_llamacool thanks
23:23:49nikkelitousI think the max is >300
23:23:53nikkelitousBut I'm not sure.
23:23:54larry_llamait can decode CBR right? i can listen to VBR and CBR, but cant record cbr
23:23:59nikkelitousI don't have a recorder.
23:24:12larry_llamaok thats cool
23:24:13 Join jzoss [0] (
23:24:17nikkelitousIt is done is hardware. The encoder doesn't allow you to set it.
23:24:21RyonoAnyways, thanks nikkelitous.
23:24:24 Quit Ryono ("Ryono has no reason")
23:25:04larry_llamaawesome, well the recorder10 seems to be going for a pretty good price these days so maybe i'll try it out
23:25:44 Quit larry_llama ("Leaving")
23:37:34 Quit edx ()
23:42:29 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:43:00 Quit nikkelitous ()
23:43:19 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:54:53 Join ScottE [0] (~ScottE@

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