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#rockbox log for 2003-03-12

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01:02:15>>>"help" by randomnick (
01:03:44>>>"cmd" by randomnick (
01:10:24randomnickhello folks..
01:10:27randomnicki've encountered an unusual error message:
01:10:30randomnickat 00000000"
01:10:32randomnickwhile playing a particular MP3 file on most recent daily.. anyone seen this?
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01:43:27Scrappy^^having problems starting up my Archos Jukebox 20recorder .. can anyone here help me?
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01:48:00Scrappy^^anyone here?
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02:16:02Scrappy^^having problems starting up my Archos Jukebox 20recorder .. can anyone here help me?
02:16:51midknight2k3What's it doing?
02:17:02midknight2k3Someone was in here yesterday saying that ;)
02:18:59Scrappy^^3bars load .. and then it freezes
02:19:18Scrappy^^what could be the problem?
02:19:31midknight2k3Freezes or shuts off?
02:19:47midknight2k32.0 daily build or 1.4 final?
02:20:02midknight2k3(sorry if I sound like a rockbox crew memer,I'm not ;)
02:20:13Scrappy^^OS: 1.28
02:20:23midknight2k3Try uninstalling the firmware and see if it works
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02:20:32midknight2k3If you plug in USB it should work
02:20:37Scrappy^^i cant connect it to my computer because it wont load
02:20:38mrsubwayAre you guys anywhere near 2.0?
02:20:40midknight2k3*SHOULD* is what I said ;)
02:20:47midknight2k3Plug in USB
02:20:50Scrappy^^it *doesn't* :
02:20:52midknight2k3It should go on automatically
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02:21:09Scrappy^^i have it in now, + my pc wont recognise it and everything freezes
02:21:16Scrappy^^so i have to take it out
02:21:23mrsubwayIf you're having USB problems, try downloading the drivers from and reinstalling them. I had the same problem.
02:21:23midknight2k3Are you sure it's frozen, did you sit there for a minute waiting?
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02:21:33Scrappy^^yeah.. waiting and waiting
02:21:49Scrappy^^i did that mrsubway.. no help
02:22:03Scrappy^^any other ideas?
02:22:08mrsubwayI noticed the daily builds of 2.0 seem to tell you the battery is lower than it actually is.
02:22:20Scrappy^^daily builds?
02:22:22mrsubwayHMM, what O/S are you using, Scrappy?
02:22:25midknight2k3Or seems to drain when off :D
02:22:30Scrappy^^OS: 1.28
02:22:39mrsubwayI'm talking about daily builds of rockbox.
02:22:39midknight2k3not :D like happy, :O more like WOW!
02:22:47Scrappy^^oh, i dont use rockbox
02:22:56midknight2k3Oh you don't then
02:23:01mrsubwayI meant what Windows OS?
02:23:05Scrappy^^OS: 1.28
02:23:10Scrappy^^oh win 98
02:23:13midknight2k3I have to go sorry wish could help
02:23:24Scrappy^^.. :(
02:23:26mrsubwayWin 9X/ME is garbage. XP is king!
02:23:30midknight2k3Try charging the batteried a bit more
02:23:39Scrappy^^i did
02:23:48Scrappy^^ive had the jukebox for a year
02:23:54Scrappy^^only happening recently
02:24:01midknight2k3Okay let me think for a minute
02:24:23mrsubwayCan't wait for Rockbox 2. I notice in the dailys, that the mp3s take a little longer to start. More hard drive activity.
02:24:25midknight2k3It could be the batteries are loose
02:24:37midknight2k3If it's not making contact with all 4 it could not get enough power
02:24:41mrsubwayAre you using a USB 2.0 adapter?
02:25:21Scrappy^^the batteries arn't loose.. cuz the power is on.. it just won't boot up
02:25:50mrsubwayYou could try deleting your USB adapter in the hardware manager, and force Win98 to reload the drivers. Could be bad USB drivers in Windows.
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02:26:18Scrappy^^its not.. cuz even when its not connected to the usb.. the same problem occurs
02:26:26midknight2k3But if it's not ENOUGH power to KEPP it going, it may now work
02:26:35midknight2k3USB doesn't give power
02:26:39midknight2k3I have an idea
02:26:52midknight2k3Turn it on so that it goes to the third bar and stops
02:27:40midknight2k3Plug in AC adapter then
02:27:50Scrappy^^what ac adapter?
02:27:58midknight2k3The plug
02:28:06Scrappy^^the DC adapter?
02:28:24Scrappy^^nope, still doesn't wokr
02:28:38mrsubwaySounds like the HD might be bad. :(
02:28:48midknight2k3Okay, try replacing HiMH battereis
02:28:51Scrappy^^k, thx for all yer help anyways
02:28:53midknight2k3Does the HD spin up?
02:28:56midknight2k3No wait
02:28:57Scrappy^^just a bit
02:29:02Scrappy^^it spins a bit, then stops
02:29:06midknight2k3What do you mean
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02:29:12midknight2k3Stay a sec
02:29:15mrsubwayTake the batteries out, then try it with the DC adapter.
02:29:25midknight2k3It wont work
02:29:25Scrappy^^ye, tried that, still doesn't work
02:29:35midknight2k3Plugging in the adapter will make it charge
02:29:38mrsubwayDoesn't sound good. :(
02:29:41midknight2k3here's ARchos's solution
02:29:44midknight2k3My Jukebox fails to boot beyond the startup screen. What should I do?
02:29:54midknight2k3Be sure your batteries are fully charged. If problem still persists, then try replacing the batteries (NIMH) and charge it for at least about 8-10 hours, as the batteries are no longer accepting a charge.
02:30:20Scrappy^^but mine boots a bit, showing that there is power getting through to the jukebox
02:30:24Scrappy^^i dunno..
02:30:31Scrappy^^and it stays on for ages
02:30:38mrsubwayQuestion on Archos charging. Does the Archos charge the batteries based on time, or does it check them to see when they're full?
02:30:40Scrappy^^so, the batteries are keeping it going
02:30:58midknight2k3It keeps going till for ever
02:31:14 Quit Scrappy^^ ()
02:31:21midknight2k3It won't stop so be sure to unplug after full or sometime soon because they will lose life the longer they're 'overcharged'
02:31:32mrsubwayDamn. Wanted to buy some 2000MAHs. Rockbox 2 beta does have an option to change the MAH, though.
02:31:43midknight2k3You can do that
02:31:56midknight2k3It's OK for your JB I beleive
02:32:05midknight2k3Change the Rockbox MAH and that's that
02:32:11mrsubwayI usually charge it BEFORE Rockbox loads with the 1.27d Archos firmware.
02:32:31midknight2k3That's no big deal, it should work
02:32:35mrsubwayMAH doesn't matter. As long as the batteries are 1.2V, you can put 1,000,000MAH if you want.
02:32:58midknight2k3If 1700's work on a 1600 charger, and 1700's on a 1850, it all works ok
02:33:11mrsubwayGonna pick up some 2000s for sure. Archos gets pretty good battery life. :)
02:33:11midknight2k3Go right ahead it should work
02:33:14midknight2k3bye bye
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02:34:00mrsubwayBye. Still waiting for version 2.
02:34:23 Quit mrsubway ()
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04:52:13cageany developer types around?
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05:06:49adi|homewhats up?
05:13:02cagei have a particular mp3 file that crashes my box
05:13:06 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
05:13:06cagefmrec, latest daily
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05:35:13adi|homeput a bug report, and upload the mp3 as a sample...
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08:24:26Goku4658wow, it is such an honor to be listed as a reglar.. hehehe
08:25:47*Bagder isn't really awake yet
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08:26:32Goku4658uhh, when yall check the logs, be sure to visit my forward link to rockbox's site, it will expire in 10 days if i dont have 20 more people there in the first 3 months. after that, smooth sailing.
08:28:15Goku4658yes badger, conflict of interest.. norway is my friend. (joke?)
08:28:58Goku4658i g2g 2 bed.. nite all
08:29:03 Part Goku4658
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08:43:19 Join matsl [0] (
08:44:39Bagderhi matsl
08:44:44matslhi bag
08:44:59matslwhat version of xchat are you using?
08:45:32matsln'd you can autoconnect to multiple channels?
08:45:39BagderI think so
08:45:48BagderI've done it in the past
08:45:57matslthink? can you or can't u?
08:46:22matslI can't get it to work.
08:46:53BagderI'll check
08:46:56 Quit Bagder ("")
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08:49:42 Join Zagor_ [242] (
08:50:13 Join Bagder [241] (
08:50:46Bagderthe secret is comma, no space
08:51:33matslok. I'll try!
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09:00:09matslyes! thanx!
09:00:47*matsl time for coffe with kjer
09:01:09Bagderyou're gonna eat him?
09:01:24matslno drink
09:12:07adi|homeokay.. first stages of sokoban level loading works..but it still has kinks in it..
09:12:14adi|homelike i lock after loading 16 levels
09:12:21adi|homebut its a start. :)
09:12:32*Bagder cheers
09:13:29adi|homeand it will remove somthing like 35k when it works
09:13:35adi|homeso... definatly moving forward
09:13:42Bagderyes, that'll be very nice
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09:35:40Schnueffit's me
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15:00:00Bagdergosh! there's a guy in Nigeria that needs my help!
15:00:08BagderI better send off some money
15:00:37langhaarrockerSoon you'll be sending your money to Irak ...
15:01:41Bagderthey need help too? ok, I better send some then ;-P
15:03:05langhaarrockerThat's what I call a good attitude! :)
15:03:32dwihnoAaah! I want AC'97 2.2 DOS driver!
15:03:40dwihnoSo I can play silly old DOS games!
15:04:16langhaarrockerDo they recognize your graphic card? :9
15:04:42dwihnoVESA for the people!
15:05:53langhaarrockerI can send you an ancient half-burned 8086 assembler book, if you need that.
15:07:11Bagderwhat half is burned? ;-)
15:07:55langhaarrockerThat one that was covered with liquid burning shoe polish - but that is another story.
15:08:01dwihnoI got one of those books already
15:09:02langhaarrockerdwihno: But I assure you: these burned marks make a boo really vintage. :)
15:11:38langhaarrockerI assume the higher 8 Bit got burned -> I still could use the book on a 8088.
15:24:39BagderI got a weird complaint today
15:24:56langhaarrockerI didn't complain yet. seems to be a weird system
15:25:30Bagdersomeone mailed a bunch of people a mail, in that mail the person included a URL, pointing to one of my web pages
15:25:57Bagderone receiver sent the mail to spamcop, who dug up my provider and mailed a complaint my way
15:26:18Bagderfor hosting a web page mentioned in an alleged spam
15:27:11Zagoryou should know better than to be mentioned in spams!
15:27:24BagderI'll shape up from now on! ;-)
15:27:29Schnueff ;]
15:27:42langhaarrockerSpamcop did his job and finally found the culprit.
15:27:49Bagderin fact, this was the URL:
15:28:03Bagdervery spammish content too
15:28:04Zagorobvious fraud site
15:29:32 Join ScottE [0] (
15:29:36langhaarrockerBagder: the 0190 ... phone nr is missing.
15:32:55BagderZagor: sll seems to be interested, another meeting tomorrow
15:33:40langhaarrockertomorrow? What time?
15:33:40dwihnoBagder: Great
15:34:11*Bagder is off
15:34:12 Quit Bagder ("")
15:34:24dwihno - Whoa, somebody save the dog! :O
15:55:54langhaarrockerI assume that it's a scout dog determining wether the train is 4 or 6 hours away.
16:14:40quel|outthat dog is quite similar to my goats
16:15:06langhaarrockerWhat? You use a ceremonial trains?
16:15:35quel|outwhen i forget my ceremonial steel, i use a train
16:15:43quel|outit's also made of steel ;)
16:16:14*langhaarrocker thinks these techno priests are madmen.
16:20:01Zagorlooks like when I was riding across tibet
16:21:25langhaarrockerOn a dead goat?
16:22:17quel|outthat knife is not the oficial one..
16:22:26quel|outi must tell that to my superiors
16:23:09*langhaarrocker hopes not to have caused any trouble
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16:26:43 Part Zagor
16:27:20 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:28:57 Quit ScottE ("Time for work :(")
16:35:34quel|outZagor_: can you try to solve me something weird with my external case?
16:35:49 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:35:55quel|outmy goats are unable to do something good :(
16:36:01quel|outthis case is usb 2.0
16:36:32quel|outif i plug it to the computer using a usb 1.1 connection, works fine, windoze recognize it and works...
16:37:08quel|outbut if i plug it using usb 2.0, windoze says there's a problem with the case and is not able to reocgnize it :(
16:37:28quel|outit doesn't matter if i use external power or not
16:38:05Zagortried linux?
16:39:02quel|outmy computer hs only usb 1.1, i've tested usb 2.0 in two partners' computers
16:39:13quel|outand they have win2k and winXP pro
16:39:51Zagorsometimes bad usb cables don't handle the usb speed well. have you tried different cables?
16:39:52quel|out(with usb 2.0 drivers installed) (a pentium with asus mainboard and an AMD with another Asus mainboard)
16:40:00Zagorthe 2.0 speed, I mean
16:40:02quel|outthat's the problem...
16:40:18quel|outit's a mini-usb cable in the case side
16:40:41quel|outi've tested the fireware conection it also has... and works ok
16:41:10dwihnoquel|out: it works nicely with my comp... the keyword is drivers! :)
16:41:49Zagordo you guys have the same model case?
16:42:15quel|outbut asus drivers should work, i mean, asus is a good company, it should work
16:42:20quel|outdon't know
16:42:51quel|outdwihno: maybe
16:43:11quel|outthat was for Zagor :)
16:43:27quel|outdwihno: can you show me a pitcure of your case?
16:43:57dwihnoquel|out: Wait a bit, I'll show U!
16:44:23dwihnothere it is
16:46:11quel|outthat was my first case
16:46:15quel|outthe one i fried
16:46:25quel|outwe had the same one!!
16:46:30dwihnowe did?! :)
16:46:31quel|outnow i have a cooler one
16:46:37dwihnodidn't you get a ps2 adapter with yours?
16:46:46dwihnoSucker! :)
16:46:47quel|outmine didn't have
16:46:59dwihnoSo what do you have now?
16:47:02quel|outbut now, mine has ps2 adaptor and external power supply
16:47:10quel|outsimilar to this one
16:47:21quel|outthis is the 3.5" case
16:47:29quel|outmine is plated
16:47:35quel|outlike yours.. more or less
16:47:38quel|outbut without screws
16:47:56quel|outthe only problem is that mine uses "mini-usb"
16:47:58dwihnoZagor: why did you remove the sleep setting? :-(
16:48:18langhaarrockerquel: no screws, no ps2, no usb2: you've been ripped off.
16:48:25Zagordwihno: why did you want the sleep setting?
16:48:36dwihnoZagor: spinup time.
16:48:43Zagornot disk sleep. cpu sleep.
16:49:00*dwihno is senile
16:49:10dwihnoWho are you btw? :)
16:49:57dwihnoThe firmware is 200,630 bytes
16:50:24Zagordancing on the edge
16:50:54dwihnotry building a non-games build to check how much there is to gain
16:51:11Zagornah, you do it
16:51:41dwihnoNo! I don't want to! :)
17:02:22Zagori'm off!
17:02:23 Part Zagor
17:02:35 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:09:04 Join tracktheripper [0] (
17:10:04 Part langhaarrocker
17:12:13 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
17:38:52 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:39:05TBoyI'm back
17:39:14Schnueffi'm off
17:39:15*Schnueff .. away
17:39:28TBoymy net has been down since last thursday
17:39:36TBoyso what new happened
18:12:25 Quit TotMacher ()
18:16:41 Join Zagor [242] (
18:25:01 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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18:30:45 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
18:30:45 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:32:52quel|outi'm back
18:32:58quel|outafter doing my portuguese exam
18:33:02 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:33:16quelsarukeu falo moito bom portuges
18:38:35quelsarukZagor: you hould say something like "great"
18:39:14Zagormuy macho
18:39:25Zagor;) ?
18:39:37quelsaruk"that sound really gay"
18:39:53Zagori actually studied spanish in school
18:40:05Zagorbut i've forgotten almost everything. I had better things to do ;)
18:40:10quelsarukdon't you remember the song "macho men" ?
18:40:30 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40:40MTi was looking at uwe's RTC alarm mod
18:40:48quelsarukyou speak quite well.. biut that sounded like that song... and macho men was one of the gayest songs i've even heard
18:40:57MTwhen i remembered that fm recorder has that function in the archos firmware
18:41:24ZagorMT: try this:
18:41:47Zagorif it works, I'll enable it in the official builds
18:45:52MTcant find my usb cable
18:46:42MTah, there we go
18:47:09TBoyhowdy partners
18:47:43TBoyis it possible to queue songs with rockbox and if, then how
18:50:38quelsarukON+Play in browser
18:50:53quelsaruk(with a song playing)
18:51:34TBoyoh thx
18:51:56TBoyok man rockbox has got all these kind of hidden hotkey combos
18:52:21Zagorwe officially suck in the doc department
18:53:17TBoywell doesn't matter
18:53:29MTi was looking for keylock other day couldnt find that, did find a way to adjust pitch tho, very funny :)
18:53:59TBoyhow or are you working on the fm function on the FM :D
18:54:38Zagorwe aren't, yet
18:55:23quelsarukTBoy: the *big boss* is a bit lazy, but don't tell him ;)
18:55:46Zagor*big boss* doesn't have an fm recorder... :-)
18:55:57quelsarukbut linus has one
18:56:05quelsarukand i suppose you live in the same city
18:56:12MTit will irritate Linus at some point and he will work out how it works im sure
18:56:18Zagornormally, yes, but he's on the west coast now
18:56:33quelsaruknear copenhage?
18:56:40quelsarukor the other side??
18:56:41TBoyis it normal that every time I start my fm that the battery level drops drasticly
18:56:57*quelsaruk always make a mess with east and west
18:57:10Zagorquelsaruk: a bit further north, near gothenburg
18:57:25quelsaruki wanted to say gothenburg
18:57:38quelsarukbut my brain doesn't work properly
18:58:12quelsaruki need a new brain
19:01:54MTZagor: worked fine
19:02:04MThowever the setup screen isnt that pretty
19:03:06 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
19:03:11quel|outgotta go again
19:12:29 Join randomnick [0] (
19:12:39TBoywhat does the vbr fix doe
19:13:08Zagorcalculates a new vbr header for the file
19:13:18ZagorMT: cool!
19:15:08Zagorare normal wav files big-endian or little-endian?
19:18:39TBoyI think they are little
19:19:52 Join random [0] (
19:20:49randomhello .. i have an mp3 file that consistently crashes my box. anyone want to d/l and see if they can reproduce?
19:20:58Zagorrandom: sure
19:21:16randomok give me a couple mins to transfer
19:21:20randomthe error message is:
19:21:29randomat 00000000
19:21:43randomyesterday's daily, fmrec btw
19:23:09randomhere comes, ~2meg
19:23:31Zagorfailed. are you behind a firewall?
19:23:53randomyes i can put it on the web give me a min
19:25:21 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:25:39 Quit quel|out (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:51 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
19:33:32TBoyhey is it or will it be possible to open/execute patches without compiling them
19:33:58quel|outyou have to patch source code and compile it
19:34:11 Quit random ()
19:34:15TBoyso not possible right
19:34:18 Nick randomnick is now known as random (
19:34:31Zagorpatches are source code changes. source code cannot be ran without compiling.
19:34:56TBoybut would it be possible to just compile the patch code and then execute it
19:35:20Zagorthe patch is not source code. it is a file which describes _changes_
19:35:37quel|outZagor: i suppose that when modules are factible, some patches will be just "execute"
19:35:58quel|outbut now, patching and compiling :)
19:36:40TBoyohh ok I thought the patches were just code you have to add to your own rb code and the compile
19:36:46Zagorquel|out: yes, plugins will make a lot of things easier
19:37:15quel|outlong time has passed since that idea :)
19:37:36quel|outit was november when you went to Nerja.. i think
19:38:05quel|outtime goes really fast
19:38:55quel|outZagor: the error i told you before with my usb 2.0 case, could it be an error with asus drivers?
19:39:19Zagorquel|out: sure
19:39:57TBoyso you have already disscused the patch thing I just talk about
19:40:37 Join neo [0] (
19:41:24quel|outnot really discussed, big boss had a great idea ;) or maybe little boss.. dunno :)
19:42:28quel|outi think there haven't been any improvement in that way
19:42:38quel|outor maybe, as always, i'm wrong
19:43:01quel|outand zagor has a solution hidden
19:44:41randomzagor did you try that mp3 yet?
19:44:49Zagorrandom: no, not yet
19:46:48TBoyis it possible to have shuffle on without using the playlist
19:48:26quel|outTBoy: if you ask if it is possible to have shuffle while listening to a dir, yes
19:53:17TBoyI meant is it possible with the rb now or do I need some sort of patched version
19:55:59quel|outit is possible now
19:56:10quel|outwith daily build, bleeding edge...
19:56:53TBoyman I feel like a total n00b
19:57:22quel|outwith recorder, press F2, and select Shuffle mode "on"
19:57:47quel|outwith player, go into the menu, general settings, playback, shuffle mode
19:58:51TBoyyeah but it only shuffles when I listen to playlist
19:59:00quel|outit also shuffles a dir
19:59:35TBoymy dailybuild doesn't
19:59:41quel|outZagor: shuffle also shuffles dirs, no? or am i getting even more paranoic?
19:59:59TBoyI think I'm missin something
20:00:13*TBoy feels he's missing out on something
20:00:26quel|outmaybe, but that should work
20:00:30Zagorquel|out: dirs are playlists too, just in ram
20:00:38quel|outi know
20:00:57Zagorso yes, they are shuffled too. you are not totaly loco, yet.
20:01:28quel|outZagor: jar r galen (i hope i said it correctly in sweden)
20:02:29quel|outTBoy: so, you have your answer :)
20:08:03TBoywell yeah but it doesn't work
20:09:06TBoysee if I pick a song and then skip to another, by pressin ff, It doesn't go to another dir even though I have shuffle on
20:09:17Zagoranother dir?
20:09:20Zagorwhy would it?
20:09:38TBoybecause I have shuffle on
20:09:43TBoythats what I wanted
20:09:49Zagorthen you must use a playlist
20:10:14TBoyyeah but how can I pick a specific song within a playlist
20:10:17quel|outTBoy: that's not shuffle
20:10:35quel|outi mean... you shuffle the dir.
20:10:54quel|outif you want to shuffle all dirs, make a playlist with all your songs, and shuffle it
20:11:25TBoyyeah I have done that
20:11:59TBoyI play my playlist, but then in the middle of marvin gaye I think hmm I want to listen to some barry whit
20:12:10TBoyso I search and play barry white
20:14:24TBoythen when barrys song finishes I hope it shuffles to a random song but it just stays in the folder and goes either to the first or the next song in the dir depending on if the song it played last was the last in the folder or if it was in the middle
20:14:25quel|outbtw Zagor, do you remember what i mentioned you about queueing another dir??
20:14:35Zagornope :-)
20:14:36TBoythis is what I meant
20:14:50quel|outTBoy: then you should queue barry white's song
20:14:56quel|outnot play it :)
20:16:09quel|outZagor: there's another way of understanding queue, when you queue a file, after your song is played, you jump to that queued file, but when *that* file endes, it doesn't return to your previous dir, just continues in that dir
20:16:24quel|outthis way, you can queue a new dir
20:16:37quel|outfor example if you're driving, or something like that
20:16:47TBoyok, but isn't there a way to add a func.: e. g. like shuffle all even not with a playlist
20:17:24Zagorquel|out: yeah, but that's not queuing. that's more a delayed start
20:18:22TBoyso guys is this possible or is this already in rb
20:18:48quel|outit's "archos' queue"
20:19:15quel|outTBoy: i don't think so, at least it's not in rb now, AFAIK
20:20:28TBoywell it would be kwl if there would be this option like the repeat one, e. g. shuffle: shuffle all, shuffle pls, shuffle dir
20:20:35TBoyhow does that sound
20:20:49TBoylooks like the turtle is that n00bie
20:20:55quel|outZagor: i think that there could be an option like "return to last directory after queue" to enable or dissable this delayed start as you want to denominate it
20:21:16quel|outTBoy: i don't understand you
20:22:04TBoywell thats what I was afraid of
20:22:09ZagorTBoy: a dir is a playlist. there is no difference. and thus there is only shuffle on or off
20:23:23randomwhat do you all think of a 'recursive shuffle' −− many ppl organize genre->artist->album so a recursive shuffle would let you shuffle all tracks by a particular artist for example
20:23:50TBoybut why cant I pick/select a song within the browser and then press ff to skip to a random
20:24:23Zagorrandom: menu->create playlist
20:24:43ZagorTBoy: because how can we know what files you want to select from?
20:25:26quel|outTBoy: if you are listening to a playlist, and want to listen to one song, browse that song, enqueue it, and after listeing it, you continue with your shuffle playlist
20:26:13TBoyyeah I mean, that there could be a option that would than randomly pick a song from my whole collection
20:26:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:26:38quel|out( Zagor, today i'm aporting my 2 cents )
20:27:14 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:27:37ZagorTBoy: there is. it's called a playlist.
20:27:55Zagoryou don't want to wait for this slow-ass cpu to start parsing your 60GB disk for files...
20:29:22TBoyyeah but if i load the playlist and then pick a song within the browser then it unloads the playlist and if I now skip to another song, by pressin ff, it doesn'T shuffle but just plays the next song
20:29:43quel|outTBoy: no, if you *queue* that file
20:30:00quel|outdon't just play it, queue it
20:30:25Zagorpressing PLAY alone always means "stop what I'm doing now, and do THIS instead"
20:30:39Zagorif you just want one song, use queue
20:30:45TBoyohh ok
20:31:00TBoyso I can queue and then skip and then it goes to that song
20:31:05TBoyI get it now
20:31:40TBoyok I can live with that
20:31:58TBoywill it be possible to edit tags in 2.0
20:32:15quel|out2.1 i hope
20:32:21Zagorwe are in feature freeze. no more features will go in 2.0.
20:32:31quel|outthere's a patch in early stages no Zagor?
20:32:35Zagorquel|out: yes
20:32:48TBoyyeah read that you are still testin
20:33:13quel|outnote to myself:
20:33:36ZagorTBoy: yes we are. we are in test mode to get any last bugs out, then we ship 2.0 and start working on 2.1
20:37:04TBoyok next topic
20:37:18TBoyi have been testin the record function
20:37:35TBoyand it always shows my recording as cbr is that normal
20:37:55Zagorthat's been fixed the last days. try todays daily.
20:38:33quel|outbtw Zagor, has anyone tested digital recording?
20:38:40TBoyok I just got my net back
20:38:43Zagorquel|out: yes
20:38:57quel|outi must sacrifice 3 or 4 goats this night
20:39:08quel|outto make my digital in/out work properlu ;)
20:40:57TBoysorry if I was a pain in the ass above
20:41:12quel|outdon't worry
20:41:30quel|outnormally i just stay here to bother Zagor :)
20:41:40quel|outthey pay me just for that
20:42:56Zagorhe's well paid :-)
20:43:06TBoyyep must be hehe
20:44:09quel|outi'm a bit anoyed with zagor because he doesn't like my new "not-intiutive" quick screens... but i still do my work ;)
20:50:20 Nick random is now known as random|lunch (
20:50:53TBoyzagor: which one of you guys are beta/bug exterminators
20:51:22quel|outi suppose that all of us who use bleeding edge
20:51:58quel|outwell.. except me, i have a really strange jukebox and my bugs are not very reproducible :)
20:52:18TBoyI mean for 2.0
20:53:12Zagorall developers do the same things. anyone who finds a bug either submits a patch for fix it or a report so others can fix it
20:53:59TBoyso version 2.0 is basicly an official db
20:54:34TBoydailybuild :)
20:54:56Zagorah, yes. once the daily build is deemed stable, it's frozen and stamped with 2.0
20:55:53TBoyok well I'm lookin forward for the fm function
20:57:59MTbailybuild is stable ;p
20:59:51TBoyone question is it better to set the anti skip buffer to 7s or 1s if i skip alot
21:03:53quel|outtime to go home!
21:03:56quel|outcu tomorrow
21:04:09quel|outha det sa bra Zagor!
21:05:04Zagordetsamma quelsaruk!
21:05:17quel|outand that means......
21:05:25Zagorsame to you
21:05:31quel|outi supposed... ;)
21:07:36 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:08:48TBoyis it better to set the anti skip buffer to 7s or 1s
21:08:55TBoyif i want to save power
21:09:14TBoywhat does this mean
21:09:19TBoycan you explain it
21:09:23Zagorit's how much too early the disk spins up
21:09:51Zagorit is do give time for read errors if you are running with the archos, for example
21:09:53 Join QInter [0] (
21:10:07TBoybut does it shorten the gap between songs when I skip
21:10:11QInterhi all
21:10:20ZagorTBoy: no
21:10:23ZagorQInter: hi
21:10:26TBoyoh ok
21:10:44QInterI think, Ive found a bug:(
21:10:51ZagorQInter: great! tell us!
21:11:38QInteri suppose there is something wrong with kbd_input()
21:12:27QInterwhen kbd_input() is called by the rename function it works good
21:14:19QInterbut when it's called in settings_save_config(), there is a strange sign in the end of line if the filename is longer then the output line
21:15:11QInterthat didnt happend before adding the cursor function in kbd_input()
21:15:54QInteri had a long view to the code, but I've no idea:(
21:16:45Zagorit's not the > character you mean?
21:19:08QInteri mean the > charakter; but it's not displayed; i always see that strange sign
21:19:46Zagorthe > is an indicator to show that the string is longer than displayed
21:20:12QInteri know, but I dont see it.
21:21:45Zagori'm afraid I don't understand. what is the strange sign you see?
21:23:12QIntersomething like that: |b (one sign)
21:26:05TBoyi know its this
21:26:54TBoyam I right
21:27:15TBoyhaha an Icelandic letter
21:27:38TBoylooks like there is a bit of ice in all of us
21:28:32TBoyooh yeah
21:28:35TBoyI made an icon
21:28:40TBoyhigh resoulution
21:28:51QInteri just tried out the last daily build; its the same thing, the > isnt displayed
21:28:53TBoywait i'll upl
21:31:02TBoyyou'll have to load it to see its actual size
21:31:27TBoytell me what you think
21:32:51ZagorQInter: which model do you have?
21:33:05QInterrecorder 20
21:33:16Zagorvery strange. it looks ok on mine...
21:33:41 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
21:33:52 Nick random|lunch is now known as random (
21:34:39QInterTBoy: nice;)
21:35:12TBoyif any1 wants to I'll make a recorder and a player one
21:35:23TBoyI made them up to 96
21:35:36TBoyfor xp users
21:37:53QInteri want a wallpaper:)
21:38:50TBoyhow should it look like
21:39:00 Join bu88a1 [0] (
21:39:49TBoyI'm a pretty good gfxer
21:40:00TBoyI've got a quite collection
21:40:17QInterresolution should be 1024*768
21:42:00 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:43:25TBoylook at this stuff
21:43:37TBoyjust tell what should be on it
21:45:25 Join edx [0] (
21:46:06QInter"This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."
21:48:41PsycoXul<−−- 220 hmws Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
21:54:41QInterTBoy: not bad. I got an idea: can you make a recorder pic for a mobile phone please? size is 101x80
21:55:17TBoyok I'll try
21:55:22TBoyso monochrome or color
21:56:12TBoyaah good
21:56:23TBoywhat type of phone you got
21:57:02QIntergd67 by panasonic
21:57:21TBoya normal recorder right
22:02:01TBoyalready workin on it
22:03:49QIntercan't wait to see it :)
22:08:26 Join matsl [0] (
22:12:51tracktheripperroll on version 2 of Rockbox
22:15:07tracktheripperCan Rockbox read 1bit .bmp files?
22:19:12QInterno, but i think its possible if somebody codes that;)
22:19:35PsycoXulit can't?
22:19:41PsycoXuli thought it could
22:20:17QIntertell me
22:20:20PsycoXulyou used to be able to drop in a 1bit bmp logo for it to display on startup, i think
22:20:34PsycoXulon the disk
22:20:47PsycoXuli think they got rid of that though for some reason.. probably cause the logo's displayed before it accesses the disk :p
22:21:11QInterah. but it can't be "played", that's what i mean
22:21:24TBoyok finish
22:21:27TBoyas jpeg that is
22:21:51TBoycould not put that much work in it because I need too go
22:22:22TBoytell me what you think
22:23:47TBoyI can change it if you want
22:25:44QIntercool! thanks! i'll see, how it looks on the phone...
22:25:53TBoyyou like?
22:26:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:31 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:26:58QInteryes, it's great.
22:27:31TBoyok thx
22:27:38TBoyI'll be going now
22:28:23 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:28:53 Quit neo (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
22:30:48 Quit TBoy ()
22:30:59 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:45:33QIntercu later
22:45:44 Quit QInter ("Leaving")
22:47:31 Quit bu88a1 ()
22:55:47 Join QInter [0] (
22:57:28 Join Ch0ddles [0] (
23:04:26Ch0ddleshi, are there any more wps examples online anywhere ?
23:07:47QInteryear, it would be interesting to get some ideas
23:08:26Ch0ddlesive been trying various options
23:08:33Ch0ddlesbut am definately no expert
23:08:56 Join eddd [0] (
23:15:18Ch0ddlesanyone found any more cool font sets
23:16:06QInterCh0ddles: you could try this:
23:16:26Ch0ddlesnice one, i will check it out
23:19:13QInteror this:
23:19:30QInteri use it in my car with the chicago12.fnt
23:20:20adi|homecheck the mailing list archives..
23:20:23Ch0ddlesi got 404 with that one
23:20:34QIntersorry, try
23:22:03 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")
23:23:43 Join Guest [0] (
23:24:34 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
23:35:14 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:37:32 Quit Ch0ddles (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:16 Join Ch0ddles [0] (
23:45:31QIntertime to sleep, bye
23:46:01 Quit QInter ("Leaving")

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