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#rockbox log for 2003-03-13

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00:33:23*Ch0ddles inserts a %bt
00:54:03Jet8810is the standard
00:54:10Jet8810is the standard Archos recorder discontinued?
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00:55:37*Ch0ddles would not know
00:55:53*Ch0ddles has a 20g recorder
00:55:56Ch0ddlesit rulez
00:56:10*eddd has a 6gb player
00:56:23edddit does not rule quite as much
00:57:21edddwell used though, Rockbox makes it miles better though, goods job guys :)
00:57:35*Ch0ddles rummages with wps
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02:54:56mrsubwayIs anyone on?
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08:15:46Zagoryo bro
08:16:07Bagderyou're early! ;-)
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08:38:39dwihnoYay! :D
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09:05:14dwihnoit's a good morning indeed
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09:09:14dwihnoZagor: Do you think all newer USB2/1.1 cases are mass storage compliant?
09:09:47dwihnoMy two cases are.
09:09:49Zagorsilly companies will keep selling non-standard stuff while silly people buy it
09:10:01dwihnoSure... But how about big, silly companies?
09:10:04dwihnoSuch as Maxtor for instance?
09:10:12ZagorI don't know
09:10:35dwihnoShould be.
09:10:38dwihnoBut then, who knows.
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09:51:21dwihnobaila, quel!
09:52:28*quelsaruk headbangs a while....
09:53:17dwihnoQue pasa?
09:53:19dwihnoMuy bien?
09:53:32quelsarukmuy bien gracias!
09:53:37quelsaruky tu?
09:54:22dwihnomuy bien, grazie :)
09:54:37dwihnograzie sounds italian
09:55:02dwihnoune cerveza grande, por favor :)
09:55:31quelsarukobrigado if it's portuguese, and in italian i don't know :)
09:56:11dwihnoI knew a portugese dude named Elemer
09:56:23dwihnoHe was crazy about Xena, the warrior princess.
09:56:40quelsarukthat was a nick or name??
09:57:19quelsarukelemer... never heard that name before, and portuguese is quite similar to spanish
10:00:06*quelsaruk smells the smoke going out his head...
10:00:14quelsaruki'll stop thinking about that
10:00:40dwihnoNo wonder your USB2 case broke ;)
10:01:00quelsaruki made some pircures of my new case
10:01:05quelsarukbut forgot them at home
10:01:38quelsarukit's incredible how we could buy the same case....
10:01:47dwihnoDarn! :(
10:02:03dwihnoI showed you the link before I bought it
10:02:06quelsarukmaybe because it had those plastic things at the sides..
10:02:16quelsarukyou didn't
10:02:23quelsarukyou showed me other one
10:02:26dwihnoI did?
10:02:35quelsaruki showed you my link
10:04:10quelsarukanyway, that plastic things make the case look similar to archos jukebox ;)
10:04:23dwihnoa bit, yes.
10:04:30dwihnoIs the new case all metallic?
10:04:42quelsarukmetallic colour
10:04:47quelsarukbut it's plastic ;)
10:05:35quelsarukit's the same one
10:07:09dwihnodid you get a ps/2 adapter this time?
10:07:16quelsarukof course
10:07:27quelsarukthat's why i changed the model
10:07:42quelsarukbut my home-made ps2 power adaptor works fine
10:07:50dwihnoI haven't tested the firewire mode yet.
10:07:51dwihnohave you?
10:07:58dwihnowas it cool?
10:08:03quelsarukof course
10:08:17dwihnoMy laptop has a tiny firewire port, thus, the cable does not fit.
10:08:35quelsarukbut you need extra power in most laptops
10:08:55dwihnoI use the power booster :)
10:09:10quelsarukif you just plug it to firewire, you don't get even the green led on
10:09:15quelsarukyou get nothing
10:09:37dwihnoFire wire!
10:09:53quelsaruki tell you this so you don't thnik yours is broken ;)
10:10:09quelsarukjust use the ps2 power supply, and get 400 mbps
10:10:12dwihnoI need a small cable
10:10:19dwihnosince the provided is too big.
10:10:24dwihno*check the cable company*
10:11:02quelsarukmy laptop uses that kind of *big* connection
10:11:32dwihnothat is what I would use
10:11:52quelsaruksome kind of mini-firewire
10:11:57dwihno200 SEK (about 20e)
10:12:12quelsaruknot too expensive
10:12:26quelsaruki hope i get my case working on usb 2.0
10:13:00dwihnoMy cases all work flawlessly
10:13:12dwihnoI also got all of them running under DOS ;)
10:13:38dwihnoThe next goal is to get the USB2 stuff to work under DOS
10:13:49*quelsaruk is going to kill someone
10:14:28dwihnoA goat? :)
10:18:08quelsarukare you a goat?
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10:43:18dwihnoWillkommen zurück, TotMacher
10:45:25dwihnoGuten tag! Wie gehts?
10:46:35 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:50:43TotMachergut :) aber meine rekorder ist immer noch kaputt
10:50:47TotMacherarchos ist so scheisse
10:50:59dwihnoBlöde Archos!
10:52:17dwihnoWas ist kaputt dann?
10:52:32dwihnoDer fernseher? :)
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12:10:31*Bagder runs away
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15:08:37matslhi bag. home already?
15:08:51Bagderran smooth
15:08:55ZagorBagder: if you ever have an hour to spare, .wps gallery would be nice on the web site. so people can upload their favorite wps configs.
15:09:08Bagdermatsl: indeedo, we're gonna showem a first shot on tuesday
15:09:27BagderZagor: a bit short on that now, but I'll add it to the pile ;-)
15:09:46matslBagder: ok. go for it.
15:09:59BagderI got a request for an open source talk
15:10:10Bagderfor Teleca
15:11:26dwihnoOpen source talk!
15:11:48Bagder"yada yada GPL MIT BSD yada yada license yada open source"
15:11:56dwihnoDoes that mean, everybody gets to rephrase stuff you've spoken and then redistribute the content, as long as they also speak the words you originally said?
15:12:08Bagdernow now
15:22:47*Zagor broke the neck of the performance dragon
15:23:02Bagderthat's a nasty beast
15:23:20Zagormy apartment swapper absolutely *flies* now
15:23:33Bagderwhat's the secret?
15:23:34dwihnoZagor: what did you do?
15:23:37dwihnoTell us! :D
15:23:40dwihnoWe're all ears!
15:23:44Bagdershow us your sword!
15:23:53Bagderthe dragonslayer
15:24:07*Zagor waves the bloodied blade
15:24:27Zagordwihno: it's a little complex to explain. I found a way to optimise the search algorithm
15:24:41Zagorby identifying all "dead ends" and igoring them
15:28:32dwihnoZagor: Neato :)
15:28:42dwihnoLet's all optimise
15:28:49dwihnoLts ll ptmize!
15:29:05dwihnoLss rc cmprssn!
15:30:19Zagor-O3 -march=athlon-mp
15:30:28Bagdervery true
15:30:43Bagder-mcpu is implicit by that isn't it?
15:31:10Zagorit actually makes a great difference in my case
15:45:41matsljust suppose I'd add some docs about the player keyboard. Where should it go? www/manual/play-keyboard.t?
15:45:53Bagdersounds fine to me
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16:00:46 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
16:01:15TBoylong time no see : )
16:01:41TBoyI have found some bugs
16:01:59TBoyon the db12.03.03
16:06:28TBoyIt doesn't show hz on the wps
16:06:45TBoyand on some of my mp3 it just doesn't read the tags
16:06:56TBoyand the queue function doesn't work properly
16:10:19Schnueffwas there a sokoban level load patch yet?
16:10:28Bagderaki's working on it, afaik
16:10:32Schnueffthey suck up 35K of precious mem
16:10:43Bagderyeah, and we're running out of file size
16:13:56Schnueffhm but there's a define already :)
16:13:57Schnueff#define LEVELS_FILE "/sokoban.levels"
16:14:56Zagorheh, cool. I just had a mail from 30 may 2002 delivered!
16:15:17dwihnoZagor: you need to stop fiddling with the flux capacitor! ;)
16:16:21 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:18:29quelsarukdwihno: we use to say something like "re-nas" it's "re-buenas" but shorter
16:19:59quelsarukspanish guys are too lazy to say a looong word
16:21:35dwihnokým nás más? sham nás?
16:22:07quelsarukand that is....
16:24:19dwihnoit means something like "come back"
16:25:07dwihno(in slovakian)
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16:36:35Schnueffconverting sokoban_levels.h to one nibble per field would save half of that memory directly
16:37:39Schnuefflevel loading of course should be implemented; it would just gives us some time for now
16:38:43 Quit ScottE ("time for work")
16:41:49Schnueffi would do it now, if there's interest
16:42:35adi|homeschnueff.. im already working on it...
16:43:39adi|homewe'll load one level per game...
16:43:39adi|homeif your up for doing it...
16:43:39adi|homeimpliment it, send me your patch.. and ill look at it
16:43:39Schnueffyes, i saw that the code is quite prepared for that
16:43:39DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
16:43:39adi|homeyou may handle things better/diff
16:43:39adi|homeim offseting each level with a 'level: #' tag
16:45:03Schnueffuh i find me mentioned in a comment
16:45:45adi|homei know..
16:45:50Schnueffi hope it's not to my disadvantage ;]
16:46:34adi|home* (oooh!-flavored as Schnueff puts it.)
16:46:34adi|homeoff to work
16:46:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:46:34*adi|home is away: work
16:48:35TBoy* /me is thinkin
16:48:56Zagordwihno: can you take the next bleeding edge for a walk?
16:50:51Zagori'm off
16:50:51 Part Zagor
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16:58:33 Join JustB_Plz [0] (
16:59:10JustB_Plzhowdy all
16:59:32JustB_PlzI have a question, just found out about Rockbox, loaded it, like it lots, but ...
16:59:58dwihnoRockbox rocks the box
17:00:05JustB_PlzOn a Jukebox Studio 10, the wired remote works kinda flakey and I couldn't really find any mention of it in the FAQ
17:00:23 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
17:00:25*Bagder noticed a bug report just filed on the issue
17:00:43Bagderor rather discussed actually
17:00:45JustB_PlzI added some comments to an existing bug report on just that Badger
17:01:10Bagdergotta go
17:01:15dwihnoBagder: When will the next bleeding edge build (with Zagor's fixes) be available?
17:02:37Bagderevery 20 mins
17:02:43Bagderif there's a change
17:03:07JustB_PlzThat's my other question, how 'safe' are the daily builds to try? I see that some things I noticed, like high bitrate MP3s pause are marked as fixed
17:03:37dwihnoBagder: Is there a change, or am I waiting in vain? :-)
17:03:59dwihnoJustB_Plz: I've been using daily builds since august, still no major havoc.
17:04:33JustB_Plzwow, you actually load a new firmware every day on your player?
17:04:38TBoyhow come the the %ff doesn't show the herz on the newest db
17:05:00TBoydb=daily builds for thoughs who don't know
17:05:03dwihnoJustB_Plz: Well, not exactly every day, but I update a couple of times a week when I see a difference I want to examine more closely
17:05:42JustB_Plzah, ok, guess I'll try one of them then, see if my big MP3s will play good now, that'd be great
17:07:28TBoyare you all aware of this
17:08:41JustB_Plzwell, heading out, thanks to all the good folks who've made Rockbox, its made my player much better
17:10:36 Quit JustB_Plz ("Just remember, wherever you go, there you are!")
17:12:01TBoyhas there been any changes on the wps
17:16:35 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
17:16:38quelsarukback to life
17:18:07TBoymaybe you can answer my question
17:18:18quelsaruksnout the wps?
17:18:51quelsaruk(i had mi left hand wrongly positioned)
17:19:09quelsaruki dunno
17:19:25TBoyhas there been any changes on the wps
17:19:25quelsarukwait till Bagder awakes
17:19:36TBoyooh ok
17:41:26TBoywell quel
17:41:26 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:40TBoywhat version of db have you got
17:45:53quelsarukbleeding edge
17:46:05quelsaruksince the first time i installed rockbox
17:46:13quelsaruki always use cvs :)
17:46:48quelsarukif it crashes... i can blame Bagder and Zagor for their work :)
17:48:46TBoycan you tell me how I can use those to
17:48:52TBoydo I have to compile them
17:49:04 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:49:47quelsarukcvs yes
17:49:51quelsarukbleeding edgo no
17:50:07quelsarukit's at the daily build page, at the botton
17:50:15TBoyok what I'll test it
17:50:48TBoynow I found it
17:51:00TBoyI never looked at the bottom of the page
17:51:45TBoyI just saw the cvs green box
17:51:52TBoybut never looked below it
17:53:21quelsaruki must continue messing with my debian, cu later
17:53:24 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
18:09:27*TBoy slaps TBoy around a bit with a large trout
18:13:52TBoywill it be possible to ff with the track playin
18:15:24Schnueffprobably not
18:16:02Schnueffif u ff for a long time, then mp3 is not yet loaded in the ram buffer
18:16:08Schnueffso there's no way to play it
18:17:02Schnueffif u ff for a short time, it could be loaded in the buffer already, but i guess implementation is not easy, too
18:18:38TBoyis that available in the archos firmware
18:18:41TBoyjust curious
18:18:43Schnueffdunno ;]
18:18:48TBoysince I've never used it
18:19:20Schnueffyeah me too, almost never
18:19:26Schnueffand if, no longer than a minute;]
18:20:09TBoyyeah but I kinda want the fm function for my fm
18:20:18TBoybut on the other hand radio sucks
18:20:29TBoyI will probably never use it
18:20:58TBoyI just got the fm because of the li-on battery
18:21:27*TBoy tboy will talk later needs to essen jetz
18:21:34*Schnueff idles as hell.
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18:37:28TBoydarn I think I forgot what I wanted to ask you
18:55:46TBoyon the bleedie
18:56:04TBoymy wps still doesn't show tags on all mp3s
18:56:13TBoyand nor the hz
18:58:10TBoymaybe its because linus made changes to the tag code
18:58:11TBoy1.2 (linusnielsen) New ID3 and MP3 stream parser, plus not-yet-ready Xing header generation code
18:59:00Bagderfile a bug report, provide an example mp3
18:59:59TBoyehm all of my mp3s dont show the hz
19:00:14TBoydid you change more then just the id3 code
19:00:23TBoyor is the hz info in the id3 code
19:00:40TBoyI will put it on my webbie
19:13:44TBoyhere badger
19:17:58Bagderand the problem is?
19:18:57Bagderwhere's the "hz" supposed to be?
19:19:41Bagderand isn't the "artists-tags" the %ia ?
19:19:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:20:27BagderTBoy: now you've added the same report four times
19:20:31Bagdervery smooth
19:21:22Bagdersorry, five times
19:24:20Bagdertruly a good way to get the entire report ignored
19:24:49*Bagder runs off
19:27:01TBoyyeah it is
19:27:07TBoy%s%?ia<%ia|No Tags>
19:27:19TBoythis is what I do
19:28:27TBoyIt always tells me that that the filename is illegal
19:28:55TBoyI mean
19:28:56TBoyInvalid filename
19:29:09TBoycould you fix that badger I didn't mean to do it
19:29:50*TBoy feels pretty bad and is afraid that everyone takes him for an asshole because of the spam
19:31:13 Join random [0] (
19:33:38TBoywell badger here is my wps
19:35:16TBoy Tags.WPS
19:35:57TBoytry the latter
19:36:51 Join Zagor [242] (
19:37:43TBoyhey zagor
19:38:02TBoymaybe you can help
19:38:08TBoysince badger ran away
19:38:22TBoy1.2 (linusnielsen) New ID3 and MP3 stream parser, plus not-yet-ready Xing header generation code
19:38:35TBoysince linus made those changes
19:39:06TBoyI haven't been able to see the hz or title on some songs
19:39:22TBoythats the one
19:39:27TBoyand this is my wps
19:39:33TBoyand another thing
19:39:46TBoyI posted the bug but It showed me and error
19:39:54TBoyand they said invalid name
19:40:00TBoyname= filename
19:40:10TBoyso I accidently posted it 5 times
19:40:21TBoyor atleast thats what bagder told me
19:40:29TBoyso could you fix that for me
19:40:37TBoysince I didn't mean to do that
19:41:50TBoyohh and I'm using the latest bleedin edge
19:42:53Zagori'll take a look
19:43:02TBoythank buddy ;)
19:44:48Zagorwhat's the title supposed to be?
19:45:49TBoyignition (remix)
19:48:44 Join QInter [0] (
19:50:23QInterTBoy: Your pic looks very good on my phone. thanks again.
19:50:50TBoyoh no need
19:51:04TBoyis it ok that I made the background black
19:51:11TBoyor should it be white
19:51:26QInterTBoy: Yes, thats just right.
19:51:35randomZagor: did that mp3 crash your box yesterday?
19:51:35TBoythe black
19:52:01QInterZagor: Sorry for the false alarm yesterday. It was very odd...
19:52:56Zagorrandom: I haven't tried it yet, i'm afraid
19:53:12randomok just curious
19:53:36ZagorTBoy: found the bug
19:53:45TBoyok what is it
19:54:16Zagorjust a silly copy/paste error
19:54:28Zagorchecking the wrong variable
19:54:44TBoyoh so both the hz and the title bugs are fixed
19:54:48ZagorQInter: no problem. a bug is a bug.
19:54:59ZagorTBoy: that was title. i'll check the hz issue now.
19:56:05TBoyI cant see that my bug has been posted
19:56:12Zagoroh it was...
19:56:17Zagorplenty of times :-)
19:56:23TBoydid you delete it for me
19:56:30Zagorthe copies, yes.
19:56:32TBoyor did bagde to
19:56:34TBoyoh ok
19:56:45Zagorthe bug list on only updates every few hours, so the latest bugs aren't there
19:56:46TBoybut I cant even see one copy of it
19:56:52TBoyohh ok
19:56:53Zagoryou need to look on sourceforge
19:58:19TBoythere are still 3 copies left
19:58:35Zagorok, i'll deal with that later
20:00:04TBoyok thx
20:00:15TBoydon't want to hassle you
20:00:20Zagorno problem
20:06:17Zagorhz problem found too. simply forgot to copy the data in the new code.
20:08:29Zagorthanks for the report TBoy!
20:12:21QInterZagor: Great work. Is it possible to commit your changes into the cvs?
20:12:39Zagorthey are in
20:13:53TBoyhey no need to thank me
20:14:13TBoyso is it in the newest bleeding
20:14:27Zagorit will be in the next
20:14:36Zagor6 minutes...
20:15:44QInterZagor: It works!
20:15:50Zagorof course :-)
20:15:57Zagorgotta go. back in ~2 hours
20:16:02 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
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20:43:57 Quit random ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.3.1 (a)) Gecko/20030210]")
20:43:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:46:15 Quit QInter (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:50:01TBoyhey isn't it possible to queue more then one song
20:58:06 Join Ark1 [0] (
21:00:19Ark1hm may i ask you some questions?
21:10:22Ark1is anything in the software version working fine on the FM Recorder?
21:10:28Ark1i mean like games and such :p
21:27:39TBoyI have the fm
21:27:50TBoyand I'm using rockbox
21:27:57TBoyand every funktion works
21:28:05TBoyexcept the fm radio
21:29:54Ark1i'll receive mine tommorow i guess
21:30:00Ark1thx and good night
21:30:01 Quit Ark1 ("Leaving")
21:33:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:40:23TBoyhi ya rippa
21:40:49TBoyanything new
21:42:29tracktherippernot really :-(
21:42:46tracktherippermy Jukebox did something very strange today
21:47:10tracktheripperIt locked up and said something like "BAD ID234433"
21:47:13tracktheripperon the LCD
21:47:33TBoyI got a similar one the other time
21:47:48tracktheripperI cant reproduce it
21:47:56TBoybut mine said cpu somthing
21:48:24TBoyI could but only withthis one mp3 and only until I skip to another one by browsing
21:48:33TBoyI have a problem
21:48:41 Join Guest [0] (
21:48:48TBoyI some how can only queue 1 song
21:48:54 Part Guest
21:48:57TBoyI queue 2 or more songs
21:49:14TBoyand then I try to skip lets say to the 2 song I queued
21:49:36TBoyand it just randomly picks a song after the 1 enqueued song
21:51:45tracktheripperfiled this as a bug report/
21:51:54TBoyoh thx
21:52:18TBoyI accually file a bug and zagor fixed it right away
21:52:21TBoyfor me here
21:52:35TBoyand now I feel abit proud since he thank me
21:52:47*TBoy blushes
21:53:09tracktheripperwell Zagor usually rejects my stuff
21:54:27TBoyyeah I felt so cool
21:54:58tracktheripperbut I made Zagor change a request from REJECTED to FIXED!
21:56:22TBoythat also counts as cool
21:56:47TBoyunder what category did you post it
21:57:01TBoyplaylist, right?
21:57:29tracktheripperit was the Karaoke Vocal Remover, It was Rejected in the Feature Requests but since someone fixed it I added a comment, "Shouldnt' you change this to FIXED now its in the Daily Builds?"
21:58:36TBoybut where did you post my queue bug I meant
21:59:04tracktheripperno I didn't
21:59:23tracktherippersince no doubt it will get a "Works For Me" or "Rejected" response
21:59:43TBoyoh you meant file this
22:00:03TBoybecause there was a "d" at the end of the file
22:00:20SnorlaxBig progress at:
22:00:24tracktheripperuve lost me now!
22:00:35TBoy<tracktheripper> filed this as a bug report/
22:01:08TBoysnorlax: noticed that today, pretty interesting
22:01:26SnorlaxBernard Leach, the ipod "hacker" is in the "official" IRC channel: #ipodlinux here at freenode
22:02:03TBoyripper do now know what I meant
22:02:14tracktheripperI did NOT file that as a bug report yet
22:02:22TBoyyeah now I know
22:02:28tracktherippersince Ive been unable to reproduce it
22:02:32TBoybut it looked like you said it
22:02:35Snorlaxhe got tcp/ip working last friday and now remote and peizo is working!
22:02:41TBoyoh thats why
22:02:44Snorlaxtcp/ip over firewire that is..
22:02:54tracktheripperand If I report something that I cannot reproduce I risk getting a "Works For Me" or "Rejected" reply
22:03:05TBoyyeah I know
22:03:20TBoywhere do you think I should post my queue bug
22:03:21tracktheripperthat must be the most annoying response "Works For Me"
22:03:26TBoyin what cat.
22:03:31tracktheripperPost it under Playlist/Playback
22:03:39TBoyyeah I thought so too
22:03:48tracktheripperAnd when you do this bug report, Say "Also tracktheripper has the same problem"
22:03:54TBoyI first laughed when I saw that
22:04:05tracktheripperwhats that Tboy?#
22:04:06TBoyyeah I'll do it
22:04:18tracktheripperTboy what did u laugh at?
22:04:21TBoyyeah the time I saw "works for me"
22:04:28TBoybecause it appered so often
22:04:48tracktheripperI feel like saying "Yes it works for you but the damn thing doesnt work for me!"
22:05:10TBoyI'll post it under playlist
22:05:27tracktheripperwe can do this as a joint bug report since u and I have the same problems
22:05:37tracktheripperJust mention my IRC name somewhere in ur report :-)
22:08:35 Join edx [0] (
22:09:12tracktheripperI am amazed how often "Works For Me" appears in the bug reports :-)
22:17:21TBoyyep I will do htat
22:19:40tracktherippercool cheers
22:19:45tracktherippersince u know more about it than I do
22:22:27 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:22:46TBoyok I did it
22:23:05TBoyI was finished
22:23:25TBoybut I wanted to read it through and I slipped and pressed enter
22:23:41TBoybut I got your name on it and all so no prob
22:24:04tracktheripperok cool :D
22:24:08tracktheripperill check it out later
22:26:46TBoycheck it
22:26:50TBoyI fixed it
22:26:57TBoysince I signed myself
22:26:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:27:23tracktheripperyea just saw it
22:27:51tracktheripperIm gonna try my Archos again
22:28:05TBoyI think I'll test it again
22:28:20tracktheripperyea im testing mine as well
22:28:22tracktheripperone sec
22:29:33TBoyok it seems as if I can only queue one file
22:29:51TBoyand then the queue function doesn't work any more
22:30:09tracktheripperyea mine is doing the same problem
22:30:23tracktheripperonly the one queued song plays
22:31:07tracktheripperthat is a definite bug Tboy
22:31:16TBoyyeah mine does that to
22:31:17tracktherippermine is having exactly the same trouble
22:32:07tracktheripperI still can't work out that other bug
22:32:32tracktheripperwhen my Archos locked up, the HD light flashed on and off, and the screen showed something like BAD12342HZ ID
22:33:39TBoyI just higher the priority on our queue bug
22:33:59 Quit Snorlax ()
22:34:21tracktheripperyea TBOY my Archos is doing My bug now
22:34:41tracktheripperthe LCD is showing I04:I11Instr at 00000000000
22:34:46TBoyok I need some sleep need to go to school tomorrow
22:34:56TBoydid you reproduce it!!
22:35:47tracktheripperthe Archos locked up, the HD light was flashing and the screen showed I04:l11 Instr at 00000000000
22:36:13TBoybut why
22:36:34tracktheripperTBoy It was a playlist I made on the Archos firmware
22:37:11TBoyare you gonna post the bug
22:37:32tracktheripperno since it was made on the Archos firmware it may get an "Invalid" response
22:37:44TBoyyeah probably
22:37:46TBoywell cu
22:37:52tracktheripperok ciao
22:37:53TBoygotta go
22:37:57 Quit TBoy ()
22:37:59tracktherippernice talking to u :)
22:44:01 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:15:47tracktheripperhi badger
23:15:47 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:02tracktheripperjust looking at the "redesigned interface" with the redesigned option selectior (the inverted line)
23:19:15Bagderseveral people have said they like that one
23:19:32tracktheripperyea I think the inverted line looks better than the arrow
23:19:35tracktheripperwhat do u think?
23:20:01Bagderhaven't tried it
23:20:07BagderI don't like the rest of that patch
23:20:28tracktheripperwhat don't u like about rest of it?
23:20:41Bagdersee the patch and my comments on it
23:20:55adi|workis this joquam's patch?
23:21:06tracktheripperwith the inverted line
23:21:07adi|workthat fucking thing again
23:21:17tracktheripperAdimas don't you like the inverted line?
23:21:18Bagdernot again, still ;-)
23:21:29adi|workyes, i like the idea of it...
23:21:40tracktheripperI think it looks better than the arrow
23:21:45adi|workbut he hasn't proven that his is usable.
23:21:52adi|workie: reactive enough
23:22:07adi|workand he has completely ignored several requests for him to break out his patches...
23:22:13tracktheripperwell to be honest the only thing I like about Joquams patch is the negative line
23:22:18adi|workso i poo poo on it :)
23:22:20tracktheripperthe rest of It i dislike
23:22:36adi|workhe put alot of work into his patch, and its appreciated...
23:22:45tracktheripperwell Adimas at least Joquams patch has sliders!
23:23:01adi|workwell thats another thing... i _really_ don't like the way he implimented it...
23:23:10BagderI'm for horizontal sliders ;-)
23:23:14adi|workthats what im tackling after i fix the sokoban level loading problem
23:23:21adi|workhorizontal is good...
23:23:30adi|worki dont have the url for that really nice one i liked..
23:23:58adi|workment to asked... small empty rectangles.. is that in the char table or would we have to build those in code?
23:23:59 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:24:05adi|workshhhh he's back
23:24:11Bagderhi hardeep
23:24:41Bagderadi|work: I don't think there are any in the chartable, you should make a little "icon" for it I guess
23:26:48tracktheripperThe other thing I like about Joquams patch is the "lightning bolt" power icon
23:26:59tracktheripperi think that looks dead-cool on the Recorder's display
23:27:37Bagderall those changes would be considered if they were separate
23:28:27tracktheripperAll I would include from Joquam is the inverted line and the lightning bolt icon when pluygged in
23:29:35tracktheripperI made my Archos play .wma :-)
23:29:44hardeepbtw, i think there might a file writing bug in the latest daily... the queue bug that was reported is because the queue file that's generated is corrupt
23:30:05tracktheripperyea Hardeep im having queueing trouble
23:31:34tracktherippercorrection. I almost played wma on my Archos
23:31:54tracktheripperwhat I did was rename the .wma extension to .mp3
23:37:21 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")
23:37:22 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:43:37hardeephmmm, bug was introduced in 03/11 daily. i'll investigate later tonight if no one else gets to it first
23:44:26Bagdermany changes are dated the 11th
23:44:42hardeepyeah, i'm guessing it's the file changes though (adding flush)
23:44:52Bagderseems like a fair guess

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