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#rockbox log for 2003-03-14

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01:02:32xbxbanyone here?
01:03:16xbxbis there a chance to get a firmware for the jukebox fm recorder at any time?
01:03:32xbxbi didn't find something about that @ the page
01:03:48tracktherippercheck the daily builds
01:04:00tracktheripperthere are some experimental FM recorder firmwares there
01:04:27xbxbhm.. ok I'll look again
01:06:18xbxbi have another question... maybe someone in here can help me out
01:06:55xbxbthe frequencies of the radio are fixed range... is there a possibility to expand the ranges to listen to fequencies like 126,3 for example
01:07:12tracktheripperprobably not as this is done i nhardware
01:08:34xbxbI'll use the feature request and see what they say... thanx forya halp
01:09:03tracktheripperno probs
01:09:19tracktheripperXbxb how well does the FMrec pick up FM?
01:09:48xbxbin my opinion it is quite good
01:10:26xbxbi bought it 2 weeks ago so i couldnt test it as much as i wanted ot because i am busy at the moment
01:11:16xbxbyou can adjust sensitivity and mono/stereo so that you'll have a good quality
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03:26:13PsycoXulso like what are the cases for the recorder and FM recorder like?
03:26:24PsycoXulaluminum back plastic front like the players? all plastic? all aluminum?
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04:43:22Goku4658uhh does anyone know if the gnush toolchain v0301 works?
04:43:28Goku4658with rockbox?
04:44:31Goku4658ok, i will check the log for an answer tomorrow.
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07:48:45*matsl is away: I'm busy
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08:21:17dwihnoHowdy ho!
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08:26:47*matsl is back (gone 00:38:02)
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08:45:52Bagdermorning Zagor_
08:46:07dwihnoMorning Z, B
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08:46:22Zagordwihno, did you take the new code for a walk?
08:46:51dwihnoZagor: I was in a bit of a hurry last night, so I didn't have the time to wait for a build. I'll test it throughly during the weekend though.
08:47:13Bagderthere's a suspected file problem
08:47:24dwihnoYou think it's fixed? I am reading the mail list and the posts by you, Linus and Holden...
08:47:28Bagderhardeep pointed out that is what causes the queue problem
08:47:59ZagorBagder: ok? any details?
08:48:05Bagderthe queue file gets damaged
08:48:26Bagderhardeep says it started on the 11th, which was when lots of things were made
08:48:52BagderI don't know if the problem is easy to repeat or not
08:49:05Bagderbut excersising the queue function might be a good start ;-)
08:49:25dwihnoI tried it out, it works quite nicely
08:51:21Zagordwihno: the queuing?
08:52:31dwihnoTried it out with the "die Welt gehört mir"-album
08:52:47dwihnothe best part is, that it resumes the initial playlist when the queue is done! :)
08:55:41Zagorisn't that a bug? ;*)
08:57:09dwihnoRemove that feature and I'll stop all starka såsen shipments to Stockholm (with omnejd) ;)
09:04:17Zagoroh no
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09:21:24LinusNoh no! Don't stop the starka såsen!!!
09:21:42LinusNZagor: we have a file system bug?
09:23:08Bagderwe may
09:23:40LinusNnot again...i had such a hard time finding the last one
09:24:01BagderI think hardeep is on the watch for this
09:26:38BagderLinusN: hardeep says it got in on the 11th
09:27:02BagderI had a deeper look at the file.c changes of that day, but I didn't spot anything odd
09:27:31LinusNi'll see if i can repeat it
09:29:32dwihnoLinus: haha, where did you read about that? ;)
09:30:25LinusNdwihno: i read minds
09:30:28dwihnoI'll test the new ATA stuff during lunch. The weather is excellent!
09:30:28LinusNand logs
09:30:34dwihnoYou cheater! ;)
09:30:43ZagorBagder: the 11th? nothing much was changed then... the 12th I could understand.
09:31:20Bagderwell I think it may be in the changes dated the 11th
09:32:32LinusNwow, the queue file is f*cked up badly
09:33:29ZagorBagder: ah, right. the 10th saw the flush() function. that's probably it.
09:33:49LinusNi think the append is bad
09:34:22Zagortry re-adding the seek() in flush_cache()
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09:36:26Bagderhi q
09:37:13quelsarukQ isn't the inventor in james bond's films??
09:37:22quelsarukanother techno priest!
09:38:00Bagdernah, Bond is old you're the new Q
09:40:27LinusNZagor: explain the lseek() logic to me, when oldsector and newsector are the same
09:41:30Zagorif the cache is empty, and we seek into the sector, we need to read the sector into the cache
09:42:33LinusNi see now
09:44:13 Part Zagor
09:44:35LinusNthe queue file contains the first queued file, and the rest is 0x00
09:45:24LinusNso it seems that the data isn't flushed correctly
09:46:10quelsarukhi LinusN!
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09:46:31LinusNZagor_: i repeat
09:46:33LinusNthe queue file contains the first queued file, and the rest is 0x00
09:46:44LinusNbut the length seems ok
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09:51:02LinusNquelsaruk: hi
09:56:26quelsarukmust go..
09:56:31quelsarukcu l8r
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10:43:33dwihnoZagor: Have you read the notes from Holden? Seems there is still some red led dead cases.
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10:58:32mastakeevhey all
11:00:07mastakeevwhats up?
11:03:23mastakeevjust out of curiousity... how similar are the original firmwares for the recorder and the player?
11:03:54Bagderthe original? you mean the archos ones?
11:04:12*Bagder has no clue
11:04:29mastakeevi was going through the documentation trying to verify some of the stuff...
11:04:59mastakeevmucho difference
11:05:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:06:40BagderI wouldn't be surprised if they were separately developed
11:07:01mastakeevi guess.. ::shrug::
11:07:39mastakeevbut still... wouldn't stuff like the entry point for code be the same? (::shrug:: i really don't know much about this crap, just like to learn)
11:07:55Bagderwho cares?
11:08:41mastakeevif your trying to figure out how all these bits and pieces fit together.. it helps
11:09:56Bagderwe don't need to know one bit of how the archos firmware works
11:10:13Bagderwe replace it
11:10:23Bagdereverything, completely, the lot, from scratch
11:11:14mastakeevkinda figured thats how you guys did it... ::shrug:: well... mabye im lookin in all the wrong places.
11:11:41Bagderget the rockbox sources and read them instead
11:12:39mastakeevheheh i tried... they get crazy after a while
11:16:03mastakeev::shrug:: never gotten this uhh... low-level i guess you could say
11:19:21mastakeevwell hmm... where does the source begin exactly? might as well start from the beginning
11:20:45LinusNcrt0.S defines the restet vector
11:20:49LinusNreset vector
11:21:11LinusNthe reset vector points to "start"
11:21:27LinusNfirst in that file
11:21:38mastakeevcool... thanks
11:21:48Zagori recommend starting in apps/main.c instead
11:21:57Zagorthe main() function
11:22:27LinusNZagor: you are soft! :-)
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11:26:10mastakeevwow so basically all crt0.S is doing is copying the vbr to 0x90000000, then calling main_k?
11:27:42Zagora bit more, but generally
11:28:44mastakeevand that would be the main() in apps/main.c, huh?
11:29:20mastakeevmuahaha well at least i have a start now... mabye i can make some sense out of this shit now
11:31:04mastakeevthanks :-)
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12:05:51tracktherippermorning everybody
12:19:01matslZagor: Bagder: Just added some player keyboard docs. Could you have a look at it. Don't know really how to check how it will look at the site.
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12:26:25tracktheripperhi Quel
12:26:54quelsarukhi tracktheripper
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12:33:20Bagdermy suggestion: do the screen dump without the windows borders
12:33:21Zagormatsl: crazy idea: instead of the checkered square cursor, use a custom char char XORs a vertical bar in the first column
12:36:33matslZagor: didn't look that bad anyway ;-)
12:36:49Zagorno, it look good I think
12:36:56matslZagor: Ignoring the graphics details. Did the text make sence?
12:38:08ZagorI haven't read it ;-)
12:38:17matslBagder: You are free to use gimp and remove the frames ;-)
12:38:53tracktherippermatsl Ive looked at and it looks pretty good on the link Zagor provided ;-)
12:40:33matslZagor: about the crazy idea. good idea but we rejected it because we don't have the built in charset. It is doable though.
12:45:38 Part Zagor
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12:49:32quelsarukre Zagor_
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13:06:35Zagortry running xf86cfg
13:06:41Zagoruh, wrong window
13:09:26matslZagor: (A thing just struck me) about the cursor thing on the player; you do know that the cursor is blinking? (Thought it was better show the setup with the cursor visible but it might give you the impression the cursor allways hides the character behind it. Which it doesn't.)
13:09:58Zagorah, ok. I actually tried it in the simulator a few days back, but I forgot that.
13:10:07Zagoryeah, then the current cursor is ok
13:10:26matslstill the crazy idea is neat but not essential.
13:27:46quelsarukcu later
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13:39:17*Bagder practises the black art of autoconf-hacking
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13:52:05 Join glen [0] (
13:54:23dwihnoTja Glenn!
14:02:24TBoybadger did you or have you looked at the bug I reported
14:03:20BagderI did not
14:03:27TBoyconsidering the queue only playing 1 song
14:03:27Bagderif you refer to me :-)
14:03:46Bagderthe queue problem is under investigation
14:03:52Bagderit is a file write/append problem
14:04:06TBoyso you have been able to produce it
14:04:11Bagderboth hardeep and LinusN have seen it happen
14:04:44gleni have a question, will fm be supported soon on fm recorder new os?
14:05:01 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
14:05:13Zagorglen: define "soon". :-)
14:08:43glenbefore 1 month :)
14:08:53glenbecause now i can't listen to the radio anylonger
14:09:25TBoybagder: I saw you lowered the priority on my bug report, how come
14:12:23Zagorglen: probably not within one month, no
14:15:07glen2 months? :)
14:15:14glenur os is really cool :)
14:15:21gleni had a problem with sound
14:15:27glenand now this problem is dead :)
14:15:38glenbut, i can't use the radio >< :p
14:22:01TBoywhat does the follow playlist function do
14:26:17 Quit glen ("Leaving")
14:26:56ZagorTBoy: it puts the browser in the same dir as the currently playing track
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14:27:58 Join hardeep [0] (
14:31:27hardeepheh, i think i found the file bug causing queuing to fail
14:31:44hardeepa quick-fix patch:
14:31:45Zagornice! what is it? flush_cache()?
14:32:13Zagoryeah, that's what I though
14:32:14hardeepalthough i think a better solution would be to add a flag to fat_readwrite telling it not to update sector/cluster
14:32:24hardeepto save the extra seek
14:32:49TBoyyeah so you guys fixed it
14:32:56ZagorTBoy: not yet
14:33:53 Join Seb1 [0] (
14:37:35 Join Seb11 [0] (
14:37:41 Quit Seb1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:38:37 Quit Seb11 (Client Quit)
14:44:47Zagorhardeep: yes, I agree.
14:47:32TBoysry a ball fell on my keyboard
14:48:22hardeepTboy: laugh
14:48:51hardeepZagor: Should I change it or were you going to?
14:50:42Zagori'll take a look at changing fat_readwrite()
15:03:38TBoywhat is the Ample project
15:03:47ZagorTBoy: google
15:03:58TBoyI know
15:04:23TBoyI already started but just asked since you mentioneed it in your code
15:04:32Zagorwe do?
15:05:18TBoyyeah you said some code is stolen from the Ample project
15:05:27TBoywell I found out
15:05:36Zagorwhere do we say that?
15:05:37TBoyit is a mp3server
15:05:50TBoy * Parts of this code has been stolen from the Ample project and was written
15:05:50TBoy * by David Härdeman. It has since been extended and enhanced pretty much by
15:05:50DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
15:05:50TBoy * all sorts of friendly Rockbox people.
15:05:50TBoy *
15:05:50***Alert Mode level 1
15:05:50TBoy */
15:05:59TBoyin the latest bleeding edge
15:06:14Zagorwhere is that?
15:06:23Zagoryes, but which file?
15:07:00TBoytry this link
15:07:17TBoyin here is the link above
15:07:18Zagorid3.c ok, thanks
15:10:29TBoyzagor do I need perl to compile rockbox
15:12:51TBoyok and I am registering for the gnush prog and what target hardware should I pick
15:13:04TBoyto wich family does the sh11 belong to
15:14:13Zagorgo here instead:
15:14:23TBoyok thx
15:15:51***Alert Mode OFF
15:18:38 Join Nomad__ [0] (nomad@2001:470:1f00:465:0:0:0:1)
15:20:42Nomad__who to talk to about the anti-skip code?
15:20:53TBoynot me :D
15:21:36ZagorNomad__: me
15:22:58Nomad__I installed the last bleeding edge on tues I guess and set the anti-idle to 7 (max?)
15:23:06Nomad__err, anti-skip
15:23:25Nomad__I ride a motorcycle to work (25 miles of highway) so it'd be very helpful to me
15:23:30Nomad__any thing I can do to help in the dev of it?
15:23:39Nomad__no-I'm not a coder but I'm a good guinea pig
15:23:59Zagorhardeep: I think you can commit that file.c patch first. the fat change is a bit messy...
15:24:29ZagorNomad__: what is happening?
15:25:10Nomad__I'll be going down the road and it'll be a little bumpy for a bit (5 mins or so) and it'll stop playing
15:25:28Nomad__sometimes if I slow down or the road smooths out it'll pick back up
15:25:41Nomad__I've got the unit double wrapped in soft foam to help
15:25:49ZagorI committed one fix for that yesterday. you should try todays daily build.
15:25:59Nomad__I don't know if the anti-skip will help or if it's just too much or what
15:26:14Nomad__is it in today's bleeding edge?
15:26:18Zagoralso, it could be a simple hardware problem. does your unit act weird if you twist and press on the rubber ends?
15:26:20Nomad__I'm not set up to compile currently
15:26:21ZagorNomad__: yes
15:26:46Nomad__nop,e it behaves fine twisting, etc (just did it here at my desk)
15:27:36Zagoryesterday's fix should help a bit, although there still appears to be a problem.
15:29:16Nomad__ok, I may be able to report in this weekend, if not I should know by monday
15:35:58TBoywhat does the tut mean by this
15:36:00TBoyDownload and unpack RockBox sourcecode to /home/rockbox OR check out via CVS (make sure you are in /home/rockbox). For CVS - make sure your personal firewall allows cvs.exe connect to You have personal firewall, haven`t you ? ;)
15:36:16TBoyby download it to /home/rockbox
15:36:21TBoydo I have to
15:36:33TBoyor I don't get it
15:38:08Zagoryou need the source code if you want to compile rockbox
15:38:15TBoyI know that
15:38:26TBoybut what should I do now
15:38:42TBoyafter step 7 I just don't get it
15:39:10TBoyI he talks about downloading somethin and to deactivate the firewall
15:39:13dwihnoZagor: I got a really cool idea. Isn't it possible to connect 2 PC's with a "crossover" USB2 cable to get 480 mbit/s transfer rate? :)
15:39:17Zagor"Download and unpack RockBox sourcecode". which part don't you understand?
15:39:19dwihno(with some mods, of course)
15:39:31Zagordwihno: no. read the faq...
15:39:44TBoyyeah the /home/rockbox
15:39:47dwihnoZagor: Two PC's, not two rockboxes.
15:39:52TBoydo I have to put it there
15:40:05Zagordwihno: oh, sorry. yeah that's possible. such cables exist.
15:40:09TBoydwihno: yeah that should work
15:40:15dwihnoZagor: Even for USB2? :D
15:40:16ZagorTBoy: no. you can put it anywhere
15:40:23dwihnoThat would be so goddamn cool!
15:40:26Zagordwihno: i guess so, although I haven't seen it
15:40:35dwihnoKicking 100mbit NIC ass :D
15:40:56dwihnoWhat a good idea
15:40:59Zagorpretty limited use though...
15:41:12dwihnoBut still pretty cool :)
15:41:37TBoywow I again get this n00bie feeling
15:41:53TBoycan I just use one of the bleeder codes
15:42:53Zagorbleeder codes?
15:43:09TBoybleeding edge source codes
15:43:26TBoyhehe I should stop making these new names
15:43:46Zagordownload the daily source code. bleeding edge and daily build are two different things
15:44:18TBoybut here is the question, the main one
15:44:25TBoyStart building:
15:44:25TBoy user@host ~/build-dir
15:44:25TBoy $ make
15:44:34TBoyhow do I make/build the firmware
15:44:41TBoywhat does that text mean
15:45:10Zagorread docs/README
15:50:42TBoyshouldn't there be a make executeable or somethin
15:50:49TBoyin the tools.tar
15:51:42Zagor'make' comes with the compiler
15:52:11TBoyok I'm abit confused
15:52:23TBoydon't let me annoy you
15:54:04 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
15:56:01 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:04:56TBoyI'm having problems understanding this
16:05:17TBoythats the right link?
16:07:56 Join Bagder [241] (
16:08:02TBoyI'm not acually new to codeing since I have/know delpi/pascal
16:08:09TBoybut this is to complicated
16:08:19TBoyI don't fatta it
16:08:25matslcu bbl
16:08:28 Quit matsl ()
16:09:47Zagoryou should follow these instructions to the letter:
16:10:10 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:11:59TBoyyeah but what should I do with the .cvspass file
16:12:52TBoyI some how so stupid I apologize for all these questions
16:12:52TBoyohh ok
16:12:52TBoyI think I got it
16:12:52 Join barka [0] (
16:13:13TBoythx zagor
16:14:37Zagorignore the CVS stuff if you download the source tarball
16:18:16TBoyoh ok
16:21:46TBoyshould I just extract the tarball into the cygwin or what?
16:24:40Bagderextract it wherever you want
16:26:58BagderZagor: perhaps you should try to make a walk-through of the bugs, like you did with the patches
16:27:12BagderI just recalled that playlist bug
16:27:21Bagdercreate-playlist bug
16:27:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:29:12Zagorcould be an idea
16:29:22Zagorlots of work though..
16:34:57 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:42:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:42:28*Zagor found an interesting passage in the ATA specification
16:42:53Zagor"Device errors encountered during READ MULTIPLE commands are posted at the beginning of the block or partial block transfer, but the DRQ bit is still set to one and the data transfer shall take place, including transfer of corrupted data, if any."
16:43:34Zagorour ata driver retries immediately on disk error, without transferring the data
16:44:44TBoyI can't figure how to compile
16:44:54*TBoy cries outloud
16:46:39Bagderwhat document did you read that doesn't work?
16:47:06Bagdertried ?
16:47:34TBoythat confused me so zagor told me to look at the
16:47:59Bagderthat tells you how to install the cygwin env, yes
16:48:05Bagderthen you need to build rockbox
16:48:39Schnueffhm what GMT time do we have currently?
16:49:02Schnueffhm never mind
16:58:42TBoyhow do I execute a script
17:06:07TBoyhow do I run the tools/configure script
17:12:56hardeepTboy: run it from a cygwin shell
17:13:58TBoyok the problem was that 1 of the folders was named "my Fw
17:14:11TBoynow it works
17:14:18TBoyok now I have a quesion
17:14:28TBoyIf I know download a patch
17:15:00TBoyhow can I add it and compile it in the firmware
17:15:35TBoyoh yeah
17:15:49TBoyI just figured that out
17:22:13MTZagor: have the changes needed to wake up fm recorder been added to cvs?
17:24:14ZagorMT: no
17:24:40MTi'll keep using that custom build then
17:24:43Zagorbut you can simply change your config-fmrecorder.h to add "#define HAVE_ALARM_MOD 1"
17:24:57MTah - is that all it is?
17:25:05MTexcellent ;)
17:25:34Zagori'll add it right away
17:27:02Zagorgotta go.
17:27:03 Part Zagor
17:32:24adi|workhas anyone been experiancing playback problems?
17:33:00adi|worknm.. was my speaker cable :)
17:33:06*adi|work whistles innocently
17:39:08TBoyif I download a patch
17:39:23TBoywhere should I put it or doesn't it matter
17:40:25Schnueffmaybe read for some infos
17:41:14TBoyI can't wait till I figure this all out
17:44:46 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:47 Join dteney [0] (
17:54:47 Quit dteney ("Leaving")
18:21:44 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:22:35TBoywhen it asks me what file to patch what file should I pick
18:23:02Bagderyou should probably re-run the command with a better -p number
18:24:05 Quit Bagder ("")
18:24:36 Quit adi|work (Remote closed the connection)
18:27:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:27:45TBoyhelginn!!! wochenende!!! weekend!!! yeah cya later
18:27:47 Quit TBoy ()
18:31:42 Join adi|work [0] (
18:36:16 Join Zagor [242] (
18:38:22 Quit TotMacher ()
18:45:17 Join edx [0] (
18:45:23 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:45:44TBoythis id3tag edit patch
18:46:05ZagorNomad__: you here?
18:46:05TBoyits says that on line 10 it coldn't
18:46:23TBoyfind a file to patch
18:46:37ZagorTBoy: patches are against a specific version. the the source code changes, the patch has to be manually tweaked to work.
18:46:46TBoyhow should I proceed
18:47:02TBoyso how can I get it to work
18:47:48TBoyso what do I have to tweak
18:48:34Zagorbasically you look in the .rej file and see what went wrong. then you apply the changes manually.
18:49:20TBoyok where to look for the .rej file
18:49:54Zagorin the same dir as the source file that was patched
18:50:55TBoydo I have to place the patch in a specific folder
18:52:12Zagorhave you read this: ?
18:52:24TBoyI have but it doesn't tell me that
18:52:53TBoyso that doesn't matter
18:53:24Zagorthe patch can be anywhere. it's only the patch content that is important
18:53:49TBoyI just somehow find it hard to understand this I don't know maybe I'm just not reading or realizing everything
18:54:07TBoybut this .rej isn't produce
19:01:35 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
19:01:57 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: treats external genital warts!")
19:26:07TBoyok back
19:52:23TBoyI need
19:52:50TBoycan some1 tell me what I need to tweak to get the id3tag edit patch to work
19:53:33TBoyIt always tells me that on line 10 it couldn't find a file to patch
19:53:38TBoywhat should I do
19:54:52PsycoXultry adding -p1 option to patch
19:54:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:55:00PsycoXuleven if it needs tweaking it should still find the files
19:55:31PsycoXulwhile it doesn't matter where the patch is, it does matter where you're applying it from
19:56:41TBoyI'll try that
19:56:50TBoywhat does p1 mean
19:56:55TBoyI read the patch.html
19:57:04TBoywhat does it do
19:57:29PsycoXulthe p option strips elements from the path specified in the patch file
19:57:33PsycoXulthe number tells it how many
19:57:40TBoyoh ok
19:57:51PsycoXuloften patches are done like between rockbox-new and rockbox-old or something of that nater
19:57:51TBoyso from where should I be applying it from
19:58:01PsycoXulso you have to go into rockbox and give -p1 so it strips those off
19:58:04PsycoXuland nthings like that
19:58:39PsycoXulit depends on where it expects to find the files
19:58:48PsycoXullook at the patch file, there should be paths to files right near the top
19:59:02PsycoXulyou can usualy tell where it wants to be applied from and what -p option if any it'll need from that
19:59:31TBoyam I allowed to rename the patch
19:59:39TBoysince its name is so large/long
20:00:40TBoywell it says cvsroot/rockbox/apps/main.c
20:00:43PsycoXullocation and filename of the patch don't matter, just it's contents
20:00:56PsycoXulok so cd to the directory where you've got rockbox/ under
20:00:59PsycoXuland do patch -p1
20:01:21PsycoXulor cd to the rockbox dir and give -p2 i guess heh
20:01:28PsycoXuleither way should probably work
20:02:53TBoyI put it in cygwin/rockbox still no work
20:03:21PsycoXulyou did what?
20:03:46TBoyI put it in my rockbox folder, the patch
20:03:52Schnueffdoes compilation work already for you, TBoy ?
20:04:04PsycoXullike i said, the location of the patch makes no difference
20:04:09PsycoXulit's what directory you're in when you run patch
20:04:22TBoydo I have to compile it first
20:04:32PsycoXulyou have to compile it after
20:04:46Schnueffsorry, misread something
20:05:02TBoybut in my rockbox dir there is no apps folder
20:05:16Schnueffthere should be the checked out cvs sources
20:05:50TBoyand the thing is I don'T get the .rej file
20:05:57PsycoXulok go into whatever dir you have apps docs firmware and tools directories in
20:06:25TBoyyeah thats where I did it from the beginning
20:06:42PsycoXulit has to find the file and fail to patch it before it'll make a .rej
20:06:53PsycoXulwell go there and give it -p2
20:07:05TBoyIs it possible that this patch is corrupt or something
20:08:27TBoydarn I can't get it to work
20:08:51TBoyZagor told me I would have to tweak it
20:09:11PsycoXulyou have to get it to attempt to apply to the right files before you can do that
20:10:01TBoyif I upload it on my server would 1 of you guys get it see what I am doing wrong and tell me
20:10:09Schnueffupload the patch file?
20:10:17Schnueffu got it unmodified from sourceforge probably?
20:10:30TBoyyou could download it from there
20:10:47TBoyif any1 is interested
20:11:23Schnueffi c
20:11:32TBoywhat is the prob
20:12:28TBoy:D muhaha
20:12:31Schnueffu gotta find your ./apps/ folder
20:12:53TBoyyeah I got that on with the tar ball
20:14:55PsycoXulwhat directory is your ./apps/ directory in?
20:15:22TBoythis is how it looks like
20:15:36PsycoXulso do "cd \cygwin\My-FW\14-03-03"
20:15:50PsycoXulthen do "patch -p2 <patchfile"
20:16:00PsycoXulif thats how you run patch on patchfile
20:16:29PsycoXul"patchfile" of course needs to include the path to the patch file if it's not in that directory
20:17:29PsycoXuli just looked at the patch
20:17:32PsycoXulgive it -p0 from that directory
20:17:37PsycoXulinstead of -p2
20:17:58PsycoXul−−- apps/main.c 14 Feb 2003 09:44:33 -0000 1.67
20:17:58PsycoXul+++ apps/main.c 7 Mar 2003 04:30:58 -0000
20:18:03PsycoXulthats what it's looking for
20:18:09PsycoXulso you don't want it to strip any path elements
20:19:16TBoyit got further
20:19:36TBoybut it says failed on many lines
20:19:39TBoyis that ok
20:19:47PsycoXulthats what'll make the .rej files
20:21:15TBoythe bad thing is I don't know a how to prog a hello world prog in c
20:21:19TBoyonly in delpi :D
20:21:35PsycoXulgood luck with that
20:21:54TBoyheh yep
20:22:53TBoyok i'll just post apart
20:23:25 Quit TBoy (Excess Flood)
20:23:33 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
20:23:36TBoysry :D
20:24:43TBoysorry guys
20:24:53TBoyI just so want to add this
20:25:22adi|workadd what?
20:25:34TBoythe id3tag edit patch
20:25:40Schnueffwhy right now? :)
20:25:51TBoydon't know
20:25:55TBoyjust feel like it
20:27:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:28:31TBoycould some1 tell me what is wrong in the code
20:28:46 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:31:44Schnueffhm the first chunk looks easy enough
20:32:27Schnueffin the patch file change the line "@@ -1828,16 +1832,11 @@" to "@@ -1828,15 +1832,11 @@" and remove the + line three lines below that line :)
20:32:46Schnueffhm ah dunno
20:33:19TBoywhy, just so I learn something out of this
20:33:58Schnueffu see in the .rej file, there are blocks separated by "***************"
20:34:18Schnueffeach one is called chunk
20:34:44TBoyand how do I know what I should change it to
20:35:50Schnueffeach chunk has two parts: what the patch programme has found and what it would have like to put it, at a specific file position
20:36:03Schnueffso you stare at it and modify the code accordingly ;]
20:36:10TBoyahh ok
20:36:21TBoyso I change the main patch file
20:36:36TBoyand the .rej are only log dumps right
20:37:33Schnueffi must confess, i dont know
20:37:42Schnueffif i get reject, i edit the source file
20:38:28TBoyso the lines that have a "-" at the beginning I should exchange with the ones that have a plus
20:40:18Schnueffhm no
20:40:29TBoywhat then
20:40:49 Quit Nibbler (
20:40:49 Quit Zagor|away (
20:41:13NJoinNibbler [0] (
20:41:13NJoinZagor|away [242] (
20:44:34TBoyschueff you there
20:45:08TBoyif I'm not supposed to do that how do I know what line
20:45:36TBoyto change
20:46:53 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
20:47:05TBoyzagor I have now made it
20:47:09TBoyto the .rej
20:47:25Schnueffnow comes the tweaking...;)
20:47:51ZagorI see you guys have a patch class. excellent! :-)
20:48:19TBoyyep and I'm doin detentin
20:48:19Schnueffteacher, i wanna know what to do once i got the .rej files
20:48:39Schnueffdo i (a) edit the .diff, (b) the .rej or (c) the source?
20:48:40 Join edx [0] (
20:50:25ZagorSchnueff: uh, after what?
20:50:38Schnueffafter chunk misapplication
20:50:51Schnueffafter having the rejects
20:50:59TBoyafter the patching, yeah
20:51:29Zagorlook in the .rej file and edit the source
20:51:37Schnueffok, that was my approach
20:51:49Schnueff(to update a patch)
20:51:55Schnueffthen run diff over it once again
20:52:02TBoyand I when get the .rej files do I edit the lines with a "-" in fornt of them to the ones with a "+" infront
20:57:56TBoyguys am I right
21:00:01SchnueffTBoy: there's no recipe for resolving those conflicts.
21:00:52TBoybut why or how did you know to what I should change those numbers to
21:01:18Schnueffforgot about the numbers
21:01:28Schnueffif you want, edit the file mpeg.c
21:01:40Schnueffat about line number #1830
21:01:51Schnueff(for the first chunk)
21:01:53TBoyand should I than patch again
21:02:14Schnueffnope, if you corrected the code, you can compile
21:02:36Schnueffbut if you download a new source package, you have to hand-modify again
21:02:42Schnueffso, that'll be no fun in the long run
21:02:54TBoyso I only have to fix the .rej and then compile am I right
21:02:59Schnueffand, without programming knowledges, chance are good that you mess something up
21:03:04Schnueffno, not the .rej file
21:03:17Schnuefffor mpeg.c.rej you've got to fix mpeg.c
21:17:48TBoyso if I am right
21:18:30TBoyin this file
21:21:06TBoycan I the change the lines that are between the stars, the 1829,1844 and the −−-, the 1833,1843
21:21:13TBoyto the lines below
21:21:20Schnueff21:03 < Schnueff> for mpeg.c.rej you've got to fix mpeg.c
21:21:21TBoyto the chunk below
21:21:29TBoyyeah I know
21:22:03Schnueffsorry, i dont wanna check
21:22:25TBoybut can I use the lines below the 1833,1843
21:23:50TBoyok I'll just try
21:27:59 Quit Nomad__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:30:02TBoyI'm sorry but I just can't do it
21:30:13TBoyI think I'll just give it uo
21:30:26TBoyI don't get what needs to be changed
21:33:50TBoyI'll just give it uo
21:34:17TBoyyou fixed the bug I reported
21:34:36TBoycould you set it to fixed
21:34:48TBoyI sent in the queue bug yesterday
21:34:59Zagoroh, that. yeah, that was hardeep.
21:35:02Zagori'll mark it
21:35:07TBoyoh yeah
21:35:16TBoyI n apologize
21:43:38TBoydarn it I forgot what
21:43:45TBoyI wanted to ask you
21:43:57TBoydon't you hate that
21:44:38TBoyI got it
21:45:06TBoywill it be possible to edit txt files, on the box, in the future
21:45:35Zagoryeah, maybe, if someone writes code to that effect
21:49:37TBoybut tag editing will be am I right
21:54:05ZagorI have no crystal ball. I don't know what software people will write. :-)
21:54:22TBoyyeah I mean the patch is there
21:54:33TBoythats the patch I've been trying to get to work
21:54:54Zagorthe patch is not mature enough to me merged into the main code yet
21:54:59TBoyoh ok
22:27:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:24 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:28:24 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:55:51 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:00:58TBoyso nothing happend for an hour now
23:01:57TBoyI've got an Idea
23:02:11TBoylets party
23:03:57*TBoy dance alone on the dancefloor hopeing the rest of the guys joins him so he won't look embaressed
23:09:17TBoyZaggie my man
23:11:07TBoyis possible add a sign or logo, as a font and than call it up in the wps with somesort of ascii code
23:11:34Zagoryou need to replace the entire font
23:12:41TBoyso I could replace let say this letter ð with a little batterie logo
23:13:51TBoyand how would I call this letter up
23:14:30Zagoruse the letter that you replaced
23:17:09TBoyand will it be possible to get the clock as a tag for the wps
23:17:50TBoythat way I could make the status bar same size as my other stuff
23:18:45TBoybut on the other hand then it would blend in with the other stuff
23:19:37TBoyhave you considered to use more then 1 font type
23:19:43TBoyI heard something about it
23:20:57Zagornot really. fonts use a lot of ram.
23:21:17Zagorbut maybe
23:21:22TBoybut wouldn't it be possible to make the same font bold
23:21:34Zagoryeah, it could be
23:21:36TBoylike make it 1 pixel wider
23:23:00TBoyand that wouldn't hog the mem, I'd think
23:24:17TBoybut the thang with the clock
23:24:23TBoywouldn't that be possible
23:24:37Zagoryeah, it is
23:24:59TBoyok just askin
23:43:58 Part LinusN|away
23:45:56 Join Legal_Lies [0] (
23:47:11Legal_Liescan someone help me with a question about upgrading the HDD?
23:47:38Legal_Liesi have a JB 20 Rec
23:47:53Legal_Liesi was thinking of changing to a 60 gig hd
23:48:46Legal_Liesdo you think the JB has enough power to spin this hdd?
23:49:03Legal_Liesreally? great
23:49:08Zagoras long as you use a standard 9.5" 4200rpm disk, no problem.
23:49:26Zagor9.5mm even
23:50:14Legal_Liesi was thinking of a toshiba mk6021gas
23:50:33Legal_Liesit is 4200 rpm, 9.5''
23:50:52Zagoryup, looks fine
23:51:03Legal_Liesi also looked to the 5400 rpm but thoght it would be pushing the jb too much
23:51:16TBoyprobably would
23:51:30Zagoreven if the jb could handle it, it would drain the batteries much faster
23:51:40Legal_Liesthat's true
23:52:05Legal_Liesdo you know anyone who has tried a capacity this big
23:52:52Zagoryes, several people
23:53:20Zagordw|gone here in the channel did it recently, with a hitachi disk I believe
23:53:28Legal_Liessuccessfully, i hope... :)))
23:53:39Legal_Liesi feel better
23:54:17Legal_Liesok, i will try it
23:55:02Legal_Liesif i fail, i will have a very expensive digital alarm clock on my table... thanks a lot
23:55:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:55:51Legal_Lieskeep on the good work, bye
23:57:29 Part Legal_Lies

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