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#rockbox log for 2003-03-15

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02:07:23Temfatequestion; once rockbox is on the device; do we need the archos windows driver still?
02:07:56hardeepTemfate: yes, otherwise you won't be able to access the device from Windows
02:08:08hardeeprockbox just replaces the firmware on the jukebox
02:09:57TemfateOne more question then! According to Archos when the harddrive has a problem you can still format via the software they provide. Thus can you upgrade the harddisk without having it fat32 formatted and format that way? I'm at day one of archos recorder hacking so give me a week to start debugging code!
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02:14:31hardeepTemfate: you don't need any special software to format the hard drive (unless they're referring to their drivers as such)
02:14:52hardeepjust plug in the device to your computer and it'll be recognized as a normal hard drive that you can then format
02:15:14hardeepthe hard drive doesn't need to be pre-formatted
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02:19:05Temfatenot quite what I meant... I understand how easy it is to format. I'm just curious if anyone had attempted to format the new (say 40gig hd) via the USB link??
02:20:25hardeepTemfate: yes, I have successfully
02:21:24Temfateok; thanks... well off I go to study this source code... Anything I need to know in particular to the FM recorder build?
02:24:18hardeepTemfate: everything you need to know is in the online documentation
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05:51:25onreeanyone here?
05:53:02onreeguess not
06:03:11adi|homeyeah.. whats up?
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10:52:03TBoywhats the easiest way to edit fonts
10:52:29TBoyI mean fonts that already exist like 5x7
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11:39:34adi|homeanyone around?
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11:47:48adi|home-rw-rw-r−− 1 rhak rhak 168674 Mar 15 05:38 ../ajbrec.ajz
11:47:48adi|home-rw-rw-r−− 1 rhak rhak 200350 Mar 15 05:42 ajbrec.ajz
11:48:06adi|homewe save appx 30 k by dynamically loading the sokoban maps instead of building them in
11:48:09*adi|home is away: sleep
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12:31:15TBoyfound a strange bug
12:31:26TBoybut seems to be fix in the newest bleeding edge
12:31:55TBoyI was useing the 14.03.03 16:40 bleed
12:32:17TBoyand I wasn't able to open my playlist, it said no songs
12:32:34TBoyand I couldn't create a new or delete a file
12:32:54TBoybut on your 15.03.03 07:40
12:37:19TBoyI any of you guys rise from there beutysleeps will some one answer my question
12:38:04TBoyIs it possible to edit the excisting fonts without useing cygwin
12:40:23*TBoy feels lonely
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14:52:04Bagderhi z
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15:30:58Bagderhi matsl
15:31:04matslhi bag
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15:51:59matslZagor: been looking at the #618889 "status.c updates" (learman) patch (Visual inspection only.). Seems OK to me.
15:55:34matslZagor: Problem with patches though. It cant be applied cleanly.
15:55:57Zagoryeah, it's pretty old. but that's not a big problem.
15:56:19matslI could try to apply it but I can of course only test it on the player.
15:58:21matslZagor: I thought I'd try to go through the player oriented patches and see what we can do to 2.0.
15:59:25matslZagor: I guess if there are minor things that can easilly be synchronized between player and recorder that would be a good thing to.
15:59:56matsl(easier to document!? doesn't have to be the same code though.)
16:00:09Zagori think I prefer to wait for 2.1 with that. i'd like to avoid rocking the 2.0 boat. we're getting close to release now.
16:00:42Zagor2.0 must not be perfect, just reasonably bug free
16:01:13matslZagor: ok. We sync and patch after 2.0 then. I can still start a workspace for that.
16:01:58Zagorif you want work to do, take a peek in the bug list and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy
16:02:15matslZagor: Should I assign myself to patches that I intend to include or should that wait till after 2.0 as well?
16:04:18Zagorif you want to take on them, feel free to assign yourself
16:05:26matslok. must go and prepair myself for a party tonight. cu
16:05:33Bagdersee ya
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18:07:11TBoyis it possible to make the hz tag in the wps
18:07:15TBoyI mean
18:07:50TBoyis it possible to divide the number with 100 to get e. g. 44.1 khz
18:08:20Bagderof course it is
18:08:28TBoyohh it is
18:08:39BagderI mean, in the code
18:08:54TBoyyeah in the wps code, right?
18:15:03TBoybut didn't work
18:15:14TBoyor should I do it differently
18:15:46Bagderyes you should, there is no %ff in the code
18:16:02Bagderchange line 350 in wps-display.c
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18:38:36TBoyohh wait i was talkin about the high-level wps code
18:38:49TBoythe one with the .wps files
18:40:42Bagderthat's not possible, no
18:40:50BagderI don't consider that code
18:40:54Bagderthat's a config file
18:41:32TBoyyea I get what you mean
18:42:13TBoyhey wouldn't that be a great idea for a new feature in 2.1 (wink, wink)
18:42:27BagderI don't think it would
18:42:46TBoyto have it as an option
18:49:37Bagderis it really such a big deal?
18:49:49BagderI can think of a 100 more important things for 2.1 :-)
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19:27:24TBoyI don't know C code only delphi
19:27:43TBoyhow should or where should I add the code in this line
19:27:48TBoysnprintf(buf, buf_size, "%d", id3->frequency);
19:29:34TBoyno need I think I'll just try it myself
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19:57:14Ch0ddleshas anyone got any more .wps files online ?
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20:00:36LearAnyone seen lseek problems? It doesn't seem to work well for me...
20:07:29hardeepLear: there was a bug fixed a couple of days ago in lseek
20:08:13Learusing code fresh from CVS, and SEEK_END seems to fail on some files... Adding debug code right now.
20:09:14hardeepLear: can't say I've seen that. The queue code relies on SEEK_END and it's been working fine for me
20:10:30Learbtw, fail as in ending up in the wrong position (for a read that follows, at least)
20:11:45hardeepLear: hmmmm, did you just start seeing this?
20:12:41Learhardeep: yes, but it was with code I haven't used much. But when I wrote it, it seemed to work fine... (Testing was limited then, so that's no guarantee :)
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20:15:37Learhardeep: hm.. return values are correct at least; I'll give a shot without your fix. :)
20:15:44hardeepLear: maybe try with the previous version of file.c just to make sure the recent change isn't the cause of the problems?
20:16:35Learhardeep: doing just that (in a different way :)
20:18:36Learhardeep: and, lo and behold, things work just fine again. So maybe the fix should go to write (I guess that caused the problem for queueing) rather than lseek? Or maybe read now needs a fix?
20:19:41hardeepLear: could you put up a sample of your code. I'll investigate to see what the problem is
20:20:48Learhardeep: not much of a sample needed: search to -32 of SEEK_END, read 32 bytes and see what you get.
20:21:03TBoysorry too interrupt
20:21:17TBoybut here is a question from a newbie
20:21:32hardeepLear: i'll take a look later today
20:21:32TBoycan you guys help
20:21:44Learhardeep: or download patch #670744 (start of read_ape_tag in ape.c).
20:22:06TBoyI get a problem while compiling my makefile
20:22:07Leartboy: shoot
20:23:04TBoyit works till make[1] :entering directory '/150303/apps'
20:24:01TBoyand then mkdir: cannot create directory '//.deps/: no such file ...
20:24:29TBoyand then mkdir: cannot create directory '//.deps/recorder': no such host or network path
20:24:56TBoyand then mkdir: cannot create directory then says wormlet.d error 1
20:25:57TBoyso can anyone help me out
20:26:45Leartboy: you're actually having 150303 off your root?
20:27:10TBoyI got it in my cygwin folder
20:27:13TBoyis that a prob
20:27:52Leartboy: a, root of cygwin. Seems like it could be, yes. Try putting it somewhere in /usr/local or so.
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20:28:04TBoyok I'll try that
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20:29:34TBoywhen it asks me about the path to my firmware
20:29:42TBoyshould I just say 150303
20:29:49TBoyor something else
20:30:53Learasks for path? don't recognize that... :)
20:31:19TBoyI'm using the configure script to make my makefile
20:31:24LearI just cd to the build directory, invoke tools/configure from there.
20:31:47TBoyok wait I test somethin
20:33:12TBoyok now it worked
20:33:19TBoynow I'll do the make part
20:33:27TBoyit working
20:33:33TBoythx lear
20:34:35TBoyit said [firmware] error 2
20:34:42TBoywhat does that mean
20:35:01Leargood question :)
20:35:24MTis this a complete and unaltered cvs checkout?
20:35:37TBoyyes it is the tarball
20:35:42TBoya daily one
20:35:56MTtheres a daily tarball? ace, didnt know that
20:36:13MTso where did you unpack it to?
20:36:34TBoylear told me to put it in /usr/local
20:36:49TBoyin there I made a dir called 150303
20:36:50MT/usr/local/rockbox i assume he meant :)
20:37:11TBoyI thought 15.03.2003 thats why
20:37:17TBoybecause it is a daily ball
20:37:23MTnah, i shouldnt bother with that
20:37:43MTso you unpack it in /usr/local/rockbox
20:38:00TBoyI'll try that
20:38:16MTand you should have folders like this
20:38:33MTapps docs firmware tools
20:38:38MTpossibly some others
20:38:51MTthen make a directory for your build to go in
20:38:54MTmkdir build
20:39:01MTcd build
20:39:16MT(answer the questions)
20:39:21MTgaurenteed to work ;p
20:40:09TBoyI've got that
20:40:22TBoyok I'll do the configure thing now
20:42:06TBoyoh man after the make part
20:42:11TBoyI got the error again
20:43:29MTok, and what is the actual error
20:43:57TBoyI just see firmware error 2
20:44:05TBoyno wait
20:44:06MTbecause `[firmware] error 2` means an error ocurred whilst make'ing something in the firmware folder
20:44:23TBoysysfont.o error 255
20:44:38TBoycould that be it
20:45:10MTwhat build are you trying to make?
20:45:28TBoyI makeing recfm, normal
20:45:40TBoyor do you mean something else
20:46:06MTno, thats what i meant
20:46:13MTi dont know why its not working
20:46:27MTi've never done it on windows tho, always seemed a lot of hassle
20:46:41TBoywhere should this sysfont.o be
20:46:50MTif god had meant people to develop on windows, He would have made visual studio free.
20:47:14TBoyyeah I know I figured it out already that every think is so linux/unix based
20:48:36TBoyjust wanted to edit the wps-display.c so that it would show the hz as khz
20:49:15MTwhy dont you just have a custom wps to do it?
20:49:24TBoyits not possible
20:49:42MTsysfont is part of the firmware
20:49:52TBoysee I wanted to divide the number by 100 to get, e. g. 44.1 khz
20:49:58TBoynot 44100 hz
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20:51:51MT <<−− rolo working fine on my fm recorder
20:53:30MT(that wasnt really directed at you Tboy, jsut the rest of the channel in general)
20:53:51MTi cba to email the list, as im off out now
20:54:49TBoyso this sysfont file should be in my firmware folder before I compile
20:55:48MTno ..
20:56:01MTsysfont.o is the compiled version of sysfont.c
20:56:03TBoybut what Is wrong how can I fix this
20:56:11TBoyI dont have that file
20:56:26MTi dont know what is wrong, i cant tell without looking at your setup
20:56:37MTofcourse you do
20:56:47MTls ../firmware/sysfont.c
20:56:59TBoyno nope its missing
20:57:03TBoyits not there
20:57:03 Join montykid [0] (
20:57:06MTls ../firmware/font.c
20:57:26TBoyok thats there
20:57:52TBoymaybe I'll try it with the ball from yesterday
20:58:56MThave you made the tools?
20:59:08MTls ../tools/convbdf*
21:01:44MTwhat doyou mean yes?
21:01:45TBoyshould they also be in the usr/local/rockbox/tools
21:01:48MTdo you just have the c file or do you have the executable as well?
21:02:08TBoyI have executeables
21:02:17TBoybut not in the usr/local/rockbox/tools
21:02:26TBoymaybe I should put them there
21:02:53MTyou dont have to 'put' them there
21:03:00TBoywhere then
21:03:04MTjust `cd ../tools;make`
21:04:31TBoyyes it worked
21:04:38TBoyI got the ajbrec.ajz
21:05:03TBoylets see if my changes worked
21:05:13TBoythis was my first contact with C
21:05:21TBoy:D I feel so cool
21:06:37adi|homeheeh congrats
21:06:41adi|homeliberating feeling isnt it?
21:06:55TBoybut darn it didn't work
21:07:00TBoyI mean the changes I made
21:07:37TBoy snprintf(buf, buf_size, "%d", id3->frequency);
21:07:47TBoyin this line bagder told me to add my code
21:08:09TBoynow, where should I add the part that it should be divided by 100
21:08:27TBoyeeehh 1000 I mean
21:08:37MTif you want it to display decimals as well?
21:08:45MTso 44.1
21:08:49MTand not 44
21:09:01 Join Bagder [241] (
21:09:01TBoyyes thats what I wanted the first one
21:09:43MTsnprintf(buf, buf_size, "%.2f", ((float)(id3->frequency))/1000);
21:09:45 Join edx [0] (
21:09:49MTsnprintf(buf, buf_size, "%.1f", ((float)(id3->frequency))/1000);
21:10:04Bagderbut without floats is even better
21:10:04MTand i have NO idea if that is right
21:10:04*TBoy hears the flushing medows call
21:11:26 Part montykid
21:11:53TBoyok back
21:12:14TBoyso how does it look like without the floats
21:12:21TBoywhat code
21:13:51 Join montykid [0] (
21:14:06 Part montykid
21:14:11TBoyhow would the code look like bagder and why would it be better
21:14:46Bagderour snprintf doesn't support %f
21:15:07Bagderand, we don't have native floats
21:15:44TBoycan I then just divide it with out the other stuff
21:16:16Bagderso you should use %d and integers only
21:16:32Bagderlike the num2max5() function in apps/misc.c
21:17:40TBoysnprintf(buf, buf_size, "%d", (id3->frequency)/1000);
21:17:45TBoycan I do it that way
21:17:53TBoysnprintf(buf, buf_size, "%d", ((id3->frequency)/1000);
21:17:56TBoyI mean that
21:19:28Bagderthat would make 44100 turn up as 4
21:19:55Bagder%d is an integer
21:20:20Bagderand so is (id3->frequency)/1000
21:20:52TBoyso if I'd divide it by 100 I'd get 44
21:21:08TBoyhow can I get the .1
21:21:35Bagderum, I'm wrong. /1000 gives 44
21:21:47TBoyyeah I thought so
21:21:52TBoyI got a bit confused
21:22:25TBoyhow do I get the decimals
21:24:45TBoyhhmm I think that could work, even though I'm no expert
21:24:49TBoyI'll try that
21:33:40TBoybadger I think something is wrong whith the tarball today
21:33:45TBoyI can't compile it
21:34:19Bagderbut yesterday's worked?
21:34:34Bagderso what's the problem?
21:34:58TBoysysfont.o error 255
21:35:12hardeepZagor: around?
21:35:23TBoyI don't know enough about this whole stuff to tell you more
21:35:24BagderTBoy: try 'make clean' and 'make' again
21:35:37hardeepTboy: make sure you run "make" in the tools directory
21:35:47hardeepTboy: before you begin the build
21:36:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:37:06TBoythen it says scramble error 255 right at the beginning
21:38:00BagderI bet it says something more than that
21:38:35TBoyit's so ironic how many probs I get doing all these little things
21:39:08TBoygcc -o -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
21:40:56Bagderand then?
21:41:20Bagderdoes it really say that line?
21:41:27TBoymake: *** scramble error 255
21:41:36TBoyyep thats all it says
21:41:46TBoyif I do what hardeep told me to do
21:41:50Bagderbecause on my system it says
21:41:52Bagdercc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
21:42:26Bagdernotice the case on the initial O
21:42:50hardeepyeah, on cygwin my line is: gcc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
21:43:11TBoyyeah mine has got the O too
21:43:22TBoyyep thats the same as mine
21:43:50Bagderyour environment is probably incorrect somehow
21:44:07hardeepdo you have gcc installed?
21:44:41TBoyI just followed the tut
21:44:56TBoyand then
21:45:20Bagderthen you don't have gcc
21:45:27Bagderand you need to install the tool manually
21:45:31Bagderfrom that same page
21:45:40Bagderand if it worked yday, you already did it
21:45:46Bagderbut didn't setup your env properly
21:48:30TBoyis it this rockbox-tools.tar.bz2
21:49:11TBoyhardeep so where should I put it
21:49:32Bagdersee item 10
21:50:02TBoywhat does the ~ mean
21:50:28Bagderthat would be the dir in which you created the directory you build in
21:51:37TBoygcc -g convbdf.c -o convbdf
21:51:37TBoymake: *** [convbdf] Error 255
21:51:41TBoynow it says this
21:51:56Bagderthe tools you downloaded are already compiled
21:52:10Bagderyou don't have gcc so you can't use it
21:52:11TBoyis that bad
21:52:28LearAnyone know of a good vbr fixer program? (Mainly need it for some testing, but... :) )
21:52:45TBoyall of the files I downloaded
21:52:56TBoyI have got .c copy of all of the
21:52:58hardeepLear: search for "vbrfix" on google... assuming you're looking for a windows prog
21:53:32hardeepTboy: skip the "make" in the tools directory now... you don't need it since you downloaded the programs
21:53:42LearDid that, found a VB thing that was less than great, so to speak... :) Was hoping for something better.
21:53:42hardeepTboy: just run "make clean" and "make" from your build directory
21:54:12hardeepLear: was it this one?
21:54:18hardeepLear: that's worked well for me
21:55:51LearHardeep: Yep, I think so. First of all, it complained about not being able to find the directory it was located in (and that even made it impossible to change options). And the VBR header generated seems a bit off (at least according to RockBox)...
22:00:33 Quit Ch0ddles ("Cycling power.")
22:05:10TBoynow it worked
22:05:25TBoybut it seems the code you gave me doesn't work
22:05:59Bagderyes blame me
22:06:01TBoywps-display.c: In function `get_tag':
22:06:01TBoywps-display.c:350: parse error before ';' token
22:06:01TBoymake[1]: *** [/usr/local/rockbox/wps-display.o] Error 1
22:06:01DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
22:06:01TBoymake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/rockbox/apps'
22:06:01TBoymake: *** [apps] Error 2
22:06:04Bagderso fix it
22:06:20TBoybut this is the error I got
22:07:03BagderI didn't give you any complete code, so if you just added what I typed, then it won't work
22:07:18TBoywhy not
22:07:34Bagderbecause it is stupid
22:07:44TBoynow I feel stupid
22:08:04Bagderif you want to edit code, then please learn the most basic C programming first
22:08:27BagderI'll be glad to help, but I don't want to mention every single little letter
22:09:16TBoyok yeah I go out right away and learn and come back like a new man
22:09:32TBoysorry If I annoyed you
22:09:40Bagderno worries
22:10:57TBoyis this plane C that you guys use
22:11:01TBoyjust so I know
22:11:10Bagderyeps, this is plain C
22:14:03hardeepLear: if you have some time... could you try the latest CVS and see if it fixes your lseek bug please
22:16:38 Quit Bagder ("")
22:17:09Learhardeep: You just removed your fix? Tested that already... :)
22:18:42hardeepLear: yeah, i guess moving is basically the same thing. :)
22:19:00hardeepit's and ugly fix though... need to find something more elegant
22:19:27Learhardeep: well, it worked when I disabled the change in v1.44, so I see no reason CVS won't work...
22:19:47hardeepLear: agreed
22:25:18Learhardeep: tested it anyway. :) Worked fine. (And my "APE tag skip" code works too; truly gapless. :) )
22:26:38 Quit TBoy ()
22:28:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:41:34LearHm.. Can you diff so that new files are a part of the diff? Can't see how...
22:54:29 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
22:54:29 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:56:40 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
22:56:41 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57:43 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
23:36:20 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
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