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#rockbox log for 2003-03-16

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00:36:10dharding6hey can someone help me with a problem i'm having
00:37:03dharding6my mp3 player won't turn on and won't charge either, it won't even recognize that its plugged into the charger, what should i do?
00:37:44dharding6is anyone here?
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00:52:22dharding6anyone here
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04:49:59fapparhello. what is going on with multimedia player firmware? im reading the faw, but Find resulted in nothing....
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05:24:21SgtScruffyhey, I have a question, if I could get it answered?
05:26:00SgtScruffyanyway, I have an Archos FM recorder 20, and I just installed the newest rockboxx daily, but it takes like 10 seconds to load each song. does anyone know how to fix it?
05:26:13MTit does?
05:26:31SgtScruffyyeah. im assuming I installed it correctly... I mean I just put the file in the main folder and renamed it, right?
05:26:49SgtScruffyI have it right here. im just turning it on now...
05:27:25SgtScruffyI hit "play" to the folder marked, say 311, it loads in like 4 seconds, not bad...
05:27:54SgtScruffychoose a random song, and it sorta hangs there for about 5 seconds, then the screeen turns blank exept for tthe top (like clock and stuff)
05:28:14SgtScruffyand then like 10 seconds after that, it plays. and say I wanna skip a song, I hit the >> key
05:28:31SgtScruffyand it continues playing for like 5 seconds, stays there for like 10, and plays teh song
05:28:44MTit will take a few seconds to skip track
05:28:54PsycoXulnot that many though
05:28:57SgtScruffywell, this is like 10 seconds, and it is also when selecting stuff
05:28:59PsycoXul10 seconds between
05:29:01PsycoXulthats odd
05:29:30MTtakes 4 seconds to skip track on my fm rec
05:29:48SgtScruffyI have tried the "archos20030310.ajz" and the "archos20030315.ajz" files
05:29:53SgtScruffyand they boith do the same thing
05:30:21MTwell submit it as a bug report then
05:30:52SgtScruffyall rigty
05:31:00SgtScruffyshould I just use the regular interface for now?
05:31:10SgtScruffyregular firmware, that is
05:31:59SgtScruffyhmm... according to one bug report, it only happens when the battery is somewhat low... I should probably charge it and try again
05:32:34MTdont know what changes did them, but both those bugs are fixed, marked as none
05:34:09SgtScruffyI thought I saw something in the bug reports... gime a sec
05:34:45SgtScruffyseems like he has my same problem, and it was dismissed :(
05:44:11SgtScruffyall right. I submitted a bug report. hooray for me.
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10:05:26TBoyis any1 awakr
10:05:45TBoyI have now practised abit of C
10:06:02TBoyand wanted to ask you guys if this would work
10:07:25SeeSchlossI'm awake but I don't now many C...
10:08:06SeeSchloss"many" or "much", I don't know...
10:08:22TBoymuch is besser
10:08:44SeeSchlossWell next time I'll say much :-)
10:09:37TBoyok I wanted to make wps show 44.1 khz instead of 44100 hz
10:09:58TBoyso I needed to change the wps-display.c code so it would divide the number with 1000
10:10:32SeeSchlossbut it doesn't work ?
10:10:48TBoysee I thought I could use this
10:11:14TBoyand just use that as an integer wich it is
10:11:25TBoyand then make another integer and divide it
10:11:39TBoylike this
10:11:39TBoya = (int)floor(n / d);
10:11:43TBoywould that work
10:11:58SeeSchlosseuh... I don't know at all
10:11:59TBoyn= (id3->frequency); d= 1000
10:12:03TBoyohh ok
10:12:13TBoyno prob I'm totally new to C
10:13:49SeeSchlosswell I'm new and I don't really learn, so...
10:14:16TBoyyeah it's ok
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10:19:19TBoymaybe you can help
10:19:29TBoyI started learnin some C
10:19:50TBoyand I wanted to make the wps show 44.1 khz instead of 44100
10:19:59TBoyso I needed to change the wps-display.c code so it would divide the number with 1000
10:21:54TBoyI wanted to ask If I could use this
10:22:19TBoya = (int)floor(n / d);
10:22:23TBoysomething like this
10:22:36TBoy] <TBoy
10:22:42TBoyn= (id3->frequency); d= 1000
10:23:41Learfloor is float, so a no-no on RockBox.
10:23:48TBoyooh ok
10:24:49Learbetter like this: snprinft(buf, sizeof(buf), "%d.%d kHz", id3->frequency / 1000, id3->frequency % 1000);
10:25:09LearAlways shows one decimal though.
10:25:53TBoysince I'm new to C and rockbox
10:26:15TBoywhy the id3->frequency % 1000
10:26:22TBoywhat does that mean
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10:29:19Lear% is the modulo operator. When you divide 44100 with 1000, you get 44. The remainder, 100 in this case, is what % will give you.
10:29:57TBoyoh ok
10:30:14TBoyso in rb no floats, right?
10:31:16TBoy%d does that mean integer
10:33:18Lear%d is a (signed) decimal
10:34:13TBoyoh ok
10:34:34TBoythanks then %i is a signed integer
10:35:28Learno such thing as %i...
10:36:16TBoyoh ok
10:36:43LearRockbox only supports %c, %s, %d and %x...
10:42:08TBoyjust one more thing
10:42:59TBoyno I figured it out myself
10:43:04TBoythanks anyway
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11:11:21TBoyCan I change some of the icons by implementing this a code like this one
11:11:27TBoy 0x00, 0x7f, 0x7f, 0x7f, 0x7f, 0x7f
11:11:38TBoyit's just an example
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12:05:02TBoyI got a prob
12:05:37TBoywhen I run rb2bmp it always tells me that my bitmap uses more that 8 bit depth, got 256
12:06:02TBoybut my bitmap just has 2 colors black and white 1bit
12:08:03TBoywhat could the problem be
12:10:55PsycoXulcolor mode of the image file
12:11:02PsycoXuldoesn't matter how many colors it has, it's how it's storing the colors
12:11:59TBoyI used photoshop 7 and picked bitmap, as the way of storing
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12:15:58SeeSchlossimage > mode > greyscale
12:16:26SeeSchlossI think iyt should work
12:23:54TBoydarn doesn' work
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12:24:39PsycoXuldo indexed
12:24:45PsycoXul1-bit if it gives you the option
12:25:02PsycoXulor 8-bit if the rb2bmp thing handles it
12:25:04PsycoXulor whatever
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12:38:38TBoyI can't get it to work
12:38:45TBoyI'll look at the rockbox site
12:38:49TBoyfor an tutorial
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13:12:31TBoydan it can'T get it to work
13:16:27Learwait a minute, it says depth is 256? Seems odd...
13:21:47Learah, bmp2rb is compiled incorrectly
13:22:11Learcompile it like this: gcc -DAPPLICATION_NAME=\"bmp2rb.exe\" -DLITTLE_ENDIAN -g bmp2rb.c -o bmp2rb.exe
13:22:17Learshould work better then.
13:22:48Learand yes, you were feeding it a 1-bit/pixel BMP... :)
13:26:49TBoyyep I was feeding it with a 1-bit pixel
13:27:31TBoyand I it is compiled incorrectly maybe somebody oughta fix the one on the rb site cause mine's from there
13:28:03LearI'll send a note to the mailing list at least...
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14:13:12TBoylear: what does error 1 mean when running make
14:13:43Learmore info please, that doesn't say much (to me)...
14:15:15TBoycollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
14:15:15TBoymake[1]: *** [/usr/local/rockbox/rockbox.elf] Error 1
14:15:15TBoymake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/rockbox/apps'
14:15:15DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
14:15:15TBoymake: *** [apps] Error 2
14:15:21TBoythis is what it said
14:16:08Learno messages before that?
14:16:33TBoy/usr/local/rockbox/ -Wl,-Map,/usr/local/rockbox/
14:16:33TBoy/usr/local/rockbox/wps-display.o: In function `get_tag':
14:16:33TBoy/usr/local/rockbox/wps-display.o(.text+0x52c): undefined reference to `snprinft'
14:16:59TBoythose are the 3 last lines before the once I posted above
14:17:04Learmisspelled: should be snprintf
14:17:24Learand when getting errors, always look for the first one; it can often cause problems later on...
14:17:25TBoyaah now I see it to
14:17:52TBoywhats the difference between snpintf and printf
14:21:28Lears - print to a string; n - print up to n chars
14:21:43TBoysnprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%d.%d khz", id3->frequency / 1000, id3->frequency % 1000);
14:21:55TBoywrong messenger
14:22:03TBoyhehe/me blushes
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14:43:49TBoya lear
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15:02:52TBoylear are you there
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16:36:34Bagderwhen I browse the rockbox cvs on sourceforge
16:36:48BagderI get a special "rockbox" ad for the Rockbox mp3 player!
16:42:15Snorlaxsew them!
16:44:57SnorlaxI meant: sue them!
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18:13:31REBELinBLUEI was wondering how easy it would be to make a stand alone boot loader, ie extract rolo into a seperate file and have that as the firmware, then all it does is ask you if you want to load rockbox or archos, rockbox is would load /.rockbox/rockbox.ajz and archos it would load /.rockbox/archos.ajz
18:15:53SeeSchlossWell I agree this would be a good thing for FM Recorders, but I don't know how to do
18:16:31REBELinBLUEI was going to download the code myself and have a look, I have some programming knowledge but the tools needed ar 35mb, so I can't cause I'm on pay per minute dial up
18:16:59SeeSchlossyou are on windows ?
18:18:03REBELinBLUELinux doesn't run too well on my laptop, and it only has a relatively small hard drive (20gb) so I never reinstalled Linux when I last had hard drive problems
18:19:27SeeSchlossthere is a small environment developpement of about 7Mb
18:19:27SeeSchlossI use it and it works very well
18:19:27DBUGEnqueued KICK SeeSchloss
18:20:58REBELinBLUEdon't you need cygwin?
18:21:55SeeSchlossno, cygwin and its required components are already included in it
18:22:21REBELinBLUEah right, OK I'll give it a shot
18:22:34REBELinBLUEBTW what language is rockbox written in?
18:23:50REBELinBLUEany reaosn why a windows C compiler can't be used? I have plenty of them
18:24:19REBELinBLUEanyway doesn't matter I'm downloading it now :D
18:25:06SeeSchlossbecause the target platform is SH1 I think
18:25:33REBELinBLUEah right
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20:24:34Bagderwhat is fprintf() supposed to return?
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20:29:37REBELinBLUEhey all
20:30:34Bagdera bit slow here atm
20:30:41REBELinBLUEJust wondered if this seems like a realistic idea
20:31:01Bagderwhy not
20:31:13Bagderit would be a like a totally separate binary
20:31:54REBELinBLUEyeah thats exactly my idea
20:32:01Bagderit would of course need fat code, rolo code and a bunch of gui code
20:32:30REBELinBLUEI was trying it myself but my C coding is fairly recent and I haven't started learning Hardware control yet
20:32:34Bagderbut we once made the separation between 'firmware' and 'apps' just to make things like this possible
20:32:47REBELinBLUEah right
20:33:10Bagderso it would basicly be another 'apps' dir and use the firmware the same way the apps does now
20:33:28Bagdermore or less at least
20:33:28REBELinBLUEthere are other "apps" already?
20:33:34Bagderno ;-)
20:33:46REBELinBLUEoh right, for feature use :D
20:34:01Bagderyeah, we thought we'd have more when we planned this
20:34:16hardeepis it true that ROLO can load firmware files > 200kb ?
20:34:28BagderI believe it can, yes
20:34:48BagderI can't see why not
20:35:00hardeepso this can be a possible workaround the size limitation if module loading isn't finished before we reach it
20:35:05hardeepauto-ROLO at bootup
20:35:25Bagderor we just cut out sokoban ;-)
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20:35:36Bagder35K to gain
20:35:44REBELinBLUEHow big is that game cause there is a lot of levesl
20:35:48REBELinBLUEand there's my answer D:
20:35:54CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 20 hours and 13 minutes at the last flood
20:35:54*Bagder grins
20:36:13Bagderadi's working on making the levels loadable
20:36:55*Bagder hesitates to commit...
20:37:06BagderI've patched snprintf()... :-)
20:38:55Bagderfprintf() about to be added
20:42:35REBELinBLUEanyway GTG, now I know it's possible I'll check back from time to time :D
20:42:52Bagderyou're welcome!
20:43:11 Quit REBELinBLUE ()
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20:53:39TBoyhow do I put to strings together
20:54:00Bagderit depends
20:54:11TBoyon what
20:54:24Bagderyou usually sprintf() or strcat()
20:54:54TBoyso I can't just use + or .
20:55:42TBoydoes it only work with those functions or is it possible to do something else
20:56:08Bagderyou can use many other approaches as well
20:56:33TBoysuch as
20:56:47Bagdersuch as looping and assigning yourself
20:57:17Bagderremember, C is pretty low level
20:58:21TBoythanks anyway
20:58:55 Quit TBoy ()
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21:28:43DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
21:28:43midknight2k3[Fserve Active] - Triggers:[1:!get longhorn! & 1:!zakk's programs! & 1:!zakk's cracks! & 1:!zakk's games!] - Users:[/5] - Queues:[1:/25] - Message:[I specialize in full versions of programs. Among other things, I have Longhorn Build 4008, Photoshop 7, and Norton SystemWorks - all in full versions. Just type the corresponding trigger to see what I have up for grabs! -Zakk] - SysReset 2.53
21:29:04 Part midknight2k3
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21:30:58midknight2k3Has anyone noticed battery issues with Rockbox DailyBuilds?
22:03:04 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:32 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
22:14:38 Join TBoy [0] (
22:15:50TBoyin wich file is the pitch code located
22:20:18BagderI don't know
22:27:53MTsome references in mpeg.c
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22:32:44TBoyMT: can you tell why this code shows me "44. kHz" and not "44.1 kHz"
22:32:53TBoy snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%d.%d kHz", id3->frequency / 1000, (id3->frequency % 1000) / 100);
22:35:16 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:37:51TBoyso the code looks right?
22:40:27MTif id3->frequency is 44100, id3->frequency % 1000 is 100, and 100/100 is 1, so yes ..
22:41:42TBoyany one else in here knows what the prob could be
22:42:25 Join REBELinBLUE [0] (
22:42:59REBELinBLUEgot a question
22:43:13REBELinBLUEI was looking at the source code and noticed in apps\onplay.c you have
22:43:19REBELinBLUEif (!(attr & ATTR_DIRECTORY))
22:43:19REBELinBLUE menu[i++] = (struct menu_items) { str(LANG_DELETE), delete_file };
22:43:51REBELinBLUEWhy the condition? I removed it and tried it out on a directory (with content) and it does remove the directory
22:44:01Bagderbecause it doesn't remove it correctly
22:44:05REBELinBLUEis there some other reason? is it dangerous
22:44:16REBELinBLUEwhat happens?
22:44:18Bagderit simply removes the dir, not all the files within the dir
22:44:27BagderI'm not quite sure what happens
22:44:40Bagdernothing really
22:44:50Bagderyou just won't get the disk space back as you should
22:45:03REBELinBLUEOK I won't do that then :D
22:48:30REBELinBLUEI was just playing cause I noticed "int remove(const char *pathname);" "remove deletes a name from the filesystem. It calls unlink for files,
22:48:31REBELinBLUE and rmdir for directories.
22:48:37REBELinBLUEin /docs/API
22:49:20Bagderthat's the plan
22:49:31 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:49:36REBELinBLUEah right, the API isn't for the current release
22:49:53Bagderthe API is a mix of lies, old info, wishes, hopes and more lies
22:51:12Bagderthat docs, that is
22:51:37REBELinBLUElol :D
22:54:17REBELinBLUEanyway thanks for your help, again :D going to do some more tinkering :D
22:56:26 Quit REBELinBLUE ()
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23:01:57*Bagder makes a set of new screenshots
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23:25:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Tony
23:25:26TonyAnyone active?
23:25:34Bagderpresent at least ;-)
23:26:02***Alert Mode level 1
23:26:02TonyHey, where's the coolmp3players forum? I lost my bookmark
23:26:33Bagderyou mean ?
23:26:50***Alert Mode level 2
23:26:50Tonythat's why I couldn't find it
23:26:50***Alert Mode level 3
23:27:35***Alert Mode level 4
23:27:35TonyHad to paint my recorder today...damn factory paint was rubbing off
23:28:06Bagdermine's still holding
23:28:21***Alert Mode level 5
23:28:21TonyYah, my buttons were wearing
23:28:24***Alert Mode level 6
23:28:24TonyI use it too much
23:28:25***Alert Mode level 7
23:28:41***Alert Mode level 8
23:28:41TonyFor $250 I better use it a lot though...
23:29:15***Alert Mode level 9
23:29:15TonyOh's red now...LoL
23:29:36***Alert Mode level 10
23:29:36TonyI wonder what it would look like if I were to paint the bumpers...probably not the greatest idea
23:29:37***Alert Mode level 11
23:30:05 Quit TBoy ()
23:30:12Bagderwe could start a "the weirdest Archos" image collection! ;-)
23:39:38***Alert Mode OFF
23:43:42 Quit Bagder ("")
23:46:31Jet8810how long does it take you all to send stuff over using USB 2.0?
23:46:37Jet881014 gigs looks like itll take an hour and a half
23:46:39Jet8810is that normal?
23:47:33 Join Master_B [0] (
23:48:34Master_Bwhat's with the topic?
23:48:56 Quit Master_B (Client Quit)
23:49:59Jet8810anybody here a headphone junkie?
23:50:48 Quit Tony (Read error: 113 (No route to host))

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