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#rockbox log for 2003-03-17

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01:35:04tracktheripperhey LinusN
01:35:07tracktheripperhows u?
01:35:16LinusNfine i guess
01:35:27tracktheripperWhat on earth is that request "Make layout of studio 10 like studio 20?"
01:35:35LinusNbeats me
01:35:51tracktheripperI thought the Players have the same interface as one another
01:36:04LinusNthey do as far as i know
01:36:07tracktheripperbe it a 6,10 or 20
01:37:28tracktheripperLinus is the "firmware menu on bootup" possible?
01:37:34tracktheripperits on one request
01:39:00LinusNeasy as pie
01:39:23LinusNjust create a new firmware module
01:40:03tracktheripperok ill leave it in ur capable hands :-)
01:40:25LinusNi doubt that any of the core team members will do it
01:40:47tracktheripperoh ok
01:41:01LinusNwe don't feel the need for it, that's all
01:41:08LinusNanyone can do it though
01:41:52tracktheripperi can see that Rockbox is very close to the 200kb limit now
01:42:24tracktheripperso what would happen once the limit is reached?
01:42:42LinusNit will be ignored by the ROM firmware
01:42:53LinusNand rockbox won't be loaded
01:43:22tracktheripperunless you could do Rockbox in "two parts"
01:43:35tracktheripperonce the first part is loaded then the second part will load
01:43:42LinusNor use plugin modules for the extra stuff
01:43:53LinusNlike the games
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03:04:08BlankjeffJust installed rockbox, pretty cool.
03:04:22BlankjeffI'll have to get a linux machine running so I can do some work on it
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03:11:00adi|homewell.. you can develope on a windows machine..
03:11:10adi|homebut linux is just better in general for dev :)
03:11:22adi|homeLinusN: I have sokoban level loading working...
03:11:39Blankjeff>shrugs< I've deved on both, don't much care which I use, this seems more suited to linux
03:11:47adi|homepreliminary anyways.. just a few things i need some ideas on if/when you get a sec...
03:12:43LinusNadi|home: k00l!
03:18:00MTadi|home: I'd say windows with a couple of remote shells and a windows x-windows server is best for devel :)
03:18:24MTall of the funcitonality of linux with the ui benefits of windows
03:18:50MTand frankly, xfree86 is piss poor, I wouldnt have that running on any machine if I could help it ;p
03:19:06BlankjeffHeh. I typically just use what I'm getting paid to use.
03:19:33LinusNi use what i want to use, unless i have to use something else
03:19:45MTwell its alright for me, freelance web programmer, i work with whats best for me :)
03:19:49LinusNi use Windows i i'm forced to
03:19:59MTas long as the end product is what the customer wants ;)
03:20:15BlankjeffI work for MS, so you can imagine what I have to use :)
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03:21:00*LinusN is has his fingers on the /kick button
03:21:31MTi tend to use windows as a more advanced and usable x11 ;)
03:21:49MTmost of the time im tapping into a ssh
03:22:19LinusNadi|home: you wanted to discuss something?
03:37:14Jet8810any of you headphone junkies?
03:37:20Jet8810I want to buy a pair of good quality headphones... seems like they have good advice on the subject
03:37:53LinusNi use Sony EX-70 buds, i know little about headphones
03:37:58PsycoXuli'd get a pair of grado's if i was gonna spend the money on a good pair
03:38:13PsycoXulor the only closed-canned sennheisers they reccomend on that site
03:38:16PsycoXuleither or
03:38:23PsycoXulall i've got now is a pair of sony mdr-280's
03:38:38PsycoXulwhich are ok but not as good as i hoped they would be
03:39:11PsycoXuli bought them when i thought $30 was a lot for a pair of headphones
03:39:15Jet8810I have little sony ones
03:39:18Jet8810alright, but leak so much
03:39:20Jet8810do Grados leak?
03:39:24PsycoXulonly to realize later that $100 is about the least you'll spend on a really good set
03:39:53PsycoXulgrado's are open
03:40:05PsycoXulmost of the audiophiles seem to consider the open ones higher quality
03:40:08PsycoXulless of a 'tin can' soud
03:40:47PsycoXulthats why i lean towards the closed sennheiser's on that site
03:40:57PsycoXulthey apparently sound about the best of the closed type ones
03:41:07PsycoXuland i really would like a pair that don't leak and that block out external noise well
03:41:33PsycoXulif i had an income i'd probably buy both :p
03:41:38PsycoXuland see
03:41:46PsycoXulthe grado's seem kinda weird...
03:41:58PsycoXulmost of their models, while a pretty big range of prices, all look the same
03:42:08PsycoXuli dunno if you could tell the diff by looking between their $100 ones and $300 ones
03:42:27PsycoXuland also apparently the earpads are sorta uncomfortable especialy for long periods
03:42:35PsycoXuland so it's recomended that you mod them for better earpads
03:43:12PsycoXulwhich the guy who runs says slices of those foam beer/soda can cooler things are the best for
03:43:59PsycoXulmaybe it's just me, but spending $100+ on a pair of headphones, and then replacing their padding with a slice of a beer cooler from pic 'n save
03:44:04PsycoXulseems really odd :p
03:47:23Jet8810I dont want oen ones
03:47:24Jet8810open ones
03:48:03MTyou can spend $1000 on a pair of headphones and a headphone amplifier
03:50:57MTi use a pair of £15 JVC closed cans
03:51:06MTseem pretty good to me :)
03:51:18PsycoXulheh yeah
03:51:28PsycoXuli saw the $14k or whatever it was ones on
03:51:36PsycoXulthat comes with an all-tube amplifier or whatever
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04:00:25LinusNtime to sleep. nite all!
04:00:39BlankjeffGot the build working, but the archos doesn't boot it.
04:01:03LinusNBlankjeff: windows?
04:01:23LinusNplayer or recorder?
04:01:26Blankjeffdoes the 'recorder' config work with FM recorder too? Seems like it should, but figured I should ask :)
04:01:47LinusNBlankjeff: the config asks for fm recorder
04:02:07MTdifferent beasts, you need a seperate build for fm recorder
04:02:19BlankjeffHmm, I didn't get that option...I'm grabbing new source now, maybe i had old versions
04:02:32LinusNBlankjeff: use the latest
04:04:34BlankjeffAhhh, I had an old version...weird, building again
04:05:20Blankjeffhmm, now I get 'SYS_TIMEOUT' undeclared... must have done something wrong :)
04:05:51LinusNare you getting the sources from cvs?
04:06:03BlankjeffNo,just grabbing the tarball
04:06:12Blankjeffsuppose I should go through CVS
04:06:33LinusNyou should if you're serious about developing
04:09:23LinusNi gotta go
04:09:25 Part LinusN
04:11:21Blankjeffheh, wrong window
04:16:15BlankjeffThat's got it, very nice. Thanks everyone.
04:16:38BlankjeffNo we'll see if I have the time to actually do what I want to with it.
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08:18:37*dwihno brings out the komplicerade köttkvarn
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09:58:20quelsarukhi tracktheripper
09:58:33tracktheripperwats up?
10:00:00langhaarrockerWhat's Muskelkater in english?
10:02:14langhaarrockerMuskelkater is that feeling that a completely untrained nerd experiences after taking part at the 'iron man'.
10:03:14*quelsaruk searching a psikiatric in germany
10:06:01 Join LinusN [200] (
10:06:25quelsarukhi LinusN
10:06:33dwihnoHowdy ho!
10:06:53tracktheripperHi Linusn:-)
10:09:10quelsarukdwihno: you just wake up to say "hi" to linus? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
10:10:14tracktheripperquel did u get my email?
10:10:54quelsarukconecting de IMAP server :P
10:17:51tracktheripperoi Quel wakey wakey :P
10:19:53quelsaruki'm tired
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10:26:13tracktherippermorning Zagor :-)
10:27:22langhaarrockermourn :)
10:27:41tracktheripper<−−- wishes Zagor would smile from time to time :-)
10:28:40tracktheripperlol thats better :-)
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10:29:05langhaarrockerSeems in the web emoticons replace punctuation marks.
10:29:45tracktheripperwell here doesnt have smileys like Yahoo or MSN
10:30:11langhaarrocker-> upgrade :)
10:30:26langhaarrockermy trillian does.
10:31:22tracktheripper:-) = smile, :-( = frown, :-| = straight, ;-) wink, :-O shocked, :-x = kiss, :-P = stick your tounge out
10:32:31DBUGSent KICK langhaarrocker to server
10:32:31langhaarrockerin trillian: ,99(pee),99 == funny toilet symbol
10:32:31Kick(#rockbox langhaarrocker :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
10:32:52dwihnoquel|coffee: Hah! You know it!
10:33:27tracktheripperplease don't kick me out, pretty please :-)
10:37:09tracktheripperquel its about time you defragmented your hard drive ;-)
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11:48:53dwihnoZagor: Any ideas where to get a Linux USB-mass storage boot floppy?
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11:54:19Bagderhey ho LinusN
11:56:55LinusNwe need a splash(int numticks) function for message displaying
11:57:10LinusNwith wordwrap
11:57:30Bagdergood idea
11:58:04LinusNpossibly also with a keymask for button presses
11:58:45LinusNi need it badly for the recording
11:58:58LinusNbut i have no time to write it
11:59:09BagderI'll try to have a go at it tonight
11:59:18BagderAnja's away for a few days! ;-)
11:59:57dwihnoHelp me :)
12:00:03dwihnoI need a USB boot floppy :)
12:00:39Bagder ? ;-)
12:01:39dwihnoToo much work
12:02:32BagderI bet you won't find any premade one
12:02:50Bagderso find a suitable project that is close enough
12:03:00Bagderand adjust accordingly
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12:16:22*matsl is away: I'm busy
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12:53:35*matsl is back (gone 00:37:13)
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14:07:56quel|coffeeelinenbe: why did you ask me last week if i liked cycling??
14:13:09 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
14:16:12webmindej _seb_
14:23:27elinenbequel|coffee: I was just wondering.
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14:52:15elinenbeguys, I have been away for the last week, and I can't believe the progress that rockbox has made in the past 10 or so days. Great work!
14:55:19 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:56:09elinenbehowever, I was expecting a cross-fader and at VERY MINIMAL I figured I could use the jukebox as a gsm phone by today.
14:57:08Schnueffwell u can use rockbox as a gsm phone as of today - just don't expect too much calls :)
14:57:29 Join MT [0] (
14:57:37*Bagder giggles
15:01:50*dwihno solved it
15:01:59dwihnoThanks to FreeBSD startup disks ;D
15:02:00 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
15:05:00Zagordwihno: any improvement with the new disk code?
15:10:20 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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15:30:12elinenbes official −− if you choose to build with demos and games, then then binary is over 200k
15:30:59Zagorstill works for me though
15:31:07BagderI was bored yday
15:32:02Bagdermore up-to-date than those old ones
15:32:06elinenbeBagder: nice.
15:32:11elinenbeI like them =)
15:32:27BagderI plan to make a few more using different fonts and different languages too
15:32:29Bagderjust to show off more
15:32:50elinenbemake some of the recording screen too!
15:32:56Zagormaybe we should have some with another font, too. the prop font support makes a big difference.
15:33:20BagderI could do them side by side or so
15:33:53Bagderthe main screenshots link could link to this page instead now
15:34:02elinenbenext time you are bored implement recursive directory playing =)
15:34:24Bagdercreate playlis should do that
15:34:39adi|homeelinenbe: i have the sokoban level loader almost working..
15:34:53adi|homei need opinions first
15:34:56elinenbeI just spent the last week in France... they hate Americans there :O
15:35:08elinenbeadi|home: sounds nice :)
15:35:10adi|homethats not fair.. the french hate everyone...
15:35:43Zagorisn't it the other way around?
15:35:48adi|home1. how should i decide when the game is won, since the level count is no longer a fixed level. should i parse the file and do a level count? or just keep going till i find no more levels?
15:35:58adi|homezagor.. the two are not mutually exclusive :)
15:36:12elinenbejust keep going until you find no more levels −−thn you win!
15:36:36elinenbeif you parse beforehand, then it will take too long
15:36:41elinenbeand it is unecessary!
15:36:50adi|home2. how should i handle a level not loading properly? ie, level 10 is not found.? (assuming that there is a 9, 11... etc)
15:37:02adi|homei agree. whats why im getting opinions :)
15:37:10elinenbehow do you know what level it is? 9, 11?
15:37:11 Join _MT [0] (
15:37:21elinenbeeach level in the file is just the "next" level
15:37:22adi|homeeasy, whatever the last level + 1
15:37:35adi|homeoh. you mean that way..
15:37:48adi|homewell.. right now there is a level: # tag added
15:37:49Schnueffone could leave the level labels away then
15:38:04adi|homebut i could just as easily just parse for a '\n\n'
15:38:12adi|homeand poof, thats the next level...
15:38:20adi|homethats not diff... prob better way of handling it..
15:38:51elinenbeyeah −− we don't need a level: # tag
15:39:03Schnuefflevels are separate by white-space lines for example
15:39:10adi|homeworks for me...
15:39:14*adi|home thinks
15:39:15elinenbethat is good here too.
15:39:36adi|homethat may be it... gotta run to work.. should have a committed version sometime today or so
15:40:03adi|homeoh, right.. where should the sokoban.levels file go?
15:40:19*adi|home is away: work
15:47:56 Quit MT (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:49:35elinenbewhat menu was changed in the last week? ON+PLAY?
15:49:51elinenbewhere did queue go?
15:51:08elinenbealso, does "disk poweroff" really increase the batterylife much? does anyone use this?
15:51:45Zagorelinenbe: I do
15:51:57elinenbeZagor: where did queue go?
15:52:14Zagorit's still there
15:52:48elinenbewhere? in ON+PLAY in browse mode, I get Delete,Rename,VBRFix
15:53:03Zagoryou must be playing to see queue
15:53:18elinenbeah! duh!
15:53:42elinenbenow, ON+ANYTHING in the WPS is "pitch change"
15:54:05elinenbethat seems bad.
15:54:26Zagorit's been like that for months
15:55:14elinenbeoh −− well, I just noticed it, and it seems odd.
15:55:42elinenbealso, I think that the ON+PLAY menu should also appear in the main menu as "File Operations"
15:55:43Zagoryeah, the pitch screen should move to the menu. i'll do that post-2.0
15:55:45 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
16:01:14elinenbePitch should be in the menu under sound options?
16:01:39Zagornah, pitch is more an action than a setting
16:02:13Bagderdamn, I lost ;-)
16:02:29 Quit quel|coffee (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:06:46 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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16:11:50 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:13:34 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:51dwihnoZagor: I've noticed no skipping yet.
16:18:26 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:19:39 Quit ScottE ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
16:20:02 Join quelsaruk [0] (
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16:29:07langhaarrockerIs there anybody who develops rockbox using knoppix?
16:29:51elinenbelanghaarrocker: I sometimes use the knoppix CD.
16:30:48langhaarrockerI have failed to mount the rb with knoppix. Have you succeded?
16:31:27elinenbeI have not used it recently.
16:31:36elinenbelanghaarrocker: where is the split editor? =)
16:31:47*langhaarrocker blushes
16:32:20langhaarrockerI have been in the air again on the weekend. Afterwards i really needed a bath tube -> no rockbox development
16:33:02langhaarrockerBut our singer quit the band -> seems I won't waste time recording and mixing for a while.
16:33:09elinenbethat sucks.
16:33:39 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
16:35:05langhaarrockerBut before I start the split editor again I assume I'll dig myself into the user bindable keys. Maybe meanwhile someone develops the modules-capability of rockbox. The spliteditor is predestined to be a module.
16:35:21elinenbeyeah −− that is true
16:36:41langhaarrockerso maybe around xmas ...
16:39:13 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:41:26 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:42:54langhaarrockerHave there been discussions about a clipboard yet?
16:44:03langhaarrockercopy buffer? like cut & paste?
16:44:21Bagdercopying what?
16:44:23langhaarrockereg. for moving files, copying text from id3 tag field to another.
16:44:51Zagorwe likely won't be using a high-level clipboard for that
16:45:28langhaarrockerI guess something simple like a fixed sized string would be sufficiant.
16:46:40langhaarrockerBut that would exclude eg. multiselections in the browser.
16:47:18langhaarrocker(for moving, copying)
16:47:57elinenbemove, copy files would be nice.
16:48:20*langhaarrocker sighs
16:48:54Zagorlanghaarrocker: as I said, we don't need a single method for handling copy/paste. every application can do it differently
16:49:46langhaarrockerAnd yet it would be a plus if we could exchange the data. Eg if you want to name a file after some id3 tag you could copy & paste it.
16:51:38Jet8810anybody wanna sell me some beyer headphones?
16:52:10langhaarrockerI have a broken one. (Left side dead). If you want it ...
16:52:40langhaarrockerBut then maybe it's my left ear that's dead...
16:52:54Zagoryay! i found how to bind 'z' to "back" in mozilla
16:53:03adi|workheheh go you :)
16:53:22Zagorin a flash, Mozilla becomes usable :-)
16:53:24langhaarrockerDon't press z or you'll loose your knowledge!
16:53:43adi|worki use opera.. so cant say as it helps me :)
16:54:08ZagorI use Opera too. that's why I'm addicted to the z fastkey
16:54:26 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:54:42langhaarrockerI'm a windows user. I use a mouse. BTW: where is that z key?
16:55:14Zagorlanghaarrocker: in the bottom left, where the rest of the (non-german) world has it :-)
16:56:45ZagorI "love" the fact that there *is* no list of bindable mozilla commands on the net. You must read the source...
16:56:46langhaarrockerStrange. Doesn't work with internet explorer. :)
16:57:04langhaarrockerMaybe time to reinstall windows.
16:58:18langhaarrockerZagor: If I ever finish that &% key bindings it'll be better: I can already generate html docs from the list of available commands.
16:59:06adi|workbtw... any word on updateing the docs to match our command set? im already _really_ lost on all our commands
17:00:00Zagorfeel free to update :-)
17:00:17langhaarrockerso that all of us are lost, too?
17:00:43Zagorhehe, I mean update the docs...
17:07:13adi|workdifficult for me to update for commands i don't know ;)
17:07:24Zagorwuss ;)
17:07:26Zagorgotta go
17:07:29 Part Zagor
17:07:30adi|workdamn right
17:09:09 Join Nomad__ [0] (
17:09:21Nomad__got a live bug I think
17:09:28Nomad__I09: CPU error
17:09:33Nomad__worth debugging or just restart?
17:11:15hardeepNomad__: just make sure you write down all the info displayed on the screen and describe exactly what you were doing when it occurred
17:11:25hardeepNomad__: and report it as a bug
17:11:26Nomad__it's happening right now is the thing
17:11:45Nomad__didn't know if anyone would like to poke it while it's happening or just do a bug report and restart
17:11:53langhaarrockerNomad: Ask quelsaruk for a goat.
17:12:17hardeepNomad__: there's not really much poking around that can be done
17:12:32 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:12:44Nomad__ok, didn't know if being able to ask questions of a live problem would be of any help
17:13:07Nomad__langhaarrocker: um, splain :>
17:13:45Nomad__need to download today's daily build anyway while I'm there
17:13:47LinusN|awayNomad__: what does the panic message say? And how did it happen?
17:14:00LinusN|awayand what version are you running?
17:14:03Nomad__just sittin on my desk playing (I was out of my office when it actually happened)
17:14:10Nomad__it's the daily build from friday morning
17:14:23 Quit TBoy (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14:25Nomad__at 0000000F
17:14:34Nomad__that's all that's currently on the display
17:14:40Nomad__haven't touched any buttons yet
17:14:41LinusN|awayNomad__: then the bug may be solved, if the file is a 320kbit/s file
17:14:45Nomad__and the red light is flashing
17:14:52Nomad__no, should be 192
17:15:04Nomad__all my stuff is encoded at 192 I believe, some may be 128
17:15:08LinusN|awaytry to repeat it
17:15:23LinusN|awaywe need to be able to repeat it
17:15:25Jet8810anybody wanna buy my 900mhz wireless headphones?
17:15:25Nomad__anything you wnat me to do while it's in this state? (aka guinea pig available)
17:15:36LinusN|awayNomad__: nothing to do
17:15:37Nomad__wonder what song it was on
17:15:53Nomad__It was randomly playing out of 8Gigs of music
17:16:28Nomad__I like the resume
17:16:37Nomad__hmm, power off and then on/resume locks right back up
17:17:09Nomad__grr, don't recognize the sone
17:17:18Nomad__so I can't get stats on it
17:18:10Nomad__sounded like Shaggy, let me try a few
17:18:26LinusN|awaygood luck...
17:18:42Jet8810Shaggy is good :)
17:18:58Jet8810Nomad, msg me what lyrics you remember
17:19:00Jet8810im a reggae junkie
17:19:02Nomad__All I get is one refrain of the chorus "don't you underestimage me"
17:19:13Jet8810walking in my shoes
17:19:19Jet8810on his new album, Lucky Day
17:19:25Nomad__That's the only album on here
17:19:34Nomad__I used to have a bunch of his albums but alot got lost/destroyed
17:19:45Jet8810I have 12 gigs of just Reggae :)
17:20:06Nomad__I want more, also need to buy some more santana
17:20:11LinusN|awayNomad__: when you find the crashing song, please make it available to us, either attached to a bug report or a URL that I can download it from
17:20:19Jet8810do ytou have high quality headphones Nomad?
17:20:20Jet8810or cheapies?
17:20:22Nomad__will do
17:20:32LinusN|awayi'm off to eat
17:20:37Nomad__Jet8810: just some cheap ones that work on my motorcycle otherwise I don't use any
17:20:49langhaarrockerJet8810: why does it have to be beyer dynamic?
17:20:52Nomad__Jet8810: what # on the album is that song?
17:21:01Jet8810langhaar...I want high quality ones that dont leak
17:21:04Jet8810Beyers seem like the key
17:21:13Jet8810Grados seem to leak too much, as do these $100 pair of sonys my bro has
17:21:15Nomad__bingo #13... figures
17:21:22Nomad__trying to reproduce
17:21:41langhaarrockerJet8810: leak in or leak out?
17:21:44Jet8810leak out
17:21:47Jet8810so others cazn hear music
17:21:49Jet8810I dont want that
17:22:16 Part LinusN|away
17:22:22langhaarrockerwell it might be better to know which song you try to sing along ... :)
17:22:28hardeepJet8810: have you checked out they have several beyer dynamics
17:25:03Nomad__playted straight through
17:26:42hardeepNomad__: with same daily build or latest?
17:26:54Nomad__what's the odds that zagor's fix listed 3/17 is in the "bleeding edge build" that's on the page today
17:27:09Nomad__hardeep: same build and thinking about it it was the bleeding edge posted friday
17:27:22Nomad__-rw−−−−−−- 1 rharris rharris 111762 Mar 14 09:43 archos-bleeding-20030314.mod
17:27:34Nomad__that's the file (size listed for ID)
17:27:49hardeepNomad__: bleeding edge builds are updated every 20 mins so they're always up to date
17:27:54Nomad__ok, cool
17:28:04Nomad__ok, just played the same song through twice without a hang
17:28:11Nomad__so it wasn't the individual song.
17:28:16Nomad__still want me to include it?
17:29:12Nomad__don't see the error code on the bug page so I'll post it
17:33:18Jet8810those look kickass...and fucking expensive :)
17:45:44 Join MT [0] (
17:58:48 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:18:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:18:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:08 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:15 Join edx [0] (
18:29:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:31:51 Join LinusN [200] (
18:32:05LinusNNomad__: i want the crashing MP3, not the mod
18:33:19langhaarrockerHe found out it wasn't file specific.
18:38:01 Join ken0__ [0] (~marklar2@
18:44:05 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
18:44:55 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:45:29TBoyWich one of you guys uses windows, and what program do you use to code
18:46:03LinusNi use windows occasionally, and i use emacs to code
18:46:40TBoyok cause I want I prog that has a helpful help file like most borland products
18:47:34langhaarrockerfor unix users: man pages with gui :)
18:47:35TBoyyea in borland help files the list alot of function aso.
18:47:52LinusNi have used visual C++ and i liked it back then
18:48:04LinusNi also used C++ builder and i liked that one too
18:48:09TBoyI have borland c++builder
18:48:22TBoybut it doesn't show me C code
18:48:37LinusNi rarely do windows GUI programs though,
18:48:46adi|workreminds me..
18:48:50adi|workLinusN: opinion
18:48:57adi|workif im looking for a blank line in a file...
18:49:12adi|workshould i be comparing to \n\n or should i take \r into account as well?
18:49:21Nomad__Linux: yeah, I was trying to attach both and hit submit by accident
18:49:59LinusNadi|work: it depends on who created the file and how
18:50:40Nomad__didn't think you wanted a separate bug report just for me to upload the mp3
18:50:48adi|workwell.. its for the sokoban levels file...
18:50:57adi|workso its possible it will be edited/created in windows..
18:51:07adi|workso i should assume for \r i would think?
18:51:09adi|workyou agree?
18:51:17LinusNi suggest you create a get_line() function that returns the string up to the next \r or \n
18:51:26TBoyone more thing
18:51:28LinusNand then strlen() to check for the empty string
18:52:18LinusNNomad__: you can add files to anm existing report
18:52:31TBoydo you guys know of such a documentation
18:54:05LinusNTBoy: what documentation
18:54:13Nomad__Linux: any idea wht the Bug # was?
18:54:42LinusNNomad__: nope, not yet, but i suspect it had to do with the recent file system bug
18:56:35Nomad__odd, it's not there (nothingon the page with today's date)
18:58:56Nomad__need to find someone who'll swap my Studio10 and cash for a studio10 with an 8meg chip... blah
19:01:18 Join sdbarker [0] (
19:01:34hardeepbleah, don't you just hate it when you add debug code to track down a bug and then it doesn't reproduce
19:01:34Nomad__Kudos to whoever did the Resume feature as well as the shuffler
19:02:32*LinusN goes to read a fairy tale to his son
19:02:35hardeepLinusN: I'm encountering skips every now and then on my AJBR6... still trying to track down what exactly is causing it
19:02:42 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|fairytale (
19:02:50 Quit TotMacher ()
19:02:52TBoyLinusN: yea like the one I was talking about
19:03:00LinusN|fairytalehardeep: aha
19:03:12LinusN|fairytalehardeep: vbr?
19:03:29hardeepLinusN: no, I'm only seeing it on CBR
19:03:36hardeepLinusN: right when the song starts...
19:03:51hardeepI'm thinking it's because it's starting too early... that's where i'm debugging right now
19:04:07LinusN|fairytalegood luck
19:04:12LinusN|fairytalemy sin calls
19:04:18hardeephave fun. :)
19:05:00LinusN|fairytaleson :-)
19:05:43langhaarrockerwell - occasionally a son results from a sin...
19:06:00langhaarrockerbut that's another fary tale
19:06:23LinusN|fairytale"programming is like sex, one mistake and you have to support it for life"
19:06:50 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:07:40 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Dr. Kavorkian would KILL to use BitchX. Shouldn't you?")
19:26:12langhaarrockerProbably Linus reads Godzilla vs Zombies meets Vampires.
19:28:21quelsaruki thought it was "how the sound bug afected rockbox"
19:29:18 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:30:22langhaarrockerdoesn't sound very violent -> wouldn't satisfy kids in these times
19:34:44 Quit Bluechip (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:35:55quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i have a story for you
19:36:13quelsarukthe warriors' prayer
19:36:40quelsarukgranpa Linus told me once and i recorded it
19:37:41*langhaarrocker shivers
19:38:40langhaarrockerlet me guess: and just before the plot comes to the end the dictataphone memory of your s55 was full?
19:41:31 Join Bagder [241] (
19:45:12quelsaruknot really
19:45:21quelsaruklet me check i have it here
19:46:37 Nick LinusN|fairytale is now known as LinusN (
19:46:54LinusNBagder: don't forget the splash function
19:47:09Bagderyou want the text centered horizonally ?
19:47:15 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
19:47:18langhaarrockerLinusN: who got more sleepy? you or your son
19:47:32LinusN|awayi always fall asleep, but not this time
19:47:47LinusN|awaygotta go
19:48:07Bagdersplash coming
19:49:51 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:01 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:55:42 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
19:56:23adi|workhmm Bagder?
19:58:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:00:51 Quit edx ()
20:01:08hardeepHmmmm... i'm only getting the skips at startup if peakmeter is enabled... anyone else seeing this?
20:02:01BagderI don't use the peakmeter
20:22:37 Join Pete [0] (
20:22:37 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:22PeteI like to measure my jb runtime. Debug -> View Runtime definetly shows incorrect value.
20:24:34PeteIs it a bug?
20:25:21Bagderpossibly, yes
20:26:10PeteOk then. I thought I might be doning something wrong.
20:29:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:45:37 Quit Pete ("Leaving")
20:56:08 Quit Nomad__ ("No windows for this server")
20:58:26 Join quelsaruk [0] (
21:04:33TBoyis there a float to string function in C and what is it
21:04:49LinusN|awayTBoy: sprintf()
21:05:03BagderLinusN|away: like the splash?
21:05:27LinusN|awayhaven't seen it
21:05:33TBoyok thx
21:05:34Bagderits committed anyway
21:06:27LinusN|awaylooks usable
21:06:40Bagdershould be a start if nothing else
21:06:44LinusN|awaywe can use that in several places
21:06:57Bagderwe could replace some other code to use this instead
21:06:58LinusN|awaylike the kaylock/mute splashes
21:10:46Bagderand the language loaded
21:12:50Bagderbut they might want the text centered... :-)
21:13:09LinusN|awayi see an extra parameter coming up
21:13:23Bagderhehe, yeah, and more complicated code
21:14:58quelsaruktime to go home!
21:15:09LinusN|awaybye quelsaruk
21:15:09quelsarukhave a nice night
21:15:11TBoywhere is the clock code
21:15:21LinusN|awayTBoy: the clock code?
21:15:35TBoywhere the clock gets shown on the status bar
21:15:46LinusN|awaystatus.c i guess
21:15:51TBoyok thx
21:17:00LinusN|awayBagder: maybe we should consider splashf(...)?
21:17:28Bagderah, you need that?
21:17:45LinusN|awayi though it would be nice for %-formatted LANG strings
21:17:53Bagderit would
21:18:06LinusN|awaythen the caller wouldn't need to sprintf into a local buffer all the time
21:18:09 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:18:10BagderI fix
21:19:07Bagderdarn windows sim got yellow
21:20:17hardeepLinusN: the startup skip i'm encountering is because playing is starting too soon (not enough data swapped) on my AJBR6
21:21:11hardeepi'm only seeing it with peak meter enabled right now... but i think it might happen even without it
21:23:21hardeepthe following quick fix solves the problem... but it's probably not right right solution:
21:23:39hardeeper, s/right right/the right
21:25:22adi|workanyone remember the url for that sliders demo?
21:25:25adi|workthe horizontal one?
21:26:39adi|workdamnit.. gotta dig into the mailling list again
21:37:15BagderLinusN|away: adding a center parameter as well
21:47:44adi|workwhats the max volume we can have?
21:47:55adi|workand is that defined somewhere?
21:49:28TBoythis is the code that shows the time, right?
21:49:28TBoy#ifdef HAVE_RTC
21:49:28TBoy tm = get_time();
21:49:28DBUGSent KICK TBoy to server
21:49:28TBoy statusbar_time(tm->tm_hour, tm->tm_min);
21:49:28Kick(#rockbox TBoy :No flooding!) by logbot!
21:49:43 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:49:47TBoyhe he
21:50:33TBoyguys did anyone get my flood
21:50:54Bagderthat's clock code, yes
21:55:27Bagdersplash(int ticks, int keymask, bool center, char *fmt, ...)
21:56:33Bagdercenter looks nice!
21:59:48Bagder <= new screenshots I made yday
22:00:09TBoycould I just get/copy the time output from the status.c to the wps
22:00:41Bagderwhy would you? get_time() returns the time
22:01:21TBoyoh excuse me, *cough* noobs on patrol *cough*
22:01:36Bagderjust use that function wherever you want the time
22:02:08TBoyok thx
22:02:12 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:10:43 Join josh966 [0] (
22:11:11Bagderalarming bug! the credits are rolling using the wrong font
22:14:32TBoybagder you should update the link on your site to the new screenshots
22:14:42TBoyit still directs to the old ones
22:14:57BagderI'll do that
22:16:08TBoyhow could I make the statusbar use the same font as my wps
22:16:54TBoythx once again
22:19:44 Join bu88a1 [0] (
22:19:47 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
22:22:15 Quit TBoy ()
22:29:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:35:18adi|workhmmm we don't have a way to write a string based off a pixel location do we... only by char location
22:35:36Bagderyes we do
22:35:43adi|worklcd_puts places by char..
22:35:47adi|workwhat should i be using
22:35:54Bagderlcd_putsxy(x, y, string)
22:36:09adi|workahh oaky
22:50:41 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
22:51:40adi|workwhat do you think? step in the right direction?
22:51:50adi|worknothing works on it yet.. im working on the drawing part first
22:52:07Bagderits looking good
22:52:25Bagderyou need to consider how to mark the active one too
22:52:29elinenbe_adi|work: I would make sure you have the numeric values in there too.
22:52:42Bagderright, add the numerical one too
22:53:03adi|workyup.. i plan on it...
22:53:16adi|workim going to follow
22:53:19adi|workas much as possible
22:53:38Bagderthat one looks nice
22:54:05adi|workshould the cursor always stay in the center and the screen scroll behind it, or should it scroll to the top, then scroll the screen?
22:54:10PsycoXulthat one looks like it's got half-full boxes too heh
22:54:31adi|workhehe yeah.. i won't be doing that..
22:54:34adi|workeither full or not...
22:54:37Bagderadi|home: I say it should scroll to the top and then move the screen
22:54:42adi|work25 boxes should be enough across the screen
22:56:21adi|workknow what would be nice? an sprintf function that wrote to the lcd
22:56:26*Bagder walks off to take a shower
22:56:27adi|worklike lcd_sprintf
23:04:54 Part sdbarker
23:05:20Bagdermmm, ice cream
23:07:19Bagderwith my remake of the sprintf code, a lcd_printf() would be really easy to add
23:10:50Bagderadded a few more shots at
23:25:13 Quit Bagder ("")
23:25:28 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:40:48 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:40:48 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43:17 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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