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#rockbox log for 2003-03-18

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01:08:58tracktheripperahh there u are :-)
01:09:03tracktheripperthought u was asleep :)
01:09:18LinusNthen i wouldn't be on this channel
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02:39:46LinusNgood night all!
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09:16:18tracktherippermornings :-)
09:16:46dwihnohello hey!
09:18:27tracktheripperwots up?
09:19:45tracktheripperat least Quel isn't in here :-)
09:20:18BagderI got this *great* idea for an ui improvement
09:20:30BagderI'll show you later
09:20:31tracktheripper<−−−−−−- wonders what it is
09:20:44Bagderit'll be a surprise!
09:20:50DBUGSent KICK tracktheripper to server
09:20:50Kick(#rockbox tracktheripper :Stop repeating yourself) by logbot!
09:21:02Bagderhe's a mean bot that thing ;-)
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09:21:21>>>"op" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
09:21:21DBUGsent MODE #rockbox +o Bagder
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09:21:49dwihnoBagder: Great UI idea? :D
09:22:14tracktheripperhe did say he'll tell us later Dwihno
09:22:31Bagderwell, at least I think it'll be a neat thing
09:22:37Bagdernot major, but neat
09:22:52tracktheripperwill it have the "inverted video line"?
09:23:01tracktheripperas like in Joquams version?
09:23:12Bagderits not cursor related
09:23:42tracktheripperyea but even so will it have the inverted video line?
09:28:08dwihnoInverted video line! :D
09:28:13dwihnoYeah! I would love that!
09:28:17dwihnoInverted video line :)~~~
09:28:31tracktheripperits present in Joquam;s interface
09:28:39tracktheripperi have the file on my Jukebox
09:29:32tracktheripperill tell you the best interface Dwhino
09:30:03dwihnoI don't really like it that much
09:30:09dwihnoBut I do like the inverted video line
09:30:17tracktheripperyea i aggree with you
09:30:18dwihno(thus, allowing more chars!)
09:30:30tracktheripperyea and its easier to see than the cursor
09:30:49dwihnoyeah... the only drawback is the speed issue, afaikl
09:31:01tracktheripperI don't find it a speed issue
09:31:07tracktheripperworks for me ok in Joquams interface
09:32:41tracktherippersurprised it hasnt been fixed yet since its been requested so many times :-)
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09:50:46quelsarukups... Bagder is up there.. i'll better shut my mouth :)
09:51:13*Bagder pokes quelsaruk with a stick
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09:57:57dwihnoInverted video line! YAY! :D
09:58:41quelsarukdwihno: you need your medicines right now!
10:02:29dwihnoquelsaruk: Nah, I could use some nice breakfast though.
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10:05:05Bagderhej Z
10:05:27dwihnoHola Zeņor Zagor ;D
10:06:07quelsarukmuy andaluz, dwihno :)
10:06:14quelsarukyou're nearly from sevilla
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10:06:35Zagormucho zapatas
10:06:49Bagdermuchos pantalones!
10:07:18Bagderwe can move more code over to use the new splash function now
10:07:40Zagoryeah. but let's not change too much right now.
10:07:57BagderI have this great idea to make it kicking
10:08:59dwihnoLet me guess...
10:09:04dwihnoInverted line? :D
10:09:10*Bagder smacks dwihno
10:09:30Bagdernow go stand in the corner!
10:09:32quelsarukdwihno: just half inverted ;)
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10:10:37*Bagder detects a lurker online
10:11:00*LinusN|lurk is curious about Bagder's idea
10:11:17Bagderits for the splash with center enabled
10:11:27Bagderthen I don't clear the whole screen
10:11:37Bagderonly the area where the text goes
10:11:43Bagderand I make a border around it
10:11:51Bagderlike a "window"
10:12:12BagderI think it'll look smashing
10:12:45Bagderfor things like "language loaded" this will be perfect
10:13:42Bagderbtw, I added more screenshots yesterday
10:14:56Bagderthat's when I found that terrible credits bug
10:15:11Bagderit used the WRONG FONT!!!
10:15:45Zagorgosh. a show-stopper!
10:16:22Bagderyes, lucky me who found it in time
10:19:31dwihnoFeatures, features, features!
10:19:37 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:19:38quelsarukBagder: i thought you used that font because you wanted it to be different
10:20:28Bagderwell, someone set the system font for the logo-screen without setting it back afterwards
10:21:05LinusN|lurkfind him and kill him
10:22:37Bagdergood idea
10:23:03Bagdercan't I just blame quelsaruk?
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10:23:34quel|outbetter i go away
10:24:17quel|outuntil Bagder drops his club
10:24:27quel|outcu later
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12:58:09elinenbehello Zagor
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13:21:14elinenbe_time to get a new router :(
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13:47:25langhaarrockerOh, btw: I had a red-led-on-freeze yesterday with yesterdays daily build.
13:47:55langhaarrocker(not reproducable)
13:48:27quel|outi had also a weird resume yesterday
13:48:53langhaarrockerhow can a resume be weired=
13:49:03quel|outit resumed my playlist.. but started again from the first song, not from last position :)
13:49:16 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
13:51:40elinenbewhoever wants to take care of this can! I found another bug.
13:52:07elinenbeYou are unable to turn off the keylock on the "keylock is on screen"
13:52:23elinenbeso, if I try and turn it off but I only end up hitting f1
13:52:41elinenbethen I have to wait for that screen to finish before I can turn it off.
13:53:31langhaarrockerMaybe this is on of those bugs you also could call feature
13:58:20 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:00:56dwihnoZagor: Bad news. I encounter RED LED DEAD during lunch...
14:01:52quelsarukyou eat red led??
14:02:10quelsarukthese swedish are strange men....
14:03:01dwihno(latest bleeding edge build)
14:03:32langhaarrockerdwihno: reproducable?
14:04:44dwihnolanghaarrocker: Fairly. It happens when reading data in a shaky environment
14:04:54dwihno(such as, my pocket while biking)
14:05:12dwihnoI never had those problem with my IBM disk.
14:06:07langhaarrockerI encountered that only once and couldn't reproduce it - no matter how much I shook the thing.
14:06:07langhaarrockerAnd it is an IBM disk.
14:06:53dwihnoI now have a hitachi disk. It doesn't happen often though, ever since I started keeping the unit in my chest pocket.
14:08:35langhaarrockerDo modern disks occasionally need some time for calibration? I once had a disk that was unusable for hd recording due to that problem.
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14:13:48quel|lunchcu l8r
14:14:02langhaarrockereet smakelijk
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15:10:45*Bagder detects a swede entering
15:14:54dwihnoHow did you know?! *ponder*
15:17:01Bagdertime to hack that splash thing
15:17:12dwihnoYay for splashes! :D
15:17:18dwihnoYay for inverted cursors ;D
15:17:59Bagderhey, we should send the "I made the build red" cap to Linus
15:18:55BagderI guess I can have a look at that too
15:20:06 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:20:24tracktherippereverybody :-)
15:20:48tracktheripperhi Badger
15:20:48tracktheripperwats up?
15:21:00tracktheripperstarted on your new interface yet?
15:21:08Bagderits not a new interface
15:21:29tracktheripperi thouight u said that eariler on
15:21:34BagderI didn't
15:21:52tracktheripperoh ok fair enough
15:21:58tracktheripperwas it an "improvement" u ment?
15:22:11Bagderyou'll find out
15:22:17Bagderif it gets good enough
15:22:30dwihnoBagder: yay! :D
15:22:34dwihnoIt's the SPLASH!
15:22:40dwihnoThe SPLASH(tm)
15:22:59tracktheripperwill it be present in the daily builds?
15:23:17dwihnoI hope so!
15:23:23dwihnoSplash + inverted cursor :-)~
15:23:34dwihnoSplash sounds pretty funky :D
15:23:40tracktheripperis it implemented now?
15:23:57dwihnoIt's in Bagder's secret bag of tricks (and starka såsen)
15:24:00tracktheripperby your excitement I thought it was
15:24:17tracktheripper<−−- wishes Zagor was here
15:24:23 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:27:38tracktheripper<−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−- Stepped out Be Back Later
15:30:39Bagderit rocks
15:30:44Bagderit just r0cks
15:30:49dwihnoThe Splash?
15:30:57Bagderhm, I'll make you a shot
15:32:18dwihnowhoa :D
15:32:21dwihnoIt's the Splash!
15:32:47*dwihno gives his seal of approval :D
15:33:58Zagorlooks neat
15:34:01Bagdershows the flexibility
15:34:09Bagderit wordwraps itself
15:34:26Zagorany "button" support? to make proper dialog?
15:34:35Bagderyeah, it waits for the given keymask
15:34:43Bagderfor a specified number of ticks
15:35:13Bagdersee apps/screen.h for the docs ;-)
15:36:19Bagderand... it works on players too!
15:36:24Bagdernot that fancy then of course
15:37:02Bagdernow if we can make that box bounce...
15:38:42dwihnoSplash + inverted cursor ;D
15:39:04Bagderso go make us that patch
15:39:26dwihnoYou already did the splash
15:42:13Zagora good smack-in-the-face to the next guy that says "let's use XML"
15:42:51 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:42:53Bagdershould I make the splash code support newlines?
15:42:59Bagderso that we can use that for the resume q
15:43:45dwihnoSplash! :D
15:44:10dwihnoInstead of a square, you can make the Splash also look like a puddle of water :D
15:45:21Bagderdo we support newlines in the lang files?
15:47:14Bagdercorrect answer is...
15:47:33Bagderso maybe I should start in that end
15:47:39HadakaZagor: did you actually read that through?
15:52:36ZagorHadaka: which?
15:53:45HadakaZagor: the xml sucks article
15:54:33ZagorHadaka: ah, that. yes I did. I admit it's not the perfect slap-in-the-face, but it has a lot of good points before the "it's inevitable" conclusion
15:55:12HadakaZagor: I thought it did a pretty good job of outlining the faults and benefits of XML
15:55:26HadakaZagor: and even did it in a rather non slap-in-the-face manner
15:55:57Zagorwell, in the religious world of XML, anything but "I worship thee" is a slap in the face to some people :-)
15:57:02Hadakaoh yes, rather good in thwarting those who do not even see the faults of XML :)
15:58:25 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
15:59:11langhaarrockerI still wonder wether xml would be a good format for storing user key schemes. It suits the job fine since in a way the different schemes are structured like a tree.
16:00:37 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:15:34Bagdernewlines was trickier
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16:18:35 Part thor__
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16:28:44Bagderhey q
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16:29:34langhaarrockerOh, Windows on Rockbox! Where's the close 'x' Button?
16:30:21Zagorlooks really good
16:30:24 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:30:27quelsaruklooks good
16:31:01ZagorBagder: does the second line scroll on the players if the text is too long?
16:31:08langhaarrockerBagder: does the usb mouse work with rockbox? :)
16:31:15quelsarukshit, i can't find any negative point
16:34:12BagderZagor: nope, it doesn't... but I guess it should...
16:34:14quelsarukBagder: any idea of how we can use that????
16:34:21BagderI'm struggling with newline support
16:34:31Bagderturned out to be a bit hairy
16:34:42Zagorquelsaruk: all questions should use this splash instead of current full-screen display
16:34:50Zagorsuch as "resume?" "really delete?" etc.
16:34:52Bagderlike "language loaded"
16:34:53quelsarukof course, zagor
16:35:18quelsaruki was thinking in a "comment box" for quick screens ;)
16:35:30quelsaruklike those yellow boxes in windows
16:38:01quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i've got linus fairytale for you :)
16:41:03quelsarukBagder, that "box" is sizable?
16:41:17Bagderyes, it sizes automaticly after the text
16:41:19quelsarukas you're going to change strings...
16:41:35Bagderit wordwraps, centers and puts it in a box
16:41:38quelsarukand has auto-center?
16:41:51quelsarukthat was what i wanted to know
16:41:57langhaarrockeris the wordwrap reusable for the text viewer?
16:42:26Bagdernot the actual code, but the same logic could be
16:43:05 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:44:02*quelsaruk is amazed
16:44:25Zagori've been thinking about having %s lines be auto-centered if they don't scroll
16:44:41quelsarukZagor: for wps?
16:44:59Zagorand a %c to only center
16:45:20quelsarukbetter if you could use %c and %s
16:45:29Zagoryeah, could work too
16:46:04quelsaruki mean, people would like to have all lines left-alineated, but still be able to scroll
16:46:26quelsarukat least me :)
16:46:38*langhaarrocker is to lazy to fix the bug that dynamic tags don't update in %s lines
16:52:16Zagorgotta go
16:52:17 Part Zagor
16:52:26langhaarrockerargh! Apocalyptica is in town tonight! I must go and buy a ticket!
16:52:37Bagderwhen the vertical lines don't fit
16:53:10quelsaruki have apocalyptica featuring metallica
16:53:13quelsarukand they are great!!
17:05:00Bagderthere it goes
17:05:22Bagderlanguage loaded is the only one using the splash so far
17:07:21hardeepheh, how about a splash on top of a splash... how many splashes can you do!
17:07:32hardeeplooks very cool :)
17:08:42quelsarukBagder: is splash going on 2.0?
17:09:05quelsaruki think it should
17:09:18langhaarrockerOnly if used consistently.
17:09:25Bagderyes, I made it for Linus and some recording splash need he had
17:10:58Bagderalthough we didn't want it centered
17:11:07Bagderand without center there's no box
17:11:14quelsaruki like it centered
17:13:07langhaarrockerBagder: next job: insert an animated icon like those help agents in Microsoft products.
17:13:07langhaarrocker(ouch I used the forbidden word)
17:13:34 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
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18:15:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] We are BitchX of Borg. You will be assimilated. Using ircII is futile.")
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19:14:38REBELinBLUEDoes anyone have the source for the daily build from the 10th?
19:16:51 Part REBELinBLUE
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19:22:42 Quit TBoy ()
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19:39:52REBELinBLUEDoes anyone know how to compile the simulator on Windows?
19:51:57 Quit REBELinBLUE (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:54:03 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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21:18:22quelsarukhas anyone seen langhaarrocker?
21:18:39PsycoXul08:27 -!- langhaarrocker [] has quit
21:18:39PsycoXul [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:18:54quelsaruk8:27 pm?
21:19:04PsycoXulit's 12:21 by my clock now
21:19:18quelsaruk4 hours before :)
21:19:27quelsaruk17 pm in europe
21:19:33quelsaruki mean 5 pm
21:19:43PsycoXulwhat about 17am?
21:19:46quelsaruk17 pm is not possible ;P
21:19:48Hadaka10 pm in finland
21:20:12quelsarukcu tomorrow then
21:20:14 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:20:22 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
21:20:57TBoy1 question regarding the, fairly new to me, splash function
21:21:43TBoyhow do I select or put in the keystrokes
21:29:24TBoyin the code that is
21:52:26 Join dvr-505 [0] (
21:52:30 Quit adi|work (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:50 Part dvr-505
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21:55:29 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:57:13TBoyI'm recieving some problems
21:57:54TBoyI seem to not find the line space where to add my Splash() in the screen so it looks like bagders photos
21:57:56 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
22:00:06 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
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22:08:11TBoyIs the splash function used anywhere else in the code
22:08:17TBoyor is it used at all?
22:08:32Zagorit's not used yet
22:08:56TBoyZagor: could this one work
22:08:57TBoy Splash(2000, 0, True, 'TBoy');
22:09:11ZagorI don't know, I haven't looked at the splash code yet
22:09:16TBoyoh ok
22:11:30 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:13:47Zagori'm off
22:13:47 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:16:42 Join Bagder [241] (
22:17:45 Join jeffery [0] (
22:19:09 Quit TBoy ()
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22:26:00REBELinBLUEdoes anyone know what B1 means
22:26:27Bagderwhat b1 means?
22:26:36REBELinBLUEIt's been on my FM screen for weeks now when I boot into the archos Firmware I've emailed them and they haven't replied I even phoned them and just put me on hold for hours
22:26:40REBELinBLUEB1 in the grid
22:26:55Bagderyou mean what the character is used for?
22:27:43BagderI've never seen it
22:27:53Bagderbut then I don't run archos firmware either
22:28:03REBELinBLUEOh also this bit at the bottom "Tests have shown that firmware sizes above 200K won't load." just to let you know they seem to work on the FM recorder, cause I compiled rockbox with some patchs and it came to 205kb
22:28:15Bagderno, 205000
22:28:31Bagder200K is 204800
22:28:46Bagderis it really 205K?
22:29:15REBELinBLUEthats what explorer said, but I don't have it anymore, I forgot to make a backup for updating
22:29:20Bagderah, ok
22:29:25Bagderexplorer should be right
22:29:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:29:38Bagderthen the limit may not apply to the fm
22:29:47BagderI'm not sure it applies to my recorder either
22:30:40REBELinBLUEmay just be the player, but seeing Rockbox is designed to work on that, it doesn't matter :D
22:31:48Bagderand the player version is a smaller binary
22:32:10Bagdermy latest player build is merely 112734 bytes
22:33:10czarnoffthe player 1.4 build is even smaller 77698 bytes
22:33:23Bagderwell, the 1.4 is also oooooold ;-)
22:33:42REBELinBLUELOL why do people are for things like this "Divx audio extractor" they must realise that you can't convert between formats without other codecs
22:34:25REBELinBLUEOr this "Make the normal Recorders pick up FM like the FM recorder" I mean thats like trying to get your toilet to pick up radio, it ain't going to work
22:34:36czarnoffWhat's the main difference (why shouldn't I stick with 1.4)?
22:35:02czarnoffbesides it being old
22:35:49REBELinBLUE:( my feature request was rejected
22:35:52REBELinBLUEoh well
22:36:10Bagderczarnoff: queueing, file management, improved mp3 playback, improved wps and more
22:36:35Bagderand the iso8859-1 support
22:36:45REBELinBLUEThe only feature I think needs to be added now is rmdir :D
22:37:07REBELinBLUEand a playlist builder like the archos FM firmware :D
22:37:43Bagderpost your patches ;-)
22:37:46REBELinBLUEnot sure how it works in the player/recorder but on the FM you "queue" the files and then select save playlist
22:37:58REBELinBLUELOL I'm very new to C
22:38:08REBELinBLUEI wish I could, only just had the lecture on pointers today
22:38:16Bagdera perfect opportunity to learn! ;-)
22:38:43REBELinBLUEthats why I've been mucking about with the source, adding things here and there just to see what happens
22:38:47BagderI bet the save-queue-as-playlist feature will be added soon
22:39:00REBELinBLUEbut I can't get the simulator to compile so it
22:39:08czarnoffWhere do you go to school?
22:39:18Bagderdoes it allow the queue to be saved like that after the songs are played or before?
22:39:22REBELinBLUEit's annoying having to transfer files between computer/archos then reboot
22:39:29REBELinBLUEeither Bagder
22:39:42REBELinBLUE<czarnoff> Where do you go to school? −− University of Plymouth in England
22:40:36czarnoffI'm going to Indiana University. They don't muck around in C much. A little disapointed really.
22:41:26BagderC isn't as popular as it used to be :-)
22:41:34Bagderpeople all learn java these days
22:41:35REBELinBLUEWe're learning C cause next year we get into assembly for micro processors etc
22:41:43REBELinBLUEGod I can't stand Java
22:41:46REBELinBLUEso sloooooooooooooooooooooooow
22:42:28czarnoffThey write everything in scheme. But on the plus side we're learning how to take scheme code, transform it to any thing. Including good uses of the C GOTO command.
22:43:14REBELinBLUEah GOTO that brings back memories
22:43:48REBELinBLUEI only really know web scripting right now though, I can get around in something like VB when it comes to actual computer programming but thats about it
22:43:59REBELinBLUEOh and the odd Shell script
22:45:20czarnoffI never got VB. I started with text BASIC and don't really under stand the VB gui system.
22:45:54REBELinBLUEOh I like the new slash(0
22:46:13*Bagder bows
22:46:16REBELinBLUEthird time lucky :D
22:47:05REBELinBLUEone question, how do I make diff files?
22:47:52Bagdershould cover the most of it
22:48:18REBELinBLUEah ha thanks :D
22:48:45REBELinBLUELOL I searched for hours the other day on applying patches, I wish I knew about that page :D
22:49:04Bagderalso try this:
22:49:15Bagdercalled "First Look at Rockbox"
22:50:06REBELinBLUEah yeah read that
22:50:12REBELinBLUEwhen using this
22:50:12REBELinBLUEWindows: (the recommended way) Setup a cygwin Rockbox development environment (uses approx 7.5MB)
22:50:20REBELinBLUEI can't compile the simulator though :(
22:50:30Bagderfor that you need a full gcc install too
22:51:02REBELinBLUEah that'll be why :D
22:51:08REBELinBLUEwhere can I get that from?
22:51:20Bagderinstall a full cygwin
22:51:51Bagderbut it'll be a lot bigger
22:51:57REBELinBLUEI'll have to do that at easter then cause there is no way I can download cygwin now
22:52:04REBELinBLUEyeah I know, I've used cygwin before :D
22:52:09Bagderah, ok
22:52:23REBELinBLUEstupid Uni halls net connection
22:52:28REBELinBLUE3pence a minute :(
22:53:37 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:56:30REBELinBLUEOK I have what I came for, now time to go play :D
22:56:32REBELinBLUEsee you
22:56:51 Quit REBELinBLUE ("going to screw up my FM Recorder :D")
23:00:02 Join edx [0] (
23:00:09Bagderhi felix
23:00:23*edx has just returned from Hannover (CeBIT :D)
23:00:39Bagderhad a good time?
23:01:37edxwent to archos :)
23:01:45Bagderyay ;-)
23:01:47edxthey had those movie glasses there
23:01:54edxunfortunately you couldn't test them
23:02:30Bagderseen my new splash?
23:02:34edxbut i collected lots of plastic bags and sweets
23:03:07Bagderto use for "pop-up" messages
23:05:26MThow fast is it? can we use it for subliminal "donate paypal to rockbox" messages
23:05:43BagderI haven't timed it
23:07:53 Quit czarnoff ("see ya")
23:18:08 Quit Nibbler ("Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.")
23:18:42 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:19:07adi|workBagder: do we want the function keys ported to it, or is it just for like help menus?
23:19:10adi|worklike demos/games?
23:19:34elinenbeoh... the function keys ported would be nice.
23:19:37elinenbethe mute menu
23:19:42elinenbethe keylock screen
23:19:50elinenbeON=YES OFF=CANCEL screen
23:19:54BagderI meant it for those pop-up messages like "language loaded" and "renamed file" etc
23:19:59adi|workgot ya
23:20:23Bagderthe mute and the keylock should use it too, yes
23:20:28Bagder"loading playlist"
23:20:40Bagder(with the counter thrown away)
23:22:04elinenbeyeah (loading playlist counter dumb)
23:22:10elinenbedelete yes/no should use ot
23:22:21Bagderyes it could
23:22:32Bagderwith a slight modification of it
23:22:42adi|workBagder where is splash located?
23:23:09elinenbeit would be nice for a help menu for games.
23:23:51Bagderjust notice that it word wraps automaticly, so it doesn't do formatted output
23:23:55Bagderat least not now
23:24:30elinenbeBadger: you want to fix a bug? :)
23:25:00Bagdernot really, but you can tell me first and then I'll decide ;-)
23:25:06elinenbeof course.... I meant Bagder!
23:25:22elinenbeyou should be able to turn off keylock in the "keylock on" screen
23:32:49adi|workin status.c we have a call to lcd_update_rect
23:32:54adi|workand it should only update the status bar,
23:33:01adi|workbut it appears to update more then 8 pixels
23:33:46adi|worki was looking at the playlist loading text to plya with your splace
23:33:49adi|worksplash even
23:33:59adi|workand i searched for l"Loading"
23:34:12adi|workstepped through.. and status_update gets called, only the status bar should be updated
23:34:19adi|workbut it puts "Loading" to the screen too
23:40:42Bagderin the sim or on target?
23:40:55adi|workim not debugging off target
23:41:04Bagderchicken ;-)
23:41:12adi|workdamn right
23:41:52adi|worki can give you a line if you want to confirm this
23:42:02Bagderthe thing is
23:42:18Bagderthat even if it updates a little too much, it shouldn't update wrong content
23:42:26adi|workthats what i was thinking
23:42:37adi|worki first thought i was catching an extra update.. thats what made me check
23:48:03adi|workknow what?
23:48:07adi|workturns out im just and idiot
23:48:19adi|workthough we do have an extra update..
23:48:26adi|workin that code we do:
23:48:36adi|work status_draw();
23:48:36adi|work lcd_update();
23:48:46adi|workits the put that preps the draw...
23:48:59adi|workactually.. wait.. no.. im not wrong
23:49:12adi|workstatus_draw should not paint loading on the screen.
23:49:16adi|workbut it does..
23:49:31Bagderwell the puts() put it in the framebuffer
23:49:45Bagderand I guess the sim version of the rect update updates too much
23:50:02adi|worki guess...
23:50:07adi|workbut seems odd...
23:50:19Bagderif you're in screens.c
23:50:25Bagdercan you remove the debug code?
23:50:31Bagder"DURING DEBUG ONLY"
23:50:35adi|workim not in it.. but ill do it
23:50:55adi|workonly 1 line :)
23:51:05Bagderbut it slows down the operation
23:51:14adi|workdone.. updating
23:53:51adi|workso what should this splash say do? say only "Loading files..."?
23:53:56adi|workand where should it do it?
23:54:13Bagderloading playlist surely
23:54:53Bagdercheck for LANG_PLAYLIST_LOAD
23:54:55adi|workwhat about "Playing..." and "%d Files"
23:55:04BagderI think we should scrap them
23:55:18adi|workokay.. so we only say Loading..
23:55:23Bagderthey only flash past for a fraction of a second anyway
23:55:29Bagderon one can read them
23:55:42adi|workshould anything be behind the splash, or just the splash itself?
23:55:44 Quit edx ()
23:56:19Bagderwhen a playlist is played in the dir browser, the dir will be left "behind" it
23:56:34Bagderand then the wps will pop up
23:57:59adi|workhmmm keymask?
23:58:29Bagderticks 0 keymask 0 to not wait for any keys

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