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#rockbox log for 2003-03-19

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00:02:39adi|workwork for you?
00:02:48BagderI like it
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00:03:20adi|workdo the same with shuffle?
00:03:39BagderI doubt we need to show the shuffle text
00:04:03BagderI use a 3400 song playlist all the time, I hardly see that text
00:04:03adi|workcomment it out for now? see if anyone notices? or just remove it?
00:04:09adi|workheheh k
00:04:15adi|workill remove them.. less updates
00:04:30Bagderyes, I think that's fine
00:04:42adi|worki assume i should leave the status_draws in?
00:05:01BagderI think not
00:05:11Bagderthe splash() may in fact overwrite the status bar
00:05:24Bagderat least in theory
00:05:44adi|workwell.. ill leave the loading now, because i need to run.. ill get the rest of the playlist stuff later
00:06:04Bagderno rush
00:08:39adi|workPlaying... could go away to right? i never see that either
00:11:25adi|workupdated.. so long
00:13:00MTi wonder if i could code some funky transitions
00:13:12MTperhaps a dissolve
00:13:36adi|workthat would be cool :)
00:13:53Bagderwell, we don't actually store what the screen looked like before the splash pops up...
00:13:58MTheck, i coded a spectrograph for my 48k spectrun, should be able to cope with one for my 2 MB jukebox \o/
00:24:39*Bagder reads a feature-request
00:24:43Bagder"tweak the firmware so the Archos will put an end to the iraqi crisis."
00:24:56MTits doable tbh
00:25:07MTare you hiding WMD in there?
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00:57:02REBELinBLUEw00t! I just wrote my first rockbox function :D
00:59:11REBELinBLUEOK so it's crappy, buggy as hell and barely works but still :D
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01:44:56Temfatein regard to the 400 maximum files in a directory... Do sub-directories count???
02:09:06TemfateNext question; anyone know if someone is working on the FM tuner code yet? Also; is there any public info on how/what triggers the pll tuning?
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04:48:56Guest3I was wondering if anyone could reccommend a recent target build or better still a stable daily. Been having hd freezing probs with daily 030312
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08:35:32BagderI like the loading thing you fixed
08:36:25Bagderthe new splash is good eye candy
08:38:07dwihnoYum! I like Splash bigtime!
08:38:24dwihnoWhat is the −−nogap LAME option really?
08:39:05Bagder"gapless encoding for a set of contiguous files" :-O
08:39:36dwihnoProducing a single file out of all supplied arguments?
08:39:52dwihnoSay "jarå" and I'll shuddup ;D
08:40:19BagderI *think* it keeps data and info from the previous file, when multiple files are encoded
08:40:45Bagderits for encoding multiple files that are a single recording split up
08:41:13Bagderso when used, it can make players play them gapless
08:41:33dwihnoHow about those CD's with zero-gap tracks? (such as remix CD's)
08:41:49Bagderit can probably be used on those
08:43:16HesIt moves a bit of audio data from the end of the previous track to the start of the next track (or the other way around) so that the audio ends on an MPEG frame boundary
08:44:05HesI did a similar perl script for raw audio data files, for mastering CDs - they have a very similar problem since audio tracks must be multiples of CD sector size
08:44:23Hes(2352 bytes)
08:45:02Bagderhow fast do the playlist load on your units?
08:45:27Bagderit's darned fast on mine
08:45:52dwihnoHmm, my 4000-something loads in 2 "ticks"
08:45:55Bagderthe 2000 - 3500 speed I wrote in the features docs seems like an understatement
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08:46:44adiamasthat splash screen is sweet :)
08:47:13BagderI just tried resuming and it looks neat then too
08:48:06dwihnoBagder: would be neat with a counter in the debug info perhaps
08:48:21dwihnoPlaylist loading speed or something like that
08:51:23Bagdernot a bad idea, no
08:53:40dwihnoIdeas for free - that's me ;D
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08:53:52dwihnoI really do enjoy the Splash btw. It's neato^2!
08:56:59adiamashow would you have a playlist loading speed in debug?
08:57:10adiamaswould it change each time you laod a new playlist?
09:02:40PsycoXulthat bitwave.html is what sony's DSD, which is used on SACD, looks like, or at least similar
09:02:48PsycoXulfor a 1760hz sine wave
09:04:10PsycoXulthat's about 0.001 seconds worth heh
09:04:43adiamasCVS Repository ( 4,310 commits, 966 adds )
09:06:22adiamasdamn 10k + page veiws on the 17th
09:07:37Bagderit would be cool to know how many people that run rockbox
09:08:59dwihno10? :)
09:09:21Bagderno, it gotta be at least 12!
09:09:35dwihnoThat sounds awfully much! ;)
09:10:01adiamasperhaps we need a web pole, or something on the forums?
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09:25:13Bagderhey dr zivago
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09:26:24Bagdercheck the compile stats
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09:26:34dwihnoZagor: I got RED LED DEAD today, but I noticed something as well. The time counter kept running, until I pressed stop. Then everything froze.
09:26:58Zagoryeah. the counter and loader are two separate threads
09:29:09BagderZagor: you should rebuild things with the new head.t on the site
09:29:21Bagderfor the new screenshot url
09:29:40BagderZagor: can you attempt to measure your playlist loading speed?
09:29:54BagderI suspect it is much faster than 3500 songs/sec now
09:30:15Bagderin fact, with the removed "counter" it feels even faster
09:30:37ZagorBagder: it parses about 4000 entries/s as far as I see.
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09:30:51Zagorthe first display shows ~1000 and the next ~5000
09:31:04adi|homestupid machine
09:33:36dwihnoPlaylist parsing at the speed of lightning :D
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09:41:50Bagdersilly bot
09:44:03dwihno><))))8> ?
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10:40:34quelsarukBagder: the op status is to remind me i must be quiet 'till 2.0 is released?
10:40:57Mode"#rockbox +o quelsaruk " by Bagder (
10:44:38Zagorwhich showstoppers are left?
10:45:01Zagorthe ata problem will probably have to stay through 2.0
10:45:49Bagderwe should ask linus
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11:15:11Dinsdaleis it possible to ask a question about the archos studio 20 in here?
11:15:24Bagdertry us
11:15:54Dinsdalethis might be very basic...please forgive me if it's an obvious question...
11:16:09Dinsdalewhat should I see on the archos lcd after the firmware information?
11:17:00BagderI guess it should change screen and display something else, like a menu or dir contents
11:17:02Dinsdalethe reason I ask, I can xfer files to the archos as a hd...
11:17:02Dinsdalethe OS sees the drive
11:17:05Bagderare you running rockbox?
11:17:11Dinsdalenot yet
11:17:18Dinsdalehere's the rub...
11:17:28Dinsdalethe lcd does not advance past the firmware information
11:17:47Dinsdaleand If I place the unit next to my ear, I hear "lots" of hd activity
11:17:56DinsdaleI never get a navigation or any menu
11:18:22Dinsdalethis was with both the archos.mod from archos, and the archos.mod from rockbox
11:18:35Dinsdaleit's a new unit...I'm wondering if something is buggered in it...
11:18:45Bagdersounds like it bugs
11:19:13Dinsdalebugs as in it's toast, or it's got firmware / os bugs?
11:19:17ZagorDinsdale: have you tried without any archos.mod at all?
11:19:18BagderI've never seen a studio 20 boot so I don't know what follows the fm ver screen
11:19:33Bagderfw even
11:19:47Dinsdalezagor: yes, without, with archos and with rockbox
11:19:57Dinsdalesame non-responsiveness
11:20:04Dinsdaleit functions fine as a hd
11:20:19DinsdaleI just cant get it to play an mp3!
11:20:42Zagorit's broken. take it back and ask for a new one.
11:20:56DinsdaleI thought as much...
11:21:09DinsdaleI was "hoping" there was something I wasn't doing properly...
11:21:44 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:23:54Dinsdalejust a thought folks...
11:24:14Dinsdaledoes anyone know if the studio 20 was shipped with mp3's already on it?
11:24:19Dinsdalesay 3, or 4?
11:24:28tracktherippermine was
11:24:45Dinsdalejack: u got a studio 20?
11:25:01PsycoXulyeah i think mine did
11:25:28Dinsdaleguys, if you have, or are familar with a studio 20...
11:25:28tracktheripperwell mine is actually a recorder 10 but i think all archoses come wiv free mp3s
11:25:46Dinsdalehow long does it take to get to the menus (boot) after the firmware info?
11:25:53PsycoXulmine's a studio20
11:26:12PsycoXulwith archos firmware or rockbox?
11:26:14PsycoXuleither way i never timed it
11:26:24Dinsdalenothing like 3 or 4 minutes or more, I hope?
11:26:45Dinsdalemine seems to "hang" on the firmware screen
11:26:46tracktherippertakes just a few seconds
11:27:26tracktheripperAre Badger's splashscreens implemented in Rockbox yet?
11:27:31DinsdaleOne left on the shelf, and I pick one that's TU....just my luck
11:27:48Dinsdalethanks for the input folks...
11:27:51PsycoXulheh no not that long
11:27:57tracktheripperwell if its faulty take it bakc
11:28:20Dinsdaleyou bet I will...but it was the only one in the store! :(
11:28:25PsycoXuldoes the HD spin up or does it sound "stuck" too like it keeps trying?
11:28:49tracktheripperShould you take it back get a Recorder, don't get a Player
11:28:51DinsdalePsyco: it spins up, and "clicks"....
11:29:08Dinsdalehead clicking
11:29:23PsycoXulrepeatedly or just like normally like HD's do when reading data?
11:29:26Dinsdaleif you hold it to your ear you can hear the head access across the cylinders
11:29:37Dinsdalesounds like normal data access.
11:29:54Dinsdalebut I 'never' get a navigation, or playback menu on the lcd
11:30:06Dinsdaleworks fine as a usb hd tho
11:30:11tracktheripperDinsdale does it work when u plug the USB cable in?
11:30:12PsycoXulwith archos firmware or rockbox?
11:30:35BagderDinsdale: tried removing the .mod completely?
11:31:00tracktheripperHi Badger
11:31:16*PsycoXul lets the master take over
11:31:19PsycoXuli'm off to bed, goodnight
11:31:21tracktheripperhow are ya?
11:33:18tracktheripperWhat does VBRFix do?
11:33:24tracktheripperits found in the same screen as Rename
11:33:41Bagderit attempts to fix the xing header in a vbr mp3
11:34:07tracktheripperim just having thoughts about the inverted video line
11:34:20tracktheripperIt looks pretty but is somewhat slower to refresh than the cursor
11:42:17dwihnothat's the price you pay
11:43:31tracktheripperive just been playing wiv it on Joauams interface
11:47:26 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:57:02langhaarrockerquelsaruk as an Ops? Isn't that to dangerous?
11:57:33quelsarukquite dangerous
11:57:46quelsarukbut Bagder is today really crazy, he's gone wild
11:57:49quelsarukso i have the power
11:58:32langhaarrockerapropos crazy: If you ever encounter Apocalyptica in your hometown - don't miss it.
12:00:07tracktheripperso no more cruelty to Archos Jukeboxes then :-)
12:08:18elinenbeI love the new splsh screens −− it makes the rockbox look very professional
12:08:52tracktheripperthey are only on playlist right now
12:08:56Bagderyeps, really neat eye candy
12:09:44tracktheripperwhen will we see more splashes Bagder?
12:10:21Bagderwhen time permits
12:10:24langhaarrockerfeature freeze doesn't seem to be very strict :)
12:10:42Bagderoops ;-)
12:10:53quelsarukBagder: remember my idea about "windows comment boxes"
12:10:56Bagderit was actually a request from linus for his recorder stuff
12:11:20Bagdernot a new feature, only making a generic function for this kind of pop-up stuff
12:11:30Bagderthen it turned out so much nicer than before ;-)
12:12:24tracktheripperBadger go the whole hog and do a total Windows interface for the recorder :-)
12:13:38langhaarrockerAre there any usb mice with usb master capabilities? They could write the position on hd so we can read it. With hd cache that shouldn't be that slow... :)
12:15:38quelsaruklanghaarrocker: why don't we use the scrren as a "touch" mouse
12:15:59quelsarukwe could press with our fingers and use it as a mouse :)
12:16:46langhaarrockerOr we could record the sound when you shove the archos over the table, analyse it and calculate the direction of the motion. voila.
12:17:08tracktheripperor being sensible use the Recorder's arrow keypad to move the arrow around and Play/pause to click
12:18:18langhaarrockerNah, the arrow keys becomes a jog dial. You must rub your finger over them cirucular.
12:18:31 Join LinusN [200] (
12:18:44tracktheripperand on the Players the ON button will be used as the circle keypad doesn't have a middle play button
12:18:44LinusNZagor: you were asking about showstoppers
12:19:23LinusNi want the remote control to work when keylock is on
12:19:41quelsarukhi LinusN
12:19:47LinusNi want working S/PDIF feedback (i'll do this tonight)
12:19:50tracktheripperHi Linusn
12:19:53LinusNhi all
12:20:06tracktheripperlo all :-)
12:20:13LinusNi want to complete the C
12:20:18LinusNthe VBRfix code
12:21:11*langhaarrocker recons Linus in burst mode.
12:21:34*matsl is away: I'm busy
12:21:37quelsarukLinusN: that means that nowadays we can't use digital in to record??
12:22:14tracktheripper<−−−−−−- is Away be back later
12:23:46LinusNquelsaruk: it works, but the levelk meter
12:23:53LinusNbut the level meters don't
12:24:22LinusNi finally got myself a S/PDIF device to test with
12:24:29quelsaruki tried it last week, and thought it wasn't usable yet :)
12:25:05LinusNi discovered that my laptop had an S/PDIF output (in the S-video connector)
12:25:13elinenbeLinusN: I was wondering.. when you make a recording does it automatically implement the VBRFix?
12:25:29LinusNelinenbe: no, it doesn't. that would take too much time
12:25:48LinusNnot possible to do in real-time
12:25:58LinusNso you have to post-process it
12:26:14LinusNbut it inserts an empty Xing header
12:26:17elinenbecould it be done in the background while another recording is being made?
12:26:28LinusNso the file is recognized as a VBR file
12:26:58LinusNthe vbrfix code uses the entire mp3 buffer
12:27:20elinenbeoh. what does the wps end up showing for the bitrate?
12:27:22*LinusN remembers that he forgot to add the "please stop the music" splash in vbrfix
12:27:36LinusN0 kbps
12:27:39*elinenbe likes the new splash
12:28:29 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|away (
12:28:31langhaarrockerLinusN: I haven't tried for a while - but did you know that when you use the jukebox as a spdif source it used to interrupt the spdif stream when songs changed? The interruption makes the spdif drain resyncronize and drop some audio.
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12:41:17Linus|awaylanghaarrocker: it shouldn't do that unless there is a gap in the mp3 stream
12:41:35Linus|awayall gaps whould be gone in the current builds
12:42:22langhaarrockerI know that you improved the id3 tag skip stuff thus I wouldn't be surprised if the problem has gone.
12:42:34langhaarrockerHaven't tried since then.
12:48:23*matsl is back (gone 00:26:49)
12:52:33langhaarrockerLinusN: I'm not sure but it might be an interesting idea to intentionally interrupt the spdif stream on song changes. There are md recorders that note this as a track change and generate a new track on the md. Good for copying whole albums.
12:52:53matsldwihno: I just ran out of it.
12:53:08Linus|awaylanghaarrocker: good point
12:53:09dwihnomatsl: That's bad news indeed :~(
12:53:13dwihno*installing JRE*
12:53:15matsldwihno: Sorry. bb next year.
12:53:16*dwihno does not like java
12:53:49langhaarrockerjava is cool
12:53:51elinenbelanghaarrocker: that would be better off as an option
12:54:01Linus|awayelinenbe: of course
12:54:06langhaarrockerelinenbe: yes definitly
12:54:08matsldwihno: are you installing it just so that you can delete it?
12:55:10elinenbeI think we should have an "errata" for the 2.0 build.
12:55:20elinenbebugs which are known about but not yet fixed
12:55:31elinenbeunless, of course, all bugs are fixed!
13:00:25 Quit Dinsdale (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:03:14dwihnomatsl: I don't like JRE... But I need it for some (dumbass) management utility
13:16:51Bagderelinenbe: feel free to make/start such a list ;-)
13:17:47Linus|awaywe really need to fix the remote control keylock issue, it's embarrassing
13:18:18BagderI disagree
13:18:21ZagorLinus|away: I disagree
13:18:29Zagorvery few people use the remote.
13:18:30Linus|awaythat's because you don't use the remote
13:18:39Zagorit's a silly problem. but it's not critical.
13:18:43Bagderif people really cared that much, we would've gotten a patch long ago
13:19:12Linus|awayonly clueless people have a remote, so they can't make a patch :-)
13:19:30Linus|away(zagor has one)
13:19:39*Bagder falls off his chair
13:20:25elinenbeI think the most important issue pending 2.0 is the doom port
13:20:39Linus|awayyeah, it still has bugs
13:22:03Linus|awaythe drive spins up when i fire the rocket rifle
13:22:18Linus|awayand the explosions are distorted
13:22:32elinenbeand the sounds need to be updated to 320kbps mp3s
13:23:00elinenbealso, I don't like the slowdown with over 30 sprites on the screen
13:23:07elinenbethat should be addressed
13:23:14Linus|awayand the graphics on the player version is still a bit rough
13:23:16BagderI think I've noticed slight bad fps-rates when I see more than 20 enemies on the screen at the same time
13:23:45Linus|awayBagder: did you use the "turbo" option?
13:24:17elinenbebut, whoever did the patch that updates the player to the recorder display without any harware modifications has fixed that pretty well.
13:24:32Bagdernope, I only used the super-boost option, I thought that implied turbo
13:25:30elinenbeno, you also have to select turbo −− I am fixing that right now.
13:28:13 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
13:33:50*matsl is away: I'm busy
13:44:51 Quit dwihno ("Lost terminal")
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13:49:45*matsl is back (gone 00:15:54)
13:49:48*langhaarrocker detects 8MB daily build
13:50:02Bagdercool huh? ;-)
13:50:18Bagderits actually only in the cvs build table atm
13:51:11langhaarrockerI still wonder wether I want to do the mod: there really is no reason to do so besides just for doing it.
13:51:43Bagderslightly longer battery life
13:52:30langhaarrockerI've never run out of batteries yet. I use the thing on train journeys mainly which hardly take longer the half an hour.
13:52:36 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:01:00tracktheripper<−−−−−−−− is back
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15:07:00 Part Zagor
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15:19:10langhaarrockerweather calls me. Must go flying
15:19:30 Part langhaarrocker
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15:28:00elinenbequick question... splash() works on both player and recorder, so I can just make a call to it without and #ifdefs
15:28:28Bagderas long as you use a keymask that both units have
15:29:58ZagorBagder: did you fix the "side borders"?
15:30:35Bagderroom for improvement
15:33:06Bagdershould be an easy fix of course
15:33:46Bagderwe should also try to get the second line scrolling on players, in case it doesn't fit
15:34:19dwihnoDo you guys know why USB2 disk transfers are < 480 mbit/s?
15:34:30Bagderbecause the disk isn't fast enough
15:34:41elinenbeBecause your processor is a 485
15:35:32 Quit Bagder ("")
15:36:53dwihnoNo way! The disk is fast as foo!
15:37:38elinenbemaybe your disk is slow as foo!
15:40:15elinenbesplash() does not seem to work with scrolling wps lines
15:40:47Zagorelinenbe: you mean the scroll doesn't stop?
15:41:05elinenbeI have changed the keylock and mute texts to splash
15:41:16elinenbeand lines that scroll just overwrite it.
15:42:15elinenbeZagor: get to work on it! ;)
15:43:14elinenbeis it easy to stop scrolling under that?
15:43:50elinenbewell, that is too easy.
15:43:58elinenbewiil that stop all lines scrolling?
15:46:00elinenbeZagor: how do you restart scrolling lines/
15:46:28Zagoryou don't... :-)
15:46:35Zagorwps_refresh() or something like it
15:46:42elinenbeokay =)
15:53:46elinenbea problem with wps_refresh is it resets all the scroll lines.
15:54:46elinenbeI'll let someone else fix it. I have to go fix our server here.
15:56:27elinenbehint (Zagor) ;)
15:56:55Zagor"introducing the car CD changer project" <−−−− yay!
15:57:07elinenbethat is really nice.
15:57:34elinenbeit can be powered on using uwe's alarm mod −− right?
15:57:53Zagoronly timed power-on
15:58:11elinenbecouldn't you connect the power on to the cd changer power on?
15:58:31elinenbeit could be done pretty easily with a mod
16:00:34Zagoryeah, but the changer project aims to not need any mods
16:01:11elinenbewell, how is it going to plug into the car changer harness? I thought they already modded it.
16:01:53Zagorno, they use a more complex serial code to make half-duplex read/write possible
16:02:58elinenbeI see that... so, you are able to read/write to the remote pin on the archos?
16:03:49elinenbethe remote is a 4 headed plug −− right?
16:04:48Zagorbut you need an equally complex half-duplex device on the other end...
16:05:08elinenbeah, so theoretically if you had a nice data protocol written you could send a song from one jukebox to another with a 4head-4head cable (albiet slowly)
16:05:34elinenbethis is exciting.
16:15:57 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:16:13Mode"#rockbox -o quelsaruk " by quelsaruk (
16:16:23quelsarukif bagder is not op.. i'm not op :)
16:30:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:38:51elinenbequelsaruk: you can make me op.
16:43:06quelsaruki'm not op
16:43:26quelsarukzagor, bagder, linus and dunno who's else op
16:50:29 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
16:51:51 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
16:58:55 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:02:22 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:16:54TBoyhey I got an idea
17:17:16TBoyit would be cool to use the splash to show the queue delete vbr fix aso.
17:17:23TBoywhile browsing the songs
17:17:32TBoyget my drift?
17:18:03Zagorgotta go
17:18:04 Part Zagor
17:18:22quelsaruknot me...
17:18:25quelsaruki mean
17:18:34quelsaruki can't follow your thought
17:18:42TBoyare you talking to me?
17:19:58TBoyI mean if I press the play+on button. That it would be cool to then show it up as a msg type box to ask you what you want
17:20:07TBoyto do
17:21:19quelsarukbut isn't that a quick menu screen?
17:21:44TBoyyeah could be, I just called it msg box
17:21:44quelsarukyou mean using QMS like popup boxes?
17:21:57quelsarukcould be interesting
17:22:28TBoythat way it would be possible to see what song/file you or working with
17:22:52quelsaruknow i'm lost again
17:22:56quelsaruki'm asleep
17:23:19TBoyok I meant I could then still see in what folder I was and so on
17:24:05quelsaruki must go
17:24:09 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:28:42TBoycan somebody tell me where the startup logo is
17:29:21TBoyin what file
18:19:53TBoynever mind
18:20:47 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:27:30 Join edx [0] (
18:30:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:28quel|outTBoy: isn't ther a icon.c or something like that??
18:48:02TBoyyeah but I meant where it is
18:48:20TBoyso that I can put some of those splashes like bagder did on his examples
18:48:36adi|homeyou don't need to mess with icon.c to have the splashes
18:48:47adi|homejust include screens.h
18:48:51adi|homeand then call splash
18:49:01TBoyI knew that
18:49:26adi|homeso why worry about icon.c?
18:49:27TBoybut where does the rockbox sign at bootup appear in the code
18:50:10adi|homeyou want to put splash with the logo in it?
18:50:35TBoyI mean I want the logo to have a splash on it
18:50:46adi|homewhat do you want in the splash?
18:51:06TBoysomething like this
18:51:44adi|homeokay.. one sec
18:52:08TBoyI just want to know in wich file i should put it
18:52:18TBoythe rest I want to try myself
18:52:56adi|homethe logo is displayed in main_menu.c
18:53:08adi|homespecifically, show_logo()
18:53:38adi|homeim off
19:06:07quel|outthat cd charger project sounds good
19:09:09TBoywhats that
19:09:32quel|outa new mail sent to the list
19:09:42TBoyok I'll look at it
19:10:13quel|out3 guys that have made a bidirectional i/o box for rockbox, so you can control it with your cd charger on the car
19:11:31TBoyoh kwl
19:19:30 Join Temfate [0] (
19:33:53 Join Bagder [241] (
19:34:20quel|outhi again Bagder
19:34:26 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:34:27Bagdergood evening
19:34:34quelsarukbuenas tardes
19:34:40TBoygood evening
19:34:58TBoywhat good is the bookmark feature
19:35:39Bagderit makes multiple resume points
19:36:36*Bagder walks away to do the dishes
19:37:44TBoyso basicly I could bookmark my favorite positions in some songs
19:39:47TBoypretty cool
19:40:06TBoyso when will it be implemented or will it?
19:40:37quelsarukif i'm not wrong
19:41:12TBoyso will I be able to do some key combination and then select bookmark or haven't you thought about it yet
19:41:39quelsarukdunno.. ask Bagder
19:43:03TBoyok, bagder : )
19:46:06TBoysplash(1000, 0, true, 'Moin');
19:46:14TBoyguys what is wrong with that line
19:46:32quelsaruki haven't seen splash() yet...
19:46:48TBoyIt now only shows the build version and not the rockbox pic
19:46:56TBoyand if I do it this way
19:47:00TBoysplash(2000, 0, true, "Moin");
19:48:12TBoyit just shows a Box that goes beyond
19:48:38TBoythe screen that is
19:49:41TBoyBagder: when you come back can you maybe answer my question
19:49:42Bagderwhat exactly are you doing and what is your question again?
19:50:36TBoyI want to do the same you did on your examples with splash
19:50:43TBoyand my line looks like this splash(2000, 0, true, 'Moin');
19:50:55Bagderthose ' are plain wrong
19:51:13TBoyso what should it be
19:51:22Bagder"this is a test beep beep"
19:51:35TBoyyeah I did that to
19:51:38BagderI used splash(HZ*10, 0, true, "the string");
19:52:15TBoybut then the it just makes a box that goes beyond the screen
19:52:39Bagderplease explain how it can go "beyond" the screen
19:53:00quelsaruki suppose that he gets the logo in top of the box
19:53:00TBoyyeah it just shows two lines with nothing in siede
19:53:09TBoyno it looks like this
19:53:12quelsarukwell.. not really ;)
19:53:33TBoybuild version
19:53:35TBoylike that
19:53:58Bagderyou mean without vertical lines on the sides?
19:54:10Bagderits on purpose
19:54:14TBoyand my msg isn't there
19:54:16Bagderwhen the text gets too wide
19:54:20Bagdernot there?
19:54:25TBoyno its blank
19:55:06Bagderyou run it in the sim?
19:55:55TBoynope on the FM
19:56:12Bagderbut the loading works when you play a playlist, right?
19:56:17Bagderthe "loading" I mean
19:56:21TBoythat work
19:56:37BagderI don't have an explanation
19:56:40Bagdermight be a bug
19:56:50TBoyok I'll try something
19:57:20TBoybagder I had an idea
19:58:15Bagderideas are good
19:58:19TBoywouldn't it be cool to use the splash to show the queue, delete and the vbr fix to appear as an popup box?
19:58:49Bagderthat would require an improved splash
19:58:58Bagderbecause currently it can't deal with newlines
19:59:09Bagderand certainly no cursor or anything
19:59:32quelsarukBagder: nor even using a "touch pad"??
19:59:47quelsarukarchos screen is big enough for that ;)
20:05:27TBoyI don't get your drift quel?
20:05:45TBoyor maybe its not my business, hehe ; )
20:05:49Bagderhe's on the lose from a mental institution ;-)
20:07:17Bagder"la casa de los locos"
20:07:24TBoyno seriously, using it as a touch pad
20:07:29quelsarukBagder: ask logbot to define me, so tboy who am i :)
20:07:45#>>"explain quelsaruk for the rest of us please please please" by Bagder (
20:08:10Bagderand logbot is never wrong
20:08:36quelsarukTBoy: if you can use archos screen as a touch pad.. you're the coolest man on the world ;)
20:08:42TBoykeep up the sacrificing
20:09:16TBoyyeah but that would require extra hardware modification
20:09:36quelsaruka lot of hardware mod
20:10:11TBoybagder: I did another test and with this line it doesn't show the rb logo nor the box/lines or my msg
20:10:18TBoy splash(1000, 0, true, "Moin");
20:12:02 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:12:03 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
20:12:16TBoywith that line
20:12:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:12:42TBoymaybe I placed it on the wrong line
20:12:50tracktheripperEvening All
20:13:03Bagder'lo trackie
20:13:04tracktheripperhi Tboy
20:13:10tracktheripperhey Badger
20:13:16tracktheripperI do like ur new splashscreen
20:13:21tracktheripperlooks very smart
20:13:22TBoybagder I placed it on line 138
20:13:32TBoyunder the show_logo()
20:13:46BagderI put it in the ask_resume() function
20:13:58TBoyin the function
20:14:02tracktheripperBadger that new WPS tag that shows approximate time left in battery takes ages to update itself
20:14:21tracktheripperI tried it and it only refreshes it in 15-20 minute chunks
20:14:35BagderI don't know how that works
20:14:54TBoyin what file I'm placing it in the main.c
20:14:59tracktheripperI wasn't sure whether or not to submit that as a bug reportg
20:15:07TBoymaybe thats what makes my the n00b that I am
20:15:31TBoyto n00b or not to n00b that is the question
20:16:04Bagderrockbox is right now more than 50000 lines of C code
20:16:14Bagderits hard to know everything in there
20:16:14tracktheripperWhat is the Xing vbr header in vbr files anyway
20:16:22Bagderthe xing is like an index
20:16:32tracktheripperyea but what does it do?
20:16:36TBoyahh regarding the wps
20:16:50TBoythe current volume tag
20:17:01tracktheripperwell im not particulary worried as I don't like vbr files anyway
20:17:04Bagdertracktheripper: it has 100 positions for each percentage of the file
20:17:11Bagderso that you can fast-jump in the file
20:17:15tracktheripperprefer CBR at 192kbs for all my files
20:17:19Bagderand even estimate average bitrate etc
20:17:40TBoyit only gets updated when a new song i get played or I go in the menu
20:18:10tracktheripperwhen is version 2.0 coming?
20:19:01tracktheripperBadger in your honest opinion, what do u think is better, the inverted video line or the cursor?
20:19:09Bagderno idea
20:19:14Bagdernever used the inverted one
20:19:17tracktheripperim not sure myself
20:19:28tracktheripperthe inverted line looks nice but is very slow to refresh
20:19:33tracktheripperon Joquams interface
20:19:47tracktheripperbut then its swings and roundabouts
20:20:48quelsarukonly 5000 lines??
20:20:55Bagderadd a 0
20:21:11quelsaruki thought you were clever enough to keep all that in mind Bagder ;)
20:21:13Bagder58851 lines
20:21:18Bagder1684145 bytes
20:21:31BagderI'm only pretending I do good things
20:21:38BagderI fake it
20:21:39tracktheripperis having his dinner be back later
20:22:04TBoythats the way ahha bag likes it ahhahaha
20:30:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:32:07tracktheripperis back
20:34:24TBoyI put it in the splash line in the ask_resume function and it also doesn't show the the msg nor the logo
20:34:33TBoyI must be doing something wrong
20:34:54quelsarukwhy sould it show the logo?
20:35:16quelsaruki suppose that it's logical
20:35:24quelsarukresume is on start up...
20:36:00quelsarukas i told you before, i haven't had the pleasure to test the splash function
20:36:11TBoywell bagder told me that he put it there
20:37:30quelsaruki'll try that function tomorrow, until then.... i can't tell you anything
20:37:48TBoyokey dokey
20:38:01Bagderit works for me
20:38:17quelsarukTBoy: try to sacrifice a goat
20:38:20TBoyman there is one thing I can tell you
20:38:21 Join Obiwan [0] (
20:38:29quelsaruk*that* works for me most times :)
20:38:36TBoyIt sux not to have the knowledge of you guys
20:39:29quelsarukmy knowledge?? i have none ;)
20:39:39quelsarukjust luck and patience
20:39:40tracktheripperTboy i know a bit about the Archos that is not code-related
20:39:58TBoywell then excluding quelsaruks knowledge, hehe
20:40:09TBoyand trackers hehe
20:40:41tracktheripperJust wondering what is the most outrageous feature request in Sourceforge
20:40:54quelsaruki know which one is...
20:41:03tracktheripperwots that Quel?
20:41:55quelsarukfm support for normal recorder
20:42:08TBoyyep thats crazy
20:42:09tracktheripperwell i did NOT submit that one :-)
20:42:42quelsarukof course....
20:42:53quelsaruki didn't even try to say that
20:43:18quelsarukthat's to weird, *even* for you ;)
20:43:34tracktheripperI never submit funny requests!!!
20:43:49BagderI liked the iraqi request
20:44:01tracktheripperBadger I did not sumbit that one :-)
20:44:10tracktheripper(((begins to blush)))
20:44:16quelsarukiraki request?
20:44:20quelsarukwhich one was that?
20:44:26tracktheripper((turns beetroot))
20:44:38Bagderit was rejected ;-)
20:44:46TBoybagder: give me a hint
20:44:47Bagder"tweak the firmware so the Archos will put an end to the iraqi crisis."
20:44:52TBoythere are 3 ask_resume
20:45:04TBoyin a row, with code between them
20:45:10TBoyis it 1, 2, 3
20:45:19tracktheripper<−−−− runs off
20:45:20TBoyI always fail,
20:45:21Bagderthere is only one
20:45:34*TBoy falls down dead
20:45:43Bagderon line 474 in tree.c in my copy
20:45:55quelsaruki must go home
20:45:57quelsarukcu tomorrow
20:45:59tracktheripperim sure the iraqi request is possible :-0
20:46:02Bagdernight q
20:46:19quelsarukha det sa bra Bagder :)
20:46:35Bagderhaha, I will!
20:46:48*TBoy rises again and climbes up to his chair
20:46:49quelsaruki expected a "detsamma" from you
20:47:02Bagderlo misma
20:47:13 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:48:28TBoyso bagder now its only us the noobs and bagder and alot of other silent guys
20:48:51BagderI'm about to leave soon too
20:49:08TBoythat cd-control code-thingy is cool
20:49:15tracktheripperI think you could "hardware mod" the Archos to pick up FM
20:49:17Bagdersome people are nuts
20:49:25TBoythe project those guys are working on
20:49:36Bagdertracktheripper: yeah, receive fm and feed the line in ;-)
20:49:39Obiwanhey everybody
20:49:49TBoyhey obi
20:50:14ObiwanI'm using the fm recorder thanks for starting to support it
20:50:33Bagderhehe, we support everything people write code for! ;-)
20:50:36tracktheripperyea its a shame Bjorn and co wont support the Multimedia
20:50:53ObiwanI was wondering, if i want to rename, delete etc...
20:51:03Obiwanwhat f keys or combos do i use
20:51:12Bagderwith a recent daily build, use on+play
20:51:16Bagderin the dir browser
20:51:21Obiwanoh ok
20:51:36BagderI wish I could say "read the docs" ;-)
20:51:39tracktheripperBadger why wont Bjorn and co support the multimedia?
20:51:48Obiwanhow's the radio support going?
20:51:57Bagder"Björn and co" support everything we get code for
20:52:12Bagderif no one writes code for multimedia, then we don't support it
20:52:19Bagderand I doubt anyone ever will
20:52:33Obiwanwhole different animal
20:52:47TBoyits so ironic how everything I try to edit in the code results to another problem
20:52:53TBoyI got the msg bagder
20:53:02TBoybut know the rocbox logos gone
20:53:07BagderObiwan: AFAIK, there is only one person who even thinks about adding FM receiver code and that is Linus, who's bogged down with other stuff and a tough personal life atm
20:53:24Obiwanah i see
20:53:34Obiwanits not that big of a deal i guess
20:53:41TBoyisn't he the only one of you that has one
20:53:43Obiwanthe radio isnt very good
20:53:51TBoythats true
20:54:00TBoyI aint that much a fan of radio
20:54:19BagderI sometimes pretend I have a life
20:54:24tracktheripperFor those who own an FM radio what is the radio qualiry like?
20:54:43TBoybut what is really strange the first time I got my FM and I tried the fm function and the first radio station I found was talking about Porn
20:54:53ObiwanI live in san francisco so i can get most local stations well
20:54:54TBoyand the definition of the word Pron
20:55:01Obiwanbut even then its not great
20:55:09tracktheripperim thinking of getting a Multimedoa
20:55:14tracktherippersound really handy to have'
20:55:19TBoyI live in germany and it work ok but it is pretty sensitve
20:56:13TBoyyeah I could have got the fm for the same price as my fm
20:56:19TBoyI mean the multimedia
20:56:20tracktheripperwoat are the proprietrory batteries like in the FM recorder?
20:56:51tracktheripperi want a multimedia with the camera attachment
20:57:10TBoyarchos made some sort of mistake with the multimedia the put some 1100 mah
20:57:21TBoybatterys in
20:57:31tracktheripperI want to get 2000Mah batteries but cant find them
20:57:46TBoyinstead of the 2200 they said
20:57:52TBoybut the fm got some 2200
20:57:57Obiwanyay! the delete and rename are mine muh ah ah ha ha
20:58:00tracktheripperwell you still get 9 hour battery life
20:58:08tracktheripperon the Multimedia
20:58:12TBoyand I get aprox. 12-14
20:58:19TBoyyeah now but the first editon
20:58:30TBoythey got ones that only last 3 hours
20:58:39TBoybut its a cool box though
20:58:52TBoyI mean I like the idea to see vids
20:58:58TBoybut I just want my rockbox
20:59:03tracktheripperand to take digital snaps
20:59:05TBoyI want my Rockboy!
20:59:16BagderI bought my unit largely for being able to do rockbox
20:59:27tracktheripperand I want timestretching in Rockbox :-)
20:59:29Bagdernow I wouldn't dream of getting one I can hack
20:59:39Obiwanin the battery capacity settings, what do you guys use?
20:59:52tracktherippertimestretch is sooooooooooooooooooo cool
21:00:02BagderObiwan: you should set it to what your batteries are
21:00:11ObiwanI didnt really know so i just left it at 1500
21:00:18Bagderits used for the life-time expectancy evaluation
21:00:30Bagderwhich I believe is rather shaky anyway ;-)
21:00:49Obiwanso 1500 is good for the fm recorder standard batteries?
21:00:51Bagderthe recorder has 1500mAh ones from factory
21:00:58TBoyno for the fm its 220
21:01:00Bagderdon't know about the fm
21:01:08TBoyI got the fm too
21:01:24Obiwanok i guess i should change it up
21:01:28tracktheripperill buy an FM of someone :-)
21:01:34tracktheripperif someone no longer wants it
21:01:35TBoywe got 2200 mah li-ons
21:02:24Obiwanso that'll give me more play time? or...
21:02:31Obiwanif its set properly
21:02:39 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:03:08TBoyI think so
21:03:15TBoyyou'll have to ask bagder
21:03:25Obiwanwell good enough for me
21:03:37Bagderthe setting doesn't change runtime
21:03:46Bagderit just change how it calculates how long it'll live
21:04:03TBoyI'm just the friendly guy which hangs aroung here argueing bagder and the rest of his soldiers
21:06:42Obiwanwell thanks guys, i'm sure i'll be around more and more. keep up the good work
21:07:13 Quit Obiwan ("Leaving")
21:07:16*Bagder just detected Archos sells a "de luxe" version of the recorder
21:07:44TBoybagder: what is different while compiling the normal and the debug version
21:07:48Bagderits the exact same thing, but with the travel kit included, by the look of it
21:08:05TBoyI know that was some how cheap to call it de luxe
21:08:07BagderTBoy: the debug version is for gdb-ing on target
21:08:14TBoyoh ok thx
21:09:27Bagderadi|home: you alive?
21:09:39adi|worki got the FAQ email :) im working on it ":)
21:09:50Bagderyou pre-empted my q then
21:10:06 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:10:10Bagderthose commit mails are useful ;-)
21:11:47Bagdersee ya tomorrow
21:11:49 Quit Bagder ("")
21:52:07 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:55:39 Join edx [0] (
22:00:39 Quit Temfate (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:21:09 Quit TBoy ()
22:30:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:34:08 Join QInter [0] (
22:34:26QInterHi all
22:35:04 Join slutmo [0] (
23:11:46 Quit Snorlax ()
23:11:59 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:30:44 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:32:55 Quit QInter (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:44:04 Join josh966_ [0] (
23:56:41 Quit edx ()
23:56:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")

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