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#rockbox log for 2003-03-20

00:15:48josh966_anyone here have the remote control?
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00:17:05Temfateis the CVS server having problems? Anyone?
00:23:39 Part Linus|away
00:25:31adi|worknot as far as i know
00:25:48adi|worknope.. seems fine to me..
00:27:03adi|work<jedix> so, what is the firmware coded in?
00:27:03adi|work<Linus> C
00:27:03adi|work<jedix> really? I was expecting some sort of assembly
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00:27:03adi|work<Zagor> some assembly required :)
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00:27:10adi|workhehe i love that one...
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00:31:30Temfatenevermind... it was just being slow... gave me an EOF a few times....
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00:35:21Temfateanyone know of a easy way to get a memory dump while still running archos firmware? trying to find fm tuner adjustment calls...
00:44:27adi|worknope.. you need to wait for zagor or bagder for that
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01:02:05elinenbehas anyone seen this:
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08:03:11adi|homezagor.. just so you know.. i hosed the FAQ on the web..
08:03:15adi|homei fixed it..
08:03:24adi|homebut until it updates.. itll looked hosed
08:03:29Zagorhehe, ok
08:04:14adi|homemade the mistake of leaving #!/usr/local/bin/perl when it should have bin /usr/bin/perl :)
08:09:37adi|homebut is fixed :)
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08:32:14adi|homezagor.. if im reading the sokoban levels file, i should take \r\n into account, not just \n correct?
08:32:59Zagor\n is ok, imho. that is not a file many people should be messing with
08:33:40adi|homecool... makes life easier :)
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08:36:41Nexusanyone here?
08:36:57Nexushad a Question
08:37:35Nexuswhen i plug my wall power adapter into the jukebox, (studio 20)
08:37:47Nexusin the dc in port
08:38:15Nexusit never seems to want to register properly, the green light at the top wont' stay on....i have to twist the plug in till it's at the right angle
08:38:23Nexusbefore it will stay recharing
08:38:30Zagorhardware glitch
08:38:35Nexusand if it gets bumped u have to twist it till it's in th right place
08:38:47Nexusany way to fix that?
08:39:07Nexusi was gonna take it apart and try to clean out any dust or other crap in the port
08:39:14Nexusshoudl i even bother?
08:39:29Zagorit's probably a bad solder. try resoldering the DC connector to the board.
08:39:43Zagorshouldn't be difficult
08:39:46Nexusi will try that
08:39:48Nexusthnx zagor
08:40:09Zagorno problem
08:42:04 Quit adi|home (Remote closed the connection)
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08:59:34*matsl is away: I'm busy
09:14:50Nexuszagor u there?
09:15:10Nexusi've never opened one of these puppies before
09:15:16Nexusi've taken off all the plastic stuff
09:15:28Nexusbut that's as far as i've gotten
09:15:45Nexusi have a web cam and could take a picture to show u where i'm at
09:15:54Nexusnot too sure where i go next...
09:16:13Zagorhave you read here:
09:16:14Nexusoh i see four screws on the bottom
09:16:19dwihnoIt's easy as 1, 2, 4 ;)
09:16:27dwihnoYAY! :D
09:16:29Nexusthat helps
09:16:32Nexusdidn't see that
09:16:40Nexusthat's where i was
09:23:44*Nexus can smell the hair burning from inside his studio 20
09:26:30dwihnoHowdy ho!
09:26:44adi|homezagor we have an isspace() right?
09:27:04adi|homenm.. got it
09:30:08 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:30:21quelsaruksunny morning
09:31:34dwihnovery nice weather
09:31:38dwihnoperfect for a fish :D
09:32:04quelsarukwe had a lot of clouds and rain 'till this morning
09:32:37Nexusanyone know what would be a good alternative to desoldering braid?
09:32:43quelsarukwe passed from 25C to 10C last weekend, and weather is getting warmer again
09:33:49dwihnoWe have 0 degrees
09:34:11dwihnowoops, colder than I thought
09:35:06quelsaruki'm never going to sweden ;)
09:35:19adi|homeokay.. next interesting sokoban question..
09:35:40adi|homehow do i tell if a) they have beaten all the levels, or b) we failed to find a valid map
09:36:04adi|homeshould i assume that once we load a single good map, that the next failure to read, or to find a valid map means you won?
09:36:41quelsarukadi|home: does a person win if he completes all maps? or just i he completes the last one?
09:36:58adi|homei dunno.. i dont know the rules :)
09:37:14quelsarukisn't sokoban your game?
09:37:30adi|homenope :)
09:37:34adi|homeim just maintainer sorta
09:37:39adi|homei stole it from eric :)
09:37:55quelsaruki haven't played sokoban in a long time, but there's a multi-resume or something like that or not?
09:37:59adi|homeit needed oh-oh-ifing as it were...
09:38:10adi|homeright now..
09:38:13adi|homeyou either beat a level
09:38:16adi|homeor come back to it
09:38:20adi|homebut we have a 5 move undo now
09:38:53adi|homeone of my cleaner hacks if i do say so :)
09:39:16quelsarukcould you store which one is the last level the guy solved?
09:39:26adi|homei could, but not yet :)
09:39:39adi|homeonce i get dynamic level loading
09:39:50adi|homemy next step is to store a game, so you can midgame resume :)
09:39:53Schnueffi think level file should stop loading on first error
09:39:54quelsaruki mean.. if i've done just 'till number 13, i can jump up to level 14, not to 15 or 30
09:40:16adi|homewell.. right now you can fastforward through them all...
09:40:23quelsaruki know
09:40:25adi|homeid like to turn that off once level saving is made
09:40:43adi|homeyou can go backwards all you want... jumping forward feels like a cheat to me :)
09:40:52quelsarukadi|home: i say this, so when you finish all maps, you can say "i've won"
09:41:18adi|homeright, but my prob is detecting when you have beaten all the maps, vs a map failing to load...
09:41:21Schnueffadi|home: about the undo: is it undoing a single movement step?
09:41:23quelsarukbut if you jump to last map and next one is an error map, could you say "you've won" ?
09:41:35adi|homeSchnueff: no.. you have 5 moves you can undo..
09:41:45adi|homeclassic version says 1 move, we are more generous
09:42:01Schnueffyeah okay, but move = one step of me
09:42:09adi|homequelsaruk i have no way of know what the last map is.. thats what im saying..
09:42:15adi|homeyes Schnueff
09:42:19Schnuefftechnically one could also undo to the last crate move
09:42:26quelsaruksorry adi|home, i'm still asleep :)
09:42:31adi|homenp quelsaruk
09:42:51quelsarukdon't you know how many levels are there??
09:42:52adi|homequelsaruk: im parsing the level file by looking for a blank line, that is all that is need to seperate levels...
09:43:02quelsarukgreat ;)
09:43:06adi|homeplayers could add levels as they wish, where they wish :)
09:43:56adi|homeSchnueff: the undo are store as 3 blocks on screen, because each movement effects a max of 3 spots (where you were, where you are going, and where you can push a block)
09:44:02Nexusi can't get my studio 20 apart
09:44:03adi|homewhats the matter Nexus?
09:44:07adi|homelol :)
09:44:17adi|homeSchnueff: that help?
09:44:23Nexusi've taken apart an xbox and installed a mod chip
09:44:26Schnueffadi|home: yes okay
09:44:27Nexusbut i can't open this damnnnn thing!!!!!!
09:44:41Nexusthe tutorial is wrong
09:44:54Nexusthere Isn't just 3 soldering points that hold the top board down
09:44:59Nexusthere's two more at the very top
09:45:00Nexusfat ones
09:45:19Schnueffadi|home: the problem with this move-undo is, that if i move a crate and then run a long distance, I can't undo that crate move
09:45:28Nexusconnecting the small rectangular board sitting on its side to the flat main board
09:46:09adi|homeSchnueff: correct
09:46:11Schnueffadi|home: so, i thought, one could also undo to the last crate move, but this is only an idea
09:46:20adi|homeyou only get 5 moves to undo..
09:46:20Schnueff(data structure would be very similar)
09:46:29adi|homenope.. we count your moves
09:46:35adi|homenot crate movements
09:46:55adi|homenamely.. you move 1 spot left, then back then left again etc...
09:47:00adi|homethen you can only undo those movements
09:47:35adi|homei thought about your way to, but there was no easy way to store the history,
09:47:45adi|homebecause you need to know where the player is when the crates move...
09:47:47*Nexus breaks down into a sobbing heap of tears
09:47:53adi|homeand all the locations in between.
09:48:06Schnueffand if one skips the locations in between, the players would understand it
09:48:13Schnueffeh perhaps wouldnt understand it
09:48:20adi|homehehe yup :)
09:48:23Schnuefflike undo -> person jumps, crates moves
09:48:32 Join Bagder [241] (
09:48:45adi|homei have a splash question for you
09:48:53Bagderfire away!
09:49:05Schnueffnot this morning
09:49:15adi|homesplash(0, 0, "%s\n%s\n%s", "this", "is", "test");
09:49:19adi|homewhat should we expect?
09:49:21dwihnoSplash(tm) - "Because it simply rocks!"
09:49:22DBUGSent KICK adi|home to server
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09:49:41 Join adi|home [0] (
09:49:45Bagderevil bot
09:49:55Bagderwe don't have newline support in the splash code
09:50:07adi|homeahh okay.. thats what i thought :)
09:50:15adi|homeyou may want to put that as a comment somewhere...
09:50:28adi|homesplash won't work nicely for game instructions then :(
09:50:29quelsarukadi|home: people hate you ;)
09:50:31Bagdergood idea
09:50:46adi|homequelsaruk: not ppl.. just women and god.
09:51:07adi|homebut satan loves me.. he even gave me this shiny nickel for my soul :)
09:51:27quelsarukthen... don't come to spain, a lot of women.. and inkisition :)
09:52:09adi|homeknow what i need to do? i need to do a european rockbox tour
09:52:24adi|homestop off.. visit ppl.. stay for free.. treat ppl to dinner.. etc :)
09:52:37Bagderdevcon every day tour 2003! ;-)
09:52:46adi|homeno no no..
09:52:52adi|homeDevcon a day tour 2004!
09:52:56adi|homeneeds to rhyme
09:53:25adi|homehehe nice to know that i gots ppl to pester all over the world :)
09:53:29dwihnoDEVCON! D:
09:53:59adi|homelike i said before.. once im outta this shit hole.. anyone comes to the states.. they are more then welcome to state at my pad...
09:54:02quelsarukoh no!
09:54:10adi|homeim like 25-30 mins from NYC, and 40 mins from ocean
09:54:35adi|homeand only like.. mhmmmm.. 98 hrs from LA :)
09:55:16adi|homequelsaruk: seriously though.. is there much anti-american sentiment where you are?
09:55:30quelsaruknot really
09:55:33adi|homeyour in spain right?
09:55:59dwihnoin tortillas des espaoles!? :)
09:56:01adi|homei mean.. i know the french hate us.. but thats just because we took jerry lewis off the air
09:56:17quelsarukeveryone hates french ;)
09:56:27quelsarukwe had a lot of wars in the past
09:56:33Nexuswe canadians love you americans ;)
09:56:34quelsarukfrench vs spain and so on :)
09:56:55adi|homeNexus: of course.. next to us, you guys are angels :)
09:57:00dwihnoAmericans are cool, they have got all those weird food and popular culture ;D
09:57:06adi|homedont forget spain vs england :)
09:57:26dwihnoTime to suffer. Time to feel the spain
09:57:46quelsarukthat sounded cool
09:58:26adi|home"America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won't cross the street to vote."
09:59:48quelsarukyou mean North-america ;)
10:00:17*dwihno crosses all the streets.
10:00:44quelsarukbtw.. i've lived in usa :)
10:00:55adi|home"Bill Gates is just a monocle and a Persian Cat away from being one of the bad guys in a James Bond movie."
10:02:26quelsaruki need a coffee
10:02:56 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
10:06:26Nexusmother fuking god i'im good!!!
10:06:33Nexusthe mcaiver way!
10:06:34dwihnoWhat did U do?
10:06:40Nexuswho needs desoldering braid!!!!!
10:06:47Nexusi OPENED MY STUDIO 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:06:50dwihnoYou used toothpaste to create plastic explosives? :)
10:07:04Nexusoh man i'm a hacker :)
10:07:12Nexus.... er something
10:08:09adi|home"Somewhere, in the back reaches of my mind, a single piece of straw turns a camel into a paraplegic..."
10:08:58Nexusk guys
10:09:03Nexusi've removed the top of this baby
10:09:15Nexusi was having problems with plugging in my charger
10:09:38Nexusi would have to twist the lilttle plug in till it would work
10:09:47Nexusthen i had to make sure that it didn't move so it could recharge
10:09:48Nexusi wanna fix that
10:09:53Nexusjust resolder the DC point?
10:09:57Nexusi dont' see this
10:10:13 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:12:57Nexusu guys really don't help noobies
10:13:21Bagderwe don't?
10:13:26Bagdergood! ;-)
10:14:30Nexuswow, very supportive and patient aid for those who need it
10:15:16Bagderyes, and whining is the perfect way to get help
10:15:25Zagorto the far right in the picture you see big blobs of solder. those are what keeps the DC connected. resolder them.
10:15:44Nexusall of them?
10:15:57Zagorthere's only three points for the DC connector
10:17:09adi|homeokay.. laughing.. to.. hard
10:17:54adi|homeif by "help" you mean, beat about the head and neck with a defrosted frozen rainbow lake trout.. then yes.. we are very friendly.
10:21:12 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:29:07dwihnohello hey!
10:29:14tracktheripperheya dude :-)
10:29:16tracktheripperwhats up?
10:30:31tracktheripperI really like that graph in Debug>Battery that increases when charging up :-)
10:30:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:33:50dwihnolooks pretty nice ya
10:34:18dwihnoI haven't seen splash yet :(
10:34:22dwihnoWhen is it being used?
10:34:43tracktheripperits already in use when playing playlists
10:34:53dwihnogotta test that during lunch
10:36:27 Part Nexus
10:36:38 Join Nexus [0] (
10:36:49Nexusdoes anyone hear live near canada?
10:37:26Nexusi'm willing to pay money to get this damn thing sorted out
10:37:33Nexusif any of you have the time
10:37:36Nexusor patience
10:38:02Zagoryou can probably get any electronics repair shop to fix that for you
10:38:16Nexusbut would they know what they're doing?
10:38:34*dwihno gets a crazy idea. Perhaps I could bribe them to do a 8MB mod for me? :)
10:38:44Nexusi'll try that '
10:38:47 Part Nexus
10:40:17tracktheripperHi Zagor
10:41:03Zagorhi :)
10:41:20tracktheripperlong time no chat :)
10:41:28tracktherippersorry if i upset u in the past :)
10:47:23 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
10:53:00 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
10:53:15Bagderone of these days we'll be forced to stop the feature request tracker
10:53:31dwihnoany special reason?
10:53:39Bagdertoo many funny persons
10:54:04Bagderthere are so many weird requests
10:54:13Bagderand I bet most of them are done weird on purpose
10:54:30Bagderthey drain resources from "real stuff"
10:54:55Zagorwe could require a login to file a request
10:55:06Zagorat least I think we can
10:55:34Zagoryes we can
10:55:51Bagderyeah "Allow non-logged-in postings"
10:55:51Zagortwo options: "Publicly Available" and "Allow non-logged-in postings"
10:56:43Zagorsounds like a good idea
10:56:45tracktheripperBadger what the hell are u on about?
10:56:51BagderI think it is goodness, yes
10:56:57Bagdertracktheripper: you can't read?
10:57:04Zagorposting to the list
10:57:05adi|homeid rather leave it open and just deal with it..
10:57:14adi|homewe do get a fair amount of good requests from anonymous
10:57:15tracktherippersorry badger i can't :-)
10:57:37*Bagder doesn't understand jokes ;-)
10:57:46Zagoradi|home: I think we'll still get many good requests. logging in isn't very painful.
10:57:48adi|homethat just means your swedish
10:58:03Bagdercan you please write the jokes in swedish? :-P
10:58:13adi|homeyeah.. but we can't get ppl to read the faq, and you wnt to require them to log in :)
10:58:41adi|home<font="swedish_chef">hurdy gurdy... ba furdy</font>
10:59:03tracktheripperok why don't you no longer allow requests from "Nobody"
10:59:10tracktheripperi'd they must log in from now on?
10:59:14Zagortracktheripper: yes
10:59:23tracktheripperok :-)
10:59:24Bagderbut that's no effort on your behalf
10:59:36tracktheripperI always log in if i wanna submit something
10:59:36Bagderbut it'll save efforts on our ends
10:59:49quelsaruki think that people that have a good idea can win the challenge of "creating a new account and loggin in"
10:59:58quelsarukjust an idea
11:00:19adi|homei have just 2 words for you... "stupid people suck"
11:00:23*adi|home is away: bed
11:01:05tracktheripperwell wiv something so hackable as the Archos what do u expect?
11:01:18adi|homeoh.. before i run... i have the level loading mostly done..
11:01:29adi|homeshould i wait until just before 2.0 to put it in?
11:01:40adi|homeso ppl grab the sokoban.level file when they upgrade?
11:01:47adi|homeand where in the CVS do i put sokoban.level?
11:01:48Zagoryes, I think so
11:02:31BagderZagor: I have a daily build for rec8mb now in the daily-build dir, in the same style as the others
11:02:48Zagoryup. i've updated the daily page
11:02:53Zagorand checked it in too :)
11:02:59Bagdergosh, neato
11:03:05 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:03:11tracktheripper<−−- Wishes Bjorn and co would cheer up from time to time :-)
11:03:50*Bagder sings a happy song to cheer up the crowd ;-)
11:04:00Schnuefffine entertainment
11:04:04*langhaarrocker inserts earplugs
11:04:29Bagdernow why is the people around me looking at me like this?
11:04:55tracktheripperwell 1 out of 3 isn't bad :-)
11:05:24langhaarrockeryou mean the notes he actually hit?
11:05:32quelsarukBagder: we have a free room here in "mi casa de locos"
11:05:49Bagdernice and cosy with soft walls in it?
11:06:03quelsarukof coruse, white walls... and a lot of drugs
11:06:10Bagdersign me up!
11:06:10tracktheripperI mean that only Badger is singing, unlike Zagor and Adimas :-)
11:06:21langhaarrockerYou mustn't stuff Bagder into a room without a internet connection.!
11:07:08quelsaruklanghaarrocker: if i'm here this means we have internet
11:08:10quelsaruki need a good microphone to record the iron maiden's concert
11:08:11>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
11:08:11tracktheripper(gives Quelsaruk a slap) :P
11:08:24>>>"explain *" by Bagder (
11:08:56>>>"expadd Bagder Sorry, that thing can't be explained. It's against my nature." by Bagder (
11:08:59langhaarrockerYou need good earplugs to make your ears survive.
11:09:03>>>"explain bagder" by Bagder (
11:09:10quelsaruknot too expensive, and still good enough to make a fin record
11:09:32>>>"expadd Badger An anmial. Frequently misspelled Bagder." by Bagder (
11:09:38quelsaruklanghaarrocker: no prob. I've survived a lot of concerts ;)
11:09:53Bagderquelsaruk: buy the archos mic then I guess
11:10:29quelsarukand i don't need to rise my rockbox volume more than 75% while walking at the city
11:11:09tracktheripperRockbox seems to go louder than the Archos firmware
11:11:15Bagderit does
11:11:20Bagderlower too
11:12:07quelsarukwho wants it lower??
11:12:39tracktheripperlook forward for Bjorn and co to implement FM in the FM recorder
11:13:07BagderI have a feeling Bjrn won't do that ;-)
11:13:16quelsarukBagder: if i haven't read wrongly the new car charger adaptor.... it uses a external box and needs no internal mod, no?
11:13:42Zagortracktheripper: I don't have an FM unit, so I can't do that.
11:13:45Bagdercar charger adaptor?
11:14:00Zagorchanger adaptor
11:14:03tracktheripperi wasn't just asking you Zagor, I meant any rockbox member
11:14:07Zagorquelsaruk: you are right
11:14:10Bagderah that CD thing
11:14:42quelsarukBagder: i'm normally a closed book, i thought you knew that now :)
11:15:05quelsarukyou have to translate from "quelsarukian" to normal english
11:15:20BagderI forgot my quelsaruk dictionary at home this morning
11:15:22BagderI'm all lost
11:15:40tracktheripperwhy don't you use UP in the F2 and F3 menus
11:16:02quelsarukZagor: i suppose i can ask those guys to show some schematics of their "thing"
11:20:27quelsarukrebooting this f****** windoze
11:20:33quelsarukcu in a moment
11:20:54 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
11:21:00tracktheripperthe Player could display album covers if u could squeeze one into one of the Player's character cells
11:21:17Zagortracktheripper: because it's impossible. we have already answered that request.
11:22:13tracktheripperbut even so could the Recorder display basic one bit images?
11:23:11tracktheripperi wanna put a larger hard drive in my Archos but don't wanna risk damaging my Jukebox
11:23:24Bagderchicken! ;-)
11:23:33tracktheripperhey! :-(
11:24:03langhaarrockertracktheripper: try the 8MB mod first. If you succed the hd chjjange will be easy.
11:24:22dwihnoHow about a 16MB mod? :)
11:24:24tracktheripperyea but where do I source the 8mb chip?
11:25:13Bagderpeople have mentioned various sources
11:25:48 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:26:23 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:26:30quelsarukback again
11:29:21langhaarrockerjust having a discussion here: you don't need c++ to have the increment operator? It's available in standard c? Or am I completely nuts now?
11:31:02langhaarrocker(Just because a collegue tries to convince me that c++ got it's name because of that ++ operator)
11:31:19Zagor"var++" is C
11:31:44Zagorit did get it's name from the operator. it implies "incremented C"
11:32:40quelsarukGrandpa zagor has answered our questions :)
11:38:36langhaarrockerAre there any standarized mass-storage-drivers for the serial port? Like would it make sense to implement something in rockbox (with hw mod) so that it could be used as an external hd via serial port?
11:41:50BagderI'm not aware of any such standard
11:54:09 Join bobTHC [0] (
11:54:16bobTHChi all!
11:54:20quelsarukhi bobTHC
11:54:44quelsarukwe have all agreed in invading france today
11:55:13bobTHCwhat's up ?
11:55:20quelsarukwe have to asault archos central buildings
11:55:38bobTHCto get dsp infos?
11:55:49quelsarukand steal some archos models ;)
11:56:04quelsarukjust for research
11:56:06langhaarrockerHow do you want to damage the central buildings? With all those blue rubber edges?
11:56:29quelsaruki will use my goats' army
11:56:52bobTHCand my frog army ! :)
11:56:58langhaarrockerWill look funny with all those goats stuck in the rubber.
11:57:29langhaarrockerbobTHC: You'd better make dried frog pills of them. :)
11:58:20bobTHCof course, more efficient...
12:17:31 Quit pyvasene (Remote closed the connection)
12:26:43 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
12:26:44 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:13:03 Quit Bagder (Remote closed the connection)
13:13:46 Join Bagder [241] (
13:13:58langhaarrockermjamjam chinamann
13:17:14quelsarukbuuuuuuhhh!! Bagder get out of here!!
13:17:23*Bagder hides in a corner
13:23:42*langhaarrocker uses a piece of cheese as bait on Bagder
13:26:02*Bagder detects chees and steps forward
13:26:03 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:27:05 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:28:02 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
13:33:16 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:07:09 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:07:17quel|lunchi'm hungry....
14:07:22quel|lunchlike muzzy :)
14:27:30langhaarrockerProbably one of his goats.
14:30:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:32:38Bagdermuzzy the goat
14:32:46 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:34:25 Join OTKBV [0] (
14:34:26 Part OTKBV
14:42:48 Join matsl [0] (
14:54:17langhaarrockerI don't understand all that hubub about rockbox detecting the memory size. What's wrong with different build targets? If someone really does the 8MB mod he won't mind downloading another rockbox build.
14:55:25Zagorpeople in general have a hard time understanding how we can live without malloc()
14:55:31 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:53Bagderthey all want to help us by suggesting ways on how to solve it
14:57:15langhaarrockeroccasionally I missed dynamic memory, too. But there usually are ways around it.
14:59:27elinenbe_there are only about 5 people who have even done that mod.
14:59:37 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:00:37langhaarrockerAnd if it were 1000 people - Once you have the mod you have it. The memory won't change with every boot. There is no need to detect it dynamically.
15:03:20 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:08:37 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:58:27 Join b0bTHC [0] (
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16:31:56 Quit Snorlax ()
16:33:40 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:53:23 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:54:14elinenbewhat is keeping away a 2.0 release?
17:05:00 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:05:45Zagorelinenbe: bugs :-)
17:06:01elinenbethanks for the gret explanation!
17:06:45dw|goneAnd a missing inverted cursor display. I'll fix that during the weekend, misa thinks.
17:06:50Zagorthere is a problem with the vbrfix code that needs to be fixed before release. and the ata bug would be nice to fix, although I don't have much hope :-(
17:07:12dw|goneZagor: ATA = RED LED DEAD?
17:07:32dw|goneMkay. I'm gone now however ;D
17:08:33elinenbewho gets the ata bug?
17:08:47 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
17:08:56elinenbewhat like .5% of users? I would just say screw that.... it's good to go! ;)
17:08:57Zagorelinenbe: mostly fm users, it seems
17:09:07elinenbeah... forget them.
17:09:34elinenbedoes Linus usually use the FM or the Recorder.
17:09:36quelsarukor afternoon
17:09:39langhaarrockerI'm a recorder user with Red Led Dead bug experiences. Do you want to forget me, too?
17:09:45quelsaruky never know where the change is :)
17:09:49elinenbelanghaarrocker: yeah
17:12:54langhaarrockerquelzaruk: who is muzzy?
17:13:33quelsaruka green monster that comes from outer space and loves eating metal.
17:13:47hardeepzagor: btw, i'm encountering a skip problem at song startup on my ajbr6.
17:13:50quelsarukit was a program to teach english to young children
17:14:39elinenbeall children here know english though!
17:15:25Zagorhardeep: explain
17:16:46hardeepzagor: songs either skip or go silent a few seconds after starting... it's because the songs are starting too quickly... there's a hacky workaround at but I haven't had a chance to look closer since monday
17:17:03hardeepi've told linus about it
17:17:41Zagorhardeep: ok
17:17:50 Part elinenbe
17:19:05quelsaruknone of you knew muzzy? now i understand why you are all so extrange ;)
17:19:25langhaarrockerI assumed it was one of your goats
17:20:48quelsaruki'll call muzzy to the next goat i buy :)
17:27:56 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:34:10Zagorgotta go
17:34:11 Part Zagor
17:42:03 Quit Snorlax ()
17:49:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:54:49 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:55:10 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:59:35 Join Zagor [242] (
18:01:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:12:10 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:14:38 Quit b0bTHC ("Trillian (")
18:16:03 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: no additives or preservatives")
18:22:18 Join Snorlax [0] (
18:22:26 Join josh966_ [0] (
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18:31:07 Quit Bagder (
18:31:07 Quit seb-sleep (
18:32:58 Quit Snorlax ()
18:33:02 Join Snorlax [0] (
18:36:46NJoinseb-sleep [0] (
18:36:46NJoinBagder [241] (
18:36:51 Quit seb-sleep (Excess Flood)
18:40:21 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
18:40:52 Join seb-sleep [0] (
18:53:58 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
19:05:01 Join OnoSendai [0] (
19:11:04 Join Temfate [0] (
19:12:36Temfateanyone know of a easy way to get a memory dump while still running archos firmware? trying to find fm tuner adjustment calls...
19:12:47TemfateI was told to ask Zagor or Badger earlier!
19:13:48langhaarrockerAre you trying to reverse engeneer the archos firmware?
19:14:27ZagorTemfate: I suggest using Rockbox code to dump the ROM code to a file
19:14:47Zagorthat, or descramble on of archos' firmware files
19:15:14Zagorthere is no way to get a mem dump while running the archos firmware
19:15:18langhaarrockerIs the rockbox code of any use? Do we have fm tuner calls in it?
19:15:41Zagorlanghaarrocker: no, but he can use the rockbox file writing code to create a file to store the ROM contents in
19:16:05langhaarrocker... and thus get a copy of the rom image?
19:16:08Zagorbut admittedly just descrambling the archos ajz files are a lot simpler :-)
19:17:28langhaarrockerProbably for programming the fm tuner it's easier to wait for Linus to finish the schematic and investigate the data sheets of the used chips.
19:17:48Zagoryeah. but who wants to wait? ;)
19:18:35langhaarrockerThen get a beeper for <10 EUR and make the schematic yourself :)
19:20:00langhaarrockerZagor: have you ever investigated wether the original firmware _sends_ on the unused serial out line?
19:20:43Zagornot specifically. but i'm 99.6% sure it doesn't
19:21:04Zagorbtw, what unused serial out?
19:21:12Zagorthere is only one serial pin
19:21:24langhaarrockerThat's the one I'm speaking of.
19:21:49Zagorthat pin is set to "input" and then never changed
19:21:51langhaarrockerI just wanted to make clear that I'm aware that it isn't connected to the outside world without hw mod
19:22:12Temfatesorry; was afk... So dis-asm the original is easiest in your opinion? Anyone know what address to start looking at first?
19:22:19Zagoryes. it ends in a pad on the board
19:22:53ZagorTemfate: the code starts at offset 0x200 in the file. then just follow... :-)
19:22:57TemfateI already went ovber the spec sheets for the FM tuner chip...
19:23:25TemfateSH1 proc?
19:23:30langhaarrockerTemfate: you have to descramble the *.ajz first
19:23:47langhaarrockerThe tool can be found in the tools directory of rockbox
19:23:55TemfateMaybe I should start at the beginning; they encrypt/scramble it?
19:23:55ZagorTemfate: this could give some hints:
19:24:09Zagoralthough it's for the player models
19:24:33ZagorTemfate: yes, read the front page. :-) (the last few paragraphs)
19:25:11Zagoroh, it doesn't actually say there that it's scrambled...
19:25:22Temfatehey that page it great... Why isn't it linked to on the homepage?
19:26:02Zagorit is. Documentation->Research Notes
19:26:10Zagoralso from the bottom of the front page
19:26:15thuhow are things looking for rockbox on the FM Recorders?
19:26:36Zagorthu: everything works except the fm tuner
19:26:51thuheh.. my fm tuner doesn't work much anyway
19:26:56thuit needs an antenna or something
19:27:19Temfateit's pretty crummy; but rockbox should implement it to be the perfect firmware for the archos.
19:27:21thuZagor: what about that battery life problem?
19:27:37Zagorwhich battery life problem?
19:27:51thuuhm.. actually battery charging problem
19:28:19thulast time I checked there were some battery-related problems with rockbox and the FM-R
19:28:34Zagorthe charging is handled completely in hardware so it's not much of a Rockbox issue
19:29:28langhaarrockerDo you know wether it's the same kind of hardware as in the players?
19:29:35thubtw.. are there any usb-host controllers that could be added to an archos?
19:29:50thuit would be great to connect it to various devices that need storage
19:30:11Zagorthu: I don't think so. I've never seen it.
19:30:32thuthat's too bad
19:30:52langhaarrockerthu: you need a master usb device. Digicams and similar usually are slaves.
19:31:18thulanghaarrocker: that was the point.. some master device that could connect a camera/palmtop/whatever to an archos
19:31:50 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:32:00langhaarrockerWhat kind of device are you thinking of? I can only think of computers.
19:32:34Zagorit would need a lot of complexity, since the master initiates all transfers. how would the palm/camera read/write to the disk?
19:32:43PsycoXullanghaarrocker: hey you're around heh
19:32:57langhaarrockeryes, a very little bit.
19:33:04thuI guess that's why there aren't any out there
19:33:39PsycoXullanghaarrocker: i'm gonna send you something
19:34:59tracktheripperwots the latest??
19:35:01Temfatezagor: Does the descrambling take place somewhere in the archos firmware; do you know the address?
19:36:07langhaarrockerthere's a tool for that. Get the source from cvs or tarball and you can find it in tools directory.
19:36:23 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
19:36:49Temfategot the tool; just curious...
19:37:21ZagorTemfate: the descrambling is done in ROM firmware. i don't think the loadable firmware contains it.
19:37:42Temfateah ok; how the heck did you guys crack it???!!!
19:37:54Zagorhard work... :-)
19:39:00langhaarrockerWhen I first read about this rockbox idea I really believed that those guys didn't have any clue what they were up at. But it proved that they knew and were in fact willig to take the effort. Geeks.
19:45:04langhaarrockerI'd probably had given up as soon as I had realized the firmware was scrambled.
19:45:49Zagorwell the project wasn't born until the scrambling was cracked.
19:47:57langhaarrockerOh, yes. Those old days, when I used to hang around in the archos6000 yahoo group...
19:48:18Zagornostalgia isn't what it used to be
19:49:47 Part OnoSendai
19:55:43langhaarrockerdon't confuse with nostrils.
20:01:42quelsaruki'm what in spanish is called a "empanado"
20:02:08Zagorgoat sheperd?
20:04:15langhaarrockernow he's becoming greedy. First he wants to be a techno priest and now he wants to improve his position to a goat sheperd.
20:04:28quelsaruka person that is always in "sleep mode" and you can't re-activate his mind, so he doesn't get nor even half of the things that occur around him.
20:04:39quelsarukmore or less
20:04:58quelsaruki'm happy as a techno pirest...
20:06:33langhaarrockerNostalgia is when old grandad sits in the sunset and talks about the good old days. When I talk about good old days nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
20:06:38quelsaruki know
20:06:43quelsarukthat's a spanish word
20:06:56quelsarukor at least in spanish it's the same than in english
20:07:07quelsarukbut i dunno why you said anything about nbostalgia
20:07:36Zagorwe were talking about the start of the rockbox project
20:09:41quelsarukwell.. i knew about rockbox in august, and tried to make my first patches in september.. so i'm still young here... ( i hope)
20:10:10langhaarrockerSo you don't know those days when I didn't pollute this chat with offtopic 'jokes' because this channel didn't exist.
20:11:19 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:13:00quelsaruki wasn't *that* lucky
20:15:34 Join Guest1 [0] (
20:17:10quelsarukgreat.. i've nearly jumped from 10.000 meters high and i just hope i have a parachute :(
20:18:38langhaarrockerI don't use parachutes. I prefer paragliders. I'm quite confident with my Nova Pelix 23 :)
20:18:53adi|homewhy would you need a parachute from 10 meters?
20:18:54*adi|home is back (gone 09:18:29)
20:19:02quelsaruk10000 meters
20:19:11quelsarukit's just an expresion
20:19:23adi|homeno.. you said 10.000 :)
20:19:46langhaarrockerthat's a bit difference. At 10000 meters I'd want oxygen, too.
20:19:48quelsarukto say you've done something really weird without knowing what results expect
20:21:10josh966_anyone here have the remote control?
20:21:12langhaarrockerHave you used an uncertified ceremonial knife?
20:21:12*langhaarrocker is guessing</BODY></HTML>
20:21:28langhaarrockerjosh966: not me
20:21:36quelsarukneither me
20:22:12josh966_hm, i see it is not offered for fmrec and was curious why
20:22:51 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:23:02tracktheripperGood evening
20:23:05tracktheripperhows everyone
20:23:18langhaarrockerabout to leave work and have a na
20:23:36tracktheripperits 7:25pm uk time here
20:23:58quelsaruklanghaarrocker: will you try to get that "fairytale" ??
20:24:07tracktheripperhi Quelsaruk
20:24:12quelsarukhi tracktheripper
20:24:19tracktheripperhow r u
20:24:25quelsaruknot quite well
20:24:40quelsarukbut doesn't really matter
20:24:46tracktherippergood :)
20:24:50langhaarrockerquelsaruk: I can't get through the firewall here at work. And I really prefere not to ftp it at home with 56 kBit
20:25:04tracktheripperQuel what do u really think of the redesigned chassis of the FM recorder>
20:25:04quelsarukof course...
20:25:23quelsarukno comments today ;)
20:25:38quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i'll try to hang it on a web server or so
20:25:39tracktheripperjust a simple question
20:25:46tracktheripperi think it looks boring myself
20:25:55langhaarrockerquelsaruk: :)
20:25:59quelsaruki know tracktheripper, but i dunno
20:26:17tracktheripperand it doesnt feel as high quality
20:26:20tracktheripperfeels somewhat cheeper
20:26:21 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
20:27:30tracktheripperim thinking of a few ways to dim the backlight
20:28:25tracktheripper<−− wonders if a variable resistor could be used
20:30:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:36:24langhaarrockernormal pots can handle about 1/4 Watt. -> I assume it should work.
20:36:46 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36:59tracktheripperjust playing with Quel's ID3 tag editor
20:38:37quelsarukwhich one is that?
20:38:49quelsaruki haven't done any id3 tag edito
20:38:58tracktheripperhe personally emailed it to me
20:39:12langhaarrockerquelsaruk: why haven't you?
20:39:13tracktheripperhe compiled it for me thats why its NOT in the daily builds
20:39:33tracktheripperit works superb
20:39:43tracktheripperyou can even choose genres for songs out of a lise
20:39:56quelsaruki'm lost
20:40:01tracktherippersorry Quel it wasnt you it was someone else
20:40:06tracktheripperwiv a similar name
20:40:15tracktheripperbut anyway the ID3 tag editor is superb
20:40:29langhaarrockerquelsaruk: do you have an alter ego sometimes?
20:41:19quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i'm trying to suspect that...
20:41:54quelsarukmaybe the demons i exorcice from my archos get into myself and make me do strange things
20:42:11tracktheripperif only hard drive makers could usea bit more "pixie dust"
20:42:59tracktheripperi want a 200Gb drive for my Archos
20:43:33langhaarrockerdo you have usb2.0?
20:43:44tracktheripperbut usb1 works fine for me
20:44:05tracktheripperUSB2 is only good if you are severly impatient :-)
20:44:16langhaarrockerI'd want usb7.0 before adressing 200GB :)
20:44:47tracktheripperactually im gonna put a 50Tb holographic drive in mine ;-)
20:44:54TemfateI still say just add an external ata port on the archos for fast access...
20:45:22langhaarrocker50Tb? You mean the tesa drive? :)
20:45:37tracktheripperno 50Tb - 5,000Gb
20:45:46tracktherippersorry 50,000Gb
20:46:30langhaarrockerThere have been experiments with tesa film as a holographic storage medium. They could store data in the magnitude of Terabytes on a single roll of tesa film.
20:46:50 Quit Temfate (Remote closed the connection)
20:46:52langhaarrockerthat's no joke.
20:46:59TBoyyep would be kwl
20:47:12TBoybut I don'T like the sound of roll
20:47:20tracktherippermaybe someone will submit a request "Support for a 200Gb tape drive instead of a hard drive :-)"
20:47:37langhaarrockerwould be easy to fix at least.
20:47:47TBoyI mean that kinda makes me think of dats or normal tapes
20:47:57TBoyI don't like that
20:48:14tracktheripperwell a tape cartridge can hold more than a hard-drive :-)
20:48:24TBoyI know that
20:48:28tracktheripperand they are about the same size as an Archos :-P
20:48:38langhaarrockerThey didn't unroll the tape. Just fired with lasers on the roll and melted the glue slightly.
20:49:17TBoyyeah but rew/ff on the tape and thinking of that the tape could rip
20:49:23TBoybut would be kwl
20:49:28TBoyI would try it
20:50:14tracktheripperwell a tape cartridge and hard-disk are both magnetic
20:50:14tracktheripperso whats the difference?
20:50:47TBoytape rippable hd not rippable
20:50:53TBoybut hd scratchable
20:51:02tracktheripperwell there u go, swings and roundabouts
20:51:05TBoybut I think dats or slower
20:51:20tracktheripperwell why don't they make a 20Gb flashmemory chip?
20:51:25tracktheripperwould be sooooooo cool :-)
20:51:45TBoyhaha that would be kwl but would cost as much as an bentley
20:51:51TBoya bentley
20:51:57tracktheripperwell it would be blazingly fast :-)
20:52:32tracktheripperand flashmemory does not require defragging
20:53:57tracktheripperis it possible to defragment a 200Gb tape cartridge?
20:54:04tracktheripper(don't laugh - a serious question)
20:54:11 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
20:56:27 Join adi|home [0] (
20:56:35TBoynow thats something else than dats
20:56:41TBoyand thats kwl
21:02:07 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
21:08:14 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:11:01 Quit Bagder ("")
21:44:12TBoywhy the sad face track
21:44:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:48:39 Quit slutmo (Remote closed the connection)
21:54:29 Join edx` [0] (
22:01:14 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:04:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:10:33 Quit thu ("afh")
22:14:08 Quit TBoy ()
22:19:55 Quit josh966_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.13c [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.3b; MultiZilla v1.3.1 (a)) Gecko/20030210]")
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23:21:01 Join Temfate [0] (
23:52:15 Quit edx` ()

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