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#rockbox log for 2003-03-22

00:12:58adi|workyes, this is the rockbox channel..
00:13:18adi|workas for your question arbrab dunno.. im working on a linux box.. but hang out and ask when other come in..
00:13:26adi|worki think edx is working in windows..
00:17:40arbrabhmm.. okay.. its just that the methods discribed on rockbox website assumes that u dont have a previous cygwin environment and no ther tool chain but I have them, though I think that is not the problem. The real problem I have is the absence of as.exe in the rockbox.Theoretically it shud be there in lib\gcc-lib\sh-elf\3.0.4
00:20:36adi|workrockbox shouldn't have an as.exe.. why would it?
00:29:38arbrabnot rockbox, but the toolchain
00:30:29arbrabits part of the gcc-lib
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00:33:37arbrabu see this is what the specs file of gcc lib looks like:
00:33:38arbrabas %(asm_options) %{!pipe:%g.s} %A
00:33:46arbrabthats how the assembler is invoked
00:33:57arbrabtrouble is that there is no file named as
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00:39:55*adi|work is away: going home
00:40:30PsycoXuldoh wrong window heh
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01:09:00BoD[]youhouuoou :)
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02:28:47PsycoXultook my studio20 into bestbuy
02:28:51PsycoXulthey gave me an fm recorder
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02:42:14PsycoXuli haven't put rockbox on yet
02:42:19PsycoXulplaying with the firmware thats on there
02:42:24PsycoXulthe backlight fades out
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02:48:01Temfatewhat's this I read; psyco got a fm recorder too?
02:48:50PsycoXullog's: for the invisible lurker
02:49:11Temfateexactly... so now we really need to make this tuner code work...
02:49:25PsycoXulwhy's that?
02:49:28PsycoXuli never really listen to the radio :p
02:49:35PsycoXulstill be cool though i guess
02:49:41Temfateyea but it's a "feature"... heh.
02:49:57Temfatewhat happened to the studio 20?
02:50:50PsycoXulwell to start with the charger plug got loose so i always had to fiddle with it to make it charge
02:51:06PsycoXulthen more recently it quit giving the batteries a full charge even when it was making contact
02:51:30Temfateso ya got a free upgrade?
02:51:40PsycoXulright after my mom gets 3 sets of nimh batteries for her digital camera
02:51:58PsycoXulsince best buy can't service them
02:52:04PsycoXuland they didn't have any of the old ones left
02:52:15Temfatedid you have the service plan? or was that just a warranty return?
02:52:21PsycoXulservice plan
02:52:47PsycoXulso does ROLO work on the FM's?
02:53:08Temfateappears to; everything but the tuner chip.
02:53:22PsycoXulyeah thats why i was asking about rolo
02:53:24TemfateI had it freak out once.
02:53:40PsycoXulif i ever do wanna listen to the radio till rockbox supports it can just rolo the archos fw
02:53:44Temfatebut then again I compile the daily builds.
02:53:57Temfatetrue... I didn't think of that.
02:54:31PsycoXuli usualy compile the CVS
02:54:35arbrabAnyone of u compiles on windows?
02:54:41TemfateI do.
02:54:44arbrabusing cygwin
02:54:47Temfateand linux
02:54:55PsycoXuli don't much care for the headphone out being on the side though
02:55:09arbrabokay... I seem to be having some problem as I cant find the appropriate as.exe
02:55:16TemfateI saw your posts in the log arbrab; get the SDK they offer!
02:55:25arbrab35 mb shit?
02:55:33Temfateno, like 7 meg
02:55:46arbraboh that is if u dont have cygwin already
02:56:08Temfatetrue; or just disable your other... want me to check if that as.exe is there?
02:56:18arbrabyeah that will be gr8
02:57:04TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox/bin
02:57:04Temfate$ ls
02:57:05Temfatesh-elf-ar.exe sh-elf-gasp.exe sh-elf-objcopy.exe
02:57:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Temfate
02:57:05Temfatesh-elf-cpp.exe sh-elf-gcc.exe
02:57:17arbrabokay, I dont see any as
02:57:45arbrabit wont be here anyway.. it will be in lib/gcc-lib etc.etc
02:57:56Temfateone sec.
02:58:33arbrabbut internally gcc uses cc1 and as, so if as is not there, how is it compiling???
02:59:00Temfatenope; those I listed above is all you need.
02:59:58arbrabphew... but as I said and u can see it for urselg if u give the gcc -v option that what it is using internally.. can u do that? modify ur makefile to add a -v option in the cflags
03:00:26Temfatesee if this helps
03:00:28TemfateCC = sh-elf-gcc
03:00:28TemfateLD = sh-elf-ld
03:00:29TemfateAR = sh-elf-ar
03:00:29TemfateAS = sh-elf-as
03:00:30***Alert Mode level 1
03:00:30TemfateOC = sh-elf-objcopy
03:00:46arbraband where is this as?
03:01:28Temfatedunno... searching now.
03:02:13TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox
03:02:13Temfate$ ls
03:02:14Temfatebin include lib sh-elf share
03:02:14***Alert Mode level 2
03:02:14TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox
03:02:15***Alert Mode level 3
03:02:15Temfate$ cd sh-elf
03:02:15***Alert Mode level 4
03:02:15TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox/sh-elf
03:02:16***Alert Mode level 5
03:02:16Temfate$ ls
03:02:20TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox/sh-elf
03:02:22Temfate$ cd bin
03:02:24TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox/sh-elf/bin
03:02:26Temfate$ ls
03:02:27Temfateas.exe ld.exe
03:02:30TemfateAdministrator@ASTROLITE /rockbox/sh-elf/bin
03:02:32Temfateneed it?
03:02:36arbrabyups :)
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03:03:57Temfatecan you accept a .exe file?
03:04:09arbrabshit..u r not in my dccallow list... wait a sec
03:05:00arbrabcan u send now? now u r in my list
03:05:39arbrabholy christ.. I dont know whats wrong but I cant reveive it..
03:06:21Temfateit's trying on my end.
03:06:22 Join arbitrabb [0] (
03:06:30Temfatewhat client you using?
03:06:41DBUGEnqueued KICK arbitrabb
03:06:41arbitrabbhey temfate... can you send now at this ID?
03:07:31arbitrabbwell, somehow cant recieve it for some reason
03:07:38arbitrabband I can form other ppl
03:07:42Temfateone sec.
03:07:48Temfatemy firewall is pissed at me now!
03:07:49arbitrabbyou behinfd a firewall or something?
03:09:23 Join TemptedFate [0] (
03:09:45TemptedFateoops. this is me now.
03:10:06TemptedFatewhich account should I sent to?
03:10:15arbitrabbthis one
03:10:38TemptedFatedo you have to add this nick to your list?
03:10:48***Alert Mode level 6
03:10:48arbitrabbno, here everyone is allwed
03:11:26***Alert Mode level 7
03:11:26arbitrabbna.. can you upload to my ftp server?
03:12:16TemptedFateI don't get why my client isn't working...
03:12:53***Alert Mode level 8
03:12:53arbitrabbits probably the port... I see Your internal IP when you send something
03:13:06arbitrabbwhereas I shud see the external to establish a connection
03:13:41TemptedFateI set my box up now as DMZ host... I don't get it...
03:14:07arbitrabbhmm.. thats interesting... again, Port 3153
03:14:12arbitrabbwont work like this
03:14:30arbitrabbI need to see 12-208-243-31
03:14:38TemptedFateyea. hold on.
03:14:38***Alert Mode level 9
03:14:38arbitrabbso its Your config
03:15:19arbitrabbagain the same
03:15:32TemptedFatelet me restart client
03:15:34 Quit TemptedFate ("---> just died of caffine overdose...")
03:15:43***Alert Mode level 10
03:15:43arbitrabb{{ gHg t }}, okay :)
03:15:51 Join TemptedFate [0] (
03:16:21TemptedFateoh my work that firewall works well.
03:16:24TemptedFateerr word.
03:16:38arbitrabbha ha ha
03:16:48arbitrabbanyway, thanks.. I will try with this now
03:16:53 Quit arbitrabb (" Info-[v9.4.22]- Released-[August 19, 2002]- Channel-[#Excurs")
03:17:59 Quit Temfate (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:19:39arbrabseems to work better I will say :)
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03:29:08temfateso how did it work?
03:37:53arbrabhey, yeah works fine.. no problems anymore.. with minor hacking of the make file I can compile
03:38:46temfateno prob.
03:39:17arbrabanyway its 3:40 here... I better get to bed now..
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03:39:33*arbrab is AFK, ZzZZzzZZzzzZzzzzz I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n
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04:39:21PsycoXulhey just noticed the fm recorder doesn't have a warranty sticker over any of the screws or anything
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05:30:16 Join TemptedFate [0] (
05:30:27TemptedFatetake it apart yet?
05:33:09PsycoXulno.. heh
05:33:14PsycoXulno reason to
05:34:56TemptedFatesure there is... void any warranty it might have had! :)
05:36:47TemptedFateso in this code you sent me; how does it know what amplitude it's at? There's no ramp up; just 10101010......................
05:37:16 Nick TemptedFate is now known as Temfate (
05:37:19PsycoXulit seems like it's relative
05:37:50TemfateI mean when you convert dsd to pcm; what's the diff from 5 hz to 2600hz? (!)
05:38:15Temfatethat code makes it all 101010...........
05:38:25PsycoXulno it doesn't
05:38:33Temfatedon't you need a ramp to get it to the right freq?
05:38:39PsycoXulthere is
05:38:46PsycoXulit's just too subtle to see a lot of the time
05:38:47Temfateie. 11111111111111111111101010101?
05:39:32PsycoXulremember each digit represents 1 2,824,400th of a second
05:40:08PsycoXulif you wanna keep a smooth sine at a reasonable amplitude you're gonna have a lot of 010101's between incriments/decriments
05:40:17PsycoXulfor many frequencies
05:41:23PsycoXulup the amplitude
05:41:29PsycoXuland you'll see more solid blocks of 1's and 0's
05:41:32Temfatehmmm... but even when I set it for like 20,000hz it just starts with 010101010101.... Doesn't seem right.
05:43:25PsycoXulactually it starts with 1010101011
05:43:38PsycoXuland continues to 01011010101011
05:44:17PsycoXulyou see there's gotta be 0101's between the incriments to keep the ramp at the right angle
05:44:34PsycoXulso it doesn't just go straight up and straight down
05:45:11PsycoXultry it with an amplitude of 0.000005
05:46:12PsycoXuli should probably do some math on the amplitude range to make it a little more friendly and usable
05:46:23PsycoXulbut eh :p
05:46:48Temfateseriously; I never get anything other than 10101010 and on and on... never a double 1 or 0.
05:47:11TemfateMaybe it's cause my compiler doesn't support snprintf.
05:47:18TemfateI switched it to sprintf
05:47:32Temfatebut that shouldn't do it.
05:48:18Temfatedsd 20000 1 0.000005 > 1 (what I sent)
05:48:35Temfatewhen I then check the file "1" there is just pure 1010101.....................
05:49:07PsycoXulthen it's thinking that the amplitudes are always equal
05:49:30PsycoXultry with an amp of 1
05:50:08Temfatequestion... Well more of a suggestion. If you write to a binary file it'll take up 1/8th the space!
05:50:08PsycoXultime is a float too so you can give like 0.0001 for friendly terminal output heh
05:50:31PsycoXulyes thats too-be-implimented
05:50:50PsycoXulat some point in the past i wrote a couple progs that took a binary file and output a stream of 1's and 0's and vice versa
05:51:11PsycoXulso currently i just use the one that takes the stream of 1's and 0's and converts to the binary to put it in a binary file if i want to heh
05:51:33Temfateah... no to mention this way you can read it with a hex editor...
05:52:05PsycoXuli just haven't bothered to put the code from that prog into this one yet
05:52:36PsycoXuli'm not sure how to handle endianess when all i want is a serial bit stream
05:52:53Temfatetis easy enough; change fopen("", "w") to fopen("","wb");
05:53:36PsycoXulwhats that?
05:53:44Temfatewhat's what?
05:53:51PsycoXuloh wait
05:53:57PsycoXul systems may treat text files and binary files differently,
05:53:57PsycoXul and adding the ``b'' may be a good idea if you do I/O to a
05:53:57DBUGEnqueued KICK PsycoXul
05:53:57PsycoXul binary file and expect that your program may be ported to
05:53:57PsycoXul non-Unix environments.)
05:54:36Temfatestandard ansi c
05:54:43PsycoXul This is strictly for compatibility with ANSI X3.159-1989
05:54:43PsycoXul (``ANSI C'') and has no effect; the ``b'' is ignored on
05:54:43PsycoXul all POSIX conforming systems, including Linux.
05:55:08Temfateansi rulez man.
05:55:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:55:17*PsycoXul does more to discourage windows use than to cater to it
05:55:18***Alert Mode level 1
05:55:36Temfatethat way it can be ported to mac... YUCK!
05:55:57PsycoXulhey OS X is a POSIX conforming system
05:56:03PsycoXulanything earlier's not worth mentioning :p
05:56:14Temfatetrue; but only on top of apple crapware.
05:56:43TemfateI like their hardware; but want a true unix for it... no apple bios.
05:57:06TemfateI could use a good 64 bit proc
05:57:18Temfatethough I'd get it trouble with it.
05:57:24PsycoXulseemed pretty comfortable the littble bit i used it in store displays
05:57:41PsycoXulopen up a term and ps, locate, bash, etc were all there so i was happy
05:58:05Temfateyou mean the linux clone? yeah; I crapped it out with some command... Don't remember what but the /dev stuff doesn't work quite right.
05:58:21PsycoXullinux clone?
05:58:27PsycoXulit's based on a bsd
05:58:40Temfateunix/linux/bsd whatever; runs on top of macos?
05:58:48PsycoXulfbsd i think
05:59:04TemfateI did like a opacity settings though...
05:59:06PsycoXulmacos runs on top of it
05:59:13PsycoXulit's darwin actualy
05:59:20PsycoXulwhich is apple's modification of the freebsd kernel
05:59:35PsycoXulor is it openbsd
05:59:38PsycoXulone of them
05:59:59PsycoXulanyway, the macos-ishness of it is just the UI
06:00:03PsycoXuldeep down inside it's a unix
06:00:29Temfatehmm... might have to go look at them some more... But I need to sell a machine or two first.
06:00:41PsycoXulmy mom wants to get a powerbook
06:00:45PsycoXulbut they're so expensive
06:00:53PsycoXuli'll be happy when she finally does though
06:01:01PsycoXulshe'll be much happier on OS X than XP
06:01:33Temfatenow now, although I bash microsoft just as much as the next guy; so far XP has less updates than Redhat 8.1
06:01:45Temfateso you have to give em 1 point...
06:01:50Temfate10,000 to linux though.
06:01:52PsycoXuli just subtract a point from redhat
06:02:15PsycoXuldistro's annoy me since i went through the linux from scratch book
06:02:40TemfateI mainly run windows on this box for compatibility to my work network... I keep trying to tell em to use linux but damn ITG never does...
06:02:42PsycoXulall them dependancies and loaded with useless crap and the lowest-common-denominator syndrome
06:03:08Temfateare you running bitchx I take it?
06:03:18PsycoXulof the distros i like debian best, but when i installed it last weekend i was getting frustrated with it's dependancy crap
06:03:34PsycoXulbut too much work to build a system from scratch on a box thats just for doing recording heh
06:03:37PsycoXulbitchx sucks
06:03:39PsycoXulbloated POS
06:03:46PsycoXuli use irssi
06:04:01PsycoXulfaster, more stable, more capable, and more flexible than bitchx
06:04:02TemfateI liked slackware most for a long time; but am now using redhat8.1 and going to try that gentoo soon.
06:04:12PsycoXuli haven't tried gentoo
06:04:18Temfateirssi, I'll have to go look.
06:04:26PsycoXuli like the idea though
06:04:45Temfateyea, I just don't want to download another 3 cd's anytime soon.
06:04:49PsycoXulthey're not the first to have done such a thing, but i guess their specific system mimicking freebsd's system attracted a lot of people
06:04:51Temfatetakes like an entire day.
06:05:04PsycoXuldebian i just do a network install
06:05:16PsycoXulcd/iso's are obsolete by the time they're released anyway
06:05:19***Alert Mode OFF
06:05:24Temfateguess I could do a nfs install. haven't done that for a long time.
06:05:36PsycoXulonce you're done installing you just do an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and you gotta redownload most of it anyway
06:05:54PsycoXulso might as well go with the ftp/http sources to start with
06:06:50Temfateso what part of the world you in?
06:07:09TemfateI'm one of the snowed in people here in the blizzard called Denver.
06:07:27Temfate4 feet in the last 3 days
06:07:39PsycoXuli lived in flagstaff arizona in 2000
06:07:54PsycoXuli left in january 2001
06:07:54Temfatecool. What part of CA? I grew up in Torrance.
06:08:09Temfatedunno where that is.
06:08:12PsycoXulnear rialto
06:08:22Temfategot me there too.
06:08:31PsycoXulnot far from san bernardino
06:08:34TemfateI suck at geography.
06:08:42Temfateok; that one I know.
06:09:21Temfatedo you use wine?
06:09:25PsycoXuli have..
06:09:29PsycoXuli don't very often
06:09:32PsycoXuli rarely have a need for it
06:09:35Temfatehow good is it?
06:09:43PsycoXuldepends on what you want it for
06:09:52PsycoXulit runs lots of stuff decently enough for the uses i have of it
06:10:06Temfatea few programs I can't get away from mainly...
06:10:09PsycoXuli guess it runs many games pretty well
06:10:14PsycoXulespecialy winex
06:10:23PsycoXula lot of simple things work perfectly
06:10:29TemfateI don't really care about games... what's winex?
06:10:34TemfateWindows Explorer?
06:10:45PsycoXulwinex is a project by a commercial company
06:10:52PsycoXulthey added better directx support to wine
06:10:58PsycoXuland release their own version called winex
06:11:03Temfateah; ok... so it's commercial?
06:11:09PsycoXulyou can buy "official" binaries which come with support
06:11:15PsycoXulor you can freely download the cvs and build your own
06:11:28Temfateoh; so it's still open source though?
06:11:44PsycoXulsome people seem to think the commercial version has something the free version does, but i don't know if thats true or not
06:11:49TemfateMaybe I'll kill my test lab machine and try gentoo with wine tomorrow.
06:11:51PsycoXuler that the free version doesn't rather
06:12:49TemfateI'm getting really tired of microsoft outlook crashing...
06:12:58PsycoXultry evolution
06:12:59TemfateI just need some windows apps.
06:13:06TemfateThat's what I use in linux.
06:13:09PsycoXulah ok
06:14:03Temfateout of curiousity how do you mount the archos in linux? just like any usb hd?
06:14:18PsycoXuli dunno i never used any other usb hd
06:14:31PsycoXulbut yeah i just modprobe sd_mod and usb-storage and then mount /dev/sda1
06:14:51PsycoXulwell my studio20 was sda, my fm recorder's sdb for some reason
06:15:26Temfateodd... maybe the system added a node in /dev already for the studio with a diff dev id?
06:15:43Temfateso it reverted to the next.
06:15:47Temfatethat's my guess
06:16:45PsycoXuli did still have the modules loaded from the last time i mounted the studio
06:17:43PsycoXulbut yeah my binary code'll probably use
06:17:50PsycoXulchar bin2dec(char *s) {
06:17:51Temfatewhat the heck is this png graphic format?
06:17:52PsycoXul char r=0;
06:17:54PsycoXul for (; *s; r = (r<<1) | (*s++ - '0'));
06:17:55PsycoXul return r; }
06:18:20PsycoXuland then still printf the binary output to stdout
06:18:46PsycoXulsince it's easier than having code for file writing and easier for users who'd wanna pipe it's output to something anyway
06:19:14PsycoXuland putting it in a file is just a > addition to the commandline so it's better overall heh
06:19:45PsycoXulif windows can't handle that, then windows users can worry about it :p
06:19:57Temfatewell; printf'ing it will still only result in a 8 bit character though.
06:20:11Temfatethus still 8 times the size.
06:20:17PsycoXulit's not like i'm ever gonna provide compiled windows binaries anyway heh
06:20:33PsycoXulhows that make it 8 times the size?
06:20:37Temfatebesides as long as you have the disc space is doesn't matter.
06:20:39PsycoXulit's printf'ing binary chars
06:20:52Temfate1 bit take 8 bits as a full char.
06:20:55PsycoXulit'll be 8 bits in each char it's printf'ing out
06:21:26PsycoXulTemfate: no thats how it does it currently
06:21:41PsycoXulthe way i will do it will be stuffing 8 bits into a char and then printf'ing out that char
06:21:51Temfateoh; missed that.. thanks.
06:22:29PsycoXulthats what
06:22:30PsycoXulchar bin2dec(char *s) {
06:22:30PsycoXul char r=0;
06:22:30PsycoXul for (; *s; r = (r<<1) | (*s++ - '0'));
06:22:30PsycoXul return r; }
06:22:32PsycoXulis for
06:22:46PsycoXulyou give it a string of 8 1's and 0's
06:22:52PsycoXuland it gives you back a char
06:24:09Temfatewhere'd you rip it from? Curious.
06:24:43PsycoXuli dunno
06:24:47PsycoXulfound it on google somewhere i think
06:25:54Temfateah... I saw it in some unique code once so I was curious. something to do with writing bytes to a smartcard.
06:26:40PsycoXulheh weird
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06:41:25PsycoXulCourtesy of Rick Mercer, from "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," on CBC [i.e. government-owned] television:
06:41:29PsycoXulOn behalf of Canadians everywhere I'd like to offer an apology to the United States of America. We haven't been getting along very well recently and for that, I am truly sorry.
06:41:33PsycoXul I'm sorry we called George Bush a moron. He is a moron but, it wasn't nice of us to point it out. If it's any consolation, the fact that he's a moron shouldn't reflect poorly on the people of America. After all it's not like you actually elected him.
06:41:42PsycoXulI'm sorry about your beer. I know we had nothing to do with your beer but, we feel your pain.
06:41:53PsycoXul I'm sorry about our waffling on Iraq. I mean, when you're going up against a crazed dictator, you wanna have your friends by your side. I realize it took more than two years before you guys pitched in against Hitler, but that was different. Everyone knew he had weapons.
07:21:29adi|homeyou have a url for that?
07:22:05adi|homeand regarding the 2 year thing.. my only response to canada about that was "you went for the same reason australia did... you're britains bitches" :)
07:27:19 Join krush02 [0] (
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07:59:43PsycoXuladi|home: i saw it on a post asking advice for moving to canada heh
08:00:04PsycoXulthat's a cannabis-related site btw if you take offense to such things or are in an area where somebody might heh
08:01:06PsycoXulbut me, i'm going to bed
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12:32:51quelsarukwell.. afternoon :)
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13:10:02quelsarukwho made the fade option?
13:23:54quelsarukwell, time to go!
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15:54:14[MnG]Hardingdoes anyone know why my recorder 20 won't turn on or even recognize that its plugged into the charger
15:55:32[MnG]Hardinghey is anyone here?
16:10:57[MnG]Hardingis it bad if my recorder 20 wont play on the batteries it came with but it will with regular aa batteries
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20:48:03blood-stoneanyone here able to answer a question or two?
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