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#rockbox log for 2003-03-23

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04:28:19Temfateman; these gentoo stage 1 installs take all day!
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07:07:03*arbrab is back from ZzZZzzZZzzzZzzzzz. I was gone for 1day 3hrs 27mins I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n
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12:34:07SeeSchlosshmm... the usb constantly disconnects and reconnects when my FM recorder is plugged on my computer... is it normal ?
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16:35:22SeeSchloss"moin" ?
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17:01:02SeeSchlossaah ok
17:01:09SeeSchlossthanks :-D
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20:32:33*PsycoXul wonders if full-duplex is possible
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20:39:02TBoythere haven't been many stuff change/added this weekend
20:41:46TBoyis it because of the War
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20:45:28tracktheripperwhats up?
20:52:27TBoyjust thought I'd drop by to see if you guys would be disscusing somethin'
20:53:46tracktheripperyea samme here
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20:59:03TBoyis someone here that can tell me how to compile bmp2rb
21:03:52Jet8810hey guys
21:04:03Jet8810I have a very strange problem with my Archos Recorder...anybody want to help me figure it out?
21:06:59TBoyspit it out
21:16:04 Join Temfate [0] (
21:19:41Jet8810hehe ok
21:19:50Jet8810my Archos Recorder 20gb cannot queue files in rockbox
21:20:06Jet8810I have tried numerous daily builds with numbreous disk spindowns, rolo, ect.
21:20:38Jet8810it can queue using Archos firmware though...and it coudl queue just fine with my older daily build (not sure where to donwload it to test) when you hit on + play then play again to queue...
21:20:43Jet8810but formatted drive and now doesnt work
21:21:04Temfatedid you format fat32?
21:21:08Jet8810yea even
21:21:13Jet8810it can play songs just fine
21:21:15Jet8810just not queue
21:21:42Temfateabout 5 days ago or so they changed the queue code...
21:21:49Temfatedoes it work with an older verion?
21:21:54Temfatesay a week ago?
21:21:57Jet8810none of the daliy builds on the latest screen
21:22:01Jet8810I will try that
21:22:23TBoyhey Temfate
21:22:31Temfatehey; what's up?
21:22:39TBoycould you tell me how to compile the bmp2rb
21:23:31Jet8810where can I get firmware from a week ago?
21:23:38TBoywhen I run make in the tools dir
21:23:53Temfate$(CC) -DAPPLICATION_NAME=
21:24:24Temfatedoes it not compile with the makefile commands?
21:24:37TBoysee when I run make
21:24:42TBoyit just says
21:25:16Temfatejet8810: under the website daily builds section the oldest looks like a 3/18 version
21:25:20TBoygcc scramble.c -o scramble
21:25:20TBoymake: *** [scramble] Error 255
21:25:38TBoythats what it says
21:26:42Temfateone sec tboy.
21:26:59TBoyplease call me B :D
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21:29:11TemfateTBoy: try just "make bmp2rb"
21:29:21TBoyok will do dat
21:29:21Jet88103/18 doesnt work Temfate
21:29:43TBoygcc -DAPPLICATION_NAME=\"bmp2rb\" -g bmp2rb.c -o bmp2rb
21:29:43TBoymake: *** [bmp2rb] Error 255
21:30:00TBoyTemfate: this is what it says now
21:31:10Temfatehmm; I just used the sdk version which compiled fine... not sure what error 255 is...
21:31:21Temfatedo you have all the #included files?
21:31:23Jet8810anybody knwo my problem?
21:31:46TBoyJet: I had that problem but after they change the code it worked
21:31:50Temfatejet: yea; they made the change around 3/15 I think... try the old 1.4 for a sec.
21:33:11Jet88101.4 doenst have queueing at all
21:33:24Temfateheh.... then scrap that idea!
21:33:50Temfatetboy: try a make clean... hopefully that won't fail...
21:33:53Jet8810it worked for me BEFORE the queue interface changed
21:33:54PsycoXulTBoy: try running 'gcc'
21:33:58Jet8810I imagine that is when the code changed too
21:33:59PsycoXulwithout quotes
21:34:23TBoyehm, I use windows
21:34:33TBoyso I should get gcc
21:34:39Jet8810psycoxul, any ideas for me?
21:34:42Temfateare you using the sdk? or your own cygwin setup?
21:34:52PsycoXulJet8810: none, i don't use queuing
21:34:53TBoythe cygwin
21:35:12PsycoXulJet8810: except you should be able to give cvs an argument that specifies to download a certain date's tree i think
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21:35:19PsycoXulJet8810: you'd have to rtfm to find out how though
21:35:34Jet8810Psyco, I KNOW HOW
21:35:39Jet8810my Recorder locks up though
21:35:51Jet8810oh wait
21:35:55Jet8810ok nm
21:36:12Jet8810should I just email the mailing list?
21:36:52Temfatehey psycoxul; this irssi it odd... dunno if I like the console only. but I got it on Gentoo...
21:37:21Jet8810this is annoying
21:37:30PsycoXulTemfate: heh
21:37:42PsycoXulTemfate: i run it in a term in X
21:37:57PsycoXulTemfate: i also screen it so i can detatch it if i wanna restart X or anything like that
21:38:19PsycoXulTemfate: there's really no point to GUI for irc imo heh
21:38:27PsycoXulit's all text-based anyway
21:38:49TemfateI'm still compiling evolution and a million other progs... compiling everything for optimazation takes long amounts of time i've found!
21:39:21Temfatedon't even ask how long it took to compile glibc!
21:40:00TBoyPsyco: regarding the gcc
21:40:26TBoywhat should I do get it, since I'm useing the win sdk
21:41:40PsycoXuli know nothing about the win sdk or any of that
21:41:46TBoyohh darn
21:42:00PsycoXulbut when you run make in the tools directory
21:42:05PsycoXulit uses gcc to compile stuff
21:42:13PsycoXulif you don't have gcc, that won't be able to compile stuff
21:42:20Temfatetboy; are you running the sdk from rockbox?
21:42:25TBoyok I'll try to get it
21:42:53Temfateit's called sh-elf-gcc.exe
21:43:52PsycoXulyeah but that won't compile code he can run on his system
21:44:45Temfatetrue; but that's all that came in the sdk... the bmp2rb.exe should also be pre-compiled if he got the sdk.
21:44:55Temfatefor x86 that is.
21:44:58PsycoXulah so whats he trying to compile it for
21:45:34Temfateso how do I screen irssi?
21:45:44Temfatenever tried to screen something before...
21:47:16TBoybut it was compiled incorrectly
21:47:29TBoyI was told that by one of the experts ;)
21:47:53PsycoXul'screen irssi'
21:48:01PsycoXulpersonally i use the command 'screen -S irssi irssi'
21:48:09PsycoXulthat way i can re-attach it using the tag irssi instead of the pid
21:48:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:48:45Temfateok; then to do an attach just 'attach irssi'?
21:49:48PsycoXulscreen -r irssi
21:50:07Temfateah; found my problem...
21:50:10PsycoXulif you want to attatch a 2nd instance while the 1st is still attatched you can use 'screen -x irssi'
21:50:15Temfatescreen must be emrged and compiled still!
21:50:22PsycoXulalso ^a is the command key in screen
21:50:24 Join Guest1 [0] (
21:50:31PsycoXulif you want to do something like send a real ^a you gotta do ^aa
21:50:36PsycoXulto detatch you send ^ad
21:50:46PsycoXuland there's more if you wanna rtfm about it hehe
21:50:55Guest1some1 here who can help me with the firmware?
21:51:01PsycoXulbut thats about all you really need to do
21:51:15PsycoXulyou might also wanna modify it's config file
21:51:18Temfateother than compile it...
21:51:19PsycoXulmake it a bit more friendly
21:51:29Temfateguest1; what's the prob?
21:51:51DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest1
21:51:51Guest1i'm tryin to find the option how to record an mp3 file with the recorder
21:52:03Guest1im using the rockbox firmware for like 10 mins now so i'm pretty new to everything
21:52:03PsycoXuldon't use colors
21:52:11Guest1ok sorry
21:52:24 Quit _matteo_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:53:10Temfateyou should find under f1 key the recording settings.
21:54:59 Join TetraPak [0] (
21:55:07 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
21:55:12TetraPak<−−- this is guest1 now ;)
21:56:51TetraPakso where do i have to go to record an mp3
21:57:05TetraPaksound settings or general settings? cuz i can't find it there
21:57:24Temfatebeneath those
21:58:00Temfateshould be recording and recording settings
21:58:40TBoycan I give you guys the bmp I am trying to convert
21:58:52TBoyits always says
21:59:01TBoyerror - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
21:59:06 Join TemptedFate [0] (
21:59:19TemptedFatetboy; dcc it to this user.
22:00:32TBoyare you recevieing
22:00:42TetraPakmy menu looks like this:
22:00:56TemptedFateone sec.
22:01:11TetraPakthe next point is games
22:01:34TemptedFatetboy; the image is blank...
22:01:57TBoyon my pc it isn't
22:02:26TetraPakoh and how can i delete files and folders with the new firmware?
22:02:39TetraPaki hope i'm not annyoing you guys =/
22:02:50TBoythere you go
22:04:02 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
22:04:54Temfatek; one sec.
22:05:24 Join _matteo_ [0] (
22:07:29Temfateok TBoy; I agree; it's broke... PsycoXul can you convert it for him?
22:07:38TemfateI got the same error.
22:10:37TBoybut you don't have to if you don't want to
22:10:49TBoyI won't get/be mad
22:10:59TBoyor sad
22:11:09PsycoXulwhat extention is the resulting file supposed to have?
22:11:28TBoy??? to technical
22:11:44PsycoXul.h .rb ?
22:12:18TBoyI have newer used the prog so I don't know how but I would like it as code
22:12:25TBoyif that is possible
22:12:36PsycoXulwell yeah it spits out code
22:12:43PsycoXulok so i'll name it rockbox112.h
22:12:57TBoyok thx
22:13:21TBoythx again buddy
22:13:28Temfatedid it work for him?
22:13:40Temfatethe windows compile is messed up.
22:13:51 Quit TemptedFate ("---> just died of caffine overdose...")
22:14:08Temfatesays the file has a 2048 depth!
22:14:25TBoyyep same here
22:14:33TetraPakhow can i delete files and folders with the new firmware?
22:17:05PsycoXulfiles: on+play and select delete
22:17:10PsycoXulnothing for directories yet
22:17:42TetraPakand do you know how i can record an mp3
22:17:52PsycoXulin the menu
22:17:57PsycoXulthere should be a record option or something
22:18:05Temfatetboy: did he get it? I recompiled for win32 and still same prob.
22:18:14TetraPakhmm i've heard that before... but i can'T find it
22:18:20PsycoXulTemfate: yeah seemed to work
22:18:26TetraPakmy menu looks like this:
22:18:35PsycoXulyou using 1.4 or a daily build?
22:18:36Temfatetetrapak; do you have a recorder and did you get the recorder firmware?
22:18:48TetraPakyes i think so
22:18:49Temfateunder sound setting is the recording menu if so.
22:18:52TetraPaki can play the games and stuff
22:19:01TetraPakand with the original firmware i was able to record
22:19:10PsycoXulyeah i don't think player firmware will run on recorders
22:22:13TBoyPsyco it work
22:22:30TBoybut the picture is inverted
22:24:04Temfateyou could try inverting first I guess.
22:25:25TBoymaybe I'll do that
22:26:47 Quit Temfate ("leaving")
22:31:52Learbmp2rb problem on Win32? Define LITTLE_ENDIAN during build (or apply one of the newer patches)... :)
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22:35:47TBoyLear: but that doesn't explain why I can't compile them
22:35:50TBoyor does it
22:38:35Learno, but the problem about strange bit depths...
22:39:39TBoywell maybe I am asking to much but does anyone have it compile and working
22:40:00TBoyand if, will that someone be willing to send me a copy
22:40:36Temfatettttbbbboooyyyy;;;; oonnnnne sssseeeecccc.
22:40:56Temfatedamn keyboard repeat...
22:41:11TemfateI'll send it a sec if that little endian fixes it.
22:43:27Temfatewell it's different now.
22:43:34Temfatenow it says can't read image!
22:44:34Temfategot it...
22:45:17 Join TemptedFate [0] (
22:46:32Temfategive it a try; it's compiled for non-cygwin use.
22:48:00TemfateI had to re-save the bmp to a monochrome bmp first... but your use may vary.
22:48:09 Quit TemptedFate (Client Quit)
22:50:12Temfatehey PsycoXul; in linux how did you setup your sh1 cross compiler? Just CVS it all over?
22:50:45PsycoXuli just followed the instructions for building it
22:50:47TBoyTem:error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
22:50:52TBoystill doesn't work
22:51:37Temfateworked with that compile for me...
22:52:40Temfateeasiest way to do it yourself: download djgpp; #define LITTLE_ENDIAN in the bmp2rb.c file; make bmp2rb
22:52:52TBoywell ok
22:52:56TBoyI'll try tha
22:53:54Temfatebesides if you run windows you should always have djgpp! It gives you a full real gcc compiler...
22:54:30Temfateneed the link?
22:54:32TBoywhere should I put it
22:54:35TBoynope got it
22:54:56Temfatei put it in c:
22:55:35Temfateyou have to set the path for it's bin dir and the djgpp env var to the dir.
22:55:51Temfatenot to mention; did you download the make tools also?
22:56:05TBoyfrom rockbox
22:56:19Temfatefrom djgpp; it's got some various packages...
22:56:49TemfateI'd use the zippicker to chose the needed files you want.
22:59:18TBoyI have to go
22:59:22 Quit TBoy ()
22:59:49Temfateanyone know of a good scroll mouse support program/driver for xfree?
23:00:52 Join gcadidas13 [0] (
23:02:23PsycoXulOption "Protocol" "imPS/2"
23:02:26PsycoXulOption "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
23:03:58TetraPakhmm... i want the song title to scroll in the wps, not only the path... is that possible?
23:04:54 Quit gcadidas13 (Remote closed the connection)
23:05:03PsycoXulTetraPak: read docs/CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT
23:06:26 Join gcadidas13 [0] (
23:09:37 Quit Temfate ("Client exiting")
23:11:31 Join Temfate [0] (
23:15:57 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
23:26:47 Quit TetraPak ("^^")
23:48:45 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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