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#rockbox log for 2003-03-24

00:01:31 Join TetraPak [0] (
00:02:05TetraPakhey guys, everything works now i guess \o/
00:02:48Temfatewhat was the problem?
00:02:55TetraPakthe recording thing
00:02:58TetraPakbut i got it now
00:03:01TetraPakand also i can delete files now
00:03:19TetraPakand i configured my wps
00:03:21Temfatewhere was the menu? What is the wrong version or user error? :)
00:03:30TetraPakso now my firmware kixx ass :D
00:03:41TetraPakuum.. i didnt get the daily build *runs
00:03:58Temfateah; ok... glad to hear you're up
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00:06:29*PsycoXul is transferring his 20GB over to his FM recorder
00:06:39PsycoXulman i should upgrade the HD in this thing
00:06:47Temfateata or usb? :)
00:06:52PsycoXuli've probably got several GB now that i can't fit on there
00:06:57PsycoXulUSB :/
00:07:10Temfateheh; take a few hours eh?
00:07:11PsycoXuli don't even have a USB2.0 controller so it's going at 1.1 speed
00:07:30Temfateluckily O only own 10.3 gig so far...
00:07:34Temfateerr i
00:08:17Temfateman; openoffice source code is 162 megabytes!
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00:10:24Temfate$171 for a 60 gig today...
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00:14:28TemptedFatedarn it.
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03:14:39Bio_Hazardyup, just as dead as last time...
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03:21:09 Join Temfate [0] (
03:22:22Temfatehey psycoxul; how'd you say to mount the archos? modprobe sd_mod and usb_storage? Where do you define those modules to be compiled? I built in usb storage to the kernel as well as the isd-200 chipset...
03:22:39PsycoXulsd_mod is scsi disk support
03:22:54PsycoXulthe usb storage and isd-200 support give usb-storage
03:23:16PsycoXuli'm not sure how well compiling them in works, YMMV
03:23:19PsycoXuli've never done it myself
03:24:15Temfatehmm; I compiled in scsi disk support; usb mass storage; and the isd-200... so maybe switch them to modules?
03:24:28TemfateI don't see any /dev/s* entries at all!
03:24:32PsycoXulscsi disk support should have no problem being compiled in
03:24:38PsycoXulah well then you just need to make them
03:24:50Temfatehmm; what major and minor?
03:25:01PsycoXuldon't you have a MAKEDEV script?
03:25:11PsycoXultry MAKEDEV sd
03:25:16PsycoXulor ./MAKEDEV sd in /dev
03:25:41PsycoXulor maybe scsi instead of sd
03:26:56Temfateit says, ".devfsd presence implies active DevFS" then aborts.
03:27:09PsycoXulyou're using devfs?
03:27:13PsycoXuli'm not at all familiar with devfs
03:27:19Temfategentoo requires it.
03:27:23PsycoXulthey may have different device names or be under some directory or something
03:27:29PsycoXulrequires it? hows that?
03:27:42Temfatedunno; it's in the docs though to turn it on...
03:28:21PsycoXulgod my archos stinks
03:28:29PsycoXuli even whiped it down with a damp washcloth
03:28:31PsycoXuland that seemed to help
03:28:34PsycoXulbut i can smell it again now
03:29:21Temfatehmm; got it to say "I don't know how to make device sd, or scsi"...
03:29:27TemfateMine stunk for awhile too.
03:29:32TemfateThe case smells aweful.
03:30:24PsycoXulno problem with the case for me but the unit itself smells
03:30:28PsycoXuli don't generaly use the case anyway
03:30:35PsycoXulmaybe it stinks now cause it's hot
03:30:51PsycoXulit's been copying files since like this morning
03:31:32PsycoXuli dunno if i trust these bumpers as much as the original
03:31:44PsycoXulthey don't seem to have hardly any cushion room
03:31:48PsycoXulespecialy on the back
03:32:04Temfatetrue; but the metal extends back there...
03:32:17PsycoXuli'm not sure if thats a good thing
03:32:33PsycoXulmetal seems to be better at transmitting shock than absorbing it i think
03:33:50Temfatequestion; do you mount just /dev/sda or specify a partition?
03:34:13PsycoXulwell i suppose that depends on if your unit has a partition or not
03:34:18PsycoXulmine does, so i mount the partition
03:34:33PsycoXulcheck dmesg when you plug it in
03:34:39PsycoXulit should tell you what it is
03:35:34Temfatek; gonna try plugging it in again; last time the system shut off instantly... hopefully not this time.
03:35:56Temfatei was guessing static
03:36:55Temfatedmesg didn't detect anything
03:37:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
03:40:45Jet8810still wonder what my bug is...
03:40:52Jet8810anybody else have a recorder/studio 20?
03:44:10Jet8810I am going to try the 8mb Recorder version on mine :)
03:45:17Jet8810well I cant queue with the normal one
03:45:19Jet8810not gonna risk it
03:45:33Jet8810the 8mb one *could* cause irreversable damage
03:46:10Temfatedunno; it only trys to read/write addresses which the cpu works with but don't exist...
03:46:25TemfateI'd imagine it'll hang bad and you might not be able to delete it afterward.
03:46:36Jet8810yea wont try it
03:46:42Jet8810where is anti-skip buffer located?
03:47:17Temfatepsyco; are there any other system logs im not checking?
03:47:39PsycoXuli dunno
03:47:45PsycoXuli just get stuff in my dmesg
03:48:01Jet8810cant seem to get this working
03:48:41Jet8810OK according to mailing list another Studio20 reported this prob
03:48:46Jet8810one Studio and one Recorder
03:49:29Temfateis it just me or does plugging the usb in with the fm rec off start the archos firmware also...
03:49:50PsycoXulTemfate: probably
03:49:54PsycoXuli dunno
03:51:05Temfatek; stupid question possibility... do I need the usbd?
03:51:42Jet8810anybody have an old "daily build" from before Queue code was chagned?
03:55:56PsycoXulTemfate: whats that?
03:57:43PsycoXulJet8810: got cvs? try -D
03:58:37PsycoXulso i thought somebody said something about the whole menu being on 1 screen with whatever font they use
03:58:43*PsycoXul doesn't see any fonts that small
03:59:21Jet8810Psyco, what could I do if I had cvs?
03:59:54PsycoXulJet8810: use the -D option to checkout a tree no later than the date argument given with the -D option
04:00:28Temfateok; real quick; is it usb_storage or something else? Can't get that one... got sd_mod now.
04:00:37PsycoXulif you don't have CVS i suppose i could checkout whatever date you want for you and tar or zip it up or whatever
04:00:40PsycoXulTemfate: usb-storage
04:01:01Jet8810psyco, I have never done any encoding in my entire life...
04:01:11PsycoXulJet8810: encoding?
04:01:30Jet8810coding rather
04:01:46PsycoXulnobody said anything about coding
04:01:50Jet8810I will figure it out :)
04:01:52PsycoXulyou mean you can't compile either?
04:01:53Jet8810I dont want to depend on anybody
04:01:59Jet8810never dont it
04:02:01Jet8810doesnt mean I cant :)
04:02:21PsycoXulgod this is gross
04:02:28PsycoXulthis damn thing's living it's smelly residue on my fingers
04:03:53Jet8810im gonna call it a night
04:04:04Jet8810Psyco, I may call upon your guidance later, but I hope I wont need to :)
04:04:20Temfatearg! got dmesg to show it's being found... but no /dev entry is made...
04:04:57PsycoXulTemfate: doesn't devfs tuck stuff neatly away into directories?
04:04:58 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
04:05:42Temfateyes; it says it created a c159d5c0 somewhere... but I can't find it.
04:07:08PsycoXulgod i almost wonder if it wasn't this stinky shit on my archos that made me sick or something was the night i got this thing and had it laying on my pillow that i woke up sick later
04:07:45PsycoXulthe smell is just revolting, and it feels oily on my fingers after touching it
04:07:48PsycoXuland i can smell it on my fingers
04:07:56PsycoXuland smelling it does make me feel a little sick
04:10:39Temfateok; recompiling kernel; hopefully for the last time...
04:12:13Temfateyou remember how to flush and reset a vertual terminal?
04:20:09PsycoXulhmm.. dunno
04:20:29PsycoXulclear and switch VT's? heh
04:22:37Temfatethat's what I always do. Long time ago I read something on how to clear it but I forgot. Oh well...
04:22:43Temfategetting tired; this still doesn't work!
04:23:03Temfatesays it can't find usb_storage though I build it...
04:23:12PsycoXulit's usb-storage
04:23:16PsycoXul- - -
04:23:18PsycoXulnot _
04:24:09Temfatethanks... :)
04:26:25Temfateyou know; I have to reboot to make it work; but openoffice is STILL building...
04:27:09Temfateso I can't get major 180 without a restart though.
04:27:32*Temfate kills himself in a blender
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04:41:02Temfateps -aux
04:41:38 Quit Temfate ("leaving")
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10:39:41 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:39:48Zagorfound an interesting bug
10:41:02Zagorthe mpeg thread still can't play our own recordings
10:41:08Zagorthat's not good
10:42:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:43:06quelsarukthat's why i couldn't play the recording test i did with digital input?? i killed a goat for nothing then!!
10:45:28Zagoroddly enough our vbrfix doesn't seem to fix it either :(
10:46:51quelsarukhave you checked the fade bug?
10:46:51Bagderisn't the problem because of the assumed 0 bitrate
10:47:02Bagderwhich we probably could have an explicit check for
10:47:11Zagorquelsaruk: you can play it, just the buffer doesn't reload so it stops after a minute or two
10:47:45ZagorBagder: yes. but I thought vbrfix was supposed to correct that
10:47:52Bagderme too
10:48:28quelsarukwhen you press pause or stop while reading hd, sound fades out, then the volume raise again and pause/stop
10:49:10Zagorquelsaruk: yes. I don't know why.
10:49:49quelsarukdo you want a goat via fedex and try to repair it? :)
10:51:20Zagornah, I have my tamagoatchi ;)
10:51:48quelsarukBagder: a strange question, Could it be possible to invert display in the splash function?
10:53:08Bagderno, that would be completly impossible ;-P
10:54:26Bagderactually, the argument for 'center' should be remade into a bitfield for various graphical stuff
10:56:49quelsaruki thought that would make the splash function more visible :(
11:00:44Bagderwe should start with using the splash function more
11:01:27quelsarukof course
11:03:12dwihnoSpliffy! :D
11:03:20*dwihno gets the starka såsen
11:15:10 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:15:58quel|outbtw, does anyone have a midi composer program for windows? :)
11:30:29Zagorfound the bug
11:32:11Zagorblueh, only fixed half the bug :-(
11:37:41 Join LinusN [200] (
11:37:53LinusNZagor: why that change in mp3data.c?
11:37:56Bagder'lo dr LinusN
11:38:14ZagorLinusN: i'm trying to get playback of 0bps files to work
11:38:27Zagorthe fix fixed the first buffer load, but not the second
11:38:28LinusNrevert that change
11:38:41Zagorsubmit a working one instead
11:39:05LinusNdo you honestly think that i have made the MAS generate 0 bitrate headers?
11:39:31ZagorI don't know, I couldn't ask. I tested and this worked. sue me.
11:39:49LinusNthe 0 bitrate thing is a Xing/ID3 issue
11:40:23LinusNwhat is not working with 0-bitrate files?
11:40:36Zagorthe watermark is 7 bytes...
11:40:48Zagoreven after running vbrfix
11:41:04LinusNthen change the watermark algorithm
11:41:16LinusNor the xing generator
11:41:30Zagorno coffee today?
11:42:09LinusNi just thought that change was a bit...well...silly
11:42:43Zagoryeah, maybe. the watermark code looks good. somehow it didn't get bitrate 0 properly, so I checked where it was set and found a possible mismatch. removed the fail, and it worked.
11:43:15Zagorbut found out too late it only fixed half the problem, which is a good indicator for a wrong fix :)
11:44:24Zagordo you have time to take a peek? I've got a dozen fresh files this happens on.
11:45:08LinusNi may have some time later on
11:45:41LinusNdo you have any clues about the file system errors reported lately?
11:46:06Zagorhaven't really looked at them. was there more than one?
11:46:26LinusNqueue and playlist generation
11:47:44Zagorah, that.
11:48:35LinusNi fixed one playlist generation bug, but there are apparently more of them
11:48:49Zagorwe dpm
11:49:04Zagorwe don't know yet if it's the playlist or general problem. he hasn't responded.
11:50:21Zagor (120KB)
12:23:20 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
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12:23:51LinusNZagor: you there?
12:32:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:57:31LinusNyou saw my changes?
12:57:46Zagorumm, no :)
12:58:22Zagorugh, meeting. bbl.
13:43:03langhaarrockermeating. (lunch)
13:43:13dwihnoLinusN: Your changes rule! :D
13:43:37Zagoryeah, works good
13:43:52*Bagder hoorays
13:44:11ZagorLinusN: is the bitrate supposed to be fixed by vbrfix? or only the toc?
13:44:18dwihnoLinus rules! :D All your starka såsen are belong to Linus!
13:44:38Bagdershouldn't a fixed toc should make a more proper average bitrate?
13:44:46BagderI mean the toc implies the bitrate
13:44:56Zagornot necessarily
13:45:16Bagderhow else do you get a good average bitrate on vbr?
13:45:17Zagorbitrate = bytes / time
13:45:27Zagorbytes & time are specified separately
13:45:28Bagderhm, true
13:45:44LinusNZagor: i am about to fix a bug in the xing generator
13:45:53Zagorok. great!
13:46:09Bagderwell, we could use the toc to get average bitrate on a selected portion... :-)
13:46:17*Zagor smacks Bagder
13:46:24BagderI guess we leave that to 2.1 ;-)
13:49:42LinusNi still have a few things to add for the xing generator
13:49:54 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
13:50:04LinusNZagor: did you see the recording error report in the mailing list
13:50:08quelsarukbe afraid! i'm back to ask weird things!!
13:50:22LinusNquelsaruk: of course, you are spanish
13:51:20Zagorthe panic, yes
13:51:42LinusNfat_seek() returns "seek beyond eof"
13:51:54LinusNthat's what -114 means
13:52:07LinusNwhen calling ftruncate()
13:52:20Zagorwho's calling that?
13:52:23LinusNin flush()
13:53:05Zagorhmm, it should only truncate if pos < size
13:53:19LinusNyes, but i doubt that's the case here
13:54:32Bagderan opinion of mine coming up:
13:54:43Bagderlet one or two of the win sim huys get cvs write access
13:54:54LinusNi agree
13:55:08Zagoryup. pick a candidate and do it.
13:55:26Bagderok, I'll write a mail
13:55:27*Zagor plays boss ;)
13:55:37LinusNfeels good, huh?
13:56:04Zagorwhere's my fat bonus? I need to fire more people!
13:56:22LinusNyou won't get any FAT bonus until it's bug free :-)
13:59:07Zagorwhee, working vbrfix!
14:01:38Bagderhehe, obscure bug
14:07:53ZagorLinusN: ok with you to add an mpeg_stop() at the beginning of vbr_fix()? or would you prefer that vbrfix is not available while playing?
14:11:41LinusNmy upcoming changes include a "please stop the music" splash
14:12:36LinusNhmmm, maybe we should implement a pause_and_flush() function
14:12:57LinusNso the music can reload and continue afterwards
14:13:18LinusNi gotta go
14:13:22LinusNcu l8r
14:13:25 Part LinusN
14:15:44quelsaruki have a spanish idea :)
14:15:56Zagora spanish idea?
14:16:11quelsaruka kind of weird idea... :)
14:16:36quelsarukit may win the nobel
14:16:51quelsaruknowadays queue can only queue songs, no?
14:17:03quelsarukwhat about queuing playlists?
14:18:02quelsarukmayba you can remember that conversation we had about queuing afile and after playing it, instead of returning to previous dir, it continued playing that new directory
14:18:12Zagorit's the same issue as playlists in playlists. requires major code rewrite.
14:19:00quelsarukbut that could be cool no?
14:20:23elinenbewoO! cvs commits are good for me!
14:20:42quelsarukthen i can go home and have lunch. I've got an idea :)
14:22:05 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
14:22:17 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:25:04Bagderthat really delete thing is a subject to tackle for the splash
14:25:09 Quit MT ("changing servers")
14:25:09Bagderif the file name is loooong...
14:25:29dwihnowhat is a fair average file name length?
14:25:45Zagor#define AVERAGE_FILENAME_LENGTH 40
14:25:52Zagorfrom apps/applimit.h
14:25:56Zagorcode never lies ;-)
14:26:12dwihno#undef AVERAGE_FILENAME_LENGTH
14:26:36 Join Nibbler [0] (
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14:46:01*Bagder tries with a background pic in his xchat window
14:55:56 Quit elinenbe ("Heading to the pub")
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15:02:12 Join OnoSendai [0] (
15:02:15OnoSendaihello all
15:03:20elinenbeI'm back!
15:05:09OnoSendaihas anybody found a good compressor/limiter to use while recording ?
15:05:17OnoSendaifor the archos
15:05:47*Bagder has never recorded anything with his recorder ;-)
15:06:00dwihnoShame on you, Bag! :~(
15:06:03langhaarrockerI prefer to compress / limit post recording.
15:06:53OnoSendaii'm new to sound engineering... but i'm tired of idiot sound guys that screw up the levels after i'm setup on the board.. (for concerts and such)
15:07:59OnoSendaia friend of mine said he'd make a limiter for me using a LED relay design.. ( i think).. he said it would cost 5 bucks and run off of a 9volt
15:09:04langhaarrockerLED compressor? Interesting idea.
15:09:04langhaarrockerI usually record via microphone -> no live sound idiot in the signal path ;)
15:09:29OnoSendaiwhy can't there be a portable tube comp/limiter with spdif out for under 200 bucks.. (apogee mini-me 1300$)
15:10:04OnoSendaiyeah... i've done that.. works okay.. it's nice to setup on the board and forget about it tho..
15:11:36OnoSendaihe said it would be some sort of a peak watcher.. .that would trigger the LED (via threshold level).. and the light from the LED would set off a photo-resister.. there-by limiting the signal..
15:12:01OnoSendaiso a simple portable limiter with only a threshold knob..
15:12:17langhaarrockerAh, that thingie! I've build something similar, too. Was very noisy.
15:12:43OnoSendai: / mmm...
15:12:55OnoSendaihave to wait and see i guess..
15:14:15langhaarrockerThere are high quality VCAs available for only little more money. That might make things easier.
15:14:23OnoSendaivca ?
15:14:31langhaarrockervoltage controlled amplifier.
15:14:52OnoSendaiyou know of a site i could do some research on ?
15:15:37langhaarrockerMaybe on There are lots of schematics although building those devices might be overkill.
15:16:17OnoSendairight on... thanks : )
15:16:24OnoSendaioverkill is better than underkill
15:16:47elinenbeI like these commits!
15:18:03Zagorelinenbe: i'm ticking off your issue list :-)
15:18:26elinenbeZagor: great!
15:19:04elinenbeI will compile the current CVS and check out the delete function... I was getting some wierd behavior...
15:34:08 Part OnoSendai
15:34:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:36:50 Join OnoSendai [0] (
15:49:42Zagordwihno: here?
15:50:34Zagordo you have any feeling if the red freeze is worse now than before, or better?
15:51:15dwihnoPerhaps worse.
15:51:24dwihnoDefinitely not better.
15:53:23Zagormy brother (not daniel) says he gets it only once a week, but at the same day and the same specific geographic location(!)
15:53:49elinenbeZagor: there is another brother with an Archos?
15:53:50Zagortime to call in the techno-goats
15:53:59Zagorelinenbe: yeah. Roland.
15:54:08dwihnoI get it while biking with the unit in my side pocket. When I keep it in my chest pocket, it hever hangs.
15:54:10elinenbeis he a programmer?
15:54:11Zagorhe's "only" a user
15:54:13dwihnoZagor: Roland on the list?
15:54:16Zagordwihno: no
15:54:24dwihno</wild_guess> ;)
15:55:37langhaarrockerHas anybody read the ariticle about hds used as velocity sensors in the german magazine c't? :)
15:55:40elinenbeZagor: is he older or younger?
15:56:28Zagorlanghaarrocker: how is that done?
15:56:48elinenbeZagor: if he wanted you to implement something would you do it... just because he is your older brother?
15:57:04Zagorelinenbe: hehe
15:57:26ZagorBagder is my older brother too. yet I'm *BIG BOSS* ;)
15:57:56 Part OnoSendai
15:58:45*Bagder pats Zagor on his head... yes yes... sure you are...
15:59:13langhaarrockerThey say they could read out the servo info of the heads that is used to compensate vibrations. From these they draw conclusions on the velocity.
15:59:13langhaarrockerThey also claimed that they could measure the geographical coordinates based on the coriolis influence on this.Note that it is the april magazine. :)
16:00:21langhaarrockerBut who knows. Mabe that's the reason for Red Led Death errors in some locations.... :)
16:00:57Zagordwihno: did you ever wait >30s during a red freeze?
16:01:14dwihnoZagor: Hmm. Never thought about that.
16:01:16*langhaarrocker did - without success.
16:01:46Zagoris the red light totally solid? as in no fluctuations at all?
16:01:55langhaarrockercompletely frozen
16:03:05langhaarrockereg mouse cursor won't move, shift lock led can't be toggled :)
16:03:14langhaarrocker(just kidding)
16:03:29dwihnoand pressing stuff that normally would cause disk activity -> total hang
16:04:22langhaarrockerIf you had done the blue led hardware mod you'd even get a blue screen.
16:04:55 Join OnoSendai [0] (
16:06:21 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:15:42*Bagder goes $HOME
16:15:46 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
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16:37:47 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
16:37:47 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:37:47 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:38:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:45:09 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:45:59langhaarrockerZagor: I've left the red led death on for >10 min: now the led blinks
16:46:30langhaarrockermaybe at 3 Hz.
16:47:03Zagorsounds like a panic. no text on screen?
16:47:22langhaarrockerjust the frozen wps
16:47:48langhaarrockerremoving / inserting power adapter doesn't change anything either.
16:48:11dwihnoWe got debug! :D
16:50:54langhaarrockerI'm not quite sure: I think I encountered another variant of red led death some time ago when the wps still would scroll lines.
16:51:08Zagoryes, until you press a key
16:51:27Zagorit's expected. at first only the mpeg thread is frozen.
16:51:37 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:51:52Zagorbut as soon as you press a key, or at least a key that prompts a disk read, the gui thread freezes too
16:52:17Zagorthe irony of it is i'm debugging an ATA bug at work too... :-)
16:54:46langhaarrockerWhat do you work on at work? Or is that confidential?
16:55:18dwihnoZagor - the ATA man ;D
16:55:40Zagori'm working with a medical device right now.
16:55:54Zagorthe ata code is for writing logs to a pccard
16:56:07dwihnoATA driver for RockWheelchairBox? :)
16:56:38langhaarrockerHere in germany there's some kind of soap called 'Atta'. Maybe that's good for cleaning out ata bugs.
16:57:13dwihnoJust let your archos soak in the soup for 10 minutes, and everything will be squeaky again :D
16:57:56langhaarrockerthat sounds like quelsaruks approach to problems.
16:58:34dwihnoyeah, but replace every liquid with goat blood
16:59:15dwihnommm, dinner.
16:59:24dwihnoI want dinner. Tacos would be nice.
16:59:30dwihnoI haven't had tacos in an eternity
17:00:08 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:02:15langhaarrockerSeems I could provoke another red led death. No keys pressed -> wps scrolls. Now I'm gonna wait until the led blinks. Maybe the error message just was swallowed due to a frozen ui.
17:02:50Zagorhow did you provoke it?
17:03:10langhaarrockershake the thing while it was accessing the disk.
17:03:35Zagormaraccas! ;)
17:04:46langhaarrockerwas that just an emotional exclamation or does that word mean something?
17:05:42Zagormaraccas is a percussion instrument that you shake to make sounds
17:08:05 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:08:18Zagorone one 'c' apparently
17:09:37Zagorone one 'one' too. (one)
17:10:20langhaarrockerAh, I see. General Midi Channel 10, key 70 :)
17:10:51Zagorthis is f**ing annoying. there is a write error, but the status register never reports it! B+[
17:11:12ZagorI don't know which ata bug is worse...
17:11:56langhaarrockerI'd prefer the one with pccard: it's shake resistent.
17:12:18Zagoryeah, it always fails...
17:12:42Zagoractually it is a card problem. but I need to write a repeat code snippet to prove it.
17:14:12langhaarrockerbtw: jbr blinks. Message: "End Of Song List". Strange error message. :)
17:16:11Zagorbut that's interesting. it means it has attempted to read all files, but failed. the disk, or controller, apparantly ends up in a faulty state. let's try a hard reset.
17:16:46langhaarrockeryou mean hard reset by software or by user?
17:17:40Zagorpreparing patch now
17:19:21 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:21:28Zagortry next bleeding edge. i've gotta go.
17:22:30 Part Zagor
17:42:31 Join BMenez [0] (~BMenez@
17:42:31 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43:03BMenezDoes your firmware work with Archos Multimedia 20
17:44:01langhaarrockerthe architecture of the mmjb is to different from the other jukeboxes.
17:44:35BMenezok thank you
17:46:01BMenezsorry for asking because I just saw this on the nodo faq :/
17:47:44langhaarrockersorry for not providing mmjb support.
17:48:05BMenezno problem :D
17:51:47BMenezgood luck & cya !
17:51:49 Quit BMenez ()
17:57:53 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:12:27 Join edx [0] (
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18:38:25 Part OnoSendai
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19:20:50 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hanson uses BitchX. Mommy, can we dress like boys again?")
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19:38:30 Quit TBoy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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21:08:17quelsarukcu another day!
21:08:21 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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21:43:57OnoSendai: ) should you _ever_ defrag? or always backup and re-format... or nothing at all ?
21:44:31 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:01:36 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:19:45 Join IDC-Dragon [0] (
22:20:52IDC-Dragonanybody here?
22:21:53 Quit IDC-Dragon (Client Quit)
22:22:03 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
22:22:07 Join uski [0] (
22:22:11uskihi :)
22:23:04uskiis there anybody here that knows the jukebox internals ?
22:23:50adi|worknope.. sry
22:23:56uskiblah :\
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23:02:21 Part OnoSendai
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