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#rockbox log for 2003-03-25

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01:17:25adi|worki think i hate ssh
01:17:27*adi|work sighs
01:18:33adi|workits just giving me issues
01:18:44adi|workopenssh-3.5p1 isn't playing nice
01:18:51adi|workcompiles fine, installs fine
01:19:12PsycoXuli'm still on 3.4p1
01:20:15adi|workprob i hit is, sshd runs fine, config file looks okay
01:20:18adi|worki can ssh out no prob..
01:20:36adi|workbut any connections that come in, the actual password entry fails..
01:21:38PsycoXulhmm weird
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01:45:29Topic"Documentation help wanted. Ask what you can do for your Rockbox today!" by adiamas (
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01:45:49*adi|work is away: going home
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02:45:53*PsycoXul wonders if full-duplex is possible
02:46:27LinusNfull duplex what?
02:46:43PsycoXulsimultaneous playback and recording
02:46:57LinusNrecord and playback simultaneously?
02:47:06PsycoXulaww :/
02:49:40PsycoXulthe bumpers on my new FM recorder really stink
02:49:53PsycoXuli mean litteraly, they just smell aweful
02:50:47PsycoXulawful too :p
03:00:57LinusNaha, you bought a rec-fm
03:06:17PsycoXulnah, i took my studio20 into best buy and they gave me one
03:09:16Snorlaxyou should see the action we got in #ipodlinux !!
03:13:14Snorlax#ipodlinux is linux on Ipod's "Official" IRC channel!
03:13:17PsycoXulit came with a pretty cool song called "Eye" by Mike Zee
03:13:44LinusNPsycoXul: they all do
03:13:59Snorlaxwe got quite some progress on the project!
03:14:16PsycoXulwell my studio20 had some other songs on there that i don't even remember and probably rm'd all of heh
03:16:48PsycoXulheh i got my pda back from repairs today
03:17:22PsycoXulonce it's charged i'll finally get to try out linux on there
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03:40:45OnoSendaihello all
03:41:23*OnoSendai just switched to rockbox and loves it
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03:43:11LinusNOnoSendai: congrats
03:43:20OnoSendai: )
03:43:48OnoSendaiit's a pity that the recording function is the only thing keeping the archos ajz on the drive
03:43:59*OnoSendai awaits eagerly
03:44:02PsycoXulget the daily build
03:44:05LinusNuse a daily build instead of the old 1.4
03:44:14OnoSendaiit says they are buggy..
03:44:20OnoSendainot to worry tho?
03:44:30LinusNnot really
03:44:32PsycoXulnot anymore so than 1.4 (and probably less)
03:44:36PsycoXuli think
03:45:01LinusNyou may want to back up your jukebox if you are worried
03:45:57OnoSendaii didn't think that ajz files would harm data on the drive
03:46:35LinusNwell, imagine that there were a bug in our file system driver
03:47:15LinusNi haven't trashed my data yet, though
03:47:52OnoSendaido i have to have one ajz named ajbrec or will it let me choose if there isn't a default?
03:48:08OnoSendaithat's the point of rolo right ?
03:48:15PsycoXulROLO is built into rockbox
03:48:19LinusNthe firmware in ROM loads ajbrec.ajz, else it starts the ROM image
03:48:20PsycoXulso you need rockbox booted to use it
03:48:50LinusNrolo lets you start another firmware by "running" it in the rockbox file browser
03:49:01LinusNbut rockbox must be loaded
03:49:14OnoSendaii guess i don't need to worry if it the daily has everything now..
03:49:36LinusNsome people use the original firmware for playlist editing
03:49:57PsycoXuli ROLO the original firmware for the radio on the FM currently...
03:50:12PsycoXulnot like i listen to the radio much anyway, but it's nice to have since it's there heh
03:50:16*OnoSendai has a recorder 20..
03:50:33LinusNi rolo the original firmware occasionally to remind me how good rockbox is... :-)
03:50:40OnoSendaidoes anybody worry about re-formatting at all ?
03:50:48OnoSendaii couldn't believe how fast it was.. !
03:50:54LinusNi have a Player 6k, a recorder 20 and an fm recorder 20
03:51:15OnoSendaiand the rockbox ajz is bigger too ! that just doesn't make sense to me..
03:51:23PsycoXuli used to have a studio20, which bestbuy recently replaced under warranty with an fm recorder 20
03:51:35PsycoXulOnoSendai: it's the demos and games heh
03:51:36OnoSendaihehe.. sometimes you gotta love bestbuy
03:51:50OnoSendaiis there a way to remove the games ?
03:52:00PsycoXulit's a compile-time option
03:52:03LinusNOnoSendai: why doesn't it make sense that rockbox is bigger?
03:52:33LinusNOnoSendai: removing the games will not buy you much
03:52:36OnoSendaiit's faster... which makes me think it takes up less memory.. but the ajz file is bigger... so it must take up more...
03:52:57PsycoXulwell speed and size aren't always related
03:53:01LinusNmemory usage and speed are two entirely different things
03:53:05OnoSendaieh... it's just something i'll never use..
03:53:26OnoSendaibut they are usually directly proportional... i guess that just speaks well of the coding...
03:53:30PsycoXulgcc seems to generate bigger code the more optimized it is in fact heh
03:53:40PsycoXulas far as compiler opts go
03:53:51PsycoXulso it can be bigger == faster
03:53:51LinusNanyway, it's 4am here, i gotta go to sleep
03:53:57OnoSendaithanks LinusN
03:53:58PsycoXulLinusN: night
03:53:59LinusNcu guys
03:54:04 Part LinusN
03:54:28OnoSendaiso do you format at all ? or do i not need to worry about drive maintenance?
03:54:48PsycoXuli never did it to my studio20
03:55:00PsycoXulwhich got for xmas of 2001
03:55:11PsycoXuland just got replace last week
03:55:31OnoSendairight on... i've had mine close to a year... never messed with usb drives before tho... wasn't aware of any maintenance they needed
03:55:37OnoSendaiif any
03:55:54PsycoXulyeah well it's not like you usualy add and remove files a lot to these things
03:56:04PsycoXulat least i don't, and don't think most people do
03:56:12PsycoXulso you generaly shouldn't get much, if any, fragmentation
03:56:33PsycoXuland just general silly little errors a scandisk now and then should fix if any come up
03:56:55PsycoXulunless something somehow gets really screwed up and then you'll probably know you should do a reformat heh
03:57:01OnoSendaii transfer big files every now and then... maybe a 5 gig a month or so
03:57:16OnoSendaii haven't ran a scandisk on it either..
03:57:19PsycoXulah well yeah it depends on your usage i guess
03:57:29PsycoXuli wouldn't worry about fragmentation unless i notice an impact on performance
03:57:54OnoSendai: ) which is healthily disguised using rockbox now : ) i'm giddy
03:58:12OnoSendaii'm gonna go play with the cfg file...
03:58:18OnoSendaithanks PsycoXul
03:58:21PsycoXulhave fun
03:58:28OnoSendaii already am
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05:35:37mrsubwayAnyone on?
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05:37:37][ncubushey all
05:37:59][ncubusi have a few questions about the Archos 6000, anyone anti idling?
05:39:08mrsubwayI have a question too about the battery indicator in version 2 betas?
05:40:34mrsubwayThe battery indicator always shows the battery life lower than it really is. Now, if the indicator runs out, will rockbox stop the player even though the battery really has more life.
05:40:57mrsubwayIf you are logging this and can send a reply to, I'd appreciate it. All else works damn good! :)
05:41:03][ncubushow is skipping on the unit, can i walk/run with it or no?
05:41:31mrsubwayI've been walking fine with it. I'm too fat to run. :) Are you skipping?
05:41:56][ncubusim am considering buying one on ebay
05:42:11][ncubusthey're priced competitively
05:42:26mrsubwayOh. If you can afford it, GET IT! Nice unit. I reccomend the Archos Jukebox Recorder 20. That's what I have.
05:42:46][ncubusthey sell for substantially more
05:42:52][ncubusbut obviously they're better
05:43:05mrsubwayI've got like 400 songs, and still have 17 gigs left.
05:43:08][ncubusdo you use the recorder functions at all?
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08:52:15Zagorany difference with the hard reset?
08:52:53adi|homeany chance of having the guy thats bouncing removed from the mailing list?
08:56:03adi|homeweve had 3 messages bounce if i remember correctly...
08:56:40adi|homeand im home this weekend.. so im going to see if i can put togeather a draft of updated docs for commands etc...
08:56:45adi|homewe are way behind on that..
08:57:07adi|homeand on that.. im off to bed.. my sciatica is killing me..
08:58:41Zagorsleep well
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10:03:45MightyZagor? He's been idle for 4 weeks with his QuakeNet client ?
10:04:13Zagoryeah, i'm running an irc proxy
10:04:52Mightythought you were on vication down on some tropical island
10:04:59Zagorhehe, not yet :)
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10:21:01langhaarrockerHas something changed in the key code recently? Sometimes my unit mixes up the up key and the f2 key. The values in the debug menu of the ad converters show values that don't suggest overlapping value ranges for these keys.
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11:07:07Zagornobody tried today's build yet?
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11:07:18langhaarrockerI do.
11:07:35langhaarrockerred led death is different now.
11:07:55 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
11:08:09langhaarrockerIt returns to the browser after some time but if you want to start a new song it enters the red led death again.
11:08:55Zagoryes. it appears the drive gets somehow stuck in error mode
11:08:57langhaarrockerchanging the dir in the browser doesn't spin up the drive, no dir shown, no red led.
11:10:28langhaarrockerthat there's no red led when the browser tries to access the drive in error mode?
11:11:57*langhaarrocker tries chan 10, key 70 on the jukebox again
11:13:51langhaarrockerWell, there's definitly an improvement: you now can play wormlet while in red led death state :)
11:17:13dwihnoThat's a major improvement!
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11:44:54langhaarrockerstrange: there seem to be different error states. When I now try to change dir / song after "red led death state recovery" the disk spins up.
11:45:42langhaarrockerit displays no dir / doesn't play songs though.
12:10:30langhaarrockerZagor: can't you provoke the error at all?
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13:03:28Zagorlanghaarrocker: no
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13:16:35langhaarrockerZagor: seems your hd is better than my ibm.
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14:41:42Nomad__'lo again
14:41:44Nomad__Zagor around?
14:43:09Nomad__Tested the anti-idle yesterday
14:43:35Nomad__basically my Studio10 in a double wrap of foam from a motherboard box in the pocket of my jacket
14:43:44Nomad__doing 75-85 down the highway on my motorcycle
14:43:57Nomad__not anti-idle, anti-skip
14:44:03Nomad__mental dyslexia today
14:44:37Nomad__anti-skip may not be aimed at that scenario but it didn't help
14:44:43Nomad__tried setting for 7 secs and for 3 secs
14:44:46Nomad__no change
14:45:00Nomad__with yesterday morning's bleeding edge build
14:45:17Nomad__anything useful I can do ?
14:45:59langhaarrockersince yesterday evening the beeding edge contains a hard-reset of the hd. -> red led dead changed symptomatically.
14:46:45Nomad__I won't be on the bike again until Friday since I have to ferry around family
14:46:54langhaarrockeryou can now play wormlet while in red led death.
14:47:08Nomad__cool I guess :>
14:47:10langhaarrocker(ui doesn't freeze)
14:47:20Nomad__on the bike I can't see the UI or LED's or anything
14:47:26ZagorNomad__: you haven't said yet what result you had...
14:47:30Nomad__can't adjust it either, tried to buy a remote
14:47:34Nomad__Zagor: sorry
14:47:38Nomad__lost the train of thought
14:47:55Nomad__it used to timeout and turn off/hang hard when I hit 75'ish for more than a min
14:48:11Nomad__Yesterday though it would start playing again after I'd been under 55 for more than 3 mins
14:48:38Nomad__considering I mostly want the unit running when stuck sitting in traffic that's a big improvement
14:48:59Zagorit's such an odd problem
14:49:28Nomad__yeah, I figure not many people will likely run into this on a reguar basis (or not report it here, etc)
14:49:43Zagoractually quite many do :-(
14:49:49Nomad__one reason I appreciate you atleast listening even if you are cussing at the monitor about the idiot on the motorcycle
14:50:04Zagorunfortunately, I'm not one of them so I can never test improvements
14:50:26Nomad__yeah, part of why I'm volunteering to do what I can instead of bitching and leaving
14:50:41Zagorno I use my own archos while riding my bike, so I have the same situation. but for me it works without a hitch.
14:50:44Nomad__could you throw together a custom .mod with extra logging I can send you?
14:50:49Schnueffbicycle faster!
14:51:12Nomad__It works great until I hit 75+ on the highway then thunka
14:51:16ZagorSchnueff: i actually go over some pretty rough stuff every day to/from work. but that doesn't seem to matter.
14:51:18Nomad__almost like the drive just can't read
14:51:53ZagorNomad__: could the pocket of your jacket start flapping at that speed, or something?
14:52:18Nomad__not really, it's a heavy leather jacket, I've got the loose edge folded under as well
14:52:46*langhaarrocker sees funny pocket-flapping-motorcyclers in his imagination
14:53:22Nomad__langhaarrocker: imagine a thinner chitty chitty bang bang... I'm hoping to acheive flight when I hit 88mph
15:03:52 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
15:05:46HesI had pretty much problems with skipping & motorcycle last summer
15:06:22Bagderits the automatic anti-motorcycle device that turns on
15:06:25langhaarrockerMaybe it's bike dependend, too.
15:06:43HesArchOS doesn't seem to have it installed.
15:07:11Bagderthey made us install it ;-)
15:07:35HesWho? the police or traffic ministry?
15:08:08langhaarrockercompletely ot: does anybody know a free homepage provider that supports php?
15:10:19Nomad__Hes: did you solve the problem or remove one component?
15:10:33HesI did quite a bit of debugging on the skipping at high speed, we got a little improvement (zagor&friends tuned the ATA stuff several times)
15:10:48Hesbut it didnt' go away completely
15:11:02Hesmy biking season will start within a month, will continue on it then 8-)
15:11:03Nomad__I'm riding an 1100 Vtwin, it vibrates pretty well
15:11:08ZagorHes: are you saying the stock firmware never skips, or just that it doesn't freeze?
15:11:12Nomad__may just be a problem with physics
15:11:29ZagorNomad__: skipping is unavoidable, but it shouldn't stop.
15:11:51HesI don't think I've noticed skipping on the bike.
15:11:52Nomad__yesterday it didn't stop completely
15:12:04Nomad__when I dropped the speed down a good bit it would eventually resume
15:12:16HesI noticed skipping in car once, and rockbox would stop (lousy car, vibrates)
15:12:19Nomad__but the entire time I stayed 75+ (10-15 mins) it didnt' play a note
15:12:23ZagorNomad__: 3 minutes is too long. it should take 5-10 seconds max.
15:12:43Hesmy 750cc 4cylinder doesn't vibrate too much, it's the wind & pocket vibrating
15:13:16langhaarrockerHes: admit that it's you who's vibrating in fear of speed! :)
15:13:19Nomad__I tried to eliminate the pocket problems by tucking the fold under and even tried to "hold" it but no good
15:14:11Hesin the car i got around the skipping/halting by holding the device on my lap
15:14:34Nomad__I can put it on the center console of my truck as I drive to work and have no problems with skip, etc
15:15:26Hesi've been thinking about upgrading to an 1100cc engine but I might have to hold that until the problem is resolved 8-)
15:16:36Hesa remote that'd be usable with riding gloves on would be an interesting project too...
15:16:39Nomad__if you stay 4cyl like a Magna you probably won't have a problem
15:17:06Nomad__mine is a Virago which has a very "strong" engine for an 1100...
15:17:28Nomad__Hes: there is a remote but Archos is back ordered on it
15:17:36HesNomad__: too small buttons.
15:17:39Nomad__it'll work with thin riding gloves but probably not cold weather thick ones
15:17:50Hesi only have the latter 8-]
15:17:52Nomad__It's warm enough here in Ga already I'm in my thin gloves :>
15:18:05Nomad__I wear padded fingerless durring warm/hot days
15:18:52Zagorhmm, what happens when the playlist code fails reading?
15:19:05Zagorwe've only been looking at the mpeg code so far
15:19:13Hesi didn't run playlists
15:19:25Hesbut that would be another interesting scenario, yes
15:19:26Nomad__I do but I start the playlist before the bike hits 75 :>
15:19:43Zagorthe playlist is read for every new song
15:19:48Nomad__my skipping usually occurs in the middle of the song but it could be when its queueing up the next song as well
15:19:54Nomad__wow, that can be ugly
15:20:03Nomad__My main playlist has 1500 songs easy
15:20:46Hesin my case, without playlists, would the directory be looked into after too much skipping on a song & skipping to the next track?
15:20:54ZagorNomad__: mine has 7700 songs. it's not a problem.
15:20:55Hesand if that directory read would fail, could it jam?
15:21:02Nomad__I need to find someone who'll do a memory upgrade on a Studio 10 and swap my studio 10+ cach
15:21:17Nomad__I guess the playlists are "small" in ram terms
15:21:22ZagorHes: we should look at that
15:21:33Nomad__8Gigs isn't that long a playlist in reality
15:21:38HesAnd I don't think the whole playlist is reread at that point anyway?
15:21:51Zagorno, we just lseek() to the line of the next filename
15:21:59Hesbecause the index of the lines is in memory
15:22:00BagderNomad__: we only keep a seek index of each song in memory, so each song occupies 4 bytes only
15:22:23Zagorbut the file is accessed. and what if we fail there? I haven't audited that part of the code much.
15:22:44Bagderthat's indeed a subject worth to investigate
15:23:00Nomad__afk a min, brb
15:23:13ZagorI just tried shaking my archos while filling the buffer. and I can make it skip to next track, but not freeze
15:23:36langhaarrockerMy recorder goes into red led death even in the middle of the song.
15:24:23Hesalso, we have a variety of disks installed, I think my unit went worse in this respect when I upgraded my disk from the stock IBM
15:24:24Zagorlanghaarrocker: are you sure it's not caching the start of next track?
15:24:37langhaarrockerVery sure.
15:24:51Zagorok :(
15:25:52*langhaarrocker verifies
15:29:15langhaarrockerI can make it red led dead at the second buffer refill with still 3:30 min of a 320kBit encoded Song
15:32:44Zagorlanghaarrocker: does it ever make a click sound or anything? spin down? or just completely frozen stable.
15:34:08langhaarrockerInteresting: When I hit the 'next' button it'll play a chunk of audio. Very short but I believe it's a chunk of the current song -> probably data from the old buffer.
15:34:08langhaarrockerIt stops playing, the disk keeps spinning, even after the red led goes off after ~30 seconds
15:34:37langhaarrockerBut when I hit the 'next' button, the red led turns on again.
15:35:14Zagorwhat disk model do you have?
15:36:27langhaarrockerIt that ibm 19 GB drive
15:36:27langhaarrockerIC25N020ATDA04-0 as the drive info of rockbox says
15:41:11 Join OnoSendai [0] (
15:41:13OnoSendaihello all
15:41:31langhaarrockerWhile shaking I can hear noises that suggest the head searches the track.
15:41:36langhaarrockerhello OnoSandai
15:42:04OnoSendai: )
15:42:37*langhaarrocker can't read / write or neither :)
15:42:51OnoSendaiack... what the hell did you do ?
15:43:03langhaarrockerI misspelled your name
15:43:26OnoSendaioh... hehe.. i thought you meant your JB wasn't reading or writing.. hehe
15:44:52langhaarrockerNo. I just realized that a german might feel insulted if he was called the way I misspelled your name.
15:45:41OnoSendaido you judge all things by how a german might feel?
15:45:56langhaarrockerI have no other choice. I am german.
15:46:31OnoSendaihehe.. i guess not.. i _was_ born in heidelberg... but we left when i was 4 or 5..
15:47:01OnoSendainever been back.. really want to see it.. i hear it's a cool town.
15:47:08Nomad__I'm half german but no nothing about that side of the family
15:47:17Nomad__courts wouldn't give my mom adoption records
15:47:23langhaarrockerZagor: funny! Now I have a flashing red led with "End Of Song List" again. I used to get this before the hard reset yesterday. Today it's the first time.
15:47:54OnoSendaiis there any doco on this 'red death' ?
15:48:22langhaarrockerThe only docu concerning the red led death should be 'solved'
15:50:10OnoSendaiah... cool
15:50:48langhaarrockernot yet.
15:52:20Bagderthat is interesting
15:52:29Bagderto get that text, id3 needs to be null
15:52:53Bagderand the mpeg thread says it doesn't play anything
15:53:05ZagorBagder: I believe it tries and fails to load every track in the list
15:53:09langhaarrockerI just realized that I accidently turned off repeat. Maybe it in fact was the last song of the list.
15:53:48BagderZagor: hm, that might be a lead...
16:00:08Bagderin the wps_show() function
16:00:20Bagderwhat's in charge of keeping the id3 pointer up-to-date?
16:02:30Zagorupdate() calls mpeg_current_track() on each button timeout
16:03:07Zagorand (!!!) the current path is copied to the settings buffer 5 times per second...
16:03:33Zagoruh, no. only if the file differs. my bad.
16:06:31 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:10:21 Join TetraPak [0] (
16:14:28OnoSendaithere is no doco for the definition of all items in the CFG file.. is there.. ?
16:15:14TetraPakyou mean this?
16:15:51OnoSendaiyeah.. i've seen that... i just want more details..
16:15:57TetraPakhmm ok
16:16:04OnoSendailike what _exactly_ does disk poweroff do ?
16:16:26OnoSendaiis there an idle timeout then it powers off ? is that a setting somewhere.. ?
16:17:37TetraPaki think it's a setting but i'm not sure
16:17:41TetraPakDisk Spindown - Rockbox has a timer that makes it spin down the harddisk after being idle for a certain time. You can modify this timeout here.
16:19:00Zagordisk poweroff is an option that completely cuts the power to the disk after it has spun down. this saves power, but adds a bit more delay (about a second) to the spinup time
16:19:28 Quit TetraPak ("^^")
16:19:44OnoSendaiso it's a more severe idle power off..
16:20:12Zagoridle power-off is a setting for turning off the archos when idle for >x minutes
16:20:14OnoSendaiit's an idle power off just for the hard drive
16:20:32Zagorthere is always an idle-off for the drive. it's the "disk spindown" option.
16:20:45Zagorthe disk poweroff just makes the spindown save even more power
16:21:08OnoSendairight on..
16:22:19langhaarrockermaybe there should be preset configs one day like "fast ui", "low energy consumption" ...
16:22:57Zagoryeah, that could be nice. just premade .cfg files
16:23:06langhaarrockerbut with names that a dau understands, too.
16:23:53OnoSendai: )
16:24:07OnoSendaiit wa a pleasant suprise to have a 'write .cfg' option
16:24:21OnoSendaicuz a cfg file is a bit overwhelming when first looking at it.
16:25:32OnoSendaii'm trying to find def's in the archives..
16:25:48OnoSendaiis auto-volume a dsp normalizer ?
16:25:50langhaarrockerIf now someone did a real texteditor (neither vi nor emacs) we could have wps configurable online, too.
16:26:15langhaarrockerOnoSandai: Yes, it's some kind of compressor / limiter
16:27:09OnoSendaidoes it work for recording also ? (thanks for being patient)
16:27:50langhaarrockerWell, it works on the output _while_ recording, but doesn't affect the recorded signal.
16:28:25OnoSendaiwait wait... you can monitor while recording ?
16:28:33langhaarrockerof course
16:29:41*OnoSendai has to go inflict pain on himself for being stupid
16:30:21OnoSendaii coulda swore i tried that, and it didn't work.... this only works with rockbox right?
16:32:36langhaarrockerI haven't tried for a long time, but I think it was possible with the archos firmware, too.
16:33:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:34:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:34:38OnoSendaiyeah.. figured.. oh well... it's a pleasant suprise... i'd always been pissed about that.. i was just wrong.. : )
16:34:43OnoSendaitime for nap... thanks guys.
16:38:34 Join Temfate [0] (
16:54:04 Join sander_ [0] (~sander@
16:54:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:12:32 Part Zagor
17:22:16Bagderim off
17:22:19 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:23:08 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:25:17 Join tracktheripper [0] (
17:52:39 Quit webmind ("Reconnecting")
17:52:44 Join webmind [0] (
17:54:15 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
17:54:15 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:57:20 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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18:11:48 Quit josh966__ ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
18:11:56 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:12:20TBoyI got a problem today
18:12:26TBoyI discoverd
18:12:41TBoyI was just zappin through my songs
18:13:11TBoyand all of a sudden the red led went on and just stayed on
18:13:18TBoyand the music stop playin
18:13:33TBoyand then after lets say 5-10 min it worked again
18:13:51TBoyhas anyone encountered this type of problem
18:14:13TBoyI ride a FM recorder :D
18:18:34 Quit webmind ("leaving")
18:18:43 Join webmind [0] (
18:29:57 Join josh966__ [0] (
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18:41:46 Join uski [0] (
19:12:21 Nick PsycoXul_ is now known as PsycoXul (
19:12:21 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:44TBoywhat is S/PDIF
19:32:17uskia digital audio "protocol"
19:32:35TBoyso what does it do
19:32:59TBoyor what is it good for
19:33:10PsycoXulit's for digital audio
19:33:17uskielectrically noisy environments ?
19:33:25uskiwhere all analog signals get fucked up ? :)
19:33:59PsycoXulwell the merits of transporting audio digitally is another matter
19:34:16TBoyI had this prob today
19:34:18PsycoXulbut thats what S/PDIF "does" is transports audio digitally
19:34:35TBoyI was just zappin through my songs
19:34:40TBoyand all of a sudden the red led went on and just stayed on
19:34:47TBoyand the music stop playin
19:34:48PsycoXulTBoy: sounds like the red led dead or whatever problem that some people have been having
19:35:41PsycoXulit's being looked into, but you can tell zagor, i guess, about your particular case of it
19:36:04TBoythis has happend to me quite often
19:36:39PsycoXulwell see if you can find a guaranteed method to reproduce it
19:36:57PsycoXuland tell zagor about it
19:37:15PsycoXulor linusn or bagder probably
19:37:41TBoyyeah probably linus because we both ride a FM
20:04:30uskican someone help me with a very simple thing ? i need to know the exact error message that a "rockboxed" jukebox 6000 shows when there is no hard-drive attached to it
20:18:34uskihuh ? :)
20:18:41uskii have a problem with an archos jb6000
20:18:44TBoyhuh :D
20:18:53uskiif i access the hdd via the isd200 (= usb) it works correctly
20:19:16uskibut when i use the lcd screen to browse the HD, the screen fuck up and i get chars like HgsQSDhtSDqsdgDF instead of the name
20:19:54uskiso i would like to know where the problem is comong from; it can be a problem on the lcd controller
20:20:07uskior a problem between the RISC processor and the hard drive
20:20:20uskiknowing the exact error messager would allow me to know if the problem comes from the lcd or not
20:24:25uskiso if someone could remove the hdd of his jb6000 and tell me the error message, it would be great !!!
20:27:26TBoythats alot your asking for
20:28:21uskiwhy ? in 5 minutes it is done, isn't it ?
20:33:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:41:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:49:51adi|workbecause 1. i have to open my case
20:49:56adi|work2. risk breaking things
20:49:59adi|work3. pull the drive
20:50:01adi|workand reboot
20:50:10adi|workand then 4,5,6 do all in reverse
20:57:21TBoythats what I thought
21:10:53 Join wyfflemunky [0] (~chatzilla@
21:26:21*TBoy slaps TBoy around a bit with a large trout
21:26:22 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:42 Quit wyfflemunky ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3b/20030312]")
21:52:41 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:01:31 Quit OnoSendai (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:02:42 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:08:20 Quit TBoy (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:13 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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22:40:48 Join IDC-Dragon [0] (
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22:42:29 Quit IDC-Dragon (Client Quit)
22:42:38 Join Guest1 [0] (
22:42:46 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
22:43:02 Join IDC-Dragon [0] (
22:45:15IDC-DragonHello, anybody active? Is is this java applet stuck?
22:46:13adi|workim here
22:48:15IDC-DragonDo you know how to apply a patch to a local file?
22:54:31adi|workread the faq :)
23:01:02 Join Bagder [241] (
23:07:00 Join rocker92 [0] (ircle@
23:07:11rocker92is anyone around?
23:07:48rocker92hey :)
23:07:56rocker92is there anywhere to download rockbox 1.3?
23:08:03rocker921.4 onwards don't work on my player
23:08:16Bagdernot at all?
23:08:35rocker92nope, doesn't load or anything
23:08:46rocker92just boots up to the default archos os
23:08:56adi|workthen you aren't dling properly...
23:09:03Bagderit is probably not due to a rockbox problem
23:09:18rocker92hmm, i don't know
23:09:20adi|workBagder: which ssh are you running at home?
23:09:24rocker921.3 and earlier always worked
23:09:32adi|workrocker92: what is the exact name of the file you are copying to the archos?
23:09:34Bagderadi|home: OpenSSH_3.4p1
23:09:41rocker92then it stopped working when they combined the old and new player os
23:09:42adi|workgrrr.. damnit..
23:09:49adi|work3.5p1 is giving me issues..
23:09:54rocker92well i rename it to archos.mod
23:09:56rocker92in the root dir
23:10:07adi|workwhat was it named?
23:10:21rocker92i jusy tried archos20030325.mod
23:10:35rocker92and the mod from
23:10:39adi|workand you have a player not a recorder right/
23:10:53rocker92it's an old jukebox 6000
23:11:47BagderI'll be surprised if that works for you
23:11:58rocker92cool, lemme try
23:12:23adi|workbagder you know anyone running 3.5p1?
23:12:50BagderI don't know any no, but then I don't know what versions people run
23:13:04rocker92hmm that didn't work either
23:13:16Bagderthat's what I thought
23:13:38Bagderor similar
23:14:04rocker92well i just formatted my drive
23:14:14rocker92so i don't think the old mod would be there
23:14:46Bagderwell, something makes the unit not find the .mod file
23:15:03rocker92i thought maybe it was because i had previously formatted with higher block size
23:15:20rocker92so i just formatted it with the default settings
23:16:37rocker92does the drive need to have a specific name?
23:17:01rocker92lemme get the archos os
23:17:03rocker92see if that works
23:17:09Bagderyes, try that
23:17:22Bagderit that works, it'll truly surprise me
23:19:32 Quit josh966__ ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
23:19:44rocker92man this is annoying
23:19:49rocker92that didn't work either
23:20:12rocker92i formatted fat32, does the archos want fat?
23:20:21adi|worki think so..
23:20:26adi|workno fat32 if i remember right
23:20:28Bagderfat32 is fine
23:20:38*adi|work assumes the silence position again
23:21:01Bagderrocker92: and the built-in software works fine when run?
23:21:49PsycoXuldo you have file extentions showing in your windows explorer (or whatever)?
23:22:10rocker92yeah all that stuff is disabled
23:22:22rocker92i move files using dos anyway
23:22:27PsycoXulah ok
23:22:28PsycoXulnm then
23:23:46PsycoXulhow come the FAQ doesn't have an index? it looks like it'd be trivial to add, and would make it much more user-friendly
23:24:14Bagderbasicly, it is because the questions are sooooo long
23:24:25Bagderthe index turned out looking really weird
23:24:25PsycoXulso? heh
23:24:39Bagderbut I agree we need one
23:25:11Bagderor possibly sections
23:25:27*adi|work has that on his list
23:30:31sander_Now that there's a feature freeze for 2.0 is considered beta at this point?
23:31:04Bagderalthough we don't call it that
23:31:36sander_I've been using 1.4 for a while are the daily builds pretty stable on a Studio 10?
23:31:55BagderI believe they are
23:32:39sander_I'm game to help test, but I need it to work for my own peice of mind when I'm out and about. :) I'll give it a try then.
23:33:00Bagderyou can always save it on the side and ROLO it to start with
23:33:27Bagderin case you wanna play safe
23:33:32sander_hmm I'll try that.
23:33:43 Join edx [0] (
23:34:14sander_I've been really impressed with the project. My only regret is that I didn't get a recorder, because of the smaller text size.
23:34:43sander_But of course it was almost double the price at the time, so I can't really complain.
23:36:06Bagderthe recorder also has better sound
23:37:47sander_Yeah, and USB2, but I'm still pretty happy. I'm having a hard enough time finding good head phones for the jukebox as it is. Finding good headphones that have a volume control is a pain.
23:54:37 Quit rocker92 ("*")

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