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#rockbox log for 2003-03-26

00:02:02 Join LinusN [200] (
00:02:16Bagderevening linus
00:03:32LinusNlooks like the file writes suck nowadays
00:03:49Bagderand the reading too
00:04:02Bagderthat red led freeze
00:06:06LinusNis björn a busy man nowadays?
00:06:28Bagderyes, occationally it seems
00:06:39Bagderso am I
00:06:49LinusNand I
00:11:36Bagder"We use Curl (currently, version 7.10.3) as the download mechanism for our package management/upgrading tools, in Mandrake Linux."
00:15:04IDC-DragonHi Daniel, I'm just figuring out how to use WinCVS with Sourceforge. How's my access doing? (not pushing)
00:15:15Bagderah, hi!
00:17:11IDC-DragonIs there a patch tool for Windows, or can WinCVS do it?
00:17:34Bagdergnu patch exists for windows too
00:17:42Bagderdon't know if wincvs can do it
00:18:19IDC-DragonI presume gnu patch is the same command line tool as patch for Cygwin?
00:19:13IDC-Dragonno gain then.
00:19:56Bagderonly if you would be cygwin-less ;-)
00:21:03LinusNi use cygwin when doing rockbox stuff in Windows, works great, even CVS
00:22:24 Join Nibbler [0] (
00:22:41IDC-DragonYes it does. For patches I thought it would be great to have something like a Gui tool, with both sources side by side, buttons to click a change over, sources editable. Maybe I'm dreaming.
00:23:23Bagderthere exist such tools
00:23:36Bagderheck, even emacs has a mode for it ;-)
00:24:04IDC-Dragonfor patches or just diff?
00:24:29LinusNi rarely find a need for such a tool just for creating/applying patches
00:24:38Bagderme neither
00:27:08 Quit sander_ ("Client Exiting")
00:27:31BagderIDC-Dragon: sourceforge is being stupid today, I'll add you tomorrow
00:28:22IDC-DragonOK. They seem to be busy every few times I go there.
00:28:41Bagderyeah, sf is cracking under the load
00:29:27IDC-DragonBut they to a great job with a lot of responsibility. What would oen source be without them?
00:29:31 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:29:48Bagderyes, they have lots of useful services for a fair price
00:30:37BagderI need sleep
00:30:40LinusNgotta get some sleep
00:30:42LinusNnite all
00:30:45 Quit Bagder ("")
00:30:49 Part LinusN
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01:27:10BoD[]1 ( 2186.551 ms 1609.135 ms 1537.432 ms
01:27:18BoD[]my isp rocks
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02:19:08 Join mrsubway [0] (
02:21:34 Quit Nomad__ ("No windows for this server")
02:25:26mrsubwayI had asked this last night, but no one was on.
02:26:34mrsubwayOn version 2, the battery indicator is too low, and it drains quickly. Now, will Rockbox stop the recorder if the battery indicator drops all the way down EVEN if there's plenty of life left?
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02:45:24 Join OnoSendai [0] (
02:45:30OnoSendaihey guys : )
02:48:06 Quit mrsubway ()
02:52:51 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
02:53:22Bio_Hazardis there any life in here?
02:53:33BoD[]i'm alive
02:54:33BoD[]i just saw planet of the apes
02:54:42BoD[]the original one with charlton eston
02:55:00BoD[]he's a genius! and the movie is so great
02:55:00Bio_Hazardanyone seen linus in here as of late?
02:55:30BoD[]linus said : 03/03/26 00:30:44 <LinusN> gotta get some sleep
02:55:30BoD[]03/03/26 00:30:46 <LinusN> nite all
02:55:36BoD[](local time)
02:55:51Bio_Hazardhow long ago?
02:55:58BoD[]well it's 2:55 here
02:58:50OnoSendaidoes anybody know of a way to center info in the WPS ? my times are left justified
03:01:08BoD[]i dont think it's possible
03:02:16OnoSendai: )
03:02:19OnoSendaithanks anyway.
03:12:07 Join Goku4658 [0] (
03:27:10OnoSendaihaving the WPS setup the way you want gives me sooo much satisfaction
03:27:10 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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03:32:11 Join OnoSendai [0] (
03:32:25OnoSendaihehe.. miranda doesn't like pasted line breaks
03:33:46 Join Hog [0] (
03:34:07Hoganyone here?
03:34:27Hogquick question
03:34:34OnoSendaii'll try to answer it
03:34:45HogAfter I start playing a song, say I go to mess with the settings, whatever...
03:34:55HogHow can I get back to the currently playing song without restarting it?
03:35:09HogCan't seem to figure out how to get back to the display screen.
03:35:34OnoSendaiyou should be able to back out of all menus by pressing the left arrow button..
03:35:55 Quit BoD[] ("fuck")
03:36:05OnoSendaii'm running the 3/24 daily build on the recorder... don't know if your setup is different tho
03:36:05Hogyea I can get out of the settings back into file viewing mode, but not back to the display screen
03:36:24HogI'm running 2/1 daily build, guess I should update
03:36:58OnoSendaiso you're playing a song... then you hit ON for file browsing.. then you hit F1 for main menu ?
03:37:43Hogin file viewing mode I hit 'On' and it took me back
03:37:47Hogswear I tried that before
03:37:57OnoSendainp.. : ) i've done much worse..
03:38:31Hogso besides viewing all the daily builds anyway to see what's been fixed (all in one place) since my build?
03:39:25OnoSendaicouldn't tell ya.. i started on 1.4.. and went to 3/24 to get recording.. and am perfectly happy.. lemme look..
03:39:40Hogyea, I was on 1.4 and went to 2/1 for the same :)
03:40:26 Join Guest1 [0] (
03:40:32OnoSendaijust the change logs posted with each daily..
03:40:49 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
03:40:55Hogyea, fraid of that
03:40:59 Join jukeboxn00b [0] (
03:42:10jukeboxn00bhey all! I'm getting my jukebox on Friday, but right now my collection is sorted into all sorts of different formats (mainly .wma and good old .mp3, but there are some other formats as well). What programs do you guys use to convert your audio files into .mp3?
03:43:28Hoghmm, always used mp3 here
03:44:00 Part Bio_Hazard
03:46:13OnoSendaii've always used mp3... winamp has an mp3 writer plugin..
03:47:51jukeboxn00booh.. ok. Thanks! Have you heard of any sort of program that specialises in music format conversions? Does winamp do it automatically as it goes down the playlist, or does it ask you where to save the new *.mp3 file every time it does it?
03:48:42PsycoXulwinamp2.x is easy, just asks for a dir to dump to
03:48:56PsycoXuler well nm
03:48:59Hogman, gotta love the 5x7 font
03:49:05PsycoXuli'm thinking of the wav writing one
03:49:11PsycoXulnever used the mp3 writing one
03:50:38OnoSendaiit's almost as simple..
03:51:24OnoSendaiit grabs the encoder config for whatever codec you have on your system..
03:51:51OnoSendaiso it asks me where to dump... then brings up the lame encoder config screen for me..
03:52:10PsycoXullame is good
03:52:44OnoSendaiyeah... coupled with CDex.. and i can do everything i want..
03:53:09 Quit Goku4658 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:53:11 Nick Snorlax is now known as Snorlax|ZzZ (
03:53:16OnoSendaithe JBR will take the newest VBR standard... haven't tested the max past 160 tho..
03:56:28Hogok, running the 3/25 build now. Doesn't look a lot diff.
03:56:34HogThanks for your help before
03:57:10Hogback to work...
03:57:12 Quit Hog ()
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09:25:02 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:25:07dwihnoHowdy ho!
09:25:07dwihnoZagor: did you and langhaar find any red led issues?
09:25:38 Join seb-sleep [0] (
09:34:16 Join Bagder [241] (
09:36:34Bagder"Unspecified error −− please contact staff via the Support Request system for further assistance"
09:36:34Bagdersf ain't happy this morning
09:36:34dwihnoMoinsens Bagder! Welcome back to the wonderful world of RockBox :-D
09:45:16 Join Nibbler [0] (
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10:27:25 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:32:20dwihnoWillkommen zurück, Langhaar! :D
10:33:14dwihnoI am considering to buy a flash based mp3 player for training sessions when I don't want to use my archos... Any tips or pointers?
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10:34:15dwihnoI used to have a Rio 300 back in '99 (32+32 meg)... But I guess the players have evolved since then ... :-)
10:34:15dwihnoAnd with Sonicblue filing for bankrupcy I don't want their products.
10:34:15langhaarrockerIf you find one that records (in serious qualitry) let me know. :)
10:46:11dwihnoyou use the recorder for recording :)
10:46:42langhaarrockerI want a recording device that I can play soccer with while it records.
10:46:42dwihnoPanasonic SV-SD50 - 30 hours of play time using a single AAA batt.
10:46:44 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:46:46langhaarrockerIt's so unfair. My boss won't allow me a pillow. Now I always have these negative button marks of my keybord on my cheeks.
10:46:48 Join seb-sleep [0] (
10:51:46 Join edx [0] (
11:25:42quelsarukBagder: are you sure we can't invert the *box* used in splash() ??
11:26:12Bagderof course we can invert it
11:26:55Bagderjust write code for it
11:26:55langhaarrockerDo you really think it'll look cool?
11:26:55Bagderlcd_invertrect() sounds like your friend
11:27:19quelsaruklanghaarrocker: dunno, maybe the box is more readable :)
11:27:45quelsarukBagder: functions are my friends...
11:27:45quelsaruklet the functions come to me :P
11:28:13BagderI think that the box looks nice now partly thanks to the "border"
11:28:13Bagderwhich would vanish if we revert it
11:28:55Bagderthe rectangle around the text
11:28:55quelsaruki had to switch on my 2 neurons to understand that, but i got it ;)
11:29:43Bagderdid it hurt? ;-)
11:30:46quelsaruknow i can smell a bit of smoke, nothing serious
11:37:28 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:57:41quelsaruklanghaarrocker: a weid question. do you have a midi composer program?
11:57:41 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:57:41quelsaruksomething that works ine
11:59:18langhaarrockerAcutally I hardly do any midi at all. The only things I do with midi is mixer automation in logic audio. Logic audio is a midi sequencer of which I don't use the sequencing part. :)
11:59:18quelsarukok, thx
11:59:37 Quit MT (Remote closed the connection)
12:03:39dwihnoAre there AC/DC->USB adapters, which could be used for charging?
12:07:12langhaarrockerI don't know any. But I assume that I could build one if I really wanted to...
12:07:12dwihnoLook at THAT :D
12:07:12 Join MT [0] (mt@
12:08:52quelsarukdwihno:do you need a pair of those, at least, to make your brain work?? :P
12:09:34dwihnoquelsaruk: heh, I could use that at some times ;-)
12:11:29dwihnoTime for lunch (and replacing the batts in this cordless keyboard, it has started to drop keypresses!)
12:17:19 Quit seb-sleep (Excess Flood)
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12:47:33 Join juz [0] (
12:48:49juzrockbox say an error: "ata:-2" what happened please??
12:49:00Bagderwhat rockbox version?
12:49:12juz23 march
12:49:38Bagderplayer/recorder ?
12:49:44juzi update it three days ago
12:50:55Bagderwhen does it say this?
12:51:06juzwhen it start
12:51:37Bagderdid it ever work?
12:52:09juzi thinl it is the hard disk drive but t m not sure
12:52:14juzi think it is the hard disk drive but t m not sure
12:53:02juzwhen i plug it on my pc it bug my pc and it my pc reboot
12:53:32Bagderso you can't use it with usb either?
12:53:39juzno i can t
12:53:47Bagderand with the archos firmware?
12:54:13juzhow i do for put the arcos firmware??
12:54:21Bagderrename the rockbox file
12:54:32Bagderthen it'll use the built-in firmware instead
12:55:12juzhow i do for rename the file my jukebox don't starte it stop before show "Rockbox"
12:55:24Bagdergood question, I'm stupid
12:55:41BagderI think you have a hw problem
12:56:25juzok but do you think it could work with archos firmware??
12:56:27Bagderrockbox fails to detect io address so it can't operate
12:56:38juzio adress??
12:56:48Bagderif you shut it off and connect the usb and starts it
12:57:01juzit reboot my pc
12:57:03Bagderthen rockbox won't be involved, only the built-in sw and the usb circuit
12:58:25juzso i have to chang the HDd???
12:58:55BagderI'm not sure it is hd related
12:59:14Bagderit looks ATA related, which could mean that your unit is damaged
12:59:28juzwhats unit??
12:59:34Bagderyour archos player
12:59:52Bagderbut I'm not an expert on this, I'm only expressing my guesses
13:00:43juzbut do you know wath is the "-2" value???in ata:-2
13:01:19Bagderyes io_address_detect() in firmware/driver/ata.c returns -1
13:01:41Bagderso ata_init() fails returning -2
13:01:46Bagderwhich is displayed
13:03:16juzthe ata is borken it s an hardware problems?
13:03:23BagderI think so
13:03:40juzok and whos can repair it??
13:04:38Bagderif you're warranty is still valid, I'd suggest contacting archos
13:05:07juzhow long the warranty is valid??
13:05:20BagderI don't know, it used to be 1 year
13:05:32juzok thank you
13:05:40juzi gone
13:05:51 Part juz
13:09:53 Join Nomad__ [0] (
13:18:31Zagorwhat the heck are we going to do about the ata problem?
13:18:51ZagorNomad__: how does the archos firmware react above 75?
13:19:40Zagormaybe I should make a test version that never retries, and just skips the track on the first error
13:22:53langhaarrockerAre there other 'reset-like' options besides soft- and hardreset? Like switching off the drive for a moment?
13:23:13Zagoryes, but poweroff is not advisable while the disk is still spinning
13:23:41Zagortry holding the OFF key while the disk is spinning. it will complain.
13:23:54langhaarrockerWhy? Write buffer flashing?
13:24:05Zagorno, head parking
13:24:37langhaarrockerI thought that's done automatically nowadays. Head parking reminds me of 10MB hds.
13:25:25langhaarrockermfm controllers and so on.
13:25:46Zagorlaptop disks are different. they need to lock the heds, since they are designed for much more abuse than normal disks.
13:25:55Zagorat least that's what I've read
13:26:29langhaarrockerdon't trust me. I don't read.
13:28:20*langhaarrocker thinks of a car-sized 4GB drive he once saw in a museum.
13:29:00dwihnoThe joys of tech advancement :)
13:29:10dwihnoJaja, i brist på bättre ord ... ;)
13:30:06langhaarrockerI still believe that you could read out that drive with a compass.
13:31:37 Nick Snorlax|ZzZ is now known as Snorlax (
13:33:11Nomad__Zagor: haven't ridden since Monday.
13:33:20Nomad__I may be on tomorrow, depends on weather
13:33:29Nomad__I just put a new bleeding edge on about 30 mins ago
13:55:56Zagorholy cow
13:56:16langhaarrockerwrong beast: its goats here.
13:56:27*Zagor is doing some light reading about foreign oil interests in iraq
13:56:47Zagorguess which three countries have the biggest oil revenue from iraq?
13:56:56Bagderrussia, china and france
13:57:21quelsarukZagor: i knew that before
13:57:24BagderI know, I saw a program on tv about it
13:57:46Bagderand tv is always right ;-)
13:57:55Zagorinteresting how much of the popular opinion is how this is all about the US' oil interests, while the french are only being peaceful...
13:58:30quelsarukand did you know that irak exports 200.000 tons of oil extras, apart from those used in the medicine and food exchange??
13:58:34 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:59:18langhaarrockermaybe after the war the oil revenue is remixed.
13:59:34Bagderyou bet
14:00:17Zagorlanghaarrocker: yeah, but you bet the russians will complain betterly about their $4 billion (!!) contract they signed with iraq just this january!
14:01:03Zagoroh well, world politics. same as always.
14:01:24quelsarukmoney is the only real interest in the world
14:01:43quelsarukmoney moves the world, and no-one will change that
14:02:09quelsaruknor even source code ;)
14:02:12langhaarrockerWhat really fascinates me is that there usually is exactly one topic at a time that is of interest for the media.
14:03:04Zagorlanghaarrocker: yeah. and the message needs to be clear. no muddling the picture. "readers can't understand complex issues"...
14:03:05Bagdertrue, that is weird
14:03:27langhaarrockerquelsaruk: open source is superiour to usa. It supports usb. :)
14:03:37Bagderho ho ho
14:03:43BagderI read an amusing tag line:
14:03:51Bagder"usb is for mice, fireware for men"
14:03:57Bagderfirewire even
14:04:34quelsaruklanghaarrocker: also goats are superiour to usa.. they only fear me ;)
14:04:35ZagorI never quite understood the fascination for firewire.
14:04:49Zagormust have something to do with the fact that the mac was an early adopter
14:04:51Bagderapple propaganda
14:04:59Zagormac people are always zealots
14:05:19Bagderwhen told to run in one direction, they do. and they never stop
14:05:22langhaarrockerdoes anybody have a firewire digi video cam?
14:05:28Zagorlinus does
14:05:48Zagorlinus has a whole damn video editing studio... :-)
14:06:03quelsarukBagder: goats also do that.... are you calling those poor animals "humans" ??
14:06:26Zagorquelsaruk: firewire is for goats? ;*)
14:06:53quelsarukno, but they also run in one direction, always following a line of salt :)
14:07:25langhaarrockeror running away from techno priests
14:07:57quelsarukdon't tell them they can run away from me!!
14:08:33langhaarrockerThere probably are no consumer digicams that can do true sow motion recordings. :(
14:09:21quelsarukwell, people, time for lunch
14:09:38quelsarukwas an interesting conversation about war ;)
14:10:21langhaarrockerstrange. War without emacs vs vi or Microsoft vs Unix. Is that possible? What does Saddam use?
14:10:46quelsarukarchos firmware??
14:10:50BagderI bet he's a vi dude ;-)
14:10:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:11:05 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:13:06 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:21:42Nomad__Saddam is a sadist, he's gotta be an emacs user
14:22:02Zagorshould that be a masochist, rather?
14:22:19dwihnovi is your friend
14:22:21dwihnoso is emacs
14:22:28dwihnonotepad is our common foe! :)
14:22:28Nomad__ok, mentally disturbed, mentally challeged, egotistical psycophant
14:22:32Nomad__or howver you spell it
14:22:40Nomad__dwhino: I'll agree
14:22:48langhaarrockerif he was a masochist he should be called maddam. :)
14:23:57Zagori've actually been toying with the idea of making an line editor for Rockbox. a bit like edlin, but with editable lines.
14:24:17langhaarrockerwould be cool for editing wps online.
14:25:20Nomad__go for "ex" style :>
14:25:30Nomad__lets see who the real sicko's are :>
14:25:46Schnueffi want to binary patch rockbox while running! :)
14:26:15langhaarrockerSchueff: use rolo
14:26:28Zagorlanghaarrocker: that's too easy! ;)
14:26:38langhaarrockerok: make the modules patch.
14:26:51Schnueffanyone yet ported the rockbox build tools to rockbox target? :)
14:27:08dwihnook: make the inverted cursor patch ;)
14:27:25BagderSchnueff: yeah, now we're waiting for you to port bash ;-)
14:27:32Schnueffi wouldnt
14:27:36Schnueffperhaps tcsh :)
14:27:57BagderI'm a tcsh user myself
14:28:02Schnueffah good
14:28:13Schnueffsadly tcsh is in quite a stable state
14:28:24Schnueffstable in the sense of 'non-developing'
14:29:12Schnueffon amiga tcsh/csh-like stuff was common, right?
14:29:34*langhaarrocker only uses cmd
14:31:37*elinenbe uses pico
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14:49:39 Join OnoSendai [0] (
14:49:43OnoSendaihello all
14:50:51 Quit MT ("changing servers")
14:51:07 Join MT [0] (
15:04:40 Join TetraPak [0] (
15:04:46Bagdergotta run
15:04:50 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:05:13TetraPakanybody here, i have a question
15:05:34langhaarrockera whole bunch of people is here.
15:05:35OnoSendaiwhat's up
15:05:44OnoSendaihey langhaarrocker how you doin?
15:06:03TetraPaklanghaarrocker, deutsch?
15:06:10TetraPakgut :D
15:06:39TetraPakich hab ne frage zu dieser funktion, dass sich die batterien beim einstecken des netzteils selbst entladen
15:07:05TetraPakheißt das, dass die sich komplett entladen und dann auch wieder aufladen, oder ist das nur eine entladung ohne ein anschließendes wiederaufladen
15:07:47Schnueffdeep discharge?
15:08:17langhaarrockerThe archos is always powered by the batteries. While the power adapter is connected the batteries are charged. Especially if you have the jukebox connected to usb it may draw more power than the power adapter feeds to it for recharging.
15:09:07TetraPakmeine batterien spielen nämlich ziemlich verrückt
15:09:35TetraPakwenn ich auflade stehen sie bei 100%, 20 min später schon bei 60
15:09:38TetraPakdann werde ich das mal probieren
15:10:55langhaarrockerHave you set 'deep discharge' on or off?
15:11:47langhaarrockerand the 'battery capacity' meets the specs of your batteries?
15:12:40TetraPaki have the default batteries and the default capacity settings
15:15:22langhaarrockerAre your batteries new? Maybe they simply are dead.
15:17:02TetraPakhmm... they are new. the whole player is new so this could be a reason. thx for the link, ill check the page
15:21:55langhaarrockernew batteries should be ok.
15:28:00OnoSendaithe 3/25 daily says it fixed a Queue mode problem... yet i can't seem to find it in the playback settings...
15:28:29OnoSendaiwhere is queue mode?
15:28:33langhaarrockerIn the browser hold the on key pressed and then press the play key
15:29:21TetraPakin one of the following versions.. will there be a feature that allows to delete folders?
15:29:50OnoSendaii think i'm gonna try and do massive searches to summarize key combos... maybe a key combo to bring up a help key shortcut screen?
15:48:17 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:09:15 Part Zagor
16:09:15 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:09:37 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:18:22 Join tracktheripper [0] (
16:18:55 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quel|teaching (
16:19:03tracktheripperhi quels
16:19:08quel|teachingpraise for all my poor and little students ;)
16:19:58langhaarrockerwhat do you teach? Ceremonial goat slaughter?
16:21:01quel|teachingtoday i have to explain steel's secret
16:21:19quel|teachinga bood blade is the clue for a sacrifice
16:21:40quel|teachingcu later ;)
16:24:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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16:47:13 Join Newbee [0] (~D@
16:49:12Newbeewell it's perhaps silly to ask but emmm what's about the JBM?
16:49:36Newbeedo u also talk about that? or only the other products of archos?
16:50:10OnoSendaii don't know much about it... but i'm sure if somebody knew the answer.. they'd be glad to help.
16:50:15langhaarrockerWe talk a lot but rockbox is about the players / recorders only.
16:50:48Newbeebut the mediajukebox is also a player in someway ....
16:51:12langhaarrockerBut its hardware is completely different from the other jukeboxes.
16:51:29Newbeeok that i didn't knew
16:52:09Newbeewell problem resolved
16:52:14Newbee:) bye then
16:52:32 Quit Newbee ()
16:57:21 Quit OnoSendai ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:00:05 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:00:43 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:01:31 Join OnoSendai [0] (
17:01:35OnoSendaibloody thing
17:05:45Nomad__suggestion: how about uploading some example wps configs you guys use?
17:11:11TBoyBat-life: %bl %bt
17:11:11TBoy%fbkbit %?fv<(vbr)|(cbr)> %ffhz
17:11:11TBoy%s%?ia<%ia|No Tags>
17:11:11DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
17:11:11TBoy%s%?it<%it|No Tags>
17:11:12TBoy%pc -%pr %pt
17:11:12***Alert Mode level 1
17:11:16TBoythats mine
17:11:22TBoywith the 5x7 font
17:18:26OnoSendaithis is with the atadore font on the recorder/20
17:18:30 Quit OnoSendai (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:13***Alert Mode OFF
17:24:34 Part langhaarrocker
17:32:29TetraPaklemme upload mine :)
17:35:01TetraPakwith the default font on the jukeboxrecorder
17:38:10 Part Zagor_
17:48:28 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:16:01 Join OnoSendai [0] (
18:16:01 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:07 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:26:38OnoSendaithis is with the atadore font on the recorder/20
18:26:50 Quit OnoSendai (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:25 Join OnoSendai [0] (
18:27:41OnoSendaiman..! miranda dies on a pipe character
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18:37:02 Join josh966__ [0] (
19:18:46 Quit josh966__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:15 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
19:44:15 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:45:36 Nick quel|teaching is now known as quelsaruk (
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20:46:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:48:05 Part OnoSendai
20:48:53 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
20:59:08 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:02:30 Join adi|work [0] (
21:32:41quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:33:39 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:38:50 Join OnoSendai [0] (
21:54:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:56:17 Join edx` [0] (
22:01:47 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:08:59 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
22:16:55 Join IDC-Dragon [0] (
22:17:38 Quit IDC-Dragon (Client Quit)
22:19:35 Join MT` [0] (~tom@
22:20:04MT`anyone around who could give me a bit of a hand getting my fm recorder to show up under linux?
22:20:16MT`doesnt (appear) to be usins isd-200
22:27:55 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:55PsycoXulit works fine with me with the same setup as my studio20
22:29:32MT`usb 2?
22:29:45PsycoXuler well i don't have a usb2 controller :/
22:29:48MT`ive got a horrible feeling its an isd 300
22:29:57MT`well me neither :) not on this linux box
22:30:02PsycoXulwhy is that a horrible feeling?
22:30:12PsycoXulafaik it does and there's no problem with that
22:30:48PsycoXullike i said, my fm rec works fine with the same usb-storage module that i used for my old studio20
22:30:56MT`just read that too
22:31:07MT`sec, lemme check i ahvent done something very foolish in the kernel
22:32:58MT`aha :)
22:33:13MT`wonder why i didnt compile that into the kernel
22:33:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:34:32MT`ahaha - comedy moment++;
22:34:41MT`guess who doesnt have fat support :)
22:38:01MT`certainly strange - i compiled in isd-200 driver, but left usb-storage as a module
22:38:11MT`must have been smoking the crack that night
23:15:41 Quit edx` ()
23:15:41 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:58 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:44:58 Join josh966__ [0] (
23:54:33 Join Baz [0] (
23:55:19Bazdoes anyone here know where i can download wps templates for rockbox?
23:55:44adi|workno.. we don't host them
23:55:52adi|workyour best bet is to check the mailing list archives
23:56:03Bazk cheers
23:56:05adi|workand forums speaking about archos/rockbox
23:56:33Bazo yeh, forgot yas have a sourceforge site :P
23:57:49Bazo do ya know where i can buy led's cheaply so i can change ma lcd backlit colour on ma archos jukebox20 recorder?
23:57:57adi|worknope.. google :)
23:58:26Bazk ta :p
23:58:58Bazo i thought id say... ive got a 60gig hard drive in ma mp3 player

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