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#rockbox log for 2003-03-28

00:00:34PsycoXulshould be named ajbrec.ajz like the one you're running
00:01:21damajai ahve one already called ajbrec.ajz, do i rename the daily build to this?
00:01:48PsycoXulthat ajbrec.ajz is the one you put there for rockbox 1.4 right? heh
00:02:00PsycoXulif you're worried about it you can rename that one to something else
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00:05:48damajadoes not appear to be working
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00:08:54damajahello linus
00:09:16damajai spoke to you ages ago, rockbox is working great
00:10:01damajajust a few things though, i am putting in the latest daily build, how do i instal it/
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00:10:12LinusNjust like PsycoXul said
00:10:29damajai tried, and it did not work
00:10:40damajareverted to original OS
00:10:56LinusNdo you use XP or Win2K?
00:11:06LinusNthere you go
00:11:59LinusNwhat player model?
00:12:05damajarecorder 20
00:19:41damajaall i wanted was to install the daily build
00:20:54damajaand i am finding it confusing, on the archos main dir, i have the .rockbox and ajbrec.ajz, where so i install the daily biuld?
00:21:14LinusNyou replace the existing ajbrec.ajz
00:21:34damajabut the daily build is a GZ file
00:21:43damajanot AJZ
00:22:10LinusNdon't download the source code
00:22:20LinusNdownload the AJZ file
00:22:21damajaah ha
00:22:22damajai see
00:22:28damajasorry, i was being stupid
00:24:48damajaah yes, its working now, sorry for being stupid.
00:26:09damajawhat does VBRfix do?
00:26:42LinusNit (re)generates the Xing VBR header
00:27:04damajais that like an ID3 tag?
00:27:08LinusNfor accurate time information on recorded files
00:28:00damajawhat about the 'write .cfg file'?
00:28:23damajais this just the settings?
00:28:42damajaand how do i load previous settings?
00:28:59LinusNplay the generated file
00:29:26damajaok, i get it
00:31:12damajais it possible to move songs from folder to folder just using the recorder?
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00:36:07damajathanks for your help, cya
00:36:22damajayour work is much apprieciated
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03:18:01adi|workeric.. i got the level loading workin... with the seperate files...
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03:23:34elinenbeadi|work: how did it end up working?
03:24:01elinenbeadi|work: was it as easy as we thought? (at least as easy as I thought :) )
03:34:27adi|workvery easy
03:34:36adi|workhelped removed like 75 lines too
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03:35:12adi|worknow i just need to figure out how I know when im either a. done loading games (you win) or b. can't find a map to load (something wrong)
03:36:49adi|workoff home.. be back soon
03:36:53*adi|work is away: I'm busy
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04:26:57adi|homehome again home again
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05:10:35LUMOSHi - I just did my first patched build for my new Recorder-15 today - I changed CHARGE_RESTART_LO to 50 so that I would always have enuf battery left to "go portable".
05:11:20LUMOSBut - has naybody figured out how to minimize the startup noise of the diskdrive (a whine) that gets picked up by LINE-IN The disk drive is an IBM
05:12:15LUMOSor is there a simple low=power mic amp I can build that feeds S/PDIF to the rockbox?
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05:15:15adi|homenope.. no way to knock down the noise...
05:15:40LUMOSthanks adi, I will look into the S/PDIF preamp then...
05:16:07LUMOSnobody built one of them yet, I guess?
05:17:10LUMOSI am trying to leave the disk spinning to see if that drains the batteries too much... tell ya in the morning
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09:20:22ZagorBagder: are you a house owner now? :)
09:20:26dwihnoHi Zag, Bag
09:20:27BagderI am!
09:20:41Bagderwe're signing the contract tonight
09:21:03dwihnoCongratulations Bagder! I'm happy for you :)
09:25:14*dwihno wants a house too
09:25:23dwihnoAlthough I'm living in the penthouse of one right now :-)
09:36:20adi|homei want a house too!! preferably my ex-girlfriends.. with her as part of the foundation....
09:36:26adi|homeoops.. did i say that outloud?
09:37:11adi|homeokay folks... solution finding time...
09:37:48adi|homesokoban levels are being loaded dynamically now, but i have to figure out a way to know if you have beaten the game, or if there is something wrong loading the levels..
09:39:15dwihno*söka lösenordslista*
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09:51:15Zagoradi|home: can't you simply scan through the levels file when the game is first started, counting the number of levels?
09:51:47adi|homegoing a diff route...more manageable..
09:51:55adi|homeeach level is a diff file in the levels dir
09:52:02adi|homemakes editing/moving files easier
09:52:15Zagorwhy we want to move single levels?
09:52:22adi|homeunless you really really want all the levels in one enourmous file
09:52:32adi|homereorder.. etc...
09:52:33Zagordefine enourmous
09:52:44Zagorthat's not very big...
09:52:51ZagorI think I prefer a single file.
09:53:29adi|homebastard :)
10:02:49Zagorinteresting multimedia discovery: "turn on your JBM holding the Left and Right buttons. You'll get a green screen on your JBM and, in Windows, a 6mb, blank hard-drive will pop up. Windows calls it the "Archos Jukebox Update USB Device" as stated above. The volume name is AJB Update."
10:04:01dwihnogreen screen of ... death? :)
10:04:16dwihnopretty funky stuff
10:04:30dwihnodo you think there's a similar thing with the recorders/players?
10:05:32quelsarukand for what can be used that??
10:06:01dwihnoperhaps put an update file and then update the firmware in some cool way
10:07:02quelsarukcan i kill some goats while green screen is on??
10:07:14dwihnoyou sure can :-D
10:08:03quelsarukmaybe its not allowed. I'll ask archos ;)
10:08:16Zagorquelsaruk: I would speculate that key combo might work even if you load a bad firmware onto it. thus, testing becomes possible.
10:08:52quelsarukcurious :)
10:09:19BagderI would assume so too
10:13:04dwihnoZagor: have you tried something similar with a recorder?
10:13:15dwihnoor is it impossible?
10:13:25Zagordwihno: it doesn't need such a mode, since it always loads firmware from disk
10:13:40dwihnoZagor: ah, mkay.
10:13:59dwihnoZagor: I was thinking about replacing the rom firmware with some kind of bootstrap thingy
10:18:14Zagori don't think the recorder rom is on-board flashable
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10:21:39quel|outtime to work hard a little :)
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10:36:27HesSomeone speaking dutch here?
10:37:05Bagder"Ik ben moe" ;-)
10:37:19BagderI think that means I'm tired ;-)
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10:59:07Zagorwhat's a good way to parse a 'ctime' date string in perl, i.e handle the text month?
11:00:04Bagderdon't know
11:01:23Zagorusing a hash for now
11:17:27Zagorwhy isn't mktime() built into perl, when gmtime is? odd.
11:17:27 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:18:52BagderI have a .pm that does that
11:19:02Bagder$time = timelocal($sec,$min,$hours,$mday,$mon,$year);
11:19:35Zagoryeah, but it's a bit odd that everyone needs to invent it
11:19:49Bagderwell... cpan... :-)
11:20:22Zagoryeah. the Time::Local module. seems to be standard enough to be available here.
11:33:58Schnueffmktime is in POSIX stuff from perl
11:34:05Schnueff-> man POSIX
11:35:01Schnueffand that is standard
11:39:10Bagderhave you guys notice an increased spam rate recently?
11:40:57 Part Zagor
11:41:04Schnueffhm, spam assasin protects me
11:41:34 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:50:25BagderSchnueff: and you never check them out to see if there's any false positives?
12:06:59Zagor_Bagder: yeah, I see a surge in spam too
12:07:02 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:27:56SchnueffBagder: seldomly
12:27:59Schnuefflets c
12:28:26Schnuefffor at least 2 months i'd guess
12:29:33BagderI'm on 603 so far this month
12:30:39Bagderout of totally 8247
12:30:48Schnueffyeah, you get more mail than me :)
12:31:13Schnueffjust checked, no false positive
12:31:15Schnueffnever had one
12:31:30Schnueffauto-whitelist is your friend there
12:31:59Schnueffx mails from any address not classified as spam -> address is put on the auto-whitelist
12:32:04Schnuefffor example x = 5
12:32:14Bagderthat's a neat idea
12:33:44BagderI have a manual whitelist for my main inbox
12:33:53Bagder"manual" is in a script
12:34:27 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
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12:34:48Schnueffmakes sense, but takes work to maintain
12:35:00BagderI just type "| friend add"
12:35:37Bagderautomated may be a better way, yes
12:41:16 Quit Bagder ("")
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13:01:45Zagorthere seems to be a new virus out. or at least a new outburst. i've recieved 8 copies of xx.scr today...
13:04:02dwihnoZagor: I experienced a red led dead today while biking. First, there was no sound in 3-4 secs, then it played for a while, then it hung
13:06:15ZagorI don't want to know :-)
13:07:09dwihnoI know
13:07:13dwihnoThat's why I tell you :)
13:35:39 Join Bagder [241] (
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14:01:31HadakaI get red led death usually several times a day, in one way or another
14:01:46dwihnothat's a pity
14:04:15Hadakaalso, even when it resumes, the DMA code is a bit broken
14:04:53Hadakaat times it sounds a little white noise when it overruns something, most of the time the buffer is finally refilled and the mp3 is playing supposedly but no sound comes out until the buffer is refilled again, which takes a while
14:07:14dwihnoI started to get "no sound" not too long ago
14:07:23dwihnoI usually got red led dead.
14:08:48Hadakafor me, the thing has always existed - both of those
14:08:57Hadakait happens more with high-bitrate mp3's
14:09:15Hadakaand usually requires me to be moving
14:10:13 Join LUMOS [0] (
14:10:52LUMOSCompiled and tested my first build for rockbox yesterday - this project is AWESOME..
14:11:08*Bagder blushes
14:11:51LUMOSthe only thing I changed was CHARGE_RESTART_LO to 50 from 10 so that I would always have enuf battery to go portable
14:12:12Bagderenable trickle charge
14:12:17Bagdershould have that effect
14:12:23BagderI think
14:12:35LUMOSNo, I wanted to have deep cycling, but not 90% deep, only 50% deep
14:12:40LUMOStesting it now
14:13:28LUMOSAnyway, now I want to figure out how to record without the hard disk whine masking everything - maybe design an SPDIF mike preamp or something - has anyone been working on this issue?
14:13:53*Bagder has not
14:14:09LUMOSyou could at least blush :)
14:14:24Bagderpure luck ;-)
14:17:47dwihnoHadaka: I got it ever since I changed disk. My 320 kbit tune also has the problem, when I come to think of it.
14:18:09LUMOSyes, mine is an IBM - what was your old disk brand?
14:18:37dwihnoI used to have a IBM travelstar
14:18:39dwihno20 gig
14:18:43dwihnoWorked like a charm
14:18:45dwihnoNever bothered me
14:19:02LUMOSthe IBM disk came with my Archos Recorder 15 - 2 days ago - but what was your old one - the one that didn't have as much noise?
14:19:15LUMOSoh sorry
14:19:38LUMOSwell, this IBM is noisy as hell
14:19:47dwihnothey are a bit noisy, jaa
14:19:58LUMOSI have a number of different drives here - I will try them all out
14:20:33LUMOSI have been leaving the drive spinning, but even then there is slight background noise (high pitched whine)
14:21:00dwihnoI have Hitachi disk
14:21:00LUMOSthanks for the info...
14:21:03dwihnoIt rocks the box
14:21:10dwihnoEven if I get red led dead
14:21:33Hadakadwihno: I still have the disk that came with the archos - fujitsu - and yes, many of my MP3s are 256kbit or 320kbit
14:22:10LUMOSmy concern is with the amount of noise injected onto recordings by the disk, when you are in record mode
14:25:11dwihnoHadaka: I guess the "regular" red led dead problem occurs with my 192 kbit tunes. The empty silence thing is only with 320 kbit, I think
14:25:28dwihnoLUMOS: use a microphone or other equipment
14:25:59LUMOSwell, yes, I am an audio engineer, and when I feed in SPDIF everything is fine, but that equipment weighs a ton
14:26:22LUMOSI was looking for something to replace my old Sony NT-1 tiny recorder
14:26:48LUMOSbut I have to figure how to stop this disk noise coming in Line In
14:27:06dwihnoit still comes when using line in?!
14:28:13LUMOSyes, there is a huge whine on disk spinup, if I leave it spinning just a snaller whine - remember that I use a decent dynamic range - the internal mike is unusuable because of the disk noise
14:30:05LUMOSdon't you gte it on your LinIn?
14:30:17LUMOSdon't you get it on your LinIn?
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14:34:40Hadakadwihno: the empty silence thing happens basically when the first read is able to fill the buffer just enough for the buffer to get empty again when trying to read more
14:35:04Hadakadwihno: somewhere in there is a tiny window of opportunity, inside which the silence problem occurs
14:36:40 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:39:49dwihnoHadaka: ah, mkay
14:39:58dwihnoHadaka: I thought the buffers where big enough.
14:40:07dwihnoHadaka: So for 320 kbit I need anti-skipping?
14:43:01 Join ^ka^ [0] (
14:47:14Hadakadwihno: anti-skipping helps for the red light of death, and somewhat for this
14:47:47Hadakadwihno: but the real problem is that a) the DMA code has a bug, b) an unsuitable amount of bytes is first loaded in the buffer, before the load loop
14:48:13^ka^someone know if a 60 gig is ok for jbrec, fat32 allow 30 gig partitions max no ?
14:50:43dwihnoHadaka: Well, then fix it :)
14:50:46dwihno^ka^: I use 60 gig.
14:50:50Hadaka^ka^: I think FAT32 should allow larger partitions as well
14:50:59Hadakapossibly have to adjust cluster size though
14:51:01^ka^so i can put it
14:51:02dwihno^ka^: Although some windowses won't format bigger than 30 gigs
14:51:20dwihno^ka^: Download the demo version of the paragon partition manager if you're using windows to format it
14:51:20^ka^cluster 512 -> 1024 ?
14:51:36Hadakadwihno: if I ever get the time to work on rockbox, the buffer management is just about first on my priority list
14:51:55Hadakaalas, right now it's pretty much impossible
14:51:59dwihnoHadaka: tell me what yo udo for a living :-) *curious*
14:52:15Hadakaso just trying to report what I see as sharply as possible
14:52:37^ka^damn the last daily build is so gooooood!! :) thank's all team for that ! ;)
14:52:48Hadakaerr, I code for living - and there's a product release coming up, so work is hectic
14:53:05Hadakamost of my coding free-time I spend on subversion
14:54:32Hadakabut, I might be switching jobs in the near future, which hopefully would give me more money and more free time ;)
14:59:57^ka^oki i found on web for cluster size, 16 k would be ok
15:07:24 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:22:39LUMOScan anybody explain when recording might fail with the "red led of death"?
15:22:40 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:23:00 Quit ^ka^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:24:41dwihnoLUMOS: afaik, it's only associated with playback
15:24:49*dwihno never uses recording though
15:25:17LUMOSOK, thanks, I am more worried about record reliability - I want to record some live concerts with it, and dont want any crashes..:)
15:29:50dwihnoIt might crash? ;)
15:43:50 Join tracktheripper [0] (
16:01:41 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:11:29 Join LUMOS1 [0] (
16:12:05dwihnohello hey
16:13:19LUMOS1I am trying to get disk_spowndown to take an input value of 0 (=always on). I altered settings.c but there seems to be somewhere eles. Any idea where?
16:13:34dwihnonever spin down?
16:13:43dwihnothat will drain power. quickly.
16:14:08LUMOS1too much noise on recirding if I allow it to spin up/down
16:14:26LUMOS1audio whine
16:15:39LUMOS1and it actually only halves my battery ife, which is acceptable for recording
16:21:55 Quit LUMOS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:52 Part Zagor
16:27:30 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:28:53LUMOS1I am trying to get disk_spowndown to take an input value of 0 (=always on). I altered settings.c 3,254 to 0,254 but there seems to be somewhere else I have to change. Any idea where?
16:31:05 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:43:57 Part Zagor_
16:44:29 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:59:42 Join OnoSendai [0] (
17:00:12LUMOS1I am trying to get disk_spindown to take an input value of 0 (=always on). I altered settings.c 3,254 to 0,254 but there seems to be somewhere else I have to change. Any idea where?
17:03:56 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:05:43 Join edx [0] (
17:07:34LUMOS1anyone here give programming advice?
17:07:35 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:07:38LUMOS1anyone here give programming advice?
17:16:44 Join Naked [0] (naked@
17:16:45 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (naked@
17:22:55OnoSendaiwhat happens when you have a m3u within an m3u ?
17:24:23Schnueffor rather it should happen nothing
17:24:28Schnueffnesting of playlist is not possible
17:26:21OnoSendairight on
17:26:46OnoSendaii guess i don't have to worry about deleting the m3u entries when i create a playlist using a batch file now.
17:27:28OnoSendaioo... has anybody messed with events.... like to execute a batch file when the jukebox is connected... ?
17:40:17 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:40:45LUMOS1anyone here give programming advice?
17:49:33 Quit Bagder ("")
18:25:18 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:25:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:26:07tracktheripperwhats up?
18:29:15tracktheripperWhat socket on the Archos does the remote plug into?
18:29:24 Part OnoSendai
18:31:55webmindi know this one..
18:31:57webmindhold on..
18:32:14webmindthe headphone connector!!
18:32:28tracktheripperthanks!!!!! :-)
18:32:43webmindit has an xtra pin so..
18:33:32tracktheripperi thought it plugged into the USB
18:34:04webmindit's a serial link..
18:34:12 Quit LUMOS1 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:34:20webmindthe phone jack connector is actually 4 instead of 4pins
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18:36:40tracktheripperis the remote worth getting?
18:37:10webminduhm.. dunno
18:37:21webmindu could quite easily make it yourself
18:37:38webmindi dont think it's the trouble.. but i do think the volume control on the headphones suck
18:38:20tracktheripperwell i use Sony Fontopias
18:38:25tracktheripperthey sound excelllent
18:39:40 Join Fred [0] (
18:40:03Fredhi guys, can you give me some answers as I am quite a newbie?
18:40:33FredRockbox looks really great comparing to the original fw, but I still dont get some things
18:40:50Fredfirst, is it possible to "create" an own playlist by selecting some files on the rockbox?
18:41:07FredI think, this works in the original by pressing the play key for some seconds
18:41:11 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
18:41:30FredBut I cant figure out how it works with the rockboxx
18:41:53FredI already tried the last "official" fw 1.4 and the latest unofficial fw from today
18:42:01Fredany ideas?
18:42:11tracktheripperfred you can make a playlist by queueing up a bunch of songs then rename the QUEUE_FILE to myplaylist.m3u
18:42:18tracktheripperthis is wiv the latest bleeding edge
18:42:37Fredhow do I queue up files in the dir listing? What key combination?
18:43:16tracktheripperwiv the latest bleeding. ON and RIGHT as you are browsing when a song is playing
18:43:29FredI will try - mompls
18:43:34tracktherippersorry ON and PLAY
18:45:18Fredany quick access to the current play list?
18:46:16tracktherippernot that I know off
18:46:35Fredhow do I list my current playlist?
18:47:24tracktheripperyou cant view the playlist in Rockbox (yet)
18:47:38tracktheripperHowever you can boot to the Archos firmware and view it there
18:49:12FredIs there an updated list of key combinations / functions for later firmware than 1.4?
18:50:12tracktherippernot that I know off right now
18:50:16FredI think its difficult to find out the features included in newer fw, as there is no doc (or I didnt find it)
18:50:22tracktheripperperhaps it will be updated when version 2 comes out
18:50:43Fredplanned date?
18:51:42tracktheripperask Zagor :-)
18:52:53tracktheripperbut I would prefer to see an option to "make playlists easily" like Archos firmware
18:53:15Fredyeah, this would be great - a feature I miss by now
18:54:18tracktheripperwhat I do is keep the Archos firmware alongside Rockbox solely for playlist making and recording
18:55:07 Part Zagor_
18:55:39 Join Zagor_ [242] (
18:55:47Fredyeah, but quite uncomfortable.
18:55:58FredAny easy way to switch fw while runnnig?
18:56:27 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
18:57:43FredIs there a sleep timer?
18:59:03FredAnyway - thanks. Have to leave. Bye
18:59:06 Quit Fred ("Leaving")
19:49:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:51:35 Quit Nibbler (Client Quit)
20:30:09 Join LUMOS [0] (
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20:41:12LUMOSIs there anyone who can give me some help with programming Rockbox source
20:48:59adiamasjust ask your question
20:49:13adiamasthe room is logged... is someone knows, they will get you an answer when possible
20:56:16quel|outif possible adiamas ;)
20:56:33quel|outbtw, is the first time i see you as adiamas, not as adi|home or adi|work
21:03:11 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
21:03:17*adi|home sighs a breath of relief
21:08:43 Join Guest [0] (
21:09:04Guesthow do you record in rockbox with the recorder?
21:09:18 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:23quel|outwith F1−−> recording
21:09:41Guestone sec
21:09:41quel|outbut you need a daily build or bleeding edge
21:10:08 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:16:45 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
21:26:02 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:30:36LUMOSI have compiled a few builds, have managed to set the deep-discharge threshold to 50% instead of 10%, but want to be able to select a range of 0-254 seconds on disk spindown so that I can keep disk spinning when I am recording (too much electrical noise in spin-up)
21:31:55LUMOSI changed "3, 254" in settings.c to "0, 254" but still cant select 0 from the archos menu. Is this hardcoded in some other module that I haven't found?
21:33:25LUMOSmy email (for an answer from logbot) is trevor (maybe-at)
21:35:35adi|workLUMOS look at settings_menu.c
21:35:45adi|workit sets the min/max that can be accepted on the menu
21:36:05LUMOSI have a spanking new Recorder-15 that are being sold cheap right now. Have a sneaking suspicion they have excessively noisy hard disks. Have two unused old travelstars lying around (a 12 gig and a 20gig) so I will try them at the weekend.
21:36:16LUMOSthanksadi, will do
21:36:55adi|work~ line 539
21:38:48LUMOSOK, got it - thanks muchly
21:42:52quel|outtime to go home!
21:42:56LUMOSsee ya
21:43:04 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:57:52 Join josh966__ [0] (
22:02:13 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:07:27josh966__anyone have the remote control?
22:14:29 Quit TBoy ()
22:26:06 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:34:01LUMOSadi_work - my rockbox does just what I want now - the disk startup noise has all gone from LineIn - now I am testing the battery drain :(
22:34:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:19 Join OnoSendai [0] (
23:17:09OnoSendaihello all
23:24:15 Quit LUMOS (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:27:09josh966__has there really been no cvs activity since 3 days ago?
23:43:42 Join edx [0] (
23:48:34 Nick josh966__ is now known as josh966 (

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