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#rockbox log for 2003-03-30

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05:21:26LUMOSJust been playing around with the SPDIF in and out. AT last I can record without getting all that digital noise which comes on the Analog in - are there any chips I can buy with and A/D and SPDIF interface so I can build a digital mike preamplifier
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06:08:12PsycoXuli get a noise with the internal mic but only when the HD's not spinning
06:08:15PsycoXulit's kindof odd and annoying
06:08:24PsycoXulcause the HD spins up and the noise goes away but then there's the HD noise
06:08:36PsycoXuland then there's a split second where there's no noise as it spins down
06:08:43PsycoXuland then this other high-pitched noise comes in
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11:41:22adi|homeZagor_: you around?
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16:56:27LUMOSI have been playing with the S/PDIF digital in and out. At last my Recorder will actually record with a decent signal to noise ratio. But now I want to make a small Mike preamp with S/PDIF output. Anyone know of any chips that will do this?
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18:37:32^ka^hi can u help me please ? where's the rename and delete menu ?
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19:45:26*adam got a replacement for his jukebox studio 20...
19:45:41adamRecorder FM :p
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19:48:08*adam wonders what type of LiIon they typically package with the Recorder FM
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19:50:37adamgot a new player today :)
19:50:45adamthe old studio 20 seems so clunky compared to it
19:50:45tracktheripperwhich one Adam?
19:50:49adamRecorder FM
19:50:53adamDidn't really want it
19:50:57adamI wanted the vanilla recorder
19:50:58tracktheripperI wanna get one!
19:51:06tracktheripperI have a Jukebox Recorder 10
19:51:15adamI like the LCD
19:51:32tracktheripperthe only problem is the proprietory batteries
19:51:40tracktheripperthe normal Recorders take standard batteries
19:51:47adamNiMH are fun
19:51:59tracktheripperi wanna get 2000 Mah cells
19:52:04adamI don't know what kind of LiIon batteries they're using, which is what I'm trying to figure out
19:52:07tracktheripperbut i can't seem to find them :(
19:52:20adamheh, yeah, I've settled with 1800
19:52:37adambut I can see why they got rid of them
19:52:42adamthey added a bit of weight to it
19:52:48tracktheripperwell I suppose Li - Ion cells don't have "memory defect" like NiMhs
19:52:55adamI thought that was NiCad
19:53:05adamI just wore my NiMH out
19:53:07tracktheripperbut then again NiMHs are a lot easier to replace
19:53:25adamI just use them in other things now, I gues
19:53:28tracktheripperI get 10-12 hour battery life on my 1500Mah NiMHs
19:53:34adamI'm trying to sell my old studio 20
19:53:45adamit's really suffering majorly from reliability problems
19:54:04tracktheripperthe Players have a much crappier circuitry
19:54:08adama friend wants it for about 160$, though, I'll let her borrow it to see if she *really* wanted it
19:54:09adamyeah, they do
19:54:10tracktheripperlike hardware battery charging
19:54:24tracktheripperand the LCD on the Player is best left unmentioned
19:54:24adamI like how it's like an evolutionary thing
19:54:32adamhaha, the LCD is like...
19:54:40adamyeah. Sad :P
19:54:44tracktheripper2 lines of 11 massive character cells?
19:54:53tracktherippermore like an 80's brick mobile phone
19:55:04adamI dunno
19:55:16adamI regret not spending more and getting a recorder 20
19:55:26adamnow I've got this one ;p
19:55:33adamso it's a big jump
19:55:34tracktheripperthe Recorders have better sound quality and better build
19:55:38adamyeah, they do
19:55:43adamI just noticed the difference
19:55:47tracktheripperI wouldn't change my beloved Recorder 10 for the world
19:55:58adamwell, maybe to a Recorder 100 ;p
19:56:07adamif you felt like cracking it open
19:56:15tracktheripperwell I put a 200Gb drive in mine
19:56:18tracktheripper(i wish)
19:56:26adamthat'd be excessive
19:56:32adamin that case, I'd just go buy a new one ;p
19:56:41adamhave two :p
19:56:47tracktheripperlol if u really want to put a 700Gb ATA tape drive in it :-)
19:56:49tracktheripperHUGE capacity
19:57:02adamI'd need 700 gigs of mp3s first
19:57:33tracktheripperfor the space of 700Gb MP3s you could have twice as many WMAs
19:57:49adambut I couldn't record those in Linux
19:58:06tracktheripperbut you could use Ogg Vobis
19:58:08adamI suppose they could *play* in Linux
19:58:09tracktheripperor MP3Pro
19:58:16tracktheripperMP3Pro has better sound quality than WMA
19:58:17adamand Ogg would require a compatible player
19:58:34tracktheripperIve compared WMA and MP3Pro and MP3Pro sounds far, far better
19:58:50adamuntil I get a portable 5'1 speaker set, I won't worry
19:59:15*adam plays with fonts
19:59:32adamI'm wondering what to use
19:59:39tracktheripperAdam what is the FM quality like on the FM REcorder?
19:59:48tracktheripperI find the standard font in Bold suits me okay
19:59:48adamtrack - varies
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20:00:03adamI can listen to BBC and all that pretty good
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20:00:18adambut the FM quality sucks
20:00:21adamsince the music sucks
20:00:32adamnothing to listen to
20:00:48adam"wow, *more* Nu-metal!"
20:00:49tracktheripperI remember the Feature Request in Sourceforge "Make the Normal Recorders Pick Up FM Like The FM Recorder" :-)
20:01:06adambuy a walkman
20:01:22tracktheripperthat was officially "the most outrageous request" in Sourceforge
20:02:03adamI just want to get this FM recorder to show a somewhat accurate feedback on battery life
20:02:28adamI find it strange, since it's using divisions of MaH to determine the length of battery life
20:02:36adamwhich I don't think would work too well if I don't know the MaH
20:02:57tracktheripperwell :-)
20:03:07tracktheripperI want the "inverted video line"
20:03:37adammy only request for a feature currently would be to get recordings to go in a special recording folder ;P
20:03:52adamyou could specify it in a dot file or something of that sort
20:03:55tracktheripperyea that would be helpful. You can do that on the Archos firmware
20:04:12tracktheripperwell in the Archos firmware u can record to a folder of ur choice
20:04:19adamI haven't really missed the FM ;p
20:04:20tracktheripperu cannot do that in Rockbox
20:04:37tracktheripperI prefer the design of the normal Recorders to the FM recorder myself
20:04:45tracktheripperthe FM Recorder looks like a melted Ipod
20:04:48adamI don't see why Archos doesn't use 'rockbox' firmware ;P
20:05:06PsycoXulthe FM recorder doesn't resemble the ipod at all
20:05:12tracktheripperyes it does
20:05:18PsycoXuli looked at them together
20:05:19tracktheripperit has a round thing below an LCD screen
20:05:30PsycoXulso do all recorders
20:05:36PsycoXuland players
20:05:46tracktheripper((slaps PsycoXul))
20:05:51adamwell, I like how it's alot lighter than my older boxes
20:06:05adamand so far, it hasn't done anything weird
20:06:11tracktheripperwell I prefer the industrial design and build of the normal Recorders))
20:06:25adamyeah, this thing seems alot more solid than the studio
20:06:27tracktheripperthe normal recorders "feel" like a proper MP3 player
20:06:29adamnot suprisingly
20:06:35PsycoXulwell i'll say i'm not really comfortable with how small the bumpers are on the FM
20:07:01adamPsy - doesn't look so clunky, but yeah, I've had an LCD shatter on me :p
20:07:14tracktheripperwell put it this way Psyco. YOU would break if you was kept being dropped on the pavement
20:07:35PsycoXuli've been dropped on the pavement lots
20:07:37PsycoXuland i never broke
20:07:55tracktheripperwell YOU would break if you was kept being thrown against a wall :-)
20:08:01adamI just want to see if I can find somewhere I can buy batteries like the one in the recorder fm
20:08:17tracktheripperwell Adam u prob have to buy them direct from Archos
20:08:21adamideally LiIon batteries would have that same difference in capacity the NiMH
20:08:24tracktheripperif they are proprietory batteries
20:08:27adamtracktheripper - that's the thing, they don't seem to sell them
20:08:42adamwell, wait
20:08:46tracktheripperwell phone up their veryy nice support line and ask them nicely
20:08:46adamthat's second hand information
20:09:11tracktheripperDoes anyone here have a Trinitron monitor?
20:09:26adamit's got two little lines across it
20:09:28tracktheripperI hate those shadow lines you get on Trinitron screens
20:09:29adamI got used to it.
20:09:44adamdoesn't really bug me
20:09:53adamit's like, I've got a big scratch on the monitor's glass surface ;p
20:10:02tracktheripperwell spent ages looking at a Trinitron monitor and I cannot get used to those damn shadow lines
20:10:04adamso it's like, I can sit in front of any monitor now, and they all look *normal*
20:10:19tracktheripperand I hate dead pixels on TFT screens
20:10:23adamI don't know what I'll replace my monitor with
20:10:29adamdead pixels bother me
20:10:46PsycoXuli've got a dead pixel on this crt
20:10:51tracktheripperyea my mates laptop has a dead pixel right in the center (A bright red one)
20:10:56tracktheripperHaving dinner be back later
20:10:59tracktheripper<−− away
20:11:20PsycoXulheh it's just black though and not usualy noticable heh
20:11:20*adam makes timidity midi lame mp3s...
20:11:33adamFear the Crystallis Pyramid theme!
20:12:05PsycoXulthough there's been times i was playing a game and looking at the map and saw a black dot on the map and thought it was something till i moved it and the dot stayed in the same spot on the screen :p
20:12:34PsycoXultimidity has issues
20:12:58adamI figured out what was wrong with the latest debian packages
20:13:32PsycoXulwell i've yet to figure out any settings where it sounded as good as hardware mixing
20:13:50adamwell, doesn't that demand better samples?
20:14:10PsycoXuland it always plays some wrong notes and other odd things like that in some of my midi's that play fine through hardware
20:14:16PsycoXuladam: using the same exact sample set in both even
20:14:36adamI could make use of LineOut magic
20:14:42PsycoXultimidity Vs. emu8k or emu10k1
20:14:53PsycoXulusing the same soundfont for either
20:14:56tracktheripperFRAUNHOFER codec is BEST!
20:15:04adamI know what you mean
20:15:17adambut this machine doesn't even have a decent sound card ;p
20:15:28adamit's a crappy ancient laptop I use when I'm at home
20:15:32adamrunning Linux...
20:15:52PsycoXulwith the emu10k1 i can record with the synth as the input
20:16:11adamyeah, that'd be nice
20:16:15PsycoXulbut it still is recording which takes time and seems to lose quality/gain noise
20:16:32PsycoXultracktheripper: i don't think you understand much about mp3 :p
20:17:20adamthis font is too big
20:17:24adamusing Chicago
20:17:31adambrings back memories of my old mac :p
20:17:34adambut uh, sucks for mp3 player
20:18:50adamI wonder how the iPod screen compares
20:22:06tracktheripperFinished dinner :-)
20:22:17*PsycoXul waiting for breakfast
20:22:22tracktheripperwell as far as im concerned an MP3 file is an MP3 file
20:22:30tracktheripperbe it Fraunhofer, Blade or Lame
20:22:41PsycoXulwell it is an mp3 file
20:22:49PsycoXulthere's a huge amount of varience between the actual content
20:22:53PsycoXulby the nature of mp3
20:22:58PsycoXulit's all psychoacoustics
20:23:07PsycoXuland filters
20:23:09PsycoXuland stuff
20:23:12tracktheripperyea PsycoXul but different brands of Smartmedia cards don't make ur digital photos different colours
20:23:28PsycoXuland they all use different psychoaccoustic models and filter algorithms and paramaters
20:23:34PsycoXultracktheripper: there's a world of difference
20:23:37adammp3s are different
20:23:45PsycoXulsmartmedia cards are literral digital data storage
20:23:55adamdifferent brands of smartmedia cards also don't *lose* information in storage
20:23:57PsycoXulmp3 uses algorithms based on the subjectivity of human perception
20:24:05tracktheripperPsycoXul Listen to me Carefully
20:24:14PsycoXultracktheripper: read that last line again
20:24:23PsycoXultracktheripper: algorithms based on the SUBJECTIVITY of HUMAN PERCEPTION
20:24:35PsycoXulit's NOT the same data.
20:24:45tracktheripperTake 3 identical MP3 files at 192kbs made using Blade, Lame and Fraunhofer
20:24:57PsycoXulthey won't be identical
20:25:04adamthey couldn't be identical
20:25:09tracktheripperAll 3 MP3s will be the same file size and therfore contain the same number of 1s and 0s so therefore they will sound the same!
20:25:20adamwell, they'll sound *close* to the same
20:25:25adambut they can't be the same
20:25:26PsycoXulthey won't necessarily even be the same file size
20:25:29adamsince you're using different methods
20:25:32PsycoXulbut that doesn't mean anything even if they are
20:25:39tracktheripperbut they will be the same bitrate 192kbs :-)
20:25:54PsycoXultracktheripper: they're using different psychoaccoustic models
20:26:03tracktheripper<−−−− is off to have a sulk
20:26:07PsycoXultracktheripper: which means they filter out different frequencies, and cut out different information
20:26:22tracktheripper<−−−−- is very upset
20:26:34adamso far, the rockbox default looks nice.
20:26:57PsycoXuli like smalltalkmonotight
20:27:02adamtoo small
20:27:06adamhard to read at a distance
20:27:07tracktheripperI couldn't believe that comment I submitted to one feature request
20:27:45adamI still like Chicago 12...
20:27:51adamit's way too big
20:27:57adamI want Monaco, from the same mac days :P
20:28:00tracktheripperI said you could display multiple album covers on the Player by squeezing each cover into the Player's character cells
20:28:03adamthat was *the* font for fixed width
20:28:26tracktheripperhahaha :-)
20:28:44PsycoXulyeah 1-bit 5x7 images
20:28:47*adam is imagining one of those faux inserts they use in mall :p
20:28:50PsycoXulthat'd be pretty
20:28:50adamer, malls...
20:29:12tracktheripperBjorn said, Convert 2 covers to 5x71bit images and try and make sense of the black squares
20:29:22adamideally, I want to have a color LCD sample of like a bird flying or something on a jukebox...
20:30:01PsycoXuladam: i could probably make a converter between the serial port on the archos and the serial port on my pda
20:30:10PsycoXuland then it's just a matter of software support for both
20:30:16PsycoXuland making the best use of 9600bps
20:30:18tracktheripper(gives Psychoxul a big hug))
20:30:46*adam will stick to trying to find replacement batteries ;p
20:30:59adamI'll probably have to go to some Taiwanese plant
20:30:59PsycoXulif i ever do attempt such a thing
20:31:06adamand then talk to the man who has the jade monkey statue
20:31:09PsycoXulit'll have to wait till linux is usable on my pda
20:31:20PsycoXuli'd hate to try to do anything with the serial port in wince
20:31:20adamheh, I *considered* a PDA
20:31:23adamspecifically the Zaurus.
20:31:25tracktheripperLinux is depressing :-(
20:31:36adamsince I could play NES games on the PDA :P
20:31:51adamI figured I could just buy a new mp3 player :P
20:31:55PsycoXulmine can play NES, SNES, and (color)gameboy
20:31:56adamand use that alot more than a PDA
20:32:03adamyeah, SNES is cool
20:32:08adamkind of need the buttons for it
20:32:09PsycoXulit can't do gba though
20:32:15PsycoXulor anything higher
20:32:31PsycoXul200mhz MIPS processor
20:32:33adamfor SNES, I'd need a decent 'joypad' of sorts
20:32:42PsycoXulyeah thats the big problem
20:32:49adamyou can play maybe ogre battle...
20:32:50tracktheripperIm thinking of getting an Archos Multimedia
20:32:55PsycoXuli guess these emulators use buttons on the screen you have to tap with the stylus
20:33:17*adam just kind of stumbled upon rockbox before it was called rockbox
20:33:19PsycoXuleven though the device does have a direction pad and some buttons
20:33:23adamwhen I first picked up my jukebox
20:33:28adamI remember the first firmware
20:33:29adamit sucked :P
20:33:35adamwell, not first relase
20:33:37PsycoXuladam: yeah me too
20:33:37adamer, release
20:33:39adambut a really early one
20:33:45PsycoXuli looked into all the mp3 players
20:33:47adamthen I come back like several months later
20:33:49adamthen bang :P
20:33:53PsycoXuland saw the archos and thought "this ones gonna get hacked first"
20:34:01PsycoXulso i got it
20:34:10tracktheripperyea but wouldt hacking the Archos upset Archos?
20:34:11adamI never really thought of hacking it
20:34:11PsycoXuland then i found the page with the LED blinker
20:34:24adamtracktheripper - uh... it upsets them if you try to send it IN broken
20:34:32adambut I don't think they care what you do to it
20:34:44adamI would hope not
20:34:47adamI'm a libertarian
20:34:56adamwhat I do with my archos is my own business... (insert evil laughter)
20:36:12PsycoXulman i need to get a 40G drive for mine though
20:36:21PsycoXulalready got a few GB more than'll fit on it and i keep finding more to get heh
20:36:35adamI've got too many drives just sitting around
20:36:41adamone seagate that seems to be busted
20:36:53adamand my western digital cheapass drive
20:36:59adamthen my maxtor ubercheapass drive
20:37:09adamit's one of those 8mb buffer ATA drives they released
20:37:15adamDiamondMax something or other
20:37:34tracktheripperWHY oh why oh why can you no longer send a feature request as Anon?
20:37:49adamyou must take responsibility for what you post.
20:38:00PsycoXulhmm ~$110 w/ shipping for 40G on pricewatch...
20:38:05tracktheripperyea but befure u could send comments as Anon
20:38:11adamyeah, I think I got mine for 130$ something
20:38:14adamit was an 80 gig
20:38:23adamwell, *is*
20:38:26adamthen I have two 30 gigs
20:38:31adamone I might as well just pawn off :P
20:38:35tracktheripperwheres Zagor when u need him?
20:38:37adam"50$, may even work!"
20:39:00PsycoXulheh well what good is that :p
20:39:11adamoh, no idea
20:39:26*PsycoXul checks ebay
20:39:26adamyou also run into a problem with transmission thruput, though
20:39:36adamwhat's the point of having a 60 gig 9mm drive when you're stuck with USB2 ;p
20:39:50adamwell, then again, I need a USB2 card for my main box, I guess
20:40:19PsycoXuli don't think my desktop drives even do 60MB/s
20:40:41adamI don't think that one does either... ;p
20:40:43adamif it's 9mm
20:40:57PsycoXuland i just put mp3's on it
20:40:58adamunless it's like 60k rpm or some such crap :P
20:41:35adamer, I'm not that eager about cracking this thing open
20:41:39adamI like how it *works* ;p
20:42:04PsycoXuli haven't seen any HD upgrade guides for the FM recorders either
20:42:13PsycoXulwhich obviously come appart differently than the standard ones
20:42:17tracktheripperif they use a little more "pixie dust" they could make 100Gb notebook drives
20:42:59adamas soon as they get 100 gig platters
20:43:07adamwhich I guess they probably already have
20:43:13adambut hell
20:43:35adamyou'd have to get smaller platters, as well
20:43:38tracktheripperThey could make the platters slimmer so they could squeeze an extra 1 in
20:43:46 Part Zagor_
20:44:13 Join Zagor_ [242] (
20:44:27tracktheripperWhy don't they fill a 9.5mm drive enclosure with 60Gb Flash Memory? That would be soooooooooo cool!
20:44:42PsycoXuland expensive
20:44:46adamcost wise
20:45:05adam1 gig flash costs what
20:45:31tracktheripperbut with 60Gb Flash Memory you would get megafast file transfer and NO MOVING PARTS!
20:45:59adamand an extra $18,000
20:46:12PsycoXulit'd possibly be lighter too
20:46:13tracktheripperThere has to be a reason why Flash Memory is so expensive
20:46:20tracktheripperafter all hard drives are a lot cheaper
20:46:20PsycoXuland you wouldn't worry about data corruption when you dropped it, or skips
20:46:32adambecause there isn't that much demand
20:46:34tracktheripperand wouldn't need defragmenting
20:46:42adamand not enough companies are producing it in large quantities?
20:46:54adam*or*, they just artificially inflate the price, Sony style
20:46:58tracktheripperMind you, they are looking at holographic storage
20:47:00adami.e. playstation 2 memory cards
20:47:06adam8 mbs, for some 30$
20:48:50tracktheripperwith holograpic storage you could squeeze 50Tb onto a CD :)
20:48:52*adam notes he has to sell this thing quickly :P
20:49:00adambefore it blows up or something
20:49:08PsycoXulwhich thing
20:49:15adammy old studio 20
20:49:19tracktheripperI read it in a PC mag
20:49:20PsycoXulheh why
20:49:29adamI've got my new player, I have no need for it
20:49:29tracktheripperHolographic storage stores data in 3 dimentions
20:49:59PsycoXulso the best deal i can find for a 40G 9.5mm drive is ebay buy it now for $98.50 + $8 shipping
20:50:30adamI'd just wait
20:50:34adamthey'll get cheaper ;p
20:50:40adamI guess that's not alot
20:50:45adambut it's like, depreciation sets in
20:50:50tracktheripperI think 40Gb is overkill for music
20:51:08adambut you also have the hard drive aspect
20:51:10PsycoXultracktheripper: thats cause you don't have 40GB of music
20:51:14adamI cram mine full of divx files every once in awhile
20:51:32PsycoXuli've got >20GB
20:51:34tracktheripperyea but even so 40Gb is like all your songs at 320kbs
20:51:39adamPsyco - what we need is a communal hive mind music sharing system
20:51:41PsycoXuli could probably go with a 30GB
20:51:48adamwhy the hell would all your songs be at 320?
20:51:48tracktheripper I encode at 192kbs which suits me prefectly
20:51:49PsycoXuli know i'll keep getting more
20:51:55adamit's like
20:52:03PsycoXultracktheripper: no, see
20:52:05PsycoXultracktheripper: the thing is
20:52:09PsycoXultracktheripper: i keep getting MORE music
20:52:13PsycoXultracktheripper: and then it fills up
20:52:30adamI know the pain
20:52:31PsycoXuli had 9GB of mp3's when i got my archos for xmas 2001
20:52:44PsycoXulsince then it's grown to over 20GB
20:52:57tracktheripperPsycoXul my very first MP3 player was an MP3 CD portable
20:53:03tracktheripperthen It was a Creative Labs Nomad
20:53:14*adam just picked up an archos
20:53:43adamI had like 70 mp3s when I first got it
20:53:52PsycoXuli had a fischer portable CD player from like 1992
20:53:54PsycoXultill i got my archos
20:54:13adambut I've since begun the practice of borrowing CDs from friends
20:54:14PsycoXulthe play button had broken off so i had to stick a key or screwdriver down in there and jiggle the button on the circuit board to get it to play
20:54:43adampsycho - that's really sad.
20:54:57tracktherippermy Archos has never, ever gone wrong
20:55:02adamreminds me of my friend's TV
20:55:05PsycoXulso then i got a studio20
20:55:08adamit has no buttons anymore
20:55:12PsycoXuland it was good.
20:55:19adamBoth of mine have acted up
20:55:28adamthe first one was okay, I guess
20:55:33adamjust the LCD shattered
20:55:38tracktheripperand its been really heavily used every day for 9 months
20:55:41adammy second one seemed like it was already defective :p
20:55:46adambut yeah, I've been heavily using them
20:55:51PsycoXuli figured i'd probably have it untill like the 3rd generation multimedia units were cheap :p
20:56:02tracktheripperbut I feel my next Player will be a Zen or an Ipod
20:56:02PsycoXullike another 10 years or something :p
20:56:17adamwell, the iPod strikes me as way too proprietary
20:56:32PsycoXulbut then it quit charging and bestbuy gave me an fm recorder for it
20:56:35PsycoXulso i got a free upgrade
20:56:38tracktheripperbut theres no denying that the Ipod is very very sexy
20:56:50PsycoXuli wonder if the FM recorder goes dead in the next year or 2 if they'll give me a multimedia
20:56:58tracktheripperHaving ice-cream be right back
20:56:58PsycoXultracktheripper: i don't think it's very sexy
20:57:08adamand expensive
20:57:12adamand no where near as hackable
20:57:19adamand it won't load up in Linux, to the best of my knowledge
20:57:50adamheh, they've got it working?
20:57:56PsycoXulgo look
20:58:01PsycoXulthey've got pictures of linux running on it
20:58:02adamwell, I can't say I'm impressed... ;p
20:58:08adamLinux on the iPod
20:59:00adamI guess the big problem I see with that is...
20:59:00PsycoXulbut it's got even fewer buttons than archos players
20:59:02adamno keyboard... ;p
20:59:02PsycoXulwhich i don't like
20:59:19adamyou just need a space cadet keyboard in the form factor of an iPod
20:59:22PsycoXuland i'd be so afraid to drop it and watch it shatter into a million bright curvy plastic pieces
21:00:03adamyeah, no bumpers
21:00:12adamThis studio 20 I'm trying to sell
21:00:15adamI've seriously seen it smoke
21:00:18adamlike, smoke :P
21:00:23adamand it *STILL WORKS*
21:00:34adamthe thing is a tank
21:01:05PsycoXulheh when i took my studio20 into bestbuy
21:01:16PsycoXulthe lady getting the new one for me didn't see any archos' at first
21:01:21PsycoXuland she tried to give me a creative labs one
21:01:55PsycoXuli made her look again and then she found the fm rec
21:01:55adamdid you laugh at her?
21:02:06adamI wish best buy people were all so clueless
21:02:09adamwell, wait
21:02:10adamthey are :P
21:02:22adamI just need my battery to 'wear' out at a convient time
21:02:34adamer, convienient
21:02:38PsycoXulwell they had all their mp3 players stuffed in this one little cage
21:02:45adamyeah, I've seen that as well
21:02:54adamat least, the one locally
21:03:22PsycoXulall you could see of the archos was an annonymous purple box side
21:03:34PsycoXulkinda stuck in the back
21:03:48adamso she picked up a Recorder FM?
21:03:58PsycoXulthat was the recorder FM
21:04:07adamthat's pretty lucky
21:04:10PsycoXulit was like the only archos they had
21:04:16PsycoXulwell, this is southern california
21:04:21PsycoXulthey've been out of the older models for a long time now
21:04:34adamyeah, that seems the only one they're carrying now in Minnesota, too
21:04:45 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:05:49PsycoXulDavid_Bowie-Ziggy_Stardust_And_The_Spiders_From_Mars_(30th_Anniv._Set)-2CD-RETAIL-2003-FSP.tar is almost done
21:05:53*PsycoXul wonders if he has space for it
21:06:24adamoh yeah
21:06:32adamI need an archos text editor... ;p
21:06:41PsycoXulthat would be good
21:06:43adamgod, can you imagine how impossible it'd be to write something with that
21:06:47adamit's not even funny
21:06:48adamit's sad
21:06:54PsycoXuli dunno
21:07:00adamI do like how I can read text
21:07:07adamI can keep all my phone numbers in one spot :P
21:07:19PsycoXulit'd be good for making custom WPS's and editing pre-existing stuff at least
21:07:55 Part Zagor_
21:08:13PsycoXulfor serious writing i've got my pda
21:08:21 Join CW-EGM92 [0] (
21:08:26*adam has the craptop
21:08:30 Join Zagor_ [242] (
21:09:16CW-EGM92I got something to confess.... a sin if you will I sold myarchos.... in need of somethnig muchbetter :'(
21:09:17PsycoXuldoes it feel god to type in caps too?
21:09:36adamget an Archos Recorder FM
21:09:40adamI'm selling my Jukebox studio 20
21:09:50CW-EGM92how much?
21:09:57adam155$ to a friend damn expensive
21:10:11CW-EGM92is that USD or CAD?
21:10:41adamI was initially asking 180$
21:10:45CW-EGM92yea too damn expensive at Bestbuy I seen the studio 20and Recorders going for 179.99new and 199.99new
21:10:49adamI saw the studio 10 for 200$
21:10:58adamat Best Buy :P
21:11:15adamwell, that was the Recorder 10, actually
21:11:21adamthere is a difference ;p
21:11:38adamhey, please stop the caps
21:11:39CW-EGM92sorry about the caps
21:11:39PsycoXulfm rec
21:11:45adamyeah, Fm Recorder
21:11:47adamI just got one.
21:11:49CW-EGM92fucking keyboardf is A LITTLE MESSED
21:11:52PsycoXulme too
21:11:52adamIt's GOD.
21:12:08CW-EGM92what is soospecial abou the FM recorder?
21:12:11adamand it can be exposed to sunlight
21:12:14adamunlike the iPod
21:12:29adamwhich will immediately shatter, into millions of pieces of stardust and pixie tears
21:12:39adamit's so fragile...
21:12:45adamthe FM Recorder kicks ass.
21:13:05CW-EGM92i got an IPod 10gb.... it's not very sensitive... just needs a casing
21:13:14adamthat's what is *so* special.
21:13:16adamit's lighter than the average archos, the build is different (I prefer it), less clunky in general.
21:13:25adamnot very sensitive, it just needs a casing
21:13:34adamthat's a contradiction right there
21:13:36PsycoXulnothing is god untill we've all got generic highly-capable globally-wireless-broadband-networked devices that share storage and processing accross the world to accomodate any computing task possible almost instantly etc etc :p
21:13:55adamuntil then
21:13:59adambuy a Recorder FM
21:14:17CW-EGM92it can take a beating i mean but it will ruin the original casing so just cahnge the color round i bought an aluminum casing for 10$ on ebay
21:15:08adamwell, if you've already got a player, why get another?
21:15:08CW-EGM92PsycoXul....... ever think of getting a bluetooth chip and just fucking aronud with it till u start stealing peoples information?
21:15:35CW-EGM92cause I don't always use a player for a player, I need something for an HDD
21:15:41adam"<PsycoXul> No
21:15:53adamisn't 10 gig kind of small?
21:16:07adamand unless you've got the special software, it won't work between machines very well, will it?
21:16:07PsycoXulhmm only 46MB free... blah
21:16:11CW-EGM92cause my Ipod is for mac use only I have to use XPTools to make it work here and i lose a lot of functions
21:16:49adamwell, the archos FM doesn't really have alot of functions to lose in the first place
21:16:56adamit's just mounted as a USB hard drive
21:16:58adamas it should be
21:16:58CW-EGM92with archos i just plug in the USB and I GOT A PORTABLE HDD
21:17:11adamassuming you've got drivers handy
21:17:22adambut yeah, I use it on any machine I sit down with
21:17:27adammy box at the dorm
21:17:30adamthis craptop
21:17:35adamfriend's box :P
21:17:40CW-EGM92yea i used to have a JB6000 upgraded to 20gb
21:17:43CW-EGM92but i sold it
21:18:04CW-EGM92ok whats this fm recorder thing? can i record off radio? or does it have a mic or something?
21:18:13adamthe FM recorder can record off radio
21:18:16adamand it has a built in mic
21:18:34PsycoXuland a line-in/digital-in
21:18:38CW-EGM92I know but can it stream to the harddrive and save whats playing?
21:18:39adamso I can pretend to listen to music
21:18:45adamCW - Of course...
21:18:57 Join Guest [0] (
21:19:01PsycoXulit can even timelapse 30 seconds on FM recording
21:19:08PsycoXulso you can start recording 30 seconds before now
21:19:13 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:19:19adamso if you're busy scratching your ass
21:19:22adamand your favorite show starts
21:19:27adamyou can start the recording
21:19:32adamand bang, you've got it
21:19:51adamthis doesn't seem to be supported in the rockbox firmware, though
21:20:00adamboth ass scratching and FM functionality
21:20:00PsycoXulyeah it seems you have to have the feature turned on and having been listening to the radio for that 30 seconds
21:20:18PsycoXulyeah radio support in rockbox is pending
21:20:19adamCW - as soon as you start paying...?
21:20:33CW-EGM92nah don't feel like it
21:20:54*adam feels this channel has been confused with #southpark
21:21:23adamI just want to setup the Arnold Swartzneggar prank call stream :p
21:21:31CW-EGM92that has nothing.... in the nature of all things holy!! have anythING TO DO WITH THIS CONVERSATION!
21:21:34adam"You lack discipline..." "Excuse me?"
21:21:55*PsycoXul ponders what he can rm from his archos
21:22:08adamPsyco - Pat Boone bootlegs?
21:22:15PsycoXulgot none
21:22:30adam"You must be this tall to ride Michael"
21:22:39PsycoXulif i had a decent rip of the uncensored smells like children
21:22:48PsycoXuli could feel comfortable, maybe, deleting the censored one
21:22:52CW-EGM92robin williams
21:23:23adamthat was the only funny joke I've heard from him recently
21:23:25CW-EGM92I have the DVD
21:23:27adambut it's sick
21:23:34PsycoXulwhat movie is that
21:23:34adamthat's why it's funny
21:23:39adamit's not a movie
21:23:44PsycoXulwhat is it
21:23:44adamit's a comedy thing on Broadway
21:23:48CW-EGM92Robin Williams Live on Broadway
21:23:57CW-EGM92funny ass hell
21:23:59adamit's okay
21:24:03PsycoXulhaven't seen that
21:24:04adamkind of slow
21:24:11adambill hicks is more my style
21:24:19adambut he's got even nastier humor
21:24:33adamBarbara Bushes labia that looks like a nut sack
21:24:36CW-EGM92..............u mean the old guy with a tough voice? who like talknig about political issues?
21:24:37adamthe Easter Bunny
21:24:45adamBill Hicks is dead
21:24:49CW-EGM92oh ok
21:24:50PsycoXulOh yeah
21:24:51adamhe was young, I gues
21:24:56PsycoXuli've got this one thing i can move off of here
21:25:27CW-EGM92guy is getting a Archos Multimedia player worth it?
21:25:37*PsycoXul forgot about this recording
21:25:42PsycoXulCW-EGM92: probably not
21:25:50PsycoXulit's screen is too small, and it doesn't run rockbox
21:25:56CW-EGM92damn lol
21:26:21PsycoXulit also only plays specific format of movies
21:26:41CW-EGM92I want it so I can store porno on it and bring it to school and jack off in the back into the girls in front of me, untill the prof asks me to stop
21:26:59PsycoXuli do that with my pda
21:27:10CW-EGM92but not enough memory
21:27:12PsycoXulwell not that exactly but you know
21:27:17PsycoXulyeah not for full-length ones
21:28:03CW-EGM92yea sometimes i dont get throguh the whole video with only 200mb and bam!! IM STUCK WITH MY PANTS DOWN AT THE TOP OF THE ROOM WITHVA COCK IN MY HAND AND THE COLLEGE GIRLS RUNNIG
21:28:03adamyou need porn to jack off in the back of class?
21:28:19CW-EGM92The girls r nice... it jsut helps
21:28:43adamI don't usually have a habit of masturbating in class
21:28:44adamit'd be distracting in lecture
21:29:29CW-EGM92but make sure top stop it once ur about to bust..... u don't want any incriminating evidence
21:32:01 Quit CW-EGM92 ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
21:32:22*adam grooves to BOC
21:32:47PsycoXulevery time i free up space for one thing
21:32:52PsycoXuli end up with more free space than i need
21:32:56PsycoXulso what else can i put on here...
21:34:11adamI suppose I could get rid of all these movie soundtracks
21:34:17PsycoXuli need to find breakfast too
21:34:18adamno point ;p
21:34:20PsycoXuland probably shower
21:34:24PsycoXulhey soundtracks own
21:35:05*PsycoXul waits for this to unfreeze
21:35:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:36:06PsycoXuli've only got 1GB in soundtracks heh
21:36:29*adam has two anime soundtrack sets
21:36:35adamall the cowboy bebop CDs, so that's like 7
21:36:40adamand 8 evangelion CDs
21:37:12adammore music than any man would ever want or need from both series :P
21:43:46 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:26 Join LUMOS [0] (
21:53:48 Quit LUMOS (Client Quit)
22:32:41 Quit edx ()
22:32:43 Part Zagor_
22:33:16 Join Zagor_ [242] (
22:51:31 Quit jfire (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:53:07 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:53:26 Quit TBoy (Client Quit)
22:54:43PsycoXuldamn wrapping tape around the inside of a tube is hard
23:06:06 Join Bz [0] (
23:06:12 Nick Bz is now known as DJBaz (
23:06:29DJBazcan anyone send me: rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
23:06:38DJBazas on the site it says that theres some licencing issues just now?
23:10:44DJBaznm, im gonna download cygwin off the cygwin site :p
23:35:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:35:46 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:37:16 Join adam [0] (
23:46:25DJBazhi, is the rockbox webmaster here?
23:47:03adi|homeum... there isn't really a webmaster.. but whats up?
23:47:22DJBazi was gonna let ya's use ma server for a rockboxx forum
23:47:37DJBazseeing as i use rockboxx all the time :p
23:48:04adi|homewhat rockbox forum?
23:48:34DJBaza forum is a site where ppl can post msg's etc
23:48:41adi|homeno no no.. i realize that...
23:48:51DJBazo rite...?
23:48:57adi|homebut we don't have a forum now, we have a mailing list :)
23:49:21DJBazah kk, jst a thought :)
23:49:28adi|homebut it would be Zagor or Bagder or Linus you would need to speak with regarding any such thing :)
23:49:36adi|homenot knocking the idea :)
23:50:01DJBazwell ill come back 2morow and see if they r here
23:52:07adi|homethey are normally active from like 1am - 9 am EST
23:52:13DJBazlol kk
23:52:23DJBazill see if i can get on irc @ school
23:52:29adi|homek :)
23:52:39adi|homeif not.. this room is logged.. ill pass them word
23:54:41DJBazim trying to apply a patch
23:55:00DJBazthe sony erricson battery charge icon, what file should i patch?
23:56:11adi|homedunno.. the patch should tell you what to patch
23:56:18DJBaz*hits head*
23:56:23DJBazi really should read stuff lol

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