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#rockbox log for 2003-03-31

00:03:59DJBazhave u used: Many new games for the Rockbx
00:09:11adi|homeive been busy tearing sokoban apart
00:10:05DJBazthat game is soo addictive
00:10:13DJBazbut irritating at the same time :|
00:10:45adi|homeheheh just wait ;)
00:10:48 Join elinenbe [0] (
00:10:52adi|homewe now have 5 space undo
00:11:07DJBazlol nice
00:11:08adi|homeill be removingt he ability to jump ahead levels until you complete the current one
00:11:16adi|homeand you'll have level saving..
00:11:33DJBazwho designed all the levels?
00:11:46elinenbeDJBaz: I did :)
00:11:58DJBazu must have alot of free time :p
00:11:59adi|homeelinenbe: stol^H^H^H^H borrowed them from someone else
00:12:10adi|homeeven the broken #92 ;)
00:12:34 Join Wizard [0] (
00:13:05adi|homehello wizard...
00:13:26 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
00:13:41Wizarddoes fm radio work with rockbox firmware?
00:14:06Wizardi want to get the 20 gb fm recorder player, and was wondering if the fm feature will still work
00:14:12Wizardok, so thats great then
00:14:21DJBazsorry for the paste
00:14:27DJBazbut here goes:
00:14:27DJBazC:\cygwin\home\rockbox>patch < ui.diff
00:14:28DJBazcan't find file to patch at input line 4
00:14:28DBUGEnqueued KICK DJBaz
00:14:28DJBazPerhaps you should have used the -p or −−strip option?
00:14:28DJBazThe text leading up to this was:
00:14:28***Alert Mode level 1
00:14:29***Alert Mode level 2
00:14:29DJBaz|diff -ur rockbox-daily-20030227/apps/main_menu.c rockbox/apps/main_menu.c
00:14:31DJBaz|−−- rockbox-daily-20030227/apps/main_menu.c Wed Feb 12 05:00:21 2003
00:14:33DJBaz|+++ rockbox/apps/main_menu.c Sat Mar 1 05:55:11 2003
00:14:38DJBazFile to patch: apps/main_menu.c
00:14:39DJBazpatching file apps/main_menu.c
00:14:42DJBazpatch: **** Can't rename file 'E:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp/poa01888' to a
00:14:43DJBazpps/main_menu.c : File exists
00:14:53DJBazanyone know the problem?
00:15:44 Quit Wizard (Client Quit)
00:16:43adi|homenope... i don't patch often :)
00:16:51DJBazdam u
00:17:33DJBazhow do i put my own face on the startup screen on rockbox?
00:17:43DJBazjust a twisted idea of mine :p
00:19:03adi|homeon the startup screen?
00:19:09adi|homeyou need to digitize your pic
00:19:23adi|homeand then replace the rockbox logo in source with the digital version of your face
00:19:50DJBazwhat source file is the pic located?
00:21:01MTDJBaz: FM radio doesnt work on fm recorder ...
00:21:14DJBazlol k
00:21:18DJBazwell im off
00:21:19 Quit DJBaz ()
00:21:19MTprobablywont do for a while too
00:21:21adi|homeMT yup.. but Wizard was too lazy to read the FAQ
00:21:22 Join DJBaz [0] (
00:21:22 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
00:21:24adi|homeits his own prob
00:21:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:21:40*adi|home offers no sympathy to the lazy..
00:21:46 Quit Snorlax ()
00:22:55adi|homeDJBaz take a look at show_logo in main_menu.c
00:23:00*adi|home off to shower
00:23:05*adi|home is away: I'm busy
00:24:30***Alert Mode OFF
00:24:48*adam returns
00:25:13adamdigital face
00:25:20adamyeah, except most people are pretty ugly
00:25:38adamespecially digitized ;P
00:27:31*adam notes his new recorder fm is far superior to his old studio 20 :p
00:28:33adamlighter, nicer LCD
00:29:29MTi dont like the battery flap
00:29:42MTever since i took it apart it hasnt sat 'right' and keeps falling out
00:29:54MTneed to take it all apart and fix i think :/
00:29:59 Join ciphergoth [0] (
00:30:23adamMT: heh, yeah
00:30:31adamwhat kind of batteries, exactly?
00:30:35adamI know they're LiIon
00:30:49adamI just want appropriate settings for the battery life calculator
00:30:55adamlike 1800 mAh on my old studio
00:31:32ciphergothWhat causes "HD register error"?
00:31:59ciphergothI haven't replaced my hard drive (yet) or anything
00:33:07*adam seriously has to fix that old studio 20 :p
00:35:38*ciphergoth fiddles uselessly with a kaput 6GB recorder
00:40:02ciphergothoh well, I hope my replacement hard drive is the right fix...
00:40:34adammy old studio has major issues with the battery terminals
00:40:46adamthey're really sensitive to bumps and the like
00:40:54adamI wish I could replace them
00:43:39ciphergothbattery terminals on this box look like they'd survive most things
00:43:59adamwell, I'm glad my new one doesn't have the same problem
00:44:04adamjust a LiIon battery
00:44:31ciphergothold jukebox recorder took 4 AA NiMHs...
00:44:46 Quit josh966 ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
00:44:46adamyeah, those were cheap
00:44:48adambut heavy
00:45:30adamthe new FM recorder feels pretty solid
00:45:46adambut compared to the earlier models, it's really light
00:47:22MTbefore i bought my fm recorder i tried to get an archos 'on the cheap' on ebay
00:47:29MTand i noticed something strange
00:47:35ciphergothyeah, the weight is a downer and the batteries are a huge part of it
00:47:52MTused archos's, when filled with mp3s, tend to sell for more money than they cost
00:48:07adamMT: heh
00:48:08MTdubious legality there tho
00:48:23adamthat's a good idea, actually
00:48:29adammodded high capacity archos
00:48:33adamlike 30 and 40 gig drives
00:49:16ciphergothadam: what will you do with all the small drives you acquire as a result
00:49:21MTyes, they sell extremly well
00:49:36adamciphergoth - heh, replace smaller 6 gig archos with them
00:49:40ciphergothMT: weird, I'd be surprised if I found one full of music that I wanted...
00:50:00ciphergothadam: that's the one I've got, I'm waiting for a 40GB replacement drive to arrive
00:50:26MTi may get my sister to bring me one of them back from australia
00:50:45MTthe battery life is poor though
00:51:16ciphergothdon't care about the DVD viewing, but the CF reader is cool.
00:51:33MTnot only that,its dirt cheap
00:52:37ciphergothMT how much?
00:53:30ciphergothhere's what I really want:
00:53:55MTtrying to find exactly how much - but it was about £300 with 60gb hd and chipping
00:54:19ciphergothMT: you mean 300 ASD or 300 GPB?
00:55:07MTAUD you mean?
00:55:10ciphergothcool, shape of things to come. Integrate it with a PDA!
00:55:29MT300 AUD is only £120 GBP - I wish :)
00:55:36ciphergothMT: you'
00:55:40ciphergothMT: you're quite right
00:55:57*adam has a piece of paper
00:55:59adamand a pencil
00:56:02adamthat's my 'PDA'
00:56:17MTseems to have disappeared from their online store :/
00:56:41ciphergothadam: does it wake you up in the morning?
00:56:52ciphergothcan you browse the web with it?
00:57:01adambut a 10$ alarm clock does
00:57:14adamand no, but I can do that with a computer, and they're everywhere
00:57:24adamI don't need a PDA to browse a web
00:57:30adamand it'd suck ass either way
00:57:42adamsmall screen, and your only choice for bandwidth involves wireless
00:58:07ciphergothI have to go to bed. I understand the argument that PDAs are expensive toys, but for me they rule and no piece of paper could replace them.
00:58:07*adam is a person who likes guided wires :P
00:58:17adamto each his own
00:58:23adammy friend owns a PDA
00:58:25adamhe uses it.
00:59:09 Quit ciphergoth ("I am considering getting a life")
01:04:19adammy only gadgets are all musically orientated
01:04:19adamor things that don't need batteries (knives, leathermens)
01:04:52MTi like men in leather too
01:04:54MToh wait ..
01:05:57adamit's neat
01:06:01adamI can open stuff.
01:06:05MTi have one too :)
01:06:16MTfor ... 10 years i think
01:06:18adamit's like something they should of had in resident evil
01:06:20MTneed a new one :/
01:06:57MTit was a birthday present when i was 13, my mum didnt understand why it couldnt be one of the £10 knockoffs
01:07:07MTi still use it today, enough said
01:07:29adamcouldn't be one of the?
01:07:42MTimitation ones
01:08:05MTwork ok for a few months/years, then fall to pieces
01:09:58 Join Snorlax [0] (
01:11:25*adam has the basic one
01:23:27 Quit adi|home ("Damn flying monkies")
01:23:27 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:25:25 Join adam [0] (
01:25:37*adam needs to add some fake entries to the menu :p
01:25:41adam"TURBO" "LASER" "MISSILE"
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01:59:07 Join adam [0] (
01:59:25nadis there a hard reset or forced reboot or something for the archos?
01:59:37nadcuz mine is locked up and won't do shit, and it makes me sad
02:04:04adameven if you hold down stop?
02:04:22nadyes, completely not responsive
02:04:47nadit just says "ARCHOS Jukebox Recorder" and that's it
02:04:59adamthis the FM recorder?
02:05:07adamtake the batteries out...
02:05:24nadwon't that invalidate the warranty?
02:06:00*adam has caused smoke to come out of his Archos
02:06:02adamit still works.
02:06:09nadi'm relaxed, i just bought the thing and i'm kind of bummed it didn't just go
02:06:13nadmeaning, it has locked up already
02:06:16nadi'm not worried
02:06:24nadworst case is worse i'll just take it back for a trade
02:06:38adamwhat firmware are you using?
02:06:41nadi'd just unzipped rockbox and it locked up after being unplugged from the computer
02:07:17adamwell, removing the batteries won't hurt anything
02:09:06nadk, i'll give it a try
02:09:15adamI just got a new archos too
02:09:17adama recorder FM
02:09:22adamso far it's went without a hitch
02:09:29nadthis is just the recorder
02:09:31adamjust need rockbox to give me FM support that I won't use anyways
02:09:42adamyeah, the FM is a tad different
02:09:53adamit uses a LiIon battery instead of NiMH
02:12:48nadok, well rebooted it seems functional
02:12:56nadi wasn't 100% sure how to yank the batteries without taking off the back
02:13:00nadbut it all worked out
02:13:05nadthanks, now i will read the rockbox dox
02:13:10adamwithout taking off the back?
02:13:19adamthey have hoods...
02:13:25adamjust take it out
02:13:30adamer, both of them out
02:13:58adamI usually just swapped out a ton of batteries in mine
02:15:35adi|homenad, pulling your batteries out does not invalidate your warrenty
02:15:54nadadi, yes i realize that now. i thought perhaps you had to take the back off, i'd since figured it out though thanks
02:16:06adi|homeand if you didn't do anything weird, and the drive locked, and you aren't plugged in and can't shut it down, bring it back, you have issues...
02:16:19adi|homenad, did you fully charge the batteries up?
02:16:41adamI need to get another LiIon battery for my archos FM
02:18:04nadadi, no i didn't
02:20:00nadi'm hoping that is the reason for the flakiness
02:20:15nadafter yanking the batteries it seemed to work, so i'll let it charge fully and see how it behaves
02:20:25adamare you using the batteries that came with it?
02:20:27nadi've got 30 days no matter what is wrong to bring it back
02:20:28adamthose suck :p
02:20:37adambuy real NiMH batteries
02:20:44adamlike, 1800+ mAh
02:31:02 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:38:29 Quit _seb_ ("")
02:44:58nadwell, thanks for the help guys
02:45:00nadi'll be back i'm sure
02:45:01 Quit nad ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c18 for Windows CE today!")
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03:31:09 Quit elinenbe (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
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06:11:35 Part Zagor_
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09:31:07 Join Bagder [241] (
09:31:19Bagderguten morgen!
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09:42:42dwihnoI read some of the code last night. It's pretty nicely written :)
09:43:17adi|homewhat code where?
09:44:34dwihnorockbox code
09:45:28dwihnomuch of the screen stuff
09:47:26adi|homeahh.. hehehe
09:48:48 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:59:45*thu is away: zZz
09:59:45 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:04:36 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
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10:10:55adi|homeoh.. Bagder.. i found a bug in splash()
10:12:52Bagderoh no! ;-)
10:13:01 Quit ken0___ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:13:20adi|homei wanted to use it to show a failure in sokoban..
10:13:21Bagderyou fixing it or is it hard ?
10:13:30adi|homenot hard, im just lazy
10:13:45adi|homegiven a string w/o spaces that is wider then the displayable area, you draw it off screen
10:14:05adi|homeie: "unable to open /.rockbox/sokoban/levels.txt
10:14:12BagderI knew that
10:14:26Bagderthat's why the deleted file screen isn't using the splash
10:14:35adi|homewell.. fix it damnit :)
10:14:36BagderI wish we could make it scroll or something
10:15:12 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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10:31:04*Zagor actually received spam from Hotmail today
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11:57:58 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
12:01:55langhaarrockerOccasionally I experience the volume "fade out - fade in - silence " bug when hitting pause.
12:02:09langhaarrockerWasn't that solved?
12:02:10quelsarukme too
12:02:23quelsarukwhen hd is reading, no?
12:02:42langhaarrockerI haven't tracked it down that far.
12:03:49quelsaruki did, and for me it just happens if the red led is on (refilling mp3 buffer for example)
12:05:05quelsarukmaybe it's the time to use that little goats you had ;)
12:05:18quelsaruk*those little goats
12:05:39langhaarrockerThey're sitting on my monitor. I can split them, but they don't bleed.
12:07:48langhaarrockerOh. I seems our apprentice has aquired one of them.
12:50:16 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
12:50:17 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:21:02 Join tracktheripper [0] (
13:21:15Bagderhi ho
13:21:30tracktheripperIve just installed the phone line in my new house
13:22:13Bagderphone lines are fine for adsling on ;-)
13:22:17langhaarrockerI'd like to install an mountain in my cellar for paragliding.
13:22:42tracktheripperyea im gonna get ADSL later on, (when I can afford it)
13:22:50tracktheripperbut for now my 56k is fine
13:27:41dwihnophone is good for ATDT
13:28:36Bagdercave man technology ;-)
13:29:10tracktheripperhi Dwhino
13:30:11dwihnoBagder: it rules. period. :)
13:30:17dwihnohowdy track! What's up?
13:30:30tracktheripperjust got my brand new telephone line in my new house
13:30:41tracktheripperthis is the first time ive used it
13:32:54tracktheripperhad to spend £6 on a new modem cable though :(
13:34:10*dwihno has no telephone line
13:34:14dwihnowhich is good
13:35:26tracktheripperso u must be living in the stone age Dwihno?
13:35:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:37:30dwihnoI sure am!
13:37:51tracktheripperso wheres Wilma Flintstone? :-)
13:40:55 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:41:01 Join ciphergoth [0] (
13:41:04 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:41:42ciphergothhello, still hoping some magic jukebox hacker can tell me what "HD register error" means...
13:42:17tracktheripperit means "the hard-drive in your Archos is buggered"
13:42:28Bagderciphergoth: you tried with new batteries?
13:44:04ciphergothBadger - no, I'll try that
13:44:26ciphergothtracktheripper: the weird thing is that if I take the HD out and plug it into my PC, I can read and write it just fine.
13:45:25tracktheripperTry plugging it into ur PC and run Scandisk and see if that helps
13:45:29tracktheripperit may have bad sectors
13:45:51Bagderhaving a broken/bad battery or two might cause this
13:46:19tracktheripperwell mine never says that if the batterys are flat
13:46:25ciphergothtracktheripper: I've already run the Linux equivalent of scandisk (dosfsck) and found no problems
13:46:44dwihnonorton disk doctor! :D
13:46:48tracktheripperwhat u smiling for Dwhino?
13:46:52tracktheripper(slaps Dwihno)
13:47:04dwihnoBagder: track is mobbing me ;)
13:47:17*Bagder tells tracktheripper to go stand in the corner!
13:47:20ciphergothBagder: tried a completely different set of batteries, same result
13:47:34tracktheripper(gives Dwihno a big hug)
13:47:40ciphergothI thought it meant a buggered hard drive, so I ordered a new one, a 40GB drive
13:47:53ciphergothnow I'm worried that it's the recorder, not the drive, and it won't help.
13:48:01Bagderyeah, it might be
13:48:13BagderI'm not an expert in the area though
13:48:26ciphergothI've even tried completely wiping and reformatting the drive, no joy
13:48:53tracktheripperCiphergoth I know a trick that (usually) works
13:49:02*ciphergoth is all ears
13:49:04 Join adam [0] (
13:49:16ciphergothtracktheripper: buy a new MP3 player? :-)
13:49:30tracktheripperDo a full format in NTFS, then do a full format in FAT32
13:50:54ciphergothis that a trick you've tried specifically to make an Archos work?
13:51:05tracktheripperthis trick does somehow magically repair the drive
13:51:12tracktheripperit worked for me and someone else :-)
13:51:23Bagderfor a hd register error?
13:51:35tracktheripperyea it just "magicaly" fixes the hard drive
13:51:43tracktherippercant explain it but it worked for me once
13:51:46dwihnomkfs will help you too ;D
13:51:50tracktheripperand someone else
13:51:59Bagderciphergoth: did it just start failing like this one day?
13:52:19Bagderor was in anything that triggered it?
13:52:22Bagderwas it
13:53:06ciphergothBadger: It just started failing one day
13:53:45tracktheripperso who has written the software code to make the Recorder pick up FM like the FM recorder? :-)
13:55:04ciphergothI don't have an NTFS formatter, but this should do the trick: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdc1
13:55:48ciphergothBagder: I was very glad to find I could still read the drive when I took it out, it failed on the way back from a holiday and it had some holiday pictures on it!
13:56:41tracktheripperis version 2.0 coming out soon?
13:57:49 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:58:01 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:00:43dwihnoI'm so yawnish
14:01:01tracktheripperwould u like a coffee Dwihno?
14:01:06dwihnothat will not help
14:01:08ciphergothoh, it failed that way once before, I sent it back to Archos, they fixed it, but it's done it again and now it's out of warranty
14:03:05tracktheripperwell thats what happens if u keep opening up the Archos all the time!!!!!!!!!
14:03:47dwihnowarranty is for sissies
14:03:51tracktheripperlike Bjorn and co on this website :-)
14:04:57 Join Nomad__ [0] (
14:05:00Nomad__morning guys
14:05:13tracktheripperhi Nomad
14:05:20Zagorplease test −−->
14:05:37Nomad__I just got the latest bleeding about 5 mins ago, you prefer the one above?
14:05:51Zagoryes, this is uncommitted test code
14:05:53Nomad__I'm gonna take the bike today
14:05:57Nomad__what compression is that?
14:06:13tracktheripperwot does the redledtest do?
14:06:19ciphergothtracktheripper: this is the first time I've opened it
14:06:34Nomad__so just rename the redledtest.ajz to archos.mod like normal
14:06:49ciphergothweirdo that I am, I actually waited until the warranty was expired first
14:06:49tracktheripperwell no offence u shouldn't really open it in the first place
14:07:13ciphergothby the way, is there usually masking tape behind the microphone on a recorder?
14:07:28ciphergothtracktheripper: why not? It was broken and out of warranty, it was that or throw it away.
14:07:51ZagorNomad__: ah, no it's for recorders
14:07:56Nomad__ok, no problem
14:07:57ZagorNomad__: i'll make you a .mod file
14:08:07Nomad__ok, slap it up and I'll throw it on before I head out
14:08:37tracktheripperZagor what does this file do?
14:08:42tracktheripperive just put it on my Jukebox
14:08:55Zagortracktheripper: just some changes to test the red led dead bug
14:09:12dwihnoZagor: I'll check! :D
14:09:46Zagordwihno: do so
14:09:52dwihnoZagor: what's changed?
14:10:00ZagorI doubt it actually fixes anything, but I have to try
14:10:13Zagordwihno: minor details in the ata driver
14:10:32ciphergothhas anyone here taken apart a jukebox recorder?
14:10:58Bagdermany people have
14:11:02Bagdernot me though
14:11:16ZagorI have
14:11:34ciphergothZagor: is there usually masking tape behind the microphone?
14:11:34tracktheripperim still having Tetris bugs
14:11:53Zagorciphergoth: can't remember
14:12:26ciphergothI ask because I found one person saying that their HD register errors went away if they pressed on the front panel in a funny way
14:12:39ciphergothso I've just taken the front panel off to see if I can see any candidate shorts or some such
14:12:54ciphergothand found that masking tape, which might be the repair Archos did to my drive to get it working.
14:14:03 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
14:14:34Nomad__ok, got it
14:17:18ciphergothZagor: thanks! sadly, he removed his mic before taking the photos so I still don't know...
14:18:15Zagorciphergoth: ah
14:18:19langhaarrockerYes, thats true. And I forgot to put it in again upt till now. Sorry.
14:18:36*dwihno took his recorder to pieces and bits
14:19:28ciphergothdwihno: any recollection of tape and glue around the microphone? It's an ugly mess so it should be memorable...
14:19:48ciphergothI'm also mystified by the weird "restraining wire" across one of the battery springs.
14:19:52 Nick ciphergoth is now known as ciphergoth|afk (
14:20:01langhaarrockerciphergoth: but I'm pretty sure that there was tape before I unsoldered the mic.
14:20:13Zagorciphergoth|afk: the restraining wire is standard
14:20:24Zagornobody knows what it's for, but it's there on all units
14:20:44dwihnociphergoth|afk: erhm, can't remember that
14:20:57dwihnoI remember that plate with sticky tape, stuck on the hard drive
14:21:29langhaarrockerI applied the glue on the solder joints in the pics myself because that makes the solder connection much more robust as far as wire bends are concerned.
14:22:09 Nick ciphergoth|afk is now known as ciphergoth (
14:22:11langhaarrockerdwihno: I'm still not quite sure what that plate is for. For mechanical stabilization it's a bit thin.
14:22:17dwihnoI want that 8meg upgrade. 320 kbit mp3's cause disk reads every 10 seconds or so :-)
14:22:24dwihnolanghaarrocker: it's pretty? :)
14:22:54Nomad__I'd be willing to trade someone my studio10 and cash for a studio10 with the 8meg upgrade
14:23:04Nomad__someone should look at a business venture
14:23:05ciphergothdwihno: I feel pretty brave opening up my box at all. Taking a sharp knife to the surface mount components can wait.
14:23:12langhaarrockerdwihno: Do you have a picture of a sexy lady on that plate?
14:23:23ciphergothIt's only a 30% increase in battery life.
14:23:46Nomad__it's a big improvement in buffer space though
14:24:44ciphergothdwihno: I know the plate you mean, and no, it's not that. Hmm, suggests it really was added later.
14:26:00dwihnolanghaarrocker: nah, but it's all shiny! :)
14:27:16*ciphergoth starts removing tape
14:29:36Nomad__tape was probably there to stop a short or something
14:33:47ciphergothNomad__: I'm replacing it with real electrical tape
14:38:47ciphergothlanghaarrocker: on your photos it looks like the bottom half of the front circuit board is really dirty. Mine is too. Is that just dirt, or something else?
14:39:26*langhaarrocker investigates
14:40:45langhaarrockerplease help: which photo are you talking about?
14:42:30ciphergothtop right hand corner in the orientation of the photo
14:44:29langhaarrockeryou mean that white stuff? In the area of the headphone jack solder joints? I think it was there. Genuine Archos dirt.
14:45:23langhaarrockerWell at the top right most solder joint there's some colophonium. I probably added that myself.
14:47:04langhaarrockersome brown stuff that impoves the flux of the lead. It's in the core of solder wire.
14:47:35ciphergothah, vague memories from the days when I last used a soldering iron percolate back...
14:48:11dwihnoSOLDER! :D
14:48:26ciphergothright, one last go at making this work, then I give up 'till my big HD arrives.
14:48:46ciphergoth(and hope that it is an HD related problem despite the evidence to the contrary
14:52:15ciphergothzilch, zero, nada, HD register error just as before.
14:52:32ciphergothBAH! well, fingers crossed. Thanks for your help all!
14:53:33langhaarrockerdwihno: wasn't that an action movie for testosterone junkies?
14:53:50dwihnolanghaarrocker: nah, that was "Zagorinator - Rockbox day"
14:54:40Zagorciphergoth: you could go over the unit and reheat any solder points that look suspicious.
14:55:03Zagorthere have been countless tales of problems stemming from bad solders
14:57:14ciphergothZagor: that would involve acquiring a soldering iron...
14:57:15langhaarrockerI had that in the recorder, too. It wouldn't charge before I resoldered some stupid resistor (R18?).
14:57:35ciphergothbut it's cheaper than a new machine.
14:57:53langhaarrockerciphergoth: and some skills when it comes down to resoldering the MAS chip pins :)
14:58:02ciphergothIf the new HDD doesn't work, I'll try it, and come back and ask for advice.
14:58:08ciphergothWhich one is the MAS chip?
14:58:45langhaarrockerthat one that has so many and so tiny legs that it can't move because of a lack of organization.
14:59:24ciphergothI think maybe I'll leave that one free. My skill at soldering is about zero. Maybe I should find a friend who likes that sort of thing.
14:59:58langhaarrockerThe Jukebox is a bad training object for soldering lessons.
15:00:36ciphergothI only dared take it apart because I managed to take my laptop to pieces, put it back together and have it stay working
15:00:41ciphergothbut that didn't involve soldering.
15:03:24 Quit ciphergoth ("I am considering getting a life")
15:06:43Zagorhmm... "When entering this state from another state
15:06:43Zagorother than when an interrupt has occurred, the host shall wait 400 ns before reading the Status register."
15:07:51*langhaarrocker thinks zagor talks to himself. Probably about ata specs.
15:12:45dwihnoI can also talk to myself
15:12:59dwihnoBlabla lcd-recorder.c extra bool in struct blabla
15:15:17 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22:27Zagordwihno: can you test again?
15:22:34Zagoranyone else who gets the problem too
15:23:08dwihnoZagor: It's pretty tough to test it while I'm sitting still :-/
15:23:20Zagorcan't you shake it for the same effect?
15:23:40dwihnoI'm a bit careful with my 60 giger :)
15:24:04langhaarrockerI could if I had the jukebox with me. -> Tomorrow.
15:24:35dwihnoI'll test it, w8
15:24:47Zagorchicken :)
15:25:19langhaarrockerPlaying soccer with the jukebox for a while usually provokes that error, too.
15:26:41langhaarrockerMy device definitly looks as if I abused it that way. Let's call it 'skin' :)
15:27:19dwihnoZagor: If I would to a function with almost similar functionality as another one, what is the better way? To wrap it, redefine the current routine or make a modified copy?
15:27:47Zagorwhat is the context?
15:27:55dwihnolcd_puts_scroll :-)
15:28:03dwihnoI'm adding inverted scrolling
15:28:31*langhaarrocker secretly dreams of someone fixing dynamic tags in scrolling lines
15:28:42Zagorthe best way is to make the current function handle both
15:31:46dwihnoZagor: true, true... but that would take an additional parameter, thus adding 50 miljarder changes in the source :)
15:32:08Zagorhmm, true
15:32:09dwihnoZagor: it seems a bit more resistant
15:32:23dwihno(red led)
15:32:59Zagordwihno: as in "doesn't happen" or "happens, but maybe less often" ?
15:33:45dwihnoZagor: When shaking the unit, I encounter the hang not that often. The best test is biking.
15:34:00dwihnoShaking the unit produces the "no-sound"-effect
15:35:01Zagorwhat's that?
15:35:23dwihnoNo hang, but there is no sound
15:35:30Zagorof course. it can't read...
15:35:38Zagorbut it resumes when you stop shaking?
15:35:39langhaarrockerBut it recovers?
15:35:43 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:35:51Zagorso what happens then?
15:35:52dwihnoI'll test a bit more
15:36:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:36:02dwihnoI think it's flatlined until next read.
15:36:36Zagordwihno: that *is* the next read.
15:36:45langhaarrockerThat would be a major improvement compared to "next boot"
15:38:26dwihnowhoops, red led dead
15:39:33langhaarrockerwill it stay red led dead after say two minutes?
15:40:31dwihnoI'll check
15:41:48dwihnoI'm testing using a CBR 320, is that OK?
15:42:45dwihnothe led shut down, no sound
15:42:47dwihnoNow I'm waiting
15:43:04dwihnosounds like a fucked buffer
15:43:14dwihnodisk read, sound coming back
15:43:15Zagorwhat is on the screen?
15:43:24dwihnoeverything keeps on rolling
15:44:08 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:44:12bobTHChi all
15:44:44Bagderhi bob
15:46:09langhaarrockerBagder: do you want a similar page for sokoban, tetris and wormlet?
15:46:35Bagderthe internaltional rockbox-tetris league
15:46:47dwihnoZagor: Feels like the recovery code has become a bit more stable.
15:47:05dwihnoZagor: Don't know what you've done, but it feels like disk recovery is a bit better.
15:47:24Zagordwihno: how long was the red led on?
15:48:32dwihnoZagor: a couple of seconds
15:49:01Zagordoesn't sound like a proper "dead" then
15:49:20Bagder"I'm not dead yet"
15:49:29*Bagder thinks The Holy Grail
15:49:45langhaarrockerNo spitting here!
15:49:54dwihnoWhen it fails the reading, it keeps on rolling
15:50:06dwihnountil the next buffer fill
15:50:16dwihnosomething with the buffer becoming invalid
15:51:27dwihnoZagor: the deaths are a bit hard to cause. if I keep shaking the unit, it will finally keep on rolling. no sound though.
15:51:50dwihnowhen the next disk access occurs (next buffer fill, I guess) it will start playing again
15:51:51Zagorsound stops, since the buffer runs out before the disk read finishes. this is expected.
15:52:09Zagorthere should be no "next disk access", since the buffer is already empty
15:52:22dwihnoWe need burn-proof ;)
15:54:27Zagorare you saying there is a long silent period during which the LED is dark?
15:55:38dwihnoas if the disk reading thread gives up
15:55:44dwihno*clonk clonk*
15:55:47dwihnoPoor disk :~(
15:55:54Zagorsounds like an mpeg thread issue
15:56:52dwihnoYeah... Let's blame Linus ;D
15:56:58*dwihno is not blaming anyone
15:57:18*Bagder steps forward, hey blame me!
15:57:18dwihnoI should have gotten the disk you got :)
15:57:49Bagderwe need one of quelsaruk's goats, the skape one
15:59:06ZagorI need more testers
16:01:26dwihnoZagor: I'll test it througly tonight. I promise!
16:01:29dwihnoPlease let me test!
16:03:16langhaarrockerZagor does real remote debugging.
16:03:34Zagoryeah. it's damn frustrating not being able to test it myself.
16:03:56dwihnoZagor: you can get a disk @ :)
16:04:07langhaarrockerZagor: Which drive do you use?
16:04:15Zagorfujitsu 4018gap
16:04:19dwihnoZagor: That's for you! :)
16:05:29dwihnonot too expensive.
16:06:58langhaarrockerI'd prefer the one exkl moms. One mom is enough I think.
16:14:43Zagorfixes committed
16:15:05Nomad__Zagor: Massive improvement from a first run test
16:15:17Nomad__it still skipped and went dead for a bit when I hit 75+
16:15:20dwihnoYay for Z!
16:15:23dwihnoYay for commits!
16:15:36Nomad__but once I got on a smoother road it did catch up and play the rest of the trip
16:15:48ZagorNomad__: interesting
16:15:48dwihnoZagor: So should I create a copy of puts_scroll with my modifications?
16:15:53Zagordwihno: yes
16:16:05Nomad__all previous builds would require a poweroff and poweron after it locked up like that
16:16:15Nomad__though one oddity
16:16:26Nomad__it was into the 3rd song on my playlist when I got my "skip"
16:16:38Nomad__when it continued about 8 mins later it picked up about the 17th song
16:16:49Nomad__it played that song twice then went on like normal
16:16:56dwihnoZagor: The putcursorxy function is being called 30 miljarder times, what should I do about that?
16:17:13Zagorit has most likely tried and failed to read all the songs in between
16:17:33Nomad__yeah, figured that, just didn't know if it was intentinal
16:17:34Zagordwihno: the what?
16:17:39Nomad__biam, getting a drink
16:17:52elinenbeI think I just sae a commit!
16:17:52Zagorthis is good news
16:19:00dwihnoZagor: put_cursorxy
16:19:15dwihnoZagor: you know the > thingy in front of the currently selected file in the tree browser
16:20:49Zagordwihno: why is it called so often?
16:21:29dwihnoZagor: don't ask me, I just saw a __LOT__ of calls when reviewing tree.c
16:23:30Zagorthey are needed
16:24:11dwihnoI understand that.
16:24:59 Join edx [0] (
16:25:37dwihnoShould I add some configuration-conditional stuff in putcursor_xy or should I add extra code at every call?
16:25:59dwihnoWelcome, Felix!
16:26:24ZagorNomad__: have you tried having the archos in a different place while riding? I still suspect your jacket will vibrate at 75+
16:32:52Nomad__Zagor: very likely. I put it in my backpack which was strapped to the rear sissy bar, was even worse
16:33:05Nomad__it's in a double wrap of the foam that motherbards are shipped in
16:35:32langhaarrockermaybe you should have fixed the jb to a brick before wrapping it :)
16:36:39langhaarrockerAnd maybe you need a drive with extra heavy disks so that the rotiation stabilizes the unit...
17:00:59 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:00:59 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:02:53 Join Pi [0] (~jirc@
17:05:28 Nick Pi is now known as i_am_pi (~jirc@
17:05:50i_am_piI think i broke my archos...
17:06:06i_am_piI plug it in to power and it doesn't get the power..
17:06:27i_am_piand when i hit the power button, the hard drive doesn't spin up.
17:06:57Bagdersounds like badness, yes
17:07:10langhaarrockerAre the batteries drained?
17:07:28i_am_pinope. It was plugged in to charger
17:07:42Bagderyou'll need batteries then as well
17:08:12langhaarrockerIf the batteries are empty the charger alone won't provide the power to start the unit.
17:08:35i_am_pithe batteries shouldn't be empty..
17:09:03langhaarrockerThat's what I mean :)
17:09:04i_am_pimy tester read 1.1 volts on all of them
17:09:37langhaarrocker1.1 V is low. Full batteries should display > 1.2V
17:09:49i_am_pi.. oh.
17:10:03i_am_piI thought i had fried something, since it had worked the day before!
17:11:34langhaarrockerWhen you insert the power adapter - does the original firmware show up and claim that it charges?
17:11:59i_am_pithe green light doesn't even light up - i didn't think it was getting power at all
17:12:02langhaarrockerThat's bad. It should even if the drive doesn't spin up.
17:13:45 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14:21 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:15:05i_am_pithe drive tries almost to spin up on batteries
17:15:46i_am_pibut fails, and the ROM says "HD Error"
17:16:19i_am_pimy train of thought the first time was "Oh. Batteries low. *plug*"
17:16:21Zagori_am_pi: have you tried other batteries
17:16:35i_am_piwould have if i had them zagor :-/
17:16:40langhaarrockerafaik that is a typical of low batteries.
17:16:44*i_am_pi is a poor student
17:17:03Bagderbefore you toss it, try with another set ;-)
17:17:21langhaarrockerMaybe you have access to some external charger to make sure the batteries are full.
17:18:07i_am_pii don't think so.. unless the Rayovac charger my brother got for his gameboy would work.
17:18:39i_am_pibut those are 1.5 volt jobbies
17:18:58Nomad__maybe the charger is bad
17:19:04langhaarrockerThe Rayovac charger is good for NiMh, too.
17:19:27i_am_pinomad: i already replaced the charger
17:19:32langhaarrockerI have one and it works fine - but slow.
17:19:41Nomad__have you checked all 4 batteries?
17:19:51i_am_pinomad: yes
17:20:35i_am_pilang: if they explode in there i'll come back and shout at you ;-D
17:21:34Bagderim off
17:21:38 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:21:51langhaarrockerI have ear plugs: shout as loudly as you want. But if I remember right on the back of the Rayovac charger is a descripotion that includes that it is suited for NiMh batteries, too.
17:22:52i_am_piwhen i go to get new batteries can i just show up at rat shack (you've got questions we've got acne) and grab some, then?
17:23:11langhaarrockerMake sure they are NiMh. That's all.
17:24:10bobTHCsomeone have made Uptime comparaison between stock battery and Ni-MH 2100mAh Battery ???
17:24:42i_am_piand if i did fry the charging stuff somehow, i'll have to toss it and get a new one?
17:24:58bobTHCwith rockbox well configured of course.
17:25:43i_am_pibrb.. teacher is ranting
17:26:56langhaarrockerrang back
17:27:24Zagori_am_pi: you can replace the charging regulator, if you are handy with the soldering pen
17:36:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:39:33*i_am_pi is presuming the regulator is the coil gadget, no?
17:40:04i_am_pione of my dad's friends is an electronics engineer, he's repaired our old TV occasionally :)
17:41:25i_am_pitherefore I could ask him to replace it..
17:41:43i_am_pibrb - have to move to another comp
17:41:43 Quit i_am_pi ()
17:43:11 Part langhaarrocker
17:44:38 Join i_am_pi [0] (
17:46:48i_am_piso on the board, which is the charging regulator
17:48:15 Part Zagor
17:56:54 Join DJBaz [0] (
17:57:29bobTHCbye all folk!
17:57:44 Part bobTHC
18:16:41 Quit i_am_pi ("[BX] With a BitchX here and a BitchX there, here a BitchX there a BitchX everywhere a BitchX")
18:16:42 Join adam [0] (
18:16:47 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
18:46:24 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:46:24 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:48tracktheripperhi DJBax
18:47:52tracktherippersorry DJBaz
18:48:03DJBaznp lol
18:48:17DJBazomg im not speaking 2 u now
18:48:19DJBazur on AOL!!!
18:48:22tracktherippernot very good at touchtyping on a basic Dell keyboard
18:48:34tracktheripperwell im looking to change ISPs soon anyway
18:48:38tracktheripperAOL causes nothing but grief
18:49:00tracktheripperim looking to get ADSL from BISCIT
18:49:04DJBazi used an aol free trial while i was moving house
18:49:13tracktheripperthey are the top rated broadband ISP
18:49:20DJBazbut god, it suxed... i phoned em up and complained, they didnt take me seriously :|
18:49:26DJBaznever heard of em, im in the uk
18:49:28tracktheripperwell there u go
18:49:34tracktheripperso am I
18:49:46DJBazo rite
18:49:51tracktheripperDJ what Archos unit do u have?
18:50:13DJBaz20gig recorder
18:50:20DJBazbut its got a 60gig hard drive in it
18:50:27tracktheripperi have a recorder 10
18:50:40DJBazthere the same
18:50:47DJBazapart from a lil bigger hard drive
18:50:53tracktheripperi know
18:51:34tracktheripperWhat part of uk u from?
18:51:43tracktheripperlol im in London
18:52:07DJBazlucky git
18:52:09tracktheripperwho is your ISP?
18:52:15DJBazfreeserve dialup
18:52:19DJBazcant get broadband in my area :'(
18:52:33tracktheripperwhy not? Too far from the exchange?
18:52:48DJBazwell... i phoned up bt to complain about adsl not being in my area
18:52:54DJBazbut ppl dont take me seriously
18:53:02DJBaza 17 yr shouting at a sales person.. hm
18:53:14tracktheripperhow far are you away from your exchange?
18:53:22DJBazno idea
18:53:29DJBazbut it should be availible
18:53:41DJBazppl around the corner from me can get cable access (blueyonder)
18:53:49tracktheripperyou can only get ADSL if you live within 5.5km of the exchange or closer
18:54:00DJBazwhats that in miles?
18:54:27tracktheripperno in km
18:54:41DJBazno no, i wanna know what 5.5km is in miles
18:55:31tracktheripperTry visiting this site
18:58:03DJBazis that a sat connection site?
18:58:09tracktheripperits a sattelite service but only for download, your uploads go via your telephone line
18:58:20tracktheripperits £20 a month
18:58:28DJBazo rite
18:58:35DJBazi know about sat connections
18:58:37DJBazpretty handy
18:59:05tracktheripperAccording to the site the download speed is 1.5Mbs per second but the uplink is 64kbs per second
18:59:54DJBazi never send anyway
18:59:56DJBazalways download :p
18:59:56tracktheripperas uploads go via your 56k
19:00:50tracktheripperThe trouble wiv all broadband links whether they are ADSL, cable or sattelite is that you get people hogging all the bandwidth by sending gigabytes and gigabytes of data using P2P services like Kazaa
19:01:50tracktherippersince wiv "home" connections the bandwith is shared by as many as 50 people
19:02:06DJBazyeh, its usually shared to ppl in ur street
19:02:32tracktheripperi had ADSL back at my own address, it was blisteringly fast compared to dialup
19:03:01DJBazis the £19.95 cost include the dialup?
19:05:34tracktheripperno you have to pay for the dialup
19:05:50tracktheripperthey offer a service at £35 a month where offpeak and weekend dialups are free
19:06:00DJBazo rite
19:06:19DJBazwho is everywhere connect?
19:06:34tracktheripperfor details
19:06:44DJBazi have
19:07:20tracktheripperI just wish playlist creation was easier in Rockbox
19:07:35tracktheripperBjorn and co don't seem to be listening on this matter
19:07:56DJBazi would make playlist creation more effective
19:08:03DJBazbut i can download the cvs code :(
19:08:18tracktheripperThe only to make true playlists is to boot back to the Archos firmware, or queue up some songs and rename the QUEUE_FILE to playlist.m3u
19:10:19tracktheripperDJ there is one good thing about AOL
19:10:36DJBazthe cd's r good for mug mats?
19:10:49tracktheripperwiv all the free AOL CDs you can make very stylish hubcaps for your car
19:11:01DJBazo rite lol
19:11:10tracktherippermakes a change from coasters
19:11:10DJBazor there handy for scaring birds in yer garden
19:11:50DJBazi mite change the rockbox ui to make it similar to the ipod
19:11:59tracktheripperat one time i was so hacked off wiv AOL I got a stanley knife and butchered one free CD I had lying around
19:12:03DJBazbut dunno what ma limitations is, gonna look at the code once i download the cvs
19:12:13tracktheripperyea DJ but the UI on the Ipod requires that wheel
19:12:18tracktheripperwhich the Archos doesnt have
19:13:02tracktheripperdj what do u think of the Zen?
19:13:08tracktheripperit looks too much like a tape player
19:13:39tracktheripperits made by Creative Labs
19:13:43tracktheripperits their answer to the Ipod
19:13:57DJBazo that
19:14:02DJBazits ugly
19:14:13tracktheripperlol it looks like a tape player
19:14:30tracktheripperwell at least the Zen has a blue backlite
19:14:57DJBazim gonna put a blue black light on ma archos
19:15:17DJBazits easy
19:15:30DJBaz1 sec, ill get u the url
19:15:56tracktheripperyea i know which
19:16:08DJBazdam u :P
19:16:13DJBazi think ill do it
19:16:27tracktheripperwell im happy wiv my Archos the way it is
19:16:41DJBazso am i
19:16:44DJBazbut i like moding stuff
19:18:03tracktheripperthe biggest problem with the Zen and Ipod is the non-removeable battery
19:18:33DJBaznever really looked into them
19:18:38DJBazim not fussed tbh
19:18:47DJBazi just got an archos cause ma m8 has one
19:20:29DJBazbut im glad i got an archos
19:20:31tracktheripperwell at least the archos isnt sdmi compliant
19:21:11tracktherippersome sort of copy-protection thing
19:21:17DJBazo rit
19:21:34DJBazlike the minidisc's
19:21:35tracktheripperi had a Creative Labs Nomad at one time
19:21:56DJBazi was gonna get a mini disc but i didnt like the copy protection that wasnt mentioned in the shop
19:22:17tracktheripperdon't buy a sony memory stick walkman
19:22:58DJBazi wont
19:23:04DJBazim happy with my archos at the mo
19:23:11DJBazits got a 60gig hard drive in it anyway
19:23:11tracktheripperthey go overboard wiv the copyprotection
19:23:18DJBazi bet
19:23:51DJBazon the sony netmd minidisc walkman, once u copy a song to the minidisc, u cant copy it again
19:24:02DJBazonto another minidisc
19:24:03tracktheripperyea for example "you can only check out a song 3 times before u check it back in again?!"
19:24:21DJBazpain in the anal area
19:24:30DJBazbut with archos... plug in
19:24:39DJBazdouble click the hard drive icon... drag n play
19:24:40tracktheripperand wiv those machines you have to convert all your MP3s to Sony's proprietory ATRAC3 format
19:24:54DJBazand atrac3 sux
19:25:08tracktheripperIve never heard what atrac3 sounds like so I can't comment
19:25:09DJBazbut so does mp3 now but who cares... least lame is open source lol
19:25:25DJBazheh, its a rip off of mp3 but with copy protection basically
19:25:45DJBazma m8 at school has one
19:25:57DJBazi said 2 him i was gonna buy one... so he bought one
19:26:00tracktheripperbut I think atrac3 only offers 3 sampling rates, 66kbs, 92kbs and 132kbs
19:26:09DJBazsummit like that
19:26:29DJBazminidiscs are good... for recording studios etc
19:26:40DJBazbut pants for home use really
19:27:02DJBazArchos - Drag 'n' Play
19:27:20DJBazSony - Convert, Drag, Play only on 1 minidisc
19:27:41tracktheripperhave u used the digital input on ur archos yet?
19:27:51DJBazno lol
19:28:04DJBazall the stuff i get is on promo cd's
19:28:12DJBazso havnt had the opertunity
19:28:15tracktheripperive used it to record streaming audio direct to the Archos.
19:28:16tracktheripperfab sound quality
19:28:33DJBazstreaming off the net yeh?
19:28:47DJBazu know what u should do... get streamcast ripper
19:28:56DJBazlets u listen to like 20 radio stations at once
19:29:00DJBazif u have broadband
19:29:05DJBazand saves em all 2 mp3
19:29:15DJBazand if the site uses id3 tags, it splits the songs up
19:29:32tracktheripperall I use ID3 tags for is artist, album and song
19:29:46DJBazwhen i was at my old house when i had an 'uncapped' cable connection i listened to 20 stations for 10 hours solid
19:29:51 Join OneStone2000 [0] (
19:29:53DJBazgot hundreds of songs outa it
19:30:01 Join adam [0] (
19:30:05tracktheripperbut NTL are capping users to 1Gb a day
19:30:10tracktheripperor so Ive heard
19:30:15OneStone2000hello guys
19:30:20DJBazi uncapped ma blueyonder connection
19:30:26DJBazawrite onestone
19:30:38OneStone2000i just bought a jukebox studio 20
19:30:45adamI'm selling my old one
19:30:46tracktheripperis that the Player?
19:30:52adamit's an old player
19:30:54OneStone2000and now got your firmware on it
19:30:58DJBaznice one OneStone2000
19:31:09adamwhy didn't you get the recorder?
19:31:14OneStone2000GRATE WORK!
19:31:16tracktheripperi was gonna ask that :-)
19:31:22DJBazme 2 :)
19:31:28OneStone2000the studio was cheaper ;)
19:31:40adamthere is a reason behind it
19:31:46DJBazshoulda got a recorder m8
19:31:47tracktheripperbut the players arn't as good as the recorders
19:31:49adamthe recorders are actually built to last
19:31:57DJBazhehe yeh
19:32:02adamand they have a logical LCD setup
19:32:06DJBazmy m8 has is 8gig recorder for like 3 years now lol
19:32:07adamrather than 2 by 11 chars
19:32:11tracktheripperthe recorders have a better interface
19:32:13OneStone2000after i visited rockbox i just would buy a recorder ;)
19:32:41*adam recharges his recorder FM
19:32:51adamthe battery life isn't bad at all on these things
19:33:01adamand it's alot lighter than the studio
19:33:06tracktheripperbattery life on my Archos is ol
19:33:10DJBazmine to
19:33:14DJBazi get around 11 hours
19:33:15adammy studio ate batteries
19:33:29DJBazadam, whats the difference between fm and 20 recorder?
19:33:29tracktheripperyea I get 10-12 hours
19:33:30OneStone2000can i do anything other with my jukebox but use your firmware?
19:33:35DJBazapart from it has an fm radio :p
19:33:37OneStone2000some games or so?
19:33:38adamDJBaz - the recorder is totally different
19:33:47adamOneStone2000 - you can with the recorder
19:33:50adamit has a decent LCD
19:33:57adamthe studio has an LCD that is just *cheap*
19:34:05adamit works for music, but that's it
19:34:20tracktheripperu can't do much with 2x11 character cells
19:34:24OneStone2000adam - i know, but i got a studio ;(
19:34:46DJBazOneStone2000 dont worry m8
19:34:46adamDJBaz - it uses NiMH batteries, and those flaky battery covers
19:34:57OneStone2000is there no possibility to install a clock on it?
19:35:01DJBazas long as u can listen 2 mp3s eh
19:35:09DJBazcant u take it back?
19:35:10tracktheripperwell one comment I subbmitted made me laugh after reading it again
19:35:11adamOneStone2000 - eh, it doesn't have a persistant timer
19:35:25adamthe Recorders have clocks... :p
19:35:58OneStone2000oh dears, i shoulfd have bought the recorder ;(
19:36:04adamyou can't return it?
19:36:05*DJBaz compiling the cvs
19:36:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:36:08DJBazwish me luck :P
19:36:27adamI want FM to be remotely supported in the firmware someday ;p
19:36:32tracktherippersometime ago I submitted a comment "The Player could display album covers if you could squeeze each cover into the Player's character cells and display them side by side"
19:36:40OneStone2000no, ican'T - too late
19:37:06OneStone2000what about mp3pro?
19:37:12DJBazlol tracktheripper
19:37:24adamthey gave their reasons why they didn't support anything but mp3
19:37:27DJBaza winamp style visulisation would be nice
19:37:36adamand they also gave reasons why they didn't do that :P
19:37:47adamI'd say it'd be a waste of space on the screen
19:37:50tracktheripperI only just realized when Zagor replied "Convert 2 covers to 5x7 one bit images and try and decipher the black blobs :-)
19:38:15DJBazsorry for the paste but im stuck
19:38:16DJBaz../tools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
19:38:16DBUGEnqueued KICK DJBaz
19:38:16DJBazmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.o] Error 255
19:38:16DJBazmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/firmware'
19:38:16***Alert Mode level 1
19:38:16DJBazmake: *** [firmware] Error 2
19:38:23DJBazany ideas?
19:38:45adamuse the daily build.
19:38:54DJBazi am :p
19:39:03adamno you're not
19:39:06adamyou're using CVS
19:39:27DJBazi have the 1.4 source
19:39:33DJBazlets see if that will compile
19:39:35adamI need to pickup a USB2 card
19:39:42DJBazso do i actually
19:39:50DJBazhow much faster is it?
19:39:53adamI'm thinking of an OrangeMicro
19:39:56OneStone2000does the studio support USB 2.0?
19:40:02adamno, studio is 1.1
19:40:10adamUSB2 is 40x faster, theorhetically
19:40:10DJBazthe recorder is 2.0
19:40:12adambut faster
19:40:19adamnot all the recorders are 2.0
19:40:22adambut new ones are
19:40:24DJBazmines is
19:40:36adammine is too, obviously...
19:41:14DJBazmirc should use smilies :P
19:41:22adamno, it shouldn't.
19:41:31DJBazit could parse the keys
19:41:36DJBazn display them if ya wanted
19:41:39adamand it would be lame.
19:41:41adamvery lame.
19:41:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:41:49*DJBaz likes smilies
19:41:58DJBazwell the thumbs up one on msn
19:42:14adamand guess what.
19:42:28OneStone2000thank you, guys - I'm goin to do some sport - with the Jukebox, of course
19:42:34adampeople who are using other clients won't understand...
19:42:34 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:42:40adamsports with the jukebox?
19:42:41adameh, no.
19:42:45DJBazwhat client adam?
19:42:47adamvery sensitive
19:42:47 Quit OneStone2000 ("Leaving")
19:42:50*adam uses ircii or BitchX
19:42:59DJBazi know what ur on about
19:43:02webmindirssi ?
19:43:27adamthe original client
19:43:36adamright now I'm too lazy, so it's BX
19:44:31webmindadam, know that prob.. but i found irssi worth the one time investment
19:45:13adamIRC isn't worth any time investment for the most part :p
19:45:29adam60$ for an orange micro two port USB 2 card
19:45:37DJBaznot bad
19:45:45DJBazbut i wanna buy a new mobile phone 'cell phone'
19:46:35DJBazthe one with the camera/colour screen
19:46:48webmindadam, for me it is
19:47:00*adam wants to get the cash from his sale of the old studio 20
19:47:12adamthen I'll pick up the card
19:47:19DJBazlook, same eror but with the 1.4 source
19:47:19DJBaz../tools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
19:47:19DJBazmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.o] Error 255
19:47:19***Alert Mode level 2
19:47:19DJBazmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/firmware'
19:47:19***Alert Mode level 3
19:47:19DJBazmake: *** [firmware] Error 2
19:48:33 Join Baz [0] (
19:48:51Bazdo u know what ma problem may be adam?
19:48:51Baz../tools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
19:48:53Bazmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.o] Error 255
19:48:55Bazmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/firmware'
19:48:57Bazmake: *** [firmware] Error 2
19:51:37adamshipping costs suck
19:52:00Bazhow much u selling ur 20 recorder?
19:52:11Bazand does it still hv ur songs?
19:53:44adamI'm not selling a 20 recorder
19:53:47adamstudio 20
19:53:51Bazo rite
19:53:57Bazhow much?
19:56:19 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:56:36TBoythat newest add
19:57:06TBoyis that another attempt to get rid of the dead red light
19:57:20***Alert Mode OFF
19:57:21Bazo riite lol
19:57:32Bazi have no probs with that
19:57:37TBoyBaz: I always confuse people with the way I write
19:57:46Bazi guessed that :p
19:58:03TBoyso do you know the answer
19:58:27*adam raids reseller ratings
19:58:38TBoywhats that
19:58:47TBoyoh ok
19:59:24TBoyhey who has a FM
19:59:28adamI do.
19:59:42Bazgod im so pissed off now
20:00:23TBoydo you often get dropouts while playing mp3
20:00:47TBoysound drops/mutes
20:01:07adamlike, once
20:01:16adamit's possibly a bug in the firmware
20:01:20TBoyI get them often
20:01:48TBoyit was discussed alittle on the mailing list
20:02:09adamUSB2 hard drive enclosures
20:02:38TBoywas that msg for me
20:05:45 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:07:14adamjust bought an orangemicro 2 port USB2 card..
20:08:07*adam is forever cheap
20:08:16Bazhow much/
20:08:25adam36$ after shipping
20:08:33Baznot bad
20:08:39adampretty good company behind the cards
20:08:41adamat least in reviews
20:09:07Bazhm k
20:09:36*Baz compiling again
20:11:15Bazits passed the font error now
20:14:49Bazmouse has fooked
20:15:05 Quit Baz ()
20:19:30 Join DJBaz [0] (
20:53:38*adam returns
20:53:45adamate the lunch...
21:00:30 Join josh966 [0] (
21:07:01 Quit TBoy ()
21:21:22 Join davix [0] (~isp@
21:21:22 Quit davix (Remote closed the connection)
21:21:22 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:38:26 Quit Nomad__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:41:47 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:09:42 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:13:58TBoyhoi track
22:14:07TBoylong time no see, ehh
22:14:52tracktheripperjust checking out Surceforhe
22:15:36tracktheripperCheck out Sourceforge I subbmitted 2 new requests
22:17:01TBoyin what catagory
22:17:17TBoyok found em
22:17:34tracktheripperbut I feel one of them is gonna get rejected
22:18:00TBoythe backwards one
22:18:16TBoyyep it smells like its gonna get rejected
22:20:14tracktheripperwell all you have to do is play the waveform backwards
22:20:18tracktheripperso it should be possible
22:20:36TBoymaybe they'll do it
22:20:48TBoybut the likes I are slim I think
22:20:59TBoybut yep would kick ass
22:21:21tracktheripperu get good effects playing some songs backwards
22:22:48tracktheripper((gets on his knees and prays "Dear Bjorn and co please don't reject my request. Amen" ))
22:24:56TBoyand co lol
22:25:54 Quit Snorlax ()
22:26:00tracktheripperwhat is so funny Tboy?
22:26:28TBoyI think now you've insulted the other gods Linus & and Daniel
22:26:38TBoybecause you said Björn and co
22:28:45TBoyyou will from this day on be ignored by the other development gods
22:30:32TBoywell track
22:32:06TBoyI'm off
22:32:19TBoywe change the time forward 1 hour here in germ
22:32:35TBoyso I'm still very confused about the time aso.
22:32:58TBoyso I'll be hittin the stables
22:33:34 Quit TBoy ()
22:35:13 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:38:45 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:42:04PsycoXulso the wake-up alarm thing
22:42:23PsycoXuli read it needed a mod or something
22:42:28PsycoXulbut it works on my FM recorder unmodded
22:42:44PsycoXulis that a feature of the FM or has it been changed to work unmodded somehow or what? heh
22:47:36 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:49:15MTfeature of the fm recorder
22:53:25 Join edx` [0] (
22:54:04 Join adam [0] (
22:54:15 Join Bagder [241] (
22:57:42 Join LinusN [200] (
22:57:47 Part LinusN
22:58:02Bagderquick visit
23:04:35 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:30 Quit edx` ()
23:18:31 Quit adam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:03 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:28:00 Join DJBaz [0] (
23:34:46tracktheripperhi Baz
23:36:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:36:20DJBazhey tracktheripper
23:36:30MTpotential situation
23:36:57MTi use my jukebox a lot - at the end of the day, the batteries are always flat
23:37:00MTi charge them overnight
23:37:15MTi like to listen to a bit of music as i fall asleep
23:37:26MT(fairly quietly too)
23:37:42MTi then like to be woken up by some music
23:37:50MTthis time fairly loudly
23:38:01tracktheripperHi :-)
23:38:02DJBazMT theres a solution
23:38:04tracktheripperhey MT
23:38:47MTnot at the moment there isnt DJBaz
23:38:59DJBazyes MT
23:39:16MTDJBaz: my recorder already can wake up from the RTC, thanks tho
23:39:17Bagderbut that doesn't alter the volume, does it?
23:39:20DJBazbut that envolves opening up ur jukebox
23:39:40MTthe problem is - you cant wake up from the RTC when the jukebox is already on
23:40:07DJBazcouldnt u keep it on
23:40:07MTand you cant have the sleep timer go whilst charging and have the machine turn off
23:40:11DJBazbut have it charge?
23:40:24DJBazthen have a timer on rockbox to play at a certain time
23:40:32DJBazso the jukebox is on all the time charging but not playing
23:40:35MTthe volume problem is minor :)
23:41:49MTthe RTC wake up code is by uwe, and his mod really messes up the machine if it is activated (the timer reaches 0) whilst the machine is on
23:42:08MTit probably doesnt affect the fm recorder in the same way
23:42:16MTprobably :)
23:42:23DJBazyeh but u dont need to mod the hardware if the jukebox is allready switched on
23:42:35MTi dont need to mod the hardware anyway
23:42:40DJBazjust a timer in rockbox to play a playlist at a specific time
23:42:42MTthe 'mod' is built in
23:42:48DJBazbuilt in?
23:42:54MTbuilt in
23:42:59MTfabrice par archos
23:43:00DJBazo rite
23:43:26DJBazive gotta try this then :p
23:43:33DJBazthat would be handy for me 2 then :>
23:43:36MTdo you have an fm recorder?
23:43:48DJBaz20gig recorder
23:43:50MTits only built in to the fm recorder
23:43:55DJBazwell 60 gig... but its 20gig version
23:43:57DJBazo rite
23:45:35MTon the plus side, i finally fixed the battery flap on my recorder today :)
23:45:44DJBazheh :)
23:45:48DJBazwhat was wrong with it?
23:45:56MTits a stupid design
23:46:18tracktheripperno its NOT a stupid design :(
23:46:24MTit just is held in place by a steel spring
23:46:29MTits a very stupid design
23:46:39tracktheripperno its not >-(
23:46:52MTthe plastic bends in its designed position
23:47:09MTit would have been so much simpler and secure to use a couple of mounting screws
23:47:22tracktheripperis this the FM recorder?
23:47:37tracktheripperoh soz thought u meant the normal rrecorder
23:47:58MToh no, i really like that
23:48:00DJBazdoes anyone know of a way of a jukebox recorder auto play at a certain time... but i can keep the jukebox on so it doesnt need the hardware mod?
23:48:11DJBazim interested in the wakeup idea now :P
23:48:19tracktheripperwell i do admit the FM recorder is a stupid, stupid, stupid design
23:48:22PsycoXulDJBaz: i dunno, my fm rec does it without the mod
23:48:37PsycoXulit shuts off and then it turns on at whatever time i told it to
23:48:49DJBazim not fussed about it shutting off
23:48:52BagderDJBaz: get one of those electrical timers that switches on power at a given time, then use resume...
23:48:57DJBazi charge it during the night anyway
23:49:03Bagderthey can't press on
23:49:05*Bagder hides
23:49:18MTi want a wakeup mod that doesnt shut off :)
23:49:33tracktherippercan the normal Recorder have a wake-up alarm?
23:49:37MTi shall puton my c shoes this weekend and have a play
23:49:40Bagderwell, if it isn't shut off then sw could just start playing at a given time
23:49:52DJBazthats what i want badger
23:50:00DJBazand i really dont wanna code c as im really bad at it
23:50:16tracktheripperwell im sure Bjorn and co can fix it :-)
23:50:34DJBazyep :P
23:51:05DJBazwell im off
23:51:16 Quit DJBaz ()
23:52:18tracktheripperI think the design of the FM recorder is gonna supersede the normal recorders :-(
23:53:38tracktheripperbecause have u noticed the FM recorder is very similar to the Multimedia, which hints at Archo's new 'design image?'
23:54:16adi|worki don't pay attention to archos ;)
23:54:21tracktheripperwell thats what I think anyway Adimas
23:54:28tracktheripperahh its you Adimas!!!!!!!!!
23:54:47adi|workhmm? what i miss?
23:54:49tracktheripperyou naughty boy!
23:55:15adi|workwhat i do what i do?
23:55:35tracktheripperu rejected my favourite request :-)
23:55:38MTignore him adi, hes british :)
23:55:39Bagderprepare for an annoucement you're gonna like on the mailing list
23:55:48adi|workoohhhh 2.0?
23:55:53*MT readies himself
23:56:04Bagderyou can't even guess ;-)
23:56:17tracktheripperauto voice something?
23:56:20adi|workmail mail mail mail mail
23:56:25MTnew game?
23:56:31MTyouve ported glquake?
23:56:39adi|workfree blowjobs with every download?
23:56:41*adi|work shivers
23:56:48tracktheripperno it was the auto voice transcriber
23:56:55adi|workZagor is going to get awful tired
23:56:58*adi|work snickers
23:58:11adi|worktracktheripper: WTF wouldyou want to play a song backwards?
23:58:26tracktheripperit would be good for DJing :-)
23:58:38tracktheripperlike when they backspin on the turntables :-)

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