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#rockbox log for 2003-04-01

00:01:11tracktheripperI read that the "make the normal Recorder pick up FM" was officially "the most outrageous request" on here
00:02:14tracktheripperAnyways im off to have a shower be back here soon :-)
00:02:28MTi need to get sieve working on my mail server :/
00:02:50MTits too hard being 56k again :/
00:02:58tracktheripperbe back soon
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00:28:31elinenbeI love the Doom port −− I already passed the first level!
00:28:33elinenbewoo hoo!
00:31:34elinenbeman −− the second level is hard.
00:31:46elinenbeI can't believe this is why there were no commits in the past week.
00:31:50adi|workthats only because there are that many more monsters..
00:32:00elinenbethey were working on the best program EVER!
00:34:46MTit really was a doom port?
00:34:52adi|workgo download it...
00:35:07MTnah, bedtime for me
00:35:17MTfrustrated and annoyed at cyrus atm :)
00:36:22MTi compile -games anyway
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00:49:24*adam returns
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01:30:53josh966anyone have the remote control?
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03:39:41*adam makes noises
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04:13:38RedLegAnybody Awake?
04:16:11RedLegI'm having an apparent hardware problem with my recorder20
04:16:19RedLegCan anyone assist?
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06:07:59adamthe U must be sucking in the bandwidth department
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06:58:35*adam hoses with cygwin
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08:15:51Topic"Doom for Archos on" by Bagder (
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08:23:39BagderI'm glad to see so many downloads
08:26:26adamthey will never suspect a thing
08:26:32adamI was just impressed by the filesize... :p
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08:31:08PsycoXulblah :p
08:31:10 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
08:31:29PsycoXulblah :p
08:32:00adammy roommate is snoring again
08:32:06PsycoXuler wtf.. heh
08:32:15*adam needs some cone of silence like old Get Smart eps
08:36:35adamThis is my life, in a nutshell
08:38:35*adam notes he wishes the archos default firmware would let him load other ones :p
08:38:43adamthen I could just switch between them
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08:39:46Bagdermorning mats
08:39:50adamon another note
08:39:51adamhey mats
08:39:58*adam will finally have his USB2 card :P
08:40:06matslhi bag
08:40:11matslhi adam
08:40:13Bagderusb2 is neat
08:40:28adamI don't know what kind of speed increases to expect
08:40:31adamthey said something like 40x
08:40:37adamso I'll automagically refigure that
08:40:42adamto two or three times faster ;p
08:41:00Bagderyou'll notice quite a diff at least, I promise
08:41:37adamI seriously see no reason why people, outside of encoding digital video, are buying high mhz machines
08:41:49adammy buddy has a dual athlon system
08:41:52adamasides from compiling kernels
08:41:55adamit's almost always idle
08:41:57Bagderthey play games! ;-)
08:42:08Bagderoh, and run rc5-72 clients!
08:42:09adamwhat games require that much cpu overhead?
08:42:19adamif that doesn't make any money
08:42:21Bagderthey mostly require graphics
08:42:22adamI see no point to doing it
08:42:37adamyeah, and graphics are handled by my little Radeon 9000 :P
08:42:52adamthe poor mans Radeon
08:43:18adamwell, I've got pointless TV-out functions in duplex
08:43:18 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:43:33adamthe dxr3 card (works in linux, yay), and the Radeon itself
08:43:39dwihnoHello! :D
08:43:47Bagderhi dwihno
08:44:13dwihnoI just love tuesdays
08:44:21dwihno(= the monday is history!) :)
08:44:26*adam has class in 7 hours
08:45:02adamHow did they extract such a large increase in performance with USB2?
08:45:05dwihnoWhere's Zagor? He is still asleep? :)
08:45:31dwihnoadam: they fitted more midgets in the circuits :)
08:45:31adamjust using higher throughput all across the board?
08:45:42Bagderno idea
08:46:01*adam is eager to be able to copy files, to his archos.
08:46:12adamrather than wait 80 minutes for 4 gigs to fly across
08:46:41 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
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08:48:15dwihnoadam: well, USB2 is really kickass :)
08:48:23adamI hope so
08:48:53adamLinux support EHCI yet?
08:49:31adamI'm discouraged by recent debian images
08:49:38Bagdersince 2.4.19, and before that with patches
08:49:49adamthe bootfloppy kernel seems to hang with my hard drive
08:49:58 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:49:59adambut hey
08:50:05adamMandrake gets around that
08:50:11adamso it's not a problem with the drive per se
08:50:39 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
08:51:36dwihnoUSB2 = fast, yumyum
08:51:44dwihnoI never realized I needed it before I bought it.
08:51:49adamyou should be a marketer
08:51:59dwihnoI actually had 3 USB2 devices before I got my USB2 card :)
08:52:18*adam has his goofy new recorder FM
08:52:29adamI prefer the LiIon to the NiMH for only one reason
08:52:38dwihnoNot really. My archos, an external closure for my 3.5" disk and an external 2.5" enclosure for the "old" archos disk :)
08:52:39 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
08:53:05adamI was looking at enclosures myself
08:53:08adamthat's a good idea
08:53:12adamif I can't sell my old studio 20
08:53:18adamI'll just take the drive out :p
08:53:24dwihnoI only got a laptop, so having extra disks is a bit jobbish ;)
08:54:37adamthat's a good idea
08:54:49adamjust need to find some more cash ;P
08:56:55dwihnoI got a new set of contact lenses the other day
08:57:07dwihnohello vision, goodbye money :(
08:57:22adamhow much will a decent enclosure cost, for 9.5mm?
08:57:53dwihnoI'll show you what I got. W8 a sec.
08:58:55 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
08:59:12adamwhat'd it cost?
08:59:21adamthis one looks decent
08:59:59adamI like the plug and play aspect
09:04:11adamUSB1 for all my joysticks, mice, keyboards, and crap :P
09:04:15adamsince I already have the hub and all
09:04:22adamI can use 2 for mad storage
09:06:05 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:06:50dwihnoMad storage :D
09:07:07dwihnoI got the munchies for another USB2-disk
09:07:10adamif I pickup a laptop in the near future
09:07:15 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
09:07:20dwihnoThe best part is the compatibility with the old interface.
09:07:38adamand it's common on new boxes
09:07:42adamnot hard to add to old
09:07:46adamlike in my case :p
09:07:49 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:07:49adammy 800mhz PIII
09:07:51adamwooo :p
09:07:59 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:08:19adamvery rarely do I run into a task so daunting it requires *more*
09:08:44adamjust spending cash on important stuff like hard drives, and food
09:09:51adamwow, laptops with 3 ghz processors
09:09:55adamI can see it now
09:09:56 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:10:00adama bright red spot near the center
09:10:06adamlike ET, except it can cause minor burns
09:10:09dwihnoZagor: Hello! Do I got news for you! :) The build seems a bit more solid. I still encountered the no sound until next disk read issue, but it didn't hang.
09:10:29Bagderbig step forward
09:10:35adamno sound until next disk read issue
09:10:38adamI've ran into that with the FM
09:10:46Zagorplease take note about the no sound issue. there is no "next disk read". it's something else.
09:10:48adamBagder - you sound like a Chinese communist with that ;p
09:11:01*adam puts thousands of peasants to work in a commune
09:11:03Bagderdamn, I blew my cover
09:11:06dwihnoZagor: it stays silent until next disk read! :)
09:11:42adamhow much of Intel's new "CENTRINO" hype actually reflect on reality?
09:12:13 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:12:48 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
09:12:49 Part Zagor
09:13:00 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:13:03 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:13:23Zagordwihno: of course it does. but when does the next read happen, and why?
09:13:55adamZagor: changing songs?
09:13:57Bagderviewing the debug mpeg thread screen while silent could be interesting
09:14:34adamarg, what mAh are the LiIon batteries in the FM recorder, per default?
09:14:52dwihnoZagor: I'll try to check that out today, and give you juicy details :)
09:15:06Zagordwihno: good
09:15:53dwihnoZagor: Just out of curiosity, what is changed in your test build?
09:16:47Zagordwihno: a couple of things. I added a 400ns delay between two register accesses, and fixed a possible spindowm timeout issue
09:18:13dwihnoZagor: The delay is a part of the ATA specs?
09:19:00dwihnoPerhaps you should check in the changes, allowing more people to test it.
09:19:15dwihnoYou're way ahead of me :)
09:24:30dwihnoShould 250 gig be "enough for everyone"?
09:24:41adamdwihno - no
09:25:00Bagdernot for the video-recording inclined people ;-)
09:25:15adamor those with no concept of 'archiving'
09:26:02*adam is fine with a collection of drives ranging from 80 to 30 :p
09:26:22adamI suppose the archos fm is a decent 20 gig, since it actually has throughput
09:26:36adamI feel sorry for my friend who used a USB 1.1 drive for years :P
09:27:37adamwhy in god's name are laptops still including diskette drives
09:27:54adamwho, other than people who live in 1987 still use the goddamn things
09:28:11Bagderwhen the network breaks down ;-)
09:29:11adamBagder - I use guided wires
09:29:13adamthey are unstoppable
09:29:18adamexcept by wire cutters
09:29:22dwihnoadam: I like floppies :)
09:29:30dwihnoMy notebook has everything
09:29:32dwihno(except DVD)
09:29:35adamwhen you need to pull off some Bourne Identity styled ninja work
09:29:42adam"except DVD"
09:29:49 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:29:54dwihnoWho needs DVD? :)
09:30:08adamI get dvd-rws from people
09:30:16adamso I do :p
09:30:23adamI don't get floppies.
09:30:33dwihnoFloppies rule!
09:30:35adambut yeah, I can see where you'd need one
09:30:43adamyes, they've lingered on
09:30:50adambut they're overpriced, and totally pointless
09:31:07 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:31:08dwihnoAt least, CD's are better.
09:31:10adamit's just a matter of user behavior
09:31:19adamCDs, I do agree, are superior, in a few ways
09:31:29*adam just uses network :p
09:31:38dwihnoLet's say you don't have a network :)
09:32:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:32:29quelsarukBagder: doom is not a joke??
09:32:47Bagderwhy would it be a joke?
09:32:52adamno, it's great
09:33:00adamI just find the controls a bit difficult to get used to
09:33:15quelsarukmaybe 'cause you're swedish and had some contact with a crazy spanish guy??
09:33:29dwihnoquel! :D
09:33:34Bagdergood point!
09:33:46quelsarukmorning dwihno!
09:33:52dwihnoBagder: You rule so badly! :D
09:34:13*Bagder blushes
09:34:17quelsaruki'm going to test it right now then!!
09:34:58Zagor"Man, I got to the third level before I figured it out..." :-)
09:34:58*adam wants a desktop replacement notebook...
09:35:32dwihnoAny of you guys know the temperature diff between 5400 and 7200 rpm drives?
09:35:46Zagor12.2 degrees
09:35:51quelsarukhot and hoter??
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09:37:10adamthey have the machine for me
09:37:51adamheavy as hell, massive screen, dvd-rw, and an outdated ATI graphics card
09:37:55 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
09:39:46Bagderbtw, is screwed up atm in the member admin department
09:40:01Bagderwe can't add members atm
09:40:12BagderI've filed a bug report
09:40:43Bagderit seems to concern the whole site as I have very simimlar problems in curl too
09:41:55adamgoodnight everyone
09:42:02adamI've sworn off caffeine forever
09:42:09adamso I'll have to do without that in the morning
09:42:11adamthat requires sleep
09:44:06 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:55:06 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
09:55:06 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:55:56Zagorken0 is a strange fellow. has anyone ever actually seen him online?
09:56:07dwihnosecret spy from archos?
09:57:34 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
09:57:34 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:58:49 Part Zagor
09:59:04 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:59:11 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:00:16dwihnokeno got you! :)
10:00:22dwihnoKung keno! Lett vinne
10:02:57 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:02:59thudid anybody here have problems with umounting an archos?
10:03:05 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
10:03:11thuumounts hangs and there's no way to kill it
10:04:09Zagorthu: what did you do before unmounting?
10:05:11thuZagor: nothing much.. mount it and copy rockbox
10:05:16thuit hangs every time I try to umount
10:05:38thuand btw rockbox has a really dark screen on my fm juke
10:05:47thuwith weird vertical lines
10:05:49Bagderchange contrast
10:05:57thufirst i need to charge my batt
10:06:07thuanyway.. about my umount problem
10:06:18thuis there any way to kill the process if it's gone crazy?
10:06:27Zagorthu: are you using usb1 or usb2 ?
10:06:45thua few mins ago my usb2 seemed dead
10:06:48thuso I moved it on usb1
10:06:56Zagorok. how long has it been hung?
10:07:01thua few mins
10:07:16 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:07:19Zagorthat's normal for a 20gig disk over usb1
10:07:28 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
10:07:56Zagorit needs to read the entire FAT to find a free spot for the new file. that takes a while on the slow usb1 link.
10:08:26ZagorI have meant to write a fix for that, but haven't done it yet.
10:09:31 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:09:50thuuhm.. what happens if I disconnected it? :)=)
10:11:38 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
10:11:51Zagorthe file system could be corrupted, or simply the new file was never copied
10:12:05thurockbox seems to be on
10:12:12thuafter I pulled it off the cable
10:12:19Zagorok. dosfsck is advisable. although that will of course take even more time...
10:12:23thubut umount is still 'running'
10:12:27thuwhat about killing umount?
10:12:36Zagordid you run kill on anything?
10:12:39Bagderthat request for an "ASCII Playable Rockbox In Line For Our Own Loser units" was kind of amusing
10:12:43thuI tried to kill it
10:12:56thuno result
10:13:29thubtw what should one know to be able to work on something like rockbox?
10:13:50ZagorC programming :-)
10:14:02adi|homethu or how to read...
10:14:03Bagderhow to sacrifise goats at midnight!
10:14:04adi|homereading is good...
10:14:09adi|homebecause you can learn the rest...
10:14:23adi|homeoh.. and umm 'mail adi 100$'
10:14:24thuwell other than the language itself
10:14:26adi|homethats good too
10:14:35thuwhat libs/concepts/other info?
10:14:40adi|homethu.. you really wanna help out?
10:14:41thujust wondering
10:14:49thuadi|home: I love my archos :)
10:14:58adi|homethe docs _really_ need updating
10:15:00thuand I think rockbox is really cool
10:15:35adi|homesee thats the diff.. i _know_ it is :)
10:16:09Zagorthu: we don't use other libs. rockbox is self-contained. embedded programming in general is good.
10:16:13thuand I know my umount is frozen :\
10:16:33thuZagor: that's what I like about embedded programming.. once you make it work it just works
10:16:48thuZagor: no crazy deps or anything
10:17:59 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:18:30 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
10:20:57 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
10:21:11Bagderken0 clones? ;-)
10:23:20 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:23:38 Join ken0___ [0] (marklar2@
10:24:59 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:24:59 Quit ken0___ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:25:01 Join ken0____ [0] (marklar2@
10:25:16langhaarrockerken0 looks like a script to me
10:25:47adi|homeshall we clean him up or let him be?
10:26:01Bagderhe seems harmless to me
10:26:06adi|home :)
10:26:16adi|homebut i was refering to you bagder :)
10:26:17 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:26:23*Bagder runs!
10:26:39adi|homesure.. but youll never get elected
10:26:53 Quit ken0____ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:27:03Bagdernot even in Florida? ;-)
10:27:04adi|homeso.. i had a thought today.
10:27:06adi|homeit hurt
10:27:27*thu tries out doom
10:27:46 Join ken0____ [0] (marklar2@
10:27:51 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:28:03Bagderafter having run doom on your Archos, you're a better person!
10:28:42Bagdertoo bad that second screenshot got a little blurry...
10:31:17adi|homeim surprise goodle inst doing anything for april fools.
10:31:28 Quit ken0____ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:31:33 Join ken0____ [0] (marklar2@
10:34:03Bagder"the Evil Bit" is new in the IPv4 header ;-)
10:34:03adi|homeyeah.. i saw it :)
10:35:59adi|homei thought the carrier pigeon ip was more creative last year :)
10:36:26Bagderthat's older than that
10:36:39Bagderthey only implemented it last year ;-)
10:37:39 Join ken0_____ [0] (marklar2@
10:39:10 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:39:59 Join TotMacher [0] (
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10:46:13 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
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10:51:47 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:52:08 Nick lhrocker is now known as langhaarrocker (
10:52:16 Quit TotMacher ()
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11:49:17 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:50:32tracktheripperJust got one bug to report
11:50:34tracktheripperbe back in a min
11:55:20tracktheripperdone :-)
11:56:25 Part Zagor
11:56:57 Join Zagor_ [242] (
12:07:43 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
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13:49:35Bagderken0 has gone completely nuts
13:50:30langhaarrockerI think he has gone under score :)
13:53:52langhaarrockerWhat a shame! Someone photographped me while landing in a corn field and published it!
13:55:29 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:55:38Zagorlanghaarrocker: have you tried the new disk code lately?
13:55:46langhaarrockernot yet
13:55:52*langhaarrocker downloading
13:59:27 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:59:49*langhaarrocker nees some goats
14:00:13langhaarrockerI seem to have a hd problem. The thing doesn't boot rockbox.
14:02:04Zagoruh, bad
14:02:55langhaarrockerThis morning I accitently tried to boot on flat batteries. I hope that didn't hurt.
14:04:20*langhaarrocker backs up data
14:17:05Bagder"I hope there will be more levels in time, I finished the existing ones in 2 hours..."
14:17:15Bagder(comment on funmp3players)
14:18:04langhaarrockerMark the author. In the near future he'll be complaining that his buttons are broken.
14:18:04 Join Acathla_ [0] (
14:18:27*langhaarrocker was faster :)
14:19:17Bagderhey its IRC, in my end my line came first! ;-)
14:19:45langhaarrockerDo you have a lifo irc client?
14:20:04Acathla_i've got a "not_recharging_anymore_archos_player", and i don't think i'm the first...
14:20:06BagderI'm sorry, you don't make any sense when you talk backwards
14:20:49BagderAcathla_: 1) return it on your warranty 2) buy an external charger
14:21:02Acathla_not underwarranty
14:21:18langhaarrocker3) maybe your batteries are old, flat and dead -> replace the batteries?
14:21:19Acathla_and i'de prefer to repair it
14:21:56Acathla_i've only found the recorder electrical schematic, but it's seems similar...
14:22:07langhaarrockernot concerning the charging
14:22:17*Bagder returns later
14:22:18 Quit Bagder ("")
14:22:34Acathla_at least near the first DC-DC chip
14:22:36langhaarrockerthe player has a designated charging circuit while the charging algorithm of the recorder is done in software.
14:23:57Acathla_noone has draw the schematics for the player ?
14:24:55langhaarrockerPah. As a recorder owner I never bothered with players. :)
14:26:09Acathla_i'll buy a MC34063 and change it, it seems to be in cause
14:26:42*langhaarrocker is puzzled that scandisk doesn't find any errors.
14:30:20quel|outlanghaarrocker: i told you.. use the goats....
14:30:48*langhaarrocker strangulates the white plastic goat.
14:32:07langhaarrockerseems to work. I just entered red led death.
14:36:17quel|outnext time, try black goat
14:36:39quel|outthe dark side of the source is stronger ;)
14:37:03quel|outlunch time
14:37:13quel|outcu later langhaarrocker!
14:37:39langhaarrockerZagor: some time after red led death my jukebox returns to the browser with led off. When I try to start another track it enters red led death right away.
14:38:15langhaarrockerui seems to be frozen. I can't enter the menu.
14:38:39langhaarrocker(But light will turn on on button press)
14:39:18Zagorlanghaarrocker: so, basically, no difference?
14:39:28langhaarrockerno. not really
14:44:24langhaarrockerBut I think that there are variants of red led death. Now I entered a variant where the led flashes off occasionally. The progress bar moves but no sound.
14:44:42Zagorflashes off?
14:45:14langhaarrockerok. Now it stopped moving, no more flashing off.
14:45:14langhaarrockerflash off = led is on and turns off for a fraction of a second.
14:45:50Zagorthat indicates the mpeg thread is trying to read stuff, but fails
14:47:11langhaarrockerSo while flashing of the controler seems to receive ata commands? But why does it freeze then? I wasn't shaking the thing any more then.
14:49:00*langhaarrocker 's recorder has a concussion
14:49:16ZagorI don't know
14:52:29langhaarrockerWhat about this theory: The drive cached some data which the mpeg thread could read out -> busy led. But when it ran out of data the drive didn't know where I shook its heads to. Searching for its heads the drive was so busy that the operations on the cache was slowed down so that it took serveral seconds so that I could notice the flashing?
14:52:29langhaarrockerSounds like a stupid explanation
14:54:14langhaarrockerNah, the more I think about it the less I believe it.
14:55:08Zagor"searching for its heads" is not something disks normally do, afaik :-)
14:56:08langhaarrockerit was supposed to be a colorful description of finding the appropriate sector on the disk.
14:59:24Zagorhow long would you say each "off" flash is?
15:00:02langhaarrockerjust so long that is was noticable. Maybe 1/10 s.
15:00:43langhaarrockerIt occured once every three seconds, so round about
15:03:19langhaarrockerduring that phase I occasionally heared mechanical noises from the disk. Maybe it tried to sort out it's physical guts.
15:04:31langhaarrockerBut I can't reproduce that again. Now I have the red lead death 'as usual'
15:05:05 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:05:14 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:11:45langhaarrockerZagor: can't you implement a rpc ata interface? Then I could lend you my drive remote. :)
15:13:10 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
15:14:03langhaarrockerI wonder how many kens will appear.
15:19:22 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
15:19:23 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:21:20 Join ken0___ [0] (marklar2@
15:21:20 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:21:53 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:25:39 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
15:26:08>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
15:26:18>>>"ban marklar2@" by Zagor (
15:30:04 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
15:31:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:36:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:39:31 Part Zagor
15:40:09 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:40:54 Join Bagder [241] (
15:41:25BagderDario's reply on the list sure made me laugh
15:41:53 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:42:19 Quit ken0___ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46:53 Join Nomad__ [0] (
15:47:09 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:47:28 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:47:45Nomad__Zagor_: the .mod you gave me yesterday shut off on the way home
15:47:51Nomad__today's bleeding edge though worked great
15:48:35Zagor_so we've improved a bit. but langhaarrocker still gets the led dead
15:48:36langhaarrockerZagor: don't trust him. It's first of April. :)
15:48:48Nomad__on the way home yesterday ti kinda hung like normal about 75mph
15:48:52Nomad__came back once
15:48:52 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:49:02Nomad__no, I've had my joke for the day and it wasn't a good one
15:49:41Nomad__A hardcore Security guy did the ole "ok, I'm fed up with how much pos windows guys make when I have to fight tooth and nail for a paycheck, I'm converting and making hte cach I deserve" type post
15:49:46Nomad__wasn't funny
15:49:49Nomad__wasn't funny at all...
15:50:25Nomad__anyway when I hit 75 it hung up, a few mins later it kinda clicked like a skipping CD then went silent again for a while then it shut off
15:50:48Nomad__this morning it gave me it's nice quiet routine when I hit 75'ish then when I slowed down with traffic it kicked back in
15:51:04 Join ken0___ [0] (marklar2@
15:51:05Nomad__got back up to speed and it went quiet again. slowed down and it picked up again
15:51:07Nomad__was great
15:53:03Zagordo you have the archos in a pocket or inside your jacket?
15:53:40Nomad__it's in a doulbe layed wrap of motherboard packing foam inside my pocket of my heavy leather jacket
15:53:53Nomad__today it was on an inside check pocket, yesterday outside hip height
15:54:42Nomad__I updated to the latest bleeding edge about 1.5hrs ago before heading in today
15:58:07Nomad__just a thought
15:58:24 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:58:32Nomad__Could you have a "counter" that tracks the total # of consecutive failed read attempts (skips)
15:58:44Nomad__if it reaches X+1 skips drop the read speed?
15:59:00Nomad__kinda like my CDR slows when ripping from a scrathced CD
15:59:16Nomad__see where I'm going?
15:59:21Zagorwe don't have different speeds. the disk spins by itself.
15:59:36Nomad__ok, didn't know if it was possible to slow it down or change it's mode
16:00:03Zagorafaik it isn't
16:00:09Nomad__would be great for situations where the drive is vibrating or constant bumping such as my motorcycle
16:00:21 Join ken0____ [0] (marklar2@
16:00:32 Quit ken0___ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:00:38>>>"ban ken0____" by Zagor (
16:00:44>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
16:00:47>>>"ban ken0____" by Zagor (
16:00:47DBUGsent MODE #rockbox -o+b ken0____ *!*marklar2@80.178.45.*
16:00:47DBUGSent KICK ken0____ to server
16:00:47Mode"#rockbox -o+b ken0____ *!*marklar2@80.178.45.* " by logbot (
16:00:47Kick(#rockbox ken0____ :Rotten persons outside, please) by logbot!
16:01:21 Join OnoSendai [0] (
16:01:28>>>"ban ken0 Stop your script" by Zagor (
16:01:28DBUGsent MODE #rockbox -o+b ken0 *!*marklar2@80.178.37.*
16:01:28DBUGSent KICK ken0 to server
16:01:28Mode"#rockbox -o+b ken0 *!*marklar2@80.178.37.* " by logbot (
16:01:28Kick(#rockbox ken0 :Stop your script) by logbot!
16:01:44Zagorhe was getting annoying
16:02:05*Bagder agrees
16:03:06langhaarrockerwhich one of him? :)
16:03:37*Bagder points to the annoying one. "that one"
16:03:49Zagorthe left one
16:05:36 Join ken0_____ [0] (marklar2@
16:05:49Bagderken0_____: are you alive?
16:05:51langhaarrockerken0 for zombie!
16:05:57>>>"ban ken0_____ Stop your script" by Zagor (
16:05:57DBUGsent MODE #rockbox -o+b ken0_____ *!*marklar2@80.178.33.*
16:05:57DBUGSent KICK ken0_____ to server
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16:05:57Kick(#rockbox ken0_____ :Stop your script) by logbot!
16:14:28>>>"help ban" by Zagor (
16:15:38>>>"ban *ken0*!*markar2@80.178.*.* Stop your script" by Zagor (
16:15:38DBUGsent MODE #rockbox +b *!*markar2@80.178.*.*
16:15:38Mode"#rockbox +b *!*markar2@80.178.*.* " by logbot (
16:15:47>>>"banlist" by Zagor (
16:16:05>>>"unban 3" by Zagor (
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16:16:09>>>"unban 4" by Zagor (
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16:16:54Mode"#rockbox +b *!*marklar2@80.178.*.* " by logbot (
16:18:50>>>"banlist" by Zagor (
16:23:38quel|outoh my god!
16:23:45quel|outyou're really crazy!
16:23:50quel|outi was wrong
16:24:16quel|outspanish are normal compared with all of you
16:24:29*Bagder looks at quel|out
16:24:31langhaarrockeris he (quel) talking with logbot?
16:25:39 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:26:00quelsarukam i crazy if i say yes??
16:26:54langhaarrockerQuelsaruk: have you tried talking to trees lately? Less risky because they usually can't kick you.
16:27:29quelsaruki usually talk with goats, but nowadays they are afraid of me, and i dunno why. :(
16:27:48quelsaruki'll try talking to trees, or sea waves ;)
16:29:16quelsaruki had to explain some fortran programs... that was a hard work ;)
16:29:45langhaarrockerAh. Let me guess: you've been teaching again.
16:30:09quelsarukprivate teaching this time :)
16:30:47quelsarukmy speciality is steel, but fortran is easy enought to explain it and earn some money :P
16:33:37 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
16:34:36quelsarukbtw, do all of you have 1st April??
16:34:48quelsarukhere in spain we have 28th December
16:35:17langhaarrockergood joke! It's nearly recursive. :)
16:35:49 Part Zagor
16:35:54quelsaruklanghaarrocker: don't understand you.. i only have 2 neurons :(
16:36:21 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:44:44 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:30 Join i_am_pi [0] (
16:59:02i_am_piyesterday i was asking where the charging regulator was but i had to leave
16:59:47quelsarukcharging regulator??
17:00:14i_am_piZagor mentioned i might try replacing it..
17:01:35quelsarukZagor_: someone's looking for you ;)
17:02:25Nomad__nice slow day
17:02:27i_am_pisee, my jukebox died.. says "hd error" which meant to me "dead batteries", but the charger doesn't power up anything :-|
17:02:48i_am_pinot even the green light or the stock firmware saying "Charging battery"
17:03:44quelsaruktry to change the batts... or the charger
17:03:59i_am_pireplaced the charger, i'm replacing the batteries today after screwl
17:04:24quelsarukgood luck
17:04:39i_am_pii did replace the hard drive earlier
17:04:50i_am_pithe stock 20 gigger had no usable sectors :-|
17:05:08i_am_pibut this was months before
17:05:21i_am_pigot a 40 gigger from our local computer store for $200 :)
17:05:33i_am_piand i had gotten the jukebox for free in the first place.
17:07:20quelsarukyou're lucky then :)
17:22:42Acathla_i've "found" a 20gig :)
17:22:43 Join LinusN [200] (
17:23:19LinusNwho banned my script? :-)
17:24:50OnoSendaithis it? * logbot kicked ken0 from channel #rockbox : Stop your script
17:25:05*LinusN is just kidding
17:25:14OnoSendai: )
17:25:37quelsarukLinusN: good evening-afternoon-or whatever is said now
17:25:50LinusNsame to you
17:26:47quelsarukbtw, any idea of when will 2.0 be released?? i know that soon... but, any possible date??
17:27:02LinusNi have no idea
17:27:10LinusNwe want to kill the red led bug
17:27:21LinusNand i still have some recording stuff left
17:27:43OnoSendaii have yet to test the recording for myself...
17:28:00OnoSendaiare the recording bugs posted on the site?
17:28:12LinusNwhat bugs?
17:28:23OnoSendaidon't know.. you said there were some issues yet with recording..
17:28:35OnoSendai<LinusN> and i still have some recording stuff left
17:28:36LinusNyes, i have work to do (adding features)
17:29:21LinusNit's mainly about Xing headers, ID3 info and stuff
17:29:35OnoSendaicool... i'm loving all you guys.. i've already got 3 friends addicted to the jukebox.. now i'm converting them to rockbox
17:30:31adamthe Studio is sad. The Recorder however, is > *
17:33:34quelsarukLinusN: what is that red led bug??
17:33:46quelsarukthe fade dug? or which one?
17:34:43LinusNthe red led death is an ATA driver bug, when it fails to recover from disk errors
17:34:47LinusNlike when you shake the jukebox
17:35:13quelsaruknormally i use goat blood to repair that kind of errors ;)
17:35:25LinusNand garlic
17:35:36quelsaruknever tested garlic, i have to try ;)
17:35:55quelsarukwell, there's also a fade bug.
17:35:57i_am_pisharp pointed stick doused in kerosine, lit on fire...
17:36:01i_am_piworks wonders.
17:36:22LinusNquelsaruk: i know about the fade bug
17:36:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:38:37 Part Zagor_
17:40:13i_am_piyeah, i've seen the red led death, when the batteries lose charge
17:42:35i_am_pithen teh drive makes "click click" noises..
17:42:54adamI've seen that too
17:46:26OnoSendaium... E is 1.0 now : )
17:46:53quelsarukanother 1st april ?
17:47:15OnoSendai: ) is horked also
17:54:19 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:54:45Acathla_ <- 1st april too ?
17:55:34quel|outAcathla_: how can you say that!!!
17:55:55quel|outdo you think Bagder could do that??
17:56:06quel|outhe's a serious man
17:59:05 Quit Bagder ("")
17:59:58*Acathla_ go home
18:00:07 Quit Acathla_ ("leaving")
18:02:53 Join _adam [0] (
18:03:57*_adam notes some software should be open sourced :P
18:04:07_adamlike sftp gui frontends that use Putty as a backend anyways
18:04:15_adam*especially* when they suck
18:04:17_adambad :p
18:04:39 Quit adam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:04:45 Nick _adam is now known as adam (
18:09:05i_am_piputty r0x0rs :)
18:09:26i_am_pibut Mac OS X's r0x0rs more
18:09:46i_am_piGLTerm r0x0rs even even more since it is opengl accelerated
18:10:57adambecause that makes it faster
18:11:00adamall that compounding
18:11:34adamneither nor GLTerm are ssh clients, anyways
18:13:16i_am_pibut they turn into one with "ssh" :_P
18:13:35i_am_piwhen i'm forced to use windows, I use putty
18:13:36adamI don't see any advantage to OS X
18:13:47i_am_pias in when i'm at school
18:13:47adamheh, OS X doesn't even have a decent peer to peer filesharing program
18:13:53adami.e. Kazaa
18:13:57i_am_pinow, now..
18:13:59i_am_piCarracho :-P
18:14:04adamThat's not 'decent'
18:14:05adamthat's shitty.
18:14:13i_am_picarracho rocks!
18:14:41adamand it's not really peer-to-peer, either way
18:15:46i_am_piwell i happen to like it. You may (actualy, you seem to) feel differently :)
18:16:06adamwell, it has probably less than 1% of the users that Kazaa does
18:16:27adamwhich, unless everyone is running a 200 gig server, is not going to make up for the parity
18:16:45adamHotline did it first, either way
18:16:49adambut yeah, Hotline has it's faults as well
18:16:54adamas in a totally non-existent company behind it
18:17:05i_am_pibut there are several servers that have huge caches of quality behind them :)
18:17:21adamwhich takes effort
18:17:23i_am_pithen there (was) mine which had nothign but community, and spottily at that :)
18:17:25adamI can just leave my searches going all day and all night
18:17:48adamwell, if I use anything, it's Hotline vs Carracho
18:18:05adamjust because HL is quite multiplatform
18:18:05i_am_pii've been using that less and less
18:18:31adambut yeah
18:18:45adamOS X has pitfalls in games, and various misc software
18:18:50i_am_pisince i've been getting $ from work ,i've bought more software
18:18:55adamyou gain quality, I suppose, in the lowest common denominator
18:19:19adamI usually try to get mp3s (suprise), or various fansubs
18:19:22 Quit TotMacher ()
18:19:30adamI haven't 'warezed' since my old Mac Quadra 700 :P
18:19:36i_am_pilol. mp3s is all kazaa is really good fore
18:19:42adamthat's true
18:19:43adamand it does that well
18:19:50i_am_pivery well :)
18:19:59adamopposed to hotline, or carracho ;p
18:20:03i_am_pibut the default install has spyware, so i use kazaa lite
18:20:18adamAlso gives you 1000 participation...
18:20:59i_am_pii had a socks5 proxy on my server installed, but idiots leaked the info and sucked down movies.. Couldn't iptables them out because they were inside the school!
18:21:20*adam doesn't *share* with random idiots
18:21:27i_am_pii didn't share with them
18:21:28adamrarely share at all :P
18:21:38i_am_pithey got on my computer when i was away
18:21:40adambut if you're running a server... ;p
18:21:53adamheh, security is good
18:21:59i_am_piwin98 at school
18:22:09i_am_piif it wre 2k i'd have hit windows-L and locked it when i left.
18:22:34adamWin98 is the OS that shouldn't be
18:22:38adamit's obsolete
18:23:41*adam will either float between Linux, or Windows + Cygwin
18:24:12adamWindows seems to work fine for most tasks, and my machine is fast enough to make cygwin endurable
18:24:39adamthe thing that pisses me off about windows is the registry
18:24:57adamor any OS that tries to garble up and hide configuration files
18:25:49i_am_piregistry corruption is fun to recover from..
18:27:41i_am_pii worked on this box that had about 50 modems 'installed'
18:27:52i_am_pi"i can't connect to the internet"
18:28:31*adam must find an OS that isn't hopelessly contrived (XP, OS X), isn't hopelessly mutable (Linux), and actually has hardware support (*BSD)
18:28:53adamthat, or I need to get newer debian test images...
18:29:10adamGentoo is fun, except for the whole YOU MUST COMPILE *EVERYTHING* aspect.
18:29:37 Join Neocramencer [0] (
18:29:48Neocramenceranybody here?
18:30:11Neocramenceri have a damn f*** problem with my jukebox
18:30:24adamwhat is it?
18:30:26Neocramencereverytiem when i connect it to my pc the pc reboots...
18:30:46Neocramencerits not everytime, yesterday it worked but today....
18:30:52Neocramencerwhats that issue?
18:31:11i_am_piadam: havne't messed with Gentoo
18:31:25adamNeocramencer - this is a studio?
18:31:26i_am_pii like debian with the unstable tree in the sources list
18:31:47Neocramencermhh its a jukebox 6000
18:31:50adamI used to use Sid
18:32:02Neocramencerwant to upgrade the harddrive..
18:32:10adamNeocramencer - and the thing starts up and plays music fine?
18:32:16Neocramencerbecause of that i need access to it
18:32:23Neocramencerwith rockbox
18:32:24i_am_piNeocramencer - hm. haven't seen that particular bug. could be your USB controller on your computer
18:32:26adamturn the box off
18:32:35adamplug the usb hard drive in
18:32:43i_am_pii've seen machiens reboot when the modem was used though
18:32:44adamstart it up
18:32:45adamdon't hot plug it
18:33:13*adam wants a Sony VAIO GRV680
18:33:19Neocramenceri tryed this too
18:33:30Neocramencerme is not good i nenglish
18:33:30adam16 inch screen, 60 gig drive, DVD+-RW, and it's heavy as hell
18:34:03i_am_pineo: another idea, maybe your power supply is marginal
18:34:15i_am_pihow many watts is the supply?
18:34:18Neocramenceryou mean the power supply in the pc?
18:34:27Neocramenceroh its a good levicom 420 watt
18:34:44Neocramencerboard is an epox 8rda+
18:35:04i_am_piwell that idea goes out the window..
18:35:06Neocramencermhh i will try a other usb port
18:35:16Neocramencerwait a sec
18:37:23Neocramencermhh lol
18:37:25Neocramencerit works
18:37:28Neocramencerthis time
18:37:41Neocramencerbut thx for ya help
18:45:16i_am_pino problem
18:45:17 Quit Neocramencer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:56 Join Baz [0] (
18:49:19Bazhows u?
18:49:37LinusNfine i think
18:49:49Bazwell i hate bitchx
18:49:52Bazmirc here i come :P
18:49:58 Join DJBaz [0] (
18:50:18LinusNxchat r00ls
18:50:35Bazi mean bitchx
18:50:40 Quit Baz (Client Quit)
18:50:45 Nick DJBaz is now known as Baz (
18:50:49adamnoise cancelling earbugs
18:51:15 Nick Baz is now known as DJBaz (
18:51:26adammight be good for protection against my roommate's snoring
18:54:12DJBazi liked the doom april fules jple
18:56:06DJBazrockbox webmaster here yet?
18:56:25quel|outjust LinusN
18:56:49DJBazLinusN u there?
18:57:24LinusNi'm here
18:57:53DJBazwould u guys like a server 2 host a forum on?
18:58:07DJBazits hosted in a data center... so its fast
18:58:14DJBazyeh a forum... 'bulletin board'
18:58:32i_am_pilinux: like (example, hosted by me)
18:58:42LinusNwe haven't really felt a need for a forum
18:58:45adamBBS blow :P
18:58:53adamconsumes more time than IRC
18:59:03DJBazbut not everyone can access irc
18:59:08DJBazcheck ma forums
18:59:32DJBazfast eh :p
18:59:39LinusNforums are good, and we will not stop anyone from creating one
18:59:40adamit's not hard to have a shell account
19:00:03LinusNhowever, we developers will still use IRC
19:00:07DJBazjust offering thats all... ya dont need to bite my head off :P
19:00:30LinusNDJBaz: no, we will kill you in a less painful way
19:00:46quel|outLinusN: may i use him in my rituals??
19:00:54quel|outlet me :)
19:01:06adamyou're using what script for that 'forum'?
19:01:06adamit looks kinda like geeklog
19:01:16LinusNi can give you his spline, i want the rest for the red led death bug
19:01:33DJBazadam invision board
19:01:35LinusNspline? is that the word?
19:01:48*adam has a distinct distaste for all things forum
19:01:53quel|outspline? that sounds like a mathematical function
19:01:57adamI do run geeklog
19:02:02DJBazthats the portal adam :p
19:02:02LinusNno, not the spine
19:02:04DJBazclick forum lol
19:02:08quel|outdifferential ecuations and so on :)
19:02:17adamyeah, obviously, DJ
19:02:24DJBazgd gd... jst making sure :p
19:02:39quel|outwhat are you trying to give me linus? a part of the body? or what?
19:03:12LinusNspleen, that's it
19:03:25quel|outwhat's a spleen??
19:03:34DJBazits something
19:05:50adamyou need it to live
19:05:50*adam would need a Claymore mine anti-theft system for any laptop he bought
19:05:50DBUGSent KICK adam to server
19:05:50adamespecially if it were one of those expensive ones that are ugly and heavy, but have lots of cool stuff on them
19:05:50Kick(#rockbox adam :No flooding!) by logbot!
19:06:20 Join adam [0] (
19:06:32adamwhatever happened to
19:06:38adamthat didn't have huge lag issues
19:07:49i_am_piI'm back
19:08:46quel|outlinus.. why should i want a spleen??
19:09:15quel|outi can't give that to the metal gods :(
19:13:42DJBazdoes anyone here know how to make the jukebox recorder play a song at a certain time... but i dont want the jukebox to turn off
19:13:45DJBazif u know what i mean
19:14:14LinusNDJBaz: that is not implemented yet
19:14:24DJBazbut it will be some time yeh?
19:14:45LinusNit's in the request database
19:14:55DJBazi really should check that out
19:16:25 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:16:51TBoyI have a big problem
19:17:03LinusNand you want to make it ours? :-)
19:17:12TBoymy comp doesn't recognise my FM anymore
19:17:15TBoyyes :D
19:17:39LinusNdoes the fm work normally otherwise?
19:18:10TBoynormally I just plugged the usb cable
19:18:44TBoyand it worked
19:19:13TBoybut now it gets detected as an unknown device
19:19:31LinusNany other usb devices connected?
19:19:50LinusNtried another port?
19:20:02LinusNtried reinstalling the drivers?
19:20:12LinusNwhich os?
19:26:23TBoysry for the delay
19:26:32TBoygot attacked by bees in my rook
19:26:52TBoyI'm using xp pro
19:27:03TBoyi reinstalled the drivers
19:27:07TBoystill no luck
19:29:47TBoyjust tried another port still no luck
19:30:15LinusNdoes the fm work with another computer?
19:30:16TBoyI'm going to try a restart once more
19:30:28 Quit TBoy ()
19:33:51 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:33:57TBoydarn still no luck
19:34:39LinusNdoes the fm work with another computer?
19:36:05LinusNsilly winxp
19:36:06TBoyit works and worked without a hassle on all comps so far
19:36:17LinusNwhat happened before it stopped working?
19:36:40TBoyI plugged it in
19:36:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:36:55TBoyand it got detected as a unknown device
19:37:34i_am_pidid you reinstall the drivers, tboy?
19:38:22adamheh, and it didn't show up?
19:38:22*adam just has times where his drive doesn't appear
19:38:22adamit's detected by chkdsk and all
19:38:30TBoyI found something
19:39:38TBoyit says in my logs that the Personal Player USB Driver couldn't be started because it wasn't found
19:39:43TBoythats strange
19:39:50TBoyI'll try to delete it
19:39:55TBoyor uninstall it
19:40:03TBoythe drivers that is
19:41:25i_am_pi*sigh* i pity my school's web designers
19:41:29i_am_pithey just found out about "flash"
19:41:43*adam notes there are two pitfalls most people get into
19:41:49adamtrying to get a website to look 'good'
19:41:53i_am_pievery single link on there is flash.
19:42:08i_am_piimpossible to navigate if you're on anything but the designer's computer :-P
19:42:19adamand trying to make a website look 'cool'
19:42:25i_am_picontrast with my web site:
19:42:26adamtwo specifically different things
19:42:40i_am_pisimple, complete, navigatable, valid HTML, no plugins.
19:42:55adamcool, as in tiny greyish fonts on black and blue, with tons of artsy gif images
19:42:59i_am_piviewable with telnet
19:42:59 Quit TBoy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43:05adamit has *MUSIC*
19:43:12i_am_pi.wav format, too.
19:43:24i_am_piso you have to havea a T1
19:43:45i_am_pia lot of the student pages have .wavs
19:44:01i_am_piat least they did last year.. this isn't a common site for me to visit (with good reason)
19:44:13adamI like how almost no links work
19:44:33i_am_pioh, at least she stopped coding links like <a href="">
19:44:54i_am_piwe moved IP addresses last year..
19:45:01*adam likes...
19:45:05adamtex, and latex
19:45:12 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:45:13i_am_pii like PHP and perl
19:45:17adamwell, lyx, I mean...
19:45:30i_am_piand vi. I do everything in vi
19:45:32adamkind of duplicitous
19:45:33i_am_pieven on my mac.
19:45:37adamphp and perl, that is
19:45:46i_am_piperl is good for command line usage
19:45:49i_am_piphp is for web.
19:46:06*adam likes python, sometimes ;p
19:46:24adambut yeah, I know some perl and php
19:46:29adammainly database and cgi related crud
19:46:37i_am_piphp == teh uber for databases
19:46:53*adam will use vim or notepad.exe ;p
19:48:06TBoycan somebody
19:48:07i_am_pii had vim on my network share, but the admins went on a mad "find all exe files and delete them" rampage..
19:48:16TBoyhelp me solve my prob
19:48:39i_am_pitboy: remove and reinstall the drivers already?
19:48:45adami_am_pi, uh, can't it fit on a floppy :p
19:48:52adamor worse, a zip
19:48:57TBoyI just removed them
19:49:02i_am_piuse winzip
19:49:09i_am_pito span across multiple floppies :)
19:49:14TBoyif I'm right I can use the drivers from the archos site
19:49:19i_am_pitboy: yes
19:49:30i_am_pithose work with rockbox
19:49:32TBoywhat kind of a question was that
19:49:38TBoyI'm silly
19:49:46adamor use a more efficient algorithm than zip ;p
19:49:46adamand it's not like there is any real lack of that :p
19:50:00i_am_pigogogo bzip2
19:50:59adamI suppose there are small vi clones out there asides from vim
19:51:11*adam just doesn't like vanilla vi
19:51:15i_am_pinvi, elvis
19:51:16LinusNTBoy: some people say that the Cypress drivers are better
19:51:36i_am_pilinus: aren't the cypress drivers the same thing on the archos site??
19:51:46LinusNi'm not usre
19:52:44TBoythe device manager
19:52:47 Join josh966 [0] (
19:53:08TBoysays that that driver pack doesn't cantain drivers for the device
19:54:31TBoywhy does this happen now
19:54:42>>>"help" by josh966 (
19:54:50>>>"cmd" by josh966 (
19:54:56TBoyI'll see if I can find some leftovers of the driver in xp
19:57:00i_am_piah xp.
19:58:28TBoyany idea where I should look
19:58:32TBoyor a specific file
19:59:00 Quit adam (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:01:39i_am_piget the archos drivers and go to Update Driver in the device mangler
20:03:13 Join adam [0] (
20:03:53TBoythat doesn't work
20:07:45 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
20:08:05 Quit adam ()
20:08:29TBoyits says that in the folder where I keep the drivers
20:08:35TBoythat there are no drivers
20:09:28OnoSendaiare they unpacked?
20:09:47LinusNsomething must have happened before it stopped working
20:09:57LinusNit did work before, right?
20:10:28 Join adam [0] (
20:11:28TBoyhmm I don't see anything that might have happend
20:11:43LinusNno installation of other drivers o
20:11:47LinusNare software?
20:11:52LinusNor software
20:12:20LinusNhave you tried on another computer after it stopped working on yours?
20:12:57TBoyI haven't connected it to this comp
20:13:02TBoyfor a while like a week
20:13:15TBoyand in that time I installed vmware
20:13:34TBoyand that made some extra emulated nics
20:14:10TBoyand everytime I try to get my player detected it says something about IP
20:14:23LinusNwhat does it call the unknown device?
20:14:31TBoyI'm gonna restart now
20:14:36TBoyunknown device+
20:14:38TBoyunknown device
20:14:49LinusNit should still call it "ARCHOS USB 2.0"
20:14:50TBoythat is actually an extra driver
20:15:07TBoyit was always called some thing like player
20:15:10TBoybut it worked
20:15:54TBoyok gonna restart
20:16:01TBoywish me luck
20:16:04adamvery verbose
20:16:04adamyeah, I'm wondering about that myself
20:16:04adamI just removed the old USB drivers
20:16:04DBUGSent KICK adam to server
20:16:04adamfor my old studio 20
20:16:05Kick(#rockbox adam :No flooding!) by logbot!
20:16:11*LinusN holds his thumbs
20:16:21 Quit TBoy ()
20:17:51i_am_pirather twitchy bot
20:17:57 Join adam_ [0] (
20:18:01i_am_pitboy was talking more than adam..
20:18:05adam_the hell...
20:18:12adam_it's lag, and a hypersensitive bot
20:18:33 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
20:18:49Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
20:18:50*TBoy weeps
20:18:57TBoyno luck
20:18:58Mode"#rockbox -o logbot " by LinusN (
20:19:06adam_that was what I was going to recommend
20:19:16 Join thu [0] (
20:19:18LinusNyou must have some serious lag
20:19:31adam_it's probably the University
20:19:41adam_but I'll just use my home shell
20:19:44thurockbox rocks
20:19:54LinusNthu: i know! :-)
20:19:55i_am_pithu: yes it does, that's part of it's name :-D
20:19:58adam_heh, still doesn't support FM
20:20:02adam_but asides from that, I do prefer it ;p
20:20:12thuadam_: FM is crappy anyway
20:20:14LinusNadam_: no, we have no radio drivers yet
20:20:15thuat least on my unit
20:20:19thunever used it :\
20:20:20adam_LinusN - yeah, I figured
20:20:26adam_uh, thu
20:20:30i_am_pimust to go
20:20:32*adam_ records various things off the radio
20:20:33 Quit i_am_pi ("[BX] Tiger Woods uses BitchX. FORE!")
20:20:37thuit needs an antenna or something
20:20:42adam_it *has* an antenna
20:20:46adam_it uses your headphones
20:20:52thuan extra one then
20:20:56thuI get crappy reception
20:21:00TBoyLinusN you said you know sommin'
20:21:17TBoyor wasn't that info for me
20:21:58TBoysry I didn't notice the "thu:"
20:22:10TBoythought you knew a solution to my prob
20:22:12LinusNTBoy: you should really try to connect it to another computer
20:22:25TBoyI'll try it right away
20:22:32TBoyI have one upstairs
20:23:01 Join ciphergoth [0] (
20:23:02LinusNthu: you use the original phones?
20:23:06thuLinusN: yes
20:23:23thuI keep expecting them to break ever since I got it
20:23:28LinusNi often helps to stretch the cord
20:23:30thuwhich was 5 months ago
20:23:57thuafter they do maybe I can get myself some decent phones
20:23:59adam_I don't see why they even package the phones with the thing
20:24:06ciphergothreporting total succes with 40GB hard drive upgrade on a 6GB recorder, rar!
20:24:17adam_some sony ear buds would probably be just as cheap and give you better sound quality
20:24:19LinusNciphergoth: congrats
20:24:31thuadam_: they need to ship it with some kind of phones
20:24:45adam_ciphergoth - comedy, too bad you can't replace the USB <-> ATA bridge ;p
20:25:08thuhmm I like the feature requests
20:25:17thubackground mp3<->ogg conversion
20:25:22adam_thu: okay, I've got two sets of those phones now
20:25:22ciphergothadam_: I did try copying music files onto it using a direct ATA connection, but I had to copy the files across the network
20:25:30ciphergothand it was slower than just plugging the USB in directly!
20:26:01*adam_ kind of wants a 9.5 mm adapter for those old drives
20:26:05ciphergothIncidentally, what do the "doom" files do really?
20:26:09 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:26:11adam_ciphergoth - it's a joke
20:26:17ciphergothadam_: I guessed
20:26:19adam_just shows you a digitized image
20:26:32ciphergoththus the phrasing of the question. I couldn't be bothered to install it just to find out what the joke was...
20:26:58ciphergothadam_: I have such an adapter, it only cost GBP 5. I don't suppose you live in Edinburgh though...
20:27:10adam_yeah, I know they're pretty cheap
20:27:42adam_I could just stop by the local computer chop shop :p
20:27:50thuhey quake is opensource too
20:27:53thuwhy not port that?
20:28:26adam_because the recorder is tragically underpowered.
20:28:35thuon another note I'd like a 802.11-enabled jukebox that could play online streams
20:28:50adam_you kids and your wireless
20:29:01LinusNwireless is nice
20:29:16LinusNxp fucks up my dlink though
20:29:19thuif the guys at archos come out with an ogg version they'll probably sell out
20:29:25ciphergothIf I had a 100Mbit network, it would be much faster for me to use the adapter to copy files.
20:29:36ciphergoththu: I wish i had your optimism
20:29:41*adam_ is too cheap
20:29:55adam_why bother with ogg?
20:29:58ciphergothif they ever add ogg capacity they'll probably sell three more players.
20:29:59adam_no one knows about it
20:30:21ciphergothadam_: not so, it's already finding lots of niche applications eg games
20:30:21 Join Gissehel [0] (
20:30:29thuheh I spend a lot of time on campus where we have wireless
20:30:31Gissehelhello !
20:30:37adam_the open source guys never were that hardcore about marketing ;p
20:30:40ciphergothI'd certainly use ogg if the player supported it, it sounds better
20:30:43thuit would be nice to be able to share music between jukeboxes
20:30:54ciphergothadam_: it costs money. You want to give them the money?
20:31:09ciphergoththu: yeah, I wish they could master USB as well as slaving it
20:31:25adam_no, but I don't think technical details are the primary drive behind what format you use on your player
20:31:40adam_I guess what you need is a powerful general purpose setup
20:31:46thuunfortunatelly if they would add all the nice features to it the price would probably go waay up
20:31:50ciphergothadam_: sound quality against compression is one reason, patent freedom is another
20:31:56TBoyIt works!!!!
20:32:07*TBoy w00ts
20:32:09thuTBoy: doom?
20:32:14ciphergoththu: not really, if only the MAS guys would release the specs we could find out whether ogg can be made to go on the existing hardware
20:32:18TBoyit was the rockbox build
20:32:21TBoyI guess
20:32:36TBoyI started the usb connection without the rb and it worked
20:32:45LinusNciphergoth: ogg is probably doomed on the MAS even if we have the specs
20:32:53thuciphergoth: I thought you need a fatter cpu for ogg
20:33:04*adam_ sees it now
20:33:13LinusNogg is too memory demanding for the MAS
20:33:22adam_200mhz mp3 players :p
20:33:34ciphergothLinusN: Is that an inherent fact about ogg rather than just a fact about existing implementations then/
20:33:44adam_well, hell, I guess any PDA that can handle ogg could easily become an mp3 player
20:33:56LinusNTBoy: really?
20:34:06PsycoXuladam_: my pda can
20:34:12thusharp zaurus + 20 gig hdd = love
20:34:13ciphergothI'd wondered if existing implementations were table-heavy just because that was fast on modern processors.
20:34:14adam_PsycoXul - yeah
20:34:15TBoyit worked
20:34:16LinusNciphergoth: lots of lookup tables, at least with the Tremor
20:34:23PsycoXuland it was only $114
20:34:35PsycoXulbut almost no storage space
20:34:37adam_all you need in that situation is a long lasting battery, thu
20:34:53PsycoXuloh yeah and mine's only got a 4 hour battery life
20:34:54thusharp zaurus + 20 gig hdd + long lasting battery = love
20:34:55adam_I doubt there are any PDAs that can handle 9.5mm drives
20:34:57PsycoXulwithout an HD
20:35:00LinusNTBoy: i mean about it not working with the rockbox code running
20:35:09ciphergothadam_: but WHY NOT?
20:35:12thuwhat do you get if you put together an archos and a pda?
20:35:19thuand make the pda use the archos battery?
20:35:22TBoythanks for the help
20:35:24ciphergoththu: the answer to my dreams!
20:35:25adam_ciphergoth - I haven't seen any... ;)
20:35:37adam_If you show me one, then I'll move to the next demand
20:35:37TBoyand for the great Doom port
20:35:44adam_handling USB2 drives ;p
20:35:45TBoyit rules
20:35:56GissehelI've not seen the doom port right now
20:36:07Gissehelbut I've got an idea about what it look like
20:36:16thuis there a practical reason nobody did it yet or just a price problem?
20:36:23ciphergothI know. I want one so much! A PDA that can replace my Archos, with bluetooth and a phone built in
20:36:44thuciphergoth: it would be too heavy because of the hdd
20:37:00TBoybut the archos also have a hdd
20:37:05GissehelI want a PDA AND the the archos, so I can use the HDS from archos on the PDA !
20:37:06TBoyand we carry them around
20:37:08thuciphergoth: but you can adda bluetooth headset
20:37:17ciphergoththu: I find the weight of the Archos acceptable, I wouldn't mind my PDA weighing that much
20:37:30ciphergoththu: exactly
20:37:33thucan't say i would either
20:37:40adam_I think most of the weight for the archos comes from batteries ;p
20:37:44adam_NiMH, at least
20:38:07ciphergoththu: here's my current feelings on the subject:
20:38:13thumy archos sheds :(
20:38:20thuanybody else loosing the color off it?
20:38:28adam_thu: my old studio lost alot
20:38:30thuespecially on the back
20:38:35adam_mainly the buttons
20:38:41GissehelI wouldn't mind a PDA weighing as much as archos if it can use as much hard drive !
20:38:42thumy fm sheds on the back
20:38:45thuprobably because of the heat
20:38:48ciphergothBatteries and HDD. Yeah, stick in Li-Ion instead of NiMH to save weight... It'd cost about GBP 400 but I'd pay it like a shot.
20:39:09thuheh a nice pda is almost a working computer
20:39:20adam_the more 'features' crammed into it, the more problems can occur
20:39:21thuadd a hard drive and it gets interesting
20:39:39Gissehelthu: that's why I want a master USB on PDA
20:39:50Gissehelto be able to add an archos on it :o)
20:39:58ciphergothGissehel: me too, so it can get photos off my camera
20:40:32thuthat can be somewhat solved with the multimedia version
20:40:43thubut it would be nice to access the files on the hdd from the pda
20:40:45*TBoy feels all warm inside because of the help and love in this room
20:40:47thuto play oggs for example
20:41:03GissehelI want an archos wifi & a pda wifi..
20:41:15thuhmm i like the spatializer features in rockbox
20:41:16ciphergothTBoy: no, it's getting warm in here because all these geeks are fantasising...
20:41:18thunot much but it works
20:41:28*thu drools :P~~
20:41:36TBoyok apart from that : ) hehe
20:41:37Gissehela spatializer ? I knew I should have updraded !
20:41:40adam_Sharp Zaurus
20:41:41ciphergoth(including me of course!)
20:41:53TBoyhey I made a hi-res icon for the FM
20:41:56TBoyany1 intersted
20:42:01thuwhat icon?
20:42:03TBoyI'll put it on my webbie
20:42:33TBoyhere take alook
20:42:49thuit's really small
20:42:53thureally really small
20:43:06TBoyits size is 16, 32, 48 and 128
20:43:18thuall in one?
20:43:28thuhmm :\
20:43:29TBoyyou just have to use it
20:43:34TBoyto get it too work
20:43:38TBoydon't know why :P
20:43:41adam_.ico :p
20:43:45ciphergothdoes the Zaurus come with a hard drive? Or are you discussing putting one in the CF slot?
20:43:55adam_ciphergoth - heh, it'd be interesting
20:43:56ciphergoth(it runs Linux? Am I dreaming?)
20:44:03Gissehelso it's time to test the doom soft. I hope it's well done (unlike the screen shot on the site)
20:44:10adam_it runs Linux with weird QT widgets
20:44:15adam_rather than X
20:44:19adam_for obvious reasons...
20:44:31PsycoXulembedded QT was nice when i played with the demo
20:44:40ciphergothfair enough
20:44:51thuiirc zaurus had a pretty dim screen
20:44:57adam_there is a fair amount of software available
20:44:58thucompared to the ipaq
20:45:11thuyeah and they recently dropped the price under $200
20:45:17thuit was on slashdot
20:45:26adam_for the Zaurus?
20:45:41adam_I guess my problem is
20:45:47adam_justfiying the purchase
20:45:54adam_er, tif
20:45:57adam_I use my mp3 player every day
20:45:58thumy handspring visor was cool for less than a year
20:46:08thuthen the phone antenna broke and they wouldn't fix it
20:46:14thuthen it ended up in a drawer
20:46:17adam_and it's not like the thing gets 'outdated', realy
20:47:04thuhmm the rockbox fader is nice too
20:47:13adam_what 'fader'?
20:47:18adam_it's not rockbox specific
20:47:22thuthe stop/pause 'fader'
20:47:26adam_well, that one is
20:47:33adam_I was thinking backlight
20:47:48thutoo bad it'
20:47:58thutoo bad it's not easy to write a crossfader
20:48:08adam_uh, it's not the 'writing' element
20:48:10thuor possible rather
20:48:14adam_it's the lack of two decoders
20:48:14thuyeah.. the decoding
20:48:45thuadam_: what about decoding first song ahead of time then decoding the second?
20:48:55thuis there enough memory to store a few secs of mp3?
20:49:10LinusNthu: the decoding is done in hardware, in realtime
20:49:21thuoh well :(
20:49:32adam_written in stone, I guess
20:49:51thuhehe.. hardware mod −− adding another decoder
20:50:15adam_why not just get a more powerful box in general
20:50:32thubecause I'm broke?
20:50:51ciphergothI'm amazed what you guys have managed to make the Archos do given the wired-in limitations...
20:50:58adam_well, eh
20:51:18*adam_ is amused by pitch changing
20:51:25thuwhat pitch changing?
20:51:27adam_made megadeth sound like alvin and the chipmunks
20:51:35LinusNtoo bad we can't get rid of the sound glitch
20:51:43thucan rockbox do that?
20:51:55LinusNthu: yes, with the recorder
20:51:57thutime to look through the menus again
20:51:58adam_on the recorder
20:52:06LinusNhold ON in the WPS
20:52:12*adam_ has thoroughly investigated :P
20:53:08ciphergoth"sound glitch"?
20:53:16thulol :))
20:53:30thuI don't get it.. how can you do this with a hardware decoder?
20:53:31*adam_ just wishes the stepping on the pitch increase/decrease was higher
20:53:41thuadam_: same here
20:53:51ciphergothadam_: worse still:
20:54:08ciphergoth(if you like Radiohead anyway)
20:54:10LinusNciphergoth: a small silent pause when changing pitch
20:54:39ciphergothWell, OK, but isn't pitch changing basically a gimmick anyway?
20:54:47thuhow does the pitch change work?
20:54:57LinusNciphergoth: no, it's actually useful, for dj:ing
20:55:14thuLinusN: dj:ing with the archos?
20:55:20ciphergothLinusN: gotcha. Cute!
20:55:22LinusNyup, with 2 archoses
20:55:34thuwhat about the sound glitch then?
20:55:36LinusNthere are people doing just that
20:55:57ciphergoth(though I don't go to clubs where they beatmatch...)
20:56:03LinusNproblem is that you can't change pitch while playing
20:56:08thuI've still got to see such a feat
20:56:42*ciphergoth still has 45 minutes to wait before all his music files are copied onto his new big hard drive
20:56:57LinusNthe Player models are able to change playback speed without changing the pitch
20:57:20LinusNbut that DSP code is not available to us :-(
20:57:28thuhow come?
20:57:40ciphergothDoes that have to be done on the DSP? It can't be done by clever massaging of the MP3 data stream?
20:57:41LinusNit is secret
20:57:48LinusNciphergoth: no
20:58:10ciphergothI have only the very vaguest idea how music is compressed, forgive me...
20:59:25thuheh I don't get how the rockbox pitch change works
20:59:38ciphergoth21c moment: I'm waiting for a text message from a friend to say he's found the CD I left in his house and put it in his CD-ROM drive
20:59:52ciphergothso I can ssh into the back of his machine, rip it, and transfer it over
21:00:12thuhow come the firmware takes a few secs to shutdown and rockbox doesn't?
21:02:17 Join edx [0] (
21:02:44*adam_ disappears
21:09:53edxdamn i should have thoguht about april 1st... stupid all this :P - i have already been so happy!
21:14:17ciphergothI've seen some *very* subtle April Fools jokes!
21:14:17 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:58ciphergothA top cryptanalyst on sci.crypt claiming to have found an attack on AES
21:15:05ciphergothyou have to be pretty on your toes to see the joke.
21:18:02LinusNthu: the pitch change works by fooling the MP3 decoding chip
21:18:39LinusNit needs to be told about the frequency of the external crystal
21:19:08LinusNwe lie about it, and it plays the data at a different sampling rate
21:19:43LinusNthu: the original firmware shuts down more "cleanly" than we do
21:21:55ciphergothLinusN: why shut down cleanly?
21:22:34 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:22:36LinusNlike, make sure that all not-yet-written data is flushed to disk, stuff like that
21:22:55LinusNi honestly don't know whyt it takes them so long
21:22:59ciphergothLinusN: but presumably you do that bit because you write the suspension data to disk
21:23:03ciphergoth(don't you?)
21:23:28LinusNthe recorders write the resume info in the RTC RAM
21:23:49ciphergothoh, I'd assumed it all went on disk for some reason.
21:24:09LinusNit goes to disk as well, when the disk is spun up for other reasons
21:24:15LinusNgotta eat
21:24:26 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|dinner (
21:25:53ciphergothI should stop IRCing too. Only ten minutes to go...
21:26:04 Quit ciphergoth ("I am considering getting a life")
21:36:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:41:07 Part OnoSendai
21:43:41 Nick josh966 is now known as josh966|away (
21:58:57 Quit josh966|away ("ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]")
22:01:29 Join Mezo [0] (
22:01:43 Quit TBoy ()
22:01:50MezoNeed Help with my archos ... ;)
22:02:03MezoI don't manage to mount it under FreeBSD ...
22:02:15Mezodoes someone ever success ?
22:02:21Mezo(xcuse my english)
22:03:19 Join Gissehel [0] (
22:05:11 Join [BAMF]Vul [0] (
22:06:23[BAMF]VulHi, I installed the RochBox 1.4 on my Jukebox Studio 10, 5.08 firmware, and I get the red light flash whenever i try to do anything, like play a song, go to next song, ect, is this normal, or am i doing something wrong?
22:06:32[BAMF]Vulsorry if this is a repeat question, but I am still new at this
22:08:10Gissehel[BAMF]Vul: I don't have studio
22:08:14GissehelI have recorder
22:08:33Gissehelbut the red light seems to be on whenever the archos acces to the hard drive
22:08:48[BAMF]Vulyea, and i can hear the drive spin up
22:08:54[BAMF]Vuli tried disabling that spin down feature
22:08:56[BAMF]Vulbut it still did it
22:08:57Gissehelso whenever you 'play a song', "go to next song" you use your hard drive
22:09:00Gissehelthat sound normal
22:09:13[BAMF]Vulyea, but it doesnt do it without RockBox
22:09:31[BAMF]Vulor is this light just a feature to show HD activity
22:09:32Gissehelwith rockbox ?
22:09:36Gissehelor with archos os ?
22:09:49[BAMF]Vulright, it doesnt do it with Archos OS
22:09:53Gisseheldidn't notice the OUT ;)
22:09:57[BAMF]Vulits pok
22:10:06GissehelI don't remember the archos os ;)
22:10:10GissehelI'll try it
22:10:20[BAMF]Vuli want to use RockBox, but I am afraid that the red light flashing isnt a good thing
22:10:25[BAMF]Vulbecause its not normal at least
22:10:33Mezo[BAMF]Vul: LOL
22:10:42Mezored light is normal
22:10:53Mezored flash -> Hard drive access
22:10:59[BAMF]Vulwell it isnt normal on mine with the Archos OS
22:11:00Mezolike your HD Led for your PC
22:11:12[BAMF]Vulit never flashes with the archos os, only rockbox
22:11:13Mezowith rockbox it's normal
22:11:15[BAMF]Vulthats why i was asking
22:11:19[BAMF]Vulthats what i was wondering
22:11:21[BAMF]Vulthanks a lot
22:11:44Mezoever people under *BSD OS here ?
22:11:52[BAMF]Vulbecause i love the system, but when that light started going, i was all freaked out
22:11:52Gissehelyou're right it doesn't do it with archos os !
22:11:59MezoI don't manage to mount my archos ...
22:12:02[BAMF]Vullol, thats what had me freaked out
22:12:16[BAMF]Vuli read in my manual that the solid red is an HD error
22:12:21[BAMF]Vulso i didnt think flashing red was good either
22:13:13[BAMF]Vulare there any other OS's for Archos players, or is RockBox just the best
22:13:36GissehelMezo: that's because you don't have any usb slot on your box ;)
22:13:45MezoGissehel: not reallly ;)
22:14:08Mezo port 2 addr 3: self powered, config 1, USB Storage Adapter(0x0031), In-System Design(0x05ab), rev 1.10
22:14:12Gissehelthat's my problem with my linux box in fact ;)
22:14:22GissehelI don't have any usb device on it
22:14:25MezoI have patch kernel too ...
22:14:34Gissehelso.. I use the laptop under windows...
22:14:40MezoI have add the HITACHI hard drive ... (hard drive of archos)
22:14:45Mezobut not work ... ;(
22:15:35Mezoshit ! must going to windows in order to use my archos ...
22:16:36Gissehelbuy another computer
22:16:42Gissehelput it under windows !
22:16:47Gissehelthat what I've done ;)
22:16:55Mezonever ;)
22:17:02Gissehel(well, yes I got the other computer BEFORE the archos ;) )
22:17:03Mezoall my computer are under BSD os ...
22:17:18Gissehelwell I don't especially like windows
22:17:36Mezowell .. I never manage to use it ... ;)
22:17:38Gissehelbut it's nice to be able to use one computer under windows
22:17:47Mezowith me ... it's always crash ...
22:17:58[BAMF]VulHey, one other question, how do you install the daily updates files? or are they not that important unless your having a problem
22:18:17Mezouse your brain !
22:18:18Gissehelyou just have to copy the file !
22:18:39Gisseheldaily updates ? or daily builds ?
22:18:43Mezo * rockbox-daily-20030326.tar.gz (518854 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
22:18:43Mezo* rockbox-daily-20030327.tar.gz (518871 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
22:18:46Mezo0 zeros ...
22:18:47[BAMF]Vuli guess the updates
22:18:50[BAMF]Vulyea those
22:18:51Mezono need to update ...
22:18:54[BAMF]Vulyou just change the name?
22:18:57[BAMF]Vulto archos.mod?
22:19:03Gisseheltwo things :
22:19:09Gisseheleither you rename it
22:19:21Gisseheleither you use "rolo" to boot on it with another name
22:19:45Gissehel(don't know if rolo can be used under standard archos, It works under recorder)
22:19:52LinusN|dinner[BAMF]Vul: the *.tar.gz files are source code archives
22:20:06LinusN|dinnerdownload the firmware files only
22:20:08PsycoXulROLO works under players and recorders both, running rockbox
22:20:28Gissehelok, so you can use rolo
22:20:39Gissehelbut use it with "daily builds"
22:20:51Gissehelnote that daily build may be corrupted
22:21:13[BAMF]Vulso unless i have a problem, just stick with the 1.4 release?
22:21:16LinusN|dinnernot corrupted, but might contain bugs
22:21:28Gissehelwell yes
22:21:34Gissehellike linus says :)
22:21:38[BAMF]Vulok guys
22:21:38LinusN|dinnerthe daily builds have tons of new features you don't want to be without
22:21:53Gissehelunless you have a problem OR you want a feature that isn't in the stable release
22:22:03[BAMF]Vulso just to get this straight, what should i download
22:22:07Gisseheland I think there are a lot of new cool features !
22:22:10[BAMF]Vulwhats it called on the daily release page
22:22:34Gissehel[BAMF]Vul: to sum up :
22:22:35[BAMF]Vuldaily builds page i mean
22:22:41LinusN|dinner"target builds"
22:22:51Gissehel1/ download the stable 1.4 rockbox
22:23:02Gissehel2/ download the build for today (20030401)
22:23:18Gissehel3/ put the stable at the root as archos.mod
22:23:36Gissehel4/ put the 20030401 as archos-20030401.mod at the root
22:23:40Gissehelboot on the stable
22:24:00Gissehelif you want to try the unstable, just execute the file (like you do when you play a song)
22:24:11Gissehelthen, it will boot on the unstable...
22:24:20[BAMF]Vulohh ok
22:24:38LinusN|dinneri would definitely do it the other way, having 1.4 as an alternative
22:25:07GissehelLinusN|dinner: you would, but remember that [BAMF]Vul is stressed by the fact the right light flash ;)
22:25:11[BAMF]Vulso boot off the build and have the 1.4 as like archos-14.mod
22:25:29[BAMF]Vulim not stressed, just making sure it wasnt anything wrong
22:25:34[BAMF]Vulbetter safe than sorry
22:25:35LinusN|dinnerwe want as many people as possible to run the latest builds
22:25:47Gissehel[BAMF]Vul: boot off the one you want to use as every day's one, click on antoher to try another thing...
22:26:16Gissehelnote that you can boot on the archos os with ROLO too
22:26:21[BAMF]Vullast question, then i will leave you alone :) im running the 1.4 right now, and i can hear my HD spin up and down per the 10 second spindown interval, is that a good time, or should it be longer/shorter
22:26:34 Nick LinusN|dinner is now known as LinusN (
22:26:57LinusN[BAMF]Vul: bitrate?
22:27:30[BAMF]Vulthe hard drive just spins down and then after about 30 seconds i hear it restart
22:27:37[BAMF]Vuljust playing songs at random
22:27:56LinusNit should spin down as soon as it has filled the MP3 buffer
22:28:02 Quit Mezo (Remote closed the connection)
22:28:04[BAMF]Vulok thats what i thought
22:28:17[BAMF]Vuland then it restarts after a little bit right
22:28:22LinusNexcept for the first time, where it will wait until the spindown timeout
22:29:12[BAMF]Vulalright thanks guys, im gonna try todays build and see if it works
22:29:20LinusN128kbit/s should spin up about once every 90 secs or so
22:32:03[BAMF]Vulalright cool it works, the daily build worked great too
22:32:33[BAMF]Vuli dont remember if i asked, but the build is only good for the new features added that day, not any of the previous builds right?
22:32:33LinusNhave fun
22:32:45LinusNit contains everything
22:32:48[BAMF]Vuloh it does
22:32:50[BAMF]Vuleven better
22:33:01LinusNit is a daily release candidate for 2.0
22:33:16LinusN(sort of)
22:33:42[BAMF]Vulso if your happy running the build, there is no reason you cant run it as your main boot OS
22:34:07[BAMF]Vulwell good work, this was a really cool idea
22:34:12[BAMF]Vulsorry to ask stupid questions and all
22:36:13adi|workno worries.. LinusN is used to answering stupid questions..
22:36:18adi|workleast he has been since i joined ;)
22:38:07[BAMF]Vuloh, do any of you know where to download the Archos OS 5.08 for the player?
22:38:16[BAMF]Vulall i can ever find on Archos' site is the 5.07a
22:38:40LinusNthat's probably the same thing
22:38:43[BAMF]Vuli have the 5.08 preinstalled on my player, but i would like to have the MOD file in case I want to use it again
22:38:52[BAMF]Vulyou think?
22:39:07[BAMF]Vulthe dates were different on the player, so i just assumed that it was a newer one
22:39:12[BAMF]Vulbut oh well, no big deal
22:39:18LinusNit's just like the recorder, where 1.27 is the latest downloadable, but 1.28 is in ROM
22:39:40LinusNthey never use the same version number for the ROM versions
22:40:11[BAMF]Vuloh ok
22:40:25LinusNfor some reason
22:45:37 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:47:09DJBazwhats up?
22:47:30DJBazwhat u coding?
22:47:45LinusNXing header generation improvements (VBRFix)
22:48:02DJBaznice one
22:48:43DJBazwhen ya have time, an alarm function would be nice :)
22:48:44DJBazbut no hurry
22:49:56DJBazo yeh, do u know how to use a winmodem with linux... perferebly mandrake 9.1?
22:50:04LinusNspeaking of alarm, how would you want to specify which song/playlist to play?
22:50:18LinusNit all depends on the winmodem
22:50:30DJBazkk, like what chipset it uses yeh?
22:50:37GissehelI remember the winmodem FAQ...
22:50:42Gissehelit says something like :
22:50:57Gissehel Are the winmodem supported under linux ?
22:50:57LinusNwinmodems are not modems
22:51:00Gissehel- No !
22:51:09Gissehel Will there be a support one day ?
22:51:11DJBazwell u know :P
22:51:13Gissehel - No !
22:51:21Gissehelthat was the FAQ
22:51:44LinusNsome manufacturers have released binary drivers for their chipset
22:51:59thuthere are some drivers for winmodems iirc
22:52:03DJBazthe alarm, i would like to beable to set the time, then select the playlist to play or song(s)
22:52:08thuI think it was lucent
22:52:19DJBazjust a pain to get them 2 work though
22:52:30DJBazi think ill end up puting linux on ma 400mhz lappy
22:52:46LinusNi almost got my winmodem to work on my Dell
22:52:59LinusNbut i ended up buying a pcmcia modem anyway
22:53:12DJBazit would be easier just to buy a modem :p
22:53:13LinusNthe damn modem hung up on me all the time
22:53:27LinusNno source code
22:53:33LinusNf*ck them!
22:54:20DJBazso about the alarm, my sound selection a good idea?
22:54:44DJBazhow about having an 'alarm' folder, and all it plays is the songs in that folder... that would be lame though
22:55:22Gissehelis there a name that is auto loaded for the .cfg file at boot time ?
22:55:50LinusNor an ON+Play menu option: "Play on alarm"?
22:56:11LinusNGissehel: no
22:56:13DJBazyeh LinusN, thats good
22:56:22LinusNno .cfg file is loaded at boot time
22:56:52Gissehelis there a technical reason for that ? or is it that no one want that ?
22:57:04Gissehelbecause I suppose it would be hard to code...
22:57:17DJBazGissehel technicle reason, LinusN's fingure is up his ass
22:58:31DJBazand another feature... dont know if its been requrested but how about when ya play a song, it gets logged how many times that song has been played so a playlist can be made up automatically with all the songs that are played most withing a giving criteria
22:58:39LinusNGissehel: the reasons are historical
22:59:04elinenbeLinusN: you speak about the receiver on the FM model lik eyou know what is going on... is this foreshadowing?
22:59:04LinusNthe .cfg files are a pretty new feature
22:59:17Gissehelha ok
22:59:29GissehelI try new rockbox from time to time
22:59:38Gissehelso I didn't know if it was new or not
22:59:39LinusNelinenbe: i know which chip it is and i know how it is connected
22:59:48elinenbeLinusN: nice :)
22:59:57elinenbeLinusN: why the 3 hour limit?
22:59:58LinusNbut i haven't had the time to write any code
22:59:59DJBazi never use the archos firmware
23:00:10DJBazbetter with rockbox
23:00:22LinusNelinenbe: the MAS stops counting frames after approx 3 hours
23:00:28DJBazi only used the archos firmware for 3 days... thats when i first got it
23:00:59LinusNit has only 20 bits for the frame counter and it doesn't wrap
23:02:12elinenbecould you implement a wrap counter?
23:03:01Gisseheldon't know if it a requested feature, but one thing that would change rockbox into a god-application would be a file manger with a "commander" like IHM (like {norton,midnight,windows}-commander; with the screen splited in 2 panel in 2 different directory, where you can move, copy, etc...)
23:03:52LinusNelinenbe: no, that's in the DSP
23:03:55DJBazGissehel that would be good, but isnt the lcd 2 small 2 make it effective?
23:04:08LinusNGissehel: write one :-)
23:04:33DJBazLinusN, what distro u using?
23:04:34GissehelLinusN: I was thinging about that ;) but I've too many project in mind :(
23:04:40LinusNDJBaz: red hat
23:04:59LinusNold habit
23:05:17DJBazi need a new distro
23:05:24DJBazive got mandrake 9.1 but im on dialup
23:05:31DJBazill have 2 download it at school
23:06:22HesLinusN: would the counter be in a MAS register, I thought you could (technically speaking) read/write any of them?
23:06:23elinenbeLinusN: is it impossible to get to that info, you couldn't do it externally?
23:06:38Hessaw loads of funny counters in the register debug view when i wrote that
23:07:29elinenbeHes: "funny coutners" are just there for laughs
23:07:38LinusNHes: yes i can, but i'm not sure about when to reset it
23:08:09LinusNi would have to read the register and reset it when it reaches fffff
23:08:44LinusNbut i'm not sure how to make sure that i write it in a "safe" time slot
23:09:21LinusNand i would have to read the damn register really often, making the peak meters look like sh*t
23:09:47elinenbeLinusN: would it have been much easier if it just recorderd in CBR?
23:09:54HesI was thinking of, like, brutally resetting the counter at some not-so-scientifically-determined point in time before it reaches fff...
23:10:06Hesand cleaning up the mess later.
23:10:08LinusNelinenbe: yup, CBR would be nice
23:10:54DJBazgonna install mandrake
23:10:56 Quit DJBaz ()
23:11:16LinusNHes: maybe, but i'm not too fond of messing with the mas like that
23:11:18 Join OnoSendai [0] (
23:12:15Hesi can see why. 8-)
23:12:19LinusNi guess encoding VBR is easier for the DSP
23:13:16elinenbeI think you will figure out a way qround VBRFix −− that seems like such a messy solution currently (from an end user standpoint)
23:13:33OnoSendaiwhen exactly are we supposed to use that? i can't find doco
23:14:00Hesjust my 2 cents before bedtime. Good night!
23:14:01LinusNelinenbe: as long as the recordings are short enough, you don't need VBRFix
23:14:02OnoSendaito fix VBR Xing headers... ?
23:14:08LinusNOnoSendai: yes
23:14:27OnoSendaiso if i use LAME.. then i have no worries right ?
23:14:54LinusNyou normally only worry about the recordings you make with the jukebox
23:15:21OnoSendai: ) thanks
23:23:32elinenbeLinusN: there can never be enough splash()...
23:27:22LinusNsplash() bugs hard when it needs to wrap the text
23:27:29LinusNbut i'll let Daniel fix that
23:32:39 Join Zagor [242] (
23:34:02LinusNhi Zagor
23:36:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:48 Quit edx ()
23:47:11LinusNHes: i just tried, the mas won't let me write to that location
23:51:48Zagorhi LinusN
23:51:58Zagorfound a weird bug in bash
23:52:20Zagor"grep string *" takes a lot longer than "ls | xargs fgrep string"
23:53:20LinusNZagor: i had a great idea today
23:53:27Zagordoom? ;)
23:54:02LinusNi realized that i could make use of the MAS frame counter as long as the recording is shorter than 3 hours
23:54:24Zagoryeah, I saw in the commit. very nice.
23:54:26LinusNthat way i can have a correct frame count in the xing header
23:58:34LinusNsilly MAS

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