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#rockbox log for 2003-04-02

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00:29:59Zagoroff to bed
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00:43:51 Part OnoSendai
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00:49:17BoD[]hellllllllllo :)
00:49:34BoD[]nice april's fool fish :)
00:49:57BoD[]didn't believe it but tried it anyway !
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00:56:09RedLegAnybody awake?
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00:57:15BoD[]i'm awke, but drunk
00:57:27RedLegBetter than nothing....
00:57:44RedLegI have a dardware issue with my Recorder 20, looking for help....
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00:59:19BoD[]dardware ? :)
00:59:45BoD[]what kind of issue
01:00:03RedLegAnyone ever seen "HD register error" + some register info at bootup?
01:00:42BoD[]but my unit has a bug
01:00:44RedLegIt does not spin up the HD (upgraded to a tosh 60gig) and eventually says "Read access error"
01:01:43RedLegI took the HD out and it workee fine on an IDE controller connected to a windoze box
01:02:13RedLegWhat sort of bug does your unit have?
01:02:32BoD[]it reboots
01:02:51BoD[]in a middle of playing a song
01:03:11RedLegDon't play that song? (da-dump)
01:03:13BoD[]sometimes it works fine for a long time, sometimes it reboots several times in a raw
01:03:25BoD[]no it does not depend on the song
01:03:42BoD[]and it occurs also with the original archos firmware
01:03:57RedLegOh.... sounds like hardware....
01:03:59BoD[]the warranty is over so i have to live with it :(
01:04:20BoD[]yes it's hardware but I don't know what :(
01:04:38RedLegI called Archos Tech Support, they suffested formatting the drive and starting over.
01:04:40BoD[]it's really annoying ... booting takes like 10 seconds+
01:05:03BoD[]did you try that ?
01:05:22RedLegNot yet, I don't have an easy way to back up 60 gigs of tunez
01:05:40RedLegDrive is FULL
01:06:15RedLegYeah, waiting for the next gen (120?) with baited breath.....
01:07:03LinusNhow are your batteries?
01:07:46RedLegI've tried three different sets of fully charged 1800mah batteries with no difference.
01:08:30RedLegI put another (smaller) disk back in, and it spins up, so I think the hardware is OK.
01:08:32BoD[]same here ;) original archos green batteries and new 1800 ones... no difference
01:09:01LinusNmaybe the hd needs a little too much current when spinning up?
01:09:10RedLegArchos Tech Support d00d suggested something corrupted a register on (in?) the drive.
01:09:27RedLegWell, it has worked flawlessly for MONTHS, then just quit.
01:09:36RedLegIt draws .7 amps
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01:11:43RedLegI even plugged the disc into my win2k box and ran the diagnostics and error correction/detection stuff
01:11:57RedLegIt ran for 12+ hours, but returned NO errors.
01:12:55RedLegLinusN: Thanks for the hard work, BTW. It ROCKS (pun intended)!
01:13:19BoD[]rockbox rocks my world
01:13:29BoD[]even with a buggy unit :)
01:13:55thucan I delete the rockbox ajz directly from rockbox?
01:14:53LinusNthu: yes
01:17:00LinusNwhy would you want that?
01:17:01RedLegLinusN: Archos Tech Support suggested reformatting the drive. I can think of no reason this would help... You?
01:17:21LinusNi can't think of any reason to do so
01:17:47BoD[]my isp always suggests rebooting the modem and the machine...
01:17:59BoD[]when THEIR mail server is down
01:18:13BoD[]which happens often ;)
01:18:13LinusNRedLeg: is the HD a master or a slave?
01:18:34RedLegLinusN: Unjumpered, so I guess master
01:19:07thuBoD[]: that's good.. makes you feel like it's your fault :)
01:19:10LinusNjust make sure that it isn't cable selected or something
01:20:01RedLegLinusN: I'll check the dox online... back in a sec
01:20:31LinusNyou can check menu->debug->i/o ports, bottom row
01:21:13thuhmm the oscillograph is cool
01:21:25thuit would be neat to integrate it in the main screen
01:21:43RedLegLinusN: Tosh website says no jumpers := master
01:22:37RedLegthu: I agree, would be neat on main screen...
01:22:55RedLegRight now I would like to GET to the main screen....
01:23:11*thu needs to dust off his C
01:23:46thuwhat would I need to know to write an 'app' for the archos?
01:24:18thutechnical details and specific features I mean
01:26:08thulol who was the poor soul who wrote sokoban?
01:26:54RedLegLinusN: I'm leaving to drive home, will be back in an hour or so if you're still up
01:26:55BoD[]and tetris
01:27:00RedLegLinusN: Thanks for the help....
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01:29:47thuhmm.. the cpu runs at 11MHz?
01:30:50BoD[]dont know
01:30:55BoD[]but it's too slow
01:31:06LinusNplayer is 12MHz, recorder is 11.0592MHz
01:31:29thuhehe cool
01:31:38BoD[]i think in the ipod the main proc does everything including mp3 decoding
01:32:07thuthe ipod is eXXXpensive
01:32:15BoD[]very true
01:32:26thubut I see the advantages of such model
01:32:32BoD[]but it's small and good looking and it has a roll thing
01:32:44thuit's not smaller than the archos, is it?
01:32:52BoD[]and they can run linux on it :)
01:32:58BoD[]yes !! smaller !
01:33:29BoD[]yes a special version of linux
01:35:04LinusNi have to go to bed
01:35:07LinusNnite all
01:35:22thui see
01:35:23 Part LinusN
01:35:32thuwhat I don't see is real benefits though
01:35:39thulike rockbox >> firmware
01:35:45thubut linux on ipod kinda sucks imho
01:35:54thunot much you can do with it
01:36:06thuand even mp3 decoding is buggy
01:36:41BoD[]they can do ogg decoding for example ;)
01:36:49BoD[]which you can't do with an archos
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01:37:44thuwell if mp3 decoding is buggy I can only imagine about the ogg
01:38:11thuanyways I'm keeping a close eye on archos
01:38:19thuI just hope they keep up the good work
01:38:19BoD[]rockbox was buggy in the early stages !
01:38:22BoD[]that's normal
01:38:27BoD[]it will improve with time
01:38:40thuyeah but the mp3 decoding is done in hardware
01:38:44thuyou don't have to write it from scratch
01:39:01BoD[]but still :)
01:39:15thubest of luck to the ipod guys :)
01:39:16tracktheripperhi thu and BoD
01:39:21PsycoXulfrom what i heard the ipod can do hardware decoding too, but the linux project started with doing it in software
01:39:22thuhi tracktheripper
01:39:27PsycoXulor something like that
01:39:29tracktheripperhi there
01:39:32tracktheripperwhats up?
01:39:44thulinux on archos
01:39:47tracktheripperDid anyone else get caught out by the Doom april fool gag?
01:40:13thuif my system didn't crap out I would have probably been caught yesterday
01:40:20BoD[]I knew it was a joke, but I tested it anyway :) after reading the posts in the mailing list :)
01:40:23thuas I wasn't in the April mood yet
01:40:31PsycoXuli downloaded the ajz
01:40:35thume too :)
01:40:36PsycoXuland then thought about it
01:40:39PsycoXuland downloaded the source and read it
01:40:53tracktheripperI sent it as a bug report!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:41:08thuhmm this is nice
01:41:20thurockbox doesn't click the hard drive as much when recording
01:41:22tracktheripperafter all it is April Fools day!
01:41:33*thu wants radio on rockbox :(
01:41:53tracktheripperthu do u have an FM recorder?
01:42:06BoD[]ahahahaha :))
01:42:48tracktheripperbet Zagor was pulling his hair out :-)
01:43:17thuwohoo I managed to get rockbox stuck
01:43:46thuI loaded the ajz again and clicked a few buttons
01:43:50thuand dead it was
01:44:12tracktheripperwas that trying to play doom?
01:44:29thunop.. the rockbox ajz
01:44:49thuis it possible to rename a file?
01:45:14thuwhy the weird combination and not a menu?
01:45:24PsycoXulwhat menu?
01:45:32PsycoXulthat brings up a menu
01:45:39thuyeah but I don't wanna push 2 keys
01:45:43thuit's too complicated! :))
01:45:46PsycoXultoo bad
01:45:55PsycoXulthere's no other keys available for it
01:45:58PsycoXulespecialy on the player
01:46:05PsycoXulcombo's are good
01:47:52tracktherippershame the UP arrow cannot be used in the F2 and F3 menus
01:48:11PsycoXulwhy is that
01:48:20tracktheripperask Linus
01:48:37tracktheripperhe rejected my request "Use the UP arrow in the F2 and F3 rapid-fire menus"
01:49:19thuhow do I browse for the next file while playing?
01:49:25PsycoXulpress on
01:49:32thuheh thanks
01:49:38thuare there any docs on this?
01:49:46PsycoXulthe manual :p
01:49:49thuok :P
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01:53:25thuwhat does the 'auto volume' do?
01:53:55tracktheripperkeeps the volume differences constant between songs recorded at different levels
01:54:21thuso why does it have a time interval as a parameter?
01:54:40PsycoXulhow long it takes to adjust the volume
01:55:53 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:56:37 Quit BoD[] ("mbleleop")
01:57:45thuwhat about the peak meter?
01:59:06thuI found something to do
01:59:16thuI'll contribute a Romanian translation
01:59:21thuthere doesn't seem to be one
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03:24:15midknight2k3You there Psyco?
03:25:05midknight2k3Anyone available? I have an issue
03:25:06midknight2k3With rockbox anyways
03:25:13midknight2k3Well it has to do with Doom on the archos recorder
03:25:24midknight2k3It says that I have been fooled - and I lose
03:25:31midknight2k3Is it really just a joke?
03:26:19midknight2k3Or is it because it's April 1 over here?
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03:42:01midknight2k3I want help please please please don't you remember me?
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04:52:11TemfateAnyone know what's broke in the current CVS tree?
04:53:00TemfateI got a compile error; just checking... Anyone else have a problem with it?
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06:03:06jayarg my rockbox is frozen
06:03:15jayanyone here speak english?
06:03:28 Quit jay (Client Quit)
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06:16:07midknight2k3Anyone here?
06:17:18midknight2k3Hello please answer
06:17:43midknight2k3me havo questiono
06:19:50midknight2k3Come on it's not funny
06:19:57midknight2k3Don't you remember me?
06:23:07 Quit midknight2k3 ()
07:18:37thustupid question .. is leaving the archos 'charging' for a whole night bad?
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10:03:26dwihnolanghaar :D
10:03:29dwihnoZag, Bag
10:03:50dwihnoNice work with the Doom stuff :)
10:04:00langhaarrockeroh. Zagor is in 'cool-mode' :)
10:04:19ZagorI 0wZ j000!!!!!
10:04:36dwihnoZagor has been h4x0red!
10:05:27*langhaarrocker failed descrambling that.
10:05:35 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:06:03quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i'm going to see apocalyptica this summer
10:07:16langhaarrockerdo that. It was one of the most joyful concert experiences I had (when being part of the audience)
10:08:38quelsarukwell, after them, plays blind guardian. I don't know which experience i will like more :)
10:09:10langhaarrockerafter apocalyptica you might need deaf guardian. :)
10:10:32ZagorBagder: did you include USB detection to the doom code?
10:10:55BagderI don't think it even will continue beyond the initial splash
10:11:06dwihnoBagder: splash()? :D
10:11:31Bagdersplash() yes ;-)
10:11:33Zagorthat could be why the guy in the yahoo group has problems. he needs to boot with the cable connected. I'll reply.
10:11:54Bagderright, it doesn't detect USB while showing the splash
10:12:02BagderI wonder if we should add that
10:12:06Bagdergenerally I mean
10:12:35Bagderlet's split splash into two functions first, one that displays and one that waits for keys etc
10:12:46Zagorthe slash should exit with a usb return code on connect, I think
10:12:50dwihno:D:D :D
10:12:54Zagorright. the second needs to detect.
10:15:43langhaarrockerwow Linus went berzerk last night! :)
10:17:10langhaarrockera whole bunch of commits
10:23:43Zagorcheck out this new product:
10:24:12Zagorwoohoo, no more annoying analog audio out ;)
10:26:58langhaarrocker0-Bit DAC! Lol.
10:32:47thuthat's too big
10:32:56thuthey should have a smaller sink if they expect people to use it
10:33:54langhaarrockerI assume they couldn't do that without active cooling - which would make noise - which spoils the idea of the audio sink.
10:34:51Zagorah you mean the AudioSink® technology? ;)
10:34:56langhaarrockeryes business adapter has a nice pic :)
10:39:42 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:39:48langhaarrockerstrange. That magazine already had it's april fool. They claimed to use notebook harddrives as navigation sensor
10:43:16 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
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10:43:49tracktheripperstupid AOL
10:44:58tracktherippermorning Quel
10:46:40 Join yoldTAF [0] (
10:47:20tracktheripperhi Badger
10:47:28tracktheripperi got caught by your Doom april fools gag!
10:47:43dwihnoyou did? :)
10:47:58tracktheripperwell I got revenge by filing it as a bug report :)
10:48:13dwihnoapril april din dumma sill, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill! :D :D :D
10:49:20yoldTAFthx everybody for rockbox, it's really a very good job
10:49:22yoldTAFi love it !
10:49:46dwihnoyou don't think the interface is badly constructed?
10:49:46langhaarrockerdwihno: April April your silliness herring , self able deceive yourself vart I will?
10:49:51tracktherippergood :)
10:50:28BagderRockbox plainly rocks ;-)
10:51:10tracktheripperJoquam has the best interface :-)
10:53:09tracktheripperok so if rockbox is so much better why dont archos provide it as standard wiv their jukeboxes?
10:53:24Bagderask them
10:54:11langhaarrockerthey didn't pay for it, I assume :)
10:54:22tracktheripperwell rockibox is free anywayy
10:55:43dwihnothe only good thing about Joaquim's interface is the inverted cursor
10:56:03tracktheripperand the sliders
10:57:40dwihnoI would prefer the sliders on that cygwin sdk site
10:57:58dwihnoIf I wasn't so damn lazy, I would have done them already.
10:58:09dwihnoBut first: inverted cursor ;)
10:58:39adi|homedwihno: for what its worth.. ill be hacking sliders as soon as 2.0 is out...
10:58:56adi|homei have a rudimentary version working now... but not usable at all...
10:59:06tracktheripperDwihno when do u think ur inverted line will be done?
10:59:10tracktheripperhi Adimas :)
10:59:54adi|hometracktheripper: as for your question as to why archos doesn't use rockbox i can give you several reasons.. care for me to list?
11:00:05tracktheripperyea plz :-)
11:00:33dwihnotracktheripper: hmm, before 2.0, I hope ;)
11:00:42adi|homeokay, first off... Rockbox hasn't been fully functional until recentluy
11:00:59dwihnoadi|home: they look like the ones on that sdk site?
11:01:02adi|hometough sell to get 1.4 on the recorders w/o the ability to record...
11:01:15adi|homedwihno: what sdk site?
11:02:14adi|home2. archos whould have to make a decision to send out a firmware (ours) that is changing rapidly, and was really ready for prime time...
11:02:30adi|homethink of the bugs that have been squashed since 1.4
11:02:36adi|homeand finally, the main reason..
11:02:47dwihnoadi|home: doom? );
11:02:59dwihnoadi|home: somewhere
11:03:28adi|homehow do they sell the idea to their investors? namely "we are going with this free software written by random ppl for our players and recorders, but we still need our own programmers for the fm units and the multimedia units."
11:03:50adi|homeyeah.. that the one im going for...
11:04:04tracktheripperthey look great Adidmas
11:04:36adi|homethose arent my screenshots ;)
11:04:46adi|homethose are the artitsts rendering of what he wants :)
11:05:15adi|homebut are those reasons good enough :)
11:05:38tracktheripperthey still look great though
11:05:40adi|homedont get me wrong.. i _love_ our little baby here..
11:06:27Hesthey'd have to cripple the recording code too, rockbox's code doesn't include support for the S/Pdif copyright/copy bit crap.
11:06:33Heswhich is good, and right.
11:07:25tracktheripperAdimas will version 2.0 have an ID3 tag editor as well?
11:07:32adi|homenow.. i _could_ see archos linking to rockbox as an alternative... esp when they are no longer supporting their units..
11:07:47adi|hometracktheripper: i oughta hit you :)
11:08:15tracktheripperit was a simple question Adidmas ;-)
11:08:15adi|homesure it could, but i think the lads want that as a 2.1 feature
11:08:21adi|homeand im not hacking it :)
11:08:33adi|homei only fool with what i might actually use ;)
11:08:40tracktheripperwell I have a version that has an ID3 tag editor in it C/O Quelsaruk
11:08:45adi|homethe slider thing is something ive wanted for a while ;)
11:09:50adi|homeokay.. nappy-poo sleepy coma time :)
11:15:30dwihnoadi|home: it will rock, jaa
11:15:38dwihnorick, jaa daa!
11:18:30tracktheripperdwihno will ur inverted line work wiv all the fonts?
11:18:40dwihnotracktheripper: well of course
11:18:56dwihnotracktheripper: otherwise Zagor would kick my ass :(
11:19:04Bagderright, and joaquim's approach doesn't
11:19:38tracktheripperyea Joquams line doesn't work with all the fonts
11:19:47tracktheripperZagor has kicked mine so many times :-)
11:19:49Bagderit uses 8 pixels fixed
11:23:16tracktheripperdwinhno u never stop smiling :)
11:26:09dwihnoOf course
11:26:15dwihnoI'm a happy person ^_^
11:26:42dwihnoAlthough I'm having a bad day today
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11:40:24 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:42:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:15:18 Join ciphergoth [0] (
12:15:38ciphergothshouldn't someone update that Doom page now it's April 2?
12:16:32langhaarrockerproposal: replace the fake with a real doom!
12:18:13ciphergotha friend suggested that some sort of basic 3D monster maze should be possible...
12:18:43langhaarrockergood old netmaze
12:19:38ciphergothLooking at photos of a jukebox player... what's the "off" button?
12:20:00ciphergothah, thanks...
12:20:29ciphergothThinking about this because the Rockbox UI seems weird to me at the moment...
12:20:41ciphergothI was wondering if that was because it tried to be consistent across players and recorders
12:21:29ciphergothbtw, I meant to say, thanks to you two for your help the other day: 40GB drive fitted and works!
12:22:53ciphergothZagor: is that stop==off wired into the hardware BTW?
12:23:49ciphergothDoes that disk have the same up-down-in-out meaning in the directory browser on the Player?
12:25:38Zagorno, they use left/right (+/-) to navigate next/prev
12:26:06ciphergothaargh! And up = enter directory, down = leave directory? How counterintuitive!
12:26:31ciphergothI very nearly bought a player, and only bought a recorder in a moment of frivolity. Very glad I did now!
12:28:53ciphergothOK, so if I wrote a proposal on how the Recorder UI could be made easier and more consistent, I wouldn't have to think about the Player at all?
12:36:26Zagorciphergoth: you should include the player too. at least enough to not make them differ too much.
12:38:09ciphergothZagor: OK. Are there any other hardwired bindings?
12:40:43 Quit Bagder ("")
12:48:08Zagorciphergoth: in the photos you can see that the player buttons are marked "play" "stop", "+" and "-"
12:48:25Zagorso those can't really be changed
12:48:50dwihnoFa la la
12:48:52dwihnoLet's sing!
12:48:54dwihnoSing along kids!
12:49:09dwihnoI am a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day ...
12:50:08matslHe's a lumberjack ...
12:56:03yoldTAFis the language file running on archos recorder ?
13:01:50ciphergothZagor: noted
13:02:19*ciphergoth notes that dwihno has achieved a level of music compression that ogg can only dream of
13:15:54*ciphergoth gets the X11 UI simulator working. Rah!
13:16:29dwihnociphergoth: on windows?
13:16:49ciphergothdwihno: you're about to go "d'oh!"
13:16:56ciphergothdwihno: on X11!
13:17:01dwihnomore like "boo" :)
13:17:23ciphergothI fart in the general direction of your weeendows!
13:18:39ciphergothI've been thinking about how to make Rockbox easier to use, so with this I could code up some ideas...
13:22:25dwihnoIt IS easy to use
13:24:23ciphergothI think it could be more consistent.
13:24:32 Nick ciphergoth is now known as ciphergoth|afk (
13:31:35ciphergoth|afkeg I like the suggestion in the feature requests that a single button cycle through all screens
13:31:39 Nick ciphergoth|afk is now known as ciphergoth (
13:32:46langhaarrockernot good for those who want to control the thing blindly in a pocket while motorcycling.
13:34:21ciphergothlanghaarrocker: how much can you expect to be able to do under such circumstances?
13:34:43ciphergothadjust volume, start, stop, that's about it surely?
13:36:24langhaarrockerWell cycling through screens isn't an idea that bad. But I think we maybe should try a design where the ui reverts to a standard screen after some time of user-inactivity.
13:36:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:37:16langhaarrockerAnd then there's that monster that I try to tame without success: user bindable keys.
13:37:43ciphergothlanghaarrocker: I'm wary of such designs; the revert always seems to happen to me just when I'm about to press a key
13:38:23ciphergothWhen you say "user bindable", do you mean that the user should be able to change the bindings while on the move, or that there should be a config file format?
13:38:50langhaarrockerconfig file
13:38:50langhaarrockerI am convinced that there won't be a way around serveral ui disigns in the long run. User requirements differ to much.
13:39:22langhaarrockerbindable keys are one step. The next would be user definable (quick-screen) menus.
13:39:29ciphergothlanghaarrocker: you could be right. What different sorts of users are you thinking of?
13:40:05ciphergothMy current thinking is that all functions can be accessed using only the on, up, down, left, right keys
13:40:08ciphergothand all other keys are shortcuts
13:40:16langhaarrockermusicians: want to record with one press
13:40:16langhaarrockerroad users: want to control blindly
13:40:16langhaarrockerhome users: want much info on screen
13:40:27ciphergothgood examples
13:40:50*ciphergoth experiences the joy of random play through three different people's music collections
13:41:19langhaarrockercar users: want litttle info in BIG letters
13:41:44ciphergothMaybe something where the main five keys always do the same things, but the other keys are rebindable shortcuts?
13:42:11Zagorhow can they do the same thing in browser and wps?
13:42:22ciphergotheg motorcycle user binds the three recorder function keys to pause/resume, volume down, volume up
13:43:00Zagorwell those already have dedicated keys :-)
13:43:01langhaarrockerI think in key schemes. The box has states in each of which is assigned to a key scheme where each button is assigned to a function. Pressing a button may change the state.
13:43:03ciphergothZagor: I mean that their functions aren't designed to be rebound, not that they do the same in all keys
13:43:30ciphergothZagor: not so, in the directory browser there's no direct way to do any of those things.
13:44:32langhaarrockerI've done a lot of code for that already. It's just that this monster is too big for me to tame alone. I'll need help and I lack of time extremely lately. Especially when the wether is so fine that all my time is consumed by paragliding :)
13:44:53langhaarrockerBrowser mode and wps would just be different states -> different key schemes.
13:45:27Zagorciphergoth: nor in tetris, or the text viewer, or the recording screen...
13:46:45ciphergothI'd forgotten about the text viewer and recording screen. God, there's a lot of states!
13:47:14Zagorand there will be more. we'll add loadable modules soon...
13:47:38ciphergothZagor: wow. Real dynamically linking code? wow.
13:47:48Zagorthis is not just an mp3 player any more, it's a lot more. we shouldn't treat it as a dumb device
13:47:54ciphergothHow does that square with the "never dynamically allocate" thing?
13:47:56Zagorciphergoth: yeah
13:48:12Zagorplugins can only be a fixed maximum size
13:49:41langhaarrockerZagor: don't do the modules stuff too soon, please. I don't have the ressources for that mp3 splitter now. :)
13:49:55ciphergothlanghaarrocker: ?
13:50:38langhaarrockerI started implementing an mp3 split editor about half a year ago. This is to become a loadable module - which is a good excuse why I haven't finished it yet.
13:50:51ciphergoth"split editor"?
13:51:07ciphergothYou mean something to control playing only portions of MP3 files?
13:51:28langhaarrockerImagine you record a show live and on the way back in the bus you can split the one big large 3 hours file according to the songs.
13:51:53langhaarrockerWith the use of a graphical interface similar to mpdirectcut.
13:52:49ciphergothlanghaarrocker: very neat
13:52:57ciphergothlanghaarrocker: but aren't some jobs better done on a home PC?
13:53:57langhaarrockeryes and no. A device that can record mp3 just _must_ have tools for split / join / id3 tags.
13:53:59ciphergothIncidentally I assume that Tetris etc will become loadable modules
13:54:15langhaarrockerall games and demos should be modules.
13:54:24ciphergothshould save memory
13:54:46ciphergothDoes the current CVS include the cooperative threading stuff I read about?
13:55:40langhaarrockerDidn't that exist even before rockbox could playback? :)
13:56:12Zagoryes. we've had it since very early.
13:56:59ciphergothah, I assumed that meeting was more recent than it was...
13:57:16 Join Bagder [241] (
13:57:29ciphergothhmm, playlist editor modules...
13:58:15langhaarrockeroccasionally discussions pop up again because someone thinks it might be a good idea to have scheduled multithreading and so on.
13:58:25ciphergothlanghaarrocker: to what end?
13:58:40langhaarrockerleave it as it is. "Keep it simple"
13:59:05ciphergothlanghaarrocker: sounds right, I can't imagine why you'd want a real multitasker
13:59:23Zagorthe purpose of the timeslice discussion was to make more efficient powersaving. but in the end the current powersave code is deemed good enough
13:59:25langhaarrockerIt would be nice to have priorities.
13:59:49Zagorwhy? you want to run rc5 in the background? ;)
13:59:58ciphergothlanghaarrocker: is it strict round robin at the moment?
14:00:05Bagderyay rc5-for-rockbox ;-)
14:00:26ciphergothIs there a new RC5 cracking contest already?
14:00:30Bagderoh yes
14:00:34Bagderbeen going on for months
14:01:00Bagderonly some 600000 days left now
14:01:16langhaarrockerI'm a windows user. What the &§/$" is RC5?
14:01:34Bagderlanghaarrocker: RC5 is an encryption algo
14:01:34ciphergothRC5 is a cipher designed by Ron Rivest
14:01:46ciphergothwith an adjustable key size
14:01:54Bagderhey, join team Haxx! ;-)
14:02:17ciphergothRSA Inc sponsor contests to break the cipher by brute force at just-about-plausible key sizes
14:02:28ciphergothhuge distributed efforts go into attacking the cipher
14:02:48ciphergothas a result, we get a good idea of what sort of key size is needed for security.
14:03:02Schnueffits just a non-trivial way to waste energy
14:03:06langhaarrockerWhy encrypt things when we can turn of scsm? :)
14:03:08ciphergothAt the moment the usual estimate of 80 bits still seems roughly OK
14:03:37langhaarrockerserial copy management system: used by spdif for copy protection.
14:03:55*langhaarrocker can't type
14:04:33ciphergothSchnueff: the contests do do some good. But the factoring contests seem more important to me
14:05:42Bagderit was a while since the rsa429
14:07:18ciphergothRSA512 was broken in 1999
14:07:40Schnueffit would be good if the results of a distributed computing effort would stand in a relation to the energy used for it
14:08:09Schnueffbut its hard to judge this
14:08:15langhaarrockerThat's just a point of view
14:08:42Schnueffyeah, i didnt declare it as the absolute truth :)
14:09:07langhaarrockerI'm convinced that the average joe considers programming rockbox as a complete waste of time, too.
14:09:36Schnuefftime != energy
14:10:07langhaarrockerhm. Do I need more time/energy or more energy/time?
14:10:38ciphergothanyway, got to go eat, see y'all, and thanks once again for your help!
14:11:13 Quit ciphergoth ("I am considering getting a life")
14:12:27langhaarrockerwhat is ata the abbreviation for?
14:12:49Schnueff {Advanced Technology Attachment}
14:13:20langhaarrockerInteresting name for a hd interface.
14:13:42Schnueffyeah but seems to be right
14:14:21langhaarrockerFrom the words I'd have assumed some mime improvement.
14:14:52Schnueff {Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions}
14:15:12quelsarukSchnueff is our pocket translator ;)
14:15:23Bagderthat's useful ;-)
14:15:29langhaarrockerPocket = Hosentasche
14:15:32Schnueffbtw, quelsaruk, what did u translate crossfader to?
14:15:45>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
14:15:46quelsarukcrossfader == crossfader
14:15:58Schnueffspanish is easy
14:15:58>>>"expadd ATA=Short for "Advanced Technology Attachment"." by Bagder (
14:16:07quelsarukelevacion y disminucion progrseiva del volumen en mitad de algo
14:16:25Zagorinterestingly, the ATA spec never spells out the AT part. it always talks about "AT Attachment"
14:16:27quelsaruki think spanish is as short as english ;)
14:16:58SchnueffAT maybe comes from IBM PC AT
14:17:01yoldTAFi have a little pb when i try to change laguage drom my archos recorder
14:17:17langhaarrockerZagor: they probably would have mentioned it if they didn't forget what it's for. They don't have a Schnueff.
14:17:33yoldTAFi "play" the .lng but nothing change
14:17:38#>>"explain ATA for us!" by Bagder (
14:17:45*Bagder grins
14:18:10Bagderuh, ok, I admit, I cheated I added that just now ;-)
14:18:15langhaarrockerhow do you ask logbot things?
14:18:22quelsarukBagder: you should say "Schnueff explain ATA for us!"
14:18:46Bagderlanghaarrocker: you need to have an "account" on it with a high enough status level
14:18:47quelsarukyoldTAF: nothing? that's strange
14:19:00langhaarrockerBagder: :(
14:19:00dwihnologbot explain snafu for Bagder
14:19:16>>>"cmd useradd" by Bagder (
14:19:26>>>"help useradd" by Bagder (
14:19:31yoldTAFperhaps the file wasn't successfull tranfered on the archos
14:19:38yoldTAFi will try again
14:20:06quelsarukyou must see a small windoze saying "new language" in your language :)
14:20:26>>>"useradd langhaarrocker 20" by Bagder (
14:20:28quelsarukbut we don't have yet a usb mouse to close that window :P
14:21:17>>>"ey" by langhaarrocker (
14:21:27>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:21:53>>>"-logbot- explain ata" by langhaarrocker (
14:22:43>>>"-logbot- CMD explain ata" by langhaarrocker (
14:22:52>>>"explain ata" by langhaarrocker (
14:23:02quelsarukBagder: you should change the topic, no?
14:23:31Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:23:39langhaarrockerfunny: logbot speaks with me!
14:24:21quelsarukdoes he speak?
14:24:23Topic"Rockbox - improves your Archos" by Bagder (
14:24:36>>>"useradd quelsaruk 20" by Bagder (
14:24:56langhaarrockerquelsaruk: only when asked.
14:25:00>>>"CMD" by quelsaruk (
14:25:27quelsarukthat's a good point of view
14:25:29>>>"help" by langhaarrocker (
14:25:49>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:26:05>>>"help kicklist" by langhaarrocker (
14:26:29quelsaruklanghaarrocker: that's a big honour ;)
14:27:25>>>"help newpass" by quelsaruk (
14:27:37langhaarrockerHe even seems to be capable to answer in different words then: "Määähhhh!"
14:27:48>>>"help pass" by quelsaruk (
14:27:59>>>"pass" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
14:28:15>>>"kicklist" by langhaarrocker (
14:28:26>>>"newpass" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
14:30:45>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:32:48 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:32:51quel|lunchu l8r
14:34:01yoldTAFthere is a mistake on francais.lng with
14:34:20yoldTAFloudness: opimisation des basses ==> optimisation des basses
14:34:24yoldTAFthe "p" is missing ;)
14:34:28ZagoryoldTAF: is it still present in daily builds?
14:34:48yoldTAFperhaps cvs resolv that
14:35:00yoldTAFyour work is really perfect
14:35:17langhaarrockerok. Then we can stop and freeze the project.
14:35:21yoldTAFi juste prevent you for this little spell checking on stable version ;)
14:38:43ZagoryoldTAF: check here to see if it's fixed:
14:39:18yoldTAFok :)
14:40:01yoldTAFyes it fixed ;)
14:52:45BagderI modified the doom page now
15:17:28langhaarrockerdoom still doesn't work.
15:17:43Zagorit doesn't?
15:18:25langhaarrockerno. It just turns on the red led, music stops and the ui is inactive.
15:18:37Zagorah, that's intentional
15:18:44Zagorto protect you from RSI
15:19:13Zagoryou may think you don't need it, but Rockbox knows better
15:19:20ZagorIt's For Your Own Good
15:19:59BagderRPYFY - Rockbox Protects You From Yourself
15:20:37langhaarrockerAnd I thought you should make the monsters smaller. When they burst out in a stompede the rockbox rocks to much which shakes the hd -> red led death.
15:24:39langhaarrocker(-sarcasm on-) what about an iraq level (-sarcasm off-)
15:37:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:15Nomad__morning all
16:14:20 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:15:04quelsarukhave i read something about protecting me from myself?
16:15:07quelsarukis that possible?
16:15:18langhaarrockeruse a goat :)
16:15:51quelsarukthat helps only with archos and computers, not with me :(
16:35:19 Join OnoSendai [0] (
16:35:36OnoSendaiyo : )
16:37:49 Quit TotMacher ()
16:42:10 Join edx [0] (
16:42:25quelsarukhi OnoSendai, edx :)
16:42:39OnoSendai: ) how goes it?
16:44:13 Quit edx (Client Quit)
16:47:49 Join edx [0] (
16:52:34 Part mbr
16:57:20 Part Zagor
16:57:52 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:01:33 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:03:11 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:07:22 Part Zagor_
17:08:00 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:10:06 Part OnoSendai
17:31:07 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:32:38TBoyalot of people fell for the doom trick
17:33:21quel|outwhich is the difference between stereo narrow and stereo wide?
17:33:54quel|out(in spanish we don't have that kind of "gay" definitions) ;)
17:34:40 Part Zagor_
17:37:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:40:43 Part yoldTAF ("Client Exiting")
17:42:47quel|outdwihno: any idea?
17:42:58quel|outedx? elinenbe? anyone alive?
17:43:46dwihnoquel|out: which what who where?
17:45:43quel|outi need to translate stereo narrow and stereo wide, but in spanish we don't have that kind of definitions :(
17:45:52dwihnoretards ;)
17:46:00dwihno<−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−- wide −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−->
17:46:03dwihno<- narrow ->
17:46:10quel|outi know that :P
17:46:43dwihnoI've missed two bytes out of 96, so I need to read that hex dump again *paahÄ
17:47:06quel|outnow i understand why our empire went just to germany.... swedish are too, ummmhh... paranoic ;)
17:47:21Schnueffhex dump reading?
17:47:38quel|outdwihno: estereo amplio sounds... really gay in spanish :(
17:47:56SchnueffTVs and such could have such a setting too
17:48:46quel|outi'm poor, i only have stereo on my tv
17:49:07quel|outno 5.1 or 6.1 :)
17:55:49quel|outwell.. i've translated all english.lang to spanish. People's gonna kill me for my translations.
17:56:07 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:06:16 Quit quel|out (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:07:13 Join quelsaruk [20] (
18:07:46 Join DJBaz [0] (
18:17:28 Quit DJBaz ()
18:30:55 Join Zagor [242] (
18:31:18 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
18:41:59quelsarukhi zagor
18:57:55quelsarukcould you repair a mess i've done in sourceforge??
18:58:13quelsaruki'm a dissaster, i know
18:58:51quelsarukthere are 2 espanol.lang ver. 15. patches
18:59:02quelsarukand only one of them has an atached file
18:59:19quelsaruki did it only once
18:59:21quelsaruki swear
19:01:09*quelsaruk fears zagor's response
19:01:30Zagorcan't you remove your own patch?
19:01:49ZagorI don't know what people can or cannot do, since I can do everything :-)
19:01:53quelsaruki don't think so
19:02:00quelsaruki've tried once
19:02:07Zagorok. i'll fix it, don't worry
19:02:16quelsarukthx :)
19:02:34*quelsaruk can breath again
19:02:55 Join mbr [0] (
19:11:38 Join Kelt [0] (
19:12:22Keltis it a forum about Archos mp3 players ?
19:13:18quelsarukum... this channel? or are you asking if there is a forum about archos mp3 players??
19:13:52Keltyes sorry I mean is this a channel about Archos mp3 player ?
19:15:22quelsarukis about rockbox, an alternative firmware for archos mp3 players, and of course you can ask anything about archos mp3 player :)
19:15:30quelsarukmaybe someone can answer you
19:16:33KeltI have a Archos Judebox Multimedia 20 and I broke the little light tube used for the backlight system I would like to know if I can find that coponent ?
19:17:30quelsaruki dunno
19:17:39quelsaruki just have a jukebox recorder
19:18:01KeltI think it is the same back light system
19:18:35Keltdo u know a forum where I could ask for that ?
19:18:39quelsarukhave you asked archos??
19:18:50Keltyes I asked them
19:19:17Keltand they ssaid me that I have to send my player back and pay the repairing
19:19:26quelsaruknormally here are some hardware gurus, but i don't know if you can find spare components and if replacing that led is easy or difficult :(
19:19:47KeltI know taht replacing that led is easy
19:20:06KeltI just need to find where to buy it
19:20:58quelsaruki can only imagin in some kind of electronic compounds shop
19:21:19quelsaruki know that you can change the leds on the mobiles, so....
19:21:30quelsarukgood luck :)
19:22:51Keltok thx
19:34:19 Join fred84752 [0] (
19:34:22fred84752hi guys
19:34:54fred84752Does anyone know the key strokes for activating the hold function? I am using the latest bleeding edge firmware
19:36:55quelsarukit was ON+Down
19:37:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:37:08quelsaruki think
19:37:56fred84752It always goes to the "pitch" function
19:38:22fred84752if I press on+down
19:39:40quelsarukF1+down then??
19:39:52fred84752Hey, thats it
19:39:54fred84752thanks man
19:41:47 Join adam [0] (
19:41:50 Quit fred84752 ()
19:42:10adam'improves' is a bit of a misnomer
19:42:36adammore like, 'sanctifies', or 'cleanses' of the sin of crappy firmware
19:43:54quelsarukSchnueff: what did ATA mean?
19:44:02quelsaruk(so i don't have to ask logbot)
19:45:20adamADvanced Tech Attachment, IIRC
19:45:40adamyet another name for IDE
19:45:49quelsarukthx adam :)
19:46:26adamI want Serial ATA, personally
19:46:48adamin my next box, sure :p
19:46:48quelsarukSata-150 ?
19:46:57adamnot specifically for speed
19:47:00adambut speed is an issue
19:47:04adamreally, more for cleanliness of case
19:47:14adamget alot more crammed in there
19:47:23quelsaruki suppose so
20:00:13ZagorKelt: the backlight is different for the multimedia. most of us here just have the mp3 players.
20:01:11quelsarukZagor: for the features comparison chart
20:01:27quelsarukarchos has only german, english and french
20:01:30quelsaruk3 languages
20:02:01quelsarukeven when they say that they support spanish and portuguese
20:34:01PsycoXul"You should sell goats."
20:34:12*PsycoXul wonders if some particular person in here posted that on thinkgeek's feedback
20:35:37 Quit Bagder ("")
20:37:06 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:43:46adamPsycoXul - feedback for?
20:44:08PsycoXuluh thinkgeek
20:44:18adamheh, I was thinking some specific product
20:44:42PsycoXuli don't think they have per-product feedback
20:58:32 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
20:59:13 Quit Kelt ("Leaving")
21:37:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:47:52 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:05 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:14:48TBoywhat build should "one" pick if he had a FM with 8MB
22:17:02TBoywell nevermind don't have one anyway
22:17:24 Quit TBoy ()
22:23:30 Join GissXC [0] (
22:25:41 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:32:07 Quit Gissehel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:37:49 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
22:41:35 Join bmidy [0] (
22:41:37bmidyhi all
22:42:13bmidyis there some news about the bookmark patch ? will it be included in the 2.0 , and when will be releaqsesd the 20
22:42:16bmidyis there some news about the bookmark patch ? will it be included in the 2.0 , and when will be releaqsesd the 2.0
22:42:23bmidythanks for your answer
22:42:51PsycoXulprobably not, and no idea?
22:43:15bmidyPsycoXul: why not ?
22:43:40PsycoXulcause it's been feature-frozen for 2.0 for a while now afaik
22:44:00PsycoXulwhich means no new major new features going into the cvs untill after 2.0
22:44:27PsycoXulgod 4x burning is slow... heh
22:54:25 Quit bmidy ()
23:16:23 Join josh966 [0] (
23:37:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:59*adam reads a Baudillard essay
23:47:07adamrillard, my bad

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