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#rockbox log for 2003-04-06

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00:19:10LouNYC25anyone have any good wps?
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05:15:15RedLegAnybody awake?
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08:36:14*adam is amused by other competing jukeboxes to the recorder FM
08:36:19adamthe Zen is the worst, by far :P
08:36:27adamNon-replacable LiIon battery1
08:36:34adamWOW, use it for a year, and throw it away?
08:37:15adamDon't know how the iPod compares to it
08:37:23adamhopefully you can manually replace the battery
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08:46:41thuhow can I queue a song after the current one?
08:46:47thuor build a playlist on the fly?
08:46:56adamuh, you can do that?
08:47:02thuheh I surely hope so
08:47:14thuI used to like this in the firmware
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10:39:43Scheedoes anyone know how I can improve the usb connection of my FM recorder ? (so that it is not always connecting and disconnecting)
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11:08:04*adam contemplates returning his FM recorder
11:08:12adamI could easily order a Multimedia Jukebox online :P
11:08:18adamfor the same price I bought the FM recorder
11:09:17Scheewell the multimedia doesn't interest me
11:09:28Scheeand it doens't have Rockbox !
11:09:30adamit does *more*
11:10:28adamI like the TV-out capability
11:13:47Scheewhy did they put a small usb port on the device ??
11:15:27adambecause it's smaller.
11:15:31Scheeat least disconnections and reconnections make music : dum dudum ding dududum dingding dum
11:15:50adamthe original one took up alot of space compared to the smaller one
11:16:02adamand mine seems to work better than the old studio 20 did anyways
11:16:23Scheebut the Player didnt have all these problems
11:16:29Scheewell MY player, at least
11:16:49*adam still wants the badass multimedia juke
11:18:41adamasides from the obvious screen differences, I'd actually be willing to use the video function on my old TV :P
11:18:43Scheedidum dududum
11:19:39Scheehmm I don't think I would use the multimedia functions of the JMM
11:19:44Scheeif I had one
11:20:21adamit's more portable than a DVD player
11:20:26adamand I've already got tons of movies :P
11:21:22ScheeI don't have a dvd player and I don't have a broadband connection so...
11:23:25adamThat's pretty depressing :p
11:24:56Scheewell next year I should move to a city where there is cable, or dsl
11:25:03Scheebut for now, only 56K
11:25:03*adam shrugs
11:25:08adamI've been really impressed by it
11:25:12adamI messed with one today
11:25:35adamthe only things I've heard against it involved either cost or battery life
11:25:40adamthe cost isn't too bad
11:25:48adamand the battery life isn't a huge problem, since I'm always near an AC adapter :P
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11:52:48adamwow, this network blows. :p
11:52:48adamnot quite EFnet, but it has issues sometimes
11:52:48Scheehmm I think I should reboot : "not enouh memory to run the programm" (notepad !)
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12:23:26tracktheripperhi DJbaz
12:24:28*DJBaz im off to wash ma hair bbiab
12:24:52*DJBaz is away: washing hair
12:47:43*DJBaz is back (gone 00:22:44)
12:49:37*DJBaz is installing mandrake 9.1 on his lappy
13:02:05tracktheripperlol its quite in here
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22:22:42OnoSendaiso.. if we record over 3 hours... everything is fine.. we just need to run VBRfix right?
22:22:53OnoSendaibut under 3 hours doesn't require VBRfix anymore?
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22:26:47LinusNOnoSendai: vbrfix may still do good
22:26:54LinusNeven with < 3hr files
22:27:24OnoSendaiwow... are you omniprescient ?
22:27:55OnoSendaii read your changelogs for the past couple of days... was wondering if things had changed drastically
22:27:56LinusNthe TOC is not present in the recorded files
22:28:06LinusNvbrfix adds the toc
22:28:12OnoSendai: )
22:28:33OnoSendaias always... keep up the good work LinusN
22:28:41LinusNyou're welcome
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22:52:05thuquick question −− is it possible to queue a song after the current one?
22:52:12thuor make a playlist on the fly?
22:52:27OnoSendaiyou can queue one by
22:52:29OnoSendaiplaying a song
22:52:35OnoSendaihitting ON to browse
22:52:40OnoSendaifinding song
22:52:57OnoSendaithen F1 - Play
22:53:02OnoSendaiselect queue in the menu
22:53:11OnoSendaino.. that's mute..
22:53:14OnoSendaijust a sec
22:53:30OnoSendai: )
22:53:48LinusNthu: playlist making is not yet possible
22:54:02thutoo bad :(
22:54:06thuthat was a nifty feature
22:54:13OnoSendaii noticed someone posted a question on the ability to queue more than one track.. is that possible?
22:54:26OnoSendaii believe it was in regards to dumping the queue's to a playlist
22:54:27LinusN100 tracks is the limit today, methinks
22:54:49LinusNyou can rename the queue file
22:55:23OnoSendaiwill queue work with resume ?
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22:58:21OnoSendaiLinusN... what's your cfg look like ?
22:58:42LinusNwhat do you want to know?
22:59:16OnoSendaifirst... to see how yours is setup.. you know almost everything... i'm sure there is stuff in there that i wouldn't even think of..
22:59:38OnoSendaisecond.. to see if there is a way to auto-execute a mp3 on boot...
22:59:40 Quit DJBaz ("im off cya")
22:59:54LinusNi think use the default, more or less
23:00:17LinusNthere is no way of auto-playing an mp3 at reboot, except for the resume of course
23:01:09OnoSendaii was thinking some type of levels test mp3 ... like a tone generator for setting levels for playing/recording
23:01:30OnoSendaidon't know if it makes sense to do it.. just a thought ..
23:01:38LinusNwhy would you auto-execute it at boot-time?
23:02:20*OnoSendai <shrugs> dunno.. just the way the idea the occurred to me
23:03:22OnoSendaihas anybody volunteered for doco help?
23:03:45LinusNseveral, but not much has happened since then
23:03:47OnoSendaii definitely will.. don't know if i'd be able to follow deadlines with my schedule.. but i'd like to help
23:03:56LinusNit's a tough job
23:04:01OnoSendaii'd imagine...
23:04:09OnoSendaithe archives are hard to search
23:04:20LinusNyea, and very technical
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23:20:15i_am_pisigh. my poor jukebox
23:20:29i_am_pii got the batts charged and the disk still says "READ ERROR PLEASE CHECK HD"
23:21:43i_am_piif i broke the hdd i'm going to cry
23:21:54LinusNwhat happened?
23:21:56i_am_pior i could leech one from work, i think we have a compatible one that's sitting..
23:22:07i_am_pilinus: i klled the charging regulator is all i know
23:22:26LinusNcan you hear it spin up?
23:22:28i_am_pithen i get the batts externally charged and /.rockbox is gone
23:22:36i_am_pii can hear it try to spin up
23:23:10LinusNhave you tried to replace your cells?
23:23:23i_am_piactually now
23:23:26i_am_pilemme test them though
23:23:37i_am_pii have the batts and a tester in the same place this time !
23:23:39LinusNi had the same prob once, turned out to be a bad cell
23:24:00LinusNlooked fully charged, but couldn't deliver enouch current
23:24:21i_am_piok.. they just came out of the charger recently
23:24:25i_am_piso i'll test them.
23:25:22i_am_pithey're all 1.41 volts
23:26:43LinusNa bad cell will still show a good voltage, but will fail when you try to draw current from it
23:26:47i_am_piis that normal, abnormal, too high, too low, not enough space robots?
23:26:51i_am_pii see.
23:27:08i_am_pido bad/good cells smell a certain way? these smell a little funky.
23:27:16LinusNi dunno :-)
23:29:18i_am_piwell i've replaced the hdd
23:29:23i_am_piand the charger
23:29:32i_am_pinow i need to replace the batts and the charging circuitry
23:29:54i_am_pigood thing i got this for free, i've only invested $225 into it
23:32:33i_am_pii'm sure all you slashdot readers saw this btw
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23:38:26 Join Triple-z [0] (
23:39:50 Join Guest [0] (
23:40:25Guesthmmm Linus.. does logbot have a lastseen?
23:40:39i_am_pii made 2 of the enterprise-disks already
23:41:01#>>"seen" used by LinusN ( [snoop prevented]
23:41:15Guestlogbot: seen adi|home
23:41:24Triple-zwhats 8mb recorder? its new?
23:41:27>>>"seen" used by Guest ( [snoop prevented]
23:42:45 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
23:43:25LinusNTriple-z: 8mb recorder is a hardware modded recorder
23:43:35LinusN8mb of RAM instead of 2
23:44:36Triple-zand VBRfix is?
23:44:55LinusNvbrfix scans a VBR file and updates the Xing VBR header
23:45:47i_am_pilogbot: seen i_am_pi
23:45:47thuwhat would a ram upgrade get you?
23:45:59LinusNthu: coolness :-)
23:46:02i_am_pithu: the disk would have to spin up less often
23:46:13thuI see :)
23:46:15LinusNand about 20% extra battery time
23:46:23i_am_piit would read all the mp3 file into RAM
23:46:43i_am_pimost of mine are 4 megs, so that'd be niiiiice
23:46:51thublah I got a nasty 'dir buffer full' err
23:47:16i_am_pithu: put less files in a directory :-D
23:47:33thuthe firmware was ok with it
23:48:07LinusNthu: if it shows an error, it os not ok with it
23:48:32LinusNit will show the files that fit in the buffer
23:48:40thuit does
23:48:49thubut it looks like there are some missing files
23:49:04LinusNthat's what i am telling you
23:49:13LinusNit will show the files that fit in the buffer
23:49:17i_am_pithu: less files, more directories
23:49:17LinusNand leave the rest
23:49:26i_am_pior if you want to, recompile with larger hard-coded values
23:49:41i_am_pithen just make a /root.m3u playlist and play that, like i do
23:53:23MTtheres no logical reason to have more than 30 music files in a directory anyways
23:53:34LinusNMT: :-)
23:54:08i_am_pii've trained myself not to organize my archos like everything else
23:54:25i_am_pisince i'm not interacting with my archos by command line or GUI it's OK
23:54:33i_am_pii tend to shove everything in one folder/directory
23:54:39thuI'm still looking for a good way to organize music
23:55:01thuI would KILL for a search command on the archos
23:55:17MTif you would kill for it, i wont finish writing it
23:55:26MTmy lfie is worth more than a search function
23:55:40thuMT: nobody's life is worth more than a search function
23:55:48i_am_pithu: wanna bet?
23:55:54thuthe Search Function always comes first
23:56:08i_am_pii've talked with idots whose life isn't worththe photons their screen name is represented by
23:56:57i_am_pibtw, thu, /Artists-name/album-name/01-track-name.mp3
23:57:06i_am_piis a good way to organize
23:57:25thui_am_pi: what if you download some guy's misc music folder with 500+ misc songs?
23:57:31MTsort them
23:57:38thuby what?!
23:57:44MTby artist
23:57:58thuI don't think there's an artist with more than 2-3 songs in that dir
23:58:11MTso you get 200 folders
23:58:14MTso what?
23:58:14i_am_pithen make misc1 misc2
23:58:19thuMT: :\
23:58:19i_am_piand stick 30 in each
23:58:28thui_am_pi: :\
23:58:43i_am_pior make a /Misc/Misc1 and /Misc/Misc2 etc as not to clutter root

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