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#rockbox log for 2003-04-07

00:06:16i_am_pior there's always recompile-time =P
00:09:00MTor you could use an efficient bucket approach
00:09:16MTfor bryan adams mp3s
00:09:31MT/b/r/bryan adams/album name/
00:15:53i_am_piaugh, that would drive me insane if it were any other device.
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03:45:44franzkhi all!
03:45:51franzksomeone at home?
04:05:34franzkobviously not... :(
04:15:44franzkso... have a great day!!
04:15:51franzki'll try it again...
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09:46:04Schnueffmoin all
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10:55:04Quelsarukelinenbe: the oscillosgraph is yours?
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11:18:00tracktheripperwhats up?
11:18:10Quelsaruknothing interesting
11:18:15Quelsaruksome working
11:18:30tracktheripperapart from someone wanting Doom in full colour on the Multimedia!
11:19:20Quelsarukof course
11:19:35tracktheripperlol im off to work in a min, just finished charging my Recorder 10
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12:46:38*DJBaz is away: shower
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14:37:12dwihnoHell! :)
14:37:24quel|outdwihno stormrage??
14:37:31quel|outnow i fear you
14:37:53dwihnoThen everything is normal :)
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14:41:08dwihnoquel, you're the no. 1 technopriest, I need your advise
14:41:22dwihnoAnd the advise of Zagor, Bagder and Linus and mats and all those almighty :)
14:41:25quel|outbefore or after i have lunch ?
14:42:57dwihnoI just got myself a new (external USB2) disk. The disk worked like a charm for the first hours. When I reconnected it, it started clunking. I can't read any data. FreeBSD DO report the disk (or perhaps just the controller?)... The question is, is it possible to restore the data?
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14:43:37dwihnoFreeBSD says something like "command invalid" when I try to mount the partition
14:44:16quel|outanother external disk?
14:44:25quel|outdid you fry your first one too??
14:45:35dwihnonot really
14:45:41dwihnojust got it for backup purposes
14:45:47quel|outah :)
14:45:55dwihno ... but that obviousley fucked up!
14:46:05Bagderyou know why archos always claim 128kbit when playing songs recorded with itself?
14:46:23dwihnoBagder: there is something with the firmware? ;)
14:46:30quel|outif you want to know... my external case hangs linux on my computer :)
14:46:35Bagderit treats the xing header as a normal mp3 frame
14:46:44Bagderand xing then looks like a 12
14:46:46Bagder8kbit frame
14:46:58Bagderhow silly is that? ;-)
14:47:35dwihnoquel: my box works like a charm under bsd :)
14:47:59quel|outdwihno: you're lucky to be *that* far away from spain
14:48:13dwihnoBack to the subject.
14:48:20dwihnoIs my data forever lost?
14:48:21quel|outor i would throw you my case
14:48:45*Zagor went snowboarding this weekend
14:48:51*Zagor is now a c00l d00d
14:49:43Bagderwhere were you Z?
14:50:29*dwihno is cool too! (well, soon, at least)
14:50:40dwihnore? you evil thing! :D
14:50:54quel|outzagor, here in Granada we still have 70 Kms for skiing and snowboarding :)
14:51:14Zagorit was great. 3dm snow on friday, then sun the whole weekend
14:51:22quel|outand today we are aprox. at 28C :P
14:52:09dwihnoZagor: please do advice me.
14:52:14dwihnoadvise, I ment
14:52:20dwihnoMean ment ment, Keep kept kept
14:52:23Zagorabout what?
14:52:29dwihnoZagor: the disk issue
14:53:15Zagoryou're running fbsd. we don't support that. ;)
14:53:49Bagderwhat prob is that?
14:54:54dwihnoI just wonder if I will be able to recover any data
14:55:33dwihnoThe disk goes: "fiizzzzzz" (spinup) *CLUNK* *CLUNK* *CLUNK* *CLUNK* (until it somehow gives up the attempts to read)
14:55:51Bagderisn't that a usb-storage driver problem?
14:55:52dwihnoThe spinup sounds normal though
14:56:08dwihnoThe problem is even when I don't attach the drive.
14:56:17dwihnoI just need to power it to experience the issue.
14:56:56Zagoryou mean it sounds like that with no usb cable at all attached?
14:57:10Zagorboo. return it.
14:57:29Zagoror at least call them up and ask them.
14:57:43dwihnoThe clunk sounds are probably the arm going all mongo?
14:58:07dwihnoI got a phone number. Too bad it's in Ireland.
14:58:34Zagorbut you didn't buy it from ireland, did you?
14:59:07dwihnoBought it from Dustin
14:59:13dwihnoI wrote a pretty good mail
14:59:15Zagorthey handle warranty issues
14:59:34dwihnoI even attached a mp3 with the sounds. If I only was able to use some kind of server, I'd let you listen too :)
15:00:33dwihnoI wrote a mail earlier today, and this is what I got in reply: Alla renden av trasiga Maxtor externa skts av dem sjlva s vi fr inte in dem via oss.
15:01:00dwihnoThen I got that Guinness number
15:02:13Zagordwihno: i'm not sure they are allowed to do that. retailers are responsible for the products they sell.
15:03:19dwihnoHm. Once a Nokia monitor died on me, and I had to do stuff myself. Such as contacting a firm who took care of the replacement.
15:04:15dwihnoFeels rather dull.
15:04:30dwihnoA SPRILLANS NY disk, dying after approx 5 hours
15:04:34dwihnoMust be a record.
15:05:11dwihnoAfter a google-session, I also found another dude who experienced the same "clunk clunk" death. He had converted 300 CD's when it died :-/
15:07:04dwihnoWhere's your so-called God when your hard disk dies? ;)
15:07:36Bagderin the backup
15:08:49dwihnoBackup is for sissies
15:08:55Bagderand for 300 CDs
15:09:03dwihnoTrue, true.
15:09:12dwihnoYou think the data is gone down the drain?
15:10:24BagderI don't think they'll repair it
15:10:26Bagderthey replace it
15:11:20dwihnoI wonder what they do with it afterwards.
15:11:38dwihnoPaperweights? :)
15:12:05dwihnoOr perhaps they repair them and sell them as new? ^_^
15:12:13BagderI doubt it
15:12:37BagderI doubt that is cost-effective
15:12:38dwihnoHaven't archos done anything like that?
15:13:04Bagderbut that's because the warranty says you should get a "new or equivalent" one in case yours break
15:13:18dwihnoDisks are pretty hard to repair?
15:13:36BagderI don't really know, I'm just guessing
15:13:45dwihno*google for answers*
15:14:47dwihno*read "how hard disk work"*
15:18:31dwihnoDamn they're smooth!
15:18:39dwihnoI would use those platters as a mirror :)
15:19:17Bagdermakes a good clock
15:19:46 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
15:20:23*Bagder proofreads quel's first draft
15:21:44 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Client Quit)
15:22:33dwihnoErhm. What is low level formatting?
15:23:29Zagordwihno: ancient stuff. you don't do that anymore.
15:24:01dwihnoMust be ancient. I remember a BIOS thing in a 386 computer.
15:24:26dwihno"What? There were computers slower than 2GHz?!"
15:26:57dwihno*sigh* I guess I'll have to phone those Irish support dudes and tell them I want a new disk! :)
15:30:16Bluechiplow level formatting is the process of laying down the magnetic pattern that guides the heads over the platters - it is a last resort for recovering a dead drive (which may be relevant here). If you do this - DO NOT stop half way through or the disk is bin-worthy without specialist equipment that is tailored for that specific model of drive. "SpinRite" *may* help you depending on what has happened
15:33:06dwihnolooks pretty neato
15:33:33dwihnoToo bad the computer doesn't wanna' mambo with the disk :-/ :-)
15:34:13Bluechipnot even identified by the bios?
15:40:13dwihnoIt's an external disk :-)
15:41:30Bluechipis it not just an ide drive in a usb converter box?
15:42:36Zagorit might be a bad idea to open the box if you want to claim warranty
15:43:22dwihnoIt will void it.
15:44:03dwihnoWhen I started tearing it apart, I found the sticker "warranty void if box opened" (or something similar)
15:44:29Zagoryes. that is normal.
15:45:26dwihnosnafu, as always ;)
15:45:33 Quit DJBaz ("off out")
15:52:26Bluechipyou can take most of those stickers off easily with a hair dryer
15:53:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:01:52Zagoryay! is back online!
16:03:10dwihnothe yr?
16:04:01Zagorit's the best weather site ever. they were down for over a year.
16:04:03dwihnowhat a cool thingy!
16:04:20dwihnoI can see my house! ;)
16:04:25Zagorhehe <= here's my new house ;-)
16:07:01dwihnoHerre min skapare
16:07:05dwihnoDet var vackert!
16:07:37dwihnoMmm. Carport :)~
16:07:46dwihnoReminds me - I need to patch my bicycle.
16:08:11quel|outi'm back
16:08:14 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:08:24quelsarukand with 2 goats for dwihno ;)
16:08:32dwihnoYou're a lifesaver!
16:08:37Bagdergee, he's lucky!
16:08:42quelsarukdo you still need them? :P
16:08:46dwihnoI sure do!
16:09:05quelsarukBagder: thanks for the critic :)
16:09:05dwihnoAnd some technopriestism, to top everything off.
16:09:16Bagderyou're welcome
16:09:17 Join Solatis [0] (
16:09:39quelsaruktechnopriestism is only possible at midnight, you should know that
16:09:49>>>"pass" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
16:10:01quelsaruklobgot explain quelsaruk
16:11:20quelsaruki need a siesta
16:11:29quelsaruklogbot explain quelsaruk
16:11:46>>>"cmd" by quelsaruk (
16:11:57>>>"sview -a quelsaruk" by Bagder (
16:12:02>>>"sview -a -r quelsaruk" by Bagder (
16:12:16quelsaruksomeone hates me
16:12:20Bagderyou're using a new mask again
16:12:37>>>"usermod -p - quelsaruk" by Bagder (
16:12:38quelsaruksorry Bagder
16:12:41>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
16:12:45>>>"usermod -p - quelsaruk" by Bagder (
16:12:52Bagdertry now
16:12:56#>>"explain quelsaruk" by quelsaruk (
16:13:05quelsaruki'm a bit stupid
16:13:25quelsarukdwihno: sacrifice at midnight!! logbot says taht
16:14:36DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
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16:14:54dwihnostupid client :)
16:14:55 Join dwihno_ [20] (
16:15:01quelsarukdwihno has gone mad :P
16:15:02 Quit dwihno ("I")
16:15:08Schnueffmadder :)
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16:24:51***Alert Mode OFF
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17:40:47 Join RedLeg [0] (~apotter@
17:41:43RedLegAny hardware gurus on-line? I'm having a wierd hard drive problem...
17:42:56quelsarukif it is a weird hd problem.. i'm your man ;)
17:44:42RedLegKewl, I upgraded to a 60gig toshiba drive a few months ago, and all was working fine.
17:45:27RedLegThen last week, I got an "HD register error" followed by register info at boot, and the Archos won't spin up the drive.
17:46:03RedLegThe drive works just fine outside the Archos Recorder20, and other drives (non toshiba) work fine in the recorder.
17:46:34RedLegArchos Tech Support recommended I format the drive, which I have done, but it made no difference.
17:47:00RedLegAny suggestions?
17:48:15quelsaruki haven't seen that error before. I mean, my 30GB gave me some problems, but only if i had low batt.
17:48:37quelsarukcould it be that the drive is locked?
17:48:58RedLegI've tried three different sets of fully charged 1800mah batteries, no difference.
17:49:42RedLegIf the drive were locked, would I be able to use it on another machine? It works fine on a regular IDE controller or in a USB exterbal enclosure.
17:50:03quelsarukno, i suppose you wouldn't be able
17:50:22quelsaruki have no idea.
17:50:37RedLegYeah, I'm stumped too...
17:51:09RedLegStrange thing is, I put another small (also fully functional) toshiba drive in, and got the same problem.
17:51:34RedLegRegister values in the error message were identical.
17:51:52quelsarukyour jukebox is a bit racist
17:51:54quelsarukthat's all
17:52:33RedLegWell, I could accept that, except it worked for MONTHS with this drive in it, and then just quit.
17:54:20quelsarukbtw, is your toshiba drive noisy?
17:54:45RedLegNo, I wouldn't call it noisy.
17:54:56quelsaruki saw a jukebox with a 6GB toshiba and was a lot more noisy than mine (hitachi)
17:55:11quelsaruklike a jet airplane :)
17:55:33RedLegBut given the difficulty I'm having, and the fact that the Archos doesn't like TWO toshiba drives, I can't recommend one for this application.
17:56:42RedLegHave you heard of anyone else upgrading to a 60g drive?
18:00:06quelsaruk2 or 3
18:00:17quelsarukdw|gone has a 60 gb hd drive
18:00:21quelsarukbut he's gone ;)
18:01:07RedLegI'm curious what brand HD they used, and if they have heard of this problem.
18:01:39quelsaruki know there was a problem with 60gb hd drives
18:01:55quelsaruki saw something at the mail list
18:02:01quelsarukbut can't remember
18:02:14quelsarukif you want, you could read the mail list
18:03:38RedLegOK, I'll check the archives (I assume they're online somewhere?)
18:08:53RedLegFound it, I'm searching now. Do remember when?
18:09:25 Join DJBaz [0] (
18:09:37quelsaruk3 weeks or so
18:09:39quelsaruki think
18:09:41quelsarukin march
18:14:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:14:03*DJBaz is away: tea
18:19:42RedLegI found a reference to exactly my problem, and a solution.
18:20:34RedLegThe reference posting is at
18:21:08RedLegFollowup at:
18:21:30RedLegSolution (I have not yet verified) at:
18:21:56RedLegI hope this works, I do NOT want to buy another 60 gig since 80s just came out.....
18:22:45quelsarukwell... seems that i've been of some help, after all :)
18:22:54RedLegYes, Thank you.
18:22:59quelsaruksorry i hadn't remember that before
18:23:12RedLegI owe you a beverage of your choice....
18:24:02quelsaruknot at all
18:24:26quelsarukit's my tribute to the society ;P
18:25:25RedLegI'm still trying to figure out why this happened..... Apparently the Archos is leaking enough current to CSEL the drive to slave.
18:26:04RedLegBut it worked fine for months, and I changed NOTHING! A simple power cycle triggered it.
18:27:17RedLegThanks again...
18:27:24 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
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18:33:36*DJBaz is back (gone 00:19:32)
18:34:30 Quit webmind (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:53:21 Join Solatis [0] (
18:56:37BluechipI was told to ask here about how the code hangs together.. any gurus in?
18:57:55quelsaruki'm not a guru, but i don't understand what does that "hang" mean.. english is not my native language :(
18:59:01Bluechipunderstood :)... ermm.... "procedure tree" would be a BAD reword - but i think it will tell you what i mean
19:01:39Bluechipi am looking to try and understand the scheduler the each C file interacts with each other C file
19:05:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:05:39 Join webmind [0] (
19:07:25 Join thu [0] (
19:07:54quelsaruknow i understand...
19:09:25quelsarukyou want to know how does each file interacts with the others?
19:10:00quelsaruki dunno.. i would have to read allsourece code and tell you which file interacts with this or that one.. :(
19:10:49Bluechipnot in great detail (well not yet) but in a general way...
19:11:57BluechipIf I am going to start patching, I will need to have an idea of how it works - and I'm jsut trying to save (lots of) time
19:12:11 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
19:13:26quelsaruki dunno how to explain this...
19:13:50Bluechiplol - i understand - ANY information you can offer will surely help me :)
19:15:28Bluechipthere is almost -no- comments in the code :(
19:15:29Bluechipit is quite hard to read when you don't know what is happening
19:16:59quelsaruki don't even know how to start.
19:17:23quelsaruki've tried to make 2 or 3 patches... and i knew where to look at.. so..
19:18:13 Quit webmind_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:18:14quelsaruki suppose you need to talk with a real guru
19:18:24Bluechiplol ;)
19:18:29quelsarukadiamas|work: are you here?
19:18:41adiamas|workyup.. whats up?
19:18:50 Nick adiamas|work is now known as adi|work (
19:18:58quelsarukcould you answer Bluechip :)
19:19:07adi|workk.. one sec..
19:19:13quelsaruki don't know how to start :)
19:19:18quelsarukor continue
19:19:31quelsaruk(i'm fighting with the manual)
19:19:49adi|workokay. Bluechip. id say approach it this way...
19:19:53adi|workfind an itch
19:19:56adi|workthen scratch
19:20:13adi|workfor instance... sokoban was bugging me.. so i rewrote it :)
19:20:21quelsarukah! and adi|work, on recorders, settings are saved in both RTC and HD no?
19:20:30adi|workwell.. patched patch patched... and then eric encouraged me to rework i t:)
19:20:45adi|workumm.. wait..
19:20:49adi|workRTC for sure...
19:20:57adi|workHD do you mean in a config file? or in HD space?
19:21:06BluechipI found an itch - but everybody said don't scratch it :(
19:21:14quelsarukplayers save their settings on HD, and i think recorders do that also
19:21:15adi|workhehe what was your itch?
19:21:27adi|workhmm im not 100% quelsaruk...
19:21:37adi|workbeen ages since i touched the settings stuff...
19:22:00quelsaruki have to write that for the man
19:22:04Bluechipi thought that something I could do would be to optimise the core libs into asm (strcmp etc.) also noticed that I could get about 4k of rom space back
19:22:19adi|workBluechip: not worth it..
19:22:34adi|worksokoban alone with its dynamic level loading gives us 30k back :)
19:23:00adi|workand if you do an assembly rewrite we are back to square one with debugging core libs...
19:23:33adi|workand have even less eyes since the general level of devs are more then likely less assembly oriented...
19:23:43adi|workbesides.. thats not an itch.. thats a compulsion ;)
19:23:58adi|workand itch would be: "hmmm.. i want an inverted cursor... how do i do that..."
19:24:09 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (Sean@
19:24:14adi|workor "oh.. we don't have chess... let me write that"
19:24:33adi|workor if you _really_ wanna work ;)
19:24:38adi|workhelp quelsaruk with the docs...
19:24:49adi|workas you read code, write down all the key combos and what they do...
19:25:46Bluechipyes, but after writing a decompiler and a silicon level cpu simulator - flashing a cursor is not really of interest to me
19:25:54adi|workthe eagerness is appreciated, but the benefits don't outweigh the drawbacks...
19:26:14adi|workheheh i understand..
19:26:23Bluechipfair enough - mybe I will just play at home
19:26:24 Quit Nibbler ("OIL = Operation Iraqi Liberation")
19:26:27adi|workfind something else
19:26:41adi|workif there is something in a way you don't like... rework it..
19:26:56adi|workjust cause its in don't mean features can't be replaced if you have a better method :)
19:27:23Bluechipso can i ask what is so special about this MASSIVE rand() function?
19:27:51adi|workall i know is that its more psuedo random then the old version...
19:28:22Bluechipit has a longer period, so if you have more than four billion files to sort, you will not see a recurring pattern
19:28:48Bluechipit's pointless overkill!?
19:29:26Bluechipbut as the shuffle function written so well, you would never see the difference anyway
19:30:29adi|workdunno... need to argue that with the swedish lads
19:31:13adi|workokay... snowing bad.. going home...
19:31:13adi|worklater all
19:31:16*adi|work is away: going home
19:31:29Bluechipok dude - cheers
19:33:54 Join Solatis_ [0] (
19:36:23 Quit Solatis (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:42:39 Join GreyShadow [0] (
19:44:22 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
19:44:26 Quit Solatis_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:44:32 Join Solatis [0] (
19:44:47 Join webmind [0] (
19:53:01elinenbedoes rockbox REALLY improve the archos?
19:53:11elinenbeI'll believe it when I see it.
19:58:02 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
19:58:42quelsarukare you drunk?
19:59:45Dragonfly1600i hav a question...
20:01:44Dragonfly1600is there any way that i can change my jukebox studio 10 so that when i play songs, the song name scrolls, not the artist?
20:10:49 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:10:58quelsarukchanging his wps?
20:26:32 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (Sean@
20:43:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:13:05 Quit thu (
21:14:35NJointhu [0] (
21:18:49 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:25:17quelsaruktime to go home!
21:25:22 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:43:52TBoyis it possible too boot to the archos f/w with rb on it
21:44:48TBoywithout roloin'
22:01:00TBoybecause I have a fm
22:01:21TBoyand sometime I just get wicked and want to listen to radio
22:02:01PsycoXuulso whats wrong with rolo'ing it?
22:04:43TBoyhmm nothing
22:05:07TBoysee I just thought about the roloing the time I mentioned it
22:05:25TBoyI should have recalled my question
22:05:36TBoywhich I shall do right now
22:06:45TBoyhey have you guys heared about rio
22:07:11TBoyits old news but the went/going out of business
22:08:14 Join josh966 [0] (
22:09:02PsycoXuuldidn't they get bought by creative or somebody?
22:15:09TBoyoh didn't hear about that
22:15:31TBoyjust noticed that they are selling everything at low prices
22:15:40TBoygotta go
22:15:57>>>"help" by josh966 (
22:16:03>>>"cmd" by josh966 (
22:16:14 Quit TBoy ()
22:16:48>>>"explain" by josh966 (
22:17:02>>>"explain log" by josh966 (
22:17:18>>>"help alias" by josh966 (
22:17:28>>>"help cmd" by josh966 (
22:17:42>>>"help explain" by josh966 (
22:17:56>>>"help rules" by josh966 (
22:18:07>>>"explain *" by josh966 (
22:18:23>>>"explain logbot" by josh966 (
22:18:41>>>"help split" by josh966 (
22:18:51>>>"help sview" by josh966 (
22:19:02>>>"help cmd" by josh966 (
22:19:09>>>"cmd" by josh966 (
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22:54:01 Join hitsuji [0] (
22:54:37 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:54:43hitsujiis there anybody?=
22:55:02BoD[]there's me
22:55:11hitsujiwhy do i get those statements "unregistered copy, evaluation only"???
22:55:40hitsujican anybody speak german? my english is quite baaaad..
22:55:43MTrockbox is now pay per use
22:56:00MT$0.02 per mp3
22:56:25MTbut you get a 999999 year evaluation period
22:56:36BoD[]is it possible to pay in
22:56:41hitsujii have just installed rockbox and a question about it
22:57:05hitsujii can not find that "trickle charge" option???
22:57:09 Join Bagder [241] (
22:57:42hitsujiwhere is that "trickle charge" option?
22:57:47BoD[]hi :)
22:57:59hitsujii only can find "deep discharge"
22:58:17Bagderrunning a somewhat recent daily build?
22:58:46 Quit hitsuji (Client Quit)
22:58:56 Join hutsuji [0] (
22:59:06hutsujinope. running version 1.4 recorder
22:59:16Bagderno trickle charge in that version
22:59:35hutsujioh, so i have to install the lates daily build?
22:59:51Bagdernot necessarily the latest, but a daily build yes
23:00:58BoD[]like the old saying says: "latest best est"
23:01:53hutsujiok thanks. "trickle charge off" means, that the AJB will not be charged while connected?
23:02:29Bagderif connected, it will charge
23:02:33Bagderno matter what
23:02:51hutsujihmm, than i missunderstood
23:03:10Bagdertrickle charge just makes it charge somewhat "more"
23:03:28Bagderwhy connect the power if you don't want to charge?
23:04:05hutsujii tried to explain it (but not easy for me in english)
23:04:50hutsujii tought it wood be possible to run the AJB with that option without using battery for example while i copy mp3s on it
23:05:09hutsujiwood!?!? ...would i mean *gg*
23:06:07Bagderit *always* uses batteries
23:06:34Bagdereven when the power is connected
23:07:21Bagderand while using USB you can use more power than the charger charges
23:07:31hutsujihm, ic. thanks.
23:08:53 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:10:09tracktheripperhi Badger :)
23:10:13tracktheripperhi Hutsuji
23:10:20tracktheripperI just had an email from Archos
23:10:21#>>"explain badget" by Bagder (
23:10:24#>>"explain badger" by Bagder (
23:11:02tracktheripperArchos said they ARE looking to support WMA for the Jukeboxes
23:11:28Bagderyeah yeah yeah suuuuure
23:11:40BoD[]what's the point ?
23:11:44BagderI think you talked to a salesperson
23:11:53BoD[]who wants wma ? :)
23:12:44hutsujibut it would make sence, using the AJB by power supply without using battery?
23:12:47tracktheripperwell WMA offers same sound quality as MP3 but half the file size (alledgely)
23:13:02Bagderhutsuji: its not possible
23:13:10BoD[]i'd rather buy a bigger hard drive
23:13:11hutsujihm. ok ;)
23:13:16tracktheripperwell according to Archos it is badger :-)
23:13:29tracktheripperthey did say ALL Jukeboxes
23:13:35BoD[]wma has copy prevention schemes, right ?
23:13:36Bagderthey SAY so yes
23:13:45BagderI'll shutup when I see it
23:13:56Bagderwhich I bet we won't
23:14:00tracktheripper:-) you are beginning to sound just like Zagor (grumpy) :-)
23:14:21Bagderthat's because I'm not as easily fooled as you are ;-)
23:14:38tracktheripperArchos is currently working on supporting WMA format for all Jukebox players. While this is planned it is not guaranteed and I can give you no timeframe for when such an update might be released. It will only support standard MP3 format at this time
23:14:51tracktheripperthats what Archos emailed to me
23:15:22tracktheripperArchos is currently working on supporting WMA format for all Jukebox players.
23:15:25tracktheripperthere u go :-)
23:15:33Bagderthey said that, yes
23:15:39BagderI don't believe that anyway
23:15:40tracktheripperwhy would Archos lie?
23:15:42BoD[]"it is not guaranteed"
23:15:44hutsujiso when i use deep discharge on?
23:15:57Bagderbecause you didn't get a reply from a tech person
23:16:01Bagderonly a sales person
23:16:03adi|homedamnit.. i am getting _seriously_ tired of ppl coming in and asking about missing features
23:16:05Bagderthey lie for a living
23:16:12adi|homewhen they are using a build > 6 months old
23:16:16tracktheripper((is off to have a quiet sulk somewhere))
23:16:29 Join VoronoV [0] (
23:16:34Bagderhutsuji: if you have the charger connected during long times for example
23:16:38adi|homeand then my second favorite is, login, ask a question, wait 5 seconds, log off..
23:16:39tracktheripperBagder who would u say is more miserable? Zagor or Adimas? :-)
23:16:49tracktheripper((joke)) :-)
23:16:50adi|homeeasily me
23:16:53Bagdertracktheripper: I don't buy blatant lies, you do
23:16:54tracktheripperlol :)
23:17:01hutsujiok. need to learn mory english i think *g*
23:17:03Bagderthat's not being miserable
23:17:06adi|homeit snowing, _again_
23:17:07tracktheripperhey Bagder, that wasnt very nice :(
23:17:18BoD[]adi: snow? where
23:17:20Bagderso please back off your whining
23:17:24 Quit hutsuji ("Leaving")
23:17:31adi|homebut hey... my job doen'st pay me regularly... but at least my job sucks.
23:17:43tracktherippermy job sucks as well :(
23:17:53*adi|home winks at Badger
23:17:59BoD[]in two weeks i won't have a job anymore
23:18:03tracktherippersorry if I keep misspelling your name Bagder
23:18:09tracktheripperi keep reading it as Badger
23:18:11Bagderno worries
23:18:14Bagderhappens all the time
23:18:22BagderI guess I got myself to blame ;-)
23:18:28tracktheripperits the visual match thats why :-)
23:18:55tracktheripperthe request "Make Full Colour Doom on the MM" made me laugh my head off :-)
23:19:26adi|home"Whats the difference between Bagder and badger? Well.. one is covered in knotted hair, has long sharp nails and smells. The other lives in the woods."
23:19:39tracktheripperheehee :-)
23:19:48*adi|home loves Bagder
23:19:48tracktheripperthat was a bit cruel!
23:19:52*adi|home is just bored :)
23:19:59adi|homeits a variation on the lawyer joke
23:20:09BoD[]hhh :)
23:20:13tracktheripperAdimas still prob hates me for that feature request I submitted :-P
23:20:18adi|homewhats the diff between a lawyer and a catfish?
23:20:21tracktheripperactually it was 2 requests
23:20:34adi|homeones a bottom dwelling scum sucker, the other's a fish.
23:20:56adi|homei felt bad for the guy that couldn't get doom working on his unit
23:21:12adi|home"all it says is 'you have been fooled!'.. what am i doing wrong?"
23:21:34adi|homeBoD[]: Ny, Rockland county.
23:21:36adi|homesnow wise
23:21:37tracktheripperAdimas it was me who sent the request "Make The Normal Recorder pick up FM Like the FM recorder" :-)
23:21:50adi|homei don't remember
23:22:05BoD[]wow do i lag a lot here
23:22:06adi|homebut that person deserves a stiff clubing with a thawed rotting trout.
23:22:11CtcpPing on #rockbox from BoD[]!
23:22:24tracktheripperyea although that was sent by Nobody it was actually me, since I didn't log on (was too afraid to log on to send that ) :-)
23:27:21josh966hmm, it keeps saying failed when I try to write a config file
23:27:54Bagderand you have a .rockbox dir?
23:28:35josh966no.. do i have to create manually?
23:28:45Bagderyes, in the root
23:28:56 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29:06Bagderwe have no mkdir code yet
23:29:13josh966ah ok
23:30:12josh966perhaps i should file a bug for a more describe error msg until mkdir is implemented
23:30:32tracktheripperHonestly, can the MAS chip in the Jukebox actuallly be reprogrammed?
23:30:54Bagdertracktheripper: yes it can, but there's not very much room for new code
23:31:01tracktheripperoh right
23:31:07tracktheripperi thought it was a hard-coded chip
23:31:28BoD[]by the way.. is it not possible to queue a directory?
23:31:40BagderBoD[]: nope
23:32:11BoD[]was it possible in the early versions or did I dream it ? :)
23:32:38BagderI'd say you were dreaming ;-)
23:32:49Bagdernot a bad dream though
23:33:09BoD[]well :) I was sure it was there
23:33:19tracktheripperBod you can in the Archos firmware
23:33:37Bagdershouldn't be *that* hard to add
23:33:40BoD[]yeah.. well anyway my unit is almost dead
23:34:15BoD[]oh sometimes it won't boot... it turns on, then off
23:34:27BoD[]but if i keep On pressed, it boots
23:34:48BoD[]i mean.. what is that :))
23:35:36josh966Bod[]: I have seen that when the battery is very low
23:35:43tracktheripperBagder will the "inverted video line" appear soon?
23:35:58Bagdersure, as soon as someone writes a patch
23:36:06tracktheripperJoquam did!
23:38:24BoD[]josh : do you any idea why ? I mean.. either the batteries are slow, and the disk can't spin, or they are full enough to make it spin, but why does it depend on me pressing On a long time ?
23:39:17BoD[]and i'm not in electronics or anything ;) but doesn't sound logical to me
23:41:33josh966I dunno..on my box there seemed to be a correlation between spinning up the hd and crashing/freezing. maybe the voltage momentarily dropped low enough to make one of the components feel woozy. do you see the prob when you are plugged in?
23:42:06BoD[]hmmmm I'd say no but didn't really test
23:42:21 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:42:24 Quit VoronoV ("(Quit: (Quit: (Quit: (Quit: (Quit: (Quit: ))))))")
23:48:09*adam returns
23:52:16 Join DJBaz [0] (
23:52:37*adam notes he is getting pissed at bestbuy
23:52:51adamI returned my FM a day ago
23:53:00adamand I haven't seen my money re-appear on my checking account
23:53:09adamI want to buy a multimedia
23:53:19DJBazo rite lol
23:53:33DJBazwill there be a rockbox for multimedia?
23:53:46adamtotally different machine
23:54:50josh966anyone have the remote control?
23:56:13adamI think someone had it
23:56:17adamwouldn't do me much good ;p
23:56:46josh966yes i have an fmrec too. i was curious how hard it would be to make it talk to an fmrec.
23:56:55adamprobably hard
23:57:09Bagderthe fm lacks hw for it
23:57:22josh966what port does he use?
23:57:30adamthe FM recorder uses the headphone wires as antenna
23:57:36adamit uses the headphone wires, didn't it?
23:57:54adamwell, just the headphone port
23:57:59Bagderthat might be it, I don't remember

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