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#rockbox log for 2003-04-08

00:01:32adamit's meant for IO related to the hardware
00:01:35adamer, hard drive
00:01:40adamnot for anything else
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00:04:19josh966I know what it's _meant_ for :) but i want a remote control. if it can modulate the stop/play/ff/rew/etc instructions onto the 3 conductors of the stereo jack then maybe the usb code could listen for those instructions too.
00:06:03adammaybe if it had the right hardware
00:08:24adamheh, the multimedia juke uses the same .ajz style of firmware...
00:08:43josh966putting usb aside, could rockbox listen for control messages from the rc on the line in port?
00:10:02adamcool, AV140 is coming out when?
00:10:07*adam should just get one of those :P
00:10:23Bagderthe multimedia's ajz files are not the same kind
00:10:53adamBadger - obviously
00:10:58adamprobably using a different encoder
00:11:07adamand obviously different software :P
00:11:09Bagderyes, and it doesn't load firmware from disk
00:11:47adamhow does it load firmware?
00:11:59Bagderby flashing it to the flash memory
00:12:02adamjust flashes?
00:12:24adamgrr. I want the AV140 to come out...
00:12:34adammaybe my money will be back in the bank by then :P
00:24:20 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
00:33:25*adam wonders if anyone has bought the FM batteries yet?
00:34:14Bagdersome have, but with an fm wrapped around them :*]
00:34:42adamokay. Anyone bought them alone?
00:34:56Bagderafaik, people have tried
00:34:59adamhopefully archos doesn't pull an apple
00:35:07adami.e. replace the entire thing :P
00:36:59Bagdertime for me to hit the bed
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00:50:21*adam wonders if the archos makes use of hard drive cache
00:57:01 Join RedLeg [0] (
01:01:05RedLegAnybody Awake?
01:22:55adi|homei am.. whats up?
01:35:52RedLegSorry, wife called me to dinner...
01:36:02RedLegI'm having a HD problem.
01:50:16 Quit BoD[] ("bande d'ENKULEEEEEEEEE2ééééééééééééééés :) arffffffffffffffffffffffuck")
01:50:38 Join LinusN [200] (
01:57:28RedLegStill having that dratted HD problem....
01:57:35LinusNwhich one?
01:57:41LinusNthe spinup?
01:58:22RedLegI upgraded my recorder 20 with a toshiba 60g, and a week ago, it quit on me with a HD register error screen at bootup.
01:59:36RedLegI tracked down some CSEL info in the mailing list archives this morning, and tried forcing it to master by shorting pins 28-30 (i think), but that didn't help either.
02:00:11LinusNdoes it spin up?
02:00:16RedLegI am almost ready to just replace the drive, but I want to KNOW what others have working
02:00:23RedLegNo, it does not.
02:00:54RedLegWeird thing is I have another small toshiba drive that behaves exactly the same way, with the same error message.
02:01:12elinenbeLinusN: hello
02:01:17RedLegSame including same error register numbers
02:01:23elinenbedoes anyone here have the 80meg hard drive?
02:02:06RedLegNo, but my toshiba 60g is giving me fits....
02:03:14LinusNelinenbe: hi
02:10:17elinenbeLinusN: what is the deal with rockbox?
02:11:19elinenbeI mean what is the status with it?
02:11:32elinenbehow long until 2.0?
02:11:32LinusNwell, it works
02:11:42elinenbewhat about new features?
02:11:47LinusNwe need more ATA testing
02:11:49elinenbeanything in the pipeline?
02:11:53LinusNno more features
02:11:58elinenbewhat about people "cold" theory
02:12:48LinusNsounds reasonable
02:12:57elinenbethat it is temperature that is affecting the player?
02:13:18elinenbethen you should have a "cold" setting that keeps the player warm by keeping the drive spun up!
02:13:27LinusNcold batteries don't perform very well, i guess
02:13:29elinenbeof course battery life would be nothing then :)
02:13:42 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
02:14:07elinenbeso, if that is the only thing holding back 2.0 the that is silly!
02:14:15elinenbeI think a lot of users are waiting for 2.0
02:19:37LinusNi guess so
02:35:49LinusNi was thinking, maybe we should stop the playback immediately when pressing ff/rew just to acknowledge the keypress?
02:38:53elinenbewhat does it currently do?
02:39:02elinenbedoes it wait for the drive to spin up?
02:39:09LinusNit opens the new file before it stops the music
02:39:16elinenbeI think instantaneous reaction is better idea
02:39:19LinusNme too
02:39:22elinenbeI think that is a good idea
02:39:39elinenbewherever the UI can be quicker I think would be a good idea.
02:40:56elinenbemoving to the next prev song seems slow.
02:41:37elinenbewhat font do you use? personally I like atadore
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02:44:42 Join Temfate [0] (
02:45:03Temfatehey; is anyone tracking a hard drive spinup related crash?
02:45:27LinusNa crash? no
02:45:51TemfateIt's reproducible on my fm recorder.
02:46:08LinusNtell me
02:46:59TemfateAll I have to do is hold down the scroll threw the root directory for a little bit; then select whatever folder. It usally lights the red light and freezes.
02:47:47LinusNjust scroll down for a while and then select a dir?
02:48:42Temfateyes... if I wait a bit before selecting the dir though it doesn't freeze. Only if you do it right away. At least that's what I currently think is causing it.
02:48:46LinusNTemfate: which font do you use?
02:49:37Temfategood question; the stock one I believe... whatever is default in the current CVS builds.
02:50:28LinusNdoes it happen if you play a file instead of enter a dir?
02:50:46Temfatelet me try.
02:52:07Temfatehmm. now it's not crashing at all! Have you had a report of this before? Maybe it was related to the song it was trying to resume.
02:54:14LinusNno, nobody has reported anything like that
02:55:07Temfatehmm; the folder with that previous song seems involved; it only crashes when the last song played or the next one is in that dir...
02:55:43TemfateThe folder is all caps. "TRANCE"
02:56:37LinusNso you play a song in the TRANCE dir, then what?
02:57:04Temfatewell now it's crashing when I even try to enter the folder. Maybe my archos is hosed up! :)
02:57:16Temfatelet me run scandisk
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02:58:23LinusNelinenbe: i have found one cause of the prev/next sluggishness
02:58:45LinusNit's the "fix-silly-playlists" thing we added some time ago
02:59:23LinusNthat removes preceding "C:\My Music" and stuff from the playlist entries
03:00:46LinusNit forces a spinup when looking for the next file in the playlist
03:00:54LinusNbefore the music is stopped
03:01:33Temfatenow that's weird. no errors on disk; but the folder is all lowercase in win32...
03:02:08LinusNwindows explorer has an option for that
03:02:28LinusNlike "show short filenames in uppercase" or something
03:03:42Temfateyea; I remember now. I give up! I have no clue how to limit what it's really doing and when... Maybe it's something to do with the disc already spinning and in the middle of something when I try to access a different folder?
03:04:52Temfatewhat ROM version did your fm recorder come with?
03:05:00LinusN1.30j i think
03:15:04Temfateok; the folder is all lowercase in linux too! explain that one! only rockbox reports it as all caps!
03:15:38LinusNlinus always display short filenames as lower case
03:16:15Temfateok... so rockbox doesn't though?
03:16:27TemfateI don't know; I'm grasping here! :)
03:16:45TemfateI'll find out what's going on somehow.
03:19:18LinusNwould be great
03:21:40Temfatehey here's a quick one for ya; what's our battery size? ever find out?
03:23:19Temfatethat's what I though; but doesn't seem accurate... Seems like it's smaller. Or is the scale calculation off?
03:23:53Temfaterockbox would say around 10% while archos says around 50%... And that's set at 2200.
03:24:10LinusNyeah, we need to work on that
03:24:33LinusNwe have a patch pending that is supposed to make that a bit better
03:24:55LinusNbut we don't focus on fmrec now, that will have to wait until 2.1
03:25:14Temfatecool. I can understand that...
03:25:38TemfateWell the bug is DEFINITELY based on this mysterious folder of mine!
03:25:49Temfateeverything else runs fine till I get to that folder.
03:26:09Temfatejust going down the list entering all of them until that one.
03:26:31Temfateyou sure my linux kernel on the pc should report it in lowercase even if it's really upper?
03:28:35LinusNyes, i'm pretty sure of that
03:29:00LinusNand it crashed/hangs when entering the TRANCE dir? always?
03:29:13Temfatewhen I create the same dir on their it comes up as uppercase...
03:29:23Temfaterockbox shows it as TRANCE
03:29:32Temfatelinux and windows report it in all lowercase.
03:29:40LinusNanything special about the contents in TRANCE?
03:29:42Temfateand I think I made it all lowercase back when I created it!
03:29:56Temfateno; just 4 downloaded mp3's/
03:30:32Temfateyou're telling me!
03:31:31Temfatehmm; should I take the easy way out and just delete the folder and re-create it? or try to debug it?
03:33:27LinusNanything special about the file names in that dir?
03:33:59Temfate#define special?
03:34:21LinusNlike unusual characters or very long
03:34:22Temfatethey are creative; I'll say that!
03:34:26Temfatevery long.
03:34:31Temfatewell, sortta
03:35:04Temfate61 chars.
03:35:09Temfateto 72 chars.
03:35:35Temfatewith: (),! and space
03:35:35LinusNcan you mail me a "ls -l > files.txt"?
03:35:43Temfatesure; one sec.
03:35:49Temfatewhat address?
03:35:49LinusNlinus at
03:36:25*LinusN just found a bug in the playlist code
03:40:29Temfateon it's way!
03:44:06LinusNgot it
03:44:58adi|homewhat was it?
03:44:58Temfateare they "special"?
03:46:44Temfateadi: list of files in a folder that keeps crashing my rockbox cvs build.
03:50:47LinusNTemfate: i have created a TRANCE dir with those file names, but it won't crash on me
03:51:09LinusNhave you scandisk/fsck'ed lately?
03:51:47TemfateIjust did a windows scandisk... didn't try fsck yet
03:52:05Temfate what's the command? been a long time since I've ran it manually...
03:52:48LinusNscandisk will do
03:53:51Temfateyea; it was clean. hmm... could that 11meg upset it?
03:54:07LinusNnot by just entering the dir
03:54:34LinusNi would appreciate if you could try to debug it
03:55:08LinusNif you made a copy of the entire dir, does the copy crash too?
03:55:22Temfatehmm. I'm trying! heh. it's been stumping me for a few days... let me try that copy idea right now!
04:00:47Temfatehey; here's one for ya; that TRANCE folder happens to be dr-xr−−r−−
04:01:01Temfatethe others are drwxr−−r−−
04:01:38LinusNdon't try to change anything, you might destroy the evidence
04:02:22TemfateI didn't! but the new folder "the copy" has the write permission...
04:02:34Temfatewe'll see if it crashes.
04:08:56Temfatemaybe it's not just that folder.
04:09:34Temfatetry going into a folder and then quickly exiting back out, up one and into that one... do this several times quickly.
04:10:45Temfateyep; that seems to be what's doing it for me.
04:11:41LinusNso enter/exit into the same will not do it?
04:12:20Temfatesometimes I have to do this about 10 times; but it locks after a bit.
04:12:35Temfateand it only does it while moving up a folder; not down.
04:13:23Temfatefrom any folder just do a left-up-play several times.
04:15:40LinusNi can't make it happen
04:15:56LinusNi gotta sleep
04:16:07LinusNnite all!
04:16:09Temfatek; thanks for the help... I'll keep playing
04:16:29LinusNplz continue tracking down the bug
04:18:48elinenbeLinusN: goodnight.
04:20:47 Quit LinusN ("Client Exiting")
04:22:22 Quit Temfate ("---> just died of caffine overdose...")
04:22:39 Join foglem [0] (
04:22:45 Nick foglem is now known as Temfate (
04:23:30Temfatehad to switch machines. Anyone else on with an fm recorder? Psyco? You around?
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08:17:17adi|homeshut up tracktheripper
08:17:20adi|homei mean hi
08:17:25adi|homesorry.. typo
08:24:36tracktheripperthat wasnt nice Adimas :(
08:26:44tracktheripperwhats up>
08:30:40 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
08:32:39 Join Bagder [241] (
08:34:54elinenbegoodnight... it's late here
08:35:02Bagdernight elinenbe
08:35:04 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|zzzz (
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08:51:43 Join thu_ [0] (
08:52:36adi|homewooo hooo .. i made slashdot :)
08:52:43adi|homewell.. an article i submitted :)
08:52:45 Join matsl [0] (
08:53:09Bagderwhich one's that?
08:53:52adi|homefirst one.. lou_soyur
08:53:58adi|homeabout microsofts key leak
08:54:21adi|homehehe that feels suprisingly good :)
09:01:38 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
09:02:05dwihnoobladi, oblada! :D
09:02:40dwihnoA cold morning indeed, but the sky is blue and the beach is waiting for you :)
09:04:39dwihnoWant to hear about my disk story?
09:04:51Bagdertell us!
09:05:58dwihnoSo I got the phone number from Dustin yesterday, and last night I phoned the Irish ppl.
09:06:45dwihnoThey told me to discuss the matter with Dustin, also sending some information regarding warranty etc.
09:07:07Bagderwe love support-hopping
09:07:36 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:21 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:08:32 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:09:08Bagderdwihno: so you talked to dustin (again) yet?
09:09:24dwihnoBagder: I'm gonna do that.
09:09:35dwihnoI wonder if they are going to be helpful or just a pain in the ***.
09:16:36dwihnoI should call Dustin and ask them for a service tag number.
09:21:26dwihno"Please note that there has been a recent EU directive on this subject, which applies to this retail warranty. If you reside in a country where this directive has been pased into legislation, you are entitled to a cost free warranty service with your place of purchase for a period of two years."
09:22:10dwihnoDid we pass that legislation?
09:22:15Bagderno clue
09:22:36dwihnoI'm feeling the aggression increasing.
09:25:11dwihnoWorst case scenario: I have to send the disk to Ireland and pay for all the package handling etc.
09:35:21 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:32:04adi|homewoo hoo.. slashdot and freshmeat in one day :)
10:32:09adi|homeman this has been a nice day :)
10:32:45dwihnowhich what where?
10:33:46adi|homei submitted an article to slashdot, and it got posted.. first time i got one through
10:33:48adi|homewas happy
10:34:18adi|homenow, a defunct project i took over just had its first release under me and made freshmeat (no competition there) but still the first thing ive done..
10:34:26*adi|home puffs up his weak little chest
10:36:33 Quit thu_ (Remote closed the connection)
10:43:11adi|homeBagder: whats the name of the 'compiler' we use for the web pages?
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10:44:29Schnueffwas it?
10:44:38adi|homethats right :)
10:44:39adi|homethank you
10:48:02Schnueffwhat time do you have adi|home?
10:48:11Schnueffquite late, eh?
10:55:14adi|home4:55 am here
11:08:51Zagorwhat's the general optinion on the next/prev issue here? should music stop immediately when you press the button, or no sooner than necessary?
11:10:24adi|homewell.. i prefer immediatly...
11:10:35adi|homebut i can survive with no sooner then necessary
11:10:53adi|homei have my player pluggee in when i use it.. else it reboots to much
11:13:42 Part Zagor
11:14:04 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:16:16adi|homeZagor i was thinking of moving the 'time format' option from the seperate menu to the timesetting menu (post 2.0) what do you think?
11:19:33 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
11:20:06Zagorok with me
11:20:16Zagoror, no
11:20:31adi|homeour menuing could prob use further clean up in the future..
11:20:35adi|homehowcome no?
11:20:36Zagorwe set graph/numeric settings in one place. time format should be the same place.
11:23:59adi|homewhen 24h or 12h is time related?
11:24:06adi|homeoff to bed.. ill read in the morn
11:55:37 Quit Bagder (
11:56:49NJoinBagder [241] (
11:57:51 Join DJBaz [0] (
12:02:34 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
12:03:13QuelsarukBagder: are you here?
12:05:30*Bagder appears
12:05:50Quelsarukdo you have a digital camera?
12:05:53BagderI do
12:06:07Quelsaruki need some screenshots about recording :)
12:06:11dwihnoquel da priest!
12:06:38Bagderits hard to make nice screenshots with a camera
12:06:42Quelsarukand as simulator doesn't have recording...
12:06:44Quelsaruki know
12:07:09Quelsaruki have a really bad digital camera, and i wasn't able of taking nice pictures
12:07:46Quelsarukcu later
12:07:59 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:32:29Zagoradi|home: (for the log) imho, 12/24h is more display related than time related and should thus be changed in display settings
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12:45:15*DJBaz is away: making a pot noodle
12:48:45 Quit Bagder ("")
12:51:24*DJBaz is back (gone 00:06:06)
13:35:40 Quit DJBaz ("restarting")
14:00:38 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
14:19:08quelsarukZagor: aer you going to change 12/24 hours to display options??
14:26:25 Join Bagder [241] (
14:28:09quelsarukre Bagder
14:28:57quelsarukfinally i think i'm going to make some tricks ;) a custom WPS equal to the WRS, so i can make a snapshot in the simulator :)
14:30:27Bagder167 grams only
14:31:47quelsaruksounds good
14:32:46quelsarukbut.. i love my archos. And i don't have enough money to buy a new jukebox :P
14:33:29BagderI bet you can't program it anyway ;-)
14:33:40quelsarukbtw, Bagder, i've used your mail to explain how settings are saved on rockbox, i hope you don't mind
14:33:52Bagdernot at all
14:34:15quelsarukyou really want to bet? I can use not 1 or 2.. or even 3.. i can use up to 10 goats to help me :P
14:34:37 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:34:41quel|lunchtime for lunch
14:34:49quel|lunchcu later!
14:34:52Bagdersee ya
14:34:57Bagderdon't eat all the goats at once
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15:08:09 Join Bluechip [0] (
15:17:02Bagderisn't margin possible to use in a css for a <td> tag?
15:21:50ZagorBagder: i think it is
15:23:32Bagderdidn't work for me
15:23:45Bagderbut I wanted padding anyway, and that works fine
15:26:52 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
15:33:49 Join baz [0] (
15:34:57 Quit baz (Client Quit)
15:36:58 Join REBELinBLUE [0] (
15:37:46REBELinBLUEcan I ask what Cygwin packages I need to download to run the simulator on Windows
15:38:25BagderI guess a regular cygwin package
15:38:36Bagdersince you need a normal native compiler for that
15:38:46REBELinBLUEah good. I selected the default install
15:39:09REBELinBLUEso I'm assuming the packages mentioned here don't come with it
15:39:43Bagderbut you won't need the cross-tools for the simulator, only when building for target
15:41:10REBELinBLUEah right, well I'll grab those anyway cause I'll want to compile for target some time
15:43:12 Join DJBaz [0] (
15:53:56 Quit REBELinBLUE ()
16:05:55 Quit DJBaz ("reboot")
16:18:06 Join DJBaz [0] (
16:35:14 Quit matsl (
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16:48:38*adam notes he has his monies back
16:48:45adamnow all they need to do is release the AV140
16:48:55langhaarrockerI want a Moni, too.
16:49:17adamI'm thinking of just buying an AV120 :p
16:49:22adamassuming there is a real price difference
16:49:51 Join Nomad__ [0] (
16:50:38langhaarrockerNomad: when I was a student I used to get up at this time, too. :)
16:51:08Nomad__I'm just slow logging in today :>
16:51:17Nomad__took yesterday off so I'm not moving too fast today
16:51:27Nomad__actually been at work for 3 hours alread
16:51:41langhaarrockeryesterday I took off, too. With a paraglider in the sunset.
16:51:44adamI find it amusing how Archos doesn't even mention the AV1x0 series, at all, on their site :P
16:52:17Zagoryes, that is very odd
16:53:47adamwell, not really
16:55:22Zagordepends on your view, of course. but tech companies normally brag about future products long before they are available.
16:55:59adamwell, if they're trying to sell their older models
16:56:10adamthey don't want to talk about a new model coming out this month :p
17:01:31Bagderyou think Archos behaves rationally? ;-)
17:02:31langhaarrockerThat says someone who programms things that others get payed for.
17:02:57BagderI didn't claim I am rational
17:03:20adamit's a hobby
17:03:27*adam notes he likes this little site
17:03:39adamthis guy covers all the problems I have with my own jukebox
17:03:51Schnueffmaybe we ask archos and they also say they didnt claim to be rational :)
17:04:07langhaarrockeradam: which site?
17:04:22adamI've got the exact same issues with my studio 20
17:04:41adamand I can't 'return' it or replace it either :P
17:04:45adamsince it doesn't even have a serial code
17:06:00Nomad__site doesn't load
17:06:09adamoh, extraneous .
17:06:17langhaarrockerleave out the dot between hotmp3 and gear
17:06:20Nomad__ok, thanks
17:09:50*adam needs the screwdriver...
17:10:22*langhaarrocker passes adam a pair of pliers
17:10:32adamgot a pair
17:10:34adamwill they work?
17:10:56langhaarrockerIn combination with an axe everything works.
17:14:50dwihnothe battery?
17:15:36adamonly one of them is working
17:15:39adamthe contact was bent
17:30:57 Part Zagor
17:34:48QuelsarukBagder: i need some help with the oscillosgraph
17:34:54Quelsarukif possible
17:35:15BagderI'm not sure I can
17:35:19Quelsaruk(and the bouncing demo)
17:35:29Bagderthat I know ;-)
17:35:37Quelsarukelinenbe made oscillosgraph ? or who?
17:36:27Bagderits langhaarrocker, isn't it?
17:36:30Quelsarukwell.. then, what should i say about bouncing demo? "An analog clock with rockbox bouncing across the screen?"
17:36:48BagderQuelsaruk: yeah, and press ON to get a scroll moving instead ;-)
17:37:23Quelsarukwhat about F1, F2 and F3 ? i think it was for axis and so on, no?
17:37:34 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:37:44Quelsarukhi TBoy
17:37:52adamI need an EE around to fix my archos :P
17:37:54BagderQuelsaruk: yes, right/left, up/down changes things
17:40:00Quelsaruki don't want to test them, do you remember *what* did exactly what?
17:40:15Quelsarukif possible, if not.. i'll test :)
17:46:40TBoyis it possible, if I have a too large font, to scroll down or make the wps 2 pages
17:46:56Quelsaruknot now, AFAIK
17:52:24 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|coffee (
17:52:31adamExciting Game Machine!
17:57:04quel|coffeebtw... the mail list is getting hot by moments ;)
17:58:06 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:58:51 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59:21 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:01:18 Nick Nibbler is now known as Nib|afk (
18:05:27 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:06 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:21:06 Quit Nib|afk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:22:13 Quit TBoy ()
18:30:49 Join melvin [0] (
18:34:06 Join DJBaz [0] (
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18:45:52 Quit TotMacher ()
18:53:13 Part DJBaz ("Client exiting")
18:53:29 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:54:24 Quit melvin (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:55:06 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
18:55:14Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:55:23Mode"#rockbox -b *!*marklar2@80.178.*.* " by Bagder (
18:56:43 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
18:57:23ken0__any dev guys around? got 2 issues - 2 unplayable MP3s that play well on winamp and a possible bug
18:59:20 Quit Bagder ("")
19:02:24 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
19:05:47ken0__any dev guys around? found 2 unplayable MP3s that play well on winamp and also a possible bug with file deletion
19:09:54 Join d00de [0] (
19:10:19d00decan i ask a question about charging the studio 20?
19:11:13d00demy kings adaptor i got this uniross regulated power supply with connectors..
19:11:56d00dei tried it on 9v at 1.2Amps (fixed amps) and it powered the unit to light it and display the charging sign..but wont let me power the unit on
19:12:10d00deis it safe to now maybe try it at 12V CD 1.2Amps?
19:12:18d00deor will that be too high a setting/
19:13:25 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:13:41 Quit d00de (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13:41quelsarukd00de: i don't think so
19:13:52tracktheripperhi Quel
19:13:57quelsarukhi tracktheripper!
19:14:04tracktherippersorry :D
19:14:08tracktheripperwhats up>
19:14:14quelsarukworking on the manual
19:14:31tracktheripperive shelved the manual idea myself
19:15:35quelsarukyou can have a look at it if you want to, but not yet finished
19:16:20tracktheripperactually ill check it out later, gotta head down the pub later
19:17:16tracktheripperQuel this is Adimas earlier on this morning "tracktheripper, shut up, oops hi :)"
19:17:38quelsaruki'm sending it to your mail
19:17:44tracktherippercool :-)
19:17:49tracktheripperill read it later on :)
19:18:56tracktheripperQuel u working on the inverted video line? :)
19:19:08quelsarukno thanks ;)
19:22:11tracktherippermy JB still has the tetris problem :(
19:23:33tracktheripperreceived :)
19:28:15 Quit CSBluechip ("Trillian (")
19:29:53tracktheripperQuel are u spanish?
19:38:54quelsarukim spanish
19:38:59tracktheripperwell speak to me then :-)
19:39:26quelsaruki was with other things :P
19:43:43 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:46:00quelsaruki don't understand
19:58:36 Join thu [0] (
20:05:37 Join Nib|afk [0] (
20:30:42 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
20:30:42 Quit Nib|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:54:30 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:09 Join ghent [0] (
21:11:00ghentwill rockbox be working on the archos multimedia 20 ?
21:14:08quelsaruk see question 65 :)
21:14:20quelsaruki must go
21:14:32 Join neil [0] (
21:14:40 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:16:24ghenttoo bad, i'd think it would be easier to have an ogg support on this one
21:24:34 Part neil
21:39:10 Join OnoSendai [0] (
21:39:13OnoSendaihey guys
21:39:44 Quit ghent (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:56:29 Nick elinenbe|zzzz is now known as elinenbe|awake (
21:56:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:56:44elinenbe|awakewow! I slept for nearly 18 hours
21:58:10 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:00:11DJBazany news on the alarm feature?
22:03:55 Quit Solatis ("I hate hackers ffs")
22:20:40 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
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22:49:32 Join wethion [0] (
22:52:17wethionHey folks. I'm trying to build yesterday's CVS, and I don't seem to have sh-elf-gcc, however, some on #debian seem to indicate that the HOWTO may be out of date. Does rockbox still require elf?
23:02:37PsycoXulwhat other binary format would it compile to?
23:03:01PsycoXulafaik the tools that make the .mod out of the compiled bin expect it to be elf
23:05:53 Join thu [0] (
23:15:46Nomad__ummm, any devs handy?
23:31:33Nomad__my jukebox is dead it seems :<
23:33:11 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:36:43 Join ghent [0] (
23:39:55 Join Nibbler [0] (

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