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#rockbox log for 2003-04-09

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00:37:58tracktheripperhi linus
00:38:15 Part LinusN
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00:49:06adi|homeyou scared him off
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00:57:42ken0__any dev alive?
00:58:00LinusNi'm not dead yet, i'm only 34 :-)
00:58:12ken0__heh hi Linus
00:58:37ken0__2 quick ones before I hit the bed - found 2 unplayable MP3s which play well on winamp
00:59:03wethionI'm trying to build the daily CVS sources for rockbox, and I'm getting errors, but it occurs to me to ask, is there a substantial difference between the pre-built daily releases and the cvs source?
00:59:17LinusNken0__: i want them
00:59:26LinusNdefine "unplayable"
00:59:32ken0__also, if I delete a file it keeps playing what's in buffer already and afterwards it just reads from the next file as if it was the same song
00:59:38ken0__no audio
00:59:39LinusNwethion: no
00:59:55wethionLinusN: Thanks.
01:00:05LinusNwethion: what errors?
01:00:45LinusNken0__: you delete the current file?
01:01:06ken0__CVS 030326
01:01:28ken0__by current I assume you mean currently playing..
01:02:27LinusNyou should always try the latest build
01:02:49LinusNken0__: can you provide one of those files?
01:02:55wethionLinusN: sh-elf-gcc not found.
01:02:59ken0__trying to find it, a sec
01:03:23ken0__as for the ability to delete open file- is this fixed in latest build?
01:03:24LinusNwethion: do you have the cross compiler installed?
01:03:48tracktheripperhi adi
01:04:20LinusNken0__: no, nothing prevents you from deleting an open file
01:04:43ken0__and.. this is acceptable?
01:04:45wethionLinusN: apparently not. I rarely have any builds that require elf compatibility though.
01:06:32LinusNwethion: it has little to do with ELF, everything to do with CPU type
01:07:17LinusNyou mean that you have an SH1 cross compiler for another file format?
01:07:33ken0__crap I think I deleted that dir
01:07:43ken0__they are on CDs somewhere.. will try and find them
01:08:27wethionLinusN: I'm not a developer per se. I just doink about here and there. can you define 'cross compiler', and I doubt I have a cross compiler at all.
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01:09:00wethionLinusN: and I could be just completely confused and not even know it. :)
01:09:14ken0__about the open file deletion, I'm all for deleting open files if that's what the user wants, but shouldn't playing the next song if there is no current song anymore be avoided?
01:09:40LinusNa cross compiler is a compiler that runs on a system with one CPU architecture (like Intel x86) but compiles code for another (in this case Hitachi SH1)
01:10:04LinusNken0__: why?
01:10:09wethionLinusN: in that case, no, I do not have a cross compiler, for sure.
01:10:15LinusNif the current song faisl to load, go to the next
01:10:33LinusNwethion: windows or linux?
01:10:40wethionLinusN: Linux.
01:10:48LinusN(tahnk god)
01:10:50wethionDebian unstable to be specific.
01:11:06ken0__LinusN yes, but it doesn't "go to the next", it loads the next "chunk" into the buffer from the next file, while keeping the display as if it was the previous _deleted_ song
01:11:46LinusNken0__: file a bug report
01:12:02tracktheripperLinusN I think I know what caused my Tetris problem
01:12:16ken0__I'm still mad about the whole doom thing though :)
01:12:23LinusNtracktheripper: really???
01:12:26tracktheripperme 2 ken
01:12:31wethionken0__: I think that's an old bug, yes? I confused the hell out of my archos today, and it showed no song playing, while the original song was still playing.
01:12:42wethionLinusN: am looking.. thanks.
01:12:56tracktheripperOn my Recorder I had at least 4 firmwares on i
01:13:09tracktherippersomehow the Recorder kept getting confused
01:14:03tracktheripperand LinusN, Adimas keeps picking on me :(
01:14:18LinusNsaw that, i'll punish him hard
01:14:33tracktheripperhe said I scared u off :(
01:14:44tracktheripperI was just trying to be civil
01:15:18LinusNken0__: about the silent MP3, i'm pretty sure that it is a CRC issue
01:15:54tracktheripperBut I still wonder where that error message comes from (its in the bug report somewhere)
01:15:59LinusNsome crappy encoders set the "CRC protection" flag in the MP3 header but never calculate a CRC
01:16:00ken0__prolly is, but how come software players seem to work?
01:16:17ken0__how can this be fixed?
01:16:18LinusNwinamp doesn't check the CRC
01:16:31LinusNthe MAS always checks it and we can't make it not to
01:16:37ken0__so I'll decode with winamp and reencode I guess
01:16:45LinusNno need
01:16:58LinusNthere are tools that can recalculate the CRC's
01:17:15LinusNmaybe VBRfix can do it?
01:17:24LinusN(not the rockbox one)
01:17:25ken0__hmm I'll try..
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01:18:16LinusNtracktheripper: please explain once more, did you find out what caused the IllInst error in Tetris?
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01:25:21ken0__okay I'm out to bed got guard duty tomorrow :(
01:25:33ken0__I'll quit the chan to avoid trillian from getting me banned again hehe
01:25:33LinusNken0__: nite
01:25:34wethionWell, that was a good test of my journaling fs. seems to work ok. :)
01:25:55LinusNwethion: power loss?
01:25:56 Quit ken0__ ("linus is an idol")
01:26:20wethionLinusN: Nah, kicked the plug out of the wall. Heh. Really need a UPS.
01:27:03wethion'an' UPS rather.
01:27:55LinusNwe are not picky about grammar here
01:28:10LinusNand it is "a" UPS :-)
01:28:22elinenbe|awakeI picky 'bout gramma
01:28:29 Nick elinenbe|awake is now known as elinenbe (
01:28:49LinusNmy gramma is asleep, so i can do whatever i want
01:29:00elinenbegud gramma important
01:29:13LinusNme thinks so also
01:29:36elinenbeLinus: I just won doom playing against 8 other people through a usb hub
01:30:04elinenbeBut honestly, for a Swede, your english is pretty good.
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01:31:34wethionLinusN: Err.. thought the rule was if the following word began with a vowel, or sounded like a vowel ( an herb ) excepting Y, it was an.
01:31:36LinusNelinenbe: thanks
01:32:41LinusNwethion: UPS is pronounced ju-pee-ess, hence a leading consonant
01:32:59wethionwow, talk about bringing conversation to an halt. :)
01:33:02LinusNconsonant sound, that is
01:33:18LinusNwethion: talk about off topic:-)
01:33:21wethionOh... Ok, sounds good to me.
01:33:25wethionOk, I'm done.
01:33:34LinusNhow about the cross compiler
01:34:10Dragonfly1600Hey.. is there any way that I can make it so my Jukebox Studio shows JUST the Title of the song when I play a song...?
01:35:51LinusNDragonfly1600: yes, create a custom WPS config file
01:36:21Dragonfly1600umm.. sounds hard.. how do I go about doing that?
01:37:00Dragonfly1600oh boy.. thanks, i'm gonna give it a try
01:39:21wethionLinusN: Hell, I might as well get & build it if for nothing else other than shits and giggles. Thanks, I'll be back later. Peace.
01:39:34 Part wethion
01:39:35LinusNin your case, create a file .rockbox/mywps.wps containing the string "%?it|<%it|%fm>" (without the quotes)
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01:52:41LinusNguys, what do we want to happen when pressing NEXT when playing the last song (repeat=off)?
01:52:58LinusNtoday it does nothing, keeps playing the song
01:54:13Dragonfly1600LinusN grr.. i tried to do it, and it didn't work.. and i just copied and pasted the thing you told me, and it didn't work either
01:54:34LinusNdid you Play the file afterwards?
01:54:48Dragonfly1600.. play it?
01:54:54LinusNselect it and press play
01:57:00Dragonfly1600it's not showing up... like on the screen, it just doesnt show up
01:58:13LinusNok, let's break it down, did you create a mywps.wps file in the .rockbox dir?
01:59:01Dragonfly1600i saved it as system.wps
02:00:03LinusNok, and what happens when you press Play on it?
02:01:00Dragonfly1600the .rockbox folder doesnt show up
02:01:02LinusNoops i see a typo in my example
02:02:04LinusNmenu->general settings->file view->show files->all
02:02:23Dragonfly1600ah i c
02:04:41Dragonfly1600ok.. good, but it doesn't scroll and the time isnt there at all
02:05:17LinusNyou said: "is there any way that I can make it so my Jukebox Studio shows JUST the Title of the song when I play a song...?"
02:06:48Dragonfly1600grr.. technicalities.. ok.. how do i have the title scroll, it just be the title, and have the remaining time to total time at the bottom..?
02:07:27LinusNok, first line: %?it<%it|%fm>
02:09:10LinusNsecond line: %pc%?ps<*|/>%pt
02:10:41LinusNthis will show xx:xx*yy:yy if shuffle is on and xx:xx/yy:yy is shuffle is off
02:11:14Dragonfly1600yeah, it works now
02:11:16Dragonfly1600thank you
02:11:20LinusNyou're welcome
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02:15:52Dragonfly1600Hmm.. I got one for you... Is there a way to have the first line pause when it gets back to the first character, and then start scrolling again?
02:21:20Dragonfly1600but you have to be able to do it.. the regular archos firmware does it
02:21:44LinusNwhy must we be able to just because someone else does it?
02:22:59Dragonfly1600i don't know.. maybe because of a little thing called copying it... or gee umm, isnt the whole rockbox firmware just customized and edited...?
02:23:16LinusNit is written from scratch
02:23:27LinusNevery single byte
02:24:27 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
02:26:22Dragonfly1600well, wouldn't it be a good feature to look into?
02:26:34LinusNfile a feature request
02:27:53 Part OnoSendai
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02:38:48Temfatelinus; I give up trying to find that bug I was tracking...
02:39:06Temfateonly effects my recorder; none of the others I've tried show it at all.
02:39:22Temfatebut it IS rockbox related!
02:39:25Temfatearchos runs fine!
02:39:37LinusNthat is actually good information
02:40:30Temfatemy final guess is that it's related to the spin up time and something happening to quickly.
02:41:01TemfateI get it to crash just trying to delete files!
02:41:16Temfateanytime the disc spins up it's likely to crash on me.
02:41:19LinusNyou say it freezes with the red led active?
02:41:37LinusNyou should talk to zagor about it
02:41:46Temfatedid he find something similar?
02:41:52LinusNhe might send you some test code
02:41:59LinusNhe is the (main) ATA guy
02:42:05Temfatewill do; he's a morning guy right?
02:42:30Temfateor that is morning to me!
02:42:34LinusNwell, he works, and he lives in sweden
02:43:18Temfatek; morning to me (Denver, CO)
02:43:40LinusNi'm swedish too
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02:43:50LinusNit's 2:44 am here
02:44:01Temfategeez man, get some sleep! :)
02:44:08LinusNwill do
02:51:48LinusNtime to sleep
02:51:49LinusNnit all!
02:51:59 Part LinusN
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03:05:03Dragonfly1600i'm so confused... a feature that i want is "available in CVS" but not regularly .. umm, what?
03:39:24Temfatewhat feature?
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03:51:59Dragonfly1600oh sorry
03:52:41Dragonfly1600umm.. when playing a song, the scrolling top line stops for like a second then starts again
03:53:39Dragonfly1600somewhere on a sourceforge page, it said that it's a feature on CVS
03:57:25Dragonfly1600u there Temfate?
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05:01:03Dragonfly1600i'm so confused... a feature that i want is "available in CVS".. umm, what?
05:01:58 Quit Dragonfly1600 ()
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05:55:10Hobbzeyhello all
05:56:58HobbzeyI just want to say that I'm impressed by what the group had done so far
05:57:23Hobbzeyand I had a question or two for you guys
05:59:14Hobbzeyanyone here?
06:02:00HobbzeyI was just wondering if there are any ongoing developements on the MMJB?
06:04:23Hobbzeyhello? is anyone on here?
06:07:27 Quit Hobbzey ("Leaving")
06:08:47 Join Hobbzey [0] (
06:10:19Hobbzeyyou guys asleep? or just too good to talk to visitors?
06:11:56Hobbzeyhello jerks?
06:19:22 Quit Hobbzey ("Leaving")
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07:05:49CYMhey,,, I have a quick question, maybe someone can answer... With the Archo Jukebox (studio) w/ the RockBox firmware, how do I queue up songs?
07:07:41 Quit CYM (Client Quit)
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08:58:26 Join Bagder [241] (
09:14:29 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:21:00 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
09:27:38adi|homewe've had a drastic influx of asses lately...
09:27:50adi|home<Hobbzey> you guys asleep? or just too good to talk to visitors?
09:27:54adi|home<Hobbzey> hello jerks?
09:28:00adi|homethen logged off
09:28:10Zagorfriendly fellow :-)
09:28:31adi|homeand i love this one...
09:28:39adi|home<Hobbzey> I was just wondering if there are any ongoing developements on the MMJB?
09:28:43adi|home<Hobbzey> hello? is anyone on here?
09:28:44adi|home<Hobbzey> Hello?
09:28:59adi|homedude.. i only wish that was in a FAQ or something.. oh.. wait
09:30:15Bagderyou seen the philips player?
09:30:28langhaarrockerI have a recorder :)
09:30:29ZagorI signed up for the test :-)
09:30:41Bagderaha, is that possible
09:30:52adi|homewhats this?
09:39:01Zagoryikes. i've found a real documentation hero:
09:43:19Bagderbut its thesis, not a spare time project ;-)
09:43:22Bagdera thesis
09:43:39Zagorah, ok
09:43:45Zagorstill pretty impressive
09:43:52 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
09:43:53Bagderoh yes
09:44:05Bagdermorning Q
09:44:22Quelsarukthat sounded like a james bond film :)
09:48:57dwihnoThe next project: PhilBox? :)
09:49:14langhaarrockerI don't want to enter any boxes yet!
09:49:26Bagderget phil into the box!
09:50:47Quelsaruki like the idea
09:50:52 Join matsl [0] (
09:50:59Quelsarukhave you considered an axe as compresion tool?
09:51:43langhaarrockerYou may use the axe on the box but not on me to fit me into the box.
09:52:04 Part ghent ("Adam savait le bien. Il a préféré s'en détourner pour exercer sa liberté et sa puissance.")
09:53:52Quelsarukmaybe an axe is a quite rude tool... i may be able to find a compresor(tm) from the inquisition
09:54:22dwihnoQuelsaruk: you're a part of the spanish inquisition?! :D
09:55:03Quelsarukshhhhhh. that's a secret ;)
09:57:10dwihnoLet's all rejoice!
10:01:05Quelsarukwho has a player here?
10:01:32Bagderhow's the doc going Quelsaruk?
10:03:20Quelsaruki have to finish WPS, Customizing UI and explaining ROLO. During the week i have less spare time, but i think i will finish it this morning (but i still need some screenshots)
10:07:05adi|homewould we be willing to hold off on 2.0 till the doc is ready?
10:07:28BagderI think so
10:09:22*thu is away: I'm busy
10:09:47Quelsarukadi|home: i'm doing the manual as if 2.0 is the current version
10:12:43Quelsarukas i was saying before...
10:12:52Quelsarukdoes anyone have an archos player here?
10:13:32Quelsarukhow do you move through ID3 info with a player? using left/right?
10:13:41Quelsaruk(i have no simulator here)
10:14:26*thu is back (gone 00:04:59)
10:14:41*Bagder realizes he has no idea ;-)
10:30:39 Join thu_ [0] (
10:36:55 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:37:21tracktherippermorning Bagder, Dwihno, Quel and Zagor :)
10:37:44tracktheripper:) hows it going?
10:38:00tracktheripperI saw Quel;s manual it looks good so far
10:38:37Quelsaruki'm changing text size (was too big) and finishing it
10:39:06tracktherippercool. Im not sure if Zagor wants it in PDF format though
10:39:37Zagorpdf is good, as long as there's a html version too
10:40:16tracktheripperI just thought u were against propietory formats like doc and pdf
10:40:31Quelsarukno prob in making a html manual
10:40:41Zagorthere is a huge difference btwn doc and pdf
10:40:47 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
10:40:58 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:41:08tracktherippergot disconnected
10:41:42tracktheripperI think some of those open-source office programs support .doc as well (Like Star Office)
10:41:53Bagdernot fully
10:42:01Bagderbut almost
10:42:02Zagorsure. but .doc is a horrible mess of 15 formats
10:42:03tracktheripperoh ok
10:42:08Zagorpdf is at least documented
10:42:32 Quit thu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:42:32tracktheripperI noticed that the latest version of Word only works if u have 2000 or XP
10:42:41Zagorhow surprising
10:42:51tracktherippermore microsoft bullying I take it
10:42:55dwihnoRTF to the people! :)
10:43:22Quelsarukplain text!!
10:43:27tracktheripperas in Rich Text Format or RTFM as in Read the manual!
10:43:34Quelsarukeveryone can read a plain text file :P
10:43:39Quelsarukeven with rockbox
10:43:41Zagorplain text rocks
10:43:42tracktheripperhi Dwihno
10:43:48dwihnoQuelsaruk: hmm, word does not manage plain text ;D
10:43:59dwihnohowdy track, evil ninja dude
10:44:00tracktheripperyes but I think Doc is more flexible?
10:44:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:44:13tracktheripperim not talking to Adimas now :)
10:44:22Zagordwihno: RTF is a MS format too
10:44:52dwihnoZagor: At least you can use it with every word processor :)
10:45:21tracktheripperZagor, what you have to realise is that 99.999999999% of PCs sold come wiv Windows and Word, No wonder they are the dominant formats :)
10:45:33Zagornot really. rtf too has a dozen different formats, and ms-only extensions.
10:45:48Zagorbut above all, who wants to use a word processor to read documentation?
10:45:53tracktheripperoh ok :)
10:46:06langhaarrockerQuel: Where do I find your docu?
10:46:11 Quit thu_ (
10:46:15tracktheripperI think PDF is the best compromise as the Acrobat Reader is free :-)
10:46:35Bagdertracktheripper: that 99.999999999% is a exactly and well research number I guess? ;-)
10:46:54tracktherippererm, its a close aproxximation ;-)
10:47:17tracktheripperLinux still has a long way to go before it finnally defeats Windows
10:47:29ZagorI don't care how many people use Word. I don't.
10:47:32Quelsaruklanghaarrocker: i have to send it to you :)
10:47:36langhaarrockerStrange. I thought you unix guys all want to have some postscript files.
10:47:44langhaarrockerquel: don't bother then.
10:47:48tracktheripperso do use Notepad to write letters Zagor? :-)
10:48:06Zagorof course not. I use abiwrite
10:48:19langhaarrockeredlin rules!
10:48:30tracktheripperI looked at a JPEG taken with the MM and its camera attachment
10:48:36tracktheripperthe quality is crap to say the least
10:49:56Bagderwell, people buy phones with crappy cameras, so why not mp3 players? ;-)
10:50:25 Part langhaarrocker
10:50:49tracktheripperbadger please make rockbox work on the MM (just to please MM owners)
10:51:01tracktheripperim thinking of getting a MM as well :-)
10:51:06Bagderif you pay me
10:51:41tracktheripperill pay you once working Rockbox is working fully on the MM
10:51:52 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
10:52:02tracktheripperBy the way Zagor, Archos are seriously thinking about supporting WMA on the All the Jukeboxes
10:52:15Zagoryeah, right...
10:52:27tracktheripperhang on, here is their email they sent me
10:52:29BagderI estimate a couple of work months to get it started, so I'd say you need to pay up some... 30000 USD to start with
10:52:30langhaarrockerThey have the MAS docs?
10:52:38Zagortracktheripper: they can't
10:52:51tracktheripperArchos is currently working on supporting WMA format for all Jukebox players. While this is planned it is not guaranteed and I can give you no timeframe for when such an update might be released. It will only support standard MP3 format at this time.
10:52:58tracktheripperthats what Archos emailed to me
10:53:01Bagderplease stop repeating that crap track
10:53:12Zagorit's bullshit. the players can't support wma.
10:53:12Bagderthey have some Q&A page saying that too
10:53:28Bagderits blatant lie
10:53:45Bagderthey haven't touch the firmwares in over a year
10:53:52Bagderwhy would they bother to fix a dead product?
10:53:58 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:54:07ZagorI excpect, if pushed, they will say they mean "all out FUTURE players"
10:54:17Bagderyes, the mm support it afaik
10:54:22langhaarrockerMaybe they forgot about the original player/recorder.
10:54:50Zagorat leat the MM *can* support it. i'm not sure it does today.
10:54:55 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:54:59tracktheripperdam AOL
10:55:01tracktherippercut me off again
10:55:08dwihnoAliens online!
10:55:19tracktheripper((thumps Dwihno))
10:56:47tracktheripperRealizer rules! :-)
11:00:50tracktherippererm, something that enhances sounds quality
11:02:08Zagordwihno: it's an equalizer plugin
11:02:38Zagortotally bogus
11:03:21tracktheripperDwihno: According to the Realizer website it "helps to restore the rich and dynamic sound of CDs by magically restoring the lost frequencies during the MP3 compression!"
11:03:57Zagorare there no laws agains fraud in advertising in the us?
11:04:23Bagderfree speech!
11:04:37Bagderthey even tried to claim burning crosses is free speach
11:04:51Zagoryeah. nike actually used that defense successfully...
11:05:05tracktheripperZagor before you laugh your head off, Ive used Realizer myself
11:05:08Bagderbut the burning crosses case lost
11:05:09tracktheripperI have Realizer on my PC
11:06:23tracktheripperbut unfortunatly all it did was overblow the bass and treble ends in the music, it did nothing to aid sound quality (please dont laugh at me)
11:06:46Zagori told you so
11:07:26Zagoryou didn't actually pay for it, did you?
11:07:40tracktheripperno it came free with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5
11:08:03tracktheripperbut you can buy Realizer for $20 i think
11:08:59tracktheripperIncreasing the Loudness in Rockbox sounds a lot better
11:10:14tracktheripperlol talk about snake oil
11:11:34langhaarrockerViagra 4 Rockbox!
11:12:27langhaarrockerViagra maximizes too. :)
11:12:40BagderZagor: you gonna go to the os talk tomorrow?
11:13:04tracktheripperlanghaarrocker you shouldnt stick it in the USB port :-)
11:13:04BagderI am
11:13:18ZagorBagder: yes
11:13:35Quelsarukare you going to shout "death to microsoft windows" ?
11:13:50Bagderits an open source talk
11:13:52tracktheripperleave MS Windows alone
11:14:13BagderI leave windows as often as I can ;-)
11:14:24tracktheripperI have Windows XP
11:14:43tracktheripperthere is nofing wrong wiv it
11:14:43tracktheripperworks great
11:14:47BagderI've seen an xp
11:15:14tracktheripperXP has a very easy to use interface
11:15:33Bagderit looks like a toy the entire ui, if you ask me
11:15:47tracktheripperno it does not
11:15:54langhaarrockerI like toys
11:15:56Bagderthen we disagree
11:15:59tracktheripperif that case u may as well say the same about the Apple Mac interface
11:16:16Bagderpossible, never used it
11:16:47tracktheripperyea Badger it may look like a toy, but at least its idiot-proof
11:16:49tracktheripperunlike Linux :-)
11:16:57dwihnoBagder: At work, we call it dagis xp
11:16:58Bagderits idiot-proof too
11:17:04Bagderthey stay away!
11:17:20Bagderdwihno: hehe
11:17:35tracktheripper((kills Badger))
11:17:49dwihnoBagder: 85% of the system resources are spent doing "fancy" stuff.
11:18:05dwihnoI'm a windows person myself (mostly) but when it comes to XP, I don't have mycket till övers :)
11:18:35tracktheripperdwihno ever since In installed XP my PC has been very stable
11:18:43tracktherippernever get blue-screens
11:19:18dwihnotracktheripper: my computer came pre-installed with XP. I knew at least 4 ways to make it dump on me.
11:19:40langhaarrockerI got a black screen on my xp laptop :(
11:19:55tracktheripperwell Dwihno perhaps thats because you are unable to read simple instructions :-)
11:20:04Quelsaruki won't tell you what i have on my screen ;)
11:20:10tracktheripperand Langhaarocker try turning your laptop on :-)
11:20:25tracktheripperlol wots that Quelsaruk?
11:20:27QuelsarukBagder: are you coming back after lunch?
11:20:30langhaarrockertrack: that was when my backlight was broken.
11:20:38dwihnoQuelsaruk: cerveza grande?
11:21:09langhaarrockerI assume a picture of his favorite goat.
11:21:28tracktheripperthen just shine a torch on it :-)
11:21:56tracktheripperkebab with starka sasen
11:22:07 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:23:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:00:36langhaarrockerwhat's the difference between const static int and static const int ?
12:01:34Schnueffhm is there one?
12:06:11langhaarrockerI just wonder why someone made that distinction in peakmeter.c (definition of db_scale_src_values)
12:06:51langhaarrockerMaybe it's simply that not every compiler eats const static int.
12:33:21adi|homeanyone know any linux tools off hand to play a .DAT file?
12:44:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:47:05 Quit Temfate (Remote closed the connection)
12:47:07 Join Temfate [0] (
12:52:45Zagoradi|home: a .dat file? that's an awful generic name
12:55:54dwihno.dat MIGHT be the VCD track file thingy
12:56:02dwihnomplayer plays most formats
12:56:10dwihnoJust make sure you got them codecs for fishy avi formats
12:56:59 Join DJBaz [0] (
12:58:46 Part DJBaz ("Client exiting")
13:11:58Bagdermr spock's brain - unplugged!
13:12:04*Bagder returns
13:12:49Bagderno cheering? ;-)
13:15:36quel|outHI Bagder!!!!!
13:15:41quel|outWe all love you
13:15:46 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
13:15:59*Bagder is relieved
13:16:11dwihnoWe're so glad you're safe!
13:16:27BagderI had lunch with Zagor, anything can happen then! ;-)
13:17:32quelsarukcritics needed :)
13:17:50quelsaruki'm now correcting some things langhaarrocker told me.
13:18:35dwihnoBagder: Starka såsen, I presume?
13:18:47Bagderpizza Calzone!
13:18:56dwihnoBagder: Ask Linus to take you and Zagor to Kronans pizza! They do pretty good kebab with starka såsen! :)
13:19:04*dwihno can intyga that :)
13:19:14BagderI'll do that when he returns to life
13:21:10Bagderquelsaruk: I have one rather silly remark
13:21:13quelsarukas an angel in black??
13:21:26quelsarukof course Bagder, i love silly remarks
13:21:36Bagderyou think we need to explain "root folder" ?
13:21:39quelsarukall my life is silly and weird
13:21:56Bagderdo computer newbies understand that phrase?
13:22:16quelsarukummm... yups
13:22:21quelsaruki must explain it
13:22:32quelsarukthat's hard
13:22:45BagderI remember reading the bug report where the fellow said:
13:22:47quelsaruksilly things are usually the most difficult to explain
13:22:58Bagder"directories, what's that? aaaah, you mean folders!"
13:23:48quelsaruki normally use folders, because windoze users just understand folders, and linux users... should know what a folder is ;)
13:23:53Bagderanother nit
13:23:58Bagdersection 6.1
13:24:16Bagderthe keys are centered in the player table, but left-aligned in the recorder table
13:24:17quelsarukmenu controls...
13:24:18Zagor"Bleeding edge is the same as Daily build, but generated every 20 minutes." could be "...but built from the latest development code every 20 minutes."
13:24:37quelsarukthanks zagor :)
13:24:39quelsarukchanging it
13:25:15Zagoralso, "non-stable (not 100% stable)" could be replaced with "beta" simply
13:25:16quelsaruk(and yours Bagder)
13:25:34BagderZagor: that's not a newbie-friendly word ;-)
13:25:45BagderNFW (tm)
13:25:47quelsarukthat's why i used non-stable
13:26:03Zagorthe installation procedure should tell users to unzip the .zip file, not copy the .mod file
13:26:16Zagoronly daily build users copy the .mod/.ajz file
13:26:40quelsaruki never used a stable version
13:26:51quelsarukalways bleeding edge or self ccompiled
13:27:07Bagderthis manual aren't really for people like ourselves
13:28:02quelsarukwell Bagder, maybe.
13:28:03quelsaruki mean
13:28:06quelsaruknot all the manual
13:28:21quelsarukbut imagine you leave contact with rockbox for 2 weeks...
13:28:32Bagder"Walls are not eatable." <= good quote from the manual ;-)
13:28:36quelsarukyou can get lost with all new functions
13:28:47Zagor"Delete: we can only delete files." should be "Delete: We can only delete files, not directories."
13:29:03quelsaruki copied langhaarrocker wormlet manual :)
13:29:31Zagor"5.2 SUPORTED FILE FORMATS" bad spelling of "supported"
13:30:06Bagderhow come page 20 looks so weird?
13:30:10quelsarukzagor is agressive ;)
13:30:44quelsarukbagder, because PART III is written, but Part II is not ended
13:31:17quelsarukso i don't really mind about that until I finish the Using rockbox part
13:31:23quelsaruki little thing
13:31:57BagderI think the manual is might fine
13:32:09quelsaruklanghaarrocker thinks that each part should start with 1, 2.... so point 5 should be 1 (of part II)
13:32:41quelsarukopinions about this?
13:33:00BagderI disagree
13:33:12Bagderas it is now, its easier to talk about chapters and sections
13:33:20Bagderwe can refer people to a specific place easily
13:33:29quelsarukok :)
13:33:30Bagderlike see "section 6.9.3"
13:33:31langhaarrockerI never read a book where minor numerations superceded major numerations
13:33:50quelsarukwhat does that mean?
13:33:57*langhaarrocker thinks
13:34:25*quelsaruk see the smoke coming out from langhaarrocker's head
13:34:32quelsaruktake it easy langhaarrocker ;)
13:35:10Bagderquelsaruk: in section 5 "The file browser helps you navigate through your hard disk," can we change that to navigate through your Archos' hard disk or even simply through your Archos?
13:35:23Zagorquelsaruk: you need to add info about the three new channel modes in secion 6.2
13:35:42BagderI'm not sure everyone thinks of the Archos as a hard disk
13:35:55Zagor"the files on your Archos" maybe
13:36:03Bagderthat's good
13:36:06quelsarukok, so navigating through your archos hard disk
13:36:15Bagderuse Zagor's wording
13:36:25langhaarrockerquel: I should have used "exceed"
13:38:32langhaarrocker(it's strange when words of a foreign language pop up in your brain that you can't translate into your native language and then find out that this word doesn't exist in the foreign language either.)
13:38:58Zagoralso, in section 6.3.2, extensions are no longer shown in "supported" mode
13:40:37*quelsaruk working on all this erratas
13:40:46quelsarukdoes errata exist on english?
13:41:22Zagor§6.3.4. explain that battery capacity is used for estimating battery time left.
13:41:24 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:41:33langhaarrockerbut isn't "errata" uncountable plural?
13:41:51quelsarukin spanish we have "erratas" :)
13:41:54BagderI think it is
13:42:28langhaarrockerThese spanish guys generally have to many 's' at the ends of words.
13:42:53Bagderbut never in the beginning
13:42:57quelsarukbut here in andalucia we cut the ending "s"
13:43:14Zagortrickle charge should say "Trickle charge is needed to keep the batteries full after charging has completed."
13:44:28Zagor6.4.1: don't use a (tm) mark. we don't have a trademark.
13:44:43ZagorI know it's a joke, but it's best to avoid it.
13:44:59quelsaruki used the tm because the WRS doesn't exist
13:45:13langhaarrockerquel: if you once should run out of ideas - what about a tutorial with example procedures? Like "How to record", "How to transfere a file", ...
13:45:19Zagorthe screenshots are very wrong, also
13:45:37quelsaruki know
13:45:46Bagderlanghaarrocker: indeed a good suggestion
13:45:48quelsarukbut simulator hasn't got recording
13:46:07quelsaruklanghaarrocker: when i finish basic manual.. i will do that.
13:46:47quelsarukZagor: i'm thinking in modifying the WPS to make it look the same as the recording screen, so i can make a false snapshot
13:47:02quelsarukand do the same with F2 and F3
13:47:21Zagorgood idea
13:47:26Bagderor fix the "real" screenshot code
13:47:51BagderLinus wrote code once, that dups the actual frame buffer to a file
13:48:05Bagderto be used on target
13:48:41quelsarukBagder: as a techno priest i should always use tricks, never make cool programming tasks ;)
13:49:18*Bagder begs his highness for forgiveness, having been rude to suggest something else
13:49:50quelsaruki will consider that as an option
13:50:02quelsarukforgiving you, i mean
13:51:02quelsarukbtw, if you look at the snapshots, you will see that i only use Heavy metal stuff :)
13:57:26langhaarrockerWhich is strange. On the jukebox you should only hear blue soft rubber stuff.
13:58:19quelsaruki have a theory
13:58:35quelsarukarchos jukebox is heavy, no?
13:58:50quelsarukthe only music that fits that definition is.....
13:58:53quelsarukheavy metal!!!
13:59:31quelsarukthe heaviest the archos.. the more powerful throwing weapon you have :)
13:59:35Zagorwe need a new language janitor. any volunteers?
13:59:36dwihnoyou are so wasted.
13:59:58quelsaruklanguage janitor??
14:00:26quelsarukdwihno: am i wasted?
14:00:45Zagoryes. someone who checks and applies language patches. bobthc is our current guy, but it seems he doesn't have enough free time.
14:01:21quelsaruki don't know if i have enought time... but i know how to do that
14:01:35quelsaruk(i always check spanish language before sending the patch)
14:02:50*langhaarrocker never bothered with non-default-languages
14:11:18 Quit Bagder ("")
14:13:35dwihnoWould be nice to know how many rockbox users there are.
14:13:56langhaarrockerare there so many devices around?
14:14:02Schnuefflets count
14:14:57dwihnoThere should be a rockboxcounter on the web page!
14:15:30langhaarrocker"enter your serial number to download"
14:16:05quelsaruki use archos
14:16:17quelsarukam i in the wrong #channel?
14:16:49quelsarukthat's why i can't find all that amazing stuf like Doom... :)
14:17:10langhaarrockerQuel: seems you joined the #drugs channel
14:17:35quelsarukmaking this manual is killing me
14:18:34langhaarrockerto many smartasses with good suggestions around? :)
14:22:05quelsaruktoo many wise guys....
14:22:30quelsaruki'm like Socrates, i only know that i know nothing :)
14:23:49langhaarrockernah, I don't know.
14:27:48>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:39:57quelsaruklunch time
14:40:01quelsarukcu later!
14:40:07 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:44:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:57:38 Quit GreyShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:57:43Nomad__but not a good one I think
14:59:03Nomad__gotta ship my archos back to archos... it died
15:10:03Nomad__power on and it hangs at the Firmware ver: 5.08 screen
15:10:17Nomad__if I power off hard (hold the stop button) it gives a "HD Error"
15:10:21Nomad__and that's it
15:10:25Nomad__attempting to use the USB dies painfully
15:25:51 Join GreyShadow [0] (
15:26:44 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
15:26:49TBoyhoi :'(
15:26:50 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:26:57TBoyhoi ripp
15:27:13TBoysomething crappy happened today
15:27:22tracktheripperyea wat>
15:27:26TBoythe F2 button on my FM broke
15:27:32TBoyits not pressable
15:27:58tracktheripperhow did u manage that?
15:28:04tracktheripperdid u press it too hard?
15:28:22TBoyit was in my pocket while I was eatin McDonald grub' in train
15:28:29TBoyI didn't even touch it
15:28:39tracktheripperits prob clogged up the mechanism
15:28:55TBoythe time I pulled it out of my pocket I my pocket it was like that
15:29:16tracktherippersend it back to Archos
15:29:21TBoydarn see I have had 5 different Players in about 5 months
15:29:38TBoyand all of them have had some sort of software/firmware probs
15:29:56TBoyand this one was the best of them so far
15:29:57tracktheripperwell Ive had my Recorder 10 for a year and its never given me grief
15:30:26tracktheripperim sure Zagor will fix it for u :)
15:30:35TBoyyea but the fm is abit rounder around edges
15:31:10TBoyso that way it is harder to get the button pressed while its in your pocket, I'd think :')
15:31:19ZagorTBoy: is the button physically dented, or just doesn't react?
15:31:19TBoygettin abit happier but still sad
15:31:41TBoyno its physically dented
15:31:47tracktheripperthats the trouble wiv the new Archoses
15:32:01tracktheripperthey arent as well built as the normal Recorders
15:32:14TBoyits tilted down on the back(the side below the display)
15:32:36TBoyand second the color they used is coming of
15:32:39TBoythat sucks
15:32:50TBoyyou barely need to touch it and it peels of
15:33:03tracktheripperyea the paint is very weak on the new Archoses
15:33:08tracktheripperespecially the MM
15:33:49TBoyyep mine is the same as the fm ones
15:34:05tracktheripperis the paint really THAT weak?
15:34:29tracktheripperhey Dwihno
15:34:35dwihnohey track
15:34:40dwihnoback on track :D
15:34:44TBoyyep I just have to touch a spot about two times with my nail and it peels of
15:34:47tracktheripperCant understand why because the paint on my Recorder is still holding on
15:35:03tracktheripperand my Recorder gets used A LOT
15:36:07tracktheripperIve noticed the texture of the paint on the FM Recorder/MM is not good as the normal Recorder
15:38:42tracktheripperTBoy what is the FM reception like on the FM Recorder?
15:39:14TBoyits pretty good
15:39:27tracktheripperand how fast is the USB transfer speed?
15:39:28TBoythough I never use the archos firmware
15:39:44TBoyI just got it because of the Lithium batteries
15:39:52Nomad__too bad I can't get archos to put a memory upgrade in my system when I send it in for RMA :<
15:39:55tracktheripperwhat is the archos firmware like on the FM?
15:40:18 Quit langhaarrocker (Excess Flood)
15:40:43tracktheripperhey Tboy ive had a fantastic idea
15:41:02TBoyhmm I haven't used an other archos product so I can't tell if its different
15:41:35 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
15:41:37TBoyits stable, but still sux
15:41:43tracktheripperJust dissassemble the Archos firmware for the FM recorder back into code, nick the code that operates the FM tuner and plonk it into Rockbox!
15:44:05TBoyyep could do that but I haven't dissassembled anything and I know that its not that easy
15:44:15TBoyso I will just wait and cheer for them
15:44:46TBoyI'm now just waiting for an answer from the shop, from where I bought the FM
15:45:56TBoyI hope I get the newer fm
15:46:03TBoyif he exchanges it for me
15:46:09TBoythe one on the archos site
15:46:15TBoyI have a different one
15:46:23tracktheripperhave they brought out a new FM recorder?
15:46:43TBoymine isn't that blue and mine has platinum/chrome buttons
15:47:06TBoythats the newer one I think
15:47:53Zagori think it's the same, just bad lightning
15:47:56TBoyand mine looks more like this
15:48:10TBoyno mine doesn't have the text down there
15:48:16TBoyits on the side on mine
15:49:08TBoyI hope you guys'll hold your thumbs for me
15:49:11dwihnoZagor: You never told me where I can buy 256 meg smartmedia flash cards! :)
15:49:18tracktheripper((holds his thumbs))
15:49:19dwihnoZagor: No starka såsen for you!
15:49:33Zagormaybe because I have no idea... I use Compact Flash.
15:49:34tracktheripperstarka sasen?
15:49:40tracktheripperwhat on earth is that?
15:49:52TBoyI think you can only get 128
15:50:02tracktheripperget a 1GB IBM Microdrive
15:50:11TBoythey don't come in sizes above 128mb
15:50:33tracktheripperim prety sure they do
15:50:39dwihnoTBoy: You are 110% sure about that?
15:50:46TBoyI am
15:51:09TBoyI have never seen bigger ones
15:51:23dwihnoMe neither
15:51:26dwihnoBut if you say so... :)
15:52:23tracktheripperSmartmedia cards DO COME IN 256mb sizes
15:52:56Zagortracktheripper: so show us a page with it. google can't find one.
15:53:10TBoyyea I would like to see that
15:53:27langhaarrockerZagor: shouldn't it be "show us the code for one"?
15:53:54tracktheripperZagor visit Google and type in "256mb Smartmedia Card"
15:54:04tracktherippercomplete with the speech marks
15:55:43langhaarrockermy stupid digicam doesn't eat any smartmedia cards > 32 mb :(
15:55:52tracktheripperZagor the reason why Google didnt find a page for you is because u prob spelt "Smartmedia" wrong :)
15:56:27tracktheripperno starka sasen for u :D
15:57:00Zagortracktheripper: ok, you are right. (no, I did spell it correct)
15:57:26Zagornow find a place where they can be bought
15:57:32tracktheripperyou can have some starka sasen :D
15:58:14tracktheripperbut you said u use compact flash so why do u want a smartmedia card for? :D :D :D
15:58:19TBoyok track wins
15:58:49dwihnoStarka såsen :
15:58:52Temfatehey zagor! I was told to ask ya about a ATA (red led) crash! on the fm recorder.
15:58:53dwihnoTrack wins!
15:58:56dwihnoTrack vs TBoy 1-0
15:59:03tracktheripperI wonder if u can get a 512Mb Memory Stick?
15:59:05ZagorTemfate: ok
15:59:09dwihnoI had a red led dead today aswell.
15:59:16dwihnoIt happens more easily when I walk
15:59:24Temfatefrom what I see it only kills my fm recorder. not any normal recorders.
15:59:24dwihnoI've also discovered the "other" thing.
15:59:42dwihnoWhen the playing stops and everything runs, the playing resumes when the buffer is re-filled the next time
16:00:06tracktheripperDwhihno how do you make the Recoder display 1 bit bitmaps like the Rockbox logo?
16:00:57TBoyyea I get the red led death often
16:00:57Temfatedid you get that last one? I'm not used to irssi
16:01:09Temfatetboy: you do? when?
16:01:13dwihnotracktheripper: nopes, didn't check the code for that.
16:01:19Temfatewhat causes it? (guessing)
16:01:23TBoyit happens if I move/or shake
16:01:35Temfatehmm, mine occurs randomly with hd spinup
16:01:42TBoyafter I skip a few songs or something
16:02:07TBoyand I can still go in the menu and then it just hangs
16:02:09tracktheripperWhat on earth possessed Archos to put such a stupidly small buffer in the JB in the first place?
16:02:13Temfatebut I notice some of my directories change permissions from rw to r only
16:02:18Zagortracktheripper: cost
16:02:29ZagorTemfate: !??!
16:02:32tracktheripperexcuse me???
16:02:47tracktheripperThe Creative Labs Nomad for the same price has an 8Mb buffer!
16:02:50Temfateany ideas?!?!
16:02:54Zagortracktheripper: as the ram mod proves, adding 4x the ram only adds 30% more battery life. so it's not worth the cost.
16:03:09Zagortracktheripper: the nomad still has less battery life than the archos..
16:03:15tracktheripperi was tempted to try the ram upgrade
16:03:22Temfatecan't we get those memory chips off some dimm?
16:03:29TBoyand after about 5- 6 min. it works again
16:03:31tracktheripperwould be handy if u use 320kbs files
16:04:18Temfatetboy: it's nice to know my unit isn't the only one... Looks like fm recorders are still on loose ground.
16:04:35tracktheripperwell look at the JB 6000s when they first came out
16:04:48tracktheripperthey had a load of problems
16:04:48Zagoryou are all running the latest daily builds, right=
16:05:21TBoyI am frequent updater
16:05:43tracktheripperyou lot should have waited until Archos sorted out the teething troubles wiv the FM recorder
16:05:51Temfatesame here. I build the cvs tree once a day
16:07:14tracktheripperZagor apart from the slightly better battery life they has to be other benifits from the 8mb buffer upgrade
16:07:47Zagortracktheripper: like what?
16:08:10dwihnocaching the entire directory tree :)
16:08:11Temfateyou can boost your anti-skip! :)
16:08:15tracktheripperi dunno, Faster song selection?
16:08:23dwihnoor perhaps cache the directory tree
16:08:39dwihnoOr, we COULD cache the directory tree.
16:08:46dwihnoThat would be _SO_ cool
16:08:49tracktheripperso in all honesty Zagor the 8mb RAM upgrade isnt worth it?
16:09:03Zagortracktheripper: no
16:09:05dwihnotracktheripper: well, for 320 kbit tunes, it would be usable.
16:09:13dwihno320kbit = reading every 10 secs or so :)
16:09:13Temfatecan't we get the same chips on a 128sdram module by kingston?
16:09:21tracktheripperwell my Recorder plays 320kbs files fine
16:09:28Temfate50 for 6 of em.
16:09:31tracktheripperthe HD spins every 20 seconds though
16:09:37tracktheripperfor 320kbs files
16:09:49Zagordwihno: 320kbit = reading every 44 seconds
16:10:27dwihnoZagor: noway! :)
16:11:06tracktheripperDwihno make yourself useful and write a Hangman text game for the Player :-)
16:12:15dwihnotracktheripper: I can make myself useful and clean my apartment
16:12:30dwihnoBut that's too damn boring! I rather play stupid games and watch stupid TV shows :)
16:12:32Temfatewell i'll try to be on later. have to go to work; and their firewall is mean to irc...
16:12:59ZagorTemfate: run irc over ssh over https. that's what I do. :-)
16:13:19tracktheripperZagor is smiling for a change!
16:13:58Temfatewhat client program does that zagor?
16:14:00ZagorTemfate: ssh to an outside machine via the company's https proxy/firewall. then you set up 'muh' as an irc proxy on that machine.
16:14:17Temfatei see. got it!
16:14:42Zagorthen use normal ssh port forwarding to run a local irc client, connected to the irc proxy on the outside.
16:15:43 Quit Temfate ("leaving")
16:16:13dwihnoZagor: you rule so bad :D
16:16:29tracktheripperDwihno at least Zagor isnt moody like Adimas
16:16:36tracktheripperAdimas is well moody these days :(
16:21:59tracktheripperwhats a lingonvecka?
16:24:48tracktheripperits your fault Dwihno
16:32:15 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:32:24quelsaruki'm back
16:35:07quelsarukan off-topic reflexion: did you know that 16 million iraquies (from a total of 24 millions) lived just thanks to international aid? (sorry if i bother you with this)
16:35:55Nomad__did you see the report on Saddam's palace?
16:36:28quelsaruki was watching all those iraquies destroying a statue
16:36:33Nomad__people were sickened that half the population were only alive because of Humanitarian AID versus the condition of HIS palaceS
16:36:39Nomad__note the capital S on the end there
16:36:45tracktheripperQuelsaruk you gonna help rebuild Iraq
16:37:17quelsarukI suppose Spain is going to collaborate.
16:37:40langhaarrockerIs there already some Bush <-> Saddam video game out?
16:37:57quelsarukdunno langhaarrocker, but i think so
16:38:53tracktheripperquelsaruk the US are gonna win
16:39:05quelsarukthey have won...
16:39:15quelsarukthe war has ended already
16:39:26tracktheripperis Sadamm dead now.
16:40:27quelsarukok, it's not really ended, but, maybe 2 days more.. 3
16:40:42langhaarrockerSo now we can have the successor of "Anno 1603" which is "Iraq 2003"?
16:41:19quelsarukaño 1603? what happened that year?
16:41:34langhaarrockerIts a computer game
16:41:46langhaarrockersomething like simcity
16:41:47quelsaruknever heard about it
16:44:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:46:38 Quit Nomad__ ("No windows for this server")
16:52:56 Join Nomad__ [0] (
16:57:04 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:58:02quelsarukZagor: one quick question
16:58:13Nomad__times up
16:58:29quelsarukthe 12/24 hour clock setting is going to be moved to "display options"?
16:58:38quelsarukto change it on the manual
16:58:51Zagornah, i don't know. I was just not sure it would be right to move it to the time setting screen.
16:59:14Zagorby the way, I couldn't find the graphic/numeric toggle options for battery and volume in the manual
16:59:24quelsaruki forgot it?
16:59:50quelsaruki've missed some options, but trying to repair that :)
17:00:57 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:02:54quelsaruki also forgot anti-skip bufer and fade on stop/pause
17:03:17quelsarukyou skiped those!
17:03:36langhaarrockerHe probably spared them for niggling later
17:03:44quelsarukYou're not the same guy as before... you'r now too old for this project ;)
17:04:11*langhaarrocker retires
17:09:09quelsaruki've never used anti-skip buffer. I suppose it's how many seconds of buffer you want to reserve for *what*?
17:09:11*langhaarrocker thinks Nomad speaks in riddles
17:09:19Nomad__no, just having a monday today
17:09:44quelsarukmondays are ugly
17:10:06Nomad__yeah and I'm having one, maybe two, today
17:11:19langhaarrockercool. A spare monday.
17:13:26Nomad__yeah, but I want spare Sat's
17:13:37Nomad__it sucks my kids is off for spring break... I want a spring break
17:14:14quelsarukZagor: just to bother you again... could you define me anti-skip buffer? not really sure of for which purpose was it developed by the incredibly wise mind that had the idea ;)
17:14:42quelsaruki have that "spring break" next week :) I love Holy Week
17:15:02Nomad__wait... docs? You're kidding :>
17:15:09Zagorquelsaruk: the anti-skip is really "extra antiskip". it lets you set a timer for how many seconds earlier than normally necessary the disk should spin up and start reading data
17:15:15Nomad__god, with that I don't know what I'd do
17:15:34Zagoryou don't need it unless you shake and bump the unit a lot
17:15:48Nomad__so I need about a 2minute anti-skip on my motorcycle
17:16:18quelsarukthx Zagor :)
17:17:25langhaarrockerZagor: is anti skip as simple as a different calculation algo that raises the low water mark?
17:17:42Zagorlanghaarrocker: exactly.
17:18:52*langhaarrocker is slightly disappointed
17:19:49quelsaruklanghaarrocker: sorry you find out rockbox is simple ;)
17:20:19quelsarukZagor: another error. Scroll settings have changed a lot and differs from what i have written.
17:21:12langhaarrockerShould rockbox or the docu be corrected?
17:21:49Zagor"do we change the map or the terrain?" :-)
17:22:23langhaarrockerWell, I could use some mountains here...
17:23:17Nomad__hmmm, Mountains... I miss em
17:31:14langhaarrockerbtw: where do I find that sleep code?
17:31:59langhaarrockerthat one that puts the cpu in low-power-consuption mode
17:32:41quelsarukzagor, in spanish we use to say this " Si Mahoma no va a la montaña... que la montaña vaya a Mahoma", that can be translated something like "If Mahoma can't got to the mountain, then the mountain should go to Mahoma"
17:36:55quelsarukbatt display and volume display are also for players, or only for recorders?
17:38:40Zagoronly recorders
17:52:07Zagorgotta go
17:52:07 Part Zagor
18:07:16 Part langhaarrocker
18:08:20 Join Bagder [241] (
18:11:43 Join Guest [0] (
18:12:04GuestGood day
18:12:15quelsarukhi Guest :)
18:12:50GuestGentlemen, I just found the Rockbox firmware and I would like to tip my hat to the open source community
18:13:12Bagderwelcome to our cosy corner of the big bad world ;-)
18:13:45GuestI have read the FAQ and Manual on the firmware, but I need to know just wo things.
18:13:59Bagderask away
18:14:14GuestHow does one create playlists on the Rockbox
18:14:45Bagderthat only works in somewhat recent daily builds
18:14:53Bagderwhat model do you have?
18:15:12GuestRockbox v.1.4, right off the website
18:15:25Bagder1.4 can't create playlists
18:15:51GuestSo, do I need to download the latest build? Is it stable?
18:16:07Bagderaccording to me, yes
18:16:15GuestOk, great
18:16:35GuestAlso, when you use ROLO to get to another firmware program, how do you get back?
18:16:54GuestI would use ROLO to get to the factory shipped firmware
18:16:56Bagderif you rolo to the archos firmware, you can only restart your unit to get back
18:19:50quelsarukby the way Bagder, invert mode is just possible to change from F3 QSM ?
18:20:08BagderI don't know
18:21:10quelsarukisn't that a "bug" ?
18:21:37BagderI would say so
18:22:05quelsaruki mean, all settings should be changed from main menu, and also, some settings, ment to be used a lot of times, can be also found on the F2 and F3 menus
18:22:27BagderI agree
18:22:49Schnueffit should be in the display menu
18:23:00Schnueffit was when i first send in the patch
18:23:23Schnueff(invert, that is)
18:23:32quelsarukSchnueff: i have just checked to see if i forgot
18:23:37quelsarukand it is
18:24:01Schnueffi wonder who needs invert in the quickmenu, though:)
18:24:03quelsaruki was going to send a patch to repair a real bug :(
18:24:27Bagderyou need to remember to open your eyes when looking at the screen! ;-)
18:24:55Schnueffi bet invert settings got a bad spanish translation, so he didnt recognize :)
18:25:24quelsaruki'm tired, i've been writing the manual all day
18:25:31Schnueffcarry on!
18:25:39quelsarukthat's a manowar song!
18:25:41*Bagder hands over some moral support to quelsaruk
18:25:47GuestBadger, thank you very much sitr
18:25:53Schnueffyeah, manowar wants you to finish this manual
18:26:07BagderGuest: you're welcome!
18:30:36quelsaruk <−− version 0.4 (i have to make WPS, customizing UI and ROLO) all errata corrected.
18:33:16 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:33:30Bagderhey, my faked ABBA - Dancing queen shot on the player isn't heavy metal ;-)
18:33:37Schnueffhehe it thought that too
18:33:55Schnueffoscillograph screenshot missing yet
18:34:30Bagderminor nit: in secton 5.1 the casing of VBRfix is not like in the actual menu
18:34:30Schnueffthe original firmware loads playlist at 15songs/sec? wow
18:34:39BagderI've measured
18:34:43Bagderwas painful
18:35:28Schnueffglad i never checked it :)
18:35:31Bagderit sure is
18:36:22Bagderthought it may make it perform "next-song" slightly faster than rockbox
18:37:46Schnueffloadable config files section is also missing, right?
18:37:51quelsarukBagder: i will make a heavy metal snapshot for the player this night!! ;)
18:38:26BagderSchnueff: that's 9.4 isn't it?
18:38:44quelsarukyups. that's 9.4
18:38:58quelsaruknot yet finished, i told you
18:40:11quelsarukBagder: any other errata?
18:40:25quelsarukas you can see, now peak meter is well documented
18:40:39quelsarukreally well documented
18:40:48Schnueff(xphobie link is clickable, other links arent)
18:41:04quelsaruki must change that link then :)
18:41:17Schnueffat least xphobie link is blue
18:41:24quelsarukthat's true
18:41:30quelsaruki copied it from the website
18:41:40quelsarukso it's a true link
18:42:10quelsaruk(i owe langhaarrocker a pair of beers)
18:42:12Bagderthe last line in 6.8
18:42:14Schnueffhm it seems to be blue only
18:42:23Bagdershould be "that would be bad manners"
18:42:43Schnueffor maybe xpdf / acroread is configured wrong on my side
18:42:50Bagderits blue here too
18:43:29quelsarukBagder: langhaar wrote that. I'm no-one to change his hints ;)
18:43:58Bagderwell, its still a mistake, his or yours doesn't matter ;-)
18:44:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:44:42Schnueffmaybe 'configurable' instead of 'programmable' at the end of 6.7
18:46:03quelsarukall those errata corrected
18:46:06quelsarukanything else?
18:46:16Schnueff6.3.4 -> disk spindown
18:46:24Schnueff"affects only to" -> affects only the
18:46:58Schnueffdisk poweroff: weather -> whether
18:47:00Bagder"is only affected by user..."
18:47:53quelsarukbagder correction written (he's the boss)
18:48:05Schnueffwhich of the settings need a reboot?
18:48:12Schnueffout of interest, in reset settings
18:48:38quelsaruki don't understand you Schnueff...
18:48:42BagderI can't think of anyone
18:48:47quelsarukmy brain is fried already
18:48:56Schnueffquelsaruk: 6.3.4 -> "Reset settings"
18:49:06Schnueffit a says if you use reset settings you may need to reboot
18:49:14Schnueffthis sounds like its a microsoft product
18:49:28Schnueffso if 18:48 < Bagder> I can't think of anyone
18:49:30Schnueffmaybe delete it
18:49:31quelsarukshould i delete that?
18:50:15Schnueffin 6.3.5 don't forget later to give a reference to the .cfg section
18:50:25SchnueffThis is explained in section 9.4. or smth
18:52:09quelsaruksee section 9.4 for more information
18:52:39quelsarukor for further information ??
18:52:54Schnueffhm more / further - dunno
18:53:03quelsaruki think further :)
18:53:10quelsaruki have't used that word yet...
18:53:26quelsaruki have to show the world i know a bit of english
18:55:08Nomad__weee, jukebox en route to Archos
18:55:51 Join tracktheripper [0] (
18:55:55quelsarukdid you include a bit of Antrax inside it?
18:56:57Nomad__nah, they've been very good about RMA's for me
18:58:09quelsarukBagder: could you do a nice oscillograph snapshot for me? or is it imposible ?
18:59:09Bagderit doesn't work in the sim
18:59:39quelsarukso we have no oscillograph snapshot
19:00:22quelsarukso i must delete the image
19:00:48tracktheripperis an ossillocope possible?
19:01:37tracktheripperthats wot I sayd
19:02:27Bagderwanna see the toplist of request item submitters?
19:02:42Bagder1183 items right now
19:02:48Bagder 760 nobody
19:02:51Bagder 53 tracktheripper
19:02:58Bagder 21 paulheu
19:02:59Bagder 12 thebreaker
19:02:59Bagder 12 huwsy
19:02:59Bagder 11 remo_hofer
19:03:06Schnueffwho's that nobody
19:03:35Bagderand I bet 80% of track's requests are all closed and rejected due to hardware restrictions
19:03:46quelsaruki think is tracktheripper secret alias ;)
19:03:57tracktheripperwhy pick on me now?!?!?
19:04:07tracktheripperactually Badger some of my requests are Fixed :-P
19:04:09Bagderyou're so funny
19:04:20tracktheripperBagder why u picking on me for? :-)
19:04:37Schnueffwhat shoud osci do on rockbox?
19:04:40Schnueff1. oscilloscope, scope, cathode-ray oscilloscope, CRO −− (electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities)
19:06:24quelsarukaparato que sirve para medir oscilaciones
19:06:42quelsarukdo you like that definition?
19:06:52Schnueffsort of self-referential :)
19:07:35quelsarukthat's what the RAE (Spanish language academy) says about oscillograph :)
19:15:29TBoyhey maybe we could change the invert in quickmenu to turn backlight on or off
19:15:41TBoyor do you guys use the invert item
19:16:00tracktheripperI use Invert Tboy
19:16:04BagderI would like to get rid of the quickscreens in post-2.0
19:16:06quelsaruki don't use neither one or the other :)
19:16:28quelsarukBagder: hey! i'm documentating the quick menu screens!!! you can't do that ;)
19:16:30TBoyok good argument
19:16:40tracktheripperBadger I think only 3 of my requests are daft, the others are perfectly resonable
19:16:40quelsarukalso, i use F2
19:16:44Bagderquelsaruk: they'll still be there in 2.0 ;-)
19:16:47quelsaruknot F3... but i really use F2
19:17:16Bagderfor what?
19:17:25TBoyguys should I try taking my fm apart and fix the button myself
19:17:39tracktheripperokay so if you did remove the F2 and F3 menus what would supersede them?
19:17:41TBoycause the guys from the store I got it from hasn't answered
19:18:05 Join batata_doce [0] (~chatzilla@
19:18:13Bagdertracktheripper: I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking the ON+PLAY thing could be moved to plain f3 instead
19:18:25Bagderto reduce combos
19:18:33tracktheripperoh okay#
19:18:48Bagderthen I'm thinking leaving ON+[any] to be programmable
19:18:57Bagderlike shortcuts
19:18:57tracktheripperBagder is a multi-screen WPS feasable?
19:19:08Bagdernot today, but it could be
19:19:28Bagderthere's some feature request for that already, I'm sure
19:19:31TBoyok, sorry off topic but do you guys know of a page where it shows how to take the face of the FM
19:19:47tracktheripperand what about an Ocilloscope like the one in Windows Media Player?
19:19:50BagderTBoy: I know of only one man who've done that: linus
19:20:01Bagdertracktheripper: read the TODO docs
19:20:05TBoydarn he's not here
19:20:25tracktheripperthere is an occiloscope, its one of the Demos
19:20:26BagderTBoy: he mentioned it was a bit tricky to get the thing back together again ;-)
19:20:32tracktheripperi mean that sort of occiloscope
19:20:53TBoyyea I just need to take it apart because my f2 button broke
19:21:06TBoyits tilted back in the way to the display
19:22:21quelsaruk(I'm on 9.1 Loading fonts... i can see the light on the other side)
19:23:39 Join OnoSendai [0] (
19:23:50TBoyhow do you remove the face of an normal recorder
19:24:02TBoyon your page you start with the face of
19:24:32quelsarukit's easy
19:24:43quelsarukcan you see those 4 tini screws?
19:24:57quelsaruknear the usb conector
19:25:17TBoynope I don't see them cause I have an FM but maybe it will still help me
19:25:26quelsaruka fm
19:25:43quelsaruki thought you had a normal jukebox
19:25:58TBoyyea I wanted to hear how its done on a normal one
19:26:22quelsarukon a normal one you just have to remove 4 tiny screws
19:26:23tracktheripperquelsaruk I wouldn't mind if u showed me how to write code and compile it into an ajbrec file
19:27:33quelsaruktracktheripper: do you know C ?
19:27:41tracktheripperno, only BASIC
19:28:33TBoyI was good at basic
19:28:46TBoyI coded a battleship game
19:28:55TBoyincluding the a.i.
19:28:59TBoyand that was hard
19:29:14tracktheripperBagder im not gonna send any more requests :-)
19:31:47 Quit batata_doce ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
19:31:57 Join batata_doce [0] (~chatzilla@
19:32:43 Quit Nomad__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:37 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:42:08 Quit batata_doce ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20021130]")
19:45:24*adam returns
19:45:45adamAV140, PLEASE, COME!
19:45:56*adam cries out to the archos gods
19:46:03Bagderyou can't run rockbox on it anyway
19:46:34adamheh, until 'rockbox' supports divx, I'll be bored ;p
19:47:09Bagderwell, the movie playing ability on the mm stinks anyway
19:47:38adamyeah, that's why I want the new one
19:47:47adamit uses a more powerful processor :P
19:47:51Bagderthat supposed to be better?
19:48:04 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
19:48:11Bagderthe current one supports a rather limited set of codecs/formats
19:48:12quelsarukBagder: one question
19:48:38quelsarukenglish.lang is only on cvs or is it also on daily build packages.. ?
19:49:00 Join jankey [0] (
19:49:06quelsaruk(i'm including what to do if you want to collaborate with another language)
19:49:14jankeywell, ideally, I'd be able to play most of my current divx stuff on the player, fullscreen on TV
19:49:28jankeythe newer one can handle much higher resolutions than the older multimedia
19:49:36*jankey had to circumvent ssh lag :p
19:50:04Bagderquelsaruk: it's in the daily tarball, but I guess not very many gets that
19:50:10quelsarukdon't worry
19:50:17quelsaruki remembered that it's on the website
19:50:53quelsaruki'm slow, but find nearly everything
19:51:30 Join RedLeg [0] (~apotter@
19:52:15RedLegSO, who want's a go at my continuing HD problem?
19:52:22jankeywhat kind of player?
19:52:45RedLegRecorder20, upgraded to 60 with a toshiba HD
19:52:56jankeywhat problem?
19:53:36RedLegIt just quit..... it was working fine, I turned it off nad back on a few minutes later, and the display reads HD register error.
19:54:00jankeyis everything on the inside insulated?
19:54:09jankeyI guess, are any of the PCBs contacting the HD?
19:54:19Bagderare the batteries fine?
19:54:25RedLegI think so, what do you think might be getting shorted?
19:54:29quelsarukredleg, sometimes, dunno why, archos do something weird with those hds...
19:54:37quelsarukplease read the mail list
19:54:48quelsarukyou can find there the problem and the solution
19:55:09quelsaruk(yesterday someone came with the same problem)
19:55:21Bagderah, could it be the locked hard disk problem?
19:55:35quelsaruki have so bad memory
19:56:06quelsarukit was also a toshiba hd
19:56:09BagderRedLeg: can you rip it out and put it in a computer and see if it works?
19:56:22Bagder(with a 2.5" <-> 3.5" converter)
19:56:29RedLegI have read the mailing list, and tried the CSEL short trick, which did not help/
19:56:32quelsarukBagder: i bet you it will work ;)
19:56:41quelsarukno.. now i dont bet
19:56:49Bagderquelsaruk: not even a single goat?
19:56:56quelsaruki thought it was that csel problem
19:56:57RedLegBatteries are fully charged, all three sets, an the drive works fine on a computer
19:57:13*jankey doesn't see how the new AV140 will have any battery life at all :P
19:57:18jankeymore parts, more clockspeed
19:57:58BagderRedLeg: I'd suggest you post to the mailing with all the details to see if anyone has any clues to offer
19:58:07Bagderthere usually is
19:58:36RedLegjankey: I don' think it's shorting the way you suggest. There's an insulator sheet beterrn the HD PCB and the rest of the archos chassis.
19:58:51BagderRedLeg: does it work if you put back the old hd?
19:58:59jankeyit's also a very thin sheet :p
19:59:23*jankey was thinking more like electrical tape on the back of the player PCBs
19:59:37RedLegBagder: It works with other drives, the original has gone. It does NOT work with another tosh HD I have
20:00:15RedLegThe 60g doesn't even spin up in the archos anymore.
20:00:17TBoyguys off topic
20:00:42Bagdertruely a weird case
20:00:51TBoyhow about if one could see what kbp the different record quality
20:01:31RedLegDoes anybody else have a 60 (working) in a recorder 20? If so, what brand drive?
20:01:34BagderTBoy: those quality settings are what we set in the MAS
20:02:00TBoyyea but i mean it could say 1 - 60 kbp
20:02:03BagderRedLeg: I've read about people on the list using or at least intending to use 60GB
20:02:11TBoy2 - xx kbp
20:02:15TBoyor couldn't it
20:02:26BagderTBoy: if you provide the numbers, I'm sure we'll consider it
20:02:51TBoyhehe thats why I would like that cause I don't have the numbers
20:02:58Bagderno one has
20:03:04TBoyok I get it
20:03:06Bagderyou'd need to try and see
20:03:16TBoythats why its called vbr
20:03:29RedLegBagder: I'm thinking of replacing hte drive, but I want to make SURE the new one is compatible.
20:04:14BagderRedLeg: I understand, I just don't have any help to provide here. I'm still using my original 20GB
20:04:44RedLegBagder: I appreciate it.... my 60 was full....
20:05:05Bagderthere are 80GB ones available now, isn't it? ;-)
20:05:19RedLegYa... but pricy....
20:06:21RedLegOK, thanks all for the help, back to work.....
20:06:43*RedLeg shakes his head, grumbles about tosh HDs
20:06:55 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
20:07:14quelsaruki'm on 9.4!!!!
20:07:28*Bagder cheers
20:07:30*quelsaruk is nearly crying of joy
20:07:44quelsarukbtw Bagder, before you go
20:08:14quelsarukwe should use gnu free documentation licence for the manual?
20:08:22quelsarukshould we use...
20:08:26Bagdersure, why not
20:09:52quelsarukthen, i have to write Copyright 2003 "YOUR NAME". Permission is granted to copy, distribute....
20:09:54quelsarukwhich name?
20:09:59quelsarukrockbox development team?
20:10:07Bagderuse your
20:10:23quelsaruknow i'm really gonna cry
20:10:42*Bagder pads quelsaruk on his sholder, you're one of us now ;-)
20:11:01TBoywow quel you've made it out of the ghetto
20:11:16TBoyyour a true ghetto superstar
20:12:24TBoyhmm will quel now get into the credit list on rb
20:13:22*quelsaruk looks to Bagder
20:13:28Bagderquelsaruk for president!
20:13:35quelsarukiraqui president?
20:14:08TBoywow man quel you've inspired me to keep on tryin
20:15:17quelsarukTBoy: it's a hard work.. you have to bother zagor and Bagder everyday
20:15:30quelsarukyou're really on the bleeding edge
20:15:37quelsarukor they kick you out of here
20:15:53quelsarukor they include you on the credits
20:15:57*Bagder tries to look mean to live up to quelsaruk's talk
20:17:56TBoyjust wait because I'll see you when I get there, tralalalalaa, if I ever get there, if I ever get there lalala
20:18:56Bagderits good irc is without sound ;-)
20:19:29 Join josh966_ [0] (
20:19:39quelsarukwe could implement irc on rockbox so we can hear TBoy singing ;)
20:19:52TBoywell I have to think of something to achieve
20:22:59*adam returns
20:24:18adamgah. I wish I was an engineer for Archos or something :P
20:24:23Bagdernow how did I live without M-x calc before?
20:24:26quelsaruki forgot somethinr really important
20:24:44adamBagder - you used a slide rule?
20:25:21*adam notes he wishes he had this crappy little Mac G3 he's using now
20:25:26quelsaruki have to explain that archos loads the first "archos.ajz" file found... that is, can only read the first 10 characters.
20:25:29adamjust for, uh, playing a game I played when I was younger
20:25:44quelsarukBagder: you forgot that on your critic ;)
20:25:49BagderI did
20:25:53Bagderoooh bad me
20:26:00*Bagder goes stand in the corner
20:27:29quelsaruki should start that saying that Archos jukebox loads firstly the firmware on ROM, and that firmware checks for a ajbrec.ajz (archos.mod) file on the root folder
20:28:04Bagdersince many people don't have that file on disk when shipped from archos
20:28:14 Quit TotMacher ()
20:30:36quelsarukWhen your jukebox powers on, it loads archos firmware on ROM, which automatically checks your hard disk root folder for a archos.mod (on the player version) or ajbrec.ajz (on the recorder version). Note that archos firmware can only read the 10 first characters of each file in this process
20:31:17Bagder"your hard disk's root..." ... "of each file name in..."
20:31:53Bagdernot disk
20:32:01Bagderand "file name" no "file"
20:32:19 Join DJBaz [0] (
20:33:07quelsarukso don't rename your firmware files like archos.mod.old and so on, because it's possible that archos loads that file and not the new one.
20:37:26quelsaruk(i've deleted the Bugs report section)
20:37:42quelsarukadding the credits secciton
20:37:47quelsarukand after that the licence
20:38:18quelsarukand i will have finished this manual.... (until i make WRS snapshots, and you find new errata)
20:44:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:56 Join xxxxx [0] (~jirc@
20:58:50xxxxxha ah aha
20:59:00xxxxxyes, my school should have blocked whatever port it is that runs IRC
20:59:16Bagder6667 normally
20:59:33xxxxxIt sure is nice being more technically informed than the people who admin my stupid highschool's network is fun
20:59:44xxxxxour walls are made of magnet. and then wonder why they can't keep computer working well.
20:59:55xxxxxAll our money goes to lebron.
20:59:59 Join LinusN [200] (
21:00:01xxxxxah, school over with.
21:00:05Bagderevening LinusN
21:00:08 Quit xxxxx (Client Quit)
21:00:32LinusNzagors last change in wps.c isn't all that good
21:00:50*Bagder hasn't tried it
21:01:19LinusNit stops the music when pressing NEXT on the last track with repeat=off
21:01:44LinusNi think it should continue playing like it used to
21:02:05LinusNbut that is a hard nut to crack
21:02:08Bagderplaying what?
21:02:34Bagderyou mean ignoring the next key?
21:02:34LinusNit should ignore the NEXt key and keep playing the last track imho
21:02:51LinusNbut i can live with this feature too
21:02:57quelsarukhi linus :)
21:03:10LinusNhe should have changed it in mpeg.c instead, though
21:03:15LinusNhi quelsaruk
21:03:21quelsarukLinusN: i forgot today your song, are you coming tomorrow?
21:03:35LinusNi think so yes
21:04:20quelsarukthen i'll try to remember :)
21:04:49quelsaruki have to paste licence and rockbox will have a manual :)
21:05:15DJBazany news on the 'alarm clock' feature eg ya can set a specific time for the jukebox to play a specific song/playlist etc?
21:05:22Bagderexpect more input when the list people get their hands on it ;-)
21:05:39BagderDJBaz: post-2.0
21:06:00Bagderand I don't think anyone is working on such a feature
21:06:11DJBazo rite
21:06:15Bagderpost => after
21:06:39DJBazi know what post means but didnt know what u ment in the context u said it in
21:06:49Bagderok ;-)
21:07:13LinusNgotta go, cu later
21:07:17 Part LinusN
21:07:20*DJBaz brb gonna reconnect
21:07:32 Quit DJBaz ("reconnect")
21:09:18 Join Guest [0] (
21:09:47 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:10:18 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:11:15 Join Help [0] (
21:12:51DBUGEnqueued KICK Help
21:12:51Helpcould somebody pls help me?
21:13:05Bagderask away
21:13:29Helpthis is the first day im using the jukebox revorder...
21:15:37HelpI cant find this damn record option in the menu....
21:15:49Bagderusing what firmware?
21:15:55Helprockbox 1.4
21:16:05Bagderah, it doesn't support recording! ;-)
21:16:13Bagderit's been added later
21:16:25Bagderyou need to download a daily build to get a rockbox with recording
21:16:45Helpcan u give me the url?
21:16:59Bagderclick on the daily build link on the rockbox site
21:17:05BagderI gotta leave now
21:17:11Helpk thx
21:17:14 Quit Bagder ("")
21:17:36 Quit Help ("Leaving")
21:24:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:24:49*quelsaruk jumps of happiness :)
21:24:55quelsarukI'VE FINISHED!!
21:25:56DJBazfinished wat?
21:25:56 Join Help [0] (
21:26:48quelsarukrockbox manual
21:26:55DJBazo rite lol
21:27:00DJBaznice one :p
21:27:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Help
21:27:07HelpCould somebody pls give me a link to the daily build which supports the record function???
21:27:21DJBazHelp: 1 sec
21:28:13Helpand which of them?
21:28:19quelsaruklast one
21:28:22quelsarukfor example
21:28:38Helpk ill try it....
21:28:40DJBaz <=- that one
21:28:52quelsarukthat's better
21:29:05DJBazinfact, i should download it 2 lol
21:29:58DJBazwget is a reall handy commeand
21:31:21Helpjuhu thx a lot guys
21:31:37Helpyo :D
21:33:03 Quit Help ("Leaving")
21:35:20quelsarukrockbox manual version 0.9
21:35:41quelsaruki've jumped from 0.4 to 0.9 :P
21:35:46DJBazquelsaruk: r u using adobe acrobat to create the pdf?
21:36:12quelsarukyups.. here at work i have win2k
21:37:11DJBazjst wondering
21:37:27quelsarukcu tomorrow!
21:37:29DJBazcause theres some freeware apps now that can make pdf files
21:37:41quelsarukbut i have acrobat
21:38:51 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:48:32 Part manuel
21:53:26 Quit OnoSendai (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:16:11 Join LinusN [200] (
22:20:06 Quit TBoy ()
22:20:33 Quit DJBaz ("installing windows 98")
22:38:27 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:44:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:22 Join Zagor [242] (
22:52:59LinusNhi Zagor
22:53:26LinusNi looked at your wps.c fix
22:53:50LinusNit has a side effect
22:54:06LinusNit stops the music if you press next while playing the last file
22:54:33LinusNit used to ignore Next if playing the last track
22:54:46Zagorminor issue, imho
22:55:14LinusNand the stopping should be done in mpeg.c imho
22:55:42LinusNbecause it did the stopping before your fix
22:55:53 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:56:21Zagoryes, but that was out of necessity. this is application behaviour.
22:56:38LinusNthen you should remove the stopping in mpeg.c
22:56:44LinusNnow it stops twice
22:57:11Zagorthe mpeg code naturally must stop playing while refilling the buffer
22:57:47LinusNand now the application does the stopping
22:58:07Zagorit's not the same thing
22:58:15Zagorone is a ui design decision
22:58:29Zagorthe other is a strict technical necessity to avoid garbage in sound output
22:59:01LinusNi can agree with that
22:59:03Zagorit's not a big issue, but if it's not a problem I'd prefer to keep it like this
22:59:51LinusNi was thinking of taking out the id3v1 parsing from getmp3info() and parse id3v1 after loading the first mpeg chunk
23:00:40 Join idimmu [0] (
23:01:18LinusNno, now
23:01:52Zagorfor speed?
23:02:55Zagori think i'd like to wait until post-2.0
23:04:34LinusNi found a small error in mpeg.c regarding the loading/swapping when play_pending=true
23:05:06LinusNit loads 0x40000 bytes and swaps 0x10000, when it only needs to load 0x10000
23:05:46Zagorthat's a pre-2.0 issue, imho
23:05:55LinusNme too, i am about to commit it
23:06:33LinusNi was thinking of doing the 8meg cludge the "correct" way
23:06:48LinusNtodays solution is a hack
23:07:04Zagordidn't bagder fix that?
23:07:32LinusNwell, i'm not sure i agree with the way it is solved
23:09:19LinusNbut i'll leave it for now
23:11:51 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:13:26tracktheripperhi Jankey
23:13:29tracktherippernever seen u before
23:13:40jankeyI'm adam
23:13:55tracktheripperhi Adam im J
23:14:33 Join ED9283 [0] (~jirc@
23:14:57jankeyas in, adam :P
23:15:06jankeyjust using my local box
23:15:43ED9283do you know how to delete files using the rockbox firmware?
23:15:49tracktheripperAdam wot archos do u have?
23:15:56tracktheripperED9283 ON and PLAY on a file
23:15:59tracktheripperand select Delete
23:16:00LinusNED9283: ON+PLAY
23:16:09ED9283say ok ill try it
23:16:26jankeytrack: I had the recorder FM, studio 20
23:16:39jankeyI returned the recorder to buy a AV140 when they come out
23:16:48LinusNED9283: make sure you use a daily build
23:16:53tracktheripperhow is the AV140?
23:17:38MTwhats an av140?
23:17:42 Quit ED9283 (Client Quit)
23:18:08tracktheripperMT its the latest version of the MM
23:18:11 Join ed6823 [0] (~jirc@
23:18:14jankeyAV140 seems to have alot better DivX compatibility than the earlier multimedia
23:18:29jankeyuses a faster processor
23:18:29MTit has software by archos on it?
23:18:32MTforget it :)
23:18:34jankeyand it uses USB2 by default
23:18:50ed6823thank you so much..are there any other undocumented features i should know?
23:18:54jankeyuntil rockbox can handle DivX, I'll stick with the AV140 :p
23:19:13LinusNed6823: not really, and they will be documented someday
23:19:19MTiirc, 75% of features are undocumented :)
23:19:38MTrockbox needs a doc-rockbox project :)
23:19:54tracktheripperwell MT im banned from sending any more requests :(
23:19:57MT(i know, i'm exagerating, it just feels like that sometimes :)
23:20:45LinusNMT: we are working hard on the docs now
23:21:13MTdont do it on my account Linus ;)
23:21:26ed6823Ok, are there any exceptionally cool features the usual person doesn't know?
23:21:33LinusNZagor: the 0x40000 vs 0x10000 didn't make much of a difference
23:21:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:21:40*jankey likes pitch shifts
23:21:41LinusNed6823: recording?
23:21:52ZagorLinusN: i didn't expect it to either
23:22:31Zagorjankey: have you seen the karaoke voice filter?
23:23:01tracktheripperit doesn't remove 100% of vocals
23:23:15Zagorno, but it does a good job
23:23:25tracktheripperI wonder how it works
23:23:43Zagorit subtracts the left channel from the right, and the right from the left
23:23:44jankeyZagor, a long time ago, unless you changed it
23:23:48tracktheripperIs one channel inverted and added to the other channel, thereby cancelling out any centrally-mixed vocals?
23:23:51Zagorbasically removing all mono sound
23:24:12tracktheripperZagor you rejected that request a while back!
23:24:25tracktheripperyou commented "This is a new codec, Go ask Micronas" :-)
23:24:30Zagoryup. that was when we thought we could only add in the channel mixer, not subtract
23:24:41tracktheripperlol :-)
23:24:53*jankey has just used daily builds :P
23:25:03tracktheripperand someone said "Change this to Fixed now its in the daily builds"
23:25:04jankeyyou tend to notice more differences in that regard
23:26:59LinusNZagor: the 0x10000 might make a bigger difference on a slower hard disk
23:27:09tracktheripperZagor do you get the Stereo Wide and Narrow effects when you connect the Archos to a hifi with a Y-cable?
23:27:36Zagortracktheripper: haven't tried it. why wouldn't i?
23:27:59tracktheripperJust wondered how the Stereo Wide mode would sound through a hifi
23:28:03tracktheripperwould be good for live concerts
23:42:18tracktheripperis a character cell on the player's LCD only 35 pixels? (5x7)
23:42:57tracktheripperno-wonder it cannot display images, even basic 1bit ones :-)
23:43:13ed6823I installed the doom version for fun, now how do I read the HD again?
23:43:39tracktheripperjust hook up the USB cable and delete it via Window
23:44:05Zagored6823: hook it up before you power on
23:47:22 Quit ed6823 ("Leaving")

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