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#rockbox log for 2003-04-10

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03:56:47Jet8810why wont the nick work :)
03:56:53jankeywhat nick?
03:57:14Jet8810nick Iraqs at last!
03:57:18Jet8810(yea I put the slash)
03:57:21Jet8810there is liek a letter limit
03:57:37jankeyobviously :P
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03:58:51jankeyIraq will be free when they have a government of the Iraqi's own design that has some concept of autonomy
04:04:04Jet8810and so they shall
04:04:42Jet8810give it time
04:04:56Jet8810there is looting in the city and innocents calling for armys to give security in the city of baghdad to stop em
04:05:19Jet8810we can get somebody into the government to establish order, then it will spring forth
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09:23:42QuelsarukZagor: i've done it :)
09:23:51Quelsaruki have a "real" WRS snapshot
09:24:05Quelsarukif a technopriest can't do it.. noone can do it ;)
09:27:31Quelsarukbtw, there are a lot of erratas, mods on the list
09:27:41Schnueffanother one (i think)
09:28:20Quelsarukand Zagor, you're the big boss, so you should say which one should be modified in the manual
09:28:59Schnueffmaybe in section 9.1 there should be a tip, that people must set their "show files" setting appropriately, otherwise fonts dont show up
09:29:16Schnueffthis should be clear already at this point, nevertheless it has confused some people
09:30:09Schnueffhm the same was with language...
09:30:46ZagorQuelsaruk: as far as I could see, all comments were good.
09:30:59Zagorare there any conflicting or controversial suggestions?
09:31:32Quelsaruki havejust started reading
09:31:41Quelsarukgames should be on an apendix?
09:31:44Quelsarukor on main menu?
09:32:36Zagormention them it in the main menu, but move the verbose manual pages to a separate section
09:34:18Quelsaruksection IV, after features but before the credits?
09:34:59Zagorsounds good
09:35:50Zagorwould it be possible for you to write this doc in openoffice instead of msword? that way, more people can work on the original (and we can even work with diffs, since openoffice uses xml document format)
09:36:35dwihnomuy bien, quel!
09:38:28Quelsarukof course
09:38:47Quelsarukbtw, i can write a html version.
09:38:49dwihnoLysande sickan! :D
09:38:57dwihnoHow about docbook?
09:38:59Quelsarukhi dwihno!
09:39:52ZagorQuelsaruk: I think we should keep a single original and then convert into html and pdf from that
09:40:16QuelsarukZagor: i was going to write it in openoffice, but at university i have to use win2k (i need some programs like Autocad) so i used devil's tool.
09:40:35Zagoropenoffice is available for windows too
09:41:22Quelsarukdwihno: how can you be Zagor's friend?? ;)
09:42:47Quelsarukbtw Zagor, how did you know i used msword?
09:42:47dwihnoQuelsaruk: You got it all wrong. Zagor is my friend, and I'm not his ;-)
09:43:04ZagorQuelsaruk: I guessed :-)
09:43:05Quelsarukthat's good dwihno, now you're my friend
09:43:19Quelsaruksnapshots are made with the gimp :P
09:44:51dwihnogimp is your fiend.
09:44:54dwihnofriend, I mean :-)
09:45:22Quelsaruka swamp fiend?
09:45:29Quelsaruklike zagor?
09:46:50dwihnoZagor is our friend!
09:46:59dwihnoNo he isn't! He stole our precious!
09:47:22dwihnoBut Zagor is always nice to dwihno
09:47:29dwihnoHE STOLE OUR PRECIOUS! He must DIE!
09:47:54dwihnoYeeeessss... But how about Quelsaruk? He's too suspicious!
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09:48:15>>>"do looks at dwihno" by Zagor (
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09:48:22>>>"me looks at dwihno" by Zagor (
09:48:33Schnueffget him, my robots
09:48:48*Schnueff remembers Impossible Mission.
09:49:53Quelsarukdwihno: the voices in my head are telling me that there's another room here or you. With white soft walls, and that funny shirt with extra long leeves ;)
09:50:12dwihnoQuelsaruk: well, the voices in your head are so wrong :)
09:53:10Quelsaruknothing :)
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10:04:04QuelsarukRockbox has three games, Tetris, Sokoban and Wormlet. For a detailed description on each one and to learn game controls, see Part IV, sections 13 for Tetris, section 14 for Sokoban and section 15 for Wormlet.
10:04:34Schnueff(only recorder)
10:06:57ZagorQuelsaruk: sounds good
10:08:36QuelsarukSchnueff: 6.8 GAMES (RECORDER ONLY)
10:08:51Schnueffthats good
10:09:10Schnueffassertion passed ;)
10:09:30dwihnoAh. A calm day at work
10:09:44Schnueffwhy is this?
10:09:56dwihnoPerhaps everything is running smoothly?
10:10:31Schnueffsmth is gonna happen soon then :)
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10:20:24Bagderhi ho
10:21:30Bagderit seems your docs was well received
10:22:32QuelsarukZagor, Bagder, should i use Mark Bright's recorder's save settings vs player's save settings ??
10:22:48QuelsarukUser configuration is stored on the unit, but there are different methods
10:22:48Quelsarukused between the Player and Recorder models. The Recorder series have and
10:22:48Quelsarukarea of battery backed RAM that Rockbox can access instantly, the
10:22:48QuelsarukPlayer/Studio series does not. The solution is to write the config data to
10:22:48Quelsarukthe disk drive, this however can lead to a problem. Rockbox does not spin
10:22:48Quelsarukup the disk soley for the purpose of writting user data, but instead will do
10:22:51Quelsarukit when it spins up the disk the next time, for example refilling the MP3
10:22:53Quelsarukbuffer, or navigating through the file browser - if no disc writes occur
10:22:54Quelsarukbefore you switch off the unit, it is possible for user changes to be lost.
10:23:17Quelsaruk(i think it's easy to understand)
10:23:41Zagorsounds good to me
10:24:07Quelsaruksorry for the text flood :(
10:29:29Quelsarukdid we bet something yesterday?
10:31:53dwihnoa goat?
10:34:34BagderI'll change computer
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10:36:31Quelsaruki've corrected all errata
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11:06:38Bagderenjoy your coffee
11:07:23quel|coffeei will
11:09:27Bagderqeul, a formatting issue for section 9.4
11:09:39Bagderthe settings should probably be made into a table
11:09:51Bagderso that the right column becomes a column
11:10:51 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:11:37tracktheripperhi Badger
11:11:48tracktheripperI got tetris working again
11:11:59Bagderthe bug just dissappeared?
11:12:17tracktheripperwell I reformatted my Jukebox and put everything back on and it works
11:12:25Bagderhow odd
11:12:45tracktheripperI think its because I had Joquam's interface alongside Rockbox
11:12:49tracktheripperwhich I deleted
11:13:40tracktheripperhi Dwohno
11:13:44tracktherippersorry Dwihno
11:14:47dwihnoJoaquim's interface was bad mojo :)
11:15:03tracktheripperwell the I.V.L. was good though
11:16:14tracktheripper<−−−−- is patiently waiting for 3 Gb of MP3s to transfer in 50 minutes time
11:31:12dwihnoZagor: If I tamper with anything in the firmware dir, is there a simple way to update it without recompiling everything?
11:33:14Zagordwihno: you mean revert to the original code?
11:33:45dwihnoZagor: Yeah, or using my changes.
11:34:03ZagorI don't understand. those are different things.
11:34:37 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:34:47Schnueffupdate = cvs update?
11:36:31dwihnoZagor: Hmm, I'll notify you if I get any probs :)
11:36:35dwihnocygwin sdk is really neato
11:37:21dwihnoHas anyone been successfull in building a win32 simulator with mingw btw? I read something about it on the mailing list.
11:37:48 Nick quel|coffee is now known as quelsaruk (
11:37:57quelsarukback to life
11:38:04quelsarukwith energy to finish the doc
11:43:23dwihnoZagor: to save some time... are there any global constants of the font sizes etc?
11:45:51Bagderuse the functions for it
11:47:52dwihnowhere are the api docs? ;)
11:48:06Bagderbadly outdated ;-)
11:49:31quelsarukBagder: adapting doc to openoffice
11:50:01dwihnolcd_fontsize(font,width,height) return the width and height of the font
11:50:03dwihnoYay! :-)
11:50:12dwihnoYay for API
11:50:24BagderI think the first argument has been cut off
11:50:32Bagdercheck the sources
11:50:42dwihno"Use the source, Luke!"
11:51:02dwihnonot a single call? :)
11:52:04dwihnoYou should add a note about the API being outdated :-)
11:53:15#>>"explain zagor" by Bagder (
11:53:24#>>"explain Bagder" by dwihno (
11:53:45quelsarukplease note...
11:54:06quelsarukat least i'm a crazy guy, but still a human beign :P
11:58:39dwihnoHow about getting to compile a win32 sim? :)
11:58:49Bagderwhat about it?
11:59:01dwihnowhat do I need?
11:59:09dwihnoIs it compilable with mingw?
11:59:14BagderI dunno
11:59:19Bagderthat's windows ;-)
11:59:37dwihnoWindows is not Nintendo
11:59:40dwihnoOr is it? :)
12:00:34Bagderxp looks like it could be
12:04:16dwihno8 bit and all :_)
12:10:03dwihnoWhat should I do if I've re-run the configure script?
12:10:30Bagder"make clean all"
12:11:02dwihnoOMG! It's alive!
12:11:20dwihnoThe best thing about running CVS - you can disable the games & demos and get some extra kb's for the buffer :D
12:14:28dwihnoDo I need to recompile everything if I change something in firmware?
12:16:24 Join edx [0] (
12:37:38Hes dwihno: no, make recompiles automatically only the changed files
12:37:54Hesor files that depend on the changed ones (if you change headers)
12:38:56dwihnoah, nice.
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13:08:00quelsarukBagder: yesterday, when i built the sim, the script asked me for my firmware folder!!
13:12:17Bagderthen it didn't find it itself
13:12:35quelsaruki know..
13:12:41quelsarukbut it should find it no?
13:12:45quelsaruki mean..
13:12:51Bagderwell, it usually does
13:13:09quelsaruki must kill some goats
13:13:13quelsarukdon't worry
13:13:42Bagderdon't kill Skape, we need him
13:14:21Bagderor perhaps he spells Scape
13:16:07quelsaruki have a serious problem with indentation. My teachers told me: "Always indent first line of a paragraph". That's how you know you are reading a new paragraph.
13:16:32BagderI don't mind that
13:16:40BagderI just think the following lines shouldn't be that far to the left
13:16:46quelsarukmaybe i should change the bulleted text
13:17:07quelsarukthat's what i'm thinking now :)
13:17:08BagderI think the title and the paragraph should have a common left margin
13:17:19Zagoralso I think the different headlines should all have the same indentation. there should only be two levels in the document
13:17:46quelsarukso 6.3.5 should have the same indentation as 6.3 ?
13:18:22quelsaruki'm re-formating the doc for openoffice, so i have to change it anyway :)
13:19:18Bagderdo we really have to have the full FDL license included? its 6 pages hardly anyone will read
13:19:42Bagdercan't we just say "this is licensed under this license, see [here] for further details"
13:19:55Bagderor something
13:21:02quelsarukthe Free documentation licence
13:21:19quelsarukyou have to include the full licence
13:21:35quelsarukthat's why i asked you yesterday
13:21:57Bagderwell maybe we can pretend we don't know we have to
13:22:22Zagormake it very small text, and as the last chapter
13:22:31quelsaruki can do that
13:22:32Bagderyeah, that might be best
13:22:43quelsarukreduce text to font size 8 or even 7
13:22:48quelsarukor 2
13:28:02 Join DJBaz [0] (
13:30:38quelsarukanother thing
13:32:05quelsarukeach page that has a PART X ....... should be odd??
13:32:14quelsarukor doesn't matter?
13:32:26Bagderdoesn't matter to me
13:33:42Schnueffdoesnt matter
13:33:50Schnueffalthough openoffice should have support for this
13:34:22quelsarukSchnueff: it's easy, just leave a blank page to make it odd :P
13:35:08DJBazHi, anyone here had this problem: when i ya type setup to install windows 98 scandisk etc runs fine but after the setup window(before windows get's installed) gets to 100% the comp just freezes?
13:35:17Schnueffinsert a minimal number of blank pages to make it odd, yes :)
13:35:35ZagorDJBaz: sounds pretty normal for windows to me ;-)
13:35:57DJBazi use linux, just want to install win98 for wine
13:39:24 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
13:44:11quelsarukplease, take a look at it
13:44:26BagderI like it
13:44:30quelsarukif it's ok, i won't bother you any more with this
13:44:45Schnuefflooks good
13:45:53quelsarukBagder: i changed your "ABBA" screenshot with a more heavy one :P
13:46:32Schnueffquoting style is not consistent
13:46:44Schnueffsometimes ``bla'' sometimes "bla"
13:46:49Schnueffnever mind :)
13:46:59quelsaruki always use " "
13:47:14Schnueffthen correct ``missing fundemental''
13:47:21Schnuefffundamental even
13:47:24Schnueffbass boost
13:47:55quelsarukSchnueff: that's openoffice
13:48:03quelsaruknot me
13:48:15Schnueffi dont mind :)
13:48:22ZagorI do
13:48:31Zagorthere must be an option to turn that off
13:48:39Zagor"smart quotes" or whatever the silly thing is called
13:48:58quelsarukzagor, but i suppose that now all " are ``
13:49:48Schnueffno on the page u posted there's mixed style
13:50:04quelsaruksorry then
13:50:07Zagor'' and `` is horrible in html
13:50:08Schnueff(e.g. last line)
13:50:18quelsarukoki doki
13:50:33quelsaruki'm killing all those smart quotes
13:51:14Schnuefffast killing
13:51:27quelsaruktools−−> autoformat−−> quotes
13:59:20 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:11:05 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
14:14:56quelsarukmy computer is doing a strange noise
14:15:03quelsarukthat's no good
14:16:54 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
14:20:04quelsaruktemp is ok :)
14:21:36Bagderwhere's that wps doc?
14:21:45Bagderwe don't link to it on the docs page
14:22:03Bagderwe should fix
14:24:20*Bagder fixes
14:25:02Schnuefftalking to yer self, ey? :)
14:25:22Bagderyou're too quite for my taste ;-)
14:25:49*Bagder can't type
14:27:22 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
14:27:55 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
14:28:29dwihnoLet's sing along kids! :D
14:33:39langhaarrockergurgle whine, feep!
14:33:39*langhaarrocker tries to sing</BODY></HTML>
14:35:55 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:40:03Bagderfunny how the no music made the next-song faster for Johan
14:41:30langhaarrockerBagder: talking about some mailing list topics?
14:41:52BagderJohan reports faster next-song now when the music gets stopped
14:42:06Bagderhe who reported very long next-song times previously
14:42:24dwihnoI got some red led dead info
14:42:34dwihnoI left the unit on when it hang (red led)
14:42:43dwihnoAnd now, the led has gone off.
14:42:50langhaarrockerbut did it resume?
14:42:51dwihnoThe status bar is being displayed. Nothing else.
14:43:17dwihnolanghaarrocker: yeah. it plays "perfect melody" :)
14:43:18langhaarrockerprobably the thing freezes again as soon as disk access happens.
14:43:29dwihno"It's a mystery, la la la, looking for a melody"
14:43:50dwihnothe display returned now
14:44:00dwihnowhen playing the next track (which happened to be the last track again)
14:44:03ZagorBagder: are you sure it was johan that reported the longer times?
14:44:20Bagderlemme check
14:44:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:44:45Zagorit doesn't look like it to me
14:45:56dwihnolanghaarrocker: does red led dead always recover for you, if you leave it running?
14:46:01dwihnodisk read
14:46:09BagderZagor: you're right, it was
14:46:26dwihnoFishy! It has obviousley recovered 100% from the red led death.
14:46:57Zagordwihno: that's sort of good news :-)
14:46:58Bagderand Owen Kalau
14:47:55dwihnoZagor: yeah... then it's just some kind of glitches that can be fixed :-)
14:48:00dwihnoZagor: so... get to work ;)
14:49:39quelsaruk(i'm on section 13 of the new formatted doc)
14:49:41 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:49:49quelsaruktime to go home for lunch
14:49:58quelsaruki'll finish when i return :)
14:50:03 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:50:33 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
14:51:43*langhaarrocker verifies red led death
14:54:50langhaarrockerdoesn't recover
14:55:31 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:35 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
14:56:06dwihno*write ugly code*
14:56:46Zagorwho let ken0 back in?
14:56:51BagderI did
14:56:55BagderI talked to him
14:57:01Bagderhe's not a script!
14:58:18dwihnoSpader och ... :-)
14:58:18Zagorso why's he jotting in and out all day?
14:58:28Bagderits his client
14:59:48 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:59:48 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
15:02:05dwihno*linger inside wps.c*
15:02:40Bagderthe wps code has become kinda hairy
15:03:56Zagorand the remote-control-works-while-keylock-is-on feature will make it a lot more hairy
15:04:32dwihnoThen do not apply it.
15:04:49Zagorthere is no patch done for it. but it's a feature we want.
15:04:52dwihnoIt's better to keep a good codebase instead of adding features that will make it harder to maintain.
15:04:56dwihnoAh. Mkay.
15:05:01dwihnoA separate thread? :)
15:05:25dwihno<Zagor> A splendid idea
15:05:28dwihno<Bagder> I agree!
15:05:36dwihnoJust kidding
15:06:31dwihnoWhat's the downside with another thread btw?
15:07:14Bagderit doesn't really solve the problem
15:07:53BagderI'm off, see ya later then Zaggie
15:08:03 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
15:08:22Schnueff'zaggie' heh
15:08:56dwihnoOf course it does.
15:09:07dwihnoA separate thread for the remote control
15:09:12dwihnoWill solve all problems.
15:13:49langhaarrockerAll the mess in wps code must be cleared up as soon as it comes down to key bindings. The different functionalities that are triggered by keys must become separate functions. Once that is done that remote-control-works-while-keylock-is-on is a piece of cake.
15:15:28*langhaarrocker s recorders red led blinks
15:16:04 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:20:33dwihnobling bling
15:21:11langhaarrockeronly optically
15:22:21 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:33:53dwihnoA patch has been made! Yay!
15:34:00dwihnoWell, it's work in progress :-)
15:44:19 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:47:11dwihnoI seek advice. Should I make every put_cursor() call dynamic or is it OK to change put_cursor directly?
15:47:27dwihnoif (!invert_line) put_cursor() - that's what I mean
15:47:36 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
15:48:57elinenbeZagor: what is the ETA on 2.0?
15:49:27elinenbeZagor: I have tried the Doom game and I had to reformat my entire archos −− you suck! :)
15:50:00tracktheripperleave zagor alone :(
15:50:29dwihnoZagor Zagor Zagor! :D
15:51:17tracktheripperdwihno dwihno dwihno :D!
15:52:17dwihnoYay for me! :) ?
15:55:49dwihnoC'est moi
15:55:52 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:02:43 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:17:58 Nick quel|lunch is now known as Quelsaruk (
16:21:17Quelsarukback to life
16:21:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:24:47Zagorelinenbe: i'm leaning towards releasing 2.0 once the docs are up-to-date. the red-led-dead bug is too hard a nut to wait for.
16:26:09langhaarrockerno dynamic tags in scrolling lines fix :(
16:26:33QuelsarukZagor: just wait some hours then :)
16:26:33dwihnoZagor: it is? how soon will you release it then?
16:26:46Quelsaruki'm talking this my "girl" ;)
16:27:01Quelsarukcan't work and speak at the same time :P
16:27:11ZagorQuelsaruk: i'd like a copy of the raw file to go over some of the english when you are done
16:27:22Quelsarukof course
16:27:37Quelsaruki'm on PART IV of the opensource file :)
16:27:44Quelsarukmy english is not perfect...
16:27:49elinenbeZagor: finally! :)
16:28:12elinenbeQuelsaruk: nice work on the docs...
16:28:36elinenbeQuelsaruk: I would be great to get these files into the CVS and updated as features become updated
16:28:38Quelsarukthx elinenbe :)
16:28:45Quelsarukof course
16:28:48Quelsarukwe are working on that
16:28:49Zagorlanghaarrocker: actually, releasing 2.0 means that fix can come sooner, since we can then focus on such non-critical bugs
16:29:07Quelsarukzagor says we can diff openoffice docs.
16:29:24elinenbeIt would be nice to have these in .html .doc .rtf .pdf .ltx
16:29:42*Quelsaruk points Zagor
16:29:45Quelsarukhe's the master
16:29:53Quelsaruki'll do whatever he wants :P
16:29:55Zagorwe'll store them in office format, then convert to all other desired formats
16:33:11dwihnoZagor: release date?
16:33:17dwihnoZagor: Do I have the weekend?
16:33:42Zagorfor what?
16:33:51dwihnomy patch
16:33:53dwihnoit will be clean
16:34:01dwihnoI promise
16:34:05Zagorwhat does it do?
16:34:23dwihnoadds a configurable inverted cursor
16:34:37Zagorthat's post-2.0 stuff
16:34:54dwihnoEven if the code is right as rain?
16:35:37Quelsarukdwihno :P
16:35:41dwihnohow come?
16:35:49dwihnoit's not like I'm gonna add any bugs
16:35:53Zagorevery new feature always brings at least one new bug.
16:36:06dwihnoNot this :-) It's so good :-)
16:36:13dwihnoGoodie goodie
16:36:15Zagorwe need to release. everything can't be stuffed into 2.0
16:36:18dwihnolike dumle-kola
16:36:32dwihnoWell, I'll keep it synched to CVS so it gets into 2.1
16:36:32 Join ken0___ [0] (marklar2@
16:36:43langhaarrockerI just bought a book: "Bug patterns in java" :)
16:36:44elinenbedwihno: the probelm with inverted cursor is the fact that it slows down the screen update so much
16:36:59dwihnoelinenbe: some people like it anyways
16:37:07dwihno(me for instance) :)
16:37:07elinenbelanghaarrocker: I just bought a book too: "Bugs in Germany"
16:37:46langhaarrockerThere's a book about my flat?
16:39:25dwihnoZagor: what's left before 2.0 btw? I thought red led was everything keeping it back.
16:39:30dwihnoZagor: the docs perhaps?
16:40:11Zagoryes, the docs
16:40:26Zagorsome more language updates would be nice too
16:40:34Quelsarukspanish is updated!!
16:40:47Quelsaruk5 days ago was my lst update
16:40:48Quelsaruki think
16:40:55ZagorQuelsaruk: i'll give you cvs write access so you can handle the languanges. ok?
16:41:20dwihnoDamn. Writing code for RockBox sure gives me a kick :) The API is great.
16:41:30dwihnoAnd the code isn't too spaghett'hish
16:41:48Quelsarukthx Zagor, but we have to talk about that... i mean, i don't want to make a mess first time i'm going to update a language
16:44:11 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:44:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:47:34Quelsarukhey! english.lang has been updated
16:47:43Quelsaruki have to update spanish
16:57:35 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
16:57:36 Quit GissXC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:57:44TBoyhoi :'(
16:57:46 Part langhaarrocker
16:59:43 Join GissXC [0] (
17:06:43 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:11:39Zagorgotta go
17:11:40 Part Zagor
17:25:12 Quit ken0___ (
17:26:42NJoinken0___ [0] (marklar2@
17:29:23Quelsaruki need a code police ;)
17:29:31Quelsarukor a doc code police
17:34:35Quelsaruki have the doc finished
17:35:09TBoycan I have peek
17:35:20Quelsarukof course
17:35:55TBoyehm where do I find it
17:39:18TBoyquel are you now a rb hero
17:43:16 Join tracktheripper [0] (
17:43:20QuelsarukTBoy: not yet... maybe.. maybe not
17:43:43TBoyoh I would like that
17:44:06TBoysince this document got rockbox further
17:44:28TBoycause I was thinking yesterday about this project stoppin someday
17:44:32TBoybut when
17:44:51tracktheripperTboy it won;t stop as long as Archos make MP3 players
17:45:04TBoyI know this is a strange topic/question
17:45:35TBoyyea but we will eventually want the same product just with bigger screens, colors, longer life, etc.
17:45:53TBoywe'd/rb have
17:45:56Quelsaruktracktheripper: this project won't stop as long as there's a developer with an idea, or a feature request feasable that can be developed
17:46:13TBoywe'd/rb'd have to reverse more player
17:46:36TBoyreverse= reverse manifacture
17:46:40tracktheripperok Quelsaruk, it that case, would Rockbox ever stretch to other makes of MP3 players instead of Archos?
17:47:21Quelsarukif a developer has another mp3 player and want to develop an opensource firmware for it...
17:47:45Quelsarukbut i don't think you can call it rockbox, except he/she can use this code
17:47:58Quelsarukbut i'm not a guru... just mho
17:48:27TBoyok off topic
17:48:39TBoyI can't reach my archos dealer
17:48:57TBoythe guy I bought my fm from
17:49:44Quelsarukbut i think you can send it to archos, anyway
17:50:00TBoyhe won't answer my querys
17:50:10TBoyno they told me to contact my dealer
17:50:32Quelsarukdefine me "i can't reach my dealer"
17:50:36Quelsarukhe's lost?
17:50:51Quelsarukhe don't want to hear talk about you?
17:50:55Quelsarukor what?
17:51:07TBoyno I mean reach in the way of contacting him over email or phone
17:51:14TBoysorry if I confused you
17:51:40Quelsarukah :)
17:52:10Quelsaruki bought it from archos
17:52:18TBoyand the prob is that he you can't buy it from his store anymore
17:52:25TBoyand he won't answer the phone
17:52:33TBoyso now I'm scared
17:53:38Quelsarukdoes he live in the same city?
17:54:18TBoythe prob is I bought it over the net
17:54:23TBoybut he does live in germany
17:54:48Quelsarukare you having problems with your fm?
17:55:08TBoyyep 2 acually
17:55:20TBoy1. color peeling off
17:57:04 Join josh966_ [0] (
17:57:05TBoy2. the middle button mysteriously broke while I pulled it out of my pocket
17:57:10tracktherippernext time u buy an archos give it a coat of clear varnish to seal the paint in and make it more durable
17:57:37TBoybut only half broken so it tilts down to the display
17:57:38Quelsaruki can only think in 1 solution, contact again archos and tell them that your dealer is now "out of service"
17:58:05TBoyyeah I'll think I'll do that
18:00:30 Nick TBoy is now known as TBoy|eatin (~xxx@
18:07:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:08:50Quelsarukanyone wants to take a look on the new doc?
18:10:41tracktheripperyea plz
18:11:07Quelsaruk[17:45:52] <Quelsaruk>
18:11:15tracktherippercheers :-)
18:12:36tracktheripper<−−−−- is away reading the manual
18:13:03 Nick TBoy|eatin is now known as TBoy|readin (~xxx@
18:14:41TBoy|readinwill it be possible to click on the chapter-titles in the index to jump to the following chapter
18:15:40TBoy|readinand vice versa
18:16:25*Nibbler does not like pdf :]
18:16:46Nibbler...not that i contributet anything but moaning to rockbox yet....
18:17:01QuelsarukNibbler: we are working on other formats... nowadays only openoffice doc and pdf
18:17:18Nibblerwhat about html?
18:17:52QuelsarukTBoy|readin: i made this manual for print. I f i do an html version... you can jump wherever you want :)
18:18:04QuelsarukNibbler: not done
18:18:13Quelsarukthis manual is just a beta
18:18:32 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
18:19:20TBoy|readinQuelsaruk: yeah but that is also possbile in pdf files
18:20:56QuelsarukTBoy|readin: i've been fighting with the manual for 5-6 days of my life... i need a break ;)
18:22:29TBoy|readinyeah I just asked if you plan to do that
18:22:50TBoy|readinsince I know almost all of the functions of rb
18:23:18 Nick TBoy|readin is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
18:24:33Quelsaruki think i also have to write the "page" on the Contents.
18:26:50 Join DJBaz [0] (
18:28:39 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:28:44quel|outis time to have a break
18:28:46quel|outcu later
18:29:38tracktheripperquel the manual looks very good :-)
18:30:02DJBazurl 2 the manual?
18:30:18quel|out[17:45:52] <Quelsaruk>
18:30:29quel|outthx tracktheripper
18:30:37tracktheripperQuel I think the NODO part should be removed though
18:30:51tracktherippersince that info is already on the website
18:31:00quel|outtracktheripper: as we have features.. also features that will not be implemented are interesting
18:31:33tracktheripperyes but I don't feel the NODO part should be present in the manual, only on the website
18:32:04DJBazu should call the manual 'ManBox'
18:32:06quel|outzagor will decide
18:32:20quel|outgotta go
18:32:21quel|outcu later
18:32:26tracktheripperif you buy an MP3 player from the shops you don't expect a page in the manual "Features we will not implement dut to hardware limitations"
18:32:59 Quit ken0___ (
18:33:37DJBazyep thats true :P
18:34:44tracktheripperlikewise if u buy a video recorder you dont find a page in the manual "we won't implement these features"
18:34:46 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
18:44:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:06:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:06:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:18:39 Quit josh966_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.25 [Mozilla rv:1.4b/20030408]")
19:19:39 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:29:11 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
19:33:59 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
19:43:05 Quit jankey (Remote closed the connection)
19:53:34quelsaruktime to go home!
19:53:37quelsarukcu tomorrow
19:54:17 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
19:54:44 Join edx [0] (
20:19:28 Join LouNYC25 [0] (
20:20:42 Join Schnippi [0] (
20:23:43LouNYC25Anyone here.
20:24:36LouNYC25The default WPS listed in the manual isn't really the default for the FM Recorder.
20:27:18 Join LouNYC251 [0] (
20:27:19 Quit LouNYC25 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:28 Quit LouNYC251 (Client Quit)
20:33:10 Quit TotMacher ()
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20:49:13 Quit Schnippi (
20:49:13 Quit edx (
20:49:36 Join Guest [0] (
20:50:10NJoinNibbler [0] (
20:50:10NJoinSchnippi [0] (
20:50:10NJoinedx [0] (
20:53:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
20:53:32Guestany one have the schematics to follow the power through out the jukebox 6000
20:54:03 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
20:58:34 Join OnoSendai [0] (
21:06:18 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06:46 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
21:06:52 Quit ken0_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:12:52elinenbebye for the weekend
21:13:00 Quit elinenbe (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
21:17:12TBoydo I right mics or mic's, as if the plural of mic
21:17:18TBoydo I right mics or mic's, as the plural of mic
21:21:54OnoSendaitry microphones
21:31:56 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:52:58 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
21:52:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:53:16 Join adi|work [0] (
21:54:48 Join turbonegro [0] (
22:11:05TBoythx Ono
22:11:12TBoyI just took mics
22:11:59 Quit TBoy ("Visit TBoy's World")
22:16:59 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:42:39 Part OnoSendai
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23:22:52 Join Bagder [241] (
23:30:36 Join jankey [0] (
23:32:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:47:09 Join LinusN [200] (
23:47:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:54Bagderhi Linus
23:51:08LinusNzagors next/prev change sux
23:51:51LinusNwhen pressing Next on the last file in the dir/list, the music stops, but it doesn't leave the wps, and the Play icon is still there
23:53:19LinusNwe need a better soluiton
23:53:31jankeyarchos seems to have a real problem with quality control
23:53:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:53:52*jankey just reads through reviews on the Ondio
23:54:04jankeyhalf of them all basically said quality sucks :P
23:56:00 Quit adi|work (
23:56:00 Quit edx (
23:56:00 Quit Schnippi (

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