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#rockbox log for 2003-04-11

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00:05:27Bagderhohensoh enters
00:05:34Bagderthe cvs game
00:06:34*LinusN celebrates
00:06:58Bagderhopefully it'll make the win sim situation slightly better
00:09:07BagderI got a nice mail this evening:
00:09:14Bagder"I'll pay extra if you can write it today."
00:09:32Bagderwork work
00:13:42Bagderway tricky curl stuff
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00:28:37PolrBearHello everyone. I just got an Archos Recorder 10 yesterday for my 16th birthday, and I have already put rockbox on it. It didn't take me very long to figure out that the stock Archos firmware was really bad. Anyways, I have some questions. Can you guys help?
00:28:59Bagdertry us
00:29:00LinusNhappy birthday, BTW
00:29:40PolrBearfirst question is how do you get it to record. i figured it out with the stock firmware, but its not there on rockbox.
00:30:03LinusNPolrBear: don't use 1.4
00:30:10LinusNuse the latest daily build
00:30:51PolrBear... what is witht his "unregistered copy, evaluation, ask webmaster to register it" whenever I say something on here.
00:31:07LinusNthe java chat?
00:31:32PolrBearits no big deal, just annoying.
00:31:34LinusNwell, i guess it says that the guy hasn't paid for it
00:32:10Bagderuse a normal irc client and you won't see that ;-)
00:32:58PolrBeark, next question. I have one of the remotes for it, and I was wondering if there is anyway to set it up so I can turn the unit on from the remote.
00:33:39LinusNtechnically impossible, i'm afraid
00:35:10PolrBearThere wouldn't be a way to custom program it so the play button would turn it on?
00:35:56PolrBeardamn. My old MP3CD player could do it, im used to it. but I can adjust.
00:37:25PolrBearAre the daily buids more unstable than 1.4?
00:38:13LinusNnot really
00:38:34LinusNthey *may* be unstable, but generally aren't
00:40:35PolrBearhmm... what else did I want to ask... oh yeah... games. Can I download more?
00:40:58Bagderone day you might
00:42:35PolrBearHmmm... thats about it. You guys do good work, thanks a lot. I was really bummed at first that the Archos firmware was so lame, but when I found you guys, I was really happy. thanks a lot
00:43:39LinusNglad you like it
00:43:59BagderPolrBear: was it hard to find us?
00:44:04PolrBearOh, i got another question. what is the peak meter?
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00:44:46LinusNit shows the playback peak level
00:45:12LinusNbut you have to create a custom WPS file to see it
00:50:47PolrBeari remember you could do this on the archos firmware. can you delete files/folders or rename them?
00:51:25Bagdertry the brand new manual!
00:56:09PolrBear... Excactly what is "loudness"?
00:57:36LinusNa boost of bass+treble
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01:11:19LinusNBagder: it's time to revert zagors next/prev "fix"
01:13:23BagderI surprised that many people found out ;-)
01:13:59LinusNwe need an improved playlist_peek()
01:14:25LinusNi want to know if the current song is the last one
01:15:04LinusNlike bool playlist_is_last() or something
01:16:23Bagdershould be easy enough
01:16:50LinusNcan you fix?
01:17:16LinusNare you aware of the problem?
01:17:42Bagderwhich one?
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01:18:13LinusNthe thing is that mpeg.c calls playlist_next(1) to see if there is another song to load
01:18:30LinusNif there isn't it does nothing
01:18:40LinusNif there is, it stops the music and loads the next song
01:19:23LinusNzagors "fix" in wps.c stops the song behind the back of the mpeg thread
01:19:56LinusNthing is, the call to playlist_next() causes the disk to spin up (if we are playing a playlist)
01:20:14LinusNthis, the music doesn't stop until the disk has spub up and the playlist has been read
01:20:28LinusNthis is the "lag" people are complaining about
01:20:53LinusNzagor tried to fix this by calling mpeg_stop() in wps.c before calling mpeg_next()
01:21:12LinusNthis f*cks up quite a lot of things
01:21:48Bagderbool playlist_is_last(int steps)
01:21:48Bagder int index = get_next_index(steps, &queue);
01:21:48Bagder return (index <= playlist.queue_index)
01:22:06LinusNis that all?
01:22:14BagderI think so
01:22:25LinusNdoes get_next_index() handle the repeat setting?
01:22:47Bagderso it will work with queuing as well
01:24:44Bagderadd the missing ; as well ;-)
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01:27:44LinusNtime to boot Linux
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01:40:19Bagderneed to sleep
01:40:30LinusNnite Bagder
01:40:35Bagdernight, see ya
01:40:37LinusNcu tomorrow
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02:45:07adi|workLinusN: the fcpp we are using.. is that from here:
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02:45:31adi|workyou have a url by any chance?
02:46:21LinusNthis is the latest official one
02:47:06LinusNthe one used in rockbox is newer, but daniel hasn't updated the archive
02:48:28LinusNwell, time to sleep
02:48:37LinusNnite all
02:48:43 Part LinusN
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08:40:59Bagdermorning d
08:41:04dwihnoMorning B
08:41:09dwihnoIt's a great morning indeed
08:41:19dwihno(except for my bike getting a flat tire)
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08:52:39dwihnoHow do I create a patch against the current tree?
08:52:47dwihnoAren't there a cvs command for that?
08:52:55Bagdercvs diff -u [file]
08:53:31dwihnohow do I create a diff against the entire tree, if I've changed several files? urN?
08:53:48Bagderjust 'diff -u' in the root dir you wanna check
08:53:58Bagderor possibly -ubB to ignore some whitespace
08:54:16Bagder'cvs diff' that is
08:55:59dwihnocvs diff: No CVSROOT specified! Please use the `-d' option
08:55:59dwihnocvs [diff aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.
08:56:08dwihnoErps, that is.
08:56:19Bagderah, you haven't checked out the code?
08:56:27dwihnosure I have
08:56:32dwihnobut not this session
08:56:54Bagderbut you invoke this command within a source tree that you have checked out?
08:57:22dwihnoin my rockbox-cvs dir
08:57:49Bagderand there's a CVS dir there and a CVS/Entries file etc?
08:58:23dwihnocould be that.
08:58:28 Join LinusN [200] (
08:58:34dwihnoI'll chec
08:58:39dwihnoWelcome, Linus!
08:58:41Bagderrehi Linus
08:59:15dwihnoOops. I did a thingy :)
08:59:17*Bagder still struggles with that darned webmail of
08:59:26dwihnoI did it in rockbox-cvs and not in the subdirs..
08:59:48LinusNlots of location:s and javascript?
09:00:02LinusNand a whole box of cookies?
09:00:04Bagderand I just can get how it detects browser version
09:00:19Bagdermy mozilla gets a totally different view than my netscape
09:00:23LinusNnot agent?
09:00:37Bagderand I can't find any javascript either
09:00:41Bagderthat does it
09:01:00Bagderand my curl thing gets the netscape view all the time ;-/
09:01:16dwihnoCan the player display stuff inverted?
09:01:45dwihnothen my code is correct
09:02:19dwihnoit even compiles without warnings! :D
09:02:24dwihnowanna try it out?
09:02:33dwihno(recorder-only, that is)
09:02:44BagderI could try it out a bit later
09:02:48Bagderwhat does it do?
09:03:35dwihnoInverted cursor
09:03:47dwihnoTwo versions. The first, which doesn't save stuff
09:03:53dwihnoAnd the second which is configurable and all.
09:03:58dwihno(the first version is static)
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09:18:10Bagdercookies are weird stuff
09:18:47LinusNdiscovered something?
09:19:11BagderI have a theory they're using the set of sent back cookies to detect browser
09:19:25LinusNcould be
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09:19:51Bagderthe hard part with all this is that the initial stuff is over https so I can't capture it all
09:20:04Zagorwhat are you working with?
09:20:26Bagdertrying to login to, claiming I'm a mozilla
09:20:35Bagderit thinks im a netscape
09:20:49Bagderand presents a totally different view
09:21:04Zagorhow friendly
09:21:23Zagorclassic MS style
09:21:36Bagderand I simply can't understand how they figure out I am netscape and not mozilla
09:21:39LinusNit could watch the loading of the style sheet file...?
09:21:56Bagdercould be
09:23:01Zagorthat's really wicked. talk about stateful web server!
09:23:07LinusNZagor: what do you think of my ata.c findings?
09:23:18Zagorhaven't read through the mail yet :-)
09:23:20BagderZagor: it's totally insane, yes
09:28:34ZagorLinusN: good point (about the ata code)
09:29:21LinusNimagine having to wait 10ms per sector...
09:29:58LinusNthat may be the famous 8.5 second problem
09:30:27Zagori'll fix
09:33:36LinusNwhy is it that so many people think that 1.4 can do recording?
09:33:46Bagderbeats me
09:34:06Zagorbecause their friends say "rockbox can do recording now"
09:34:08Zagori guess
09:35:13Bagderexplain that ;-)
09:35:29Schnueffmoin all
09:35:36Bagdermorning Sch
09:35:59ZagorBagder: yeah, that's a really odd report
09:36:20Bagderthe "soft dong" bug ;-)
09:39:10dwihnoNow I did a cool web page too! :-D
09:39:15dwihno :-)
09:39:30BagderU oWnZ dwihno!
09:40:17dwihnomE i5 50 l337! ;D
09:40:33*Bagder doesn't know what it means, just that people say so ;-P
09:41:09Zagordwihno: you should put up the patch there too, plus submit it to the tracker
09:41:53dwihnoZagor: Working on that. I wanted a cool web page first.
09:42:17dwihnoTest it out
09:42:21dwihnoYou'll love it.
09:42:28dwihnoI used the bit in the RTC after the invert display.
09:42:39dwihno(on the non-static version)
09:43:58Zagorhow bad is scrolling with non-8pixel fonts?
09:45:00dwihnoDidn't test that
09:45:08dwihnoBut at least the bar is not locked to 8 pixels ;)
09:45:39BagderI've talked a lot to Joaquim lately
09:45:50dwihnoit works pretty good on 8 pixel fonts at least.
09:46:13BagderI've tried to explain that we do not consider the UI issue "done" and that he should continue to provide his ideas and suggestions
09:47:19Bagderhe seems to think that his code is his statement and that he awaits the rest of us to take the next step
09:47:45Bagderpersonally, I'm considering writing up a suggestion on a key-remapping for 2.1
09:48:13LinusNlanghaarrocker will kiss you
09:48:25Bagdernot customizable, just remapped ;-)
09:48:26 Quit jankey (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:48:48Bagderhaving a set of customizable ones could be an idea though
09:48:55LinusNi tried to use my jukebox while driving to stockholm yesterday
09:48:59Bagderlike ON+[key]
09:49:01LinusNnot an easy task
09:49:30Bagderwasn't it mostly in wps playing?
09:49:56dwihnoBagder: you evil dude!
09:50:04dwihnoLinusN: Test my inverted starka såsen
09:50:05LinusNbut i needed a way to light the backlight on demand
09:50:18LinusNthe inverted display will definitely help
09:50:39Zagorthe mtv-style caption backlight is good for the car too
09:51:31BagderI got another idea
09:51:35LinusNturning on the backlight when info changes is good, like my Nokia phone
09:51:47Schnueffyeah, theres a request for this also
09:52:13Bagderwhen the mpeg thread has loaded the next song, and there are only X seconds left, the WPS shows "coming up: [song]" in a splash every N seconds until the song actually switches
09:52:24 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:52:42LinusNBagder: a scroll at the bottom of the wps
09:52:48Bagdereven better
09:52:56LinusN%es - event scroller
09:52:58Bagdervery mtv ;-)
09:53:10LinusN%cs commercial scroller
09:53:21Zagor%st - stock ticker
09:53:34Bagder%wr - weather report!
09:53:46Schnueff%irc i would like
09:53:56LinusN%fc - fortune cookie
09:54:11Bagderhey, that's doable, take that one back
09:54:18LinusN%rg - random garbage
10:06:23LinusNgotta go
10:06:26 Part LinusN
10:09:15Zagorcvsmail seems broken
10:09:42BagderI got two just now
10:10:52ZagorI haven't seen my two commits today
10:11:22Bagderthey're probably lost in the maze of Siemens ;-)
10:11:27Zagorah, found them
10:12:20dwihnoHmms. How do I update to latest CVS without losing my changes?
10:12:30Bagderjust do cvs update, it merges with your changes
10:12:36Zagorbah, sourceforge sends mail from a host without dns name.
10:12:49Bagderdwihno: and tells you if there are any collisions
10:12:53dwihnoBagder: ah... and it will work good until someone changes the code where I've been?
10:13:19Bagderdwihno: and when that happens, you will get "conflict markers" in your code
10:13:22dwihnoThen I'll get rejected patching ... or ?
10:13:38Bagderthen you need to edit the code
10:13:51dwihnothat's a good thing
10:14:03Bagderyes, that usually works fine
10:14:46dwihnoMerging differences between 1.130 and 1.131 into settings.c
10:14:48dwihnoCoooool :D
10:17:50dwihnoZagor: ah, ATA fixes, misa like those :)
10:19:33Schnueffeh sorry, really the wrong win :)
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11:08:15 Part Zagor
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11:20:34dwihnoNow you go and eat some kebab with Linus!
11:22:02 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:22:09Quelsaruksad mornings
11:22:49Schnueffgood mourning
11:23:40QuelsarukZagor_: are u alive?
11:23:52dwihnoQuelsaruk! Bien bien!
11:23:59dwihnoQuelsaruk: he's gone for lunch
11:24:01Zagor_i'm off for lunch. we'll talk later.
11:24:15dwihnoHe wasn't off yet! Liar! :)
11:24:23Quelsarukat 4 pm then
11:28:32Quelsarukcu this afternoon
11:29:32 Quit Quelsaruk ("battles are fought by those with the courage to believe.....")
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13:09:12dwihnoDamn vad god kycklingsallad :)
13:29:52 Join doh [0] (
13:30:19dohhowdy anybody around
13:31:51dwihnoMe is here
13:31:54dwihnoIs you here?
13:32:04dwihnoAre me able to help you? :)
13:32:12dohgotta os x question
13:33:07dohi keep getting 'save failed- battery low'
13:33:18dohso i looked through the logs
13:33:27dohand it looks like i need to partition
13:33:34dohbut ...
13:33:46dohi dont know
13:34:00dohhow to do a fat32 table
13:34:02dohin os x
13:34:20dwihnoDon't know really.
13:34:41*dwihno is not a mac person
13:35:48dohi shall return and ask again
13:35:50dohanother time
13:35:52dwihnoYou don't have access to a windows machine?
13:36:06dwihnoCan't you choose what file system you want to format a disk in?
13:36:08dohi tried 3 diff ones
13:36:15dwihnoWhat did you try?
13:36:35dohi installed the archos usb driver
13:36:39doh and then
13:36:41dwihnoFor the Mac?
13:36:59dohuh no in windows box
13:37:22dohan then
13:37:33dohthe disconnect icon would show up
13:37:44dohbut the drive wouldnt
13:37:47dohshow up
13:37:51doh so that i could
13:37:53dohformat it
13:40:27 Join doh2 [0] (
13:41:00 Quit doh (Remote closed the connection)
13:41:31doh2my connection is screwy
13:41:56 Join Remo [0] (
13:42:28doh2you still around dwihno
13:43:36 Quit doh2 (Client Quit)
13:52:48 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:02:36 Join hotrana [0] (
14:03:10 Nick hotrana is now known as calpefrosch (
14:06:10dwihnoHELLO! :D
14:06:22dwihnoWelcome back, Zagor :D
14:06:26dwihnoI welcome thee!
14:19:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:23:21 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
14:23:32Quelsarukback again
14:23:42calpefroschhi Quelsaruk
14:23:47Quelsarukhi calpefrosch
14:23:59Quelsarukyou've been away a long time, no?
14:24:01calpefroschhow about your S55 ? everything ok ?
14:24:06Quelsarukof course...
14:24:13calpefroschyes, I was moving, and had really no time
14:24:46Quelsaruklunch time, i'll return in 1:30 hours :)
14:24:57QuelsarukZagor: will you be here then?
14:25:30dwihnoQueksaruk, muy bien! :)
14:25:35dwihnoDamn you Quelsaruk
14:25:38dwihnoyou lunch too much :)
14:25:47Quelsaruki have to go home
14:25:54Quelsarukand cook
14:27:20dwihnoMake some nice tortillas.
14:29:04 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:29:29dwihnoZagor: I got some red led news.
14:29:32quel|lunchZagor: will you be here in 2 hours??
14:29:43Zagorquel|lunch: yes
14:29:52Zagorquel|lunch: um, maybe not.
14:30:16dwihnoI walked downtown earlier today and got red led dead. After about 4 minutes, I heard a tiny fragment of the buffer. Then the buffer re-filled and started playing.
14:30:35Zagordwihno: was the led red the whole time?
14:31:29dwihnoZagor: When it hang, I brought it out of my pocket to check the status. Then I put it back. I took it out again when I heard the buffer clip and saw the led being turned off.
14:31:34dwihnoThat was with the latest CVS code.
14:31:59Zagorand all the time you saw it, it was red?
14:32:44dwihnoYes. When I put it back in my pocket, it was red. When I brought it out, it was not lit anymore.
14:32:55dwihno(after the buffer clip)
14:33:08dwihnoIt had fully recovered, it seems.
14:33:56dwihnoWhat do I need to checkout in order to build a simulator?
14:34:15dwihnoI was thinking about making a try getting the mingw stuff work (if it doesn't already).
14:35:29Zagordwihno: check out 'rockbox-devel'
14:35:40Zagorit's an alias for all the things you need
14:36:31Zagorquel|lunch: I would like you to send me your manual in openoffice format as soon as possible, so I can look at it over the weekend.
14:39:09calpefroschZagor: I would like to start slowly with the playlist-browser. Is the memory management already changed ? I had no time for the last two month.
14:39:29Zagorcalpefrosch: no the memory management is unchanged
14:39:52calpefroschbut there are plans to change it ?
14:40:04Zagoryes, for plugins
14:41:17calpefroschok, I will read all documentation first ;-)
14:41:59Zagorhehe, that'll be quick :)
14:43:27calpefroschcool - probably I will bother you the next week with some questions
14:44:54calpefroschwin32 sim build is not supported yet ?
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14:47:14calpefroschok, sorry... I see - only the cygwin-stuff has gone
14:52:47 Join TBoy|readin [0] (~xxx@
14:52:51TBoy|readinhoi :D
14:53:04TBoy|readinguys today is a glorious day
14:53:24 Nick TBoy|readin is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
14:53:39 Nick TBoy is now known as everybody (~xxx@
14:53:57*everybody thinks why its such a glorious day
14:54:01 Nick everybody is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
14:54:26TBoybecause archos told me I could send my FM to them for repair
14:55:53 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:00:11TBoyyes indeed :-D
15:00:33TBoyand I'll probably get the new version with the new color
15:00:49TBoyand maybe it won't peel of like the one I got now
15:01:27TBoy1 question
15:01:48TBoywas maybe the cpu going to sleep mode the cause for the red dead led
15:02:41Zagorwe've had red led dead reports since before the sleep code, I think
15:03:06TBoybut you just change it today
15:03:14TBoythey have already reported it
15:03:23Zagoryes, that was to avoid unnecessary delays
15:03:41TBoywell I get the led death often
15:03:45TBoytoo often
15:03:46dwihnoZagor: do you have _any_ ideas what might be wrong?
15:03:54TBoybut I can live with that
15:04:18Zagordwihno: I have one more idea i'll test. but it's a long shot.
15:04:18dwihnoMe too.
15:04:27dwihnoZagor: Let me know, I'll test it for you.
15:05:05dwihnoWhat is the idea?
15:05:16TBoyzagor: if I go into download on rb homepage and then on screenshots I can still see the old screenies
15:05:37ZagorTBoy: yes
15:05:43Bagderthe url is wrong there
15:05:53TBoyand on photos to
15:07:50Zagordwihno: the idea is that maybe we need to read multiple sectors worth of data from the fifo after an error, since we use the READ MULTIPLE command. currently, we only read out a single sector.
15:09:20Bagderand the reason for the url not being right is due to bad dependencies in the www makefile(s)
15:09:46Zagorbah, I was wrong. we already read out multiple sectors.
15:10:03TBoyBadger: its ok, just wanted to point that out
15:10:34dwihnoZagor: If you got any diagnostics you'd like me to run, just tell me. I'm as eager as you to squash the red led dead bug
15:15:11Zagori'll see if I can fix something
15:33:50 Quit calpefrosch (Remote closed the connection)
15:33:51 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:35:42dwihnoRaj raj raj med Fürsth!
15:44:25ZagorBagder: when can't configure find the apps dir?
15:44:45ZagorThis script couldn't find your apps directory. Please enter the
15:44:45Zagorfull path to the apps directory here:
15:45:02Bagderbecause there's no credits.c ?
15:45:09Zagorah, ok
15:45:17Bagderthat's the file it searches for
15:45:30Bagderbut I have one
15:45:51ZagorI didn't :)
15:46:02Zagormaking some minimal test code
15:49:03Bagderit'll be nice to close some bug reports!
15:49:33Bagder175 bugs (67 marked as fixed, 64 open and 44 bad)
15:51:29 Join LinusN [200] (
15:52:13LinusNBagder: why is the "After ROLO->AJREC 1.27c Record stops" a Rockbox recording bug?
15:52:32Bagderbecause I am stupid
15:52:50LinusNgood explanation
15:52:53BagderI made it invalid anyway
15:53:25Bagderwas on a move to correct category cruise... that backfired ;-)
15:53:51LinusNdon't make me hit you
15:54:10LinusNi'm watching your every move
15:54:19dwihnoI tested the inverted cursor with a bigger font. Still rolls good.
15:54:22*Bagder stands absolutely still and stopped breathing
15:56:23dwihnoPlease accept inverted cursor! :)
15:58:18LinusNdwihno: i want the source
15:59:38dwihnoLinusN: I'll fix a diff in a jiff'
15:59:57*Bagder gets his huge rubber stamp out and stomps dwihno's patch all over with a huge "AFTER 2.0 IS OUT"
16:00:41*LinusN sprays "AFTER 2.0" on dwihno's house
16:01:14Bagder"RockConfig is a Windows application written in Visual Basic. Its sole aim in life is to allow 'Visual' editing of .cfg Files for use with Archos Jukeboxes running Rockbox firmware."
16:02:02Schnueffyeah, wasnt that announce some time on the list?
16:02:08Bagderit was
16:03:36Bagderbut I never read anything more about it
16:03:52 Part LinusN
16:04:01Schnueffis there a visual basic emulator for linux? :)
16:04:05 Quit Bagder ("")
16:15:45 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:15:55TBoyhey dwihno could you pop that the inverted line patch
16:16:05quelsarukZagor: still here?
16:17:16 Part Remo
16:19:26quelsaruklet's see
16:19:37quelsaruki now have the docs on openoffice
16:19:53quelsaruki have to correct 3 or 4 errata reported today
16:20:06quelsarukwhat do i do with the manual afterwards?
16:20:14quelsarukshould i upload it to sourceforge?
16:20:30quelsaruksend it to you?
16:20:51Zagorsend it to me
16:38:17 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:44:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:46:49 Quit GissXC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:52:47TBoydoes any one have a compiled version of bmp2rb and willing to send me one
16:53:02TBoyI'm not able to compile it on windows
16:53:05 Quit quelsaruk ("have a nice weekend!")
16:53:29TBoyI always get a 255 error
16:56:52 Join GissXC [0] (
16:58:48TBoywell doesn't matter
17:01:40 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:17:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:22:51 Join LinusN [200] (
17:25:26Zagorgotta go
17:25:26 Part Zagor
18:44:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:17:12 Quit TBoy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:17:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:22:13 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:24:53 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
19:25:00Quelsarukhi again
19:25:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:25:54Quelsarukjust came to say i've updated espanol.lang file. LinusN could you check it and (if works) update cvs??
19:26:50Quelsarukcu next week.. if possible :)
19:27:09 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
19:28:40 Join TBoy|readin [0] (~xxx@
19:34:45 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
20:25:17 Join [rabble] [0] (nunya@
20:25:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:25:41[rabble] long last I get to meet the Rockbox crew....
20:25:51[rabble]You guys do some seriously rawkin' work....
20:27:59 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:28:48[rabble]I'm actually in the process of purchasing my first Archos (a 6000 Recorder) as well as a new harddrive for it and DEFINETLY going to go with Rockbox firmware..
20:29:05tracktheripperhi LinusN
20:29:08[rabble]I've gone over probably every single inch of your website, nothing but goodness..
20:29:18tracktheripperthe tetris problem has reared his ugly head again :-(
20:29:28[rabble]The only thing turning me off to getting an Archos was the REALLY shitty UI
20:29:52tracktheripperrabble are u talking about a Player or a Recorder?
20:30:03LinusN[rabble]: you got a good deal on the jukebox?
20:30:30[rabble]REcorder, $130 almost brand new
20:30:33LinusN'cause you might want to look at a Rec20
20:30:47[rabble]I'm going to do a 40gig upgrade to it...
20:31:00LinusNthe rec6k has USB1.1 and rec20 has USB2.0
20:31:05TBoy|readinsounds interesting : )
20:31:09tracktheripperu must have a huge collection of mp3s rabble
20:31:16[rabble]about 35gigs
20:31:19[rabble]or so
20:31:25tracktheripperwot bitrate?
20:31:25TBoy|readinoh yeah that could be a prob
20:31:46tracktheripperLinus the 20 may have usb2 but how often do u add 20Gb of MP3s in one go?
20:32:08tracktheripperis that CBR or VBR?
20:32:14tracktheripperI always use 192kbs CBR
20:32:25tracktheripperi can hear compression artifacts at 128kbs
20:32:34TBoy|readinso thats about 35k min
20:32:46TBoy|readinrespect buddy but consider the usb 2.0
20:33:01TBoy|readinthat would help you out alot
20:33:01[rabble]I was wondering if I would run into any problems with upgrading a 6000 recorder to a 40 gig..all the mod sites I have seen us 6000 players with 20 gig hard drives..
20:33:05[rabble]is it possible to do what I want?
20:33:10 Nick TBoy|readin is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
20:33:17LinusNit's not only the transfer speed
20:33:17tracktheripperyea but even wiv USB1.1 3Gb taking 45 minuts to transfer isnt bad
20:33:45LinusNit's about USB-storage compatibility (drivers)
20:34:06TBoyhhm 3G in 45 with 1.1
20:34:10TBoythat can't be
20:34:30tracktheripperLinus I saw a Feature Request, Speed up USB1.1 transfer speeds with a broadband ADSL modem?!
20:34:59LinusNnot only did you see it, you filed it, didn't you?
20:35:07tracktheripperi did NOT
20:35:15LinusNi must remember it wrong
20:35:34[rabble]Do you all think I might run into any problems upgrading a 6000 recorder to a 40 gig?
20:35:40LinusNnot at all
20:35:55LinusNeasy as pie
20:36:14tracktheripperwell Linus I keep reading the blue corners are a pain to remove and replacce
20:36:29[rabble]any certain sort of things I should look out for in purchasing a hard drive?
20:36:29LinusNa tip: when you format the drive, use a big cluster size
20:36:50tracktheripperI hope one day Archos uses NTFS
20:36:50LinusN[rabble]: power consumption should be low
20:36:56LinusNtracktheripper: why?
20:36:59[rabble]Does it not support certain types of hard drives?
20:37:09LinusNmust be 9.5mm, not 12
20:37:14TBoyhow big can clusters be on fat drives
20:37:23LinusNup to 64k methinks
20:37:24tracktheripperNTFS is more stable and efficient and I think enables better cluster organization
20:37:26[rabble]Big cluster sizes?
20:37:35[rabble]why would power consumption be lower?
20:37:36LinusNtracktheripper: and how does the archos benefit from that?
20:37:55LinusN[rabble]: i mean, select one with low poer consumption
20:38:03tracktherippererm, less skipping?, less fragmentation when adding/removing folders?
20:38:14tracktherippersupports native compression?
20:38:42LinusNtracktheripper: you want less skipping, but add compression?
20:38:44[rabble]Oh, ok, I see......
20:38:53[rabble]any suggestions on a hard drive?
20:38:54LinusNcompression of already compressed MP3 files?
20:39:10tracktheripperNTFS supports native "lossless" compression
20:39:28LinusNtracktheripper: yes, but try doing that with a 12MHz processor
20:39:29TBoyyeah but how to compress already compressed files
20:39:34TBoyand that
20:40:19tracktheripperdespite the NODO page people still want MM support LinusN
20:40:20LinusNNTFS is a complex file system not suited for a cheap handheld device
20:40:42LinusNtracktheripper: people can't read
20:40:44[rabble]Is there any extra hardware in the way when I'm doing the hard drive upgrade on the 6k recorder as opposed to the 6k player (the unit used in all the tutorials)?
20:41:14LinusN[rabble]: when it comes to hard drive exchange, it is very similar
20:41:38[rabble]Well, I'm really excited about the project either way, thanks in large part to you all and your work.
20:41:43tracktheripperLinus just a slight interface improvement. You know the peak meter in the Recorders? why not add the tiny L and R at the left hand side of the peak meter like in Archos firmware
20:41:56LinusNjust don't forget to put back the small rubber sheet
20:41:57tracktheripperfor the respective left and right channel
20:42:06LinusNtracktheripper: good idea
20:42:34[rabble]Does anyone know of any good, low power consumption, fairly shock proof 40Gig drives?
20:42:42tracktheripperi was gonna file it but no doubt it would get rejected :-(
20:43:44TBoyplus why not use "ext3" from linux OS
20:43:55LinusN[rabble]: i have a toshiba MK4018GAS
20:44:00TBoyhow about travelstar
20:44:02LinusNi like it a loty
20:44:49TBoyyea thats good
20:44:56tracktheripperLinus I have the standard hitachi
20:45:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:45:03[rabble]perfect, brand new one up on eBay right now for buy it now of $112
20:45:20TBoyLinusn: is the color peeling of your fm too
20:46:11LinusNno, not the fm
20:46:23LinusNbut i haven't used a lot
20:46:26LinusNused it
20:47:20tracktheripperWhy does Archos use such crap paint on their later deveices?
20:47:21TBoydo you have text wich says that it has a usb 2.0 hd on rigth-bottom or one that covers the whole bottom of the fm
20:47:37[rabble]Is there any way to "pad" the HDD to make it a bit more shock proof?
20:47:40LinusNright bottom
20:47:51LinusN[rabble]: no
20:47:51TBoyok we have the same then
20:48:05TBoysee the F2 button broke the other day
20:48:31LinusNit sunk in or what?
20:48:36TBoyits tilted down, up to the display
20:48:38[rabble]well, it was worth a thought.
20:48:39TBoyget it
20:49:00[rabble]Well, again, thanks for all the help.. is there a way to donate to the project?
20:49:16[rabble]Never mind, just saw the paypal button
20:49:17LinusNcheck the PayPal link on the site
20:49:44[rabble]take care.
20:50:02LinusNi, bagder and zagor actually had a free lunch today, thanks to the donations
20:50:11 Quit [rabble] (""What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name")
20:50:55TBoyanyway the guy that sold me the archos, on his site you can't buy archos' anymore and he doesn't answer my call nor my emails
20:51:01TBoyso I got abit scared
20:51:29TBoyand asked archos and they accepted my query and told me to send it to them
20:51:44TBoyso I'm still a lucky man
20:52:03tracktheripperdoes the donations go towards anything else?
20:52:05TBoybut this is my 5th mp3 player in about 5 months
20:52:07tracktheripperapart from food? :-)
20:52:09TBoydifferent brands
20:54:03TBoyhmm Linusn what did you guys get
20:54:23LinusNindian food
20:54:24TBoyI hope some fish I would love some skandinavian fish right now
20:54:49TBoycan't wait to go home to iceland again, this winter
20:54:50LinusNtracktheripper: we have no plan for the donations
20:55:19*TBoy mouth fills with water just by thinking of some fish
20:56:01TBoywhat do you want to know
20:56:20tracktheripperno wonder it cannot t***st*****
20:57:47tracktheripperill tell u later Tboy :-)
20:58:27TBoyI think my brain lost its cmos
20:58:51tracktheripperits a way to alter song speed :D
21:00:36tracktheripperit would be jolly handy to have though :-(
21:03:04TBoyyeah would be pretty kwl
21:03:41tracktheripperlol u figered out what I said :-)
21:03:44LinusNthe sad part is that it would be possible if Micronas could tell us how to program their DSP
21:04:02TBoyyeah I had to fix the cmos
21:04:13TBoyyep but why don't they tell us
21:04:18TBoyor you
21:04:52tracktheripperwhats this Linus? timestretching?
21:06:36tracktheripperIs changing the pitch without changing the song duration identical to time stretch?
21:07:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:07:38Nibbler"bookmark positions in songs" rockbox: no
21:07:50Nibbleris the bookmark code not in the CVS?
21:09:12tracktheripperSomeone said it was
21:26:36 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26:48TBoyno its not the same
21:27:22TBoyI think they just trick the mas into playin the song in a different frequency
21:27:27TBoyI just think that
21:27:54TBoythis way if you higher the pitch
21:28:09tracktheripperTboy im talking altering the pitch WITHOUT ALTERING THE PLAYBACK DURATION
21:28:13TBoythe song just sounds faster but is just as long
21:29:30TBoyget what I mean
21:29:45TBoythats what pitch changing is for
21:30:10TBoyand I alway thought timestretchin was for changing the length of the song
21:30:16TBoywich would also be kwl
21:30:18tracktheripperTboy at the top end it sounds like the Chipmonks are singing at the bottom end it sounds like Adimas is singing :-)
21:31:44tracktheripperwhen you use the pitch adjuster
21:31:54LinusNif you like timestretching, check out MixMeister
21:32:04TBoyhehe mixmeister
21:32:08LinusNit mixes MP3 music
21:32:09tracktheripperSoundforge has a good range of timestretching options
21:32:09TBoyhehe sounds kwl
21:32:20LinusNit's really cool
21:32:24tracktheripperand Soundforge can crossfade
21:32:35TBoyis it opensource
21:32:39tracktheripperand distort, play backwards, wah wah, flange, pitch bend
21:32:46LinusNmixmeister crossfades and timestretches in real time
21:32:56tracktheripperso does Soundforge
21:32:57LinusNkind of a dj tool
21:33:10 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:33:22TBoyspeakin of the devil
21:33:33TBoyhehe dj tool, djbaz
21:33:41TBoyhehe nothin personal Baz
21:33:45DJBazlol ok
21:34:19TBoywe were just talkin about timestretching in real time
21:34:40tracktheripperTboy Soundforge can do evertying mixmeister can do
21:34:43LinusNTBoy: mixmeister is commercial,
21:34:47tracktheripperand a whole lot more
21:34:52DJBazwell ya can slow down the pitch... which is sorta like the saim thing
21:34:57LinusNtracktheripper: have you used mixmeister?
21:34:58TBoyI knowe
21:35:08TBoyI'm ok with that too
21:35:19tracktheripperno, but what you are saying Soundforge can do as well
21:35:30tracktheripperand Soundforge can do non-destructive editing
21:35:33TBoyI know soundforge I saw somthin about at the Cebit 2000
21:36:09TBoybut mixmeister just sounds really kwl
21:36:30LinusNtracktheripper: mixmeister is a music mixing tool, soundforge is an audio editor
21:36:54TBoywow mixmeister is really a commercial one
21:36:56LinusNmixmeister has an automatic beat finder too
21:37:22 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:37:36tracktheripperu must be a part-time record producer LinusN
21:38:05DJBazim against automatic beat mixin
21:38:06LinusNi looked around hard when i wanted a fully automatic DJ program for my wedding
21:38:16DJBazmakes ppl without decks think they can mix like a real dj
21:38:18LinusNfor fun
21:38:54LinusNDJBaz: people without decks have no choice
21:39:06DJBazi have decks
21:39:28DJBazdirect drive technics decks :)
21:39:40LinusNi don
21:39:51LinusNt hire a dj just to pt together a mix
21:39:57DJBazbuy em, only £700 for 2
21:40:10TBoyhmm a friend of mine works as an manager at a company that owns technics
21:40:24TBoyso I can play around with some of his stuff
21:40:51TBoyI like cuttin and scratchin
21:40:57TBoyfor fun of course
21:41:15TBoysee I'm a real sucker dj
21:41:53DJBazscrathing is fun
21:41:59DJBazbut gets annoying if ya do it 2 much
21:42:01TBoyhehe yep sure is
21:42:18DJBazever tried scratching without a scratch mat?
21:42:36TBoybut that must be strange
21:42:49DJBazgood, dont... the vinyle will be fooked :P
21:43:41DJBazand its harder to scratch... aint as smooth
21:45:05TBoydo you work as one too
21:45:14TBoyor just hobby
21:45:23DJBazno no
21:45:31DJBazjust done a couple of clubs as work experience
21:45:42DJBazbasically a full time hobby :p
21:45:51DJBazam training 2 be a sound engineer
21:46:29TBoyohh ok
21:46:54DJBazwhat do u do?
21:48:28TBoystill a student :P but work part-time at adidas
21:52:25TBoywhat I really like is how, most of the time, we can all get together and chat here
21:52:30TBoyI like this
21:53:47 Quit TotMacher ()
21:54:12TBoybecause the moment I enter this channel I know that you'll all be here
21:54:22TBoynot that I don't have any friends
21:54:34TBoybut I don't chat much on the net
21:54:49DJBazim hardly here
21:55:55 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:57:38TBoyyea but it doesn't matter
21:57:59TBoybut you know the moment you enter you know who you'll find
21:58:08TBoyapart from me the local turtle
21:59:37TBoyhehe I'll stop with the spam now and change to the real stuff some spare ribs
21:59:56TBoyI can't wait for 2.0
22:00:19TBoybut will it be alot different then the dailyb.
22:00:32DJBazprolly not, but who knows :P
22:01:30LinusNit will be almost exactly like todays daily build
22:02:06TBoyapart from the boot pic right
22:02:12TBoyit will have version 2.0
22:02:28LinusNyup, and a minor recording fix i will make later tonight
22:03:56TBoywich fixes what?
22:04:03TBoyif I may ask, lol
22:04:35LinusNit puts an empty ID3 tag in the recorded files
22:05:57TBoywhen will tag editing be implemented
22:08:04TBoygonna hit the stables
22:08:10TBoyhave to work tomorrow
22:09:14 Part TBoy
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