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#rockbox log for 2003-04-12

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01:57:59BoD[]hi !
01:59:06LinusNca va bien merci, et toi?
02:00:14BoD[]:) means what's up
02:00:48LinusNwell, killing bugs as usual
02:01:21BoD[]no new features ?
02:01:32LinusNfeature freeze, remember?
02:01:40BoD[]oh yeah right
02:01:46LinusN2.0 is very close
02:02:02BoD[]too bad :) features are more fun than bugs
02:03:17BoD[]but 2.0 needs to be oyt
02:03:25BoD[]too long time since last release
02:08:39BoD[]and what's up in your personal life ? :)
02:08:41BoD[]if any
02:09:22LinusNi am home for a couple of days, to see to the appartment
02:10:16BoD[]the appartment?
02:10:32LinusNwhere we normally live, i and sara
02:13:00BoD[]me i lost my job today
02:14:57LinusNwhat do/did you work with?
02:15:52BoD[]i'm a java programmer :)
02:16:04BoD[]I worked in the terminal emulation business
02:16:13LinusNoh, that one :-)
02:16:34BoD[]now i'm free
02:17:03LinusNi, zagor and bagder had a talk today, and we have a cool project for you
02:18:08LinusNwe would like a Java applet for WPS config editing to put on the rockbox site
02:18:58BoD[]well I have a lot of free time now :)))
02:19:12BoD[]I can do that
02:20:40LinusNthat would be cool
02:20:59LinusNa nice visual way of creating a wps screen
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02:29:38BoD[]i'll look at it tomorrow
02:30:11BoD[]but now i go to bed :) see you, bye
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02:44:47Sparksanyone alive in here!?
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02:46:52SparksI have got the FM Recorder, and I want the ability to switch to the origanal firmware without plugging the unit into my PC - i have read the FAQ, and it simply tells me to save the firmware file as a .ajz file, then "play" it - trouble is, i have done this, but cant seem to see it in the list!?!
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02:47:35LinusNSparks: you must set the File View option to "all"
02:47:55SparksOh right!
02:48:09Sparks(Might be a good idea the add that to the FAQ!
02:48:44LinusNoh, isn't it mentioned?
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02:49:02Sparksnot in the rolo secition
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02:50:33Sparksthe only problem is now i can see all the files (.rockbox for example) this is not good :( - is there any chance of having a "music & firmware" option!
02:50:52LinusNtry "supported"
02:51:40Sparks:) thanks ;)
02:53:15Sparksalos, on the FM, if the disk is spinning, when the backlight goes off, it just goes off, but if the disk is not spinning, it will fade out - is ths a fixable issue?
02:53:44LinusNit should be, but it might be a hardware issue
02:54:01LinusNi recall seeing this "feature" with the original firmware as well
02:54:26Sparksok, (havent used that is ages :P
02:54:48LinusNplease try to see if the fade is there with the original too
02:54:57Sparksok, i sec..
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02:55:24midknight2k3Hello all
02:55:41midknight2k3I was just wondering about the battery meter on Rockbox
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02:56:00midknight2k3Now, 1.4 says it's about 60% and dailybuilds say that it's 38%
02:56:04midknight2k3Which is right?
02:56:08midknight2k31.4, no?
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02:56:21midknight2k3Now, 1.4 says it's about 60% and dailybuilds say that it's 38%
02:56:25midknight2k3Which is right?
02:56:27midknight2k31.4, no?
02:56:29LinusNmidknight2k3: you use the original batteries?
02:56:47midknight2k3i'm going to replace them very soon
02:56:49LinusNthe daily build is supposed to be more accurate
02:57:04midknight2k3Archos seems to be closer to 1.4's meter
02:57:17midknight2k3by 'archos' i mean, archos firmware
02:57:58LinusNthe daily builds have a different battery precentage algorithm
02:58:12midknight2k3I knew something like that had to have happened
02:58:19LinusNit trieas to calculate the remaining playtime left, rather than just the voltage
02:58:41LinusNSparks: FAQ updated
02:58:51Sparksok, there is the same "feature" with the origanal firmware with the backlight (if not worse!)
02:59:16LinusNthen we have slightly less hope of getting that fixed... :-(
02:59:30Sparksok, nevermind
02:59:42Sparksdid you update ?
02:59:59LinusNit will update itself in an hour or so
03:00:14Sparksah, ok, wonderd why i didnt see the change!
03:00:56Sparksanother thing... do you know of anyone eho has changed the backlight LED's yet?
03:01:38midknight2k3Oh one more thing people - i know that Rockbox has a setting for the Battery MAH level right?
03:02:08midknight2k3So that fixes charging in Rockbox... but what if you just plug it in and it charges under the Archos-type charge thing
03:02:09LinusNSparks: not that i know of
03:02:19midknight2k3will it hurt the archos?
03:02:26LinusNmidknight2k3: not at all
03:02:35Sparksok, looks like i will have to source them myself :P
03:02:48midknight2k3now to find some good powerful batteries
03:02:50LinusNthe mAh setting is only for the percentage calculation
03:03:21midknight2k3So if i had the 1500's and i put the setting on 2000 it would display wrong?
03:05:08midknight2k3Do you think that the Archos could be disassembled to the point where best buy wouldn't notice in case it had to be returned in a month or a year or something?
03:05:16Sparksanother mAH question, I have the FM, this has a different battery (2200 mAh Li Ion) - do i set it to 2200?
03:05:40Sparksor does it not make a differance with the FM?
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03:07:40LinusNwe haven't really calibrated the voltage curve of the LiIon battery, but you should set it to 2200
03:08:23midknight2k3Linus, what model Archos do you use (or are ou associated with all of them)?
03:08:29SparksOk, ta
03:09:29LinusNi have a Player, a Recorder 20 and an FM Recorder
03:09:45midknight2k3what batteries do you use in the recorder 20?
03:09:48LinusNi mainly use the rec20
03:10:24midknight2k3Is there a good place online to get some powerful ones, like 2000 or so?
03:10:32LinusNi dunno
03:10:51midknight2k3most i've seen at best buy is about 1850
03:11:02midknight2k3which would work great but the biggest would be the best
03:12:58SparksLinusN, Have you taken your FM apart before?
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03:18:04LinusNSparks: yes
03:18:12LinusNin small pieces
03:18:20LinusNeven took apart the radio
03:18:23Sparksand did you find any warrenty seals?
03:18:39Sparkssame here, though that was a tad odd
03:19:03midknight2k3Speaking of which
03:19:09midknight2k3ANy seals on the REcorder?
03:19:18midknight2k3hate those seconds capital letters
03:20:47midknight2k3There's a lot of crap in between the plastic screen cover thing and the screen itself
03:21:04midknight2k3wanted to clean it out but worried about voiding the warranty
03:21:30LinusNmidknight2k3: the recorder top cover can be opened without breaking the seals
03:22:05midknight2k3so Best Buy wouldn't know?
03:22:17Sparksso long you dont break it!
03:22:31midknight2k3i know ver very careful operation
03:23:13Sparksjust make sure you take your time, use the correct tools (most important) and have plenty of light
03:23:49LinusNand watch out for ESD
03:24:10SparksESD is evil :P
03:24:52Sparksanyway, gotta go - Thanks for the info LinusN!
03:24:57midknight2k3be right back
03:25:16LinusNSparks: yw
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03:36:37midknight2k3so what ive got is this:
03:37:10midknight2k3remove the top and bottom screws (not the sides)
03:37:20midknight2k3take off cover and be careful not to touch anything
03:37:29midknight2k3and clean the screen and replace cover
03:37:32midknight2k3that's right?
03:38:54midknight2k3Thanks a bunch
03:39:05LinusNgotta sleep, goodnight
03:39:10midknight2k3one sec
03:39:18midknight2k3have you ever disassembled a rioriot?
03:39:27midknight2k3i doubt it but I keep searching
03:40:31LinusNno, i haven't
03:40:40midknight2k3oh well
03:40:43midknight2k3see you goodnight
03:40:45LinusNnite then
03:40:47 Part LinusN
03:46:20midknight2k3can anyone see this msg?
03:58:18midknight2k3i did it!
04:10:08midknight2k3Anyone alive in here
04:13:41midknight2k3Please i have a question
04:14:02midknight2k3What, under the latest dailybuild, is 'Bidirectional Scroll Limit'?
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04:45:12{SoBs-R}Stumpyis anyone here?
04:45:16 Nick {SoBs-R}Stumpy is now known as Bryant (
04:46:05midknight2k3i am
04:46:20midknight2k3you a rockbox 'crew member'?
04:47:01Bryanti just come here every now and then and ask a couple questions
04:47:16Bryanti was wondering if anyone here knows how to build a playlist?
04:47:17midknight2k3i'm not either but if you have a question i might be able to answer it
04:47:19Bryanton the recorder 20
04:47:25midknight2k3Which version of rockbox?
04:47:53midknight2k3or with normal archos firwmare?
04:48:05Bryantrockbox dailbuild
04:48:19midknight2k3CRAP APPLES
04:48:28Bryanti believe i have an april 3rd version
04:48:31midknight2k3i effed it up again
04:48:42midknight2k3stupid effin retard i am
04:49:04midknight2k3took off the cover
04:49:09midknight2k3now a button dont work
04:49:39midknight2k3if you wait like 5mins i can twll you how
04:50:13Bryanthaha ok
04:50:26midknight2k3 gotta take it apart again
04:52:26midknight2k3found the problem
04:54:01midknight2k3ALL FIXED YAHHOO
04:56:34Bryantso how do you build a playlist?
04:56:43adamcreate playlist in root
04:56:59Bryantwait... when i say "create playlist" it creates the the root file
04:57:03Bryantso what do i do now?
04:57:08adamgo to the playlist
04:57:12adamit'll be root.m3u
04:57:13Bryantgo to root?
04:57:23midknight2k3so you can only make a playlist out of the root file?
04:57:31adambut I do.
04:57:37adamjust 'create' playlist in your current directory
04:57:41adamit's found in settings
04:57:46Bryantok done
04:57:46midknight2k3yeah weird
04:57:54midknight2k3so you cant take diff tracks from elsewhere?
04:58:04midknight2k3like one from root and two from a folder into one playlist?
04:58:09midknight2k3but ok
04:58:14adambut you can shuffle.
04:58:16midknight2k3are you a rockbox guy adam?
04:58:19adamwhich is the main use of it.
04:58:32*adam just has seen this project from the early beginnings to the present
04:58:40midknight2k3do you know what 'bidirectional scroll limit' is?
04:58:48midknight2k3what's it do?
04:58:49adamyour scroll goes back and forth
04:58:57adamso you can adjust how much it does that
04:59:13midknight2k3so what does 50% do as opposed to 200%?
04:59:26adamscrolls more or less of the text
04:59:30adamnot really worth worrying about
04:59:43midknight2k3so just leave it on 0?
04:59:50adamuh, whatever
04:59:53adamit's two way scroll
04:59:57adamI like one way scroll
05:00:00adamso 0 is good
05:00:00midknight2k3but i wanna understand lol
05:00:16midknight2k3so 0 makes it one way and 200 makes it two way
05:00:36adamit goes two way if it's anything above one
05:00:45midknight2k3oh tahnks lol
05:00:47adamit's just how much it goes before turning back
05:01:24midknight2k3i see
05:01:24*adam wants archos to release the AV 140 like, now :P
05:01:26midknight2k3it works
05:01:30 Part Bryant
05:01:40midknight2k3that the one with the huge screen?
05:01:48adamthat's the 340
05:01:54adamI prefer the standard build style
05:01:58adamsince I'll mainly use it for mp3s
05:02:09adamand a huge screen is way too vulnerable
05:02:12adamespecially a touch screen
05:02:31midknight2k3yeah it's really
05:02:43adamprobably the same form factor
05:02:52midknight2k3no way
05:02:56adamthe 340 isn't that much bigger
05:02:59midknight2k3it's like a square fool lol
05:03:06adamno it isn't
05:03:13midknight2k3i know but it's big is all
05:03:14adamit uses a 3 inch screen
05:03:45adam340 is stupid, anyways
05:03:59adamI couldn't even watch a movie on a screen that size
05:04:03adamI need the TV out
05:04:18midknight2k3When they have the MMJB with a 1.5"
05:04:31midknight2k3I mean come on perhaps not a movie but it's watchable
05:04:44midknight2k3the 140 looks cooool
05:04:55adamI'll more likely just get the 120
05:05:02adamwhat I want is the higher resolution divx playback
05:05:04midknight2k3what's that lol
05:05:10adam120 == 20 gig version
05:05:16adamI know I can easily replace the drives, either way
05:06:00midknight2k3the 140 is 40GB?
05:07:03midknight2k3320 has big screen but is 20GB?
05:07:05midknight2k3am i right there?
05:07:13adamI don't know if they'll release a 320
05:07:22midknight2k3they will
05:07:27midknight2k3i think it's in 2004 tho
05:07:29adambut yeah, that seems to be their stance
05:08:17midknight2k3i hope best buy never finds out i popped the archos' cover off 3 times
05:08:28midknight2k3my 3 year extended warranty is at stake
05:08:39adamasides from the screen, I think the AV 120 is the best bet for cheap TV out
05:08:59adamthe normal one can do it, I suppose
05:09:09adambut I find the resolution limit to be offensive
05:09:16midknight2k3well i dunno you plannin to rip dvds?
05:09:26adamI don't want a video ripper module
05:09:28midknight2k3sucks for that
05:09:33adamI'll get one when I need one :P
05:09:43midknight2k3the mmjb can do that
05:09:53midknight2k3but its a real big pain getting it right
05:09:54adambut yeah, the newer one can easily do much higher quality rips
05:10:10adamsince it uses the TI DSC25
05:10:14adamas opposed to DSC21
05:10:20adamjust a faster video processor
05:10:57adamas for the battery life, I've never found myself lacking access to an adapter to leave it on for a few hours
05:11:32midknight2k3jesus crappers
05:11:42midknight2k3the archos has been plugged in for about half an hour
05:11:46midknight2k3the battery isn't going up
05:11:53adamwhich model?
05:11:59midknight2k3recorder 20gb
05:12:08adamI had a Recorder FM for awhile
05:12:28midknight2k3i got an open box recorder and a 3 year warranty
05:12:30adamStudio 20 for a few years
05:12:38midknight2k3for the same price as a new one
05:12:50adamyeah, you're taking a risk, though
05:12:59adambut archos factory workers are muppets anyways
05:13:06adamif there is something wrong, you'll notice quickly enough
05:13:17adamwhoever they hire to build these things sucks
05:13:18midknight2k3but the best thing is:
05:13:19adamreally bad :P
05:13:39midknight2k3i can get it replaced free for longer than a new one and i get free upgrades
05:13:46midknight2k3if they have a new model out that is
05:13:55midknight2k3i back it up regularaly so it's all good :)
05:14:09adamwell, why don't you trade it in for a Recorder FM?
05:14:31midknight2k3well they only give it out when the recorder is obsolete or at least perhaps when it dies
05:14:36midknight2k3im in no mood to kill it
05:14:38midknight2k3i like it
05:14:46*adam is just stuck with the archos style of controls
05:15:04adamthe recorder and multimedia style > *
05:15:09midknight2k3like them
05:15:09adamnon-cludgy interface
05:15:24midknight2k3like the RioRiot too
05:15:29adamnever had one
05:15:42midknight2k3like it alot
05:16:24adamI'm just irritated by the lack of archos action on the multimedia part
05:16:32adamit's like, they held back their original multimedia for a year
05:16:40adamjust because they didn't feel that anyone was remotely ready for them :P
05:16:59adamI don't want to see that again
05:17:02midknight2k3forgot to make the cornbread lol
05:17:04midknight2k3dont leave
05:20:46midknight2k3im back
05:21:19midknight2k3i can't wait to see how iriver's iHP thing goes
05:22:44*adam is really reluctant about trying anything outside of archos
05:22:47adamI know these things mess up
05:22:53adamand I know what to do in that circumstance :P
05:24:03midknight2k3smash it to bits?
05:24:09adamno, send it in
05:24:19midknight2k3oh lol
05:24:23adamthey sent me a new studio 20 for my last one that had a broken LCD
05:24:35midknight2k3yeah archos man...
05:24:48midknight2k3they're the best in mp3 players
05:24:49adamthe LCD was literally shattered :P
05:24:52midknight2k3well almost
05:25:02midknight2k3how'd that happen?
05:25:04adamwell, for me it's compatibility
05:25:17adammidknight - probably came in contact with a hard elbow
05:25:19adamor weight
05:25:21adamor something
05:25:30midknight2k3i mean they're cheap and they're reliable and they're excellent about fixing stuff and keeping you ahppy
05:25:42adamI wouldn't call them reliable
05:25:45adamcheap, yeah
05:26:06adamthe nice thing is the whole hackability
05:26:12adamyou can't crack open iPods
05:26:15adamor Zen players
05:26:19adamor even replace their batteries :P
05:26:27midknight2k3ipods are crackable
05:26:31midknight2k3just not too easy to do
05:26:38midknight2k3you risk shattering it
05:26:41adammost people wouldn't risk it
05:26:49midknight2k3yeah tho archos is pretty reliable
05:27:00midknight2k3their support and all make them good
05:27:06adamassuming yours wasn't made by a muppet
05:27:13adamthere are lots of defects
05:27:14midknight2k3let me elaborate
05:27:18adamand somehow, they manage to get past
05:27:19midknight2k3ok here goes
05:27:46midknight2k3their products are pretty good, but their support is pretty excellent so you get it fixed if it's broken making them reliable
05:28:25midknight2k3if your archos breaks...
05:28:31adamcurrently, my most reliable thing is this ancient sony boombox I've had for 10 years
05:28:41adamwhich I am currently listening to one of my ancient metallica CDs on
05:28:43midknight2k3yeah they're pretty reliable too
05:28:48adamon my new earbuds
05:28:55adamsince my studio 20 is in a state of disrepair
05:29:05midknight2k3hey if your archos breaks tho
05:29:10midknight2k3send it to them −−>
05:29:14midknight2k3watch it
05:29:45midknight2k3uless your on 56k
05:30:17adamI eh
05:30:23adamI've got either the U's broadband
05:30:25adamor home cable
05:30:40adamit's a matter if I've got the right program for it on this craptop
05:31:11midknight2k3are you watching it?
05:31:18midknight2k3cause if you're not, don't
05:31:27midknight2k3well, go ahead
05:31:30midknight2k3never mind
05:33:40adamwhat does this have to do with anything?
05:33:51midknight2k3well they'd love donations
05:34:19midknight2k3one more
05:34:24midknight2k3that one's best
05:36:44adamscrew fucking 'wrestling moves' on monitors
05:36:54adamI'll go get the marlin .45-70 guide gun
05:37:06midknight2k3you aint seen their worst lol
05:37:06adamblow a hole 8 inches wide in it
05:37:18midknight2k3that was nothin
05:37:33midknight2k3what with private joe messing around
05:37:41*adam can think of better things to waste bandwidth on
05:38:02midknight2k3small one
05:38:09midknight2k3thumbs up eayh
05:40:59midknight2k3one more teeeeeeeeeeny video and thats it ok?
05:41:04adamuh. No.
05:41:11midknight2k3but it's smalll
05:41:14*adam is more concerned with the new Archos releases
05:41:15midknight2k33.1mb it's funny
05:41:24adamI've seen enough crap in my lifetime
05:41:49*midknight2k3 thinks adam is a fruitcup that's too busy with archos this and archos that to enjoy some poop all over the bathroom floor.
05:42:14adamand if it's mpg and wmv, that doesn't make me want to see it anymore...
05:42:33*adam contemplates some Evangelion
05:42:38adamscrew 'poop' on the floor
05:43:03*adam goes the whole 9 yards to madness
05:43:21*midknight2k3 says, "poop!"
05:43:38midknight2k3watch it lol
05:43:40midknight2k3just once
05:44:28*adam notes he doesn't want his cousin and her kids to move in with him
05:44:35adameven temporarily.
05:44:37adamHate kids.
05:44:41adamKids must die.
05:45:02midknight2k3you want me dead?
05:45:10adamhow old are you?
05:45:17midknight2k3not necesarily a kid
05:45:31*adam is 19
05:45:34midknight2k3the inevitable 'uh'
05:45:41*midknight2k3 is...
05:45:46*midknight2k3 is smart.
05:45:53adamI started IRC'ing when I was about 13
05:46:03adamthen I just stopped for several years
05:46:21midknight2k3well i got to go
05:46:24midknight2k3at least for a little
05:46:45adamYour 'mommy' is making you watch the Land before time 2 again?
05:47:04midknight2k3i think i have that movie tho lol
05:47:09midknight2k3i got it when i was like 8
05:47:19*adam has anime
05:47:22midknight2k3anyways see you later,, or something
05:47:26adambut even that's borrowed :p
05:47:34adamBoondock Saints is like the only movie I own
05:47:37midknight2k3'phat.... G dog'
05:47:39adambut that's because it's good.
05:47:53midknight2k3you die now
05:47:55 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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14:21:34 Part LinusN
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17:14:14 Join LinusN [200] (
17:16:41LinusNi just did the most amazing thing
17:17:11LinusNi upgraded my redhat7.2 to 8.0 using the 'upgrade' feature on the install CD
17:17:16LinusNand it WORKED!!!
17:17:24*LinusN is veeeeery surprised
17:38:48 Part LinusN
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18:54:36 Join Guest [0] (
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18:55:52GuestHI all, just picked up a Archos FM recorder and was wondering where I could find appropriate Roxbox software for it.
19:03:57 Join LinusN [200] (
19:04:14LinusNjust download the latest daily build for the fm recorder
19:05:06LinusNjust remember that we haven't made any drivers for the fm radio yet
19:19:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
19:20:23 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:24:00 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:37 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:34:24 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:35:16tracktheripperHi LinusN and DJBaz :-)
19:35:37DJBazhey tracktheripper
19:36:17tracktheripperI just had an email from Sourceforge "Jukebox crashes after losing in the Tetris game" - Works For Me
19:37:09tracktheripperLinus Whats that website again for that MP3 mixer u was on about yesterday?
19:37:45tracktheripperyea thats the one
19:37:52tracktheripperIs there a trial version?
19:38:04DJBazwrong copy and paste lol
19:38:15tracktherippercheers :-)
19:39:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:39:38*DJBaz brb, gonna use the phone
19:39:48 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
19:42:51 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:43:08tracktheripperwb DJBAz
19:43:19 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
19:43:25DJBazcheers tracktheripper
19:43:53tracktheripperIm downloading MixMeister 4 Pro (trial version)
19:43:57 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
19:45:06tracktheripperDJBaz do you sometimes have trouble with people hogging the bandwidth?
19:45:58 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Client Quit)
19:46:10DJBaznot really
19:46:13DJBazim on dialup
19:46:23DJBazadsl mite be in my area nxt month :)
19:46:30DJBazi had cable before i moved though :(
19:46:36tracktherippersame here
19:47:00tracktheripperThe only prob wiv broadband is that you get idiots using all the bandwidth to use P2P programs like Kaazaa
19:47:17tracktheripperand they send gigabytes and gigabytes of data, not just the odd file
19:47:26DJBazbut the uk broadband companys mainly blueyonder/bt can cope
19:47:54DJBazi dont use kazza etc anyway
19:48:02DJBazi just want broadband cause i use linux
19:48:05tracktheripperA mate of mine said BT Openworld kicked off 30,000 of its customers for excessive use of bandwidth for P2P sharing
19:48:22DJBazbut i doubt that
19:49:06tracktheripperbecause wiv normal ADSL connections the bandwidth is usually shared with 50 other people
19:50:07tracktheripperand if all 50 of those is using Kazaa the bandwidth is gonna get used up fast
19:50:13DJBazi want a 512k adsl
19:50:24DJBazi had 512k cable before and im happy with it
19:50:34DJBaz60k/sec downloads is fast enough for me
19:50:40tracktheripper512 is the usual speed broadband providors offer
19:50:45tracktheripperSo why are u switching from cable to ADSL?
19:50:50DJBazi moved house
19:50:57DJBazi had cable in my old house
19:51:10tracktheripperWhat was cable broadband like?
19:51:10tracktherippercompared to ADSL broadband?
19:51:15DJBazbut my new house 'just been built' doesnt have cable or a bt openworld enabled exchane
19:51:28DJBazsame download speed but different hardware
19:51:35DJBazbut cable can go faster
19:51:40tracktheripperoh right
19:51:56DJBazin the uk we can only get a max of 1meg cable/adsl at the moment
19:52:07DJBazthe uk is slow for broadband and its pretty expensive 2
19:52:19DJBaz$50 a month for 512k broadband
19:52:28LinusNwe can get 2mbit/s and even 8mbit/s in Sweden
19:52:34DJBazbut in america ya can get it for $15
19:52:39tracktheripperI was reading a broadband review website and someone said "The people who complain about poor connections with ADSL seem to forget that a 100Mhz signal is sent through a rusty junction box on top of a telegraph pole"
19:52:52tracktheripper"so how can the signal be perfect?"
19:53:02DJBazfix the telegraph poles?
19:53:18DJBazget satelite?
19:53:50DJBazits taking ages to install mandrake 9.1 on a 233
19:54:13LinusNi did the most crazy thing today
19:54:14tracktheripperI want a 64Mb leased line
19:54:22Jet8810whgat is that Lnux?
19:54:38tracktheripperwhat Liunus?
19:54:51LinusNi upgraded my redhat installation from 7.2 to 8.0 using the 'upgrade' option on the installation CD
19:54:59DJBazyeh u said :>
19:55:04LinusNand it WORKED!!!!
19:55:10tracktheripperapparantely the best Linus is "Red Hat" or "Suse"
19:55:11*LinusN is truly amazed
19:55:14Jet8810I have windows XP installed and using the entire 80gb partition now
19:55:30Jet8810if I resize partition using say, partition magic, then install redhat will I be dual booting just fine?
19:55:37Jet8810or must I do it redhat, then reinstall windows again?
19:55:44tracktheripperI was thinking of getting the "Red Hat" version of Linus
19:55:46DJBazi have a 80 gig hard drive the now, got linux installed on 76gig of it
19:55:51DJBazthe other 3 gig is for xp
19:55:55LinusNi have win2k, win98 abd linux
19:55:57DJBazbut ive only booted into xp once
19:56:00Jet8810but does the order which you install matter?
19:56:09LinusNi use the win2k boot loader
19:56:10Jet8810will redhat overwrite my boot record and fuck it up?
19:56:10DJBaznot if ur good Jet8810 :P
19:56:15LinusNi installed linux last
19:56:20DJBazLinusN: i use the lilo boot loader
19:56:25tracktheripperDoes Windows proggys work on Linus?
19:56:33MTi dunno
19:56:33DJBazsort of
19:56:37LinusNactually, i use win2k, which in turn loads lilo...
19:56:40MTLinus: do windows programs work on you
19:56:51DJBazu either need wine or another app like win4lin
19:56:59DJBazwine opens some apps with no microsoft software
19:57:02MT(pointing out the difference between 'x' and 's')
19:57:09LinusNMT: some may do, with Wine
19:57:12DJBazwine4lin lets ya install windows on linux and run it in a window
19:57:17DJBazsame as vmware
19:57:24tracktheripperyou didnt answer me.
19:57:36LinusNno, they don't work on me
19:57:38tracktheripperWill All WINDOWS programs run on LINUS?
19:57:56DJBaztracktheripper: yes if u use win4lin or vmware
19:58:03DJBazif u use WINE some apps work
19:58:03tracktheripperoh soz. spelling error
19:58:07tracktheripperWill All WINDOWS programs run on LINUX?
19:58:19DJBazor if u use WINEX ya can run most directx games in linux :)
19:58:35tracktheripperred, white or rose DJBaz?
19:58:36DJBazbut i play quake 3 which has been ported to linux by the folk who programmed quake 3 :)
19:58:43DJBazlol tracktheripper
19:58:52DJBaztracktheripper: goto:
19:58:56DJBazfor more info :p
19:58:58tracktheripperprefer red wine myself
19:59:06DJBazi aint tried red, only white
19:59:18tracktheripperwheres moody Adimas?
19:59:29DJBazno idea :p
19:59:30 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
19:59:47Jet8810now, redhat or suse?
19:59:49Jet8810thats the question :)
19:59:56DJBazredhat for server
20:00:01DJBazsuse... never used suse
20:00:06LinusNwhy not debian?
20:00:15Jet8810I dunno
20:00:18Jet8810tried mandrake hated it
20:00:19DJBazdebian is a power user OS
20:00:22Jet8810gentoo seems to complex for now
20:00:25DJBazi use that on my lappy
20:00:27Jet8810not sure where debian stands
20:00:49DJBazdebian isnt widely known but it has a good installer standard that everyone in linux knows
20:00:56Dragonfly1600Umm.. I have a problem... I downloaded a .mod file off of the rockbox site... I turned my player on and it won't turn on.. and i can't even turn it on to replace the .mod file..
20:00:56DJBazbut i use mandrake cause im a noob :p
20:01:14DJBazgod i need a shave
20:01:19LinusNDragonfly1600: what does the display say?
20:02:11Dragonfly1600umm.. right now, it says Jukebox Wait.. and a flashing #
20:02:20Dragonfly1600now it just said File sys. Error
20:02:29DJBazwhats wrong Dragon?
20:02:50DJBazbrb, gonna check on ma server
20:03:13Jet8810dragonfly, delete the .mod file then
20:03:45Dragonfly1600when i hook the usb cable up to it, it doesn't work..
20:04:38Jet8810dragonfly, try plugging it in for a little
20:04:41Jet8810maybe batteries are dead
20:05:07Dragonfly1600nope.. i had the adapter plugged in
20:05:51LinusNdoes the disk spin up?
20:06:09Dragonfly1600it tries to
20:07:04Dragonfly1600well it does but then stops
20:07:15LinusNsounds like a battery problem
20:07:59Dragonfly1600how can it be a battery problem when i have the adapter plugged into it?
20:08:18LinusNthe adapter can't power the unit by itself
20:08:36LinusNit needs the batteries for the extra "push" to spin up the drive
20:08:52Dragonfly1600the icon on my system tray comes up when i hook the usb cable up, but theres an x over it
20:09:03Dragonfly1600hmm.. should i let it charge for a while then?
20:09:08MTcharge it up
20:09:20LinusNmaybe, but you might have a broken battery as well
20:10:04Dragonfly1600i was just using it about 5 minutes ago.. before i changed the .mod file, and i had about half battery power left
20:12:41LinusNso try another set of batteries, or recharge
20:13:00LinusNjust take out the batteries and reinsert them
20:13:04Dragonfly1600hmm.. i just tried to start it again, and it doesn't spin
20:13:18LinusNif the drive doesn't manage to spin up, it can't really be a software problem
20:13:41Dragonfly1600ok cool
20:14:01LinusNi had the same problem myself once
20:14:10LinusNit turned out to be a bad battery
20:15:02Dragonfly1600it seems weird that it would just happen after i replaced the .mod though
20:17:08Dragonfly1600i just tested the batteries (battery tester), and all are registering around a 75% charge
20:17:35MTwell the .mod cant affect the drive spinning up
20:17:37LinusNbad batteries may still show a good voltage, but may not deliver enough current anyway
20:18:05Dragonfly1600ok, so hopefully i can just charge it, and it'll turn on later?
20:18:52LinusNmaybe, if you don't have to replace the batteries
20:19:56Dragonfly1600hmm.. ok, should i try replacing them now?
20:20:22MTif you have a spare set
20:21:14Dragonfly1600i do, but it's not the same kind that the origionals are.. it that ok?
20:21:48LinusNas long as they are nimh and all of the same capacity
20:21:59MTi have fm recorder, so no idea :)
20:22:13MTwhen my batteries die, i have to buy a new unit
20:22:17LinusNMT: yeah, that has a high suckfactor
20:23:16MTLinusN: I'd probably buy a new one, switch the battery out and get it RMA'ed
20:23:21MTthen give it to a friend
20:24:00MTi wish i could remember what it stood for
20:24:07MTreturned to manufacturor
20:24:46LinusNReturn Merchandise on Account
20:24:53LinusNor something
20:25:15 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:27:27 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
20:27:28 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:58:07 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:58:07 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:58:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:58:12*DJBaz brb
20:58:16 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
20:58:16 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe_ (
20:59:32LinusN|awaygive me a better name for the VBR fix feature in the ON+Play menu, now it is "VBRFix"
21:00:15 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
21:00:19tracktheripperLinus call it "VBR Repairer
21:00:45LinusN"repair VBR file", yeah why not?
21:01:08tracktheripperor call it "Auto VBR Repair mode"
21:01:39LinusN"update VBR file"...?
21:01:53LinusNi mean, it isn't necessarily broken
21:02:22tracktheripperCall it "Auto UPdate VBR Header Mode"
21:02:42LinusNhmm, must use a smaller font then :-)
21:02:49tracktheripperor just call it "Adimas" :-)
21:03:56tracktheripperA ctually call it "Choose This Option To Update the Xing Header In VBR Files So They Work Properly On The Archos Jukebox c/o Bjorn And Co Of The Rockbox Project" :-)
21:06:46LinusNWe can just abbreviate it if it feels long, CTOTUTXIVFSTWPOTAJCBACOTRP
21:07:27tracktherippererm, you could always scroll it :-)
21:10:04TBoyor header fix
21:10:13TBoyad Xing header
21:10:19TBoyadd Xing header
21:13:05tracktheripperJust call it "Update VBR file"
21:13:09tracktherippershort and sweet
21:15:50LinusN"Update VBR file" it is
21:16:45LinusN"Add Xing header" is nice, but i guess not all people know about Xing headers
21:16:46tracktherippersomething that hasnt been rejected! :-) :-) :-)
21:17:17LinusNi guess not all people know that the recorded files are VBR either, but what the heck
21:18:06tracktherippertrue Zagor :-)
21:21:26tracktherippersorry Linus
21:22:53tracktheripperIm thinking of getting a Creative Labs Nomad Zen
21:26:15 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:29:06 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:34:02 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:34:18langhaarrockerHi LinusN!
21:34:41langhaarrockerI had a bug that might interest you with mp3fix
21:36:37langhaarrocker(vbrfix, of course):
21:36:38langhaarrockerIt seems to scan all the file (99%) and then I get a I09:CPUAdrEr at 09014200
21:36:51LinusNcan you put up the file for analysis?
21:37:12LinusNis it a recorded file?
21:37:20langhaarrockerI'll put some file somewhere within 20 minutes.
21:37:33langhaarrockerThe file was recorded with rockbox via digital in
21:37:57langhaarrockerbtw: while recording the audio was heavily distorted in the headphones, but the recording was ok
21:39:08langhaarrockerAnd I my dat recorder still seems to get garbage on track changes via spdif which makes it resynchronize -> takes some time -> some audio is dropped.
21:40:19langhaarrockercan that be due to invalid id3 tags?
21:40:28LinusNbeats me
21:40:49LinusNall track changes or just some?
21:41:11langhaarrockerI haven't investigated very thoroughly.
21:41:20LinusNplease do
21:41:26 Join [rabble] [0] (nunya@
21:41:39[rabble]'ello there, all..
21:42:29[rabble]I've got a quick question, if nobody minds....
21:43:13langhaarrockerprepare to get answers :)
21:43:17[rabble]I'm upgrading the HDD in my Archos, and I found a hard drive w/ a 16MB cache..... will that help me save on power consumption/disk life, and will it work?
21:43:27[rabble]I'll past the stats for the drive, just a sec..
21:43:30LinusNno saving
21:43:43LinusNthe 16meg won't buy you battery time
21:44:01[rabble]will it help ANYTHING?
21:44:02[rabble]TOSHIBA NOTEBOOK 40GB 5400RPM Model# HDD2171/MK4019GAX - OEM, DRIVE ONLY
21:44:03DBUGEnqueued KICK [rabble]
21:44:03[rabble]Form: 2.5 Inch 9.5mm Height
21:44:03[rabble]Designed for Notebooks, and other small devices,
21:44:03***Alert Mode level 1
21:44:03[rabble]Size: 40 Gigabytes
21:44:05[rabble]Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA-5
21:44:06[rabble]Seek time: 12ms
21:44:08[rabble]Data Transfer Rate: 100mb/sec
21:44:12[rabble]Cache 16MB
21:44:14[rabble]OEM(Drive alone) 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Model#: HDD2171/MK4019GAX
21:45:10langhaarrockerIt will give you 40 gb.
21:45:16[rabble]hehe...that's about it, huh?
21:45:43[rabble]The rest is just flashiness as far as the Archos is concerned?
21:45:51langhaarrockerThe drive it shut down whenever possible -> cache contents lost.
21:46:10[rabble]So anything over 2MB of cache is just a waste?
21:46:31LinusN[rabble]: the cache has nothing to do with it
21:46:57[rabble]does the Archos have on-board RAM?
21:47:12langhaarrocker(I was talking about drive cache) The ram size of the archos is what matters
21:47:14LinusNof course
21:47:20[rabble]Ah, i see..
21:47:33[rabble]I figured it used the hard drive cache for "RAM"
21:47:36LinusNshow us the electrical specs
21:47:44[rabble]probably a silly assumption
21:48:08langhaarrockerThere's a very fiddly 8MB mod for the jukeboxes, but it saves only 30% time -> not really worth the effort.
21:48:24[rabble]Ok, one more question and I'll leave ya'll alone..
21:48:54[rabble]What exactly is the technical name for the 2.5" to 3.5" HDD adapter (I can't for the life of me find one on
21:49:18 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:49:43LinusNi dunno
21:50:17[rabble]Ok, how about a different way of putting that... What's a reputable online store that sells both laptop HDD's and would possibly have that adapter?
21:50:21[rabble]in the US?
21:53:13[rabble]any ideas?
21:53:18langhaarrockerI'm from Germany
21:53:23LinusNi live in Sweden
21:54:04***Alert Mode OFF
21:54:08[rabble]well, thanks anyhoo..
21:54:22langhaarrockerLinus: it seems that the vbrfix doesn't happen unless I generated id3 tags with the pc first.
21:54:26[rabble]Ya'll have been a ton of help, thanks again....
21:54:31[rabble]I'll get outta the way now..
21:54:33LinusNlanghaarrocker: aha
21:54:33langhaarrockervbrfix bug
21:54:38 Quit [rabble] (""What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the nam)
21:55:46LinusNin that case i only need the first 100k or so
21:55:51 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:58:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:58:44*langhaarrocker generates something
22:02:38 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:03:42 Part langhaarrocker
22:04:08LinusNmidknight2k3: i saw you asking about the bidir scroll limit
22:04:30LinusNyou got the wrong answer
22:04:43midknight2k3i couldn't figure it out really but i got the idea
22:05:01midknight2k3what is it exactly?
22:05:06 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:05:41LinusNthe bidir scroll limit is how long the text can be before it starts the wrapping scroll instead
22:06:17midknight2k3so then the
22:06:33midknight2k3wrapping scroll is when it goes continuously?
22:06:51LinusNif you set it to 10%, if the text is up to 10% wider than the screen, it will use a bidir scroll
22:07:09midknight2k3i get it now
22:08:18midknight2k3the front cover disassembly went well ;)
22:08:54LinusNsaw that
22:09:08midknight2k3but i put the button back wrong
22:09:19midknight2k3then when i fixed it
22:09:25midknight2k3another one got messed up lol
22:10:20midknight2k3but it worked out in the end
22:10:34midknight2k3have you ever attempted to replace the green leds?
22:11:16midknight2k3looks like it wouldnt be too hard
22:12:14LinusNno, i haven't, i am quite satisfied with them as they are :-)
22:13:28langhaarrockerLinusN: you probably don't rockbox on Windows machines, do you?
22:17:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:17:54 Quit Nibbler (Client Quit)
22:17:59midknight2k3i have viruses
22:18:14 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:19:07langhaarrockerQuick! Someone kick midknight2k3 before he infects us all!
22:19:33midknight2k3my kazaa stuff is being infected!
22:19:44midknight2k3no! my window washer! aaah!
22:20:16midknight2k3did you say, 'kick' me?
22:20:18midknight2k3you're mean.
22:20:59midknight2k3HOW dare you smile.
22:22:20 Quit Nibbler (Client Quit)
22:23:16*langhaarrocker chuckles malicously while tendering a white fluffy cat
22:25:37midknight2k3i don't EVEN wanna know what that means.
22:26:55langhaarrockerThe bad I-Want-To-Rule-The-World guys always tender white fluffy cats while laughing and doing really mean things.
22:27:06midknight2k3so you ARE mean.
22:27:22langhaarrockerI think that was invented in a bond movie.
22:28:26midknight2k3wanna see my virus problem?
22:28:35midknight2k3cause i have a good jpeg of it lol
22:28:55*langhaarrocker is scared of infections
22:29:02midknight2k3it's just a picture
22:29:09midknight2k3its harmless
22:32:19 Join baz_ [0] (
22:32:45midknight2k3freaky huh
22:37:49 Quit DJBaz (Connection timed out)
22:41:52langhaarrockerLinus: Sample that causes error:
22:42:24langhaarrockerPlease tell me, when you downloaded that, so that I can free the space.
22:43:18 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
22:43:25LinusNlanghaarrocker: done
22:45:15 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:45:21BoD[]hi !
22:45:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:48:23*baz_ is away: starting kde
22:48:30LinusNlanghaarrocker: do you have a suggestion for a better name than "VBRFix"?
22:48:48LinusN"Update VBR file" is the best so far
22:49:18langhaarrockerIt can generate id3 tags, too, doesn't it?
22:49:42LinusNit will generate an empty tag if necessary
22:50:45LinusNgotta reboot, hang on
22:50:47langhaarrockerDoes it touch CBR files? (probably - how should it know it's cbr)
22:50:47 Part LinusN
22:50:57langhaarrockerhm. that was void.
22:52:44*baz_ is back (gone 00:04:21)
22:54:17 Join LinusN [200] (
22:54:33langhaarrockermobile phone empty? :)
22:55:10LinusNno, hung usb-storage module
22:55:44langhaarrockersorry. stupid trillian.
22:57:41langhaarrockerLinus: I cut the mp3 with the windows program mp3directcut ( That reported 'Sync errors' which means it didn't find frame headers for some data.
22:58:19LinusNeven after you added the id3 tag?
22:58:43langhaarrockerI first cut, then added id3 tag (with MPTagger)
22:59:02LinusNlanghaarrocker: did you try the very latest build?
22:59:23LinusNthat one should create an empty id3 tag
22:59:27langhaarrockerBut the recordings were done with the daily build of friday
22:59:38LinusNthat was what i meant
23:00:05LinusNtry the very latest and see if the editor still complains
23:00:51langhaarrockerThe sequence was recording -> mpdirectcut -> mpTagger -> vbrfix. Maybe the mpTagger did bad things.
23:01:39langhaarrockerI used the current bleeding edge build, when vbrfix crashed.
23:01:46LinusNno, but directcut removed the space i added for id3 tagging
23:02:05LinusNbut now i create an empty id3 tag instead of just 0's
23:04:04langhaarrockerYou copy the file to insert the id3 tag? No mean magic meddling with the fat?
23:04:29BoD[]by the way linusn : i've been working a bit on that applet WPS "designer" today :)
23:04:50langhaarrockerBoD: good idea!
23:05:16LinusNBoD[]: nice
23:06:18BoD[]there should be something usable in the next few days
23:07:40 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
23:08:11langhaarrockerLinusN: The excerpt that I made you download was a snippet from the middle of the original recording. -> There was no id3 tag for mp3directcut to remove.
23:09:28 Quit baz_ ("Client exiting")
23:10:01langhaarrockerI recorded a whole album and then splitted it.
23:11:16LinusNthen i can imagine why you get resynch's
23:11:48LinusNthe recorded files are not that editable
23:12:22LinusNdoes mp3directcut decode the mp3 data?
23:12:23langhaarrockermp3directcut claims to split at frame borders.
23:12:37LinusNyes, but the frames are not independent of each other
23:12:57langhaarrockerand that might cause resyncs? :(
23:13:24LinusNi was about to add a "generate editable files" option, but that has to wait until 2.1 :-(
23:13:37LinusNthe bit reservoir is the problem
23:13:55*langhaarrocker was searching his brain for that word.
23:14:34*LinusN caresses his cat
23:14:53BoD[]cats are mad
23:15:06BoD[](that needed to be said)
23:16:06 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
23:16:15langhaarrockerIsn't it usually those bad cat-carressing-I-Rule-The-World guys who are mad?
23:16:49BoD[]nono the cats are mad :)
23:17:26BoD[]for example: try to move a thread near a cat...
23:17:45 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
23:17:50langhaarrockerThread? round robin scheduling? :)
23:18:04BoD[]mouahahah :)
23:18:12BoD[]ok not only cats are mad then ;)
23:18:38langhaarrockerI only have Cat is for unix, I think.
23:21:25BoD[]i purchased a game boy camera the other day
23:21:59BoD[]but don't have a way to download the pictures to my computer .. this sux
23:22:23langhaarrocker? No usb? No serial cord?
23:22:40BoD[]no :) this is a very old thing
23:22:49BoD[]it was never meant to connect to a pc
23:23:07langhaarrockeroh, analog?
23:23:26BoD[]hmmm well no !
23:23:42BoD[]how could it be analog ? :)
23:23:59langhaarrockerHow can it be digital and have no interface?
23:24:58BoD[]well actually you can connect it to a small printer
23:25:16langhaarrockerWith the toy cam of my mobile phone I at least can transfer files via irda
23:25:31langhaarrockeror usb
23:25:36langhaarrockeror serial cable
23:25:43BoD[]you know the game boy ? It's a special cartrige, like a game except it has a small camera .. this takes 128x112 4 grey levels cute pictures
23:26:34BoD[]i need a cartrige reader for this if I want to download the pictures
23:26:42BoD[]but it's rare and/or expensive :)
23:27:55BoD[]i'm going to watch tv now .. bye
23:27:58langhaarrockerOnce upon a time - when the C64 was high-tech - I turned my 9-needle-printer (hey, that's better then 7-needles!) into a scanner.
23:28:29 Nick BoD[] is now known as BoD[TV] (
23:29:11langhaarrockerLinusN: Do you know who made the playlist code?
23:29:29LinusNmostly bagder i think
23:31:00langhaarrockerI had a strange phonomenon: A playlist would play (including changing tracks) but the rockbox ui didn't know it was playing. It stayed in browser mode, wouldn't switch to wps, queueing wasn't available
23:31:35langhaarrockerI had that only once and couldn't reproduce it.
23:34:07LinusNwith the build from friday?
23:35:05LinusNthe 0411 daily build?
23:36:04langhaarrockerNo, wait. It was the 0410
23:38:21langhaarrockerI remember that the state of rockbox (like playing, paused, ffwd) used to be stored serveral times at serveral places. Like in the status bar and in the mpeg code. That is a pattern prone to bugs like that.
23:38:57LinusNyes, that is about to change after 2.0
23:39:15LinusNregarding your problem, it was fixed 0411
23:39:43LinusNzagor "fixed" a prev/next issue and broke a lot of things
23:41:58langhaarrockerbtw: how is your family?
23:43:45LinusNsame same
23:46:59langhaarrockerI must sleep now. CU
23:47:12PsycoXulthe create playlist makes playlists sortof backwards
23:47:33 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:47:38PsycoXulthey start from the last track/subdir and end with the first
23:47:48PsycoXulthough the tracks in the subdirs are in the right order

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