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#rockbox log for 2003-04-13

00:01:28LinusNPsycoXul: yes, the playlist generation algorithm is recursive
00:02:02PsycoXulheh yes i know it's recursive
00:02:28LinusNso it adds the "last" directory first
00:03:40PsycoXulwhy heh
00:03:42LinusNand i don't think it attempts to sort the directories alphabetically either
00:03:56LinusNit adds them in the order they appear on disk
00:04:11PsycoXuli still can't get any of my multi-disc albums to play complete and in the right order
00:05:13PsycoXulit seems pretty consistent that they're exactly the opposite order of how they show up in the file browser
00:07:00LinusNhmmm, maybe it adds them in the opposite on-disk order, which may coincide with the alphabetical order
00:07:13 Join bmidy [0] (
00:07:16LinusNsince you probably added the dir in alphabetical order
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00:08:38bmidyI d like to know if someone could compile a version of the pathed rockbox for bookmark, But I d like to get it with the BOOKMAR+MAX+SIZE set to 50 an not 10 ? if someone could make it for me I ll appreciate cause I v no possibilities to make it myself
00:10:11 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
00:12:37LinusNi have never compiled that patch
00:13:36bmidyanother one could help me :)
00:13:56bmidyLinusN: is it plans to add it to the Rockbox CVS ?
00:14:15LinusNwe will add bookmarking after 2.0 is out
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00:51:49PsycoXulso the FM recorders seem to be made to be taken appart easily
00:51:50 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:52:14PsycoXulwell, taken appart to a certain degree
00:52:17PsycoXulto get to the battery
00:52:35LinusNthe battery is easily replaced
00:52:48LinusNeven the manual shows how to do that
00:52:55PsycoXuldoes it?
00:55:16PsycoXulmine doesn't
00:55:30LinusNthe full manual is on the CD
00:56:53PsycoXulwow it's got the manuals for all of them
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01:07:25PsycoXulhuh you don't even need to take it appart, just pull off the top piece eh...
01:07:45PsycoXulwell it's still easy to take appart more than that
01:08:30PsycoXuli got up to the board soldered to the casing and didn't wanna desolder so i put it back together
01:14:22tracktheripperDwihno just sent me his inverted video line
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01:51:01*BoD[] back
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02:27:18cuckooQuestion: Can playlists be made in the unit. i didnt find any documentation on it
02:27:54 Quit cuckoo (Client Quit)
02:33:32 Join d00de [0] ( this place does exist
02:33:54BoD[]indeed it does
02:34:00PsycoXulno it doesn't
02:34:02d00dei thought it was just a rumour
02:34:10PsycoXulit is
02:34:34PsycoXulnot at all
02:34:36PsycoXulit is kinda weird though
02:34:43d00dei think i fried my jukebox today
02:34:54PsycoXulhow'd you do that
02:34:57BoD[]you cooked it ?
02:35:02d00decan never format it beyond 5%
02:35:02PsycoXulwith butter?
02:35:08d00deno olive oil
02:35:19d00deits better for you
02:35:27PsycoXulah good stuff
02:35:33PsycoXulso are the batteries charged?
02:35:33BoD[]exactly !
02:35:45d00deyep..i got 200mAh badbays
02:35:48d00de2000 i mean
02:36:08PsycoXulwell mine came with 2200 :p
02:36:27PsycoXulbut hmm
02:36:28d00deim just using these unitl my 3000mAh are charged! :p
02:36:53PsycoXuli found some 3000 or 4000 on american science and surplus
02:37:05PsycoXulbut they were like half an inch too long or such iirc
02:37:06PsycoXulheh you havent read about the 10gAh???
02:37:52PsycoXulbut mine also came with a flat custom lithium ion battery pack
02:38:23PsycoXulso i can't really upgrade
02:38:34d00de..oh i just built this add-on fusion power module...keeps my archos running for years
02:39:22PsycoXulwell currently i'm working on a spintronic ambience-transducer...
02:39:31PsycoXulbut that'll sorta obsolete electronics anyway
02:39:41 Quit BoD[] ("DODO !")
02:40:31 Part LinusN
02:44:48d00dei was just using the mains adapter
02:44:57d00deits quite good you know
02:45:05PsycoXulwell it just charges
02:45:15PsycoXulit still runs off batteries
02:45:21d00defaster than the batteries decharge though
02:45:29PsycoXulso the batteries have to have enough charge to run it
02:45:35PsycoXulnot really
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02:45:43PsycoXuleven under normal use, it still charges slower
02:45:54PsycoXuland when it's hooked up to USB the disk keeps spinning, which drains them real quick
02:46:35d00dethe how does anyone copy 20Gb across to it with a usb conection?
02:46:47PsycoXulfull charge and AC adapter
02:47:00PsycoXulit's pretty close to dead by the time it's done
02:47:08d00denot mine
02:47:10PsycoXuli did it pretty recently
02:47:22d00dei moved 16Gb across in one go
02:47:23PsycoXuleven with my FM recorder
02:47:34d00deand when its done,,,,i still get 8 hours playback
02:47:46d00destudio 20 player that i
02:48:02PsycoXulthats what i had before bestbuy replaced it with an fm rec
02:49:48d00dewell it obviously dosent chareg as well as the studio 20
02:50:17PsycoXuli'd have to disagree with that
02:50:29d00dedoes rockbox let you just plug in a usb cable when the machine is on?
02:50:33PsycoXulthe studio20 drained very quickly hooked to USB for me
02:50:44PsycoXuld00de: yes, it doesn't even need to reboot on unplug
02:51:43d00deand can you select to play at random any trach on the hard disk no matter what directory it is in?
02:52:02PsycoXulwith the daily builds...
02:52:12PsycoXulyou can go to the root directory, go to the menu and select "create playlist"
02:52:23PsycoXuland that'll make a playlist of all the tracks on your disk
02:52:30PsycoXulthen you just play that on random
02:52:39d00debut if i have 3000 long wilol the playlist take to load all up
02:52:49PsycoXulnot long
02:53:05PsycoXulit loads playlists much faster than the archos firmware
02:53:54d00dethank god for that
02:54:08d00dedoes it actually affect battery life though?
02:54:49d00dejust that fast scrolling alone makes me think that the batteries are gonna drain real quick with rockbox
02:55:12PsycoXulit's the HD and backlight that use the most power
02:55:20PsycoXulmostly the HD
02:55:54PsycoXulturning the screen off entirely doesn't even give a significant boost in battery life
02:55:54d00dedamn my disk still is not formatting beyond 5%
02:56:14d00degonna have to surface scan it methinks
02:57:06d00dewhats the scandisk command on dos?
02:58:23d00degood guess
02:59:07PsycoXulhey i used DOS till i switched to linux in 98
02:59:35d00denot using unix then?
03:00:09PsycoXulwhat unix would i use?
03:00:15PsycoXulfbsd? or something?
03:00:28d00deor maybejust cyrix
03:00:40PsycoXulhmm heh
03:01:00PsycoXulcyrix? i used to have a cyrix 6x86PR166 CPU ...
03:01:22d00deyou must be old
03:01:42PsycoXulold eh?
03:02:26d00decos that is an old cyrix cpu!
03:02:39PsycoXulthat was only a few years ago...
03:02:51PsycoXuli think that's what i was on when i switched to linux in 98
03:04:01d00deare the new multimedia machines out yet?
03:04:12PsycoXulhaven't they been?
03:04:29d00dejust the first one i think
03:04:39d00dethe others were in the press release
03:05:07d00dethe new archos multimedia players
03:05:10PsycoXulthere's only one unit isn't there?
03:05:16PsycoXuland then a bunch of addon modules for it
03:05:16d00dewith screens
03:05:22d00denah check this out...
03:05:41d00de Comparison.htm
03:07:38PsycoXuli'm sure their press releases'll have whatever info's out there
03:12:41d00de*eyebrow raise*
03:13:27 Part d00de
03:48:36PsycoXul../src/.libs/ undefined reference to `FT_Get_PS_Font_Info'
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03:52:47adamwhen IS the first one coming out?
03:52:50adam 20:47:14 up 135 days, 13:55, 4 users, load average: 0.23, 0.06, 0.02
03:52:56adamwoo :P
03:53:11*adam is hoping to purchase an AV120
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04:56:11Jet8810anybody here have experience with Partition Magic?
04:58:35adamlike, a few centuries ago
04:58:38adamwhat'd you need to know?
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05:45:16*adam peers in
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11:22:16*DJBaz is away: joystick mouse ooo
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19:32:10LinusNdoes the originan archis firmware go to the next dir when it has played the last song in one dir?
19:34:16TBoyhmm dunno never used/use it
19:36:57TBoyLinusN: what are mp3's with odd length
19:37:21TBoyI mean files
19:37:22TBoyNow handles files with odd length
19:37:28TBoyit was your fix
19:39:04LinusNyes, the scramble utility
19:39:16LinusNto create the .ajz file
19:39:50LinusNhas nothing to do with mp3 files
19:39:52TBoyyea I missed the word file in that sentence
19:40:03TBoymy mistake
19:40:41LinusNthe key is the "where" column, where it says tools/scramble.c
19:40:42*TBoy gets pounded by the others for wasting LinusN valuable time
19:56:23 Part LinusN
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20:29:49 Join LinusN [200] (
20:29:58LinusNhi Zagor
20:38:22LinusNhave you tried to repeat the screen/cursor update bug?
20:39:37Zagornot yet
20:40:07LinusNit's easy
20:40:20LinusNbut i'm not sure how to fix it easily
20:41:22Zagora dir reload could be a temporary workaround
20:44:14LinusNit does a dir reload
20:44:52LinusNbut it doesn't adjust the dircursor and start variables
20:45:22LinusNgotta go
20:45:25 Part LinusN
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23:43:10 Join trilluser [0] (
23:45:11trilluseris anyone here?
23:46:25trilluserI just recently installed rockbox
23:47:18trilluserdo you know if there is a text editor in developement?
23:47:37trilluserie notepad?
23:47:53LinusNnot in develpment
23:48:30trilluserok, thankyou
23:52:23 Part trilluser
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