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#rockbox log for 2003-04-14

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00:45:39BoD[]hey LinuN do you have java on your box ? :)
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00:46:50BoD[]I have a preview of the "WPS designer" :)
00:46:52LinusNyou wanted me to test your applet?
00:50:02BoD[]but you should install Java ! It's goood ;)
00:51:05BoD[]hey is there somewhere the current default recorder WPS ?
00:51:23BoD[]because I believe the one on the doc page is not up to date
00:54:20LinusN%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
00:54:20LinusN%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
00:54:20LinusN%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
00:54:20LinusN%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>
00:57:56BoD[]thank you :)
00:58:58BoD[]well .. i have %? problems :(
01:00:25LinusNhard to visualize?
01:00:42BoD[]no parsing problems
01:03:30BoD[]well my code is just not good:)
01:03:40BoD[]it doesn't work with nested %?
01:04:01BoD[]I'll try to figure what's wrong
01:04:01LinusNcheck out skip_conditional() in wps-display.c
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01:08:11midknight2k3Hey. Do you have any idea when the final 2.0 will be out?
01:08:35midknight2k3When about, could you tell me?
01:08:46LinusNwhen it's done, that's when
01:09:01midknight2k3oh goody thanks a lot :P
01:09:17LinusNwhy is everybody so obsessed with 2.0, when the daily builds have the same functionality?
01:09:36midknight2k3I don't know, it's just that it's 2.0
01:09:38BoD[]yeah that's strange
01:09:43midknight2k3It's a final release version
01:09:56midknight2k3Not really but it's 2.0
01:10:04midknight2k3never mind - no idea
01:10:06LinusN2.0 is very close now
01:10:24LinusNit should be out early next week, if everything goes as planned
01:10:31midknight2k3Wow cool
01:11:05LinusNwe need to translate to as many languages as possible, and update the docs
01:11:12LinusNand test the latest bug fixes
01:11:13midknight2k3Oh about the switchable fonts
01:11:33midknight2k3Could you make a .fnt file out of a .ttf file?
01:11:44midknight2k3like a regular windows font
01:11:56LinusNyou need to create a .bdf font first
01:12:07midknight2k3i don
01:12:08LinusNmost font editors can do that
01:12:15midknight2k3know how to do tha
01:12:34midknight2k3What do you use for an editor?
01:12:50LinusNlast time i edited a font i used pfaedit
01:12:56PsycoXulis what i've used in the past
01:13:36LinusNpfaedit sucked at using the TTF hints though (patent restrictions)
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01:14:24LinusNi don't know of any free font editor that handles TTF hints well
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01:15:19midknight2k3what i was going to say was, you have to complie the source code for pfaedit?
01:15:30LinusNi guess
01:15:41midknight2k3do you have the exe?
01:16:01LinusNit's not a windows program
01:16:26midknight2k3oh crap
01:16:58LinusNpfaedit sucks at using the TTF hints though (patent restrictions)
01:17:37LinusNyou can run it in windows though
01:17:43LinusNusing cygwin
01:18:45midknight2k3cygwin can run any unix program on windows?
01:19:17LinusNit can compile abd run quite a lot of unix programs
01:19:19midknight2k3what will it do then?
01:19:37LinusNyou need to compile it with cygwin first
01:19:57midknight2k3any ideas for a windows program that can do ttf -> fnt?
01:20:24LinusNthere are lots of commercial ones, but i don't know of any free ones
01:20:39midknight2k3oh well
01:20:44midknight2k3doesn't really matter
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01:24:57LinusNthe windows world is so obsessed with money
01:25:12LinusNevery tiny hack is shareware
01:25:18LinusNno source code
01:25:52LinusNcountless MineSweeper clones for only $25 shareware fee
01:46:16LinusNi'm not saying that people should work for free, but trying to make money of every tiny VB hack is insanely greedy imho
01:48:45LinusNtime to sleep
01:48:51 Part LinusN
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02:08:34tracktheripperwheres LinusN?
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07:56:08billytwowillyhi, I'm trying to transfer a large amount of mp3s off of my archos jukebox 6000 and I'm having vast amounts of trouble. the transfer keeps freezing up and then I get a bunch of zombie processes and have to reboot. any ideas?
07:56:18billytwowillyI'm running mandrake 9.1
07:56:28billytwowillyand I checked the faq and didn't find anything.
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08:58:44Bagderrockbox doesn't boot and I start into archos!
08:59:17Bagderthat'll teach me to check before I leave home
09:03:03*dwihno sends Bagder some gammaldags vaniljglass.
09:03:10Bagderah, thanks!
09:03:50dwihnoIt's the really good stuff :)
09:03:54dwihnoI ate some this saturday
09:05:07dwihnoI have a question for YOU :)
09:05:13Bagdertry me
09:06:14dwihnoTwo things actually
09:06:25dwihnolcd_puts and lcd_puts scroll...
09:06:44dwihnoI copied those functions and applied the needed stuff to invert the data
09:06:56dwihnonamed them lcd_puts_invert and lcd_puts_invert
09:07:16dwihnoAs far as I can see, there are one a couple of things that could be done
09:07:57dwihnolcd_puts COULD have an invert flag (instead of a separate function)
09:08:19dwihnoLikewise with lcd_puts_scroll, but then we need additional code to clear the invert flag when it isn't wanted.
09:09:55dwihno(unless you think it's sexy to have inverted scrolls in the WPS) ;)
09:10:01dwihnoIt looks a bit funky though :)
09:10:49dwihnoSo what do you think Bagder?
09:11:29Bagderwhat is the question again? :-)
09:11:42Bagderwhere the flag would go?
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09:14:26dwihnoWell, lcd_puts could have an additional argument to set the invert flag
09:14:34dwihnobut that would break stuff since players won't do that.
09:14:52Bagderand it would basicly only be used in the dir browser, right?
09:15:04dwihnoand the menu
09:15:09Bagderah, right
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09:17:30BagderI would vote for a new function, lcd_puts_emph()
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09:17:43Bagderthat if the flag is set, makes the line reversed
09:17:57Zagorwhy not _rev() then?
09:18:03Zagor_emph() sounds like bold to me
09:18:24Bagderbecause it allows us to add other options in the future without getting a weird function name
09:18:37dwihnowhat about _invert?
09:18:39Bagderok, lcd_puts_cursor() then perhaps
09:18:48dwihnosince we have invertrect functions and stuff
09:19:05BagderI just thought that what if we want the cursor line bolded instead of reverted in 2.1?
09:19:30Bagderit would thus make sense to use a generic name
09:20:13BagderZagor: I read your recent debian q, and you sure got a weirdo answer I didn't like
09:20:51BagderI couldn't find any answers in those links he pointed out
09:20:53Zagori'm digging further
09:21:19Zagori've posted to debian-devel now
09:21:56BagderI spotted a rockbox question in the other day! ;-)
09:23:14BagderI do google newsgroups a lot ;-)
09:23:38 Join LinusN [200] (
09:25:20BagderI built a new rockbox this morning, copied it to my archos and when I got to work, it boots up in... archos fm! ;-O
09:25:50Bagderterrible way to start a week
09:26:22LinusNthat sucks
09:26:29dwihnoSo what should I do?
09:26:33dwihnorename the functions?
09:26:47LinusNBagder: too big file?
09:26:58dwihnoYeah, the file is probably too big!
09:27:02BagderLinusN: possibly, its a bit hard to tell like this
09:27:06dwihnoScramble should have some kind of alert for that.
09:27:18dwihnoif (filesize > magic_limit) barf();
09:27:19LinusNdwihno: good idea
09:27:22Bagderindeed, scramble should alert
09:27:28dwihnoYay for me!
09:27:37dwihnoNow tell me what to do about those invert stuff :)
09:27:45LinusNBagder: does the daily build script rebuild the tools as well?
09:28:06BagderI think so... I'll check
09:29:43BagderI'll make sure it'll do that in the future
09:30:31 Join matsl [0] (
09:31:10dwihnoSo what about the lcd_puts_invert & lcd_puts_scroll_invert? :)
09:31:11Bagderthe cvs status/bleeding edge script does
09:35:22*dwihno feels ignored
09:35:36Bagderdidn't I state my opinion?
09:36:40dwihno_emph, even...
09:36:52dwihnoBut what kind of arguments should it take?
09:37:15dwihnoA char or an int with flags indicating what fancy stuff you want to do
09:37:38Bagderno, I would think the fancy stuff would be config options
09:37:40Bagderlike this:
09:38:03Bagderlcd_puts_fancy() { if(inverse_please) lcd_puts_inverse() else lcd_puts(): }
09:38:15dwihnoyou are so true
09:38:18dwihnoSome kind of wrapper thingy
09:38:22dwihnoI will fix that.
09:38:33dwihnoYou are good at explaining :-)
09:38:44Bagderthat way, you can have a plain #define to get the player version without any overhead
09:39:05Bagder#ifdef PLAYERDUDE #define lcd_puts_fancy(x,y) lcd_puts(x,y) #endif
09:40:07dwihnoplayers can't do fancy stuff
09:40:27dwihnoDitch rocklatin and make fancy stuff instead ;D
09:41:44dwihnoIs it okay to have the _invert functions and then wrapping them?
09:41:57dwihnoso lcd_puts_scroll_invert and lcd_puts_invert can stay?
09:42:06dwihnoin the future, we might have lcd_puts_bold
09:42:30dwihnoand lcd_puts_slant
09:42:36Bagderyes, I think so
09:42:53Bagderand lcd_puts_3drotating()
09:44:19dwihnolcd_puts_emph should be a recorder-only thingy then.
09:44:50Bagderbut you can use a macro-thing as I showed above to hide that fact in the code
09:45:55dwihnoI think lcd_puts_emph will be good. Then just using an if (global_settings.invert_cursor)
09:46:07dwihnoto determine the invert status
09:46:09dwihnowill be good, ja.
09:46:31dwihnoDat will be goot, da.
09:49:07dwihnowriting comments is fun :-
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09:54:30LinusNok, now we need to trim some code space
09:54:44LinusNthe easy way is of course to kill a demo
09:54:56dwihnoand the games
09:55:11Zagorkill snow
09:55:14dwihnobefore 2.0, the games should be modules! :)
09:55:18LinusNdoes today's daily build work?
09:55:31LinusNor is that one too big as well?
09:56:12Bagderno it isn't too big
09:56:19BagderContent-Length: 201958
09:56:23LinusNBagder: 2.4.21-pre6 fixed my USB problems
09:56:46BagderI wonder why my image got so big
09:57:00LinusNi gues it depends on the compiler version
09:57:14Bagderah, right
09:57:16LinusNor maybe your transfer failed
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10:01:49langhaarrockerHi Linus! vbrfix worx now fine without crashing. :)
10:03:04dwihnolanghaar :D
10:03:16dwihnoDeine haar sind so lang!
10:03:34dwihnooder ist das vielleicht ihre-etwas la la.
10:05:14LinusNlanghaarrocker: great!
10:07:25langhaarrockerdwihno: I'm seriously thinking about shortenig my hair. Just waiting for better temperatures.
10:08:20dwihnolanghaarrocker: me too
10:08:34LinusNshorthairrocker? naaah :-)
10:09:09langhaarrockerLinus: I promise to wear a tupet in irc then.
10:11:10dwihnoHmm. How should I do if there is no global_settings available?
10:11:24LinusNinclude "settings.h"
10:11:55dwihnoeven in firmware/drivers?
10:12:07dwihnosounds like a no-no to me
10:12:20langhaarrockerdwihno: what are you working on?
10:12:29dwihnolanghaarrocker: Just some modifications to the invert cursor stuff
10:13:09LinusNdwihno: settings are not visible to the firmware
10:13:35dwihnoLinusN: that's what I mean with a no-no :)
10:13:48dwihnolanghaarrocker: I got a build you can test at
10:13:52Bagderthat would be a no-no, yes
10:14:07dwihnoNo, Bagder, a no-no, not a yes! :)
10:14:09langhaarrockerWhy do you want to handle settings in the drivers? Shouldnt the drivers provide only an api for displaying inverted stuff?
10:14:27Bagderoh no, a no-no!
10:14:50dwihnoI think I'll skip the lcd_puts_emph
10:14:57dwihnoor should it be in misc.c?
10:15:14Bagderit must be put in apps at least
10:15:15dwihno /* fancy string routine (future use: bold, slant, 3d rotating etc.) */
10:15:35dwihnonice comment, huh ? ;D
10:17:20langhaarrocker3d rotating? Has someone discovered the openGL coprocessor of the lcd?
10:22:21dwihnoYes :)
10:22:39dwihnoHardware acceleration
10:22:42dwihnoVery nice
10:24:10dwihnoHow about putting it in widgets.c?
10:25:44dwihno<LinusN> Yes, widgets.c will be nice. Don't forget starka såsen.
10:38:54dwihnoI see an erroneous link on the website. in /docs, "How to make a custom config file" points to the wps config info
10:41:09Zagorblame bagder :-)
10:41:48*dwihno blames Zagor (Bagder has always told me to do this)
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10:47:45ZagorLinusN: nice bug squashing morning
10:54:46LinusNbusy weekend
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10:59:16*dwihno likes CVS commits :)
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11:00:24DBUGEnqueued KICK nevs
11:00:24nevswhat does the latest firmware for the player include?
11:00:32LinusNeverything :-)
11:00:38nevslike what
11:00:47LinusNcompared to what?
11:00:48Bagdertry it
11:00:49nevsis there address where it lists it
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11:00:50NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@
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11:01:23LinusNno, there is no "this is new" list
11:04:10Zagoractually the release notes are written already
11:04:38Zagoryell if i missed something
11:05:13LinusN"Improved handling of broken VBR files", is that VBRFix?
11:06:04Zagordon't we also have some way of figuring out vbr files without xing header now?
11:06:27LinusNi never did that
11:06:40langhaarrockerwhy not? :)
11:06:50LinusNtime is a scarce resource
11:07:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:07:22*langhaarrocker was kidding and really appreciates Linus work!!
11:07:28dwihnoMe too! :)
11:07:33dwihnoeven if I never use vbr stuff
11:07:40dwihno\o/ Linus \o/
11:08:15LinusNZagor: how about "known bugs"?
11:09:01langhaarrockerI like "known features" better.
11:09:20ZagorLinusN: good idea
11:10:05dwihnoYay for 2.0! :)
11:10:40LinusNthe FM recorder charging animation is a good example
11:10:54dwihnoLinus: is it pretty?
11:11:40LinusNit is non-existent
11:14:35langhaarrockerLinus: Do you have any plans to prepend id3 tags in situ? Without copying the file but some magic fat tricks?
11:17:23LinusNthere are few occasions where this would be practical
11:17:47LinusNall you can do is to prepend an entire cluster
11:17:55LinusNand that might be as big as 64K
11:17:58langhaarrockerThat's what I meant
11:18:14LinusNand i'll still have to move around the old ID3 tag
11:19:06langhaarrockerI wasn't aware that there are situations where you want to prepend data when an id3 tag already exists.
11:19:39LinusNimagine that there is atag, but no room for the Xing header, which must be between the ID3 and the first audio frame
11:21:16 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:21:39langhaarrockerI'm just a bit worried about very long recordings. There might be occasions you don't want to copy the file on batteries or even don't have enough space on the hd.
11:22:21LinusNyeah, i know
11:22:49LinusNwe can always add a cluster and move the old tag
11:23:04LinusNand waste 64K
11:25:02langhaarrockerThat's space enough to put in a 'Created by Rockbox' logo :)
11:25:18langhaarrockerSchnueff: moin
11:29:21langhaarrockerLinusN: In my private secret dreams inserting id3 / xing header works like this:
11:29:21langhaarrocker1.) Always prepend a cluster (wasting 64k)
11:29:21langhaarrocker2.) (optional) User triggers an action that shifts the file to get rid of the waste.
11:31:10LinusNlanghaarrocker: i like that
11:31:16LinusN2.1 material
11:37:39*dwihno has found the magic limit for firmware file size now.
11:37:48dwihnoBigger than 204798 bytes, and it will choke
11:37:53dwihnoAt least, on my recorder
11:38:14dwihnoLinus, you have all sorts of boxes, can you verify this?
11:38:26LinusN0x32000 and up, then
11:38:26langhaarrockerdwihno: was that try and error or reverse engeneered?
11:38:27Bagderis 200K
11:39:17dwihnolanghaarrocker: trial and error
11:39:30dwihnoYou want me to fix scramble.c?
11:39:36Bagderplease do
11:39:48dwihnoI'll make the patch generic.
11:40:04langhaarrockerPah. Who cares about that limit once there'll be loadable modules! :)
11:40:21PsycoXuldoes ROLO have that limit?
11:40:53 Join hitsuji [0] (
11:41:13*langhaarrocker goes lunch
11:41:16hitsujii´ve got a question :-)
11:41:26dwihnogong xi, hitsuji :D
11:42:13hitsujiit is possible to play "folder" so the jukebox does play all mp3s which are in the subfolders of that folder??
11:42:30langhaarrockernot directly
11:42:48hitsujihmm. i had to do playlists??
11:42:51langhaarrockerYou can build a plalist file with rockbox that contains all subdirectories.
11:43:09hitsujihm, shit.
11:43:51hitsujiit is possible to implement this?
11:44:05LinusNwhat is wrong with building a playlist with rokbox?
11:44:45 Join oKin [0] (
11:45:16hitsujican i make the playlist like this only with the jukebox or do i need the pc for that?
11:45:42langhaarrockerYou can build a playlist file with rockbox that contains all subdirectories.
11:45:44LinusNselect "create playlist" in the menu
11:45:48oKini come to u coz i've got a Jukebox Fm Recorder 20Go
11:45:54LinusNoKin: ok
11:46:18oKinand i'm discovering rockbox
11:46:43oKinis it possible to change the OS of my jukebox?
11:46:59oKinjust putting some funny stuff in it?
11:47:07langhaarrockeryes. New os: rockbox! :)
11:47:07Bagderyes it is
11:47:29oKinrockbox is the onbly project on Archos jukebox?
11:47:37LinusNi think so
11:47:59dwihnoPatch done
11:48:00oKinok cool :)
11:48:04dwihnoWhere should I mail it? :)
11:48:25oKinis it possible to connect to the net with an archos? :)
11:48:35LinusNdwihno: mail it to me, linus at
11:48:41LinusNoKin: no
11:49:07oKindoh :)
11:49:10dwihnoLinusN: I'll attach some godis too ;-)
11:49:17LinusN(oh no)
11:49:46oKinand what is the avantage of the rockbox os ?
11:49:59BagderoKin: try it yourself and you'll see
11:50:30LinusNbut that is only true for 1.4, the upcoming 2.0 has lots more
11:50:35Bagderrockbox makes your Archos usable
11:50:52BagderLinusN: that comparison chart is for cvs code too, so its 2.0 compatible ;-)
11:52:38dwihnoLinusN: *BOING*
11:52:42oKinMax number of files in a dir 400
11:52:51oKinwhy it's lower?
11:52:57Bagderread the FAQ
11:53:35oKinyou'r not able to explain me?
11:53:53Bagderyes I am but its boring, and its already perfectly written in the faq
11:54:03Bagderso why repeat it here?
11:54:25oKinno FM support too :(
11:54:33Bagderfeel free to fix
11:55:00oKini dont have the knoledge to
11:55:05Bagderthis is a hobby project
11:55:09Bagderwe all do this on our spare time
11:55:17oKini know :)
11:55:59*langhaarrocker too
11:56:28dwihnoLinusN: Tell me what you think
11:57:55hitsujigreat work with rockbox! :-) cu
11:57:59 Quit hitsuji ("Leaving")
11:58:18oKini just have to upload the file on the harddrive?
11:58:28oKinand the archos will boot on the new os?
12:00:34LinusNremember to name the file "ajbrec.ajz"
12:01:05LinusNand download the original firmware from and put it there as well, as archos_orig.ajz or something
12:01:27LinusNthen you can boot that from rockbox if you feel like running it
12:01:50oKini put it in : .rockbox , thats right?
12:02:09LinusNno, in the root
12:02:25oKinmkdir j:\.rockbox
12:03:02LinusNmkdir j:\.rockbox
12:04:02LinusNcopy c:\downloads\archos20030414.ajz J:\ajbrec.ajz
12:04:44LinusNcopy c.\downloads\original_firmware\ajbrec.ajz J:\ajbrec_orig.ajz
12:05:53oKini'll try it this afternoon
12:09:18LinusNgood luck
12:09:28LinusNand remember to read the FAQ
12:10:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:10:36tracktherippermorning :)
12:31:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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12:50:21Bagderdo we need to PREVENT > 200K files ?
12:50:44Bagderwe can still rolo them
12:51:13Zagorwe just need to make sure daily builds are small enough to load
12:51:17LinusNwell, we can warn of course, but can you think of any case that we explicitly want to create such large files?
12:51:56Bagdertrue, if the need arises, we can add an option that allows this limit to get overridden
13:01:05Bagderls -l ajbrec.ajz
13:01:05Bagder-rw-r−−r−− 1 daniel daniel 205418 Apr 14 07:28 ajbrec.ajz
13:01:17Bagderthat's my morning build
13:02:10Zagormin is -rw-rw−−−− 1 bjst ninjas 202358 Apr 14 09:29 ajbrec.ajz
13:02:55Bagdergcc version 3.0.3
13:03:47BagderI'm trying -O3 now
13:03:57Bagderbut then the link phase fails
13:04:28Bagder"region DRAM is full (/home/daniel/src/rockbox/build-recorder/rockbox.elf section .topram)"
13:07:53LinusNi have 3.0.3, my build is 202022
13:09:18BagderI guess -O3 inlines a bit too much for our taste or something
13:09:39langhaarrockerO2 is better for breathing.
13:11:17Bagder206042 bytes now
13:11:38langhaarrockergzip? :)
13:11:41Bagderhow weird
13:12:21Bagderso when I run make in tools I can't build it anymore
13:12:26Bagdererror: max firmware size is 200KB!
13:12:43LinusNBagder: and you have no files checked out?
13:12:57BagderI have no diffs, no
13:13:17BagderI bet I have some extra source file or so
13:13:28LinusNmight be
13:14:35Bagderyes, 202022 bytes now
13:14:48Bagderthe downside of "smart" makefiles
13:15:05LinusNwhat was it?
13:15:20BagderI had the star game c source in apps/recorder
13:15:45LinusNwhy is zagors file larger? he has the same gcc version
13:15:58Bagderhe prolly has some leftovers too
13:16:15Bagderor a local mod
13:16:25*langhaarrocker detects a dead link in
13:18:09LinusNi blame bagder
13:18:12ZagorI have a local mod
13:30:07 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
13:32:10 Quit oKin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:34:24LinusNdwihno's inverted cursor looks really good
13:34:43langhaarrockernot to slow?
13:35:48langhaarrockerI guess it won't be applied to V2.0 nevertheless?
13:36:34LinusNunless we send a hitman to zagor's house
13:37:33Zagorwe have to save something for 2.1, otherwise people will never upgrade ;)
13:37:59Schnueffwe could put in an expiry date for 2.0 :)
13:38:38langhaarrocker"best before 1.6.2003"
13:39:12LinusN"best on <insert release date here>"
13:39:25LinusNnew features will be added the day after
13:57:59 Part Zagor
13:58:32 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:17:33 Quit Hes (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:17:42 Join Hes [0] (
14:44:20>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
14:44:22>>>"explain 2.0" by Bagder (
14:44:33#>>"explain 2.0" by Bagder (
14:45:56dwihnoIt sure will
14:46:12#>>"explain features of 2.0" by langhaarrocker (
14:46:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:46:41 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:48:12>>>"explain zagor" by langhaarrocker (
14:49:28>>>"say zagor is a bot" by Bagder (
14:49:52>>>"logbot say I'm a liar" by langhaarrocker (
14:49:53Zagoris not!
14:50:16>>>"say I'm a liar" by langhaarrocker (
14:50:23>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:50:29>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:50:29***SPY: Authentication failed for langhaarrocker
14:50:36>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:50:38Zagori'm tweaking the docs. very very nice work.
14:50:46>>>"say I'm a liar" by langhaarrocker (
14:51:46langhaarrockerZagor: do you mean the docs of quelsaruk?
14:52:04BagderZagor: add qualsaruk to the credits before you release
14:52:10Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes
14:52:18ZagorBagder: right
14:52:55dwihnohe's so bien
14:52:59dwihnoBien bien!
15:26:25Zagorcoolers, openoffice 1.1 has pdf generation built-in
15:26:53dwihnoYay for PDF's
15:27:23langhaarrockerDoes it support links in pdf? For the index?
15:28:16Zagori don't know
15:40:04dwihnoMister Woo
15:55:48elinenbeWho there?
15:55:55*Bagder is
15:56:09>>>"say me, too" by langhaarrocker (
16:00:17LinusNi am
16:03:56dwihnoI AM! :D
16:03:58dwihnoMisa here!
16:07:20langhaarrockerI'm somewhere else.
16:25:40Bagderits soon 1 year anniversary for our devcon conf last year
16:25:49Bagdertime flies
16:38:51Zagorwe need to have a new one
16:39:16langhaarrockerA new time?
16:39:40Zagora new devcon
16:42:03Zagorwindows really is lovely. "you system has run out of virtual memory. one or more programs will be terminated."
16:46:38***No seen item changed, no save performed.
16:47:05 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:47:21 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:47:24 Quit GissXC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:47:30LinusNhi hardeep
16:48:32Zagorupdated manual: and (openoffice)
16:49:00Zagorif someone knows how to tell pdf to now dither 600-byte 1-pixel images, that would be nice too
16:49:19Bagdercheck the page number
16:49:40Zagoroops :-)
16:50:34Bagderthe bullets in the top list on page 9 look odd
16:51:17LinusNZagor: not to dither what?
16:51:38LinusNthey don't look dithered to me
16:55:06 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:55:23LinusNthe recording screen shots are wrong
16:55:50LinusNthe f2 and f3 screens are not correct
16:56:54LinusNand STOP doesn't exist on a recorder
16:57:39LinusNand it is called "Update VBR file", not "VBRFix"
16:57:40 Join GissXC [0] (
16:58:07ZagorLinusN: the images aren't dithered, but they are distorted. I have them at 100%, but in the pdf pixels get different sizes
16:58:53LinusNwell, they do seem a little distorted when i look closer
17:00:57Zagorthe rec shots are quelsaruks faked wps shots
17:01:47LinusNmaybe i should do some real ones...
17:02:24Zagorthat would be good
17:03:08elinenbeI haven't read through the manual much, but does it cover how windows users have to go about creating a .rockbox directory?
17:03:29Zagorelinenbe: yes
17:03:32elinenbethey either have to do it in a DOS window "mkdir .rockbox" or just unzip the rockbox archive directly to the device.
17:03:45elinenbeZagor: great! I can see lots more questions about this.
17:05:56Zagorfiles updated
17:08:07 Quit TotMacher ()
17:15:59langhaarrockerThere occasionally are layout problems. For example on Page 24 long lines break the layout
17:16:00 Part Zagor
17:20:05 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:21:17langhaarrockerThere's that thing in the nodo in the docs (
17:21:17langhaarrockerIt doesn't describe an equalizer but an analyzer.
17:21:34*langhaarrocker must go
17:21:53 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:57:19 Join The_Supernerd [0] (
17:59:26The_Supernerdif anyone checks the log, heres a story. I decided ihen i first started using rockbox that i'd delete rockbox after a month for 1 day to see how much more feature-rich rockbox is than archos. ->
18:00:25LinusNouch, that must have hurt
18:01:05The_Supernerdi just did it today and im not liking this at all... i miss my shortcuts, my menu's and my volume. It sounds too raspy. Although the bass does have more richness to it, it's not worth it to not have rockbox.
18:01:30LinusNwe will work on the bass after 2.0 is released
18:01:49The_Supernerdim not going to make it the whole day, and cool. I love rockbox.
18:02:04The_Supernerd2.0 sounds excellent
18:02:21The_Supernerdill of course stick to my "Geeky" daily builds.
18:03:06The_Supernerddoes anyone know what it means when my archos studio 10 sometimes freezes at the startup screen? its also rediculously slow now.
18:03:38LinusNis it? what daily build do you use?
18:06:37 Quit The_Supernerd (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:07:13 Join The_Supernerd [0] (
18:07:34The_Supernerdi think it may have something to do with the "power saving" feature, not sure though., oh sorry dialup sucks.
18:09:49LinusNwhich version do you use?
18:10:22The_Supernerdoh, im using the most updated right now, but even when i went back to archos, im still getting these problems
18:10:50LinusNsounds like a bettery or hard disk problem
18:11:38The_Supernerdwell, i was never able to turn off power saver, because i originally loved it. The next version had no option so was it maybe stuck turned on? Oh, bnattery.. damn.
18:12:08The_Supernerdwell, in debug (keep out, haha funny) it says my batteries get 5.8-6v when fully charged.
18:12:33 Quit billytwowilly ("Client exiting")
18:12:36LinusNwhen it hangs, does the disk spin up?
18:13:18The_Supernerdyeah, sometimes it will freeze at "5.08" and spiun, others it wont.
18:13:32LinusNok, try to replace the batteries
18:13:42The_Supernerdwith what? im fikkin poor!
18:13:56LinusNeeeh, with a new set of batteries...
18:14:19The_Supernerdwould i be able to use alkaline if i dont try to charge them, or would it destroy it?
18:14:25LinusNjust try to take them out and reinsert them, it may be a bad contact
18:14:34LinusNalkaline may kill it
18:14:53The_Supernerdoh ive done that many of times, because it wont tourn off when it freeses and i have to rip them out.
18:15:31The_Supernerdhow about cadmium, i have a few of those from cordless phones laying around.
18:15:56The_Supernerdehh, damn. Im screwed for now.
18:16:47The_Supernerdare there any other ways to tell its the batteries besides the debug? I usually still get 5.8 volts and get battery of 8+ hours.
18:17:08LinusNit may be the hard drive
18:17:50The_Supernerddamn, the archos software just ff'ed through another whole song.. im going back. i cant make it. oh thats good news.
18:19:21The_Supernerdharddrive.. sigh. guess ill have to stick a 2gig laptop harddrive from my thinkpad in there until i can get a new one.
18:20:08The_Supernerdi wouldnt be able to fix it through software, would i?
18:21:18The_Supernerddamn, i gotta go. I'll check the log for some possible solutions. thanks linusn.
18:21:23 Quit The_Supernerd ("I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control!")
18:23:19LinusNFF key problem too???
18:23:31LinusNthat guy has a seriously f*cked up jukebox
18:23:57LinusNcould be a grounding problem, a loose solder joint somewhere
18:34:42 Part LinusN
18:46:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:25:40 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:33:47 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Size DOES matter")
19:34:13 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
20:07:20 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
20:07:20TBoyguys an off topic question
20:07:20TBoyis it possible to add a file to an bin(iso)
20:11:36elinenbeTBoy: search for the program UltraISO (Windows only)
20:13:53TBoyits ok
20:13:59TBoyI found out myself
20:14:15TBoy"never ask befor going to google" :D
20:14:21TBoythats the golden rule
20:46:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:15:54 Join TBoy1 [0] (~xxx@
22:16:13TBoy1can someone kick TBoy
22:16:24TBoy1since that is me but I somehow disconnected
22:17:11*TBoy1 slaps TBoy around a bit with a large trout
22:22:41 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:22:51 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
22:24:35 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:32:38 Quit TBoy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:30 Nick TBoy1 is now known as TBoy (~xxx@
22:39:35 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
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22:54:56 Join Zagor [242] (
22:57:02 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
22:57:42BagderI'm following the debian talk
22:58:41Zagorare you in debian-testing or debian-devel, or both?
22:58:57Bagdergoogling news, so I cover both ;-)
22:59:04Zagorah :)
22:59:43BagderI still don't understand why they set the dependency on gcc-3.2 and not an earlier version
23:01:53 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
23:02:56Zagordid you see this:
23:03:26Bagderbut libgcc is part of all gcc versions
23:03:35Bagdernot just 3.2
23:06:25 Join s0be [0] (~s0be@
23:06:54s0beI'm making a cable for my archos, and do Ineed to swap data+ and data- or do they stay the same?
23:07:36Bagderno idea
23:10:24Zagors0be: what kind of cable?
23:11:15s0beUSb A USB A
23:11:30s0beI lost my origional and have 2 usb extension cables I'm wiring together
23:15:12s0beit's straight wired... I figured it out
23:15:16 Quit s0be ("[BX] That's Miss BitchX to you")
23:30:08 Join TheDoctor [0] (
23:30:45 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:30:47TheDoctorHey! is there any EASY way to apply patch files to my jukebox?? (program newbie)
23:31:13BagderTheDoctor: you mean applying a patch from the patch tracker etc?
23:31:58Bagderpatches are source-changes, you need to setup the build environment first
23:32:13TheDoctorjeah... i know... now i got a phyton GUI and CVSWinGUI but now???
23:32:47TheDoctoris there a gui way??
23:33:17Bagderwe have put an effort in writing down the procedures, you could try reading
23:33:21Bagderbut no
23:33:27BagderI don't think there's a gui way
23:33:30Bagdernot that I know of
23:34:05TheDoctorhmmmmm isn` it difficult??? dmn reading once more
23:34:21TheDoctorokay thanx for help...
23:34:55Bagderhundreds of people have made it already, its not _that_ difficult
23:38:00TheDoctorokydokey THX
23:38:08 Quit TheDoctor ("Leaving")
23:50:32 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
23:52:11 Join adi|work [0] (

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