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#rockbox log for 2003-04-15

00:12:11Bagdersome people write looooong mails
00:12:30Bagdera 33K plain text mail was posted on the svn list just now
00:13:32Zagory is cool site btw, they sell lots of weird itx boxes
00:15:19BoD[]itx ?
00:15:33Bagdermini-itx is a tiny VIA motherboard
00:15:42BoD[]ah ok
00:16:09BoD[]is it what they put in the shuttle cases ?
00:16:09Bagdersuitable for making small quiet boxes, like an stationary mp3 player or so
00:18:15BoD[]anyway ;)
00:21:00BagderZagor: seen this ?
00:21:17Bagderall the domains with more than one trying to register
00:21:22Bagderthe .se ones
00:22:06Zagorhehe 21 64
00:22:26Bagder:-) 20 61
00:22:54Zagorlovely squatting attempts
00:23:07Bagderno doubt they'll lose them
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04:15:16The_SupernerdContinued - Check log -> as a completion to my journey without rockbox today, i couldn't even use my archos today. -continuing
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04:19:08Dragonfly1600anyone around..? i have a problem!!
04:19:17nerdymonstergo ahead
04:19:49Dragonfly1600Umm.. two days ago, i downloaded a new .mod file.. when i restarted my player, it didn't turn on, it says:
04:20:21Dragonfly1600Jukebox Wait... (Flashing # symbol)
04:20:40Dragonfly1600then it says: File sys. Error
04:20:41nerdymonsterwhat type of archos are you using?
04:20:48Dragonfly1600Studio 10
04:21:06nerdymonsterah, same as mine. Your harddrive locked.
04:21:23nerdymonsteryou can unlock it from a tutorial at
04:21:29Dragonfly1600oh boy.. sounds fun..
04:21:39Dragonfly1600umm cool.. is it hard to do?
04:22:06nerdymonsterno, not really. I never had a problem doing it. Its very simple.
04:23:01Dragonfly1600do i need any special programs or cords or anything?
04:23:13nerdymonsterno, ill send you a direct link to the site in a sec.
04:23:35Dragonfly1600ok awesome, thanks
04:24:31Dragonfly1600yeah, i've been going nuts for the past 2 days playing around with the batteries, someone told me it could be a battery problem.. sigh of relief
04:24:50nerdymonsterhmm, you do need a program for it but its step-by-step. my mistake.
04:25:06Dragonfly1600thank you so much
04:26:03nerdymonsterhold on real quick.
04:26:49nerdymonstercan you access the rockbox from your pc.
04:27:27Dragonfly1600umm.. by plugging it into the usb.. no
04:28:10nerdymonsterhmm, what happens when you do?
04:28:21Dragonfly1600umm.. hold on 1 sec
04:28:36Dragonfly1600it says USB active...
04:28:53Dragonfly1600but the icon on my taskbar thing shows an X over a green circle
04:29:07Dragonfly1600and the drive thing doesn't come up like it usually would
04:30:18nerdymonsterhere is a way to make sure. Go into "My computer" , select "Control panel" then "system".
04:30:20nerdymonsterdepending on your version of windows, there may be a "Device manager" tab. If not, it may be under "Hardware"
04:30:29nerdymonstertoo fast?
04:30:49Dragonfly1600no, but let me do it.. hold on
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04:32:29Dragonfly1602umm.. ok
04:32:33Dragonfly1602did you get any of that?
04:33:09Dragonfly1602ok i got to the device manager
04:34:49*Dragonfly1602 slaps Dragonfly1600 around a bit with a large trout
04:35:07Dragonfly1602are you there still?
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04:35:42nerdymonsterhold on again.
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04:38:09Dragonfly1602what's going on!?
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04:46:46Dragonfly1600is anyone alive that can help me determine if i have a battery problem or i have to unlock my jukebox studio 10??
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04:51:41Dragonfly1600omg can't anyone help me?
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06:10:14billytwowillyHi, I'm having some troubles copying files off of my archos jukebox 6000 to my mandrake 9.1 box (granted, I had these same problems in windows). when I try to transfer files back to my computer the transfer stalls and then the process can't be killed...
06:10:18billytwowillyany suggestions?
06:10:39billytwowillyor is file transfer to the computer just terminally broken in the jukebox 6000 series?
06:15:12PsycoXulmake sure the batteries are charged
06:15:23PsycoXuli always got that problem when the batteries ran low
06:15:28PsycoXuland occasionaly just at random
06:15:35PsycoXulsometimes it's just slow too
06:15:38PsycoXuland seems like it's locked up
06:15:53billytwowillyI've always tried it after a fresh recharge. I've even put new batteries into it. twice..
06:16:39billytwowillythe transfer says it's stalled in kde.. and transfering via commandline stalls/locks up too. I've left it for several days before...
06:17:05billytwowillyI wish I had my 500 bucks back so I could buy a newer archos.. this thing has been giving me problems for 2 years..
06:17:56billytwowillywell, that's 500 canadian, so it's like 4 dollars american, but still;)
06:18:10PsycoXuloh ok
06:18:30billytwowillywell, really it's around 350 american, or was when I bought it..
06:19:01billytwowillyand that included the car adaptor stuff (which turns out to be a complete ripoff because it still runs of the batteries and the batteries are crappy nimh)..
06:19:13billytwowillythe things you learn with experience I suppose;)
06:19:23billytwowillythey putting lithium ion batteries in the new archos' yet?
06:19:31PsycoXulthe FM rec's
06:19:53PsycoXulhave a custom flat lithium ion battery pack
06:20:06PsycoXuli got a studio20 for xmas of 2001
06:20:10PsycoXuland it quit charging
06:20:19PsycoXulso i took it into best buy and they traded it for an fm rec
06:20:37billytwowillyI've been really, really dissapointed with the quality of the archos product.
06:20:47PsycoXulwhy's that
06:20:57PsycoXulmy only complaints were the firmware
06:21:01billytwowillythe only reason I'd ever buy their product again is if I knew I could get rockbox to work on it.
06:21:19billytwowillywell, the batteries on my jukebox 6000 have been flaky from the start.
06:21:43billytwowillythrough 2 new sets of batteries, which means it isn't the batteries, it's the charging mechanism..
06:22:06billytwowillythe jukebox 6000 feels like it's alpha hardware.
06:22:10PsycoXulwellon my studio20
06:22:29PsycoXulthe adapter plugin got loose
06:22:40PsycoXuland then it wouldn't make contact unless i jiggled it a certain way
06:22:56PsycoXuland eventualy it quit charging entirely
06:23:02PsycoXuleven when it was making contact
06:23:04billytwowillyit's not that though.. plus the firmware (as you said) sucks so bad that it makes me cry sometimes.
06:23:19PsycoXulthats when i took it in to bestbuy
06:23:28billytwowillyI upgraded to the latest rockbox firmware from the latest archos firmware and 3/4 of my problems went away.
06:23:50PsycoXuli got used to the bugs and limitations in the archos firmware
06:24:00PsycoXuland just used it within it's capabilities
06:24:05PsycoXultill rockbox was usable
06:24:10billytwowillyplus, there doesn't appear to be any fixes for the jukebox 6000 firmware, so if it wasn't for rockbox I'd be stuck with shit.
06:24:34billytwowillycompanies that do that don't to me once just don't get any more of my money.
06:25:09*PsycoXul compiles filmgimp
06:25:25billytwowillyisn't it called cinealara or something now?
06:25:36PsycoXulyeah but the last release is still filmgimp
06:25:59PsycoXuland it's cinepaint
06:26:18billytwowillythere we go;) I knew it was cinesomething;)
06:26:22PsycoXulcinelerra is the replacement for broadcast2000
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08:12:02Bagderred build
08:17:17 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:17:36dwihnoHello hey!
08:18:11Bagdermorning dwihno
08:18:21dwihnoDamn it's cold outside!
08:18:35dwihnoabout 2+
08:18:41Bagderabout 7 here
08:19:10dwihnoSpoiled evil dudes! :)
08:22:41#>>"seen" used by dwihno ( [snoop prevented]
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08:27:12dwihnoI figured something out.
08:27:21dwihno6 hours of sleep is not enough.
08:27:51BagderI had 5
08:27:56 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
08:30:34dwihnoBagder: well, sleep is something of a luxory :)
08:30:58dwihnoHow do I replace my modified files with fresh ones from the cvs?
08:31:06dwihno(I don't want a "merge")
08:31:16Bagderremove your local ones and then update
08:32:52dwihnojust erase the file?
08:33:15Bagderor rename it if you wanna keep a version of your changes
08:36:19dwihnoI'm waiting for Linus
08:37:20dwihnoHe gave me some quite good feedback yesterday regarding the invert cursor patch
08:38:23dwihnoIt will rule so badly! :D
08:38:30dwihnoOfficial showstopper for 2.1
08:38:42dwihnoAlong with the red led dead fix, perhaps
08:39:34 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
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08:52:16dwihnowelcome, thu!
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08:58:50dwihnoWillkommen zurück, langhaar :D
09:01:47langhaarrockerthat's me
09:02:33 Join LinusN [200] (
09:03:02LinusNthe latest bug report worries me
09:03:36Bagderwhich one's that?
09:03:58LinusN[ 719116 ] Recording bug MP3 first frame?
09:04:45Bagderbut he hasn't responded yet how a more recent version works
09:05:54LinusNwell, he reported yesterday, but you are correct that he didn't tell us which version he used
09:06:30LinusNthe problem is that the file system code has terrible performance for appended writes
09:07:09LinusNas sson as the file gets big, the seek times are overwhelming, especially if you have small clusters
09:07:28 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
09:07:30Bagdershall we send a hitman to Björn's house?
09:07:35Bagderhi Quelsaruk
09:07:39Quelsaruka hitman?
09:07:44Quelsaruka fight?
09:07:49Bagderyou want the job? ;-)
09:07:52LinusNBagder: i did and he fixed it, but the fix was bad
09:08:57LinusNi sent some recording screenshots to zagor
09:11:00LinusNwe might want to include the file system issue in the "known problems" list...
09:11:15LinusNor fix it, of course
09:11:54LinusNit may sort of undermine the confidence of the recording function if we don't fix it...
09:12:11 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:12:28 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:12:28LinusNand yes, i think it's important to fix it before the release
09:13:51LinusNZagor: i think the flush() seek times are a problem
09:14:54LinusN[ 719116 ] Recording bug MP3 first frame?
09:16:20langhaarrockerLinus: Do you remember that I mentioned that mp3directCut often reports "Sync errors"? That might be the same problem.
09:17:22LinusNcould be
09:17:55LinusNbut i thought you had them in the beginning of the file?
09:18:22langhaarrockerNo, they were spread all over the file
09:18:54LinusNhow long was that recording, and when was it?
09:19:40langhaarrockerIt was with the build of 10. Apr and it was the entire Apocalyptica album 'Reflections'.
09:20:01LinusNouch, file system bug then...
09:20:27LinusNwhat intervals?
09:20:42langhaarrockerNo pattern detectable
09:21:33LinusNthat's a show stopper for sure
09:21:34langhaarrockerBut hey, - we don't know wether mp3DirectCut is _the_ reference implementation of mp3 decoding ...
09:21:56langhaarrockerI haven't heared any audiable glitches.
09:21:58LinusNlanghaarrocker: do you still have the recording?
09:22:24langhaarrockerNot here at work. Maybe I can send it to you tomorrow.
09:22:34LinusNno no, i have a dialup
09:22:52LinusNi want you to run VBRFix (not the rockbox one) on it
09:23:41LinusNor fixvbr, i can never remember what it was
09:24:26LinusNand you are sure that your FAT is error-free?
09:24:59langhaarrockerI'm never sure about that. :)
09:24:59langhaarrockerScandisc doesn't see any errors.
09:25:15Quelsarukbtw, i have a weird proble,
09:25:33Quelsaruki can't queue files
09:25:47Quelsarukrockbox doesn't create the .queue_file
09:32:07LinusNQuelsaruk: do you have a .rockbox dir?
09:33:08Quelsarukand i've used the queue option long time ago
09:33:22Quelsaruk1 or even 2 months ago
09:33:31Quelsarukbut now i can't use it
09:33:41langhaarrockerLinus: Remember that it's no use to tell Quelsaruk to rtfm. :)
09:34:13langhaarrockerRead The F$§%ing Manual
09:34:31Quelsarukif i had to read the manual once more
09:34:50Quelsaruki would die ;)
09:35:11 Join TheDoctor [0] (
09:36:08TheDoctorwhere ... wher must i put the dif file in the project to apply with patch
09:36:51Bagdercd to the source root
09:37:32TheDoctorwow i read the patch.html.... put it doesn't really work...
09:37:48Bagderwhat happens then?
09:38:25TheDoctor"can't find file in input line 3"
09:38:36Bagderthen the -p number is wrong
09:38:57TheDoctordo i have to use a p number??
09:39:07Bagderyou read that page?
09:39:32adi|homeim tired so... <insert snide remark here>
09:39:43TheDoctoryeah but i didn't got that...
09:41:00Bagderthe -p "cuts off" directory prefixes fromt he file names specified in the patch
09:41:10adi|homehow did that not get rejected?
09:41:34Bagderpersonally, because I don't know how the FM tuner works
09:41:44adi|homegot ya...
09:41:50adi|homebut i agree with track...
09:41:58TheDoctorit got rejected but i was toooooo late for me yesterday night.....
09:41:59adi|homeif it was possible.. i think archos would have done it...
09:42:28ZagorLinus said previously that perhaps AM reception was possible. so it's not obviously a rejectable
09:42:32BagderTheDoctor: well, if things have changed too much, parts of it might get rejected indeed
09:42:46LinusNoh yeah, so auto-volume is not possible because they haven't implemented it?
09:44:03Bagderits all figments of our imagination! ;-)
09:44:34langhaarrockerAnd the peakmeter in fact isn't really high resolution but only interpolated. It really knows only 8 states.
09:44:44LinusNthe fm radio chip supports AM reception, it's an antenna issue
09:45:18langhaarrockerWas it AM reception you need those ferrit antennas for?
09:47:11langhaarrockerfeature request: Receive the DCF time signal to synchronize the FM Recorder's clock! :)
09:48:14LinusNlanghaarrocker: not sure
09:49:55TheDoctorhmmm. now i got : missing header for unified diff
09:53:34LinusNis it a unified diff then?
09:54:29TheDoctorits the status.dif from patch tracker...
09:55:51TheDoctorwhat means the text leading up to this was: |−−−−status.old ... and |+++status.c
09:56:07TheDoctorbut there isn't any ststus.c in the source...
09:56:30TheDoctoronly status.o
09:57:05langhaarrockerstatus.c should exist. Maybe you should update your source tree from cvs.
09:57:38ZagorTheDoctor: it sounds like you are in the wrong dir. status.o is in your output dir, not in the source dir.
09:59:56 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:03:07TheDoctordone so with the cvs... doing again now...
10:04:11TheDoctori put the patch file into the home\rockbox\build-dir\
10:04:25Bagderput it whereever
10:04:29Bagderthen cd into the source dir
10:06:11ZagorLinusN: is the recording bug something you want to hold 2.0 for?
10:06:46LinusNyes, definitely
10:07:15LinusNit's not recording per se, it's a file system bug
10:07:30LinusNif it is a bug, that is
10:07:40Zagorthe slow seek?
10:08:12LinusNor whatever it is, langhaarrocker's findings suggest something else
10:08:12TheDoctoraaargh forgot to change into source dir...
10:08:38Zagorlanghaarrocker: are those glitches heard with all players?
10:08:54LinusNthe slow seek may be a problem, since it limits the lenght of the recordings
10:09:28LinusNthat's why we introduced the flush() remember?
10:10:08LinusNbut the flush is crippled today, since the first version was bad
10:10:26ZagorI suggest we start saving 10 seconds earlier to offset this problem, until we have time to optimise the file code
10:11:18TheDoctorwhy is it asking "file to patch:" can't he find the file??
10:11:29LinusNstill, langhaarrocker's problem is another one
10:11:30LinusNTheDoctor: exactly
10:11:37LinusNtry the -p option
10:11:48LinusNeven -p0 might be necessary
10:13:02LinusNlanghaarrocker: the sync errors in mp3directcut, could they be the result of VBRFix?
10:17:45TheDoctorwhen i run make i get much of those nasty :"updating dependencies..... no such file or directoy errors...
10:19:54Bagderthat's expected
10:20:06Bagdera bit unfriendly, but expected ;-)
10:20:48TheDoctorhmm... i found all the *-c files... but in my apps directory... not in build-dir... there are only *.o files... hmmmm...
10:21:00Bagderthe build dir has no .c files
10:21:05Bagderthey're in the source dir
10:21:45TheDoctorand i have to run patch out of the build-dir ...damn strange(for my little head)
10:22:04Bagderyou should run patch in your source dir
10:22:05 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:22:27TheDoctorLOL..not in build-dir??
10:22:35Bagderthe build dir is only for building
10:22:42Bagderthe source dir is for sources ;-)
10:23:22tracktheripperhi Dwihno
10:23:28Zagortracktheripper: please ask here if features are possible before filing a request
10:24:02TheDoctorDOOOOHHH workd.....
10:24:22tracktheripperZagor last time I was here I did ask but no-one bothered to answer me :-(
10:24:32TheDoctorgrmmmpf... I really thank you for the help and the spent time!!!!!..
10:24:51Zagortracktheripper: in that case it's ok. but mostly someone is here to answer.
10:24:51 Nick TheDoctor is now known as TheDoctor_afk_fo (
10:25:15tracktheripperZagor what request are you referring to?
10:25:26Zagor(manual updated with real recording screenshots)
10:25:36Zagortracktheripper: pop/hiss remover
10:26:29tracktherippershould be easy enough
10:26:53Zagortracktheripper: how?
10:27:17tracktheripperi explained in the feature request
10:28:03Bagderno you didn't
10:28:06Zagortracktheripper: you explained what you want, not how to do it
10:28:44Bagderits quite a lot harder to do it programaticly than to look at a wave and detect it with your eyes
10:28:55tracktheripperTape hiss is usually around a certain frequency that you could tell the Recorder to ignore or remove
10:29:12Zagorespecially when you don't have a waveform at all... this is mp3 data!
10:29:30LinusNand the mp3 decoder is in hardware, and all it can do is play it
10:29:34Bagderwould take a helluva code chunk to do it
10:29:43Zagortracktheripper: "tell the recorder to remove or ignore"??? the recorder is a dsp and a cpu, not a butler.
10:30:40tracktheripperwell you can't blame me for trying :-)
10:31:05tracktheripperwell you don't use Winamp to play Tetris!!!
10:31:25Zagortracktheripper: I don't. I just ask that you take it up here first, so we don't get a lot of unimplementable requests.
10:31:46tracktheripperZagor like I said, I did ask that here but no-one bothered to answer
10:32:16ZagorQuelsaruk: do you want to be in charge of maintaining the docs, or do you feel someone else could do that?
10:32:17tracktheripper((makes Zagor a cup of tea))
10:32:53LinusNZagor: you received my screenshots + changes?
10:32:58ZagorLinusN: yes
10:33:23ZagorLinusN: um, only screenshots. no changes.
10:33:23tracktheripperis version 2 coming out any time soon?
10:33:46Zagortracktheripper: yes
10:37:05 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
10:37:36#>>"explain 2.0" by dwihno (
10:38:37tracktheripperwhat ever happened to joquams interface?
10:38:46Zagorwe never received patches
10:39:12tracktheripperwell Dwihno is working on the inverted video line which works with ALL fonts
10:39:35Bagderyes, that's dwihno's patch
10:40:18tracktheripperyea Badger joquams IVL didnt work with any other font
10:40:33Bagderit didn't work for me at all
10:40:53Bagdersince the patch was never applied :-)
10:41:03tracktheripperwell at least the IVL saves a few precious pixels......
10:42:24LinusNdwihno's patch looks great!
10:42:33 Join kellyrocks [0] (
10:42:35*dwihno blushes
10:42:41tracktheripperwell get it applied in the daily builds LinusN!
10:42:51LinusNafter 2.0
10:42:52dwihnotracktheripper: not before 2.0
10:42:54kellyrockshello−−i have a winxp question
10:43:09LinusNkellyrocks: and you joined this channel for that?
10:43:17kellyrockshee hee
10:43:24kellyrockswinxp archos i mean
10:44:03LinusNZagor: weird, i sent you 2 emails
10:44:05kellyrocksstupid winxp pro only ready my archos 15 jukebox rec. as a hard drive, not a removable...
10:44:31dwihnokellyrocks: that's fully normal
10:44:53dwihnokellyrocks: windows says "this is an internal disk", even if it's an external :)
10:45:03kellyrocksit's screwing up access to proggies tho, such as eek (moodlogic)
10:45:22PsycoXulkellyrocks: it won't give an eject in it's pop-up menu, but it should have a removal thing in the device thing whatever icon in the sys tray
10:46:04kellyrocksok−−i've got that−−see, the drive letter changed as well−−from removable storage D to HD G
10:46:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:47:01DBUGEnqueued KICK kellyrocks
10:47:01kellyrocksthanks for advice
10:47:19 Quit kellyrocks ("Leaving")
10:48:05 Join kellyrocks [0] (
10:48:06dwihnoWhoa! Colors! :O *astonished*
10:48:23DBUGEnqueued KICK tracktheripper
10:48:23tracktheripperlol at Dwihno
10:48:36dwihno,7CIAO A TUTTI
10:48:49dwihno^ the italian way to join an IRC channel ;)
10:48:55tracktheripperlol at Dwihno :-)
10:49:16CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 22 seconds at the last flood
10:49:16*LinusN sets the "strip MIRC colors" in his xchat settings
10:49:22***Alert Mode level 1
10:49:22tracktheripperDwihno it would help if Zagor smiles from time to time :-)
10:49:41Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:50:11*LinusN considers op:ing logbot (who hates colors)
10:50:57Bagdermirc colours are evil
10:51:19tracktheripperlinus you aren't colourblind are u?
10:51:28Zagorwhat known bugs do we have, except red led dead?
10:52:04tracktherippertheres nothing wrong with my red led
10:52:47Zagor(updating the release notes)
10:52:50Bagderwe have bugs?
10:53:13adi|homei really need to get my scroll wheel working on my mouse
10:54:13QuelsarukZagor: sorry, i was away
10:54:24Quelsaruki think i can maintain docs
10:54:34ZagorQuelsaruk: ok, good
10:54:55Quelsarukbut not this week
10:55:03tracktheripperhi Adi
10:55:15Quelsarukalso, i think i could do what we talked about languages
10:55:51ZagorQuelsaruk: excellent!
10:56:21langhaarrockerLinus: I didn't run any vbrfix on the recorded files before splitting it with mp3directCut.
10:59:23***Alert Mode OFF
11:00:37 Nick TheDoctor_afk_fo is now known as TheDoctor (
11:02:21langhaarrockerZagor another bug left: dynamic tags don't update in scrolling wps lines
11:02:33Schnueffargs content.xml in manual.sxw consists of two lines :)
11:02:52Zagorlanghaarrocker: that is documented, so it's more a missing feature
11:03:09ZagorSchnueff: ?
11:03:10Quelsarukno-one has an idea of why rockbox can't create the .queue_file on my recorder??
11:03:15TheDoctorokay i done it and ran the $make how i make now the archos.mod
11:03:37ZagorQuelsaruk: you do have a .rockbox dir?
11:03:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:04:44ZagorSchnueff: ah, now I see.
11:05:08Quelsarukyups zagor
11:05:40Quelsaruk2 months ago i could queue files
11:05:46Quelsaruknowadays i'm not able
11:05:58Quelsaruki thought it could be that the .queue_file was corrupt
11:06:00Quelsarukso i deleted it
11:06:40Quelsaruknow i know that i couldn't queue files because rockbox doesn't write anything
11:06:47langhaarrockerZagor: (maybe) another problem: I had distorted monitor on the headphones while recording from digital input. Recorded file was ok. But I haven't investigated that one. Was with daily build of 10th April.
11:08:53 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:08:58quel|outtime to work a little
11:12:29Zagorlanghaarrocker: could it be the headphone amp that distorted?
11:12:41langhaarrockeryes that might be.
11:13:19Schnueffhm the player shots have different sizes
11:13:26Schnueffvery suspicious :)
11:14:09Zagoroh damn, that "page numbers" text is back :-)
11:14:39langhaarrockerZagor: I didn't touch the volume: before recording: ok while recording: distorted after recording: ok
11:15:02Zagorit's a silly openoffice bug: if you have "show field codes" enabled, they will also be enabled in the pdf output...
11:15:10Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok
11:15:40quel|outzagor... that's a beginner's error ;P
11:16:11Zagorquel|out: I'm a beginner docwriter :-)
11:16:12langhaarrockerThat's why Zagor didn't implement this bug in rockbox :)
11:18:00Schnueffah, tidy is my friend
11:18:18quel|outZagor: i'm pleased to find myself at the credits :) (but shouldn't that be corrected on CVS?)
11:18:49Zagorquel|out: it should. I just forgot to check in that yesterday
11:19:02TheDoctorTHX for help Bye
11:19:44 Quit TheDoctor ("Leaving")
11:19:47quel|outbtw, none find strange the While Recording Screen snapshoths?
11:20:22Zagorquel|out: I have replaced them with real screenshots linus took yesterday
11:20:25Schnueff10:25 < Zagor> (manual updated with real recording screenshots)
11:20:41quel|outthat's not fair!!
11:21:04quel|outi had to use my best tricks to create those snapshots
11:21:36quel|outcu later
11:21:36LinusNquel|out: they were wrong
11:22:58quel|outLinusN: i wrote just what my recorder displayed :)
11:23:32LinusNwrong, you had a colon too many on the f2 screen, and the f3 screen had the wrong text
11:24:46quel|outok, those screens were 'too' false
11:25:02quel|outbut the recording screen was nearly exact
11:25:12quel|outi forgot the little arrow
11:25:38LinusNyeah, that was a great idea, using the wps
11:27:01LinusNquel|out: how about your queueing problem?
11:27:12quel|outi don't understand it
11:27:29quel|outit's like rockbox was unable to write data to the HD
11:27:50quel|outthat's why i couldn't create a .queue_file
11:27:52LinusNlanghaarrocker: monitoring while recording has an issue, if the playback volume is set high it may distort while recording
11:28:08LinusNquel|out: can you record?
11:28:16langhaarrockerQuel: "unable to queue: out of goat error."
11:28:38LinusN"goat intestines underrun"
11:29:00quel|outlanghaarrocker: i had to use all my goats to repair my windsurf boom this weekend
11:29:43*langhaarrocker dreams of windsurfing
11:29:45quel|out*PANIC* rec fls: -114
11:30:00quel|outLinusN: no, i can't
11:30:01Bagderscandisk time?
11:30:09LinusNyou have a serious filesystem error
11:30:19LinusNis the disk full?
11:30:27quel|outi still have 10 GB
11:31:01quel|outi disassembled my hd, mounted on a external case and made scandisk and defrag.
11:31:15quel|outi don't want to format the hd :(
11:31:57LinusNwhich rockbox version?
11:32:08quel|outfriday's one
11:32:36quel|outi can try latest bleeding edge
11:33:07LinusNhmmm, "seek beyond end-of-file"
11:33:44LinusNsounds like a corrupted FAT, or maybe a bug, possibly the same bug that trashed langhaarrocker's recordings
11:33:46dwihnoHow do I add profiling information when gcc:ing a file?
11:33:57LinusNi dunno
11:34:33Bagderdwihno: -pg
11:34:42Bagderor -p
11:35:18dwihno-pg it was!
11:35:26dwihnothen I run it and gprof the exe, right?
11:35:33Bagderboth actually, -p and -pg do different outputs
11:35:36quel|outLinusN: i bet for corrupted fat
11:35:55quel|outas i can't create .queue_file
11:36:06Bagderdwihno: yes
11:44:19LinusNquel|out: defrag you say?
11:44:41LinusNmaybe that did something to the disk that rockbox doesn't like?
11:45:11LinusNi'll try that on my fm tonight
11:47:20quel|outi defragmented the hard disk 'cause i thought that would waste less time searching a file. :(
11:47:34LinusNyou did nothing wrong
11:47:55LinusNbut you might have revealed a rockbox bug
11:48:20LinusNwhich OS do you run on your pc?
11:49:33quel|outlinux, win2k and winXP pro. I made the defrag with the winXP box.
11:59:45Bagderis it possible to get a html version out of that openoffice doc too?
12:04:05Bagdercan you go browse the file dir while recording?
12:05:20quel|outBagder: i think so
12:07:00quel|outscandisk finds no errors on the drive
12:09:12BagderI'm working on a little document for my upcoming suggestion for keys in 2.1
12:10:26quel|outlinus, i still get that nasty panic
12:10:52LinusNquel|out: can you find out which cluster size you have?
12:11:10LinusNbasically everything you can find out about the disk
12:13:05dwihnoBagder: any major changes?
12:13:39Bagderthe biggest is probable the "no quick screens"
12:13:41LinusNhey, i would really like to have a dump of a few selected sectors off the disk
12:14:03dwihnoBagder: whaaaaaat?!
12:14:07Bagderand on+play moved
12:14:21LinusNBagder: wonderful
12:14:41quel|outBagder: i really want the F2 QS
12:14:42LinusNi want one-key selections of everything
12:14:48BagderI'll let you flame me on details once I've come a bit further
12:14:51quel|outor something like it
12:14:55dwihnoYay for Bag!
12:15:00dwihnoHe will save the day!
12:15:09dwihnoquel|out: what problem do you have with the current rockbox builds?
12:15:15quel|outwhat about using dwihno's graphic solution?
12:15:20Bagderwell, currently I haven't used f2 for anything ;-)
12:15:41quel|outBagder: i use it for the repeat and the shuffle mode :)
12:15:54quel|outi shuffle playlists, but i don't like to shuffle dirs
12:16:18dwihnoquel|out: you've done a scandisk?
12:16:23BagderI intend to introduce a few "mappable keys"
12:16:30quel|outhey, now i've found lost clusters
12:17:09LinusNprobably from the failed recording you did earlier
12:18:44dwihnoquel|out: check if it's back to normal now
12:25:25 Quit kellyrocks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:27:16 Quit Bagder ("")
12:28:16dwihnoWhich gcc is better for production use? 2.97? 3.2?
12:32:36quel|outtime to go!
12:32:43quel|outcu this afternoon! if i can
12:34:38 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
12:35:38 Quit LinusN (
12:35:39 Quit matsl (
12:35:39 Quit seb-sleep (
12:35:39 Quit adam (
12:35:39 Quit adi|home (
12:41:11NJoinLinusN [200] (
12:41:11NJoinmatsl [0] (~matsl@
12:41:11NJoinseb-sleep [0] (
12:41:11NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
12:41:11NJoinadam [0] (
12:41:11Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by
12:47:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:21:25 Join TotMacherr [0] (
13:21:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:29:28 Part LinusN
13:33:22Zagorlanghaarrocker: are you here?
13:34:44langhaarrocker(lunch is over)
13:36:16Zagorabout your glitch bug, does it appear in all non-archos players? winamp too?
13:36:34langhaarrocker? I have no glitch bug.
13:36:45Zagor(checking log)
13:37:08langhaarrockerThere's only mp3directCut complaining there were "Sync errors"
13:37:25Zagorok, never mind then :-)
13:40:23 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:48:09Schnueffwould it make sense to put the unzipped open-office manual in the cvs somewhere?
13:49:05Schnueffi.e. someone already tested if patching and zipping works well?
13:49:22langhaarrockerI'd prefer it zipped
13:49:33Zagornope, haven't tested. your comment about the whole thing being 2 lines wasn't very encouraging :-)
13:49:37langhaarrockeroh, in cvs. Should read befor I write.
13:49:51SchnueffZagor: yes, but tidy -xml -utf8 converts this to many lines
13:50:17Schnueffone should imagine, that open-office doesnt care if its one or many lines
13:50:26Schnueff(paying attention on white-spaces?)
13:50:36Zagori agree
13:50:46Zagorbut I think we can wait a bit with that
13:51:34Zagorat least we need to make help scripts to easily merge a new content.xml into an existing sxw file, and possibly also diff two sxw files
13:52:02Schnueffyes, at least
13:52:18Zagormaybe these things exist already
13:52:28Schnueffi'll have a look somewhere
14:04:52 Join piano_magic [0] (
14:12:47piano_magici have the jukebox recorder 20 go
14:13:03piano_magicit seems not to be possible to record songs
14:13:21Zagornot with 1.4, no. use the daily build.
14:13:34dwihnoOr wait for 2.0 :)
14:13:45dwihno2.0 is not far away
14:13:50piano_magicwhen will it be released ?
14:13:55#>>"explain 2.0" by dwihno (
14:14:08Zagorpiano_magic: any day now
14:14:29piano_magicok thanks ...
14:14:30dwihnoZagor: The second 2.0 is released, IVL will be checked in :-)
14:14:40Zagordwihno: is it optional?
14:14:55dwihnoZagor: of course! I've perfected the patch, thanks to Linus
14:15:03Zagorsounds good
14:15:04dwihnoI owe him starka såsen
14:16:03langhaarrockerI've got jelley beans with pepperony taste here. Is that a substitute?
14:16:05piano_magici should be available soon so ... thanks for yr work , rockbox is great !!
14:16:23Zagorpiano_magic: thank you
14:17:19piano_magici go and see for daily updates ...
14:19:05 Join Bagder [241] (
14:20:07 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
14:20:23langhaarrockerBagders's back!
14:21:45Schnueffheh, sxw2html - convert sxw to html
14:21:55Schnueffa 43-line bash script making extensive use of sed :)
14:24:08ZagorCSWM :)
14:24:18*Bagder grins
14:24:46Zagorwhat is F1 in menu? "Go to MENU" ???
14:25:15 Quit GissXC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:25:22langhaarrockerIs there anybody willing to share the burden of user assignable keys with me?
14:25:25Zagorand why have the pitch screen as a key in the menu?
14:26:00Bagdergone now
14:26:10Zagorlooks good
14:26:33Bagderlanghaarrocker: as you can see in my suggestion here, I do suggest a very much simplified version of that concept
14:26:41Zagori think I'd like to have shuffle and repeat quickly togglable, though. are you planning on making those as user-configables on ON+X ?
14:27:16BagderI'm not really sure of the keylock in wps either, it it'll be comfortable like this
14:27:21Zagormaybe have the f2 screen configurable instead, to avoid dual-handed operation?
14:27:37 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:27:42Bagderwell, f2 is only one key
14:27:54Zagoryes, but it can bring up a screen or menu
14:28:00Zagorlike today
14:28:40Bagderyou mean a custom menu?
14:28:50dwihnoI think the current layout is good :)
14:28:52Zagoryes, or a custom quickscreen :)
14:28:57langhaarrockerI still don't like the right button to start playback of songs.
14:29:19langhaarrocker(on recorders)
14:29:20Bagderlanghaarrocker: only for moving in the tree then?
14:29:40BagderI could buy that
14:29:53BagderZagor: but I've used f2 in the wps already ;-)
14:31:38Zagorthe pitch screen is not very important, imho. it can even be a meny entry.
14:31:39langhaarrockerI'd prefer the left button in menus not to exit the menu.
14:31:57Zagorlanghaarrocker: any menu or just the top level?
14:32:22langhaarrockerany menu. There's a off key for exiting
14:32:32BagderI like left for that
14:32:50Zagormoving from level 3 to level 2 is not what I'd call exiting
14:32:51langhaarrockerIt's often that I press and hold the left key to get back to the root and - oops I left the menu
14:33:32Zagorok, so you do mean just the top level
14:33:40langhaarrockerlevel3 -> leve2 with left is perfect. But it shouldn't quit the root menu.
14:33:55langhaarrockerZagor: yes
14:33:58ZagorI can agree with that.
14:34:32Zagortoday it can easy happen that you press left once in the wps by accident
14:34:57Bagderone could possibly imagine f1 to exit the menu
14:35:34langhaarrockerthat's ok with me.
14:35:39Zagoryes. f1 or off, I think
14:35:46Zagoroff is a good "general exit" button
14:36:07Bagderok, I set f1 the same as OFF for now then
14:36:45Zagorwhile we're just discussing, OFF and F1 should exit the menu from any level
14:37:25Bagderyou press OFF out from some settings screens, don't you?
14:37:34Bagderlike cancel
14:37:45Zagoryes, you can do that
14:38:08 Join GissXC [0] (
14:38:08Bagderwell, ok, it doesn't really contradicts this
14:38:32*Zagor is running "make VERSION=2.0"
14:39:16Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:39:34Schnuefftime for a new topic?
14:39:57Topic"We are so much 2.0" by Bagder (
14:40:14Bagderstarting a bit careful ;-)
14:40:23langhaarrockertime to change logbot explain 2.0 ? :)
14:40:41Zagorit's not released yet ;)
14:40:56Bagderwe PREPARE ourselves ;-)
14:41:23 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:41:28langhaarrockerCan you remember the last time in the good old days when you had an official verision of rockbox on your machine?
14:41:52dwihnoI never did
14:42:05Bagderme neither
14:42:45langhaarrockerSo why do we bother with 2.0 then?
14:42:55Bagderfor the crowds
14:42:57ZagorBagder: the credits scroll should not clear the screen before starting to scroll.
14:43:15BagderZagor: ?
14:43:22Bagderit scrolls all the time
14:43:36Bagderdoesn't it?
14:43:40Zagorit would look very cool if the logo scrolled up while the text comes in underneath
14:43:58Bagderbut it doesn't scroll the screen that way
14:44:04Bagderso it would take quite a hack to add
14:44:13Zagoryeah. but it would look cool :-)
14:44:18Bagderit would
14:44:25BagderI've wanted to make a bouncing Rockbox-logo
14:44:34Bagderjust hang on, it'll come ;-)
14:44:36langhaarrockerDoes that use hardware scrolling?
14:44:55Bagderthe credits? nope
14:46:53langhaarrockerot: has anybody of you experience in Extreme Programming? Programming in pairs?
14:47:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:47:18Bagdernot strictly, no
14:47:22Zagorwe always program in crowds :-)
14:48:48langhaarrockerI am a Kraut. :)
14:49:32BagderI'm gonna give away my ~35 old issues of Linux Journal, anyone know a person nearby who'd want them?
14:51:26>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:51:50matslBagder: how about the recycle bin?
14:51:59Bagderit wants it badly
14:52:14>>>"say Please give me all your Linux Journals!" by langhaarrocker (
14:52:16Bagderbut if there would be a human version, it could serve a better purpose
14:52:28>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:52:46>>>"say Please give me all your Linux Journals!" by langhaarrocker (
14:53:00matslif you recycled it you would be sure it came to some use anyway ;-)
14:53:14>>>"explain langhaarrocker" by langhaarrocker (
14:53:29Bagdervery true ;-)
14:53:35>>>"PASS" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:53:46dwihnoI need a tip from you guys
14:53:59dwihnoI got a comma separated file
14:54:04BagderZagor: you run purify on siemens?
14:54:05dwihnohow should I read the entries?
14:54:20Bagderin rockbox?
14:54:24ZagorBagder: no
14:54:40dwihnoBagder: nah, more generic coding :-)
14:54:41BagderZagor: darn ;-)
14:54:52Bagderdwihno: yes, then strtok() is a fine option
14:55:05>>>"help" by langhaarrocker (
14:55:33>>>"say Bagder, pleas give me all your Linux Journals" by langhaarrocker (
14:56:04>>>"rules" by langhaarrocker (
14:57:20>>>"help pass" by langhaarrocker (
14:57:36dwihnoI don't get the strtok syntax.
14:57:51>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
14:58:10Bagderfirstpart=strtok(fullstring, ",");
14:58:10>>>"say Bagder, please give me all your Linux Journals" by langhaarrocker (
14:58:19Bagdernextpart=strtok(NULL, ",");
14:58:23dwihnothat's why
14:58:32*dwihno gets all recursive and bongo
14:58:44*dwihno brings the bongos! Let's have a bongo-devcon! :D
14:59:13dwihnoand when there are no more tokens, it returns null?
14:59:18>>>"show langhaarrocker" by langhaarrocker (
14:59:25>>>"show" by langhaarrocker (
14:59:30>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
14:59:38>>>"help say" by langhaarrocker (
14:59:55Bagderalso take notice that it modifies the original string
15:00:17>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:00:24>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:00:31>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
15:00:49>>>"level" by langhaarrocker (
15:01:14>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:01:55>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:01:58dwihnoI don't really care.
15:02:04>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:02:05dwihnoIt's just a temp buf
15:02:09>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
15:02:21>>>"show LinusN" by langhaarrocker (
15:02:38>>>"syntax pass" by langhaarrocker (
15:02:45>>>"tellme" by langhaarrocker (
15:02:56>>>"wholeft" by langhaarrocker (
15:02:58Zagorshould we include all fonts in the zip, or just a few?
15:03:17Bagderyou have size concerns?
15:03:22Zagornot really
15:03:47Bagderthen include them all, it's fun!
15:04:14ZagorI wish we had som more wps files to include
15:04:27Bagdernext release
15:04:57Zagoryup. will you have time to hack up a wps "forum" for the web page, maybe?
15:05:32Bagderyes, I'll do that
15:08:12>>>"logbot say Bagder, please give me all your Linux Journals" by langhaarrocker (
15:10:20>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
15:13:39 Quit adi|work (
15:14:39NJoinadi|work [0] (
15:21:10langhaarrockerWith a rating system?
15:21:17Zagorwhy not
15:21:23langhaarrocker"wps of the month"
15:24:48dwihnoThey could win a T-shirt
15:24:52dwihnoWhat about those btw? :) :) :)
15:25:04dwihnoIt has only been like ... half a year :)
15:25:11Bagdereven more
15:25:58Zagorevery project needs a mirage ;)
15:26:46langhaarrockeryes. jet fighters are very popular recently
15:31:35dwihnoatol! :D I got it!
15:31:41*dwihno fiddles
15:31:54*dwihno is writing a foamy utility
15:32:46dwihnoskum :)
15:33:33dwihnoyou got a smart way to convert string data such as f00f00 into an int?
15:33:38dwihnoatol won't do that, I presume
15:34:14Bagdervalue=strtol(string, &endptr, 16);
15:34:24dwihnoit's ansi?
15:34:26Bagderif that is hex
15:34:38Bagderansi, iso, bsd
15:35:05Bagderor something
15:35:19Bagderyou can be pretty sure it exists on your platform of choice
15:35:37dwihno16 is the base?
15:38:38dwihnoHeh, it works for the first data entry and the second fails
15:38:59dwihnofirst = ok, second = failed
15:39:04dwihnothey are supposed to be equal
15:42:29dwihnoThat's the first, which looks good
15:42:37dwihnosecond == bad :)
15:51:26Bagderis the archos good enough to hold in your hand when running?
15:58:19ZagorBagder: you can change the topic now
15:58:51Topic"Rockbox 2.0 -" by Bagder (
15:59:18BagderI'd suggest you tell the size of the download file on the page
15:59:30Zagorgood idea
15:59:39Bagderpossibly md5sums, for the paranoids
15:59:58Zagornah, no paranoids in our audience :-)
16:00:02dwihnoOkay, let's check in IVL :-)
16:00:10Zagordwihno: go ahead
16:00:27dwihnoOh Linus, where art thou? :)
16:01:01langhaarrockerYes! I want to see red builds again!
16:01:18Bagderthere's one already :-)
16:01:42langhaarrockerDoes that mean that Zagor released a buggy 2.0?
16:01:57Zagornot buggy per se, but the debug code is too large on the fm recorder
16:02:31dwihnoCan I mail the patch to someone with cvs access?
16:02:47Zagordwihno: why not just submit it to the tracker?
16:03:23dwihnoZagor: It's too impersonal
16:03:55dwihnoI prefer the mailing!
16:03:58dwihnoAnd the IRC
16:04:19dwihnoI would DCC you the patch, if your fishy firewall/tunnel wasn't too fishy
16:06:06langhaarrockerWhat would be necessary for a version to earn the Name V3.0?
16:06:18Zagordwihno: the tracker is probably the quickest way. also, you get street as a developer ;)
16:06:44Zagorlanghaarrocker: i was actually just thinking about if maybe the plugin loader will qualify as a major update
16:07:06dwihnoZagor: I'm top secret developer! Don't forget that!
16:07:09dwihno*hush* :-)
16:07:51langhaarrockerdwihno: Then it's you who has the mas specs! When will the *.wav recording be ready?
16:08:45*dwihno is THE undercover Archos agent
16:09:06langhaarrockerThe UAA?
16:09:59dwihnobut it's secret, so, *hush* :)
16:10:22 Quit Zagor ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
16:10:33 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:11:41langhaarrockerNow someone should write a pdf reader for the manual.
16:16:11Bagderyou don't need our permission, just go ahead ;-)
16:17:30langhaarrockerMay I code other things first?
16:17:32dwihnoa port of xpdf :)
16:19:33Bagderlanghaarrocker: hm, ok then
16:19:53>>>"explain 2.0" by Bagder (
16:19:56>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
16:19:57 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:20:00>>>"expdel 2.0" by Bagder (
16:20:12elinenbewow! 2.0 is out!
16:20:12*langhaarrocker jumps up and down in joy
16:20:19langhaarrockerThank you, Bagder!
16:20:30>>>"expadd 2.0=Released on April 15th 2003. LOTS of new stuff. Download from here:" by Bagder (
16:20:41#>>"explain 2.0 now" by Bagder (
16:20:54#>>"explain 2.1" by dwihno (
16:21:07>>>"explain *" by Bagder (
16:21:26>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
16:21:41>>>"level 10" by langhaarrocker (
16:22:04>>>"wholeft" by langhaarrocker (
16:22:15>>>"uptime" by langhaarrocker (
16:22:17>>>"expadd dwihno=The Secret Swedish Undercover Rockbox Hacker. Speaks of kebabs non-stop." by Bagder (
16:22:37>>>"explain langhaarrocker" by Bagder (
16:23:07>>>"explain dwihno" by langhaarrocker (
16:23:35>>>"explain nibbler" by langhaarrocker (
16:23:43>>>"explain hes" by langhaarrocker (
16:23:54>>>"explain adam" by langhaarrocker (
16:24:03>>>"explain schnueff" by langhaarrocker (
16:24:18>>>"explain matsl" by langhaarrocker (
16:24:20Bagderugh, the new apple laptops have 17" screens
16:24:33dwihnoAnd I thought my 15.1" was big ... :)
16:25:02dwihnoprintf("%02x\n", strtol(glogg, &glogg+7, 16));
16:25:14dwihnoThat is correct, right?
16:25:25Bagderthat + 7 is not right
16:25:44dwihnosure it is
16:26:04Bagderno, that's supposed to be a pointer to a char pointer where it stores the end of the number
16:26:16dwihnothe end of the number?
16:26:20Bagderso just &glogg would prolly be fine
16:26:29>>>"explain LinusN" by langhaarrocker (
16:26:33Bagderyes, where it stopped parsing
16:27:10dwihnobut I still get that dumb error.
16:27:22langhaarrockerstrtol? whas that a typo for strtok?
16:27:38Zagorstring to long
16:27:59*langhaarrocker smells a missunderstanding of bagder and dwihno
16:28:25langhaarrockerstrtol with 3 params?
16:28:37Bagderconst char *nptr, char **endptr, int base
16:28:52dwihnodoes it handle unsigned values?
16:29:00*langhaarrocker shuts up
16:29:20Bagderthat's probably what you want
16:29:43elinenbewho is going to make the first post 2.0 commit?
16:29:43dwihnoaaaaaah :)
16:29:51*dwihno would, if I could ;)
16:30:14>>>"explain elinenbe" by langhaarrocker (
16:30:14dwihnoBagder: problem solved ... :)
16:30:36dwihnoThanks a bunch :)
16:30:42*elinenbe favorite font is atadore!
16:30:49dwihnoit's rather pretty
16:32:43*elinenbe is checking out what came in the 2.0 archive!
16:34:11>>>"exit" by langhaarrocker (
16:37:38elinenbehm.... I htink some .cfg files should have been put into the package.
16:42:45Zagoryeah, for 2.1 we should have both a sample of .cfg files and .wps files
16:44:06matslgee what do I see. 2.0 released???
16:44:13 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:44:24dwihnoNah, you're probably drunk mats ;)
16:44:30langhaarrockermatsl: no, thats only a late april fool
16:44:41 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
16:44:49dwihnoRe-hi, quel
16:45:07matslsigh. I was hoping I could do away with all my post-2.0-workareas.
16:45:23hardeep2.0... woo
16:47:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:48:06dwihnoLet's celebrate!
16:50:28Quelsaruki'd better drink a beer ;)
16:52:27dwihnocerveza grande
16:52:40*langhaarrocker is teetotal
16:52:59Quelsarukdwihno: we have to talk about business :)
16:55:34 Quit GissXC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:57:42 Join GissXC [0] (
17:01:44 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:11:36*langhaarrocker goes home now
17:11:54Quelsarukhave a nice weekend
17:12:01 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:12:10 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
17:14:40Zagori'm off too
17:14:42 Part Zagor
17:22:09 Join The_Supernerd [0] (
17:22:14The_Supernerdhi badger
17:22:44The_Supernerdbagder. wrong spelling
17:23:00The_Supernerdwhere is linusn
17:26:29Bagderwhat wrong spelling?
17:26:36Bagderah, my nick
17:26:56 Join blerg [0] (
17:26:56*Bagder was out running
17:27:56The_Supernerdhey bagder could you tell linus i fixed my jukebox... it was a rockbox problem.
17:28:07The_Supernerdhe'll know what i mean
17:28:47The_Supernerdill be back later, is he expected?
17:28:53BagderI dunno
17:28:58Bagderhe comes and goes ;-)
17:29:04The_Supernerdah. Maybe i could tell you this.
17:29:40The_Supernerdi havent had my archos working right for the last few weeks. It was slow, wouldnt turn on half the time, and annoying.
17:29:53The_Supernerdnotice i say "was"
17:30:49The_Supernerdi deleted rockbox yesterday, as an experiment. I went 24 hours with plain firmware.
17:31:14The_Supernerdafter i reinstralled rockbox, it ran perfect again.. no startup problems, or speed.
17:31:38 Quit blerg (Client Quit)
17:32:25The_Supernerdi think running regular archos cleaned out crap from somewhere.
17:32:56The_Supernerdare there any issues that may leave debris (junk) laying around that slows things down?
17:32:57Quelsarukhaven't you sacrified a goat??
17:33:17The_Supernerdum, yeah, so??
17:33:32#>>"explain Quelsaruk" by Bagder (
17:33:48The_Supernerdoh, ok.
17:34:32Quelsarukif cience can't explain something... maybe a goat can explain it :)
17:34:38The_Supernerdwell, i noticed that deleting rockbox, running regular firmware, and reinstalling fixed my issues. Do you think it may have reset something?
17:34:59The_Supernerdif so, it made the biggest difference ive ever seen.
17:35:28Bagderit sure sounds as if it did
17:35:49The_Supernerdit ran at "Power saver" speed for a long time in regular mode. MAybe thats a good suggestion for newbies.
17:36:35The_Supernerdwell, linusn said it was either harddrive or battery. That resetting info may be signifficant info, just thought i'd pass it on.
17:38:35The_Supernerdex: DirecTV: Unplug for 5 minutes and plug back in... Computers: CTRL-ALT-Del and reset, Rockbox: delete rockbox, start it up, turn back off, reinstall.
17:39:33The_Supernerdthat was a great conclusion to my day without rockbox yesterday (a voyage i went on.. it sucked)
17:39:55The_Supernerdill be here at about 4:00 later, hope to see you and linusn, peace out.
17:41:31 Quit The_Supernerd ("my dog ate my Rockbox")
17:43:49Quelsarukwhy do you have to delete rockbox? i mean if that really helps, Roloing archos firmware should also work no?
17:44:56Bagdergood point
18:00:32 Join petzold [0] (~petzold@osten.wh.Uni-Dortmund.DE)
18:00:32 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01:57 Part petzold
18:02:57 Join langhaarrocker [0] (~petzold@osten.wh.Uni-Dortmund.DE)
18:03:07 Join ruxxell [0] (
18:03:17ruxxellalright so i have a question, uhm.
18:03:33ruxxellis there something inside the archos that makes it stop outputting audio if it shakes too much?
18:03:57Bagderwell, the harddrive starts to fail reading
18:03:58ruxxelllike, i was just out walking, and this has happened before, the music just stops, and when i check out the screen, the time is still counting down with rockbox
18:04:05ruxxellbut i have to shut it off and restart
18:04:23ruxxellyeah, thats what i figured. just wanted to make sure it wsnt a software thing that i could set somewhere
18:04:27Bagderwell, it should get sane again when you stop shaking it
18:05:42langhaarrockerHi, first time I try to connect the jb to a linux machine. Kernel has scsi and isd200 support but mount fails: "mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device"
18:06:19langhaarrockerruxxell: it doesn't recover all times. That's called red led death and is a known problems
18:06:24Bagderlanghaarrocker: do "cat /proc/scsi/scsi"
18:07:10langhaarrockerAttached devices:
18:07:10langhaarrockerHost: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
18:07:10langhaarrocker Vendor: IDE-CD Model: R/RW 8x4x32 Rev: C1.3
18:07:11DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
18:07:11langhaarrocker Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02
18:07:33ruxxellawesome, thanks
18:08:47Bagderlanghaarrocker: do you have a /proc/bus/usb dir?
18:09:05langhaarrockerhow do I get it?
18:09:35Bagderyou need to have usbdevfs support in the kernel
18:09:44Bagderwhich you might already of course
18:09:50Bagdercheck /proc/filesystems
18:12:01Bagderbtw, the recorder doesn't use the isd200 driver
18:13:12langhaarrocker? It's a recorder6, not the recorder 20 -> it has the isd200 chip, or am I nuts?
18:13:22 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:13:58BagderI don't know actually
18:16:05langhaarrockerproc/filesystems contains usbdevfs
18:16:34langhaarrockertried to mount with mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb
18:17:34langhaarrockernow we have proc/bus/usb still mounting the drive mourns
18:18:03Bagder /proc/scsi/scsi should show your archos disk
18:18:38Bagderwhat usb drivers do you use?
18:19:10Bagderthere are uhci and ohci, I can't recall which is the one to use with isd200
18:19:44langhaarrockernever heared about that. How do I find out?
18:20:02Bagderlsmod perhaps
18:20:57langhaarrockerlsmod doesn't list neither. Only usbcore.
18:22:17Bagderit can also be built-in, so its not definite
18:24:16Bagdertry 'insmod uhci' (as root)
18:26:33langhaarrockeruhci seems to have worked but
18:27:21langhaarrockerwhen I connect the archos to usb syslog says: usb device x is not claimed by any active driver
18:27:34langhaarrockerstill nothing mountable
18:27:44Bagderthen you prolly need to load the isd200 driver too
18:28:29Bagderit is located here /lib/modules/[fill in your version]/kernel/drivers/usb/
18:28:36BagderI gotta go
18:28:44Bagderfetch laundry and make food and so
18:28:53langhaarrockerthx and cu
18:28:57 Quit Bagder ("")
18:32:11 Quit ruxxell ("fuckin shit up dot com")
18:34:21langhaarrockergot it working. yippieehh!!
18:34:55 Part langhaarrocker
18:35:44QuelsarukSchnueff: have you found out how to diff openoffice source files?
18:38:34 Join REBELinBLUE [0] (
18:39:48 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:39:55 Join REBEL [0] (
18:42:10REBELis there anything special in rockbox2? seeing as how I update to the daily build every few days so my lastest version is only a few days old
18:42:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:42:54*REBEL slaps REBELinBLUE around a bit with a large trout
18:43:21*TBoy slaps TBoy around a bit with a large trout
18:43:45REBELLOL it's a ghost, as I joined first time my ISP cut me off
18:47:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:49:31 Part REBEL
18:58:26 Quit REBELinBLUE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:28:30 Quit TotMacherr ()
19:33:16 Join b0mBadIEr337 [0] (
19:33:41b0mBadIEr337i read that the recorder can turn text files into audio, is this true?
19:40:02 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: it adds that extra uNF to your sex life!")
19:45:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:49:03 Quit b0mBadIEr337 ()
19:56:51 Join jam1 [0] (
19:57:07 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
19:58:47 Quit jam1 (Client Quit)
19:59:55 Join jam1 [0] (
20:00:58jam1hi everyone
20:02:04jam1i have a question about that nice april 1st joke
20:03:10jam1if anyone of you can answer my question i will be very happy
20:03:18webmindjust ask :)
20:03:37 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
20:04:02TBoyall of the dailybuilds from today are based on ver. 2.0
20:04:04jam1well i put that version on my recorder 20 but i think i did something stupid
20:04:48jam1but i put that on the startup menu and now everytime i open it it just locks up
20:05:03jam1and says april 1st you loose
20:05:41jam1as i cant open my jukebox i cant connect it to my computer and delete it
20:06:51jam1my question is if there is any kind of way i can connect it to the computer
20:07:27jam1because i dont really wanna format it and loose everything in it
20:11:26 Quit adi|work (
20:11:26 Quit jam1 (
20:11:26 Quit Nibbler (
20:11:26 Quit ken0_ (
20:11:26 Quit adam (
20:11:26 Quit adi|home (
20:11:26 Quit seb-sleep (
20:11:26 Quit mbr (
20:11:26 Quit Schnueff (
20:11:26 Quit MT (
20:11:26 Quit Hadaka (
20:11:26 Quit webmind (
20:11:26 Quit PsycoXul (
20:11:26 Quit TBoy (
20:11:26 Quit piano_magic (
20:11:52NJoinjam1 [0] (
20:11:52NJoinNibbler [0] (
20:11:52NJoinadi|work [0] (
20:11:52NJoinken0_ [0] (marklar2@
20:11:52NJoinadam [0] (
20:11:52NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
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20:11:52NJoinHadaka [0] (naked@
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20:12:53NJoinpiano_magic [0] (
20:36:41 Quit jam1 ("Leaving")
20:36:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:01 Join josh966_ [0] (
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20:51:33 Quit josh966_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06:29 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:06:30 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06:53DJBazi just got a new hard drive for ma comp and reinstalled xp, now i cant access folders on my jukebox
21:07:12DJBazi get the error 'f:\folder is not accessible'
21:07:25DJBaz'The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable
21:07:44DJBazany ideas?
21:09:07 Join ken0__ [0] (
21:24:58 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:24:59 Quit piano_magic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:25:27 Join piano_magic [0] (
21:28:08 Part piano_magic ("Client exiting")
21:31:08 Quit DJBaz ()
21:47:01 Join VulnoX [0] (
22:13:26 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:21:09 Join OnoSendai [0] (
22:21:14OnoSendaihello all : )
22:24:11 Quit VulnoX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26:39OnoSendaidoes 1.56v sound about right for line level on the recorder ?
22:35:55 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:35:59TBoyhoi didiloi
22:40:10OnoSendai: )
22:47:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:55TBoyehm, are all of the dailybuilds from today based on ver. 2.0
23:00:18TBoywell cya
23:00:20 Part TBoy
23:09:46 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:20:29 Part OnoSendai
23:28:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (

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