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#rockbox log for 2003-04-16

00:06:54 Join Schnippi [0] (
00:10:47tracktheripperhi Schnippi
00:13:46Schnippihi track
00:14:40tracktheripperwhats up?
00:15:15Schnippinothing special
00:15:35SchnippiI'm thinking about getting a Archos Jukebox
00:15:37tracktherippersame here
00:15:45tracktheripperwhich one Schnippi
00:16:16SchnippiIf I get it cheap, a Player 6GB to upgrade
00:16:36Schnippimaybe a recorder...
00:17:08Schnippido you have one?
00:17:13tracktheripperDO NOT get a Player
00:17:21tracktheripperGet A Recorder, they are a thousand times better
00:17:24tracktheripperI have a Recorder 10
00:17:41Schnippidoes this already have USB2.0?
00:18:12tracktheripperThe Recorder 20 and the FM Recorder have USB2.0
00:19:09Schnippithat would have been the main reason for me to get a recorder
00:19:39Schnippior are there also other things to care?
00:19:46tracktheripperPlus the Recorder has better sound quality, more features and a much better LCD
00:19:56tracktheripperand better build quality as well
00:20:14 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
00:21:07Schnippiyes, so the graphical LCD would also be a good thing
00:21:42tracktheripperthe LCD on the Player is limited to 2 lines of 11 characters
00:21:49SchnippiI assume your box is running rockbox
00:22:08Schnippionly 2x11 chars on player? thats really no good
00:22:18tracktheripperand the Player can only use it's hard-coded font. It cannot use other fonts like the Recorder
00:22:37tracktheripperSchnippi the Player's LCD consists of 2 lines of 11 character cells
00:23:15Schnippiso it seems I'll get closer to a recorder then
00:23:35tracktheripperyou are much better off in the long run with a Recorder
00:23:39tracktherippera Player is a false economy
00:23:58Schnippido you have any problems with the archos?
00:24:08tracktheripperNone at all
00:24:56Schnippiand do you try all the latest stuff from rockbox, or are you an 'ordinary' user?
00:26:08Dragonfly1600hey, i have a problem, can anyone help?
00:26:17tracktheripperim always up to date with the daily builds
00:26:20tracktheripperIll tri Dragonfly
00:26:45Schnippilets help him ;)
00:26:58tracktheripperFire away Dragomn
00:27:18Dragonfly16003 days ago, i downloaded some .mod file for rockbox and when i turned it back on, it displays "Jukebox Wait... (flashing # symbol)", then it displays "File sys. Error"
00:27:58Dragonfly1600i don't know if it was the .mod file or what..
00:28:38Dragonfly1600someone said it was a battery problem, and someone said i had to unlock it.. got any clue?
00:28:50Schnippican you still access the disk from PC?
00:28:52tracktheripperDragon did you try deleting Rockbox and going back to the archos firmware?
00:30:06Dragonfly1600umm.. when i hook it up to the usb and turn it on, it says"
00:30:32Dragonfly1600usb active
00:30:57 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:31:01Dragonfly1600on my taskbar, the normal icon has an X over the normal gran thinger
00:31:09Dragonfly1600green*, not gran
00:33:38Dragonfly1600so... any clue?
00:33:58SchnippiI'm not familiar with the archos devices. A general question: You're sure that the batteries are full when you plug to USB?
00:38:13SchnippiI just found the unlock stuff:
00:38:42Schnippihopefully this is not the case here, as you would have to take the archos apart
00:39:11Schnippibut the error message looks something different, so there is hope
00:39:33Dragonfly1600yeah, i know, but i don't even care, i just about eat sleep and breathe with the player, so i just want it back
00:39:56Dragonfly1600what's the 3.5" => 2.5" IDE adapter
00:40:30PsycoXulyou don't have to take it appart
00:40:48SchnippiThe disk in the archos is smaller than usual PC disks and also has a smaller connector, so you need an addapter to connect it to a PC
00:41:06Dragonfly1600well, what do i do then?
00:41:08PsycoXulThere is also a program for win32, ArchosUnlock.exe, that creates a linux boot disk with the below mentioned patched isd200 driver.
00:41:33PsycoXulthat'd be the easiest way.. make a linux bootdisk with that and boot to it, connect your archos via usb, and it unlocks it
00:41:36Dragonfly1600ok.. you lost me
00:41:47PsycoXulthats if the lock is the problem
00:42:59Dragonfly1600ok.. how do i go about making the linux boot disk?
00:43:05Dragonfly1600or whatever i have to do?
00:43:15PsycoXulon that page schnippi posted
00:43:27PsycoXulright at the bottom of the "Windows/DOS unlock section"
00:43:30 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:43:42PsycoXulyou can read the "Linux unlock" section for the details of it
00:43:55PsycoXulbut right above that linux unlock section is that ArchosUnlock.exe
00:44:04PsycoXulit pretty much explains it all right there
00:44:43SchnippiPsyco: did you ever hear something about this 'File sys. error' message?
00:45:01PsycoXulnot that i recall
00:46:33Schnippido you know if this floppy can be used for other things than unlocking?
00:46:46PsycoXulprobably not
00:46:48Schnippiso listing directory etc.
00:46:52PsycoXulwhat else would you wanna do with it
00:47:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:47:56SchnippiI'm only thinking about how to check if the disk itself is still ok.
00:48:18PsycoXuli have no idea whats on the disk beside the kernel
00:48:25Dragonfly1600hmm.. i hope so
00:48:41Dragonfly1600i'm making the linux disk thing now..
00:48:55Schnippiok, give it a try
00:50:53Dragonfly1600the disk thing is done.. what do i do now?
00:51:57Schnippiyou have written the disk? or you have booted it?
00:52:03Dragonfly1600written it
00:52:37SchnippiSo as I understand you have to boot your PC with this disk and connect your archos then
00:53:06Schnippibut I don't know if there is some linux login or something else when booting...
00:53:15Dragonfly1600so i pretty much just restart my computer with the floppy disk still in the drive?
00:53:51Dragonfly1600well, i'll do that, then come back with the results
00:53:57 Quit Dragonfly1600 ()
01:00:21PsycoXulyeah it should be that simple, i think
01:00:33PsycoXulyou don't even have to log in for your kernel to see devices connected
01:03:51SchnippiPsyco: what kind of archos do you have?
01:04:03 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
01:04:19Schnippino good news?`
01:04:32PsycoXulSchnippi: i had a studio20 till bestbuy recently replaced it with an fm rec
01:04:44Dragonfly1600it didn't work, the last line it gave me was "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 21:02"
01:05:25Dragonfly1600got any other suggestions?
01:05:43Dragonfly1600should i try the other unlock method?
01:05:57Dragonfly1600or is there anyone else that would know what's happening?
01:06:02PsycoXulyou're getting a file sys. error?
01:06:33PsycoXulyeah well any of the developers would have a better clue than anybody else
01:06:44PsycoXulzagor, bagder, or linusn
01:07:07Dragonfly1600yeah, File sys. error
01:07:21PsycoXulwell i think the lock gives a disk or part. error
01:07:33Dragonfly1600umm.. how do i contact a developer
01:07:41PsycoXulwell they come on here...
01:07:48PsycoXulthey're just not on at the moment
01:07:51PsycoXulthere's also the mailing list
01:08:16PsycoXuland probaby other contact info on the web site
01:08:20Dragonfly1600i'm part of it, so what's the email address that i send my question to?
01:08:23Dragonfly1600ahh i c
01:09:53SchnippiSo Psyco what was the reason for you to upgrade to FM rec?
01:10:09PsycoXulwell my studio20 quit charging
01:10:27PsycoXuland i have a service plan with best buy for it
01:10:29Schnippiok. i can understand that :)
01:10:36PsycoXulwhich, for mp3 players, is actualy a replacement plan
01:10:51PsycoXulthe lady who got the new one for me first didn't see any archos' and tried to give me a creative labs one
01:11:09Schnippihow much did you pay then?
01:11:14PsycoXulfor what?
01:11:55Schnippifor the fm rec. or was it full guaranty?
01:12:07PsycoXulyeah the replacement was covered by the service plan
01:12:15Schnippiuhh great
01:13:08PsycoXulmy mom got the studio20 and bestbuy service plan on it for me for xmas of 2001
01:13:08PsycoXulwhen it quit charging and i took it into bestbuy, the replacement/upgrade was free thanks to the service plan
01:13:56Schnippihow about the accus. do they last as long as with the studio?
01:14:32Schnippiso the batteries inside
01:14:45PsycoXulyeah it's a 2200mah lithinum-ion
01:14:56PsycoXullithium even
01:16:15PsycoXulit's kinda funny
01:16:15PsycoXulthe manual recomends replaceing it after 3 years under heavy use
01:16:36PsycoXulthe nimh's that came with my studio20 only lasted about a year before they didn't wanna hold much of a charge
01:17:06PsycoXulbut that might've also had something to do with the charging getting screwed up, i didn't really get a chance to test with an external charger
01:17:42Schnippiyes, but the studio20 allows to change. with the fm rec, I read it's harder to insert new ones
01:18:01PsycoXulyeah well
01:18:09PsycoXulit's a custom flat lithium-ion battery pack
01:18:16PsycoXuli've seen any place to even get new ones yet
01:18:42PsycoXulthough it's not that difficult to change, if you had one to change it with
01:18:49Schnippihope they last for a while...
01:20:22PsycoXulyou just stick something in the little slot on the top
01:20:51PsycoXuland gently pry it and it pops out and slides off
01:21:30Schnippitracktheripper recommended to get a normal recorder. So I think I will try to get one of those maybe on ebay.
01:22:08PsycoXulyeah probably a good idea i guess
01:22:10SchnippiThe fm rec is relatively expensive (here in germany). Although it looks more nice and is not as heavy... lets see
01:22:21PsycoXulthough i'm happy with my fm rec so far
01:22:27PsycoXuli haven't had it all that long yet though
01:22:32 Quit Dragonfly1600 ()
01:24:17 Join CGI105 [0] (
01:24:34 Join REBEL [0] (
01:26:06Schnippiok, so I have to get to sleep −− probably I will hang around here more often when I get to grab my archos
01:26:31 Part Schnippi
01:26:36REBELanyone here?
01:27:54 Quit REBEL (Client Quit)
01:28:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:29:24 Join LinusN [200] (
01:41:08 Part CGI105
01:41:58 Join CGI598 [0] (
01:42:08 Part CGI598
02:04:27 Join billytwowilly [0] (~billytwow@
02:04:27 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:14:39LinusNi just couldn't wait to commit a new cool feature just a few hours after the 2.0 release :-)
02:14:55LinusNthe long awaited inverted cursor
02:15:46billytwowillyhow do I make this go away so that I can mount my rockbox in linux? :
02:15:51billytwowillyWARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
02:16:00billytwowillythere. that's the error. please ignore the link to ebay.
02:19:00LinusNthat is a warning everybody gets
02:19:35LinusNi'm not sure exactly what that message means
02:19:56LinusNjust that it is "normal"
02:22:17 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
02:22:21billytwowillyLinusN: I asked on #mandrake and they helped me. I just had to reload the usb-storage module to get the rockbox to work.
02:22:26billytwowillythanks though.
02:29:07LinusNtime to sleep, nite all!
02:29:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:30:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
02:30:35 Part LinusN
02:31:51billytwowillyquick question: I notice that when I plugin usb and then boot up the archos, or when I let it boot into rockbox and then plugin usb, it looks different. Is there rockbox usb code in there that is better than the stock archos stuff?
02:34:02hardeepbillytwowilly: there's no performance difference if that's what you mean
02:34:33billytwowillyheh, well I'm hoping that if rockbox has its own code that it will actually work;)
02:34:54billytwowillythe code that comes with the archos sucks so bad... I haven't been able to transfer a single thing off of my archos.
02:35:09billytwowillyso is it different?
02:35:43hardeepbillytwowilly: that's not a problem with the archos firmware.... sounds like a problem in the driver you're using on your PC or something wrong with the hardware
02:35:55billytwowillyI'm using mandrake 9.1
02:36:02billytwowillykernel 2.4.21 I think.
02:36:17billytwowillyit comes with the guy who started rockbox's driver I think;)
02:37:03hardeepyeah, Zagor wrote the driver...
02:37:18billytwowillyand the hardware hasn't given me any problems before... it's an asus a7m266 board.
02:37:30hardeepi'm not all that familiar with the linux driver... what exact problem are you encountering?
02:37:33billytwowillyuses uhci I think..
02:37:41billytwowillywell, I encountered the problem in windows too.
02:37:49billytwowillyand on my parent's computer.
02:37:54billytwowillyand on my friend's computer.
02:38:07billytwowillyI can't transfer anything off of the player. It times out.
02:38:24billytwowillyI can transfer one file at a time, but if I select a whole directory, or maybe five files it stalls.
02:38:54billytwowillyIn linux it is especially bad, because it creates zombie processes.. kill -9 does nothing. I have to reboot to get the archos to unmount.
02:40:52billytwowillyI must be loopy.. rockbox seems to sound better than the archos firmware.
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03:02:09 Join [rabble] [0] (
03:02:45[rabble]Does anyone happen to know how well the Archos running Rockbox handles mp3Pro files?
03:03:47 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
03:04:19Dragonfly1600I'm back, and I still can't figure it out
03:07:59[rabble]Does anyone happen to know how well the Archos running Rockbox handles mp3Pro files?
03:10:11 Join FirstInt [0] (
03:10:21FirstIntanyone listening?
03:10:27FirstIntor helping?
03:11:17FirstIntwell...either there a way to make it so that rockbox shuffles songs on specific playlists only? (studio)
03:12:45 Quit Dragonfly1600 ()
03:20:51[rabble]Does anyone happen to know how well the Archos6000 running Rockbox handles mp3Pro files?
03:22:32hardeep[rabble] it'll play them but not make use of any of the mp3Pro enchancements.... don't think the files will sound too good
03:23:11hardeepFirstInt: no, you have to manually change shuffle mode per playlist
03:23:49hardeepFirstInt: there has been some discussion about adding directory/playlist specific settings, but I'm not aware of any work done on that
03:25:35[rabble]So it'll pretty much sound as good as it does in WinAmp ( I don't have the mp3pro plugin)?
03:25:50[rabble](thanks for the help, btw..)
03:25:53hardeep[rabble] yeah
03:25:57[rabble]werd, not too bad..
03:26:45[rabble]one more quick question.. I'd like to get a car adapter for my archos (6k Recorder) What output/type should I get?
03:30:58 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
03:31:29[rabble]any electro-folk out there?
03:31:34hardeep[rabble] 12V DC
03:31:48Dragonfly1600grr.. i havn't figured out the problem yet
03:32:00hardeep[rabble] i believe Archos includes one in their travel kit
03:32:19[rabble]okey, thanks for the help hardeep.
03:32:23 Quit [rabble] (""What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name")
03:33:00FirstInt"<hardeep> FirstInt: no, you have to manually change shuffle mode per playlist" ....u mean i have to change it whenever i want it to shuffle..or when i don't?
03:33:34FirstIntthanks for the answer btw
03:35:59hardeepFirstInt: yeah
03:37:20 Quit Dragonfly1600 ()
03:37:25 Quit FirstInt ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 2520")
03:42:20 Join Nibbler [0] (
03:47:05 Quit billytwowilly ("Client exiting")
04:00:13 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: shaken, not stirred")
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04:46:21 Quit BoD[] ("armblblbl")
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05:35:10 Join Temfate [0] (
05:35:39Temfatehey; anyone try the new ppc usb host driver? It looks like the archos might finally work with the iPAQ's...
05:40:03 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:44:57Temfateover at there is now a usb host driver program
05:56:33 Quit Temfate ("---> just died of caffine overdose...")
06:19:30 Join hootch [0] (
06:21:43hootchanybody around that could help me with a quick ID3 genre tag question?
06:32:51hootchWell, I'll ask it anyway and hang out awhile in case someone comes back to their computer.
06:34:16hootchI figured that Rockbox only understands the numeric version of the genre ID3 tag. Just wondering if anybody had a recommendation on a program that uses the numeric version. I use ID3-TagIt and it doesn't seem to work (or at least I don't know how to figure out how to configure it to use the numeric values)
06:47:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:00:48 Quit hootch ()
07:26:24 Join billytwowilly [0] (~billytwow@
07:30:25 Part billytwowilly ("Client exiting")
07:34:13 Join billytwowilly [0] (~billytwow@
07:34:42billytwowillydamn.. what'd you guys do to my archos jukebox 6000? with rockbox 2.0 the batteries actually last a long time...;)
07:42:15 Join Nibbler [0] (
07:52:15 Join thu [0] (
07:56:05 Join Bagder [241] (
08:00:25dw|goneGood morning! :D
08:00:27 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:09:40billytwowillygood evening;)
08:09:51dwihnoNah, it's 8am :)
08:10:00 Join exists [0] (
08:10:18billytwowillyNah, it's midnight;)
08:10:58billytwowillydwihno: are you one of the rockbox developers?
08:12:57dwihnobillytwowilly: Well, I am now :-)
08:13:14dwihnoWe all are, in heart and soul
08:13:33billytwowillyheh, I have a grave complaint about the rockbox for you then;)
08:14:02billytwowillyyou guys made the batteries last too long;) i've been trying to run the batteries out for about 4 hours now;)
08:14:22billytwowillyafter using it all week at school;)
08:14:46billytwowillywith the archos firmware it would die halfway through the week.
08:15:40dwihnoWell, boo hoo? :)
08:36:52thuI just sabotaged my rockbox today 'cuz I wanted radio
08:36:53 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:37:03thuis there a way to turn it off and then back on w/out a computer?
08:37:30Bagderyes, rolo to the archos firmware, then reboot to get back to rockbox
08:38:12BagderPLAY it
08:38:18thuhmm I guess I could keep a copy of the firmware around
08:38:21thubut I had none
08:38:21Bagderselect it in the dir browser and press play
08:38:30thuyeah.. that's assuming that you have it
08:38:30Bagderthu: download one from
08:38:34thuI know :)
08:38:39thuall good
08:40:35dwihnoHowdy ho! :)
08:40:38dwihnoHi Bag
08:47:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:48:56billytwowillydamn rockbox is still playing;)
08:49:10billytwowillyprobably around 4-5 hours now..
08:54:08 Quit thu (
08:54:08 Quit exists (
08:54:08 Quit Bagder (
08:54:08 Quit Jet8810 (
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08:55:16 Quit Hadaka (
08:55:18dwihnoYou have HDD powerdown enabled? It will give you even more playtime :D
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08:59:20Bagdergood to see so many bugreports closed
08:59:21BagderI have a bold new mission for post-2.0
08:59:21BagderI'm gonna keep track of changes to make some kind of "rockbox digests"
09:00:58billytwowillyBagder: you should fire off an email to the guy that does the kde-cvs digest. probably save you lots of work because he most likely has all the kinks worked out already.
09:04:27 Quit thu (SendQ exceeded)
09:06:07adi|homewhat kinda digest are you talking about?
09:07:32dwihnoBagder: sounds like a good idea actually, just taking notes when new stuff gets into cvs
09:09:22dwihnoheh.. Just read Kamel Makhloufi's post in the mailing list...
09:09:25dwihnoKamel :-)
09:12:07 Join mikamou [0] (
09:12:09adi|homei missed it.. what was it about:>
09:13:19dwihnoKamel = Camel
09:13:26Schnueffwell, rockbox is easy to use
09:13:35dwihnoIt's pretty funny (my sick sense of humour)
09:13:39dwihnoSchnueff: yaman :D
09:19:26 Quit mikamou ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:21:42 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:22:23langhaarrockerBagder: thanx again for the help yesterday. We got it working finally.
09:25:45dwihnolanghaarrocker: red led?
09:26:43langhaarrockerno, much simpler. Me, a Windows user (== linux moron) tried to connect a jukebox to a linux machine....
09:35:55 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:36:01 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:40:49dwihnothen I understand
09:42:03Zagordwihno: submit your patch. people are asking for it.
09:43:21langhaarrockerZagor: I tried to connect the jukebox to a linux machine yesterday and would have been lost without bagder. Maybe it would be good for newbies if they were told to
09:43:21langhaarrockermodprobe usbcore
09:43:21langhaarrockermount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb
09:43:21DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
09:43:21langhaarrockerinsmod uhci
09:43:21langhaarrockerinsmod usb-storage
09:44:10Zagoralways use modprobe instead of insmod
09:44:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:44:28*langhaarrocker always tries to learn
09:44:33Zagormodprobe handles dependencies, insmod doesn't
09:45:10langhaarrockerdoes that mean that some of these commands would have been resolved automatically with modprobe?
09:45:16dwihnoZagor: Check CVS :)
09:45:23Zagoryeah, I noticed
09:45:30dwihnoJoint venture, so to speak
09:45:42dwihnoIncluding starka såsen extras.
09:45:49Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes, I think usbcore is autoloaded at least. try modprobing in the other direction, starting with usb-storage
09:46:54langhaarrockerok, we'll try that at next opportunity.
09:48:09langhaarrockerIs hot plugging possible? I mean is there some "plug-in-point" where you can place a script for automounting?
09:48:42billytwowillyhehe. darn rockbox has been going for atleast 5 hours now... what'd you guys do to it? I used to get maybe 3 hours with the archos firmware..
09:48:46dwihnoZagor: how do you do when you detach the unit from your linux box?
09:49:02dwihnoZagor: umount and rip the cable?
09:49:11dwihnoah, nice
09:49:24Zagorbillytwowilly: three hours? I get 10-12!
09:49:35dwihnobillytwowilly: you should get new batts :-)
09:49:51billytwowillyZagor: They are new batteries. It's an archos jukebox 6000, which = crap...
09:50:04dwihnomust be some kind of major error
09:50:07billytwowillythat's why I'm trying to discharge them completely before I recharge them.
09:50:16 Join irhut [0] (
09:50:22Zagoreven the old 6000 units should last for at least 8 hours
09:50:44irhuthello all
09:50:50billytwowillyI wasn't getting anywhere near that with the archos firmware.
09:51:16irhutDoes anyone have any advice on the best headphones to buy?
09:51:25Zagorirhut: depends on which type you like
09:51:49billytwowillyalso on what you're using them for.
09:52:24irhutFor use with my Archos, walking the dog
09:52:28langhaarrockerSony MDRE868 or Sony EX70 (for trains)
09:52:49langhaarrockerFor walking I use the Sony MDR868
09:53:15irhutThanks for the info
09:53:22ZagorI always use my EX70s
09:54:12*langhaarrocker still wonders how zagor can stand them while walking.
09:54:12dwihnoThey are really nice
09:54:19*dwihno stands them too!
09:54:26dwihnoI bought them because Zagor told me ;-)
09:54:47irhutWhat type are they?
09:54:49langhaarrockerHave you ever tried to eat chips while using them?
09:55:04langhaarrockerirhut: Closed earbuds.
09:56:17dwihnolanghaarrocker: nah, I can't do two thing simultaneously ;-)
09:57:08langhaarrockerthe ex70 is especially good for bass response and for suppressing external noise. They sound really good. But as soon as you walk or eat they annoy me. Put your fingers into your ears tightly and walk or eat to get an impression of what I mean.
09:57:41dwihnoYou eat while listening to music?!
09:57:41Schnueffhow to eat without fingers?
09:57:50irhutI see what you meam
09:58:09irhutwhat about the MDRE 868's?
09:58:22langhaarrockerSchnueff: There are things like forks and spoons :)
09:59:23billytwowillyI've got MDR-605's and they are really nice.. for use with my computer..
09:59:27langhaarrockerirhut: They sound fine, too. But they don't get the extreme bass response of the ex70. They're normal open earplugs and I use them offroad.
09:59:57dwihno*boom boom* ex70 *boom boom* :-)
10:00:27 Join CGI116 [0] (
10:00:32langhaarrockerWhat's astonishing about the ex70 is that although they have that bass they don't sound mushy.
10:00:58irhutI think I will try the ex 70's
10:01:10irhutThanks for all the advice!
10:01:16 Quit CGI116 (Client Quit)
10:01:16billytwowillyhave a link to pics of the ex 70's?
10:01:42irhutThat would be great
10:01:49existswhat is the quietest 40gb laptop drive that exists?
10:01:53langhaarrockerYou'll have to search yourself. Sony for sure has them on their page somewhere.
10:02:07billytwowillyI searched sony and ex70 didn't pop anything up..
10:02:41Zagor"Searched the web for sony ex70. Results 1-10 of about 1,290."
10:02:41billytwowillyewe.. ear buds..
10:03:05dwihnoexists: get a 60 gig disk :-)
10:03:25 Join LinusN [200] (
10:03:34LinusNdwihno: i just couldn't wait....
10:04:11existsI would get a 80gb, but 40 is at current optimum pricepoint in secondary market.
10:04:11dwihnoLinusN: I think it's a good thing :)
10:04:20dwihnoLinusN: Thanks to you, the patch became pretty good! :)
10:04:34dwihnoexists: the 80 gig disks are 12.5mm thick, afaik
10:04:48Zagordwihno: no, there are 9.5mm 80 gig disks now
10:05:09LinusNand i kind of liked the idea that the daily build after the release contained a cool new feature
10:05:36LinusN"best before..."
10:05:47langhaarrockerLinus: I'd have complained if you didn't. You promised to add features the day after. :
10:06:31dwihnoZagor: there are? well, I guess my 60 gig will have to do for a while (at least, until it's filled) ;)
10:06:48irhutOn the sony site MDREX70LP are listed, are these the same?
10:06:53dwihnoLinusN: Hehe... I agree :-) Now people will start asking for 2.1 ;)
10:06:58#>>"explain 2.1" by dwihno (
10:07:04LinusNthe day after...!
10:07:12langhaarrockerI suspect that it takes more time to fill 80 gb with usb1 than it takes until 120gb drives will pop up.
10:07:15Zagorirhut: yes
10:07:37irhutThanks very much for all your help!
10:07:38Zagorlanghaarrocker: haha
10:08:24dwihnoI am in need of an USB2 hub! :) I got too many USB2 thingies now!
10:08:45dwihnoThat adaptec 7 port thingy looks pretty nice! You can put a photo in the frame :-)
10:08:55langhaarrocker"I have 2 usb1 devices -> do I need usb2 now?"
10:09:28dwihnolanghaarrocker: of course you do! :D
10:11:23existsok, guess I will get 5400rpm nobearing sandpaper-o-matic drive, must be quietest.
10:11:59 Quit irhut ("Leaving")
10:12:49Zagorexists: 5400 drives are too fast. normal 2.5" drives are 4500rpm
10:13:44dwihnotoo fast? :)
10:13:55exists4200, what is too fast? meaning?
10:13:56dwihnoThink low-tech! :D
10:14:03dwihnoexists: consumes lots of power
10:14:28LinusNand generates more noise
10:14:28existsah, but does it make it extra-quiet?
10:14:58ZagorI don't see sound being an issue with 4200 disks anyway. I never hear mine.
10:15:23existsyes, I understand this. I also already know ibm/hgst drives are quietest, correct?
10:15:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:16:14existsmost noise is in parking. how much extra power is consumed if no-park mode is on?
10:16:24Zagorexists: i don't know. I have a toshiba, which is very quiet
10:16:37Zagornoisy parking? never heard that.
10:17:06LinusNi can't say that noise have been an issue with any of my 2.5" drives
10:18:07langhaarrockerI once had that 10000rpm scsi drive ....
10:18:19existsdepends on ambient levels of environment. I occupy acoustic clean-room.
10:18:33billytwowillylanghaarrocker: and you could use it to wake up the neighbours in the house down the street;)
10:18:46Zagorexists: but you wear headphones...
10:19:06langhaarrockerbillytwowilly: the neighbors stopped complaining about the airport.
10:20:08existsapologies for being complainer. could find no other worthy selection criteria.
10:20:23Zagorexists: :-)
10:21:12LinusNlanghaarrocker: i have two 10000RPM SCSI drives in a separate case, with extra fans! :-)
10:22:21langhaarrockerLinus: I hope that extra case is an extra building.
10:22:37LinusNunfortunately not... :-)
10:22:49existsregards rb-ers. I exist.
10:23:00langhaarrockerLinusN: Dou you know a good doctor? An ear specialist?
10:23:22adi|homeso are there any opinions about me merging in the sokoban dynamic level loading?
10:23:42Schnueffsaving memory is fine :)
10:24:13Zagoradi|home: go ahead
10:25:25langhaarrockerYea! Feature bloat!
10:25:44Zagoractually moving the levels out will give us a bit more breathing room
10:25:59 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:26:00Zagor...which we are desperately short on right now
10:26:04langhaarrockermaybe even get rid of the red build of the fm?
10:30:52tracktheripperIve just tested Dwihno's inveted video line and its superb, much better than the silly inverted video line :-)
10:31:02tracktherippersorry silly arrow cursor :-)
10:32:01tracktheripperyea the inverted line looks much better than the silly arrow cursor :-)
10:32:04tracktheripperthats what I meant :-)
10:32:32Bagdertrack, we've known that all the time
10:32:44 Quit billytwowilly ("Client exiting")
10:32:45tracktherippercool Bagder
10:32:54tracktheripperBagder i apologise if I keep spelling your name as Badger
10:33:09langhaarrockerThats how I like it. Everybody pushes and presses for V2.0 and once it's out you throw it away after less than a day!
10:33:36BagderI don't install it in the first place ;-)
10:36:45tracktheripperWhat happened to all the Fixed requests in Sourceforge?
10:36:58Bagderthey're closed
10:37:51 Quit exists ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:38:05tracktheripperthe Rejected requests should be closed as well :-)
10:38:19Zagoryes, I was just too tired yesterday
10:39:00tracktherippertoo much rockboxing Zagor :-)
10:39:48tracktheripperZagor with this "plug-in" system you are working on, does this mean you only choose the features you require, such as games, recording, etc?
10:40:35Zagortracktheripper: no, it's for applications such as recording or text viewer or games.
10:40:46Zagoryou can only have one plugin loaded at any one time
10:40:52tracktheripperohh righty :-)
10:41:40tracktheripperOne more thing Zagor, with future versions of Rockbox could you input ID3 tags and filenames for recording like the Archos firmware?
10:42:10langhaarrockergood old smtc problem.
10:42:46Zagortracktheripper: yes, if someone write that code
10:43:08langhaarrocker(smtc = show me the code)
10:43:12BagderI wonder when you're gonna learn that answer tracktheripper
10:43:42tracktheripperit was a straightforward civilised question Bagder :-)
10:43:47BagderI agree
10:43:51Bagderbut still rather silly
10:43:51Zagorhowever I can't understand why anyone would want to input id3 tags *before* recording
10:44:03Zagormuch simpler to edit existing files
10:44:05Bagderwe *CAN* do everything the archos firmware can do
10:44:07tracktheripperbecause not everyone has a PC Zagor :-)
10:44:09Bagderif just someone writes the code
10:44:14langhaarrockerYes: I want to edit _while_ recording!
10:44:15dwihnoBagder: you are so true :)
10:44:39tracktheripperand besides, inputing ID3 tags before recording enables you to see which recording is witch :-)
10:44:41ZagorBagder: except set correct contrast ;)
10:44:49Bagderhaha, true
10:44:58dwihnoBtw, has anyone did any crazy recording tests?
10:45:03dwihnosuch as very very very long recordings?
10:45:17Zagornot me. 70MB or so is the longest i've made
10:45:34dwihnois it rock solid?
10:45:37tracktheripperWhy on earth why you would wanna make super-long recordings?
10:45:50Zagordwihno: yes, for me. although we've had some odd reports.
10:45:53langhaarrockerlong recordings used to be linus nightmare.
10:45:54LinusNradio shows
10:45:56dwihnotracktheripper: I wouldn't, but I just wonder if it's possible (or if the firmware will act strange)
10:46:19*dwihno used recording twice (once last summer, archos firmware, and a couple of weeks ago using rockbox)
10:46:23LinusNlanghaarrocker: actually, it has never been the recording per se, it has been file system issues
10:46:30tracktheripperlol Dwihno your future feature request would be "Run Soundforge on the Archos" :-)
10:46:50langhaarrockerLinusN: Wasn't there some problem with frame counter overflow or something?
10:46:59LinusNtracktheripper: schhhh....
10:47:18dwihnoLinusN: buuuusteeeed :)
10:47:21tracktherippersince he likes recording so muuch
10:47:26*LinusN hides
10:47:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:47:44LinusNanyway, i gotta go
10:47:47LinusNcu l8r
10:48:00dwihnoBye LinusN. Thanks for the help.
10:48:03dwihno(and the commit)
10:48:13 Part LinusN
10:48:33langhaarrockerinverted line looks ugly with uwe_propfont. :(
10:48:43tracktheripperno it doesnt
10:49:18langhaarrockerFor that font an adittional pixel row at the bottom of the inverted block would have been nicer.
10:49:30tracktheripperI wonder if "Italic fonts" will be introduced
10:49:33tracktheripperor even script fonts :-)
10:49:40Bagdertracktheripper: sure, make one!
10:49:50tracktheripperHow do I make a font?
10:50:17Bagderuse a font editor! ;-)
10:50:30*Bagder ducks
10:50:34tracktheripperis there a font editor in Notepad or Control Panel?
10:51:01tracktheripperI think Bagder is upset because I keep calling him Badger :-)
10:51:03dwihnoWhat format?
10:51:15Bagderpfaedit is one
10:51:41dwihnoto make it run on windows, you need 1) X-server 2) cygwin
10:51:47dwihno(been there, done that) :)
10:53:52 Quit CGI380 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:53:53Bagderuse whatever tool you like that can make .bdf fonts
10:54:27 Quit CGI155 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:03:32 Join CGI038 [0] (
11:04:42Bagderthere's a new setting for the inverted cursor, right?
11:05:13dwihnoin display
11:05:53 Quit CGI038 (Client Quit)
11:07:17BagderI'll try to keep up with the evolution from now
11:07:39tracktheripperBagder the IVL looks more professional than the arrow cursor
11:08:03ZagorBagder: what's that page?
11:08:23BagderI'll try to keep up with development and make a "rockbox digest"
11:08:33Bagder"rockbox traffic"
11:08:36Bagderor whatever
11:08:47Zagoryay. too little work? ;)
11:08:51tracktheripper"rockbox rock & roll"
11:09:00Bagdernot really, just seeing the need for this
11:09:09Bagderand it shouldn't take too much time
11:09:10dwihnoBagder: Cool :D
11:09:22dwihnoBagder: Your web page design is kickass!
11:09:31dwihnoalthough the patch was applied today
11:09:41dwihnoBagder: check my rockbox page
11:09:45tracktheripperwe should all take Bjorn and co out for dinner Dwihno
11:09:53dwihnoBagder: we design very similar web pages ;)
11:10:32BagderI'll make each date an anchor
11:10:33dwihno2003-04-16 00:12 <−− patch applied
11:10:36Bagderfor easy linking to them
11:11:02dwihnoNeato :)
11:11:18BagderI'll make some kind of offical url for this later
11:12:20BagderI mean to cover hot topics on the mailing list as well
11:12:35dwihnoRockbox zine :D
11:12:39dwihnoThe Daily Rock
11:12:48dwihnoYou choose the name ;)
11:13:16tracktheripperdwihno that should be open source as well :-)
11:13:31 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:14:02tracktheripperand this Rockzine should have a profile page of Bjorn and co :-)
11:22:18 Quit TotMacher ()
11:27:21 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:27:42 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:27:52Quelsarukquick mornings
11:27:59tracktheripperGood Morning
11:28:07langhaarrockernearly lunchtime
11:29:54tracktheripperCould the digital IN on the Archos be modded to support optical in?
11:29:56Quelsarukfor you..
11:30:15Quelsaruklunch time for me is at 14:30 or 15:00
11:32:00langhaarrockertracktheripper: The problem is only mechanical. There are 3.5 mm jacks that have the optical reciever built in.
11:32:59tracktheripperohh right
11:33:47langhaarrockerThat reminds me: I have two dead md portables. Maybe I'll try to recycle some of its guts.
11:33:59Quelsarukcu! (this has been a flash visit)
11:34:15 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:34:37 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
11:43:07Bagderany furthre comments on this => ?
11:46:58langhaarrockerFor recorder I'd prefer if the right button didn't select the menu entries. In my opinion that's a job for play
11:48:48langhaarrockerhow do you intend to implement the makros?
11:49:25Bagderno idea
11:49:43Bagderthis is just my vision, no implementation thoughts done yet
11:50:15langhaarrockerI could "show you my code" of how I intended the completly customizable keys.
11:50:23langhaarrocker(code works)
11:50:34Bagderthat would certainly help
11:50:43 Join TotMacherr [0] (
11:50:47 Quit TotMacherr (Remote closed the connection)
11:50:47 Quit TotMacher ()
11:51:34*langhaarrocker lunch
11:51:39BagderI'll be away until tuesday anyway
11:51:53 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:53:06dwihnoMe too :)
11:53:10dwihnoAnd it feels so gooood :)
11:53:14BagderI'll post my newkey suggestion next week on the list
11:53:25Bagderto get the pies flying
11:57:03dwihnommmm, pies :)~
12:00:13Bagdertime to run
12:00:16 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
12:08:34 Join TotMacherr [0] (
12:20:10 Quit TotMacherr ()
12:20:11 Quit TotMacher ()
12:20:30 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:26:44 Join CGI355 [0] (
12:42:13 Quit CGI355 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:42:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:47:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:53:13langhaarrockerany linux using rockboxer: how (where) do I make a script that automatically mounts the jukebox when plugged in?
12:53:28Zagorlanghaarrocker: look for hotplug
12:53:48ZagorI never use it, so I don't know exactly how to configure it, but I know it's what you want :-)
12:54:19langhaarrockerDoes that mean you want me to explain when I found out? :)
12:54:43Zagorthat would be good, yes :-)
12:57:23>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
12:58:42 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
12:59:30 Join langhaarrocker [20] (
13:08:04 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
14:03:28 Join Bagder [241] (
14:03:47langhaarrockerThere he is again!
14:04:09BagderI'm adicted, can't stay away!
14:04:40langhaarrockerSo I can ignore your statement you wouldn't be around till wednesday?
14:04:57Bagdertuesday ;-)
14:05:02BagderI'll leave in an hour or so
14:05:17langhaarrockerhaving a holiday?
14:05:36Bagderyeps, we have a few national days off here around easter
14:06:28langhaarrockerI'd be windsurfing if my sister (including her terrible two kids) didn't claim the weekend house of my parents. :(
14:12:56Schnueffa whole weekend for rockbox programming then
14:12:59Schnueffthink positive
14:13:49langhaarrockerHm. Eastwind. Seems I have to try a new paragliding site. :)
14:13:55Bagderwell, zagor will be there too, so... ;-)
14:14:29ZagorBagder: will you bring a laptop? ;)
14:14:48BagderI could
14:15:21Bagderyou'd feel like having one around?
14:16:42BagderI could get a fresh cvs checkout on it ;-)
14:17:17Zagorit could be nice
14:17:37Bagderanything else you want on it? it's that same box I had to spain last year
14:18:34Zagoris my linux fat fix still on it?
14:18:50Bagderyes, nothing's deleted from it
14:19:18Bagderyou bring your archos?
14:19:21 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
14:19:29langhaarrockerWhen you return we expect you to present bagdoom or zagdoom.
14:19:32Bagderthen i'll get my usb cable
14:19:43Schnueffthat load balancing
14:19:49dwihnoand red led dead fix ;)
14:19:59Bagderhey, if I spend too much time on rockbox while there, I'll sure be doomed ;-)
14:20:33langhaarrockerWhere are you going to?
14:20:37Bagdermy wife gets bored on rockbox talk fairly quick ;-)
14:20:43dwihnoBagder: boring woman! :D
14:20:50Bagderto our parents, in Skåne, southern Sweden
14:20:51Schnueffso u've got to meet on toilet secretly and hack away there
14:20:53dwihnoBagder: show her your keymapping thought and ask for feedback :)
14:21:05ZagorSchnueff: haha
14:21:07dwihnoRockbox in skånish: "Reeuuukbouuuks"
14:21:53langhaarrockerwomen arent usb compliant.
14:23:24dwihnothey are not handled by the hid interface?
14:26:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:33:29BagderZagor: I'll get you a set of fresh kernel packs too
14:35:16Bagderthe 2.5 kernel package is now >30 MB
14:35:40Bagderthat's a lot of code
14:36:11Bagder4.3 MB more than the latest 2.4 now
14:36:19Bagder2.4 one
14:36:22langhaarrockerbetter get it now instead of stressing the mobile phone bill.
14:37:20 Join Callan [0] (
14:38:04Callansomeon' here?
14:38:18langhaarrockera whole bunch of rockboxers
14:38:39*Bagder raises his hand. "present"
14:38:46Callanone should be enough
14:39:10CallanI seem to have a lil' problem with the peakmeter display. I
14:39:19Callan've got only to lines
14:39:30*langhaarrocker marks Bagder as present in the classregister
14:39:47langhaarrockerCallan: do you use a very small font?
14:39:50*Bagder steps back and lets langhaarrocker have this one ;-)
14:40:07CallanI don't think so.
14:40:39langhaarrockerThese two lines are they horizontally and moving?
14:40:52dwihnoRockbox! Yay! :D
14:40:55Callanthey are horizontal and don't move at all
14:41:53langhaarrockerDo you have a customized wps?
14:42:06Callanyes, %pm at the last line
14:42:55Callanmy font let me show 8 lines on the display
14:43:05langhaarrockerTurning off the status bar doesn't help?
14:43:47Callanthe peak meter does not change in size, still one line in height. Do I have to setup the values for it in the display submenu?
14:44:05langhaarrockerWhat values do you have for min / max in the display menue?
14:44:25Callan-89dBfs, both o.O
14:44:39langhaarrockerSet max to 0
14:46:21Callanwell, that did it.
14:46:36langhaarrockerI'd recommend increasing the min value to -50 or -40. Otherwise the lower half of the peak meter remains on always.
14:46:56Callanokay. das sieht gut aus
14:47:01Callanerr. that looks well
14:47:30langhaarrockerHey! Another Kraut. I'm german, too. :)
14:47:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:48:28Callanif one would not guess so, lookin' at your nick ^_-
14:48:52Callanjust another question... with version 2, there is a save-config item in the menu...
14:48:59Callanbut where´s the load item? ^^;
14:49:08langhaarrockerjust 'play' the config file
14:49:16Callanah, sou ka
14:49:35Callannow I can have two bass configurations, one for earphone, one for my car ^________^
14:49:56Bagderas we say, rockbox rocks
14:50:37Callanyeah. even with pop
14:50:47Bagderrockbox pops? ;-)
14:51:01Callanwhy not. I like pop-corn *pun*
14:51:46langhaarrockerI like Korn.
14:52:14Callanno, not without pop
14:52:32CallanWell, if only the harddisk would be some 10 GB bigger
14:53:06langhaarrockerWell - get a bigger drive, a torx screw driver and upgrade.
14:53:17Bagderthere are 80GB ones out now... :-)
14:53:21Callanwhile stil having warranty? nope
14:53:31langhaarrockerOh no. Not again.
14:53:34Bagderwarranty? puh ;-)
14:53:46Callanbadger: 30GB would be enough to hold my music AND some files for my pals
14:53:59Callanas to say, a complete working TeX-installation, perhaps @_@
14:55:44Callanokay, one hour to go and we'll see how shootin' works with archos!
14:56:25*langhaarrocker raises hands
14:57:17 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
15:04:36 Join TotMacherr [0] (
15:07:52Zagorany player owner here?
15:08:28Zagorany fm owner here?
15:08:42dwihnoI got a recorder :-D
15:09:01langhaarrockerZagor: seems we can kick out some targets of the daily build.
15:09:26Zagorsuch as?
15:09:41langhaarrockerplayer and fm recorder -> no users
15:09:52 Part TotMacher
15:10:16Callanwell, who wants to hear radio music should buy a radio ^_^;
15:16:25BagderZagor: ok, I'll be at your place in 15 mins
15:16:29 Quit Bagder ("")
15:17:43CallanI'll be going soon, too. Have a nice day!
15:17:46 Quit Callan ()
15:30:17Zagorgotta go
15:30:17 Part Zagor
16:26:58 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:00:29 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:02:03 Join Giss|XC [0] (
17:02:29 Part langhaarrocker
17:09:01 Quit GissXC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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19:19:32 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
19:19:47TBoythe inverted line looks fab
19:30:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:45:18 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
20:26:12 Join JunkeyWRK [0] (~junkey@
20:26:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:26:22JunkeyWRKhello people :)
20:26:35JunkeyWRKglad to see there's a release for the fm recorder...thanks!
20:44:30 Quit seb-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:58:06 Nick Spark is now known as Sparks (
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21:00:38 Part JunkeyWRK
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21:29:52 Join CGI000 [0] (
21:45:44 Join fieryG [0] (
21:46:03fieryGanyone try the ibm 80g drive yet in their archos?
21:47:22 Quit CGI000 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:49:02 Join piano_magic [0] (
21:49:12piano_magichi !
21:49:57fieryGi'm contemplating getting a 60g for my archos recorder (or maybe wait for the 80g to come down in price)
21:50:02piano_magici downloaded v2.0 a few minutes ago but my archos refuses to reboot
21:50:20fieryGhrm. i downloaded it this am and it worked for me
21:51:02piano_magicu have the recorder ?
21:51:09fieryGreboot? as in holding down the off button? (i dunno where the other guys in the channel are.. i'm just a fan not affiliated with rockbox guys)
21:51:12fieryGyes recorder
21:51:17fieryGnot fm recorder tho
21:51:32piano_magicok same for me ...
21:51:42fieryGi can restart mine.
21:51:51piano_magicbut it stays booting and doesn't start ...
21:52:08fieryGyou tried copying the files over again in usb mode?
21:52:28fieryGi actually just unzipped mine to the drive - overwriting
21:52:40piano_magici ' ll try again . you're right, it's weird ..
21:52:51fieryGyou can always go back to pre v2.0
21:53:00piano_magici only did that too
21:53:06fieryGjust unzip over the stuff.. and try the latest.. ohh.. hrm
21:53:17piano_magicno, i'm interested in recordong features
21:53:40fieryGya.. i dunno if the other guys are online here.. it's probably nite there
21:53:51fieryGit's almost 4pm boston time here :)
21:54:14piano_magicok ... 10pm in france
21:54:19piano_magicwell, see u
21:54:49 Quit piano_magic ("Client exiting")
22:01:20fieryGanyone home :)
22:14:23 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
22:22:55 Quit fieryG (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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22:56:39 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
22:57:12Dragonfly1600hey.. i was thinking about getting a new archos mp3 player... any suggestions as to which ones i should get?
22:58:22 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Client Quit)
22:58:47 Join Schnippi [0] (
22:59:00 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
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