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#rockbox log for 2003-04-18

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00:01:06raindog_yeah the player wasn't connected
00:01:19raindog_but since it got reassigned it doesn't wanna work...
00:01:27raindog_It won't even recognize the drive though
00:01:39MTdefine 'wanna work'
00:01:40raindog_the little usb app says "no drives detected"
00:01:46kargatrondriver problem
00:01:58MTwhat OS
00:02:10MTcan you still use the player normally
00:02:19MTie can you still play mp3s on it
00:02:34MTcan you still boot the firmware - archos or rockbox
00:03:01raindog_the mp3s play for like a minute
00:03:03raindog_then it freezes
00:03:14raindog_well actually that's what happened first
00:03:18MTwhat os + what firmware
00:03:20raindog_now it just freezes and shuts off
00:03:24raindog_xp and 1.4
00:04:02MTpress windows + break
00:04:05MTabove page up
00:04:15MTgo to Hardware
00:04:22MTdevice manager
00:04:40MTremove everything under the usb listing
00:04:57MTthen do
00:05:09MTAction -> Scan for hardware change
00:05:17MTit will reinstall all your usb devices
00:05:26raindog_ok... thanks!
00:05:28MTso if you ahve a usb mouse, could be quite tricky
00:05:48MTsometimes usb can be a bit funny, especially on win2k/xp i find
00:06:00MTonly thing ive ever seen to give 2k a blue screen is usb related
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00:07:21raindog_I do have a usb dsl modem
00:11:03raindog_thanks for the help!
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07:56:04MacDaddydoes rockbox supported the JUKEBOX MULTIMEDIA?
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08:32:53adi|homedamnit ppl read the fucking FAQ thats why its there...
08:33:00*adi|home sigsh
08:33:08PsycoXulgive it an index
08:33:28PsycoXuleven i'm loathe to scan through that damn document looking for any specific things
08:33:37PsycoXuland i'm much more likely to read docs than most
08:33:59PsycoXulwho cares if the questions are too long to be pretty
08:34:10PsycoXulthe whole doc is too long to be pretty as it is, even an ugly index would be prettier
08:35:47PsycoXulit'd probably be good to put a link on the front page too instead of hiding it away in the dark dusty corner nobody ever bothers to look labled "documentation"
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10:35:53tracktheripperhi nelliep
10:36:22tracktheripperhow u doing?
10:36:29tracktheripperits very quiet in here
10:36:35nelliepOk thanks
10:36:48tracktheripperwhat Archos do you have?
10:36:53nelliepI've no problems except a hangover
10:37:07tracktherippermy hangovers will most likely happen later on
10:37:17nelliepRecorder great so far
10:37:29tracktheripperyea my Recorder 10 has been flawless :-)
10:37:41tracktheripperThe Recorders are so much better than the crass Players :-)
10:37:59nelliepWorks great with win 2k and usb 2.0
10:38:18tracktheripperI have Windows XP, and USB1.1 is more than good enough for me.
10:38:43nelliepI've not used it with win 98 and usb 1.0
10:38:53nelliepIs it sloooow?
10:39:16tracktheripperwell for me it takes around 50 minutes to transfer 3Gb worth of files in USB1,1
10:39:54nelliepWith usb 2.0 it's as fast as going from one partition to another
10:39:57tracktheripperNelliep have you had any other make of MP3 player before your Archos?
10:40:18nelliepNo...first and only one
10:40:23tracktheripperwell I don't mind waiting. After all how often are you gonna transfer 3.0Gb of files?
10:40:45nelliepNot often...I never have!
10:40:47tracktheripperMy first player was a Riovolt MP3-CD player, then I had a Creative Labs Nomad, now I own the Archos
10:41:22nelliepOh yes...I do also have an mp3 disc player
10:41:46tracktheripperThe Creative Labs Nomad was the worst MP3 player I owned
10:42:03tracktheripperit had a severly useless battery life of 4 hours :-(
10:42:12tracktheripperThe Riovolt was good but needed more capacity
10:42:37nelliepReally? Mind you creative has often given me a few probs
10:42:51tracktheripperand Creative Lab's stupid, stupid, stupid Playcenter software is best left unmentioned.
10:43:04nelliepI have an Extigy Usb soundcard
10:43:18tracktheripperoh right. MY sound card is a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
10:43:37nelliepYes the card works fine but I disable ALL their software
10:43:50tracktheripperHave you used Playcenter before?
10:44:09nelliepNo...I just can't get on with it
10:44:36tracktheripperWhen I first used the Archos and simply dragged and dropped my files over I was in heaven :-)
10:45:00nelliepYes that's the best feature I think
10:45:09tracktheripperand the Musicmatch software provides perfect CD quality sound for me at 192kbs CBR
10:45:31nelliepBut if you do like that feature I can really recommend USB 2.0
10:45:37tracktheripperNelliep this is the trouble I had with Playcenter
10:46:05tracktheripperWhen makng MP3s I got a lot of temporary files cluttering up My Computer, I emailed Creative Labs and they just told me to delete them manually!
10:46:15nelliepI don't use their software either
10:46:34tracktheripperNelliep im so happy with my Archos i wouldnt change it for anything
10:46:38nelliepI use CDex VBR lame alt-preset
10:46:55tracktheripperMusicmatch uses Fraunhofer
10:47:04tracktheripperbut for me 192kbs CBR is fine :-)
10:47:34nelliepYes it's supposed to be quite good's just i'm used to CDex
10:47:55nelliepHave you visited Hydrogen Audio?
10:47:59tracktheripperone good thing about the Recorders is that they use software battery management, which monitors and charges the batteries more precisely
10:48:15tracktheripperNo but thanks for bringing that to my attention. Ill check it out Later
10:48:38nelliepyes...but I still replaced with 1800MAh
10:48:52tracktheripperim hunting for some 2000Mah batteries
10:49:04tracktheripper16 hour batttery life would be fantastic from those!
10:49:12nelliepI wanted 2000 but I live in Kuwait
10:49:20tracktheripperi Live in London myself
10:49:44tracktheripperWhat do u think of the FM recorder, with its non-standard batteries?
10:49:54nelliepYou should be able to get them easily there i would have thought
10:50:07tracktheripperwell im still looking
10:50:41tracktheripperWhat do you think of the design of the FM Recorder?
10:50:56nelliepI don't have FM recorder Could only afford Jukebox :(
10:51:28nelliepWhy not buy them off the web?
10:51:43tracktheripperwell to me the normal recorder looks better. To my eyes the normal Recorder looks like an MP3 player. The FM Recorder looks like a melted Ipod :-)
10:51:54nelliepI would but shipping to Q8 is tricky sometimes
10:52:15tracktheripperThe Recorders have the best build quality with the metal chassis
10:52:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:52:56nelliepIts design is fine for me a BIT heavy I suppose but i'm not to worried
10:53:12tracktheripperwell at least its weight makes it more rugged and less flimsey
10:53:37nelliepYes and I use it for the car mostly
10:53:56tracktherippermine gets used every day for hours on end and it works flawlessly :-)
10:54:06tracktheripperand i mean it gets use A LOT
10:54:13nelliepIt works great through my souncard to which simmulates Surround sound not just stereo
10:54:46tracktheripperI recorded streaming audio digitally from my soundcard via the Archos and the sound quality was spot-on
10:55:01nelliepMy spelling has just got atrocious! LOL
10:55:46nelliepI love the record feature......I can record MTV
10:58:40tracktheripperNelliep according to Bjorn and co this is a load of rubbish, but I visited the Archos tech support page and they said they are looking to support WMA in the future
10:59:00nelliepSo how long have you had it still under warranty?
10:59:31nelliepI think that is a load of rubbish
10:59:44tracktheripperwell unless you work for Archos how do you know?
10:59:55tracktheripperive had my Archos for almost a year
10:59:55nelliepRead their NOT to do list
11:00:07tracktheripperthis is from the ARCHOS website
11:00:07nelliepOh sorry
11:00:21nelliepI thoght you meant rock box
11:00:33tracktheripperno it was a FAQ from the ARCHOS tech support page
11:01:02nelliepRight well yes because wma can do media protection
11:01:11tracktherippermind you, im not a fan of WMA anyway
11:01:20nelliepthe enemy of rippers around the world
11:01:47tracktheripperMicrosoft say the sound quality is better at low bitrates, but no matter what bitrate to me WMA sounds rough and nasty.
11:02:31nelliepyes I never use it...but I think its promoted by companies because of protection
11:02:59nelliepMany people swear by OGG Vorbis
11:03:05tracktheripperWho wants to encode at tiny bitrates anyway just to save a few megabytes of HD space?
11:03:18tracktheripperif you have a big hard drive space shouldnt' be an issue
11:03:28tracktheripperOGG sounds good, no doubt about it
11:03:40tracktheripperbut the Archos is not powerful enough to decode OGG
11:03:56tracktheripperNelliep MP3Pro has the best sound quality at low bitrates
11:04:03nelliepno but my help if tou had a smll jukebox like the 6000
11:04:21tracktheripperwell small Jukeboxes are becoming obselete soon anyway
11:04:54tracktheripperTo me I think 20Gb is overkill anyway for an MP3 player
11:04:56nelliepyes and the wma feature would only work on NEW ones wouldn't it
11:05:08nellieptoo late for me
11:05:24tracktheripperwell they may offer a free upgrade if you send your Archos in :-)
11:05:39nelliepI think you jest
11:06:07tracktherippernot really, because ive only used up 3Gb of space, and every now and then I remove songs I never listen to
11:06:25tracktheripperto me its pointless keeping music on the Player you don't like
11:06:35nelliepOne thing i gatherd from research was that Archos aren't too helpful
11:06:44tracktheripperwell they have been fine for me so far
11:06:51nelliepyes I agree
11:06:57tracktheripperI think they are working on their tech support politeness
11:07:13tracktheripperWho the hell wants to encode at 320kbs or 256kbs?
11:07:23nelliepOh that's good news...I got a bad impression from some reports
11:07:49nelliepbut i liked the product and the price so thought what the hell
11:08:33nelliepAs I said I use VBR...I find it very good
11:09:02tracktheripperAnyway im off now, nice talking to you
11:09:08tracktheripperyou have a happy easter :-)
11:09:25nelliepOk ...nice talking to you...Bye
11:09:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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15:09:56fieryGanyone around :)
15:10:22fieryGhas anyone tried a 80g in the archos? :)
15:10:51kargatronprobably not many - the maliing list might be a better forum
15:11:13fieryGi get the updates only - oh well. i'm gonna try a 60g
15:11:38fieryGrockbox rox.. although i was almost fooled by the doom for archos game
15:12:18fieryGcya kidz
15:12:20 Quit fieryG (Client Quit)
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17:31:06 Join Cobra04 [0] (
17:31:26Cobra04anybody here
17:32:09webminda little
17:32:18Cobra04i got a question
17:32:50Cobra04can you give me a tip how to sort my mp3s on the jukebox
17:32:57Cobra04i got 3000 mp3s
17:33:29Cobra04and it's not good when i have to scroll over 3000 mp3s
17:34:03webmindare they albums or loose songs ?
17:34:17DBUGEnqueued KICK Cobra04
17:34:17Cobra04Ich benutze das -= [ Weisseradler-Script ] =- Version 1.071
17:34:18Cobra04Kannst du dir unter -= [ ] =- herunterladen
17:34:18***Alert Mode level 1
17:34:18Cobra04(c) by Weisseradler
17:34:34kargatronif they're tagged, there are many prgrams that will organize according to tag is one i use
17:34:47kargatronbut there are many, afaik
17:35:04Cobra04they aren't tagged
17:35:16webmindCobra04, i sort those per artist
17:35:21Cobra04i don't like the tags when i use winamp
17:35:39Cobra04@webmind: thats a good idea
17:36:06Cobra04do u preffer
17:36:36Cobra04the normal fireware
17:38:20kargatronyou ask that in a channel called #rockbox? :)
17:38:34***Alert Mode level 2
17:38:34Cobra04Yes sry
17:39:17webmindCobra04, i'd say rockbox
17:39:28webmindalthough i'm ashamed to still havent installed i
17:43:29Cobra04when i activate the "shuffle mode" does it jump through all directories ??
17:44:10webmindwhich firmware ?
17:44:36kargatronCobra04, rockbox only plays playlists
17:44:47kargatronshufle mode shuffles around the current playlist
17:44:58webmindhold on.. only playlist ??/
17:45:00kargatronit will cshuffle all dirs only if you make a playlist of all dirs
17:45:03webmindno directories ?
17:45:10kargatronwhen you play a folder, it creates a virtual playlist
17:45:32kargatronbut that playlist is not by default recursive
17:45:39kargatronyou can create a recursive playlist tho
17:46:12webminda cool
17:46:38kargatrontho easier to do it while connected to your main machine, imo
17:46:55kargatronwell, sif of one, half dozen of the other - doesn't matter
17:48:35***Alert Mode OFF
17:54:45Cobra04how about playing doom
17:54:53Cobra04any experiences
17:57:13webmindon a rockbox ?
17:57:46Cobra04Yes with the recorder and the fm recorder its possible
18:01:24webmindi got a ripped player
18:02:20kargatrondoom was an april fools joke
18:02:24kargatrondoes not exist
18:03:53Cobra04oh yeah you're right
18:06:41webmindkargatron, maybe an idea for multimedia
18:12:07 Quit Cobra04 ("Ich benutze das -= [ Weisseradler-Script ] =-. Das kannst d")
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18:57:14 Join Dragonfly1600 [0] (
18:57:55Dragonfly1600How is it possible for the archos email and phone tech support not know what's wrong with my mp3 player?!!?
18:58:18 Quit Dragonfly1600 (Client Quit)
19:02:00webmindbecause u dont stay on the phone long enough to actually talk to them?
19:13:56 Quit mbr (Remote closed the connection)
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20:43:43NJointhu [0] (
22:07:03 Join copy [0] (
22:07:59copyis there a way to download a new firmware for Jukebox Multimedia 120 ?
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