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#rockbox log for 2003-04-22

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00:58:43devZer0hi. anybody here?
01:06:51tracktheripperhey Dev
01:09:00devZer0hi !
01:09:07tracktheripperFancy a chat Dev?
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08:50:37BagderGOOOODD DDAAAAYYY!!!
08:50:50*dwihno vill ha mer ledigt :()
08:50:57Bagderwoke you up now did I? ;-)
08:50:59dwihnoJust när man började tycka att allt var så bra ;)
08:51:47BagderZagor: did you get all the patches off the laptop?
08:51:59ZagorBagder: yup
08:52:15Zagormatsl: "enligt datatermgruppen artikel 69" :-)
08:53:32matslI was in swedish mode.
08:54:03matslon the other hand in svenska.lang it might be ok?
09:00:38dwihnoJust out of curiosity, which is the ansi-c way to read a dir?
09:02:28Bagderopendir() => readdir() etc
09:02:36Bagderbut its not really ansi
09:02:51Zagorthere is no ansi way
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09:03:11dwihnoI tried to run a −−ansi when compiling some code
09:03:17dwihnostrncasecmp is not ansi either :-)
09:03:41langhaarrockerBagder! Zagor! Have you found any eggs? :)
09:03:48Bagderwe did
09:04:11BagderZagor even has a few pending linux-kernel patches coming up!
09:04:44dwihnoI thought easter was a time for relaxation :)
09:04:47Zagorthe delay-on-first-write for usb1 disks is fixed
09:04:57Zagordwihno: you have been fooled
09:05:51langhaarrockerMe was really stupid: I forgot to take the rockbox sources with me to my parents in Belgium. Thus I had to learn php/mysql
09:06:05Zagorlanghaarrocker: poor you :-)
09:07:06langhaarrockerBut I'm not going to port mysql to rockbox. Even though we want a database!
09:07:17Zagorboo ;)
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09:10:19dwihnoZagor: Oh no! :O
09:14:00matslpatch assignment question. I assigned myself to a patch before 2.0. Now I want to check it in but I can't test it on a recorder.
09:14:30matslsuggestion? find one with recorder willing to test or just ci?
09:14:30Zagormatsl: can you test it in the simulator?
09:14:49matslZagor: no. its battery icon stuff
09:15:28Zagoronly for players, or recorders too?
09:15:40matslboth. unification of code.
09:16:40Zagorok. have someone test it first, just to avoid mistakes
09:17:07matslZagor: do you volunter?
09:17:32Zagorput it somewhere I can http grab it
09:17:51matslok. you want the mod or the patch?
09:17:57Zagorthe mod
09:18:05Zagorajz :)
09:18:12matslok. i'll be back!
09:21:07dwihnoZagor: Really nice :D (I never use recording) :-)
09:27:39dwihnoAww. How cute.
09:33:15matslZagor: matsl/ajbrec.ajz">
09:36:50dwihnoShame on thee who did recording.c! ;)
09:37:23dwihnoIs it just a quick hack?
09:37:29dwihnoI've already found a glitch or two
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09:59:40dwihnoI want to declare a counter variable. Should this be done in the function start or in the block start?
10:02:15Zagoralways use as small scope as possible
10:04:18dwihnoI wonder why I have this obsession about declaring a variable in the function "header"
10:07:28Bagderstack-wise it usually doesn't matter
10:08:01dwihnoProbably a remnant from my DOS pascal days ;)
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10:15:08Bagderhey LinusN the man!
10:15:13Zagorhowdy LinusN
10:15:24LinusNdwihno: what's wrong with recording?
10:15:30LinusNhi all
10:15:55LinusN"shame on thee"...
10:16:03calpefroschhi, linus
10:16:22calpefroschZagor: is there a chance for my search to go into the normal program ?
10:16:31LinusNhi froggy! long time no see
10:17:06Zagorcalpefrosch: yes
10:17:11Bagder <= growing
10:19:23Zagori find the order a bit strange. wouldn't it be better to have the latest at the bottom?
10:19:55LinusNZagor: not if the list gets long
10:20:07LinusNi want the latest first
10:20:35Zagormost digest are top-down
10:21:11langhaarrockerWith it being news I expect the newes news top most, too
10:21:27 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:22:24Bagderthe newest are topmost
10:22:38langhaarrockerThat's why I like it :)
10:22:45BagderI just think that if people reload this, they'll like that order
10:23:32Bagdermy plan is to have the 'news.html' always present and the latest
10:23:34Bagderand edit that one
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10:25:55dwihnoLinusN: It didn't use the same style with the cursor selection as the menues :)
10:26:35LinusNdwihno: fix it then
10:27:05dwihnoLinusN: I'm working on it :D
10:27:17dwihnoBoD inroduced <−− news page
10:28:27PsycoXulhmm weird
10:28:31ZagorBagder: I understand the reasoning, I just find I'm more used to reading news top-down. and so I suspect most others are too. and note that the readers of this page probably aren't reading it every day.
10:28:50PsycoXuli swear i read something say the line-in was digital in And out
10:28:59PsycoXulon the fm rec
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10:31:23LinusNPsycoXul: yes, the manual says so
10:31:40LinusNobviously a typo
10:32:00LinusNor that they don't know what "I/O" means
10:32:51langhaarrockerthey think i/o is an abbreviation for imho
10:33:33LinusNgotta go, cu later
10:33:38 Part LinusN
10:34:48Hadakahmm, I thought it really was digital in and out ;)
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10:46:47dwihnoWho wants the inverted cursor in recording screen fix?
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10:51:31Quelsarukhi track
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10:51:53tracktheripperhi Quels, Bagder and Zagor
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10:53:25QuelsarukBagder: what happens if a person changes language strings order?
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10:53:53>>>"sview -a langhaarrocker" by Bagder (
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10:54:08Bagderin the english file: chaos, in other files: nothing
10:54:10>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
10:54:35dwihnoBagder: want patch? :)
10:54:49BagderI've never recorded anything ;-)
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10:55:04dwihnoMe neither, but the patch fixes the faulty display
10:55:06dwihnoI've tested it.
10:57:21calpefroschZagor: maybe we can discuss some questions, and then I will fix the search
10:59:01QuelsarukBagder: i love chaos :)
10:59:16dwihnoBagder: I'll submit it to the patch tracker, then do what you want with it :)
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11:05:21dwihnomen glöggtomte också!
11:05:24dwihnoden attach:ade inte filen
11:05:28dwihno*dissa sourceforge*
11:05:52tracktheripperspeak properly dwihno :)
11:08:58tracktheripper35 pixels should be enough :)
11:12:57tracktheripperwhen will the first "plug-in" firmware arrive?
11:13:23dwihnothe second you've written the code :-)
11:15:09tracktheripperwell Bjorn and co know more about it than I do :)
11:15:24dwihnothen be patient, young padawan :)
11:15:25Bagderits still only a plan
11:15:58tracktheripperhow would plugins work? you just download the features you require such as games or recording?
11:16:13langhaarrockerPlans succed. You learn that by watching "A-Team" :)
11:16:34tracktheripperused to watch that when I was younger :D
11:16:44Bagderyou'll get a bunch of .rock files to put in your .rockbox/rocks/ directory
11:17:28langhaarrockershouldn't it be the box dir then? :)
11:17:54Bagderhehe, possibly but the whole thing is a box
11:18:06PsycoXulheh a box of rocks
11:18:18tracktheripperI thougt it would be one big file but bits will be loaded as required
11:18:27PsycoXulwhen you release 2.3 you can say "rockbox is now officialy a box of rocks"
11:19:42langhaarrockerZagor: did you have that pun in mind when overriding the voted project name?
11:19:57tracktheripperwell rockbox sounds fine
11:20:11tracktheripperwhat else could you call it?
11:20:28PsycoXultracktheripper: there were several different names suggested and voted on
11:20:35PsycoXultracktheripper: "rockbox" was one of the losing ones
11:20:47langhaarrockerWho wants Zagor in a box?!?
11:20:54Bagderme me me!
11:21:00*Bagder grins
11:21:03tracktheripperso if rockbox was the losing one why was it chosen?
11:21:06PsycoXultracktheripper: seems they made it clear from the beginning that this project isn't a democracy
11:21:24langhaarrockerI think it was orpheus, but I'm not sure.
11:22:07tracktheripperyou could call it B.A.Z.
11:22:27tracktheripper(B)agder (A)dimas (Z)agor :-)
11:22:54langhaarrockerTheres an L missing
11:23:07dwihnoBALZ :D
11:23:35PsycoXullanghaarrocker: linusn?
11:23:54tracktheripperoh sowwie
11:24:03PsycoXultracktheripper: i meant
11:24:11tracktheripperor call it BACATTAF
11:24:34PsycoXulyou two's got the same length nicks that're too long to read and end in er
11:24:54tracktheripper(B)jorn (A)nd (C)o's (A)lternative (T)o (T)he (A)rchos (F)irmware
11:25:00*langhaarrocker needs a logopheadic therapy to readjust my tong
11:28:14tracktheripper<−−- wonders if you could watch MPEGs on the Recorder's display
11:28:48Zagortracktheripper: in 1-bit color?
11:28:59langhaarrockerMaybe with a framerate of 0.2fpm (frames per minute)
11:29:47langhaarrockerZagor: gray could be simulated by pulsewidth modulation of pixels
11:30:22Zagorlanghaarrocker: try it first :-)
11:30:45tracktheripperlol I can vision this being rejected so I wont' file it :-)
11:31:41langhaarrockertrack: you could request an entry in the nodo though
11:34:06tracktheripperyes ive read the NODO page
11:34:43langhaarrockerThe entry that there'll be no mpeg viewer is missing. :)
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11:45:08>>>"telllist" by langhaarrocker (
11:45:37>>>"help reportadd" by langhaarrocker (
11:46:03>>>"help talk" by langhaarrocker (
11:46:41>>>"help syntax" by langhaarrocker (
11:47:04>>>"syntax explain" by langhaarrocker (
11:47:48dwihnohe's not here at the moment, please leave a message after the tone
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11:48:45>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
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11:51:57>>>"help setexplain" by langhaarrocker (
11:53:26>>>"sview" by Bagder (
11:53:35>>>"help usermod" by Bagder (
11:53:49>>>"usermod langhaarrocker 200" by Bagder (
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11:55:15>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
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11:56:13>>>"help spyadd" by langhaarrocker (
11:57:09>>>"explain faq" by langhaarrocker (
11:57:18>>>"explain nodo" by langhaarrocker (
11:57:59>>>"expadd nodo=" by langhaarrocker (
11:58:06>>>"explain nodo" by langhaarrocker (
12:00:31>>>"explain" by langhaarrocker (
12:00:56>>>"explain *" by langhaarrocker (
12:01:27>>>"explain ro*" by langhaarrocker (
12:13:58calpefroschZagor: do you mind if we talk about the search ?
12:17:23langhaarrockerdwihno: seems track misunderstood something. He left instead of leaving a message.
12:18:41>>>"help op" by langhaarrocker (
12:18:56>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
12:21:35Bagdergotta go
12:21:42langhaarrockerhave fun!
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12:22:37Zagorcalpefrosch: sorry, I was away. sure, let's talk.
12:23:06calpefroschok, do you read the patch-tracker-items ?
12:23:33calpefroschdo you know this guy called "Stephen Ball" ?
12:26:19calpefroschI meant, do you read the comment of Stephen Ball in the patch-item
12:26:41webmindok the big advantage of having a jukebox without casing.. batteries are empty.. and 1 week away from my charger :) long live plain non rechargables :)
12:29:28langhaarrockerwebmind: you run the jukebox on alkaline cells?
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12:29:36webmindatm yes
12:29:57langhaarrockerIt doesn't say good bye in a puff of smoke?
12:30:03*langhaarrocker never dared that experiment
12:30:17webmindlanghaarrocker, i dared before.. no probs
12:30:36langhaarrockernice to know. Player? Recorder? FM?
12:30:49XxXxXAm I able to protect the Jukebox with a password?
12:31:06webmindmind u.. afaik the jukebox batteries are i think a tad weak for the design
12:31:15XxXxXAm I able to protect the Jukebox with a password?
12:31:17webmindXxXxX, not unless u code it in
12:31:45webmindlanghaarrocker, he can.. if he makes a patch for it cant he
12:32:44langhaarrockerAnd in the very beginning of rockbox there was a bug that occasionally password protected the drive by accident, I think.
12:33:27webminduhm k
12:33:28langhaarrockerXxXxX: Does your name tell why you want to protect the drive? :)
12:33:42XxXxXit doesn't
12:33:46webmindlanghaarrocker, protect the pr0n
12:34:16#>>"explain pr0n" by langhaarrocker (
12:34:21Zagorrockbox can't protect the disk, since we don't control the USB mode
12:34:22*langhaarrocker neither
12:41:56 Part XxXxX
12:50:41calpefroschZagor: if you are busy, we can talk tomorrow
12:51:12Zagorcalpefrosch: ok, maybe that's best. i'm having a hectic day at work.
12:57:03calpefroschZagor: np
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13:55:45Nomad__morning all
13:56:52Nomad__hopefully my JB will be home by tomorrow... just got an email from Archos it was shipped
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16:37:45elinenbeI'M BACK!! (cheers)
16:38:09Quelsarukyou too?
16:39:02elinenberead me:
16:40:40Quelsaruki didn't even know there was a forum there
16:40:57Quelsaruki had that thought yesterday
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17:29:35webmindhmm doesnt last long on alkaline though
17:29:59elinenbewebmind: nope
17:30:21webmindthen again...
17:30:26webmindabour 6hours now
17:49:33 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:53:56 Part Zagor
18:04:27 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
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18:16:56webmind7hours now
18:20:54 Join Wonderlan [0] (
18:21:50Wonderlancan you help me? I am having a problem with my jukebox 6000 under XP sp1. I have asus a7n8x deluxe
18:22:22Quelsarukwhat problem do you have?
18:22:24webmindare u using rockbox ?
18:23:01WonderlanI have installed the drivers (they have worked for me before on an old install of XP and Win2k at work). Basically I can "sometimes" see the drive but when I try to read anything off the HD I get read/write cache access error
18:23:26WonderlanI am not using rockbox because I cant access the jukebox to put the rockbox on it :(
18:24:34Wonderlanit is showing up as an unplugable device in my system tray. but is not showing as a drive in my Explorer window
18:24:59WonderlanI see it as USB Storage Adapter V2->TOSHIBA MK6015MAP USB Device
18:25:41Wonderlanit appears to lock up my disk manager service so I cant look at anything in Disk Management
18:26:33Wonderlanas soon as I stop device I can access disk management again :-/
18:27:47Quelsaruksounds strange
18:27:52WonderlanI know :(
18:27:59Quelsaruki never had that problem
18:28:18Quelsarukbut i don't use winXP
18:28:24Wonderlanwhat drivers are you using?
18:28:42WonderlanTPPINST_5_04.EXE ?
18:29:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:56:53Quelsarukthe one's that i downloaded from archos website
18:56:57Quelsaruki dunno the name
18:57:48webmindok.. 8 hours sharp...
18:58:01webmindalkaline batteries are a solution then
19:05:16Quelsarukwebmind: for what?
19:15:04 Quit Wonderlan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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21:53:29 Join Zagor [242] (
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22:58:51BagderZagor: here?
23:03:28 Join LinusN [200] (
23:03:31Bagdercheck out my first shot at a digest section =>
23:03:46BagderI need some nice css for it
23:04:13ZagorBagder: ok, i'll look into it later
23:04:32Zagorlooks good
23:04:50LinusNZagor: any news on the CVS manual prob?
23:05:20LinusNi have a guy who is eager to write some stuff
23:06:23Zagorwell cvs is only really needed when more than one wants to work at the same time... :-)
23:06:55LinusNI, you, Jose and him, just to count a few
23:07:50Zagoryes, but with only us we can work sequentially until we find/make tools to handle diffs
23:08:18LinusNshould i send him the file and let him send it back at regular intervals?
23:08:32Zagoryeah, sounds good
23:15:06BagderLinusN: you have any comments on my doc?
23:16:45LinusNi tried to access it this weekend, but coudln't
23:17:02Bagdernah, I had my computer shutoff while in Skåne
23:17:17LinusNthere you go
23:17:39BagderI'm intending to post it to the list soon for a wider audience
23:17:50LinusNgive me a few minutes to read it
23:18:01Bagdersure, I won't do it today
23:18:15Bagderseen my initial "digest" attempts?
23:18:34LinusNBagder: love the digest
23:19:08ZagorBagder: one issue is that this makes player and recorder behave quite differently. I haven't though about it, but maybe it means the code will diverge more too?
23:20:10Bagderonly in plain key-related issues, we should still be able to re-use the same functions for the same functionality
23:20:50Bagderbesides, I still think its worth it to persue this
23:20:59Bagdereven if the code would diverge a bit more
23:21:20LinusNBagder: the recording keys are wrong
23:21:28LinusNthere is no STOP key
23:21:58LinusNshould we keep a history in the manual?
23:21:59Bagderreload now
23:22:37ZagorLinusN: we should probably keep a 2.0 manual and not mix 2.0 and daily build features in the same file
23:23:09Zagorperhaps it's best to just leave the 2.0 manual as-is and only work on a new
23:23:33LinusNstill, corrections should go into the 2.0 as well
23:23:47Bagderyes, but a fork of it might be good
23:26:27LinusNi'm for a fork
23:26:59Jet8810anybody have a AC adapter for the Recorder they want to sell me?
23:47:33ZagorJet8810: the recorder is very flexible. any 9-12 V adapter will work
23:50:39Jet8810hmm OK
23:50:44Jet8810what voltage should it be set at?
23:52:15Jet8810also, does the amps matter?
23:53:07Zagor10-12 is the best voltage. amps should to be >= 600mA
23:53:44Jet8810hmm OK
23:53:52Jet8810I cant beleive I lost mine though
23:53:59Jet8810also, whats the connector size for this thing?
23:54:48Zagoruh, not sure. 3,5mm perhaps
23:56:38Jet8810hell I even have a car charger
23:56:47Jet8810just leave it in car whenever I gotta charge! :-P
23:58:08PsycoXulit's tip H at radioshack i think
23:58:16Jet8810I found a charger around my room that is 7.5 V and 2100 mah
23:58:20Jet8810wont work cuz of voltage right?
23:58:22Jet8810thanks Psyco!

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