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#rockbox log for 2003-04-24

00:00:54devZer0errr. for a newsticker or what?
00:01:14BagderI'm working on making the digest available as rss too
00:01:29devZer0the digest is fantastic!
00:01:56BagderI think I'm gonna ignore the fact that my current RSS doesn't validate
00:03:36Bagderit complains on
00:03:37 Join Nomad__ [0] (
00:03:47Bagderstuff in the links and even 8bit letters etc
00:03:51Nomad__WEEEEEEE, got my new Studio 10 back from RMA
00:04:08Zagortry another validator. google found a lot
00:04:23devZer0mhh - isn`t rss downloadable by a webbrowser?
00:04:38Bagdernot really
00:04:56ZagordevZer0: no, it's a web content syndication format
00:05:13devZer0you mean it is something like a streaming format?
00:05:35Zagorno, it's for grabbing content from one web site to reformat and put on another
00:05:45Zagorlike slashdot headlines etc
00:06:20devZer0yes - but the url .....digest.rss will deliver that content,right?
00:06:42devZer0and it is via http as the scheme says
00:07:13Bagderbut its xml
00:07:34Bagderthat isn't to be browser-displayed
00:07:58devZer0but afaik MS IE is able to display xml
00:08:32devZer0is it a static file on the server?
00:08:55Bagderthe server sends it as plain text
00:09:05Bagderits a static file, yes
00:09:18Bagderthe output of a preprocess
00:09:39devZer0then my IE must be very dumb with this
00:09:52Zagorit's not for a browser to read
00:09:55BagderI think it is because of the content-type
00:09:56devZer0mozilla has no problem downloading that
00:10:04devZer0think so
00:10:08Bagderoh, it doesn't even download?
00:10:31devZer0that wondered me - and that`s why i asked
00:10:57Bagderwell, I'm not that concerned, IE shouldn't be used for this ;-)
00:12:13devZer0that would be my answer, too :D
00:13:27devZer0zagor/badger - did nobody find some time to look at my patch?
00:13:40BagderI haven't
00:13:49Zagori hope to do it tomorrow
00:14:33devZer0ok, that would be great
00:14:52devZer0since you are very busy , aren`t there others who could do such?
00:15:28Zagoryes there are
00:15:29devZer0who is the one who decides what goes into rockbox and what not? who is the linus torvalds of rockbox ? ;)
00:15:35ZagorI am
00:16:09 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:16:20devZer0and you are the one who looks on every patch?
00:16:30ZagordevZer0: more or less, yes
00:16:59devZer0ok. it is good that there is one person coordinating thinks and making decisions
00:17:03tracktheripperhi dev and zagor
00:17:07tracktheripperand bagder
00:17:09devZer0hi track
00:17:29tracktheripperim still intruiged about this "plugin system"
00:18:16devZer0zagor: then i don`t urge no further - i thought there are more people doing putting patches into cvs
00:18:22tracktheripperwould you download only the features you require such as games or recording?
00:18:32tracktheripperand place them in a special directory?
00:18:36BagderdevZer0: we're basicly three people doing it
00:19:00Bagdertracktheripper: yes, possibly
00:19:22devZer0this is badger,zagor and linus. the curl-crew ;)
00:19:37tracktheripperi just call them Bjorn and co dev :-)
00:19:45Bagderwe are Haxx ;-)
00:19:54tracktheripperbagder, zagor, linus = Bjorn and co :)
00:20:08devZer0and how is the word "haxx" being formed ?
00:20:20Bagderhack in plural
00:20:21tracktheripperi reckon its hacks misspelt :-)
00:20:33devZer0ahhh yes :D
00:20:39tracktheripperof course Badger :-)
00:20:59tracktheripperDev who is your fave member of Bjorn and co or Haxx? :-)
00:21:12devZer0but isn`t it "h4xX" ?
00:21:25Bagderthat's for people under 20 ;-)
00:21:35devZer0haha :D
00:21:45tracktheripperLinus is my fave member of Bjorn and co :-)
00:22:23devZer0think you are all nice guys
00:22:35tracktheripperyea they all are :-)
00:22:57tracktheripperbut I just like Linus most, but I think Zagor and Bagder are also great guys :-)
00:24:08tracktheripperwheres Dwihno?
00:24:20Bagderprolly asleep
00:24:36devZer0i don`t know them well enough, as I can make a decision about that yet :)
00:24:56tracktheripperyea Badger according to version 2.1 what "features" would most likely be included?
00:25:04Bagderno idea
00:25:05tracktheripperwhich were left out of version 2.0
00:25:09BagderI just work here ;-)
00:25:26tracktheripperyea im still annoyed over losing yesterday's argument :-(
00:25:29 Quit Nomad__ ("No windows for this server")
00:25:50Zagortracktheripper: for starters, all the stuff that has gone in since 2.0 was released.
00:26:09tracktheripperok cheers Bjorn :D
00:26:22devZer0i saw a website where every user could "vote" for features - and the features with best votes were developed
00:26:37Zagorthat's for commercial development
00:26:46BagderI'd prefer to have votes on existing patches instead
00:26:47devZer0should`t we look for such voting system?
00:26:50Zagorthe best code is the code you want to write
00:27:01Zagornot the code someone else wants you to write
00:27:02devZer0this is really right
00:27:32tracktheripperso what you are saying that everyone should write their own "features" not file them as requests?
00:27:45Bagderpreferably, yes
00:27:50devZer0mhh - what about assigning feature requests to coders? something like "hey, i like that request and i possibly could code that..."
00:27:57tracktheripperbut what about us mere mortals who cannot program? like me?
00:28:01Bagderrequests make no one happy, actual features do
00:28:03ZagordevZer0: yes, that happens
00:28:27BagderdevZer0: yes, that's a good way to "mark" interest in doing something
00:28:32tracktheripperlol this prob spells the end of me as I cannot program :-(
00:29:01Zagortracktheripper: if you can't code, you can submit requests. but naturally code is better than requests
00:29:01tracktheripperif everyone has to write their own code now
00:29:06devZer0track - look at me. i`m awful bad coder - it is years behind that i coded in C - but actually i managed to do a patch. perhaps you gonna learn coding C.
00:29:13Bagderwe always needed code
00:29:18Bagderrockbox is nothing without code
00:29:26tracktheripperive tried and tried and just failed learning :-(
00:29:40Zagorlook at the end of the release notes. there's about 50 names there of people who have contributed code to rockbox
00:30:05tracktheripperwell, im gonna look at a mates Player tommorow and see how it compares with my Recorder
00:30:09PsycoXulhey i still haven't really learned C yet and i contributed a patch months ago
00:30:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:30:35tracktheripperwhat program should I buy to learn to program in C?
00:30:54PsycoXulbuy program?
00:31:06Bagderget a book
00:31:10tracktheripperWindows does not have C built in
00:31:15devZer0it`s just a matter of mentality. you really must WANT that. then you learn, and practice, and lern, and you make bigger and bigger steps
00:31:28tracktheripperdo you use Notepad to write the code?
00:31:31Bagdertracktheripper: there are free compilers for windows too
00:31:39PsycoXulyou can use any text editor you want to write the code
00:31:47PsycoXuli use vim
00:31:54tracktheripperso Notepad WOULD work?
00:31:59Bagderoh yes
00:32:14devZer0track: you just can use win32sdk - its sooo easy to install. just fiddle around with just changing some lines in rockbox
00:32:18tracktheripperright, so im gonna download the source code, view the various files and try and make sense of it
00:32:40tracktheripperi wish Bjorn was here giving me personal tution :-)
00:32:45devZer0it isn`t easy, because it`s sorta complex
00:32:56tracktheripper<−−−− is having his dinner now
00:32:57devZer0but there are also easy parts in the code
00:33:01tracktheripper<−−- will be back soon
00:33:30devZer0happy meal!:)
00:33:50PsycoXuli'd send you stuff i've written cause it's all simple/beginner stuff, but it'd probably do more harm than good
00:34:50PsycoXulthe only decent thing i've coded so far is R rated too
00:36:31devZer0should we recommend him a book?
00:37:24PsycoXuli like beginning linux programming from wrox, but i dunno if that'd help him too much :p
00:37:57devZer0do you know a good one? i think kerighan and ritchie is a little bit hard for the beginner. that book is a little bit moldy
00:38:41devZer0what about teach yourself c in 21 days?
00:38:56PsycoXulwell there's that...
00:39:11PsycoXuli read that once or twice without coming away with much useful personally though heh
00:39:49*Bagder learned C by trial and error on a unix machine ;-)
00:39:51devZer0yes - c isn`t really easy to learn
00:39:59Bagderoh, and man pages
00:40:05devZer0you need a lot of practice
00:40:07PsycoXulC is easier on *nix i think
00:40:21devZer0but you need a good reference, too
00:40:24PsycoXulbetween the dev tools being there and all the man pages
00:40:33PsycoXuland lots of source laying around
00:41:25PsycoXuldevZer0: yeah you do...
00:42:16PsycoXulthere's that one website.. or something isn't it? that (last time i was there, years ago) let you sign up for a (free) membership and then read a bunch of books online
00:42:18devZer0will send him cin21days
00:42:25PsycoXulincluding all the sams teach yourself and such
00:43:09devZer0had mirrored that from there were 180 free ebooks afaicr
00:43:22Zagortime for bed
00:43:29 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:43:31devZer0night, zagor
00:43:57Bagderzagor's linux patch is going in the mm2 kernel series at least
00:44:28devZer0what is mm2 ?
00:44:31 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:44:42BagderAndrew Morton's tree it seems
00:44:50midknight2k3There's a bug on the website
00:45:17Bagdermidknight2k3: what is it?
00:46:00midknight2k3If you go to a dailybuild changelog and click the button "Back to project Rockbox Home" it sends you to '' not '
00:46:12midknight2k3 fore xample
00:47:15midknight2k3yay I found a bug yehoo
00:48:30Bagderme fixed that now
00:48:37Bagderfor new ones
00:48:57Bagderred build all over
00:49:08Bagder error: max firmware size is 200KB!
00:49:14midknight2k3uh oh
00:49:26midknight2k3you guys have a limit?
00:49:36midknight2k3did you know that before?
00:49:37PsycoXulthey don't
00:49:38PsycoXulthe unit does
00:49:42midknight2k3well yes
00:49:45PsycoXulor rather, the ROM firmware does
00:49:52BagderI made it go over the limit
00:49:52midknight2k3so in a sense you either have to stopp adding features or rremove some
00:50:00midknight2k3can you get around it?
00:50:04PsycoXulno they don't have to
00:50:04Bagderor make the plugin system reality
00:50:11PsycoXulyeah there's the plugin system
00:50:25PsycoXuland/or they could make a stripped-down ROLO and a 2-stage loading
00:51:34midknight2k3rolos are good mm mm good
00:51:48midknight2k3like carmely and chokolity
00:52:06midknight2k3and small and rownd
00:52:25midknight2k3any input?
00:52:40midknight2k3we have activity!
00:52:48*Bagder runs off to bed
00:52:50midknight2k3I think I'll respond approprieatly
00:52:51 Quit Bagder ("")
00:53:08tracktherippermmmm Cadbury's mini eggs I got for Easter :-)
00:53:23midknight2k3Reses are betr
00:53:41PsycoXuli want some 70% cocoa bittersweet dark choklit
00:54:02midknight2k3then agin i tnk tat all chokolik b good
00:54:21midknight2k3jst lke cookie
00:54:23PsycoXuli don't like milk choklit anymore
00:54:24tracktheripperits chocolate not chokolit
00:54:33PsycoXulit's chocolate
00:54:35PsycoXulor choklit
00:55:02PsycoXulbut the good stuff's hard to come by it seems
00:55:03midknight2k3watch this
00:55:13midknight2k3stay quiet while i make a hamburger
00:55:16midknight2k3say NOTHING
00:55:18midknight2k3here i go
00:55:20PsycoXuldon't make a hamburger
00:55:41midknight2k3No don't say anything
00:55:45midknight2k3not 'say nothing!'
00:55:51midknight2k3here i go
00:55:54PsycoXulno just don't do it
00:56:09PsycoXulirc isn't the right place for crappy ascii art
00:56:21PsycoXulit's just flood
00:56:28midknight2k3wait one more please? really small
00:56:40devZer0shiiiit. i recognized that jirc chat applet doesnt have courier font for chat window
00:56:46devZer0that MUST be changed
00:56:51midknight2k3no way i hate corier
00:57:10tracktheripperhow about a feature request that reshuffles the playlsit when it repetes
00:57:14devZer0then tell me another font that will show your burgers right :D
00:57:15midknight2k3uh NO
00:57:25midknight2k3im not allowes
00:57:35midknight2k3according to psyco, the double height tester
00:57:43midknight2k3:Glee )
00:58:03midknight2k3dare i attempt a better burger?
00:58:05tracktheripperchiken burgers are nices
00:58:14devZer0do it
00:59:18 Join REBELinBLUE [0] (
01:00:01REBELinBLUEanyone on the Dev team here?
01:00:04midknight2k3|)() \/()(_) |_ | |< |=)(_)|-(-||)\?
01:00:13midknight2k3that last word is 'burger'
01:00:27midknight2k3so answer
01:00:33midknight2k3if you can decipher it
01:00:57midknight2k3it's decipher
01:01:00midknight2k3not decifer
01:01:12tracktheripperi know
01:01:23midknight2k3answer the question
01:01:28 Join test [0] (
01:01:56 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:02:02BoD[]yo !
01:02:03midknight2k3'do you like burger?'
01:02:28midknight2k3forget me then
01:02:39midknight2k3ill just run away and die for all you care eh?
01:03:21tracktherippercalm down we all love you midknightg :-)
01:04:41 Quit test (Client Quit)
01:04:51 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
01:06:29 Join devZer0 [0] (
01:07:23devZer0mhh -changed applet to courier. don`t know if I like that...
01:07:42devZer02k3 - could you paint one more burger?
01:07:45midknight2k3it's something else
01:08:48PsycoXuldevZer0: was that really worth it?
01:08:50devZer0it is bread, meat, salad, cheese,bread - from top to the bottom, right ? :D
01:09:05devZer0noo :)
01:09:10midknight2k3i think you're right! ;)
01:09:15devZer0it still looks like shit ;)
01:09:27PsycoXulit looks more like bread, lettuce, cheese, meat, bread to me
01:09:27midknight2k3Try one then do a better one come on
01:09:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:09:33devZer0hey, it`s up to the font.
01:09:39midknight2k3do one
01:09:40midknight2k3come on
01:09:48 Join Zagor [0] (
01:09:49PsycoXulif you really want me to
01:09:52PsycoXulhold on a few minutes
01:10:50midknight2k3Daily Bread
01:11:10devZer0hee - zagor, can`t you sleep ?
01:11:35midknight2k3i think not.
01:11:44midknight2k3anyone ask a yes/no question to me
01:11:51midknight2k3i can answer like an 8 ball
01:12:11Zagorwhat on earth is happening here?
01:12:19midknight2k3I think... not.
01:12:28midknight2k3YES/NO QUESTION!
01:12:31devZer02k3 does some nasty ascii art
01:12:40midknight2k3ask me
01:12:45midknight2k3if i do
01:12:56Zagorplease refrain from the ASCII art here please
01:13:00devZer0and i recognized that courier is crap for this chat applet
01:13:02midknight2k3i know
01:13:07midknight2k3wasn't that like 2 haours ago
01:13:15midknight2k3when that guy REQUESTED it?
01:13:23devZer0heeeee !
01:14:01Zagoryes and im now asking for it to be stopped please
01:14:07midknight2k3ok sorry
01:14:27midknight2k3ask a question i will tell you the answer (it has to be yes/no)
01:14:28Zagorif you want to do art, go and play Isketch
01:14:31devZer0zagor, did you like arial more?
01:14:40midknight2k3Sorry jeez did i not say i was sorry?
01:14:44ZagorArial is the easiest to read
01:14:51 Quit REBELinBLUE ()
01:14:56devZer0will switch that back
01:15:12BoD[]fonts without serifs are easier to read :)
01:15:38Zagoryes and Arial does NOT have serifs
01:15:58 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
01:16:27Zagorthe Caption backlight looks good
01:16:29 Join devZer0 [0] (
01:16:54BoD[]caption backlight ? what is that
01:17:44Zagorwhen the backlight switches ON before the song playing finishes and OFF a few seconds after the next song has started playing
01:18:15devZer0i think about a german translation
01:18:18PsycoXulok mine's coming out crappy
01:18:23BoD[]oh ok :)
01:18:25midknight2k3lets see
01:18:40BoD[]i like this feature
01:18:53midknight2k3is it in rockbox?
01:18:57 Quit Zagor ("Leaving")
01:19:10 Join LinusN1 [0] (
01:19:12 Quit LinusN1 (Client Quit)
01:19:18BoD[]i guess it is;)
01:19:27midknight2k3i guess the newest dlybld
01:19:33 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:19:56midknight2k3i have yesterdays
01:20:00midknight2k3is it in there?
01:20:00devZer0better try bleeding edge build
01:20:14PsycoXuli'll just send it to you so i don't flood this chan with crappy ascii art that nobody'll appreciate
01:20:52midknight2k3*ahem*zagor*ahem* ;)
01:21:35tracktherippermidknight what u on about?
01:21:48midknight2k3clam down jeez
01:22:33tracktheripperi just wondered why u went *ahem*zagor*ahem
01:22:38PsycoXulmidknight2k3: how do you like that one?
01:23:03midknight2k3it's very...
01:23:06PsycoXulthe ascii ended up taller than i drew it
01:23:41tracktheripperplz pipe down on the ASCII art
01:23:49midknight2k3okay wait
01:23:56midknight2k3the bleeding edge build 'failed'?
01:23:57BoD[]what ascii art ?
01:24:26tracktheripperthese stupid ascii burgers
01:24:39BoD[]i didn't see them
01:24:46midknight2k3they're in private chat
01:24:51BoD[]but... they sound like an interesting concept
01:24:56midknight2k3which i might add isn't bugging anyone else ripper
01:24:59BoD[]ascii burgers
01:25:06midknight2k3<PsycoXul> ._xni,
01:25:06midknight2k3<PsycoXul> _nonnnns
01:25:06midknight2k3<PsycoXul> <onnnnnvnc
01:25:06DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:25:06midknight2k3<PsycoXul> 1********(
01:25:06midknight2k3<PsycoXul> :;;;;;;;:.
01:25:07***Alert Mode level 1
01:25:07midknight2k3<PsycoXul> .=:|=====|_
01:25:08BoD[]hmmm :)
01:25:09midknight2k3<PsycoXul> -xxxxlxxxl>
01:25:11midknight2k3<PsycoXul> xnvnnvnvn=
01:25:13midknight2k3<PsycoXul> +""""""""`
01:25:21midknight2k3nice eh
01:25:21tracktheripperthats tracktheripper to you midknight
01:25:31midknight2k3it's too long
01:25:35midknight2k3ripper is better
01:25:42BoD[]ouch there it is
01:25:44midknight2k3'ripper is a gangster!'
01:26:11BoD[]and does this is supposed to look like a burger ?
01:26:12tracktheripperok knight
01:26:51midknight2k3according to psyco
01:26:53tracktheripperif u want a burger go to Mcdonalds
01:26:54midknight2k3was mine better?
01:27:35 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:28:31BoD[]burger time is a good game, though
01:29:18 Join Fraunhofer [0] (
01:30:35Fraunhoferhi bod
01:30:44BoD[]so you're a codec right ?
01:31:21Fraunhofernah im someone who uses this codec
01:31:22midknight2k3be back in a bit
01:31:27 Quit midknight2k3 ()
01:31:48BoD[]me I use lame... because I'm a lamer
01:32:04FraunhoferLame isnt as good
01:32:14FraunhoferFraun even sounds good at 96kbs
01:32:59Fraunhoferi do admit, Blade is shite
01:33:01BoD[]hey ! what's the codec in an archos ?
01:33:12BoD[]I mean .. the familly
01:33:34Fraunhoferaccording to the FAQ its a version of the Fraunhofer III codec on the MP3 chip
01:34:31BoD[]so I would think that using fraunhofer for coding files is a good idea if you want to play them with the archos
01:34:44Fraunhofersummat like that
01:34:51Fraunhoferdon't touch BLADE though
01:35:08***Alert Mode OFF
01:35:08BoD[]:) i won't
01:35:28FraunhoferBLADE is only good if you rip at 320kbs
01:35:30BoD[]well i use cdex to rip my cds and I think it comes with lame by default
01:35:39BoD[]but i gues you can use any codec with it
01:35:55Fraunhoferwell ive tried lame but don't think there is a difference between that and fraunhofer
01:36:09FraunhoferBlade sounds crass at 128kbs
01:36:19BoD[]psycho : it's blurry
01:36:22PsycoXulheh :p
01:36:36PsycoXuloh damn he quit
01:36:55BoD[]well ok I put it in my black list ;)
01:37:09PsycoXullame is the superior mp3 encoder
01:37:22Fraunhoferbut i would use BLADE instead of WMA
01:37:39BoD[]what about ogg vorbis
01:37:47PsycoXulvorbis is the superior codec
01:37:54PsycoXulbut we can't play that on our archos
01:37:56FraunhoferOGG is okay but not widely supported
01:38:01FraunhoferWMA hurts my ears
01:38:07FraunhoferMP3Pro sounds good
01:38:17PsycoXulogg's not a codec, it's a container file format
01:38:33PsycoXulwhich is why all those people making .ogm files for movies are ignorant morons
01:38:50Fraunhoferthe treble in WMA sounds painful through headphones
01:39:17BoD[]but wma has several versions right ? maybe the current version is better
01:39:28Fraunhoferno it isnt
01:39:39Fraunhoferive used the newest version in Soundforge and it still sounds crap
01:39:50BoD[]ah ok
01:40:19BoD[]maybe real audio is the best ... just kidding
01:40:46Fraunhoferactually WAV sounds best :_)
01:41:02BoD[]haah :) true
01:41:20BoD[]i often see wav files on kazaa
01:41:40Fraunhoferbut wavs take too long to download unless u have broadband
01:41:53BoD[]even if you have broadband
01:42:12Fraunhoferbut to me 192kbs sounds fine
01:42:17BoD[]well it depends on what broadband really means ;) me i have 512down 128up ....
01:42:46Fraunhoferi have a 64Mb leased line :)
01:42:54Fraunhoferdownload WAVs in a few moments
01:44:02PsycoXulthere's also flac
01:44:05Fraunhoferonly kidding
01:44:10Fraunhoferim on 56k dialup :(
01:44:45BoD[]man how can you survive
01:49:19 Quit Fraunhofer ("Leaving")
01:51:07 Join [rabble] [0] (
01:51:13[rabble]I'm back..
01:51:19PsycoXulwho're you
01:51:23[rabble]how ya'll doing this evening
01:51:48[rabble]I've been in a few times with some problems.... always found good help here..
01:52:45[rabble]Ok, I just bought an Archos 6000 Recorder, and I think the hag I bought it from gave me the wrong power's a Phillips Magnavox 120V > 4.5V output positive tip
01:53:31[rabble]Will that work at all? It doesn't seem to be charging (no charging confirmation screen) and I can't get it to boot (HDD error, I was told it was from not enough juice to spin the disk)
01:54:56[rabble]I'm still running the stock firmware, btw..
01:55:15PsycoXuli don't think thats enough voltage
01:55:23[rabble]What is it supposed to be?
01:55:41PsycoXul14:52 < Zagor> 10-12 is the best voltage. amps should to be >= 600mA
01:55:57[rabble]Sweet...yeah, that'd be a problem..
01:56:18[rabble]Can I just put regular batteries in to make sure everything works (non NiMH)?
01:56:41[rabble]the NiMHs are 1.2V while regualr Energizers are 1.5V
01:57:28PsycoXuli'm not sure
01:57:28 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its how steak is done")
01:57:55[rabble]has anyone ever put regular batteries in an Archos?
01:58:15PsycoXuli guess so
01:58:26PsycoXuli've heard mixed reports i think
02:00:05[rabble]I don't wanna fark around with it..
02:06:21 Quit BoD[] ("dvd time")
02:06:22[rabble]ok, I'm sure I'll be back soon enough
02:06:25[rabble]thanks for the help
02:19:55 Quit [rabble] (""What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the nam)
02:25:13 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
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03:09:14 Join Nomad__ [0] (
03:16:27 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:17:18Nomad__load /home/nomad/.irc/phoenix.irc
03:26:32 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:26:35midknight2k3Hi all
03:53:42 Quit Nomad__ ("I'm outta here!")
04:09:09 Join _seb_ [0] (
04:27:02 Join rhinostool [0] (
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04:31:26rhinostoolquestion: if i install rockbox on my archos does that void the warranty?
04:35:33 Quit rhinostool ("Leaving")
04:44:21 Join Guest [0] (
04:50:00 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
04:55:25 Quit midknight2k3 ()
05:02:13 Join Nixed [0] (
05:03:13NixedDoes anyone here have a problem with sound cutting out whit their Archos Recorder when the battery life runs down to 50%?
05:04:29NixedShould I be recharging the battery at that point?
05:04:36 Quit Nixed (Client Quit)
05:19:45 Join JayG [0] (
05:20:21JayGAnyone have a problem with sound cutting out when the battery charge is at 50% or below on their Archos Recorder?
05:23:30 Part JayG
05:23:34 Join JayG [0] (
05:25:35 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:26:14 Quit JayG ()
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07:09:09 Join PureR3asn [0] (
07:09:16PureR3asnAnyone around that can help me out a bit?
07:10:26PureR3asnI've just finished the hard drive replacement on my Archos 6K Recorder, and I'm getting an HD register error
07:11:15PureR3asnSomething weird is happening with the power, too, the LCD backlight is "pulsing"
07:11:19PureR3asnjust a little bit.
07:11:52PureR3asnany ideas?
07:21:12PureR3asnAnyone ever run across this problem before?
07:33:44 Quit PureR3asn ()
07:34:18 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
08:13:25 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
08:16:10 Join Bagder [241] (
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08:42:37 Join Zagor_ [242] (
08:42:44 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
08:45:42Zagorwhat is the kosher way to treat addresses that bounce due to their mail box being full? I get a dozen such bounces for each mail on rockbox...
08:46:00BagderI usually let them bounce a few times and then remove them
08:46:34Zagorhow do you like this:
08:46:36Zagor>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=2073
08:46:40Zagor<<< 452 Out of memory
08:47:34ZagorI need automated bounce removal
08:47:58Zagor370 names right now...
08:48:26Zagorabout a hundred bounces just today...
08:49:14 Join Mighty [0] (
08:49:21Zagoryo, Mighty
08:49:24Mightymorning :-)
08:51:15MightyWhat plans do you have for the future, ie. -far- into the future with rockbox when less people use the elder Archos players as AJB Multimedia and the new AV generations comes ?
08:51:31Bagderthen we go home
08:51:43Zagorno plans for those. they are a bitch to hack, since all docs are secret.
08:52:54 Join thu_ [0] (
08:53:52Bagdercan you get the .rss file fine?
08:54:31MightyHave you thought about the posibility that Archos could give you the information?
08:54:47MightyThey included RB on their CD...
08:54:47BagderMighty: we have, and we've asked, and they've said no
08:54:50ZagorMighty: yes. i've spoken to them but they don't want ot
08:55:12Bagderso, when the sh1 series die, so will Rockbox on Archos
08:55:15Mightythey're quite odd people
08:55:16ZagorMighty: did they ever do that? they said they would, but i've never heard from anyone who actually got it
08:55:54ZagorBagder: Opera complains: "XML parsing failed: not well-formed (32:81)" :-)
08:55:58MightyI have no clue, perhaps it takes some time for newly packaged players to get out to the stores
08:56:12Bagderbut you could get it
08:56:19dwihnoZagor: you hated the patch? :(
08:57:20Zagorthat, or they just ditched the idea
08:57:20Zagordwihno: no. i just have a life :)
08:58:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:58:09*Bagder hides
08:58:17MightyI want to buy a digitalcamera or a new Archos AV*, but I only have money enough for one of them :-) It would have been a lot more fun to have an Archos if there were real programmers writing SW for it :-)
08:59:27Zagori'd buy the camera for now
08:59:55dwihnoZagor: YOU HATED IT! :~~~( *boooohooo*
09:02:34Mightywould be fun to know what it is archos thinks would happen if they gave out HW specs to opensourcedevelopers,, perhaps their company explodes or disappears
09:02:50BagderI'm off for the day
09:02:56Mightyit seems like they'd only have things to win on making alternative versions available for their producs
09:02:58ZagorBagder: bye
09:03:01Bagderopen source talk to listen to
09:03:09 Nick Bagder is now known as Bagder-gone (
09:03:18ZagorMighty: they are afraid their competitors, like creative and apple, will copy them
09:04:04MightyZagor, but the competitors can still reverse-engineer the systems if they wanted to, quite simply, if they put a group on doing so.. ?
09:04:04Zagorit's silly, yes, but that is their fear. and I believe they are honest about this.
09:04:20Zagoryeah, we did it...
09:05:02Mightyit'd perhaps be simpler for them to get some form of copyright/patent on their technology if they develop new solutions
09:05:15Mightyinstead of just hoping noone will ever figure out how things work
09:05:44Zagorthey don't have any new technology. they are just good at putting standard components in a small package.
09:06:20Mightydid they ever ask you when you spoke to them how you figured out the bin/rom encryptionsystem :-)
09:06:48Zagorno. they just said their technicians are impressed :-)
09:07:18dwihnoHow DID you figure it out?
09:07:31Zagorhard work
09:07:33Zagorand coffee
09:07:35dwihnoAnd how did you figure out the FM scramble routine?
09:07:36Mightybruteforce ?
09:07:50Zagorthe FM just has a different header. that was easy.
09:07:55dwihnospeaking of hard work... man, was it a great hockey game last night?! :D
09:08:31 Quit thu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:44ZagorMighty: not brute force. you can only brute force keys to a known encryption algorithm. finding out the algorithm is manual work.
09:08:44MightyZagor you have equipment on your work that can be connected to the 'side' of a binary bus to spy on the data and such things?
09:10:14MightyI can imagine the guy at Archos' labs who developed their encryption had a funny day
09:10:47Zagorit's not real encryption. it's just scrambling
09:11:14Zagorsome shifts here, some bytes moved there.
09:11:51dwihnoSo you got the scrambled and unscrambled, and you then figured out the algo?
09:12:13Zagordwihno: no, we mostly compared different scrambled versions
09:12:39dwihnoYou're a true Hacker(tm)
09:12:46*Zagor bows
09:15:27MightyZagor do you every write intro/demoeffects these days or any graphics ?
09:15:47Zagorno, that was many years ago
09:16:00Zagorjust lcd graphics for rockbox :-)
09:16:04Mightyyou don't have anything saved somewhere that runs on linux?
09:16:21Zagoryou can run all our old c64 demos in the vice c64 emulator
09:16:58Zagorthe demos are available here: kjer/horizon/">
09:17:00Mightywhat was the name of the group, contactor ?
09:17:11Zagorthe group was called Horizon
09:17:19Mightyahh contactor is the company you work for..
09:17:52MightyI joined #contactor some weeks ago and started to ask about introeffects :-)
09:18:08Mightythat explains why they quite soon thought I was a moron
09:18:16*dwihno remembers Horizon.
09:18:24Zagor#contactor is a channel for our cstrike server
09:18:47Mightyyou weren't active at all in the introscene during the Amiga years ?
09:19:36Mightywe used to run away from school in 5-6'th grade and watch amigaintros on my friends bigbrother's computer :-)
09:19:41Zagorno. we did a few demos for the amiga, but we mostly went into more serious systems programming
09:19:45Mightystill remember the DesertDream intro
09:24:40MightyI found some funny links,
09:24:54Mighty6 cm long, fully functional RC-cars ^
09:25:59Mightyand this,
09:28:03dwihnoHowdy Schnueff
09:36:26 Join franz [0] (
09:36:48 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
09:37:25 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
09:38:27 Quit franz (Client Quit)
09:46:46Zagorwhee, my patch is in 2.5.68-ce2 at least
09:47:17MightyI actually thought about the initial write delay a couple of days ago when it stalled for quite some time
09:47:39dwihnoZagor: neato :) Will it make the 2.4 series?
09:47:58dwihnoZagor: my patch is not in CVS ;-)
09:48:01Zagordwihno: I don't know. i've had no comments yet. we'll see in the next prepatches
09:48:25ZagorMighty: I've actually known about the cause of this for a very long time, but never got around to fixing a proper patch until this weekend
09:50:07Schnueffuh 200K barrier breached
09:50:26*Schnueff works through his mails.
09:52:04Zagorwe need the sokoban level loader
09:52:18Schnueffadi was working on it
09:52:30Zagoryes. i think he's pretty much done too.
10:30:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:57:22 Join Wunsoong [0] (
10:57:38Wunsoonganybody here?
10:58:42 Quit Mighty ("[BX] Size DOES matter")
10:59:19dwihnoMr. Bill is around.
11:01:21Wunsoongcan the jukeboxs play wav files?
11:02:17dwihnonext question :)
11:04:35Wunsoongman... thats some bs
11:05:00PsycoXulthey theoretically could
11:05:13 Join nelliep [0] (
11:05:18PsycoXulbut not without information (and maybe tools) that we may never obtain
11:05:21Wunsoongthats what i figure
11:05:54PsycoXulwe'd need to know how to program the MAS chips
11:06:00Wunsoongi dont see why arhcos wouldn't have made them compatible with wav in the first place
11:06:07PsycoXuland the only way to find that out is to license them and get the SDK
11:06:20PsycoXulwhich entails lots of money and an NDA that would prevent the source from being opened
11:06:48Wunsoongwhy do mp3s add silence to the begining and ending of files anyway?
11:06:59PsycoXulthey don't
11:07:14Wunsoongdont they?
11:07:38Wunsoonglike a split second of silence..
11:07:55PsycoXulnope they don't
11:07:58PsycoXulsome encoders do...
11:08:15PsycoXuland playback can
11:08:32PsycoXulif it doesn't strip all the excess data surroundin the mp3
11:08:43Wunsoongso if i had a loop in wav format, i could encode it to mp3 and it will still loop in the jukebox?
11:09:42 Join langhaarrocker [200] (
11:11:00Wunsoonghmmm.. would you happen to know which encoders don't add silence?
11:11:32PsycoXulthere's also mp3 cutter progs that'll cut at mp3 frames
11:11:33Wunsoongi just tried.. added .08 seconds of silence
11:11:45Wunsoongi have a wav editor though..
11:11:45PsycoXulso you could encode it and then cut out the good stuff
11:12:02Wunsoongill cut the silence and save, and when i open its there again
11:13:44langhaarrockerhow long is the piece of silence you're talking about?
11:14:40nelliepIf you go to a forum called hydogen audio there's loads of info about all encoding stuff
11:15:05nelliephydrogen audio..sorry
11:16:00dwihnoyou can also use the lame −−nogap option
11:16:37Wunsoongcool, lemme try
11:17:47PsycoXuli dunno if that'll do quite what you want, but it's worth a try.. if nothing else there may be a way to use it to do it
11:19:34nelliepSome time ago I made the request for backlight on with new song
11:19:40webmindhmm, jukebox performs nice with normal alkaline batts
11:19:58webmindah bit odd maybe.. but it seems longer then or as long as the normal ones
11:20:00nelliepit's been implemented I that a coincidence
11:20:18webmindWunsoong, lame works nicely
11:20:36webmindah.. that hint was given already :)
11:28:09 Quit nelliep ("Leaving")
12:01:15 Quit Wunsoong ("-=SysReset 2.51=-")
12:09:05 Part Zagor
12:09:25 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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12:46:30 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:47:20quel|outbtw, i get red light freeze when loading data into the mpeg buffer when the lift stops on the 6th floor ;)
12:55:16ZagorI don't want to know the problem, I want to know the fix ;)
12:55:52dwihnoZagor: apply my patch for starters ;)
12:56:40quel|outZagor: the strange thing is that if i stop the lift on the 4th floor.. i don't get the freeze :P
12:56:51 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
12:56:58quel|outi'm going out to drink a beer
12:56:59quel|outcu later
12:57:06Zagori know someone who gets the freeze in a particular subway station...
12:57:15Zagordefinitely magic
12:57:19quel|outtoo much work for a morning :)
13:09:55langhaarrockerTo much work? That's why I took half a day off yesterday:
14:16:34 Part Zagor
14:19:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:27:02 Join Giss|XC [0] (
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14:31:45 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:31:49 Part Zagor_
14:35:15 Quit GissXC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:36:34 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:36:40 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:42:07 Quit Zagor (
14:42:07 Quit Schnueff (
14:43:19 Quit Giss|XC (
14:43:19 Quit quel|out (
14:43:19 Quit mbr (
14:43:19 Quit dwihno (
14:43:19 Quit PsycoXul (
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14:43:37NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@
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14:43:37NJoinZagor [242] (
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14:46:13 Quit Schnueff (
14:46:13 Quit Zagor (
14:46:37NJoinZagor [242] (
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14:54:00 Quit langhaarrocker (
14:54:00 Quit thu_ (
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14:54:19NJoinlanghaarrocker [200] (
14:54:19NJointhu_ [0] (
14:57:44Zagordwihno: rejoice
14:59:59 Join Tim [0] (~jirc@
14:59:59 Quit Tim (Remote closed the connection)
15:00:49dwihnoZagor: \o/
15:00:52dwihnoor something like that ;-)
15:01:07 Quit langhaarrocker (
15:01:07 Quit Nibbler (
15:01:07 Quit thu_ (
15:01:07 Quit Schnueff (
15:01:07 Quit Zagor (
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15:01:20NJoinZagor [242] (
15:02:28 Part Zagor
15:02:28 Join Zagor [242] (
15:04:51Schnueffhehe, zagor is in big-scale memory saving mode :)
15:08:12Zagornah, just tidying up some bits
15:10:32dwihnoZagor: did you find the patch ugly?
15:10:50Zagorno, i mean the settings change
15:13:48*dwihno ment "my" patch
15:15:17dwihnomean ment ment, spean spent spent :-)
15:15:39Zagorthe french playlist bug is wacko
15:16:17dwihnoof course, you need to add additional frog legs to make it run flawlessly... the frenchies are a bit strange ... ;)
15:17:03 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:25:10elinenbeZagor: while you are going through all the patches check out this one:
15:25:22elinenbethat is an AWESOME patch −− such great functionality
15:27:34Zagorgood feature, not so good code
15:27:48Zagorand adding it will definitely break all daily builds (>200k)
15:29:00Zagorthe patch copies large chunks of tree.c into wps.c
15:29:09elinenbeZagor, I think it may be time to remove games from the daily builds
15:29:36dwihnoZagor: tell me what you think about my patch :-)
15:29:39elinenbeOr, create a stub loader for the time being? How hard would that be?
15:29:46dwihno<Zagor> Boo, it was SO bad!
15:30:43Zagorremoving games, or at least demos, is a better short-term solution
15:31:02elinenbeZagor: I agree... although I think sokoban should stay in ;)
15:31:04dwihnoremove the demos first (imho)
15:31:36elinenbeZagor: that patch is most powerful. I think you should commit it!
15:31:36dwihnogames = more fun
15:31:43dwihnoor remove sokoban :-)
15:31:52dwihnothat will give much space :)
15:32:25Zagori was hoping adiadmas would give us his sokoban level loader soon
15:32:48dwihnoremove sokoban, add snake :-)
15:33:24elinenbethere actually was a really nice snake game in there a while back.
15:33:55Zagorit will come back as a plugin
15:34:52elinenbeZagor: how do you expect plugins to work?
15:34:58elinenbeWill there be menu/file plugins?
15:35:14elinenbelike for new file types −− you can associate a plugin with it?
15:35:25elinenbeand where you can add something to a menu?
15:35:35Zagorhow do you mean?
15:36:07elinenbewell, let's say I create a .doc plugin that can edit .doc files
15:36:16elinenbeand I have a game plugin
15:36:20Zagorah, yes. I plan to have a config file connecting file types to plugins. and also a plugin browser in the menu, to start plugins that don't work on files
15:36:28elinenbewon't those be launched sperately?
15:36:32elinenbeI see.
15:37:00elinenbeare those the only 2 types of plugins that you can think of?
15:38:28elinenbeI am designing a plugin that adds ogg and wmv support! ; )
15:39:37Zagorhaha, when you have those I promise I will add support for them :)
15:40:45Zagorno we need other methods to launch plugins too. for example many different plugins can be ran on an .mp3 file: id3 editor, mp3 cutter/editor, analyzers etc.
15:41:05ZagorI expect we'll have some on+play variant
15:49:29dwihno"plugins" :_D
15:49:33dwihnothat will rock!
16:07:47 Join Guest [0] (
16:07:47 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:07:50 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
16:13:01 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
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16:36:35langhaarrockerWhat do unix guy use for validating fat32 integrity? fsck?
16:42:52langhaarrocker,99dosfsck 2.8 (28 Feb 2001)
16:42:52langhaarrockerdosfsck 2.8, 28 Feb 2001, FAT32, LFN
16:42:52langhaarrockerWarning: FAT32 support is still ALPHA.
16:42:52langhaarrockerThere are differences between boot sector and its backup.
16:42:52langhaarrockerDifferences: (offset:original/backup)
16:42:53langhaarrocker 3:2a/4d, 4:4f/53, 5:7a/57, 6:4b/49, 7:70/4e, 8:49/34, 9:48/2e, 10:43/31
16:42:55langhaarrocker , 65:01/00
16:42:57langhaarrocker1) Copy original to backup
16:42:59langhaarrocker2) Copy backup to original
16:43:01langhaarrocker3) No action
16:43:03langhaarrockerIs that evil?,99
16:43:18Zagornah :)
16:43:46langhaarrockerJust no action and continue, I guess.
16:45:27quel|outdoes anyone here use that cygwin minimal sdk enviroment??
16:47:50langhaarrockernot me
16:51:38dwihnoMe does
16:56:27 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:14:39langhaarrockerquel: do your goats work on linux?
17:32:00langhaarrockerhas anybody experienced typical problems copying big files onto the jukebox using linux?
17:32:12Schnueffwhat big
17:32:47Schnuefffor tens of M no
17:33:00Schnueffbigger i dont get usually
17:33:05langhaarrockerMore hundreds of M
17:33:12Schnueffdunno then
17:33:30langhaarrockerBut it stopped after 40 mb
17:33:43Schnueffbattery full and all?
17:34:14langhaarrockerThat's what I suspected first, too. But they look full.
17:34:55Schnueffstops = no progress or operation stops?
17:35:04langhaarrockerno progress
17:35:18Zagorlanghaarrocker: for how long?
17:35:19langhaarrockerI can ls and see the target
17:36:13langhaarrocker~ 5min
17:37:17ZagorI'd say give it 10 minutes before doing anything drastic
17:38:25langhaarrockerBut how can it be that it doesn't progress for 5 min? That's a bit much for cached data, isn't it?
17:40:07Schnueffi have the sync mount options set for my rockbox
17:40:53 Part langhaarrocker
17:45:09 Join Triple-z [0] (
17:46:36Triple-zanyone know why the cue files patch never added to rockbox?
17:49:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:51:17Triple-zhow can i apply this patch?
17:52:36 Part Zagor
17:53:37SchnueffTriple-z: it's quite old, it probably cannot applied without updates
17:54:28Triple-zits really cool feature
17:54:33Schnueffi dont remember why it wasnt used
17:55:40Schnueffbut it was in the days before the patch tracker, so it also possible that it just got 'lost'
18:07:45*Schnueff .. away
18:15:33 Join Zagor [242] (
18:15:48Zagorhmm, seems not many people tried my remote fix
18:16:23Zagorit doesn't work :)
18:22:26Zagorany player owner here?
18:30:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:22Zagorhow the heck did we add 40K to the firmware in two days? there is something fishy going on
18:39:53quel|outmust go
18:39:55 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:40:13Zagorfound it
18:40:23Zagornasty bugger
18:43:19 Quit Triple-z (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:25 Join matsl [0] (
19:12:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:52Zagormatsl: can you try the sleep timer?
19:39:15matslZagor: huh... with what my bare hands? (adventure)
19:39:32Zagorextreme rockboxing
19:39:45matslZagor: what about the timer?
19:40:01Zagorthere's a bug report that it doesn't work on players. just stops, doesn't turn off.
19:40:51matslZagor: ok. test case: set timer, watch what happens?
19:42:00matslZagor: what version: CVS-HEAD
19:42:22matslos just any recent?
19:42:38ZagorI think the report is for 2.0, so any recent should do
19:43:05matslZagor: ok. I'll try it in a few minutes.
19:48:14 Nick matsl is now known as matsl-gone (
20:23:35 Join bu88a1 [0] (
20:24:30 Quit bu88a1 (Client Quit)
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20:43:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:13:48 Join Norrin [0] (
21:13:48 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:21NorrinQuick question, what is the 8MB recorder files for on the daily builds page?
21:14:38Zagorbuilds for modded recorders
21:15:10 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:15:22NorrinSorry, haven't heard about this. Someone figured out how to install 8MB of memory versus the 2MB it comes with?
21:15:53NorrinDisregard, found the link under the hardware mods section. Thanks.
21:17:07 Nick Bagder-gone is now known as Bagder (
21:17:14Zagoryo bagder
21:17:17Bagderhet ho
21:17:20Bagderhey even
21:17:24 Part Norrin
21:17:37tracktheripperhi bagder and zagor
21:18:25ZagorBagder: your fd=-1 init added 40K to the firmware size :)
21:19:09Bagderthose arrays!
21:19:24Zagortricky thing
21:19:41Bagderso we need an init call instead then
21:19:52Zagoryeah, I did that
21:22:56ZagorBagder: can you fix the fprintf-on-uisim bug?
21:23:44Bagderhaven't read about that, but it sounds like something for me
21:23:46Bagdertomorrow though
21:24:19Zagorok. nothing written about it (yet), just simply rockbox fprintf takes a fd, while posix fprintf takes a FILE*
21:24:55Bagderwe should make it use our one
21:32:55 Quit Bagder ("")
21:54:45 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:54:55 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:55:53tracktheripperR.I.P. Rockbox Demos :(
21:58:07tracktheripperthanks a lot Zagor :-)
21:58:47 Nick matsl-gone is now known as matsl (
21:58:47tracktheripperI used to enjoy watching the Snow demo in my bed :-)
21:59:29matslZagor: timer doesn't work properly on player but I can't get the exact behavior reported
21:59:58matslZagor: so far i have two cases
22:00:13matsl1. when playing, never stops
22:00:38matsl2. when not playing, it hangs.
22:01:07matslscrolling stops, doesn't respond to keys
22:02:01matsli havent timed it but I have a feeling that it isn't accurate either.
22:02:21matsli have set it to 1m but the hanging occurs past 1m.
22:02:42matslis this code common for player and recorder
22:02:59Zagori think the time check is only done once a minute
22:03:28matslok. so it could be a little off then
22:03:55matslIi have reported it. can i do something else?
22:04:04Zagorno that's fine, thanks
22:04:12matslok. bbl
22:04:18 Nick matsl is now known as matsl-gone (
22:12:46tracktheripperi actually tried that in that feature request :-)
22:14:53 Join ken0 [0] (
22:15:03tracktheripper<−−- converted 2 album covers to 5x7 1bit images
22:15:44Zagornice, were they? ;)
22:16:07tracktheripperthe one with the 4 black dots is the J.Lo "This Is Me.. Then"
22:16:34tracktheripperthe otther one with the 7 black dots is the Misteeq album "Licking On Both Sides" :-)
22:21:25tracktherippercheer up Zagor :)
22:22:34Zagori'm always cheery
22:23:24tracktheripperFeature request "Make Zagor Smile"
22:23:29tracktheripperResolution "Rejected"
22:23:41tracktheripperComment "This is not possible, due to hardware limitations"
22:25:25tracktheripperthat was a joke Zagor :)
22:27:21Zagoryou know one can be happy without churning out smileys all the time...
22:29:06tracktheripperjust force of habit Zagor
22:30:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:38:41 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:40:38 Join LinusN [200] (
22:40:46LinusNZagor: why did you change
22:43:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:45:46 Part LinusN
23:05:14 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:05:15 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:14:01 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:25:16 Join Gyrosound [0] (
23:26:28 Join [rabble] [0] (~nunya@
23:27:27[rabble]Is it normal for my archos to shutdown whenever it gets squeezed?
23:27:44GyrosoundRabble is this when you apply pressure on the blue corners?
23:27:51[rabble]any of them
23:28:09Gyrosoundyes this is normal
23:28:15[rabble]Do all of them do that?
23:28:21[rabble]and is there a way to fix it?
23:28:21Gyrosoundsince the blue corners also house the battery contacts
23:28:27Gyrosoundno there isnt
23:28:36GyrosoundJust don't press on the blue corners
23:29:04[rabble]BTW, I finally got a chance to check out rockbox after I did my HDD upgrade..
23:29:11[rabble]Holy balls, you guys did an AWESOME job on that
23:29:16[rabble]Thank you, very very much
23:29:33GyrosoundArchos arent too happy that their firmware is being rejected
23:29:38[rabble]The archos firmware sucks ass... it's like a whole new machine..
23:29:45[rabble]Have they contacted any of the Rockbox team about it?
23:29:55Gyrosoundbut there are some things I miss from the Archos firmware
23:30:10[rabble]Yeah, one thing I noticed is the lack of keylock in rockbox
23:30:16[rabble]unless I just can't find it..
23:30:41GyrosoundI miss the Folder Create/Delete option and being able to put in ID3 tags for recording
23:31:11[rabble]Is there a keylock on rockbox?
23:31:27[rabble]Oh yeah, I didn't even notice that I can't create/delete folders
23:31:35Gyrosoundthere is somewhere
23:31:40Gyrosoundtry reading the faq
23:31:51[rabble]Has Archos contacted any of the Rockbox team about the firmware?
23:31:53[rabble]ok, thanks
23:32:21GyrosoundI wish the damn thing could record in CBR not VBR
23:33:06[rabble]ew, I noticed that..
23:33:25[rabble]I thought it was the quality setting I had it on, though
23:33:53Gyrosoundthe thing cannot record in CBR only VBR
23:36:04GyrosoundI learnt on the Archos website the MP3 chip in the Archos is a variant of the Fraunhofer III codec
23:39:03[rabble]Wouldn't it have to be to play mp3s?
23:39:41Gyrosoundim on about the recording chip, which is a variant of the Fraunhofer 3 codec
23:41:01[rabble]So are you part of the Dev team, or just an admirer?
23:41:11Gyrosoundjust an admirer
23:47:36GyrosoundRabble what archos unit do u have?
23:49:53[rabble]6k recorder
23:49:57[rabble]sorry, I was away for a sec.
23:50:27[rabble]Is there a driver for the archos as a USB storage device?
23:50:56GyrosoundDrivers are on the Archos website
23:51:23[rabble]k, thanks
23:53:37GyrosoundRabble do you mean use the Archos for directly storing files of a digital camera or the like?

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