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#rockbox log for 2003-04-25

00:06:18[rabble]hrm..ok, I'm out, I'll be back in a bit, I'm sure..
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01:12:23LinusNca va
01:15:33BoD[]today i did nothing
01:16:39BoD[](i'm unemployed)
01:16:47BoD[]i woke up at 15:00
01:17:10BoD[]ate, watched tv
01:17:50BoD[]watched dvds
01:18:17BoD[]had a few beers with friends
01:27:07BoD[]and now i'm idleing on irc
01:32:55BoD[]well it's like this day could have not happened at all :)
01:33:04BoD[]it is useless
01:39:15BoD[]by the way, so what's this new key mapping ? Would it not be better to have key bindings instead ?
02:21:18BoD[]so anyway:)
02:21:20BoD[]good bye !
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03:11:45joshit is seb! eek!
03:12:13joshwhat is rockbox?
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06:23:01LuiTok... well, I have the following problem. I think scandisc ran on my Arhos hardrive and caused some kind of problem, now windows cannot access my player anymore (says drive is not formatted...)
06:23:28LuiTthe player still boot up perfectly
06:23:39LuiTand playes songs in the root directory fine
06:23:53LuiTbut I cannot access any of the sub dir's
06:24:24LuiTso it seems there must be something screwed in the fat or something
06:25:22LuiTI would like to connect the player to my computer and format the drive using windows, but I do not know what kind of OS to use etc. , can someone help me with this?
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06:30:49will1any developers here?
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06:32:37LuiTnot much action here
06:37:25will1no developers, eh?
07:01:52LuiThmmm, well... formatting with fat32, lets hope it works
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07:39:43LuiTwell, it worked if anyone is interested...
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09:10:47Zagorbah, sourceforge is down
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09:34:04langhaarrockerso you kicked out demos but left the debug stuff in? :)
09:34:28Zagorwell debug is only in the dedicated builds.
09:34:49langhaarrockerI meant the debug menu and all that's in it.
09:34:56Zagorwe could probably scrap those builds, since about two persons have debug ports anyway and we build our own
09:35:07Zagorah, ok. that stuff is good for troubleshooting
09:35:20Bagderthe debug build doesn't work afaik
09:35:30Bagderlinus told me ages ago, and its not fixed since
09:35:43ZagorBagder: ok. they are too big anyway :)
09:35:52Bagderthat too ;-)
09:36:08Zagorthe rec debug build was plain wrong, btw. it built in the non-debug dir. i fixed that yesterday.
09:36:32Zagorthat's why rec debug started failing
09:36:33langhaarrockerPah! Debug! Write proper code and you don't need to debug! :)
09:37:17Zagorwe could simply cut games from the debug builds, just to get the table green :)
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09:47:49*langhaarrocker s java debugger crashes.
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09:56:16Quelsaruktired mornings :)
09:57:18*langhaarrocker sloshes a bucket of cold water into quelsaruks face
09:57:26langhaarrockerGOOD MORNING! :)
09:58:25ZagorQuelsaruk: welcome to a grand day! this is the day you will commit all the language fixes. fun, huh? :-)
09:59:15langhaarrockerI hope I didn't drown him.
09:59:47*webmind suprised at the durability of those alkaline batteries
10:00:07langhaarrockerhow long do they last now?
10:01:27webmindi've plugged them in tuesday morning.. kinda used them for 7 hours i think.. maybe 8.. after that they where dead.. next morning.. they where half full.. used them for 15min, end of the day it was full again.. and used them again for 15min
10:01:34webmind(15min = my walk home from work)
10:01:35Zagoris nothing getting unusually hot? i could imagine the 6V feed might heat up a regulator somewhere.
10:01:44webmindZagor, not at all
10:02:04webmind(with soon a 40gb disk :))
10:02:23QuelsarukZagor: unless we have today 90 minutes hours... you'll have to wait till this afternoon :(
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10:03:23webmindlanghaarrocker, but after tuesday i've been using m 30/40 min a day.. and they still work fine :)
10:04:01langhaarrockercool. Btw: there are rechargable alkalines available.
10:07:45webmindhow much mah are normal alkalines ?
10:08:13langhaarrockerI think that depends very much on the current the device needs
10:08:46langhaarrockerI don't really know.
10:09:28PsycoXulmah = how many hours it can supply 1 milliamp
10:09:37PsycoXulit's specifically non-dependant upon device needs
10:09:54webmindcos i was thinking of getting 2000mah recharchebles.. but if rechargeble alkalines work good aswell might be cheaper
10:10:33langhaarrockerwebmind: the rechargable alkalines can only be charged a few dozen times afaik.
10:11:06webmindah k
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11:01:25Zagoranyone here who easily gets the red led dead?
11:01:55langhaarrockerare you speaking of me? :)
11:02:52Zagori might have a test coming up, just want to see if someone is here who can test it
11:03:07*langhaarrocker puts on his helmet
11:04:05langhaarrockerwoha! The daily build table is - well - colorful...
11:04:11Zagoryeah... :)
11:07:40webmindhm, 1900mah batteries.. what's a reasonable price for that ? got m 21euro here.. 1800mah for 17euro
11:07:44webmind(per 4)
11:15:14franzsomeone here who knows how to fix the problem with the buttons? (ex: press left and have f1 pressed...)
11:16:46langhaarrockerLet me guess: some of your buttons don't klick any more?
11:17:27Zagorit's a hardware problem. check to see if your front plate is maybe slightly bent or something
11:19:15langhaarrockerMany of my buttons are / were broken. I managed to repair some but that was a job appropriate for swiss watchmakers.
11:20:19franzi desassembled it and everything looks fine... and they klick normaly... but if i handle them uncarefull or hold them to tight something funny happens
11:21:19langhaarrockerIf they still do klick they're not broken and it probably really is a bent front plate or something similar.
11:21:47ZagorI can press F2 by pushing on the blue plastic on the side of LEFT...
11:22:35langhaarrockerMy F2 button is so tight that I need a hammer.
11:22:49franz:) might be a feature... they develop a kind of personality...
11:23:45langhaarrocker? Are they made by Sirius Cybernetics?
11:26:37franznegtiv... SC-buttons... they would even develop feelings
11:27:31langhaarrockerPray that they don't start complaining about aching diodes.
11:28:03Zagordown my left side...
11:28:13Zagorlife. don't talk to me about life...
11:28:52ZagorI've got THHGTTG on my archos. the bbc radio version.
11:29:34Zagorlanghaarrocker: test this please:
11:29:40Zagorlunch time
11:30:07PsycoXulZagor: so do i
11:30:19PsycoXuli wish i had the cut out pieces that never made it to broadcast
11:30:32PsycoXuldon't ask me how i know there are any, i just do :p
11:30:49franzoha... its 7.32 pm where i am... so its dinner here...
11:31:02PsycoXulit's 2:30am where i am
11:31:11PsycoXulso it's bed time here
11:31:23franzsleep well psy
11:31:44langhaarrockerSounds like the right time for a PsycoXul to me...
11:39:47franzcu everyone...
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12:24:50Zagoranyone tried the redledtest yet?
12:25:38langhaarrockerI'll do on my way to lunch which is in about 10 minutes.
12:25:58Zagorok, thanks
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12:33:24webmindZagor, the radio version ???
12:34:03webmindZagor, can i have a copy of that ?
12:34:17Zagori guess
12:49:57 Part Zagor
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12:58:08LinusNBagder: i agree, let's remove the debug builds from the dailies
12:58:36Bagderok me fix
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13:07:32Bagdergone now
13:07:37Bagderwel'll see at next build
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13:47:49ZagorBagder: time to fix fprintf?
13:50:09BagderI'll try to
13:50:36 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lurk (
13:51:17webminderr? there is a textfile reader in the archos firmware ??
13:52:59Zagorsomeone said so
13:53:59LinusN|lurkyes there is
13:54:14webmindLinusN|lurk, in the player ?
13:54:22dwihnoA lurker!
13:54:32LinusN|lurknot in the player
13:54:34*dwihno launches the science vessels to find Linus
13:54:46dwihno(and those of you who don't play starcraft, boo hoo!) :)
13:55:49webmindLinusN|lurk, ah ok.. uhm an idea to mark that on the site ?
13:56:12webmindLinusN|lurk, btw, does rockbox has a txt file reader for the player ?
13:57:52Zagoranyone who can repeat redleddead, test this please:
13:58:41dwihnoZagor: what's the diffs?
13:58:44dwihnoZagor: I'll run it this weekend
13:59:24Zagorit's a small ata change. just a test.
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14:21:02REBELinBLUEgot a question...
14:21:15REBELinBLUEwhat happens now that the 200k limit has been reached...
14:21:25Zagorwe add plugin capability
14:22:02REBELinBLUEI wondered if that was the case its just I noticed that wasn't planned until 2.3
14:23:03Zagorwe feel other things are more important, plus plugins are tricky so it will likely take some time
14:24:46 Join GissXC [0] (
14:25:42REBELinBLUEbut how can you add anything else if the image limit is 200k? are you going to start removing features until 2.3....
14:28:07Bagderwe disable the demos
14:29:15Schnueffhow much K does that gain?
14:29:31Bagdera few
14:29:45Bagderlike 3-4 or so
14:29:54Schnueffno new from adiamas?
14:29:58Schnueffno news
14:30:01REBELinBLUEare right, so I image the non vital things like games, demos etc will become plugins?
14:30:09REBELinBLUE*ah right
14:30:22REBELinBLUEjesus I'm bad today
14:30:32Schnueffrebel without a clue :)
14:30:40Schnueffwasnt that billy idol?
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14:35:04Schnueffhm no
14:38:11 Quit Giss|XC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:46:44 Quit REBELinBLUE (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:47:00Bagderyay, now the builds got all red instead of yellow ;-P
14:48:10Zagorthat was a long time ago
14:48:14Zagorrefreshing! ;)
14:48:35Bagderat least we now see that the debug builds are gone
14:54:57dwihnoI'm rather pleased with only 1 bug (this far) with invert cursor :)
14:58:18quel|stressedi thought inverted cursor was a bug
14:58:51quel|stressedi hate win2k server....
14:59:10quel|stressedor maybe i hate win ME....
14:59:13quel|stressedi hate windows
15:01:37 Part Zagor
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15:06:12 Join Casper [0] (
15:10:17dwihnoCasper: are you a ghost?
15:10:27 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:10:32Casperyes of course. I'm a crazy ghost
15:10:58dwihnoSlimer from the Ghostbusters? :)
15:12:06Casperna, the lover of insanity. The supreme sycopath. I'm chatting with you out of the deepest whole my country could find to look me in ;-)
15:13:57CasperBut now to a little question I have. (I've been reading the battery FAQ). It is very simple: Does the Battery of the FM Recorder 20 charge when I play music while it is connected with the charger with the rockbox Firmware?
15:17:26Casperand does it stopp charging after the battery is full. Cause I can't put the deep discharge mode on a FM-Recorder
15:17:43 Join langhaarrocker [200] (
15:18:01Casperor do I have to plug it off after a certain time?
15:18:08langhaarrockerZagor: red led death seems to be unchanged
15:18:24dwihnolanghaarrocker: that's sad news :(
15:18:57*langhaarrocker busy
15:21:23Casperwell anyways. It doesn't matter. See you guys....:-)
15:21:35 Quit Casper ("byebye")
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15:35:18Bagderstupid me
15:39:42elinenbemy Blue LED blinks
15:39:47dwihnoblue led?
15:39:52dwihnohardcore mod?
15:40:23 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
15:40:39elinenbeno −− one of the new 40mb recorders
15:40:50 Part Zagor
15:42:31 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:44:35 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:44:40 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:45:40Bagderok, mostly green now
15:47:01elinenbewhat about the blue?
15:56:31elinenbedoes anyone else have a blue LED?
16:01:25Bagdercrappy windows sim build
16:09:54BagderZagor: I noticed your kernel patch is included in the mm2-kernel series
16:10:22Zagorthere too? ok, I saw it was included in ec2. lots of those test-kernels. :)
16:13:01dwihnoWhat about the 2.4 series?
16:14:14Zagorwe'll see
16:20:27dwihnoYay for Z!
16:20:30dwihnoZ is the USB man! :)
16:21:09 Join Iridian [0] (
16:21:57Zagorgotta go
16:22:01 Part Zagor
16:22:10Iridianhullo, is it possible, and if so, how, to enable line IN to fall through during normal listening?
16:22:45IridianI'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with code either :)
16:24:52BagderI thought it went through always
16:25:06Iridianit does?
16:25:26IridianI'll check shortly
16:25:29BagderI've never tried it myself, I just thought it did
16:31:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:32:03Iridiannah, it doesn't seem to
16:32:20IridianI mean it falls through when recording yes, but not normally
16:32:43BagderI gotta go
16:32:45 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:34:18 Part langhaarrocker
16:38:47 Quit quel|stressed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:45:27LinusN|lurkIridian: the recorder line in is not enabled normally
16:46:17LinusN|lurkbut it is fairly simple to enable it
16:46:22LinusN|lurkfile a feature request
16:47:21Iridianhmm, if I'm going to do that, I've got to think my concept though a bit more carefully :)
16:47:50Iridiansee, I'd like to use the same headphones for both listening to music and for my cellular hands-free
16:47:57LinusN|lurkme too
16:48:20LinusN|lurkmaybe a mixer setup screen?
16:48:41Iridianwell, when I'm talking to the phone, I might not actually want to listen to the music at all
16:49:01LinusN|lurkwell, you might still want to set the line-in volume
16:49:05Iridianbut then again, I might want to get away with the minimal number of keypresses as well
16:49:11Iridianyes, that's true
16:49:20LinusN|lurkbut a toggle mp3<->line in would be cool
16:50:02*LinusN|lurk goes back to lurk mode
16:50:08Iridiana mixer setup screen wouldn't hurt, but I already have a potentiometer between the handsfree component and the plug
16:50:26Iridianbut others might find it useful anyway
16:50:45Iridianis it possible to analyze the signal strenght coming into line in?
16:50:53Iridianan autoswitcher would be nice :)
16:56:04 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:03:32 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:46:17LinusN|lurkIridian: there is a pseudo-peak register to read, but it isn't very accurate. we use it for the peak meters
17:46:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:04:58 Quit Iridian (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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19:35:44 Part banGser
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19:46:10 Join Zagor [242] (
20:03:24 Join kino [0] (
20:04:19 Quit kino (Client Quit)
20:06:23 Join kino [0] (
20:12:26kinohi everybody
20:15:53kinoI don't know if I should ask this here or on the mailing list but.. I have some problems with the recording function in rockbox
20:18:41kinook: some recordings are readable entirely on my archos but only partly on my PC (winamps 2.81
20:19:29Zagordefine partly
20:21:56Zagorwhich version are you running?
20:23:24kinoafter 3 min winamp stop playing, the little green square next the time becomes red
20:23:45kinowinamp 2.81, rockbox daily 030422
20:24:29Zagorhave you tried running "update vbr" on them?
20:25:27kinoyes and now it's getting funny.. after an "update vbr" the recording shows 3min total length in rockbox! but can still be played to the end..
20:25:30LinusN|lurkkino: have you run scandisk on your archos lately?
20:25:42kinoyes, no problem
20:25:57LinusN|lurkkino: how long is it supposed to be?
20:26:04kino(chkdisk actually, windows 2K)
20:26:14kinosome info on the recording:
20:27:19kinoin rockbox: 189 kbps avg 15:28
20:27:47kinoin winamp: 184 kbps 15:54 but stop after 3:01
20:28:23kinomust I reformat my archos?
20:29:50kinowat is really strange is that after the "update vbr" rockbox shows the file having a bitrate of 948 kbps avg!
20:31:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:40kinobefore "update VBR": file info - Size: 21961546 bytes - Header found at: 5231 bytes - Length: 933 seconds - MPEG 1.0 layer 3 - 188kbit (VBR), 35727 frames - 44100Hz Joint Stereo - CRCs: Yes
20:37:53kinoafter "update VBR": file info - Size: 21961546 bytes - Header found at: 5231 bytes - Length: 186 seconds - MPEG 1.0 layer 3 - 944kbit (VBR), 7121 frames - 44100Hz Joint Stereo - CRCs: Yes
20:39:48LinusN|lurkthe file is obviously corrupt
20:41:04kinohmm.. does that mean that I cannot recover it?
20:42:00kinohowever it does play in the archos
20:44:11LinusN|lurkthe archos decoder is quite fault tolerant
20:44:41LinusN|lurkthere is probably some garbage in the file, and the decoder just skips it
20:44:46LinusN|lurki gotta go
20:44:54kinook thanks
20:45:08LinusN|lurkrun FixVBR on it (a windows tool)
20:45:09kinodo you think I have to reformat my archos?
20:45:19LinusN|lurkno, i don't think so
20:45:20kinoI'll try
20:45:31 Part LinusN|lurk
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