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#rockbox log for 2003-04-26

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01:25:45midknight2k3So someone is here
01:26:58midknight2k3Hoping very much to finish the rockbox review tonight
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01:27:09midknight2k3Than again, hoping very much to start it :D
01:27:16tracktheripperhi everybody
01:27:20midknight2k3Wow, how perfect of a timing
01:27:37tracktheripperhi LinusN
01:27:49tracktheripperjust been viewing Sourceforge feature requests
01:28:04midknight2k3have a comment on em?
01:28:12tracktherippernot really
01:28:17tracktheripperjust the usual
01:28:43midknight2k3Linus - does your site use frams?
01:28:49tracktherippersomeone wants WMA playback by renaming the extension to MP3
01:29:02LinusNmidknight2k3: no
01:29:07midknight2k3'Force playback of WMA files by renaming the extension to MP3'
01:29:22midknight2k3hmm you must make a template and use that huh?
01:29:41LinusNmidknight2k3: yes
01:29:59midknight2k3Do you just do HTML or FrontPage sort of layout stuff?
01:30:20LinusNemacs and 'make' are your friends
01:31:21LinusNa tool to update files based on timestamps
01:31:32midknight2k3lol... i don't get it
01:32:00midknight2k3is there a keylock in 2.0?
01:32:01LinusNit "builds" files based on if other files have changed
01:32:07LinusNyes there is
01:32:13midknight2k3how can you turn it on?
01:32:21midknight2k3oh yes i get the build thing
01:32:58LinusNF1+DOWN on recorder, MENU+STOP on player (i think). read the manual
01:33:30midknight2k3I'll be sure to include an EpiLink as well
01:34:11tracktheripperLinus couldn't you at least simplify the generatef recorded filenames?
01:34:27tracktheripperhow about something simple like rec001, rec002, rec003 and so on?
01:34:31midknight2k3Yes that's what would be nicd
01:34:46tracktherippernot the stupid alphanumeric 22 character filename
01:35:05LinusNtracktheripper: do you know what the 22 character file name consists of?
01:35:20tracktheripperwell to my eyes, a jumbled mess :)
01:35:31LinusNthen don't call it stupid
01:35:36midknight2k3I know
01:35:41tracktheripperwell i think it is
01:35:46tracktheripperjust my personal opinion
01:35:57midknight2k3year/month/day - Hour, Minute, Second (seconds lol)
01:36:00LinusNi know it is pretty user-unfriendly
01:36:18midknight2k3not in that exact format, it's all one word with a seperateor in the middle
01:36:18LinusNbut it is a very simple way of creating unique file names every time
01:36:20tracktheripperDon't get me wrong LinusN im not putting you down or anything
01:36:29midknight2k3would be nice for custom naming
01:36:35midknight2k3and custom directory stuff
01:36:44midknight2k3I do like it though
01:36:55midknight2k3becuase you don't have to name it and all, just record it
01:37:00tracktheripperalright LinusN how about a switchable option "Simple recording filenames on/off"
01:37:28midknight2k3Archos: Info First, Record Later - Rockbox: Record First, Rename LAter
01:37:57LinusNtracktheripper: my point is that it takes some effort to make sure that the autogenerated file name doesn't already exist
01:38:18midknight2k3how could iT?
01:38:23tracktheripperLinusN what about something like rec001, rec002 and so on?
01:38:34tracktheripperthe number at the end will make each file unique
01:38:37midknight2k3it goes to the second so you couldn't technically do it
01:38:38LinusNmidknight2k3: easy, from another recording session
01:38:45LinusNan earlier session
01:38:46tracktheripperi.e rec001, rec002, rec003, rec004 and so on
01:38:56midknight2k3but no it cant
01:39:01midknight2k3it goes to the second doesnt it
01:39:14midknight2k3like, yearmonthday - hourminutesecond.mp3
01:39:24tracktheripperalright, how about setting the base name yourself like the archos firmware
01:39:34midknight2k3calm down ripper lol
01:39:35LinusNmidknight2k3: i'm talking about the rec001, 002 scheme
01:39:39tracktheripperso you could name the filename yourself prior or after recording
01:39:42midknight2k3if you need it that bad, just ROLO to Archos
01:39:55midknight2k3oh yes
01:40:13tracktheripperbut then you cannot ROLO back to Rockbox!
01:40:19midknight2k3Reboot lol
01:40:23midknight2k3that's how you get back
01:40:30midknight2k3You think they never thought of that?
01:40:31LinusNwe will make the file naming "better"
01:40:35tracktheripperyes, and wear out my ON button
01:40:38midknight2k3in v2.1?
01:40:42LinusNbut someone has to code it, and my time is limited
01:41:00midknight2k3Wear out your ON button, heaven forbid!
01:41:00tracktherippertracktheripper has been in a very bad mood all day today
01:41:08midknight2k3i can see that
01:41:26tracktherippermy day has been shit today :(
01:41:42midknight2k3no need to take it out on good old Linus
01:41:55tracktheripperim not taking it out on good old Linus :)
01:43:16midknight2k3SILENCE HAS AWAITED
01:43:23midknight2k3NOW IT IS TAKING ITS TOLL
01:44:55tracktheripperim surprised the "Force WMA Playback has not been rejected" :-)
01:46:00midknight2k3it has been
01:46:04LinusNwe are tired of all those silly requests
01:46:06midknight2k3*by me*
01:46:09midknight2k3for real
01:46:18midknight2k3I wish I could clean them out
01:46:18tracktheripperwell I didn't send it Linus
01:46:47midknight2k3I'm sure he's proud.
01:47:10tracktheripperwho is midknight?
01:47:17midknight2k3Linus of course
01:47:52tracktheripperLinus I have an idea, Just place a warning on your website anyone who submits a request that is blatantly stupid should have their sourceforge account removed :-)
01:48:33tracktheripperhow dows that sound?
01:48:37LinusNin this case, i don't think the guy was aware of how stupid his request was
01:48:54midknight2k3i agree
01:48:57midknight2k3<−−−− away
01:49:43tracktheripperwell Linus since version 2 have I sent any silly requests? No :-)
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01:51:35tracktheripperhey Bod!
01:51:43BoD[]i'm fostered
01:52:36tracktheripperI can see Dwihno has continued his passion for inverted video lines :_)
01:53:19BoD[]what makes you say that ?
01:54:50tracktheripperhe put an inverted video line in the recording screen :)
01:55:00MTis it me
01:55:00BoD[]ah :)
01:55:17MTor does inverted lcd suck the battery like nobodies business
01:55:29BoD[]video inverse can be a passion
01:55:29tracktheripperbattery life is still the same
01:55:46tracktherippera built-in ID3 tag editor is an even bigger passion!
01:55:49MTyou entirely sure on that?
01:56:16BoD[]who would want to edit a id3 with an archos :)
01:56:20tracktheripperand I want my Archos to play Sony ATRAC3 as well :-)
01:56:53tracktheripperbut im not gonna file it since I cannot face another rejectin :-(
01:57:04BoD[]well if it can play mp3, wma, wav ..
01:57:36BoD[]it should be able to play ogg and atrac
01:57:42BoD[]AND mod
01:57:46tracktheripperit CANNOT play wma and wav
01:57:52BoD[]i know ;
01:58:02BoD[]that's what I meant ;)
01:58:06tracktheripper((well it can if you rename the extension to mp3))
01:58:16BoD[]aha hha :))
01:58:32BoD[]that should be put on the faq ! just rename the file
01:58:52tracktherippergood aprils fools joke
01:59:02BoD[]yep for next year
01:59:11tracktheripperactually a good feature request would be "Make the LCD touchscreen like on a PDA" :-)
01:59:21BoD[]ahahha :))
01:59:31tracktheripperwould be great for renaming files!
02:00:08BoD[]a long time ago i made a friend of mine think i had a touchscreen on my pc
02:00:15BoD[]another friend had a mouse behind his back
02:00:22BoD[]he believed it :) it was fun
02:00:36BoD[]of course he had no clue :)
02:00:40tracktheripperbut wouldnt the arrow on screen be visible!
02:00:55BoD[]well yes !
02:00:57tracktheripperhe would obviously see the arrow on screen!
02:01:21BoD[]but he was a "novice" in computers so that didn't ring a bell :)
02:01:23LinusNgotta reboot, cu in a while
02:01:23 Part LinusN
02:01:32tracktheripperI want support for Realizer
02:01:42BoD[]realizer what's that
02:02:19tracktheripperAccording to the Realizer website "Realizer dramatically improves sound quality by magically restoring the frequencies lost during the MP3 compression!!!!"
02:02:36BoD[]:)) mouhaha
02:02:58BoD[]yeah right ;)
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02:03:04midknight2k3yay im back
02:03:30tracktheripperso you could theoretically compress an MP3 at 16kbs and Realizer would restore all the frequencies lost for perfect CD sounding :-)
02:03:41BoD[]of course
02:03:48BoD[]and it uses magic to do that
02:03:50midknight2k3fine ignore me
02:03:57midknight2k3just pretend im gone huh
02:04:07BoD[]m2k3: wb
02:04:12tracktheripperBod I know because I have Realizer
02:04:15tracktheripperon my PC
02:04:22midknight2k3No, on your face.
02:04:33BoD[]and it works ?
02:04:45tracktheripperits complete and utter bullshit :-)
02:04:51midknight2k3 )
02:04:57midknight2k3 _)
02:05:06midknight2k3never mind
02:05:11tracktheripper((hugs Midknight))
02:05:28BoD[]hey : have you ever try to play a low bitrate wav with winamp ? like 8khz
02:05:43BoD[]low samplerate i mean
02:05:53BoD[]and then play it with windows media player
02:06:00 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:06:07BoD[]it will sound good with media player
02:07:38midknight2k3aww man
02:07:41midknight2k3ripper left
02:07:56BoD[]he didn't say bye
02:09:04midknight2k3flange basket!
02:09:11midknight2k3i heard that on weebl and bob
02:09:20BoD[]what does it mean
02:09:30midknight2k3who cares it's funny
02:10:01BoD[]well i can't find it funny because i dont understand!
02:10:18midknight2k3just thing
02:10:32midknight2k3flange basket - FAHLANJE BAHSKITT
02:11:07midknight2k3sounds funny
02:11:12BoD[]ahh :)
02:11:13BoD[]ok then
02:13:03BoD[]"Don't send"
02:20:23BoD[]in windows
02:20:35BoD[]i click on "Don't send" very often
02:21:08midknight2k3don't send what? dont send where? why?
02:22:50BoD[]in windows
02:23:08BoD[]when an application freezes
02:23:18BoD[]it wants to send a report to microsoft
02:23:35midknight2k3i hate that
02:23:40midknight2k3you can disable it you know
02:23:44BoD[]so they can > to /dev/null
02:24:00BoD[]and it asks "send" or "don't send"
02:24:04midknight2k3i know
02:24:08midknight2k3disable it!
02:24:14BoD[]so you have to click on "don't send"
02:24:17BoD[]you can disable it ??
02:24:50midknight2k3Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Error Reporting > Disable Error Reporting
02:25:00BoD[]too cool:)
02:25:05BoD[]thanks !
02:25:23BoD[]you saved me 12sec multiplied by a big number
02:25:27midknight2k3there's a few options actually
02:25:35midknight2k3those are annoying
02:25:49BoD[]microsoft tends to be annoying
02:26:45BoD[]yes, and i bet they just can't analyse them anyway
02:26:56BoD[]because they receive Tb of them every seconds !
02:27:32midknight2k3^^ run on sentence fragment with multiple spelling errors ^^
02:28:24BoD[]i dont understand
02:28:42midknight2k3it doesn't make sense
02:28:47midknight2k3you mean 'Terabyte'?
02:28:56BoD[]means terabyte
02:29:10BoD[]means a very big number of bytes :)
02:29:10midknight2k3yes i agree though
02:29:21midknight2k3i know that UY
02:29:50midknight2k3like uyuyuy (Uy yuy yuy!)
02:30:06BoD[]Uy yuy yuy ?
02:30:21BoD[]sorry i'm clueless too
02:30:52midknight2k3forget it he-he
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02:32:03BoD[]anyway i have to go to bed
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09:33:24Casperanyone there
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11:44:50CasperI have a little question about the AJB FM Recorder
11:46:06CasperAt RockBox I can adjust the battery capacyty of my jukebox, for guessing the battery lifetime. how much doo I have to set for the Li-Ion Battery of the AJB FM Recorder?
11:46:26tracktheripperdont hava a fm recorder
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11:49:15Caspersad. Does anyone else probably know this? Should I come here another time?
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17:22:05Zagormy debian upgraded to xchat 2.0. it's ugly! :)
17:22:31webmindirssi is good
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17:49:18OnoSendaihello all
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19:11:58Zagortesting chatzilla
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19:13:45woundedim wondering if using rockbox viods my archos warrenty..
19:13:48woundeddoes it?
19:15:22woundedgood, 1 bout using regular batteries instead of the rechargables that came with the jukebox?
19:15:44Zagorbad idea. normal batteries have problems supplying the required current to spin up the disk
19:16:10Zagorbut it can work as an emergency solution.
19:16:56woundedwhich this kinda was. does it viod their warranty? i notice it was in bold in the manual
19:17:26Zagorthat could probably void that warranty. they do exceed the specified voltage, after all
19:18:12woundedsee, the problem is, it just stopped working...and i didnt abuse the lady in any way..just im trying to make sure there nothing they can latch onto.
19:18:41Zagorok. then don't try odd batteries
19:18:56wounded:X too late
19:19:37Zagorok... did it die when you tried the batteries, or before?
19:21:03woundedit was working fine for awile on the batt. but then this morning the disk wont spin what you siad could be just batteries being a problem
19:21:52woundedif i stay below 12v, can i use a different charger?
19:22:29Zagoryou need at least 9v
19:22:59Zagordouble-check that the plug is center-positive
19:24:22woundedthank you
19:25:48woundedif it turns out that its not working now because i burnt it using regular batteries, do you think they still do a repiar of replacement..if not, is it likely that ill find someone who can fix something like that?
19:28:04ZagorI don't think you've burnt it, but if you have it shouldn't be hard to fix for someone with a bit of electronics knowledge
19:29:05woundedoh good. if i didnt burn it, then why wont it work now?
19:29:09ZagorI've heard some people say archos does repairs for a fee if it's not covered under warranty, but I'm not sure
19:29:29Zagorare you using fully charged nimh batteries now?
19:31:31woundedno, im trying not to even look to long at the thing, but when i first used normal batteries, it worked, then it stopped, i put in fresh normal batteries and nothing, took those out and left it alone
19:32:01Zagoruse the batteries it came with, charge them fully. that probably works.
19:32:28Zagornormal batteries aren't designed to run this type of products
19:33:22woundedok, ill just have to wait til i get back home, thanks
19:34:03woundedwait, lets say i do charge them and nothing happens then?
19:34:29woundedbah, nvm, im thinking out loud, thank you
19:35:42elinenbehi there!
19:36:07Zagorhowdy cowboy
19:36:11elinenbeZagor: how is your progress on the .ogg file playing?
19:36:30elinenbeI am looking forward to ogg, wma and flac support soon!
19:36:44Zagorooh, works fine. I just run oggplay -wavout - | lame -
19:39:52elinenbeZagor: what's next for rockbox?
19:40:19elinenbewill there be much more development (other then bugs) until "you" get the plugin code up and running?
19:40:21ZagorI really want to find and KILL that bloody redled bug...
19:40:58Zagorhopefully some UI reworking if we can come to with a good idea that not too many people think sucks :)
19:41:16elinenbeplease don't kill the current F2 menu!
19:43:45Zagordon't worry. we won't do anything until it's been discussed to death :-)
19:49:51ZagorI'm planning to build a gazillion versions, from 1.4 and on, for people to test in order to track down when the redled bug was introduced
19:50:46elinenbeZagor: go for it... was the red bug introduced sometime, or was it always ther ebut never discovered?
19:59:11Zagormany people have said 1.4 does not have it
20:00:21elinenbeso, can you tell CVS to pull down the code from every day in the past?
20:00:38elinenbeit is reproducable?
20:00:59Zagorsome people can reproduce it pretty much at will
20:01:22Zagori'm planning to start with building one version per month, and then make new versions as reports come in
20:01:33elinenbeah... that would be good.
20:01:38elinenbethen 1 version for every 2 weeks.
20:01:42elinenbeand then split that...
20:01:47elinenbeuntil you find the culprit!
20:02:54dw|goneYou should not be rockboxing. *remin everybody about the ice hockey championship*
20:03:11Zagorelinenbe: exactly
20:05:06elinenbeI bet it is that Mr. Gates!
20:05:12elinenbeIt seems to always be him.
20:05:21 Quit green_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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