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#rockbox log for 2003-04-27

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01:59:46tracktheripper ther
02:00:18tracktheripperim still keen to hear about the redesigned interface thats been mentioned a few times
02:00:31LinusNyou didn't read it?
02:00:47tracktherippersorry no i didnt
02:01:07tracktheripperif u could point me in the right direction it would be helpful :-)
02:01:36LinusNthe mailing list
02:02:00tracktheripperi thought u was referring to screenshorts
02:03:00LinusNno code has been written for it
02:03:14LinusNwe want do discuss it before implementing it
02:05:32tracktheripperis the layout of the screen gonna be changed as well?
02:07:22LinusNnot necessarily
02:07:31tracktheripperjust the key combos?
02:07:36LinusNto begin with
02:08:03LinusNthat's the main goal of this exercise
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03:16:38REBELinBLUEanyone know where I can get the program to open the files listed on
03:19:15LinusNREBELinBLUE: planning to build one?
03:19:52REBELinBLUENo I'm doing an electrical engineering degree the program we were recommended to use (electronics workbench) is really buggy
03:20:15LinusNeagle works fine, and it is free for educational use
03:20:33REBELinBLUEI take it that it works on windows
03:20:43LinusNit has its quirks like any electrical cad program
03:20:55LinusNit works on windows and linux
03:21:31REBELinBLUEcan't be worse than EWB :d
03:21:40LinusN(btw, i designed the rs232 mod)
03:21:51LinusNnever heard of ewb
03:21:57REBELinBLUEYeah I noticed by the name on the page :D
03:22:23REBELinBLUEit's quite an old program
03:22:23LinusNi'm not a hardware engineer though...
03:25:09REBELinBLUEI noticed the comments about WMA in the nodo list, so I thought you may be interested in this
03:25:18REBELinBLUEQ: Are there any future plans to integrate compatibility for Windows WMA format?
03:25:18REBELinBLUE A: Yes, Archos is currently working on also supporting WMA format for all Jukebox players.
03:25:18DBUGEnqueued KICK REBELinBLUE
03:25:27LinusNyeah right
03:25:42REBELinBLUEI'm assuming that means new hardware, not just them updating the firmware?
03:25:47LinusNthe mp3 decoder is programmable
03:25:56LinusNbut the specs are secret (NDA)
03:25:56REBELinBLUEah right
03:26:26REBELinBLUENon-Disclosure :(
03:26:55REBELinBLUEI don't use WMA so I'm not bothered just wondered about it
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05:12:59midknight2k3Tsk Tsk
05:17:19midknight2k3If someone's here.... could you say so?
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05:39:22midknight2k3youre heare!
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10:20:36Quelsarukmorning :)
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10:22:11quel|cloninglanghaarrocker: i've finaly bought a naish enduro
10:22:24quel|cloning9' freestile board :)
10:22:40quel|cloningit's really cool
10:22:45quel|cloningi love it
10:22:49langhaarrockerI should be windurfing too.
10:23:13quel|cloningwell... now i'm cloning a lot of computers, no windsurfing :(
10:23:26quel|cloningcu in 10 minutes
10:23:59langhaarrockerI am in dispair to see all my source broken by the recent cvs commits of the last half year :)
10:25:01quel|cloningso you have to work too?
10:25:16quel|cloningi'm not the only one here that works on sundays?
10:25:19langhaarrockerno, its rockbox time!
10:25:30quel|cloningbut you have to work on rockbox :P
10:25:39langhaarrockerok its work time.
10:25:56langhaarrockerThe problem is the wind: I can't paraglide in this wind.
10:27:15quel|cloningtoo much?
10:27:49langhaarrockerToo much and to different
10:27:52quel|cloningget a 5.0 sail, your board and have some fun riding the wind over the water ;)
10:28:14langhaarrockerThere's not even a surfable puddle here.
10:28:33langhaarrockerAnd my equipment is in the netherlands -> I need vacation
10:28:51quel|cloningthen, mount some wheels to your board and surf the road :)
10:28:54langhaarrockerAh. After checking out firmware/export the buildfile at least worx again :)
10:29:09langhaarrockerI've done that with my kickboard.
10:29:18langhaarrockerThat was fun and FAST
10:30:26langhaarrockerIt's so easy to make gybes when there's no waves interfering ...
10:30:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:30:55*langhaarrocker inspects one of the dozens of conflicts
10:32:35langhaarrockerI'm glad if I manage to get my key binding stuff to the state when I left it. That might occupy me all day.
10:32:41quel|cloningwith waves you can make a forward loop, can you do that with your kickboard? ;)
10:32:57quel|cloningthen... work hard ;)
10:33:30langhaarrockerI haven't done any loops yet. (Apart from 'for', 'while' and so on)
10:34:25quel|cloningforward loop is more or less easy.. if you're crazy enough to try it :)
10:34:32quel|cloningclose your eyes...
10:34:40quel|cloningand start rotation :)
10:34:52langhaarrockerHave you done that?
10:35:02quel|cloningnever landed correctly
10:35:19quel|cloningbut the water was not cold, so i never mind
10:36:05langhaarrockerPah, who cares about water temperature? I have dry suit. My prob is that I never jumped high enough to even think about looping.
10:36:35langhaarrockerI surf on a lake -> nothing you really would call waves.
10:37:03quel|cloninglanghaarrocker: i've seen forwards made with flat water, on lakes...
10:37:13quel|cloningbut they were pros :)
10:37:37quel|cloningso i don't think that can be considered as a real proof :)
10:37:59quel|cloningnow i'm really going... or i will have to stay here till 14:00
10:38:09langhaarrockerThe best I can do is a duck gybe.
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12:52:27quel|cloningcu tomorrow
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14:14:13banGserhallo nochmal!
14:19:28banGseris it really true, that rockbox doesn't support fm-tuning with the recorder fm
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18:46:31*jankey wonders the mAh rating he should aim for in the battery settings to get an accurate read on the Recorder FM
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19:32:13OnoSendaiwell... you guys have been busy : )
19:33:04OnoSendailookin forward to trying 2... i got a job.. flying to orlando for a week for orientation...
19:33:10OnoSendaijust wanted to say hi/bye...
19:33:13OnoSendaicya guys
19:33:16 Part OnoSendai
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21:31:40Imbettolthanyouanybody there?
21:43:29 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
21:43:38TBoyfinally back
21:43:50TBoywell, hmm finally
21:43:57TBoyI liked it more in the sunny spain
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21:49:24ImbettolthanyouI've got a question about the rockbox stuff
21:49:39jankeyyou can just ask
21:50:05ImbettolthanyouI read that one of the features that they wanted to implement was shuffle to go into all subdirectories
21:50:18jankeyyou can't do that with a root playlist?
21:50:53ImbettolthanyouI'm not sure I just put it on my player last night
21:51:00ImbettolthanyouI was just wondering how I could get it to work
21:51:43jankeymake a playlist in the root of your rockbox
21:52:05jankeyit'll get files from any location, including subdirectories
21:52:34jankeyI never really used the jukebox software that came with it
21:52:46jankeybut I'm sure that has ways you can customize m3u playlists
21:53:24Imbettolthanyouthanks a lot man
21:53:33*jankey has his own questions
21:53:45jankeyI just need to find the mAh rating of the LiIon battery of the FM recorder
21:53:53jankeyso I can have a remotely accurate battery gauge
21:54:27Imbettolthanyouit doesn't say on the battery?
21:55:18jankeyI'm not opening it up
21:55:22TBoyjankey: it is 2200 mAh
21:55:25jankeyit'd be a bitch to get it set back
21:55:27jankeyTBoy - thanks
21:55:52TBoyacually they are 2x 1100 mAh
21:55:56 Quit Imbettolthanyou ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
21:56:05jankeyI dunno
21:56:13jankeyI like the LiIon more than the old NiMH
21:56:14TBoybut they are connected parallel
21:56:29jankeythe only reason, I never have to take them out, and it gives the player a more solid feel
21:56:48TBoyyep thats the reason I copped meself a fm
21:57:16jankeyI'd also have to get some real NiMH batteries if I used a typical Recorder
21:57:18TBoyyep and you don't have, what I don't like, to empty them all the time
21:57:21jankeybut that'd be non-hassle
21:57:42TBoybecause li-on batts don't have the mem-effect
21:57:49jankeyHeh, I just used them till they were empty
21:57:51jankeyand replaced them
21:57:58jankeyI had an external charger
21:58:38*jankey needs some money.
21:58:49jankeyneed a job around the university
21:59:00jankeythe real problem is, too much competition, and they rarely pay
22:02:34TBoybut the good thing is I work at adidas
22:03:12TBoythere main-hq are here in my town so I work every saturday in there factory outlet
22:03:15TBoythats kwl
22:03:25jankeymy roommate would like that
22:03:28jankeyhe has like 20 pairs of shoes.
22:03:34jankeyI don't know why he buys them
22:03:40TBoyand they pay me 8 $ or 8 an hour
22:03:45TBoy8 eur
22:03:46 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:03:47TBoywich is good
22:04:09*jankey would need a tad more
22:04:17TBoyso I'm a gosh jolly and gee happy camper
22:04:21jankeyconsidering the amount scarfed away from tax
22:04:48TBoybut the tax system here in germany is pretty fair to us poor dudes and dudettes
22:05:15TBoyhoi trackie
22:06:24tracktheripperwhats the latest?
22:06:41TBoydunno just got back from vacation :(
22:07:05tracktheripperno real extras since v2.0 apart from the inverted vid line
22:07:19TBoythat was pretty kwl
22:07:42jankeyinverted vid line, eh?
22:07:49jankeythat work with all fonts now?
22:07:58tracktheripperyea it adjusts to all fonts
22:08:18jankeyso that's available in the latest builds?
22:08:22tracktheripperunlike the one in joquams interface
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22:11:01 Quit jankey (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:15janke2yeah, that is nice
22:11:16tracktheripperTboy wot archos do u have again?
22:11:22tracktheripperhi janke2
22:11:23 Nick janke2 is now known as jankey (
22:11:40tracktheripperer, hi jankey
22:15:58tracktheripperyea i remember
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22:19:23 Part juz
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22:21:03 Part juz
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22:23:44Jet8810what type of charger would I need for
22:23:51Jet8810what type of charger would I need for Archos recorder? and what tip?
22:24:04Jet8810itll be cheaper to radioshack it then to buy the actual archos one right?
22:26:30jankeythe archos has a builtin charger
22:26:43jankeybut yeah, any NimH recharger should be fine
22:27:16Jet8810jankey, I lost that charger
22:27:26Jet8810I was planning to buy another one that plugs straight into archos
22:27:41Jet8810radioshack sells universal chargers
22:29:16jankeyyou 'lost' the charger?
22:29:24jankeyget one that meets specs
22:29:31PsycoXulhe means the AC adapter obviously
22:29:51jankeyhe confused me ;p
22:30:13jankeythe charger is part of the unit :P
22:30:39Jet8810jankey, yea, I need to find out the specs
22:31:58 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
22:32:19PsycoXul14:52 < Zagor> 10-12 is the best voltage. amps should to be >= 600mA
22:32:31PsycoXuland tip, i believe, is H
22:33:07Jet8810are radioshacks prices in the store cheaper then their site?
22:33:11Jet8810cuz their sites ridiculosly priced\
22:34:02PsycoXulit is?
22:34:09Jet8810some of them
22:34:28Jet8810heh, the small chargers are like $30, then the brick ones which are the same thing are $15 :)
22:35:00jankeyit's not a charger :P
22:35:22*jankey alway liked the adapters that can handle any number of sockets
22:35:48jankeylike my laptop has an adapter that's just like a little brick, but it can connect to foreign plugs and the like
22:35:58jankeymodular is good :P
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23:51:37devZer0hellow/2 !
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