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#rockbox log for 2003-04-28

00:14:19tracktheripperhey DEV
00:21:01devZer0here - something is going on here ! :D
00:21:15devZer0s/o is SPEAKING
00:22:21tracktheripperim Always speeking in here
00:23:12devZer0and all the others may have a meal. or whatelse :D
00:24:07tracktheripperim missing Zagor :( :( :(
00:25:06BoD[]are you in luvvv ?
00:25:07devZer0hey, there must be something besides rockbox for these guys :D
00:26:06devZer0i miss him, too. i need s/o to take a look at my patch :D
00:26:22tracktheripperi am BoD
00:26:27BoD[]right ;)
00:26:53devZer0does zagor know that? :D
00:27:12devZer0maybe that`s the reason, why he isn`t in here :)
00:29:22devZer0but WHY the hell do you miss hm? you didnt just meet him for one or two days....
00:29:38tracktherippernever mind
00:32:05devZer0ok. he`ll be back soon :)
00:32:21devZer0anybody here who want`s to try my new patch?
00:32:36tracktheripperyes plz :-)
00:33:23devZer0i will upload it to my vserver and post a link,ok?
00:34:15BoD[]what does it do ? (sorry)
00:35:47devZer0it enables you to switch icons on/off in directory browser
00:35:52devZer0nothing great.
00:35:58devZer0but my second patch :D
00:36:46BoD[]oh right
00:37:41devZer0one more feature in rockbox :D
00:41:05 Join Nibbler [0] (
00:42:39 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:46:27midknight2k3Out Out
00:46:32midknight2k3Oui Oui
00:47:05tracktheripperDEV i downloaded ur patch
00:47:09tracktheripperwhat toes it do?
00:47:19midknight2k3you know how to add the patches to rockbox?
00:47:45tracktheripperit removes the icons in the browsers
00:47:51midknight2k3you kow how?
00:48:36devZer0hi m2k3, i supplied a binary file with the patch already inside.
00:48:57midknight2k3do you know how to patch then?
00:49:13devZer0it just doesnt remove the icons - there is a menu option that you can turn them on/off
00:49:50devZer0m2k3 - i shouldn`t have given him the binary. i should have make him patching himself ;)
00:49:56midknight2k3i dont know how
00:49:57midknight2k3do you?
00:50:26devZer0yes - i`m not very familar with that, but i managed to make a patch
00:50:42midknight2k3can you put the patch onto rockbox well though?
00:51:21devZer0you just dowload latest cvs of rockbox and than patch it with my patch
00:52:04devZer0you did it?
00:52:08midknight2k3Do You Know How To Take A '.Patch' File And Put It On Rockbox?
00:52:28tracktheripperWill someone add an ID3 TAG EDITOR to the daily builds?
00:52:28midknight2k3oh man oh man
00:52:31midknight2k3how long does it take?
00:52:32devZer0it`s very easy
00:52:35tracktheripperpretty please?
00:52:41midknight2k3how man can you tell me?
00:53:04devZer0just do a "patch -p0 <file.patch" inside the dir with the file to patch
00:53:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:53:32midknight2k3i have no idea what youre talking about lol
00:53:58midknight2k3if you can tell me step by step I would be eternally in your debt
00:54:10devZer0errrm. can you compile rockbox?
00:54:16midknight2k3no idea
00:54:17devZer0did you do that already?
00:55:10devZer0before you gonna do patching, you should be able to do that.
00:55:32devZer0patches need to be applied to the sourcecode and then you compile the binary file from that
00:55:32midknight2k3man am i clueless
00:56:08midknight2k3howlong does it take you to get a patch put on rockbox?
00:56:12devZer0but you are interested in that stuff and want to learn that?
00:56:37devZer0that depends how far you are at this point
00:56:37midknight2k3I would like to learn but can't figure it out
00:56:50midknight2k3i just have to know what i need to do this
00:57:12devZer0first off, you need to be able to compile rockbox
00:57:29midknight2k3for that i need...?
00:57:37devZer0a compiler ;)
00:57:49midknight2k3lol sorry
00:57:59midknight2k3im no good at this stuff
00:58:21devZer0did you rtfm ? (read the f...n manual?)
00:58:43midknight2k3What manual?
00:59:37BoD[]man man
00:59:41midknight2k3god im not worth wasting time on
00:59:44devZer0howtos for hackers
00:59:50midknight2k3im not a hacker
00:59:58devZer0never mind
01:00:13devZer0every beginning is hard
01:00:30midknight2k3was i supposed to read all 20000 pages?
01:00:44devZer0it`s just a matter of really wanting it
01:01:03devZer0half of them should be enough ;)
01:01:13midknight2k3well i don't know
01:01:35devZer0you want to learn coding?
01:01:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:02:56midknight2k3i just wish i could get the patch and rockbox and say 'patch it now!'
01:03:27devZer0you are just interesting in patching or you want to try the new feature?
01:03:42midknight2k3i want to try out a few patches and more as they come out
01:04:12devZer0which OS do you have?
01:04:51devZer0ok. i would recommend that you try the win32 sdk. it is a stripped down cygwin environment
01:05:18devZer0you may read and follow the docs
01:05:43devZer0with that you are able to compile rockbox yourself+
01:06:02devZer0uhhhh ? you won`t tell me, that this is too much to read? :D
01:06:17devZer0haha:) should i send you sendmail manual ;)
01:06:27midknight2k3enough reading
01:06:38midknight2k3let me just get that set up and you can help me from there?
01:06:46devZer0it really easy step by step instruction
01:06:57devZer0yes, no problem
01:07:04midknight2k3neat thanks a whole lot you'
01:07:15midknight2k3re the only one that knows how and hast he time to help ;)
01:08:03devZer0there are always people who have time and which help. you just have to met them ;D
01:08:08 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:08:54midknight2k3glee hello glee
01:09:15midknight2k3me puerto me hasto ma pleased-o two... meat yuuo!
01:09:52devZer0is that spanish?
01:10:31midknight2k3who knows
01:10:50midknight2k3i think it means, "Me am something something Pleased to meat you!"
01:11:00midknight2k3okay wait now im stuck
01:11:09midknight2k3when i download tar and stuff do i install them?
01:11:52midknight2k3i got it hang on
01:11:54diddystar5there are like zip files and stuff
01:12:33midknight2k3man this don't work
01:12:47devZer0what don`t work?
01:12:51diddystar5i nice program to unzip that stuff is
01:12:55midknight2k3who knows
01:14:54midknight2k3i have no idea
01:15:14midknight2k3i think i got it
01:16:04diddystar5did you?
01:16:32midknight2k3I DID IT HAHA
01:16:39midknight2k3Who rules Who rules?
01:16:41midknight2k3Me Me!
01:17:01diddystar5hehe what did you use?
01:17:20 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:17:22midknight2k3just the command prompt and the tar and bzip2 things
01:17:45diddystar5o yea im to lazy to type it in the cp
01:18:01diddystar5i gotta go bye
01:18:03 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
01:18:47devZer0you needn`t type!
01:18:49midknight2k3says 'Execute c:\cygwin\cygwin.bat - You should have a BASH prompt now'
01:18:58devZer0you just can do copy/paste ;)
01:18:58midknight2k3i didn't get anything
01:19:02midknight2k3cause i have cywin installed?
01:19:29devZer0double click on that file or type that command into dosbox :)
01:19:48midknight2k3all that happens is a command prompt comes up for a SPLIT SECOND
01:19:52midknight2k3then it goes away
01:19:55devZer0win32 sdk IS cygwin
01:19:56midknight2k3when i do the BAT file
01:20:43devZer0the file is in c:\cygwin ?
01:20:54midknight2k3D: in this case
01:21:06midknight2k3must it be c:?
01:21:09devZer0please move it to c:
01:21:50devZer0i could do an installer which honours relocation of install.
01:22:06devZer0jou should see something green
01:22:28midknight2k3this is working out so far so lets see if i can finish ( :\ :/ :) :( )
01:22:31devZer0btw: this is the same command prompt as you have in linux
01:22:44midknight2k3you the one that was talking ab out linux?
01:23:00devZer0you mean in the docs?
01:23:05midknight2k3in here
01:23:08midknight2k3do you use it?
01:23:16devZer0yes, certainly :)
01:23:25midknight2k3Whoa! CALM DOWN THERE jeez it was a simple question!
01:23:31midknight2k3Don't get so angry, sorry!
01:23:53devZer0who gets angry?
01:23:55midknight2k3who knows?
01:24:07BoD[]this guy is strange, i tell you :)
01:24:27midknight2k3i got the cfommand prompt now
01:24:31devZer0he draws ascii burgers :D
01:24:53midknight2k3you wish
01:24:55midknight2k3my latest:
01:25:34devZer0mid, what`s your age?
01:26:02midknight2k3if you had enoguh sense to check the old logs you'd know im 13
01:26:25midknight2k3ok im stuck
01:26:52BoD[]you were born in 2k3 ? :)
01:27:02devZer0ok, then tell me what you want to know
01:27:13midknight2k3Download rockbox-tools.tar.bz2
01:27:13midknight2k3Download and unpack RockBox sourcecode to /home/rockbox OR check out via CVS (make sure you are in /home/rockbox). For CVS - make sure your personal firewall allows cvs.exe connect to You have personal firewall, haven`t you ? ;)
01:27:21midknight2k3now this is hard
01:27:30devZer0heee, BoD. you have not been very good in maths ? ;)
01:27:31midknight2k3i dont get how to unpack it to 'home/rockbox'
01:27:48BoD[]ahah ;) no not really no
01:28:06midknight2k3help me
01:28:14devZer0mid: move that file to c:\cygwin\home\rockbox
01:28:28midknight2k3OJ is good!
01:28:34midknight2k3With extra pulp mm hmm
01:28:35devZer0"c:\cygwin" is "/" in your bash prompt
01:28:49devZer0so c:\cygwin\home is /home
01:28:51devZer0and so on
01:29:12BoD[]what is OJ
01:29:25midknight2k3orange juice
01:29:33BoD[]ok sorry
01:29:34midknight2k3floridas natural mmmmmmm
01:30:00BoD[]me i love fanta orange
01:30:15devZer0mine`s just gotten empty. but i have oj++
01:30:28devZer0fanta-o is great
01:30:36midknight2k3umm SURE....
01:30:42midknight2k3let me try this out now
01:31:12BoD[]but i don't like orangina, even though it's my country's national product :)
01:31:32devZer0why? orangina is even greater than fanta-o
01:31:56devZer0perhaps you had that too much in your life?
01:31:58midknight2k3calm down lol
01:32:16BoD[]no really, i never liked it
01:32:34devZer0ok. it`s up to everone`s taste
01:32:39BoD[]i find it leaves a bad taste in the mouth :) and it doesn't really tastes like orange, but fanta does!
01:32:47BoD[]yes of course
01:33:14devZer0you are french guy and speaking english here? ;)
01:33:56midknight2k3i need help
01:34:07midknight2k3how do I do the unpack stuff
01:34:10BoD[]well yes of course why not
01:34:28devZer0its the same procedure as unpacking the other stuff
01:35:00devZer0BoD: because i didn`t met many french people in my life which spoke english. especially good english
01:35:12midknight2k3HEY! How can i "Download and unpack RockBox sourcecode to /home/rockbox OR check out via CVS (make sure you are in /home/rockbox)."
01:35:23midknight2k3how can i unpack it to a place?
01:35:28midknight2k3ok wait
01:35:31midknight2k3wait wait wai
01:35:34devZer0cd /home/rockbox
01:35:43midknight2k3okay never mind haha
01:35:47devZer0and read the docs. step by step. CAREFULLY !
01:36:49midknight2k3i did it!
01:37:37devZer0nice that one can make you happy so easily :D
01:38:22midknight2k3what now
01:38:32midknight2k3i have all the 5 files it unpacked but have no idea how to go on
01:38:44devZer0the patch or what?
01:38:56midknight2k3rockbox tools
01:39:12midknight2k3step 8.2
01:39:25devZer0you put them to the tools-dir?
01:40:01midknight2k3wait now that i can do this, should i download rockbox source and undo it all so i have the source code?
01:40:11midknight2k3by undo i mean tar and bz2 it
01:40:18midknight2k3Untar and UNbz2
01:40:30devZer0you first need to download the source.
01:40:40devZer0then you have a dir where you put the tools inside
01:40:49devZer0they are needed during build
01:40:58devZer0did you do a rb-checkout
01:41:07midknight2k3not past step 8 yet
01:41:11devZer0do that first
01:41:30devZer0step by step - one after the other.
01:41:41midknight2k3But that's just it
01:41:44midknight2k3I dont know HOW
01:41:57midknight2k3'I have made 2 scripts wich will make CVS handling easy for you. You won`t need to login because login information (anonymous) is being stored in /home/rockbox/.cvspass already. '
01:42:08midknight2k3And.... how do i use the script?
01:42:24devZer0you just go to /home/rockbox
01:42:24midknight2k3or is that for the CVS thing?
01:42:29devZer0cd /home/rockbox
01:42:35devZer0then you type
01:43:09midknight2k3it works!
01:43:12devZer0cvs is a repository where the sourcecode is in
01:43:22devZer0it is the latest source there
01:43:35midknight2k3i dunno
01:43:42midknight2k3it did it to something called 'rockbox-tools'
01:43:44devZer0and every change which is made to the source is inside
01:45:02midknight2k3now how to compile
01:45:06devZer0has checkout finished?
01:45:27midknight2k3wait i can do it
01:45:30devZer0are the tools (e.g. convbdf.exe) in c:\cygwin\home\rockbox\tools?
01:45:32midknight2k3let me try before oyu help k?
01:46:20devZer0you need to make build dir, it is parallel to tools
01:47:03midknight2k3i did the mkdir build-dir
01:47:07midknight2k3but now what
01:47:14devZer0cd into that
01:47:15midknight2k3cd build dir done
01:47:26devZer0and follow the docs
01:47:55midknight2k3do this, then that, then this, then that, then this, then keep reading to find out more.
01:48:03midknight2k3now wait
01:48:13midknight2k3god wait hang on
01:48:27midknight2k3i cant figure this out
01:48:30midknight2k3just 'make'
01:48:49midknight2k3unpack to 'tools'?
01:49:46midknight2k3can you tell me step by step?
01:49:56devZer0move rockbox-tools.tar.bz2 to c:\cygwin\home\rockbox\tools
01:50:18devZer0then unbzip2 and untar them - as you did with the sdk
01:50:23midknight2k3pause ther
01:50:37devZer0no pause
01:50:46devZer0it`s late here and i wanna go sleep :)
01:51:24elinenbehey there.
01:51:27elinenbewhat you need help with?
01:51:33elinenbeI can help you!
01:51:50midknight2k3he's got it thanks tho
01:52:55midknight2k3can you continue?
01:52:58midknight2k3im ready
01:53:11devZer0did you unpack the tools?
01:53:37devZer0now you have some .exe files in the tools dir?
01:53:59devZer0ok, cd into the build dir
01:54:33midknight2k3in this case ~/build-dir
01:54:36 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:55:06devZer0type pwd and tell me what you see
01:55:07Stevie-Oyou guys need to update your FAQ, question #11 says
01:55:20elinenbeno problem.
01:55:28elinenbewhat is wrong with that irc server?
01:55:43Stevie-Oit was renamed to ?
01:55:49devZer0ok. now type ../tools/configure
01:55:52elinenbewas it? I don't know.
01:55:56Stevie-O[19:53] dccii: connect Unable to resolve
01:56:09Stevie-Othe 'irc' page mentions the right name
01:56:56devZer0you can type the relative (../tools/configure) or absolute path (/home.....)
01:57:14BoD[]stevie-o : you should post that on the mailing list
01:57:14devZer0as you know (for shure) this is the same
01:57:20midknight2k3i got it down now
01:57:36midknight2k3thanks a LOT,
01:57:51devZer0and now you are being asked for something...
01:57:59midknight2k3i can do that :)
01:58:12midknight2k3i think it's done :)
01:58:14devZer0leave out demos or games
01:58:31midknight2k3oh crap i didnt
01:58:38midknight2k3i like em is it ok if they're there
01:59:26midknight2k3is it ok if the demos/games wer chosen?
01:59:27devZer0i`m not really shure,but there are some problems with filesize >200k and you should make shure, that your binary wouldn`t get too big. so better leave games or demos out
01:59:39midknight2k3well let me do it over 1 sec
02:00:19midknight2k3makefile is made
02:00:46midknight2k3almost done?
02:01:29midknight2k3ok well now what
02:01:39devZer0now your processor gets something to work :)
02:01:47devZer0just type "make" now
02:01:55midknight2k3oh really cool
02:04:01devZer0now you should have a ajbrec.ajz or something like that in build-dir. do you have recorder or player/studio?
02:05:03devZer0because i don`t like the player :)
02:05:09devZer0display is just tooo small
02:05:09midknight2k3neither me
02:05:26midknight2k3well not too small but the characters are too big and not customizable :\
02:05:41midknight2k3Archos jukebox recorder has a lot of capabilities
02:05:52devZer0just 2 lines isnt enough
02:05:53midknight2k3if it can fit on the screen you can basically do it
02:06:04midknight2k3i agree tho i hate the player ones
02:06:10midknight2k3so wait
02:06:14midknight2k3now how do i patch it?
02:06:54devZer0put the tar to /home/rockbox
02:07:01devZer0untar it there
02:07:05midknight2k3okay then
02:07:13midknight2k3what if it'
02:07:20midknight2k3it's a '.patch' file?
02:07:37devZer0then it` alrady the patch
02:07:48midknight2k3okay how do i apply it?
02:07:48devZer0what patch do you have?
02:07:59midknight2k3i want ot try the UI imporvements one
02:08:08midknight2k3just for the first attemot
02:10:08midknight2k3is that possible with the programs i have?
02:10:57devZer0yes, basically. but maybe you can` apply this patch anymore, because there was too much changes to the source meanwhile
02:11:30midknight2k3is that a joke?
02:11:36devZer0what rats?
02:11:41midknight2k3Oh wow
02:11:54midknight2k3i meant, drat or crap or shoot you know
02:12:03BoD[]damn' !
02:12:15midknight2k3you forgot the first quote
02:12:36midknight2k3So wait now
02:12:41BoD[]no it's a contraction quote
02:12:49BoD[]damned => damn'
02:13:08midknight2k3oh sure
02:13:18midknight2k3that one, dev?
02:15:49devZer0hey,it`s not THAT easy as you think.
02:16:13devZer0keep in mind that all this stuff is meant for developers
02:16:23midknight2k3so i can't do it?
02:16:29devZer0i didn` t try these patches myself yet.
02:17:16midknight2k3can i though?
02:17:34devZer0don` t think so black/white
02:18:05devZer0first you should know about patches
02:18:09midknight2k3ok how about a tar.gz one
02:18:18devZer0tell me what a patch is ;)
02:18:23midknight2k3OH BOY
02:18:27midknight2k3IM NOT THAT STUPID
02:18:59devZer0i never said that ;)
02:19:02midknight2k3'a minor usually temporary correction or modification in a computer program'
02:19:29midknight2k3Man come on let's do the tar.gz one
02:20:30devZer0i`ll try it first
02:27:28devZer0mhh. it really isn`t your day...
02:28:04devZer0this patch is a combination of a patch and 2 files being replaced.
02:28:35devZer0you could replace the files. but the patch won`t apply to the actual source anymore. a developer would need to do this by hand.
02:28:56midknight2k3oh well never min dit all
02:29:00devZer0or you get the sourcecode from that time when the patch was made. cvs allows you to do so.
02:29:08midknight2k3at least i know how to do it for future referrence
02:29:43devZer0why not explaining patching with my new patch? i know it should with this
02:29:57devZer0keep in mind that i`m no patch professional.
02:30:03midknight2k3trying to patch the rockbox with your patch?
02:30:16devZer0yes, it is brandnew
02:30:20midknight2k3i saw it
02:30:35midknight2k3might be useful too :D
02:30:42midknight2k3the icons one right
02:30:43devZer0not really :)
02:30:56devZer0but one more feature :)
02:31:04midknight2k3yes thats all that matters
02:31:08midknight2k3ok lets try this out
02:31:12midknight2k3download the patch right
02:31:47devZer0yes. untar in /home/rockbox
02:31:56devZer0then cd into apps directory
02:32:16midknight2k3what was that address again?
02:32:29midknight2k3the place with how to set up the win32 environment
02:32:57devZer0it is being linked from rockbox docs pages
02:33:00midknight2k3got it
02:33:45midknight2k3ok now it's in 'icon-patch' folder?
02:33:59devZer0and you are in apps?
02:34:13midknight2k3physically or under the cygwin prompt?
02:34:34midknight2k3now yes i am
02:34:45devZer0ok. then patch 4 files there:
02:35:24devZer0patch -p0 ../icon-patch/tree.c.patch
02:35:40midknight2k3for all of them>
02:35:40devZer0and the other tree .c.patch files
02:35:58midknight2k3and the H ones too?
02:36:10devZer0H ?
02:36:13midknight2k3the H 'ONE' i mean
02:36:16devZer0oh yes.
02:36:21midknight2k3and the lang ones?
02:36:42midknight2k3ok hang on
02:36:48devZer0did you do that?
02:36:59midknight2k3do what?
02:37:02midknight2k3lang files? no
02:37:08devZer0the other ones?
02:37:11midknight2k3am doing
02:37:26devZer0after that cd to lang dir
02:37:50devZer0and do patch -p0 <../../icon-patch/english.lang.patch
02:37:55midknight2k3is it sposed to take a long time?
02:37:56 Quit _seb_ ("reboot")
02:38:17midknight2k3i didnt get a confirmation or anything
02:38:23midknight2k3the cursor thing just went down one line
02:38:24devZer0sorry. in the first command i wrote the < was missing
02:38:36devZer0do a ctr-c and insert the <
02:38:50devZer0it`s late here and i`m a little bit tired
02:39:01midknight2k3the < goes where?
02:39:17devZer0betweend patch -p0 and ../blah...
02:39:24midknight2k3i have an idea, can you just type the instructions here then go cause i have to eat but want to try to get this done
02:39:54midknight2k3thanks a whole lot
02:40:05midknight2k3i'll never forget you *sniff*
02:40:20devZer0patch -p0 <../icon-patch/tree.c.patch
02:40:49devZer0the same you do with all the files except the lang files
02:40:53devZer0then cd lang
02:41:12devZer0then patch -p0 <../../english.lang.patch
02:41:22devZer0think you won`t need deutsch.lang.patch
02:41:42devZer0if all apply without error, you go back to build-dir
02:41:56devZer0do a "make clean" and start "make" again
02:42:51devZer0i leave now. have fun.
02:44:30 Quit devZer0 ("Leaving")
02:50:00*BoD[] goes to bed bye!
02:50:08midknight2k3dont leave em
02:50:13BoD[]why not
02:50:18midknight2k3who knows?
02:50:24BoD[]don't you have better to do ? :)
02:50:43midknight2k3not really
02:50:47BoD[]what time is it
02:51:11midknight2k3it's 5:51
02:51:19BoD[]am or pm
02:51:24midknight2k3PM lo
02:51:35BoD[]ok it's 2:37 am here
02:51:42BoD[]so you see ;)
02:51:49BoD[]i have to go to sleep
02:51:54midknight2k3do you have to work in the morning?
02:52:01BoD[]no fortunately i was fired
02:52:09BoD[]so now i just do nothing all day long
02:52:10midknight2k3where from?
02:52:17BoD[]and i usually wake up at 12:00 :)
02:52:28midknight2k3ha if i had the chance i'd do that too
02:52:30BoD[]software company
02:52:33midknight2k3summer breaks coming soon at least
02:52:37midknight2k3what company?
02:52:46BoD[]it's not well known
02:52:53midknight2k3still whats it called
02:53:00BoD[]i dont want to tell :)
02:53:19midknight2k3I told you what time it is here!
02:53:38BoD[]they fired me i hate them i don't want to make them advertising by citing their name
02:53:52midknight2k3aww i want to make sure i never buy from them :)
02:54:03midknight2k3but how can i if i dont know who they are ;)
02:54:07BoD[]you could'nt they only have other companies as customers
02:54:35midknight2k3I have an idea
02:54:49midknight2k3go look for a job as a ladies shoe department salesman
02:54:52midknight2k3in the mall
02:54:55BoD[]but i'll tell you anyway it's "icom informatics"
02:54:55BoD[]it's a small company, 20 people
02:55:24BoD[]that's a very strange idea
02:55:37BoD[]but then again : you ARE strange ;)
02:55:56midknight2k3am i?
02:56:31midknight2k3i wonder what i can buy from them to make them get rich
02:56:37midknight2k3haha just kidding
02:56:44BoD[]you can't :)
02:56:45midknight2k3we all love you bod
02:57:02BoD[]anyway they don't have a future !
02:57:20midknight2k3cause you dont work there? lol
02:58:00midknight2k3i shall make them go bankrupt
02:58:01BoD[]no because they fired me because they don't have enough money, because they don't have enough customers, because they don't have competitive products to sell
02:58:05midknight2k3what did you used to do there?
02:58:17BoD[]i was a java developper
02:58:26midknight2k3sounds fun
02:58:26BoD[]well i'm still that i guess sort of
02:58:44midknight2k3look for a new job in the little nickel as a ladies shoe department thing
02:59:10BoD[]little nickel ??
02:59:14midknight2k3oh WOW
02:59:27midknight2k3whats your local free newspaper/ad thing
02:59:29BoD[]and what's the thing with ladies shoe ??
02:59:40midknight2k3Is it called the Nickel Saver?
02:59:51midknight2k3what then?
03:00:04BoD[]it wouldn't be called with english words would it ? ;)
03:00:16midknight2k3where do you live?
03:00:21BoD[]i don't know ... "HIP" is one of them
03:00:26BoD[]in france
03:01:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:02:00BoD[]and? :)
03:02:13midknight2k3get a good job bod
03:02:16BoD[]muoahah :)
03:02:21BoD[]well i prefer to do nothing
03:02:26midknight2k3whats with the '[]' thing anywyas?
03:02:26BoD[]because i'm lazy
03:02:45BoD[]well you know the nickname BoD was already taken
03:02:49BoD[]so I added that
03:03:11BoD[]and it makes it like the notation for an array in the Java programming language
03:03:25midknight2k3HOW UGLY
03:03:44midknight2k3who knows?
03:03:54BoD[]you are fun
03:03:56midknight2k3Yes, it's a happy day.
03:04:01BoD[]but fun
03:04:05midknight2k3Am I?
03:04:26BoD[]by the way it was my 25 birthday today
03:04:37BoD[]so i feel very old, especially when i speak to you
03:04:58BoD[]that's why i have to stop it and go to bed ;)
03:05:00midknight2k3happy birthady
03:05:07midknight2k3happy birthday to bod!
03:05:14midknight2k3Cuse hes the beest
03:05:30midknight2k3BoD with the [] at the end~
03:05:35BoD[]so see you
03:05:57midknight2k3bye bod happy birthday thanks bye have fun see you
03:06:08 Quit BoD[] ("al lala")
03:06:19Stevie-Owow, I like this Rockbox stuff
03:06:24midknight2k3i know
03:09:16 Join _seb_ [0] (
03:38:09 Join jzoss [0] (
03:38:10 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:51:55 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
04:14:22 Quit thu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:24:03 Join OneCluedCoder [0] (
04:24:05 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:25:55 Nick OneCluedCoder is now known as Stevie-O (
04:34:07 Join thu [0] (
04:41:15 Quit thu (Remote closed the connection)
04:52:34 Join thu [0] (
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05:06:11 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
05:10:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
05:27:04 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:27:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:35:57 Join FranzK [0] (jirc@
05:43:36 Quit FranzK ("Leaving")
06:09:04 Quit green_ ("Client Exiting")
06:16:28 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
06:16:28 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:16:35 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
06:18:08 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
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07:52:34 Join donutology [0] (
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07:55:33 Quit donutology (Client Quit)
07:59:34 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:04:07 Join Zagor_ [242] (
08:11:15 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
08:32:40dwihnoAny goo idea how to separate words in a "bla bleh bloo blerp" format? I want to iterate through each and every one :-)
08:33:45dwihnoI guess you didn't catch the ice hockey game last night? :)
08:34:02Zagorheh, no. i've been out diving all weekend. in the snow...
08:34:48dwihnoSnowdiving? :)
08:35:13Zagorhehe, you'd almost think so when you surface and it's a freaking blizzard above
08:38:04dwihnoAre you a pro?
08:40:52dwihnoHow will strtok handle multiple spaces?
08:51:43Hes strtok, strtok_r - extract tokens from strings
08:51:48Hes Never use this function. If you do, note that:
08:51:50Hes... 8-)
08:55:12dwihnostrtok works good :)
08:55:28dwihnoNow I'm doing print formatting
08:55:49HesI just thought that the linux man page for it is funny.
08:56:08Zagoryeah, it is. I have seen that before.
08:56:57*Zagor is fighting the Debian Priesthood
08:57:13dwihnoSpeaking of debian...
08:57:26dwihno"What OS are you?" :-)
08:57:39dwihnoA friend of mine was OS2/Warp and the other, Win98 :)
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09:11:13 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:34:11 Join FranzK [0] (jirc@
09:34:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:38:15 Quit FranzK (Client Quit)
09:48:54dwihnoDo you guys know a simple way to detect what OS you're running in a Makefile?
09:49:04*dwihno <−− not a Makefile ninja
09:49:12Zagor(only works in unix)
09:49:37dwihnoI have a makefile which compiles on windows and *nix...
09:49:56dwihnoperhaps the simplest way would be to alias rm to del on windows
09:50:27Zagorit's rather common practice to give up and make one makefile for windows and one for unix :-)
09:51:03dwihnoNo way!
09:51:54dwihnoIt's (still) a console app
09:54:34dwihnoWhich works pretty good, if I may add :-)
09:54:43Zagorwhat is it?
09:55:20dwihnoIt's just an application to check files' CRC and do a list name lookup, along with renaming, deleting dupes etc.
09:56:48dwihnoI think the RockBox project actually has made me a (slightly) better coder :)
09:57:09Zagorthat's good to hear
09:57:20dwihnoI love ANSI C, but I am also master of spaghetti code :-)
09:59:14Zagorhehe. i think that's something only time can teach you
09:59:52dwihnoThe keyword: API!
10:00:44dwihnoI did some ASP along with a friend a couple of nights ago... In VB, you can't format the lines any way!
10:00:58dwihnoAnd if you want to break a statement across several lines, you must use _
10:01:34ZagorJust Say No :-)
10:02:19dwihnoNah, You Must Help Your Friends :-)
10:02:54dwihnoAlthough doing ASP sometimes feels like spanking yourself ;-)
10:10:16dwihnoIf I use the -g option when I compile stuff, does _ALL_ debugging information go away when I strip the executable?
10:11:25Zagorstrip is a very good stripper :)
10:12:04dwihnoWhat is better for production use... GCC 3.2 or 2.97?
10:12:42Zagordepends on your needs. 3.2 has some new stuff, like newer optimization and some more better c++ support. 2.97 is rock solid.
10:13:47Zagorthere's probably other good reasons to use 3.2 too, I just don't have the info
10:46:45 Join langhaarrocker [200] (
10:47:19langhaarrocker:( no Quelsaruk. It seems I need whole flock of goats.
10:50:57dwihnoRock solid :) Yum.
11:01:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:02:16langhaarrockerCan rockbox screw the hd / sth else in such a way that the jukebox doesn't boot anymore? I fear a serious problem.
11:02:34langhaarrocker(no, the batteries are full)
11:02:44Zagorthe password lock is the only such thing we know about. and that's not a rockbox specific issue.
11:03:22langhaarrockerIt occasionally boots but only i one out of ten times
11:05:16Zagorsounds like a hardware problem. maybe a battery has gone bad?
11:05:53 Join Bagder [241] (
11:06:01Zagoryo bro!
11:06:07langhaarrockermoin bagder!
11:07:48langhaarrockerI'll try another set of batteries tonight.
11:10:56langhaarrockerat 0000000A
11:11:14Zagorwhat are you doing executing code down there? ;)
11:11:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:11:36langhaarrockerI plugged in the ac adapter.
11:12:17dwihnoHey, I've noticed something fishy in the latest builds
11:12:36dwihnoWhen I power off my laptop with the unit attached (USB mode) it does not leave USB mode anymore.
11:12:46dwihnoOnce I had this "press 'on' to debug"-message
11:14:17Zagorhmm, strange
11:14:33langhaarrockerHonestly I suspect that my hardware is broken.
11:16:06langhaarrockerWhen I start the unit it most of the times has the red led off. If that happens it won't boot at all, screen stays blank. I can hear the hd spin up though. Sometimes when I start it the red led turns on. Then the thing boots correctly.
11:17:12langhaarrockerWhen I have the thing up and running I randomly get 'panic' screens (like the one above) on button presses.
11:19:33langhaarrockerI09: CPUAdrEr at 400 (while navigating the menu)
11:19:33langhaarrocker-> the errors are arbitrary
11:20:43langhaarrockerI20000006: IllSltIn at 0 (while browsing. Funny adress though)
11:21:06langhaarrockerI need goats.
11:21:28langhaarrockerWhat is a IllSltIn?
11:23:28Zagor"Illegal Slot Instruction"
11:23:56Zagora slot is one special cycle directly after a delayed branch instruction
11:24:09Zagorit basically means "no code here" :)
11:25:05langhaarrockerSomehow I suspect these errors are even worse than a broken harddrive.
11:25:58Zagorare you getting them immediately at boot, or later?
11:26:20Zagoroh, "while browsing"
11:26:23langhaarrockerusually as a result of a button press or inserting the power adapter
11:27:01langhaarrockerBut once it also encountered 'at free will'
11:27:50Zagorsounds very fishy. like a busted RAM or something.
11:28:50langhaarrockerYes. Or maybe some piece of metal occasionally shortens some bus signals.
11:29:22langhaarrockereat with appetite
11:41:08langhaarrockerhöhö. Funny. Now Win2k complains that I had disconnected the drive without removing it safely. I didn't touch anything though. Jukebox still displays the usb icon.
12:00:15 Join matsl [0] (
12:00:15 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:12:25 Join Schnueff_ [0] (
13:17:22 Quit Schnueff_ ("Changing server")
13:41:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:44:52Zagorbrute force bug hunt launched
13:45:04 Join calpefrosch [0] (
13:45:12Zagorread your mail, everone
13:46:12*langhaarrocker obeys
13:47:41*langhaarrocker needs a working jukebox
14:22:29 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
14:22:30 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:38:01 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:38:03 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:39:01calpefroschdoes anybody has some script to collect the id3 information als a comma-seperated list ?
14:39:28calpefroschlike -> filename;name;album;genre
14:41:50Zagornope, i'm afraid not. but the MP3::Mplib perl module looks useful
14:43:09calpefroschhmm, I thought about id3info and awk....
14:43:19dwihnothe power of perl compels you! :)
14:43:29Zagoryeah, whatever does the job
14:43:41calpefroschlet's try what is faster ;-)
14:52:08 Quit calpefrosch (Remote closed the connection)
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15:16:35*Bagder got a valid RSS feed now
15:16:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:17:16Bagderthat might make it more useful to people
15:17:50langhaarrocker ?? Thats xml
15:18:21Bagderrss is xml
15:18:50*langhaarrocker doesn't know rss
15:19:05Bagderbut mozilla doesn't like the page
15:19:12Bagderwhen using the 'digest.xml' name
15:19:24Zagori've set the content-type now
15:19:31Zagorto text/xml
15:19:45Zagormsie doesn't care about content-type, but then we don't care about msie so it evens out :-)
15:20:08Bagderdoes opera whine on that page?
15:20:25langhaarrockerwhat is it supposed to look like?
15:20:31Zagornot very pretty though :-)
15:20:34Bagderit doesn't look
15:20:36Bagderit contains
15:20:40Zagoryou're not supposed to look at it
15:20:47Zagoryou're supposed to feed it to other programs
15:20:56*langhaarrocker looks away
15:26:32Zagoryikes, the amd opteron really kicks ass on some stuff
15:30:30langhaarrockeris it a suitable upgrade for the remoclone?
15:30:49Zagoryes, I think so. it has an integrated memory controller.
15:34:37 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
15:36:14 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:53:12 Part Zagor
15:54:24 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:07:24 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:09:08 Quit elinenbe (
16:09:08 Quit dwihno (
16:09:14 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
16:09:30BagderI added a 'valid rss' button
16:09:43Bagdermakes it easier for me to re-validate the rss ;-)
16:10:29 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:11:41 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@
16:19:41Zagorgotta go
16:19:42 Part Zagor
16:19:51 Quit elinenbe (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
16:20:23NJoinelinenbe [0] (
16:20:37>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
16:20:59>>>"seen" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
16:21:17>>>"explain me" by langhaarrocker (
16:21:25>>>"rules" by langhaarrocker (
16:39:15 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
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16:55:41 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
16:59:32 Part langhaarrocker
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17:29:39 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
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17:43:28 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
17:54:23 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
17:55:15Guesthi everybody
17:55:48Guestanyone interested in answering some questions on the archos op system
18:02:47GuestI can't get into half of my directories under OS 1.3J- browseing causes a crash every time. Would a file utility like Norton accurately diagnose and repair any problems?
18:14:01 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
18:28:15 Join [keno] [0] (
18:42:06 Join Nomad__ [0] (
18:42:26 Join Nibbler [0] (
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22:22:21NJointracktheripper [0] (
22:23:31 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
22:24:46tracktheripperhi Stevie
22:24:51Stevie[FreedomPahow goes it?
22:24:59tracktherippervery well thanx :-)
22:25:03Stevie[FreedomPagood to hear.
22:25:03tracktheripperwhat Archos do u have?
22:25:07Stevie[FreedomPathe FM recorder
22:25:16tracktheripperIm an MP3 connesieur
22:25:20Stevie[FreedomPamy dad got it for me last friday
22:25:28Stevie[FreedomPabday present :D
22:25:47Stevie[FreedomPaand by Saturday I had already managed to crash the original firmware once
22:26:06tracktheripperWMA sounds shit, shit shit
22:26:12Stevie[FreedomPalocked up on an mp3 with a long ID3
22:26:30Stevie[FreedomPathank god for Rockbox
22:26:46Stevie[FreedomPayou do any dev?
22:26:54tracktheripperLack of FM tuner is the Achille's heel for Rockbox on the FM
22:27:06Stevie[FreedomPayeah, I know
22:27:10Stevie[FreedomPa(1) I don't listen to the radio, that's why I ahve CDs
22:27:27Stevie[FreedomPa(2) if I ever did want to, I have a copy of the 1.30j firmware so I can boot that from ROLO
22:27:35tracktheripperStevie what codec do u use and what bitrate do u compress at?
22:27:46Stevie[FreedomPaI used to use BladeEnc
22:27:51Stevie[FreedomPanow I'm using LAME for the first time
22:28:06tracktheripperim using Fraunhofer at 192kbs
22:28:17tracktheripperperfect CD sound for me
22:28:23Stevie[FreedomPayeah, I do 192
22:28:54 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:28:57Stevie[FreedomPayou do any development?
22:28:59tracktheripperCBR or VBR?
22:29:08Stevie[FreedomPaI don't know what CBR is
22:29:17tracktheripperNo, don't code, just like helping others operate Rockbox
22:29:32Stevie[FreedomPaCytoplasmic Bitrate?
22:29:54tracktheripperCBR is Constant Bit Rate, VBR is Variable Bit Rate
22:30:10Stevie[FreedomPawell, LAME seems to be doing VBR
22:30:34Stevie[FreedomPasome of these tracks it's almost entirely encoding at 128
22:30:43Stevie[FreedomPaothers are evenly distributed from 128 to 320
22:30:54tracktheripperat least the Archos is non SDMI compliant
22:31:10tracktherippersome copyprotection bullshit
22:31:18Jet8810hey ripper!
22:31:21 Join matsl [0] (
22:31:21Jet8810hey Stevie
22:31:23Stevie[FreedomPaI hate virtually all forms of copy protection
22:31:36Stevie[FreedomPaI mean
22:31:41tracktheripperhey Jett!!!
22:31:48Stevie[FreedomPaI might not mind so much if the record companies gave free replacements for scratched CDs
22:31:51Jet8810hey mats
22:32:00Stevie[FreedomPagiven that they cost a whopping 1.5 cents to make
22:32:12Jet8810that could be abused Stevie
22:32:21Jet8810I say let you copy it and burn it for PERSONAL use
22:32:23Jet8810dont try to regulate it
22:32:35 Join nelliep [0] (
22:32:36tracktheripperStevie what is your view on WMA sound quality?
22:32:47Stevie[FreedomPaI don't use it
22:33:00Stevie[FreedomPaJet8810: how?
22:33:07Stevie[FreedomPaif all you had to do
22:33:12Stevie[FreedomPawas mail in the old version
22:33:16Stevie[FreedomPaerr the old disc
22:33:59tracktheripperWMA sounds crap
22:35:02Stevie[FreedomPabut then, so do many bands
22:36:35tracktheripperespecially Busted ;)
22:39:14*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [gone] [KS-MsgLog Off]
22:47:57 Join Zagor [242] (
22:52:24tracktheripperhello Bjorn
22:52:46tracktheripperBjorn, when u set up this site why did u choose Zagor as ur name?
22:52:51Jet8810hello Bjorn
22:53:49Zagortracktheripper: I've used that name since 1982...
22:53:55Snorlaxyup ipod2 is here!
22:54:05Snorlaxthinner and lighter then ever!
22:54:09tracktheripperyea but in what way is it significant to u? just asking :-)
22:55:33Jet8810the Ipod is awesome!
22:56:04ZagorSnorlax: what's new? 10 more gigs and 4 buttons. anything else?
22:56:19Jet8810Zagor, its much thinner
22:56:24Jet8810its .62 thick is the Archos?
22:56:41Zagorarchos holds 80 megs. it's apple and oranges
22:56:50Zagorgigs even
22:56:56Snorlaxon-the-go-playlist, notes, ACC support, 2 new games, better lcd, docking station AND USB 2.0!!! I could go on and on!
22:57:00Jet8810in your case maybe Zagor
22:57:02Jet8810mine only has 20
22:57:14SnorlaxUSB 2.0 and firewire
22:57:24Zagorusb2 is good, indeed
22:57:35Jet8810very good
22:57:36Snorlaxyup, indeed!
22:57:42Jet8810but as I understand it, still not USB Mass Storage
22:57:45Jet8810not drag and drop
22:57:50Jet8810so I refuse to buy it...nice and simple
22:58:20Snorlaxwell I'm getting it when it comes to sweden=may 9th
22:59:07Jet8810got a PC?
23:02:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:08:13 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:08:22 Join Bagder [241] (
23:08:25elinenbepretty cool new ipod
23:08:31elinenbeI should say very cool!
23:08:40elinenbegood evening.
23:08:51tracktheripperHi Badger!!!!!!!!!!!
23:09:34tracktheripperHi Bagder!!!!!!!!!!!
23:12:04 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
23:22:01Zagordid nobody see the mail about brute force debugging?
23:22:10BagderI did
23:22:23*ClosetPacifist did.
23:22:29Zagori expected some replies...
23:23:01Zagorbut as long as somebody is testing, i'll be patient...
23:23:28tracktheripperZagor, couldn't the max number of entries be increased to 500 at least?
23:23:30BagderI've never seen the read led
23:23:39Bagderred led dead
23:23:43Zagortracktheripper: sure, we could increase it to 5000 too
23:24:41tracktheripperbut then that will intrude into valuable RAM
23:24:48Zagorbingo :-)
23:25:21tracktheripperZagor there should be a way u can set the base name for recording so you don't get the daft alphanumeric filename
23:25:49tracktheripperi mean set the name prior to recording not afterwards
23:26:06tracktheripperand you should be able to dump a recoding into a folder of your choice, not the root
23:27:01Zagorthis is planned
23:27:09tracktheripperoh well Zagor there is always the Archos firmware for recording via Rolo........
23:27:38Zagoryes. have fun!
23:27:56tracktheripper((hits Zagor))
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23:47:04***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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23:50:58Zagoroff to bed
23:51:01 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")

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