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#rockbox log for 2003-04-29

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01:29:12devZer0guys, you are tooooo silent today ;)
01:29:20jzossI'm here! =)
01:29:43devZer0hey :) OOOONE !
01:29:52jzossnoooo... TWO ! woohoo!
01:30:06devZer0who is it
01:30:21jzossdevZer0 + me. hehe
01:31:07devZer0ok. lets do our personal monologue :D
01:31:30jzossalas, devZer0, I knew him well...
01:32:29devZer0eerrr, what? alas? hamlet? don`t understand you here
01:33:05jzossnevermind. Hamlet is a play, that was a (paraphrase) of a famous line from that play.
01:33:44devZer0"personal monologue" ?
01:34:04jzossYeah, that was just the first thing that popped into my head that was monologue-ish.
01:35:53devZer0ah.well :) i`m a banause concerning such. errr, whait a minut. hamlet was from shakespeare, but i don`t really know what`s it all about. wasn`t it that guy talking to the skull? 2 beer or not 2 beer.... ? :D
01:36:07jzossright right!
01:36:59devZer0ok. think we shouldn`t talk here about that.
01:37:23jzossfair 'nough.
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01:37:52devZer0what you`re doing jzoss? just sitting on this list and having some smalltalk? ;)
01:37:57devZer0hi BoD
01:38:02BoD[]yo !
01:38:10jzossI'm getting Linux back installed, actually.
01:38:26jzossUpgraded my computer a week or two ago, and am just getting everything put back together again
01:38:29devZer0did you have a nice time with li`l m2k3 ? :D
01:38:47devZer0jz: it
01:38:59devZer0it`s always the same when reinstalling pcs... :D
01:39:09BoD[]dev: who me ?
01:39:25devZer0yes :)
01:39:36jzossI goofed this time and screwed up my XP MBR with lilo. Whoops! But everyone's happy now.
01:39:41BoD[]yes he's fun :)
01:40:41devZer0bod: he`s a little bit impatient. but you`e right :)
01:41:40devZer0jz: since i use vmware i don` t have a problem with screwed up mbr`s anymore :D
01:42:03devZer0and reinstalling my os is just a matter of uncompressing my vmdk from cd :)
01:42:04jzossyah. I'm just a cheapskate. I don't wanna spring for vmware. =)
01:42:33devZer0vmware is really worth it`s money
01:43:04jzossUse it at work sometimes
01:43:59devZer0use it everyday. my f....k outlook is running within that - constantly crashing :)
01:44:37jzosshehe. funfun. That's my least favorite thing about dual-booting. Trying to come up with a sane way to share mail.
01:45:41BoD[]and i also want a news server that can remember which articles i've already read ...
01:46:02devZer0good idea :D
01:46:40jzossright. I've tried the "use netscape on win & linux" method, but it still seems too limiting.
01:46:50BoD[]i can't believe that just doesn't exist in 2003 :)
01:46:52devZer0but this exists !
01:47:10devZer0google remembers all articles you read !
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01:47:20devZer0unfortunately, it won`t let you know :D
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01:58:48devZer0schlafmützen hier alle, herschaftzgzeiten nomma!
02:00:58BoD[]hey did you see the new ipods ?
02:01:09BoD[]but they still can't record ...
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02:03:47devZer0thanks. will take a look at. i like ipods. design is coool!
02:07:58BoD[]yes and it doesn't take 30 seconds to boot ;)
02:08:38BoD[]it's superior to archos models in many ways ... including price :)
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02:12:39devZer0what does it cost?
02:12:53BoD[]i'm not sure
02:13:00BoD[]but it's not cheap i can tell you that :)
02:13:21devZer0but it is better manufactured
02:13:36devZer0archos quality is really poor
02:13:57BoD[]very true
02:14:08BoD[]that's why my unit is still defective :(
02:14:29devZer0what happened to it?
02:15:05BoD[]it keeps rebooting for no particular reason in the middle of songs
02:15:35BoD[]i opened it and saw that the battery back panel was not properly soldered
02:15:44BoD[]so i soldered it back
02:15:44devZer0even if you don` t touch it?
02:16:01BoD[]and .... it doesn't work better now
02:16:20BoD[]sometimes when I don't touch it .. but most of the times it's when I move it
02:16:51BoD[]for example i can't walk with it in my pocket.. i have to handle it in my hand or else it reboots again and again
02:17:30devZer0you should solder all the soldering spots again. :)
02:18:13BoD[]i think so
02:18:26BoD[]but it's stupid there is too much pressure on this panel !
02:18:50BoD[]when you put the batteries it's just too tight, no wonder why it get unsoldered !
02:19:47devZer0when i took a look into my jb it was my first thought
02:20:08BoD[]it's just stupid :)
02:20:31BoD[]they could have added one milimiter and it would have been allright
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02:24:41devZer0yes, agree!
02:26:23devZer0archos could be MUCH better if they had spent some little effort. furthermore, the case is really sleazy
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02:36:06BoD[]yup :) anyway i have to go to bed now !!
02:36:11BoD[]see you all, bye !
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02:37:14devZer0good idea. cya/2 :D
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04:08:17CodyI just bought a archos off ebay, only problem is it doesn't have a link cable, what type of cable is it
04:08:44Codyi know it's USB, but is it standard usb, or is it different on the archos end (mine hasn't arrived yet)
04:10:03jzossyup. Standard usb
04:10:18jzossSame plug both ends
04:10:32Codyohh, that's interesting
04:10:41jzossNot the kind that has a tiny end, or the kind with a squarish-end. Both ends look like the one that plugs into your PC
04:11:21Codythat's what it looked like from the picture, i just wanted to be sure
04:11:32Codythat's cool, i can make one of those pretty easily
04:11:43jzossyah. When's your archos showing up?
04:12:25Codywhat would you consider a decent price for a used archos 10gb
04:12:50jzossI paid like $180 for my 15GB new.
04:13:14jzossSo maybe $100-$120-ish for a 10GB used?? {shrug} I don't know, really
04:13:14Codycomes with software, headphones, and ac adapter?
04:13:34Codyi paid 135, so, that's not that far off
04:13:46jzossYah., but the software isn't necessary (is just a standard USB harddrive), and the headphones are crappy
04:13:51jzossSo you're not missing much there.
04:14:01Codythat's sort of what i figured
04:14:20jzossStandard AC adapter should work, as long as you get the right voltage (9-10V or so)...
04:14:35Codyso it should just work in fbsd too because it's just a usb hd, that's cool
04:14:56jzossThe AC-adaptor they supply actually doesn't supply enough current to keep up with the device's full draw (harddrive up and spinning).
04:15:21jzossSo for long transfers (the initial fill-up), sometimes people's batteries run dry even while it's plugged into the wall! =)
04:15:53Codywell again, i'
04:16:03Codyve got 9v transformers i can use
04:16:52Codyhow's the line out on them
04:17:44Codysufficient for plugging in to a car stereo?
04:17:58jzossI don't think the recorders (as opposed to the players) have a line-out. Just a headphone-out.
04:18:13Codywell this isn't a recorder
04:18:15Codyjust the player
04:18:17jzossMy recorder's headphone-out is sufficient for plugging into the stereo.
04:18:25Codyohh, gotcha
04:18:33jzossI dunno about the player, but I would assume so. If not, you can use the headphone jack. =)
04:19:15Codyis there any difference between the "studio" and the normal player
04:19:42jzossI don't think so, but I don't know for sure. I think the studio's more recent...
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04:20:17Codyhow rugged are we talking?
04:20:41jzosspretty flimsy construction. Buttons feel "shaky", and weak plastic.
04:20:45jzossBut the bumpers help.
04:21:26Codyany idea how well those car remote things they have for them, pan out?
04:21:38jzossI don't worry too much about throwing mine in a coat pocket, or in a backpack, but I wouldn't trust dropping it from any significant height. =)
04:22:13jzossI don't know. There's some support for the remote in rockbox, but I'm not sure how much.
04:22:31jzossThe remote buttons aren't unlocked when the devices is in keylock mode, for instance
04:23:08thuargh don't mention dropping stuff from backpacks :-\
04:23:21jzosssorry. Bad associations?
04:23:31thumy backpack opened and I dropped a 120G drive on the pavement
04:23:58thuheh.. right in front of the airport
04:24:10thuafter it got through checks and everything
04:24:47jzossI was on a roadtrip and brought my palm pilot along with everyone's phone numbers I needed to contact (friends I was meeting, staying with, etc). At my first stop, my friend dropped it, and the batteries fell out, and I lost everything. So I feel your pain (even though mine was recoverable)
04:25:03thudon't mention palm pilots either :)
04:25:12thuor visors to be precise
04:25:26thuI took mine with me w/ a modem and keyboard and everything
04:25:34thuso I can get online from where I was
04:25:49thuI plugged in the modem, unrecoverable error, lost all my data
04:25:58thu=> 10+ days with no net
04:26:19thumy archos is the luckiest device ever so far
04:26:33thuit's still in one piece, no major dives, no major errors
04:26:34jzossBleh. I know someone like that... technology runs in fear whenever she comes near. =)
04:27:26thuI wonder how shock resistant is the archos
04:27:36thuI wouldn't wanna test though
04:27:46jzossjust kidding. ;)
04:28:15thuhmm I could start a gallery
04:28:20thu3 dead mp3 cdplayers
04:28:28thu1 dropped from a moving car
04:28:41jzosshow??? Hanging out a window?
04:28:45thu1 wouldn't start anymore
04:28:48CodyI might just have to look in to a special case or something, cause i two am natorious for killing portable audio equipment
04:28:58thu1 with bad lcd
04:29:06thuumm I think I had it in the door pocket
04:29:14thuand I tried to open/close the door or something
04:29:51thumy archos is 5 months old now
04:29:58Codyi'm on discman 5, the kind folks at best buy keep buying me new ones tho, because i keep signing up for the 8dollar two year, if it dies replacement plan. And i've always managed to break it within two years
04:30:01thuit's shedding like hell
04:30:19thuyeah the paint is going
04:30:20thufrom the back
04:30:26thuI think it's because of heat
04:30:35Codythat 120gb?
04:30:41Codylittle warm, eh?
04:30:50thu120G archos? hmm :P~
04:31:05Codyohh, i read that above and thought you were talking about an archos
04:31:21jzossheh. Bjorn's got an 80GB, but I don't know if anyone has a 120G archos...
04:31:22Codyheh, i agree that does sound nice, i was wondering tho, cause biggest laptop drive i've seen's 80
04:31:41thuhow much though?
04:31:55thuthe archos isn't that great to navigate
04:31:59thuno jump feature
04:32:08thu80G would be hard to manage
04:32:10Cody$328 - 80.0GB
04:32:25Codyyeah + price of archos
04:32:26thuthat's soo much not worth it
04:32:27jzoss?? jump to a given trackNum ??
04:32:43thujzoss: winamp/xmms "J" jump feature
04:32:51Codyyeah, really it'd be cheaper just to have two archo's with 40gb's
04:32:55thusearch through all the available music
04:33:12thuhdd prices are crazy
04:33:22thuI was looking at regular drives the other day
04:33:26Codyyeah, that would suck to navigate, i've only got 20gb and it'd hard enough on a computer
04:33:34thucuz I just went and bought another 120G
04:33:53thu100G - $220
04:33:58thu120G - $220
04:34:03thu180G - $570
04:34:41Codyoff where you looking
04:34:41Cody$265 - EIDE 250GB
04:34:41Cody$202 - EIDE 200GB
04:34:45thuI'm not sure if the first one was 80G or 100G
04:34:54thuthat was in CAD
04:35:07thudivide to 1.4 to get USD
04:36:24Codystill tho, still tho, 250gb for 265*1.4 < 180 for $570/whatever
04:36:45thuthose are the prices here
04:36:59thu265 for 250G sounds great
04:37:18thuI wouldn't want one of those babies to crash on me though
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04:37:40thuraid1 or nothing
04:37:47CodyI honestly don't know what'd do with 250gb
04:37:57thuheh try ripping dvds
04:38:07Codyi do on occasion, and that's true, but...
04:38:13thu7G / movie
04:38:27Codyi know, i've got a couple floating around here
04:38:27thuor get a digital video cam
04:38:59Codybut i'm a poor geek, i couldn't even shell out the money to get a new archos, or one with a 20gb drive
04:39:05Codyforget a DV cam
04:39:26thuheh I just got my 120G drive and I'm almost broke
04:39:27Codythey pay me in nickles at work
04:39:28thutell me about it
04:39:51thuoh a DV cam is only $4k+
04:40:04Codyand it's been that way for over a year, which is starting to piss me off
04:40:13thuI don't even work
04:40:17thuI do some contract jobs
04:40:26Codywhat type?
04:40:51thuoh just about anything I can get my hands on
04:40:56thusome programming here and there
04:41:04Codysounds good
04:41:16thunow I'm busting my ass to learn how to do embedded C
04:41:30CodyI really need to pick up some decent programming skills, end up doing that come fall hopefully
04:41:36thuembedded software rulez
04:41:46CodyI did something really dumb and actually tried to learn embedded C
04:41:46thuyou don't worry about OS, stupid users, installation
04:41:59Codybefore knowing normal c
04:42:17CodyIt was for a project my friend and I were working on
04:42:21thuI can't say I know C really well but I've been through the basic concepts
04:42:52Codywe were trying to make a wireless transciever for USB cables, so you could have a laptop and wonder around the room and still print to your normal printer etc...
04:43:30thuI'll tell you a good way to learn embedded C
04:43:31Codyit was for science fair, and we were doing real well, and eventually made it internation, but when we made it to internations we realized we actually had to try and build it
04:43:45thuyou go to some employer that needs something done with a smart controller
04:43:50thuand you go "sure I can do that"
04:43:57thu"in a week or so"
04:44:29thuthat's really good motivation
04:44:32Codyso we went bought a fancy ass DSP and a bunch of extra shit and then realized that despite the fact that it had several lanuages you could program in, we didn't know a damn one of them
04:44:53Codylol, yeah, isn't that the story of all computer geeks, the movitation thing
04:45:11CodyI work at an ISP now, and that's pretty much a daily thing.
04:45:20CodySure i can build you a mail server that blocks spam....
04:45:31Codyis my current delema
04:45:38jzossBut it's way more fun to learn a language while doing a project you're interested in. As opposed to learning a language to work on something you could care less about.
04:45:59Codythat's very true, that's how i've learned pretty much all of the computer stuff i have
04:46:07thujzoss: well it does help that I find doing embedded stuff fun
04:46:23CodyI'm still in HS, so i've not really had any formal classes, so it's all stuff i've learned my own on that model
04:46:48thuheh I guess I did learn something in 4 years of CS in HS
04:47:14Codyi got to a school of 400 people in the middle of a corn field, when the IS guy needs help he calls me
04:47:15thu+2 years in middle school
04:50:42Codyanyways, speaking of HS, i've got homework to do
04:50:58CodyI'm out in like 20 days, i'm SOOOO looking forward to it
04:51:30thuheh.. summer semester starts in 1wk here
04:51:34thuI'm jumping back in
04:51:48jzossmy sister's graduating soon too.
04:52:18Codythat's good
04:53:55thuheh I wish I still were in HS
04:55:05CodyI'm sure i'll miss it later, but man i'm dying to get out now.
04:55:21Codyhell i skipped today mainly just to skip
04:55:52Codyit's pathetic how few meaningful classes i actually have
04:58:14thuthat's the whole point
04:58:31thuI don't feel like skipping a $400 class now
04:58:44thuespecially when I have just a few of them, all interesting
04:58:44Codyi can understand that
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10:11:40LinusNoogabooga zagor
10:11:57 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:12:09LinusN(the secret Rockbox salute: oogabooga)
10:12:17Schnueffoogabooga everybody
10:12:42tracktheripperoogabooga :-)
10:13:02LinusNwas my reaction to Brents' posting too hard?
10:13:05>>>"pass" used by langhaarrocker ( [snoop prevented]
10:13:16>>>"cmd" by langhaarrocker (
10:13:55>>>"help expadd" by langhaarrocker (
10:13:56Zagormaybe a little cranky :-)
10:14:24>>>"logbot explain oogabooga" by langhaarrocker (
10:14:36LinusNi reread my posting and it did sound a little cranky
10:14:41>>>"explain oogabooga" by langhaarrocker (
10:14:49>>>"expadd oogabooga=The secret Rockbox salute" by langhaarrocker (
10:14:55>>>"explain oogabooga" by langhaarrocker (
10:18:40LinusNhi hes
10:19:20 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:28:54langhaarrockerHas oogabooga any etymological background?
10:30:58Zagorit's the ancient sound for "bug found, yummy!"
10:31:20langhaarrockeroogamy [??'?g?m?]
10:31:20langhaarrockernoun sexual reproduction involving a small motile male gamete and a large much less motile female gamete: occurs in all higher animals and some plants
10:31:21LinusNold swedish folklore from the stone age
10:31:30tracktheripperZagor, could the Archos have some sort of "startup sound" rather like Windows?
10:32:02tracktheripperbut how would you hear it? unless u wear your headphones 24/7
10:32:23LinusNi guess you put them on before you start it up
10:32:46LinusNthen press Play when you hear the startup sound (if you have resume=ask)
10:32:51tracktheripperyea but in the feature request he wants the sound in case he forgets he has switched his Archos on
10:33:21LinusNthen i guess he has it connected to speakers
10:33:30langhaarrockerCan we implement a headphone-plug-inserted-detection by watching errornous remote signals?
10:33:48LinusNlanghaarrocker: maybe
10:39:26Zagorit would be very unreliable
10:48:16 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
10:48:19*dwihno shows some code: "lcd_update()" ;-D
10:48:27dwihnoBueno, QUel
10:48:57Quelsaruki know you couldn't live without me :)
10:48:57LinusNhi jose
10:49:03Quelsarukhi linus :)
10:49:22ZagorLinusN: maybe we could simply toggle the sound output on/off rapidly, creating a buzzing sound with the click
10:49:58LinusNi'd rather play a .rockbox/welcome.mp3
10:50:03Zagorwuss :)
10:50:29LinusNthen anyone can use their own sound
10:51:10Zagorbut a buzz could still be useful, for key feedback and such.
10:51:18Zagorgotta try it :-)
10:51:38langhaarrockerWe could simulate polyphony by interleaving the mp3 frames of welcome.mp3 and the current song. :)
10:51:41Quelsaruki have a question....
10:51:48LinusNlanghaarrocker: :-)
10:52:04Quelsarukhow many goats should i sacrifice to repair my boot loader?
10:52:11LinusNQuelsaruk: 5
10:52:21Zagorlanghaarrocker: i've actually planned to try that too, but for crossfading purposes
10:52:32Quelsaruki dunno why, but i get now a lot of '07' instead of grub's screen :(
10:52:56LinusNZagor: the bit reservoir will make that very difficult
10:53:01Zagoryes, I know
10:53:09Zagorstill, it has to be tested.
10:53:58langhaarrockerquel: what's a grub screen?
10:53:59Zagorif 1/1 interleave won't work, maybe 5/5 could
10:54:20ZagorQuelsaruk: that's a loader error. see the man page
10:54:25Quelsarukgrub is my boot loader
10:54:29tracktherippermorning Quels
10:54:41langhaarrockerIs the sh1 fast enough to detect and interleave mp3 frames in real time?
10:54:49QuelsarukZagor: i'm doing that now :)
10:55:08LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes, it could be able to
10:55:59Zagoralthough i'm starting with prebuilding interleaved mp3 files on a pc
10:56:06langhaarrockerQuel: grub = rolo without rockbox?
10:58:18Quelsaruklanghaarrocker: yups :) but now it says 'insert archos firmware' ;)
11:00:04langhaarrockerZagor: please don't allow Quelsaruk to add a menu entry "Increase goat blood soak".
11:00:26Quelsarukwhy not langhaarrocker?
11:00:29LinusNlanghaarrocker: we won't allow it
11:00:39LinusNthe MAS can only decrease it
11:00:56langhaarrockerQuel: you'd need surgical gloves because of aids.
11:02:05Quelsaruknot really, goats are inmune to aids
11:06:42tracktheripperArchos no longer make the Player
11:06:50tracktheripperthey don't offer it on their website anymore
11:07:29tracktheripperR.I.P. the Player :-)
11:07:33langhaarrockerOk. That's it. We can remove the player target from the daily builds.
11:08:10tracktheripperbut what about the existing players?
11:08:35tracktheripperare you gonna leave them in the lurch?
11:08:55langhaarrockerThe players will dissapear in a puff of logic soon.
11:09:22tracktherippergive it a new lease of life by making it record via the LINE IN
11:09:40Zagortracktheripper: you are joking, right?
11:09:49Zagorabout removing the builds, i mean
11:09:58LinusNthat was langhaarrocker
11:10:03LinusNand he was joking
11:10:04Zagorah, ok
11:10:18tracktheripperso you should be Zagor :-)
11:10:32Zagorthey, annoyingly, both turn up in green in my irc client.
11:11:01tracktheripperwhat turn up green Zagor? me and langharoker?
11:11:06langhaarrockerZagor: Should I add some bugs so that I turn red?
11:11:45tracktheripperZagor its about time there was a firmware update for you! not the Archos!
11:11:49Zagortracktheripper: each nick gets its' own color, so they are easier to tell apart. but both you and langhaarrocker are green, and the same length...
11:12:06tracktheripperwell change mine to blue then:-)
11:12:09*Zagor needs a memory upgrade
11:12:20Zagori can't. they are automatically assigned.
11:12:42langhaarrockerZagor: you need a shuffle button :)
11:13:05tracktheripperZagor you need an inverted video line :-)
11:15:42Zagorshh, i'm mixing mp3s
11:16:18 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:20:09 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:23:49 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:45:37 Quit quel|out ("reparing my s.o.")
11:45:38 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:47:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:09:24LinusNwoo, first contact with the FM radio chip
12:09:57LinusNread/write of registers works
12:10:12langhaarrockerLinusN: be quick! Achos starts discontinuing things! :)
12:23:56dwihnoLinusN: Is writing to flash painfully slow?
12:24:07dwihnoflash memory
12:28:39LinusNnot really, define "painfully"
12:31:33dwihnoSounds pretty slow
12:31:45dwihnoBut if it is a limitation due to the flash, I understand.
12:32:04LinusNare you talking about an ATA flash card?
12:33:10dwihnomp3 players with built in flash :-)
12:33:42dwihnoI'm considering a iRiver flash thingy for "excercise music" :-)
12:59:47ZagorLinusN: in a cbr file, are all frames always the same size?
13:00:03Zagori'm getting most the same size, but some smaller
13:00:53 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
13:01:30LinusNZagor: the padding can affect it
13:01:42Zagorisn't that just one byte?
13:01:52LinusNhow do you find the frames?
13:01:55ZagorI get bigger differences
13:03:09LinusNwhat does the debug output from find_next_frame() say?
13:03:42Zagorah. lots of garbage skipping.
13:03:46LinusNhow do you use find_next_frame()?
13:03:58Zagorheader1 = find_next_frame(in1, &offset1, 0x20000, 0);
13:04:29LinusNcheck the code in vbrfix()
13:05:52Hesdwihno: since flash is slightly slow, they're now selling high-speed ATA/compactflash flash cards. They do striping to multiple memory areas, I guess.
13:06:51dwihnoHes: mmmkay
13:07:08HesGood for high-performance digital cameras (lots of large photos or video to be written quickly to the flash - cameras already do write-back caching in RAM 8-)
13:09:36HesBut USB is slow as well.
13:13:31LinusNZagor: the frame sync can be found inside the mp3 frames, so it is vital that you advance the exact frame size in the stream, and pass the first valid header you find to consequent find_next_frame() calls
13:14:08LinusNthe first find_next_frame() call returns a valid header
13:14:22LinusNpass that to the rest of the calls, for validation
13:14:28Zagorhow large is the maximum frame size?
13:14:46LinusNabout 1500 bytes or so
13:15:08LinusN128kbit/s 44.1khz is 417 bytes
13:16:07LinusNlook at count_mp3_frames()
13:17:19Zagorahhh, works
13:17:57Zagornow let's try mixing
13:18:59 Quit Nomad__ ("I'm outta here!")
13:24:00 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:24:05Zagorhehe, sounds pretty odd in winamp at least :-)
13:24:14Zagori'll try 5/5
13:24:27LinusNZagor: surprised? :-)
13:24:33Zagornot really :)
13:25:00Zagorah, I forgot. I need to discard every second frame from each song too. otherwise it's played back at half speed...
13:26:45langhaarrockercool timestretching without pitch shifting!
13:27:10Zagorsounds crap though :-)
13:27:51langhaarrockerWould you mind to publish it somewhere? I'm really curious how it sounds.
13:29:18Zagorit's mostly just garbage so far, probably due to mangled bit reservoir
13:29:53langhaarrockergurgling, beeping, feeping garbage?
13:32:12Zagorwith 5/5 you can actually hear the tracks. still very bloopy, but definitely audible
13:35:53langhaarrockerMaybe it's suitable as an example for the nodo to demonstrate why no crossfading is possible :)
13:35:54Hesoh, you actually are trying that?? 8-)
13:36:33langhaarrockerNo Bagder today?
13:39:37Zagori think he'll be here soon
13:40:46Zagorcan lame encode without the bit reservoir?
13:41:11LinusNi think so
13:41:15LinusNgotta go, bye
13:41:17 Part LinusN
13:41:39Schnueff Disable the bit reservoir.
13:42:08Schnueffnever tried it though :)
13:46:13Zagorwith nores files, the effect is almost listenable
13:47:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:48:27Schnueffbetter than sox timestretch?
13:48:38Zagornever tried that.
13:48:44Zagori doubt it, however :-)
13:48:46Schnueffas has strange artifacts
13:48:53Schnueffit procdues strange artifacts
13:49:23Zagorit sounds very "flickery"
13:49:33Zagorwill upload a test
13:49:41*langhaarrocker needs timestretching in other contextes
13:51:41 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
13:51:51Quelsaruki'm back
13:52:04Quelsarukand i haven't used any goat to repair grub :)
13:52:07 Part Zagor
13:52:45 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:53:14 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:55:00Zagor (1 MB)
13:55:01Zagorcan you identify the songs?
13:55:49Zagorthat is 1/1 interleave btw.
13:56:21ZagorQuelsaruk: anyone. it's a contest! :)
13:56:32Quelsarukit's heavy metal?
13:56:40Zagorheh, no
13:56:53Quelsarukthen.. surely i won't be able to identify them
13:57:07*langhaarrocker cant but sounds funny
13:58:10langhaarrockerMy guess: Song1: 'Gurglemaster', Song2: 'Drowning'
13:58:49Zagorthen you should here it with bit reservoir turned on. sounds like a radio in a waterfall :)
14:03:31Zagor (1 MB)
14:04:57Zagor (512 kb) <−−- hilarious
14:09:15Zagorok, so mp3 frame interleaving turned out, unsurprising, to be useless
14:09:26 Join tm [0] (
14:20:26 Join Bagder [241] (
14:20:56*tm sobs
14:21:09tmcan't believe never gonna have ogg on archos :-(
14:21:12Schnueffnobodys wife
14:21:21Bagderyou can have ogg on the archos
14:21:25Bagderjust not listen to it ;-)
14:21:48QuelsarukBagder: you can even listen to it
14:21:49Zagortm: write an ultrafast transcoder, then we can play oggs :-)
14:21:55*tm tempted
14:21:56tmvery tempted
14:42:02 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:42:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:43:06QuelsarukCaption backlight is when it turns on when the song changes?
14:44:23tracktherippermaybe they will bring out a "Disco Backlight" next
14:44:43langhaarrockeryeah, with beat detection!
14:44:56tracktheripperyea have the backlight flash to the beat of the music :)
14:45:14Quelsarukhas anyone ever told you that you find really strange names for nearly each feature?
14:45:25langhaarrockerhmm. Using the peak meter as trigger that should be possible. :)
14:45:32tracktheripperyea :-)
14:46:00tracktherippereven better langharocker, have the 4 LEDs independatly flash of each other, for a more "disco" look :-)
14:46:11Quelsaruki know that you do this just because i can't find a word in spanish similar to that :(
14:46:54tracktheripperawwwwww poor quelsaruk
14:47:29Quelsaruki'm going home... i'm really hungry today
14:47:31Quelsarukcu later
14:47:37langhaarrockermenu item 'light show' with presets 'disco', 'rock', 'psychodelic'
14:47:49Quelsaruk(if i find a word for "caption")
14:47:55 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
14:48:57tracktheripperand langharocker, go one step furtther and have it flash in different colours!
14:49:07*langhaarrocker shivers
14:50:26langhaarrockerWe could simulate hard driver errors to make the red led blink to the beat :)
14:50:57tracktheripperdon't let Bjorn and co see that langharrocker :-)
14:51:13webmindbtw, did anyone try the archos with a CF card ?
14:51:33tracktheripperwhere can u plug a CF card ito the Archos?
14:51:53webmindwith a CF->IDE converter ?
14:51:56langhaarrockertheoretically the interface of the harddrive might be used
14:52:20webmindlanghaarrocker, theoreticly indeed.. just wondered if anyone tried already
14:52:45dwihnoMajor runtime increase! :)
14:52:57langhaarrockerAre there any adapters 2,5" -> CF available?
14:53:19tracktheripperhi :)
14:54:43dwihnoHellö! :)
14:55:53webmindlanghaarrocker, yes
14:56:03webmindlanghaarrocker, i already found 2 resellers i think
14:58:05tracktheripperDwihno, best Codec, WMA VBR :-)
14:59:14dwihnoWMA = bad
15:00:25*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [gone] [gone 16hrs 21mins 12secs] [KS]
15:01:04tracktherippernot WMA in VBR mode :-)
15:01:28dwihnoWMA = MS = EVIL = BAD
15:01:58 Quit tracktheripper (
15:02:02Stevie[FreedomPai found a minor glitch in rockbox
15:02:30NJointracktheripper [0] (
15:02:54 Quit green_ ("Client Exiting")
15:03:16ZagorStevie[FreedomPa: just a minor glitch? then you didn't look hard enough :-)
15:03:36tracktheripperok ok calm down Magnus :-)
15:03:58Stevie[FreedomPaI didn't say I didn't find others
15:04:10Stevie[FreedomPaI just said that one of the things I found was minor :)
15:04:33*Stevie[FreedomPa looks for info about submitting a patch
15:16:57Zagordid you find it?
15:20:14 Join Guest [0] (
15:21:01Stevie[FreedomPacvs diff -ub?
15:21:52GuestI have a question?
15:22:09Stevie[FreedomPathe link on this one page is broken
15:22:16Zagorwhich link on which page?
15:22:49 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
15:23:01 Join A [0] (
15:23:15 Quit A (Client Quit)
15:23:22 Join Nachimiento [0] (
15:24:10Nachimientohello? I have a question about Rockbox 2.0
15:24:20Bagderask away
15:24:29Zagoryay, i've got beep!
15:24:35NachimientoIs there a hold option?
15:24:44BagderNachimiento: tried reading the manual?
15:24:53Bagderits a fine manual
15:24:56Nachimientoi dont have Abode
15:25:02>>>"explain manual" by langhaarrocker (
15:25:12Stevie[FreedomPaat the very end is a link that's supposed to take you to the patch tracker, but the link's messed up
15:25:21ZagorStevie[FreedomPa: ok
15:25:54Nachimientoso is there a HOLD feature, and if so, how do I use it?
15:26:00Bagderthere's a keylock
15:26:15Nachimientook, how do i use it?
15:26:19Bagderbut you haven't said what model you have
15:26:37Nachimientolol sorry
15:27:50Bagderbut I find it rather silly to ask questions that are perfectly answered in the manual
15:28:05Bagderand I don't have "Abode" either
15:28:05Nachimientoi dont have Adobe
15:28:13Bagderso get it
15:28:17Bagderor get anothe one that works
15:28:29NachimientoF1+Down at the same time?
15:28:33Stevie[FreedomPaI don't have that in my copy of the manual
15:28:37Stevie[FreedomPaat least, it doesn't say 'hold'
15:28:49BagderI didn't say there's a hold
15:28:50Stevie[FreedomPa'key lock'
15:28:59Stevie[FreedomPait's called 'Hold' on every CD player I've ever seen ;)
15:29:00BagderI find it weird to call it hold
15:29:24Stevie[FreedomPait's referring to holding the cd player in your hand (so you don't accidentally trigger button presses)
15:29:27Bagdermy mobile phone has no "hold" function, it has a keylock
15:29:43Stevie[FreedomPauh huh
15:29:48langhaarrockerMine too, it has a little key as symbol for that
15:29:49 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
15:29:55Stevie[FreedomPawhen's the last time you made a fone call with your Archos?
15:30:07Bagderwhen's the last time you played a CD on it?
15:30:18NachimientoBadger, thanks a lot!
15:30:26Stevie[FreedomPaso which one's it closer to?
15:30:27langhaarrockerUseless to call achos -> they wouldn't give us the MAS specs.
15:30:41ZagorStevie[FreedomPa: link fixed. thanks for spotting that.
15:30:45*Stevie[FreedomPa kicks archos
15:30:54BagderI find my Archos mor resembling my phone than a CD player
15:30:56Stevie[FreedomPawell at least they made a nice piece of hardware that we can mess with
15:31:15Stevie[FreedomPaZagor: I have a knack for these things :)
15:31:24Zagorthat's good
15:31:56Nachimientoone more question... i was reading about deep discharge and trickle charge on the website, and i dont understand...if i want to fully charge the archos overnight, which do i use?
15:32:12Stevie[FreedomPatrickle I believe
15:32:29Stevie[FreedomPaI'm pretty sure that it said deep discharge is for when you're using the thing while it's plugged in
15:32:35Nachimientoso deep is only if im playing while its plugged in, right?
15:32:59Nachimientook, thats what i thought, just making sure.
15:32:59Nachimientothanks a lot you guys
15:33:02Stevie[FreedomPathat's what I recall reading
15:35:04Stevie[FreedomPaok, patch submitted
15:35:08Stevie[FreedomPaI hope I did everything right
15:37:56Zagorlooks good
15:38:03Stevie[FreedomPathe f3 settings thing?
15:38:23Stevie[FreedomPathanks :)
15:38:46Stevie[FreedomPathe other thing I noticed
15:38:57Stevie[FreedomPain the Settings menu where you configure how things are displayed
15:39:09Stevie[FreedomPabattery = graphic/numeric, volume = graphic/numeric
15:39:43Stevie[FreedomPathose settings take effect immediately while they're being edited, due to redrawing of the display
15:39:48Stevie[FreedomPaso you can see their effects
15:40:13Stevie[FreedomPabut the LCD invert setting doesn't do that, you don't see it until you've saved it
15:40:34Stevie[FreedomPaunfortunately, I have not yet seen a non-kludgy way of patching it so it does do that
15:41:30Zagorright. i've thought about that too
15:41:32Schnueffa new set_bool() with a function argument could do it
15:41:43Stevie[FreedomPai considered that
15:42:02Stevie[FreedomPabut I don't know enough about the arch
15:42:08Stevie[FreedomPaand I don't know what the overhead would be
15:42:21Stevie[FreedomPaesp since set_bool just delegates to the other thing
15:42:43 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:42:49Stevie[FreedomPadoesn't it?
15:43:16Stevie[FreedomPaset_bool_options just calls into set_bool
15:43:23Stevie[FreedomPaset_bool_options just calls into set_option
15:43:43Zagor <−− opinions please
15:44:02Stevie[FreedomPahold on
15:44:10langhaarrockerWished my recorder booted...
15:44:17Zagor(for regular recorders)
15:44:28Stevie[FreedomPaI have an FM recorder =/
15:44:48Zagori'll make one for fm. hang on...
15:45:17langhaarrockerZagor: a beep is a syntesized mp3 frame?
15:45:25dwihnoZagor: what have you done?! :)
15:45:35Zagorno, it's simply noise from turning off and on the dac 30 times!
15:46:00Zagor*very* crude, but perhaps useful
15:46:48Zagor up
15:47:29langhaarrockerI wondered wether you hardcore rockboxers were planning a more complex buffer management with multiple entry points for beeps, speech syllables, prebuffered next/prev Songstarts, etc
15:47:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:48:27*Stevie[FreedomPa blinks
15:48:33Zagor10 times instead of 30 gives a more distinct click sound
15:49:21Stevie[FreedomPawhat happens if a song's playing?
15:49:43Zagorno difference
15:49:52Stevie[FreedomPaneat :)
15:50:29langhaarrockerZagor: will the spdif output be interrupted, too?
15:50:46Zagorhmm, i guess not since it's not using the dac
15:50:57Stevie[FreedomPaan mp3 frame would be great (/.rockbox/beep.mp3) if not for the fact that it wouldn't work while playing another mp3
15:51:14langhaarrockerThat this solution is probably even preferable over inserting mp3 frames into the streams.
15:51:42Zagorunfortunately I seem to be able to hang the clock tick with this... not very nice.
15:52:29ZagorStevie[FreedomPa: i just tested interleaving the frames of two tracks. result: (1 MB)
15:53:01Stevie[FreedomPai don't quite understand
15:53:01Zagorfunky effect, but far from useful
15:53:11Stevie[FreedomPahow does that work?
15:53:18Stevie[FreedomPawithout independent frames
15:53:30ZagorI recoded the files to use independent frames
15:54:11Zagorwithout that, it just becomes noise
15:54:57Stevie[FreedomPaset_option() calls its function() argument whenever a key is pressed?
15:55:13Stevie[FreedomPawhich makes it effectively 'whenever the setting changes'
15:55:27Stevie[FreedomPathe daily build for yesterday
15:55:38Stevie[FreedomPahas 5 references to set_bool_options
15:56:07Stevie[FreedomPawhat if I patched set_bool_options to also take a function() arg and pass it down to set_option()
15:56:35Stevie[FreedomPato make the lcd invert thing take effect immediately?
15:57:07Zagorsounds good to me
15:57:30Stevie[FreedomPahell, I could pass in lcd_set_invert_display directly
15:57:38Stevie[FreedomPasince it has the right signature
16:07:16 Quit Nachimiento ("Leaving")
16:12:22 Nick quel|out is now known as Quelsaruk (
16:12:32Quelsaruki need your help :)
16:12:34Quelsarukas always
16:12:50Quelsarukcan anyone tell me another word (english word) for 'caption' ??
16:18:29Zagori'm now down to a single pop and it feels good to me.
16:20:23langhaarrockerYeah! Feature bloat!
16:22:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:22:15 Quit Quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:24:44Stevie[FreedomPaUpdating Dependencies for string-win32.c
16:24:44Stevie[FreedomPagcc: not found
16:25:03 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
16:25:08Stevie[FreedomPagcc itself wasn't found
16:25:14Quelsaruki love linux crashes :)
16:25:46Quelsarukcu later!
16:25:55Stevie[FreedomPa'win32' <- hint: not linux ;)
16:26:07Stevie[FreedomPa$ find /cygdrive/c/cygwin/ -name gcc.exe
16:26:11*Stevie[FreedomPa untars the sdk again
16:26:20QuelsarukStevie[FreedomPa :P
16:26:36 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|teaching (
16:27:34Stevie[FreedomPatheres no plain 'gcc.exe' in this tarball
16:27:58Bagderyou need a full cygwin for that
16:28:08Zagorperhaps our makefiles should use sh-elf-gcc for the dependency generation too
16:28:12Bagderthat's why he includes the tools pre-built
16:28:32Stevie[FreedomPaI would recommend that?
16:28:38*Stevie[FreedomPa ln's for now
16:28:39BagderI thought we did
16:29:04Zagoryeah, we do
16:29:26Zagorso why's it complaining?
16:30:11Bagderwhere what?
16:30:24Stevie[FreedomPawould you please double-check uisimulator/win32 ?
16:30:36Bagderthat needs a native compiler
16:31:06Bagderit builds native code on your host
16:32:06Stevie[FreedomPaI'm far too used to configure taking params
16:32:23Stevie[FreedomPai just tried ../tools −−platform=3 −−ram=2
16:32:44Bagderfeel free to make it accept them ;-)
16:32:46Stevie[FreedomPaerr ../tools/configure
16:32:53Stevie[FreedomPasorry, I don't have that much exp
16:33:30Stevie[FreedomPaUpdating dependencies for usb.c
16:33:30Stevie[FreedomPash-elf-gcc: not found
16:33:37Stevie[FreedomPawoo! now all I need to do is figure out how to set my path right
16:35:36Stevie[FreedomPahm, how am I supposed to convince cygwin that I'm the user 'rockbox'?
16:37:03Stevie[FreedomPamake[1]: *** [/cygdrive/c/tmp/rockbox-new/build-dir/sysfont.o] Error 255
16:38:57Stevie[FreedomPaoh, i see
16:41:26 Join edx [0] (
16:41:57Stevie[FreedomPasettings_menu.c:68: warning: passing arg 5 of `set_bool_options' from incompatible pointer type
16:42:35Stevie[FreedomPabool vs int
16:44:30Stevie[FreedomPawow, it boots!
16:45:33Stevie[FreedomPaand it works!
16:45:58Stevie[FreedomPahey, anybody got a recommendation on casting a function pointer?
16:46:35Stevie[FreedomPai'm thinking you don't want things like (((void(*)())x)() in yer code
16:46:37Zagorthat's messy :-)
16:47:40Stevie[FreedomPavoid lcd_set_invert_display(bool) <- declaration
16:47:46Stevie[FreedomPavoid function(int) <- parameter
16:47:59 Quit TotMacher ()
16:48:22*Stevie[FreedomPa puts in a comment
16:50:40*Zagor submits his first patch ;-)
16:51:38Bagdercheck out this:
16:51:43Bagderthe mail friendly version
16:51:43Stevie[FreedomPafirst patch, eh?
16:54:09 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:59:46Stevie[FreedomPawhat is displayed in the column immediately before the first digit of the clock?
17:04:26 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:12:07 Part Zagor
17:12:39 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:13:36 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
17:21:05 Join [keno] [0] (
17:22:01 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
17:22:07ZagorStevie[FreedomPa: the keylock symbol
17:25:12 Join tracktheripper [0] (
17:43:38Stevie[FreedomPado the Recorder builds use characters <32 for special purposes?
17:43:38 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:15Zagorgotta go
17:44:18 Part Zagor
17:46:13 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
17:47:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:48:36Stevie[FreedomPameh, i need a win32 bdf editor
17:49:18langhaarrockerDon't you like the existing fonts or do you want to make a new one?
17:50:06Stevie[FreedomPaI love the existing fonts
17:50:17Stevie[FreedomPaI need to try altering one though
17:51:16Stevie[FreedomPais there an rfc or some doc somewhere on the bdf format?
17:51:23Stevie[FreedomPaI'll write my own editor
17:52:03 Join Bagder [241] (
17:52:26langhaarrockerask Bagder: he'll probably know
17:52:55*Bagder looks around, now where can I hide?!
17:53:07Stevie[FreedomPawill he 'probably know' because he knows that stuff, or because he just happened to arrive? :P
17:53:15*langhaarrocker hints to that large vase
17:53:31Stevie[FreedomPathe Ming Vase?
17:53:37Stevie[FreedomPayou can only drop that in the Soft Room
17:53:59langhaarrockerbecause the vase is to small for him you might be able to get hold of him
17:54:20Bagderthere's lots of bdf docs
17:54:33Stevie[FreedomPaand no nice free bdf editors?
17:54:54Bagderpxaedit is the only one I know of
17:55:03Stevie[FreedomPanever heard of it
17:55:08Stevie[FreedomPaand neither has google, ti seems
17:55:39*Bagder can't type
17:56:33Stevie[FreedomPacygwin X
17:57:04Bagderthat's for using a toy os
17:57:26Stevie[FreedomPaeh, this is my work machine
17:57:31Stevie[FreedomPaI am sadly bound to this crap
17:57:59Bagdernoooo, reinstall it and blame your coworkers if someone asks ;-)
17:59:26Stevie[FreedomPaI can't
17:59:37Stevie[FreedomPaWe pay 15k a year for some crappy software
17:59:47Stevie[FreedomPaand it's got some licensing crap going on
18:00:11Stevie[FreedomPathis BDF format seems extremely easy to parse
18:00:20Stevie[FreedomPaI don't know why nobody's done a decent win32 editor for it before
18:00:40Bagderpossibly because no one on windows need bdf fonts
18:00:50Stevie[FreedomPawe do!
18:01:23 Quit quel|teaching (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:02:19Stevie[FreedomPaand google, having indexed the irc logs here, reveals that I'm not the only one
18:03:38Bagderyeah, rockboxers on windows have noticed this lack before
18:07:36 Part langhaarrocker
18:51:50*Stevie[FreedomPa builds the simulator
18:52:24*Stevie[FreedomPa installs cygwin so he can build the simulator
18:53:39*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [food] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:53:49Stevie[FreedomPaand this is driving me nuts
18:53:52 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
18:54:36 Quit ratsflif ()
18:57:30 Quit Bagder ("")
19:23:05 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:25:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:38:27 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:38:47 Join [keno] [0] (
19:43:01 Nick tm is now known as TheManiac (
19:43:44 Nick TheManiac is now known as tm (
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19:50:57 Join Bagder [241] (
20:10:12 Quit Bagder ("")
20:10:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:45:40*Stevie[FP] is back from [food] [gone 1hr 52mins 1sec] [KS]
20:46:12 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
20:48:40 Join natron [0] (
20:50:09natroni just bought a JBM20
20:50:19natrondoes rockbox have firmware for jbm20 ?
20:50:29Stevie[FP]i don't know?
20:50:42natronok :)
20:51:03TBoymultimedia you mean rite
20:51:40natronis it in the plans to support the multimedia ?
20:52:00Stevie[FP]the website says so
20:52:05Stevie[FP]it's apparently completely diff from the others
20:52:22natronthats to bad
20:52:24Stevie[FP]settings.c:1115: undefined reference to `rockbox_fprintf'
20:52:26natronim checking the web site now
20:56:50Stevie[FP]2. Build Uisimulator
20:56:54Stevie[FP]For the Win32 simulator:
20:56:55Stevie[FP]No info yet.
20:58:08 Join edx [0] (
21:00:45natronanyone know of a team of programmers working on multimedia hacks ?
21:02:17TBoybut they haven't started to do anything to/with the archos
21:02:18natronis there a website ?
21:02:28TBoythey are just talkin about it
21:02:33natronglad to hear :)
21:03:34natrondo they have a irc channel ?
21:03:38TBoywait i'll see if i find the adress
21:13:42Stevie[FP]what is this 'descramble' thing?
21:16:14Stevie[FP]the Player runs at 12mhz and the Recorder runs at 11.0592MHz
21:21:35TBoyhere you go natron
21:21:49TBoyStevie who are you talkin to, if I may ask
21:22:58Stevie[FP]there wasn't anybody else here to talk to :P
21:23:12Stevie[FP]tboy, I presume that you use Rockbox?
21:23:28natronthanks TBoy... much appreciated
21:25:37Stevie[FP]TBoy: what model do you have? player/recorder/fm?
21:27:01Stevie[FP]cool, me too
21:27:04Stevie[FP]i have a question
21:27:24Stevie[FP]do you keep the Status Bar on?
21:28:00Stevie[FP]ok, do you have the battery display as graphic or numeric?
21:29:15TBoygraphic and number on my wps
21:29:47Stevie[FP]so that's graphic on the status bar?
21:30:48*Stevie[FP] goes a-patchin'
21:32:04natronwow, can you buy the AV's yet ?
21:32:21TBoyjust the 120 and 140 afaik
21:32:43natroni never saw them when i was shopping for mine
21:34:11natronthe av300 is very nice looking
21:34:32TBoythat one's really nice
21:34:45natronmaybe i should return mine and wait for that one
21:34:49natroni just got mine yesterday
21:34:58TBoyan MM right
21:35:15TBoythey're also good
21:35:26natronyea, they are nice indeed
21:35:58TBoybut the just thinkin of not beeing able to use open source made me pick the fm
21:36:15natronyea, i never knew that
21:37:06natronhopefully there will be open source firmware for the mm in the near future :)
21:37:26TBoywell let's just hope that guy or someone else will make
21:47:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:51:11 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:53:24Stevie[FP]hey tboy
21:57:35 Join josh966_ [0] (
22:00:14Stevie[FP]hey tboy
22:00:26 Join Zagor [242] (
22:00:34Stevie[FP]wb zagor
22:00:46Zagorah, welcome back
22:00:50*Zagor is slow
22:01:00josh966_can anyone in .us recommend an inexpensive microphone that outputs line level? i have read the faq and 'electret condenser' type seems best
22:01:43Stevie[FP]josh966_: no idea.
22:01:55Stevie[FP]Zagor: what model do you have? player/recorder/fm?
22:03:32Stevie[FP]what exactly is HAVE_CHARGE_CTRL?
22:04:05Zagoronly the recorder can turn charging on and off
22:04:22Stevie[FP]i wonder why they disabled that for the FM
22:04:47TBoymaybe because it uses lithium batts
22:05:01Zagorprobably because they replaced the whole charging logic with a chip. LiIon is more picky about charging, iirc
22:05:40Stevie[FP]from what I recall, I think LiIon's behavior is somewhat opposite that of NiCd and NiMH
22:05:48Stevie[FP]LiIons prefer to be 'topped off' constantly
22:06:13Stevie[FP]so I guess it wouldn't make sense to not charge them if the power's there
22:06:21Stevie[FP]what i don't fully understand is
22:06:40Stevie[FP]we only display a numeric percentage
22:06:45Stevie[FP]if charge_state==1
22:07:40Stevie[FP]#ifdef HAVE_CHARGE_CTRL
22:07:45Stevie[FP]if ((global_settings.battery_type) && (charge_state != 1)) {
22:07:54Stevie[FP]if (global_settings.battery_type) {
22:08:00Stevie[FP]if charge_state != 1
22:08:08TBoywoah stevie
22:08:22Stevie[FP]icons.c line 161
22:09:04Stevie[FP]it says 'graphical animation'
22:09:09Stevie[FP]but there's no animating thing there
22:10:08Zagorprecisely. that code is only ran if the battery is not charging.
22:10:30Stevie[FP]oh, does it do what the original Archos infirmware does while charging?
22:10:30Zagorif the battery is charging, the icon is drawn by status.c (which draws an animation)
22:10:37Stevie[FP]that '-' '−−' '−−-'
22:10:48Zagoralmost, yes
22:10:55Zagorwe're about to change that though
22:11:01Stevie[FP]i see
22:11:12Stevie[FP]hmm to what? and why?
22:11:18Zagorand now that you point it out, we ought to only draw the battery icon in one place...
22:11:37Stevie[FP]i bring this up because
22:11:57Stevie[FP]I have an idea
22:12:07Stevie[FP]it may not be the greatest idea
22:12:21Stevie[FP]and it's almost certainly not the absolute best implementation
22:12:27Stevie[FP]but if anybody wants a peek
22:12:36TBoyhey I used the archos firmware
22:12:46TBoyduring the holidays on my fm
22:12:51TBoyand it is somewhat jerk
22:13:12ZagorStevie[FP]: what is the idea?
22:13:24TBoyit sometimes changes the batt graphic to the one while recharging
22:13:37TBoyand just turns off
22:13:39Stevie[FP]the archos firmware is so buggy
22:13:50Stevie[FP]I managed to crash it the day after I first got it
22:14:10TBoyyeah and I can't open playlists
22:14:23Stevie[FP]It always made me nervous that long ID3 tags caused display corruption
22:14:32ZagorStevie[FP]: would you mind just telling me? :-)
22:14:46TBoyI have to add the folders and then start the playlist
22:14:48Stevie[FP]i'm trying to squeeze as much as possible into this status line
22:14:56TBoysry for inturupting
22:15:13Stevie[FP]so I drew the lil 'plug' icon that indicates charging
22:15:24Stevie[FP]over top of the battery icon
22:16:20Zagoractually the plug does not mean charging, it only means plugged-in. on the recorder, you can be plugged without charging
22:16:35Stevie[FP]the variable is called 'charging'
22:16:47Stevie[FP]void statusbar_icon_battery(int percent, bool charging)
22:17:09Zagorright. bad variable name.
22:17:26Stevie[FP]but anyway −− when it's plugged in, it draws the little plug icon on top of the battery
22:17:43Stevie[FP]but that version I built would be for FM
22:17:45*Stevie[FP] renames
22:17:52Zagorwhat are you doing with the saved space?
22:17:56Stevie[FP]nothing yet
22:25:00Stevie[FP]hey TBoy?
22:25:51TBoywant me to test
22:26:45Stevie[FP]yeah, check it out
22:28:14TBoyok about to rolr
22:29:00Stevie[FP]id software syndrome
22:29:04*Stevie[FP] eyes Zagor
22:29:12Stevie[FP]the bitmaps are sideways
22:29:28Zagorhah, yeah. messy, that
22:29:50Stevie[FP]i call it 'id software syndrome' because in Wolfenstein 3D and Doom
22:30:03Stevie[FP]all of the images were the same way
22:30:22Stevie[FP]any particular reason for that?
22:30:37Zagorthe lcd works that way
22:30:48TBoywhat you basiclly did is that you put the plug icon into the batt icon
22:30:55Zagorbits a arranged in rows of 8
22:31:08Stevie[FP]TBoy: yeah
22:31:22Zagoruh, not rows. columns.
22:31:54TBoybut why
22:32:02TBoywas it just for fun
22:32:11Stevie[FP](1) to see if I could pull it off
22:32:15Stevie[FP](2) to see if it would look good
22:32:25TBoywill it be inverted if the batt meter goes over the plug
22:32:25Stevie[FP]#1 was a virtually guaranteed 'yes'
22:32:44Stevie[FP]it looks a LOT nicer when it's drawn that way, in fact
22:33:13TBoywill it be inverted
22:33:18 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:33:21TBoyif that would be kwl
22:35:26Stevie[FP]plug it in and let it charge
22:35:30Stevie[FP]then see what it looks like
22:35:35Zagorhow are you doing if the display is numeric?
22:35:54Stevie[FP]I actually thought about that and handled it!
22:36:03Stevie[FP]it draws the numeric version in reverse video
22:36:15Stevie[FP]actually, it draws it, then if it's plugged in it uses lcd_invert()
22:36:21Stevie[FP]but the net effect is the same
22:36:50Stevie[FP]i build a recorder version if you want to see it
22:37:38Stevie[FP]it's really bad when the battery is partially charged, though
22:37:51Stevie[FP]because the plug image occupies the full width
22:38:18Stevie[FP]it's very difficult to tell what part is what
22:38:22Zagoralso it's not exactly obvious that inversed numbers means charging :-)
22:38:34Stevie[FP]yeah, I know
22:38:43Stevie[FP]I had to do something though :P
22:39:01Stevie[FP]have you ever messed with the TI-8x calculators?
22:39:28Stevie[FP]the ones where people figured out a 'random undocumented feature' of the calculator
22:39:38Stevie[FP]and exploited it to run arbitrary assembler
22:39:51Stevie[FP]there were all sorts of games written
22:40:07Stevie[FP]tetris, a sidescroller called Sqrxz
22:40:12Stevie[FP]even a Doom-alike
22:40:23Stevie[FP]yeah :)
22:40:30Stevie[FP]1-bit display depth
22:40:39TBoyok gotta go
22:40:49TBoythe inverted plug icon looks good steve
22:40:54Stevie[FP]ty :)
22:41:05Stevie[FP]someone figured out how to effectily get 2-bit display depth
22:41:10Stevie[FP]effectively, even
22:41:29Stevie[FP]the calculator's OS didn't use interrupts
22:41:35Zagorunfortunately, we write to the lcd over a serial link so it's not very fast
22:42:09Stevie[FP]so they somehow used interrupts (and I assume page flipping) to emulate 2 bits
22:42:13Zagoralthough I don't think anyone has actually tried it yet...
22:42:27*Stevie[FP] chex the website
22:42:36TBoyok cu guys
22:42:41Zagorbye TBoy
22:42:54TBoyI'll test the plug thing tomorrow again
22:43:04 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
22:43:27Stevie[FP]which of these datasheets is the lcd?
22:43:48Stevie[FP]it's the same for recorder and fM?
22:44:01Stevie[FP]that would explain why none's listed under fm :)
22:46:57Stevie[FP]This pin is the static indicator driving output. It is only active in master operation. The frame signal output pin, M, should be used as the back plane signal for the static indicator.
22:47:08*Stevie[FP] rubs his head
22:47:51Stevie[FP]now this thing mentions phases and overlapping
22:48:28Stevie[FP]do we know if the controller's in 'master' or 'slave' mode?
22:48:51Zagori'd think so, but I don't remember
22:53:51Stevie[FP]I can't find the chip on the schematics
22:55:04Zagorno, it's on the actual lcd
22:56:06Stevie[FP]but what about the connections to the lcd?
22:57:06Zagoryou can see them here:
22:57:44Stevie[FP]is that the dead center?
22:57:47Stevie[FP]with the yellow wires
22:58:13Stevie[FP]on rec_interface.pdf
22:58:15Stevie[FP]there's the word Display
22:58:29Stevie[FP]by X2-1, X2-2, X2-3,... thru X2-18
22:58:33Stevie[FP]is that it?
22:58:57Zagorwhere are you looking?
22:59:12Stevie[FP]right center
22:59:14Stevie[FP]or center right
23:01:50Zagoroh, now I get it. duh.
23:02:42Zagoryes, that's it
23:17:02Zagori'm off to bed
23:17:04 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:18:55Stevie[FP]I just added a completely useless feature to my rockbox
23:28:24 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:33:06*Stevie[FP] is away [gone] [KS-MsgLog Off]
23:43:15 Quit edx ()
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23:49:20 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:49:31tracktheripperGood Evening Rockboxers :-)

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